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Google Maps

Google Maps (formerly Google Local) is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API.

Trump Tower Street View Apple Maps Bing Maps International Space Station Google Earth San Francisco Google Street View

A very interesting read about how satellite imagery and algorithms are enriching Google Maps far more quickly than stre…
Check out this review of King Jaja Hall on Google Maps
"large number of drivers that utilize the apps...Waze...65 million in 185 countries by 2016...Google Maps has well…
Google Maps will Soon Indicate When it's Time to Get off the Bus or Train - - Sofia News Ag…
Google Maps has added a 'Motorcycle mode' in India to cut time off car routes! 🏍️. Would you welcome something like…
The kids will love this. Use 'Santa Tracker' to follow Santa Claus on Google Maps as he makes his journey around... https…
looks like they are way into Halloween, too.according Google Maps Street View 🧐
Google Maps Street View: Bikini babe has SHOCKING clothing blunder while sleeping on beach
Google Maps: Is this Street View image proof of ALIENS? | Travel News | Travel |
A random snapshot of a beautiful world. 💜🌏. I like dropping the Google Maps Street View in random places and see som…
(33) This is the location on Google Maps.
(24) This is the location on Google Maps.
Google Maps "Street View" goes inside the Pet Food Express store on the corner of West Napa and Fifth Street West.…
App/Book Good Maps - for Google Maps, with Offline Map, Directions, Street Views and More has been updated to 1.6.0
Looking at Street View images of Beachy Head on Google Maps counts as thesis research, right? . They're actually ja…
Google Maps is giving scientists a street-by-Street View of air pollution.
Update your maps at Navteq
Check out this review of KFC Randpark Ridge on Google Maps
So I’m playing around with Street View on Google Maps and I randomly come across this vehicle in Montreal. Can anyo…
Just noticed that on mobile phones, Google Maps moves around Street View based on how you tilt your phone - smart,…
Check out this review of NAE Federal Credit Union on Google Maps
Check out this review of Atlanta Marriott Marquis on Google Maps
Google Maps aren’t the individual correspondence present in the marketplace how to restore desktop in windows 10. The Maps app is i...
Find this 57 Stiched pano on Google Maps, Search for 'The OLD Erie Canal' I DIYed it MYSELF.
N. Korean media reports that they have developed their own versions of the Kindle (comes with the memoirs of Kim Il Sung!) and Google Maps
A level 5 raid is starting soon in Shoreacres! Starts at 13:27:17 (58m 59s).
Our path for this Saturday's hike on the - happily almost all downhill!
Here's the $30 billion startup you've probably never heard of:
'Thor: Ragnarok' has kind of a funny problem: I truly believe Thor: Ragnarok…
A startup is taking on and with a 'Minecraft for docs': A…
Hairy backs have met their match with this giant You can finally…
Navigate easier with this smartphone car mount that's on sale for 60% off…   10% Off
Dennis Quaid and a delightful combination: Dennis Quaid, star of The…
announces itty bitty controller: There's a new, official…
Don't be too scared to check out these haunted places across 😱 😱 😱
Have a look at Streetview here and you'll see it clear…
Explore the wonders of our solar system with Google Maps
A Slowbro has appeared in Lima it will be gone in (21m 36s).
Nice to see Google Maps telling me all the London living wage cinemas in London. A shame Everyman isn't on that map…
UPDATE: Google Maps no longer shows the Malay Archipelago as being just north of the Tiwi Islands.
By the way. Neat thing Google Maps did on Saturday: showed the race course/road closure.
You are faster than Google Maps thinks you are. Believe in yourself, John! (Also: hope you had a great ride)
If I look 360 degrees from this spot on the Victoria Bridge in Brisbane, Google Maps shows me 20 tower cranes. (I'm…
What's that city in Nebraska that isn't Lincoln? I tried to look it up but fell asleep on the way to Google Maps.
