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Governor Brown

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Governor Brown: Protect Endangered Amphibians by Banning the Importation of Bullfrogs to California
Thank you Governor Jerry Brown. Hopefully, this won't be necessary! And yes it's a joke; Governor Brown stated...
CA Dem Governor Brown has made it so illegals have the potential to vote!! HE NEEDS TO GO!!
Excuse me? Governor Brown and don't belong in same sentence. NOTHING similar.
Brown on Dylan Roof's descent into racist violence. Governor lowered flag but did nothing for gun control.
Anyone else catch Frank's super sexist call to the "Governor of Oregon" in Obviously scripted toward Kitz, not Brown.
Well we know we can't count on Oregon's Governor Brown to protect wolves.
If CA is allowing ILLEGALS to Vote, then the People of CA need to show Governor Brown the Door & put the SOS on notice!
The race to replace Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018 is emerging as a potentially historic and crowded competition
When was Richard Nixon governor of California? He was a gubernatorial candidate and lost to Pat Brown in 1962.
**ACTION for OREGON WOLVES**. PLEASE tell Governor Kate Brown to... https:/…
Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Canton, China. - Firma la petiz... via
Istanbul's governor says four people killed and 20 injured in a suicide bomb attack in the city:
California's governor, progressive icon Jerry Brown, may have just given voters the best reason yet to vote for...
veteran Jon Bowermaster pleads to Governor Brown to stop Fracking & shows effects of BP Oil Spill
Hats off to Governor Brown for being open to discussing a revenue neutral Carbon Tax as a climate change solution
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Jerry Brown: Tell Governor Brown to shut down the disastrous Aliso Canyon gas facility - Sign the Pet... via
Governor Brown to deliver State of the State address: California Governor Jerry Brown will deliver his State of the…
We only need 8,000 more signatures to get to our goal to speak to Governor Brown about in China
Does Leadership matter? Governor Kate Brown and Senator Jeff Merkley has been MIA. Is this important to the Oregon Voter?
Top News : ODM suspends Kisii Deputy governor for leading a team that went to receive brown envelopes from William Ruto
Here's more on the MINIMUM WAGE RATE INCREASE proposal by Governor Kate Brown. . What do you think? Should...
also watched the former governor of California kill Jim Brown
JUST IN: Governor declares state of emergency in Porter Ranch due to gas leak
Governor Brown pushes big water project amid drought
Governor Brown showing the updated California Water Plan. will be reacting to the plan later today. h…
Governor Brown has worked incredibly hard to find a compromise to increase wages to help Oregonians keep up with...
80% of our use rates water supplies. this time next year. Gone. What would happen?.
So am I. We have been here since 71. 4th time I lived through Brown as Governor.
Governor Brown water management plan is a f'in joke
Jerry Brown told us are 'absolutely necessary' today
Don't know who's more entertaining - lying corporate Republicans or lying corporate Democrats like Brown
In Salem for the minimum wage hearing. Governor Brown is defending her poverty wages bill now.
Governor Brown testifying at the minimum wage hearing regarding her proposal.
News | USCA : In a seemingly cynical attempt to trick the public into thinking the state might help low-wage…
Governor Brown is has been pretty good but this water thing is ridiculous. Sorry LA, not sorry.
Governor Brown updates water management plan: Gov. Jerry Brown released an update Thursday to his plan for how…
Newest California Water Action Plan released by state. See it here:
Governor Kate Brown speaks about plan to increase Oregon's minimum wage @ 6 with
Governor Brown Proposes to Raise the Minimum Wage to “Poverty Wages Indefinitely” --
Statehouse holds MLK Jr. celebration: At the end of the ceremony, the governor presented the Brown family with...
"California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered Southern California Gas Co. to pay for a mitigation program to offset damage...
MT Governor Brown is putting in jeopardy by gutting funding for it. Together we can stop him!
US Reps ask for a detailed accounting of $3.6 Million in htt…
Governor Kate Brown announced a proposed plan for legislation that would create a two-tiered minimum wage that...
Oregon Governor Backs Phased-In Minimum Wage Hike: Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced her support for a major…
Sitting in on a discussion about Governor Brown's newly released minimum wage proposal.…
California Governor Brown pushes big water project amid drought
Governor Brown proposes $122.6 billion budget for California
'State of emergency' over California leak Governor Brown declared a state for emergency for the neighborhood
Governor Brown has reappointed four members of the California Library Services Board. Congratulations to Gary... https:…
What will Governor Brown's proposal do for California's children? Stay tuned for live updates.
Governor Brown met earlier this week with members of Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council (PRNC) to hear firsthand...
Governor Brown appointed Dana Gioia California Poet Laureate. For more info please go to California Arts Council,...
Assembly Members in the State of California and Governor Brown: Ban Animal Circuses in the State of C...
California is the first state to outlaw “R*I*s” as a mascot or team name in public schools. Governor Brown...
With the way Governor Brown and President Obama dgaf maybe America will get better.
Governor Brown signs landmark Fair Pay legislation in Richmond. Brad Bailey and report.
Field Poll: While Governor Brown's job approval remains high, Democratic primary voters oppose the idea of his...
San Mateo County traffic congestion Bill, SB 705: SB 705 has been presented to Governor Brown for signature or…
Institute for Justice. The California Legislature just passed A.B. 2, a bill that would bring redevelopment...
Will the California governor veto assisted suicide?
Call or email Governor Brown. If you're emailing, under "choose your subject", scroll down to "SB 716 - Animal...
Fellow Californians, give Governor Brown a call! I just did. It took 3 minutes and 28 seconds to get through and...
Help urge Governor Brown to sign to ban bullhooks and to shut down the ivory trade!.
Pls help us spread the word by signing petition to CA's Gov. Jerry Brown
Tell Governor Brown to sign the End of Life Option Act
Will Governor Jerry Brown enact a bad end-of-life bill? via
Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will be the first speaker at the Office of Surface Mining's public hearing on new Stream Protection Rule.
