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Gordon Bombay

The Mighty Ducks is a series of three live-action films and one animated film released in the 1990s by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Looks like Gordon Bombay in D2: The Mighty Ducks before and after he gets to LA.
Like when Gordon Bombay went full *** mode. Needed to burn a cutout of himself to get his team back
Wonder if GG should hire Gordon Bombay to come teach the Flames the basics of the game. a good Defense leads to a good Offense.
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Kind of seems like McAdoo did the Gordon Bombay thing and lost his way. What's with the slicked back hair anyways?
Ben Macadoo is just like Gordon Bombay when he coached team USA in the ‘94 Junior Goodwill Games. F…
“Josh Gordon Bombay is back from suspension, and he’s got his team playing like some Mighty Cucks” 😂😂 never change
This would be a lot better if it wasn't Conway. Get a Gordon Bombay or Russ Tyler!
Should have remembered when Gordon Bombay coached the Mighty Ducks and changed his hairstyle.
Gordon Bombay when he got Hendrix Hockey sponsors ...
Yeah he did and that wannabe Gordon Bombay slick back is botched too
He turned into Gordon Bombay when he coached Team USA at the Junior Goodwill Games.
Kinda like the Mighty Ducks 2. Thank god Gordon Bombay came to his senses and was able to lead Team…
Do any fans out there see the similarities between Ben and the Mighty Ducks 2 version of Gordon Bombay?
And the Ben McAdoo/Gordon Bombay references are now the thing... McAdoo 2015 vs. McAdoo 2017 hairstyles…
Gordon Bombay in D2 written all over it
Ben MacAdoo looks like when Gordon Bombay got a little too big for his britches.
Ben McAdoo out as Giants HC. Up next, Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks.
Gordon Bombay in D2...awful...”you look like you just got out of the shower”...
This is legit Gordon Bombay in D2 before Jan saves him and this great nation
The hair is what ultimately did him in... classic Gordon Bombay (D2) mistake. He Bombayed himself.
Didnt work for Gordon Bombay why would he think it would work for him?
Been saying that since week one of the season. I was like he just did the Gordon Bombay!
looks like Gordon Bombay i've got an idea for a shoe..."The McAdoo"
LMAO my guy did the Gordon Bombay in Mighty Ducks 2
This is hilarious. It's Gordon Bombay in real life.
Ben “Gordon Bombay” McAdoo, minus the end when we beat Iceland.
It’s the Gordon Bombay treatment, you heard it here first.
Ben McAdoo went from Gordon Bombay to Wolf Stansson...he shoulda known he was gonna catch an L
all went downhill when he turned into Gordon Bombay from the first Iceland game
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Ben McAdoo reminds me of when Gordon Bombay started slicking his hair back and then the team sucked.
The Gordon Bombay is the fastest way to lose your team.
Its the hair... the same thing happened to Gordon Bombay. Like dude get a hat or a duck call and you'l…
Stolen directly from Gordon Bombay when he was being bought by Hendrix. That hair needs a…
I want a Mighty Ducks reboot with alcoholic adult Charlie court ordered to coach the Ducks like Gordon Bombay was.
Ben McAdoo’s hair this season looks like Gordon Bombay in D2. When is Hans going to show up at his mansion, make fu…
Has Team-Iceland-Gordon Bombay been fired by the yet?
The legend of Coach Benny Mac is incredibly similar to that of Gordon Bombay in Mighty Ducks 2. They both get over…
Ben McAdoo looks like Gordon Bombay when he went corporate in Mighty Ducks 2, coaches like him too
Dear Jets I mean Giants, the only storyline is Eli Manning. RAIDER NATION, DESTROY GENO, which will FIRE Go…
The Ben McAdoo is Gordon Bombay in D2, slicked back hair and all.
It's hard to say, there is a lot of ridiculousness. But you know what isn't ridiculous? Gordon Bombay's hair.
ICYMI, on why the part of Gordon Bombay proved so fitting at that stage in Emilio Estevez's career.
To quote Gordon Bombay: "Every time you hit the ice, remember it was Dean Evans who taught us to fly." You will be missed
30 for 30s: The rest of Roy Hobbs's days, a whatever-really-happened to Gordon Bombay, the rehabilitation of Ivan D…
Hello Steve stifler? Gordon Bombay said my lips aren't tasty enough. Can you prove him wrong
Gordon heyward, Jeff gordan, Gordon Bombay, Gordon Ramsey, don't matter SIXERS in PHO...
