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Good Saturday

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Good Saturday morning! We are set up at Coastal Grand Mall for our 34th Annual Health Fair. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Good Saturday morning - we are open until 5:00 PM today. Cletus Smith (watercolor & oil) hangs at the Summer Wine. http…
Good Saturday morning! As you read through the Gospel of Mark, you may notice Jesus called His disciples to do...
Good Saturday morning. Late start. Visiting mama at hospital, catch up work day and Frank Sinatra jr with palm beach pops tonight. Enjoy your weekend.
🙋 & I am loving every minute of it! "Good Saturday morning!! Who's still doing work this weekend?”
Good Saturday morning. In Jacksonville for Special Olympics. Woo Hoo. 47° bring it!
Good Saturday morning wonderful fans of the phenomenal Genie Francis. After seeing the previews for next week and...
Next up is this Saturday, Jan 3rd at Stacked lineup, no cover, new year, good vibes!
It's not as savage as I would prefer, but still pretty good. Asian American Doll.
Remember Saturday when came by the brewery and drank a beer with us? Good times...
Tomorrow and Saturday night should be good
Good seeing the homie today. Go get'em on Saturday.
Enjoy the New Year. Proud of the guys for two good days of practice. Need another one Friday in preparation for Blaine …
Wow they pushed my interview up from Saturday to Friday is that good or?
that's how I am too😔 but if you feel that bad then it's good to stay home because we need you better by Saturday
“good luck” found em ! Lol oh I fixed the link , see u Saturday hopefully
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Oh ya know, P1 suckered me into working Saturday too. Good thing I don't have a social life tbh 👽
GAMEWEEK 21 opens tomorrow at 9am GMT and shuts on saturday at 11:30am. Good luck to you all. And have a happy new year.
would ya say we celebrate by having a race Saturday night. Sound good yes let's do it 😊👍
Seaside Tryst's thick wall of synths will fire up The Crocodile main stage on Saturday! Good way to start the...
Work tmro ,Thursday,Friday but im off Saturday im good
Amadi's commitment could be sign of more good things to come as he's friends with DE Kyle Phillips who announces on Saturd…
I went Saturday and Sunday. Good luck finding tickets outside. I'll look too lol.
Sorry Edinburgh, you can do a torchlight procession but it's still not as good as Games Saturday up Curly.
im closing, I think next Saturday im good
You can measure this theory in the Lucianno, Saturday Night (Far East), that played. While its a good tune, not one of his baddest specials
Road trip to good 'ol Pratt with my girls Saturday! So excited!! 😁❤️
Good blow out for the lads . Good turn out to, roll on Saturday .
Ohio State game on Thursday and the steelers game on Saturday. Bout to be a good weekend of football.
Oh yes, in Adelaide I think. Definitely watching that. And Saturday's match should be good - Stars/Renegades. 👍
A good insurance pickup for the playoff run. Get well soon - if u can go or not, well bleed black and gold 4 u Saturday!
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A good mid-nap chin scratch can help turn a Saturday into a
Good Morning All, A cool night, Low was 8.2 at 6am, Sunny today with light winds and a top of 29. Friday and Saturday expect a top of 41.
Good grief, your parents don't go out on a Saturday night?
Security at sluggers took a picture of all of us Saturday night and the only good thing I said was my boobs looked good
I had to go to the emergency room on Saturday and none of my friends have even bothered to text me to see how I am. Good to know in loved :|
good luck to your Cards. Hopefully they have a better result than the basketball team did Saturday.
oilkings fan. Went to game on Saturday against Ptl. Very good arena set up. Good fans. Good music. Good game.
Good read ... Free taster session every Saturday at 3D, go to and book your spot...
My birthday on Saturday was alright got a good *** cake thoe 😍 🎉🎊🎂🍰
A festive Saturday afternoon clash between and which was rather short of good cheer:
A donut is good but a donut with Korra is the best!
Mike Tomlin asked if LeVeon Bell pedaling a bike today a good sign. Says: "There won't be any bikes on the fie…
Buzzing for this Saturday, finally get a night out in heard so many good things. 👌🍺
So excited for Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones on Saturday ! Its gonna be a good one. DC is gonna represent OSU Wrestling good.
"There is nothing so depressing as good advice and I'd be pleased if you don't inflict it on me". Happy Saturday
Been a good Christmas but the decs and tree come down on Saturday
Ryan Adams performs "Gimme Something Good" on Saturday Sessions: Adams sings the first single off his self *** ..
More press on the upcoming VA Preps Classic. 'Should be a good show for the next couple Saturday afternoons.
Good problem to have: Playing chess well enough for Saturday's tournament to be more compelling than Cal vs. Utah or Pacific vs. Pepperdine.
Tim Irvin says to anticipate a surprise on Saturday. Is that good news for
Good stuff. How do you feel about getting the early game Sunday? I was hoping for a Saturday game
had a pretty good Xmas thanks Debbie,kept well away from busy London,up there Saturday to see 'the nutcracker' though.
Burial today then burial Saturday. Isn't a good way to start the new year
if you get back before Saturday hmu! I'll show you a good time boo 😉
I'd seriously consider hiring Ray Rice... I mean, we need a good RB for Saturday night.. And no, no Ben Tate please
Hope is better for Saturday but would be a good pickup!!
Can't wait for v on Saturday 😊 first game of 2015 should be good 👍💙
Good Saturday morning my dearest of friends! For this day is a milestone of new revelations. The day persists, the year will come to end, can we expect and new and everlasting trend? I say this with little amaze, please hold onto your dreams and with not only a glaze. I would like to extend this little rhyme, and hope that you all will share a generous time! Let us pray, Oh dear Lord, I have to thank you for all the wonderful blessings and all the time you have extended my life on this earth. For I know we all on your borrowed time to be, to do and extend your love about. I know we all can use a loving hand and pray that we will be worthy of your extensions of compassion. I open my heart and soul to you dear Lord and ask for forgiveness and compassion, for we need you in our lives to make it more complete! Thank you dear Lord for blessing my family and friends! Amen! With all our love, Lisa & Anthony!
Good Saturday morning, afternoon and evening. Followed by another awful night trying to sleep. Hopefully that's broken the cold tho
Good Saturday morning to all. Today is the argyle santa clause parade out front of our center on Dundas.
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Good Saturday morning my is your chapter reading for today:. John 20-21
Good Saturday! November 8th, 2014 Today's Bible Reading: Hebrews 5:5-14 In these ten verses Jesus is telling us that it was God the Father who placed Him in the position of High Priest. That Jesus is the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him and He earned that through His suffering. Even though Jesus has been prophesied about throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrew nation at the time, who should have known Him and be teaching about Him, now need to be taught themselves. They are not ready for the meat of the gospel, they are still on the milk. They are babies in their beliefs of Jesus. Hence Jesus says to them: "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil." Hebrews 5:14 If you are a new Christian, drink in the milk of the gospel which is preparing you for the meat or rather the meaning of all you do not understand that God wishes you to know. God bless you everyone. Share your smile with every ...
Good Saturday morning everybody. It's time to pray America! Would you pray this prayer out loud with me today? Dear Father God.we ask that You protect our military personnel and their family members who are being threatened by ISIS members who have infiltrated our nation.we pray that You assign Your guardian angels to encamp around these national servants.Lord we need Your help this morning as we are faced with an Ebola crisis.illegal border crossings.ISIS threats.November elections and other situations that are facing Americans in this season.we pray for our friends north of the border who are encountering terrorists that want to fill the Canadian people with fear and dread.we bind these forces of darkness that are bent on destroying the fibre of this North American continent and place us in a state of stress and anxiety.may we know more than ever Lord that we need Your help this morning.and we also pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in South Korea who are being threatened by the communist natio ...
Good Saturday morning! We have live from the kitchen: via
Good Saturday morning SweetLegs Lovers!! Yesterdays Open House Stop & Shop was fantastic!! For everyone that did not have a chance to make it yesterday and contacted us, we have decided to open up again today for you all!! ;) Hours are from 1-3.
