First Thoughts

Goodbye For Now

Goodbye everyone got to do work for my day job now. Thanks for sharing everyone, I've got lots to act on now
Procrastinated for so long to avoid doing this test and now Learning Central is down and I can't access it, goodbye 15% of my module 👋
I hate myself for only starting teen wolf this year. I've become so attached and now goodbye is nigh
Thanks for everything watchseries but now you've gone all anti-adblock its goodbye from me. I value my laptop too much to pick up any virus'
Goodbye for now you gorgeous beast! I will always have a place in my heart for you. Always.…
Survived today and I think I'll sleep for 12 hours now, goodbye
Goodbye for now, Germany! (Yes, Tim is wearing a lederhosen ...)
now singing "GOODBYE my loveeerr!!! goodbye my friiieend! You have been the one. You have been the one for mee!!"
"You left me nothing now it's all I've got for you, Goodbye."
What’s next for Blackberry now that it has kissed smartphones goodbye?
I guess I'll properly start adulting now... Goodbye for now daily social life; I'll see you on the weekends. 😢
It's a goodbye from us, for now, till tomorrow (8am) and next time. May your feet guide you to your hearts desire. �❤️ �
Just had the most uncomfortable phone call from unknown number. At the end he said "goodbye, for now" like pls don't
Dear We'd like to say thanks and goodbye for now. To at Saying thanks…
Thank you to everyone for joining me and for our today. Check out the audio version, you'll LOVE…
Goodbye California! Heading for the airport now. The last 8 years here have been a wonderful adventure. We've...
Goodbye for now, It was a wild ride running around the parks, meeting w… htt…
— I think is a sort of goodbye for now, but I will be back at some point in the future
And I bid the series goodbye for now by talking about how well realized Reigen's character is. https:/…
Wow, that was an awkwardly abrupt goodbye, I feel thrown out :o Oh well, thanks for, uh... sharing Now sel…
Saying goodbye to the Larry O'Brien trophy for now. I expect to see him again here next year at WHBC, that will...
For now, this is my goodbye. So what am I supposed to do now I've reached the end? And I gained another chance, would you still be there?
Two interesting Warren Beatty movies for Sondheim fans: First is Reds on 7 Nov for which he…
1AM decisions: I'll say goodbye to sweets for now. Maybe a bingsu once a month. 😢
I said goodbye for now, and I meant it.
We're now permanently past the Carbon Tipping Point.
And it's quit outside and goodbye for now
After 3 years of living with this Legend it's time to say Goodbye, for now! Pleasure having you…
Can BlackBerry reinvent itself now that it's out of the headset business?
Nope, I'm off to another subject now, no time for the likes of you, goodbye and good luck!
Hulu is now free for the fall, goodbye to Netflix, so many shows 😍😍 offer expires soon 👉https:…
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whe 2 more papers left! things are looking up! goodbye social media for now, I'll be back tonight 😊
|| Pretty much going on a long *** break, those of you who know my other role-play account I'll be on there for awhile. Goodbye for now.
Good Morning and Goodbye. . Last early shift now and no Internet for the next few hours. Have a nice day guys 😙
Just had a lovely goodbye dinner with my coworkers. We've all worked together for so long and now we are all leaving!
You've been my life since I was 3, thanks for the family and memories you've brought into my life. Goodbye for now⚾️
And all I can do now is say goodbye, and thank you for the memory's...
So long. Farewell. To you my friend. Goodbye for now. Until we meet again. 😂
Sorry there was no racist or misogynist content for you to enjoy. Now goodbye with ya white privileged *** 👋🏽
This track season was the best got closer to people and now it's harder to say goodbye thanks for the memories 💕😍
For now goodbye internet. See you in 12hours or earlier
Which Fear do you need to overcome? Rejection, embarrassment, criticism? Tune in now and say goodbye for good!
Should I say goodbye for woohyun's solo album n save money for BoysRep's Japan album? I don't have much money now...
The girl sitting next to me is going for her studies.Her parents were here to bid goodbye & they were crying. Now this girl started crying.
It's time to say goodbye to the Little Busters for now...Don't miss tonight's episode of Little Busters! Refrain...
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We already said a goodbye to FAB5,now its time for the whole TEAM BESH.. Then who's next😢😢😢
Making a deal with mom that BTS Con. will be the last treat. I have to make ipon for the next ones. Goodbye albums. I wont buy you for now.😭
but as of right now, this is me leaving for the time being. Goodbye everyone, hope everyone is doing well!
Even though for now we've gotta say goodbye. I know you will be forever in my life, never gone.
I AM HOME 😍 and now I will sleep for the next 24 hours goodbye
Goodbye mommy. Now you can rest in peace for eternity. You deserved it. . I love you.
