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Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam is a 1987 American war-comedy film set in Saigon during the Vietnam War, starring Robin Williams as a radio DJ on Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS), who proves hugely popular with the troops serving in South Vietnam, but infuriates his superiors with what they call his irreverent tendency. The film is written by Mitch Markowitz and directed by Barry Levinson, and is loosely based on the experiences of the AFRS radio DJ Adrian Cronauer.

Robin Williams Adrian Cronauer Dead Poets Society Good Will Hunting Mrs Doubtfire Patch Adams Bruno Kirby Full Metal Jacket Robert Wuhl Goodwill Hunting Vietnam War

Wonderful rendition mostly forgotten by America until the movie Good Morning Vietnam
Robin Williams on the set of 'Good Morning, Vietnam', 1987
Good morning from Vietnam. Is it right that " the Americans " = " American people ". I remember i…
Very good. - Drinking a Good Morning Vietnam by @ Wooden Robot Brewery —
Randomly decided to watch Good Morning, Vietnam today and, after a bit of a slow start, it sucked me in way more than I expected.
as a journalism major, i can attest that the only jokes we make are "good morning vietnam" and ANYTHING from anchorman
"Good morning, it's a beautiful day." Colonel Bill Reeder, USA(Ret) and former Vietnam POW…
Good morning all on . From 1962-1975, approx 61,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War (521 KIA/ c3…
Good morning, this ain't Vietnam still, . People lose hands, legs, arms for real
Robin Williams on the set of Good Morning Vietnam, 1987
Good Morning Vietnam... watch this video that Dr. Sergio Romero put together of his current trip to Vietnam.
Had to try pumpkin spice Good Morning Vietnam small batch. Threw in the Sweet Tater Pie (right) f…
Barry Levinson about Robin Williams:. “In ”Good Morning Vietnam,’ there is only about 12 minutes of his radio...
Good morning Vietnam and I think I just got kicked.
Yo GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!! Yeah, aight, Yo! Started off son, rollin with the Wu-Tang crushin' roulette, Slip up for the Method Man, M-E-T.
While PM is going to US I saw old guy leaving a Police station on scooter. His T-shirt read "Good morning Vietnam".
guess what they're playing in VIETNAM?! :) "good morning, vietnam"
Good Morning Vietnam! First stay in the spectacular property and I'm exploring like a kid. https…
They've done a great job balancing the flavors. Really intense for a lig... (Good Morning Vietnam)
Freddie is Bruno Kirby in "Good Morning Vietnam" (I'll let you all figure out what moment I'm thinking of.) -
Throwing my hat in the ring with Grosse Pointe Blank & bits of Good Morning Vietnam
I know someone who sees himself as Chris Pratt in Parks & Rec. In reality, he's more like Bruno Kirby in Good Morning Vietnam.
Well, good evening instead of morning but quite good! (@ Good Morning Vietnam in Wien)
Watched Good Morning Vietnam last night, still love that movie
If you haven't watched Good Morning Vietnam. Dear god do summat about it! Omg!! :)
early morning programming in Good Morning Vietnam's running thru my head: hello hello hello, this is your chaplain Captain Noel
I'd put "Good Morning, Vietnam" on my name tag if I worked there, lmao.
Good morning from the PBR Lagoon in the Vietnam Experience Exhibit. What a beautiful day!
Good morning Vietnam! OK I'm no Robin Williams so thats as good as it gets.
Good Morning Vietnam AC first broadcast via If only we had a real DJ like this today!!!
LUCIFER IS COMING and i hope that first words out of his mouth will be "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM"
Little Giant Ladders
"Remember, if it's being done correctly, here or abroad, it's ___not the U.S. Army doing it!". -- Good Morning VietNam
TIL Pat Sajak is a Vietnam War Veteran and was the host of "Good Morning Vietnam".
Just like Bruno Kirby in Good Morning Vietnam: "That's humor. I recognize that."
GOOD MORNING ALTRINCHAM (shouted in the style of Good Morning Vietnam!)
Today's read a novel of the WAR named "GARDENS OF STONES" let me start on it ye, hope this morning is good to everyone ye
Good morning! We're about to start the 2 days Offspring training for 14 Vietnam factories.…
Good Morning Hanoi : A Year on the Airwaves in the New Vietnam by Iain Finlay pb
what was that line in Good Morning Vietnam...Robin Williams.