Good Saturday to you Trains Nation! After grocery shopping, laundry, yardwork, and all of those other bits of every day life, it was time to take a train break this afternoon. First stop, Grand Avenue in Milwaukee for a westbound empty grain train on CP. Second stop, Elm Grove for an eastbound crude oil train with Norfolk Southern Corp power, and lastly, a Canadian Pacific manifest, also in Elm Grove at MP 95. Not much luck on fall colors today. The vegetation is still mostly green in the Milwaukee area. How about you? Any luck with trains or colors where you are? - Jim
Good Saturday morning! We hope everyone enjoyed the "dough-nuts" that Don brought to Charlotte motor speedway...
Good Saturday morning. Red River Rivalry at cottonbowl today. Gloomer Sooner. UT Longhorns rise up and be victorious!! Hook em Horns!
Good Saturday morning!! Headed to meet Kimberly Wiley Saxon then planning a great day in Forsyth Park!! :)...
Good Saturday morning! Looks like it's going to be an awesome day for The Rocky Mountain Airshow here Greeley, CO today. Weather looked a little iffy last night for the night show, but everyone flew, got the night rocket launch off and great fireworks!!! Come on out today for another great show!
Good Saturday morning! See you at 12:15 for Zumba® Toning then Zumba® Sentao. No one earned a free class this...
Good Saturday morning friends and family. Today is the 228th day of 2014. 137 days remain in the year. This morning is beautiful; a cool 56 degrees with clear skies. The high for today should be a mild 81 degrees with continued low humidity. After two days of issues, my Internet connection finally seems to be working properly. :) Today in history - 1777 - American forces won the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington. 1812 - Detroit fell to British and Indian forces in the War of 1812. 1861 - President Abraham Lincoln issued Proclamation 86, which prohibited the states of the Union from engaging in commercial trade with states in rebellion. 1960 - Britain ceded control of the crown colony of Cypress. 1987 - 156 people died when Northwest Airlines Flight 225 crashed while trying to take off from Detroit; the sole survivor was 4-year-old Cecelia Cichan. Did you know during medieval times in England dinner guests were expected to bring their own knives to the table? In 18th century France, visitors to the ro ...
10 Weekend Reads - Good Saturday morning! Pour yourself a stiff cup of Joe, and get for our long form weeke...
Good Saturday morning Brevard County! As we prepare to visit on more thing today (and it's something literally...
I am listening to bluegrass today David. I know you like the occasional Doc Watson tune, eh? Good Saturday to you!
Good Saturday morning if your up have a listen to AM 740, Nurse Jackie will be talking about taking charge of...
Good Saturday evening read. Eternal is getting really interesting
Good Saturday morning, friends. "The United States is running out of things our grandfathers never imagined anybody would need."
Good Saturday morning, friends and neighbors. Fortunately, Google Chrome is working again this morning. It crashed again on my last night as I was writing a post. Thinking seriously of just ditching Google altogether and being done with it. Nice morning for coffee on the patio, so that's where I've been since getting up. I have a meeting of the VVA this morning, then will spend a couple of hours manning the tent or collecting money at Walmart. The Tennessee Wall is in place, so if you're in the neighborhood, drop by and take a look and say hello if nothing else. I have to run for now, but I hope wherever you are, your day is a good one. Keep smilin'.:)
Good Saturday morning, everyone! Today is the first Farmer's Market, here in Fremont. Grace Lutheran Church will be there handing out candy so stop by and say hi! We are in front of Thingamajigs!
Please let me know who is going to meet me this saturday for Good Saturday. I also need help getting supplies y'all. I have met my max for donating money and I have got to find a means to pay my own bills so anyone with a package of paper we can use for printing and a printer with ink please let me know!! Ill send you over what I want printed. The more paper/flyers we can make, the better!!! The more people we can help!!! Also, can anyone donate nails/tacks/staples/staple gun or whatever you use to staple things onto the telephone poles? We will also go to schools and churches and leave flyers on the bulletin boards. Need people willing to drive. (I can be one of those people) I only have 4 seats though.
Good Saturday everyone! Life is good! I'm getting excited to start my new job/internship for the Missoula American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). I need all the experience I can get.
Good Saturday morning my friends! Guess I'll head on over to Home Depot.
Good Saturday morning everyone!. Start your Saturday off with a visit to the Thunder Bay Country Market and pick...
Good Saturday morning peeps!󾠣. Gratitude, praise and thanksgiving activate the divine laws of abundance. - Iyanla Vanzant
Good Saturday morning .. 84 yesterday, another one in store today. Get your free curly fries .. Tigers put 3 in the seats last night with a win. It's May 31st, as we close out the first 5 months of the year .. let's see what happened .. 1780, the 1st copyright laws went into effect .. 1859, Big Ben started ringing in London .. 1885, Dr. John Kellogg patents flaked cereal .. 1889, the Johnstown flood happened in Pennsylvania, killing 3300, when a dam broke. wiping out the town with 20 million tons of water .. 1929, the first reindeer were born in the U.S. .. 1935, Babe Ruth grounded out, in his last at-bat .. 1941, the weekly picture newspaper, Parade, went on sale (now in our Sunday papers) .. 1964, the Dave Clark 5 first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show ..and the Mets and Giants played the longest doubleheader, lasting over 19 hours .. 1974, Gordon Lightfoot's album "Sundown" went gold .. and "Be Thankful For What You've Got" went gold .. 1977, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was completed .. 1990, "Seinfel .. ...
Good Saturday morning!. Your Memorial day weekend is in full swing, Be responsible Don't Drink & Drive!. Pleas buckle up! …
Stinkin' Good Saturday night in Houston. Green Chili Sauce topping some Texas Tamales!!
Weekend signals a fresh new start. Good Saturday and Sunday to you and your family!
Good Saturday fishing with the boys.
Good Saturday morning, slept in till 730, heading to work for a few hours, then I get some baby time with my...
Good Saturday morning .. a sunny, cool one .. and happy Armed Forces Day to our veterans today. It's May 17th, let's find out what happened ... 1792, the New York Stock Exchange formed .. 1875, the first Kentucky Derby made its run for the roses .. 1939, two radio networks broadcast Glenn Miller's Orchestra from the famed Glen Island Casino .. 1954, the Supreme Court ruled against segregation in public schools .. 1963, the first Monterey Folk Festival was held, and featured Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul & Mary .. 1971, "Godspell" opened in New York .. 1975, NBC paid 5 million for the right to broadcast "Gone With the Wind" .. 1975, the album "Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy" was released, and certified platinum the same day .. and in 1985, Bobby Ewing died on the season finale of "Dallas". Born May 17th were Maureen O"Sullivan in '11 .. Earl Morrall in '34 .. Dennis Hopper in '36 .. Pervis Jackson of the Spinners in '38 .. Malcolm Hall of Spanky & Our Gang in '41 .. Taj Mahal in '42 .. Jesse Win ...
Good Saturday--and Happy Mothers Day weekend to all! It's to be the first weekend since last last September in which both Saturday and Sunday are to produce highs in the 70s or warmer! What a joy after the lackluster spring (in terms of warmth) and a cold season which delivered wave after wave of cold temps. Of concern is the ongoing development of second major spring storm system in less than a week. It threatens big rains in coming days and the potential for severe weather. This system's southerly frontside winds throw the Gulf wide open, sending a stream of tropical moisture north into the Midwest. Model forecasts which project the amount of moisture available for precip production place Chicago in a corridor of 1.50"+ precipitable water. This huge moisture supply underpins the large rainfall numbers our numerical models are predicting in the Saturday night to Tuesday morning period. The often thundery downpours in that time frame won't be continuous--but when rain does fall, it may well be prolific! . ...
Good Saturday morning! New data is out that says our attention spans have become so short that we can't listen to a song all the way through. I admit that I am guilty of "skipping," but what is one song that you wouldn't dare skip through? - Tripp
Good Saturday morning FB friends and family. Today is the 130th day of 2014. There are 235 days left in the year. Currently it is 64 degrees and partly cloudy in Sparks. As the day progresses, clouds will increase with scattered rain-showers this morning and rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. The predicted high for today is 78 degrees. On a scale of 1 t0 12, the allergy level for today is 6.8 (Medium). Today in history - 1775 - Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, along with Col. Benedict Arnold, captured British-held Fort Ticonderoga in New York. 1863 - Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson died of pneumonias, a complication of being wounded 8 days earlier during the Battle of Chancellorsville. 1869 - A golden spike was driven in Promontory, Utah, marking the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the U.S. 1960 - The nuclear powered submarine USS Triton completed its submerged navigation of the globe. 1994 - Nelson Mandela took the oath of Office in Pretoria to become South Africa ...