Streamed Conversions in Knowledge Graph and on Google Maps via
Google Maps is actually a god send for studying driving test routes 😂 papa bless for technology
Florida and Google Maps team up to mark road closures due to Irma – PA home page
Florida is working with Google Maps to mark road closures in real time during Hurricane Irma
Seems our mayor would have no problems wal…
6 things you need to know about Google's Q&A feature on Google Maps
Back to school season is here again. Find our backpacks at any store…
Google Maps will now help you find parking. Read:
WATCH: Gov. Scott: Google Maps will show closed roads in real-time if forces closures
If you unfold your trusty copy of Google Maps, you'll find River Bend Station about 30 mi NNW of Baton Rouge, just off Hwy 61
Google Maps will mark road closures in real time in Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma
Google Maps shows horrendous traffic in 295 airport to Alta Dr, I-95 downtown to JTB…
Passport Online adds river cruises, Ola integrates with Google Maps, and more
Neil, thank you for getting back to me. This is in France (EDF France). Google Maps - 2-554 Route des…
I love Google Maps so much. Just following rivers, Antarctic airstrips, tiny islands in the ocean, the desolate north, + Wikipedia to taste.
Every house is on the internet (Google Maps & other software) or what kind of sentences are these cour…
Google Maps' new feature could be a real lifesaver, and here's why via
Take a look at their reviews on Google Maps too.
A Moltres Raid (level 5) has started at San Thomas Aquino\saratoga Creek Trail. End time: 06:24:03pm.
Google maps is no match for the San Francisco public transit system.fellow millennial.
Dublin the flying Monkeys Have found a Mareep it'll be gone in (53m 33s)
I hope you saw my post that corrected the van was the Apple Maps van, NOT the Google Maps van.
Parking Alert: On Thursday, the Alabama Department of Transportation will close the U.S. Hwy 31 median for the...
Lickitung has spawned until: 08:32:03pm (26m 22s).
I love when Google Maps knows where I'm going 👍🏼
You can now take a tour of the International Space Station in Google Maps' Street View
What it looks like from the International Space Station. 3DVR via Google Maps.
Google Maps now gives you a rare look inside the International Space Station
Went to De Montfort Hall earlier and just got a push notification from Google Maps asking me to rate the venue
Now, locate over 300 public toilets in the New Delhi Municipal Council area on Google Maps, give feedback.
Closeby - it's alley off N. Lanvale (Google Maps says it's Morton Street)
Checked out this site on Google Maps & was still a parking lot. Building across street under construction though. L…
Read on "Terra Incognita": Google Maps and Google Earth added 3,000 tracts of indigenous homelands
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I've been literally going on every street in Google Maps. Ha! I will find it! Gas lamps were key. T…
Ashley Madison victims have been mapped on Google Maps
Google Maps uses Street View to keep you on the right path ?
Google 360 degree Business Photos for Google Maps - How to Video
For unknown reasons my phone went nuts at the weekend and sent random contacts my location on Google Maps and this…
Japan friends. Here is a tracker: this is our last night. See me on Google Maps!.
TIL transit search does not work in Taipei, and as with most Taiwanese cities, maps are missing roads. Google Maps will not save you here!
I think Google Maps is trying, but my neighborhood does not know what a dive bar is. How the *** did I end up livi…
I looked up one of my elementary schools on Google Maps. The building is abandoned and two dudes are fighting out front. h…
Dat pothole pon Seymour Avenue soon show up pon Google Maps as a landmark
I had to do the max zoom-out on Google Maps to measure the distance from East Sussex to Helmand Province.
Google Maps: "Make a left turn off Way-yucky way in 100 meedas... You are now on Jaymes Ghee Cheer ewww roawd..." . Me: https…
Google Maps to help settle Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute
Are you making the most of your smart phone? Check out this from
Why do some people not use online maps (e.g., Google Maps, Bing Maps)?
That's what liberal sites like Bing and Google Maps wants you to believe.
I got an e-mail saying . 'At Google Earth we can read maps backwards!'. I thought, "That's just spam!"
Yo! A Donphan popped up, available until 07:53:32 (29m 45s). Find it on
I had some Chinese coworkers who were very fond of this place in Rancho Bernardo:.
A wild Diglett appeared! It will be 300 meters from Newtownsmith Park until 7:53 AM.
A Lapras has appeared in Westervillish Available until 06:52:12 (28m 44s).
STP: Dratini at 60 Livingston Ave. Expire at 01:53:13 (29m 56s).
