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Google Doodle

Google has had several logos since its renaming from BackRub.

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Eduard Khil makes today's Google Doodle so we can all enjoy Mr Trololo once more via
My favorite version of the Eduard Khil "Trololo" video, in honor of today's Google Doodle
i know, I'm sure the "google's rubles" or whatever isn't anything like goanimate. just the phrase "goog…
This is probably my favourite Google Doodle of all time!
is... is the google doodle real.. I feel like I'm having a fever dream.
PSA: If you haven't already, check out Google's Doodle for Eduard Khil’s 83rd Birthday :D .
Today's Google Doodle is trololol to celebrate Eduard Khil's 83rd birthday.
Went on Google, saw the Doodle looked interesting, clicked play.what a grave error I've made. Now I can't stop…
I just scored 37,738 on doodle jump!. for ios: for android:
Who was Eduard Khil? All you need to know about Russian singer 'Mr Trololo' as Google Doodle marks 83rd birthday…
I added a video to a playlist Alice Google Doodle Hari ini
I just scored 25,825 on doodle jump!. for android: for ios: for wp8+…
I like this It seems strangely considerate to me. .
Who is the Russian 'trololo' crooner Eduard Khil being marked by Google Doodle?. .
Loving the Eduard 'Trololo' Khil Google doodle for today :)
Oh that's nice. Today's Google Doodle is honouring Eduard Khil. You may not know his name, but...
From a Doodle you can DJ, to a new Android dessert, catch up on Google updates you might have missed from August.
Of people I'd least expect a Google Doodle for, the Trololololol guy was probably near the top of the list.
Is it just me or is the Eduard Khil’s 83rd Birthday Google Doodle just absolutely amazing
Today's Google Doodle is fantastic. Full version here:.
I just scored 17,511 on doodle jump!. for ios: for android:
New Google Doodle has been released: "First Day of School 2017 (France, Poland)" :).
Yep, risk's too high. What if there's a Google doodle to celebrate that gives everything away.
Loving today;s Google Doodle to celebrate what would have been Carmen Miranda's 100th birthday! Artist is Sophie Diao. htt…
Google Doodle celebrates the 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop via
Today's Google Doodle teaches you to scratch and mix on turntables.
44 yrs since the America culture, changed AGAIN, by blackfolk ️ . eat that, LOL
I made in 2011 w/design by but Google's for today is great!
Love that Google is celebrating the anniversary of the birth of hip-hop. The Google Doodle today is amazing.
If you love Hip Hop, today's Google doodle is a serious threat to productivity.
We've got that vibe going on with today's Google doodle celebrating the 44th Anniversary of the Bi…
This doodle is SERIOUS yall. You can legit DJ.
I think my dream of being DJ Sketch B is coming to life!!
Google Doodle celebrates Hip Hop by letting you DJ
44 yrs ago Hip Hop was born. Check out the Google Doodle and learn how to scratch and mix, while learning about some pioneers of the genre!
Errr I should be chopping up dinner stuff, instead mixing tunes on Google Doodle 😋
If you haven't already done so, you have to check out today's 🎧 🎚️
Google marks hip-hop anniversary with interactive turntables Doodle
Loving today's 🎧 on the I always wanted to learn to DJ. Fun little way to try...
.celebrates 44th anniversary of hip-hop with dope doodle and Fab 5 Freddy's help
Just unlocked 'The Wizzard of Scratch' goal in today's 🎧 🎚️ Have you?.
I can't stop using the Google Doodle today.
44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop.
.this might be the most epic doodle you've ever created! Happy Birthday Hip Hop! 😍🎧📀
If you haven't played with the Google Doodle today, I don't know what you're doing with your life.
I had big fun working on this Hip Hop And we Don't Stop, for REAL! htt…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Today is the 44th anniversary of Hip Hop.
44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop
Just unlocked 'The Kings of Rock' goal in today's 🎧 🎚️ Have you?.