Good Saturday morning! Lauren Cash WYMT 57 Mountain News here, another sign that football is just around the corner...I'm heading to a passing camp at Harlan County High School. Hear from organziers and players at 6 and 11!
Good Saturday morning, Hopkins County area.a very warm and pleasant 66 degrees at my house, at 5:00 a.m., as I enjoy my morning coffee.expect a daytime high of 86 degrees under partly cloudy skies, and a low tonight of 68.nice springtime weather, even if a bit "muggy" following the nice rain.Folks continue to remember and pray for the families of the young men who were killed in the fishing accident yesterday at Lake Sulphur Springs.heavy, heavy hearts abound and we're prone to ask "why?".Some things in this life we'll never, ever understand and must trust God as knowing all and working in ways that we're not capable of knowing.He's the source of strength and tells us that He takes care of His own!...A very busy Saturday of Black Jack Grove Day in Cumby, Folk Festival at Heritage Park, Baseball Play-offs at North Hopkins, an FFA Fish Fry and Auction at Sulphur Bluff, a Wounded Warrior Cook-out, a Wild Turkey Banquet and Band Banquet, and music concerts, one of which features popular Country Music greats, ...
Good Saturday morning everyone!! It's a wonderful day in the OKC neighborhood!!! Going to be a beautiful day to get out and come by and see us. We have vendors that have restocked and new vendors with a variety of interesting Items. So get out and get your shopping done early and be home (or at the Peake) to root the Thunder on to a win and advance to the western conference semifinals!
Good Saturday morning to all my fb family and friends. May God bless you all and keep you safe this weekend. Keep my babygirl in ur prayers, she's in Dayton with her track team. Congrats to the Johnson/Reeves family- Pam Johnson and William Reeves on their family accomplishments, congrats to Michelle Jones, you go girl-walk that stage. Treat everyone you meet today with kindness, you never know what others are going through. Love you all, peace and blessings...
Good Saturday morning ..gloomy and wet but a warm day in store .. sunshine tomorrow. May 3rd .. let's take a look back .. 1937, Margaret Mitchell wins the Pulitzer Prize for "Gone With the Wind" .. 1939, the Andrews Sisters recorded their "Beer Barrel Polka" .. 1952, the first plane landed at the "geographic" north pole ..1957, Dodger Stadium was constructed .. 1959, Tiger Charlie Maxwell launched 4 homers in a doubleheader .. 1966, the game "Twister" made its debut on the Tonight Show .. 1971, National Public Radio was formed .. and in 1979, Margaret Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister of England. Born April 3rd were Pete Seeger in '19 .. Dave Dudley in '28 .. James Brown in '33 .. Frankie Valli in '34 .. *** Dale in '37 .. Napoleon XIV in '38 .. Richard Burns of the Hondells in '41 .. Pete Staples of the Troggs in '44 .. Greg Gumbel in '46 .. Doug Henning in '47 .. Mary Hopkin in '50 .. Christoher Cross in '51 .. bassist Bruce Hall of REO Speedwagon in '53 .. and keyboardist David Ball of .. ...
Good Saturday, thanking the Blessed Virgin Mary by her powerful intercession. Be happy !!!
Good Saturday morning everyone! Been awake sine 4:30, taking advantage of the fact no one is hollering for me, either to be milked or to be fed! Wont last long now tho. Slept great, almost ready to get this day started...A G & N, Adamsville, is having their annual Open House today, so if you want a few great pulled pork sandwiches for free, stop by there today. Usual things around here today, might trim a few more goat hooves, maybe a little house cleaning :( another play it by ear day! Have a great day everyone, I, for one, am going to enjoy this warm, sunny day, here in SW TN!
Good Saturday afternoon Life Church family. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the resurrection together. There are...
Good Saturday morning y'all. Had a flat on my trailer that I just had fixed but I will not let that ruin my day cause its spring and I'm drug free and life is sweet
Gabe and I are watching the National Geographic channel this morning and watching how cheetahs survive in the Savannah. Good Saturday morning!
Good Saturday morning! Anything here remind you of Saturday mornings past?
Good Saturday morning from Uncle Floyd Radio. We have just added two live broadcast dates to our schedule - Monday April 21 and Monday April 28 - both days 12 noon - 2pm Eastern time! Spend your lunch hours with Uncle Floyd! Call in and talk about anything - LIVE with Uncle Floyd! Mark your calendars!
Good Saturday morning ALL, hope you all are having an awesome weekend!! Absolutely beautiful outside...SPRING is FINALLY in the happy about that after struggling through such an awful winter.ENJOY it while you can...right???!!!
Good Saturday morning! It's getting ready to rain here is Southern Wisconsin, hopefully it's nice flying weather...
a Good Saturday morning to all . Hope many enjoyed themselves at last night's Rotary Crawfish boil at Las Palmas racetrack. Also hope those going down to the Island for the Bikerfest drive carefully and respect the Bikers on the road. Will miss the famous parade this year as they roar across the causeway. Should be an interesting fight tonight. Many are staying tuned to the new developments surrounding the Sheriff. Amazing how many ( I told you so"s ) are appearing. I wonder if the D.A. is still insisting that our former Sheriff is not corrupt. We can't really stop it but we sure can try and change it by voting. There will be one more important election besides the city and school elections and that is the runoff election on May 27th for the 275th District Court and the two J.P. races and the Democratic Party Chairman. Thanks so much. Please Vote For Me . Muchisimas Gracias y que Diosito les Bendiga. Suerte , Paz , y Amor a Todos.
Good Saturday morning. Today's specials are a 10oz. Sirloin Steak, Lobster Raviolis w/ Lobster Bisque Sauce, Chicken Pot Pie and a Meatball Sub. Our chowder today is Fish Chowder and soup is Minestrone Soup. Have a great day and weekend.
Hi.. My Dear Friends.. Good Saturday morning. . How are you? MH370.. From the recent few positive leads on the possible location (s) of the black box, we continue to pray for the quick closure of this extremely unfortunate and mysterious disappearance of MH370. .. The whole world, Malaysia, China and especially the families members and loved ones of those 239 people on board that plane would want to know as to what might have happened during the last few hours of its flight. Our thoughts and prayers are still with them and those who are assisting in the search operation.. Have a Wonderful Saturday. .. Take care and God bless. Yes... SMILE... Seb
Good Saturday morning to all! Time to brew a second pot of m dark roast!
Good Saturday for sport in Merseyside the blue boys win then fellow Blue nose Tony Bomber Bellew does his bit for Merseyside x
Ohio State versus TTUN in a few minutes in the Big Ten tourney. Good Saturday tv. Go Bucks!!
Good Saturday so far! Slept in, watched a little TV, ate breakfast, now drinking coffee and studying God's Word. Later we're heading to Sidney to support our pastor as he preaches at Christian Faith Baptist church. Then in the morning we'll be in service at S. Union Rd. Missionary Baptist church. Looking forward to seeing all our brothers and sisters there! Tomorrow night we'll be back at Ark of the Covenant, and on Monday night Pastor Chris Stewart and I start revival at Cridersville Baptist church! Love working and traveling for my Lord! Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!
Good Saturday morning my friend and family near and far. It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Redding California! It's forecasted to be in the 80's today! I hope you all have a great day. Now it's off to work I go.
Good Saturday morning, Racine County Eye! Have a great day - and be careful out there tonight if you're going to...
Good Saturday to you! Another spring-like day in the forecast, but cold & snow moves in tomorrow.
Good Saturday morning! My goodness, the goodies are just rolling out of the oven this a.m. Tonya made some incredible cranberry sour cream coffee cake, the brownies are dripping in yumminess, Danish, scones, donuts, bagels-of course, and you can stop in this morning and say HI to Lily, one of our new baristas! See you soon!
Good Saturday morning everyone! Going to be a beautiful day! Got to go weigh in at the weight loss clinic and then do some shopping. According to my scales down another 2 lbs but we will see. After that going over to my Mother's to see her for a little while. Probably do some walking while I am over there in North Chattanooga, love to walk in that area. So proud of my son Jason Dickson he starts a new great job on Monday! Cant wait for the Nationwide race today to see JR win it and tomorrow the Sprint Cup race, going to be a great race weekend! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Good Saturday morning! Looking forward to hanging with my hubby this weekend. Meat roll this afternoon for sure!
