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Govan Mbeki

Govan Archibald Mvuyelwa Mbeki (9 July 1910 – 30 August 2001) was a South African politician, and father of the former South African president Thabo Mbeki and political economist Moeletsi Mbeki.

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2014 STATE OF THE NATION DEBATE ADDRESS BY PRINCE MANGOSUTHU BUTHELEZI MP PRESIDENT OF THE INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY National Assembly: 18 February 2014 Honourable Speaker; Your Excellency the President; Your Excellency the Deputy President; Honourable Ministers; Honourable Deputy Ministers; Honourable Members – This year, as I rise to this podium, I do so with a keen awareness of the absence of the Honourable Mr Ben Skosana MP. Our Party mourns his loss and we are still shaken by the sudden nature of his passing. In honour of our stalwart colleague and friend, I pay tribute to his vast contribution, both in this House and beyond these walls. The Honourable Mr Skosana will be remembered with deepest respect and deepest love. I thank you, Mr President, for your condolences on the passing of our House Chairperson. As we celebrate twenty years of democracy, we give due place to the enormous strides made by ordinary South Africans to overcome the legacy of our past and create a new country in which freedom and ...
One of our Ancestor Govan Mbeki is smiling in heaven seeing that the struggle is continuing under the banner of
Hoot and toot in Kinross from 1600 and Provincial and Political head visit tomorrow in Govan Mbeki from 930 See you all
The Bethal Complains Forum had a meeting today with the Executive Mayor, the Municipal Manager, Regional Manager of Bethal and Director for technical service. The meeting was held as a result of a section 4 meeting which was held on the 10th of April 2014. In this section 4 meeting the municipal representation requested the Bethal Complains Forum to rather consider meeting with the Mayor & Municipal Manager, which the Forum represented by Miss Michelle Viljoen, Mr Walter Arrow and Mr Daniel Maseko who is also a DA candidate for National Parliament. On the meeting held on the 10th of April with the Mayor firstly blamed the ward councilors for failing to call public meetings and address community challenges. Issues discussed were amongst others: 1. Housing for Freedom Square residence. 2 Electricity, 3 Sewer spilling into Bethal Dam, 4 Roads conditions- portholes. The Govan Mbeki municipality trough the mouth of the Executive Mayor and the Municipal Manager has promised not only the Bethal Complain Forum b ...
To our ever faithful Pat Wood and as always to Atlas Security for the availability of their Crime Newsletter: ATLAS CRIME NEWSLETTER 3/4/14 (Thurs) to 9/04/14 (Wed) 9 April 2014 Wednesday Linkside. It was reported that a learner was approached by a suspect at an educational institution in Wychwood Avenue. He was pushed around and the suspect managed to get away with the boy’s tablet. A case was opened with the police. Providentia. Suspects gained entry into a house in Marcia Way after kicking in the door. The homeowner reported a plasma screen TV missing and opened a case with the police. 12:36 Newton Park. Suspects forced open the bedroom window of a house in Willet Street, but the alarm sounded and they did not gain entry. Nothing was reported stolen, but the owner opted to open a case with the police. Humerail. Atlas Response reported that two foreigners were standing at the ATM when they were approached by a suspect who grabbed their bank card. The Response Officers arrested the man and a case was o ...
"Revolutions, even modest ones, are made not made in dreams but in concrete, historical situations". Govan Mbeki, Sunset in midday.
My inspiration in struggle has been OR Tambo,Chris Hani,Winnie Madikizela Mandela,Alija Barayi,Mangaliso Sobukhwe,Govan Mbeki ,Jay Naidoo,Peter Mokaba,Frank Chikane,Beyers Naude,Alan Boesak then Nelson Mandela. They all have one think in common,they never gave us their backs,they guided us with great intergrity.They have been parents,brothers,sisters and our comrades.We miss this spirit in our Society.
Municipalities that are still being affected, Drakenstein/Ga- Segonyana/Govan Mbeki/George Knysna cc
My decision to join the Party was influenced by our struggle like Govan Mbeki, Braam Fischer, JB Marks, Moses Kotane, Ray Simons
Cadre Chris Hani It was at Fort Hare where He openly engaged in the struggle for the first time because of the liberal nature of that university which emphasized academic freedom and institutional autonomy. It was also here that he came in contact for the first time with Marxist theory as a scientific tool to analyse the development of society and thus engage in the struggle more meaningfully." "He learned Marxism diligently. He began to fully appreciate the extent of the brutality of racial oppression and capitalist exploitation as well as the patriarchal relations of power which make these two demons worse for black women." "He joined the underground SACP in 1961 influenced and inspired by such giants of our revolution as Govan Mbeki, JB Marks, Braam Fischer, Moses Kotane, Ray Simons and others. Because he knew that freedom would not come as a gift, he joined uMkhonto we Sizwe in 1962 to fight for it." "He rose to become an ANC NEC member also serving in the Politico Military Committee. He rose through ...
Collision corners Govan Mbeki and Retief str Potch luckily no serious injuries
There was a time when Govan Mbeki Municipality was winnin "Cleanest Town" Accolades... Those days are just memories now!!
where are posters around govan mbeki municipality area, Evander, Embalenhle and surrounding areas
Where are posters in govan mbeki area more especially in Embalenhle, Evander and surrounding areas
Ward 08,Govan Mbeki branch of the ANC preparing for the 7th of May 2014.
Govan Mbeki leadership appreciate that Speakers Prayer Breakfast involved all sectors and stakeholders
in Govan Mbeki members of community still appreciate the visits by the Legislature
"It takes a lot to forgive these things though one may not forget" Govan Mbeki
Campaign work at full swing at Govan Mbeki Municipality
"The teacher and journalist (Govan Mbeki) was on home ground, and delivered a measured and pointed critique of white supremacy"- Colin Bundy
"It takes a long time to arouse the peasant to any form of resistance against established authority"-Govan Mbeki
"No, I couldn't be part of the Youth League. My thinking was different from theirs. Mine was a Marxist approach..." - Govan Mbeki
"The rigours and vices of the capitalist society should not be deliberately imported into the Transkei"-Govan Mbeki
"1936, a year that decided the future course of most of us at Fort Hare"-Govan Mbeki
Politics, politicians, expensive mind games, show no remorse, greed and corruption till the grave. I am an objective "political analyst" and a none card carrying member of the ANC of Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Joe Slovo, Alfred B Nzo, Helen Joseph, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki etc. The leaders of integrity and dignity. My views and opinions are not bias nor sexists or racists. South Africans our country is between the toilet pipes and the drain. Firstly, SANDRAL in Gauteng is just wasting the State funds, in the mission to recover e-toll funds they spend R154 000 000.00 to only recover R150 000 000.00 meaning they spend more to recover less. Already as it is the millions of motorist that are not registered they owe a half a billion to SANDRAL which they claim those who do not pay will be summoned to court and possibly be arrested. What is the logic of having thousands and thousands of motorists imprisoned if prisons are already jam packed as it is. The ANC and the parti ...
Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki Thabo Mbeki People like to identify Thabo Mbeki as an independent and original thinker, but one who remains close to the more visible leadership. His profile as a policy shaper and mediator in the movement has been built up over a lifetime of involvement. "I was born into the struggle," he says. His birth took place in Idutywa, Transkei, on the 18th of June, 1942. Both his parents were teachers and activists. His father is a university graduate and there were many books in his home which Thabo read at an early age. Govan Mbeki was a leading figure in ANC activities in the Eastern Cape. Believing that sooner or later they would be arrested, Mbeki's parents decided that family and friends would also be responsible for bringing up the children. Mbeki therefore spent long periods away from home. He joined the Youth League at 14 and quickly became active in student politics. After his schooling at Lovedale was interrupted by a strike in 1959, he completed his studies at home. Thereafter he ...
Did u know: Pella, or Matlhako, formerly known as Tampostad, has given to SA one of the most illustrious sons, a political leader extra-ordinaire who prompted both Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela to declare that without Moses Mauwane Kotane, the ANC would not have grown in stature the way it did.Kotane is also credited with bringing ever closer the ANC and SACP as the same fellow travellers, persuading stalwarts such as Mandela to withdraw his suspicions of the communists. Kotane and the late Govan Mbeki, father to former president Thabo Mbeki, were close comrades.
Attend our Taking the Legislature to the People event from 4-7 March 2014 at Govan Mbeki Local Municipality, Embalenhle Sasol Club
Govan Mbeki is another one. People only know him as President Thabo's dad. But he spent 25 years in Robben Island. A communist
Govan Mbeki's experiances and observations of South Africa's pre and post 1994 .
TLP sitting in Govan Mbeki municipality, Secunda all week. Where DA will respond to - a very expensive exercise!
Just bought a 'wors roll' made in the Govan Mbeki street - I must really be hungry ay
Govan Mbeki Star of the Day!! Top Candidate Tarnia Baker and her handsome hubbie Landon enjoying the day!! You GO Girl!!
Maluleke Fetsie wrote: There was something from within that drove past struggle fighters like Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Reginald Tambo, Raymond Mhlaba and many more, to overthrow the malicious regime of apartheid. They were all driven by a common suffering which they shared with the mass they fought for. They as well suffered from torturing, economic and academic oppression, t...
Just the way players play .. aw 01 March from : 15:00 till ebusuku ..Big day for entertainment in Govan Mbeki(Zinyoka) Township n for our Visitors outside of town .. Beautiful Day The Banquet ..
Tomorrow its going down people! Catch us at Govan Mbeki Avenue inside Metro Gym, next to Legit stores. Time is 09:45am for 10:00am. Come thru for a fun filled day and an experience that'll make you wanna dance all day everyday! =D
Thank you Atlas for the weekly Crime Newsletter - this is not official SAPS stats, but Atlas incidents. 27 February 2014 Thursday 00:42 Central. A man was stabbed and robbed outside a premises in Campbell Street. An ambulance transported the man to hospital. @ 18:41 Summerstrand. A home owner in Dana Road was out of town when she phoned in and confirmed that her son had an asthma attack and she could not get hold of him. Atlas Response arrived at the home and confirmed that the son was stable. Paramedics arrived and took over from the Atlas Response. 25 February 2014 Tuesday @ 02:59 Summerstrand. Suspect attempted to force a trelly door open at a home in Bullbring Road. The home owner disturbed the suspects and they ran away. Atlas Response and the police arrested one of the suspects. 23 February 2014 Sunday @ 09:37 Humewood. Suspects attempted to open a sliding at a business in Beach Road but could not gain access. The business owner opened a case with the police. 22 February 2014 Saturday @ 03:30 Summe ...
MusiQ.. Tomoro we are bringing you the best event ever in the History of Zinyoka( Govan Mbeki) and in the world of Music entertainment .. Govan Mbeki(Zinyoka) Community hall iz the place to be tomoro from 15:00 till ebusuku . MusiQ .. iyho :) :) :)
ppl should b careful when carrying cash at Govan Mbeki in PE,there lot of criminals,they pretend as if they r lost or somethin.
We have set the mood for TLP next week 3 -7 March 14. Ours was to open routes & unite the people of Govan Mbeki
Those whu are in the Know about one of the Jazz bandz that plays Kwa Gqalane .. they'll watch them again at the Govan Mbeki community hall cz they'll be here Tomoro at the BANQUET ..feat : Vocalists .. BANQUET starts @ 15:00 till ebusuku Its gona be fun bangane .. BAY TV for the Coverage *world class meals(food) by the professional caterers *world class champagne *Beautiful view of the well decorated hall with tables.. *guest Speakers .. *Entertainment at its best U only hv to *** with TICKET.. wth ur couple,ur frnd ur frndz ur family or urself . Uzakonwaba.. MusiQ
Chris Hani,Govan Mbeki,Thabo Mbeki,Walter Sisulu,Nelson Mandela. Can we just agree that Xhosa's are winners?
Du plooy str in bethal suffers withouth power YET AGAIN!!! This time cables stolen. Govan Mbeki unable to answer.
Longest serving prisioners on Roben Island:. Jeff - 28 yrs. Govan - 24 yrs. Nelson - 18 Yrs. never says this
Anele and Neliswa will also be featured on the Gospel Music Auditions in Port Elizabeth from the 7-8th March opposite New Law Court in Govan Mbeki Avenue.