Ask Governor Brown to sign AB 854 and release the funding for Foster Youth Services -
Help get rid of excess parking to make homes near transit and walkable communities more affordable to all!.
It’s crucial to understand just how destructive Governor Brown's anti-oil agenda is: …
A California bill mandating half of electricity come from renewables by 2030 is headed to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk
AVG • California governor vetoes drone bill: Jerry Brown vetoes a bill that was intended to restrict drone usa...
California's governor sent letter to Republican candidate Ben Carson reminding him why climate change is undeniable
California microbead bill AB 888 now goes to Governor Jerry Brown to sign into law! via
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Governor Brown, the *** who single-handedly brought DOWN the great state of California.
For my California friends, please consider signing this petition to Governor Brown about the assisted-suicide bill:
California to Establish a Cybersecurity Integration Center: . Governor Brown of California signed an executive...
Citizens Hold Rally to Increase Disabled Services: They called on Governor Brown to honor the Lanterman Act.
Governor Brown appoints acting director of Department of Human Services: Jerry Waybrant via
Governor Brown ain't in sight, the Lt. Governor ain't here, Speaker of the Assembly will take petitions but where are you Jerry?
Governor Brown, please look into the severe problems Long Beach is facing with Southern California Edison incompetence.
CA teachers' unions may suck the life out of Governor Brown's Local Control funding for disadvantaged students
Fil-Am Julian Recana gets appointed by Ca. Governor Brown to the Los Angeles Superior Court: #
Dang you Governor Brown and Senator DeLeon!. How could you invest $165 million a year in health care, providing...
Thanks to John Woods for this message.. " Okay this has passed out of the legislative process, if Governor Brown...
Governor Brown, Members of the California Legislature, Mayors of Cities in California and Directors: ... via
Governor Brown needs to have the vision to look northward for CA water needs. A canal/pipeline from Lake Shasta to the Columbia River now.
Editorial: UC President Janet Napolitano's efforts to find common ground with Governor Brown has inspired optimism.
Opinion: Could Anne Gust Brown be the next governor?: If Attorney General Kamala Harris is elected to the U.S.…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sadly California fracking environmentalist Governor Jerry Brown,only mistreats Mother Nature as a place to Visit..
California's Jerry Brown Initiates his New "Window of Hope " solitary confinement torture Program..
Hearing on lawsuit delayed for review by Governor Brown.
reminds me of how NOW endorsed Jerry Brown for governor a few years ago instead of the lady who was running.
California Gov Jerry Brown Tells the NYT " Fracking Mother Nature is really not my natural Habit*at"
Oregon swears in 1st openly bisexual governor
California Governor Jerry Brown initiates his new "Window of Hope " solitary confinement Program..
POLITICS: Three months, no details about appointment process: It took three months for Gov. Jerry Brown to fill a…
Governor Walker to sign Right-to-Work bill at Badger Meter in Brown Deer Monday -
In 1977, Governor Brown warned of drought disaster. Nothing ever changes in CA
SeaWorld tells CA Governor Jerry Brown "We had to ban our smarter captive Orca's from ever viewing this Video "
Governor Jerry Brown's administration shut down twelve oil wells in the Central Valley this week amidst revelations that the carcinogen
Speak up for our best friends in China. Please send an email to Chinese officials before March 5, 2015
Kate Brown to be sworn in as Oregon governor - Los Angeles Times
Kate Brown, Oregons new governor, at a glance - Lompoc Record
Quite a week for Kate Brown, Oregons next governor
Fatherless Governor Jerry Brown has other$ playing with his head to send CA kids to their rooms hungry..
Oregon Legislature sends automatic voter registration bill to governor
Governor Brown opens up California to receive Cuomo's NY fracking Refugees
Prince Charles sends Gov Jerry Brown cases of PooPourri for CA residents in need of fracking Relief ..
What a privilege and an honor to serve alongside Governor Jerry's Brown's Office! Our DDS Meet and Greet Tour!
Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon governor predecessor resigns - LancasterOnline
Gov Brown challenges state to ramp up previous benchmark for the next five years from 33 percent http:…
Oregons Kate Brown to become first bisexual governor
Governor Brown's speech may hint at ambitious goals for investment in renewables and energy storage
Kate Brown, Oregons new governor, at a glance
Kate Brown sworn in as Oregon governor
Governor Brown releases his 2015-16 budget proposal Governor Jerry Brown laid out his vision for the next four years that continues to build on a platform of fiscal restraint, paying down the state's wall of debt and fighting climate change. Governor Brown thanked both the legislature for their assistance toward this goal, and the voters for passing Proposition 30. Through these efforts, the state has created 1.3 million new jobs and the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.2 percent. With respect to education funding, a strengthening economy and the passage of Proposition 30 continue to provide higher state revenues. Increased state revenues will allow the state to invest nearly $8 billion in significant new funding for K-12 schools and community colleges. Highlights of the Governor's Budget Proposal include: K-12 Education Local Control Funding Formula - Provides a third-year investment of $4 billion in the Local Control Funding Formula. The Legislature estimates that funding per pupil under Proposition 9 ...
Governor Brown couldn't have gotten the Dead Kennedys to play California Uber Alles?
Record Number of Prison Lifers Released, but Few Return We were close! "recidivism rate of 1.7%" Here is the piece: "California has been paroling prison inmates with life sentences at a record rate since Governor Jerry Brown took office and, so far, they don’t seem to be bouncing back. That doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for alarm in some quarters. Governor Jerry Brown has had the final say on paroling 1,963 prison inmates serving life sentences. Of those, 33 have ended up back in prison, according to data gathered by the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper called it a “disturbing increase in revocations,” but a recidivism rate of 1.7% sounds pretty low even if the final tally isn’t in. It sounds especially low compared to the 48.7% recidivism rate for the overall prison population in the years preceding Governor Brown, from 1995-2010, cited in a study (pdf) by the Stanford Criminal Justice Center. During that time, only 5 of 860 paroled murderers returned to jail. It called that recidivism rate ...