Good Saturday morning! Feeling a little rested and a WHOLE LOT OF BLESSED as God has granted me another round of new mercies! Well, I'm of and running because the good people of H-Town are countin' on METRO to get them to the HLSR today! Hey listen, make it a great day people not only for you...BUT FOR SOMEBODY ELSE. Remember KINDNESS BEGETS KINDNESS and what you make happen for others, God WILL make happen for you!! Blessings.
Good Saturday morning FB friends and family. There is one word to describe this morning - GORGEOUS!!! It is sunny and 31 degrees in Sparks. The predicted high is 52 degrees. I love days like this. "...I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man... Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we are living right now." [The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, page 85] Have a beautiful day and look for open doors. :D
Good Saturday morning. It's my final weekend before winging my way back to San Francisco. And while Saturday night has promises for fun, fun, fun in Port of Spain, today is still a work day, with shooting scheduled at Las Cuevas. Cameras; Lights; Modifiers; Reflectors; Stands; all packed and ready for today's work. Of course, Sunday is a full shooting day as well. All in day's work. All in a day's fun. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.
Good Saturday morning, a more Spring-like day ahead, yay! Sun and clouds today, highs in the upper 40s, if we're lucky it'll hit 50 degrees. Don't forget we lose an hour this weekend, but it'll be nice to have daylight til 7 pm, won't it?? Today will be a perfect day to stroll State Street! We have a new store next door, Adorn Me, with a cool new jewelry concept and eco friendly vibe, stop in and check it out. Newtown Hardware always has something new, for an old store, they keep coming up with fresh new ideas. This beautiful weather should get you thinking about getting that bicycle out and tuned up- Newtown Bicycle & Fitness can help you out with that, don't wait until the last minute and you'll be ready when the weather turns nice for good! All this shopping should make you hungry! Or you should stop first for a breakfast sandwich to get you fueled up, either way it would be great to see you today~
Good Saturday morning , Rondo woke me at 3 : , hate to see tomorrow it's daylight savings time ! May have to pull a all nighter !its supposed to cool off again friends ! Have a great day , and remember Jesus Loves us without him we would be lost !
DO SOME GREEN GOOD THIS SATURDAY 8TH MARCH!. DB Green is holding a beach clean-up at the Nim Shue Wan beach from...
Good evening !! We've already announced how excited we are that Grey Matter will be with us this Saturday...
Reminiscing on that Saturday lol, it was a good day, these my main people, but Porky wasn't there :/…
Two good articles on Saturday's rally;.
seems to be a real humble, cool guy. Good luck on Saturday.
I kinda want for it to be Saturday already but I know for a fact that day ain't gonna be a good day. 💔
Petra will play her 1st match in IW on saturday... in other words the day of her birthday! Let's hope she'll celebrate it w…
Owt good on at the cinemas? Think il be going Saturday to keep me from drinking
Yay! Saturday night sounds good, I was worried I missed it!
Good job "Great friendly match against Italy! Now it's time to focus on saturday.
I've been having such a good time in college, but I have been running myself ragged. This Saturday can't come soon enough 🙏❤️🏡
Weekend should be good, a long walk on Saturday, a free house and shopping in the city on Sunday☺✌
I hope this party on saturday is good.
Congrats Coach, good luck Saturday. Great days for NM athletics.
We need a good solid performance to launch us into Saturday!!
good i wanna shisha saturday. Alexandria ?
Saturday at 2 everyone should be at umass Boston to support the girls basketball team! Braintree is good & will have a big 6th man
if Mizzou wins tonight and Saturday, how many games will the need in SEC Tourney to feel good about getting in?
He Once Was a Good Man was on this week! Thanks Saskatoon! Come hangout at with us on Saturday night
Mount could you plz just add our snow days to the end of the year instead of a Saturday and Good Friday
This year's Hill Summer festival date in your diaries - Saturday July 5th. Its going to be a good one.. Plse …
© friday was the & we still made the best of saturday even doe minors. ur a good friend & are always pleasing ppl 🍻😄
Whos good at turkey callin and wants to go saturday?
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Good question MT will you show the fight Saturday?
Mike's will have Karaoke Friday night 8-12 and Southern Smoke Band Saturday at 9:30!! Come out for some drinks and a good time!
Me and Kirby are getting a house in Banbury on Saturday, good luck to anyone who lives there xxx
Good Luck 2 WHSBaseball Alum Nick Ricciardi as he begins his collegiate baseball career Saturday 4 the Bluejays
Birthday shoutout to El chalan have a good one wey aver si Nos echamos unas platinums El Saturday lol
ah good auld politician😉 see you on Saturday night for the boxing with
good! Im glad to hear that :) oh god same you should come to Bangor on Saturday!xo
Gotta wash my shirts out and I'll be good for Saturday
Really looking forward to Saturday, going out with those girls is a guaranteed good night 😊🍹
This Saturday IRON Armoury Breakfast . Includes a good fry up, so come and be filled in more ways than o…
Excited for Saturday! Hope your gona play some bangers so I can get a good old *** on!
All good have two more days at the gym to look flawless in that dress on Saturday 😍😍
ughhh! Well good luck on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you guys and thanking god for the SAT lol
Ive been up since 2pm yesterday, and I have at 9. My chance of having a good Saturday is zero.
Good morning peeps, hopefully you all survived your Friday! Time to up the steaks and make Saturday even crazier!
This Saturday I will be hosting along side my good friend at for Richie's…
Me rocking the decks in from Saturday night. Such a good crowd. They were proper up for it! ;)
ahh have a good one mate, probably gonna be about on Saturday !
Good morning. Im like a kid. Geeked up and awake on her bday at 8 am on a Saturday lol Im alive to see 24!
18 on Friday, birthday party on the Saturday and then the following weekend skeggy with my girl should be good!
I feel like and I will have a good time saturday
aye your right a Saturday is the only good day cause you get to live like a millionaire abd spend all yir money, well a do 😂
hey Judith :) hows u? Hittin toon next month and were tryin to sort vip and that where's good on a saturday night xo
We've always played on Saturday afternoons since that used to be good for everyone.
hey :) did you have a good night on Saturday?
Unsure as to why Andy thinks its a good idea to wake me up at 8:22 on a Saturday morning
Saturday morning kitchen and food and drink are bloody good on saturday morning. Theyve got the nerve to play jay-z big pimpin.
London on friday going all out then saturday my bday family thing, Should be a good weekend Kent
From - On the first Saturday of each month, the Los Alamitos/Rossmoor Library hosts “Read to a Dog.”... http:…
its always a good day when its a Saturday
domain names
Yea Saturday night sounds good to me.
Good luck to all the finalists in the Colorado State Spelling Bee this Saturday at the
Saturday night is almost sold out!!! Get your Friday night and Saturday matinee tickets for a good view ;)
Okay, due to the fact that I'm seeing no change in the weather, I have decided to change the meeting. Please give me a good Saturday that you will be available to attend and I will try to accommodate. But I can't drive in this and you guys are not able to get around. I will try for two weeks later. I have already paid, just need to set another date.
In ready for some good Saturday yard saling
Good Saturday morning, players! I think you'll have no trouble with this week's clues, so the judges are going to be quite hard-nosed this week. (As opposed to most weeks when they're so easy-going, right?) Correct answers will be in the form of a charting single. And the clues are: Pink Cadillac/Bruce Springsteen; Mustang Sally/Wilson Pickett; Little Red Corvette/Prince. On your marks, get set, go!
Good Saturday morning to all. The sun is shining, there's a little warmth in the air, and things are looking brighter. Here's today's quote to help you along -- "There's always going to be someone out there... who doesn't believe in you or who thinks your head is too big or you're not smart enough. But those are the people you need to ignore, and those are the times you need to just keep doing what you love doing." Jimmy Fallon, soon to be host of the Tonight Show.
Good Saturday morning everyone. Not much to say about the weather today ...its 8 degrees out right now and going up to 20 degrees with snow later...what else is new :) Watched the opening ceremonies from the Olympics last night and have to say that to me they were pretty impressive and at least I can relate to one of the two co-lighters of the Olympic flame because he is one of Russia's greatest hockey goalies :) Have a great day and to all of you still under the weather...GET WELL SOON!
