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Gossip Girls is a celebrity news and gossip website in Slingshot Labs' DailyFill entertainment network, which is owned by parent company News Corp.

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I'm not even gonna care about *** no more cuz they move 2face like gossip girls.
Started Gossip Girl from scratch (Sofa day innit 🙅🏾) and I had forgotten that Chuck Bass sexually assaulted two girls in…
Topics of discussion in an all male group text:. 10% girls. 40% gossip. 50% "being ***
Guys gossip more dan girls dis days
The girls that gossip but say they hate being talked about. Hypocritical and you look like trash
The guys graduation gowns in Gossip Girl are really ugly. The girls ones aren't that bad, but the guys ones are ugly.
The lads in Gossip Girl genuinely have better eyebrows than the girls do
While you girls sit & gossip I'll be Rihanna by the morning
I really think guys gossip more than girls
See the dirty habits of Nigerian university girls – that will annoy you
Yes like gossip queens. That's all media does now is gossip like mean girls at the lunch counter instead of REPORTI…
gilmore girls hart of dixie the o.c one tree hill gossip girl sempre serão as originais, o resto as herdeiras.
Guys gossip just as much as girls do 👐🏼
my niece is on a whatsapp group named 'Gossip girls'
It's time to see these gossip girls in action!
As if my mum and her mates have a group chat called 'Gossip Girls' 😂
1.5 "I know who Blair and those girls are, but I know who I am and I’m not gonna forget that just because I hang out with them" –Jenny
*** really out here like gossip girls. Shame.
Muggy nosey girls who chase peoples boyfriends for gossip 😂😂😂
Listening to all these girls in my class constantly gossip about these little girl problems is insane.
Valley Girls, aka the best Gossip Girl episode
do I start watching gossip girl or Gilmour girls? Seem to be the only one who hasnt watched any
Every time i think abt primary school i just get annoyed :''') this is when ure surrounded by girls who love to gossip :')
sigh. Call me when gossip girls ends.
Yuna's songs have been featured in GreysAnatomy, Misstresses, Arrows, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girls, Paris Fashion Week…
I'm so glad I'm independent because all girls do is thrive off of drama as if they can't live without gossip and putting people down online
I stood, right by the tracks, your face in a locket. Good girls, hopeful they'll be, and long they will wait.
Coworkers gossip more than sorority girls 😂
I've been texting with my coworkers like all morning aka the gossip girls.
I always thought I ll never get along with gossip girls. Today it has been stamped for life.
Teachers gossip more than teenage girls
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Can't watch gossip girls anymore as my brother cancelled his payment on Netflix🙂
I just started calling the gossip girls at work the Cat Pack. . It's embarrassing how proud I feel of that
By the way, Maria won't talk to me. I've been calling her for months to figure out what has happened. I hate girls. They literally gossip.
Long day at work done... Time for The girls... 👭👭. Noodles... 🍜. Drinks... 🍾. Gossip... 🗣. Cats and wool... 🐱📿.
my face when I learned all the gossip this afternoon from the girls
Act 2 Scene 8 salarino and solarino gossip like little girls. Shylock gets robbed
I don't know why girls chose to be surrounded by guys when here I am dying to have a girl clique of my own, like gossip girls wannabe.
Austin Pedro should star on gossip girls
Straight girls: *watch gossip girl for the hot guys*. Me: *watches gossip girl for the hot girls and moms*
's juvenile remarks say more about him than about Silly, mean-girls gossip. Ugh.
Why do girls come in the bathroom during class to talk and gossip?
I gossip to Garrett like he's one of the girls
I swear the guys at this dealership gossip more than high school girls 😑
Obviously, yes. All I'm saying is not all female ff/ems are victims. But notice how its the men who gossip like teen girls.
When it's the 3am Girls, it's "gossip". When it's our political correspondent, it's "news".
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Mel C pulls out of Spice Girls reunion? -
I gossip with my boyfriend as if he were one of my girls
From 2pm: we welcome the ladies; learn about Edwardian gossip girls at The Grove talk about Yoga; and talk
1.4 "You eat what I provide, practice what I preach. Until I say so, the only girls you talk to are the ones I’ve paid for" –Chuck Bass
Some guys like to gossip more than girls these days😪
1.14 "You have so much more to offer than the things that those girls have. Really. You just need to find a way to believe that." —Dan
Females are shady asf. These males act like gossip girls though. xoxo
why am I not in a gc called the gossip girls bc that would be perf
Some girls go out of there way to get into football for their boyfriends yet their lads wont even watch an episode of gossip girls with them
All these girls wanna do is snap and gossip.
