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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Penn Badgley Chuck Bass Dan Humphrey Blair Waldorf Nate Archibald Blake Lively Bart Bass Upper East Siders Jenny Humphrey Georgina Sparks John Tucker Must Die Gilmore Girls Ugly Betty Veronica Mars Ed Westwick Jessica Szohr

Blair Waldorf and Nathaniel Archibald really carried Gossip Girl on their backs for 6 seasons. ICONIC
Surely I can't be the only one that thinks Hannah from 13 Reasons Why looks like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl 👀
I'm sure none of them (the target audience) were as mean as Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl or Lambe Turah's "sources".
When Bart Bass is more successful than our "President". -X.O.X.O., Gossip Girl.
[ I should completely move on from Gossip Girl and stop sending death threat to the Alloy Entertainment and CW TV ]
Channels the 'Bad B**ches' of 'Mean Girls,' 'Gossip Girl' and
Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl. ● prettiest girl on the Upper East Side . ● get herself into trouble all the ti…
they better not. Gossip Girl needs to be left on to introduce our youth to the Upper Eastside
I love Serena Van der Woodsen's (Blake Lively in Gossip Girl) Grecian look - she looked like a modern Greek goddess…
Georgina Sparks was lowkey the best character on Gossip Girl don't even @ me
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Gossip Girl!
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Gossip Girl!
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Gossip Girl!
You were great in Gossip Girl, John Tucker Must Die, Easy A, The Stepfather, Margin Call, and Greetings from Tim Buckley.
*watches Gossip Girl for the 8th time* . Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. Me:
SPOTTED (Gossip Girl reference 😂) at the historic Roosevelt Hotel on Madison and 45th. We loved…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
in the immortal words of Charles "Chuck" Bass, Gossip Girl season 3 episode 20... "Judge away. Shame turns me on"
I'm getting back into Gossip Girl and it's really bad bc there's no way that it isn't going to eat my life. As always.
*watches Gossip Girl for the 8th time* . *Chuck and Blair get into a fight*. Me:
Clique, watch Clique on Bbc3 tomorrow & it's awesome. Imagine they crossed Secret History with Gossip Girl & Miss Jean Brodie
I was just called basic twice within 5 minutes for watching Gossip Girl. I might put some uggs on too and go get me a pumpkin spice latte.
Gossip Girl was trending i nearly died i thought there was gonna be a reunion or smth but then i remembered Penn Badgley got married
'Gossip Girl' Star Penn Badgley Is Married to Domino Kirke -- See the Pic! via
A Brooklyn wedding for this original Gossip Girl star:
Lonely boy no more – Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley gets married:
'Gossip Girl' star Penn Badgley just got married:
One of the Gossip Girl boys just got married:
Why did it take 3 seasons of the Liberty Report for me to realize Sally Langston is Gossip Girl?
I don't know if I prefer Ed Westwick in Gossip Girl or Chalet girl
Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of midland park's elite. 💋
"It’s got the mystery of Veronica Mars...and the eye candy of Gossip Girl... It’s total teen drama perfection.". https:…
Kellyanne Conway reminds me of when Jenna Maroney got a role on Gossip Girl as the mom but she thought she was playing the tee…
What better way to start 2017 than watching Gossip Girl for the 4th time through, channelling my inner Serena van d…
How do I get Nate Archibald to do the things he does on Gossip Girl to me?
Right now I want to be in my bed watching Gossip Girl eating McDonald's wishing Nate Archibald would fall in love me ... not at work 😩
Are we really supposed to believe Nate Archibald doesn't end up with anyone at the end of Gossip Girl? Like...
Which actress nearly played Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl?
is bananas in the best way - comparisons to Twin Peaks, Dawson's Creek, Gossip Girl, OC all fair, but it defies cat…
Melrose Place c. 1990 is WILD. Gossip Girl who? Degrassi who? One Tree Hill WHO?¿¿???
Gossip Girl: One thing is certain on the Upper East Side: what goes around comes around.
it’s been years since Gossip Girl ended but Chuck Bass still has my heart
I love 'Gossip Girl'! I still miss 'Veronica Mars,' though.
3. Chuck Bass // Gossip Girl. •idk why y'all idolize this abusive piece of garbage. •sold Blair for a hotel?. •manipulat…
Gossip Girl - Some how binge watched a whole lot of this trash but I think it was my problematic love for Chuck Bas…
Just your regularly scheduled reminder that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl the entire time and everything you knew was a lie.