This is not the ANC of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada, Dennis Goldberg, etc.. its the ANC of Jacob Zuma! Nufsed
I know this is short notice but if anyone fancies going to see a talk with Tindyebwa Agaba about his life and education, that's Emma Thompon's son btw, I have a ticket and I can't attend. Starts at half 5 at GCU in Deeprose Theatre in Govan Mbeki building. I can forward you ticket.
.Attending the Council meeting at Govan Mbeki Council Chambers in Secunda.
at Govan Mbeki Road, to via Robert Sobukwe Road. Respect the Architect
StudentsACCA will be attending the . GSBS Careers and Internship Event 3 – 7pm today Govan Mbeki Building AS
EVENTS TOMORROW: 1pm, Paisley Campus of UWS: Kelly will be speaking, then sitting in on the panel event to answer your burning questions! 2-4pm, Dalhousie Building (University of Dundee): Lucy will also being doing a presentation (2.10pm), and handing out some info on ScotGrad and our placements. Glasgow Caledonian Business School (Govan Mbeki Building): We will then be doing a short presentation (6pm) and hosting a freebie-filled table. Looking forward to meeting you all...
Hello, I just want to know, I only got my ID book after the last registration date was to vote. But I read on the internet that I can still register at a local IEC office, and it takes 7 days to know if you successful in registering, can I register as Bethal Govan Mbeki municipality? Thank you
Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Agostinho Neto, & many other African leaders in the history of our struggle lie doment in the archives of our history. Their story of heroism & defiance seldom told. As Kenneth Kaunda lies in Hospital I hope many of us will proudly tell his story, that we will not wait until he is laid to rest. His story must b told whilst he is alive. His story of bravery needs to be told. Our children need to know that Lusaka was our second home. Kenneth Kaunda, Oliver Tambo, Archie Sibeko, Govan Mbeki & many freedom fighters should b what we all aspire emulate. Selflessness!
Names: Williams de Bruyn, Sophia Theresa Born: 1938, Villageboard, Port Elizabeth In summary: Executive member of the Textile Workers Union in Port Elizabeth, founder member of the South African Congress of Trade Union (SACTU), full-time organiser of the Coloured People’s Congress in Johannesburg, a leader of the 1956 women's march, a human resources manager and a commissioner at the Commission for Gender Equality, member of the National Executive Committee of the ANC Women’s League and is a member of the Saartjie Baartman Reference Group Sophia Theresa Williams-de Bruyn was born in 1938, in Villageboard, a mixed area that had different nationalities living side by side. She was raised in the home of her grandparents with her older brother and sister. When her grandparents died, her father, Henry Ernest Williams bought property at number 17 Thumbler Street, in Villageboard with his older brother. She started primary schooling in the Villageboard and went on to attend the Saint Patrick Catholic School ...
Just got a wierd call frm the dept.tourism yase govan mbeki. . ?. Askin to c me.haaaii thy better bump the cheese up.
Comrades must read 'The Struggle For Liberation in South Africa' by Cde Govan Mbeki (1910-2001) to understand our history!
Jewish Rule In South Africa Jews Founded the ANC And Guided It To Power Reported by Deirdre Fields Commentary -- [Bill: The following is derived in large part from an excellent article on the subject entitled "The New South Africa", which appears in the most recent issue of the Barnes Review.] *** Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and murder the Boer / Afrikaaner people. In the 19th century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to British Rule. In 1948, the Boers took power democratically, with the election of the National Party. In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made South Africa the economically strongest nation in Africa, and gave the blacks in South Africa (and the whites) the highest standards of living of any African nation. Verwoerd's policies had two main opponents. One was a Jew named Harry Oppenheimer, the other a Jew named Anton Ruppert. Both c ...
Dis is whr we make friends frm all over govan mbeki municipality..
This is a quote from Shenge's speech in parliament . "I am from a generation of leaders like Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Rowley Arenstein, Alphaeus Zulu, Zami Conco, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko and Joe Mathews. Only Mr Andrew Mlangeni and I survive from that generation." Kodwa usafuna ukuvotelwa. Ihlazo...
Guyz is govan mbeki or library open.if ny1 knwz
Ek is baie moeg, , eMalahleni was fun but all things have to come to an end tomorrow we touch base with Govan Mbeki if you see us halla.Watsukuta
LONG WALK TO FREEDOM Chapter 98 - 99 Chapter 98 EVEN AS De Klerk became president, I continued to meet with the secret negotiating committee. We were joined by Gerrit Viljoen, the minister of constitutional development, a brilliant man with a doctorate in classics, whose role was to bring our discussions into a constitutional framework. I pressed the government to display evidence of its good intentions, urging the state to show its bona fides by releasing my fellow political prisoners at Pollsmoor and Robben Island. While I told the committee that my colleagues had to be released unconditionally, I said the government could expect disciplined behavior from them after their release. That was demonstrated by the conduct of Govan Mbeki, who had been unconditionally released at the end of 1987. On October 10, 1989, President De Klerk announced that Walter Sisulu and seven of my former Robben Island comrades, Raymond Mhlaba, Ahmed Kathrada, Andrew Mlangeni, Elias Motsoaledi, Jeff Masemola, Wilton Mkwayi, and ...
Attention South Pointers Tomorrow is the day we all have waiting for the Student Concert buses leave at 16h00 shuttle stop next to 88 Govan Mbeki Friday 21 February 2014 Indoor Sport Center (South Campus )
!! This cumingSataday !!! Road Show (Street Bash) From Zwide to Zinyoka( vista area pakeni to koo 21.).. Feat : Ur Favourite Dj's ... We gonna give away Banquet tickets and we'll also inform you about whts gona happen at the Banquet 1st of March that will be held at the .. *Govan Mbeki Community hall*
We have a good story to tell.My Future!!! Me and my family vote for ANC of OR Tambo,Nelson Mandela,Govan Mbeki and many
ANC door to door ward 32 Govan Mbeki Municipality working towards the 2/3 majority of the ANC PEOPLE are clear without any confusion they believe in the ANC to moce South Africa forward indeed the Anc has a good story to tell
Arch-Bishop Petros Vusumuzi Ncongwane (Yellow T-Shirt) is the founder of Embalenhle Council of Churches. ECC was founded in 1992 before freedom of 1994. My vision is to UNITE all churches of Govan Mbeki meaning Leandra, Kinross, Evander, Tricharcht, Secunda and Bethal. My Mission is to be in one voice on everything concerning all churches in Govan Mbeki Municipality. Theme: Unity in Diversity and Freedom for all. Another Top Executive Member of ECC: Bishop Amon Amos Mthombeni (Green Shirt). For more info write to us an will get back to you. Amen!!!
Late one overcast afternoon we took a drive down Conyngham (spot the two traffic violations), along Diaz Road, onto Mount Road, stopping at Govan Mbeki (spot another traffic violation), over the flyover to Strand Street (spot the twRead More on MyPE .
01 MARCH '14 ..New eZinyoka Govan Mbeki Community Hall Banquet...Banquet ...Banquet .. Hosted by *Colab MusiQ .. organised by IKhwezi .. P.E and Zinyoka Residents ...this iz the Event u dnt wana miss .. Hlala ulindilie for iinkcukhacha ezithe vetshe ..!!! Tell ur couple ur friend ur friends the people u love n care about that nge 1st its going down .. We represent love ! !!!
To the COMMUNITY of EMBALENHLE, SECUNDA... IMBIZO The Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison and SAPS invites the community to attend IMBIZO in Embalenhle Stadium GOVAN MBEKI Municipality scheduled as follows: Date: 22 Feb 2014 (Saturday) Time: 10h00am Venue:Risko Fakude (Embalenhle Stadium) From: The CPF (EMbalenhle)
Govan Mbeki,Albert Luthuli, Chris Hani,Nelson Mandela and comrades T Mbeki ,J Zuma,J. Malema ,G Mantashe, J. Hadebe # izinkakha ze ANC congress when it comes the changes this country has evergone to. Politics good or bad has really changed South Africa. Good afternoon Mzantsi!
Fripps. I hear that Fripps have moved to Greenacres. Another address is (or was) 43 Govan Mbeki Ave. In the 60's they were still in Jetty Street. I usually took my photos there to be developed mainly because they gave same day service. Ideal for the impatient amongst us.
Kurt Ellis483 Comments: 16Article views: 504 ANC supporters. Raise your voice and be heard. 17 February 2014, 12:00 I feel I should make a disclaimer upfront, before I even get into the meat of this article. I am not a member of any political party and have no affinity to any of them. What I am is a South African. In fact, I feel that any person who swears an unwavering loyalty to any political party is an *** I apologise if this offends, as I cannot think of anything harsher to call them. Giving a political party your unwavering support is the equivalent to giving your spouse permission to abuse you and cheat on you, complaining about it when it happens, yet staying in a relationship with that person. You and your political party should have a symbiotic relationship. They should fulfil a need for you and in return, you should fulfil a need for them. Simple. But that is not the case in South Africa. Men like Pixley Seme who co-founded the organisation and who studied at Columbia University and was awar .. ...
Govan mbeki zinyoka clinic their service is very poor shame.nt a single 1 sencediwe at this tym
THANK YOU" to each and everyone young and old around the NMB who took their precious time and went out to support EIGHTEEN EVENTS - MR & MISS GOVAN MBEKI TOWNSHIP on the 14th February 2014 especially Zinyoka residents siyabulela ngenxaso enisenzele yona ningatyhafi nenze njalo nangomso. Thank UEIGHTEEN EVENTS
Wow guys, i dnt know what to say 2 my gospel artist, Sihle 'M' 2gether wth de Impact Voices! Guyz yo performances of Saturday was great! Keep it up guyz, may the Lord bind us wth His alwayz nd never seperate us! SIHLE M',my son i dnt knw hw 2 thank bt de answer wil come frm above! U reali surprised me Saturday @ de funeral, Greenbushes nd@ Govan Mbeki community centre, God bless!
Getting ready for another service with endless possibilities. Our evening service starts @ 6:30-8:30pm Venue Laboria Building in Govan Mbeki Ave PE. We declare and decree the manifested presence of the almighty over your live tonight. Its your season
My vote will only go to the Anc only because ot the time tested leaders it produced" it was individuals who won the fight against apartied, we will forever be indebted and we salute the first commander and chief Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we salute Oliver Raginald Tambo, we salute the Presidents of this movement Jonh Langa Libalele Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli Josea Gumede, Docter Xuma, Docter Moroka, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma- I speak of Arch Gumede,Bram Fitcher,Billy Nair, Chris Hani, Dennis Goldberg, Duma Nokwe,I speak of Yusuf Dudu, Elias Mostoeledi, Elajah Barhayi, Govan Mbeki, Griffits Mxhenge, I speak of the lions of Midrand, Harry Gwala, Jimmy Mathews, Joe Gqabi, Joe Slovo, I speak of Mathew Goniwe, Spero Mkhonto, Moses Mabhida, Moses Skotane, Rayomond Mhlaba, I speak of Vuyisile Mini, Walter Sisulu, I speak of Imbokodo of the country, Adelaide Tambo, Amina Cachalia, Albertina Sisulu, Baleka Mbete, Dorothen Nyembe, Hallen Joseph, June Mlangeni, I speak of Vester Smith, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, I spe ...
Tomorrow I'll be around Govan Mbeki sub-region @ embalenhle zone, doing door to door urging all progressive and responsible young people to go to all VD'S and IEC offices to register to VOTE!! Together WE moving South Africa forward!! ANC FOR LIFE
I was watching come dine with me RSA and thi old lady name drop so much I felt sorry for the other contestants. Now its my turn: did you know that I have had dinner with some fine gentlemen: Nelson Mandela Walter Sisulu Govan Mbeki Ahmed Kathrada
STATEMENT BY H. E. MR. ABDULRAHIM ABBY FARAH (SOMALIA), CHAIRMAN OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE AGAINST APARTHEID, AT THE MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE ON JUNE 26, 1969 Today, 26 June, is traditionally observed by the African National Congress of South Africa and its *** ociate organisations, as well as by many other bodies, including anti-apartheid movements and vario us international organisations, as "South Africa Freedom Day." 26 June was so designated because it was on 26 June 1950 that the first national stay-at-home stri e was organised as a mark of protest against the Suppression of Communism Act and other undemo cratic and unjust legislation. It was, again, on 26 June 1952, that the historic Campaign of Defiance of Unjust Laws was launched. But above all, 26 June was chosen as "South Africa Freedom Day" as it commemorates the historic adoption, on 26 June 1955, of the Freedom Charter by the Congress of the People of South Africa, a multi-racial conference of the opponents of apartheid and racial discri mina ...
