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The Google Driverless Car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars.

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you can't edit an excel file on Google Drive on mobile anymore, unless you download the Google Sheets app?
Office 365 vs Google Apps 365 – A HISTORY Prior to Office 365’s introduction, many businesses were migrating to the cloud-based Google Apps for Business. Microsoft was starting to be perceived as the old stalwart when it came to business email and communications software. Meanwhile, Google was garnering a reputation as the young upstart in the industry. Since Google was fully utilizing the cloud, small businesses and organizations were turning to Google Apps for Business to eliminate the need for an on-site server and to facilitate communications and sharing among an increasingly dispersed workforce in the BYOD (Bring-Your-Own- Device) era. This meant that many businesses were bypassing the expensive licenses of the Office desktop suite for the more mobile and affordable Google Apps for Business. “Send us a Word attachment” suddenly became “Put that in a Google Doc and share it with us on the Google Drive.” Rather than lose a share of their marketplace to a competitor, Microsoft opted to intro ...
10 Chrome apps that make Google Drive more powerful
In other news, I am the Christopher Marlowe of Google Drive.
After almost 5 years, I FINALLY got my Google Drive account back to English from Japanese! Major victory in my book.
Looking for the Original California Chrome? Google has been working hard to bring the best to internet users. Google Drive is one example.
This looks great for creating mindmaps from bullet point lists in Google Drive anyone tried it yet?
Check out these great Chrome extensions for Google Drive. We already love Pixlr for image editing.
New ifttt recipe from jessfeld! Log from to Google Drive spreadsheet
Recipe by jessfeld: Log from to Google Drive spreadsheet
Download Images, PDF’s, Links directly to your Dropbox and Google Drive account with Ballloon
Figuring out how to bookmark the "create a new document" for Google Drive has seriously improved my writing ability.
This series aims to make Bach's Goldberg Variations more comfortable to play on piano. Urtext notation edits and fingering suggestions for download: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ My new edition "Bach Goldberg Variations for Piano" (Creative Commons) is finished. It's still at the "by hand" stage". If I'm able to upgrade to a printed version I'll update the links. Google Drive non-compressed PDF Bach Goldberg Variations for piano 167MB Drive compressed PDF Bach Goldberg Variations for piano 63MB _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Spoken video commentary as text (as requested for online translation) The Goldberg Variations are divided symmetrically in two halves at Variation 15, a variation that could be thought of as sharing the reflective mood of the Aria. Variation 16, an Overture, is boldly contrasted with the melancholic mood of Variation 15 and with it we launch into the 15 remaining variations, which make up the second half to the reprise of the Aria at the end. The Overture transforms half way through the variation into a fug . ...
This Chrome addition could be helpful for Schools ditching Office completely for Google Drive
3 spots left in Google Drive for Non-Profits workshop hosted by tomorrow at CCTV!
So now I've added Mega along side Google Drive and Dropbox, don't know which one to use more!
 border= Job Search Stay connected to your job search while on the go. Search, view and apply to jobs - whenever and wherever you want. You can even be alerted when jobs match your search. Key features: - Search, view and apply to jobs (or save/email them to apply later) - Access your Monster account— resumes, cover letters, job applications and more - Manage your resumes from within the application - Upload your resume via Dropbox or Google Drive - Receive push notifications and/or email alerts for new jobs that fit your criteria Collection Name: Release Date: 2010-08-29T19:50:39Z Track Price: USD Collection Price : USD
Okay. I have my Starfest Convention spreadsheet all mapped out. All my music and stuffs on CD AND flash drive (and Google Drive if all else fails). Looking forward to learning from Kevin J. Anderson and (hopefully) shaking the hand of Billy Dee Williams. Also filming for Juxtapose: A Cosplay Story, of course, so look out for camera-bearing Jedi! See you soon!
Curious about Google Drive? Join and the group for lunch next Tuesday. RSVP here: http:/…
Chromecast updated to show Google Drive presentations
Throughout the month of May, attend an IS Learning Team class! Not only will you gain helpful knowledge about amazing technology offered at Wake Forest, but you will also have the opportunity to win one of the following three prizes in a drawing at the end of the month: -a $25 gift card to the Deacon Shop -a wireless mouse -a Plantronics headset To make it even easier for you to take advantage of this opportunity, the IS Learning Team will host multiple classes on campus, including Photo Editing Basics Using Corel PaintShop Pro, Keep Everything, Share Anything: An Introduction to Google Drive, Video Editing Basics with Corel VideoStudio and more! Of course, the University Corporate Center is just a short ride away via the Gold Line Shuttle, so don’t hesitate to enroll in a class there as well! Take a moment to review the course offerings below and register now! 5/1/14* Photo Editing Basics with Corel PaintShop Pro 5/1/14 Media + Conversation = VoiceThread! 5/2/14* Keep Everything, Share Anything: An Int ...
