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Gordon Beckham

Gordon Beckham III (born September 16, 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a baseball infielder, who plays for the Chicago White Sox.

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Already on the phone with Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham sry
Almost as common as "Gordon Beckham has a new mental approach" and Carlos Zambrano "is in the best shape of his lif…
I have M. Gordon, fournette, c. Carson and Cohen as my rb's. Would you trade Alshon Jeffery and Fournette for Odel Beckham?
trade Melvin Gordon and Chris Hogan for Marshawn Lynch and Odell Beckham?
Hey I have a fantasy question. Should I trade melvin Gordon for odell Beckham Jr? Here's my team.
If you see an Odell Beckham, Melvin Gordon, Leveon Bell owner low. send an offer.
I'm fine swapping Gordon for Beckham, but I really don't want Howard in return. Pretty much anything else is fine.
Beckham and Allen (save Tate as a handcuff) ... Gordon and Ajayi ... Fitz at FLEX
On the 2,187,463rd day, God created Gordon Beckham.
deal ODB for Freeman or Gordon? Went Beckham, Cooks, Brady in draft. Start Gilisslee, Powell. Mixon & Adullah on bench.
Indians lose a BR game and now are 2-1, they went 20-0 last run. Gordon Beckham is still their 3 game.
Love how Victoria Beckham's introduction to the world was "Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady". Only at th…
I will never not think of Gordon Beckham when "Your Love" comes on
Oh, wow...for some reason I have in my records that the Braves traded Gordon Beckham to the White Sox. Correcting now.
Will Middlebrooks grounds out to Gordon Beckham. Is it 2013?
Other than Gordon Beckham, I have to be the only one at this ballpark that owns a Gordon Beckham jersey.
Gordon Beckham just entered as a defensive substitute and I couldn't be happier. L
yeah same, negotiated a trade to give Beckham-Demarco-Kamara and get Gordon-Hunt-Crabtree but haven'…
Wow this is a blockbuster. For me it comes down to Beckham vs Gordon and I like Beckham. Think everything else is a push.
Gordon Beckham looks like a more wieldy version of Eric Byrnes.
Gordon wore his welcome out. Beckham is good, but at some point, the GM will grow tired of the antics.
For the longest time I thought David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey were the same person 😅
Probably because Moncadas floor is Gordon Beckham, the last White Sox 2B who people th…
"Gordon Hayward, Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Beckham, don't matta... Cavs in fo'."
The Sox seemingly settled when they dealt Alex Rios and Gordon Beckham. They’re now Leury Garcia and Tommy Kahnle. https:…
Brent Rooker is the first SEC player since Gordon Beckham in 2008 to hit 20 HRs, 20 doubles & 65 RBIs in a single season!…
Aaron Hill, Gordon Beckham, Chris Marrero getting in some OF work with coach Cody Ross. Enjoy this crappy photo as…
How Silver Sluggers should approach off-speed hitting -- Gordon Beckham via
This is why I love youtube. I went from David Beckham top 10 United moments to Gordon Ramsey culinary tips.
Gordon Beckham should not play in front of him PERIOD!
scary thought - does Tim Anderson look like he's going to be that much better than Gordon Beckham?
Gordon Beckham and Erick Aybar killed all the chances other players made.
cannot understand why gordon beckham is in starting lineup. He's ops is .402 in recent 15 games.
why is Gordon Beckham's jaw line so strong?
I'll hold my opinion of Diaz until his second year. Even Gordon Beckham had a good first year lol
I feel like Gordon Beckham is a Barve solely for the purpose of honoring and
Gordon Beckham will start at 2B and bat 7th vs Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday.
Top 5 WRs in the NFL:. 1. Julio Jones. 2. Antonio Brown. 3. Odell Beckham. 4. Allen Robinson. 5. Josh Gordon (would be if played more)
Gordon Beckham is 9-for-65 since the series against the Sox. OPS back below .700. Life finds a way.
Becker draws a walk and now Gordon Beckham will bat for the pitcher, Jenkins.
Gordon Beckham will not be in the starting lineup for Tuesday's game vs Milwaukee.