I think the writers of Gossip Girl hate Chase Crawford because Nate Archibald is a 0/10
me thinking about a Gossip Girl movie
In very sad news, 'Gossip Girl' and 'Ugly Betty' actress Lisa Lynn Masters is dead at 52
Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty star Lisa Lynn Masters is found dead in ... - OK! Magazine
Use to act as Dan Humphrey for the tv show Gossip Girl
everybody knows. Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl. What would be the point? I guessed that in the first 3 episodes
Cyrus was one of my favorite characters in Gossip Girl
"I have done things that I am not proud of." . Returning Serena VDW. Here to plot SLs related to Gossip Girl. Ships wi…
Fun fact: Chace Crawford (who plays Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl), was born in Lubbock, Texas.
Gossip Girl here! A little bird told me that Penn Badgley's celebrating his big 30! Happy Birthday!. You know you love me,. x…
Gossip Girl: Sometimes, looking for answers only leads to more questions. And sometimes, you're better off not knowing.
The thanksgiving episodes of gossip girl are the best
{Mikey is jealous because I'm further into Gossip Girl than he is
Why go out on Halloween weekend when you can stay in your dorm with migraines & fevers watching two seasons of gossip girl am I right
To re watch Gossip Girl or re watch Gossip Girl🤔 decisions, decisions
Entering season 3 of Gossip Girl, the writers committed the murder of Serena van der Woodsen. Her character is repetitive and kinda boring.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm finally in a bed and I can't sleep xoxo gossip girl
Wow can't believe I finished all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl I'm lowkey sad now 😩
Jenny became my least favorite character in Gossip Girl. But she learned everything bad from Blair
And now im going to drunkenly watch gossip girl
rewatching gossip girl makes me realize that I need spice in my life
I'm only on episode 3 of gossip girl and I'm already crying go me
I loved the Gossip Girl ad campaign
Spotted: J in line, ready for food or to fight? XOXO Gossip Girl
Season one of gossip girl was kinda lit
So the girl who played Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl was the young Cindy Lou Who? 😳🤔
RIP to my GPA since I decided to start Gossip Girl for the second time :-)
Everyone is out at Halloween parties, and I'm sitting at home binge watching gossip girl. 😂
Chuck and Blair had me on an emotional rollercoaster throughout Gossip Girl
Looks like it's just me and gossip girl tonight!
Always and forever I am so basic for gossip girl
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I feel bad because I literally tell Elijah all my problems and gossip bc I have no girl friends
I wish I'd never seen gossip girl so I could watch it for the first time again.
I honestly have more clothes in my closet than she has in Gossip Girl. Truly.
I wanna host a party like the ones from Gossip Girl lol but I don't got it like that.
Looks like someone's ghost of tricks past have come back to haunt this Halloween. you know you love me. xoxo go…
*When a friend of mine says they've started watching Gossip Girl*
My girl party remind me of that gossip girl episode where they broke into the school pool. 😍
The Driver: Where to Mr. Vidal?. You: The Airport ✈️. I'm watching Gossip Girl now. We're like Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.
Wishing I attended parties in Upper East Manhattan like the ones in Gossip Girl.
Role plays gossip girl every time we get drunk.
can't sleep so I guess I'm rewatching Gossip Girl again
The scene in Gossip Girl at the rooftop party and Good Girls Go Bad is playing, I'm like yas Leighton, it's yo…
The guys graduation gowns in Gossip Girl are really ugly. The girls ones aren't that bad, but the guys ones are ugly.
The lads in Gossip Girl genuinely have better eyebrows than the girls do
Valley Girls, aka the best Gossip Girl episode
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You earned it. Ludwig, Alexander Richard (You wish we hadn't been Bjorn.) Go on, Gossip Girl. 141Alul.
Gossip Girl here, your only source to the lives of the Gamma Alpha…
Wife is watching Gossip Girl, Wallace Shawn appears. I point him out and she remembers him from Princess Bride. Thank you netflix.
A lot of people say about 'Gossip Girl,' 'Well, how do you feel about ...
Is it just me or do Sebastian Stan (in his Gossip Girl era) and Conor Maynard look scary alike? Like come on! 😩
Take any VO line from Gossip Girl, add WILL, you have Hannibal. Has our bad girl really gone good, Will? Or is it all just…
Actual nothing worse than the Dan/Vanessa/Lizzie Maguire threesome in Gossip Girl
There was a Gossip Girl reunion at last night's Emmys party! Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr posed with...