California's iceman Governor Brown has a state full of impoverishment & he drilled legislators for Rainy Day funding$
Join us in urging Governor Brown to provide some much-needed leadership to better protect children’s health.
Governor Brown appoints Fresno County Judge M. Bruce Smith to appellate court
I love DK. California Uber Alles is still relevant today. Governor Brown is back, so lyrics still stick.
BALTIMORE, MD – Larry Hogan emerged as the clear winner against Lt. Governor Anthony Brown as the pair faced off in the first general election debate this morning, taped at WJZ studios in Baltimore, which will air this evening at 7 pm. Throughout the debate, Lt. Governor Brown agreed with Hogan that…
The best new laws signed by Governor Brown
Ambasador Kounalakis is also the Chair of the Governor Brown's International Advisory Council.
In solidarity with the UC Student Association, please call Governor Brown's office to voice your support of the following bills on his desk ready to be signed into law: AB 1476: Provides an additional $50 million to the UC for the 2015-2016 academic year (And $50 million to the CSU). AB 420: Limits a teacher or administrator's ability to suspend K-3 students for “willful defiance.” AB 2350: Requires universities to be more accommodating to pregnant students, including provisions of maternity leave for students. SB 967: Makes substantial changes to how universities must handle allegations of sexual assault, including an "affirmative consent" standard. SB 1210: Provides Dreamers with access to additional state-based loans to make up the gap in their financial aid caused by their ineligibility for federal aid. Feel free to improvise, but this is a sample script: "Hi, my name is _ and I am a student at _. I am calling to let Governor Brown know that I support the passage of Assembly Bills 1476, 420, and 2 ...
Governor Brown and Kashkari set to face off in debate: Jerry Brown and Neel Kashkari will meet Thursday night for...
Governor Brown appears to be in violation of federal law because he is aiding and abetting illegal aliens.
"Blue Sky" thinking with Governor Brown. I think I'll add that to my bucket list.
Governor Brown declares state of emergency after 87+ people were injured, taken to the hospital. Also hearing the earthquake caused fires. Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan, Getty Images and Derek Moore.
Paso Robles groundwater management bill heads to Governor Brown's desk for signing via
Thank you, Governor Brown, for denying parole to one of the murderers in Charles Manson's gang. Because of the sadism of their crimes, every Manson murderer should die in prison. (And, frankly, that's too good for them.)
Governor Brown back signing the official National Day of the Cowboy official paperwork. Wright Park. Dodge City...
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Thank Governor Brown for putting SB 1272 on this November's ballot so voters can tell Congress to create a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Corporations aren't people, and money isn't speech!
Kalifornia governor Brown just signed a law outlawing hand guns in Kalifornia
The good news their stopping it and the bad news there's 11 wells drilled @ 5,000,000 gallons of drinking water used in a drought. 51 million gallons X 11 wells.. do the math. After a report that there was 90% less oil or gas available underground.. No Water, No Food and No Energy...real smart Governor Brown...
California Governor Jerry Brown signed two gun-related measures into law today -
Governor Brown vetoed title protection bill. He claimed restricting the title was unnecessary,
You know the Governor is Jerry Brown right? CA GOP conventions are held in a booth at Denny's
talk to governor brown. We're trying as hard as we can!
Sad day for Athletic Trainers in CA. The only state in the nation with no regulation. Governor Edmund G. Brown Vetoes AB 1890
very short sighted and negligent Governor will have to live the consequences of your decision!
Confused that was not passed, very hurt by Governor Brown's reason for his veto.
Governor approves changes that update references to mental health problems in California law.
Governor Brown signs Senate Bill to boost fuel efficiency of trucks
Shoutout to for hosting a brown bag lunch for our 2014 Governor's Fellows
do not for bill McDougall, Ron brown, n the 50 or so that died knowing Clinton's from governor time. Many friends die earlier
Governor Jerry Brown signs a new gun control bill.
We need to file a lawsuit against governor brown and the senate of california immediately blocking all unconstitutional bills passed/signed
Governor signs a new gun control bill.
JUSTICE must be served! Let's start with Governor Brown in California...Inundate him with letters and phone...
- Jerry Brown signs gun control bill...Thank you Governor!
AB 1964 was signed by Governor Brown this morning! Thank you for all the calls you made!! It makes in
We have both "Charlie Brown" and "Coonrippy Brown" on the August ballot for governor...
Thank you ..for removing Confederate flags from the Cal Expo fairgrounds. My statement:
but they all have the same governor: Gerry Brown. And they are all linked by high speed rail
Currently California faces an extreme shortage of trained medical residents and physicians. AB 1838 is an...
Who comes after Jerry Brown as California's next governor: The three top picks - Even as Californians prepare to...
CA, Governor Brown says today that he is allowing. the CA legislature to put the Overturn Citizens United Act on the. November ballot.
.: "Green" for climate-friendly policies which include safe
ilike this singer and I thought she was friends in the 1980's with governor of California jerry brown who is a good person
ThinkProgress says and are pursuing climate-friendly policies.
Center for American Progress says radical anti-groups are wrong — is Green.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Thank Governor Brown for putting SB 1272 on the ballot! (California Clean Money Campaign)
Reminder that a man named Coonrippy Brown is running for governor of Tennessee so he can get his pet raccoon back.
Join us! Governor Brown to Lead Trade and Investment Mission to Mexico: via
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Saturday that legalizes the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies
California governor will decide this summer if a cop killer will be released
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed bills that recognise the legal use of Bitcoins other digital currencies .
Lt Governor Anthony Brown is part of the problem.