Good Saturday night :) awesome company, nice hookah lounge and great sushi. 👌
Good Saturday to you all and Welcome to the New People joining us!! You guys are the BEST! Two more days and I will be sitting in the audience of Monday Night Raw!!! I am just so excited!!! Have to go Monday morning and get the sim card for my camera so I can get lots of pic's to show everyone! I am really looking forward to the cage match especially! That is going to be AWESOME!!! Well, not much going on today but I will be looking for news and pics to bring to you all. Have a great day!!! cw
Good Saturday morning from Jennette's Pier. Feeling and looking a lot like Spring this morning, 58 with a gusty South wind, & a building South swell. I actually saw a little lightning in thunderheads out over the Gulf Stream. Amazed at the weather swings this week, just 3 days ago it was 16 with a below zero wind chilsl at sunrise, and now I'm out shooting in shorts! A big reason why I love this special place so much! Have a great day everyone!
Good Saturday morning. I had a lovely night last night with my mom, Patricia Conroy and Beverley Mahood. We all met up downtown Nashville for dinner and then my mom and I went to see the new Tom Hanks movie, "Saving Mr. Banks". What a great movie. What are you up to this weekend?
Good Saturday morning... The last three weeks since my completion of my 12 week Bod-e challenge has been incredible... My journey is in full action mode and instead of my main focus being on losing weight, it's more about developing my body through weight training... Now as far as my eating and nutrition, there is not one thing I'll be doing differently... I follow the Chris and Heidi Powell Bod-e App, and I get all the nutrition I need through healthy meals with the continued consumption of my Bod-e Shake in the morning and my Bod-e burn in the afternoon... (you have no idea how nice it is not having to worry about buying 5-6 different bottles of vitamins) Since completing my program, I've actually not lost any scale weight, however my clothes are continuing to get even more baggy due to the fact that I'm totally focusing on a more complete training program... the fact is that muscle weighs more than fat.. and when you build muscle, you burn fat... I have to admit, it's been a little weird not watching . ...
What is my motivation to train today? Feeeling Awesome! Breakfast in and ready to hop on my trainer! Good Saturday morning Triathlon World and Nike Fuel Band Community! It's time to move!
Good Saturday morning! Another cold start, in the 20s, but warming up nicely this afternoon to perhaps 50, with mostly sunny skies. Enjoy it, tomorrow looks like a rainy one- Have holiday guests? Stop in today for a bunch of sandwiches wraps or hoagies, they'll thank you! Fb friends, buy one, get a second half off- Hope to see you today- a nice day to stroll State Street!
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Good Saturday morning! She rises sleepily as he wakes with a wide eyed wonder and the vim and vigor of a wind up toy! Both however never fail to begin the day without greeting me with a smile in their tail and a sloppy wet good morning mom kiss! Each, in their own special way, never fail to let me know the excitement and joy they feel in welcoming each new day, and I am so blessed they invite me to share in the wonderment of their world. They are my dogs and I love them. ♥ tw, LNPB
Sisters, the weather is getting bad. Who wants to make the call as to whether we go to the play tonight? From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - Good Saturday morning! Well, the winter storm that we have been talking about all here this morning! A mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow is falling over the southwest TX Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico and is moving northeast into colder, sub-freezing air. This "wintry mix" will changeover to all snow and will accumulate to depths of 1-3 inches for parts of Eastern NM and the western Panhandles, 2-4" for Amarillo, Canyon and the central TX Panhandle and 3-6" for the eastern and northeastern TX and Beaver Co., OK! There already has been a good amount of icing in the SE TX Panhandle and more freezing rain and ice is expected there today. Bottom line? Travel conditions are bad...and will get worse throughout the day! Don't travel unless necessary!
Watching Just got back from a run through topanga canyon. Good Saturday
My dad and I saw "Catching Fire" tonight. It was awesome! He thought it was okay, I told him there's gonna be a third and he said that he doesn't want to see that one. I kinda liked it better than the first. I think Josh Hutcherson is kinda cute! Good Saturday night for us.
Penn state wins and bama loses. Good Saturday for football. And the fact that Ohio State most likely won't make the bcs champ game is all the more evidence they need the playoff system.
Just had lunch at Del Frisco Grill, sorry y'all it was a huge disappointment, so bad they comped out drinks and meal. I know they will work the kinks out. Downtown is amazing! And about to watch Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn!! Good Saturday..
Good Saturday morning! Tune in as Meteorologist Sarah Jones gives her final forecast for KY3. :( Sad day. Also, a cool Christmas project that you can do yourself! It's super cute!! See ya now... from 7 to 8am!
Good Saturday morning. Awaiting another Comcast tech to finish fixing phone wires, Then dinner with out of town...
Good Saturday morning folks! Here is another great article about the upcoming mini-series "Civil War: the Untold...
Good Saturday morning! We hope you'll join us today. We're talking about the red state blue state divide and medicaid expansion. Also, will the story of George W. Bush's rise to the presidency repeat itself? And our friend Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC has been taking her appearance on Up Against the Clock this morning very seriously -- as she and all contestants should!. She's been training Rocky Balboa style. We'll get a glimpse of that and we'll find out whether her dedication pays off!
Good Saturday morning! The one month report card on the ObamaCare website. Is it too soon to diagnose long term? We’ll discuss that with our panel. We're also learning a whole lot more about what happened behind the scenes during the last presidential election... some new juicy details from the new Game Change for 2012. One potential contender in 2016 is in a bit of hot water this week for plagiarism... a story broken by our friend The Rachel Maddow Show. What exactly did Rand Paul say, where was it said before?? And today on "Up Against the Clock"... we inaugurate the Legends Division...our first-ever all Congressional slate of contestants! Stick around for that...
Good Saturday "Show Some Love" today. Check out Oak Court Chocolate & The Chocolate and Shopping Show today. I will be the volunteer discussing Legislative Issues related to H.R. 1666 Patient Centered Quality Care For Life Act and S. 641 and H.R. 1339 Palliative Care and Hospice Education And Training Act. Come by to see Wy Woods Harris! Thanks Lisa Cain for the opportunity.
I just learned that Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen are sisters.meanwhile, Chinese food and Grey's Anatomy. Good Saturday.
Good Saturday morning to Jennifer, and thank you for joining us. Today, Tulare County HHSA's Department of Mental...
Good Saturday morning. We're waking up to a winter weather advisory in parts of the area for snow! Details:
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Good Saturday morning everyone . our last day in the 70s, go get out and enjoy it. Tiger time tonight .. game one at Fenway Park. Anibal Sanchez pitches for our boys in the best of 7 series ... 8 tonight on FOX. Go Tigers. October 12th was an interesting day in history. 1492, Christopher Columbus and a crew of 90, in 3 ships, landed in the Bahamas. In 1950, George Burns and Gracie Allen made their TV debut (funny people) . 1971 was the year the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" opened on Broadway . 1901 was the year Teddy Roosevelt re-named the Executive Mansion the White House ...Alcatraz became a federal prison in 1933 ... and Happy Birthdays to a couple of local stations ... WJRT, ABC12 in Flint, first broadcast in 1958 ... and WUCM TV, channel 19, PBS, at Delta College began broadcasting in 1964. Other birthdays today to Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) in 1935, Rick Parfitt, guitarist for Status Quo in 1948 ... Susan Anton in 1952, and the late Melvin Franklin (the deep voice of the Temptations) in 194 ...
Good Saturday morning! Just watched the newest episode of 'Parenthood' such a great show starring Craig T. Nelson (remember Coach). All 3 seasons are on Comcast ...Any show that can make you laugh and cry every episode is a show worth watching. OK and now I am off to my sewing room working on a baby quilt for little Joey!
Boise state and Ohio State win, Notre Dame loses. And some grad work done. Good Saturday for me.
Good Saturday night out to eat at smokey bones
Good Saturday morning. Got to sleep in which was great! Now time for house cleaning then kid rock tonight with my mom for her 50th birthday present!
Good Saturday morning all !! As predicted, it cooled off just in time for the weekend. Football weather ... small chance of frost tonight, but better chance tomorrow night for us north of I-69. How bout those Tigers and Max finally getting his 20th win? Tonight could be tough, Chicago's ace is pitching against us tonight. Magic number 3. Let's check out college lineup today and see how your team may fare. MSU 5 point underdogs against Notre Dame ... Michigan 20 point favorites over UConn, and CMU 11 point underdogs against Toledo. Lions nearly even with Washington tomorrow? I'll take that one. What happened today way back when? in 1897, the New York Sun published "Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus" .. 1953 gave us Perry Mason, 1970 saw the debut of Monday Night Football, and 3 years ago, severe storms ripped thru the Tri-Cites, Flint and Thumb doing a lotta damage. Birthdays today include Dickie Lee (patches) in 41, Don Felder of the Eagles in 47, and spooky guy Stephen King in 47. Rock and Ro ...