Poet Robot - Now Available, Also... Goodbye for now via
About to say goodbye to my fro for now 😓
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This year felt like it dragged on forever yet was also gone in the blink of an eye. Life moves fast, kids. Goodbye for now, UMW 💙
CANCER: you'd think you'd be better at saying goodbye, like by now you'd be better at reading eulogies for things you let d…
gonna leave to somewhere I belong, goodbye for now
I love to do things that makes me happy. Not seeing you around is not one, for now I say GOODBYE, but I hope to see you soon in God's will.
Time to start a new chapter! It's not goodbye forever, but goodbye for now!
thanks for the site, goodbye free time. I can now die happy having learned that Hitler and Blueno from One Piece share bdays
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So long, farewell, to you my friend. Goodbye, for now, until we meet again.
Napped & had a dream about my teeth falling out goodbye I'm gonna go cry for an hour now
Goodbye Girl; petite chocolate dipped macaroons bid adieu to friends, for now.
I'm deactivating now so goodbye for good all u lovely ppl
What should I do about this feeling?. You said you loved me. And now you say goodbye. I cant Forget that feel for you
Goodbye internet for now. I'm going normal mode for the weekend
Realized I'm already registered for 18 hours this fall and I'm waitlisted for another course. Saying goodbye to my social life now 😅🤗
Rest in Peace buddy. You were everyone's friend that came over and we all love and miss you. Goodbye for now
This is not goodbye for now, this is goodbye forever. Sorry neck braces, we won't ever meet again.
Bittersweet (for now) goodbye to my kiddos of two years and the last day of my time as a nanny, hopefully forever.
I am gone, goodbye, asta la vista, ciao for now, au revoir
Goodbye for now Philippines till we meet again. Gonna miss y'all folks.😘
So, some folks now are considering voting for Trump for "economic" reasons? Wave goodbye to the economy.
Saying goodbye to as they perform their last show as a band (for now). Thank you for the tunes!
I will see you all some day again, I promise. I'll be on answering DM's once in a while. Goodbye for now :)
Update your maps at Navteq
Thanks to AP Stats and some of AP Calc for the goodbye party. Now study and get it done on those AP tests.
You left me nothing now it's all I got for you, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!
So it's goodbye for now. . Hopefully this one will...
yes, I will accept this. Thank you for inviting me to Pentatonix. I will go. Goodbye now. And thanks again. (Fo…
"We say goodbye, but just for now" the OG family are a bloody joy. Safe journey home & thank you for sharing spe…
Im dreading It tomorrow have to say goodbye for now to a work colleage taken from us so young
Goodbye for now Palmy Nth, see you in 2.5 months. Apologies for not doing a proper farewell to everyone, its been a bit hectic!
Looks like I'm not sleeping for two nights imma stay up creating my future for u to he with me I promise ill see you soon.. goodbye for now! :'(
Words can't even express the lost that my family is going through. RIP TIMMY You'll always be in our hearts. I love you more then words can say we all do. But I'll see one day, goodbye for now in till we met again.
I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, their prayers and thoughts for my family. So many people came to pay their respects to a WONDERFUL SON, BROTHER, DAD, UNCLE & FRIEND. I can not tell u how comforting it was for our family in this time of sorrow. I am so blessed and greatful to ALL who came and have kept is in your prayers. I know he is in peace and with ALL our loved ones in heaven looking down at us saying do not be sad for I can see you and I am with you. I with all ur family and friends know that u will be waiting for us when heaven opens its gates for us with ur beautiful and contagious smile Kevin. We love you! Please keep us in ur prayers tomorrow as we say goodbye for now but not forever.
Met some awesome people tonight, just cleaned out my car and said goodbye. Now time for bed with my baby
Where there is no struggle,... there is no strength,... We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts,... we make the world,... Improvement begins with I,... All things are possible for those who believe,... So Believe,... Achieve,... Succeed,... Goodbye for now,... Enjoy,...
so i move out here and now people start to pass away. my grandma died on Sunday morning and now i find out today that a very close family friend has taken a turn for the worse and Anita told everyone if they want to say goodbye now is the time. its breaks my heart i cant be there for Russell and be a shoulder to cry on. that i cant be there to bury my grandma who i love dearly. to say goodbye to a person who i always considered family. ruff times right now. not just for me but the people who are there dealing with it face to face. love you Richard and love you grandma you will be missed dearly.
