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Gordon Brown

James Gordon Brown (born 20 February 1951) is a British Labour Party politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party from 2007 until 2010. He previously served as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Labour Government from 1997 to 2007, becoming the longest-serving holder of that office in modern history.

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No they don't. Did Tony Blair or Gordon Brown or Diane Abbott when as Education secretary she sent her kids to private school
Labour lost Cardiff Council in 2004 when Blair led party. Lost in again in 2008 under Gordon Brown. Won it comfortably…
It's up there with Neil Kinnock falling in the sea or Gordon Brown slating a little old lady!! 😂
Gordon Brown & David Cameron were both patrons of the JNF an agency created to acquire land in Palestine to create Jewish state
I just can't see how they could get away with it. I love a conspiracy but I don't think Gordon Brown et al are involved.
Gordon Brown's financially incompetent PFI deals have been disastrous for our NHS.
She was like Gillian Duffy, that Gordon Brown called a racist and then she campaigned for Labour. Classical stupidity.
Roger is my MP just as Gordon Brown was, Roger has knocked spots of Brown in just abt everything he has…
Genuinely thought that Gordon Brown would safely keep his title as most 'out of his depth' Prime Minister of our ge…
Like Lloyd George & the Liberals, Gordon Brown will become answer to the pub…
Gordon Brown was also an 'unelected Prime Minister' and he signed the Lisbon Treaty !! He also sold the gold & raided the…
2010 - Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said that he was 'mortified' after being.
McCann detective accuses ex-PM Gordon Brown and MI5 of bizarre, epic cover-up
She's Gordon Brown to Alex Salmond, in comparison she's charmless and…
I often forget that Gordon Brown was actually our Prime Minister for a time.
David Cameron said Gordon Brown was an "analog Prime Minister" but even Brown turned up to TV debates. May is weak.
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For years, Gordon Brown came to Australia following Prime Minister Gordon Brown's choosing for the start, if anyone.
Gordon Brown was the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime.
See also Gordon Brown: a useless waste of oxygen as Prime Minister, but a truly great human nevertheless, especially since leaving.
Was it a bunch of City slickers who forced Gordon Brown to ask the Portuguese Prime Minister to hush up t…
Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, and Sir Jeremy (leader of the civil service) all being called in on an...
"Gordon Brown does not record the move for Michael, Lasford Matt-Lee, Suri-Durga and his Luton refinery, his 18-day son Gerdisi bizs.
. Historically, which PM would volunteer to be rated below Gordon Brown? 🤔
who under Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell and the rest of them infiltrated and usurped the REAL Labour Party.
Gordon Brown thanks a lot for rolling over like a dead David Cameron will take away my job! Politcians are idio…
Jeremy is an individual? Gordon Brown is Ed Miliband is. Im confused.
Gordon Brown apologies for 'bigoted woman' comment on Jeremy Vine show
Gordon Brown is making another intervention, which means I am sharing this sketch again
"It's a wee shame he was never PM and could implement them" - on Gordon Brown's "Third Option"
Nicola Sturgeon points out that Gordon Brown's attempt to resurrect 'Federal UK' offer & transfer of EU powers is alread…
- It's been a while but Gordon Brown looks very different on the website.
Gordon Brown takes to the stage and endlessly repeats old material. He's the Peter Kay of British politics.
Oh Look! A reporter called Sarah Smith whose dads was best pals with Gordon Brown is reporting today! All pals togethe…
Brown and Scottish Labour show just why they are BIG LOSERS. You don't defeat SNP bullies by APPEASING them.
Gordon brown approach is the worst of all worlds. Don't understand why there is this assumption that everyone is de…
Gordon brown failed at being pm he even tries to throw up when he listens to his own voice. Why don't these...
Sounds like Gordon Brown wants de facto independence for Scotland but still tied by an umbilical cord to the English taxpayer.
Gordon Brown can sod off. He wants to allow Scotland to KEEP the Barnett formula £££ AND give it more power. Enough pandering.
Brown intervenes with 'third option' for Scots have no power to offer anything ..Dont fall for…
I know people aren't fond of Gordon Brown, but they should really listen to his punditry.
