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Gordon Hayward

Gordon Daniel Hayward (born March 23, 1990) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Gordon Hayward injury update: Boston Celtics star out of hard cast, has begun shooting out of a chair
We're not getting past the Wizards without Gordon Hayward... Especially b/c John Wall & Beal are so…
10-27 NBA Playoffs 2016: Utah Jazz leaders Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors should
Gordo-Harde-Mull (Gordon Hayward comb-over, Harden beard and Billy Ray Cyrus mullet)
Kevin Durant's live reaction to watching Gordon Hayward's injury.
Celtics have chosen to part ways with Gordon Hayward. He receives an injury settlement and becomes a free agent yet again. Tough break.
With the injuries to Gordon Hayward for Boston and Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose, how do you thi…
Gordon Hayward take solace in we’ve seen Paul George any may others come back from a setback. Cry tonite and weary,then…
Gordon Hayward injury casts pall over opening night thriller.
Celtics fans when they were making fun of Derrick Rose's knees 10 minutes ago and then Gordon Hayward snaps his whole ankle…
Bruh, Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Lin, now Derrick Rose? Basketball out to get everybody this season
Derrick Rose having flashbacks when Gordon Hayward broke his leg
I'm not gonna lie. I was out of the room when Gordon Hayward got injured. I saw everybody praying and quiet and I said…
But why they had to do Gordon Hayward like that though?! 😳😩☠️
First Brandon Knight, then Gordon Hayward and now Jeremy Lin all out for the season. What is going on man
Season ending sports injuries in the month of October so far:. Aaron Rodgers. OBJ. Gordon Hayward. Jeremy Lin. JJ Watt. Dalv…
Really sad news about Gordon Hayward. . Even more sad is the lack of attention Jeremy Lin's season ending injury is getting.
Jaylen Brown has been stepping up for his team in the aftermath of losing Gordon Hayward.
Regarding non-Gordon Hayward topics, Dustin Pedroia and Red Sox fans both need to ease up. via
Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin have gotten injured so far this season. What’s going on?!?!
Gordon Hayward has a message for Celtics Nation.
Gordon Hayward is a lock to win most improved player next year. See we can all play the jinx game Billy.
Kobe Bryant with a powerful message for Gordon Hayward on Instagram
Kobe Bryant shares some wise words for Gordon Hayward and his injury. 🙏
WARNING GRAPHIC. Gordon Hayward with one of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen
Don't look at the Gordon Hayward story if you're not prepared to see a horrible ankle break
So far in the NBA: . Bobby Portis broke his teammate, Nikola Mirotic's face. Gordon Hayward injured . Cavs win in a tight one
Hate when these prima donna athletes sign a big contract and fake an injury like Gordon Hayward did.
Isaiah Thomas visits Gordon Hayward in locker room after injury
Isaiah Thomas has been in the locker room with Gordon Hayward while he's receiving treatment. ✊🏽. (via
Prayers up for Gordon Hayward man...can't wish injury upon anyone
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We just lost Gordon Hayward and Ed Sheeran in one day😞 RIP in pieces
Beautiful to see the athlete community socially rally around Gordon Hayward with outstanding messages of sympathy and hop…
Gordon Hayward gets standing ovation by Cavs crowd has he gets stretchered off the court
The Celtics lose Gordon Hayward to a grotesque leg injury just six minutes in to the 2017-18 NBA season.
Gordon Hayward was stretchered off the court in the first quarter after a gruesome leg injury.
Kyrie Irving said that they were able to reset Gordon Hayward's foot while he was still on the floor.bit of good news
Gordon Hayward with an injury I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Absolutely brutal.
Gordon Hayward didn’t deserve that man hope he gets well soon
Mann! Prayers for Gordon Hayward... first game as a Celtic and looks like he's out for season.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon Hayward.
Awful scene as Gordon Hayward goes down with a brutal leg injury.