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill which legitimize payments of goods and service with bitcoins
Bitcoin is now legal in California. Not that anyone was arrested for using it before. Governor Jerry Brown signed...
A libertarian flourish from our infamously liberal governor. Bitcoin in, restaurant regs out.
Good, Governor Brown signed the repeal of the gloves law.
Calif.Governor Brown signs bill to streamline teacher firings |
California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Legalizing Bitcoin: “In an era of evolving payment methods, from...
Governor Makes Changes to Second District Court of Appeal: Gov. Jerry Brown has made four changes to the Secon...
Governor Brown signs AB 129 into law, allowing use of alternative currencies like in California:
California approves use of and other non-governmental currencies. Thanks, Governor Brown.
In the Governor's race, Anthony Brown said he has a plan 2 create jobs but, he couldn't figure out 1 as Lt. Governor. Vote
If anyone is using Bitcoin in California, you are going to be (if you're not already) SCREWED!!
Jerry Brown does not deserve to be re-elected governor, unless you like violent criminals roaming free in California!
California Governor Jerry Brown elevates former aide's position on court
New Article about California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a measure that sought to grant bitcoin 'le...
Bitcoin is now legal tender in California as Governor Brown signs bill AB 129 (oh, and metal band Mastodon) -
Re: How to join the Bitcoin world. Quote. California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed into law a bill tha...
The >>> California Governor Jerry Brown signs bill to bring bitcoin and other currency into fold
It is FRACKING maddening! SB 4 launched the insanely short-sighted, extreme fracking, climate wrecking, health impacting, methane releasing, drinking water polluting, earthquake inducing, water supply depleting, railcar exploding and pipeline puncturing BLACK GOLD rush in the middle of California's drought impacted farm community and densely packed urban areas. The draft regulation piñata for the oil companies has coated Governor Brown in extreme crude and burst the myth that he has any real care the long term economic and environmental health of California and will lock us on a disastrous path that replicates all of the damage being done in the rest of the country. WE, AT THE LOCAL LEVEL ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. And if we drop the ball, perhaps it will serve us right when we are 6 feet deep in "La Brea Tar Pits" all across this country.
URGENT NMUSD PARENTS PLEASE READ: Dear Parents, Your District needs your support in a letter writing, emailing and calling campaign to members of the State Assembly and Governor Brown. Last night it was announced that the Assembly has a made a change to the State’s budget that will be voted on this Sunday as a Budget Trailer Bill. This proposed bill will limit NMUSD’s ability to maintain its reserves! If this passes it will make things significantly more difficult for NMUSD. The reserves made our district able to survive the recession without pay cuts, furlough days or loss of instruction time! Please take the time to contact Assembly members. You can look up their contact information at: Governor Brown can be reached via facsimile at (916) 558-3160. Below is a sample letter for you to personalize. Remember to include your name and address! Spread the word...this must go out ASAP...the Assembly votes on Sunday, June 15th Here is a sample letter from HCPTA. Please include this letter for yourselves; gr ...
Fairgrounds Appreciation Month- June is California Fairgrounds Appreciation Month, and we invite you to celebrate with Western Fairs Association. Until the California budget is signed by Governor Brown, we will release new messaging focusing on one aspect of fairgrounds. You can help by spreading the word on social media and by sharing with these posts with your legislators. Today's topic is agriculture. Hands-on exhibits and live animal encounters at fairgrounds help students to understand the essential need of the agriculture industry. Please share! Livestock Auctions generate more than $50 million in sales every year, supporting youth education. Please share! - Please Share Today
Get to know Neel Kashkari, the Calif. republican facing off against Governor Brown in Nov:
Neel Kashkari in Corona Del Mar: "Governor Brown, we are going to make you answer for our lack of jobs."
But what if I write-in "Francis De Valois" instead of voteing for Jerry Brown for Governor of California.
Former Md. governor Hughes adds his backing for Brown’s gubernatorial bid
County is major food producer, but it’s also where fracking wells are next door to farms and schools.
Governor Brown meets with governor of Shandong Province.
No, won't beat Gov. Jerry Brown, but he won't embarass GOP nationally like Tim Donnelly would.
I'll have Filet O Fish meal with extra tartar, go large and I guess a Jerry Brown for governor since I'm probably not going to eat it anyway
15% of California Republicans plan to vote for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown in Tuesday's primary
Jerry Brown so dominant, little voter interest in campaign: "On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 1."
Jerry Brown holds massive lead in latest LAT/USC poll. GOP race tightening, but of little import.
Jerry Brown has big lead, Kashkari & Donnelly tied for 2nd in poll.
What a difference a couple of years makes. Here is CTA President Dean Vogel's original statement about Governor Brown's Pension Proposal. Now, Dean Vogel advocates CTA endorsement that teachers contribute 2% more to our pension to receive the same historic rates. Which means working harder, longer for less. August 28, 2012 Governor Brown’s Pension Reform Agreement Will Not Move California Forward BURLINGAME – Dean E. Vogel, president of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association, released this statement regarding the pension reform agreement announced by Gov. Brown today: “We have been working in good faith with the governor and Legislature to obtain pension solutions that will move our state forward. This plan does not achieve that goal. This process has not been transparent, it does not recognize the tremendous cuts that have already been made to our schools, and it does not respect the disproportionate impact it will have, largely on women working in our classrooms. Instead, it will ma .. ...
In Tuesday primary, Jerry Brown has backing of 81% of likely Dem voters and 62% of indies, per USC/LAT poll.
California community invites Governor Jerry Brown to see a fracking field from the playground
Poll: Jerry Brown leads, GOP foes in dead heat for No. 2...
We are all sick and tired of being sick and tired. Take a stand on June 3rd. Let Rodriguez be the one to challenge governor Brown and the status-quo in the November elections.