Gordon Brown: "Scotland should be given extra powers in return for staying in the Union." So he just dug out his 2…
There are 3 certainties in this world: death, taxes, and that some place, somewhere, Gordon Brown is delivering a speech ab…
For once, I agree with Gordon Brown. Scotland has a "third option" based on more powers being transferred to Holyrood after Brexit.
Can Gordon Brown please just go away? Appeasement of the has failed. They are not interested in compromise
Gordon Brown couldn't save Tesco's in Kirkcaldy yet he thinks he can save the Union. https:/…
The good and the (really quite) bad of Gordon Brown on Scotland With most of the typos correcte…
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Great response in Glasgow to the news of Gordon Brown's grand plan for a third way
Outrage as Gordon Brown claims an independent Scotland would be denied access to the UK single market.
One of my biggest regrets is that Gordon Brown never became Prime Minister so he could enact all these plans of his. https:/…
Again, this will be Scotland's answer to T.May, SLab, Gordon Brown, & Tories.
Someone needs to tell no one wants his 'third' option. wants out. Nothing more, nothing less
Since Gordon Brown is in the news, I want to bring up this vintage picture of Ed Miliband standing awkwardly and looking…
Gordon Brown says Scotland doesn't need an independence referendum. Do you agree with him ?.
Even *more* Gordon Brown on BBC news. This is like the last two weeks of Indyref1 all over again.
As Gordon Brown wades into Scottish indyref again, worth noting how his guarantees last time worked out...
Great line from on BBC Breakfast re Gordon Brown intervention "Labour can't deliver a pizza let alone a…
The EU market is only a small part of Scottish exports, the UK is far more important to the Scottish economy
Gordon Brown didn't deliver federalism as PM. He couldn't deliver as an opposition MP. Not convinced he'll pull it off…
Gordon Brown's speech has been reheated so often it's more likely to cause Listeria than Hysteria.
Gordon Brown offers the "Bestest most federalistically federalist,,federal solution in the history of federalism 😂,,,
is happening, What can we do to promote the No cause?. :clicks fingers: Got it! Unleash Gordon Brown with
The SNP's Angus Robertson describes Gordon Brown's home rule proposals as 'Brownhog' day
Gordon Brown steps to the plate again. His masterful speech in Fife will again save the precious, precious Union. https:/…
Far more clever intervention by Gordon Brown when compared to clueless PM. However he is a busted flush following failur…
AGAIN Gordon Brown says should get extra powers for staying in the UK. Why not vote for and get ALL the powers ? suits me
Here's how much money Gordon Brown has cost you. This does not include the bank bail-out
"Pensioner who lives in Fife gives his opinion" . Gordon Brown: 'Holyrood should gain Brexit powers' - BBC News
has anyone any time for Gordon Brown? he's the man who left the UK financially screwed, what makes him think anyone would listen to him
"It's Brownhog Day" - The SNP's on Gordon Brown's latest speech and Labour's failure to deliver
Gordon Brown is like that childhood friend you have who says you can come round and play with his dog. . But he doesn't hav…
So that's Gordon Brown and Hearts both getting a doing in Aberdeen today
Interesting that Gordon Brown describes Unionism as an "extreme position" - is he on a journey? :)
Gordon Brown with Peter Mandelson at Labour HQ, Millbank Tower. Outtake from my Labour project.…
What would Gordon Brown do?. A question never asked by anyone. Ever.
Head so stuck into reporting I missed Gordon Brown's proposal for 'Home Rule'. Or did I, because I feel I've heard this somewhere b4?
Here we go again... another Vow! Gordon Brown intervenes with 'third option' for Scotland
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. What's the difference between a pizza shop and Gordon Brown?. The pizza shop can deliver.
How can and justify letting Gordon Brown make unquestioned speeches. No analysis either. Is the UK North Korea…
Gordon Brown wants Scotland under perpetual tory rule. Simple as that.
Notice how we aren't getting any shot of the audience for Gordon Brown's speech
Gordon Brown, in no public office whatsoever, can guarantee nothing, about anything, again.
I wonder if Kirkcaldy's Festival of Ideas invited current MP for the seat as well as Gordon Brown?