Mr price govan mbeki celebrating valentines day
You do not need to ask whether Deputy President Kgalema Petrus 'Mkhuluwa' Motlanthe is a protege of the late ANC intellectual and SACP stalwart Ntate Mvuyelwa Govan Mbeki. Elegance, intellect and mannerism all seem to come natural to him. My man!
RE POST : Cindy Mac Pherson Very upset traumatized mom.. February 13, 2014 at 3:24pm On the 13th February 2014 at 12h30 I went to fetch my son (5) at crèche. On the way back home, hubby requested a parcel to be picked up. I Rushed home got hubby and on our way to Govan Mbeki to collect a parcel. To cut a long story short. Went into a one way direction, perfect! Allowed… Hubby climbed out of the vehicle, myself and son was sitting in the car in front of the shop vehicle still idling. No obstruction… Then I noticed a traffic officer walking towards me from Govan Mbeki side. He walked violent towards me with a type of attitude. By saying the following words: “Why are you obstructing the road”, “Who do you think you are? “The Traffic officer is standing in front of my vehicle. Shouting and Showing hand signals and saying his finger is not a pen or a parking meter. I replied: Hi Sir, I’m not obstructing any vehicles. And he is starting to raise his voice and keep on asking “Why are you obstruc ...
The Govan Mbeki Building in Glasgow Caledonian University was used as a hospital waiting room in Waterloo Road!!!
To all Govan Mbeki Musicians Sejacufe is back guyz. Nd u go nd register ur local bands @ da Municipality to those interested..
We luv u ANC bt nt the incompetent leaders, you produced great leaders like O.R. Tambo, W. Sisulu, Govan Mbeki MANDELA and MBEKI, but now you have failed us dismally.Till we meet again in 2019.
Today we addressed the Councillors, CDWs and Ward Committees of Govan Mbeki Municipality on the critical event that we are having in March
On 9 October 1963 Nelson Mandela joined ten others on trial for sabotage. While facing the death penalty his words to the court at the end of his famous ‘Speech from the Dock’ on 20 April 1964 became immortalised: “I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” On 11 June 1964 Nelson Mandela and seven other accused: Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Denis Goldberg, Elias Motsoaledi and Andrew Mlangeni were convicted and the next day were sentenced to life imprisonment. Denis Goldberg was sent to Pretoria Prison because he was white, while the others went to Robben Island. On 12 August 1988 he was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. After more than three months ...
We hope to have a leader whose vision resembles that of Oliver Tambo, whose courage is of Nelson Mandela, whose wisdom is of Walter Sisulu and whose resilience is of Govan Mbeki, whose friendship is of Ahmed Kathrada, whose leadership is of Chief/Inkosi Albert Luthuli, whose bravery is of Chris Hani, whose sacrifice is of Solomon Mahlangu, whose intelligence is of Thabo Mbeki, whose speech is of Anton Lembede, whose initiative is of John Dube. We hope for this leader, and pray to GOD to send us this man in this generation.
. In Zinyoka Govan Mbeki ...2014 Valentines day haz turned out to be a Horror or sumthing like Elections(vote) ..and thts BAD for the world of Art.. It seems like our community haz been divided into to 2 .. .. For the past 8 years Zinyoka Community isoloko idibana in 0ne place in paying respect to the LOVE which iz VALENTINES DAY .. I made Valentines day to be the day where pple meet new pple ,makin friendz , start of new perfect n imperfect relationships ,every 14th its nothing but .. ..FUN n Music But what pisses the haters n the enemies off iz that Community haz been labelling this day az "DOCTA's valentines day " and they are further saying "Kwi Calender yaseZinyoka bahlali siyayazi bakuqhele uqhubeka ntoni" . And kengoku thts where things started to fall apart .. (cz banye bantu bava kabuhlungu, bane stress) I'm worried that today My community ,my people are now confused n divided into 2 .. All i can say iz ,u don'make people ,people make u .. Only thing u "make" iz to make people love u ngemiseben . ...
We invite all the Gospel Groups nd artist around Govan Mbeki Municipality to participate in the Auditions that will take place from the 15 to 23 February 2014
I had a dream, that as from the 7th May 2014. Julius Malema will be ruling this country. And all names of streets, places, towns and status named after ANC leaders will be removed. That will be replaced by EFF leaders and other small political opposition parties except the ANC. Remember what the ANC did after they defeated the apartheid regime.They name everything after their leaders. You can name Thabo Mbeki street, Joe Slovo, Chris Hani, Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki and the list is endless. Even shebeens were named after their mistresses, koDorcas, koNtswaki. These ANC dudes they think for themselves. They changed Potgietersrus to Mokopane. We are going to change it to Mokerong. Mokgopong and Makhado! Whats that? We’ve got names waiting for them. The ANC took over and disassociated itself with anything that has anything to do with apartheid. Even EFF is going to do the same. We are going to disassociate ourselves with poor services and corruption. I say corruption, yes. Remember Julius Malema was corru ...
Guys you might know it or not but with the rate that our country is going, we will be in a civil war pretty soon and the people that run this country are not seeing what's happening as they are busy laying in fire pools... I stand for what Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Govan Mbeki, Tsietsi Mashinini and the rest of the comrades that we never hear about fought for and stood for... we heading for a state of emergency all because the ANC leadership is ignorant, I swear kids in pre school can run this country way better than what I being run now.
Steve Biko, Govan Mbeki, Walter Max Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Chief Albert Luthuli, Helen Joseph and a whole lot others famous or not fought so that u can have a right to vote. Now get up and go register. FYI: u can't complain if u didn't vote so do the right thing!
Transport Deputy Minister and Govan Mbeki Executive Mayor to Host Gala Dinner for Road Safety on Monday in Mpumalanga.
Good morning everyone, a blessed sunday to you and you loved ones, I'm @ Universal Church, Govan Mbeki street Port Elizabeth,EC! Wena Ukephi?
CITY OF Cape Town 8 FEBRUARY 2014 MEDIA RELEASE Metro Police Officers wounded in shooting incident Two brave Metro Police officers shot multiple times whilst on duty. Read more below: In the early hours of this morning, two Metro Police officers were conducting routine patrols on Govan Mbeki Drive in Manenberg when they spotted a white VW Polo driving without lights. The officers signalled to the driver to pull over and as they approached the vehicle, the occupants opened fire on them. Both officers; a sergeant and a constable, were shot multiple times and are currently in a serious but stable condition in hospital. It was later confirmed that the vehicle was hijacked in Athlone shortly before the shooting incident. 'Our thoughts are with the officers and their families. We wish them a speedy recovery. The City will do all it can to assist the families during this difficult time,' said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. 'We will also make sure that no effort is spared in ...
Wikipedia: "Jaja Wachuku as Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria preferred quiet consultation, especially with the two major Anglo-American powers: Great Britain and the United States - in search of solutions to continental and international problems. For example, there was a lot of hue and cry as a result of the Rivonia Trial in South Africa in 1963 following the arrest of Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada, Govan Mbeki, Denis Goldberg, Raymond Mhlaba, Andrew Mlangeni, Lionel Bernstein and others. They and Nelson Mandela, who was serving term on his 1962 conviction, were charged with "sabotage and... conspiracy to overthrow the Government by revolution and by assisting an armed invasion of South Africa by foreign troops." These charges were treasonable and carried the death penalty. Jaja Wachuku quietly invited Lord Head, the British High Commissioner in Lagos and also United States' Ambassador Joseph Palmer II - and strongly urged them to intercede with their governments to prevail on the apartheid regime in ...
If I could meet OR Tambo, Govan Mbeki and Walter Sisulu, to some extent Pixley Isa ka Seme, Sol Plaatjie and Chief Albert Luthuli.
The logic behind not voting: "The ANC will win so wha'ts the point?" Don't those *** know that every abstention is like a vote for the ANC because you could have made the opposition stronger but either you're too stupid or lazy to realize that. Those that do not vote disrespect the legacy of Nelson Mandela ,Steven Bhiko, Govan Mbeki etc.
I am going to register in order to be able vote in remembrance of comrades like Chris Hani, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu,NelsonMandela
So m here on the roof parking viewing the see everything look so small down the Govan Mbeki avenue,i feel like a giant
Govan Mbeki is said to have been a Rigid person, the enemy in Court called him Ruthless. Such that certain Indian comrades on the Island didn't like him. But what I know is that he would never do that to the New Converts. A man of his intellectual stature wouldn't just do to infants. Oom Gov's Theoretical adequacy surely might have provided him with Wisdom in Dealing with ooTata
Govan Mbeki Govan Mbeki was a warrior - a revolutionary, an educator, a publicist, organiser and leader of our people over many decades. A man who has brought with him the rare qualities of selflessness and utter devotion to the cause of the oppressed and exploited millions of our country. Govan Mbeki was born in the Transkei on 9 July 1910. He spent the better part of his early life in the Transkei and came to gain a first hand knowledge of the conditions and problems facing the majority of the small peasants in the area, a phenomenon which was to be found in most other parts of South Africa at the time. From being one of the most important producers of grain and wool for export at the time of the discovery of gold and diamonds the Transkei at the turn of the century was gradually being reduced to critical dependence on the developing capitalist economy ushered in by the mining revolution. It was the intimate knowledge gained during this time that enabled him to write with such incision on the relationsh ...
ANC Govan Mbeki Sub Region is in full force busy with door-to-door in Charlse Cilliers and farms around the area. Phatha ANC Phatha!
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Not much finer than seeing others, You must remember that Thabo Mbeki is no longer my son. He is my comrade! A son is mere biological appendage; to be called a comrade, on the other hand , is the hiehest honor. Govan Mbeki's response when asked about how he felt after seeing Thabo in 1990 in Lusaka.
The next seminar of the Greater Glasgow Politics Seminar Series 2013-14 will be on Wednesday 5th February at 5:30 p.m. in A523 (Govan Mbeki building). The paper will be given by Professor Margaret Arnott (University of West of Scotland) on 'Party over country'? The Scottish Conservative Party, the 'Nation' and 'New' Unionism. The series is convened by the politics subject group of Glasgow School of Business for Society at Glasgow Caledonian University.
Former president Thabo Mbeki (as a 22 year old) made this statement in front of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid in 1964, London, a year after his father Govan Mbeki, Nelson Mandela and others were arrested: "If the butchers have their way, we will draw strength even from the little crosses that the kind may put at the head of their graves. In that process we shall learn to hate evil even more, and in the same intensity we shall seek to destroy it. We shall learn to be brave and unconscious of anything but this noblest of struggles. Today we might be but weak children, spurred on by nothing other than the fear and grief of losing our fathers. In time we shall learn to die both for ourselves and for the millions."
ANC great thinkerz of times that history wont forget ever,Mxolisi Majombozi,Anton Lembede,Oliver Tambo,Nelson Mandela,Mzala Nxumalo,Chris Hani,Pixley Ka Semme,Sol Plaatjie,Peter Mokaba,Walter Sisulu,Oom Ray Mhlaba,Govan Mbeki and many more late Cadres of contributory caliber in our Revolution,each of them carry a treasured history of their own n the ANC,they are the sanctuary of our mvment,the less we forget
(Stefanie) Brad Mulder Algoa FM News Port Elizabeth police are searching for a man in his 20's, after a woman was shot dead in Govan Mbeki avenue late last night. Spokesperson, Captain Stanley Jarvis says the 20-year old woman was thrown out of a black VW Polo in Central following an argument with the driver. He says she started walking, and was followed by the man in the vehicle. Jarvis says according to eye witnesses, three shots were fired at her. She was hit in the head and neck, and died at the scene.
South Africans lets consider having Tambo days and Chris Hani days as our public holidays than Christmasday and new years holiday,I cant wait the day we celabrate Slovo day as an holiday,Govan Mbeki day and so on,I am tired of the Christian calender.