Apparently Governor Brown has figured out what to do with the expected Budget Surplus --- FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) -- California's payroll costs could soon be going up again. A tentative agreement between Governor Jerry Brown and the California Association of Professional Scientists, could cause payroll expenditures to increase, by around $19 million over the next two years. The labor agreement calls for giving a 4.5% pay raise to about 3,000 unionized scientists. The union has been pushing for an across-the-board salary boost, saying that members earn far less than their counterparts, who are employed by other agencies.
I really hope that Governor Jerry Brown sticks to his guns with regard to the issue of court funding here in California. The court system is incredibly misused as a first resort for resolution of conflicts, when it was designed to be used as a last resort. The biggest "pet peeve" judges have is that counsel don't properly meet and confer before appearing in court or for trial, despite what the Code provides. I know perfectly well that MANY attorneys file motions with the court BEFORE even attempting to resolve the issue(s) outside of court. Along with budget cuts is the reality that attorneys must seriously consider assisting their clients to resolve disputes outside of court. Since they weren't doing this AND since the courts were meant to be used only as a last resort, I am afraid that the only way to stop this abuse is to cut the funding. Governor Brown, I beg you to hold firm in your stance!
I had to wait for the dust to settle, and for the listed on line published tally of votes from yesterdays' close call in the California Senate. Unfortunately, the swing voters did not heed our voices and SB-1132, Holly Mitchell's anti-fracking bill was killed on the CA senate floor on 5/29/14. The good news? We got much farther this year than last year. Also, more counties and cities in California have banned fracking and are continuing to do so. Recent surveys show two thirds or close to 65% of Californians want fracking banned. We are ever closer every year. As you read on, I will list my suggestions for the future. Californians, I encourage you to thank these senators for trying. They need our support and encouragement. Attempted Hero's, Ayes: Beall, Corbett, De León, DeSaulnier, Evans, Hancock, Jackson, Leno, Lieu, Liu, Mitchell, Monning, Padilla, Pavley, Steinberg, Wolk The bought and sold senators who did not heed your calls to action to protect our best interest as a whole? I encourage you to prin ...
5/30/14 Dear President Obama, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Governor Brown, Richard Bloom and Cristina Garcia, The use of lethal force on Our Pets by law enforcement is a violation of Our Constitutional Rights, yet it happens every single day in the United States of America, and to this day, I have not heard one of my Political Leaders addressing this horrific and barbaric practice of allowing our Public Servants - Police Officers to murder Our Pets. This is unacceptable from a Country that prides itself on freedom. We even have a document of freedom called the Bill of Rights. It documents the freedoms which belong to us and cannot be revoked unless they are ignored and superseded by tyrannical leadership. Two Pet Dogs were shot today by Police Officer’s use of lethal force, the shootings were in the State of Texas and the State of Oklahoma. Sincerely, Patty Jackson
Governor Brown appoints Awet Kidane to serve as Director of DCA; Tracy Rhine appointed to serve as Deputy Director:
Governor Jerry Brown thinks fracking has zero impact on Californians. We beg to differ, and so do the people who live in the state’s most-fracked county: Fracking is bad for our climate and bad for people. We’re calling on Governor Brown to ban fracking, but we don’t want him to just hear it from us…
We are all stunned and disappointed by Judge Brown's decision today. Given the evidence presented in the hearing on Wednesday, we feel his decision was neither in the best interest of the People or Mr. Hubbart. We do not intend to accept this decision. We have been in contact with our legislators and have their full support in taking this direct to Governor Brown. This rural area is in no way a suitable location for Mr. Hubbart. Children walk home from school thru this remote neighborhood and will be at extreme risk. Law enforcement is completely inadequate to be able to handle a high-risk, sexually violent predator. There is NO street lighting or paved roads in this area. Mr. Hubbart has no ties to the High Desert area of Los Angeles County. He has family in other counties of the State and should be where he is located so he will have the best chance for success. In Lake Los Angeles, he will not be welcome. We find it highly doubtful that he knows he is going to be in this part of Los Angeles County. He ...
Kern County is the most-fracked county in California by a wide margin. This region also has the worst air quality in the nation, as well as highly elevated rates of cancer and respiratory illness. For the people that live here, fracking means more oil extraction, more crippling climate impacts, and more impacts on their health. But residents of Kern County are fighting back. They've invited California Governor Jerry Brown to come see the impacts of fracking for himself. Join them and sign the petition to Governor Brown here:
Check this out MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: Governor's Press Office Saturday, March 1, 2014 (916) 445-4571 Governor Brown Signs Drought Legislation SACRAMENTO – As California grapples with the driest period in its history, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed legislation to assist drought-affected communities and provide funding to better use local water supplies. “Legislators across the aisle have now voted to help hard-pressed communities that face water shortages,” said Governor Brown. “This legislation marks a crucial step – but Californians must continue to take every action possible to conserve water.” The legislation had broad, bipartisan support. SB 103 passed 34-2 in the Senate and 64-3 in the Assembly. SB 104 passed 33-3 in the Senate and 68-1 in the Assembly. The bills provide $687.4 million to support drought relief, including money for housing and food for workers directly impacted by the drought, bond funds for projects to help local communities more efficiently capture and manag ...
Due to the State of Emergency that Governor Brown has announced for all of San Diego County, Bellus Academy will remain closed for today along with all of the San Diego Unified schools that are closed for today. We hope that you and your family and friends are all safe. Thank you to our firefighters, police and volunteers who have worked to contain the fires and execute evacuations to ensure that our community is safe. Bellus will reopen Friday for all classes and salon service. Please continue to check back for any updates.