Will have to ask Mike Modano, he has the inside scoop on Gordon Bombay.
Shoutout to Gordon Bombay for being an an excellent scout/coach
So much fun.too bad you already have a coach cause I hear good things about Gordon Bombay.
Gordon Bombay for coach. Then they can implement the Flying V offense
I thought Gordon Bombay was the original coach of the Mighty Ducks?
if only Gordon Bombay wasn't such an unwoke tool of a coach
Gordon Bombay best little league coach ever
you suck, Gordon Bombay *** Charlie Conway *** and the whole state of California ***
"I can only name 2 hockey players: Wayne Gretzky and Gordon Bombay...and he's not even real"-Kevin Sheehan
The Mighty Ducks movie is an important lesson not to drink and drive.Gordon Bombay went from partner at a law firm to a pee…
Been thinking a lot lately about how badly Gordon Bombay mismanaged Team USA in Mighty Ducks 2. He really might’ve been…
Gordon Bombay nearly doesn't play his best player (Adam Banks) returning from injury b/c of 2 games played by Russ Tyler.
The beginning of D2 where Gordon Bombay get hurt is super sad... A legend loses his chance to play again just to be annoyed by Pacey Witter
I have to commend Gordon Bombay's coaching skill. Going to a cold Julie 'The Cat' Gaffney off the bench in a shootout took guts.
Jerami Grant is really good at posterizing people. 💪
Bombay Dry Gin is TERRIBLE gin... Bombay Sapphire is great! But Bombay is terrible. Rather Gordon's...
GORDON BOMBAY MINNESOTA WAVES JERSEY! Met this guy skating after our game tonight. Unreal.
I consider myself a mixture of Gordon Bombay and Happy Gilmore.
"If someone asked me to name a hockey player there's a 600% chance I would say Gordon Bombay" - Me
Pat Riley & need to make a move as impactful as when Gordon Bombay snagged Adam Banks
is that Iceland v. The Mighty Ducks coached by Gordon Bombay?
agreed they should begin with snorting two rails of the ashes of your D1 character then training with Coach Gordon Bombay
Was this part of a speech that Hans gave to Gordon Bombay?
All I'm saying is Gordon Bombay would be so *** proud
yeah but I still don't think he's reached the level of Gordon Bombay
The Islanders look like the Mighty Ducks before Gordon Bombay really embraced the coaching gig
Chicago girls are like washing machines. Huge and full of Gordon Bombay's dirty loads.
Zobrist looked like he was celebrating with coach Gordon Bombay in that slow mo.
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I may have gotten in trouble but so did Gordon Bombay and he ended up coaching the Mighty Ducks so I'm not worried
Sometimes it blows my mind that Wild Thing and Gordon Bombay are brothers.
He has a drummer, and the drummer is wearing a Gordon Bombay Mighty Ducks jersey, which is a mighty impressive self-own given D2 and all
.Wild Thing was cool but Gordon Bombay was the better Sheen.
I emailed and they said I need a receipt, they were given as a gift and I don't have t
Great! You go girl! Hopefully Bombay sapphire and no Gordon's 😉🙃🍾
The Hawks beat Gordon Bombay. Now it's the Cubs turn to beat Ricky Vaughn.
Gordon Bombay did this after a pathetic loss and Team USA rallied to win gold!!!
Cappy gotta give the Gordon Bombay "" speech after this one.
That's not fair. Gordon Bombay is literally 1000x better at coaching than Capuano
Lefties can play right righties can't play left Gordon Bombay voice why the *** won't you guys just listen to me p…
No one get wireless head phones. Mine stopped connecting to Bluetooth out of nowhere and you can't send them back without a receipt.😤
Jamie Collins situation is like when Adam Banks went from the powerhouse Hawks team to Gordon Bombay's Ducks.
"And I am Gordon Bombay, Minneapolis Minnesota, we are team…
I would have rather watched District 5 before they get Gordon Bombay, then have watched this Monday night football game
Gordon Bombay is supposed to be 29 in D2
totally thought you were talking about Gordon Bombay
Perk to working -- I googled "Gordon Bombay" while writing release notes to make sure I didn't dishonor Emilio.
I'd like to publicly announced my Gin package has arrived. Inverroche, Gordon's & Bombay. I'm about to cry 🙏
I always forget how much of a dirtbag lawyer Gordon Bombay used to be.