Conversations with the girls are never a bore, from fashion to crushes, gossip to lipgloss. What are your squad's favourite topics?
I know girls that can gossip to the extent that they'd gossip about you with you. They're so annoying.
Indeed... Sometimes, I want to punch gossip girls in the fase but then I realize I can't due to the law😂👍.
I love watching gossip girl with my girls
and it felt so nice. He knew James would make a great date. He's heard all about it from the girls who's gossip about it.
I really wanna rewatch Gossip Girl in the summer, but I felt empty/depressed after I rewatched Gilmore Girls this year, so idk...
Should I rewatch Gilmore girls, or gossip girl, or skins?
When I'm in a relationship I gossip to my man like he's one of the girls 😂
More Celebrity Gossip on - The Bachelor Sneak Peek: The Girls Rally to Get Rid of...
God help me when I'm hanging out with pure girls 😩😩 idk how this much gossip can be in one convo 🤔😭
Love ugly girls that come to the library to gossip. You all are disgusting
yes bc I want to spend my life living like someone in gossip girls or on E!
Some girls are so quick to believe any rumor they hear just so they have something to gossip about lol
someone please link me to that vid where the girls dancing to the girl is mine like "when your friend has gossip" I CANT FIN…
I literally gossip with Russell like he's one of the girls 🙆🏼
Can't help Jonny being in the girls group chat and getting all the gossip all the time 😂
Seems like S has no respect when it comes to relationships, should you girls be worried about her trying to take your man? -Gossip Girl 💋
you won't regret it, I think I might of liked it better than gossip girls
I love Gossip Girl but I realize that the show had no poc. The only two black girls, 1 lasted a few episodes and the other was white passing
After watching two gossip girls episodes (against my will) I have concluded it is indeed fugazi
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Getting a general idea of people's gossip because you know enough of the language being used lol these girls are savage tho
When Kate Gosselin comes to giant just to gossip with us girls on the front end >>>
Just when I think gossip girls cast can't get any more beautiful, they throw in another gorgeous man out of nowhere
"When you're quiet you hear a lot of gossip". The only thing I'm hearing is the girls in front of me talking about musicals and performing
Sick of listening to Debbie and Donnie Downers? Check out this article (that I wrote) on how to stop the drama!
hmm gossip girls a good show from what I've heard
Very much enjoyed "The Girls" tonight! Plus a good ole catch up and gossip with one of our fave directors Roge…
should I start Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or 30 Rock on Netflix?
Just witnessed girls gossiping about them not liking when other girls gossip. I will never understand this species
Fellas, girls that pay attention to too much gossip getting annoying after a while and are only fun for a short time.
Because guys gossip more than girls.
Blair from gossip girl sings good girls go bad with cobra starship. what 😮😮
My coworkers gossip like little high school girls. You're grown men, act like it.
Who gossips to you will gossip of you.
Love getting the gossip on the casino from my girls 😈
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Half these *** is gossip girls, I never been one for that
In need of a new Netflix series.. Jane the Virgin, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Grey's have sadly been c…
the celeb newzz of today is they found a lamprey on the tumy of a famous Celeb mid interview!! Maybe a GOSSIP GIRLs aquatic parasite attach?
I don't even know how girls have time to sit there and gossip. Me and my friends are too worried about getting this money & moving fwd. 💅🏽🙆🏽
I have a new set in MR Give me your love please! Thanks!❤️ By Gossip SG!👌🏼
Listening to 4 girls gossip behind me is not how I wanted to spend my lunch break
This is always fun. I usually date gossip girls and they have alll the *** tea in milwaukee
While others exude innocence in school uniform, Mamamoo give me the vibe of eccentric clique in Gossip Girls
After a great dinner and girls' gossip times 💅
Gossip girl is full of perfect girls except why is she even on the show😒
I'm on the 6th episode of gossip girls 6th season and Ivy has already changed her hairstyle thrice wyd
I hate girl gossip. well, I hate gossip period but girls take it to a whole new level.
Them Congolese girls that lie and gossip too much
I seriously need a girls day with nothing but gossip and pizza.
I still can't believe I took a nap after swimming then woke up at midnight & watched gossip girls
and now we are gossiping him like a group of gossip girls! Kyah!