OH MY. Downloaded two new apps today. I dont download any games or fun stuff to my phone ao these kinds of things make me excited. One app I found is to track mileage and one to track and categorize all my business(es) expenses. This is so cool. The mileage log connect to my phone's gps so all I have to do is hit 'start' when I start driving and 'end' when I get home. Expenses? Log it in the app when I get back to the car, choose a business/category, snap a pic of the receipt...done. Everything downloads to a .csv file and is backed up on Google Drive ...taxes are going to be so easy next year.
How to move Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iPhone and iPad files to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and more…
Too bad I've stopped using my flash drive in lieu of Google Drive, because flash drives are functional works of art.
One of the best things about signing up for Google Fiber is they upgrade your Google Drive from the base 15GB to 2TB. Enough space to store virtually every personal file, picture, movie we have to the cloud where it is accessible by our entire family from any device. Never fear a HD crash again.
I've decided to live in Google Drive and Creative Cloud. Active Projects going on CC, archived projects and resources in GD.
I've always been a fan of Dropbox, until now. I'm migrating my data from Dropbox to Google Drive. And I won't use Dropbox anymore. Why am I doing this? Because Condoleezza Rice is now on the Dropbox Board. Some quick facts about her: - She helped start the Iraq War. - She was involved in the creation of the Bush administration's torture program. - She supports and authorized several warrantless wiretaps.
Oh, you wanted to load your Google Drive documents to this computer for class today? You poor fool, this is Westconn, we use Internet Explorer. You have no power here!
The right tool for the job: Five collab writing tools for academics. / Google Drive is still my preferred method.
Block 3: "Holden/La Follette Alienation Prompt" 30 Min writing prompt is on Moodle and Google Drive:
Applications I hate and why: 1. Microsoft Office - Too expensive. Why pay $150+ when I have things like Open Office (and Google Drive for free? 2. Microsoft Outlook (specifically) - Too cluttered. I just want to read and write emails. I can never find anything I need without struggling. 3. Internet Explorer - Consistently lacking features that the other browsers have (or they are hard to find as well), hard to develop for and consistently surprising me by messing up (just had a selected right-click menu stuck on my screen smh) 4. iTunes - Why do you need to be on my computer for me to see what's on my device? (Been done with iPods for a while but I remember vividly) 5. Java - I don't hate you, but why do you have an update every day? You too, Adobe Reader!! 6. PowerDVD - The fact that you wouldn't play Frozen for me the other night the first few times. Had to replace you with VLC.
I use Google Drive for all document editing now, so it’s useful to have integration on iPad
A friend of mine has joined the ranks of job hunters. He has over 23 years experience as a Senior UNIX Systems Administrator. He is looking in the SF Bay Area (60 mile radius from Pittsburg, CA). His CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINING include: • AIX Administration I, II, and III – IBM Education Center. • AIX HACMP I, II, and III – IBM Education Center • System Administration – Sun Microsystems • Router Software Configuration and Net Central Programming – Cisco Systems • Sendmail Made Simple – Harker Systems I have known him for years, and he is a good guy, with one of the most even temperaments I've ever encountered. To see his resume, please go to (a Google Drive document). Please share as appropriate. Thanks!!
The same day that my Amazon Prime price went up, my Google Drive price went down.
I've been transitioning my high school students from using Microsoft Word to using Google Drive. This is perfect!
Google Drive slashes paid storage prices, turning up the heat on rival Dropbox
Google Drive's reduced rates make cloud storage even more affordable - - by Billy Steele
Does anyone have experience with using Google Drive as a file backup system (as opposed to Dropbox)?
It would be great if when replying to an email iOS Mail supported adding attachments from a cloud-based file system like Google Drive.
Your OS file system wants double clicks to open folders, but Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. only need a single click to open an item.
How to use Google Drive as your nonprofit file system
Come spend your Friday evening on April 25, 2014 volunteering for Kansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence's Empower Gala Event! Volunteer times range form 5:00pm-12:00am at the Ramada in Topeka Kansas. Click on the link below to sign up for a time on Google Drive! Thank you in advance for your time!
Google Drive: the only "online file system" that silently deletes your critical data. Sigh. Google's really gone downhill...terrible coding
Words found in the Torah Code pictures can be searched via Google Drive. If you have a gmail account, ust simply type in a word. Example, type "End" in the search bar and all the Torah Code pictures with that word will come up. Give thanks to Richard Ruff and Emil Johansson for their efforts.
ES File Explorer apk is a free, full-featured file and application manager.It functions as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, task killer, download manager, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubu...
February, 2014 Kaizena is one of my favourite web tools for adding comments to Google Docs. When granting Kaizena access to your Google Drive you will be able to add both text and voice comments to your documents and anyone who has access to these documents can also see these comments. This could be...