My internal monologue is just Gossip Girl voiced by Kristen Bell
Spotted: Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick in Manchester for *** remake - Manchester Evening News
Gossip Girl: Memory is subjective. Memories can be embellished. Or denied. But as James Frey knows all too well, the truth always comes out.
"I hate him because he ruined Gossip Girl for me!" 😂
I would have never guessed who gossip girl was !!
Can't believe I'm watching gossip girl all over again for the 3rd time 😕
Feeling personally victimised after rewatching the gossip girl pilot and having their identity THROWN IN MY FACE
I'm about to finish Gossip Girl, I feel like i'm getting broken up with wtfff :-(
I finished gossip girl and now I feel like my life is over 😭😭
2am and Dana and I are sitting in front of our fridge watching gossip girl. Why
I wanna sleep but gossip girl is so good
I've started watching Gossip Girl for the third time and I still really hate Vanessa
Be careful, S. Tough waters ahead. Looks like you're getting more than what you've bargained for. . xoxo gossip girl http…
I was thinking where are the Gwens and Gossip Girl actresses of this world
My life is gonna be over after this last episode of Gossip girl 😩😩😩😩
This whole look is SO Gossip Girl I can't cope. >>>
I've just watched episode S05E20 of Gossip Girl!
I finished gossip girl and I'm so sad
I wish there was a new show like gossip girl
They wear $20,000 outfits in gossip girl but they can't put real liquids in their cups?
Ha it's my birthday and I'm hungover and I seen Gossip Girl in the flesh last night.
Dorota was my favorite character from Gossip Girl
Doesn't go to sleep though and keeps watching Gossip girl -xoxo
Shahid Kapoor and Mira haven't named their baby girl as yet, here's why!
When you turn your bf into a Gossip Girl fan😂
She's the ultimate fashion It Girl. Just like Blake Lively's character in Gossip Girl brought to like with Extra
Yes but my gossip girl heart will always want Dan Humphrey to be w her 😭
you know you love me. Xoxo Gossip Girl
RelNews: Inbetweeners duo join Gossip Girl star for new sitcom -Digital Spy-
Gossip Girl: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley … What are they now? - The Stopru
Seeing Hillary Duff on Gossip Girl brings back memories of me watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie over and over cause I loved it so much.
. In the TV series 'Gossip Girl', Serena's style was based off Kate Moss and Blair's off Anna Wintour and Audrey…
Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Kelly Rutherford, and Margaret Colin are the best actors on Gossip Girl
Blake Lively on 'Gossip Girl' reunion: 'It would be fun' - Annie Martin LOS ANGELES, July 27 (UPI) -- Blake Liv...
I just remembered that in line at the concert I walked past a guy that looked EXACTLY like Dan from Gossip Girl so that was pretty nice
Maria Tika Sumpter is the girl who played Raina Thorpe on Gossip Girl 😮❤
I'm starting Gossip Girl over...AGAIN. What is wrong with me?!?
normal girls on Netflix: Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl. me: Family Guy, BMS, South Park
IA! I only know Gossip Girl from clips lol, but I always thought he was hot. On and offscreen. :3
Gossip Girl. 2007-2012. Rich white teenagers doin w/e they want & anon stalker subs them all day. cons:Jenny Humphrey
Jenny Humphrey finds a way to get under my skin in every episode of Gossip Girl
Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl really pisses me off.
Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl is so cute
Lol my life. Hilary duff and Tyra Banks in Gossip Girl. I love it.
Team green had a great Region 14 in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. Gossip Girl and Lei Han Hong- Top Five HA...
23 ways that Gossip Girl would be a completely different show if they set it in 2016
Gossip Girl might be over but he's still got it 😍
Gossip Girl: The thing about new beginnings is that they require something else to end.
Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. We all wanted to be Blair for her money and for her man. Daddy
So me and met Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl 😍
Didn't sleep last night because I realized William Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl was a Baldwin but wasnt 100% sure and couldn't google it
Spot The Palace Hotel owned by Bart Bass and was Serena's temporary home on Gossip Girl
Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary, was the cover model for a 2005 Gossip Girl book
Actress Willa Holland from 'Arrow' and 'Gossip Girl' was born she's 25 today!