The difference in OPS+ between LaStella & Heyward is the same as the difference between Kris Bryant & Gordon Beckham. Maybe dude has a point
Beckhams sac fly in 12th wins it for Braves
was talking about Gordon Beckham guy
Beckhams sac fly in 12th clinches opener
Markakis provided a couple key extra base hits as the Braves won their third straight last night
Better leader from Hawk's perspective: Gordon Beckham, Yaz or Tebow?
Kemp scores on dropped sac fly, Braves top Brewers 4-3 in 12: Gordon Beckham's fly ball in the 12th inning Monday…
RECAP: Beckham's sac fly in 12th wins it for
What the Beck? Gordon Ramsay seems to be taking style tips from none other than Brooklyn Beckha…
Tyler Flowers and Gordon Beckham are destroying the Sox catchers/ 2nd basemen. Woops.
Gordon Beckham and Jeff Francoeur to be the Braves best trade pieces, just as everyone expected.
This from an organization whose best drafted pos. player recently is Gordon Beckham. They're not changing a thing!
When the team consists of Erick Aybar, Tyler Flowers, Gordon Beckham and Pierzynski, you know you are in for a tough night of tv.
A free pass for Gordon Beckham. Two on, two out for Freddie Freeman in seventh.
Take your base, Gordon Beckham. Adam Morgan hits him on foot to set stage for Freddie Freeman.
Gordon Beckham and Connor hung out today at The Ted. Mallex Smith also hung out with him. Connor loved the cookies and kitchen he said lol
...Oh, I don't know. We were forced to watch Adam Dunn, Tyler Flowers, Gordon Beckham, Felipe Paulino, Adam LaRoche, Conor Gillaspie
Gordon Beckham left tonight's game with a left hamstring strain.
Gordon Beckham helped Georgia Bulldogs baseball get to two College World Series appearances. He's much better...
But remember, Braves fans, Gordon Beckham "bolstered the bench", right, Chip Caray?
Gordon Beckham almost hit Davey Lopes with a throw. Davey Lopes is the first base coach. I literally cannot even.
Chip Caray just talked about the Braves "bolstering their bench", right before Gordon Beckham fanned on 3 straight. That's about right.
get the game's first run in the bottom of the six: Gordon Beckham doubled and scored on Erick Aybar's triple. down 1-0
I hate Adam LaRoche more than I hated Nick Swisher & Gordon Beckham. Didn’t think that was possible.
Dansby Swanson, bringing home Gordon Beckham on an RBI double. Both in Braves uniforms. Music to my ears.
Braves' Peterson could be prepping for utility role: The signings of Gordon Beckham and Emilio Bonifacio and r...
I actually JUST Googled that! Gordon Beckham and Jeremy Guthrie giving to Republican candidates, not hugely surprised
Collin's right. This is our fault for not going into debt to watch Gordon Beckham last year.
Gordon Beckham wants to be the Braves' everyday third baseman
Gordon Beckham will be back in town along with Alex Wood, Josh Fields, Kyle Farmer, Curt Powell, Cecil Tanner,...
󾔒PERFECT XMAS PRESENT󾔒This will be an experience your baseball player will never forget! Gordon Beckham, Josh...
IDK, but I sure wouldn't mind rolling out there with Beckham, Cooks, M Bryant, Lacy, and Gordon
Josh Norman on preparing to face Odell Beckham: "I got chill bumps... It's enticing, man."
.Where can I find a Gordon Beckham Braves shirt? Trying to find one for Christmas.
Last time AJ Pierzynski, Tyler Flowers, & Gordon Beckham were on the same team, that team won 85 games and finished 3GB of their division
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Do you have the break down on the incentives in Gordon Beckham's 1-yr deal with the Thanks
Stayed up all night watching videos of David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey doing stuff. Satisfied with my decision.
I need Justin Timerblake, David Beckham, & Joseph Gordon-Levitt all rolled into one man.
two words: Gordon Beckham. Regression is always possible.
Lawrie is pretty solid. Hurt a lot. Way better than Gordon Beckham
Current Gordon Beckham and Tyler Flowers will start for 2016 White Sox, according to ESPN. Samardzija, too!