If you've just woken up & saw Gordon Brown on the news.this is not a Bobby Ewing Dallas dream. It is indeed 2017, not 2014
Let's push to interview Gordon Brown about his old, rehashed, slop.
Never, ever forget. Gordon Brown and Labour thinks Scotland is full of ***
Gordon Brown is back from his home in the USA for a grand day out promising the people of Scotland a new version of wate…
Gordon Brown has relaunched himself more than the Sugababes. . He's a danger to Scotland. He will have us under eternal Tor…
Note how the BBC thinks something Gordon Brown said is bigger than the terror attack in Paris.
David Cameron made a liar out of Gordon Brown in 2014. If he doesn't acknowledge and address that, he'll just sound pitiful.
Scottish Labour is tragic relying on a London Mayor who offended an entire movement & now on tired, old Gordon Brown. Nothing new.
Gordon Brown wheeled out like an old abused circus bear to promise things he didn't deliver when he could and can't now.
David Bowie was more of an influence during the last referendum than Gordon Brown.
DT Dr Paul Monaghan MP: Gordon Brown's "Vow" as arrived. He knows devolution is not compatible w...
Re: Gordon Brown. Why devolve more to prevent another Scottish referendum if a) Scots don't want one & b) it's just be…
I hear Gordon Brown's speech was pre-recorded. Here is a short clip. Can we get trend…
Kelpies turn red in embarrassment at Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown does not have the ear of the PM or the opposition leader. He might as well be Anthea Turner. Why is the medi…
Gordon Brown's "new patriotic way" for Scotland seems to be to for a hypothetical Labour Government to rename the Bank o…
Gordon Brown to push 'patriotic' third option for more powerful Scotland after Brexit
Gordon Brown intervenes with 'third option' for Scotland
If Bannon really wants to do something like that, he can go talk to Gordon Brown, Mervyn King. (And Paul Volcker.)
True, at the moment the international banks run the world. Recent recruits, Gordon Brown, Manuel Borroso, George Os…
Big thanks to Gordon Brown&Mark Howard from RUK for a successful, if not raucous preview night at Hamilton!
Rebecca Long Bailey showing that she's been through the Gordon Brown school of innumeracy. She cant even add up 4 figures
. Exactly Jim Murphy and his cronies inc Gordon Brown exposed SLab as liars.Kez😂
the funds go to a The Office of Gordon & Sarah Brown Limited a commercial organisation
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Very pleased to announce we will be publishing Gordon Brown's memoir later this year.
Sarah Brown announces that former PM Gordon Brown is to publish his memoirs later this year.
Gordon Brown to reveal 'harsh truths' in memoir:
Announcing the autumn release of Gordon Brown's memoir, full of critical insight and vital lessons for the future:
I'm sure that Gordon Brown's book will be a great read, but this is a great parody in today's
Gordon Brown lied about abolishing boom and bust. Tony Blair about Iraq & tuition fees (twice). It's almost like po…
Gordon Brown, 1997-2007: No more boom and bust!. 2008 ... "It all started in America" - yeah right, like Northern Rock in 2007.
Interestingly, seems accepted practice MPs with doctorates don't use it in politics. cf Gordon Brown (PhD, Edinbur…
Is it only me that thinks Theresa May as PM is very similar in style to Gordon Brown? I wonder if this NI change might be her 10p tax.
Tax rises, Brexit, the threat of another Gordon Brown book, it's enough to make you want to hide…
Gordon Brown is writing a candid memoir that will detail a life of triumph and tragedy.
But when Gordon Brown took over from Blair without a GE, T. May challenged this and demanded a GE!
. See how Gordon Brown built the structural deficit:
Gordon Brown has announced he is writing a "candid memoir". . Exclusive extracts...
. 1) Debt caused by Gordon Brown's structural deficit. 2) Growth and government debt not the same thing.
Time for EU sceptics to hail Gordon Brown and Ed Balls as heroes. Together the stopped the Euro.
They locked him in the attic with Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown will publish his memoir, telling the story of his life in politics, in Autumn this year:
I'm hoping Gordon Brown's memoir is just a heavily annotated collection of all the previous Labour memoirs.