This really might be the greatest thing has ever did 🎧 🎚️
Happy Birthday Hip Hop! Google is marking the birth of the music genre with a special Doodle.
Love the Google doodle today. 44 years of Hip Hop 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Today’s Google Doodle allows you to scratch and spin records
Google Doodle Celebrates the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Turntable -
the google doodle today have me feeling like I’m part of invisible scratch pickles
It all started with a party. Meet the team behind the and the legends who inspired it →
Just completed all the DJ goals in today's 🎧 🎚️ Can you?.
If you aren't experiencing this you aren't living your Friday to its fullest.
doodle celebrates the 44th anniversary of the birth of on August 11, 1973. What's your favorite hip…
The birth of hip-hop happened 44 years ago at a block party in the Bronx
Today’s Google doodle has me legit thinking I can DJ in real life.
Google is bringing the funk with a doodle & digital turntable marking the birth of Hip Hop music
Today’s Google Doodle is an interactive hip-hop history lesson
Today celebrate one of the most important innovations in Hip Hop: THE BREAK! Ck out today's Google Doodle for an in…
Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to Eddie Mabo on what would have been his 80th birthday htt…
What was the Silent Parade of 1917? 100th anniversary of landmark civil rights march commemorated by Google Doodle https:/…
Here's the adorable drawing that won this year's Google Doodle contest
Google Doodle celebrates 106th birth anniversary of Marshall McLuhan, professor who predicted the internet
Today's Google Doodle for Eiko Ishioka really touched me. She had an amazing career and enriched so many movies with her work.
Beautiful rendering of iconic costume designer Eiko Ishioka on Google Doodle today. She was the…
Google Doodle celebrates the life of Japanese graphic designer Eiko Ishioka. .
My friends! Today's Google Doodle celebrates the birthday of the late Eiko Ishioka, one of the most astonishing...
Google Doodle honors iconic designer Eiko Ishioka - CNET: From humble beginnings in the ad…
Eva Ekeblad Eva Ekeblad is the subject of the July 10 Google Doodle, which honors the S...
Google Doodle honours Eva Ekeblad — scientist who made alcohol from potatoes
As marked by today's Google Doodle, Victor Hugo completed his masterpiece Les Misérables on this date in 1862
Google Doodle marks 140 years of the Wimbledon tennis championships
ALJ: Victor Hugo: The poet, artist and activist - Google Doodle celebrates on Friday one of Europe's greatest a...
Here we go -- let's get Jack Kirby a Google Doodle for his centennial on August 28. Write in and spread the word!
👦 Summer solstice 2017 celebrated by Google Doodle &here's what ... ⚡🌟
Oskar Fischinger - Google Doodle means that you can salute the animation pioneer the ... -...…
Google Doodle honors first American Indian to get a medical degree.
Today’s Google Doodle honors architect Zaha Hadid and the Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Google Doodle celebrates 115th anniversary of the discovery of the Antikythera mechanism
Bessie Coleman and the women pilots history shouldn't forget. As the Google Doodle commemorates the 125th annive
Google Doodle uses furry animals to deliver an Earth Day message
TIME "Google Doodle celebrates Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali calendar
Structural engineer Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan is the subject for today’s Google Doodle. April 3, 2017 would be his...
Google Doodle celebrates birth anniversary Fazlur Rahman Khan: Know more about the father of skyscrapers
To celebrate Google has created a Google Doodle that features 13 “female pioneers”
This year's Google Doodle celebrates 13 women! Check it out here:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lo mejor del momento!! Google Doodle celebrates 13 badass women for Internation… see more
Google's animated doodle tribute to is lovely: go look for yourselves!
Google does it once again! A great tribute to all the wonderful contribution by women!
We are now accepting submissions for the Reigen Doodle Collage. Please read the instructions carefully!!