Wait so the Braves now have A.J. Pierzynski, Gordon Beckham, Nick Swisher and Tyler Flowers?
He's been in seclusion since Gordon Beckham signed with the Braves.
Gordon Beckham has made over 12 mil with the White Sox if hes has to work it his own fault
Now all the White Sox need to do is trade for Gordon Beckham
oh yeah, Youk was good. I was thinking of Good Gordon Beckham in 09.
.at least the White Sox will get the opposite of Gordon Beckham at second base this year.
Bad news for Lawrie, who as the White Sox second baseman will be forced to wear the Gordon Beckham Memorial Jersey for all games
Not sure why it wasn't Gordon Beckham but whatever
i will die... Gordon and his 4 kids and Beckham and his 4 kids... special focus on Harper obvs, the youngest ones are always the cutest.   10% Off
they should do a Return of Superman UK and Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham are the celebrity dads
David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey's family's are family goals.
Teuvo shoots like Gordon Beckham swings, long and slow
The Browns desperately needed a WR in the 2014 draft. They passed on Odell Beckham twice. .
sorta like when the Clowns passed twice on Beckham. Taking Irving and Shelton. They knew Gordon was suspended.
Brian Hoyer was OK (for 11 games) in 2014. With Beckham... who knows. Browns messed up BADLY
Yeah, but the Lions had Megatron. The Browns had NOBODY and didn't draft a WR at all
KNOWING that Josh Gordon was suspended for 2014, why didn't the Browns draft 8th?.
This fella didn't get to the Josh Gordon part. That's the key to it all
Let's talk about how the Cleveland Browns passed on Odell Beckham TWICE in the 2014 draft. https…
Key difference: The Browns KNEW Josh Gordon was suspended for 2014. He was their only WR.
are we 100% sure on Anderson let's remember the Hype with Brent Morel, Gordon Beckham, Brian Anderson, Daniel Hudson
Braves have agreed to terms with free-agent IF Gordon Beckham (on a one-year Major League contract for the 2016…
Braves sign Gordon Beckham. Chip Caray immediately starts trying to figure out how he can maximize “Bend It Like Beckham” jokes on tv.
Gordon Beckham gets start in possible last game as White Sox
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Gordon Beckham, god bless him, is the guy you want up with an 11-run deficit and everyone looking for this game to end.
With Melky Cabrera batting, wild pitch by Wade Miley, Gordon Beckham to 3rd.
I want David Beckham to adopt me Liam is hot Oh Niall and Gordon Ramsay is mean but funny nothing better than this
5 times Niall Horan and Liam Payne looked exactly like Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham via
Green-Beckham for the Titans reminds me of Josh Gordon in many ways.
Proof that Gordon Ramsay & David Beckham are literally just older Niall Horan & Liam Payne
Since Tyler Saladino arrived in town, and he has accrued 113 plate appearances, Gordon Beckham has 15 PAs and this is 8th game.
not to mention Gordon Beckham, another 200 PA of soul-crushing awfulness, Stephen Drew way better~
Gordon Beckham with the bloop leadoff double to left to start bottom of the 9th for who trail by 8!
terrified that they brought him up too soon and is gonna be our next Gordon Beckham
The Gordon Beckham of pitching in the making. This organization *** at developing talent.
I think it's time to say what's been on everyone's mind. . Gordon Ramsay is hotter than David Beckham.
Reading reports of Gordon Beckham to the
Because Gordon Beckham is killing it this year
Yeah, I'm sure the Sox have no 'room.' The room is packed with Gordon Beckham and Leury Garcia.
ya cuz they couldn't dump the valuable Gordon Beckham/LaRoche/bonafacio. This Sox team is run by a bunch of Goofs.
The White Sox have Gordon Beckham and yet they're stuck because they'd have to remove someone from their roster?
Gordon Beckham's 58 OPS+ (equal number of time's he's been Hawk's pick to click) is my favorite 2015 CWS stat.
Same was said about Gordon Beckham...point being the Cubs had a surplus of middle IF's ...imagine their rotation with Shark?
And yet...Gordon Beckham slayed that monster...for his momma.
headed to the Windy City in exchange for Chris Sale and Gordon Beckham as first reported by
as they take turns hitting Gordon Beckham?
should have given the Pirates Gordon beckham for sellers. He's worth less than cash considerations
no, but he was singing the praises of Gordon Beckham.