I have this strange desire to watch Gossip Girl. I don't know why but I am going to indulge.
Ed Westwick and Chuck Bass rather than Edwin Chadwick and Charles Booth.. *** you Gossip Girl
Every penny from 'Gossip Girl,' my pension, my stocks has been spent f...
After a long, hot summer away I see it didn't take you long to dirty up the clean slates I gave you. My inbox is overflowing.-Gossip Girl
So now that summer has started I can finish Gossip Girl 😇
Chair | Gossip Girl. -TRUE MEANING OF RELATIONSHIP GOALS. -they're both so fancy and hot. -king n queen of manhattan
Why am I watching Gossip Girl and not studying for my Econ final?
"what's Gilmore Girls again? I get it confused with Gossip Girl and Golden Girls" you're so close
One of my favourite Franz Ferdinand songs just popped into the Gossip Girl soundtrack. Unashamedly love this show.
Yeah, 'Gossip Girl' is a good show. It's a real New York show, like 'Sex an...
Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn) in Gossip Girl saying "Look, it's the Princess Bride!" may have just been the best thing to happen all night.
John Tucker Must Die meets Gossip Girl in a weird way. Loving it.
One Tree Hill, Friends, Gossip Girl, How to get Away with Murder, Nurse Jackie, Hemlock Grove. Just to name a few lol
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I need Canadian Netflix to bring Gossip Girl back.
I just completed a new chapter of Marc's story in Gossip Girl: Party! What about you? Girl Party
I'm sorry, but Taylor Swift looks like "Little J" from Gossip Girl at the Met Gala... And I'm not too sure if I'm a fan of it…
Rainbow's A/Sunshine/Black Swan/Gossip Girl are some of the most underrated songs from one of the most underrated girl groups of all time
I've never seen Veronica Mars. But I have been binge-watching Gossip Girl. I think that entered my subconscious lol.
Had a Gossip Girl day today. I forgot how good GG can be. Also how hot is ? Plus I kinda ship Blair and Dan together. Woops!
execute the plot of Gossip Girl on me... my heart forever
Apparently, Geminis as a Gossip Girl character would be Georgina Sparks and I've never hated myself as much as I do now.
I really wanna rewatch Gossip Girl in the summer, but I felt empty/depressed after I rewatched Gilmore Girls this year, so idk...
I cringe every time Gossip Girl brings back Georgina Sparks
-her exboyfriend; Penn Badgley. They'd been through the whole surge in a Gossip Girl fandom, they'd weathered the craziness of it all along-
I am a great fan of Gossip Girl but most of . I hope you'll like my account
I had a dream that I was dating Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl last night... Wow, I think I've become a true fan
Hello Upper East Siders, sources tell me that Blair Waldorf is pregnant... you know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl https:/…
we are living in a real life season of Gossip Girl and I’m ok with that
Website Builder 728x90
Hey Upper East Siders. Your favorite best friends are in town. More updates will be coming soon. . XOXO, Gossip Girl
The guy who played Rufus from Gossip Girl is the son of Dorothy Zbornak from Golden Girls, fascinating
Blake Lively hold her sweet pup, Penn, on the set of Gossip Girl! Georgina Penelope and (Amanda Setton)!
Finished the entire series of Gossip Girl and now I don't know what to do without my favorite Upper East Siders 😫
Am i the one who's still hung up on 90210 and Gossip Girl?
Good afternoon, Upper East Siders - gossipgirlrpxo: I bet you’re wondering what Gossip Girl has been doing...
Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, rumor has it Madie and…
Thanksgiving may be over but I hear that our favourite Upper East Siders are still cooking something up. -Gossip Girl
This article makes Crikey sound like the Australian politics version of Gossip Girl.
Finished for the day and excited to get home, have a bath and watch some Gossip Girl 🛁
All my mind screams when I'm watching Gossip Girl is Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean
So Lonely Boy is Gossip Girl, eh? Didn't see that coming, but it all makes perfect sense
Im so blair from Gossip Girl soo Darth Vadar
Watchin Chalet Girl is makin me NEED to re-watch Gossip Girl & OTH forreal
After finishing the series of Greys Anatomy,Gossip Girl,Fuller House,Pretty Little Liars, and OUAT I've realized that Netflix is boring
don't act like you aren't on the last episode of season three of Gossip Girl, finish that up first 😂
Gossip Girl was subbing Dan pretty much in every episode
I love watching Beverly Hills 90210, 90210, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill. I can literally watch it 1,000 times and n…
See ALL the times Blake Lively dressed just like Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen right here:
Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are some of the best shows you will ever watch
When you start the last season of Gossip Girl 💁🏼
I watched a whole season of Gossip Girl in one day... I have a problem
Who needs friends when you have 6 seasons of Gossip Girl and a season of Jane the Virgin in Netflix.
