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Google Glass

Project Glass is a research and development program by Google to prototype and build an augmented reality head-mounted display (or HMD).

Enterprise Edition Oculus Rift

Google Glass lol, in least it's a start
Abyssinia, Henry - Season 2, Episode 3 Google Glass is made of.
Far from being dead, Google Glass is boosting productivity in hundreds of workplaces.
Why you don't want to buy the new Google Glass on sale today: via
The new Google Glass is on sale today - via
The rebirth of Google Glass shows the merit of failure.
Google Glass starts selling into the community at large | $1,829+
The new Google Glass is on sale today (but don't get it)
Google Glass smart eyewear returns: A revamped version of the technology company's… -
Our image here is just not quite as … alluring?… as THAT other Google Glass shower scene photo we seem to recall ;)
Eye doctor discovers 24 pairs of Google glass on custormer's forehead; he had forgotten he had them on
Google Glass has been quietly making inroads in the enterprises. Ready for the return of the glassholes?
Google Glass has found a natural home in industrial verticals but arguably set the consumer opportunity back years
Google Glass 2.0 is worse than all the versions of the newest healthcare proposals. .
Google Glass is back with hardware focused on the enterprise via
Steven Levy summarised well. Loving the term 😂.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Don't call it a comeback! Google Glass Enterprise Edition has been officially announced.
"For 2 yrs, Glass EE has been quietly in use in workplaces, slipping under the radar of gadget bloggers" https…
Google Glass is back, with a new vision via
Google Glass is back, with a new vision
Checkout Glass Enterprise Edition: Google Glass is back, for the enterprise 🤓
Google Glass didn't die - it just became something else, and then it actually kinda worked
Virtually good news: Glass is back from the dead
BANG: Google Glass returns with its sights set on enterprise customers
Google resurrects Glass for enterprise as new AR headset for 7 is unveiled via…
[It lives!!!] Google Glass emerges from 2-year silence with new Enterprise Edition and wider availability to…
"What is dead may never die." has new lease on life as a productivity tool enterprises
This is a new series in which I take tech news and extrapolate it into a horrid future nightmare (that just might ……
Blog post from guy in charge of Google Glass, enterprise version:.
"Google Glass" is back. That means GLASSHOLES are back too.
Haven't we as a free market made fun of Google Glass enough yet to halt production?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Google Glass returns: This time, it's professional -...
The nightmare future of Google Glass in the workplace
Google Glass returns: This time, it's professional - CNET
Google Glass is officially back, doing something it doesn't suck at
Google Glass returns with Enterprise Edition: Why the rebirth, partner approach makes sense
BBC say... Google Glass announces update and other tech news
Google Glass could be set for a shock comeback
✨Saw this & immediately thought of your class --->Google Glass gets its 1st update in nearly three yrs ~
Eyeborg . It's not quite Google Glass, but Canadian film maker Rob Spence has...
Glass gets its first firmware update in three years, world barely notices
BBC News Google Glass announces update and other tech news
Google just rolled out a new firmware update for Google Glass; In other news, I just turned on my HD-DVD player & wait…
Does the battery still charge? Remember Google Glass? It just got its first update in 3 years. Seriously.
Google Glass is apparently still around —and just got its first update in nearly three via
There was a 15 minute period when it was cool to wear a Bluetooth device in your ear. That was 15 minutes longer than Goog…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think I might like google glass if they made one that can clip on to existing glasses js
on hearing about the Google Glass update
Through the looking glass: Tour Furnitureland South — in virtual reality (video)
Google Glass announces update and other tech news-NewsCO
You just invented the sole use case for Google Glass.
I'll trade you 3 fidget spinners for your worthless google glass
I don't see all of these as failures. Especially Google Glass and Apple Newton.
WIRED Awake July 22: Google Glass is getting updates again
Google Glass adds Bluetooth support for whoever still uses it
Google Glass gets its first update in nearly three years
Dude. Vintage Glass from when I worked at Google. Respek.