Gordon Brown calls for second Leveson press abuse inquiry - BBC News
Gordon Brown publishing his memoirs this autumn, once again giving all proceeds to charity. Contrast with fellow ex-chancell…
Gordon Brown memoir to 'reflect candidly' on Blair government
5G are continuing to learn new skills at Gordon Brown. Watch out Robin Hood!
Gordon Brown a better man, with greater achievements, than you could ever envisage. Matt.
One of the St Andrews speaking clubs is organising a free trip to see Gordon Brown and Ed Balls speak next week THIS IS WHAT I CAME HERE FOR
This is sought by statements about any Gordon Brown, Derek Taylor and my child took him up on the barricade to Hollywood.
William Hague has called on to call a snap election but in true Gordon Brown style, she has bottled it
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Gordon Brown who bailed out the banks? As Labour PM Gordon Brown... Not a Conservative G…
2009. Gordon Brown in Washington. Obama hails the special relationship and Brown's handling of the economic crash…
Gordon Brown interfered in the Portuguese police investigation. 'Brown offers help over Madeleine'
Good to hear Gordon Brown stepping up to put pressure on to deliver on the promise to victims to hold Leve…
Everyone seems to forget Gordon Brown & especially John Prescott as Deputy PM for their part in winning GE's
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Gordon Brown, Andy Burnham, Ed Milliband? Come on Bruce, you're not trying
What, dictated to by the likes of Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling, Liam Fox & other such notorious Englishmen?
"He's texting Gordon Brown." . does something quite remarkable with phone:.
Gordon Brown took 50 billion dollars from the US after we paid off lend lease from the Second World War and then sold our
I used to hope as the Iraq disaster loomed that Gordon Brown would resign over it. Misplaced hope
Gordon Brown cheering on Raith Rovers to victory at Easter Road.
I find myself laughing out loud when I read this, please let Gordon Brown explain Better Together again
Probably the same reason why PM Gordon Brown rang Leics Police 2 seek confirmation that Amaral had been taken off the case.
Ruth Davidson MSP is unwise to stir up the fragile bigot-brits. Gordon Brown milked their hatred during indyref & they wrecked George Sq.
Gordon Brown pardoned Alan Turing posthumously, as well.
It's kind of like the applause Gordon Brown got for formally apologizing that the UK tortured Alan Turing to death
Gordon Brown to launch paper started by late MP which argues Britain has a duty to stand up for civilians threat...
LAB: Gordon Brown demands action over war crimes as MPs launch Jo Cox report
February 21 - 25 I'll be in Pardon Me Alan Turing, at playing among other things Oscar Wilde's boyfriend and Gordon Brown.
I like David and the sentiment is worthy. But would he say Gordon Brown's government lacked legitimacy?
unelected Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty. Was that okay, David?
Theresa May was elected PM in the same way that Gordon Brown, John Major, Jim Callaghan, Douglas-Home, MacMillan and Eden were
May's 'globalisation for all' agenda looks like a hybrid of Gordon Brown's in June 2007 and June 2016.
It's a toss up between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
He helped produce Sarah Smith is one of them. I'm off Gordon Brown for life already.
Oof! compares Theresa May to Gordon Brown: "when it became clear he had no idea what to do he flopped".
So there was never any dissent from Tory benches when Gordon Brown became PM?. .…
Look, as long as Gordon Brown's still Prime Minister I don't want to hear it. Wait...
The same Theresa May who protested when Gordon Brown didn't call an election
no Gordon Brown vs JC is like the Red Viper vs The Mountain
PM is another Gordon Brown. Waited for yrs to get top job but when he got there couldn't hack it. is doing g…
A bit like Gordon Brown after he was sacked as Prime Minister although it took several days to prize him out of office
is doing enormous damage to our great country with her Gordon Brown like dithering.