Dwyane Wade’s reaction to Gordon Hayward’s broken leg is all you need to see
Hope Gordon Hayward has a quick recovery 🙏🏾
*** for gordon hayward. And there goes the celtics chance at the playoffs. but perhaps im speaking too soon.
Here's the video of Gordon Hayward breaking his leg. Don't watch if you have a weak stomach.
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Whenever it is that Gordon Hayward comes back and makes the All-Star game and wins a title in Boston. He will be a Bost…
Damnn Gordon Hayward's injury. 😩🚫 already the worst injury of the season on the opening night.
Officials tell me Gordon Hayward is being flown via MedFlight to Boston. He will then be taken to NE Baptist Hosp in Bos…
Celtics players group together right after Gordon Hayward’s injury.
I feel like Gordon Hayward was the sacrificial lamb to unite Boston and Cleveland for a minute before a civil war broke out
I feel bad for Gordon Hayward he was going to do big things this year with Kyrie . It’s sad to see that he had to go out…
Feel so bad for Gordon Hayward right now.. Spend all offseason working your *** off to get hurt like that in the 1st quarter.…
GRAPHIC WARNING! Gordon Hayward breaks his leg nasty... Celtics season looking much different not even 6 minutes into t…
Gordon Hayward breaks his ankle and all skip bayless can think about is Lebron
Lebron James, D-Wade, Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas all visited the locker room to check up on Gordon Hayward.
LeBron gives Gordon Hayward some words of encouragement following his injury.
The bench reaction is all you need to know about Gordon Hayward’s injury
Thoughts go out to Gordon Hayward following a fractured ankle.
Gordon Hayward’s Boston Ward RS compassionate service needs to step up and take care of his family. They would in Utah.…
Can't even put into words. Gordon Hayward. Feeling for you man. Absolutely gut wrenching.
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Celtics announced Gordon Hayward diagnosed with fractured left ankle.
Reaction from Cavs bench immediately after Gordon Hayward falls
The Cavs bench reaction after Gordon Hayward fell.
Celtics announce Gordon Hayward has a fractured left ankle
After a medical evaluation by Celtics/Cavs medical personnel Gordon Hayward has been diagnosed w/ a fractur…
These reactions to Gordon Hayward's injury tell you everything you need to know.
Wow. Brutal fractured tib-fib for Gordon Hayward. Prayers for quick healing!
Lebron James just went into Cavs locker room where Gordon Hayward is receiving medical attention
Gordon Hayward goes down with 6:45 left in 1st. I don't need a doctor to tell me his season is over. Players walked away…
If Gordon Hayward is gone, maybe for the season, LeBron's path to losing a sixth finals gets even easier.
Orthopaedic surgeon and sports injury commentator gives his take on the gruesome ankle injury of
Your leg is not supposed to look Iike that. My god. Seriously. Thoughts and prayers to Gordon Hayward.
Yes, already depressed by seeing Gordon Hayward get hurt in the NBA opener.
LeBron played good. Gordon Hayward broke his leg. Jake Crowder is a savage. Kyrie got booed. are losing. Bobby Portis is 2 savage
Celtics' Gordon Hayward helped off by medical staff after appearing to break his ankle
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Can we make it a law not to post the Gordon Hayward break cause I'm about to boot every time I see it.
So wait, y’all can make fun of Derrick Rose for tearing his ACL every year, but not Gordon Hayward
Oh man prayers go out to Boston's Gordon Hayward that was terrible.
Brad Stevens confirms that he will start Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford tonight again…
Brad Stevens say’s the likely Celtics lineup against the Cavs will be:. Kyrie Irving. Jaylen Brown. Gordon Hayward. Jayson…
I got James harden, Gordon Hayward, and draymond green
Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward introduced for the first time as members of the Boston Celtics. 🍀.
Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving ushering in new era of Boston Celtics basketball -
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward introduced as Boston Celtics for the first time at TD Garden. This is weird.
Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving appreciate how much time put into making sure players get proper recovery time https…
Outtakes from a tennis session with Gordon Hayward by
The Fenway crowd welcomed new Celtics forward Gordon Hayward to Boston.
New Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward throws out first pitch at Red Sox game
Is your story on C's Gordon Hayward in this week's magazine or just an online story?
Gordon Hayward is the best tennis player in the NBA (by
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Gordon Hayward, the accidental NBA star, is still close to his tennis roots (by
Celtics have jersey showcase tonight in Boston. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward expected to show off new threads. https:/…
Pillars inside North Station have been updated with life-size photos of Kyrie Irving & Gordon Hayward. . ☘
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward landed in Boston this summer. and also made the top 30 of the
Jokic being ranked at 16 puts him above bonafide stars in Damian Lillard, DeMarcus Cousins, Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward, and Kyle Lowry.
Al Horford & Gordon Hayward will be attending tonight's Boston premiere of the movie "Stronger" as Jake Gyllenhaal's g…
Crowder isn't a Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward. Always acted as if he was ent…
So Paul George and Gordon Hayward being called cowards is not the same as Durant being called a coward?
I don't know you but I've seen how fans reacted to Gordon Hayward and Paul George leav…
Gordon Hayward is better than Larry Bird lol
Dame, Conley, klay, Paul George, cousins, beal, Gordon Hayward, kemba, gasol, john wall, Towns are all better than…
Tom Brady to Gordon Hayward: 👋. Gordon Hayward to Tom Brady: sorry bro, still a fan.
Deff means Gordon Hayward not aaron gordon... Right? Lol
Gordon Hayward is going to get locked up. Al Horford is a Non factor. Kyrie mig…
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford have to be the most handsome Big 3 in professional sports history
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
And who is guarding Lebron? Gordon Hayward can get dunked on. So can Al Horford
This *** Kyrie left Bron & K Love to play with Gordon Hayward & Al Horford 😂😂
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics. . Catch their introduction on ESPN2/here:
Gordon Hayward: "I'm excited to get the season started". Kyrie Irving: "It's gonna be crazy, G"
Celtics will introduce Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward tomorrow morning at the TD Garden at 11 a.m. with Ainge, Stevens and…
Gordon Hayward & Kyrie Irving looking good in green & white together 👏🏼🍀 pumped for the season
I liked a video The Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward!
BOSTON – Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward engaged in genial banter Friday morning...
Brad Stevens drawing plays up for Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward this coming year
When Kyrie Irving found out Gordon Hayward was going to share the Celtics press conference with him.
Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving go way back. 😂
when Gordon Hayward switches onto JR Smith in the home opener
John Stockton, Pete Maravich, Gordon Hayward, Karl Malone, Mark Eaton . is a top 10 team
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum are clearly Boston's big additions, but 25-year-old Daniel Theis could be…
sister tragic death. Gordon Hayward paid he's dues as well and decided to do what's best for him and family. Put in the work…
Derrick Rose is a Cav. . Gordon Hayward is in Boston. Carmelo Anthony...still hasn't been moved.
Boston now has Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving. The Celtics were close to the finals last season, they'l…
Celtics fans when Kyrie Irving misses an open Gordon Hayward to take a contested 360 layup
How awesome would it be if Riley got Paul George and Gordon Hayward both in Miami ?
It's crazy how a "wack" Melo has the same stats as a prime Paul George and prime Gordon Hayward but I'm sleep
Chris Paul got sonned by Gordon Hayward and Joe Johnson.
Check his stats he had a similar season to Paul George and Gordon Hayward and they got 90’s...
He should be an 88 look at Gordon Hayward and Paul George's stats from last season and look at their averages
Gordon Hayward is an 88 & Paul George is a 91 while Carmelo Anthony is an 84 lmao
How come Gordon Hayward,Paul George,Writes a thank you note to the city they left,And you did…
Paul George, Gordon Hayward and Isaiah Thomas would make the Celtics the top team in the East over LeBron's Cavs.
Gordon Hayward leaving Utah, Utah not going for Paul Millsap, Utah not beefing up the bench.