‘David Beckham’, ‘Gordon Ramsay’ and a Variety Coach funded by the Italian Job !
Braves fans negative reaction reminds me of when Francoeur was moved. Or when everybody was overpaying for Gordon Beckham in fantasy league
There was a time, way back when, when Gordon Beckham for David Price wouldn't be the dumbest trade ever proposed.
Sox should go after Gomez to see how fast Hawk can dump Gordon Beckham on air.
yes yes yes! Can we please and go to a White Sox game😏⚾️ we got that hot date with Gordon Beckham.
Gordon Beckham doesn't move the meter much either
I say unless a no-brainer trade comes up (i e Mike Trout for Gordon Beckham and cash considerations).
Gordon Beckham for noah Syndergaard. How does that sound?
They should get Gordon Beckham and send away Castellanos for some bullpen arms, Cespedes says he wants to be back..
are we talking about Gordon beckham?
Never thought I'd say this but Starlin Castro is no better than Gordon Beckham
Your weekly reminder about just how bad Gordon Beckham is at hitting a baseball: he's now in a 6-77 slump.
Can we get a Gordon Beckham replacement? What is Josh Fields up to these days?
Mike Napoli grounds into a double play, second baseman Gordon Beckham to shortstop Alexei Ramirez to first baseman Jose Abreu. David Ortiz
David Ortiz singles on a sharp ground ball to second baseman Gordon Beckham, deflected by first baseman Jose Abreu. Xander Bogaerts to 3rd
You guys I'm starting to think Gordon Beckham might be bad
Gordon Beckham grounds out, second baseman Jemile Weeks to first baseman Mike Napoli.
The 'he will miss time so avoid' logic means you didn't take Josh Gordon or LeVeon Bell in 2013, Odell Beckham in 2014. Whoops.
Jemile Weeks grounds out, second baseman Gordon Beckham to first baseman Jose Abreu.
Xander Bogaerts grounds into a force out, fielded by second baseman Gordon Beckham. Alejandro De Aza out at 2nd. Xander Bogaerts to 1st
I think Hawk might be abandoning the Gordon Beckham bandwagon.
Gordon Beckham should be replaced for Saladino
Gordon Beckham grounds out, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to first baseman Mike Napoli.
Gordon Beckham lines out to center fielder Mookie Betts.
Gordon Beckham flies out to center fielder Mookie Betts.
Can't wait to watch Gordon Beckham strike out three times tonight
White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf visits with Tyler Saladino (left) and Gordon Beckham before Wednesday's game. AP
Two singles in the ninth inning have in business. That one went off Gordon Beckham's glove. Danny Valencia to face Chris Sale.
White Sox get another insurance run on a double from Gordon Beckham. Up 6-2.
“Gordon Beckham has walk-off hits on Father's Day. you need that jersey tho
Ballgame! Gordon Beckham hits 1st career walk-off HR in 11th inning to lift White Sox over Rangers, 3-2.
Thank you Gordon Beckham, your team needed that! Game over!
Gordon Beckham might be a better catcher than Tyler Flowers
Marcus Semien is the 5th player to hit 2 HRs off Felix in a game. Joining Brian Anderson, Jack Hannahan, Ian Kinsler & Gordon Beckham.
1)micahs speed steals a run 2) the renaissance of Gordon Beckham (bill Melton) 3) I stayed home again (Milwaukee Tues)
HRs by Alexei Ramirez (2-run), Avisail Garcia (solo), and Gordon Beckham (solo), as well as RBIs by Melky Cabrera...
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Gordon Beckham is Emilio Estevez. Shark is Judd Nelson, of course. If you mess with the bull, you get the horns.
Gordon Beckham in for Conor Gillaspie at third base and Carlos Sanchez in for Micah Johnson against KC's LHP, Danny Du…
How bogus would it be if Javier BAEZ turned out to be a bigger bust than Gordon Beckham when it's all said and done?
