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Gord Downie

Gordon Edgar Downie (born 6 February 1964) is a Canadian rock musician, writer, and occasional actor. He is the lead singer and lyricist for the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip.

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Gord Downie's "Secret Path" is coming to Richmond Hill. Details here:
Jay has anyone ever told you you're a cross of Gord Downie and Sheldon Cooper?
5 things you might not know about Gord Downie's Secret Path, short-listed for the Polaris Music Prize this year:…
A guide to Gord Downie's Canadian tuxedo, from his pins to his top hat:
Gord Downie and indigenous activist Sylvia Maracle to receive Order of Canada
Gord Downie wins three Junos at music awards gala dinner Saturday night
Secret Path is a graphic novel about Chanie Wenjack. The story is told through songs/lyrics by Gord Downie!…
I did know Leon Russel but shocked they didn't mention Gord Downie, the lead singer 4 the Tragically Hip - huge Canadian band
Our Day 6: it's Gord Downie's Birthday... Check out this mosaic made of 150 individual pics of the…
.Says an anonymous *** who cannot get over Gord Downie not dying.
Katie's mother thinks she killed Gord Downie. She however did not!
Just a heads up someone is posing as gord downie and asking women through personal message if they will date him!
🎵come on in, no your not the first show, we've all been here since god who knows🎵 that Gord Downie such a poetic genius
We have 1 left of our Tragically Hip > email promoto get this Gord Downie framed can…
Want to know what a HERO looks like? Look inside: Gord Downie opens up about battling cancer, 'savage' memory loss https…
Sign this petition to award Gord Downie from The Hip the order of Canada!
5 of 5 stars to Secret Path by Gord Downie
High school production Ahead by a Century, a theatrical experience based on the music and poetry of Gord Downie.
Maybe beloved Gord Downie can get action
Hey people. Gord Downie's 53rd birthday is Monday. It'd be quite cool if everyone here wished him a happy one. Pass it on,…
Happy birthday Gord Downie! ! I'll never forget that night in Toronto x2!! Thanks for being you!!
This picture of Justin Trudeau and Gord Downie hugging was not taken by the media. Does it matter?
Gord downie fund for brain cancer research raises over 265k in the Tragically Hip final ... -
Lots of Downie Sock Scarves in inventory now. $15 to downiewenjack fund from each sale. $240 so far. More?…
Most awkward meeting ever. Please please bring Gord Downie and let him loose.
Hey That'd be in Stouffville. You can check out the details here - or here
First Nations honour tearful Gord Downie: 'Man who walks among the stars' via
When the Tragically Hip movie gets made, they really need to cast Jim Parsons as SNL era Gord Downie.
do you know who Gord Downie is and his story? His songs are played all over the World like that of Leonard cohen
can you please please consider giving Gordon Downie the Order of Canada as a First Nation member I think it would mean alot for us/Gord/Hip
We'd like to send all our love, light and strength to Gord Downie in his fight with cancer. The Nation is behind yo… h…
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Have you heard that Gord Downie's 'Secret Path' may be added to Canadian curriculums? More from
Over 400 musicians will perform 16 days straight to benefit fund -
What speaker's favourite Canadian artist is Gord Downie? Find out here:
Exploring Gord Downie's "The Secret Path" to help prepare us for our Residential School visit. .
Cohen, Downie and Dion are nominated for
Happy Birthday to Gord Downie. The efforts of the few can have such an impact on the many. Art Never Ends.
can a guy can buy an album of these songs? It'd be nice. Money could go to Gord Downie fund or something.
Going through the Juno nominees and seeing that somehow the Hip/Gord Downie, or Leonard Cohen seems to be nominated in every category
Emotional Gord Downie honoured by AFN - They had to turn away from Justin Trudeau's dark energy. via
Harley sold: That's $30 more to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research at Sunnybrook. HUGE thanks
Dylan/Gord Downie and actually Billy Bragg at the moment
As a fellow musician and friend it’s our turn to help support Gord Downie's efforts to fight brain cancer now
Governor General David Johnston: Let's honour Gord Downie with the Order of Canada - Sign the Peti... via
I’m proud to launch a campaign that means a great deal to me in support of my friend Gord Downie http…
Truro Daily News Tickets for Gord Downie show in Halifax sell out in minutes Truro Daily News Shaking with emotion,…
Meet the journalist who inspired Gord Downie and Joseph Boyden to write about Chanie Wenjack - Thunder Bay - CBC N…
Coolest Halloween costume we've seen so far...little Gord Downie
NDP MLA Wab Kinew says students should see Gord Downie's Secret Path.