Apple ditches and apps from Apple watch
Having some challenges in trying to locate us? We're on Grab and Google maps! See you here, at Munchies Bistro
Johnson Baseball >> directions to today's game at Southwest High School - Google Maps
Podcast app that connects to Google Maps and finds you a perfectly timed episode based on your commute.
Google Maps for iOS was today updated to version 4.30.0, introducing a new Directions Widget.
Google Maps for iOS adds iMessage app for location sharing, new 'Directions' widget
Warren Street at South Cambridge Street closed to due a trench in the road. Photo courtesy of Google Maps
Walk through the trenches of Vimy Ridge with Google Maps
Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps or your car Sat Nav - What is your go to navigation?
A wild Chikorita appeared! It will be in Helsingoer until 6:20 AM.
Nom nom nom—I just scored 69240 points playing Google Join the game here:
A 100.0 Bellsprout has appeared in Hilliard Get there Before 04:14:51 (24m 10s). Ya Bums
A 100.0 Psyduck has appeared in Hilliard Get there Before 04:16:26 (25m 46s). Ya Bums
So freaking cool. You can play Ms. Pac-Man on Google maps right now
RICE: Wigglytuff at 1495 Hague Ave. Expire at 23:14:08 (24m 30s).
Google Maps reintroduced a useful feature, and many people don’t know about it yet
*** how am I playing Pacman on google maps rn???
A wild Clefairy appeared! It will be at East Pier until 5:19 AM.
Read how google pranked their Google Maps users!
Damnnn. Google Maps x Pacman. On that note, Kotakata! 1700-1800pm. Klik sini to go straight to GPS(and play Pacman) :…
This is actually happening! Do yourself a favour and open Google Maps now!
All you pac man fans out there. Open up Google Maps now!
Ms Pacman on Google Maps for April Fools Day - my favourite game, back in the day!
Google Maps users can now play Ms. Pacman on their smartphone app.
Google Maps has turned my street into a game of Pacman! Try it for yourself! 😀
ATTENTION: You can play PACMAN in Google Maps, I repeat you can play PACMAN on Google Maps!
Google Maps lets you play PacMan in the location of any city/town you want right now...
When did they release Pacman on Google Maps 😂😂
You can play PacMan on Google Maps right now in Los Angeles. ... so obviously I did
Google Maps has an excellent Pacman Easter egg/April fools game.
Dammit my Google Maps shows Ms. Pacman eating the entire Major Deegan, now how am I going to get home?
Reminds me of the time Google Maps sent us home from Brewdog in Glasgow - through Kelvingrove Park at midnight. We…
'I was panicking' - woman records ordeal after Google Maps error leaves her stranded in…
Ah, that's right, Latitude. Makes sense to bake it into Google Maps. Similar to Find My Friends integration in Apple Maps.
use google maps that's what I use when I'm lost
A Google Maps Street View in Chicago. You can tell who has active warrants out for their arrest (innocent people don'…
A great Skarmory appeared! It will be 480 meters from Price Chopper until 10:03 PM.
A good Machop appeared! It will be 174m from Henry Leavenworth Elementary until 10:00 PM.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
A good Houndoom appeared! It will be at Seltjarnanes until 3:03 AM.
A wild Wartortle appeared! It will be 693 meters from St. John until 10:03 PM.
A GIANT Lanturn jumped out of the grass! Available until 02:59:24 (26m 20s). Carlyle Grove
New SpiderFoot module using Google Maps to find addresses and latitude/longitude of targets now on GitHub
Ironic to have Norma Croker park renamed Norman Croker Park by Google Maps.
Hi Em - You can report an error on Google Maps here:
Drives me insane how Google Maps partitions functionality between mobile apps & desktop web 😡 heaven forbid I want the same…
Too many wrong-turn Uber drivers have 100% convinced me to side with with Apple's Maps app over Google Maps.
via Warren Zevon Desperados Under the Eaves Get out the Google Maps & look away down Gower Avenue.
After a brief survey of West Africa on Google Maps, it appears the main language is French.
Loving the Google Maps session! Planning to recreate the Doolittle Raid soon!