Good Saturday morning fb family & friends. Praying that all has God's favor as we enjoy another blessed weekend. I'm receiving this prayer for me and my house as well as for all that take a moment to read this. In the powerful name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!!!
Good Saturday today. Both Baylor and Western Kentucky University won their football games! My alma maters rock!
Learning where the new Hanover county court house is. Good Saturday morning.
Good Saturday morning Brevard County! Well if you're looking for something to do all you've got to do is take a...
Amazing few hours Britain today and equally great couple of hours on the Silver Jubilee bench. Good Saturday :-)
Good Saturday morning!. We are in for a beautiful start to the weekend! Today skies will be mostly sunny with...
Good Saturday bout to record got the crew live these the moments to capture...
It has rained so much the sidewalk leading up to the Penthouse is soggy. Good Saturday evening, my wonderful friends and family. I believe the bulk of the rain has moved on. Ready for some sun to dry things out. Now nestled in the Patriot Penthouse, my work at the House of Herschel finished for the week, I can begin to enjoy a well deserved weekend. It certainly has been an interesting two weeks. Parts of it leave me scratching my head. But Big Daddy is going to go with the flow and keep living on the edge. You say, But aren't you a little old to be living like that? I reply, I'm too old not to! Blew my chance at the cozy, white picket fence, Ward and June Cleaver family thing. Might as well see how many government agencies I can offend.
Ate Chinese and played tony hawk..Good Saturday night in.
Good Saturday morning. .. Hope everyone has a great day !. let's get physical
Good Saturday morning! We will have a public hatchling release at 6:30 am, Cameron County Access 1/2 a mile North of Sea Turtle, Inc. on the Gulf side, the East side. Hope you're there!!
Good Saturday to you. Yes, I'm at work, but the wonders of technology mean I can share this article, in which I…
Good Saturday morning! Here's a few events you can enjoy around the New River Valley: The 18th Annual New River Valley Garden Tour is today from 9-5 pm and you can still purchase tickets for the self-driven tour at any of the gardens along the tour. Enjoy eight innovative and beautiful private gardens throughout Blacksburg and Christiansburg with some stops including music and more. For more information, visit: Morrissette hosts the 2013 Rhythm and Vine Festival from 11-5 pm at the Nancy Morrisette Field in Floyd. Enjoy artists, artisans, food vendors and live music from two bands. Nine Virginia wineries will be on hand for tastings. Admission includes music, wine glass and tastings. - to learn how to sail? Claytor Lake State Park offers a free Sailing 101 class today starting at noon, weather permitting. Call the Park Office to reserve your spot in this program you can learn the basics of sail boat handling, terminology, and on-the-water training in this unique 2 hour program. - Daily Bread hosts Summer ...
Had a buffalo chicken pizza drank a smirnoff and watching Attack on Titan while the wife plays her game. Good Saturday.
Good Saturday morning to everyone. Ok so today is the Beach Blast Vendor and Craft Show. This one is iat 572 Nichols Street in Norwood at the Knights of Columbus from 10:00-3:00. Come on out and check out this book plus many many more. Plus take a look at all the other vendors and what treasures they have to sell. It will be a great day.
Good Saturday morning! We have several breaking news stories we're following from overnight: A 2-year-old girl died in what deputies are calling an accidental drowning at Sugden Park last night, Lee County Deputies are investigating a 7-11 robbery in Estero and a car that crashed into a Lehigh Acres home. Hope you're tuning in with us this morning.
Went to Springfield on Dickson Street today. Got a good nap in. Just finished the dreaded Wamart trip. Time to grill and chill. Good Saturday.
Everyone is talking about the electricity gone but here at our place the power never went off so I'm like " *** happened?" Got the laptop, Xbox, AC, internet running 😎Good Saturday so far ... Hope the sun comes out!
Good Saturday afternoon! What are you reading if you are not the Saturday librarian?
Good Saturday morning: Wedding Singer in West Boca tonight, but this is more important: Subject: The Future of the West: This will give you cold chills. PLEASE read it all. NOTE: Geert Wilders is a Dutch Member of Parliament. In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: who lost Europe? Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom, the Netherlands , at the Four Seasons, New York , introducing an Alliance of Patriots and announcing the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem . Dear friends, Thank you very much for inviting me. I come to America with a mission. All is not well in the old world. There is a tremendous danger looming, and it is very difficult to be optimistic. We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe. This not only is a clear and present danger to the future of Europe itself, it is a threat to America and the sheer survival of the West. The United States as the last bastion of Western civilization, facing an Islamic Europe. First I will describe the sit ...
Good Saturday morning!. Rivers Casino in Des Plaines abruptly shuts down & everyone inside is kicked out, some...
America...Good Saturday morning...June 22nd, 2013...The great summer weather continues in the NE...Sunny with high temps in the mid to high 80s...I'm sure you all by now have heard the fate of celebrity super chef Ms. Paula Deen...By not renewing her contract, The Food Network has in effect fired her for using the "N" word...Now because of what came out of her will be extremely difficult for her to get work in a public forum again...Maybe...I remember Don Imus called the Rutgers women basketball players "nappy headed *** s" and after a public apology and a brief respite...He is now working again...But this is a bit different...I always felt Ms Deen was racist...Being a black man who grew up in the fifties and sixties...I think that a sort of sixth sense develops and one can sense racism a mile away...but she is probably just a product of her environment...Not that I'm giving her a pass of any kind...But I get it...Should she be fired...Yeah...I think so...Food Network has a squeaky clean image ...
Good Saturday morning. Today is a great day for a field trip! Take a nice drive out to Greenfield (15 West Main Street, Greenfield, be exact) and see what we've been up to. The S'mores and chocolate covered marshmallows are a hit--almost out of these delightful puffs. Oh, and we have our new PB marshmallow patties MMM. Or try one of our new Strawberry PB&J bars. These squares of decadence are a must if you like PB&J. We do have other delicious candy not just PB and marshmallow, I am just giving a nod to our younger customers and our young at heart!! Come visit we are open 9-5 today.
Good Saturday morning June 22 dear family of fans, We had another fantastic day yesterday, watching the many links to JA and her fashionable court appearance. I am still impressed with the SWAT TEAM accompanying her. The female Deputy even had gloves on. Not taking any chances with direct contact. According to the Sheriff's Department she has a new TITLE! "CONVICTED, VIOLENT, MURDERER" This SWAT Team will accompany her on all her trips between Jail and the Courthouse and within the courthouse. I am so eager to see her again on July 20th!! Do you think her sock color will change? We had fun listening to the many links, and astounding sound of her shackles, clanking away. Having attended the trial there last month, I can imagine how the sound of the shackles must have echoed through the room. When first seated in the courtroom, before court is in session, you can hear a pin drop. In some of the videos you can see her turn around and smiling! How dare she!! It was reported that she was smiling at a ...
Good Saturday morning to all. This is Pearson at this rather unusual hour. Hope you are all well and geared up for the weekend.
Good Saturday afternoon friends. And a spectacular day it is. This is not a weather briefing but just something I need to get off of my chest. And this does NOT pertain to 98% percent of you, just the 2% of the jackwagons who consistently look for holding the meteorologist accountable once again. On Thursday we had the threat for a very serious outbreak of severe weather. The original thinking from most was that Thur Morning would be the first wave of less significant weather and then the afternoon would bring the best threat for the volatile weather. Well for people north of Balt/Wash, it didn't happen that way. The severe weather came in the morning and that sort of defused the afternoon threat for Philly on north. That very night there were a few * out there who once again felt that the weather guy should be hung, fired, executed, saying things that someone needs to be held accountable.etc. If I remember correctly, no one in our immediate area perished from Thursday's storms. That's a good ...
Good Saturday to you!!! I'd love to know more about YOU!! Will you introduce yourself and tell me where you listen, who is in your family, hobbies, what kind of work you do, etc.