Love Whether it's Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick's, or Gordon's, your will thank you for choosing…
Gordon Bombay lets the fame get to his head early but eventually he knows what's what and gets the USA team to play together.
Oohhh. Coach Joerger with the Gordon Bombay full bench substitution. . C'mon, Kings.
Gordon Bombay for President but from there the debate ensues
Gordon Bombay can coach the Habs with Price in net. Terrible coach with no strategy but to play Dovid with Max! Deal with it
Staying in hotel across from DisneyLand, heard someone screaming "Emilio" - I thought I was going to see Gordon Bombay, greatest coach ever
Having Aikman and Joe Buck commentate a Cowboys game is like having Gordon Bombay and Charlie Conway commentate the Mighty Ducks
Of course Gordon Bombay is the best coach ever!
let me quote coach Gordon Bombay, " We're team USA and we're going all the way!"
I'm about to live in a country that will elect for President but not Gordon Bombay for Coach of Team USA hockey.
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Move over Gordon Bombay, is the new Minnesota [and USA] Miracle Man.
The fact that Gordon Bombay and Gerry Bertier didn't make the list is staggering.
best coach for not yet good teams: Connor O'Neil, Ken Carter, Jimmy Dugan, Herman Boone, Gordon Bombay, Birdie, Gary Gaines?
remember, Gordon Bombay was serving community service for a DUI offense when he guided the Mighty Ducks to victory.
this would've NEVER happened if the NHL didn't oust the best coach of our generation, Gordon Bombay
picking up the trash just like Gordon Bombay taught them
are you gonna find the Icelandic coach that Gordon Bombay dated and two-piece her or nah
Watching D3. (spoiler alert) At Hans' funeral when Gordon Bombay strolls up and drops the jersey. That's when it's on.
When people start talking about "hockey" and all you know is coach Gordon Bombay
.Mike Francesa is so fat, Gordon Bombay made him the Ducks starting goalie.
Ducks really need to bring back Gordon Bombay. Sure they won a Cup under Randy Carlyle, but Bombay was a better locker room guy.
Flyers need to call up Russ Tyler, Luis Mendoza, The Smash brothers and coach Gordon Bombay to come back
Young Tom Izzo reminds me of Gordon Bombay in Mighty Ducks 2.
.Emilio Estevez is an actor. The councillors name is Gordon Bombay and he is real.
Gordon Bombay: I'll have you know, Peter, that the Duck is one of the most noble, agile and intelligent creatures in the…
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The get to play against my favorite player from Gordon Bombay's Mighty Ducks, Charlie Coyle
haven't seen Miracle to comment. Sounds like a must. From Knuckle Pucks to Gordon Bombay's triple deke feel like timeless film.
the Mighty Ducks pre-Gordon Bombay look better than the stars do right now.
Police Officer: Could you turn down the stereo? Gordon Bombay: [drunkenly] Sure. I guess it was a 'widdle' noisy.
Mighty was good, Gordon Bombay but only the others suck
Gordon Bombay: I don't care. You wanna lose? Fine. You're the ones who look like *** out there.
Is there a better character name in the history of cinema than Gordon Bombay?
What if Gordon Bombay never coached the Mighty Ducks?
"Take the fall. Act hurt." Was Gordon Bombay Sidney Crosby's coach too?
Party with and in the official video for their remix:
How Snoop feels about today's rappers 😂
Maybe we should hire Gordon Bombay. Couldn't hurt, right?
Joe Blandisi really building quite the reputation for diving...Sidney Crosby & Gordon Bombay are impressed
was that the triple deak made famous by one Gordon Bombay???!!
Stepan a crossbar away from the Gordon Bombay. Just get a goal instead
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that same accent helped Gordon Bombay be a better duck. Not sure I'm on board.
"Ducks fly together. If you hurt one duck you have to fight the whole *** flock" Gordon Bombay
solid list but I still want you to take back what you said about Gordon Bombay. Straight cheap shot and a low blow.
remember Gordon Bombay's dark period where he yelled at the team for getting blown out and slicked back his hair?
Is that the team Gordon Bombay played for?
.tries his hand at Bryson Tiller's "Don't" in this new freestyle:
I'm naming my future dog Gordon Bombay.
That and Bombay Sapphire, Colin. I do prefer the Gordon's myself as well. Got to have a decent tonic with it too mate.