Check out the google doodle brought out on the occasion of International 2017:
celebrates 37th anniversary of Komodo National Park with new Doodle - :
Google doodle highlights struggle for women's rights
Shame international men's day doesn't get much in the spotlight or a Google doodle but you know equality and stuff
Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as t Google Doodle
Google’s animated doodle for is just awesome
Happy International Women's Day. Google doodle is particularly charming today.
omg, google doodle is featuring a small panel with Lina Bo Bardi ♥. (the one on the left). srsly, go check her architectural wor…
Salute to every women in the world. Happy International Women's Day 2017!
Zeffri : have you seen Google's doodle today to Q on how his company is celebrating
Doodle: Where is Komodo National Park? All you need to know about Komodo dragons - :
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ahh the age-old question. Take this doodle quiz to find out how much you know about komodos! Art by http…
International Women's Day 2017: Who are the 13 wom featured in Google's Doodle?
Today's Google Doodle honours female pioneers who paved the way to where we are today
International 2017: Loved today’s Find out who the female icons are behind these doodles:
Today's to pay homage to women globally! 😍 .
Today’s Google Doodle is all about the Komodo dragon for the 37th Anniversary of Komodo National Park. Fun!
Meet the Komodo dragon, the giant lizard in today's Google Doodle
Thanks to today's Google Doodle marking the 37th anniversary of Komodo National Park, I present to you...
Google Doodle commemorates Komodo National Park's anniversary go to
Google Doodle today marks 37 birthday of Komodo National Park. Happy Birthday TN Komodo…
Today's Google Doodle is in honour of Abdul Sattar Edhi. This is the article I wrote when he died last year:.
Love this: (Also, how did I not know that there's a Google Doodle blog?)
Great to see today's Google Doodle honor brave Ida Lewis
On Friday, VOTE for Upi Elementary student Claire Fadul's artwork to be the next Google Doodle!
Google Doodle making me smile a lot today! featured in NBC s Science of Love
The best part of the system discovery is the super cute doodle made by google.
Keith calls for impeachment investigations of
Doodle 4 Google is back! One K-12 student will have their art shared on the Google homepage! htt…
Today's Google Doodle concerns the exoplanets and it needs to been seen. It's freakin' adorable.
Google's planets doodle is so adorable ahhh.
Seven Earth-sized worlds spotted orbiting nearby star. What’s more, three of them are in the habitable zone— the...
Fabulous Google Doodle to wake up to this morning! Very cute, and very exciting! Interesting times ahead...
Taking a moment for this Google doodle about the earth finding some new friends today
One of Google's best doodles yet: Seven earth-sized exoplanets discovered!
shout out to and my peeps on TRAPPIST-1. Way to go
Exoplanet discovery Google doodle salutes the 7 Earth-like planets found by NASA
Earth-like planets get salute: Cute Doodle shows our new neighbours.
Today's Google doodle features the discovery of 7 Earth similiar planets in the system.
Google has a nice doodle about the discovery of seven exoplanets similar to Earth. (feels weird to link to that 😳)
Marianne Moore would have enjoyed today's Google Doodle -- a pangolin game! "this near artichoke" ...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Google: Google Doodle on the occasion of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Birth anniversary 19 F... via
Google Doodle celebrates the man who invented waterproof 'Mac' raincoats
Google Doodle salutes Rensselaer County sculptor. Read more here:
Google Doodle salutes pioneering sculptor Edmonia Lewis to kick off Black History Month
Today's Google Doodle is Edmonia Lewis sculpting the Death of Cleopatra!
We get Edmonia Lewis on today's Google Doodle, so that's a plus. Be sure to check out her "The Death of Cleopatra." https:/…
Learn more about artist hero Edmonia Lewis, featured in today's Google Doodle, on the MY HERO web site:…
When you have an art history degree but only learned about Edmonia Lewis via Google Doodle. 😒
The story behind the man honored in today's Google Doodle
Google Doodle honors Fred Korematsu, who fought president’s executive order on Japanese internment.