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Hints, tips, tricks and discussion to get the best out of Google Docs and Google Drive
You need an Amazon AWS account, a plain text editor (not Word!), Google Drive, and JS on your website &
Stay connected on the go with the Chromebook. Get 100GB FREE Google Drive storage with purch. Learn more.
I absolutely LOVE Google Docs! I just spent the last two hours tutoring a student privately over the Internet on her document on our Google Drive. Watching this kid finally understand some of the items that confused her was AWESOME!
Photoset: duckodeath: Google Drive link for Prime Suspect 3 (1993) In my quest to keep the filmography...
WHY I want a chromebook: 1. it boots up in seconds 2. its hella a lot cheaper than a PC or a Mac. 3. No bloatware, adware, malware or trojans. 4. Google's customer support is actually good. 5. Simplicity and style. 6. Instant sync with all my apps from Google. 7. Light yet responsive. 8. No need for internal drivers, works right out of the box. 9. Free perks such as 100GB free of Google Drive and All Access Google Music. 10. Uses the Linux kernel. 11. Beautiful UI design.
Uploaded Android Flappy Bird .apk on Google Drive for anyone that wants:
I have a paper to do and I don't want to write it on Google Drive it just feels so wrong... :/
beloved guests of Te Amo Playa Azul and all others: i've created a google drive album that will take you back to the ecosexual wedding day. it's 128 pictures, all photo credits to Shaison Antony. don't miss it! it's open to all w/ the linkk. check it out here:
Release delayed for a bit due to artwork being incomplete. A beta version is available for your enjoyment here:
I transcribed it, I was just looking for it on my google drive. I put it in my zine I had at the time. That phone's gone.
Just followed all the students on the google drive file! Excited to learn social media with you guys!
I know how does such with Word; am sure it cannot be done in Google Drive, but ask
Hot new video of Janelle Fox check her out
Hurray! All grades are in for all classes! Check Skyward ASAP! Then check that things are all shared on Google Drive! :)
Hamilton Collection
We really say there and couldn't figure out how to upload pics onto google drive
All those dbqs frqs and English essay they'll be thankful for google drive
You're ROCKING your Geometry Google Drive! See me for a prize tomorrow!
Anytime I see an offer for free cloud storage, I'm all over it. I have over 8GB of Dropbox space, 5GB on Google Drive, 20GB on Amazon Cloud Drive, 50GB on Box, and 7GB on Microsoft's SkyDrive—and I want to take advantage of all of it. Any suggestions?
Learn abour some cheats, hacks, tips, and tricks to make it a lit­tle eas­i­er to assem­ble all of your mar­ket­ing data, instruc­tions, and ideas in one sim­ple loca­tion: your Google Drive.
Google Drive—formerly Google Docs—has come quite a way in nearly a decade of existence. Originally launched as Writely, a startup’s clever collaborative word processor, Google quickly acquired the app, changed the name to Google Docs, and released it as a new way to help people work together more ef...
Who owns the data you store on Google's new cloud-based storage service (and so-called "Dropbox-killer"), Google Drive? Following the announcement of Google Drive, a number of people suggested that...
Uploading to Google Drive right now. DM an e-mail address to share it to.
Drive By | Check out this and other awesome movies at Redbox Instant today! | via…
Gotta start working with something other than Google Drive. The second I open up Drive, I get overwhelmed by projects and do something else.
Google drive is the best freaking thing ever. Thanks
Wow. At least when I order from Pizza Hut, they're only 10-20 minutes late (and Google says they're a 3 minute drive away).
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That'll only make sense if you've ever used google drive
Updated prices of . . . . Polysilicon - . Wafers - . Cells -
The best part of google drive is that if I'm writing an essay and need to poop, I can just pull it up on my phone and not lose my momentum.
I use Spreadsheets in Google Drive for tracking investments. You may also use Moneycontrol site/app.Think they track expenses too
Pls download Reading for Week 4 Islamic resurgence is at
Draft constitution from the last CA -
Alternate solution: upload to Google Drive then share through the Drive app.
get on google drive and work on the labstract with us though. Lol.
Superfast broadband is now available from the cabinet in Warwick Drive, Washnigton.
from what app? My file is on dropbox and google drive. I don’t see an attach option only link
Google Drive can now host your Static Webpage Google Drive has turned on a feature that lets the cloud storage service become a limited web host. It's long been possible to allow others to access data stored in the service, which can produce a URL for files. The new tweak means it's possible to ask for a “Preview” of an HTML file stored in Google Drive. Doing so renders the page and produces a URL that, once copied and pasted, can be used by anyone to access the page. The feature is sophisticated enough that a quick bit of coding produced this page, with a lengthy JavaScript and graphics stored in the same Google Drive folder appearing just as the code intends. We've not tested the promised ability to handle CSS. The Cloud Storage provider's have not said how far the service will scale, but it seems unlikely that will be much of a problem given this is hardly a heavyweight hosting platform. Google's not alone in offering a simple service: Amazon Web Services allows users of its simple storage service ...