BREAKING: Governor Brown just declared a state of emergency in San Diego County. My Home SWEET Home =(
GREAT NEWS! Gov. Jerry Brown (signed Speaker John A. Pérez's (AB 1035, which extends death benefits to 420 weeks after the injury, instead of 240 weeks. This is a huge win for public safety men and women in California who put their lives on the line everyday keeping our communities safe. Thank you to everyone who sent letters of support, to every legislator who voted for the measure and to Governor Brown for signing this important measure! A message from Governor Brown:
Happy May Revise Day! Earlier this morning, Governor Brown rolled out his May Revisions for 2014/15, which include an additional $2.4 billion in revenue. As expected, the budget for CSU remained the same, with the governor proposing another allocation of an additional $142 million on top of our base budget. FEAR NOT! Your advocacy leading up to this has not be in vain! We’ve been banking on the legislature being the one to take action on our behalf, particularly with the Assembly given the Speaker’s support and that of many of his Assembly colleagues. Our budget advocacy work with the CSU is going very well and we have almost ½ of the legislature signed on to a letter in support of our additional funding!! Now, this is where we need to kick our advocacy up a notch! The Assembly and Senate budget subcommittees will work together over the next few weeks to determine what additional money, if any, they add to the budget for CSU. We’re optimistic that they will add some money, but we need your HELP pu ...
Governor Brown is holding press conferences in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego tomorrow. There will be rallies at all three events. PLEASE join us tomorrow!!! Sacramento, 8:30 AM, North Steps of the state capitol: Angeles, 11:45 AM, Ronald Reagan State Building: Diego, 2:15 PM, San Diego City Administration Building: BIRD DOGGING HIM!!!
I am very happy to report that I've received an official endorsement from Governor Jerry Brown for my re-election as Monterey County Sheriff. Governor Brown and I have worked very closely over the last couple of years regarding the jails and how to improve conditions and deal with re-alignment. I am very appreciative of his endorsement. We have spent a lot of time working through numerous public safety issues in Sacramento, most specifically the jail overcrowding and re-alignment. Thank you Governor Brown.
ALERT! Jerry Brown will be at San Diego City Hall Tuesday. We'll be there to let him know he needs to shut down fracking in California. Can you be there? What: Rally to urge Governor Brown to ban fracking When: Tuesday, May 13, 2:15 PM Where: City Hall, 202 C St, San Diego, CA 92101 (out front)
Hamilton Collection
KCRA 3 political analyst Kevin Riggs has the latest news on Neel Kashkari's endorsements and Governor Brown's trip to Mexico.
Governor Brown ramps up drought action, scientists weigh best options for the Delta, and much more news
California raised taxes at the request of Governor Brown in order to avoid reforming public employees’ pensions and to avoid making other needed reforms. My Anna Bryson for State Assembly 2014 platform says: “Unfunded public-employee defined-benefit pension liabilities are currently the single greatest threat to the provision of basic public services in California. The state already has $400 billion in unfunded pension costs that will cause layoffs of teachers and police officers unless we freeze the size of pensions today and start offering 401(k) pensions going forward.” Link to Brian Calle interviews Grover Norquist:
Lt. Governor Brown is right, Doug Gansler’s claim that serving your country in Iraq isn’t a “real job” is reckless
Governor Brown, you're doing a fine job. Must be that evil pot that's killing the state.
MY friend posted this so I had to steal it .Why do I have to claim my state income tax refund as income? It isn't income. It's change, because you overcharged me and now YOU owe ME. When you buy something at a store for $15, and give the cashier a $20 bill, they give you $5 change. That isn't income. It was my money already. I have no doubt that if Governor Owe'Malley could figure out a way to charge taxes on that, he would. I suspect he is leaving that task for Lt. Governor Brown.
In Governor Jerry Brown's office in the Capitol. The copper bear was purchased as a gift to the State by Arnold Schwarzenegger with his own money in 2009. Also the fish was caught by Governor Brown's father 50 years ago.
At the Cesar Chavez movie with Governor Brown, Arturo Rodriguez and Marcos Gutierrez
Senator Yee from: San Francisco, has been suspended from the California Senate, and now Governor Brown is asking for his expulsion. I hope that Senator Yee is gone for good! He does'nt deserve to be in Public Office, ever again!
Yee made repeated attempts to outlaw semi-automatic rifles, his SB 374 was vetoed by Governor Brown last year.
San Mateo home care provider Tuyhoa Do meets with Heather Falkenthal, legislative director for Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski. Tuyhoa is on the verge of tears, explaining how Governor Brown's plan to cap home care hours will devastate her family and the quality of care of the client she cares for.
Lt. Governor Brown is hosting a press conference at SCT in one hour. Feels nice to have a bustling building.
Parker: ‘Gov. Moonbeam’ finds his center. I support Governor Brown for president.
The Children's Village of Sonoma County needs your help, now more than ever before. Nick Honey, MSW, Human Services Department Family, Youth & Children's Division calls the Village, "A wonderful Program", February 28, 2014 Press Democrat! What the Press Democrat did not say is: The Village keep sibling groups together. Reduces multiple placements in foster homes. Provides a family-like environment with trained house parents who reside with foster youth in four separate homes. Due to California's budget crisis, and changes made to foster care funding by bill AB74 passed in December 2013, all of our children are at risk of being moved out of the Village immediately. Please contact your representative and Governor Brown. As a result of AB74, children are no longer being referred to live in the Village. This is a disaster for children in our county and state, and sibling groups in particular. This is a disaster for our unique, successful model of foster care. Something must be done - please help us get the wo ...
Governor Brown is Ready for Four More Years:         Governor Jerry Brown is ready for four more years...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jerry Brown for Governor! ... Just read the letter from Governor Brown, throwing his hat in the ring for another term!!!
Governor Brown's proposed water fix involves the town of Hood which is along the Sacramento river. Very informative article.
THE PRESIDENT:  Well, first of all, I want to thank Joe and Maria Del Bosque and their beautiful daughters for showing Governor Brown and me around their farm. 
