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Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

Osteoporosis using statistical analysis and micro-arrays to identify genes & mutations of in…
There is lots of evidence that charred foods cause cancer, but they're so tasty that folks don't want to accept it.
I have come to a point of lit search where Google Scholar has repeatedly asked me to verify that I am not a robot. 2 days in a row.
Some scholarly articles on environmental racism and Monsanto's participation in it.
Some scholarly articles on Monsanto's environmental racism. Poisoning poor, black and brown communities for over...
Who is fetullah gulen He is the one who is stealing American tax payer's money with so called charter…
♻ Google Scholar now indexing and other OSF Preprints!
it's interesting btw how some articles show up on Google Scholar searches and some don't, not sure what'…
Although, increased water temperatures have been shown to increase capture stress - definite vulnerabili…
Potential of for carbon sequestration in construction materials
Lmao like son, Google is your friend. It's not hard to look up & see your own *** father in a fish…
tfw Google Scholar recommends one of my own papers 😄😄😄
I stumbled onto Google Scholar, you think of everything 😍
I stumbled on google scholar, you think of everything 😍
Google Scholar doesn't index, it harvests data and metadata from repositories
Preprints/papers in and now indexed in Google Scholar.
Update your maps at Navteq
Spread the word: Google Scholar now indexing and other OSF Preprints!
Busy couple of weeks patents! Custody will be an interesting buy/sell side convo.
More useful research on clay mineral-biochar composites
.Google Scholar it - I found it in a CQC report authored by Mike Richards...
Google’s AI got “highly aggressive” when competition got stressful in a fruit-picking game
School make you change your whole perception of life. One minute you a scholar next minute you trying to Google how to flip a brick.
YOOO Remy Ma has always been everything. Now she's activistbae too?! 😍😍. End private prisons, Remy Ma said it, *** https:…
Hey look mine are properly peer reviewed
Reading papers all day started to get tiring (._.;)… . Google scholar search page 40 of 41… “Tales of …” paper (^_^)
I get my facts from scientific literature. is a good way to find scientific evidence.
Two new genera of songbirds represent endemic radiations from the Shola Sky Is, Western Ghats, India
Plastic in Cassin's Auklets from the 2014 stranding on the Northeast Pacific Coast
Caring for patients who are homeless with Mental Illness: General Tx & the Use of -
Here are 250,000 plus results. Let me know when you have refuted them.
Does Google Scholar know about your Mentions? Check out our blog post over
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Reticence or vigilance at the nest: a cruel bind for the endangered Black-capped Vireo
As discussed ad nauseam where's your profile Or your Google Scholar entry? Or???
Isolation with asymmetric gene flow during the nonsynchronous divergence of dry forest birds
Google scholar will be the death of me
If the article you need isn't available in LibrarySearch, it may be freely available via Google Scholar. Use the li…
Great to have Peter Larkham talk to my geographers about urban morphology - his work here:…
Efficacy of seasonal grazing and livestock exclusion as restoration tools for birds in riparian habitat
Cryopreservation of Indian Red Jungle Fowl spermatozoa: a first approach
Google Scholar says you've been cited twice, but probably knew that already
Come to a Google Scholar profile session. It’s key to your online presence as a researcher  
How can you be asking third years and Masters students if they've heard of Google Scholar 🙄
Conserved gene expression in sperm reservoirs between birds and mammals in response to mating
Tips for UL staff and students to find full text items in the library using Google Scholar search.
Incubation period of Moorhens Gallinula chloropus in southern Europe
'Make $$$ using THESE two things scientists DON'T want you to know about!!1!' (Google Scholar and common sense)
You missed the evolution evidence, eh?.
Uncoloured Blackbird: variation of plumage patterns, geographic distribution and taxonomy
Detail: use Allen AI's semantic scholar, not Google Scholar. Vastly more productive.
Cranial morphology of European passerine bird families
Must read: "Manipulating Google Scholar Citations and Google Scholar Metrics: simple, easy and tempting"
Stop using to search information for school essay use instead. You wil…
Impressive! Bob Langer is ranked No 1 in citations in the subject "chemistry" in the world
That lazy moment when you receive Google scholar alert, but you have to institution-login for full access.
