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Gov Jay Nixon

St Louis

Also can we all agree that the best databases are magical databases?
I wasn't sarc, Val Jarrett was in communication with Gov Jay Nixon, Natl guard was staged close by & held back one night
Gov. Nixon looks to Cuba as a market for Missouri goods: Gov. Jay Nixon is working to strengthen a trade agreement…
I haven't voted for Infante yet, but now I just might. Anyone know Gov. Jay Nixon's email address? I hear he wants to too.
kttn Centennial of World War I to be commemorated in Missouri kttn Gov. Jay Nixon has directed…
Missouri governor leads trade mission to Cuba: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon began Monday an official visit to Cuba...
Missouri delegation travels to Cuba: Gov. Jay Nixon is leading a group of Missourians representing ag...
Don't tell me to vote Democrat or else!. KKK Gov. Jay Nixon is a Democrat!. The party did NOTHING to stop him!.
Gov.Jay Nixon of MO is a Democrat. He is KKK!. I would like to see anyone replace him after what he did!
The measure, which now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon for his signature, would allow people to carry concealed guns without permi…
General Assembly approves $500,000 for new veterans' home: Gov. Jay Nixon announced Friday that planni...
Gov. Nixon appoints Associate Circuit Judge Joseph Dueker as Circuit Judge for the 21st Circuit: Gov. Jay Nix...
Gov Jay Nixon announces $5 million for levees during stop in via
Wrong Way Jay at it again! Nixon to lead trade delegation to Cuba | Politics - KMBC Home via
Gov. Nixon Heads to Cuba Next Week to Focus on Trade Exports: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo- Gov. Jay Nixon will be lead...
Missouri governor announces trade trip to Cuba: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will be le...
Gov. Jay Nixon to lead trade delegation to Cuba
Gov. Nixon to lead trade delegation to Cuba next week: Gov. Jay Nixon will lead a delegation of Missourians r...
Gov Jay Nixon has vetoed a bill that would have cut K-12 funding by more than 456 million dollars to education
That's not what Gov Jay Nixon said. You must have a higher position than a state governor, eh?
Gov Jay Nixon calls Sandoval of NV is the most impressive republican governor (sorry Charlie)
Gov Jay Nixon updates media on rain and flooding woes. Threat not over he says
Anita, what a shame your Lt Gov is not MO governor! Gov Jay Nixon is BAD for MO!
Radio: ‘MO Gov Jay Nixon announces that commission has discovered a high level of racist incidents in, around St. Louis’
Gov Jay Nixon called for a preemptive State of Emergency to contain black rage and the possibility of a few...
In response to the small crowd Gov Jay Nixon determined the game will be the Governor's Mug Game.
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon in the house tonight for Rams-Chiefs.
's Dave Peacock said he was in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's office Wed. in NY with Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon
Nixon to discuss economic development today in St. Louis: ST. LOUIS • Gov. Jay Nixon will be in St. Louis...
Sept. 4 is in Missouri thanks to Gov. Jay Nixon helps workers
MO likes executions, but refuses to adequately fund the defense. MO leads country in
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
.I rarely root against Democrats, but would be willing to make exception for Gov Jay Nixon.
And we see it for what it is ... MO Gov Jay Nixon like democrats full of BS
Gov Jay Nixon, front of a "elect Jeff Roorda. Roorda executive of the Darren Wilson fund
Poor who needs to foobar when you already have St. Louis Co. D.A. Robert McCulloch and Gov Jay Nixon mucking up the works?
Gov. Jay Nixon holds news conference on Ferguson [Sale ]
Ferguson mayor says the delayed National Guard deployment is "deeply disturbing."
Share if you think Gov Jay Nixon failed in his essential duty to protect innocent lives and property Tuesday night in Ferguson and should resign immediately and let someone competent take over.
"Article: Lt. Gov Kinder asks Gov Nixon to answer why Nixon told National Guard to stand down in Ferguson!"
Time to arrest Gov Jay Nixon and Capt. Ronald Johnson for allowing this!.
I have a fantasy of Obama, Gov Jay Nixon, or Chief Thomas Jackson busting loose from the script and calling Ferguson what…
MO Gov Jay Nixon has called a 4pm meeting with clergy in St Louis
Gov Jay Nixon has activated Missouri National Guard to support local law enforcement ahead of grand jury decision.
"Listen here, Boy. You better get out there and calm them Nigras down before I do it. Now GET!!"- Gov Jay Nixon http:/…
SemiDem Gov Jay Nixon gave a stern speech to protesters on behalf of the New World Order.
Five observations about 'public safety' press conference from Gov Jay Nixon & team via
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yeah! People (mainly non-Missouri citizens as announced by Gov Jay Nixon stated today) are acting like fools, including police
tomorrow aimed at MO Gov Jay Nixon org by Details here
Gov Jay Nixon literally does nothing... What a clown. Has he even addressed that the cops are STILL abusing people?