DONT BE A Lebron James, a Paul George, a Chris Paul, and a Gordon Hayward. Stay where you are and be unhappy.
"I give you about 4 weeks before you're a huge Tom Brady fan.". Brad Stevens warns Gordon Hayward of the inevitable:
Brad Stevens gives Gordon Hayward a heads up as he enters his first yr in Boston: You WILL become a Tom Brady fan…
2017-18 schedule released, including first matchups for Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, ... - Check it out at…
Mark your 📆. A look at the first time Gordon Hayward, CP3 and Paul George will don their new jerseys on TNT!
You could convince me into Adrian Dantley or Gordon Hayward instead if Andrei. And maybe Gobert over Eaton
Gordon Hayward frustrated by the way Jazz handled his 2014 free agency
Nene, Lamarcus Aldridge, Joakim Noah, Gordon Hayward, and Dario Saric are scrubs anyways
Took Zack's mop head and made this dude into Gordon Hayward
Kind of want to BBQ but can't until this Gordon Hayward mess sorted out
Gordon Hayward is the 9,000th example of why The Decision was actually a good idea
When Gordon Hayward is stinking it up and you can't call him a ***
Happy birthday to the Bucs, THEN I will give Gordon Hayward if Celtics fans expect him to only 3-4 in Finals.
The grass may not be greener for Gordon Hayward... goes in deep on this one.
Gordon Hayward is quite literally the definition of "I'll have her home by 9" to "she calls me daddy now"
Safe to say Isaiah Thomas was excited about the Gordon Hayward signing...
I keep forgetting Gordon Hayward signed to the Celtics😳
Gordon Hayward scoring 25 a game this year?
Gordon Hayward is coming up from behind.
but I thought Gordon Hayward went to Boston?
In search of the ideal talent distribution for an NBA roster (by
Celtics starting lineup next year should be:. PG: IT. SG: Jaylen Brown (if we trade Avery). SF: Gordon Hayward. PF: Jayson Tatum. C…
Gordon Hayward having a higher rating than Kyrie on 2k18
I had a dream Gordon Hayward didn't sign with us, like he backed out last minute and it felt so real 😭
If Gordon Hayward had stayed in Utah, I like to think that I would be valiantly defending his fedora right now.
Barstool stole the Gordon Hayward shirt. Don't feel too bad.
Look at 5′ 3″ Plata running in to protect his captain. 6′ 8″ Gordon Hayward would have slowly wandered out of frame.
Gordon Hayward will wear No. 20 with the
Brad Stevens is easily my favorite sports figure.
A good read on Brad Stevens and reuniting in Boston -->
He did it with video, analytics etc. The Celtics called on their ultimate weapon to bring Gordon Hayward to Boston
Gordon Hayward will be a 91 overall in NBA 2K18.
Celtics called on their ultimate weapon to bring Hayward to Boston
Gordon Hayward may be gone, but another sensible summer has Jazz in good position: by
To find the ideal distribution of talent for an NBA roster, I clustered 375 teams, calculated championship rates: . ht…
Gordon Hayward 2K ranking is higher than Kyrie Irving's? El oh El
Donovan Mitchell's Summer League play gives the Jazz new hope with Gordon Hayward moving on htt…
Despite losing Gordon Hayward, the Utah Jazz will still be very good.
Lol he copy + pasted Gordon Hayward's letter and changed some stuff, it probably only took him like 5 mins.
fun sports media scuttlebutt this week: What did Player's Tribune pay Gordon Hayward for his story? NBA people all saying the same #
If this were Gordon Hayward the hook would call it an investment not an "off-court hustle".
Is it as bad as thinking Avery Bradley is better than Gordon Hayward?
Speaking of gamers, there's Gordon Hayward as well.