"A tribute to our people" by Thabo Mbeki That sense of privilege, which will stay with us for all time, is intensified by our recognition of the fact that never before have we as a people hosted this large a number of high-level delegations representing the peoples of the world. We thank you most sincerely for your presence, which itself constitues a tribute to the millions of our people and a profound statement of hope that all of us will together continue to expand the frontiers of human dignity. For us, as South Africans, this day is as much a day for the inauguration of the new government as it is a day of salute for a generation that pulled our country out of the abyss and placed it on the pedestal of hope, on which it rests today. I speak of the generation represented pre-eminently by our out-going President, Nelson Mandela; the generation of Oliver Tambo, of Walter Sisulu, of Govan Mbeki, of Albertina Sisulu, of Ray Alexander and others. Fortunately, some of these titans are present here today, as ...
Last night I watched a bootlegged version of the Mandela movie. Best thing about the movie: Idris Elba and the title. How do you tell Mandela's "story" without those others involved? Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and Ahmed Katrada among those who were on Robben Island with Mandela, not one of them is given a little shine in the movie. What about the Bikos and Sobukwe's, the Onkgopotse Tiro's, the thousands exiled? It made the movie about Mandela and not Mandela within the context of liberation struggle. It was typical history as told through an individual rather than a collective effort in which heroic individual occasionally step forward. As an aside, I liked Idris but I would like to see films like those pull heavily from continental African actors who should get a chance to be foreground in their narratives. If you love Idris Elba (and lots and lots of us women do) then see it. However, if you want to see a good movie about Mandela, Winnie, the ANC and the struggle, don't watch it. The acting wasn't bad, ...
Respect to all our struggle apartheid heroes all of them who contributed and sacrifice for all of us to be free even though some of abuse that freedom legends like Walter Sisulu,Ahmed Khathrada,Govan Mbeki ,Oliver Tambo,Alfred Nzo ,Andrew Mlangeni and the man himself who is a respected all over our father of our beloved country Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela I say thank u to all of them u made it possible to us all after watching the movie Long walk to freedom seeing what they went through for us I will never take my freedom for granted cause it never came easy and I will make sure my kids know that and also to those who participated lost their lives during those times I say it was not all for nothing u also contributed to ur families freedom and to all ANC giants who have passed on Oliver Tambo,Walter Sisulu,Alfred Nzo ,Joe Slovo ,Chris Hani and recently Tata Madiba I say may ur soul rest in peace and keep on fighting for us even when ur in ur resting place and thank u a trillion times especially Mr Mandela t ...
“One of South Africa’s Prime Ministers, Verwoerd or Vorster was asked about political prisoners in South Africa. He replied that there was only one political prisoner in South Africa and that was Robert Sobukwe. The rest, he said, were his followers. He included ANC members and their leaders like Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Govan Mbeki.”
The Rivonia Trial against Nelson Mandela and others was a trial that took place in South Africa between 1963 and 1964. Ten leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) were charged (and eight eventually convicted) on four broad charges: (a) recruiting persons for training in the preparation and use of explosives and in guerrilla warfare for the purpose of violent revolution and committing acts of sabotage; (b) conspiring to commit these acts and to aid foreign military units when they [hypothetically] invaded the Republic; (c) acting in these ways to further the objects of communism; and (d) soliciting and receiving money for these purposes from sympathizers outside South Africa. Among other consequences, the trial led to the imprisonment of ANC leader (and future President of South Africa) Nelson Mandela and the other convicted defendants on life sentences, of which Mandela actually served 27 years. Mandela's speech from the dock was to prove an influential statement of his political beliefs. The trial ...
I wanted to play Govan Mbeki. My personal honor.
Long live the spirit of Nelson Mandela,OR.Tamboo,Govan Mbeki,Walter Sisulu,Ruth First the list is endless Amandla!!!
Also enjoyed seeing you play Govan Mbeki
Wow, this movie is awesome. Idris Elba walks & talks like Mandela. I got to understand our history better. It's a must see, it's painful, but very informative nge history yetfu. Now I fully understand da sacrifices Mandela, Winnie, Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Kathrada, Mhlaba & them had to make for us to be free. I would watch it over & over.
Just bought myself 2 vests for under R60... :) pity I didn't get white though. The wonders of Govan Mbeki
The condition at Secunda Dumping Site has gotten worse since Govan Mbeki Municipality closed it. People are now dumping next to the main road with scavengers making fires and more of a mess.
Son of Govan Mbeki, protege of Oliver Tambo and successor to Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki was given the immense task of making SA work
How we funded anti-apartheid struggle in S/Africa – Jonathan Being excerpts of an address by President Goodluck Jonathan to South African Parliament in Cape Town, May 7, 2013 during his current state visit to the country. 1. May I use this opportunity to say how delighted my delegation and I have been since our arrival in South Africa. I am also deeply appreciative of the warm hospitality and reception accorded to us. This is also evident in the manner the leadership of the Parliament has received us this afternoon. All of these are consistent with the well-known South African hospitality. I wish, particularly, to thank my brother, President Jacob Zuma, for extending the invitation to me to pay this State Visit to South Africa. 2. Mr Speaker, Distinguished Parliamentarians, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is indeed a great honour to be given the opportunity to address the Joint Sitting of members of this august body, the South African Parliament. As the arm of government charged with the important responsibili ...
Interesting circus at Mogalakwena Municipality amid one of the greatest slumber of the Communist Party in Govan Mbeki District
we would have booed him on Govan Mbeki's memorial service
Do it for Madiba.Protect and promote the gains of our constitutional democracy.Jacob Zuma might be good enough for the ruling party but South Africa that OR Tambo,Govan Mbeki,Walter Sisulu,Anton Lembede and others sacrificed their lives for,deserves better.
We need a generation with a Govan Mbeki intellect, an Oliver Tambo drive, a Walter Sisulu perseverance and the unity of Nelson Mandela.
False. She was convicted of assault and kidnapping. O.R. Tambo and Govan Mbeki campaigned internationally for his release
S'truu brah. If you're ever bored read some of his brothers works (Govan Mbeki), quite the thinker
Our Jacob of Nkandla wouldnt approve that RT"I will go with Govan Mbeki International Airport!"
Nelson Mandela AFRICA THANKS YOU . I wonder what Africa would be if the World Leadership visited a Continent beyond a Man celebrated by Africans for so many years in times when he was unwanted anywhere else . But so much wanted , respected and loved in his continent by his peoples because he said : my peoples matter more than my life. It was not easy to black in the continent and anywhere else my father told me and it was even harder to be black and conscious. And my mother to say , marrying a black freedom fighter was marrying a struggle , just an idea but not a man. We thank the whole world for celebrating the man Nelson Mandela and I am sure Africa is not mad at me saying so. As much as Africa would not be mad at me just saying we as Africans knew an ideal more than we knew of a man who always identified himself as so . And as all were kind enough to celebrate him I am sure as always he is kind enough to appreciate you sharing and living his ideal of Love , Peace , Unity and Justice . No better cele .. ...
Beeld, an Afrikaans newspaper shouted on its poster " Mandela Bly nou met ANC se A- Span.A tear dropped because I agreed met Die Beeld that the National Committee in Heaven had convened, John Langalibalele Dube, the first President of the African National Congress assembled this extraordinary extended NEC meeting in heaven with Cdes Sefako Makgatho, Rev.Z Mahabane, President Gumede,Pixley Ka Isaka Seme, Anton Lembede, AB Xuma, Chief Albert Luthuli, Reginald Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Nkobi, Joe Modise, Lillian Ngoyi, Bertha Gxowa, Dulcie September, Joe Slovo,Chris Thembisile Hani, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba and Elias Motsoaledi met To receive and welcome one of their own and to *** the balance of forces in the world since the advent of his passing. As our National Working Committee meets too today to deliberate on the events of the last 2 weeks, may you Give them Strength oh Lord to Lead our Nation wisely, with love and Compassion.Lizalis'idinga lakhoo Ye Faithful Lord and continue to Bless t .. ...
Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Andrew Mlangeni and Elias Motsoaledi join up from the Cape regions. As does Ronnie Kasrils in Durban
WHO COOKED THE SOUP? IN RESPONSE TO THE UNCOUTH AND RENTED MARIANNE NGHIDENGWA OF CONFIDENTE NEWSPAPER AND HER STREET VENDORS ON THE MANDELA MATTER 13 December 2013 By Job Shipululo Amupanda I became aware of Confidente´s plans to run a story on and about me through the questions sent to the SPYL Secretary Comrade Dr. Tjitunga Elijah Ngurare. On December 13, 2013, I read the story online, while preparing for sessions, in Ecuador. The story was titled “Amupanda in hot soup over Mandela sell-out remark.” They did not tell the readers who cooked the soup. From the reading of the article, three (3) objectives becomes clear; (1) to character assassinate my person and present me as insensitive, ill-disciplined and a liability to the SWAPO Party (the movement); (2) to drag in the movement in personal matters having nothing to do the party; (3) and finally to make a contribution to the greater scheme of what the Paguel Thugs “it is a matter of time before we get rid of the boy.” All these are of course m ...
"We longed for bread everyday yet the people who denied us of bread were telling us everyday how they were Christian ,they prayed...give US this day our daily bread..but we were not included in the US...they prayed twice a day" Govan Mbeki on Robben Island experience This statement broke my heart...forgive us and every Christian who are still performing ills in Your name.
lol Tata Govan Mbeki " These men that deprived us of bread - were Christians who prayed : Give us our daily bread everyday, I'm sure even twice a day with their kids and families and yet they deprived us of our daily bread in Roben Island".. lol
Mandela Passing Ends an Era of Heroism and Struggle The late Afro Beat King Fela Kuti played a concert at Legon in the early 1970s during which a hilarious but historically significant incident occurred. Fela had a troupe of about 20 young women in his entourage who danced rather provocatively as part of the show. They would bump and gyrate their behinds as the musician pranced about the stage wowing the audience with his melodious tunes and rebellious lyrics. At some point during the show Fela suddenly screamed an order to the band to stop playing and like soldiers obeying their general the music ground to a sudden halt. Fela claimed that someone at the front touched one of the women on the bottom, or “nyass” as Fela called it. He asked the guilty person to own up or those who saw him to give him up. When nobody was coming forward he launched into a long speech about how those women were artists and deserved respect and all that. He then threatened to walk out of the show amid pleading cries from the ...
The A team of the ANC John Dube, Sefako Makgatho, Zaccheus Mahabane, Josiah Gumede, Pixley Seme Alfred Xuma, James Moroka, Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu together with Joe Slovo, Steve Biko, Chriss Hhani. they are all celebrating the arrival of .Nelson Mandela
Some of us wondered why Govan Mbeki objected to Thabo Mbeki becoming President of ANC and country. Well he knew his son was too self centred
We remember Govan Mbeki as a good comrade of Madiba. They differed sharply at times, however, Govan never attempted to undermine Madiba!
Tata Madiba you & Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and many others built a sure foundation for South Africa! Nothing will destroy your hard work.
HOW TO ANSWER STUPID QUESTIONS ABOUT Nelson Mandela 15 December 2013 By: Pedro Mzileni President Nelson Mandela was a political animal who has made our history fashionable to even a 3-year-old this December. Even the popularity of the festive season with its alcohol and DJ's did not stand a chance. Unfortunately, his political animalism did not attract people who understand him in this jungle of political animals. There's a difference between knowing and understanding. Now as political animals ourselves, we are forced to separate lions from cheetahs. Keeping things simple is a liberal addiction that seems to never find relevance in our politics. Even googled-research about Comrade President Nelson Mandela doesn't assist them because its a liberal salad itself. Here are a few questions and myths expressed by many liberal crusaders that we must answer with patience. MYTH Nelson Mandela made the ANC FACT Nelson Mandela was born 6 years after the ANC was formed. Whilst he was being carried out of his mother's ...
Govan Mbeki used to say it's dangerous to 'feed' people with slogans because they do not think. Yes, there must be sweat behind.