I liked a video from New Years Eve Day 2016 Google Doodle
Anti-apartheid hero Steve Biko gets a Google Doodle on what would have been his 70th birthday via
Google Doodle commemorates the first expedition to reach South Pole.
Google Doodle celebrates 105th anniversary of first expedition to South Pole... Read More:
Google Doodle celebrates the first humans to reach the South Pole - CNET
Google Doodle celebrates 184th birthday with characters of Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
Google Doodle pays homage to Louisa May Alcott; what is her famous book ‘Little Women’ all about?
Born this day in 1832 and subject of today's Google Doodle, Louisa May Alcott. Read Little Women on Wikisource:
Google Doodle commemorates 184th b'day of `Little Women` author Louisa May Alcott
Google Doodle celebrates Louisa May Alcott, one of the best-known female authors of the 19th century
More good Native news: James Welch is honored today with a Google Doodle! (aka things I would have to explain to my gram)
Google is celebrating James Welch, one of NWCA’s lifetime achievement winners, with their Google Doodle. Check it:
Loving that Google Doodle today honoring James Welch, Native Author and educator!
Today's Google Doodle! Beloved Montana author James Welch, on what would be his 76 birthday. Have you read his...
We're loving today's Google Doodle celebrating James Welch's 76th Birthday via
Doodle celebrating the 384th birthday of the Father of Microbiology! Antoni van Leeuwenhoek!.
Today's Google Doodle is celebrating the 384th birthday of the "father of microbiology," Antoni can Leeuwenhoek.
The 384th Birthday of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the 'father of microbiology'.
Happy 384th birthday to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek - the father of 🔬
Google Doodle celebrates one of the most disgusting achievements ever
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Looking at one of my eyebrows with a van Leeuwenhoek microscope oriented the correct way, unlike the
Check out the father of microbiology and his little animals in today's google doodle! via
Mind blowing moment: the first Google Doodle was posted when Sergei and Larry went to Burning Man.…
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek's amazing discoveries celebrated in today's Google Doodle
The world's first microbiologist used to grind lenses to make his own microscopes.
love your art work and representations. Simply awesome. I hope that some day there would be a Google…
Todays Google Doodle is all about the Father of Microbiology Antoine van Leeuwenhoek. He designed single lens...
That feel when the Google Doodle today is your favorite scientist of all time. Errybody lemme hear you say "ANIMALCULES!"
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the creator of microbiology, is celebrated in today's
To all my favorite microbiologists and microscopists-- check out today's google doodle!!
Happy 384th Birthday to the Father of Microbiology: Today’s Google doodle celebrates the accomplishments of A...
Today is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek's 384th birthday. Known as the "father of microbiology"
Happy BDay to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the Father of Microbiology
Google doodle celebrates Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: Monday marks the 384th anniversary of the birth of Dutch sci...
Neat doodle, but he's using the microscope incorrectly. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s 384th birthday!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Google Doodle honors science's first microbiologist - STAT
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 384th birthday: 'Father of microbiology' celebrated with Google Doodle
Top story: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Google Doodle marks Father of Microbiology's … see more
Take a look at 27 of the Best Google Doodles Celebrating Architects and Architecture compiled by
Proud to see today's Google Doodle commemorating the birth of one of the founders of our science, Antoine van Leeuwenho…
It is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek's 384th birthday today - check out the google doodle for a tribute to one of our favorite mic…
Google Doodle marks the birthday of 'father of microbiology'.
We love this morning's doodle which represents the "little animals" (aka bacteria) Leeuwenhoek discovered.
From Antoni van Leeuwenhoek to Mary Seacole - what is the history of the Google Doodle?
Google celebrates the 384th birthday of microbiology inventor in new Doodle | Antoni van…
Google Doodle today honoring the birth anniversary of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek...