Applications of circumscription to formalizing common-sense knowledge.
Prosocial and antisocial behavior in economic games | New issue being compiled at Frontiers |
Physical activity but not sedentary activity is reduced in primary Sjögren’s syndrome -
An investigation into the prevalence of sleep disturbances in primary Sjögren’s syndrome: a... -
For example, (but so far, except for some editorials from the 1990s, I see no popularizations)
I report here the # of quotations of my major work: . HNY!
Immunotherapy of Head and Neck Cancer: summary of a National Cancer Institute Head and Neck... -
6 out of top 7 publications in Computer Security & Cryptography are conference proceedings | Google Scholar Metrics
Did you look at all the dates in that Google Scholar search? is still calling us "deviants," but they're a bunch of drunkards!
Utilising metrics and networks for academic visibility: .
Health behavioral theories used to explain behaviors in a systematic review
Career Development and Mental Health from the Perspective of Life-Span Development Approach -
The role of perceived workplace development opportunities in enhancing individual employability -
" Our door is always open": Aligning Literacy Learning Practices in Writing Programs and... -
Career Anchors of Representatives of Generation Z: Some Conclusions for Managing the Younger... -
I love it how whenever I type "S" in my address bar, google scholar's website is the first option to appear
When u know what type of articles u need to prove ur point but google scholar & ebscohost REFUSE to let u shine…
Sometimes, it's been the very first source. Use Google Scholar. Check for .edu sites and avoid wording that implies bias.
I actually had never heard of Google Scholar. Neat!!
Task: make flashcards out of my notes about 2 chapters I recently read. 2h later: Lost in depths of Google Scholar, downloaded 57 new PDFs
Yep, have had little luck on Google Scholar. I'll email for any references - academic or popular - that you think wld be useful
This is the reference that I was thinking of.
Yeah the universe hates me. I have better luck on Google Scholar. or just ask someone :P
Endemic species may have complex histories: within-refugium phylogeography of an endangered Iberian vole -
Alvarinho, as it is called in Portugal, or Albariño in Spain, is the greatest white grape variety of Iberia
Google Scholar search for 'biodiversity conservation' in 16 languages: 35.6% of scientific documents not in English. h…
My most popular blog post in 2016 in the UK and US. Scholar Metrics top ten management research papers
Changes in gut microbiota of migrants during stopover after crossing an ecological barrier
Prior use is not a recognized ground to cancel a registration over 5 years old (incontestable or not):
Efficient tomography of a quantum many-body system -
Understanding regime shifts: Reversal of a cyanobacterial bloom in response to early warnings -
ASSABer Stephan Leu's newest paper shows how much we can learn by studying how animals move around:
Walter Williams? What a joke. A simple search on Google Scholar returns no pubs. I think he lectures in a 101 course at GMU.
Impact factor 1.431, Journal of Advances in Physics *** is indexed with Google Scholar, Rootindexing, Eyesource, Scribd, Cosmos..
Hey did you see this writeup abt building a Google Scholar custom search form? Looks right up your street.
The tables right at the end are very interesting esp. prob solving strategies
you know how to use google scholar. Look up things like nuvaring or mirena and jadelle
I was unfamiliar with it, so i did a quick Google Scholar search, and, um, yeah…
making the MINORITY the rule doesn't make it a fact google scholar
I may have just wasted some time putting "daylight savings" into Google Scholar.
But mine is the scientific consensus. You can find sources affirming my position via Google Scholar in moments.
Online social integration is associated with reduced mortality risk -
Social support reduces stress hormone levels in wild chimpanzees across stressful events and... -
Binge Drinking and Depression The Influence of Romantic Partners in Young Adulthood -
you share the research that says it makes people better. Go to
I've generally found this a pretty effective mic drop:.