Going to wait until josh is on the same episode that I'm on in gossip girl so we can be little girls and talk about it while we watch
Check out this list of books for friends to lovers reads!!! So many of the authors The Gossip Girls love are on... http…
While other girls are watching. Zee tv dramas. Pretty liars. Gossip girl. Vamp. Diaries. Here i am, dying for the next season of Supernatural
I already did the comfort food thing & I'm not lus for ice-cream today. My girls maybe. But they're holding back the gossip. Ey nabo
All girls like to do is gossip about me👄 ( " oh I don't like her she do to much " )bihhh my self-esteem higher then your moms rent so IDC💯
your disrespect for coach Blatt with your snide jokes prove your just mouth breathers and gossip girls
There's always these two girls in buses or trains who always gossip together about their friends relationship and stuff lol
Every time I'm around a group of girls, I end up finding out too much about people I barely even know. All they do is gossip.
Cool girls don't get along with most, girls. All those uncool girls wanna do is gossip & remain unambitious, nevertheless b…
Happy I like to gossip with u n I am always happy being around with u I love u girls ♡♡♡
Dudes gossip more than girls now.. 😒
— we became gossip girls, complaining about how ugly this academy was and other unimportant things. Such a good reunion. —
All girls do is gossip talk about stuff thts not true live fake life's for this social stuff nd gossip some more😒no facts n wat they speak✌️
the only reason i wanna watch Gossip Girls is because of Chuck Bass like, is there any other reason?
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Sadly I have just become addicted to gossip girls and I hate Lindsey for it
Who is the biggest gossiper you know? — The gossip girls. 😉😂
I gossip w danny likes he's one of my girls and not my boo 😂💗
Live off their Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl residuals?
Pop Girls Gossip is basically this website that has new pop music.
the last A message the girls will receive says "u know u love me, xoxo" and it's actually been gossip girl the entire ti…
“Boys can gossip just as much as girls” which makes em ***
The Gossip Girls are super excited for Sierra Simone's 'PRIEST' (release date: June 29th, 2015). . Pre-order your...
Am I the only one who thinks Chuck Baas from Gossip Girls reminds them if Robert Pattison in Twilight?
11 hours ago: Gossip Girls: Heads out to Seeks Solace with a Friend in Los Feliz
Watching Tika Sumpter on Gossip Girls and good grief, she has an amazing body! Almost makes me wanna eat right all day.almost
I am hooked on Friday Night Lights and Gossip Girls!! So good!
Jus finished watching d final season of Gossip Girls on netflix and omg cant believe Dan Humphrey was GG all this time lmao
Welp I went back to watching Gossip Girls because I just want Chuck Bass underneath my Christmas tree at midnight.
Most Memorable Philippine Movie Lines “You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!” - Cherie Gil, Bituing Walang Ningning (1985) This scene is cemented inside every Pinoy moviegoer's mind: Lavinia Arguelles (Gil) spluttering words and wine all over Dorina Pineda (Sharon Cuneta). This is the ultimate catfight scene that would send the Gossip Girls scampering. “Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Nasa puso nating lahat!" - Nora Aunor, Himala (1982) The pivotal scene in this Brocka masterpiece was when Nora Aunor's Elsa admitted to her throng of supporters that there was indeed no miracle, much to the chagrin of the people who benefit from her staged spectacle. A remarkable scene from a remarkable film. “Trabaho lang ito, walang personalan.” - Rudy Fernandez, Markang Bungo (1991) According to the Film Academy of the Philippines website, the success of this Rudy Fernandez starrer was attributed to these lines. Seventeen years later, we are still saying them. “Akala mo lang wa ...
How girls say they hate gossip and rumors, yet they love listening to them and spreading them around when its not about them.
Girls that are caught all up in gossip.
I just remembered that tomorrow is girls night with K and I am so excited! I need a night of gossip and vodka with the girls.
Still so depressed that gossip girls over
I'm at Catching Fire behind a gaggle of Teen Girls who like
See this is y I don't mess wit girls Aa friends cuz stuff lik that,gossip and they drama pp... — I kno !!! Thanks !
Wine and gossip, perfect way to end my week with my girls 🍷🍷🍷
"How toddlers gossip Girls at Cimarron be like.
Who needs the movie when you have preppy girls in front of you talking about their gossip🙈
I swear guys gossip more than girls 😤
well you won't watch it with me!! You'll only watch The Walking Dead with me xD How about Gossip Girls?!