Google Glass making a surprise return after three years of silence – but would you wear one? - The Sun
Google is apparently back from the dead, starts getting software updates
The next iPhone could have a lot in common with Google Glass - Lehigh Valley Business Cycle
I don't get it. The security nightmares lurking behind google glass..smack my bum and call me paranoid..but serious…
Can someone who thinks that Google Glass had poor industrial design tell me concrete reasons why
GOOG Glass take 2 (ver1 is in a drawer collecting dust):
Google Glass is getting firmware updates after 3 years of nothing. I trust *nothing* about Google hardware, they’re are fa…
BBC Technology: Google Glass announces update and other tech news
I had the first Google Glass. This version better be a BIG improvement... bigger battery and bigger display.
Google Glass announces update and other tech news - BBC Click's Kathleen Hawkins looks at some of the best of t...
Google Glass announces update and other tech news
Google Glass makes it to Sweden's Museum of Failure - Hong Kong Standard (press release)
Google Glass: the Bar Explorer badge on it, go on my own modem or so MINECRAFT! PlatypusFTW You sound fidelity.
Still want to get Google Glass, a pawn shop on George St in Sydney has a charcoal​pair for $899
please tell me sent you a Google Glass?
I remember the day I was invited for the explorer program for Google Glass, but I didn't have $$$
.leadership alumnus pilots Google Glass for doctors
AlzheiGlass is a combination of "Alzheimer" and Google Glass that used in the project to enhance patient's memory. https:…
i own literally 20 pair of perfectly functional Google Glass. what should i do with them?? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Vuzix’s M3000 smart glasses are Google Glass reborn
Bangladeshi company behind rebirth of Google Glass
Augmedix putting an end to documentation backlog? The Star Trek doctor awaits you with a Google Glass headset... Se…
Google Glass has an Xbox controller with Daniel Tosh.
Apple making a better version of Google Glass isn't a crazy idea
Boeing eyes a solution with Google Glass:
I think it's fair to say Apple's car was the company's Google barge / Google Glass moment
Glass enables doctors to make better informed decisions on treatment options
Humble Mobile Bundle 21: A toast to the Mobile Bundle's 21st! Have a glass of bubbly ...
Enterprise applications of Glass are still under development
Powdered recycled glass could replace slag in concrete mix & reduce CO2 emissions of production - new project
Google launches "Portico" that identifies healthy products and "Quartz" R&D post consumer glass in concrete.
Green alert: is looking at how to use glass particles to from concrete instead of toxic fly ash
Everyone's favorite (Ha) feature from is coming to just about any pair of glasses -
Blincam is the only part of Google Glass that ever mattered anyway
A multivocal, Israel Advocacy telepresence bot for google glass, with gamification.
Google glass is an iPhone strapped to our face 😃
Those who live in glass houses my friend .
Google today's Issue of The Political War Zone and why people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
ABRA Auto Body & Glass Appoints Ann Fandozzi as Chief Executive Officer: “After an extensive search, we are c...
Budtenders, they’re practically the Google of ganja. via https:…
More Borg than Google Glass, but still cool. "Hackaday Prize Entry: Raspberry Pi Zero Smart Glass"
This blink-to-shoot camera attaches to any pair of glasses
I liked a video Julian ASSANGE 'Orwellian horror' of GOOGLE Glass, & in bed with state dept
Coming soon in India: Trains with glass top coaches! Why?
BACCARAT Home decor: Buy your home decor BACCARAT on Vestiaire Collective, the luxury consignment store onlin...
The blink-to-shoot camera that attaches to any pair of glasses is headed to the US
How Google Glass will impact dentists and the dental profession:
Can Spectacles pick up the slack that Glass left behind?.
Will meet the same fate as Google Glass? We discuss in our monthly roundup:…
:-) Women should be given more top jobs – and not just in times of crisis: T...