Trump is a fascist and must never be in the White House
Behavioral and Neural Signatures of Reduced Updating of Alternative Options in Alcohol-Dependent... -
Find personal information from Google Scholar and EI Compendex by yangmelody Search the scholar's email from Goo…
Assessing Neighborhood Livability: Evidence from LEED® for Neighborhood Development and New... -
yeah, but I want to see the number of google scholar citations for each paper
Google Scholar is a search engine that provides academic results
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
See also why GScholar is a good choice as OA publishing is downplayed by other databases
How the world's first Wikidata Visiting Scholar created linked open data for five thousand works of art
. There are these And I have some personal experience also
on GlobalAging See these data on lower & higher income ageing
Great new data from WHO SAGE: Cross-natl & cross-study harmonized variables
EEG-based motor imagery classification in BCI system by using unscented Kalman filter
Read the decision here, if you care to. /18
Most cited social science publications in Google Scholar | LSE
I can't help you much there then, but I'd suggest
Paleobotanists! Are you there? Where's a good review paper on Phanerozoic diveristy / trends in plants?! Google scholar i…
I don't know what your research is about but google scholar is a good source
Elinor Ostrom continues to amaze me. I don't think one could overstate the importance of her scholarship.
“Scraping Google Scholar to write your PhD literature chapter” by
Smelly headache: Olfactory symptoms reported by migraineurs with and without auras
Climate change in the urban environment: Advancing, measuring and achieving resiliency -
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
As CAP spent 6+ yrs trashing my reputation, our work on normalized hurricane losses quietly accrued ~1200 citations http…
.Adam, I've talked about studies like these, alongside scientists: Maybe do homewo…
Built a tool to auto-search Google Scholar & make citation diagrams, found useful new papers… . https:/…
This gem of an analysis is listed by Google Scholar as having been published in
Learn the ins and outs of using Google Scholar's advanced search features to conduct research:
Search 10,000 Titles on Google Scholar and Scrape Google Citations Result in Excel Spreadsheet by shafaqat11
Google Scholar alerts keep you up to date with latest research - e-Learning Feeds via
What are the most-cited publications in the social sciences (according to Google Scholar)?
wish I could pay for Google Scholar, just to help ensure it won't go the way of Reader.
Very frustrating: links on Google Scholar to Molecular Ecology papers auto-direct to "enhanced PDF." Impossible to get to paper home page??
When you discover a research article on Google Scholar, everything from then on is closed (PDF -> computer -> research -> paper eventually?)
TILE WORLD v. MIAVANA & FAMILY,. MD Florida. You can't assign less than all rights in a TM.
My chapter with on "Explicating open innovation" reached 100 citations on Google Scholar
do some research on divisive primaries - under Google Scholar tab. This isn't just "the republicans are crazy."
Congrats to whose thesis project has just been accepted at New Media & Society (Google Scholar's comm journal)!
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Here you have a list of peer review studies about homosexuality
I love that Darwin has a verified email address on Google Scholar.
If you've got a rough idea what the topic is about, you could always start looking up journals, etc on Google Scholar
Scholar-Athlete: Wachusett scholar-athletes make college choices: HOLDEN - In front of a packed room of parent...
So I was somewhat confused how a terrible-sounding article with 55 citations can only be available in Researchgate:
I am on researchgate and but don't find them nearly as useful as google scholar profile alerts
.Google scholar alerts (assume same?) would be my second best, but think is a wide margin. Journal TOC emails can be good too
A century ago Rosa M Lee: Lowestoft the phenomenon she discovered is cited today
There may be secondary liability under the ATA: (so says a TX district court).
Time frame to narrow the search on google scholar?
Feifei Ji Fulbright scholar from China studying signaling theory, extolls her ability to access Google
Why are state medical boards often acting more unethical than licensees?
. Oh scholar it then. You can't deny the facts of the deaths on his hands
Records request for employee files the subject of executive sessions over six month period not unduly burdensome: https:/…
Scholar-Athlete: Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Lainie Alves: ... as Action News Now's Ross Field report...
FWIW: I only see one person named, and I can find no citations for him in Google Scholar or the ADS.
Why having your journal indexed in Google Scholar matters more than ever and steps to get started:
you know what, i have posted on this over and over again. Go on Google Scholar and do your own *** research. Did you learn how?