Why can't I be Blair Waldorf from gossip girls 😩
Gossip girls will always end up in *** Gulp! Repent before its too late.
The emcee makes PowerPoint presentations, the rappers just gossip like school girls
Guys when girls go to the bathroom all at once it could be 4things 1.Selfie time 2.gossip time 3.makeupcheck 4.all of the above ur welcome👌
I have THE BEST gossip ever!!! and I bet u everyone would wana knw n laugh their *** off...cant trust every guy u mess with girls...
hey sorry it's Jody I took Lauren's phone from her cuz we got talking about u cuz u no girls we like to gossip lol
I can't take girls that gossip to me lmao shut up I don't care
So point blank, guys gossip as much as girls do!
The hallways are full as girls gossip and boys shoot rap videos until the pull of a TRIGGA.
You forgot:. Lieing *** Gossip girls. Girls that say they are *** but truth of the matter they haven't developed yet. Oh, and ***
So I got stuck sitting w/ a ruggedly-handsome man to left of me, &a guy who looked like he stepped off the set of Gossip Girls to the right.
One reason I can't be best friends with a lot girls is the fact that I hate gossip. Like, can we talk about something relevant to our lives?
the one he did on Kings Road featured "the girls here live on a strict diet of bottles of Evian, cocaine and gossip" i enjoyed
When *** gossip, I just move around. I refuse to surround myself around a bunch of girls who just talk & gossip. Nah
If gossip was gluttony, then some of the girls I know would be the fattest women on earth..
Very interesting night with the girls. Love a good gossip and catch up 😘
This 'girls' video will change your view of girls and science »
I now realize why 95 percent of my friends are guys when mad girls=gossip and backbiting boys= just hit each other and it's over
Sure or not:P why do girls tend to gossip anyways? Yeah I sure do hope so because my time with them are limited
I can not believe Gossip Girls ends like that. 😳
Girls I know gossip too much. Even deaf people can hear what they're saying
WHAT A NIGHT! Love my gossip girls we nailed it 7amdella❤
In some schools people set fire to things and do drugs, in my school a group of girls skip chapel and its the gossip of th…
!! "The reason why girls friendships dont last is because yall Gossip too much"
Man baby alert for Hollywood seems like you don't want to drink the water there . Kelly Clarkson announced she is pregnant with her first with her new hubby . Thor's Chris Hemsworth is pregnant with their 2nd to beautiful wife model Elsa . Ginnifer Goodwin from The movie Something Borrowed or her role on Big Love is now pregnant with her costar on Once Upon a time fiancé . Teen Mom Kailyn Lowrey who just have birth to her 2nd child first one was Isaac with ex boyfriend Joe now she is married to Javi and they had there first boy Lincoln. You remember Leighton Meester from the show Gossip Girls her co star Adam Brody are now engaged as well. Seems like there is live in the air in Hollywood. Stay tuned for more gossip ..
What does the wearing of a cowboy hat on a man or a woman symbolize? A right wing wacho or a progressive thinking individual which I think I would fall into, an Independent (neither Democrat or Republican). Maybe wearing a CB hat means the freedom to be just an person who thinks for him/herself, without the constraints of a particular political ideology or social agenda. I wore my new Resistol straw on the upper east side of Manhattan on Park Ave., home of the very rich Gossip Girls crowd. I purposely preened myself in front of the passing cars and mostly female onlookers who really liked the way I looked, wearing my Resistol with my slim fit Wrangler MWZ36's bunched at least two inches from the bottom of my Justins, a Wyoming bucking broncho T- shirt (sh_t). It felt really good to preen (show off) my good looks bfore the passing cars, me wearing my dark, UV protected dark glasses and not giving a good darn what anybody thought of me preening my certain attractive cb looks. So for me as a dying, but vibr ...
Gossip Girls came to a end cant believe Dan Humphrey was gossip girl all this time would never have guest.. aways thought it was Dorota! dont know what i'm going to watch now :(
The girl from The Game, Gossip Girls, and The Have's and the Have not's is really cute...she really looks like Black Barbie.pretty.
Spent my whole day catching up w gossip girls. De hel
Boys defiantly gossip more then girls!
“I swear guys gossip more than girls SO true
I swear guys gossip more than girls
Gossip Girl's Kaylee DeFer: with First Child ... - Gossip Girl actress Kaylee DeFer is...
When girls gossip over a cup of coffee. Be real.. Don't be a fake.