Enya is so peaceful after a hard days work. i made bread dough for cinnamon raisin bread and pinto bean bread(we shall see what it tastes like??) i got my dishes done, waiting to finish the laundry. i got the kids dressed and myself by 8am. i did homeschool lessons with paige. kept abram from climbing up the bookcases.i think i should be allowed 10 mins of relaxation right??? Nope the kids r not going to let me but hey its cool atleast their voices are not being super loud right now cause i still have a headache since monday. it just wont go away :( but im going to pray about it and ask the Lord to take it away so i dont have to take any more headache medicine. well i have to go put my towels and bed sheets into the dryers so goodbye for now
Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer. Praying for strength tonite for our community as we say goodbye for now to Mr. Andrew Pope. You will be missed.
To all those who love me Ily nd goodbye for now I'm heading to the air port
is just hoping for the best :(s seriously going to miss Emily Anne Pridgen and myliltia and the rest of my wonderful Shorter peeps but i guess this is goodbye for now
Thursday is our last day in Orange County for 2012! We will be inside the OC Fair from 12-9. Come say goodbye (for now) to your burger boys, OC.
Hello fb world,, Goodbye for now,,need to log off,,don't know when will I come back in the newsfeed again,,that's life,,good morning and goodbye,,
But I know I just gotta let it go I should'a known I gotta learn to say goodbye now I throw my armour down And leave the battleground For the final time now I know I'm running from a warzone..
Goodbye For Now is a love story about a software engineer who invents a way for people to email -- and later video chat -- their dead loved ones. The Atlas of Love tells the story of three friends who raise a baby together.
Three years ago today we said, "Goodbye for now" to my nephew, Scotty Lynn McDonald. So, grateful to know that we will be together again. Families are truly forever!
Godspeed to the Beers family on the loss of Dr. David Beers, a good friend, customer and my dentist.
Goodbye for now Louisville...Hilton Head here I come!!
It's that hour again when I have to get ready for work and my back is so poorly so goodbye for now one and all xxx
I will miss u my cousin and u rest in peace. u up there with my grandma Ruth jumper and my sister September jumper I miss u all and I see u up there someday. I love u all. goodbye for now.
Time passes by, direction unknown. You've left us now but we're not alone. Before you know it your cups over flown, and its quite alright, and goodbye for now.
Keep safe always fellas. Keep alert at all times for this massive calamity were facing now. Goodbye for now, later theres no power supply here @ tanay rizal. Good. Good night ..
Although you are gone from our view never from our hearts. Daddy we will remember that you are in a better place.. So goodbye for now memories we will keep. Daddy we love you.. Eddie,pamela,valisha & daketta..
Well I got up at 6:40 made my honey his lunch, kissed him goodbye. Now I'm debating, do I fall back sleep for an hour or just wait for the kids to get up.
Leaving for GA tomorrow is not a saddness its a new chapter in my life and here is the authors note from me Mom Thank you for life and Love I love you Meg Thank you for being my lil smarty pants with out you I would never know how to splee IMPOSSIBLE :) I love you sissy Steven Bubba you are so strong tall and handsome I hardly reconize you any more I love you take care of mom and meg for me. Daddy I love you so much thank you for taking in me steven and meg we all love you and thank you for loving my mom like you do she couldnt find anyone better :) Cara Yes we argue all the time but in the end we still love each other and I always will I love you Paige I hope you and Curtis stay together forever you are so beautiful together I love you both Diania You are so young and pretty I love you and you can call me whenever you want :) be good at the horsesale girls :) Heather Almost 14 years you have put up with my butt and hopefuly 14 more will come I love you alot sis P.S. mom will get you your clothes back a. ...
goodbye for now, until next time. Look into the stars and listen to my rhyme. From beginning to end, we'll always be friends. :) gn and a great night it was
The pain in their eyes and the ache in our hearts are a reminder of tomorrow is never promised. Family and friends gather to celebrate a short life and say goodbye for now. The question of why will remain in our minds for a long time but with faith in God, we know we will meet again.
So long fair well to you my friend goodbye for now until we meet who remember this??
Very upset going home going to miss everyone so much thanks for everything guys u made me feel so welcome. It's goodbye for now but not for long ;-) xxx
i think i finally understand everything, and its time to move on by leaving all the old things in the past cause theres no point to dwell on things u cant change or have no control over. Wrestling is one of those things im going to have to let go of, for now any way even sports for that matter, its time to live a different life but there will come a time again to get back into it. im closing the door but that door will not be closed forever. so goodbye for now until we meet again. man, working man, experienced man#
'wow' vegas it time to say goodbye for now but see u next year. Give me a like if u luv Vegas.
Melquiades tumbaga. To us his Tadis or Mel... We knew you since we were toddlers...been part of the barkada since teens. We had lots of good memories although there are also bad... But all I can remember are the times we laugh and dance... Your the person that will endure everything just to please your family and friends. We will never forget you... Your now our guardian angel... Eventhough were all kilometers and miles apart you all see us... And we know that you will always be there for us. To you our friend your journey here in the world ends.. But you'll be remember till our last day... Thanks for the laughter, sacrifice and most of all FRiENDSHIP... It's goodbye for now... We will miss you...