Brian Windhorst is talking about what he'd say to Gordon Hayward if he was Pat Riley. He doesn't have to say anything. He's the…
As they pursue Gordon Hayward, old adversaries Pat Riley & Danny Ainge want to crush each other again:
I talk Gordon Hayward, Danny Ainge and the Celtics, and why Cavs/Wizards fans should be worried. Check it out!. https:…
"In two years, I think Jayson Tatum might be better than Gordon Hayward." -
Gordon Hayward just signed for $130M and this cat is really at Jos A Banks? Buy 1 get 7 free and a new Android, Gordo! htt…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Which the preamble to this hot take: Avery Bradley is better than Gordon Hayward.
What the trading Avery Bradley and signing Gordon Hayward means for Isaiah Thomas' future:. via
This is asking if the gap between Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley is bigger than the gap between Gordon Hayward and…
Knicks pursuing Marcus Smart, as Celtics look to clear cap room for Gordon Hayward
Reports: Celtics shopping Crowder, Smart, Bradley to make cap room for Gordon Hayward. MORE:
REPORT: Celtics are shopping Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder and/or Avery Bradley to make room for Gordon Hayward. (Via
They has to get rid of some cap to sign Gordon Hayward but if I were the Celtics i definitely would've traded Smart or Horford
Jazz say thank you to Gordon Hayward. (via
New podcast with on the Avery Bradley trade and the Gordon Hayward signing! -
Jazz say thank you to Gordon Hayward in today's Salt Lake Tribune.
Gordon Hayward spends his first days in Boston in the Smart move, buddy. Smart move.
Gordon Hayward is the best white player since Jerry West
Danny goes out and signs Gordon Hayward and then does this. would rather have given up Smart
LOL... If the cost of signing Gordon Hayward was Olynyk, Bradley, Crowder, Smart, etc...then it wasn't worth it. .
The Celtics gave up too much to get Gordon Hayward | THE HERD. (SPEEDonFOX)   10% Off
They're gonna move Gordon Hayward to sg, and Jason Tatum will start at small forward, then Morris will pl…
Marcus Smart, Gordon Hayward, or Jalen Brown could start at the "2" for This is all fluid and fascinating.
So was Gordon Hayward worth Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and maybe Marcus Smart? I'd say no, but I'm just armchair'ing it here.
The pieces the Boston Celtics are giving up to sign Gordon Hayward is pretty *** significant. Crowder, Bradley (maybe…
Are we sure Isaiah Thomas-Marcus Smart-Gordon Hayward is actually better than Isaiah Thomas-Avery Bradley-Jae Crowder?
So you'd rather have Avery Bradley than Gordon Hayward and Marcus Morris
After the trade for Marcus Morris, the C's now have $30.8M in cap room -- enough for the Gordon Hayward $29.7M contract…
Seems like the Gordon Hayward signing made them worse if they have to get rid of their core group that made them a 1 seed
Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens rollin' thru Boston like..😂😂. via:
when you got Gordon Hayward and Pat Riley got Kelly Olynyk
Gordon Hayward is from Indiana people. Larry Bird country. Yes, Larry Legend. Famous Celtic. Can you really be mad at the guy?
Timely(!) New Big 3 Podcast: We debate who the Celtics should trade to make room for Gordon Hayward
The Heat lost out on Lebron James in 2014, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade in 2016, and now Gordon Hayward in 2017.
Report: Celtics, Jazz close to sign-and-trade involving Gordon Hayward, Jae Crowder
Brad Stevens & Gordon Hayward are reunited in Boston & have unfinished business. (via The Players' Tribune)
Gordon Hayward explains why he chose the Boston Celtics. (Players Tribune). Let's get this 🏆 ☘
it's been pretty much confirmed that the Gordon Hayward decision leak to ESPN came from w/in the Players Tribune
REPORTS: Gordon Hayward agrees to a four-year, $128M deal with the Boston Celtics (via The Players' Tribune). htt…
It was overshadowed by 4th of July/Gordon Hayward but earns thanks as he departs New column:
It feels weird that Gordon Hayward worked with a ghostwriter on 3 different versions of a blog for Players Tribune
Gordon Hayward about to drop another 🔥 Players Tribune piece when he decides not to do a sign-and-trade
The Celtics are shopping Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Jae Crowder to make cap space for Gordon Hayward. (via ESPN)
There is no way Dion Waiters thinks Gordon Hayward is better than him. literally impossible and would bet the condo on it.