Yes, but that is sci-fi. Not all of mainstream can grasp the awesome of Sci-Fi. Good morning, Vietnam? Pretty mainstream.
Good Morning Vietnam... Ooops I mean Good Morning Iran. Ooops I mean Good Morning Afghanistan. Well you know what...
Good Morning, Vietnam - Censorship - YouTube If becomes president he will censor independent media
Good morning Kou, good morning nepbot, good morning Krusty Krew, good morning heli, good morning Vietnam, good morning Gundam, good morning
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!! Yeah, You must be that it in spots like the Lexus and attract to Shaolin and nuff niggaz.
•Clears my throat and tries to do my best Lucifer voice,• GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!!
Just downloaded Good Morning Vietnam to watch on the flight because I was told if I watched Good Will Hunting I'd be an emotional wreck.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Was reminded of the prodigious talent of Robin Williams at weekend. Listened to Good Morning Vietnam OST about 5 times since. Still fresh.
The Vietnam movie run continues. Apocalypse Now last night, Good Morning Vietnam this afternoon. Hearts of Darkness after Bake Off
remember the weasel from Good Morning Vietnam who thought he was so much funnier than Robin Williams? That guy.
I just realized that Robert Wuhl and are like the only actors still alive from Good Morning Vietnam.
Good Morning . Did you ever see Good Morning Vietnam, it was great with Robin Williams. Great now I'm sad again
Good morning, got a lot of work to do man. Kena post brg customer, pack brg nk gerak vietnam esok 💫
Gluba liked my intro. He compared me to Robin Williams in Good Morning America. It was about Vietnam.
This is the new Airport terminal in Hanoi - very nice place! Good Morning Vietnam.
best RWill movie is Good Morning Vietnam. Side splitting funny, tear jerking tragic, Plus a great cast & soundtrack
Good morning Melbourne...home for the next 24 hrs. Next stop Vietnam
"good Dr brother turd" the new morning turd and turd wake up show. "Not good morning Vietnam" its good morning its turd
Good morning Vietnam never gets old
My fave picture of from He's yelling "Good morning Vietnam" by the way :)
Tengo ganas de ver good morning Vietnam.
Good Morning Vietnam. this lackadaisical description, obstructed viewful polluted fiction,. just evidently...
really made me do a scream contest with "good morning vietnam" against Thanks to both of you.
did the "Good morning, Vietnam" in competition to a Lucifer cosplayer
Good morning Vietnam competition with two lucifers.
Good Morning Vietnam, Saving Private Ryan, Big Chunk Of Forrest Gump, the one Bill Murray was in, there's a few actually
Good morning! . The heat is scorching in It was a 4-hr drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay. Then…
Good morning 5.25 am watching the sun rise over beach
I remember after Robin Williams died P came into the party and said the good morning Vietnam thing I wanted to kill him at the time
Persuaded myself that watching good morning Vietnam counts as history revision
again, I'll go back to the Good Morning Vietnam quote...
When I'm at a military installation, I think, "What does three up and three down mean?" "The end of an inning..." --Good Morning Vietnam
Rising star DPM Vu Duc Dam on Good Morning America to talk about world's largest cave in Son Doong
Paradise Alley will forever be my 4th favorite movie...after Rocky, Back to the Future and Good Morning Vietnam. I love you!
Getting scammed by a 5 year old Vietnamese girl - new post!
Good morning The battlefield awaits you. ;-) @ Jornal Regional
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! I'm back! Expect alot of video footage and pics this week!And find out more about our new cast! .
domain names
I liked a video from Good morning vietnam! (Vine)
Good Morning photo from my stay in *** Chi Minh City last week ✈️🌇
I liked a video from Car Backs Into Store | Good Morning Vietnam
everytime i see Mark Pellegrino i feel like yelling GOOD MORNING VIETNAM XD
If you've never seen Good Morning Vietnam you wont understand how this man commands more respect than Brendan Rodgers
so I'm just guessing but I'm going to say Jesse wants to say "Good morning Vietnam" LOL
Tomorrow at 1pm, we will be showing Good Morning, Vietnam! as part of our Spring Film Fest.
Listen to this! Brilliant! Good Morning Vietnam Revisited, from via
My mum just asked what film the phrase 'Good morning Vietnam' originated from. I told her it was Flubber.