Said goodbye for now to our niece and put her and my sister-in-law on a plane to go back to Alaska. We are looking forward to when Carrie Hess comes back to live in FL!!! Great to get in a visit with Marie Hess! Love you guys!
I don't know what time it is, or who's the one to blame for this. Do i believe what i can't see? and how do you know which way the wind blows? Cause i can feel it all around, I'm lost between the sound. And just when I think I know, there she goes. Goodbye for now, Goodbye for now (so long)
Have to say goodbye for now, I am going back to bed, just saying thanks to the POWERFUL PRAYERS for me and my daughter. God bless us all.
Well my great n loyal fans: iits time 4 bed for me. i havent been there yet. so i guess this is goodbye for now. i promise my fans i'll be back brite n early in the 7:00am hour. love to all n have ur selves a great nite just as i know i will @ work. over n out. lol.
Hey everyone its Sue..we r leaving lewiston tomorrow. We will b in Cd'A on Wed but will b going to bed early as we have to b at airport at 6am for Texas:) Give me a call to see us and say goodbye for now..208-305-7496
Grandpop, today we said goodbye for now but you will never be forgotten, you left an indelible print on all our hearts that will last an eternity x
Goodbye for now going back at sea.. Godbless us! :D
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Goodbye for now California. I'm coming home Utah.
Biting my trembling lip, and holding my angry tounge. I feel like I'm loosing you forever,but there is also envy inside my eyes for you are getting out of this mess of a house. Is it possible to be the oldest and yet feel the youngest..with red eyes I will say goodbye for now.
going to go pay our respects tomorrow to Ben. lay some flowers and say our goodbye's, for now. Miss you Ginge ♥
eww have to start packing! Not even ready to leave, neither say goodbye for now. Its only been a month n Wichita KS has definitely changed me but no worries. Its all good change:) The sucky thing about here is leaving everybody! The great thing about Wichita KS is that it has awesome people like Kyle Jackson, Jeremiah Johnson, Xavier, Grandma Johnson n more, to always have a great time with n great friends to go to about anything! :) love you guys n see u again soon in the future! :) Be safe n well! The Amazing SpiderMan in IMAX today with favorite cuz!:))
It was nice seeing Jorge before I left :) I swear that's my big brother. Goodbye for now clarksville ill be back soon :) I love you everyone!
Finally on the road to Missouri...goodbye for now family and friends :(
Its never easy to lose someone you luv but now we know you are at peace an your pain free so I just want to say happy journey an God bless you an the Hernandez-vargas family. You will be missed an always in our hearts,thoughts an prayers. Goodbye for now just untill we meet again
Just watched my son leave for basic training in Texas bitter sweet goodbye for now I love you Matt and will miss you but I'm so proud of you
The hardest part of holding on to you is letting you go. goodbye for now. I want to sing a new song because this song is leaving a broken heart on my sleeve. goodbye for now.
R.I.P Big T~10 years today.. We shared lots of years And had lots of fun But then god called u home His beautiful son I just can't believe It ended that way There were still so Many things to say Your tragic death Has left a big hole But I'll try not to fret Your now a free soul So when times are great And happy as such I'll think of u, my brother I miss you so much So goodbye for now my brother, I have not one regret You were a wonderful part of my life, That I will never forget... ~Love your baby sister, Shelly.
Just home from our marathon return trip... hello jet lag and goodbye for now to all our amazing family and friends in Texas, we will miss you all so much
Tell Barbara goodbye for now I am hitching to a Moroccan point break with no electricity to catch some greenrooms with no cous cous in the mind.
Goodbye for now, Chicago. You are always so good to me.
A Change Of Pace - Goodbye For Now Lyrics: And when the smoke clears nothings left Black ashes still fall from the sky I see a figure standing far away And h...
I will always love u nd be safe please mylove goodbye for now but soon we will realise i know we will just dont give up just yet L.A.B...
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Saying goodbye for now... till next time ... if there will be .. :(
So long fair..well to you my friends goodbye for now til we meet again its been great sing nnd play together in Pensacola... now its time to say good. bye. "slide your hands..snap ur finger. den CLAP! "
Just a really good song a close friend wrote about his grandma who passed away. Hope I didn't sabotage it too much.
Jenna Thomas it has taken me some time to say goodbye, your love was and continues to be so bright. You are an inspiration to all, your communities, and life. I was missing you the morning of the news and wish I had the opportunity to say thank you for all you gave the world! I will make sure to remind when I reach the other side. Goodbye for now sweet spirit.