Good Saturday morning! A lot of racing at Michigan today- Catch a couple of Sprint Cup practices on SPEED and the Nationwide Race on ABC @ 2:00!
Good Saturday so far :-) morning cartoons in tv... Justice lantern...the batman and superman (90s cartoon) :-) now: x-men :-)
Great night "Mule-tizing" the crowd With Mark "Muleman" Massey last night at Underground 119 in Jackson, MS!! Ready to do it again today with the (901) Blues Band @ Bumpus Harley Davidson, Whitten Rd., Memphis, TN starting @ 3 pm! Come check out the grub, blues and Harleys!! Fun afternoon! Gonna be especially boy (Drew), his bride, and two of MY grandsons will be in attendance today! Can't wait to see them! Good Saturday to you!!
Good Saturday morning, everyone! Thanking God for all his blessings! Let's me this, a great one! Enjoy, be safe! Oh, I'll be out and about later, delivering, selling, and collecting money for the red raider t-shirts. Let me know if & where we could meet.
Good Saturday morning June 8 dear family of fans, Yesterday was an unsettling day for me. How I wish there was only one trial to follow, rather than two. It was not easy trying to follow both the George Zimmerman and Brett Seacat trials. There were many last minute issues to be heard in the Zimmerman hearing. Judge Nelson did rule that Zimmerman's 6 p.m. curfew could be extended until 10 p.m. at the end of Friday's hearing, but said he is still not allowed to travel out of Seminole County except to his attorney's office. The state had objected to the motion, given prior issues with bond. I did not like listening to Seacat testify and not being able to see him. I wanted to see his facial expressions. We looked at him at the defense table for so long. Not being on camera while testifying makes no sense to me. All I can think of is that he does not want Janine Driver "The human lie detector" ( Per Dr Drew) to read his body language. Does he not realize the only ones that matter are the jurors, who are loo .. ...
Good Saturday, spent half the day in the pool and sold my bike. Now off to my muay thai class
Good Saturday morning everybody! Coffee time for me. Was nice to sleep past five am!
Good Saturday morning to you, Wild Women! The Pacific Coast Mountain Range on the west coast of British...
Good Saturday to you! This calls for flip-flops... it's gonna be a great day :)
Good Saturday morning, we actually had sunshine yesterday and fingers crossed we might get some today as well. Still working on little girls cards though in true flutterby fashion had to have a little play with wire last night!!! Off out tonight so must find time to titivate myself!!! Have a smashing Saturday what are you doing today.
Good Saturday morning everyone. As I look out my east facing window where the elm tree branches filter my view I see blue skies and sunshine. I also see the elm leaves swaying in the breeze. Since I was outside earlier this morning I know it's not warm yet by any means and the breeze is chilling. Our late spring continues to hang on to winter reluctant to put it to bed for the year. Of course, Anna, the lover of warmth, is not too keen on staying outside very long yet. Without a fire in the woodstove now she spends her inside time either snuggled under our duvet cover, or curled up in a ball on the back of the couch nestled into the wool couch protector blanket. Frank, also, loves to be warm AND he adores Anna so he has taken to sleeping partially on top of her wherever she hunkers down. On the other hand, the big dogs, Marley, the Lab mix, and our guest Great Pyrennes, Heidi, love to be out laying on their beds outside on the deck in the sun or on the lawn. As I mentioned above, Frank is smitten w ...
Good Saturday night church session now finishing up my Mother's Day gift for a special lady!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Good Saturday family. Today is a special day. My Daughter BreeAnn Michelle Hammond will marry a really good young man. The great thing is I really love this guy and truly believe in his potential. I can't believe that I saw her come into this world 25 years ago and now I'm walking her down the isle. Father I pray the both of them do better, be stronger and go further then I did. Help them learn from my failures and successes. In Jesus name. Amen(100) Love you family f.
Dear Friends, Good Saturday morning.  The newest news from Robin and Linda is we'll be on "A Prairie Home Companion" today, May 4.  As usual it'll be live on your local National Public Radio station at 6:00 pm and re-broadcast by most stations on Sunday.  The show, from Norfolk, VA this weekend, is jam packed with artists:  Rob Fisher, The DiGiallonardo Sisters, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Howard Levy, Joe Newberry, U.S. Fleet Forces Band, and us -plus all the regulars.  It'll be fun.  Tune us in. Last week we got together with our friend John Jennings and recorded "The L and N Don't Stop Here Anymore" for a double CD compilation of Jean Ritchie songs.  We're joining other artists such as Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Kathy Mattea, Janis Ian, John McCutcheon, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer and many others in a musical tribute to this iconic musician and songwriter.  We had a great time recording with JJ who was good to contribute his skill and expertise to this project.  The CD will be released in th ...
Good Saturday morning. Meet me at the pitkin tonight at Mizner park cultural center. Enjoy the weekend with your...
Good Saturday morning with beautiful Arizona weather and a sky full of hot air balloons.
Watching Kung Fu Panda with the boy and mini dachshund while the teriyaki chicken slow cooks. Good Saturday.
Asian Grill take out and Pitch Perfect with my Number 1. Good Saturday.
Good Saturday morning Brevard County! Well it's going to be a very busy weekend on the Space Coast and all you...
Good Saturday morning. advance movie screening, Boating Beach Bash, taking Moxie and Guru to the Juno Dog Beach...
Highly recommend a midsummer nights dream at the Bristol old vic. Good Saturday night!
Good Saturday one and all! We go live Monday officially and we want and need a bigger audience. us!
Good Saturday morning! I think it's gonna be another beautiful day outside. It is a miracle that I was able to get out of bed this morning , b4 7am at that, after yesterday, LOL. But the good news is all I have to do today, is just be here. Of course, lots that needs to be done, but who cares right cause I know it will still be there tomorrow! Days like this, I wish I had a magic wand or a fairy Godmother, lol. Please don't forget to pray for someone today! And give a smile to someone who needs it more than you do...Hope everyone has a great weekend! Life is not always beautiful but, it's a beautiful ride! Much love and God bless :-)
Good Saturday morning! Just a reminder that we will be at Earth Fare in Charleston tomorrow from 12 - 4 for an info session.
Good Saturday morning its going to be a great day. Looking forward to spending time with my children LaThanya R. Stokes Sam Small Toni-Ann Shaneicka Grant and Adrian hope y'all ready for some Momma time. Loving my children
Good Saturday morning all!! I will be headed to the Spanish Fort Ball park if anyone wants to purchase a 3 day trial of Plexus Slim/Accelerator for $10. After that, I will be at home cleaning till this afternoon! Call me or message me if interested!! :)
Good Saturday morning! Time to get ready for a great weekend. Join us at 8:00 a.m. on 41 Action News for the news and weather to get your day started.
Good Saturday! Sorry I missed you yesterday. Early appts with the ‘government’ for my Mom. It turned out to be a great visit with a social worker I have known for quite some time. Little did I know that that experience would reflect today’s scripture. While I was originally frustrated with the lack of effort to solve Mom’s problem, I decided to use my skills learned in business conflicts and approached the day with confidence and concern for this worker with piles of files on her desk. Within minutes we were laughing and crying over our plights for the last few months. She had lost her Mom to altzheimer’s, shared a trip with her Dad and sisters to Colorado and talked about photography. Everything was solved quickly, but a new friendship was formed. WOW! Love one another, can you imagine just an outcome? Life lessons are the best. I have to remember to always be open and aware of God’s plan and love on this journey we call life. I would have missed this opportunity to share with a very nice per ...
Good Saturday morning to you all! I am working on setting up my new iPad and getting all the apps set up for my trip next month. News coming soon on the travel blog info...
Good Saturday morning!! It will be Another Long Saturday~~ but that is my busy Pampered Chef World!!! Love what this business does for my family! Off to Beistle for a Vendor/Craft show and then out to "Pamper" some hosts with a Family Style Taco and Upside Down Cherry Cheesecakes! Many blessings to you all today!!!
Best wishes to a couple on their way to Pagosa Springs, a young Spanish teacher on her way to Italy, and a friend and coach hoping he and his make D.C., and to the kids who hopefully will one day understand what they have to achieve to get to those places, and it takes a certain resolve, something we were all left with, taught and teaching our own. Good Saturday coming. Time for round two of coffee at 5:30am. Bring this baby on. It's spring break, raining, but that's why we make tents. Contingencies. Think that works.