Clearly Stephen Fletcher needs to be required to watch : Students should see Gord Downie's Secret Path
Students should see Gord Downie's Secret Path, NDP MLA says: NDP MLA Wab Kinew said he wants to see Gord Downie’s…
Not a soul left untouched by Gord Downie at Roy Thompson Hall on the weekend
Gord Downie hugs NAN Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler at the end of the first concert in Ottawa.
A gym full of students pays tribute to the Hip's Gord Downie via
looking at an okcupid profile where the main pic is one she took of Gord Downie weeping
I think it was Gord Downie in an ultimate heel turn, personally.
Another shot of Gord Downie by available online on our website. Gord is expe…
Pre-order Secret Path before October 13th for a chance to win tickets to see Gord Downie live!…
If you want Gord Downie Quotes follow everyone will put a smile on your face.
This is pretty cool - free livestream of Gord Downie's new project hosted by RISE.
Only 5 days left to bid on Tragically Hip mask from Proceeds go to Gord Downie’s foundations:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Why final concert meant so much to Canada
Pearl Jam- Ed gives shout out to Gord Downie Wrigley 2016
I saw Gord Downie wearing a Jaws shirt and black neck tie, so I bought a Jaws shirt and black neck tie
The Tragically Hip perform an emotional farewell concert:
The emotions were high and a nation united to watch Gord Downie give the performance of a lifetime.
I'm thrilled Gord Downie was well enough to make an appearance at the CBC/Justin Trudeau event in Kingston tonight
Loved this: Tragically Hip's Gord Downie uses Kingston show to call for action on Indigenous issues
Nice tribute to from another legend: "Wish the best to Mr. Gord Downie. We love you"
Oh. My. God. Heartbreaking to watch. . Gord Downie was diagnosed with an aggressive, incurable form of brain...
in case you hadn't heard: Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip has inoperable brain cancer. They're playing their final sh…
Watching on the in Proud to be Canadian. Thank you Gord Downie!!
. Eddie Vedder says a few words about and Gord Downie last night. .
Lovely tribute by Eddie Vedder & in Wrigley Park last night to Gord Downie &
Here's Eddie Vedder's tribute last night to Gord Downie and
Tragically Hip's Gord Downie calls out to Trudeau during tour finale -
The plight of First Nations communities like those encountered in Canada highlighted by The Tragically Hip:
"Thanks for listening, period. Have a nice life.". -Gord Downie . Tonight we are all Tragically Hip fans.
Canadian band The Tragically Hip ends its tour in the hometown of singer Gord Downie, who has terminal brain cancer.
At Pearl Jam's show last night, Eddie Vedder said some nice words. . Transcript from Ed’s words on Gord Downie...
Gord Downie crying and screaming at death during "Grace, Too" last night has been seared onto my heart.
White settlers praising Gord Downie for his words: if you don't take them as an obligation to ACT, your praise means n…
Gord Downie led The Tragically Hip (for an emotional final show. Watch highlights from last night
Canadians bid adieu to beloved band whose singer is dying: Gord Downie diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
Sort of appropriate to watch the live stream of Gord Downie's final concert here at this place.
ThankU Tragically Hip! Canada loves you :) We R so proud to have you in our lives. Keep pushing on Gord Downie XOXO You Can !
Hey Liberal flaks: PM has every right to be at the show tonite, but can we please remember this is about Gord…
Let's support Gord Downie's plea to help fix the problems in the NORTH. No more silence.
Word is that Gord Downie has some kind of a solo project upcoming. Anyone know what this is? Book of poems,...