"Ok oh so uhhm I need ur Gmail so I can Google-Drive-share the eBook?" said Ri to w/ a sense of shame the movie Shame never had
You are really looking for a crossover between a note app and word processor. My bad... I really like Google Drive ;)
If it wasn't for the Google drive app id probably be failing all 4 of my classes lol
Google Drive keeps going offline. I'll take that as a sign to quit. 👌😎
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unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Google has cars that drive themselves but can’t translate yardie. Who would have known.
Here’s how to get 50GB free Google Drive space with the Moto G
In 1948, the San Francisco Planning Code was still only four pages long (plus maps).
If you will have someone look at 5457/5459 Agana Drive, Santa Barbara Google Streetview, it's blurred out. OPS Center!
Here are the photos I took in dress rehearsals
What cloud service do you like the most or use the most ? dropbox, skydrive, (onedrive), mediafire, google drive, box, icloud ?
Hey, my friend David took videos of 2 of the songs at my gig last night. I can share them with you on Google Drive. I'm not going to post them though, just because the internet. If you're curious, give me a gmail address and I'll connect you.
Is there some special trick with Ethernet cables these days? Because not being able to connect to the Internet when I have all my paper notes on a google drive is not working for me.
stands for "IF This Then That". It allows you to set triggers on events like a new email in and have that trigger actions in other applications like saving the email attachments to Google Drive.
As you all know google drive is a cloud storage and synchronization service provided by Google, but unfortunately google drive is not available for linux yet. There are alternatives to synchronise google google drive on linux like insync(and grive. insync cost 9.99 USD per...
Is it just me, or is google drive freaking complicated as *** It seems that most google "products" are just...complicated to use.
Google drive folder for whatever he uploads so you can just sync it to your computer/tablet. Anyone can upload/edit/add people. Just don't mess it up:P
Hey FB friends! I have Google Drive installed on my ipad, iphone, and imac. Everything syncs perfectly EXCEPT for my imac. Can anyone help me trouble shoot real quick? I would love to get my computer version of Drive to be updated to the web version...
HTC One # Android 4.4.2 # KitKat update starts rolling out in # India . The new software update (v4.20.707.7) for the HTC One brings: ** Android 4.4.2 update ** Cloud print service ** Security enhancements ** New Bluetooth profiles to support more media interactions ** Even better multi-tasking. ** Open & save files on Google Drive + additional 25 GB of storage. ** Better disk encryption. ** Improved memory management The Android 4.4.2 for the HTC One is available as a OTA update in India, which is 330.06MB. Other Asian countries have also started getting the KitKat update for the single SIM version. It is not clear when the HTC One Dual SIM would get the KitKat update in India.
To all my educator friends.I am taking an online class... Had to post to my Blackboard a paper on a chosen technology...On 2/6, I submitted my work, here are bits and pieces of my submission posted first: Students have available means at their fingertips to accomplish tasks individually or with partners with the use of Google Apps for Education. The advantage of utilizing the Google Drive is “the drive is available 24/7 and allows you to collaborate, share and publish work in real time with other users ("Google drive," 2013). The Google Drive provides opportunities for teachers and students to use current, 21st century learning tools, to enhance and add a multi-media platform to the traditional methods most commonly applied toward teaching. in a 7th grade science classroom, Google Apps for Education was utilized by students in order to put together a group presentation. Students were required to collaborate with one another, and share the finished project with the teacher prior to presenting. Studen ...
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I see Google Drive in my bookmarks, and I just think "what drive, i don't have any motivation to do anything", and now, I'm just kinda sad.
We can instantly fetch this stuff for you if it’s in your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google+, or Google Drive. We only show this info to you - encrypted and secure - when you're signed in to Google.
Never use Libre Office instead of Microsoft Word or Google Drive (or anything). It's deleted multiple document contents for me.
Two new favorites for my bookmarks bar: Google Drive starred items and
yeah, I might just keep the most important stuff on my Dropbox / Google Drive accounts, I've got ~150GB of space there for free
I made the following videos using pictures I took (with a camera phone, no less) and original Chris Collins' artwork. I put a lot of time and effort into them, and would appreciate my friends viewing and sharing them. Google Drive provides in-browser playback, so by clicking the links you should go straight to the video(s). Thank You And Have A Great Day. Cannabis Liberation Day-Detroit Edition.avi - Bree.avi - Up! Stand Up!.avi - Memory Of.avi - State Of Michigan VS Big Daddy's.avi -
Would love to work more on the cloud. Making presentations through PowerPoint Web App, Google Drive, and Keynote on iCloud still unpleasant.