There should be a Google Maps plugin for San Francisco that routes you around all the giant hills
. According to Google Maps:. Sioux City to Branson - 488 miles. Hastings to Hastings - 0 miles
7 awesome features in Google Maps you may not have known about (Justin Sullivan/Getty Image…
Google Maps carry me and Mums down Charlotte St to avoid savannah traffic and she goes "Nicholas I haven't seen here in about 10 years" 😂😂😂
Street lights so dim in that I'm using Google Maps on phone to know where my stop is.
Google Maps adds feature to create and share bucket lists with friends.
Google Maps now lets you save your favorite places and share them with friends
Former govt minister proves point - Google Maps should not have been used in Jobcentre closure proposals.
Google Maps now tells you how hard it is to park in some cities
We're really missing out. Google Maps says I could drive there and back in just under 21 hours.
Google Maps will let you know how bad parking is at your destination > See
Google Maps swaps MLK Day for Confederate holiday in several Southern states
Google Maps letting folks in the South know business hours might be affected by "Robert E. Lee Day," not
I got u! I really researched the place before going. I was checking out google maps and everything 💀
You can see this woman taking her dog out on Google Street View
i haven't use google maps in a month call me an early American settler so noble so proud.
South Central Division responding to '**PD Requested by Fire' at 2100 blk Rockefeller Blvd | Beat 712 | | 22:14
It's been a bad week for the Mexican government on google maps.
First look at oil sands on Google maps after Neil Young brought to attn. AWFUL. We should have seen pipelines coming, w…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A Grimer has appeared! Found at 1703 Mallory Ln. Expires 10:34:22pm CST
A Muk has appeared! Found at 601 Murfreesboro Pike. Expires 10:30:05pm CST
Thank you to everyone who welcomed me to their communities across Japan. Still so many places to visit.
'Chamber of Rats': Mexican parliament renamed in Google Maps prank
Pound Town isn't showing up on Google Maps.
Lot of Google Maps happened from India first. You will see that more and more: Sundar Pichai - Times of India
These rumours? - pah - I've been watching Finch Farm all day on Google Maps & nobody has been in or out :oP. h…
According to Google Maps, School of Hard Knocks is located in Hay, Iowa where I left my double-dutch team after we lost the championship.
When users type in "Trump Tower" on Google Maps, loc will show up, but with the name "Dump Tower", the same w loc in Columbus…
Is your business standing out on Google Maps? Take a look at how great the LS MedSpa Google Tour looks.
Me: google maps where am I?. Google Maps: 27th and Broadway. Me: no my life. GM: girl...
Got lost in a Walmart tryna use Google maps
Dear Customer, the location is in Makkah Al Mukarramah Branch Road and here is the location on google map
Google maps. Seriously, my sense of direction is awful.
Artist mines Google Maps for the literal saddest places on earth
If u do visit then don't forget Google Maps or Bing Maps, u'll need em to find Lee Apartments and Apartment 66
Google shuts down Map Maker, to the chagrin of Google Maps trolls
Google is going to discontinue Map Maker and will add all the map editing features into Google Maps. . Here’s an...
Google Map Maker is closing in March 2017. We'll live with all errors in Google Maps, and possibly drive off a cliff
use of Google Maps pin location sharing / messaging to communicate kidnap fear location / call the police
Mary Kate Heys reportedly used Google Maps to pinpoint her position and contact her dad
An interesting wrinkle in the waiting game for a Second Avenue subway opening date. Google Maps tells me to take th…
What public space in Manhattan is of unknown size and not on Google Maps?
Looks like someone convinced Google Maps that our local high school is really called Ryan Reynolds Secondary…
Toucan Sam: Just follow your nose!. Millennial: I've got Google Maps, thanks.
"Daddy, can I play that game on your computer... Google Maps?" - Eddy, 7.
Every day there is an accident on I 80 W. Every day by Google maps tells me this. ***
'December Brings New Maps, Features, Content and Deals for Gears of War 4' via
Google maps car just passed me does that mean I'm gonna be on google maps??