[CSN Philly] - MLB Notes: White Sox, Gordon Beckham agree to on
Not many position players left on the FA market ... Best available: Everth Cabrera, Rickie Weeks, Gordon Beckham
So far at work today I've seen two sherzies: Gordon Beckham and Edgar Renteria. I live in Michigan. Very bizarre.
Gordon Beckham goes yard off of Henderson Alvarez
INF Gordon Beckham is wearing number 18, last worn by 3B Luis Jimenez in 2013.
Beckham is back in Oh, wait, it's Gordon Beckham, & he is going to play with the "Los Angeles" Angeles of Anaheim.
I think is taking the Gordon Beckham thing worse than if I were to break up with her 😒😑
The Angels don't expect 'four at-bats a day, seven days a week' from the newly-acquired infielder Gordon Beckham, but they do hope the 'change of scenery' works in Beckham's favor as he adjusts to his new team.
The fact that Gordon Beckham isn't gonna be on the sox roster breaks my heart.
Angels WIN!! SWEEP the SOX!! take that Boston!! The Boys open a 2 game lead!! I LOVE EVERYBODY!! :-) Now that I've taken a breath. Let me say, we will survive Garret's injury, everybody will step up, they just have to, no choice, and also who the heck is Gordon Beckham? don't we have a pretty competent 2nd baseman, goes by the name Howie Kendrick?
Sad to see Gordon Beckham get traded. End of an era.
Show starts now. How would you define the Gordon Beckham era?
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Goodbye Gordon Beckham wish him luck with the Angels
I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR TRADING GORDON BECKHAM. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU. now I like the cubs. See what …
How do the Angels have all three of Howie Kendrick, Grant Green and Gordon Beckham and the Jays have none of them.
*** Thought you had followed me today, then it was gone. Oh well, at least Gordon Beckham got traded.
Gordon beckham's career was stinted the second Kenny Williams got a hold of him
The wannabe man, the myth of an Allstar, the legend of bad... Gordon Beckham.
The thing I will miss most about Gordon Beckham is his musical taste.
“The White Sox traded second baseman Gordon Beckham to the Angels 😩😭😢 no
Angels acquired Gordon Beckham, who uses "Your Love" as his walkup song. Totally acceptable for an "Angels In The Outfield" pun, right?
Gordon Beckham’s traded and a Chicago baseball team is playing for a title. Try and tell me it’s a coincidence.
Madison Bumgarner a better hitter than Gordon Beckham. Welcome to the life of a fan lol.Fair share of us still have love for Gordy
I know you like the White Sox and I was wondering how you feel about gordon beckham being traded to the angels?
As much as I don't like the angels I respect them picking up Gordon beckham he'll help then out in the inf a lot
The angels acquire Gordon Beckham from the Angels!
best of luck to Gordon Beckham, headed to West Coast after trade to the Angels
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Angels get Gordon Beckham. Good pick up IF they move him back to third. When sox moved him to second his offense went downhill.
The sox traded Gordon Beckham so excuse me as I cry myself to sleep tonight💔
the sox will do just fine without Gordon Beckham 😜
Gordon Beckham is no loss. Never understood how the Sox kept him so long.
look to make room for future with Gordon Beckham trade: (
There goes one of the biggest disappointments in history. Good bye Gordon Beckham
the Angels could literally put any baseball player on their bench and they'd have better production than Gordon Beckham
I was really wanting the to draft Gordon Beckham at one point. I might have been wrong about that.
Just yesterday Rick Hahn said still was a good possibility of August trades. About 24 hours later, Gordon Beckham is traded. …
Gordon Beckham talked about future with in May when Micah Johnson was promoted: "(General manager Rick Hahn) has go…
Gordon Beckham traded for a player to be names later? What a shock!
[UPDATED] The Gordon Beckham era is over as deal 2B: (
It's a happy day in White Sox nation as we see Gordon Beckham finally get traded
Good for the Pale Hose for finally getting rid of Gordon Beckham. He’s terrible and has been for a while.
lol I didn't even know Gordon Beckham still existed
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Sad end to the Gordon Beckham era in Chicago. Never quite got it together after an auspicious beginning. Hope he figures it out.
Gordon Beckham has been traded to the Angels for a player to be named later and cash, Angels announce.