CONGRATULATIONS to my brother, Joe L Del Bosque! You and Governor Brown plus the other farmers who attended the round-table discussion with the President scored a huge goal! We saw you and Maria Gloria standing next to the President as the latter announced the short-term emergency actions and the long-term plans and initiatives that will be needed. We know how hard you have worked for several years to get attention to the water issues. For the first time, we are optimistic that finally real progress will be made. I loved it when the President reminded people that if Pres. John Kennedy and then-Gov. Edmund Brown could come together to build the California Water Project, then surely he and Gov. Jerry Brown can come together to develop the next stage to ensure California's future water resources. Outstanding, impressive work, mi hermano! Thank you!
Protocol? Our freeway signs remind us that Governor Brown and Mayor Garcetti are letting us know we are in a serious drought situation here in SoCal. Do we really need to wash our cars if they are only a little dusty? What is the protocol for gently reminding someone that wasting water on a car wash may not be the best idea? Thoughts?
Governor Brown is helping Big Oil frack up California's communities and climate. Learn more about fracking in California and take action to demand a ban!
Today, Central Valley farmers and families were dealt another blow when the California Department of Water Resources reduced State Water Project allocations from 5% to 0% in light of yesterday’s finding that the California snowpack is only 12% of its average this time of year. The pressure this decision puts on the already dangerously low reservoirs and groundwater banks is unsustainable. That is why House Republicans have put forth and will vote next week on a solution to California's man-made water problems. This bill, led by Rep. David Valadao (CA-21) and joined by myself and every other California Republican House member, is a responsible answer to the hardship the Central Valley is currently facing. Unfortunately, Governor Brown and Senator Feinstein oppose the House solution. Perhaps more disturbing is their failure of leadership in offering a solution of their own to bring Central Valley communities new or additional water. As the House acts on Rep. Valadao’s legislation next week, I urge Gover ...
Governor Brown picks Michael Picker, his senior adviser for renewable energy, for the California Public Utilities...
Congratulations to Susan Riggs, Executive Director of the San Diego Housing Federation and Fieldstone Executive Learning Group graduate on her appointment to Governor Brown's Administration where she will serve as Deputy Secretary for Housing Policy in the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency. Susan will step down as the Executive Director on March 7th. An interim ED will be hired while a national search is conducted.
Citrus Heights Mayor Mel Turner and Rancho Cordova Mayor Dan Skoglund were my guests in the Assembly Chambers today for Governor Brown's State of the State address. Here is a view of Mayor Skoglund above the Assembly Floor and his son John on the Floor with his boss Senator Holly Mitchell.
Bob's letter to the San Jose Mercury News really connects the dots between trees and drought. Halt clear-cutting to help conserve water Governor Brown declared a state of drought emergency 1/17/14, and used the phrase "dependent on nature" in his announcement. That indicates we can do little to increase precipitation, but we hope he also understands that "nature" also includes the great forests of California. That vast timberland is the first line in water conservation, where rain and snow are received and water stored in the root-laced soil under trees. "Emergency" means that the biggest land owner in California, Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) should put aside dreams of future wood profits, and voluntarily suspend their destructive tree harvest called clear-cutting. Removing multiple large tracts of tree cover leaves the barren soil baking under the sun. If SPI fails to realize their responsibility in protecting the source of our water supplies, Governor Brown should declare a moratorium on clear-cuttin ...
Our friends at Food and Water Watch are pulling together a rally to respond to Brown's drought declaration tomorrow morning in SF. Bay Area supporters please join them if you can. RTD staff cannot do this one. Breaking news: Governor Brown will make a major announcement tomorrow morning in San Francisco (most likely declaring a drought)...join us for a rally at 9:30am at 455 Golden Gate Avenue, and tell him to Ban Fracking Now (especially in a drought!)
Tune in to Eyewitness News at 10 on Fox. A state-wide drought has withered California resources, but Governor Brown says issuing a drought declaration won't do any good. A man's Achilles heel is severed due to a little league baseball player's celebration. And, your morning cup of coffee may now be sprinkled with vulnerability. Why the new Starbucks app has given hackers their fix. Victory! My friend Sara Kruzan was granted parole by Gov. Brown, setting her free after being sentenced to life in prison for killing the man who trafficked and abused her for years. Bart -- On October 17th, I started a petition asking Gov. Jerry Brown of California to grant my friend Sara Kruzan parole. Sara has been incarcerated since she was 16 years-old for killing the man who forced her into commercial sexual exploitation as a young girl, and the Governor was set to make a decision on her case by the end of the month. But then something incredible happened -- you and more than 250,000 people signed my petition, and within ten days it won! Governor Brown announced on Sunday that he would grant Sara parole! This victory for Sara has been years in the making. In 2010 Gov. Schwarzenegger commuted her sentence after an incredible amount of public pressure. On January 18th of this year, Sara’s sentence was reduced to second degree murder and she was fast-tracked to parole, but she still needed ...
Governor Brown appoints three judges to Orange County Superior Court,
Happy Halloween! Costumes today. I am the California Highway Patrol State Commander today. See you soon Governor Brown! I love you!
She's getting out of prison! Sara Kruzan will be released any day! Thank you Governor Brown and most of all, thank you for all those who fought for her freedom!
Dinner, dance with Governor Brown at CTA state council. Lots of security, no pictures inside. Turn up...
According to today"s Sacramento Bee, Governor Brown said yesterday that California's decade of dysfunction was broken through a series of ballot measure that raised taxes, created a citizens redistricting commission, changed the primary election system, lengthened term limits and reduced the vote requirement for the budget to a majority. In 2004 (yes 2004!), Capitol Seminars founder Ray LeBov wrote the following: "I believe that a comprehensive package that includes open primaries, fair redistricting, more realistic term limits, elimination of the 2/3 vote requirement for the budget, and elimination of budgeting by initiative would greatly enhance the process."