"A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies." {Oscar Wilde}
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 384th birthday: How the Dutch scientist showed us how disgusting and wondrous our bodies a...
Happy 384th birthday to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the first microbiologist!
As I head for Shildon. Nice to see today's Google Doodle .
Check out today's Google Doodle about the Gregorian Calendar
Friday's Google Doodle images honor what would have been the 99th birthday of Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, the man who
Very cool Google Doodle today honoring Lucha Libre and El Santo
Lucha Libre: Friday&Google Doodle images honor what would have been…
Will the Google Doodle of the Day Tomorrow be the National Museum of African American Culture? 💜
Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 99th birthday of El Santo. This is too cool
Whoever did the Google Doodle of 'El Santo', need to shake your hand. Also give yourself a raise. All of the raises.
The El Santo 99th birthday Google Doodle is amazing...
Born this day 1917 and subject of today's Google Doodle: El Santo, Mexican sports legend who wrestled for +45 years. https:/…
Google Doodle celebrates 'Peruvian Songbird' Yma Sumac - CNET: On the anniversary of her birth, the 1950s...
Admit it, how many of y'all thought THE Neverending Story was a movie before it was a book?
Love the Google doodle for Neverending Story. It's the first novel I read on my own as a kid so it's got a special place in my library.
Have y'all seen today's google doodle? Happy 37th to Neverending Story!
Holy crap, Google's doodle today is celebrating my favorite book!
LOVELOVELOVELOVE 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing!
37th Anniversary of The first publishing!
The Google Doodle is The Neverending Story. I wrote a book report on that for school once & it was the requested length, etc but my teacher
Google Doodle celebrates Michael Ende's The Neverending Story on the 37th anniversary of its publication
Check out Google's doodle today, honoring The Neverending Story:
Google Doodle marks 37th anniversary of the Neverending Story. Get it from the library!
I'm a little disappointed that Google's Never Ending Story doodle doesn't smoothly loop around and continue, but in fact ends.
Today's Google doodle is great! But it would be better if the theme song played in the background!
Totally reliving the more traumatic moments of the Neverending Story now thanks Google. Just kidding I adore the Doodle.
Nice to see today’s Google doodle celebrating the publication of a children’s book.
Cool doodle! The 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing!
Love it1 >> 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing.
Loving the Doodle today, celebrating the 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story!
Google Doodle celebrates the 37th anniversary of 'The Neverending Story' publication. via
The Google Doodle is Neverending Story! Every time Goblin rides in the car with his head out the window: FALLCORRR!
Aww Google Doodle is Neverending Story!! I have this on my car - My Other Car is a Luck Dragon magnet - via
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This explains what you're seeing if you're trying to use Google today:
What is the The Neverending Story, who wrote it and why is it worthy of a Google Doodle? via
Today's Google Doodle in honor of the anniversary of "The Neverending Story" is gorgeous.
is the 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story!. Monchild!.
37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing. Still a favorite of mine
Today's Google doodle of The Neverending Story. This is one movie remake we wouldnt mind seeing.
Today's celebrates the 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story
Wow its already been 37 years?! 37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing!
Today celebrates the 37th anniversary of (via
Doodle celebrates the anniversary of 'The Never Ending Story': 😍🌟
37th Anniversary of The Neverending Story's first publishing!
Google Doodle commemorating the release of The Neverending Story!
Google Doodle honours geneticist Nettie Stevens on 155th birthday
TI archive: Google Joins Nigeria to Celebrate Her Independence with a Dood
The best doodle mixed with architecture ..
LinkedIn's George Emerson on Jane Jacobs, who rallied thousands to save inner city neighborhoods 100 yrs ago.
Google Doodle featuring Ludwig van Beethoven is musical puzzle you can not miss .
This Doodle is worthy of the Google search home page. No?