Pichai Sundararajan, better known as Sundar Pichai (born 1972) is an Indian businessman.[1] He is a senior vice president at Google, where he oversees Android, Chrome and Google Apps.[2][3][4] He received his Bachelors in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and was awarded an Institute Silver Medal.[5] He holds an M.S. from Stanford University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was named a Siebel Scholar[6][7] and a Palmer Scholar.[8] Pichai joined Google in 2004, where he led the product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google's client software products, including Google Chrome and Chrome OS, as well as being largely responsible for Google Drive. He went on to oversee the development of different apps like Gmail and Google Maps.[9][10] On November 19, 2009, Pichai gave a demonstration of Chrome OS.[11] On May 20, 2010, he announced the open-sourcing of the new video codec VP8 by Google, and introduced the new video forma ...
Three Days in December 2013, that will Change the fate of South Sudan forever.pdf - Google Drive
Isn't programming great! Just removed duplicates from a 70k row CSV in 15 min using after trying for 2h with Google Drive and Excel.
Is Dropbox cloud storage too expensive? Dropbox pricing plans. (Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET) As Dropbox hosted its first developer conference on Tuesday, conjuring up images of a future without hard drives and announcing its plans for cloud domination, some users still aren't happy. Despite people being more or less satisfied with the actual service, many users complain about Dropbox's pricing. It's just too expensive, they say. CNET performed a cost comparison with Dropbox and some of its main competitors to find out if the cloud storage and synching service is pricier than what else is out there. CNET looked at similar plans for Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive, Apple's iCloud, Copy, SpiderOak, SugarSync, and Box. While there are a lot of other cloud storage services out there, these seem to be some of Dropbox's biggest competitors. With the cost comparison, it appears that those users looking to get the most storage for free should look into Google Drive or Copy. Those users who want to pay ...
New Discovery: Google Cloud Print (saves directly to Google Drive in PDF).
Kobayashi thanks fans after sealing Caterham drive via
Have fun with your snacks and watch these: &
It's back! Organize your Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings in Google Drive without leaving your document:
Submitted on Google Drive. I'll be available if you have questions. Just write me on here or Schoology.
Please notice me =^.^= & These are for you master meow meow
I dream about that you finally notice our message & Pretty please =^.^=
Does anybody use Google Drive? Recommended? I don't really like Dropbox and want an alternative.
are we bringing a hard copy of our paper in tomorrow or are we submitting it on the Google drive?
gets iOS 7 Google Drive Dropbox streaming, the ability to download and more '..
So there's this Grive on Ubuntu for managing Google Drive. Peace !!
RECRUITMENT DRIVE HAPPENING ON NRGFM VERY SOON. As we all know, change is a good thing and staying fresh is...
you know how we get on google drive? Like the username n password
I can't click links at work, but I'm guessing he has a excel doc on his google drive instead of a legit google doc
VLC gets 7 redesign, Google Drive integration and more
On the good old wifi. Which is lucky since I left my PC updating Google Drive overnight on its 3G connection.
VLC for iOS gets Google Drive downloads, Dropbox streaming in update via
You know your urge to organise things has gone too far when you're excited about changing folder colours in Google Drive
Using google drive to upload a document into discuto
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Training Calendar Jan-Feb 2014. Please find the Training calendar from Ecstasy Consultants for Technical,...
Can't confirm if I'm telework ready cos I left my laptop at work but have my cellphone and all my files are in Google Drive.
VLC for iOS redesigned for iOS 7, now features Google Drive & Dropbox streaming, more
can I type documents on google drive on my phone?
Google Drive Sync has the potential to destroy worlds (of attribute/logfile sync)
VLC gets iOS 7 redesign, Google Drive integration, Dropbox streaming, the ability to download files, and more
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Google Glass - Wear Them...Just Don't Use Them via Futurelawyer - So can we drive with Google ...
My wife's non-profit uses Google Apps and Drive. Sometimes access to it is so poor they just give up. I told her she was scroogled. :)
Interested in a gap year or short term volunteering abroad? See
I'm never ever NOT saving stuff on Google Drive ever again.
Google Drive has builtin link suggestions, when you select text and hit cmd+k to make it a link
Google Adds Workgroup Features To Drive: Google has added a new “activity stream” to its Google ...
today updated for with new features, including a new design for iOS 7 as well as Google Drive and Dropbox features.
Exporting a CSV from Google Drive. Can I enclose certain columns in double quotes? Right now I'm exporting...
New API will simplify Google Drive integration with Android apps, says Google | JavaWorld
Same with Google Drive and Skydrive. I treat cloud storage as a) archive and b) backup.
The day Google released their desktop sync app for Google Drive I knew it was a ‘Dropbox killer’.
VLC released an update to its iOS app today introducing an iOS 7-friendly user interface as well as several handy features. Users will welcome support for streaming media from both Dropbox and Google Drive; previously, VLC required content to be… [ 47 more words. ]
Are you using a centralize place to store all your thoughts and data like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, something else? explores top 25 ways to wind up the power and make Google Drive work better.