Good Saturday evening with Clark Robinson Jr., Jacqueline Robinson, and uncle john plus Karen and Scott :) good food good company.
Good Saturday and a good one it was. Here's what you can expect for this cold night. Clouds will continue be in our skies through tonight. Overnight lows will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s across the mainland. The beaches will be in the low to mid 30s. Coming up on WCTI NewsChannel 12. We're looking at how cold and who will be seeing the 20s. I am also tracking the storm that will be impacting ENC midweek. Plus Jon Erickson and Kelley have the latest in local news.
Good Saturday to you. Well the sequester has begun. I know enough about it to be dangerous, so I'll watch and listen. Actually, I'll probably just go fishing and not worry about it. The President says the Republicans are to blame. He better hope so because he's gonna have *** to pay when people find out what's really in the Affordable Health Care Act. The Republicans, meanwhile, would do well to listen to Former Senator Alan Simpson, whose advice is always pretty good. Next up, the continuing resolution on March 27th. By the way, two weeks ago on Sunday, we had the Exchange Street Church of Christ pastor preach at the 10:50 Service at First United Methodist Church in Union City. So take a lesson Republicans and Democrats...All things are possible. Then there's this business of the Post Office shredding children's books from the imagination library that are undeliverable. Up to now in Paris, the PI newspaper has picked them up and tried to get them delivered. Now the USPS says it's got ...
This morning a sports physiology major from our ward put Sarah and I through a work out. Final result: I crashed, turned green, and had people trying to feed me *** and fruit juice. Sarah on the other hand, being in much better shape then I am, had this really strong urge to go and "blow her nose." So, we had a really good work out, Sarah threw up and I got a free juice box. Good Saturday!
Good Saturday morning to you all .. thought I would wake up sore as *** from tossing those post hole diggers around while I planted 4 trees yesterday .. nope .. guess that total gym stuff i've been doing has paid off ... i was so muscle fatigued that i could barely even drag the *** things back to the back yard yesterday evening ... slept like a baby tho from all that hard work .. only have 5 more to plant today :-) ... but only know where I want to put 2 of them .. hm .. can you leave apricot and fig trees potted? I will have to look that up because i'm not sure where i want them yet
Good Saturday morning to all. Tea in hand, check. Air drumming to some kick *** music. Bob Evan's big breakfast very soon. Spring cleaning in order for today and thinking about going to the new Billies' tonight.
~Good Saturday morning from cool, brisk, & chilly Daytona Fl. Right off the bat, so that I don't forget, Court Yard Fellowship & Bible Study has been cancelled for today so we will NOT be meeting today at Gifts for The Spirit, (who BTW is having a book signing / author meet & greet today) so stop on by and check it all out, should be lots of people there today! ~Let's see, wow, so much to say / post this AM. Tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM at Church In The Garden, I'll be speaking / sharing a message, and my lovely bride Jeannie Bacon will be leading worship, there should be plenty of seating available tomorrow as most of our group are out of town this weekend. ~I've posted many different things this morning, of both cats and inspirations, even one that had both! Please note that I didn't post just random cat pic's, but cat's in need of adoption / forever homes. Also, I've not posted just Florida today but a NY / NJ situation as well, so all of you northern cat loving friends of mine please check it out & se ...
Good Saturday morning friends,we made it to the what are your plans for today?
Good Saturday morning! I have an important question for you this morning! Sock, Sock, Shoe, Shoe or Sock, Shoe, Sock, Shoe? Inquiring minds want to know! :D
Good Saturday morning! Started the day out finishing the kitchen, touch up painting and finishing the border that had to go on the wall behind the fridge ( I needed assistance for that one!) expecting visits from at least two of the grandkids today, I exacted a fee for entertaining them, although I would gladly do it for free, the fee?: Three blueberry and three whole wheat donuts from Schuler's Bakery! Those of you not from the Miami Valley have never, ever, tasted anything as good as a whole wheat donut from Schuler's. If you go to their FB page you can probably see a picture! Wayne is trying a new crockpot recipe today for BBQ chicken, will share it if it turns out well. They called yesterday to tell me that the potting shed will be delivered and constructed on Friday. I will be at the OCTEO conference in Columbus Wed-Friday so Wayne will have to supervise construction. We tromped around the yard yesterday trying to come up with a location close enough to but far enough from the house. Our house was .. ...
Good Saturday morning=off to watch the cub scouts race their little home made race cars. Cub scout Logan Bus (grandson) is geared up and ready to go.
Good Saturday morning friends! Coffee in hand, it's going to be a lovely day. Maybe a tad cold, but a beautiful day. What's going on at your stead today? Here in the trailer hood, it's business as usual, babying the seedlings, planting a few more seed. BTW... my squash, quinoa, and watermelon are breaking ground. Should I do my happy dance? Aww, too late, already did! in their pots.
Good Saturday morning Chattanooga and Dayton,Ohio!! Let's reflect on some things this morning.Perhaps even exciting new beginnings??:) Sometimes we all need to be shaken a bit to see what is right in front of us...With that said...Let's get started with a great song from Evanesence. This is.WAKE ME UP!
Don't miss services this weekend at Coram Deo Church. (10 @ Port Orchard, 11 @ Bremerton) We will be unveiling our plans for Good Saturday. You're gonna love this!
Good Saturday! Got a phone call this morning that my son, DIL and middle granddaughter Logan are on their way for a quick visit because I need Logan to try on some costumes. I haven't said anything before, but Logan is going to be the cover model on my next Dinah McCall book - book 2 in the Prophecy series...the one after WINDWALKER. For all who've read the book, you already know that the second book will be about the Windwalker's daughter, Tyhen. (that means Whirlwind in the Muscogee language) Tyhen is who brings peace between all the Native tribes and unites them in such a way that by the time the Europeans begin arriving on the shores of what becomes known as North America, the Indian Nation will stretch from coast to coast, from North America to South America, as strong and vital as any country in the world and their place in the universe will be forever changed. The book will be called THE DOVE...because Tyhen will be the peacemaker. It's so strange, I'd been wanting so much to find cover mode ...
Good Saturday morning... Heading in @ 10... Hit me with some requests.
Good Saturday morning LORD. Thank you. Thank you for the gift of this fresh, new day. Thank you for your love and grace. Thank you for my life. Thank you for being my rock, my firm foundation. You O Lord are my salvation and hope. Lord may we be more like the child that we are called to be, more receptive, more open, more dependent, and more aware of the meaning of gifts. May we be that difference in others lives today. May we bring a ray of light to those walking in darkness. Thank you Father. Amen.
Good Saturday morning folks. In case anyone cares I am posting my Oscar predictions. Really looking forward to Seth McFarlane hosting. So here goes. Best Picture - Argo, cause they screwed Affleck with no Director nod. Best Actor - Bradley Cooper I know I am the only person not going with Daniel Day Lewis but he already has 2 and I think that matters to the voters. Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence by a mile, Best Supporting Actress Anne Hathaway cause lets face it when you shave your head and sing an amazing song that is Oscar worthy. Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones. Best Director Steven Speilberg because Affleck got screwed,so Lincoln lost best pictue so what the *** Have a great day everyone.
Good Saturday all! Don't forget the Cherry Pie Radio Auction 9 to noon at the Adams Street community center.. Raising money for Brownwood area youth sports.. Come see us... Thanks to Coach Bob Shipley for donating a fantasy round of golf with he and one of his sons at the Hide Out Golf Club at feather bay.. Goes to the top bidder and 2 of their guests!
Good Saturday morning to everyone. Little cool out this morning, 30 degrees, a calm wind and mostly clear skies. Going to be a little warmer today than yesterday, upper 50's to lower 60's. Hope all of you enjoy your day and remember, lets be careful out there.
Good Saturday morning my FB family! I have my latte in hand and tooling around in the studio. Jim has a 3 day weekend so we may get a couple of projects done. I'm challenging him to a friendly treadmill competition. Could be fun!
Veruca Salt on vinyl and Jenga on the brink! Good Saturday
Good Saturday morning! I am looking over the latest weather data right now. Today will be seasonable with clouds and a high of 33 degrees, but the big story is early next week. All signs are pointing to a significant winter storm that could bring both freezing rain and heavy snow on Tuesday. Too early to know how much, but we will be getting a better idea of how this storm will shape up through the weekend. Meteorologist Ross Ellet
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