"If I’d done that stuff I’d still be in federal prison even now": a radio doc revisits 'Good Morning, Vietnam'
The "O" in any time before 10 stands for "Oh my God it's early", as Mr. Williams said in Good Morning Vietnam.
good times! By the way, Tuesday morning, June 16,. of SBC, we are having a 50th Anniversary Tribute to all Vi…
I wanna watch good morning Vietnam but I don't wanna cry Bc Robin Williams
yey good stuff the character reminds me of the bar owner in Good Morning Vietnam best comedy on the telly looking forward to it
Even a Good Morning Vietnam reference can't wake me up.
Update your maps at Navteq
19 more days to catch 'Good Morning Vietnam Re-visited' - with Adrian Cronauer. Don't miss!
That moment when you realize a friend reminds you of one of the DJs in Good Morning Vietnam. One of the sidekicks. Robert Wuhl's, maybe.
Approx 6am to be exact... GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!!
Good morning Vietnam! In sunny Sleaford today 4 a EGA als how's your day looking?
'Good Morning Hertfordshire', not quite the same ring as 'Vietnam'!
OK. I did like Full Metal Jacket. My favorite war movie, after Good Morning Vietnam.
Good morning Vietnam! Beautiful night out there. All is quiet before the storm.
Good Morning Vietnam: a volunteer group of American medical professionals is there now, helping the helpless...
At -- Good morning Vietnam😊. Let's get it... NO EXCUSES... Let's make it happen! May this Tuesday be wonderful an…
good morning from vancouver bc canada ! Morning Vietnam and Miami!
Movie music and magic! Students analyze a scene from Good Morning, Vietnam and then create a scene of their own
Good morning Vietnam! A days annual leave today so a bit of cycling around the beautiful Holme valley
I'm watching Good Morning, Vietnam. I getting choked up watching Robin Williams
Good morning from Starting my day off with a bit of reading, ice coffee, and breakfast. 📖☕️🍴
Good Morning Vietnam is such a great movie😍🙌
Good morning Soon time to take a bus and start over about 15 hours drive from to 🙈
I think my mum will kill me one day because of my alarm sound. Hah bc my alarm screams through the whole home "Good morning, Vietnam!" Hah
Good morning Camp TRANSFORM. Vietnam! Here we go. This is the first day! Yeehaaa! Going to be…
just downloaded good morning Vietnam soundtrack - should be on the cloud if ya want ?
Good Morning, what a view. Ski time!!
For the music in this video, I have to quote "Good Morning Vietnam:" "That was about as fine a polka...: For t...
I'm gonna name my first kid Vietnam just so I can wake him up by saying good morning Vietnam
Who wants to watch Good Morning Vietnam with me?
does watching Good Morning, Vietnam count as partying
reminded me of the brilliance of Robin Williams' weather report in Good Morning Vietnam
Good morning VIETNAM!!!~ . rednecks in Houston. TX decided to spark up a Houston mosque... get me the fuk out of here!
At -- Good morning, Vietnam. Morning Hatha in the middle of rice fields overlooking a lake …
at KLIKradio Good Morning Vietnam AC first broadcast - - Tune in Now!
Went to Netflix to find a sappy Valentines movie so naturally started watching Good Morning, Vietnam 😅
Good Morning Vietnam (1987 R 121m) with Robin Williams at the Library, 7pm.
Officially one of my favorite movies: Good Morning Vietnam
Good morning Vietnam. Arrived in Hanoi on first leg of trip. Lovely people, mad drivers
Good morning Vietnam! Oh, I love the smell of coffee in the morning .. Smells like .. victory! >:D
RTmorning vietnam... Candy flipping and stone tripping... Ciao :)... . RT
Good morning vietnam... Candy flipping and stone tripping... Ciao :)
Watching Good Morning Vietnam right now, I know what you mean
Watching Good Morning Vietnam rather than anything involving the All Star game was definitely a good choice
YRFT CHRISTINE : SOLDIERS OF LOVE … I for one do not want to have any regrets. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! - Galactic Connection
Beautiful day in the Grimiest city in CeN CaL. Good morning Fresno, Vietnam!
That's a quote from the comedy/drama movie Good Morning, Vietnam starring Robin Williams!