I am leaving Kolkata today ... This is my final text from here in my room in Kolkata ... I m having a complete mixed feeling right now. This city has taught me a lot. Starting from being independent to being responsible, it taught me how to manage things with small resources ... This city gave me the opprtunity to be with some of the most wonderful people around, with different values in life ... Learnt a lot from my seniors, esp. Kadir bhai, Nilesh da, Moushumi Di, Sandeep da n many more ... I also have the pleasure of making wonderful friends,whose friendship n moments will always be cherished through out my life ... All I can say is be good, be strong n keep rocking ... Miss u Kolkata, n all my buddies here ... Love u all ... Goodbye for now.
I tried to show you that i would always be there for you. But it did nothing but push you away.. So goodbye for now.
Well, goodbye for now. If I do not get on later, good night.
Olive F. Sherman-Westmoreland 17 July, 1927 - 5 August, 2012, Goodbye for now mom because when looking at forever, it wil not be long till we see each other again. I love you with all my life. Your son, David.
Goodbye for now. I need to save battery! Sana magkakuryente na agad!
This jsnt goodbye forever this is goodbye for now
Well, that's a shame, it's seems I have to go now, even after I just got on. Oh well, goodbye for now everyone, I'll be back soon I hope.
had a good day, got my new laptop battery today as well as my new book. Also got peapots room all done except for shampoo as well as his playroom all done. Also been doing some thinking about some people in my life, think its time to say goodbye! Now watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
It's tym to go to work now,so lazy every tym no sales,hve crowd bt only browsing,touching,trying like *** .goodbye for now.!mwaahh
I'm a loser yes it's true Through the good times and the bad Feels like I'm losing all I ever had Do you remember when we both used to be so in love for eternity? All the promises that we made All our friends said we had it made Yeah there were times we were up times we were down World spinning 'round Everybody goes through a brawl But me and you could crash through it all We were both lions in a cage We were both livin through the rage We were still afraid And we both had everything but didn't have it made I'm really feeling bad that we both gonna have to say goodbye now (Goodbye) But it is what it is and I'm gonna have to take a time out ♫♪♪
Went by the funeral home earlier to tell my friend goodbye for now, but that I will see him one day on the other side. Phil, you will be missed by so many . You were a wonderful friend, who didn't meet a stranger. RIP my friend.
As the man of the hour, has taken his final bow, goodbye for now.
-_- diet. Nakakataba ang masasarap n pagkain, narealize ko lang, kahit anong gugustuhin ko, di ko lang basta maabot. Need to work hard for it, at kasama nadun ang PAGDIET!!! Goodbye for now tastey and yummy foods,
I will be uploading one more clip after this basically im going to be taking a break from uploading because i cant play the Xbox with out it disconnecting when i turn the xbox on so when the connection gets better ill be uploading daily if i ca...
I would like to say see you again my friend Mikey, I try to be a tough *** but the truth is we are all sad to see you go and it hurts knowing we won't see your smiling face. You are in a good place and you will be fine, its us left behind that will feel the pain now, i am blessed to have known you and i will miss you, goodbye for now!!
Goodbye for now everyone. I have backed up all of my files and am about to reformat my computer to banish the two years of junk from things I have installed and uninstalled etc etc, that has finally clogged the computer so bad that it doesn't want to run smoothly anymore. Hopefully I'll be back online in about an hour or so... Will take me at least two days to get all of my software reinstalled though :(
well places ,to go ppl to see ,goodbye for now FB ;)
Goodbye for now, Utah. Time for something completely different.
Goodbye for now - but keep following us for even more great content from the festival!
I'll come back later. Hopefully there will be someone to talk to then. Goodbye for now
Such an AMAZING night last night!! Thank you Leavers for making it so special. THANK YOU BRADFIELD COLLEGE! Goodbye for now!
up at the crack of dawn for breakfst tv this week in Sunny Tunny the weather: well it was Doom June, now I fear Goodbye July!
Leaving for conneticut right now. Goodbye folks
Friends are arriving in an hour and a half. Almost time to unplug the computer. We do not have it connected so far at the new place. So goodbye for now family and friends. Talk to you all from our new home.
goodbye Gerogia. :/ im so ready for forward '13 . jam to 1D right about now for 8 hours? YUP.
This is goodbye for now and for ever
Can't wait to get my hair cut short again.. goodbye weave for now. Ill have ya back in the winter
Lets dont say goodbye, i hate the way it sounds so if you dont mind let's just say for now.
Goodbye doesnt mean bye forever , it means bye for now .
GoodBye for Now, Good night! gotta sleepy yay.. i love you Nefeli
11.40pm. Bed time. EURO finals starts at 2.45am. Got to get up to watch the game. Good night and goodbye for now. Happy Monday, Sweet dreams . May the Good Lord be with you.