Ode to Nelson Mandela Always will be remembered I will cherish your loyalty to Africa until the day I also see you sited somewhere beside Albert Luthuli, Walter Sisulu, Steve Biko, AP Mda, Tsietsi Mashinini, Lillian Ngoyi, Govan Mbeki, Chris Hani, Albertina Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Peter Mokaba and the likes. I could have sworn I felt the ground shake When your soul escaped form the body it was kept I could hear the sounds and celebrations of the jubilations in *** last night when the world wept - the angel has gone where he belongs. Hope they tell me where they bury you so I come and lie down near you and listen to all your stories Stories of how you and your comrades marched down the streets towards the enemy Ran Soweto carrying nothing but banners the only bullets you had was the shouts of 'freedom'. How did you really feel when you drank coffee with the same men who put you in cages? I bet they almost died of your brutal, unconditional forgiveness. Dear Nelson Take thy place as God's greatest grandson B ...
It was nice to see Dr. Kenneth Kaunda running to the podium. It says a lot about his diet, for those who don't know, he's vegetarian! But the outstanding remark for me was when he told Cyril Ramaphosa: this young man is trying to stop the old man who fought the boers and his persistence of using the word at every instance. Had they given him enough time, you would've seen his tears. Great leaders of our times. Not forgetting Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Mwalimu Nyerere, Bantu Biko, Brendan Simbwaye, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Toivo ya Toivo, Andrew Mhlangeni, Chris Hani, Mama Winnie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king jr., Govan Mbeki. Be reminded they did theirs, power now is within me and you. What can we use this power for? Find the answer to that question within yourself. God bless Africa.
In October 9, 1963 Rivonia Trialists Mandela, Sisulu, Govan Mbeki n others charged with attempting to overthrow the state.
Govan Mbeki sound exactly like!!
I think ANC got its own heaven. I heard them saying he is with Govan Mbeki, Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani and the rest.
Cde Vavi do u have a video of Govan Mbeki's funeral? I'm collecting videos of all our leaders, late n alive ones.
JZ sings that song well but nothing compared to the day he sang it for oom Govan Mbeki
Thank you Bram Fischer, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Helen Suzman, Albertina Sisulu...and now, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. These aren't even the names of all of our sung and unsung heroes and heroines of our land, but words can never express our gratitude for the ideals that you, and people like you, were willing to die for. You taught us that freedom is indivisible. That the chains on any one of humanity are the chains on all of humanity. I am humbled. Siyabulela. Aluta continua.
now our Hero is gone, now our Icon is nomore, now our president ukunye nabalingani bakhe, O.R Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Chris Hani, Braam Ficher, Joe Slovo, Peter Mokaba and many others! They will always important in the struggle of this nation.
Fairwell Tata, bakulindile Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Chris Hani, John Dube, Pixley KaSeme...and please let Solomon Kalush Mahlangu know his blood did nourish the tree that was to bear the fruits of freedom, indeed you left South Africa free from white in peace leader
We salute Joe Slovo, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sezulu, Madiba we will miss ur Smile. Madiba we shall not say gudbye cos u live foreva in our Hearts and Mind. Wow wat a Wonderful speech by President Zuma.
MANDELA'S BIOGRAPHY Mandela's one-week long burial ceremony draws to a close with his burial today in South Africa. President Obama, Prince Charles, David Cameron and several heads of government where present during the week. Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Mvezo, Transkei, on July 18, 1918, to Nonqaphi Nosekeni and Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela. His father died when he was 12 and he became a ward of the Thembu Regent Jongintaba Dalindyebo where he heard stories of his ancestor’s valour. At primary school in Qunu his teacher Miss Mdingane gave him the name Nelson, in accordance with the custom to give all school children “Christian” names. His university studies were cut short when he was expelled for joining a student protest but he completed his BA by correspondence and graduated in 1943. He and his cousin Justice fled in 1941 when the Regent began arranging their marriages. In Johannesburg he did his law articles and registered to study for an LLB. He finally graduated in 1989 while in the last ...
Today we bid a final farewell to the Father of our Nation, Comrade President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. He goes to join his friends, Govan Mbeki, Walter & Albertina Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, all former Rivonia Trialists and Robben Island prisoners. We will never forget what you have done for our country Madiba
THE END OF AN ERA- Good Night Nelson Mandela!!! Dear Friends! As Africa and the World, lays one of her Great Icons of Peace, Lover of Sports and Unity, I wish to Portray his Works, achievements and Legacy, through this Timeline. To condense all of Mr Nelson Mandela's achievements into one chronology would be impossible; as a result, I do not claim that this work here is comprehensive. Below you will find a chronology of important events in his life. It is a work in progress and am happy to receive your comments or additions. 1918 July 18 Born Rolihlahla Mandela at Mvezo in the Transkei 1925 Attends primary school near Qunu (receives the name ‘Nelson’ from a teacher) Circa 1930 Entrusted to Thembu Regent Jongintaba Dalindyebo 1934 Undergoes initiation; Attends Clarkebury Boarding Institute in Engcobo 1937 Attends Healdtown, the Wesleyan College at Fort Beaufort 1939 Enrols at the University College of Fort Hare, in Alice 1940 Expelled 1941 Escapes an arranged marriage; becomes a mine night watchman; S ...
Tata Madiba,the gates of heaven shall open for you because you have fully served your purpose. You shall be received with a warm welcome by your friends,comrades Oliver Tambo,Walter Sisulu,John Dube,Sefako Makghato,Govan Mbeki,Joe Slovo,Helen Suzman,Steve Biko,Chris Hani,Fatima Meer,Fidel Castro and many others. Your spirit will live on. Siyabulela,Qawe lama Qawe!! Adieu et Merci Beacoup Tata!! Hamba Khale,Umkhoto!!
I have seen Madiba addressing Cde Peter Mokaba, Walter Sisulu, Raymond Mhlaba, Govan Mbeki and many other comrades funerals and some instances Madiba tributes were read by his wife Graca. The million dollar question is why President Mbeki is excluded. I understood that the national memorial service President Zuma spoke on behalf of the nation but why do they exclude him in the ANC memorial service.
When recounting their ordeals during hard times with his comrades in Robben Island, Govan Mbeki relayed a very sad story about how they were deprived of bread. White wardens at Robben Island were deeply religious, staunch christians, yet they would not give Mandela, Oom Gov and other black prisoners bread. But these wardens would come to work every morning to tell black prisoners how they prayed every night at dinner with their families. Like true Christians, they would pray to God: please give us our daily bread". Yet they would not give black prisoners bread. Mandela, Govan Mbeki and other black prisoners longed for bread. How many of us take having bread every morning as we do today for granted? Hasta la victoria siempre. .
Today our country bid a final farewell to one of South Africa's greatest boxing Legend Baby Jake Matala. You were a legend in your own making. Hamba Khale Baby Jake, RIP. Together with Tata Madiba you go to join our other great leaders & former freedom fighters Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Chris Hani, Joe Slovo, Dulcie September, Oliver Tambo, Albertina Sisulu, Albert Lithuli and others.
SACP Official Tribute to Madiba As delivered by General Secretary Comrade Blade Nzimande Friday, 13 December 2013 Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban “…the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love” (Che Guevara). The South African Communist Party joins the millions of the people of South Africa, majority of whom the working class and poor, and the billions of the rest of the people the world over, in expressing our sincere condolences to Ms Graca Machel, the entire Mandela family, the ANC and our Alliance on the passing away and loss of what President Jacob Zuma correctly described as South Africa's greatest son, our hero, a true revolutionary, President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Tata Madiba. We also wish to use this opportunity to express our solidarity with the African National Congress, an organisation that produced him and that he also served with distinction for most of his life, as well as all his colleagues and comrades in our broader liberation movement. As Tata Madiba said: “It i ...
Mr Mandela in 1961 July 18, 1918: Born Rolihlahla Mandela in a small village in the eastern Cape of South Africa. 1944: Joins the African National Congress (ANC). 1944: Marries first wife Evelyn Mase. 1948: South African government introduces the racial segregation policy of apartheid. December 1952: Sentenced to nine months hard labour, suspended for two years, for civil disobedience campaign. Opens first black law firm with Oliver Tambo. 1956: Charged with high treason as part of a round-up of 156 activists. 1958: Divorces Evelyn Mase and marries social worker Winnie Madikizela. 1959: New racial segregation laws create homelands for South Africa’s blacks. Violent clashes in Soweto in 1976 Violent clashes in Soweto in 1976 March 21, 1960: Sixty-nine black protesters killed during a demonstration at Sharpeville, in the Transvaal, provoking national uproar. March 31, 1960: Government declares state of emergency. April 8, 1960: Government bans the ANC. March 29, 1961: Mr Mandela acquitted of treason ...
Hypocrisy at its peak. There is a cliché which states that behind every successful man stands a woman. And so where is the contribution of Comrade Winnie in the making of Mandela? Winnie has been relegated to the background due to her hard-lined political orientation, which of course the west don't like, by not respecting the fact she is a free person with her free mind. I think is absolutely absurd the way Mandela is been portrayed as if he never emanated from the womb of a woman. How a Pan-African was Mandela? I think is unfair to humanity to compare Mandela to Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, NEVER, the two are not even compatible let alone compatriots or comparable. It is very clear that Mandela has appeased the west so well because after his release from prison he didn't touch the kith and kin of the west of British and Dutch descent in the post brutal and atrocious apartheid regime. Why? Mandela alone didn't fight in South Africa, there were several Comrades who were imprisoned with him and some even di ...
It seems like a long speech and if you are not religious or follow another faith it really does not matter. I had the pleasure of hearing the very moving tributes made yesterday and feel deeply that the following speech should be heard by the world bringing the essence of Mandela into a very personal context. Beautiful. Wednesday 11 December 2013 When Nelson Mandela came to Britain 13 years ago he described himself as an ‘unemployed pensioner with a criminal record.’ Yet what he had achieved is one of the great feats of the twentieth century. Isaiah chapter 11 promises that in the midst of Israel’s despair one shall arise who represents a future beyond the people’s imagination. This is what it says about that figure: ‘The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.’ Those words have a particular resonance in view of the tributes laid in the last few days at the feet of Nelson .. ...
Indeed Madiba your life need to be celebrated bt our leaders not just celebrate bt also learn lessons. I hv watched aprofile of this guy and asked can we hv determined Africans like Oliver Thambo, Albert Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Madiba Mandela,Winnie Mandela among to fight dominance. RIP Madiba, I hv learn Alot from u.
Pitika's Poem for Madiba that he read on eNCA: Madiba ka Hala, The Last Walk! Struck by a lightning bolt in the dead of night Dazed and disoriented Grappling with a cauldron of emotions Struggling sinew and nerve to bid farewell to an immortal Caught in the whirlwind what do I do? I bleed a poem! When sadness and celebrations commingle The body shudders shakes and implodes Ancestral winds blow memories The land heaves dreams of a future without you Madiba You are lodged in our memories You tower over the world like comet Leaving streaks of light for us to follow! We salute you! Madiba! Ka Hala ka Dlomo ka Nxeko ka Ntande ka Mnguti ka Cedume ka Mvelase ka MTHEMBU! * The giant iroko and the baobab tree has fallen A colossus Prometheus who stole the fire of the gods To light our path to freedom Who lit our stoves to cook a meal Of peace and reconciliation! Put differently! The giant tree has fallen Scattering a billion bright leaves Each replicating a million messages of peace Of love and reconciliation! Sha ...
Lets us restore pride,respect and dignity in ANC just to pay tribute to John Dube,Govan mbeki,Sisulu,Mandela and Tambo.
Operation Mayibuye Nelson Mandela first discussed the possibility of using violence against the state in the early 1950s, but it was only in June 1961 that he raised the issue with the ANC’s Working Committee, and on that occasion Moses Kotane, who was an ANC executive member as well as the secretary of the SACP, vigorously opposed the idea. But Mandela convinced him and Kotane did not oppose the idea when Mandela again brought up the issue at a meeting. Eventually, he was authorised to form uMkhonto we Sizwe. David Welsh, in a book published in 2009, says: ‘Operation Mayibuye was the strategic plan, drawn up in 1963, whereby MK proposed the transition to guerrilla warfare. Hundreds of MK recruits would go abroad for military training, thereafter returning to four rural areas to be joined by thousands of local recruits. Attacks would be launched on strategic targets, complemented by urban sabotage and mobilisation for protest. Including a national anti-pass campaign. By mid-1963, 300 people had been s ...