"No matter what people tell you, words & ideas can change the world" TONIGHT
my favorites are Good Morning Vietnam, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, all the Expentables, Bunker Hill, all dat
It is a warm late spring day and I have climbed the highest mountain in my area of the North Country. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze that keeps those pesky black fly's at bay. I rest on an out cropping of stone and take in the pristine beauty of the surrounding area. An eagle Soars overhead stretching it's wings and glides on the currant of fresh mountain air. As I take a snack from my pack I notice different types of insects scouring around . I drop a piece of food on the rock and watch with amazement as ants appear, break up the crumbs and carry it away to there den. My mind races to a song sung by Louie Armstrong in the movie good morning Vietnam "What A wonderful World" Well my rest is over, but I will long remember this moment . Everyone have a great day be safe and warm. God Bless.
Good morning Vietnam now lets just all have a wonderful day
Good Morning Vietnam Well didn't get the axe yet, they say no more axing, ba ba but then again, a pair of lips to tell you anything
Movie number 3 this evening would be Good Morning Vietnam.
I love Good Morning Vietnam. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, such an amazing movie. So powerful and historical
Why did it take me so long to watch Good Morning Vietnam?! That was an incredible movie!
I wish somebody told me that Good Morning Vietnam was just Robin Willians ducking around
I wish it was on Netflix!! Decided to continue with Mr Williams with Good Morning Vietnam :) maybe The Birdcage next!!
Man, Good Morning Vietnam is a great movie
Good Morning, Vietnam is an amazing movie
watch. Robin Williams, "good morning Vietnam" that's a good comedy. the real thing was not so funny. now? not much different reality
I'm introducing my fiancé to the amazing film Good Morning Vietnam. That's right, has never seen it. It's a pre-req to marriage.
Good morning Vietnam . Vietnam: I have a boyfriend
watching Good Morning, Vietnam makes me miss Robin Williams even more
I'll say: "Good morning Americans & Vietnam." Public Works people are nice. I'll make a sign: returning in, donation/shop we forget time & $
is away from back in Vietnam, sharing good photos of his day that you can enjoy checking ove…
I forgot how hard Good Morning Vietnam punches with comedy and empathy.
Good morning Vietnam!!! (Every time I say that now I remember our Robin Williams is gone, wow). I wake every...
Good Morning, Vietnam: The light and the shade of Robin Williams.
Good morning vietcong and vietnam because that's just what it is here in these streets.
Busy day: History Girls discussing Maus at lunch, VI-1s starting Oxbridge prep at 4:20pm, VI-2s watching Good Morning Vietnam at 7:20pm
Robin Williams was so young and lovely and beautiful and fresh faced in Good Morning Vietnam it makes me so sad and so happy I can't do this
The screens Good Morning, Vietnam tonight as part of its series commemorating Robin Williams (€4)
made a deal with myself that if I do 2 hours of solid line learning I can watch Good Morning Vietnam and that will be my motivation
Made it all the way home and upstairs before my body initiated a total recall on all alcohol consumed last night. Good morning Vietnam.
Good Morning, Vietnam: A poignant and humorous look at occupied life. You could put any of the names of the co...
Please check this item out on my eBay store! . Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam DVD 2002 Was £8.99 NOW £7.99
The side guy in Good Morning Vietnam is the same side guy in 8 Mile
Good morning Vietnam!! hey on!! watching 9x11 the end is near... I love this tv show.
Friend just asked if I wanted to watch a civil war movie and then said "I have Good Morning Vietnam"
Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting. *** 70s-90s Robin Williams was great
Good morning Vietnam.Learning is not attained by chance.It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.Take care
Good morning this ain't Vietnam still
Watching Good Morning Vietnam. Definitely glad that Robin Williams left us with so much to laugh at.
"GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!. Burned 5 people with the same can of napalm."
columbo gets shown to his room by a young private,who later went on to be the sargeant in good morning Vietnam
[Here's the text of the piece in case you don't feel like clicking through.] I, and I imagine many Korean Americans, were offended when first hearing about the movie The Interview. A “buddy movie” that merely takes advantage of the average American’s lack of interest in Korea — by which I mean North and South — didn’t seem like a great idea. Given that we lost over 36,000 soldiers in the Korean War, and that there has never been a the sort of public soul-searching that we’ve had many times in films over the Vietnam War — think of Platoon, Born of the 4th of July, Full Metal Jacket, Good Morning Vietnam, etc. — I always thought we should move the other way: learn more about what created the present conditions, not turn what is a truly awful, desperate situation in the North into caricature. What was especially offensive, to me, was the poster for the movie in which the Korean written language, Hangul — something all Koreans take immense pride in, a symbol of their resistance to the Japa ...