"Truth never damages a cause that is just." {Mahatma Gandhi}
Imagine not being able to turn off an animated Google Doodle for three hours
Pretty cool doodle on Google for me today. Makes me feel special. Thanks google. Mood: It…
This Washington D.C. student won 'Doodle 4 Google' for this piece:
I just scored 15.751 on doodle jump!. for android:
Summer solstice and strawberry moon Google doodle marks first day of summer
I just scored 18.258 on doodle jump!. for android:
Today's Google Doodle is someone who "consider[ed] Osama bin Laden as one of the people that I admire"
Google Doodle celebrates famous NYC community organizer Jane Jacobs on what would have been her 100th birthday
Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by high school sophomore
Today's Google Doodle honors pioneering journalist Nellie Bly on her truancy case.
We woke up at 4AM this morning as everyone discovers today's Google Doodle honoring Bob Moog.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A 10th grader drew this amazing Google Doodle celebrating black culture
A Black Girl from DC, Akilah Johnson, might have designed the most unapologetically black Google Doodle ever.
Shoutout to Akilah Johnson- the national winner of Doodle 4 Google with "My Afrocentric Life"- today's Google Doodle
"My Afrocentric Life" by: Akilah Johnson, winner of the Google Doodle.
Today's Google Doodle by high school student Akilah Johnson is terrific!
A 10th grader drew today's amazing Google Doodle celebrating black culture
Did you check out today's Google Doodle? What a beautiful celebration of African American Heritage. Our favorite...
today's Google Doodle by Akilah Johnson, a sophomore at Eastern Senior High School in D.C. https:…
Impressed by today's Google Doodle from high school sophomore
Today's winning Google Doodle invoking was designed by high school sophomore
Today's Google Doodle for the first day of spring is really cute.
Monday Mystery:. Connect the two ladies in the pic. . Hint: Check today's Google Doodle for India.
Vote for Akilah's Google Doodle! She's a scholar at Eastern HS in DC!
Dearrequesting to put picture of SHRI CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ on Google Doodle on his Birthday Anniversary on 19th Feb
You can print out today's Google Doodle of homes decorated for the holidays
George Boole: Five things you didn’t know the man behind today's Google Doodle | Science | News | The Independent:
Google Doodle honors Beethoven + inspired SFUSD educator does the same w/paper circuitry. and
You have to try this Google Doodle honoring Ludwig van Beethoven
The very very best and awesome Google Doodle today : Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 245th Year. Don't miss playing the music. So cool...
Ludwig van Beethoven is the subject of today's Google Doodle and it's absolutely brilliant | Metro News:
Too bad there is no Google Doodle for the Astronomy Day in Brazil :(
Omg i just noticed Gilbert Blythe rowing the dinghy boat from yesterday's Google Doodle! My love
I absolutely love that Anne Shirley is today's Google Doodle(s)! . Happy Birthday Lucy Maud Montgomery! Thank you...
today's Google Doodle is of the realest to ever do it, Ms. Slate-Breaker herself, Anne-With-An-E Shirley-Blithe.
AHHH! Today's Google Doodle is Anne of Green Gables! Happy birthday Lucy Maud Montgomery! Gilbert Blythe is my enteral fictional crush.
Google Doodle sketch to be inspired by Australia's Stolen Generation
Sally Ride's 64th Birthday is today's Google Doodle. Refresh the page to see all five!
AHH I love the Halloween doodle so much I drew some fanart for it! Pick a team!! Get candy! https…
Sweep it all away ! Fly with the red team in the Global Candy Cup
Had to draw the lil blue team witch from today's Google Doodle.
Now I don't think I have to play Holus Pokus any more! 464. That's a decent score, right?
I love the Google Doodle. It reminds me a lot of Hogwarts houses...
Google Doodle takes trick-or-treating to the next level with Halloween candy game via
OK. Have just discovered that the google doodle is a game. Not as good as the Dr Who one though.
Help po' Blue get her numbers up, y'all!
Juancho has been playing google 's Doodle since yesterday. Go, go, blue team!!!
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