I totally agree with this. Happy Xmas, (ten years ago I anticipated Gordon Brown being a great Prime Minister)
Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister of an independent Scotland after winning a celebrity revival of Pop Idol
An old story but it needs to be publicised.Lab not resp for crash. Gordon Brown saved global banking system by buying…
Gordon Brown deregulated banks and allowed Wonga. Prescott advertised
Same one? Senior adviser to Gordon Brown. Cox’s wife, Jo, was a Labour MP and former aide to Mr Brown’s wife Sarah
It was Gordon Brown who relaxed regulations on banks which increased crisis. Not Tory at all
Who loaded the van? Gordon Brown. "We saved the banks" Brown, who also sold our gold to buy Euros
This explains a lot "Gordon Brown could rely on the Bank of England to pump out the cash needed ...
that would be like Gordon Brown trading on "border controls, social mobility, and taking a tough stance on banks' lending !
it well, Gordon Brown was a shocking PM, however it was still the banks that ruined the global economy!
Gordon Brown and the Arctic Monkeys. Those were the times...
His contribution to all this was as a junior minister to chancellor Gordon Brown and it is collective cabinet respo…
Great day at and very moving reading Gordon Brown's remarks about Alan Turing
In 1997 Gordon Brown said the same as Hammond: "Britain today is some 20pc less productive than our main competitors & has been for years."
One thing I learned about Gordon Brown is you've got to have the stre...
Isn't he the way, the truth & the life, or did he fob that stuff off onto Gordon Brown too?
Gordon Brown backs Yvette Cooper as leader. Kezia responds by launching new party logo.
...or maybe it's Gordon Brown's no- consequences splurgefest in places like Mid-staffs if finally being paid for…
+ if Hanley cld head the ball more like Gordon McQueen and less like Gordon Brown
Use as means to heal Britain’s north-south divide. Pie. In. The. Northern. Sky. Gordon Brown on
Gordon Brown: We need a Brexit deal that heals the north-south divide
As a man who supported Gordon Brown, AV, Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham, Bernie Sanders, remaining in the EU and Owen Smith, Trump…
Last week Gordon Brown. Next week; Jim Murphy outside Wimbledon on an Irn Bru crate, warning of the dangers of being world No1.
search Norman Lamont - black Wednesday and Gordon Brown - gold reserves. It makes me cry at the stupidity...
"The United Kingdom today looks united in name only" - at the Gordon Brown speech
Haven't had such good jowls to play with since Gordon Brown!
Ultimate gogglebox: Gordon Brown at home with a nice glass of whisky, watching Ed Balls on
Could all our ex-Chancellor's be this 'good'.step up Gordon Brown
In 2010 Gordon Brown branded Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy "a bigoted woman" for daring to voice her concern about uncontrolle…
sometimes you wish Gordon Brown and Clare Short were still on the case
As Theresa May is compared to Gordon Brown, Jeremy Corbyn is starting to sound like David Cameron
Theresa May is making Gordon Brown look like a competent PM with a grip on his party and an aversion to micromanagement.
You may not like Gordon Brown but seriously, do these recorded stats look like overspending to you?
Gordon Brown's brief appearance in doc as Adam Curtis states 'No one in the West had any idea how to change the world' 😂
Tony Blair more popular with British public than Jeremy Corbyn. Hope Gordon Brown not thinking "Should I?".
Look how few Labour PMs there have been. Srysly. Ramsay MacDonald, Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown.
Ask Ruth Smeeth MP why she appears in classified US documents leaking about Gordon Brown with 'Strictly Protect' next to her name.
Release of 21 Chibok girls a huge relief – Gordon Brown: Former Prime Minister of the United Kingd...
Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband not up to the job of Prime Minster said the electorate. Third time unlucky, worries Alan Johnson.
What if Gordon Brown hadn’t become PM before the 2006 election…? Me for the
Most people understand that Lehman Brothers didn't collapse because Gordon Brown built
Plus Theresa May's government was just as elected as Gordon Brown and Jim Callaghan's' were.
he didn't say that when Gordon Brown took over
The unelected Prime Minister stuff is really lame. Theresa May is an unelected as Gordon Brown and Jim Callaghan were.
try having to do the breakfast round at 6am with Gordon Brown after Ruth Kelly "resigned" at 4am
Gordon Brown urging MPs to back Corbyn amid claims is set to win 65% of leadership vote. vi…
Labour Party info apparently that is on 65%; Gordon Brown calls on people to respect the election. https:…
As was Gordon Brown, James Callaghan etc. This argument doesn't fly at all, as all parties do the same.