Pau Gasol introduces Kobe Bryant to the fans before facing off against him one last time in Chicago.
Is Gordon Bombay coaching in the lower soccer leagues of England now?!
Jesper Fast looks a little bit like Gordon Bombay?!
To quote one of my favorite coaches... "That wasn't a game, that was a statement!" . -Gordon Bombay.
what's crazy is they both make sense man lol. Gordon Bombay, best known for his slick moves and movies 👍
"Ted Cruz? More like, Bed Snooze! Has he even ever played Hockey?!" - Coach Gordon Bombay. Bombay for President . .
The thing people seem to forget about The Mighty Ducks is that at the beginning of the movie, Gordon Bombay was a drunk.
Gordon Bombay's coaching knows no limits
I would like to officially support Gordon Bombay for president for 2016!
"I believe in both the disenfranchised and the Cake Eaters, because DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!" - Coach Gordon Bombay. .
"AMERICA loves our Eagle, but I think it's time for a DUCK!" - Coach Gordon Bombay.
"There's no room for an ego like Trump's on America's team!" - Coach Gordon Bombay. .
Sad Emilio In which Emilio is sad that his father is apparently Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks
Now stocking Fever Tree minerals, great with Hendricks, Bombay, Tanqueray or Gordon's, you choose
Gordon Bombay: I hate kids. They're barely human.
I haven't seen the U.S. this happy to beat Iceland since Gordon Bombay triple deked The Dentist in Mighty Ducks 2.
Probably a good thing Gordon Bombay went with Julie the Cat.
Dej loaf got the Gordon Bombay last game slick back.
I still hate Iceland from when Gordon Bombay and the team USA Mighty Ducks whooped that ***
you need Gordon Bombay to coach the rematch
Never mind... USA just used the strength that Gordon Bombay taught us some 20 years ago
Where is Gordon Bombay when we need him?
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.taking on Somewhere Gordon Bombay & Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson are watching intently.
Every time I see and Iceland on the pitch, all I see is Gordon Bombay vs Wolf Stannson.
Gordon Bombay on the sideline for “USMNT Live: USA vs. Iceland in international friendly.
The Wendy's by my house is like the cast of Mighty Ducks before Gordon Bombay gets there
Bill Murray auditioned for the role of Gordon Bombay in Mighty Ducks but was deemed too old.
Gordon Bombay: You know why I'm so good? Because I had a good education, you gave it to me. And you're going to give it to the
If Gordon Bombay himself moves to OTR then we have to get an NHL team
Gordon Bombay: Now here's the long and the short of it: I hate hockey and I don't like kids.
great podcast. after hearing your coaching aspirations, thought about this, Mighty Ducks remake. you as Gordon Bombay. mikeyBK
Looking for a chance to win it. Only a few seconds remain. There's a pass out to the blue line. Intercepted by Gordon Bombay!.
UK players are going to confront Cal like Fulton Reed & Dean Portman did with Gordon Bombay when he had ice cream with the Iceland girl.
Even Jerry Rice is amazed by Odell Beckham Jr. (via
Riley Jacobs is wearing my gordon bombay jersey. A nation weeps
they have no idea who Gordon Bombay is. It's a shame really...
Man, I forgot how much of a *** Gordon Bombay really is at the beginning of this movie.
I don't some point i will skate for Gordon Bombay and the Mighty Ducks
Pitchers and catchers don't report for 3 weeks, but is already mashing dingers:
I'm watching D2: The Mighty Ducks cause I can't sleep and it's an inspiration. . Gordon Bombay.
It should say Gordon Bombay on there
gotta love Gordon Bombay and The Mighty Ducks. But Slapshot wins by a nose.
When you have class at 8 but have to fight the persians at 9
on some Charlie Conway ish, lettme play Gordon Bombay
Nobody talks that way about Gordon Bombay!
"Soft hands. Concentration, not strength." Gordon Bombay or Thad Matta?
Thad is going Gordon Bombay on them!
Taking a page out of Gordon Bombay's training methods
When they don't have a sense of humor
For all the people that are happy Emilio wants to move here
Ohio State's hockey coach looks like Gordon Bombay.
Gordon Bombay in the first Mighty Ducks told Charlie Conway to take a dive.. Next thing he's coaching Team USA
Gordon Bombay ?!? Gorddo. Idk if Jack Reilly is out there but Banks found success maybe Crosby can gel with Jacky.