Love a good gossip with my girls in my hometown!
It's amazing how girls gossip and sometimes we dont even try
lol ohhh , I'm rewatching Gossip Girls on Netflix 💕
Oh, I thought soccer girls gossip. You guys only good for that right... But yeah I know who it is.
I love hanging with boys. They funnier than girls & they don't gossip as much
When girls hug it's a perfect chance for our boobs to gossip about the other boobs.
*** I know white girls tht gossip more than you -.-
Review: Gippi takes its cues from the madly popular Mean Girls and Gossip Girl
Gossip girls goes to, tierra, ash, umai.
The Gossip Girls: Who REALLY are they? - lil miss swag12
The former child actor who was the voice of Charlie Brown in the 1960s "Peanuts" animated television specials was sentenced to a year in jail on Wednesday and immediately ordered to a residential drug treatment center by a California judge who told him: "Don't be a blockhead."
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I have all the dirt on everything from The Upper EastSide, To the weird town of Mystic Falls, To Forks Washington. Send me tips on the know of everyone... You Know You Love Me Xoxo Gossip Girl
Reggie Bush is a dad! The 28-year-old football star and his fiancé Lilit Avagyan welcomed their first child on Monday.
Revenge has officially been picked up for a third season!
Annaly Drew Dianne and Michael, unite your slippers! :))
Blair Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen. OMG, just finished the series yesterday, Gossip Girl and a carton of icecream really make your day when your sick(:
Fanpop original article: Girls work differently than guys, don't blame us... thank us!! :D
I'm a girl. I'll make a big deal out of small things. I'll get jealous easily. I'll cry if I get a broke heart or if my feelings are hurt. I'll have multiple loves and multiple crushes. and I know I'll have many heartbreaks. I'll complain to the people I care about. I'll be gossiped about. I'll gossip about others. I might not make the best choices. I'll get mad, happy, and sad easily. I might spend too much time on something. I might give someone to much time, when they don't deserve it. I'll have more guy friends than girls, maybe. my makeup will have to be pretty close to perfect for me to go out in public. I am wanting to impress somebody specific each day. but hey. I'm a girl... that's kinda my job
Grandma Chase says You been out Running the Roads? She says her and Grandpa went dancing every weekend back in the day and that's why people are fat now, they don't dance enough! She also didn't say bye very often on the phone, the phone said click and you knew that the conversation was over. I miss Grandma but am very thankful for the years I had her right down the road, for a cup of sugar, a listening ear, a homeade goodie, some gossip or a good joke! Share your favorite Grandma Chase quote so I can enjoy the memories!
Spanish language versions of Breaking Bad and Gossip Girl are among the new shows coming to Univision next season. Ahead of the network’s upfront next Tu
Paging Walter Blanco: Univision has announced plans for Spanish-language adaptations of "Breaking Bad" and "Gossip Girl."
Unicorn Club members, unite: Diablo Cody’s "Sweet Valley High" movie musical is coming. She keeps mum on the casting, but we went ahead and cast our dream Wakefield twins and their core social circle.
Apprentice candidate Luisa Zissman is a LOT naughtier than she lets on.
Gossip Girl star Kaylee Defer is expecting a baby boy with Fitz and The Tantrums lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick.
Rishika stirs up a storm in the BB house. Tonight at 8!
Headed for Pensacola on foot with some stops along the way - call your friends and family if you have any in the area (: I need to do laundry and id love to say hey for you! Xoxoxo H
IT JUST GOT REAL! Jay-Z Travels Back In Time... It looks like the early 1900s weren't prevented from getting a Jay-Z experience... The 42-year-old rapper might actually be a secret time-traveler, since an old vintage photograph set in the 1930s in Harlem has just been released, and one of the men in it could be Jigga man himself! Dressed in some fresh '30s duds, the man in the photo could literally be Jay's father based on the facial features. This Harlem man can't really be Jay-Z, since we all know he's "Brooklyn 'til I die," but if Hov wasn't getting those Illuminati rumors started before, this definitely is now! Watch TMZ's take on the picture here:
 1. what are three ways to win your heart?     loving both me and my son, being kind and understanding, loves me for who i am, not who they want me to be 2. do you like lightning?     yes 3. have you ever cut someone else’s hair?     yes, i was young. 4. last person you said ‘i hate you’ to?     to their face? or in my head? 5. rain or sunshine?     i like the sunshine, as long as i am not in it, and it isn't to hot 6. last stupid thing you said to anyone?     i can't remember 7. biggest turn off?     body odor 8. fave movie?     to many to name 9. would you date someone who smokes?     did it once, i hate kissing an ashtray 10. would you date someone who was addicted to drugs?      *** no 11. what’s your biggest turn on, physically?      his smile 12. would you have sex w. someone you weren’t dating?      no 13. have you ever missed someone and regretted breaking up with them?      yes and no 14. have you ever dated someone more than once?    ...