If re-elected Jeremy Corbyn needs to speak up for achievements ofgovts including Tony Blair & Gordon Brown to u…
Gordon Brown urging Labour MPs to join Corbyn team # via -
Gordon Brown apologised but it was the Queen who posthumously pardoned Alan Turing on Christmas Eve 2013
It's like when Gordon Brown had to choose James Bond or Indiana Jones...
Theresa May is the new Gordon Brown - indecisive, obsessive and slow |
Here's the thing Corbynistas. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did more to cut rough sleeping than Corbyn ever will. That mus…
Gordon Brown lost. Ed Miliband lost. Does Labour really want another Ed? That's all Owen is.
Theresa May starting to resemble parodies of Gordon Brown. Dithered on Messed up jokes at Looks dour co…
Ordinary people apparently also thought David Cameron was more in touch with them than Gordon Brown & Ed Miliband
David Cameron was the worst Prime Minister since Gordon Brown
I remember the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown years too. Vividly. Makes me shudder.
one of the most foresighted decisions Gordon Brown and Ed Balls took was to pour water on Blair's europhilia and stop us joining the Euro.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gordon Brown is tearing his hair out right now isn't he?
,That could also be said of Gordon Brown & the Lisbon Treaty!
there are very very few police on the streets now, enriching said gordon brown , he really meant HE was being enriched
The "SHE CALLED ME WHAT?" in the US is a replay of That Bigoted Woman finding out what Gordon Brown called her. His apology lost it.
Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister) insulted a voter back in 2010 and that had serious repercussions.
Imagine my surprise when I went to America that the people didn't think Gordon Brown had caused the Global Financial Crisis.
Whatever Gordon Brown thinks...believe in the opposite. Come on Scotland. Be bold and build a new nation fit for the 21st century.
A bit of a Gordon Brown gafff. Clinton calls half of Trump supporters 'deplorables'.
Gordon Brown. Tony Bliar. Bank of England invented by a Scot. Labour created by a Scot. United Kingdom created
but the incentivisation 2001 Brown led to this current crisis..
I mean, it would be better if they hadn't made Batgirl this weird mix of Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown...
it's been like that at least since Gordon Brown called that bigot a bigot tbh
Hillary has a Gordon Brown "bigoted woman" moment. Brown then lost the UK Election in 2010.
djax, john brown, Gordon for one flex spot
Hope i'm not the only one that stays up late on a Saturday night listening to Gordon Brown' speeches via
I remember Gordon Brown saying he wanted full employment. The 'left' were silent...
Gordon Brown use to be a back stabber as he climbed the ladder to the top, Watson is the same , once at the top long slide
have you ever played 'who would win in a fight?' You've been Pluto, Neil Armstrong and Gordon Brown... Will you beat Ghandi??
... 3. Dave calling Gordon Brown "stupid" at PMQs. 4. Jez Hunt STILL has his unctuous mitts on the NHS. 5. I'm over £40,000 in uni debt ...
Just thought that in topic it's like Gordon Brown's "bigoted woman" comment, I hope for the same result
All down to Gordon Brown and his very expensive PFI
J K Rowling is a friend of Gordon Brown. I think we all know what that means.
how we giggled when Gordon brown started pondering British identity. B..but what if he was on to something?
One of my favourite Gordon Brown anecdotes. When signing at Conference, he changes every "England" to "Britain".
If we judge events by whether or not they caused immediate negative GDP growth, Gordon Brown's reign at No 11 was an unmitigated success
love how she kicked up about Gordon brown not being elected as pm but for her it's a totally different story 😂😂
They were functioning enough to use the phone it seems! SKY, Gordon Brown!. they had no problem doing that did they?!
Every time I hear golden brown I sing Gordon brown the song they sang on spitting image years ago
like Gordon Brown with his bigot, no resect for others means no respect for your own team
Gordon Brown impersonation is actually quite good.