Apple is betting a drone fleet can make its Maps as good as Google's
Update your maps at Navteq
Report: Apple will turn to drones to improve the quality of Apple Maps
Standing Rock Pipeline: Maps, facts, ongoing protests and what you need to know |
This might be the coolest thing you see today. Google maps time lapse (1984-2016) centered near Look at the…
Apple has a secret weapon in Google Maps battle via
How to Use Google Maps to Plan an Awesome Vacation via
For a few hours, Trump Tower in New York City turned into "Dump Tower" on Google Maps
Apple got FAA approval for its drone Maps data collection project earlier this year
Omg my google maps tells me where Dennis's car is parked.. 😈
Apple is reportedly using to beat Google Maps on
Gundlach: Market rally could reverse 'at the latest' by Trump’s inauguration…
Lufthansa pilots want clarity on new offer before any talks: BERLIN (Reuters…
Why can't my mum just accept "out" as an answer to where I'm going, she needs the post code & an image on google maps and my…
Apple now using Drones to Improve Maps, and try to catch-up with Google
D's Auto & Truck Repair is easy to find!. We are on E. Lakewood Blvd, just a tick west of 112th .
Found me and the family walking from a record shop on google maps
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Hey - Please help me escape this rabbit hole. Is this the factory on Iroquois Street?
A wild Eevee has appeared! It's IV is 93.33. Despawns at 13:57:29 (10m 1s).
Apple's plan to beat Google Maps includes drones and indoor navigation
Apple Said to Fly Drones to Improve Maps Data and Catch Google - Bloomberg
Could drones help Apple Maps catch up to Google Maps? - Fast Company
Apple is reportedly using drones to beat Google Maps - The Verge
A wild Eevee has appeared! It's IV is 91.11. Despawns at 14:15:48 (29m 46s).
Harris Garage is easy to find!. We are on Hayes Road, just a tick West of highway 17.
Google Maps takes you on a 360 Degree tour inside the WPRP East Stroudsburg Warehouse. https:/…
.How's that happen?. Google Maps shows Trump Tower as ‘Dump Tower’
Vandal renames Trump Tower to 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps - New York Daily News
Boycott Google for naming Trump Tower, Dump Tower on Google Maps!!! They are disgusting!!!
Hope he ties google maps up in litigation for years .
Trump Tower in Manhattan becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps - Chicago…
Oh my. The Trump Tower is now Dump Tower on Google Maps 😀
Google Maps showing Trump Tower as Dump Tower. . Because they can and because it's funny as ***
Trump Tower becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps Someone renamed Donald Trump's midtown Manhattan building on Google Maps, and the new mo...
Trump Tower on 5th Ave. in NYC becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps.
High five to the Google Maps genius who changed T***p Tower to its rightful name, Dump Tower
Legit dunno where I would be without my phone to access Google Maps. I wouldn't be home right now.
This is an often overlooked, but very simple travel hack:
Google *** . Trump Tower has been renamed 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps via
it didn't work for my brother either!! It might be an update? It's also specifically google maps not the iPhone maps app
Look at what cute little Google Maps did - they labeled Trump Tower - "Dump Tower"
A search on Google Maps for Trump Tower comes up as Dump Tower... cause google is passive-aggressively awesome.
Thanks to playing with Google Maps, I associate Kate Bush's The Red Shoes with a town I haven't even BEEN in for 20+ years
I'll go for a walk with you but only if we play that game where Google Maps directs us to a random liquor store.
Which reminds me, gotta go rate the driver in my last trip 2 stars. Dude repeatedly refused to use Google Maps but…
Avoid massive Black Friday crowds with this new Google Maps feature: The year's busiest…
So far 20 minutes late. Google Maps doesn't take an account for riders wanting to pay my cheque or asking whether this bus goes to Ottawa 😒
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Now you can find Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum on Google Maps: via
Terminal is the closest thing that shows up on Google Maps for "port authority police," so good chance.
What would you do if you lost access to Waze, Uber, Lyft, and Google Maps? Do you even own a paper map?
Como usar o Street View no Google Earth e no Google Maps.
LOL! Must have been a user submission to Google Maps. That's a PNC branch over there. (
Oh, hey, if someone steals my phone, my car will be next? Thanks so much, Google Maps.
Is anyone else's GPS on Google Maps or Apple Maps massively screwing up?
Organize your trip on either Google Maps or Apple Maps by adding the places you wish to visit with
Watching Wyatt Garrett try to do a Street View and look at his house on Google Maps is the funniest thing I've ever seen
The face you make when you're just cruising along but Google Maps decides to put you on Street View
Exploring Mexican towns on Google Maps Street View is my new favorite thing. Every building has a 1960s coke machine in front of it.