Well take care Gordon Beckham good luck with the angels
[SB Nation: Beyond the Box Score] Gordon Beckham: Go west, young man
Gordon Beckham: Go west, young man: Gordon Beckham was traded to the Angels. This is a brief ...
[BREAKING] The have traded Gordon Beckham to the Angels:
Goodbye to Gordon Beckham, one of those "can't miss prospects" who kept missing. Gordon Beckham is a big mistake...Alexi and Gordon was the best double play duo...and sending him the another american league team is another big mistake
Paul Konerko & Gordon Beckham accepted Governor Quinn's challenge for the and challenged White Sox radio play-by-play broadcaster Ed Farmer
When a caller starts comparing Gordon Beckham to Ozzie Smith you hang up on them immediately. Lol seriously.
Gordon Beckham has 118 more career plate appearances than Jose Molina
Thank you to Chicago White Sox players Adam Dunn, Gordon Beckham and Robin Ventura for visiting the patients and families at Lurie Children’s yesterday and bringing so many smiles to our kids faces.
Gordon Beckham doubled to left. Runner on second with none out and Alejandro De Aza due up.
Alejandro De Aza deserves the benefit of the doubt that's somehow reserved for Gordon Beckham
Dayan Viciedo, Gordon Beckham offer answers in June: It wasn't the best of times, but the White Sox should know...
Colleen Kane answers your White Sox questions about Gordon Beckham's future, Carlos Rodon negotiations, and more. .
— Jon Lester combined with four relievers on a four-hitter in Boston's 2-1 win against Minnesota. Brock Holt had two hits and scored both Red Sox runs. — Mike Trout, Kole Calhoun and Howie Kendrick were the hitting stars in the Angels' 9-3 romp over Cleveland. Trout was 3-for-4 with two homers and four RBIs, Calhoun was 4-for-5 with a homer, two RBIs and three runs scored and Hendrick added a solo homer and two RBIs. — Chris Davis hit a replay-delayed grand slam in a five-run third that pushed Baltimore past Tampa Bay 7-5. Steve Pearce added a two-run blast to cancel out back-to-back solo homers by Sean Rodriguez and Desmond Jennings. — Robinson Cano (kah-NOH') hit a two-run homer and the Mariners picked up their third straight win by downing the visiting Padres 6-1. Jesus Montero added his first big league homer in more than a year to back Roenis Elias (roh-EHN'-ees eh-LEE'-uhs), who allowed a run and three hits in seven innings. — The White Sox's four-game skid is over after Gordon Beckham and ...
If having a luscious head of hair was a baseball stat, Gordon Beckham would win the triple crown every year.
Behind home runs from Gordon Beckham and Dayan Viciedo, the White Sox bounced back from a rough weekend with an 8-2 victory over the Giants. The South Siders snapped their four-game losing streak.
His slumps are better than the trash that i've been rolling with. The likes of Martin Prado, Dustin Ackley, and Gordon Beckham
Jose Abreu, Adam Eaton, Avisail Garcia, Gordon Beckham, Conor Gillaspie, Chris Sale & Nate Jones have all been on DL this season.
Despite RBIs by Alexei Ramirez, Moises Sierra, Jose Abreu, Alejandro De Aza and Gordon Beckham, it wasn't enough.
Craig Gentry safe at second base when umpire Manny Gonzalez rules 2B Gordon Beckham off base on double play try.
Behind an offensive outburst from Gordon Beckham, the White Sox took Game 2 of the Crosstown Cup. The Blackhawks stumbled in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, falling 4-0 to the Wild.
In the second game of the Crosstown Cup, White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham stole the show as he recorded a four-hit day, including a late home run to put the Sox up for good in the 5-1 win.
A solo HR by Gordon Beckham as well as RBIs by Tyler Flowers, Jordan Danks and Alexei Ramirez helps the White Sox pull away from the Cubs 5-1. White Sox go to 17-17, while the Cubs fall to 11-20.