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The CW has renewed its two remaining bubble shows, giving additional seasons to both The Carrie Diaries and Nikta. With the pickups, the CW has renewed nearly its entire lineup -- including Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast. Rookies Cult and Emily Owens...
Hi there, little gossps! Hope you have some secrets to say, because I totally do!
Penn Badgley admits that he didn't send a gift when Blake Lively married.
Vite in apnea dal 13 maggio alle 14:00
Amanda Bynes pleaded no contest Thursday to driving with a suspended license, settling a case stemming from a September traffic stop that ended with the 27-year-old's car being impounded right out from under her.
I was deeply sadden to hear the news about the passing of Peter Rauhofer, he was one of the greatest DJ around, and possibly the reason why I started mixing myself. I had the opportunity of attend few events were he played, and it was awesome to see the energy he brought to the dance floor. He…
Gorgeous I love it would wear it xoxo gossip girl lisa mauritius
How to spot a fake friend they only call when they want something they only come around when you have something they want all about them never about u
I Told You (Chaper 1) ©Written by rainbows. My p.o.v: Recently me and my boyfriend have been on and off. Right now we are on again. You see we tend to fight a lot and also he seems to cheat on me a lot...He promised me he would never cheat on me again, I believe him. *Knock* I wonder who it is. I answer the door to see my boyfriend. "Hey babe" he smiles. "Hi Zayn" I smile back. "Can I come in?" he asks. "Sure!" I reply. *He walks inside* "What made you come here?" I ask. "I just wanted to tell you something important!" He Smiled. "What???" I ask? "I love you!" He smiles. *he kisses me* "I'm really sorry, but I have to go" he says looking down. "okay" I smile. *he runs out the door and jumps into his car* *he drives away* As he drives away he yells "I LOVE YOU Y/N!!!" I smile... *The Next Day* I'm making breakfast I turn on the tv and sit down at the table while eating my pancakes. "Welcome to Hollywood gossip!" it's this stupid show that only puts celebrity gossip on as you can guess. "Latest gossip is t ...
Millennials are the "ME ME ME GENERATION," writes Joel Stein for Time magazine's new cover story out today — which makes him only the latest culture writer in the last century or so to declare the youth self-obsessed little monsters.
Actress Margaret Colin, who is best known for her roles on "As the World Turns" and "Gossip Girls," has spoken out against New York's Reproductive Health Act, a bill supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that removes restrictions on abortion, such as parental notification and a 24-hour waiting period.
why do I feel that they stole the idea of Jab Tak Hai Jaan from Gossip Girls season 5...Coincidence I think not or it could be?
Salma Hayek+ her wigs and Benicio Del Toro+his wig saved this movie. Which almost got ruined by Bleh Lively/Gossip Girls.{ she narrates the whole thing as well and she is no Morgan Freeman.Huge oversight from Oliver Stone.}
TV this week: Judy Garland and Mr. Magoo are back. Snooki and the Gossip Girls, not so much.
I'm sure if you weren't at The Hobbit, you were watching Gossip Girls! Do you Gossip Girl is coming to a close! Want to watch the finale with some friends? Avenue Prom & Formal is hosting a Finale Viewing Party on December 17th 6-10pm. Get your Free Ticket at Prom & Formal will be giving away a prom dress, Aria on the Ave will be giving facial/massage combo away. There will be door prizes & refreshments. Come and join us as we say goodbye to Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate!
Tory Burch made an appearance in "Dan de Fleurette." Here's what she has to say about that and how she'd outfit our favorite Gossip Girls.