On behalf of Canadians, I thank Gord Downie and the Hip for their decades of service to Canadian music. Forever in our h…
Gord Downie thanks his fans, hugs his band and walks off stage for the last time that night
If you attack Justin Trudeau for political opportunism, you're actually attacking Gord Downie, Canada, and everything d…
We can’t thank Gord Downie & enough for the funds and awareness they've raised for brain cancer research.
In my fantasies Gord Downie is now just travelling cross country to kiss every single Canadian right on the lips.
Neil: Awesome chalk art paying tribute to Gord Downie on Argyle St after last nights Hip Concert.
Wow. The staff at Gord Downie's hospital got together to sing The Tragically Hip's Courage -
Tonight, Canadians join together in celebration of the Tragically Hip & Gord Downie. Watch their final show, live: https…
Gord Downie, who recently announced he had inoperable brain cancer, during The Tragically Hip's...
Gord Downie wipes tears from his eyes in the middle of the Tragically Hip's "Grace, Too"
"Ron McLean" Maybe Gord Downie likes him that much. But, how depressing to have him anywhere near a rock concert.
A reminder that you should sign the petition to officially instate Gord Downie as Poet Laureate of
I saw Gord Downie perform alongside John K Samson before. One of my favourite music memories
Nice to hear Paul Coffey speak so fondly of Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, wishing him all the best and best wishes from the Miramichi!!
Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie has brain cancer · Prince performs at the 10th Anniversary Essence Music...
May is brain tumor awareness month. 27 Cdns like Gord Downie are diagnosed each day. Donate: h…
Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Ahead by a Century for Gord Downie
Gord Downie and the Hip were always big supporters of Dan Snyder Memorial golf tourney in Elmira.
.. PLEASE sign for Gord Downie to be on a Postage Stamp alone ASAP
If plays 'Sleeping Sickness' at July 23rd and Gord Downie shows up, there won't be a dry eye at the festival.
The beautiful brain of Gord Downie is eating itself and the brilliant rock legend is going to skate a last victory lap. He rocks so hard.
Let's celebrate and support Gord Downie. From the Archives: The Gordfather
From the archives: Joseph Boyden on his trip with Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip to isolated Fort Albany, Ont.
Gord Downie is a true original who has been writing Canada’s soundtrack for more than 30 years.
I remember the movie One Week where Gord Downie as an actor had overcome cancer, made this mornings news all too real
Glad to have heard Gord Downie's memorable reading of "At the Quinte Hotel" at 2013 Al Purdy tribute at Koerner Hall
One fav memory of Gord Downie is solo concert on Canada Day, Mississauga, before Celebration Sq, when you could get close
So sad to hear about Gord Downie. Saw The Hip at the Masonic Temple in '97. Best concert I've ever attended.
Sad news about the Tragically. Hip - Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. But they're doing one more tour!
Every time I have a Mill Street's 100th Meridian I do a horrible impression of Gord Downie singing. ... Where the great Plains begin...
Oh nope I'd barely pause. I swear it's a thing. Now when Gord Downie goes my world will crumble
Gone (w/lyrics) - Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles via
I broke that rule only a few times. Gord Downie being one of those times.
"As my dear friend Gord Downie said when he and the rest of the Tragically Hip came to James Bay to perform their...
"...Our nation is only as good as how we treat our most vulnerable, as how we respond to those most in pain.". ~ Gord Downie
Ron have you ever copied trick rider by Gord downie. I pretty sure you would do amazon version of it
"Sitting at Tim Hortons so you know it's important." - Gord Downie
Fans of Odd Pop Culture Slightly Esoteric Pairings: Dallas DC Rod Marinelli looks like he could be Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie's dad
The best part is when the TPB get caught by the cops after, they are played by Gord Downie and Alex LIfeson. With moustaches.
Some people can't stand Geddy Lee's voice, others cannot listen to Gord Downie. For me, it's Joel Plaskett.
Embarrassing confession I used to think Michael Stipe's and Gord Downie's voice were the same for way longer than I'm prepared to admit.
Blows my mind how similar Michael Stipe of REM and Gord Downie sound so similar, that would probably *** them both off hearing that though.