Adrian Cronauer as portrayed by Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam." Cronauer was born in the burgh, attended Pitt, was drafted and ended up on Armed Services Radio in Saigon in the mid 60s. Credited with keeping troops entertained during his regular morning radio show, "Dawn Busters."
Rallying the troops in 1987's Good Morning Vietnam. RIP Robin Williams. Thanks so much for the laughs.
A piece from the film "Good Morning Vietnam" (1987). Adrian Cronauer's first broadcast, without the music. This is how I will always remember Robin Williams.
My mom sent me 2 videos of pigs making noises this morning from Vietnam as her good morning text 😅🐷
MusTrav: Hi5 your way to Endorfin GOOD MORNING VIETNAM: VIETNAM We have enjoyed Thailand but Vietnam is where...
Good morning to everyone. Have a terrific Friday! Lori. Photo of: Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Sunrise ~...
Asia, Vietnam, Red River Delta, Hanoi: Hi5 your way to Endorfin - GOOD MORNING VIETNAM
Good morning Vietnam! I'm bout to spit some rns real quick hol up
Good morning Vietnam😊. Complaining won't get it done. Follow your dreams! God Bless🙏!…
The scene where Cronauer talks to the boys in the trucks in Good Morning Vietnam gets me every time :(
Good Morning, Vietnam: The light and the shade.
I can really say Good Morning Vietnam!! at
Homeless Teacher in Sarasota. Day 5 - Video 1!. Good morning Vietnam!. Like our style of advocacy?...
Irene, good morning! I know u eat rice but I want to know from which farmers? Ghana or Vietnam? Join me eat Ghanaian rice,delicious
Martha & The Vandellas ~ 'Nowhere To Run' from the album Good Morning Vietnam [1965]
I don't think Good Morning Vietnam is that good. It's ok, but not as good as it's generally regarded.
AUCKLAND! wana come to the silo, playing good morning Vietnam? I'm good company.
- Good Morning Vietnam, The Genie from Aladdin - and no doubt the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in Nichol's Charlie Wilson's War.
Good morning, god bless you all. I can't wait to get to Vietnam with next week & see some fantastic new smiles created
How to look stupid in the train. Ask what is good morning Vietnam?
what if Good Morning Vietnam is the time Shawn from Good Will Hunting spent in Vietnam?
I was like Good Morning Vietnam and not like a real soldier. Mostly.
Good morning Vietnam! This view of the Saigon river from my room makes it a bit easier to be away from…
I could watch an emotional movie but hearing Robin Williams yell "Good morning Vietnam" calms me down so much more
I have to show Robin Williams some love and say Good Morning, Vietnam. Funny as all ***
good morning. Vietnamese eat Pho for breakfast!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Good Morning from Vietnam!. You are watching the pictures of Martin Yang - A Chinese-born Hong Kong-American chef...
Hm pregnant love looks interesting 😂. Juice booster to start the day. Good morning Vietnam! Oh I…
Good morning from Tam Giang lagoon. If you go in central Vietnam, between Hué and Da Nang, there some lagoons...
pretty extensive actually. He was in Good morning Vietnam and Let it Ride as well
Good morning Vietnam, home alone 2 and Love Actually all being shown this Dec
Good Morning Vietnam has to have THE best movie soundtrack ever
my alarm on cell wakes me up to Good Morning Vietnam. Every 30 minutes 3 alarms.
"A bright, crisp fall day rose over the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning as Army...
The Kings speech, pulp fiction, Good morning Vietnam... plenty of good ones
So the entire Munnabhai movie series has 'inspiration' from Patch Adams and Good Morning Vietnam
I think I first remember seeing him in "Good Morning Vietnam?"
alert: it's free movie Thursday at Bijou in San Antonio! Catch "Good Morning Vietnam" tonight at 7!
. Robin Williams, cracked me up loads in Good Morning Vietnam. And u know who else cracks me up even tho
remember when he used to be a Cleveland jr lookin nerd in good morning Vietnam? and the tough kid in fast times?
um... ever heard of Good Morning Vietnam? Robin Williams was totally a troop.