Congrats to my stellar swim twins, Alex and Carly. Alex was selected as the Clarion Ledger Athlete of the Week, and Carly was given much deserved props in the same article. Alex Good, St. Andrew's/Swimming • By the numbers: Good, a sophomore, won the Class I 100 freestyle in 53.15 and the 200 freestyle in 1:54.48 and swam on two winning relay teams at the state meet. • Coach-speak: “She is a phenomenal athlete who is dedicated to the sport and committed to excellence,” said Thatch Shepard. • The 411: Good was unbeaten in freestyle races this year. • Born: Sept. 9, 1996 in Jackson • Favorite athlete: Missy Franklin • Toughest opponent: MariMac Collins (Madison St. Joseph) • Favorite TV shows: Glee and Gossip Girls • Early start: Good began taking swim lessons when she was eight months old and started competing in the first grade. • Twin powers: Twin sister Carly was also a double winner (200 IM and 100 breastroke) and swam on the two winning relay teams. The 400 freestyle relay team a ...
Mark of the Devil in Title of Show October 25, 2012 Dear Sarah, The producers of "Gossip Girls" and "Pretty Little Liars" bring viewers "666 Park Avenue." The satanic and demonic series is described on ABC's website as a mix between "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Shining." To paraphrase the description of the program given on ABC's website: The show is about a young couple who find what they think to be an amazing apartment when in fact it is haunted. Those who live in the building seduce others to get what they need and want. But how far will they go to get what they want? The finest living in the city comes at a cost. ABC also describes the apartment building as wicked and dangerous and the owner of the building as a dark power. The evil owner of the apartment building in the show portrays characteristics of the devil himself. Previews include terrifying screams, death, spirits, satanic symbols, mark of the devil, and souls bought for a price. It airs Sunday evenings on ABC (Disney owned) at 10:00 pm ET/ 9: ...
Dare I attempt sit ups/push ups during this episode of Gossip Girls?
I had a dream last night that I got to be Dan Humphrey for the rest of Gossip Girls last season. I got to kiss Blake Lively. Best dream ever.
It's Herbal Essences commercial with Lara Skandar for the series "Gossip Girls" Watch it every Sunday on Dubai One- 8 pm KSA
Do you have all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girls also? Please say yes
Staying in the mansion used in 1941 for exteriors of Citizen Kane, Oheka Castle. Still often used in filming. Gossip Girls here yesterday.
Can't wait to watch complete season five of Gossip Girls. Eish... I've Missed Serena and Blair. Xo Xo... GG
You know your girlfriend has been on your Netflix when your top picks are One Tree Hill, Desperate Houswives, and Gossip Girls.
Just as we're starting to get back into our favorite shows (Glee! Gossip Girls! Modern Family!) and falling in love with new ones (The New Normal, 666 Park Avenue), comes the chance to see the hottest …
Glad today is more productive than yesterday, seeing as all I did yesterday was watch Gossip Girls, football, and Long Island Medium in bed.
If it weren't for the girls I worked with I'd hate my job. Such good colleagues! 
Getting ready for another beautiful day in the sun with the girls ☀
Just out havin some food and listenin to to a group of girls havin a right old gossip! ...
Looking forward to spending the day with the girls today 😊 💜💛
Gone through my dvd's and it's rather sad how have almost every season of friends, even videos, and gossip girl, the hills&a gilmore girls 1
Looking forward to seeing the girls later!
Looking forward to lunch with my girls today, trying to forget that it's back to work tomorrow!!
our followers goes up and down more than every High Wycombe girls knickers. Is it cause we always swear and hate on god? - xoxo gossip girl
So Georgina hacked into gossip girls website and temporally became her and worked the site for two months. Georgina couldn't handle the
guys who see girls as a piece of meat, cheats, liars, hypocrites, gossip bags and sensitive guys! That's all lol.
Girls are born with a right to gossip.
I know:O who knew we'd have sooo much in common:O I feel like slapping people who are like gossip girls dumb
I can't stand high maintenance girls, gossip, and whiny people.
Who says girls just gossip.. Thy talk abt technology and politics too
Girls love to much. Guys love to many.
The prettiest girls are single and get cheated on the most
it's kind of like the office but it has Amy poehler and aziz andari in it, it's pretty funny. Either that or gossip girls.
.So if the illuminati coonrtl the world than they coonrtl the mass media their greatest tool to manipulate and influence the masses.If there is a music star with a big following then chances are the illuminati will use them because so many people will follow or look up to their favorite music idol and then they will be manipulated.It is a good way of influencing the masses and their attitudes and behaviours.You can imagine a lot of teenage girls idolize Lady Gaga and dress in skimpy clothing just because Lady Gaga does so or acts in a certain way just because their favorite pop star does.It is all about corruption and the break down of society.they want to corrupt the minds of the youth today through sex, drugs and anything else.