Don't use Google to search for information for school essays. Use .com to find more relevant information right away.
and you have a published scholar on in Camp2000 living right here, yes?
now idk what to believe. Thanks for nothing Google Scholar
Scholar-Athlete: Teen of the Week: South River junior an active, involved scholar-athlete, mentor and leader: ...
High Court seeks records on UoH scholar's suicide: Hyderabad: Justice PV Sanjay Kumar of the High Court at Hyd...
Tz62623517 completed the Scholar achievement and received rewards
Mostly for things like this I think of ISI Web of Science, Google Scholar and Scopus.
No website has helped me more than in the past 2 years, and they site everything for you in every way 😭
Take look at by Essential read to understand Enterprise 2.0 & Web 2.0 using acronym SLATES
Measuring and reporting on energy poverty: insights from West African countries:
Scholar-Athlete: Maryland Student-Athletes Perform in Classroom: Two hundred and twenty-seven (227) student-at...
i researched whether the terms "Native American" & "Native Indians" are interchangeable on Google Scholar and even everydayfeminism :-/
SDS should remember: SDS helped enable campus don't strive to undo it
News | USCA : JERUSALEM (AP) — Leading poverty scholar Anthony Atkinson is among the winners of this year's Dan…
Google Scholar just made me prove I'm not a robot. No Google, I'm just downloading a LOT of BibTeX
Google Scholar vs how do they compare in evaluation of programs?
Tfw you search Google Scholar for the topic of the day and the first (& most relevant) result is Einstein, 1937.
I just discovered the Google Scholar cite feature and it saved my day... it's great for getting formatted references
"Journals must take steps to ensure their articles are being crawled by Google Scholar"
Why did noone tell me about the utility of using Google scholar to make sure you reference list is properly formatted? So many wasted hours!
... and to little surprise nothing via pubmed, google scholar, etc that I've found
of explains ETD Center Google Scholar Integration at the OH-TECH booth.
that salafi/wahabi scholar spoke about advising the sinner. Knowledge from authentic sources .
Ss learn to use Docs templates, EasyBib, and Google Scholar for research
Vote for Akilah's Google Doodle! She's a scholar at Eastern HS in DC!
What happens to the when their Rothschild handler dies? - Google Scholar
Hi James. There is a significant body of clinical literature about sleep apnoea & risk:
Update your maps at Navteq
Proud of my mum on day. PhD in theoretical physics in 1965! I understand barely a word of her work: http…
Apparently it's not the common knowledge I thought that Google Metrics is good in that way:
I have no recollection of searching for memes on Google Scholar and am confused as to why they're in my search history?
The "scholarly articles" search box on Laurentian University Library just plugs the users search queries directly into Google Scholar. Hmm.
Is there any research on whether any CC license has any influence on an article's visibility in Google Scholar?
Things like these happen when one refuses to learn with a true scholar but instead learn from Shaykh Google and the likes.
In 2005, started automatic promotion in primary schools argues it has improved literacy
Hey . We cracked the 1,000 citations mark with the old real-time review!.
Jailing abuse victims - - is not uncommon & was criticized by other FL judges long ago:
google Purdue citations or google scholar what you're citing and have google generate a citation for u
like u know it's not that hard to educate urself!! Google!! Google scholar if u wanna be official!! go!! Godspeed!!
What does modern science say about Camel urine? Click here:
My new book Pink Herrings is available to view on google books and purchase as ebook ahead of print next month :)
Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Hannah Noonan: Hannah Noonan is taking a wide range of classes this yea...
the Korean study says it's not a benefit or harmful.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Pant: Changes in concentration and size distribution... water droplets particles Brownian diffusion Google Scholar
just blew my mind with the Finditfeature sneaking up on google scholar. Grad school just got a [little] easier.
Google Scholar is probably the best thing ever invented
One of the most disastrous delusions of the digital age is that an amateur plus Google is the same as a scholar
Please join Imagine Easy Solutions to overview Imagine Easy Scholar, and explain how…
Here are just a few single instances of proof All 4.78 million of them
with Zones has 218 citations on Google Scholar. Cite us please, it's awesome!