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Because nothing says "day off" like watching Good Morning, Vietnam all morning
We're watching good morning, Vietnam and I'm so sad
I think the news censors from Good Morning Vietnam have found work at
Good morning Vietnam😊. Keep your spirit high... Remember when things are bad they could be a lot…
Good morning, this ain't Vietnam still.
Good morning Vietnam... Here comes the sun!
Good Morning Vietnam. 1988. Probably one of the first soundtracks (that didn't involve Muppets or…
well, special, good.morning vietnam. Guess we're gonna hear this on radio.
Good Morning Vietnam is amazing. Robin Williams you comedic genius.
Day 15 - Good Morning Vietnam. After a late night arrival today sees us wake in *** Chi Minh to the sounds of motorbikes and constant traffic. A look out the window reveals the blanket of smog and haze the sits over the city due to all traffic congestion. The smog haze is also a problem on Hanoi. I have never seen a city with such a large urban sprawl as *** Chi Minh it spreads far and wide and as far as you can see when you fly in. This is a unscheduled stopover. We decided to pull out of Phu Quoc a day earlier than planned due to the fact that we had a flight connection with a carrier that is known for its flight delays. We are heading to Krabi in Thailand via Bangkok this afternoon and we didn't want to run the risk with the flow on effect over the 3 flights. So after a spot of breakfast we will head into *** Chi Minh city to visit Ben Thanh markets always a must do when in *** Chi Minh.
I've been on a movie binge for days now since I watched Good Morning Vietnam. Thank God for Netflix and also greek yogurt
Watching good morning, Vietnam with the family!
Well, we have advisors, helicopters, fighters, Navy out at Sea.This is war.Good Morning Vietnam Again.
In memory of Robin Williams, I’m watching Good Morning Vietnam. What’s your favorite RW movie?
In memory of Robin Williams, I'm watching Good Morning Vietnam. What's your favorite RW movie? *Bea*
Watching some 'Good Morning Vietnam' with the_evan_bartels .
JT Walsh is one of my all time favorites. Big Picture. Hoffa. A Few Good Men. Good Morning Vietnam. What an actor.
Good Morning Vietnam is a fantastic film
Good Morning Vietnam. Sun. Oct. 5. (R ~1987) Hrs. 1 Min. (Blu-ray) In English. Join us for a tribute to the late...
Good Morning Vietnam is not doing me as much justice as Dead Poets Society
so i just watched Good Morning Vietnam. my new favorite Robin Williams movie
at KLIKradio Good Morning Vietnam AC first broadcast - Unknown - Tune in Now!
GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM well Robin Williams said it better Maybe he'd be yelling Good Morning San Francisco LUV
Cinema kicks off in 10 minutes with Aladdin, then Mrs Doubtfire, then Good Morning Vietnam.
Post of blog covering the first substantive place in Vietnam:
Good morning Going back to my roots (ha, get it?) and watering my crops.
I sent "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!" to my friend who gave me her number but I composed the wrong number. Well,a new person who thinks Im crazy...
Good Morning, Vietnam. Yes. That is the movie to watch right now.
5 minutes into Good Morning Vietnam and I'm giggling like a little schoolgirl
15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You, nominated by Leetal Platt The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends (I'm not doing that unless YOU VOLUNTEER FOR IT IN THE COMMENTS or you're family--Richard, tagging you is futile), including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films you choose. I'm a cinephile so I couldn't simply keep it to 15. 1. Star Wars (all of them, although I've 'bleached' certain parts from my brain) 2. Forrest Gump (not just because my first crush was named Jenny and lasted from approx. ages 9 to 16, but because it's hilarious and beautifully soulful and an edutaining tour of American history from Elvis to the early 90s. I also have had a LOT of innocently moronic or idiotic moments like Forrest.), Big, Castaway 3. Jumanji, Hook, Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society 4. Ocean's Eleven 5. Indiana Jones ...
Haven't watched Good Morning Vietnam in years. Poor Forest Whitaker has the worst line ever 11 min in. So creepy and unreal.
Anyone who wants a good Robin Williams movie, Good Morning Vietnam is on netflix. He would have won Best Actor if not for Michael Douglas
Robin Williams tribute tonight at the drive in in Oregon. Patch Adams and Good Morning Vietnam. Going to be a good time.