You're the Fulton Reed to my Dean Portman, and the Gordon Bombay to my Charlie Conway , happy birthday bash brother.
Move over Charlie Conway, Gordon Bombay and the Triple Deke...Boyle cripples Halak with the No Deke
Corridor in the Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield by Ronny "Gordon Bombay" Salerno, via Flickr
The Mighty Ducks with Charlie Conway as coach and Gordon Bombay as his Hans.
Babcock is so good that he could have coached the Icelandic team to a win over Gordon Bombay's Mighty Ducks team
Kessel would DESTROY Gordon Bombay & Wolf Stansson in 3-Bar... And then shake his head.
Favorite thing: "Head" was one of the OG Mighty Ducks who played for Gordon Bombay.
thought Ron Wilson was Gordon Bombay for min
On Mighty Ducks, Charlie Conway was benched because didn't fake an injury like Gordon Bombay told him to.
dang, my man the Commish going with a Coach Riley on Gordon Bombay smackdown of Heath Evans :)
Charlie Conway as coach and Gordon Bombay as Hans
Gordon Bombay is the best coach around
Eric Taylor, Hayden Fox, Norman Dale and Gordon Bombay are all fine with Notre Dame playing 12 games.
As I said on the podcast. Marty and Yzerman should settle their beef the same way Gordon Bombay settled his with the Iceland coach in D2.
yoda is more of a mentor. Gordon Bombay is the best coach of all time.
but Gordon Bombay had more than one person to coach.
Please defriend me if you don't think the Mighty Ducks inducing coach Gordon Bombay is the greatest team of all time.
You're right. I had forgotten why I hated Christian Laettner, even though I liked Duke and its coach, Gordon Bombay..
To quote the great American coach Gordon Bombay "USA ALL THE WAY!"
coach channeling Gordon Bombay right now. We need the triple deke in the second half.
Icelandic coach ends up in a *** measuring hockey contest with Gordon Bombay and then deliberately injures him. Pretty sure that's battery
that was from Gordon Bombay Mighty Ducks
I'm too hip it's unrealistic, someone that big in the game is killing her immediately , too much money on the line for some 🐱
lol yeah I would've been killed her soon as she told me about Tommy but he in love with the 🐱😂
I didn't want 50 playing the roll until last episode when ghost was like I think he knows we got him locked up
If you don't know who Gordon Bombay is are you even a real hockey player?
looks like Gordon Bombay on the top left
When the barman does Bombay sapphire instead of Gordon's, that's when you know he a G
I wouldn't be shocked if they traded for Gordon Bombay at this point.
Lol that'd be the single greatest sports moment of all time. I want Gordon Bombay to get locked up and make a comeback.
Well Gordon's and Tonic in Jamaica has always been a fave. Although I do like Bombay Saphire
So the trying to Gordon Bombay this Mike Richards contract by trying to find a loophole. Hey Gordo didn't get off easy ya know.
"The plane didn't have Bombay Sapphire so I had to have Gordon's with my tonic instead. Unacceptable."
Doing my best Gordon Bombay impression today and the kids hockey school.
England out of another tournament. There is only one man for the job! Step forward coach Gordon Bombay.
Bill Murray was deemed too old to play Gordon Bombay, later played by Emilio Estevez in three Mighty Ducks films
Jon Cooper is an attorney-turned-hockey coach? So he's Gordon Bombay. Now I really wish Anaheim had beat Chicago.
If the Ducks win the cup Gordon Bombay is for sure the lock in winner for the Jack Adams award.
After failing as a lawyer and a minor league hockey player, Gordon Bombay apparently turned to a new line of work:
We hate to disappoint Gord. But sadly no.RT Gordon Bombay woke up today wondering
Gordon Bombay woke up today wondering if it's June yet?
Steph Curry hits a three to send it into OT
Emilio Estevez is a top five actor of all time. Gordon Bombay should have won an Oscar.
The second time watching it is always funnier 😭
I had a dream I met Emilio Estevez and told him "you'll always be Gordon Bombay to me" then we hugged and I whispered "ducks fly together."
Watching Mighty Ducks again. How was Gordon Bombay a Pee Wee for 6 years?
TAKE NOTES... This is how you pimp a bomb .
Ryan Kesler is to the Jets what Wolf the Dentist Stansson was to Gordon Bombay.
Caps picking up the trash. Somewhere Gordon Bombay is smiling.