The USPS manages somehow to take 8 days to deliver something from San Diego to Sunnyvale. Google Maps says I can walk it in 7. Good job guys
Google Maps just landed this thief in a VERY sticky situation
Explore your new neighbourhood before you move! You can do this virtually with Google Maps and Google Street View!…
Google Maps has already been updated to include David Ortiz Drive & the David "Big Papi" Ortiz Bridge.
Interesting opinion - Mac Rumors: Did Apple Get Exactly What it Wanted for Users in Google Maps for iOS: Apple behold.
Why are Tower Grove Park & Compton Hill Reservoir Park in St. Louis, MO no longer green in Google Maps? It really throws me off
'Google Maps picks up mapping analytics and visualization startup U...' via
'Google Maps adds Lyft and Gett to its ride hailing options' via
I liked a video Explore Mont Blanc with Kilian Jornet, Ueli Steck, Candide Thovex, and Google Maps
I think I'm the Street View on Google Maps lets me pick past images at the people who originally used them
upload images to Google Maps is easy thru their "Street View" app. Just did it myself. Would be nice to do it thru 360app
Cool. The Street View man in Google Maps have been replaced with a Park Ranger for the 100 year celebration.
I do want to emphasize that we've seen an explosion in the use of Google Maps and Google Earth
This new Google Maps feature will completely change the way you travel and make your life a whole lot easier -...
When you find a Starbucks on Google Maps but when you get there you find out it's inside a mall.
If you're experiencing GPS signal issues on Pokemon Go (Android), just update your Google Maps, open it, and then open Poke…
umm You can't just legitimize Israel's illegal settlements by deleting Palestine off the maps! What The Fuq https:/…
A wild Slowpoke appeared! It will be around Central Park until 05:57.
Depends on the route Chi according to Google maps. 😃.
NOR: Golduck is near Mandela Close. Leaves at 05:56. You have 13m 0s!
Google Maps did not 'delete' Palestine, but there are problems to solve!
So apparently is no longer on Google maps...
First, they erased Palestinian homes. Then erased Palestine citizens from their existence. ِAnd now GOOGLE MAPS!
You can now book Hailo taxis with Google Maps in Ireland Irish Independent
New > > arto88 on "[Plugin: Google Maps Easy] Set the map center and zoom in widget"
boycotting google maps & switching to yahoo mail. When someone asks me where I'm from I say Palestine because it EXISTS!…
County aims to adopt new FEMA flood maps: The move allows residents in current flood zones to take advantage ...
File this world festivals under serious goals →
Nidoran♂ is near Parsons Mead. Leaves at 05:52. You have 12m 39s!
& Find a Marijuana Dispensary near you using
Uber to invest more than $500m into a global mapping project to reduce dependence on Google maps via
Google's failed attempt at falsifying history & geography by erasing Palestine from its maps
. Dear Zionist here is a 1570 Map of Palestine I don't need your fake Israel maps . https:/…
Trending: 218K people sign petition to "Put Palestine on
Google Maps ERASES Palestine in favor of Israel – but
137 countries recognize Palestine as a state but since the US doesn't, they decide to remove Palestine from Google maps.
. Did Google just erase from its maps?. Did Israel make that happen,
How does the Maps app know there is a car stopped by the side of the highway or jam up ahead? -
When the same Palestinians who came for Somalia are mad about being erased from google maps
Google slammed for removing Palestine from its maps . Assange on Google:
A wild Vulpix appeared! It will be around Blockhouse until 04:58.
A wild Hypno appeared! It will be around Central Park until 04:49.
erasing Palestine off of google maps won't erase the roots of Palestinian people who will fight for the…
Some people are slamming Google for removing Palestine from its maps.
Today Pokemon Go was a far superior app compared to Google Maps in getting me out of Pocahontas State Park. We...
Google Maps for iOS Now Supports Multiple Location Trip Planning: Power-change your mobile SEO with the ...
MsDD had a work experience placement and did trial run the day before. Google Maps got St. James's Street wrong..
Google Maps cleans up map design, adds “areas of interest” highlight Ron Amadeo
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