Adrian Cronauer-I`d be in Leavenworth if I had done all the stuff Robin did in Good Morning Vietnam
Adrian Cronauer-Good Morning Vietnam was a crazier version of the real Morning DJ show for Armed Forces radio .
Adrian Cronauer-Good Morning Vietnam was limited release in 1987
Adrian Cronauer-it took years for Good Morning Vietnam to become a film
Robin Williams-Good Morning Vietnam with the real life DJ it was based on-Adrian Cronauer
Still wounded over Robin Williams death. Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society have been class watches last few days
memorial movie day... Aladdin , Dead Poets Society, good morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, hook
man the more i think about Robin Williams the more bumed iget. good morning Vietnam Good Will Hunting alladin Patch Adams hook HOOK one of my favorite movies to this day bangarang peter r.i.p.
If your looking for the whole Robin Williams experience: dramatic, comedic and everything in between then watch Good Morning Vietnam.
Other news I am having difficulty dealing with and putting into words. It has been a few days since the shocking news, I am still unsettled. How does someone who has brought so much laughter and joy with comedic brilliance to so many have been so driven to this sad outcome? Robin Williams *** were you thinking? Why could you have not waited even one more day? perhaps, alas what if? This evening I watched two old episodes of Oprah with Robin. One prior to Good Morning Vietnam Nam hitting the big screen and the other prior to Fisher King. Looking back to those days I can't help but think of the song "Starry Starry Night" and Vincent another passionate misunderstood. No one but you could truly feel your pain. No one but you could truly know your thoughts. No one but you knows the full sentence in your head and what drove you to this end. You were someone we all admired for your quick witted humour, your willingness to to share with us your gift you use to help lighten our days with laughter. A man o ...
Anybody know where I can watch good morning Vietnam for free? It's not on netflix
someone else saw Good Morning Vietnam last night then! :-)
All purpose parts banner
Enjoyed watching Good Morning Vietnam Yesterday. Shame it's the death of a celebrity which raises awareness of a terrible illness.
Good Morning Vietnam. (I wore out the audio cassette of this soundtrack back in '87.)
Just got home and "Good morning Vietnam" is on. Over the moon, what a film.
So I'm laying in bed watching the OWN Network. Robin Williams just finished the movie, Good Morning Vietnam. That tells ya around the time he was on Oprah. We know obviously how dark his real life was. I just can't get over how funny he is. It's like as soon as the cameras are on, so is Robin. I always used to say that he doesn't have an off button...LOL
lol watched Patch Adams and good morning vietnam. Robin Williams amazing
Vietnam, Robin Williams, and Iraq. Does it tie together. It's not conspiracy, It's reality+history.
Finding out Robin Williams died while I was on vacation put a bit of a shadow over it. I found myself obsessively watching Youtube videos of him, unsure of which movie to watch first as my own tribute to him. Tonight when we got home, I watched Hook and What Dreams May Come and cried my way through both of them ... We also found a climb in the guide book called "Women in Comfortable Shoes," which we didn't have time to climb but took a picture of in his honor (Good Morning Vietnam reference). If you haven't listened to the *** episode that Marc Maron reposted with his own coments, I recommend it too.
so I'm watching good morning Vietnam (w/Robin Williams) and there is a scene where one of the main characters tells him to kill himself.
So, just watched. .. Good Morning Vietnam again, another great performance from a troubled soul. So many poignant moments of dialogue. Gonna go and try and sleep.
so des anyone have a dvd copy of Good Will Hunting , Aladdin , Good Morning Vietnam, The birdcage, or Flubber. Trying to put together a poorly planned Robin Williams marathon and am lacking dvds copies of his films to watch. If i could borrow a copy of an yof these i'd jut need it for 24 hours and would appreciate it alot. thanks
Watched Good Morning Vietnam last night, Mr Robin Williams your an absolute genius
Great night of tributes. On now old interview 1988 w/ Reminder of his comic genius in "Go…
Ohh yes proper codec. Haven't seen good morning vietnam, either, it's the finale
Watched "Good Morning, Vietnam" with today. That role couldn't have been played better. Well done, Mr. Williams. Thank you.
escalation reminds me of a great line from Good Morning Vietnam. "Bob Hope doesn't play police actions."