Why can I not live the Gossip Girls life style uhhh jealouse
Back to school and I have 16 girls.yep 16 girls. Reading time has turned into beauty shop, walking in the hall is a new episode of gossip girls, and catching an unwanted bug jumping from girl to girl is a screaming fest. Unfortunately, I screamed just as loudly.they are definitely bringing out my girly side.
Continue watching gossip
Tired of stupid gossip girls that start s*** 4 no reason Im making house calls 2day gotta girl sayin she wan2 box me what2do FB?
Come out on Sunday night and support local filmmaking! Another great performance from GIRLS' Adam Driver. Not to be missed.
Gossip girls make the world go round
Gossip girls on Netflix uhhh yeaaauh
trojan war, clueless, 10 things i hate about you. way before gossip girls Esra Ibrahim & Grace Liso AS!
Having a much needed drink, tapas and gossip girl's night with
You ask me first before u JUDGE me, if it's true or not...gossip girls. =) correct!
Watching my fav white TV shows today. King of Queens, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, and Modern Family.
Malaman kung sino si Gossip Girls at Good Guys =)))
Brandi Glanville at Kim Richards charity party. from episode 4 (Gossip Girls) season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Fun fact: I also live down the block from the school in Gossip Girls and eps of Law & Order. It's actually the Museum of NYC.
Gossip Girls? I think people in Subang Jaya better reflect the show, Skins. ☺
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Called to cancel my dish, and they talked me into a different package... so, i'm saving $30, still getting some channels, and now I can watch the CW! Woohooo, no more missing my Gossip Girls and Vampire Diaries... but I sure am going to miss my Ion stations and Lifetime!
Blake Lively filming Gossip Girls at Greenwich Village in New York City on August 2, 2012.
The Versace show nourishes Janet Jackson in Milan, runway trend braids twist up the Gossip Girls, and Ugly Betty's Becki Newton confesses her guilty pleasure.
Blake Lively and Chace Crawford on set of Gossip Girls! More at
whew.. Blair & Chuck.. I remembered a question "What is Love".. cluless and Gossip Girls answered it.. Chuck Bass told Blair to come to EMPIRE tower at 7:00pm to prove their Love.. Blair was 2 minutes late so Chuck left. and Now Prince Louie, though not sure if Blair is coming patiently waited.. Love has no assurance after all and all about RISKS.. Letting the one you love go doesn't mean you Love her Less.. but it means that you love her more than anything that you're willing to sacrifice your own happiness because you know that someone can love her better though you're giving your BEST..
I feel like Hollywood will be surprised when a movie trailer for an Oliver Stone flick advertising a Benecio Del Toro-Salma Hayek-John Travolta uber-sexualization of violence, including that lame blonde girl from Gossip Girls, and beginning with an uninteresting love triangle, doesn't succeed.
Gossip Girls', Ed Westwick makes his runway debut at the Phillip Plein fashion show
oomf --> kinda looks like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girls.. Them eyes!! *-* lol
The only good thing about boyfriend being on CQ is that I can watch Gossip Girls without the constant badgering that Chuck Bass is the most unrealistic annoying character ever.
Good-bye Gossip Girls, but there's still sex in the CW city - Philadelphia Inquirer
" I'm Chuck Bass, even your pants know what that means" lol Gossip Girls chick bass rocks!
Blake Lively = hot hot hot hot hot! Dude, I watch Gossip Girls sometimes just to see her. Look through the slideshow and I'm sure you'll all be voting "hot" after it.
Whitt Stillman Tonight, I saw a really delightful movie, Mr. Stillman's "Damsels In Distress. He is the guy who did 'Manhattan' many years ago, the sort of prequel to Gossip Girls. 'Damsels' is something refreshing, a literate satire with very witty dialogue, nothing really salacious, but a clever, funny fluff of a movie. It concerns (the concerns) of four talkative, attractive college girls who run a suicide prevention center at a posh eastern university. And thats it. If you like intelligent satire (and who in FB doesn't) catch this one.
I don't know what I'll do if Gossip Girls end. I won't be able to watch Chace Crawford on a weekly basis anymore ='(
Not only did lady gaga and paris hilton go to the same school.. But that school was also used to film "Gossip Girls"
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Gossip Girls' Leighton Meester is typically an example of pictureperfect
Japanese comics: Death Note, Card captor,Skip Beat, Alice. so many USA tv:House,Gossip Girls i used to watch Prisonbreak too
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