The Google Drive team said today that it is rolling out an activity stream to help you monitor changes to your files and folders. A new ⓘ button...
yourself from the with is truly NSA-proof or hacker-proof, but WireOver wants to offer you more security than Dropbox, Google Drive, or Skydrive.
Get an extra 50gb of Google Drive storage FREE for 2 years with every purchase of the Motorola Moto G
Also like on the tablet Kingsoft Office, where I can work on the bus if I want. All stuff gets saved on Google Drive
Here's one more reason Microsoft Office is killing Google Docs (now called Google Drive) in the battle of office suites: Google simply isn't serious about joining the fight, at least according to the...
1. Starts planning an event with two months in advance;   2. Trying to make peace with Google Calendar;   3. Meetings for planning. Meetings for evaluation; Reports.   4. Mind-maps;   5. Having only one big file with EVERYTHING, divided in subjects. A colored file :)   6. Google Drive;   7. Task division;   8. Trying to quit post-its and sticky notes;   9. Working with people more chaotic than her sometimes;   10. Human reminders. Or just living with germans.     I like 4th the most :) But all of them - realy usefull :)     Anca     photo credit - 
The Kingsoft Office app and Google Drive have already saved my life twice this semester. Technology is kinda amazing sometimes.
Google Drive dev tools promise better and more powerful apps (video): By Michael Gorman If you’re ...
What is Google Docs ? Google Docs ( now part of Google Drive ) is a free word document service provided by Google. The doc looks similar to the Microsoft Word interface, but it has several exciting other features. Why Google Docs ? There are several reasons why Google Docs is a useful tool for teac...
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this is JUMPHARDY!! Think you know a lot about Umphrey’s or want to know more? Jumphardy is an Umphrey’s McGee trivia game played like Jeopardy with clues about the band, their history, pins, and songs. The cheat sheet provides quick feedback to the moderator to determine whether answers are correct so other players can buzz in when a contestant doesn’t answer correctly the first time. When you are done playing the game, have fun making up your own, new, umphormative categories and clues. ENJOY! Download Game: (must DL to play, can click to view) Download Answer Key: How to play Jeopardy: How to Use the Game File: 1- Download the game file from the Google Drive link: 2- Open the file in Powerpoint (it’s large- lots of pictures!) and “View slide show.” 3-Click the right arrow key on the keyboard one time to bring up the grid and reveal the categories. Press the right arrow key a second time to cue the Jumphardy music. Space bar kills the music. 4-You are now ready to play! Click on any dollar . ...
anyone here haven't seen MARS at iTunes Festival? bc I've uploaded it on my Google Drive. just DM your email if you want xo
Create envelope documents for Google Docs and Google Drive. Envelopes for Google Docs will create a text document in your Google…
For a growing number of businesses, Google Drive and the included document creation apps, are the main apps used in the office. While Google Docs is a solid app, there are some important features present in other word processors that appear to be missing. One such feature is the ability to split you...
For those wanting a calendar I will get it on a Google Drive for download tomorrow or can email you from the office tomorrow.
Do you use Google Drive? Or Evernote, Dropbox, Khan Academy or Remind101? Schoology integrates with these great apps (and many more) to keep all your content in one place:
I try to live in Google Docs and just use work arounds.  It is better to be able to collaborate and have all of my stuff in Google Drive than to have the bells and whistles of some of the other pro...
The latest version of Picasa includes an additional bit of software called Google+ Auto Backup, as reported by Google Operating System. The new software can be used to automatically backup photos and videos from user-selected directories to your Google+ account. Interestingly, the app has nothing to do with the Picasa service, even though it ships exclusively with the Picasa app. The app can save unlimited 2048px photos to your account, or upload full-quality versions at the expense of Google Drive space. It can also intelligently copy media from storage cards and other devices that are attached to the system. Furthermore, the app can be configured to backup all media to a designated location on the local hard drive, putting all of your backed-up media in one convenient place. You can get the Google+ Auto Backup app by downloading the latest version of Picasa.
Google Drive for Android gets OCR - The Google Drive for Android application has recently received an...
Never get tired of prising Google: my project manager sent files to Gmail which automatically move into Google Drive; can open them there.a
was thinking of doing some networking via Skype or Google Hangouts instead of at a coffee shop to save drive...
Reading student essays from Google Drive (works so well), 20 to come.