I would pay the producers of Gossip Girl to make one last season
my brother just started Gossip Girl; he's barely on season 1 episode 7 and he's already obsessed 😂😂
Starting my final season of Gossip Girl.😞
Mood: 1st season Serena throwing out her phone in the middle of 5th ave because someone wrote something mean about her on Gossip Girl
All I ask for is another season of Gossip Girl
The highlight of today was sleeping for 4 hours and going through a season of Gossip Girl lol
I love them! I've got to catch up on TVD and Gossip Girl! I'm only about to start season 6 of TVD
Might have to start Gossip Girl solely so I can consistently have Blake Lively and all the other smokes in my life
Found out the brother from John Tucker Must Die is Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl and I kinda wanna throw up
One of my friends friends is on a train with Penn Badgley (Dan from Gossip Girl) who's asleep and I'm losing it.
The older I get the more I relate to Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl
We're out to dinner at a nice sushi restaurant and I feel like the Dan Humphrey of this Gossip Girl episode.
I'm in season five of Gossip Girl and Dan Humphrey needs to cut his hair
I'm still angry that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl.
Blair is pretty much the only character I actually like in Gossip Girl (& Eric is alright too I guess)
Oh no.. I've reached the final episode of Gossip Girl again ;_;
Top 20, favourite character of all time; . 18. Georgina Sparks - Gossip Girl .
Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl is the equivalent to Umbridge.
Sometimes I feel like I'm having déjà vu when watching Gossip Girl because of watching it on the TV while I'm on the laptop😂
One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and Parenthood are the golden 3
I'm re-watching Gossip Girl and they're using Paparazzi as background music right now.
I'm making plans to meet up with when I'm back in London, whilst binge-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and how times change
You know you've been watching too much Gossip Girl when you dream of Chase Crawford helping you make an ex u broke up with ages ago jealous.
Gossip Girl: And while new journeys can start with a single step, they can end just as quickly with a single misstep.
Gossip Girl: One thing about being on top of the world? It gives you a long, long way to fall.
.Gossip Girl with and is everything:
Blair and Chuck at that random Bar Mitzvah was the happiness scene of Gossip Girl ever
Gossip Girl: The problems start when we refuse to let change happen, and cling to old habits.
I just started watching. It's like Gossip Girl, only instead of vying for control of the Upper East Side, it's England.
I'm pretty sure my headmaster is Bart Bass from Gossip Girl.
only real Gossip Girl fans know about this painting
7 years ago today hanging with Chanel Iman on Gossip Girl ep 2.20 "Remains of the J."
Okay I'm only on episode 2 of Gossip Girl (Don't judge me) but why does everyone like Chuck Bass? He's more of a jerk than Alex Rodriguez.
Remember that one time I met Connor Paolo from Gossip Girl but didn't realize it until 5 days later :-)
Can we have a Gossip Girl themed party? I need to dress Billy like Chuck Bass.
Saw and met the Impractical Jokers and stood next to Bart Bass from Gossip Girl.. Successful night!
I thought Dan and Blair together in Gossip Girl was the worst relationship in history but now Spencer and Caleb togeth…
when I'm talking to someone who's just started Gossip Girl and they are like "I really like Dan and hate Chuck" I'm like…
Seems like S has no respect when it comes to relationships, should you girls be worried about her trying to take your man? -Gossip Girl 💋
I love Gossip Girl but I realize that the show had no poc. The only two black girls, 1 lasted a few episodes and the other was white passing
should I start Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or 30 Rock on Netflix?
In need of a new Netflix series.. Jane the Virgin, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Grey's have sadly been c…
Wake me up when they reboot "Gossip Girl" but set it 25 years in the future so Mary-Louise Parker can play Blair Waldorf
*looking at dresses*. Kayla: that could be cute . Me: yea if you're Blair Waldorf. Kayla: I don't know Harry Potter . ???Gossip Girl???