Gord Downie of the Hip, great band, great music, lucky folks with tickets get to stay more than 3 songs
Great lead man Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip tonite, hated to leave
Doesn't need to be mentioned but Gord Downie is a beauty
Nothing like a lil Gord Downie and the boys on a Friday night.
Mood about exams can be described in the immortal words of Gord Downie: LET ME OUT!
did Gord Downie show up for the game?
and dogs, after Gord Downie of course
I know for a fact the Tragically Hip are huge hockey fans. They play hockey with other bands in Toronto. Gord downie is a Bruins fan
Since 2006, Gord Downie of has been a staunch ambassador and Trustee. Join him on Apr. 23 in Toronto.
"If Jesus was hung, would we pray to a rope"? Gord Downie
the Tragically Hip absolutely killed it tonight - I LOVE YOU GORD DOWNIE 😻
Rocking out w Gord Downie and The HIP tonight.
True Canadianity? Watching Gord Downie ride a mic stand in the driving rain in North Bay. That night he went
In less than 24 hours I'll be in the same vicinity as Gord Downie Oh mY GOD
is the James Browne or Gord Downie on the stage tonight
Apparently it's been a few years since I've seen the Didn't know Gord Downie wore leather pants...
DON'T tell me what the poets are doing. ~ Gord Downie every April when he hears it is National Poetry Month.
Hey why don't you like the Hip? I mean, besides Gord Downie singing like he's doing housework?
"They shot a movie once, in my hometown" - Gord Downie "NOPE" - All of NS now. Farewell film tax credit.
Yep, I still want to be Gord Downie.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I want to dance like Gord Downie. Always.
What's up with Gord Downie cowboy hat...this is the best coast how bout a souwester.
Gord Downie should replace Eric Bana as a future Romulan Commander. He would be more unnerving b/c he is a decidedly eccentric man.
hear u have a Great Dane too! They just the best! Here is our Gordie named after Gord Downie from
My top 3 Gordon's of all time:. 1. Gordie Howe. 2. Gord Downie. 3. Gordon Bombay. Without a doubt.
I won't recommend HTTM 2, but I will say it's a much better movie if you imagine Rob Corddry is actually a very confused Gord Downie.
CBC Backstage Pass Tribute to Lou Reed Concert. Highlight was Gord Downie singing song from Berlin
Is it bad I just realised that Gord Downie and Alex Lifeson are the cops at the start of the tpb movie?
Just watched a Tragically Hip concert film. Gord Downie dances exactly like my dad used to. I don't know who I feel sorrier for. :)
Tomorrow night we meet in Calgary - Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun!
Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and September Seventh Entertainment Limited present Ray LaMontagne, Daniel Lanois, Bruce Cockburn, Boris Brott, Gord Downie and more live at the 2014 Greenbelt Harvest Picnic - August 23rd at Christie Lake Conservation Area in Dundas, Ontario.
Excited & grateful to announce last night's raised $500,000 for water! THANK YOU!
Gord Downie doing guest vocals on the new album is the most Canadian thing ever.
There's a secret island in the middle of Lake Ontario. Gord Downie said at that all you can see is water. Wonderful.
Great evening at Waterkeeper gala last nite. Performances by Gord Downie, Feist, Sarah Harmer. Protecting water was the theme.
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Nice show last night with Gord Downie, Sadies and Feist. Off to the east coast today for Halifax, Moncton and Charlottetown!
"Well folks, it's a good life if you don't break too many guitar strings. And it's a pretty good life if you do." -Gord Downie
Gord Downie, co-chair of the ..also performing tonight!
Gord Downie and The Sadies surging like river, rocking like a torrent.
Waterkeepers Gala with great tunes by Gord Downie,Cisco proud sponsor
.now performing for gala. BIG thanks to Gord Downie for curating this amazing lineup of entertainment.
@ Waterkeeper Gala. See lots of music guests. Jim Cuddy, Gord Downie and
Gord Downie and Edward Burtynsky to host Waterkeeper Gala and Art Auction Presented By RBC tonight at…
Gord Downie July 3rd at the there or else
Gord Downie sings on the new album 'Glass Boys', it's the song titled "The Art of Patrons",
I can't wait to see the Sadie with Mr Gord Downie! Love that man!