Game One: South Side Game Two: South Side The White Sox have their first three-game winning streak of the season, with a 5-1 victory over the Cubs tonight to take both games of the 2014 Crosstown Cup at Wrigley. The South Siders broke this one open late, scoring four runs in the final two innings. Gordon Beckham hit the go-ahead solo home run off of Neil Ramirez in the top of the eighth, his first of the season. In the ninth, the Sox struck for three against Pedro Strop before Strop left with an injury. Hector Noesi picks up the win for the Sox, going five innings allowing four hits and one run, striking out six. It was a tough no decision for Edwin Jackson, who went seven strong innings, also giving up one run, with nine strikeouts. John Danks battles Travis Wood tomorrow night at U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox have a chance to win back the BP Crosstown Cup with a victory.
The White Sox should trade Gordon Beckham to the Cardinals. He might end up in the Hall of Fame if he gets to play the Cubs that much.
Getz could stick with for remainder of season, but you have to think Nick Franklin & Gordon Beckham are still on the team's radar.
Alejandro De Aza works a seven pitch walk to leadoff the fifth inning. Gordon Beckham, who doubled in the third, at-bat.
Another victory for Low 90s Fastball in the war of Low 90s Fastballs v. Gordon Beckham.
White Sox activate Gordon Beckham from the DL and will make his season debut today, Charlie Leesman optioned to the minors!!!
Marcus Semien hits grand slam for 6-4 victory over Tigers. Gordon Beckham on his way back to White Sox:
Here's more on Gordon Beckham, who will be activated off the DL on Thursday. Charlie Leesman down to Charlotte.
Charlie Leesman has been optioned out. Gordon Beckham on the way.
Gordon Beckham called up for tomorrow. Charlie Leesman sent back down.
Gordon Beckham is on his way to Detroit. Charlie Leesman optioned to Charlotte.
Gordon Beckham and Paul Konerko isn't going to be playing in the home opener tomorrow. :(
White Sox place Gordon Beckham and Jeff Keppinger on the 15-day DL.
At 9pm, Gun shots at a mosque in Orland Park, follow up on the el accident at OHare, Blackhawks hilights, does Urlacher want a ceremony to celebrate his Bears career? another Chgo HS hooper is Natl Player of Year, Gordon Beckham start the opener? 9:52pm Fox Chicago News
The time is nearing for Robin Ventura and the White Sox to make a decision on whether or not Gordon Beckham will begin the season on the disabled list.
Joel Quenneville calling Teuvo Teravainen "Tivo" is the equivalent of Ozzie Guillen calling Gordon Beckham "Bacon."
A trade built around Francisco Cervelli and Gordon Beckham is not out of the question, writes Joel Sherman.
Robin Ventura, Gordon Beckham and Southpaw visited the students at McClellan Elementary to deliver a very important anti-bullying message.
White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham is fully on-board with the moves Rick Hahn's made this offseason, and is confident the South Siders can regain a competitive foothold in 2014.
The White Sox agreed to one-year contracts with second baseman Gordon Beckham and outfielder Alejandro De Aza on Friday, avoiding arbitration with the two players and leaving the team with no arbitration eligible players remaining.
Chicago White Sox seal deals with Gordon Beckham, Alejandro De Aza to avoid arbitration
White Sox agree to terms with Gordon Beckham and Alejandro De Aza - Chicago White Sox
Chicago White Sox: Agreed to terms on one-year contracts with infielder. Gordon Beckham and outfielder Alejandro De Aza.
White Sox sign Gordon Beckham to a one year, $4.175M deal and avoid arbitration with their second baseman. They also sign Alejandro De Aza to a...
Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy with Sports and Finals start tomorrow at my school. Anyways, the White Sox recently got Matt Davidson from the DBacks for closer Addison Reed. Now with that move, potential lineup might look like: Starting Pitchers: Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, John Danks, Andre Rienzo, and the 5th spot is a real ?. Maybe Daniel Webb or Charlie Leesman. Catcher: Adrian Nieto/ Josh Phegley? 1st Base: Jose Abreu 2nd Base: Gordon Beckham/ Leury Garcia 3rd Base: Matt Davidson/Marcus Semien Shortstop: Alexei Ramirez Left Field: This should be interesting. De Aza/ Viciedo Center Field: Adam Eaton Right Field: Avisail Garcia DH: Paul Konerko/ Adam Dunn -Alex (White Sox)
"Not to mention mark Ellis, Gordon Beckham, Jose altuve, and Freddy galvis. . All are better than infante. Just my opinion."