One ANC, One Mandela, One Vote!!! Mandela became President of the country because of the ANC, He was in Prison as a result of struggle led by the ANC. Govan Mbeki was intact in Robben Island for 25years with him, released around the sametime Mandela began house arrest.
Hope this week has made us*the youth of today* reflect on r lives and appreciate what we have and the likes of Tambo, Sobukwe, Sisulu,Mandela, Govan Mbeki...the list is endless. Freedom in my lifetime.this is are struggle today HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnacy, drug abuse, corruption. ... we are spitting on their graves
infact Luthuli ws a nobel peace prize laureate as ealry as 1961 b4 Madibas incarceration..Madiba shared his award with De Klerk..Tambo spearheaded the anti-apartheid struggle as ANC president whilst Madiba & other Rivonia convicts were doing time in could Madiba hv fought a lone battle against apartheid whilst in jail for 27 yrs?? about Luthuli,Govan Mbeki,Oliver Tambo,Walter Sisulu,Ahmed Kathrada,Joe Slovo,Chris Hani,Mac Maharaj & others..surely apartheid wsnt fought by Madiba alone as 46664. In renouncing nationalisation,ANC deviated from its central vision of its founders courtesy of Madiba..
THEMBISILE Chris Hani Names: Hani, Thembisile 'Chris' Born: 28 June 1942, Cofimvaba, Transkei, (now Eastern Cape), South Africa Died: 10 April 1993, Dawn Park, Boksburg, South Africa In summary: Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe and General-Secretary of the SACP. Thembisile Chris Hani was born in the rural village of Sabalele, in the Cofimvaba region of the former Transkei. He was the fifth of the six children of Gilbert and Mary Hani, and one of the three that did not die during infancy. The name Chris was adopted by him as a nom de guerre, and was in fact the real name of his brother. Chris grew up a devout Christian. Hani was introduced to the politics of inequality early in life, when his father had to leave their rural home in search of work in the urban areas of South Africa. This had a profound influence on the young Chris, who became aware of his mother's struggle to run the household. Like other young men of his age, Chris tended the livestock until he reached school-going age. Hani was enrolle ...
A frail gentleman entered the conference hall supported by an elderly lady. There was some commotion as we realized it was Nelson Mandela who had entered the room with Graca Machel, Kofi Annan and Nana Annan. We were at the Say YES for children campaign at the UN General Assembly special session for children in New York, USA in 2002.  This was the first time I laid eyes on the man who I had read and heard so much about. The man who had gone through so much in a struggle for the freedom of the black African population in South Africa and revered around the world. My first thought was that he looked so old and frail, not like the man I had imagined him to be after reading the stories. This made him mortal as opposed to the picture of him in my young mind. This was when one of the first lessons I learnt from Nelson Mandela became clear. I learnt that all our heroes are mortals like us, but they embrace that mortality and give up their comforts and many times their lives for a cause. For Mandela, it was losi ...
Imvula isakhapha umkhul'uMadiba , inganikhalisi kakhulu , I was jus imagine lately , Mandela's spirit reunite with those of Albert Luthuli , Oliver Reginald Tambo , Walter Sisulu , Joe Slovo , Govan Mbeki , da list is endless , I wonder how is the atmosphere there , the good spirits zidibene kwakhona ? U can also picture that , Afternoon buddies , one love.
Myths deny Mandela’s belief in the limits of leadership BY STEVEN FRIEDMAN, 11 DECEMBER 2013, 05:53 THE greatest irony of most Nelson Mandela eulogies is that they make him what he did not want to be — a superhuman leader: his most important contribution to democracy may be the limits he placed on his leadership. We have been told that Mandela single-handedly defeated apartheid and united the country. This is a problem for three reasons. First, it reinforces the myth that we have few merits and resources and have been saved from barbarism by one individual. Second, it strengthens those among us who insist that all our problems will be solved by more "leadership". Third, it isn’t true. In contrast to those who see him as the great soul who saved us, Mandela insisted repeatedly that he was part of a communal leadership. This was not simply a platitude. His values and vision were shared by, among others, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and Albert Luthuli. While they may not have matched his kn ...
Madiba once said,the first thing he gonna do when he reaches heaven will be to look for the nearest branch of ANC.I think that is where the likes of Walter Sisulu,Govan Mbeki,Albert Luthuli and other stalwarts will ask him about the status of ANC,I think he will avoid to answer the toll gate saga,the nkandla issue or the gupta issue.What do u think?
Nelson Mandela was born in 18jyly 1918 at mvezo in transkei,he is de son of nkosi mphakanyiswa and nonqabi nosekeni,he started his schooling in 1925 at Qunu and completed his BA at unisa 1942 and enrols an LLB with wits, he den obtain it in 1989 .he is a co founder of Ancyl in 1944,he was elected de national secretary of Ancyl in 1948 and he den elected as president of Ancyl in 1951.mandela ws arrested in 1956 joining others 155 prisoners for 30march1960 he ws detained.1964 he ws sentenced life imprisonment wth Walter Sisulu ,govan mbeki and others at Robben 1982 he ws send to pollsmoor prison,1988 ws moved to victor verster prison in 1990 february 11 he ws released frm prison and same year march ws elected de deputy president of Anc.1993 awarded nobel peace prize wth FW De Klerk.in1994 April 27 he voted for de first tym in his life tym,de same year may 09th he ws elected as first black president of democratic South Africa .he step down after one term as president in 1999.I . ...
We are blessed thanks God our Father in the Lord,The Prophet of God is coming again in the City of PE 2morw every1 is invited at Govan Mbeki Ave opposite New Law Court (Dont mis twins 4rom Idols free entry)
WHAT IS Nelson Mandela’S LEGACY? In paying tribute to Nelson Mandela the corporate media and Hollywood should not conceal his mistakes or glorify him as a flawless personality whose character is without blemish. His role in the liberation struggle should be acknowledged just like many before him, his contemporaries and those who came after him but it should not be exaggerated. Many articles were penned by this writer on Nelson Mandela even before he became President of South Africa, including two book reviews on Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela and Young Mandela by David James Smith. This writer’s point of departure will be a reflection of Mandela’s years as a young person as revealed by PAC founding President Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, especially because Mandela passed away on the birthday of Sobukwe. The question is whether Mandela was the way the media, especially the Western media, portrays him? Was he really the African people’s saviour? During an interview conducted by Gail Gerhard in A ...
Just finished watching I'm disappointed to say I am not impressed, thought the movie would change my perspective of the late Former ANC President Nelson Mandela but instead assured me that he was everything I sensed he was... He sold out his fellow freedom fighters, defied the ANC as well as let down South Africans... He 4got who he was fighting for, it became "I" instead of "we" and don't tell me the movie wasn't written by him because it was taken from his book, an account of him... And I still don't understand why there is no mention of Chris Hani, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Oliver Tambo, Cyril Ramaphoza, Chief Albert Luthuli & Steve Biko 2 mention a few... This movie paints the Apartheid struggle as a 1 man show, painting the Soweto Uprising, Sharpville Massacre and Massacres in KZN as merely petty... I am disappointed!
Nelson Mandela, known for his sense of humour, which most of our leaders here lack, once joked that when he died and he went to heaven, he would first look for his other colleagues in the struggle to free South Africa from Apartheid Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Albert Luthuli, to take him to the ANC headquarters for him to register. I believe he has done that already as he is heading the militant wing of the party in heaven.
Barack Obama, commands a lot of respect in his speech and he has a lot of presence, that marks the qualities of a states man, one can safely say in terms of leadership trajectory, he is in the league of the Nelson Mandelas, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Chief Albert Luthuli and Thabo Mbeki... just to mention few...
THANX TATA for leaving us with such a gently rain this is a true sign that the Real Son Of De Soil is now Welcomed by the ancestors of our mother land:HAMBA KAHLE MKHONDO WE SIZWE baku lindile bo Sisulu nabo OR Tambo Govan Mbeki dr James Moroka Chris Hani Steve Tshwete etc basoku fike baku amukhele:your spirit will remain with us now always & forever U will be forever cherished & loved LALA NGO QOLO QAWE LA MAQAWE
Few people will really understand the legacy through so much suffering that Madiba, Steve Biko, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu but to name a few have left for us. When we started our SACCO it was during a period where gatherings of 3 or more non whites were illegal, where it was so difficult to or even impossible open a bank account for a majority of people, where we had difficulty to withdraw our money as a SACCO, where some of our fellow credit unions had to ask head office to send a white face so that they can withdraw their own funds. Things have changed so much for the better, we have lots of challenges but I will never want to go back to where we were. I am truly free.
Very sad about the loss of Mandela but incredibly privileged that our family was part of his extraordinary story. Mum often sheltered fugitives at our home in Port Elizabeth, when they met to plan the resistance movement, including Mandela, Govan Mbeki and Walter Sisulu. And of course dad spent time on Robben Island as part of the resistance movement. It's impossible to comprehend what life was like for them. I was fortunate enough to hear Mandela speak at the opening of Parliament in Cape Town in 1997
LIFE ON Robben Island: A LUTA CONTINúA continued “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones - and South Africa treated its imprisoned African citizens like animals.” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela These were the identities we were going to be known by in every aspect and facet of our entire prison lives. When I was called for anything, I was called as 31/83; just the number and I knew that was me! But later during my imprisonment, I came to be known and called by my name by prison officials. Our prison garb was given to us, green drab-looking clothes, shapeless and ill- fitting, but that would change with time as we would fashion them to our style and taste as we settled down to prison life. They were a far cry from the clothes we were used to wearing during our trial, when we dressed to the nines most of the time and were at times mistaken for the defence team! From the administ ...
My take on the Mandela Story (Its long, so be forewarned...) Mandela certainly deserves all the tributes and in some instances panegyrics from all over the world. My take on the lessons from his life: 1. Mandela's achievements were made possible because he worked as part of a collective and was supported by colleagues. He built on what was started by people like Albert Lithuli and Govan Mbeki. In prison he had Sissulu and others while outside prison Tambo and co kept the flame burning. Those who want to emulate his example should remember this. 2. He was willing to pay a heavy personal price for his convictions. The time in prison is usually what comes to mind. However even after prison, he sacrificed himself to become a national and global example and leader. I daresay his family, willingly or unwillingly, paid an equally if not greater price. The kids lost a father to the world, Winnie lost a marriage, etc. The price the family had to pay should be highlighted in our discussions on his legacy and for al ...
In his book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, Mandela mentions the meetings he held with PW Botha in secret which in a way confirms PW Botha’s story.There are stories making the rounds that prior to Mandela being taken out of Robben Island in 1981, he was occasionally being picked at night and brought back in the morning. To avoid exposing these secret liaisons with Apartheid authorities, Mandela was finally moved to Pollsmore prison. Mandela found the PAC’s Jafta Masemola on Robben Island and left him there. So Masemola (may his soul rest in peace) knew a lot that is why he had to be killed unfortunately.There were reports that the late Govan Mbeki was not happy with what Mandela was doing and as a result there was a fallout between the two ANC leaders. Those who are observant should have noticed that when the late Mbeki was still alive he was never seen with Mandela. The same way the elder Mbeki was critical of Mandela for having left the country in 1961 and came back only to be arrested. Apparently other ...
Catch the remainder of our Love no Hate tour this week: Thursday 12th December - Johannes Stegmann Theatre, Secunda at 6.30pm Louwrens Muller St, Govan Mbeki Municipal Building, Secunda. Tickets are available at Nedbank Branches in Secunda, Bethal and Standerton. Friday 13th December - Escapades Theatre, Rio Casino, Klerksdorp 8pm Cr Rio & Rio Boulevard, Meirings Park, Klerksdorp. Tickets are available at the Nedbank branches of Klerksdorp, PnP Klerksdorp, Buffelsdoorn Klerksdorp, Hartebeespoort Dam, Lichtenburg, Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom University and PnP Potchefstroom. Tickets are free - but you do need to collect them at the venues on the day or the Nedbank branches listed.