Gord Downie may be the most Canadian name
Gord Downie just passed Charlie Conway a joint. What the christ is on the CBC right now!?
My roll-up cups never tell me to go west and Gord Downie never tells me how to know if I'm in love.
NEW POST: My 1995 interview with of It's all about Day for Night
Hosted by musician Gord Downie and photographer Edward Burtynsky, the Waterkeeper Gala is Toronto’s foremost...
The line up is spectacular - kudos! But Gord Downie and Monster truck are right up there.heck even fred penner
Surprise, surprise, I love the new jam w/ Gord Downie
"Smoke what ya gotta smoke, drink what ya gotta drink... Just meet me at the lonely end of the rink"-gord downie
Definitely pumped to see the Sheepdogs, Gord Downie and the Sadies, and Gentlemen Husbands :) Can't decide between them!
there are only three possible monarchs I will accept: Gord Downie, Joe Kiethly, or Bif Naked.
Well, I'm 38 years old and I've kissed a few girls. Gord Downie and The Hip would be proud.
Put together SOCAN report for Comedy Show w/ Safe to say we're putting Gord Downie's kids thru college.
Interesting that Gord Downie is on the new F***ed Up record. Canada game recognizes Canada game.
I really hoped the Gord Downie & The Sadies album would be more Sadies and less Gord Downie, but it seems to be the opposite.
(An aside: whenever people mention Canadians traveling by car/bus to Paris, I assume Saskatoon before Paris, ON, thanks to HRH Gord Downie)
Pre-Festival action for Gord Downie, Matt Mays free in Whistler, & full day's fun July17th. Deets: 
Kick off with Gord Downie, And The Conquering Sun on July 16 & 17. http:…
Despite his somewhat reserved stage presence, happens to be the Gord Downie of BBQ.
Excited to see Robert Randolf & Family Band, Blues Traveller and Gord Downie with The Sadies in - so awesome!
Accommodations in Woody Point secured for WAWP, one step closer to three nights of Gord Downie shows.
The top 36 ways to get the most fun out of your week, featuring Record Store Day, Gord Downie, Orphan Black, and a Kelis vs. Khaleesi showdown!
Spontaneous combustion: Gord Downie and The Sadies rise together in The Conquering Sun ...
Just bought a ticket to see Soundgarden, NIN ,Tyler the creator , Gord Downie, Matt Mays, Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Metz, and Norm macdonald plus many many more. Im goin to see every band I've ever wanted to see this summer.
Gord Downie +more to play concert for tar sands pipeline awareness; hosted by Oct 6, Mel Lastman Square:
Saw The Tragically Hip in February... They can still bring it. Unreal concert. Gord Downie. The living legend.
Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie lead oil pipeline benefit show in Toronto; watch Josh Homme “audition” for Star Wars
Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie to play free concert raising awareness for line 9 pipeline- Sunday
Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie unite for Line 9 oil protest in Mel Lastman Square
more like if Gord Downie couldn't sing or write interesting lyrics.
- but I am going for that 'Gord Downie' kind of feel in some ways.
Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie, Hayden, The Sadies and The Minotaurs will play Rock the Line; a free concert at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto on October 6 to protest Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. Enbridge wants to reverse the flow and … Continue reading →
FREE CONCERT at Mel Lastman Square on Sun. Oct. 6th to raise awareness of the risks associated with Enbridge Line 9 tar sands pipeline plan, including Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie & The Sadies, Hayden, Minotaurs
is THIS Sunday. Will we see you there? . Join us, Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie & the Sadies, Hayden...
Attention media play free concert to say 9 htt…
Attention media play free concert to say 9
Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie & The Sadies, Hayden and Minotaurs play a free concert to say No to Line 9: Rock the...
Sun at Mel Lastman Sq Gord Downie & have a FREE gig for Rock the Line, Wanna meet Sarah?
FOR SALE: Two tickets to "An Evening With Gord Downie" for Thursday 10/3 at 7:30pm. Adam's Mark Hotel in Buffalo. DM me for more details.