FWIW Otto Porter Jr. had a better field goal and 3-pointer percentage than Gordon Hayward and averaged more rebounds an…
Per Otto Porter is worth more than Gordon Hayward over the next 5 years. Otto Valued at 180 mil Hayward at 15…
Jazz, Celtics engage on Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade for Jae Crowder. Latest story with
Isaiah Thomas on Gordon Hayward to ESPN: "The type of player we needed to get to the Finals. I'm excited and can't wait to get…
Celtics fans think they'll beat the Cavs with a 4'8 point guard, Dominican Kwame Brown and Gordon Hayward
So does Gordon Hayward's wife or sister continue the proud tradition of complaining about how good Bron is during the 2…
How the Jazz really lost Gordon Hayward in 2014 - . Despite having the most memorable Jazz season in the post-Jerry Sloan era, Utah’s ca...
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need to make a few roster moves to make room for Gordon Hayward -
Let’s look at the Gordon Hayward stunner by looking through the lens of the Deron Williams debacle.
Read this. It sounds like Mark Bartelstein made the call to Dennis Lindsey to tell him Gordon Hayward was going to…
UPDATE: Gordon Hayward has officially declared he is signing with the Celtics via 4-years, $128M, per
Gordon Hayward,Jeff Gordon, Josh Gordan, Commissioner Gordon, you can even add chef Gordan Ramsey it don't matter…
Gordon Hayward has decided to sign with the Thunder, league sources tell ESPN.
Gordon Hayward's phone has been blowing up while he figures out what he's actually doing:
Gordon Hayward ready to see on 2k, thank God Ian got to use Gerald Green no more he kills my spirit on there mane...
I don't get to fuss on Gordon Hayward. I'd pick ahead of him in our pickup game.
Gordon Hayward being a top 20 player might be Jerry's worst take
Gordon Hayward's new Boston Celtics teammates happy to have him on board
The Boston Celtics are pretty pumped to have Gordon Hayward ... and they reacted accordingly:
Plenty of NBA talk on todays M+M including Gordon Hayward who's now a Celtic. 705- Chris Forsberg Celtics Reporter, 805 Zack Lowe (1 of 2)
Stephen A Smith typing his draft for First Take to talk about Gordon Hayward signing with the Boston Celtics
I just found it in my heart to forgive Deron Williams for angrily throwing a basketball at Gordon Hayward during his rookie…
"Gordon Hayward, Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Beckham, don't matta... Cavs in fo'."
Gordon Hayward, Gordan Ramsay, Aaron Ramsey... don't matter Cavs in fo.
Sources: Gordon Hayward agrees to $128M max deal with Celtics. report.
At least Gordon Hayward's Players Tribune article was well written. Kevin Durant just scribbled a quick note on his wa…
Gordon Hayward bringing that bad boy persona to Boston.
Gordon Hayward is the second best player in the east, and Stephen Curry is the second best player on his team. Let that sink in
Gordon Hayward is not better than Larry Bird or Jerry West. Stop comparing him to them.
Gordon Hayward does not make the Celtics anywhere close to being better than the Cavs. It's just a nice story.
Breaking: Gordon Hayward announces he is joining the Boston Celtics. (via
I was really hoping we'd land Gordon Hayward but it's all good time to resign James Johnson & Dion Waiters
Just saying Gordon Hayward wouldn't have made it in the without 1,000,000 chances from Jerry Sloan.
Four years, $128M for Gordon Hayward in Boston, per source, with fourth year player option.
It's for real this time. Gordon Hayward has signed a 4 year, $128M deal with the Boston Celtics.
I know it's frustrating fans, but I better not see any Gordon Hayward jerseys burning on my TL.