Possible question for Mandela in heaven.. 1.Chief Albert Lithuli did you keep your promise? 2.Chris Hani did you manage to found out who (killed) assasinated me? 3.Oliver Tambo did you follow freedom charter while you were in charge? 4.Walter Sisulu are we still friends? 5.Govan Mbeki why did you allow those Zulus to recall my son? 6.Jesus Christ you're famous i know but are you a christian? 7.Samora Mitchel we were friends why did you marry my wife Graca?
"He was the leader, not only of the ANC, but all political formations. I, together with Walter Sisulu, Raymond Mhlaba, Ahmed Kathrada, Elias Motsoaledi, Govan Mbeki, and Dennis Goldberg spent between 20 and 26 years of our lives on Robben Island, Pollsmoor and Pretoria prisons.
Thank you very mush Tata for all the sacrifices that you together with Olivier Tambo,Walter Sisulu,Govan Mbeki,Chris Hani,Steve Biko and others of your generation made for the freedom and democracy of our country. We will always be indebted to your sacrifices and courage. RIP
Nelson Mandela had Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani had Govan Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki had Oliver Tambo. Shows you the importance of having a mentor.
One of The things I learned from these interesting Madiba programs plus the little schooling the ANC gave me was that. 1. Not only Madiba in fact not only the ANC fought for liberation of our people but the majority of our oppressed people THE ANC,INDIAN CONGRESS,COLOURED(if ever i can use that word) community, the PAC,BCM,n others have played a role to liberate our people. 2. Tat was never n never defined himself outside the collective, he always was n I believe he always will be an ANC member. 3. He had a great support system in mentors n leaders like Walter Sisulu,Ahmed Kathrada,Govan Mbeki,n many other groomed n even looked after him even in prison to ensure he lived long enough to lead us. 4. It will be extremely hard to emulate Tata becoz he didnt only epitomise radicalism or to just fight nje but the ability to forgive,ability to listen,ability to influence, and the tactical response to know how to dismentle n disempower the enemy n change it to your course. 5. He cared for our people deeply. 6. T ...
TRIBUTE TO President Nelson Mandela! After my imprisonment for anti-apartheid activities, I spent some years at the United Nations in New York and at the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva as an accredited Representative of the victims of apartheid and colonialism in South Africa. One of my many duties was to call for the release of all political prisoners in this country and expose the barbarism of apartheid colonialism. Some of these prisoners were Mangaliso Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Zephania Mothopeng, Walter Sisulu, Nyati Pokela, Govan Mbeki and Jafta Masemola. When I spoke in Parliament on the 90th birthday of President Nelson Mandela, I said, “It is an extra-ordinary birthday of a man who has lived his life for others, sometimes at the expense of his own people, in the quest to harmonise humanity.” I received the news of the departure of President Nelson Mandela from this planet on 5th December 2013. On that day, I was commemorating the birthday of Prof Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, the founding ...
We must not lose sight of the fact that Mandela was never the b-all and end all of the anti-Apartheid struggle. His wife Winnie, his comerades at the ANC, such as Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Albert Luthuli, Ahmed Kathrada, Joe Slovo, Ruth First, and his counterparts outside of it, such as Robert Sobukwe, Helen Suzman, Desmond Tutu, Steve Biko, Mamphela Ramphele, Trevor Huddleston, and many others played valuable roles, often losing their lives. They must not be forgotten.
Most of SA's most fantastic struggle leaders are now united where they can have peace. Solomon Mahlangu, Oliver Tambo, Walter & Albertina Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Joe Slovo & all other women who played their roles now joined by Madiba.
Just thinking of the jubilation when his soul is sent home, meeting the likes of Miriam Makeba, abo Robert Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki, and the other struggle heros. Can u just picture the reception he will receive on the other side?
Nw d real ANC is re_united! from AB Xuma 2 JL Dube 2 Bantu Biko 2 Solomon Mahlangu 2 Chris Hani 2 Walter & Albertina Sisulu.Steve Tshwete,Govan Mbeki and nw d big man,95Mandela *Heaven is on Fire!!*
This statue that this reporter says is of Govan Mbeki looks like Chief Albert Luthuli to me.But then again I'm not at the Waterfront.
I woke up thinking perhaps we are delusional as South Africans... we have come a long way and a lot has changed and many lives have improved but we don't see that. The change we want will not come overnight and it will never come overnight. it took our fathers the greats Albert Lithuli,Robert Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo etc... to get Mandela to be the first black president and we think that economic freedom will come overnight. it took over 35 000 lives and more than 150 life sentences to bring us where we are today and we still blame other people for what we don't have... You are responsible for your own future, make things happen... inspired by the man whose heart was after education!!!
Mandela, . Albert Luthuli, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Oliver Thambo et al. Great people and great things can come out of Afrika too.
one of my greatest heroes,RIP Nelson Mandela.great son of the soil and a wonderful human being.say my greetings to Steve Biko,Joe Slovo,Moses Kotane,Olivier Tambo,Robert Sebukwe,Anton Lembede,Govan Mbeki,Lillian Ngoyi,Hellen Josephs,Ruth First,Braam Fischer,Neil Agget,Walter Sisulu,Raymond Mhlaba and other fallen heroes of the struggle for liberation of our country.may your spirit be with us always
Cde Madiba joins the 'Original African Patriots': Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Solomon Mahlangu, Steve Biko, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Zephania Mothopeng, Joe Slovo, Patrick Chamuso, Lilian Ngoyi, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Patrice Lumumba of DRC, Julias Nyerere of Tanzania, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Ras Tafari, Prixley Isa ka Seme, n many more. Our souls shall run with you at all times. We beg for your being into our governance today, tomorow & foever, for it is only through your inspirational deeds that the masses of our people could be saved.Be with us for we still need you, if only we could recycle you. You lived and led in an exemplary manner & u still lead the masses... Aluta continua ,,, You swerved the country away from civil war, a skill which many across the continent lack, even some in our country. YOU ARE A TRUE REVOLUTIONARY...YOU TOLD YOUNG PEOPLE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND WE INDEED LIVE BY YOUR ETHOS, WE SHALL FIND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS DERAILING YOUR COURSE FOR P ...
Its happening again but better this time. I will announce your new levels. Those who predicted your failure should watch this space. Friday 29th Nov @ Laboria Building. Govan Mbeki Ave. PE TIME 9PM-6AM
Justed farted in Govan Mbeki cafe then not even sorry
In today's meeting, I think I made more enemies when I refused to work for the ANC! I was just honest! Atleast Never Govan Mbeki municipality and all these Tribal conspiracy! Everybody looked at me like a traitor! MXM! I want nothing to do with your campaign next year.
Stinking attitude receptionist at Prime Cure Govan Mbeki Avenue I don't care no matter is near my wrk I will never go there again my life.
MVA'S: Govan mbeki and south street. Sydenham road infront of spar. In front of mercantile hospital kempston road.
Govan Mbeki takes us back to the colonial wars and early opposition to Apartheid.
Morning guys Metro Police will be having a dedication service this morning for all uniform members at 12h00 at c/o Govan Mbeki and Steve Biko streets Khayelitsha in aid of the 16 days of activism again woman and child abuse.
Talking about JFK but awumazi ngisho noOliver Tambo or Govan Mbeki..
if you're a XHOSA person and actually reading this status right now!! you better feel PROUD because ive recently come to a realisation that amongst many those that fought for freedom in SA most are XHOSA , the likes of Nelson Mandela , Thabo Mbeki , Oliver Tambo , Steve Biko , Chris Hani , Walter Sisulu , Robert Sobukhwe , Govan Mbeki, Josiah Gumede, Dr AB xuma, the list is endless !! are all SMART , EDUCATED men , what im trying to say is we as XHOSA people native to this country we should stand and show that we are POWERFUL, we are A FORCE to be reckoned with, we ARE OPTIMISTS , we stand for CHANGE , we ARE NOT AFRAID to put ourselves and what we believe in on the table for the betterment of society and for the prosperity of humankind and ofcause we are NATURALLY BORN LEADERS and world CHANGERS , TheRenegade Sam
Anon pls... Hi mammas,can somebody please tell me where in Govan Mbeki Ave I must go to get a street vendors permit? Thanks!
18:00 "Anyone know when KFC in govan mbeki closes?"
Anyone know when KFC in govan mbeki closes?
ANCYL Zone 2 and 3 zonal meeting in progress kuyashisa comrades aew on fire unity is the order of the day foward Govan Mbeki forward.
I don't know what is Happening in PE on Fridays! Main-Stree (Govan Mbeki) is busy,and people are so naked,especially woman!
Personally I dont see anything wrong about Zuma developing ekibo. Any cleverman will tell u that charity begins at home. Thabo Mbeki never did anything ekhabo but instead he built a R500k skuurmuur kwakhe while umamakhe asahlala erubhini.nx if Govan Mbeki can rise from the dead he can whip this boy to bits if not to death.
Also on this day marks the 50th anniversary of Rivonia Trial,it was on this day when 19 ANC leaders were arrested @ Lillliesleaf Farm,Rivonia, in 1963. They were tried for 221 acts of sabotage designed to overthrow the apartheid system.Eight defendants, including Nelson Mandela, Kathrada, Govan Mbeki and Walter Sisulu were sentenced to life imprisonment. We salute them.
Big thanks to the two women who helped me and my friend find a printer suite after checking the Saltire Centre, the 24 hour lab and the fifth floor lab on Govan Mbeki to finally find the cafe off from the book shop. Nice gesture was much appreciated.
Bay TV and interviewing people at the Govan Mbeki taxi rank day in day out, what's with that?
Govan Mbeki Municipality a model city and center of excellence The Dawn of the new age
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Govan Mbeki Municipality, office of the Municipal Manager, kindly invites the local contractors of the area to attend a quarterly meeting,wherein different issues of supply chain management will be discussed. Date 25 November 2013. Time 09h00- 12h00 Venue Council Chambers, Secunda Regards, Lucky Mhlongo
Govan Mbeki Municipality uses 3 vehicles an 12 workers to erect ONE Stop sign.
In pursuit of unity and cohesion By Thando Ntlemeza Unity and cohesion cannot be achieved in a revolutionary organisation unless cadres have an opportunity to freely express and constructively engage on differing views. One of the prominent quotations attributed to British Labour Party leader Arthur Henderson reads: "The forces that are driving mankind toward unity and peace are deep-seated and powerful. They are material and natural…" Yet history shows that negative forces and tendencies which perpetuate disunity among the people and their institutions have been defining features of human relations in many parts of the world. Some people claim that this remains a reality. Roxanne Lalonde confirms this when she says: "The political and social climate that prevails in the world today emphasises difference, disunity, and destruction rather than the qualities of unity and productive and constructive energy that are required to sustain human societies."1 People who converged at the Congress of the People in ...
Govan Mbeki branch is closing the gap everyday of social distance within the society, this Saturday (23 November 2013) members of ANC and its supporters are going to Chill at house No. 29 Block SS Ext 1 ( Opposite Batho plaza/ next to crossroads) Time: 15h00 - til late Lets all come and network. .BOB.
Please take note that due to unforeseen reasons the following road was not closed last Wednesday. However the contractor plan to close the road Dr James Maroka avenue between Govan Mbeki and Nelson Mandela drive on Wednesday the 20th of November 2013. The road will be closed between 08h00 and 16h00.
Comrades Govan Mbeki, Alfred Nzo, Joe Modise, Steve Tshwete, Curnick Ndlovu, Peter Mokaba, Parks Mankahlana, Ntsoaki Mxadana and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. To them all and others, we say thank you for everything you did to advance the cause of the people. The ANC makes a solemn commitment that it will never betray the cause to which you dedicated your lives
The 1913 land act made things worse because it confined the Africans to a small area of South Africa and it has made us rip the harvest of Discrimination...By Dr Govan Mbeki
Author: Tshepang Boikanyo, 19 November 2013 INCOMPETENCE OF THE RIETGAT POLICE OFFICIALS We salute those among the youth who are playing an important role, in the different sectors of our society, to contribute to the progressive transformation of our society and the country. Govan Mbeki branch further congradulates the ANC-lead government for election onto UN Human Rights Council; the power to achieve a New World Order is now amongst others,in the hands of South African society. With a task already in hand on the 15th November 2013 the ANC & ANCYL in ward 88 was shocked by the news from the family in block SS ext 1 of Nomsa Machika (14 years old girl who appeared on Daily sun on 25th October as a missing person), that since their report to the Rietgat police station 30 days ago nothing has really been done by the police. It appears that the investigating officers have been fooling around instead of doing their work, this comes after we have learned that they only started to write formal statements on t . ...