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Millionaire investors in B&B got their ££ back in Capital loss. Millionaire Gordon Brown U shafted . 1m W/Class people
She should learn a lesson from PM Gordon Brown. Never attack the electorate. Those are the ones who will vote.
I don't recall these same people applauding Gordon Brown when the pound collapsed in 2008/9! Quite the reverse.
So don't then apologise!!! Like Gordon Brown over here. He should never have apologised for calling woman a bigot.
I guess Clinton has never heard of old Gordon Brown.
I have Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon, Julian and Maclin already. As soon as Gordon comes back, I could trade him away
I liked a video Farage and Hannan expose Gordon Brown as he calls for New Global Order
I was shot down by a fifth ball, which struck me squarely in the face, and passed out.
Yazidis Sunrise as a whole is piece of Intentional Music created by composer Mark Gordon Brown.
The Telegraph: Gordon Brown says 250,000 Scottish jobs are linked to the EU single market, compared with 1,000,000 link…
Coming to Musselburgh Racecourse and don't know where to put your money? See what our tipster Gordon Brown fancies?
Declan Brown intercepts a pass from Hunter's Gordon Nai and the Lancers are back in business in their own half of the fi…
reminds me of UK's Gordon Brown who called an citizen, concerned about immigration a did not end well
. “The judgment of history will be much kinder to John Major and Gordon Brown than to Cameron and Blair"
to quote Gordon Brown - these powers are already out of date. Hard to argue the landscape hasn't changed whatever ur viewpoint.
Little Giant Ladders
Theresa May just made the same mistake Gordon Brown did
After the disaster of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, give Corbyn a chance. That's all we ask, give Corbyn the chance to…
Gordon Brown is calling for an elected senate to replace the HoL. I don't suppose he was ever in the position to do this. Oh, wait...
. Tony Blair & Gordon Brown never reversed her policy. What did Wilson, Callaghan do? Sweet FA
The thought of Gordon Brown shouting "That is the beef!" down the phone really makes me happy. (From Ed Balls' book) https…
Starring Miles Jupp as Ed Balls, Sheridan Smith as Yvette Cooper and Richard Wilson as the voice of Gordon Brown
Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown. And as for why we lost in 2010 and 15 I'd like to hear your view ☺
cheers Pal, there's a few players down here you played against, Steve McGarry, Gordon Brown even Cup tie Mckay was in Perth 😜
Gordon Brown was Chancellor of Adam Smith College when I worked there 2006/8 & good friend of Principal Dr Craig Thomson, also Henry McLeish
Could anyone imagine David Cameron joking that Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband be shot dead, as a jolly old jape?
Presented to Gordon Brown and soon after George Osbourne, tripled jumped with Jonathon Edwards and met Jessica Ennis
DT Daniel Hannan: If Gordon Brown is the answer, what the *** is the question?
Corbyn is not a bully but a victim of bullying on an industrial scale. Campbell &Co used same scam on Gordon Brown. htt…
half of them probably didn't complain when Gordon Brown did the same thing either
true. Don't forget tho, Gordon Brown was days in the job when the Glasgow airport bomb/incident happened
Today's the first one since July 1992, that Gordon Brown or George Osborne hasn’t been either Shadow Chancellor or Chancel…
its the same as when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister Harriet Harman answered as Leader of the House
Bet Brian Laws and Gordon Brown would be good mates
added more to the national debt than Gordon Brown & Alistair Darling combined...
My post on the day Gordon Brown became PM ;-)
He can't have been, as the only Labour Chancellors since 1979 were Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling.
Cameron pays tribute to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Where I was born, and where Gordon Brown launched 2…
It has been 24 years since one of Gordon Brown or George Osborne has not been Chancellor or Shadow Chancellor.
SNP's Joanna Cherry and Alex Salmond asking Govt why it is "refusing" to publish advice given to Gordon Brown on remit of Chilcot inquiry.
Theresa May called for a general election when Gordon Brown became an unelected Prime Minister in 2007
What was Peter Brookes's cartoon on Gordon Brown's shoe-in?
"There is a way back for Labour: the organisational machine, Gordon Brown, and Jim Murphy.". John McTernan, Sep 2014.
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