For my friends who want to see how back the studies go regarding carcinogenic properties in meat and via its...
if it isn't in a database or google scholar I can't use it 😂
In this proof-of-concept machine autonomy makes it possible to use the RIC BMI interface to operate a robotic arm.
Scholar-Athlete: Jesse Klug One of 10 National Finalists for Senior CLASS Award: To be eligible for the award,...
Mentioned in the opening keynote : Epstein, R., & Robertson, R. E. Democracy at risk (2013)
I want to help u. Google Scholar search 'evolution white skin europe'. Pale skin is as 'old' as ...8000 yrs ago!
IF u want the truth go to a knowledgable scholar not sheikh Google! All corrupt! Correct knowledge is the key!
Ok. . . . google scholar isnt giving me the results i want o3o
nevermind. This non-scholar just used Google search to find information. .
Google Web Store now features apps that support Google Classroom: So cool to see Scholar :)
Ss explore what it takes 2 be a scholar w/HCD strategies and Google tools!
dude, if your have works indexed in Google Scholar is forbidden to watch TV.I had no idea.
The rich can name their price for giving: lamented scholar Pablo Eisenberg in a column i...
A Milestone for - Google Scholar to index OAPEN collection incl Huge thanks to…
Yes. I'd go directly to the source (Howard & Dailey, 1979) for more info:
. brings up interesting rec, citing research in retrospect shift. Here what Google gave me .
Morbidly fascinating to experiment with Google Scholar queries:
Yes with the help of Google Scholar cited by _ feature.
shh don’t tell the person who asked but I basically picked the ranked higher up on google scholar one. 😂😂😂
ohh yeke. baru tau. before this tak pernah dgr pun Google scholar tu 😂 thank you alin 😘 I'll try my best 💪
New Class Alert If you currently have college debt, I have good news for you! Did you know that there are
Yes yes yes! Someone cited another of my research articles! Google Scholar stats going up. ^^
Managing coexistence for bats and wind turbines:
I'm going to search Google Scholar for that research paper into burning bushes that talk...or walking on water...
Google Scholar's co-creator argues technology is eroding the prestige of high factor
Very strong performance of Semantic Web Journal, ranked among top 2 on "Web" as topic on Google Scholar
Good read on why it's important to have vector graphics in your academic articles => boost ranking Google Scholar:
Google Scholar's new journal rankings disappoint by using H5 index (heavily influenced by total # of papers pub'd)
No you described "Google Scholar" hits to say calling blacks Uncle Toms is academic.
Google Scholar ranks JLAS 4th for & 3rd for Studies. Read free sample content:
Google Scholar - better than impact factor? (Talamini) Based on my h index, time for me to get promoted
H index from Google Scholar may be replacing impact factor, personal rather than based on journal. Talamini
I'm sure Tomljenovic thinks she has. Do a quick google scholar search.
Don't have the time to educate you, use google scholar.
I just searched 'theory of pedestrian behaviour' on google scholar and some possibly relevant articles came up?
Congrats to Dr Ian Scott for article on deprescribing
Are you saying you've NEVER heard of horizontal gene transfer in asexual organisms? Here
Our chief weapons are google scholar and google time search!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What's happening in Cenla education: The Greater Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce will award a $1,000 scholar...
Why when I actually want to do my essay google scholar is unavailable. No. Make yourself available please 😒
I found an article from this century! But the link doesn't work. What in the Sam Hill is going on today, Google Scholar?! You're killing me!
Google Scholar is an awesome way to do research.
If you're ever feeling too secure or self-satisfied, take a look at George Newman's publications from the year 2014.
Make your pick. I must say, I haven't read them all ;-)
Google Scholar should like, award me for linking so many informative articles to the ignorant on the...
Measuring university faculty attitudes toward disability by
US Supreme Court, BUMPER v. NORTH CAROLINA: "Where there is coercion there cannot be consent."
You can search Federal case law on Google Scholar for free. Find an example of RFPA-sanctioned discrimination.
Google Scholar & Web Citer are the best inventions ever & I didn't have those in grad school.
Just love Google Scholar. Loads of information can be obtained from there.