Call from sending me cool off of American friends. if people / SF JavaScript with on Google wow Drive's more launch puts
*** I hate typing on Google drive cus it doesn't correct my mistakes -.-
it's called Easybib. Then my students & I go over the page to check for errors. Upload your finished page to Google Drive.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Could you share a web link from Dropbox or Google Drive into the course?
agree, I would just love a automated iphone photos sync to google drive
sometimes I think my life is awesome, then I realise someone is being paid to drive the google maps car across the world
4 brilliant and LOW budget channels to use in your to drive
I'm hoping that'll remedy itself over time simply because its Windows and everyone uses it. I need me a Google Drive app xP
The same post over and over isnt helping. Drive people with new to your main merch:
New policy brief on rural-urban migration and poverty in Accra's slums
Could kids ride alone in Google driverless cars before they're old enough to drive? via
use google drive it's like Microsoft but free
Google clearly does NOT want their employees to drive that's why they pay for I like this but wish for good transit.
got 3 beats sending to your google drive account. Organic records
Google drive wipes the floor with box when it comes to admin, setup, permissions and sync agent IMO
Here is an advance copy of our Chirstmas letter: May God continue to bless us, everyone! Christmas-2013.pdf -
I was tryna get it..said suttin about google drive didn't hab. Ve everything
We will be serving lunch at UNC Healthcare from 11:30 - 1:30 on Thursday. Come and get it! Map--->
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
To whoever hacked my google drive and changed my password.. What is your purpose?
Google and HIPAA compliance: Gmail, Drive and Calendar now accessible for health care professionals
My first layout for weekly planner Feedback welcome (comments can be added to GDoc)
Napleton River Oaks Honda terminated the services of a well respected Financial Manager: Read more at -
Students! Sponsors! Click there to get your Winterfest 2014 app! Due Jan 8! Don't miss it!
Just found an article on how Google's creating these supercool vehicles you don't need to drive & that rarely crash. Mi…
I will drive 600 000 Google trackable Targeted Traffic From Different Domains get sales
I bet Google really regrets changing the name of Google Docs to Google Drive right before they got that self-driving car up and running.
Did you know you can transfer ownership of Google Drive docs?
Maxed out on your Google Drive Storage? Make your pictures smaller. All photos smaller than 2048x2048 pix don't count towards your limit.
Google Drive lets you store up to 15GB of your stuff for free, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others.
When will a big user of Linux on the desktop and in the datacenter, release a native Google Drive client for
MA-Cambridge, Machine Learning/AI Java/Scala Computer Scientist Cambridge, MA startup developing a VERY cool product (think Box meets Google Drive with some game changing twists!) We’re looking for a computer scientist/engineer who specializes in search and AI/machine learning methods. The engine you will be working on pulls apart PDF documents, Office documents, images, and video. It indexes these documents in …read more
If any of you have attended and watched our December 14 show at the Alabang Town Center and have taken some pictures/videos, please send us a copy via Google Drive (click on the link)
Technology Google Inc. Launches The Updated Version of Google Drive by Ithooters Team • December 13, 2013 • Comments OffGoogle Inc. now proudly presents an updated version of Google drive that will give its valuable users the privilege of sorting data. That means, Google drive will now be able to so...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Maybe I shouldn't have supported driverless car. Betting the car won't drive until you open a account.
Google Drive updated with 3 new features: Cloud storage app gets roaring response: These can be ...
Cannot get Google Drive Offline Access Feature to Work? Here is a Solution
I'm on google maps in study hall figuring out how long it would take to drive to all my internet friends' places lol no life..
just emailed you about the Google Drive assignment :)
$AAPL I'm happy that $GOOG is dropping for a change. I have no position but I don't like the CEO. I also lost most my work on Google Drive
Google Drive for iOS adds sorting, searching
Linehan vote is atrocious, but ppl really thot she's progressive? 58% on chart, that's an F:
How to Capture Indian Market report by USDA - American Agriculture Department - Google Drive
Windows 8 *** Set up a printer and it doesnt work. Go on Google Drive to print file and it works great.
was asked to share a few of these recipes again, so here is the whole folder ---> FOOD! -
Our workshop presenter canceled for tonight, but Media Lab Director Michelle Rogers plans to fill in. She just...
Book drive benefit at Bear Pond Books: Books about dogs or other animals are especially encouraged. There is a...
Nice doing a walk-through and the teacher has the students immediately share what they r working on w/ me using Google Drive
We're still accepting exec board nominations! Review open positions & submit to aaulyp
Hate it when my google drive freezes up everyday in the same class. Dang it tablet.
Save tagged Instagram photos to a Google Drive @
right now, there are a couple of workarounds: download file & upload to blog OR this:
It is in the valley (Google) but I can drive you down if you are interested... (not sure how good it will be)
Formula editing in the new Google Sheets - Drive Help
3rd period English PLC learning about the basics of Google Drive + DoctoPus & Goobric http…
Are they using the Blogger app or Google Drive? Or something else entirely?
Google Drive offline mode, even in absence of internet you can easily make the necessary things being offline.
Stories on Dangers of Nuclear Plants and Storage - Google Drive
Google Drive for iOS updated with file sorting and improvements
unless it comes out of your soul like a rocket, unless being still would drive you to madness ... Bukowski link G+
Why pay people to drive a car when you can get free work? > Google Now Lets You Create Your Own Maps Street View.