Did you get your tickets for Gord Downie's show this Thursday at 7:30? Learn more about WNY Enviro Alliance at it too
Oct 3rd Gord Downie will be performing in Buffalo!!! -
Gord Downie makes me more proud to be Canadian, than any politician ever has. Gord for prime minister!
I thought you beat to death the inevitability of death, just a little bit. ~ Gord Downie.
Thanks to every one who made it out to the show last night. It was an honour to share the stage with the talented Gord Downie and Sarah Harmer. See y'all next time!
To everyone who came out to the sold out show at Enwave Theatre last night, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks. It was an absolute pleasure sharing the stage with the insanely talented Gord Downie and Sarah Harmer.
Tried to be casual when Canadian hero Gord Downie walked by us only for Josh to say, I don't know who that is.
So and Gord Downie showed up and joined Daniel Romano on stage last night. Oh my god, it was perfect.
Daniel Romano with guests Gord Downie and Sarah Harmer = good show! (Also recommend the company of )
That time Gord Downie and Sarah Harmer came out to sing with Daniel Romano.
Gord Downie on stage with Daniel Romano and the Trilliums tonight. Doesn't get much better...
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finding Gord Downie so I can find info about my Dad would be far Gord has not replied to my msg :-(
Gord Downie next Thursday song and convo at the Adams Mark..tix in 20 minutes
Yup that's Gord Downie on my screen
Meeting and chatting with Gord Downie in a Halifax bar last night just made 20 year old Andrew's brain explode.
According to an inside source Gord Downie was in the Halifax airport this morning flipping at someone. Why does this happen when I'm gone?
Day 6 of the random road trip out East: shook hands with Gord Downie at a bar in halifax last life is complete...
2013 Conference on the Environment with kicks off with "An Evening with Gord Downie". Tickets here:
Sarah Harmer, Hayden, Gord Downie & The Sadies playing free concert in to raise awareness of RT! https…
Rock the Line Oct 6th in North York with us, Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie, Elder Garry Sault and others!
The wonderful Al Purdy Show, with Atwood, Dennis Lee, Gord Downie and others now on the air right now, CBC Michael Enright show.
to host Heidi Bonnell's Hope Live Nov. 4. Randy Bachman, Gord Downie, and Serena Ryder will sing
is going to start dressing like the illegitimate child of Neil Young and Gord Downie...
I always thought that Gord Downie's dancing had something to do with the Kingston water, based on Dan Ackroyd's dancing.
Gord Downie getting prepped up for the Writers & Friends fund raising event at Memorial Hall
if Kim Mitchell and Gord Downie had a would be the spitting image of jay!
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The Tragically Hip will perform before the hometown crowd TONIGHT at Kingston's K-Rock Centre. The Arkells open the show at 7pm. Today, The Tragically Hip unveiled the "1 The Tragically Hip Way" signage on the main entrance of the K-Rock Centre (formerly known as 1 Barrack St). ENJOY the show tonight!!! Members of The Hip - Kingston's own Rob Baker, Gord Downie, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois and Gord Sinclair - unveiled the sign ahead of their performance at the K-Rock Centre tonight, part of a cross-Canada tour in support of their thirteenth studio album: "Now for Plan A." "Kingstonians love The Hip. Their music has put Kingston on the map; they've made a point of giving back to our community and we are proud to honour them in this way," said Mayor Mark Gerretsen. The band has sold more than 8 million albums worldwide. The Hip have also won 11 Juno Awards, a Governor General Performing Arts Award, are inductees of Canadian Music Hall of Fame and have a place on Canada's Walk of Fame. In 2012, Kingston City . ...
Welcome to the Al Purdy A-Frame ProjectFABULOUS NIGHT OF MUSIC, POETRY & PURDY MEMORABILIA FEB. 6 Plan to attend Koerner Hall, 273 Bloor St. W, Toronto, Feb. 6 at 7:30 for “The Al Purdy Show,” a great evening of music by Gord Downie, the Bidiniband and Skydigger with readings by Margaret Atwood, Gor...
between approving the edits for my new book of poems and finishing up the last five chapters of my novel I am putting an old Al Purdy rhyming poem to music for the February 6 gig at Koerner Hall with Gord Downie, Gordon Pinsent Karen Solie, Dennis Lee Margaret Atwood and others. Book now!
Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip are about as Canadian as hockey — which doesn’t quite explain why they’re selling jerseys with Boston colours on their latest tour.
Review by Barry Coulter   Early on in the Tragically Hip gathering, Saturday night in Cranbrook, front man Gord Downie posed the ultimate referendum question — “Wouldn’t you … ?” (only in Canada can a man on stage say “let’s have a referendum,” and the crowd goes wild.) The answer was a resounding yes from a sold-out, rather tumultuous Western Financial Place crowd. The stage was thus set for an evening of metaphor presented at full throttle.   Rock music is pagan art at its high point of evolution — transporting, humanistic, subversive, interactive and impossible to ignore. Of all art forms, it is the cauldron where poetry, theatre and the expression of our human hungers best combine. And it is meant to be performed live, to carry audiences along with it like a shock wave.   And it could be argued that a dual guitar attack, a rhythm section that keeps our limbic systems in turmoil, and a front man in full poetic frenzy is the ultimate expression of the genre. The Tragically Hip laun ...
I saw the NFB documentary WATERLIFE yesterday and was totally amazed. It's a truly beautiful film with a great soundtrack and awesome narration by The Tragically Hip's Gord Downie. It's kind of like having Gord Downie for a Science or geography teacher. If you just close your eyes and imagine the smell of chalk and the warm glow of rock solid late term paper excuses it's like being at some kind of Great Canadian Rock and Roll High School. Leslie Feist as Principal, Emily Haines as School Nurse of course and Matthew Good as Guidance Counsellor. Yeah! :)
High profile Canadian musicians like Feist, Blue Rodeo and Gord Downie are supporting the movement:
Idle No More gains support from Canadian artists "Hundreds of artists from across the country have signed the statement, including author Miriam Toews, filmmaker Noam Gonick and musicians Leslie Feist, Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor and Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie. "
Sarah Harmer, Steven Page, Gord Downie, who's who of Canadian artists call on to meet with First Nations:
My 8y old loved the Gord Downie interview but didn't know who was. now she likes moxy fruvous too.
Confirmed: Gord Downie joins me for exclusive live feature chat in Studio next Tues Oct 2, release day of brand new ...
Gord Downie and the Sadies. Somewhere between iggy Pop and Johnny Cash
Watching "One Week" for the second time. Such an incredibly Canadian movie. Every possible cultural reference inserted...Stanley Cup, Gord Downie, Tim Hortons.
One of my favorite Canadians. Gord Downie... with Grace Too
my buddy rich owns it, he's a rad dude. He looks oddly familiar to Gord Downie
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Remember that time The Tragically Hip played SNL. Gord Downie kind of resembles Sheldon Cooper:
Driving around listening to Gord Downie and Dallas Green.
Ok I'm not a Justin Bieber fan, but I do have to respect a fellow Canadian covering one the best Canadian bands around; the Tragically Hip's song "Wheat Kings". He is no Gord Downie, but hey, I give the kid some credit. Plus he has made a lot more money at 18 than I'll ever see in a life time, and perhaps he will turn on a new generation to the Hip.
Just got back from the 'electric' Tragically Hip show. Man, I love that band! Gord Downie is always fun to watch!
The art in the Tragically Hip's music is such found in little works by artists. Their uniqueness yet catchy comfortable listening is topped off with the absolute lyrical genius of Gord Downie. The reasons I love them!
Had so much fun at the Stampede Roundup last night - 54-40, Matthew Good and Tragically Hip were all amazing! Wonder who'll they'll have next year? PS, It's official - I love Gord Downie!
I got really excited because I thought you meant Gord Downie (of the Tragically Hip). Then I saw the picture and got excited again.
Am I the only person who hears Gord Downie singing and has a mental image of Paul Lynde?
About to traverse Canada again (from bed) thanks to Joshua Jackson, Gord Downie and company. Hearts and stars for the One Week DVD.
Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip or Lennon, gets the tongued award for lyricist. Nice everything btw!
the song Save my Life, has Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip singing on it. Another awesome band. Check them out.
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