Even the novice observer would realize Gov Jay Nixon isn't concerned about justice. He concerned about just him.
Ferguson: if the city council & Gov Jay Nixon don't make changes to the law, re: police, nothing has been accomplished.
Missouri is such a POS state that Pres Obama addressed the situation quicker than Gov Jay Nixon did. Nixon had to be shamed into it.
via Gov Jay Nixon has ordered the flags immediately lowered to half-staff here in Cole County and in...
MO Gov Jay Nixon is a lame-duck democrat who is termed out. With GOP majority in congress, the veto stamp is all he has left.
MO Gov Jay Nixon at Boeing in St. Louis to talk about streamlining state economic development programs.
He also got on the wrong side of Gov Jay Nixon from MO for a campaign trying to poach industry from MO to TX.
Gov Jay Nixon on media call from Europe says Boeing will put new info tech center in St Louis, generating 400 jobs
Gov Jay Nixon presenting Pam Nicholson and Enterprise Holdings with the Flag of Freedom award.
Gov Jay Nixon also signed legislation that allows pharmacists to give small doses of prescription meds if docs are not available.
Gov Jay Nixon signed legislation requiring all Mo colleges & universities to screen for tuberculosis.
When I first got on fb I said I really didn't want to get political, but I just have to take exception & congratulate Gov Jay Nixon for being just like every other democrat I've seen in office! Our governor, who like so many other democrats I hear, is for the little guy, but the bill that he vetoed would've helped small businesses, who pay their business tax as an individual ie S corps. It would also make Missouri more competitive against Kansas where they have actually lowered taxes. Mr Nixon, in case you haven't noticed, Missouri & Kansas are neighbors & many border businesses will just move! This is ONLY the first time in over ninety years that Missouri would have cut our income tax, but even that is much to excessive for tax & spend liberals! Let's create jobs with a lower income tax & watch state revenues increase! It amazes me how good they are at passing laws to take my money & take away my freedoms! Seriously it's time for another revolution!
Gov Jay Nixon says his admin will stop making electronic copies of concealed gun permits. Comes in wake of Republican criticism.
We need to stay united for a common purpose. expansion. Now is the time to use our heads and our hearts. Gov Jay Nixon
My statement coming on Gov Jay Nixon's decision to stop scanning documents.
Why hasn't Gov Jay Nixon used his power to pardon?
ICYMI: MO Gov Jay Nixon contradicted by head of highway patrol on CCW leak to the feds:
per Kevin Dailey Sent this E-mail to Gov Jay Nixon just a few minutes ago.. My reason behind the "moonshine" issue is to set apart from the Fed law such as Co did with their Pot law. noticed that gave DC a ruffle in the ole why start big? Start small, as they have done; and make the states use the Constitution for what it was meant for and that is to keep the Fed Gov't. at more than an arm's distance away. - Mr. Nixon First and foremost is the right to work issue that seems to be the new issue that everyone is talking about. The right to associate is given to us and should work both ways, the right to not associate. The segregation of union/nonunion workers is no less then segregation of color of people. Please consider to make the state a right to work state. Second is not of very much importance is the ability to make distilled liquor for personal use. We can make wine beer and various other items for personal use why not allow the making of “moonshine” in small amounts per year? You c ...
Missouri Voters Please consider This ; Career politician, Gov Jay Nixon has Voted and promoted nearly All OF osamas FAILED POLICIES !!! and because of THAT Missouri Now Leads the nation in some of the Worst categories ! , Dave Spence is a Conservative and has Experience AT CREATING JOBS! , WE NEED CONSERVATIVES IN OUR POLITICAL MACHINE NOW MORE THAN EVER ! ,
Michelle Rhee's Students First group contributes $10,000 to Gov Jay Nixon's re-election campaign.Bad news for teachers:
Mo Gov Jay Nixon bad acts 2hold back on ObamaCare until he gets re-elected has failed,Dirtbag U made the news in KCMO,we dont want U anymore
Missouri Kids are so Stupid that Gov Jay Nixon thought it was better to take a Pass on No Child Left Behind,So that makes Nixon Stupid too!
Every Missourian I have spoken to is willing to Throw Gov Jay Nixon on his *** on the first Curb OVer Obamacare Vote Dave Spence!
Missourah Gov Jay Nixon is on a commercial right now
Commercial: Missouri Gov Jay Nixon apparently not running with Washington Democrats this year.
Good news for us Blade owners. it's legal to conceal carry a auto knife As long as it doesn't violate federal law Gov Jay Nixon
MO Gov Jay Nixon in Liberty today for the groundbreaking of a new $42 million auto parts facility@ the Heartland Meadows Industrial Park.
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