British Olympic Medical Centre: Fatigue and underperformance in athletes: the overtraining syndrome
I'd start with Google Scholar and Books. If they're with academic publishers, they'll show up there, for sure.
Armor has dedicated much/most of his career to fighting against desegregation orders:
Library News: Saucy scholar Kendra Sunderland who hit the headlines after she stripped off in a university lib...
When you buy a textbook then find the whole thing on google scholar 😀🔫
Citation distortions in literature on serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region and amygdala activation
I think I've found the PR pea, engineered to produce a synthetic pesticide of the type "Cry1Ab" +.
Latest work on Ventricular Fibrillation Triggered by premature ventricular contractions by coll ANatale
Will the Sage Research Cases be indexed on Google Scholar in the future? Would be great for authors (like me!).
Q: How can I connect Google Scholar to the library's resources? A: Set preferences!
The value of natural history museum curators
Curious about relationships, families, Read asst. professor research
Google scholar gives you the bluebook citation of cases. I'm just discovering this and I'm salty no one told me
and I've noticed this element is bad on google scholar!
ISIS claims a medieval Islamic scholar’s support for burning Jordanian. They’re wrong.
Discover how our collaboration w/Google Scholar can benefit researchers & librarians in our March 4th!
had one in about seamounts, probably helped that it was CoML backed.
So it doesn't show up on Google Scholar. Still, we're proud of it! For me, research articles are the currency that allow me to write books.
So much happening in public health ethics!
"Is Google Scholar useful for bibliometrics? A webometric analysis"
I agree that Scholar has algorithms but are algorithms or factors or both different from Google ?
Wouldn’t factors be different e.g. citation count for Scholar but not for Google
just found it with a simple google scholar search. I haven't fully read it but I remembered the "great old times" .-)
I don’t know for sure but it seems different when I search for same term in Google and Scholar
What would happen if Google turned off G. Scholar? Good question from
Configure Google Scholar to link to ODU Library resources. Check out this One Minute Video!
Remembering David Carr of the New York Times: A meta-level conversation ... - Journalist'...
Google Scholar is a search engine for peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, and other scholarly...
Google scholar is an incredible thing that makes great journal attainable -and some for free-
Are you a scholar, practitioner or student interested in research? Submit your abstract to for h…
How have I only just discovered Google Scholar? It's literally the best resource ever.
Renowned scholar Nouman Ali Khan to address public in Dubai today - Emirates 24/7 # دبي
How do I delete rogue versions in Google Scholar?
also Google Scholar search under Imperial War museum (or whatever) plus power and Bennett (Tony Bennett) might do trick
TIL Google Scholar can automatically cite articles and books for you.
Ibrahim D Itsenyabi wrote: A Nigerian residing in Washington D.C has blasted People’s Democratic Party secretary, Professor Wale Oladipo for suggesting that APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari is a semi illiterate. Dr M.K Hassan in his write up, said that he was shocked to hear the words of the PDP spokesman and it might be the reason our education system has fallen so low. He wrote: Anyone interested in verifying Buhari’s academic credentials can write the school instead of reading jargon from a deranged Wadata Plaza Professor of Politics of Destruction Party (PDP). I have checked Google Scholar hoping that Prof. Wale Oladipo’s name and publications will show up but nothing is showing up, that says a lot about him as a Professor than Buhari as a retired decorated General who served his country so well and has not claimed any scholarship. Full statement below: A Rejoinder to ‘Semi-Illiterate’ PDP Secretary Prof. Wale Oladipo by Dr. M.K. Hassan. I was shocked to read a press statemen ...
Is it @ City library? links now working on Google Scholar again. May need to go to Settings and ensure City University London is typed in.
a new aPProach for synchronizing ProDucTion anD DisTribuTion scheDuling | Google Scholar "Supply Chain"
Article on studies of size of Google Scholar via
Excited to see our comprehensive Chapter on in print!
Why has no one told me about google scholar before.
Low visibility of Latin American repositories in Google Scholar: technical incompatibility or lack of web strategy?
At first I thought he was Google answers but then I realized he gave up true scholar.
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