This men really have what it takes to be called a black man they have the spirit of mbutu among them self they where not selfish , they fight against a common enemy that is while they are regarded as Africa Hero. they are men that put there life on the line in other to deliver there people , this men are men of integrity, men of passion .Nelson madela , Govan Mbeki , Walker Sisulu, Oliver Thambo, Arc Bishop Desmond Tutu, Steve Beko, Chris Hani , Winnie Mandela, Albertina Susulu, Jacob Zuma.Soweto Youth , Black student forum .today the black pple in South Africa are free bcos this men fight a common course which is delivering there people .
In 2001 at the age of 12 I watched the state funeral of Govan Mbeki on SABC 2, I have serious political credentials, comrades must start taking me serious
As am seating here in a Restaurant not far from Lilies Leaf Farm. I think as Black South African we must be grateful & proud that a Generation of Real Leaders stood up & said enough is enough they sacrificed their lives, their families to fight this injustice, what is of paramount importance when the system retaliated with force by killing unarmed people they took the fight to a whole new level. ✊Amongst them were, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada, Rusty Bernstein, Dennis Goldberg, James Kantor, Andrew Mlangeni, Elias Motsoaledi, Raymond Mhlaba and Bob Hepple. As a Black South African I will always be grateful, will ensure that my children & their children understand & appreciate where we come from & must NEVER be mislead by hypocrites that claim to have fought for our Freedom.
Interested in buying some hoodies, or clothing for your society? Why not pop in and see Vicky tomorrow, from 10 to 1 in the Govan Mbeki reception! Go on, cheap discounts all round...
Get along to the Govan Mbeki building foyer tomorrow between 10 and 1 where PSL Team Sports at GCU will be holding a stall with kit samples for orders and enquiries so come along and see what kit we can provide for your club / society / class or yourself!
Observation and my inquisitive mind! I have been observing and applying my little knowledge of the ANC; that in fact those who many see as rivals or opponents where at one point the best of friends and comrades - but what went wrong? In Robben Island it was Mandela and Govan Mbeki; in exile and in 1991 conference we had Chris Hani and Thabo Mbeki; post Apartheid we had Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma..including many others I did not mention. But why is this the case, why can't comrades just work together? Who's behind and driving their differences?What makes us fight as comrades?
Dis whole week I will spend it at emba nd charlcilliers. Will b visiting all dis vulnerable abused women and children together wit social service. As de chairperson of Govan Mbeki women's forum I nid to c wat ada women go through on a daily basis!!
I have registered to vote in 2014,my vote goes to the revolútionary movement of Kotane, Hani, Tambo ,Oum Govan Mbeki,Madiba. Im not intimidated by forces of doom and political bankrupcy, down with political prostitution and adventurism
Govan Mbeki was freed in November 1987 after 24 years of imprisonment on Robben Island. Let's live his dream.
I'm convinced God is not a member of ANY political party, he guards over ALL of us - black and white. I thank him 4 blessing us with Madiba, OR Tambo, W Sisulu, Biko, Joe Slovo, Govan Mbeki, Helen Joseph, Tutu, George Bizos, Lilian Ngoyi, N Gordimer...
BOOKS TIME on SAfm Literature, Sunday 17 11 13.Under the spotlight RICHARD RIVE the literary legend from District Six in a 'partial biography' by Shaun Viljoen. We'll hear about Healdtown - the school that spawned Nelson Mandela, Robery Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki and others, and about Qualibooks - a publisher bringing books and shelving to school libraries - that and much more - including the The Secret Heart of Sathima Bea Benjamin jazz join me between 1 and 4 tomorrow - look fwd to your company nx
Good morning to the childrens of Harry Gwala and Govan Mbeki
Park Village Auctions has once again been commissioned to handle a ‘mega’ auction – this time in the form of the disposal of FT Group Holding’s assets. The commission is a real coup for PVA given the magnitude and high profile nature of the assets to be auctioned notes PVA’s Clive Lazarus. PVA is accustomed to handling such auctions though as evidenced by numerous matters of this calibre the company has handled over the years. Given the scale of the auction, it has been divided into lots which will be made available via private offers to purchase and public auction over a number of days. The public  auction ‘round’ will be held over two days commencing on Tuesday the 19th of November between 10.30am and 5.30pm and on Wednesday the 20th of November at 10.30am at 5,7,9,11,12 and 23 Albertina Sisulu Road, Industria West. A large collection of precision engineering machinery and salvage items stemming from FT Group Holding’s various sub-divisions will be brought to market on these days. Item ...
When names like: Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani Oliver Tambo, Joe Slovo, Govan Mbeki, Mac Maharaj, Arthur Goldreich, Walter Sisulu (this list can go on and on) The first thought that comes to my mind when this names comes up would be "Freedom Heroes" .. Robert McBride in my opinion is another name that is associated with greatness and honor, in him the spirit of "Umkhonto We Sizwe" lives on and in my heart I know he is a hero but im having major mixed emotions about his appointment with IPID .. But like a wise men said : let it unfold itself. . saying
The late Govan Mbeki, co-founder of Umkhonto weSizwe and our former President Thabo Mbeki's father, was released...
The Raid on Liliesleaf Farm It was decided that the 11th July 1963 would be the last time they would meet at Liliesleaf. The leadership had been worried for some time that Liliesleaf could be exposed and such it was felt necessary to close operations and move to another farm. The meeting on the 11th was to discuss Operation Mayibuye, the plan to overthrow the Apartheid Government. The plan had been originated by Govan Mbeki and Joe Slovo, and was so secret was this plan that only Nelson Mandela and a handful of his colleagues in the armed wing of the ANC knew of it. However, the decision to move to another location had been made too late. South African Police had already received a tip-off that Walter Sisulu would be at Liliesleaf. Walter Sisulu had gone into hiding as result of a previous conviction, and was facing a five year jail term. On the afternoon of the 11th July, 1963, a dry-cleaning and flower van drove down the dusty farm drive way and stopped just past the Manor and slightly back from the Tha ...
Heroes of our struggle, the leaders that stood the test, I speak of Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu
Statement by Ntate Jacob Zuma on sunday adressing a congregation in Giyani is blatant foul. It is rather irresponsible of him to run a guilt trip on fellow politicians like he did. If it is a curse to have a different view and be labelled as insulting and disrespecting the leadership, then let it be. His statement took me back to the Biblical meaning of Jacob. "He always made his own rules, deceiving others for selfish gains. He was actually a schemer, liar and manipulator". The meaning surely tally with the character of the sitting President of the Republic of South Africa. Cde Jacob Zuma and his cronies are destroying this movement of John Langalibalele Dube, Sol Plaatjie, Charlotte Maxeke, OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Sefako Makgatho, Hellen Joseph, Govan Mbeki, Lillian Ngoyi, Dorothy Nyembe, Sophie du Bruyn, Ray Alexander, Rahima Moosa and Thabo Mbeki. Religion is the opium of the people. Modern religions, churches and each and every religious organisation are regarded as instruments of bourgeois react . ...
Take a Tour to Robben Island Robben Island was a high security prison between 1961 and 1991 and is infamous for the incarceration of Nelson Mandela. Robben Island Robben Island, off the coast of Cape Town, is world famous as the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 of his 27 years in jail. (Image: South African Tourism) Nelson Mandela is the most famous past prisoner of Robben Island but others include prominent figures such as Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu and Jacob Zuma. Today the prison is a museum and a poignant reminder to the newly democratic South Africa of the price they paid for freedom. How to get there Enter the V&A waterfront via the main entrance (Hans Strydom Ave) and ferries depart from the Nelson Mandela Gateway near the Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront. What to expect Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, South Africa Nelson Mandela working in the Robben Island prison garden in 1977. The photograph, which is simply titled "A prisoner in the garden" in the National Archives, was taken ...
Today I have learned that those who are leading in discrediting the ANC, are actually the main beneficiaries from the ANC led government in one way or the other. To mention a few, it's either they are government employees with full benefits and full rights in the workplace, or they benefit from BEE deals hence being in business. The poor who continue to suffer and yet appreciating the mere child grants are so loyal and faithful to our liberation movement. They appreciate little things like freedom of movement and expression, but the factionalist who continue to benefit from the lives of stalwarts like Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Sabelo Phama, Robert Sobukwe, Joe Slovo, Steven Biko, Solomon Mahlangu and many more who dreamt of things they (factionalists) enjoy today. They died while striving to free this country, benefited none from their struggle but yet we the beneficiaries spit at their efforts, they must all be turning in their graves to learn that their lifelong efforts are today on faceboo ...
As we celebrate the 69th anniversary of the ANCYL, as we pay tribute to its founders, amongst whon Anton Lembede, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and Nelson Mandela, we urge the youth to embrace education as a liberation tool out of poverty. We urge the people of Tlokwe to vote overwhemingly for the ANC on wednesday. The struggle to uproot the legacy of Apartheid is long and tedious. Vote ANC
Univ of Fort Hare, founded 1916, academic home of many of SA's most prominent leaders, Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Buthelezi
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
When I lived in PE I always thought Govan Mbeki was from there because of the name of the main road in town there. So off!!
Cape Town - Govan Mbeki (Lansdowne) Road, ROAD CLOSED at Crossroads, traffic to / from Khayelitsha diverted to Stock Road
Phillipi East, Govan Mbeki has been closed between Old Klipfontein Road & Symphony due to protesting
Cape Town - Govan Mbeki Road, ROAD CLOSED at Crossroads due to action - diversions to / from Khayelitsha
Its very sad to see Cosatu at the position it is in now|Wish level heads like Tata, Govan Mbeki or Gomomo were here to find unite this cde's
Govan Mbeki was so handsome in his early thirties, yhooo!!
Ephainette and Govan Mbeki forced Thabo to read, study & understand the xhosa novel Ingqumo yemiNyama when he was still a kid...
Saw my nig at Govan Mbeki today, he's a fatty boom boom sdudla mafehlefehle of note. '':D
no rush Cam. Just let me know when you r in Govan Mbeki.
Philippi East, Stock Road has been closed between Govan Mbeki and Symphony Way due to protest action.
Cali uni people where is the govan mbeki building?
news at 7am: Cape Town Police are monitoring Govan Mbeki road in the city this morning following protests last night.
Cape Town - Govan Mbeki (Lansdowne) Road, Traffic Lights off at Duinefontein Road, delays towards Gugs and Khayelitsha
Narration by the late soldiers of the struggle. Govan Mbeki, Albertina & Walter Sisulu. Make plans to watch this. - The Documentary
talking to an ANC Govan Mbeki lecture about moral decay in the ANC. Referring to Nelson Mandela Bay results, 2011.
Where are the sharp minds we used to tap on from the Great Govan Mbeki ,Slovo, Chris Hani , Charles Nqakula en Mhlaba real Communists.
'Reading Colin Bundy's 'Govan Mbeki', one wonders why we don't have 'Mbeki Day'...
Mbeki and Duinefontein Road there’s been an accident in the left lane on Govan Mbeki Road direction Gugulethu
Celebrating Govan Mbeki lecture with Mamma Mbeki-commitment commitment and commitment!That was Govan Mbeki trade.
Moses Kotane & Govan Mbeki are interesting comrades who seem to hold a special place in the service of humanity. I'll read about them soon
Well Done to DA Govan Mbeki for doing their part for
Know your DA dvd and street soup kitchen with Govan Mbeki cllrs @
, As we celebrate President Mandelas birthday. Let us not forget the likes of OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu and Govan Mbeki.
Govan Mbeki cllrs sharing soup and 67 mins for Madiba day.
Nelson Rolihlahla "Madiba" Mandela, de protege of Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and Oliver Tambo. You have lived the dream through.
Steve Biko , Govan Mbeki , Walter Sisulu , Chris Hani. For 67 minutes I shall educate myself more on the ...
He said that they would conduct themselves well, just like Govan Mbeki who had been released in 1987. They were released in 89.
Govan Mbeki will feed the hungry for by hosting two soup kitchens.
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