Saying Goodbye for now let's see how this will play it self out.TIRED
One final visit, and now finally saying goodbye to Leeds.for the summer!! :D
Gently rest your weary head, what you live for now is dead. Goodnight, goodbye.
Plane came to the airport. Goodbye for now :)
Countdown: DONE Leaving today for Basic Training. Goodbye everyone, alot of you will be missed. Thank you to my cousins, my girlfriend, and my close friends. Ill be in contact with everyone shortly. If you want, text me your address and ill try to write to you (347) 403 - 8279. Goodbye for now!
It's almost time for me to go to church. for now, everybody.
Well, goodbye for the meantime spotlight. I shall close my eyes and take the other path now, with my Awoo :) ^^
Goodbye RIM / Blackberry. Not long for this world now. You stuck your head in the sand for too many years and technology left you for dead.
I'm really mad still but I'll stop talking about it for a while ;( goodbye for now
so now u kno why I'm mad.goodbye for the next 9 minutes :(
Goodbye for now my Colorado. I will miss you as usual.
My dad is here,I have to go.I will be online tonight when we got there..Goodbye for now!!
It's morning & now it's time for us to say goodbye!
Goodbye, brown eyes, goodbye for now. I can't hide what has come. I have to go, and leave you alone. But always know, that I love you so.
Said goodbye to Emily :/ waiting for the train back home now!
The boys should do a twitcam after tomorrow's show as a goodbye for now in America.
"Oh no, now we'll never get to send him to a good school. Goodbye Harvard, Hello working for everybody who went to Harvard". -
On page 152 of 342 of At Grave's End, by Jeaniene Frost: I lurve you Bones, but for now, I need to tell you goodbye...
Im trying not to care anymore.Goodbye feelings for you! RIP.starting tomorrow your now a friend not a crush cuz now im trying to .
Terrible allergic reaction to sulphites last night. Goodbye red wine. You were a dear friend for so long, but now we must part.
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me.
Dear June, Goodbye and thanks for everything and July please be nice, be great, be my month. Now bring some rain!
Goodbye for now can't wait 4 ur next tour because sadly all good things must come 2 an end. :) but the best is yet 2 come.
Thanks for all your questions, Directioners, the boys had a blast! It's goodbye for now ;) 1DHQ x
I liked a video from GOODBYE For Now!
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Hate how getting food poisoning ruins the food item that gave you food poisoning. Goodbye for now, my beloved pizza.
"For Dylan" Sunlight streams through window pane unto a spot on the floor. then I remember, it's where you used to lie, but now you are no more. Our feet walk down a hall of carpet, and muted echoes sound. then I remember, It's where your paws would joyously abound. A voice is heard along the road, and up beyond the hill, then I remember it can't be yours. your golden voice is still. But I'll take that vacant spot of floor and empty muted hall and lay them with the absent voice and unused dish along the wall. I'll wrap these treasured memorials in a blanket of my love and keep them for my best friend until we meet again. Goodbye for now Dylan..
Said goodbye (for now) to Joyce yesterday. It was like 40 years never were. Wonderful time with her and Jan this week. Great laughs with Greg & Julie too. Happy, happy memories.
Goodbye for now Nadavya Weinberg and the rest of the Weinberg family!! Have the time of your lives. Can't wait for this awesome bar in your attic it's going to be amazing ;)
Your battle is now over, no more tears flowing down your cheek, no more pain, no more suffering, now you are no longer weak. I still do not understand why this had to happen to you, but I am proud to say you are my dad, the greatest man I ever knew. You were always there for me and never once made me cry, until the day you closed your eyes and had to say goodbye. Now you are my Angel, so spread your wings out wide, please wrap them around me whenever you see me cry. Our time together was memorable and God took you way too fast, But the most precious thing to me was you being there for my first breath, and me being there for your last. I love you first love and my best friend.
Too much distance separates us once again. I enjoyed your company the last several weeks. It might be goodbye for now. Until our paths cross again...
//...Have to got to work now, I will be on later tho I promise, and will get to everything sent to me while I'm gone and everything I still owe when I get back. Goodbye for now and I'll talk to you all later!
Dear Dad, R.I.P There’s a time for us to live, And a time that we must die. A time to say hello, And a time to say goodbye. Although it’s very hard To tell you goodbye now, We’ll wipe away our tears And continue on somehow. Then when our life is over, And it’s our turn to go, They’ll be telling us goodbye, While we’re telling you hello. I love you and i miss you. Rest in peace and i know that you are looking down on me smiling at the man you have molded me into.