I feel like any girls could bond over Gossip Girl lmao I've never heard of someone who doesn't like that show
Valley Girls -S2E24 of Gossip Girl was a potential pilot episode for a spinoff with Brittany Snow + Krysten Ritter http…
Gossip Girl taught me two things: 1. Always dress to kill 2. Dont settle for anyone less than Chuck Bass
greatest moment in Gossip Girl history
Three years after the end of Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are taking on another f
|| this applies to all accounts. Also, I might change my Face to Jessica Szohr to stay in the Gossip Girl thing.
Gossip Girl: Time to present the world with a better version of you. Which could mean facing your future... and forgetting p…
Gossip Girl makes me want to pack up and move to New York City
My children will be named after Harry Potter, Friday Night Lights, and Gossip Girl characters (and cast members)
I wish gossip girl had more than 7 seasons bc I miss it so much
watching gossip girl for the fourth time you would think I would be emotionally okay.. nope
Pretty Little Liars, 90210, gossip girl, how to get away with murder, how I met your mother
Wanted to watch Gossip Girl.. Randomly picked the episode where Chuck and Blair broke up.. Now I'm in tears.. Great :)
first we finish htgawm!!! But then >:) I'm all in for gossip girl and chill💕
Favorite Gossip Girl character is Blair Waldorf who wins by a landslide! ❤️
everyone who loves gossip girl PLEASE WATCH THE OC you'll love it too both are made by josh schwartz
Ive read like every fanfic and I'm watching gossip girl and all i can think about is how serena is Dani Murphy from 7:15 -E
I physically cannot stop watching gossip girl
I miss being pregnant lying in bed all day watching gossip girl
My 2 fav bring it ons are on Netflix but I finished gossip girl so what do I do once I've watched it all..
one of the more iconic photos of Gossip Girl
The most heartbreaking scene of gossip girl. Crying every time I see it.😍❤️😭
This trip to New York inspired me to watch gossip girl again!
I like to think of it as being written with a 90's feel but a 21st century aesthetic. Like Dawson's Creek meets Gossip Girl!
Hate the writers of Gossip Girl for making Dan some sort of prize. . Dan >> Nate any day of the week. I hate Serena and what this show does.
Blake Lively, also of Gossip Girl, broke up with Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl and wed Ryan Reynolds, who she met on the set of Green Lantern
Why we will always be in love with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (
Chuck & Blair put me on an emotional roller coaster throughout Gossip Girl
girl at H&M told my boyfriend he looks sort of like Chuck Bass, so obviously I have to watch Gossip Girl tonight
Donald Trump is basically a real life Bart Bass ( + extreme racism, sexism).for those who have seen Gossip Girl.
"Nick Carraway is Gossip Girl" is something I just wrote in my class notes.
When Bart Bass falls off the building before the series finale looks so fake. x o x o - Gossip Girl ❤️
28 times Blake Lively dressed EXACTLY like Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen:
SPOTED: Serena van der Woodsen with a new bff?! Watch out Queen B, you've been replaced. Xoxo, Gossip Girl 💋
Bart Bass is literally one of my least favourite characters in anything ever. . Gossip Girl is life though.
Gossip Girl 6x10 - Chuck asks Blair to marry him "Blair Cornelia Waldorf will you marry me"
Apparently Ed Westwick confirmed they're shooting season 7 of Gossip Girl and apparently I'm sitting in my bed with te…
just realized Dan from Gossip Girl is Scott from John Tucker Must Die!!!
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When you think you're safe watching Gossip Girl and then you remember Nate Archibald's beautiful face
Spotted: Nate Archibald and a mysterious brunette. Careful N, we hear she bites. XOXO. - Gossip Girl 💋
Kelly Rutherford's Instagram consists of a ton of awesome quotes. I feel like she's just as sweet in real life as she is in Gossip Girl.
I just realized that Bucky Barnes from the Captain America series is Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl
If you loved Gossip Girl, The Royals is a must watch 👑
Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, House of Cards, The Good Wife, The Vampire Diaries...lots to watch 💜
i have to be up in a few hours and i'm up watching Gossip Girl and messing w Frank's hair smh
"Couture and canapé are just another Saturday night until you add a mask". XOXO - Gossip Girl 💋💋…
I first read this in his voice as if he was screaming at the TV during an intense Gossip Girl or Grey's scene.
Just me, a bottle of Cab Sav, Gossip Girl and my couch. .
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