Homer Bailey for Brett Gardner. Brandon Phillips for Chris Sale and Gordon Beckham (I know Beckham isn't ideal, but it at least gives us a better option than Henry Rodriguez, or start Skip Schumaker at 2nd.) And we have the money to keep Choo. YES YES YES. We have a ballclub. Agree/disagree?
If the Sox get Kendrick, will they send Paul Konerko off with Gordon Beckham to continue mentoring him?
Can you please give ratings on Gordon Beckham, C Yelich and Bad Ben Revere
Could never get out of my head Ozzie Guillen pejoratively calling Gordon Beckham the "Golden Boy" when he managed him.
White Sox 2014 Projected lineup. Lot's of offseason moves could still happen, but right now here it is. C: One of the biggest concerns last year was at this position. Tyler Flowers is not ready to be an every day catcher, and that opened the door for Josh Phegley. Prediction: Josh Phegley. 1B: Hard to tell right now, Paul Konerko still hasn't decided if he has coming back or retiring. I don't think he's done yet. Prediction: Paul Konerko 2B: The White Sox are still waiting for Gordon Beckham to be the player they expected him to be. At the deadline the Sox traded for Leury Garcia, a utility infielder. If Beckham doesn't get it going, expect Garcia to fill in. Prediction: Gordon Beckham 3B: Another key area for the White Sox to figure out this offseason. While Conor Gillaspie, filled in nice, he is not the future of this team at this position. Look for a prospect like Marcus Semien get a chance to learn the position and fill in there for the Sox. Prediction: Marcus Semien SS: Alexei Ramirez didn't have th ...
not everyone can be as good as Gordon Beckham
go as Gordon beckham... Keep complaining your *** hurts.. People will get it
The MVP of the game might be the lip of the grass that allowed Brantley's batted ball to hop over the nonchalant Gordon Beckham's glove.
If you hate hillbillies and hate baseball go look at Gordon Beckham's twit pics , you will hate both even more !
I didn't know Roger Dorn now plays for the White Sox. Dive, damnit, dive, Gordon Beckham!
Gordon Beckham vs Brian Dozier compare and contrast. Why shouldn't we sell high on him this offseason for pitching
Alejandro De Aza singles home Gordon Beckham to give the White Sox a 2-1 lead in Cleveland in the top of the 7th
Swisher trying to BroCruit Gordon Beckham over at first beis
Where is the Gordon Beckham Hawk promised us?!
WATCH: Michael Brantley quite smoothly drops this looper over Gordon Beckham to drive in the Tribe's first run.
How many years am I going to have to hear that Gordon Beckham is going to be a great player? Still waiting...
Why is Gordon Beckham not batting 2nd every single game?
Bottom of the 2nd. 0 - 0. . Dayan Viciedo, Gordon Beckham and Marcus Semien due up.
JOKE: What's the differences between an onion and Gordon Beckham? No on cries when you cut up Gordon Beckham.
When I stopped the ritual for a moment is when Gordon beckham had that double, I swear
Gordon Beckham doubles. Adam Dunn pinch hits for Bryan Anderson and is IBB'd. De Aza now pich hitting for Leury Garcia. 1 out.
Gordon Beckham doubled to raise his average to .270 and Adam Dunn was walked. Here's Alejandro De Aza with one out.
A 14 K, no ER start, a Gordon Beckham dropped pop-up with 2 out in the 9th, and now tonight. More proof that Chris Sale lacks
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Top of the 3rd. 0 - 0. . Gordon Beckham, Bryan Anderson and Leury Garcia due up.
Top of the 3rd. 1 - 3. . Gordon Beckham, Josh Phegley and Alejandro De Aza due up.
Slew of injuries have taken toll on second baseman Gordon Beckham
This guy said I looked like Gordon Beckham out at second base tonight. I appreciate it bruh.
Mecy! That just might be better than Gordon Beckham manin second base. But not quite in the class of Yaz
Gordon Beckham out of the lineup, continues to deal with nagging injury -- (
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