Well all the Bateys have now had their birthdays for 2012, thank god! Can't believe its been 2 years since the most surreal day of my life giving birth to 2 babies, Jack first then Ryan 13 minutes later. Am ready for the largest glass of Rose and a sit down! Happy birthday to Jack and Ryan and Happy birth giving day to myself, goodbye for now! xx
Well one last goodbye for now were headed to L.A. hug's to you all xoxoxox I can't wait to come back to Canada
Saying goodbye,.for now.. cya when u get back
Welp goodbye for now Gatesville :( on the upside tho we aren't going to Carrizo springs he got moved to lake Livingston! So that's much better!! But I'm already so sad bc I'm gonna miss my family n friends so so so so so much :,(
Finally going to sleep had a great nite/day with my boo :) all smiles...well I bid you goodbye for now fb fam
Had an Amazing last Dinner In Orange beach! We will be seein u soon but goodbye for now :(
All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.goodbye for now Spain!
Hello this is logie I'm at the lake with my bestest friend lane(: well goodbye for now now!
Ezio: Cesare! I have came here for you! Cesare: Assassino! How did you find me? Ezio: I followed your footsteps up to this tower! Cesare: Who did you bring with you? Ezio: My friends Dalton and Rosa... why? Cesare: Because Dalton has a huge blood covered sword with foam coming out of his mouth and Rosa has a Borgian guards head on the end of her hidden blade... that's why! Dalton: I will kill you Cesare Borgia! Rosa: So will I! Dalton You get half and you get half! Rosa: Ok ut I call the armor! Dalton: Ok... Rosa: YAY! Ezio: This was supposed to be my job! Not theirs! *Ezio runs off* Cesare: CRAP! *Cesare jumps off and kills himself off a huge castle wall* Dalton: Well... we won. Rosa: Yep... what now? Dalton: Wanna go kill some guards? Rosa: Only if your mouth stops foaming. Dalton: Ok... Rosa: Let's go! Dedicated to Rose Barnhill and I the Ezio like Dalton Lindsey! Goodbye... for now!
ever feel like you shouldn't go on that sccheduled vacation because you need to be at work cause you might be needed? I so do NOT FEEL THAT WAY!!! Hello VACATION, goodbye (for now) job!!!
Well, I need to get off here and do something productive, and since my hubby is at work tell 9:30 I guess I mean house work...So goodbye for now. I know you will miss me but I will be back later..Lol...
Time to say goodbye for now. Getting ready for dinner and Magic Mike with Sarah Gardner
Our Very own General Manager Cole Vujosevic ( Karl Smithjosevic ) Will be stepping down as G.M. after this month. He has recently got acepted into a Law Enforcement Academy and he will remain an L.A. Boxing South Loop employee on the part time basis for life!!! Cole looks forward to keeping in touch with all of the members and trainers and promised us that he will not be a stranger and still be involved in the gym on a regular basis!! He will be having a "goodbye for now" party next door to the gym at Jimmy Greens Friday July 6th at 8pm!! We wish him the best of luck on his new job!!!
Goodbye for now FB..see you next time...
Dear starstruck youve always had me satarucked and ima always be starstrucked my heart is in your hands I love you goodbye for now..
Goodbye from Avril's new album. This is my third lyrics video. I hope you guys like it :) She wrote this song for her exhusband. (Deryck Whibley) Please add ...
goodbye for now my dear sistah, take care of your self and always pray to the Lord to guide and protect you always...I know this is meant for you and this is what you've always prayed for, so this is it...we're just here for you paeng, we love you much...God bless and have a safe trip...
Today Mal & I said goodbye for now to a grand christian aunt! What a joy it was for me to visit her weekly be able to read Gods word to her and to pray for her & with her! This lady taught us so much about committment firstly to our Lord, family and the house of God. Well done good and faithful servant enter into your rest Auntie Ol. We will miss you immensly.
This old hymn is sung by the Cluster Pluckers. With the exception of the vintage images, the photos are from the Olympic Peninsula and National Park and the ...
Only thing I can say is sorry and goodbye for now.
"Naw, naw, naw, naw; naw, naw, naw, naw; Hey Rush, GOODBYE". Now one of two things will happen; either Rush is true to his word and heads out for Costa Rica, muy pronto, OR the whole world recognizes him for the *** bag, Oxycontin popin, POS that he truly is. "Hit the road Rush; and don't cha come back no more no more..."
44 days.11 lbs to go! U were good today McD's but goodbye for now:)
My brief love affair with the 939 express bus may be over, or at least on hiatus. I waited 20 minutes this morning and when it finally reached my boarding stop it was already full. I had to go back to the old 916/MRT combo. It seams word has gotten out on the second day of its run. Hopefully they will add more buses or the crowds may thin out when the free rides end in a few days. Goodbye for now 939. It was fun while it lasted.