Gordon Hayward is a good person. He is sincere. The words in his Players Tribune piece are real not a pr spin. Please…
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Have to imagine Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward will look to recreate this in the fall.
says "u know & I know" Gordon Hayward considering plyng 4 Hickory Huskers but only if Coach Norman Dale stays
Celtics fans marching to Danny Ainge's office after hearing the Gordon Hayward reports were untrue
Gordon Hayward, Jeff Gordon, Flash Gordon, Gordon Ramsay it don't matter Cavs going to The Finals
Rudy Gobert is the reason along the organization that Gordon Hayward is leaving. Utah been in a Deadzone since Jerr…
Gordon Hayward plans to lose to Lebron James, per Mikey Tate
Okay. Strap in. Told by a source w/knowledge of the process that Gordon Hayward has NOT made a decision yet & is still in…
Can confirm that Gordon Hayward intends to sign with the Boston Celtics. first.
REPORT: Gordon Hayward will sign with the Boston Celtics
Breaking: Gordon Hayward plans to sign with the Celtics. (via
You know it's lit in every Boston bar right now. They're already calling Gordon Hayward the new Larry Bird
According to multiple sources, Gordon Hayward is signing with the Boston Danny Ainge got his man. Brad Stevens,…
We doing all this for Gordon Hayward, this still angers me lmao
Cool last few IG follows for Gordon Hayward's trainer
Its 1:47 on the East Coast, who the *** does Gordon Hayward think he is?
Little Giant Ladders
Just like we expected, Mike Scott stealing Gordon Hayward's thunder. . But another solid under-the-radar move for W…
The Celtics waited on Gordon Hayward to make the Paul George trade. They passed on a Jimmy Butler clearance sale. Danny Ai…
Gordon Hayward gon start his Players Tribune article tomorrow with "Miami has ***
Gordon Hayward will sleep on his decision to go to Utah, Boston, or Miami, I'm told. Another July 4 declaration it is...
Are signs pointing to Gordon Hayward signing with the Utah Jazz? - Dunk
When it hits you mid January that Jayson Tatum isn't Jimmy Butler, Paul George or Gordon Hayward
Source: Jazz meeting w/ Gordon Hayward in San Diego, 3.5 hours, with flying from Spain to pitch partnership. Deci…
Gordon Hayward is Aaron Rodgers fan !! now if you would just make your way to the Lakers somehow ! I got that jersey on 🔐!
In a new report, Gordon Hayward will likely sign with the Boston Celtics 🍀 .
For those reading tea leaves on Gordon Hayward, word is he told Jazz he wanted Rubio & would love to play w/ him
Gordon Hayward has chosen to GO GREEN OR GO HOME. Smart man.
Report: Heat 'current favorite' to land Gordon Hayward, banner greets him in Miami - Comcast SportsNet New England :
While far from decided - hearing Miami feels good about where they stand with Gordon Hayward - will meet with Jazz tomor…
Gordon Hayward is and always will be...PLAN A
Fenway Park, Red Sox join in Celtics' wooing of Gordon Hayward. (Via Boston Herald)
Gordon Hayward meeting with has concluded, according to a source. He now heads to San Diego to meet with the
Gordon Hayward will meet with Quin Snyder, Dennis Lindsey and Steve Starks in San Diego on Monday, not Utah, according to…
If you think a core of Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert with Rubio running the offense makes you a threat, then you smoking ***
Will be other factors, but Gordon Hayward's decision will be telling on how much true value Brad Stevens has as a draw for
Do you think Gordon Hayward will buy it if tell him today's weather is fairly typical of February in Boston?
Recruitment of coveted free agent Gordon Hayward has come to who has the best emoji usage .
well when you put it that way Gordon Hayward to the defending Southeast Division third-placers makes so much more s…
Gordon Hayward is officially in with his meeting with the Celtics, lets show him some love Boston!!!
Based on what I've read, Gordon Hayward may be one of few stars that actually cares about C's assets.
Brad Stevens picked up Gordon Hayward from the Boston airport last night 👀. His meeting with the Celtics is today https…
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