Ok google now, drive or die remember
I liked a video Google Drive: Storage and storage plans
Pro Tip: Keep a current copy of your W9 tax form online w/ Google Drive or Dropbox to quickly send to clients as needed.
So disappointed in the app. There is NO way to retrieve accidently deleted files on Google Drive. Where do these files go??
Google Sheets now have formula builders. Select “Try the new Google Sheets” in Drive settings http…
For whatever reason, I couldn't get the original available donation document to refresh. So the new link is here
The more I use Google Drive, he more I realize how awesome it is. Love the ability to comment on work.
Never let me and Ashley work together on google drive we get so distracted with how cool it is. :D
Any chance you're going to Google Summit in Napa? Thought you could present Drive Apps.
Awesome Chrome Extension to save web content or screen shot directly to Google Drive
Google Drive adds sort, find and replace, more via
You can share Google Drive documents in your posts. Connect your account in your settings first
25 tips to make Google Drive even better
I mean, Jesus, I'd hate to have to drive this.
I keep the rest of that stuff on google drive / on my phone, but my to do list is long and ever changing.
Awesome Screenshot - allows you to annotate on any document/image and will save itself in your drive
Using Google Drive to collect and define unknown words from our Junior Great Books story “The Green Man.”
Please share and sign to protect our PRIVACY. Drive fans, listen up. The US government thinks it can get its hands…
If con Ed was on papers an not in google drive my life would honestly be so much easier
CHEMISTRY remember to use the revision booklet with notes tonight.Heres a link to the copy if you misplaced yours:
No, iPhone. Google has developed some great apps for it though, namely Gmail and Drive.
Welcome to our newest reseller ValleyApps. Google Drive migration is one of their many specialties.
19 mixes waiting to be downloaded. including 4 Insult (hardcore/drum and bass) promo mixes.
My internet is so slow, it's probably faster to drive to the Google headquarters and ask them in person.
Amador Valley Basketball Classic brackets are out. We play Fremont today, 5pm
My PO professor likes to drive around on google maps street view in the countries we learn about in class.
add = insane Google drive storage for free!
So, I keep a Google Drive doc with images inspirational images for my 'Future Home' and they all got deleted. Saddest day ever.
Just realised that my dream job would be to drive the Google Maps car around every street in the world...
Google drive isn't letting me edit my powerpoint -.-
Financial pressures from healthcare reform drive change in hospital ...
Do what you gotta do I blame for getting my middles to dream.And read.And write.
Upper 6 am absent from thursday's lesson on a course. This question is based on Theme 6.doc -
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Join us: B&N Burlington Open Mic 6:30 tomorrow! Use the code tomorrow in person or online.
Drive has changed a lot since the old “Docs” days. offers 16 secrets:
Dear Veronica Roth.docx - student asked if she could write to you.She is
How can I best organize a large number of photos on Google drive (similar to iPhoto)?
My google drive says I last saved my essay at 5.46 am, either I stayed up a lot later than thought... or I now sleep type.
starts off with the Agakhan and Muslims. Here’s the way the Golden Goal is covered...
Google the make and model of the pc or the old hard drive and buy the one for that specific model.
Editing student's fractured fairy tales as they write instead of when they are completed! Love Google Drive. Thanks
got to love google translate. "Mother modem, the heartland of the hard drive." huh? lol
YouTube integration, Google Drive and all the other G integrations were part of the plan, and there will be more
Co-teaching, using data at classroom level, student profiles on Google drive- Good stuff in Menomonee
it was on my Google drive for 6 weeks, nothing you could have done, my slackness.
(Credit: AOMEI) If you're working with a big hard drive, migrating to an SSD, or trying to
This google drive app really come in handy.
similar but with hangouts u can record them & broadcast live also a Q&A feature & google drive part of it
Order Miche Bag Online!
Turkey Day Broadcast.mp3 - It's the 3hr live stream I mixed on Thanksgiving
UK's scoring margin is better with James Young off court than on it:
Good to know that and are equally terrible at predicting drive times in traffic. And in their own backyard of San Jose
Google Drive is horrible! I can't focus cause maddy keeps typing unrelated statements
Check out Google Drive!!! You can create a presentation & it's free. And it's online so you don't have to save to a jump drive!
I can't cause my dads computer is from like the 1970's and crashes when I try to open google drive. I can do it in aa.
Will the Harrisons get some PT without Young tonight? They've been great with the big lineup:
If it weren’t for google drive and group chat, this project would be a bigger pain than it already is.
I would not store 504 IEPs on google drive bc they do not guarantee privacy
Google Drive now lets developers share hosted websites by storing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files.
Playing Wayne Blackshear seems to be the key to UofL's season so far:
go on google drive and do ur slide on ur topics we made a PowerPoint
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