That Google Glass blink-to-shoot feature? It’s headed to any pair of glasses with Blincam via…
Doctors use to capture data in real time and spend more time on quality
Apple’s First Implant: AirPods are Google Glass done right.
How big a game changer is Google Glass? [MP3]
Project Ara still live? Or it's becoming the next Google Glass?
We need smaller phones. Like have Google Glass (mebe more resolution, battery life, I don't know) and project smart screen to your eye.
btw.. i'm trying to see if we can get a Google Glass version of Pokemon Go. could resurrect that project :)
Snapchat reportedly working on a project similar to Google Glass (Jul-2016)
no. Takes 2 long. Roboump with the home plate ump with a Google Glass device to make the calls. Visible to everyone
Google Glass not a flop in the ER, doctor says. Wearable computing is discussed in chapter 2.
Google Glass not a flop in the emergency room, doctor says.
Google is revamping Google Glass. But this time it's businesses they have in mind
Industries that will be revolutionized by Google Glass
The owls will have a whatsapp group. Log Lady's log has wifi. Nadine's eyepatch is Google Glass
All purpose parts banner
want/need Project Tango built into a VR /AR HMD looking kind of daft wearing the old one with my ST1080 / Google Glass
Google Glass will probably not win any fashion awards, but good it's not a dead project!
Microsoft Game Studios are combining Gunstar Heroes and Bushido Blade. The twist? it's playable on Google Glass
A key person working on the Google Glass revamp has left after only 5 months.
They invented a thing called Google. Use it. Type "NOBU" and hit the magnifying glass. You can do it!!!
Who remembers Google Glass? That came and went pretty quickly! The amount of marketing that went into it!
Taking a moment here to be thankful Google Glass and those weirdo Bluetooth earpieces never caught on.
Magic Leap, the Google-backed company that has big ideas for virtual and augmented reality, has revealed a new video
Wine Glass Photo Frame is a photo editing application is using to make beautiful memories.
This unofficial Google Glass app is one of the best uses ... -
Through the looking glass: An Israeli perspective on American politics -
Apple iPhone 8 may feature an 'all glass' design: Analyst - Firstpost
Magic Leap is Google Glass x2 with processing box in your pocket and the magic is the way the pixels appear
Magic Leaps newest project is HoloLens meets Google Glass. (
It should be even cheaper to create fake VR goggles than it was to create a fake Google Glass for geeky profile pix.
Rock Calendar 4-15-14: Google publicly offers Google Glass for first time, in one-day online sale, $1,500 each. No.1 LP: "Frozen" Soundtrack
Here’s the Google Glass for Work trial at Tesla’s Fremont factory [GIF]
Unlocked iPhone worthless after FBI spills glass of water on it
Watch Alice Through the Looking Glass New Trailer: The clip of this new “Alice through the Looking...
so common that it's in our phones. Our phones are computers with VR technology that can call people. Google Glass didn't kick off
Hacking hotel rooms and Google Glass in Vegas. The Black Hat Hackers ...
New Google Glass will be without glass – Sunnyvale Tech Time - Daily Star Gazette
New Glass Bead Mixes - a favorite design element in and these…
Why the Oculus Rift won’t go the way of Google Glass. . On a recent episode of our podcast w
Why the Oculus Rift won't go the way of Google Glass
Where Google Glass failed, Microsoft's HoloLens already seems to be winning (MSFT)
Lol what happened to that Google Glass project ???
Google Glass is now part of Project Aura -
New film imagines life in NYC with Google Glass-like tech (but better):
attention designers, nerdy VR goggles are suddenly cool to wear, something Google Glass never achieved
Hamilton Collection
We all thought Google Glass looked ridiculous. Can we talk about Rifts/HTC/etc…how can VR take off when the goggles look awful?
Match Game: Blank blank. Ding, what's your answer. Poo. Charles: Google Glass. Buzz. Wrong, you lose. Next game.
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