Thousands of small generators could be creating electricity along the thousand mile long California aqueduct. Why this is not used I don't know, maybe I'm the only person to have thought about it. The plus and minus polarity of the north and south poles is another possible source of electricity, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one to have ever thought about that. I think I'll put this in an email to Governor Brown, a major advocate of advanced energy public and private good works here in California. A call to my former Congress representative Mary Bono and Mayor of L.A. led to proposals and now in effect solar energy projects in the Mojave Desert. Another request for more doctors being needed to Bono, led to the new opening of a Doctors' training center at the University of California at Riverside. An individual sometimes can do a lot, but it's best wise to never hog the credit, and to remember any idea will be judged by many people. Keep any suggestion or request as broad and simple as possible, since . ...
Governor Brown visits San Diego for bill-signing ceremony -
THANK YOU LIST SB 360 was signed yesterday by Governor Brown. It doesn't mandate open source for election systems, but enables it. It clears a path and provides money to implement it. It will succeed because once we have great open source free election software, adhering to international standards, who is going pay for crappy secret proprietary methods? Open Voting Consortium (OVC), founded in 2003, led the charge for open source for election. I worked on the project for several years leading up to founding the organization. We closed the organization at the end of 2010, but have continued to work as an unincorporated group. We were the only group testifying in favor of Assemblymember Phil Ting's AB 19 (thanks Brent Turner) at the Assembly elections committee hearing this year. We demonstrated our prototype open source voting machine up and down the state 2004 to 2009. People wanted to know when it would be available but there were significant barriers in front of us. SB 360 knocks down those barriers. T ...
thank you, Governor Brown, for signing AB351! The word 'nation' implies a certain cohesion--decidedly lacking of late.
Moments ago, Governor Brown signed SB 493 into law. Thank you to all the pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy st…
Governor Brown overwhelming support exists across the country for you to sign AB1024 and lead our nation once more!
This is the reality while in breaking news today, California Governor Brown unveils his controversial "Twin...
The NRA Intends to File Legal Challenge if Governor Brown Signs Unconstitutional Semi-Automatic Firearm Ban into Law http…
Some of the bills CAFF's policy team were working on in Sacramento passed! 9-28-2013/SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed three bills to expand access to fresh, locally-grown food in communities across California. “This farm to fork legislation expands access to fresh, local produce and will help make our communities healthier,” said Governor Brown. The Governor signed the following bills today: • AB 224 by Assemblymember Richard S. Gordon (D-Menlo Park): Establishes health and safety standards for “community-supported agriculture” to ensure that Californians can continue to access local food directly from farmers. • AB 551 by Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco): Allows cities and counties to establish Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones, to help encourage owners of undeveloped properties to use their land for urban farming, providing communities with urban green space and a local food source. • AB 654 by Assemblymember Isadore Hall III (D-Compton): Extends the ...
Governor Brown signed into legislation requiring "...motorists to give bicyclists at least 3 feet of space when passing on a California roadway,..." What are your thoughts? via The Fresno Bee
CONTACT GOVERNOR BROWN TODAY!! This year the California Legislature passed the most restrictive collection of anti-gun laws in decades DESIGNED TO END GUN OWNERSHIP IN CALIFORNIA!! Our last chance to stop these laws before having to spend millions to fight them in court for years is for Governor Brown to veto them. Governor Brown needs to be reminded that he has millions of constituents that are law-abiding gun owners, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters and that Californians do not support outrageous anti-gun and anti-hunting legislation, like those in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut or worse. If we do not stop these bills NOW our children will never know the fundamental rights of self defense, hunting, self reliance and private ownership of firearms nor the freedoms this Country was founded on. Below are the anti-gun/anti-hunting bills you need to call, fax AND e-mail and urge Governor Brown to VETO. Governor Brown can be reached at: Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160 Email w ...
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Literally seconds after I read this UNBELIEVABLE CRAP, Governor Brown called to ask me to vote for Holly Mitchell. I yelled *** RIGHT I AM.
Thanks to all of you, landmark lion protection legislation became reality today when California Governor Brown...
Californian's in favor of starting a recall of Governor Brown
Petition urging Governor Brown to veto what will effectively be the end of in California. Must sign
Congrats! MT BIG NEWS: SB 751 was signed into law by Gov. Brown today!
BIG NEWS: OCBC sponsored SB 751 was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown today!
passes by a narrow vote. Off to Governor Brown now! Commission
Governor Brown just signed 55 bills. (29 Assembly bills and 26 Senate bills.) Which means there 82 more bills currently Enrolled and sitt...
New laws signed by Governor Brown today, including AB 508 (wage garnishment for homeless veterans) authored by
Governor Brown just signed and into law! It's a good day for open and accountable government.
Bill to limit California school CABs moves to desk of
Senate concurs on SB 770; Paid Family Leave expansion bill goes to Governor Brown!
Tell Governor Brown to sign AB 1371 and give bicyclists 3 feet of safety clearance!
Will Governor Brown sign the 3' passing law in California or veto again? I thought it was law in California...
Want to make the roads of California safer for cyclists? Tell Governor Brown to approve the 'GiveMe3' bill (AB...
Call Governor Brown now to veto all anti-gun legislation! phone number and info here:
No more prisons ! Protest outside Governor Brown office
(and THUS California's CRIME CAPITAL!), Oakland, right??) BLACK-CLOUD CUCKOO LAND proposal, in favor of Governor Brown's SENSIBLE
Ask Governor Brown to sign SB 340! - Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
Jerry Brown taking a walk on the "union" side backed by the current union cronies in Washington. The Washington...
Women veterans get an ally from Governor Brown. ABC7 News ABC7 Community Affairs Congresswoman Jackie Speier Nora...
Best article on Governor Brown's planned prisoner transfer:
☀ Wine Tour Anyone? :). Did you know that September is California Wine Month? Governor Brown officially declared...
The San Francisco TRUST Act: Will this further push Governor Brown to pass the statewide version this session?
Help Mountain Lions in CA - Ask Governor Brown to sign SB 132 into law
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