What's up with these ratchet girl fights Ive been seeing? And yall wonder why dudes don't respect yall 😂😂
My first ever goes out to Gordon Bombay best pet duck I ever had. No filter needed he's a…
Hey but really, Gordon Bombay was the best hockey coach to ever coach the game.
All you have to do is say "Gordon Bombay" anywhere in Minnesota and you are instantly accepted.
I hope you have your Gordon Bombay rookie card somewhere folks.
might ducks all the way. Gordon Bombay!
Gordon Bombay !! Greatest player and coach of youth league hockey
Shane Falco, Gordon Bombay, Ice Box from Little Giants, Willie Beamen, and cole trickle
I kinda hope you get destroyed lmao
Emilio will always be Coach Gordon Bombay to me...
tattoos are permanent people make sure u don't regret this is why I have put a lot of thought into my tattoo of Gordon Bombay in caricature
Gordon Bombay the mighty duck himself!!
Ducks with the sweep. Gordon Bombay would be proud.
Clippers should call hire Gordon Bombay to teach them the Flying V and protect Deandre from fouls.
somewhere in california..Gordon Bombay is starting a slow clap. 👏🏼
The Ducks have been making third period comebacks since the days of Gordon Bombay and Charlie Conway
would the Preds addition of Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay shift the betting at all?
A female can argue for 7 hours but be saying they jaws hurt after sucking *** for 7 minutes smh
Does anyone remember when Adam Banks was slashed in Mighty Ducks. You sir are no Gordon Bombay.
The Ducks haven't had a good coach since Gordon Bombay.
on the board Gordon Bombay would be proud.
If I'm Johnson I tie everyone together and make the learn to skate as one...Gordon Bombay is undefeated in big games so take notes
Is it too late for the to hire Gordon Bombay?
what about Gordon Bombay... You missed the best coach, ***
Jon Cooper is the Gordon Bombay of the Kinda.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Making my coaching debut tomorrow, hopefully I can harness my inner Gordon Bombay and lead the kids to a championship
Pens look like the Mighty Ducks vs team Iceland in the first game they played. Only Hans can save this team now. And maybe Gordon Bombay
Errey condoning the Gordon Bombay grab your eye and drop to the ground
The got some calls today from Coach Gordon Bombay and "The Mighty Ducks"
If Gordon Bombay was still coaching the Ducks I would watch
Bolts game and I'm looking like Gordon Bombay.
that doesn't make sense, Gordon Bombay is rolling over in his grave
Mr. Bombay?. Gordon, what are you doing? Get out there and be my lawyer. Perfect. This drives him nuts and I love it.
*^ lol*. Intercepted by Gordon Bombay! Bombay! He's got a breakaway. Across the blue line all alone for a chance to win the game!
Fulton Reed is a defense attorney now? Wow. Ol' Gordon Bombay really turned that kids life around!.
I'm Charlie Conway triple deke, Gordon Bombay in the streets
Always love traveling to Gordon Bombay's home state. Should we load up on the tim horton's?
it's alright Gordon Bombay and my ducks can get it done this year😂
it was good enough for Gordon Bombay and the coach of Iceland
Umm... Didn't you see D2? Gordon Bombay led team USA to the gold!
Update your maps at Navteq
you did. But you forgot to mention Gordon Bombay have them a *** of an intermission speech
Watching First time I've watched hockey since Gordon Bombay led to the Junior Goodwill Games Championship.
In the words of legend Gordon Bombay "More Fire, More Fire!"
he dove a bit. And Im sorry if my point of reference is the iceland coach slashing Gordon Bombay.
We are team USA and we are going all the way! -Gordon Bombay ...
Gordon Bombay is gunna coach a good series though could even go 7
bo. This is like when Gordon Bombay got tripped with a breakaway. Horse spit refs!
Flash Gordon was the best film of 1980. Ordinary People, Coal Miner's Daughter were ok but they didn't have Brian Blessed.
Hey, if I learned anything from Gordon Bombay, it's that's ducks fly together. Even if they're odd.
Longest nap of my life lol been sleep since 9 this morning
Inspiration for the day. I am Gordon Bombay
it's not the Wild, it's Nash, Chi, and Gordon Bombay's group out west. Plus the Blues tend to F it up every yr.
A new day, A new city. Gordon Bombay what up? Are the Minnesota Stars still around ??
While we’re at it, I’ve got a few choice words for Gordon Bombay!!
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