🎥 Good Morning, Vietnam cause who doesn't like 80's movies and Robin Williams
i just cant get myself to watch Good Morning Vietnam. :(.
good morning america,vietnam, china etc. And to those people stuck in traffic good morning to all.
such a good movie. Watched it for the first time a couple days ago. You should see Good Morning Vietnam it's amazing
Good Morning Vietnam is on and I'm actually shedding tears
currently watching Good Morning Vietnam, crying like a baby 😔😭
Good Morning Vietnam: Good Morning Vietnam: From Saigon: the sounds of sonar, tank caterpillars and machine-gun fire
Unintentionally watched the episode of The Office where Michael Scott starts off his speech "Good Morning Vietnam"
'Good Morning Vietnam' was a good film.. Just a little mixed stories in my opinion. Non the less Robin Williams was top!
What was it that Robin Williams said in his movie 'Good Morning Vietnam!'
Gonna walk into food basics 8 am and scream "good morning Vietnam"
Robin Williams told me he loved that I said "Good Morning Vietnam" as best I could just like he did in the movie.
Good morning Vietnam is a great Robin Williams movie and a great movie overall
One of his best movies, was Good Morning Vietnam, watch it if you haven't seen it...humor at its finest!
Good morning That saying now makes me feel a little sad.
Pfft, watching Dead Poets Society AND Good Morning Vietnam in honor of Robin Williams.
Robin Williams from Good Morning Vietnam: "Da Nang me, Get a rope and hang me"'.
Idk aboot y'all but I'm so going on a Robin Williams movie marathon this weekend starting with "Good Morning Vietnam!!"
Let me see- I have seen: Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, The World According to Garp- What Dreams May Come .Jumanji, Then there's the one when he's a robot- what's it called? and the one where he's a lonely guy who develops photo's. That's about all I can remember right now. What were your favourite Robin Williams movies? :)
It's a bittersweet day watching a Robin Williams retrospective on AMC with so many of my favorite movies: Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Goodwill Hunting, and, one of my absolute favorites, The Bird Cage.
I was amazed by the shock I saw in almost everyone's reaction over the sudden death of Robin Williams. So to honor and reflect on how he impacted and influenced my life personally, I decide to watch a couple of his earlier movies. Good Morning Vietnam (1987) was when I first learned to appreciate his witty humor in a movie that took on a much deeper meaning to me. However, my favorite and best of him is in Good Will Hunting (1997). If you have not watched Good Will Hunting in many years I encourage you to view it again. Truly, his performance was a work of art. The depth and priority of life in making meaningful loving relationships is brought out so vividly through his role as the "physiologist friend". My he sincerely find the Peace he was so longing for but could not find here.
Still can't get over Robin Williams' death. All of a sudden I feel I have to listen to What a Wonderful World. ×sigh× Good Morning Vietnam.
Thought I'd have a Good Morning Vietnam cocktail at Ms G's in Potts Point in memory of Robin Williams
Over the past day or two I've seen many threads posted about the amazing Robin Williams and how much we all enjoyed his talent--especially the ability to make us laugh. I took pride that he was from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born. I've been a fan of his since "The New Laugh In", and "Mork & Mindy". We all watched and applauded his move into drama with films like "Good Morning Vietnam", "Dead Poets Society" and "Goodwill Hunting" (his academy award winning film played without ANY laugh scenes). He had critical acclaim, financial success, and was one of the world's most recognizable faces, but still he went to a bedroom alone that night, in a house full of people. I always admired him for his giving spirit, the USO, Comic Relief, St Judes, Christopher Reeves Foundation. His politics were of a man who beliefs in social justice and caring for others. In short this man was a giver, out there making us laugh, showing us the way, yet no one truly close to him could save him from himself. Perhaps t ...
Robin starred in many of our favourite films - Mrs Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, the list goes on. So, obviously, we wanted to mark his passing. But how? With a list of his best movie moments? His best films? Best lines? But then we saw Robin's wife Susan Schneider's tragic statement: "This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin's family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope that the focus will not be on Robin's death but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.' So that's what we'll do - we'll celebrate the laughter. Here's a list of 150 of his best jokes and one-liners, mainly sourced from his incredible stand-up career. Some come from his brilliant Reddit AMA. Some are political, some are offensive, some are about sex, drugs and rock and ro ...
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