Its always hard to say goodbye to my love when he leaves town for work but its unbearable saying goodbye now that we have our daughter. :'(
Football Practice is gonna be a DRAG ! ughhh lets see how far i can go ): Goodbye for now
Little Joe's would like to say a HUGE thank you, good luck and goodbye (for now!!) to Grace Lewis, who is off to live in Korea for a while... You will be very much missed Grace. A heartfelt thank you for all of your hard work on Thursday mornings. Grace is one of those people who is always cheery and friendly and it just won't be the same without her! Much love from us all, and make sure you STAY IN TOUCH!!! x
Gutted to say 'Goodbye for now' to Steve Knight Pendle.Back to UK tomorrow! KNIGHT. ITS. TIME.
I will return later today but goodbye for now
So I saw a old friend today at the doctor,and brought up some great memories of the great days,or nights I should say! I just want to say to that person that u r one of the most strongest, nicest, beautiful girl I have meet! To do everything u do for the nor u love makes u great! Alot of pepole can learn from ur example! So I just want to u that so goodbye for now!
Well not too much today.. sitting here chillin with my friend casey.. loads of fun.. then maybe swimming later.. dk yet.. and bleached my hair blonde i love it.. but goodbye for now..
Headed to say goodbye (for now) to Sambo and baby Waylon. I pray that God helps ease the pain in the hearts of her family and loved ones today and that he watches over every one of them from here on out, for this is one of those things you can never truly get over... :(
Time to sleep, early flight later..Goodbye for now.
Ok everybody this is goodbye for now I won't be back on for who knows how long. Getting everything cut off today. Our moving truck is coming tomarrow morning. It's going to take time to getuse too but thats ok. Have a wonderful day. :)
Time to sat goodbye for now and get ready for the trip to the hospital.'s time i said my goodbye:) but i will be back:) I still have my sister that i will visit from time to time and others that i would like to goodbye for now:)
Today's gonna be the hottest day in 7 that time I did get a small case of heat stroke, I will keep myself a hydrated as I can I work in a building with small fans and and no A/C ...I go as far as I can today but I'm not gonna put my life on the line that's for sure...If the company cared and I already know the answer to that question they would close their establishments for the safety and well-being for their employees.Well that being said "please anyone working outside today, keep yourself as cool as you can and take plenty of breaks and don't over- do it, ok...goodbye for now!".DIZ
Rest in peace Azalee Harrison-Webster. With a heavy heart I say goodbye ( for now) to my loving, kind, and most generous stepmother. She was an awesome woman of God who gave much more than she ever received. She will be missed by many. Please pray for my Dad as he has lost the second love of his life.
Goodbye for now next stop L.A. Calf here I come!! BET IM READY!!! God please make sure I'm safe through out this trip!!
Time is passing by, you're gonna make it through the night Until the morning you goodbye. For now darling, maybe you will comeback on another day, you will do that. Go away with the wings It takes you now
The Sorrow of the Faithful is not that of permanent loss, but the tender sense of sadness that comes in saying Goodbye for now to someone we Love. Aunt Joanita U have left us too soon, U'll always be a close memory to us. May your Soul Rest In Peace. Amen
Goodbye for now. See you. Tengo hambre.
Hey everyone. I am having my garage sale july 19th and the 20th. It is a Thursday and a Friday. If you are donating items please put prices on them and your Initials. Thanks. Also I need the donations before july 6th or during the garage sale you can come and add stuff. Thanks again. Goodbye for now.
going to go and get some firewood from the sawmill, then I can keep my but warm, goodbye for now, will be back later
Okay, I'm off.going to watch a movie since I can't hardly load fv! goodbye for now my friends
hey niall. I hope you're doing okay? Hopefully i can mett you one day. goodbye for now!
All set to head to N.C. Goodbye Akron, (for now unfortunately)
gonna look for something. I cannot remember. Goodbye for now.
As the man of the hour takes his final bow for now
Goodbye Branson :( love it down here! Now on to Kansas City for a few days!!
oh well.. I want to see you too. goodbye for now its too painful atm thinking about it
.kendall thanks to you I'm crying right now!! :( I am invisible to you! Goodbye Kendall. Thanks for making me Mourn.
Let's not say goodbye, let's just say for now.
The fact that Saul is leaving in 3 days for good and I made him so mad that he won't even say goodbye to me is killing me right now
I wish Daniel Levy would leave screwed now you muppet! Goodbye Harry cheers for everything
Never say goodbye, just so long for now.
Apartment application to prepare for August. This will be a long goodbye to Ztown.
LANGUAGE! Sort your vocabulary out and then maybe I'll try and have a civil conversation with you but for now... goodbye...
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