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Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine is a song by Danish-Norwegian band Aqua from their debut album, Aquarium (1997).

Happy Saturday

Good Morning Sunshine 💛 Starting my day with a bowl of peanut butter and apple oats 🤤 I made…
Good morning sunshine ☉ I wish you an amazing day with a lot of love and happiness! I love you so much 💙 http…
Good morning. Bright sunshine but rain rain rain is on it's way ☹️
Good morning Chapel A. What weather fronts can we expect today Snow? Sunshine? Wind?
Good Morning! It's Thursday, we've almost made it through it another week. A week of sunshine, snow, rain and more…
Sunshine, Therapy?. And . Much better than waking up next to Michelle Fowler . Good morning…
What a difference it makes to wake up to sunshine and blue skies. Despite not sleeping well, I'm feeling good this morning. Let's do this! 🌞
Good morning, Angel you fill my life with sunshine and smiles. I love you! 💕💕
Good morning from beautiful Torre Canne lighthouse
Good morning Sunshine. Have a nice day. U r right. Intelligent people always ignored & underestimated by someone
Good start to the morning for orund 1 now the first scores are coming in. Follow the action here…
Good morning to our beautiful sunshine 😍
Good morning our sunshine🌞 . We hope your morning is beautiful like your smile❤
Good morning world. Your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived:)
Good morning sunshine we hope that you'll have a blessed day.. susu na ka for today 😘😘 . (…
"Everyone can wear a smile. But not everyone's day can be changed wearing it like you can." SO SMILE. good morning, beautif…
Good morning, Happy Thursday, be someone’s sunshine today.
Good morning sunshine...hv a blessed day ☺🌷
Good morning tiger sir have a good day with great sunshine god bless u always
Good morning, Sunshine rise and shine!
Good morning . Have a amazing day my sunshine
good morning Kay wishing you a super day it's a bit brighter here but no sunshine yet. Flowers for you
Good morning sunshine,i can not I'm at a bbq party,have a lot of fun and i see you next time 💋
Good Morning my little ray of sunshine hope you are enjoying your vacation take care hun xox
Good morning with this ray of sunshine here
good morning lovely Yvonne, wishing you sunshine, and a relaxing day. Make time for you, you are important, and loved.
good morning sunshine I love you infinitely x don't listen to hate and never stop smiling! x
good morning Ceinwen, have a relaxing and beautiful day. I hope you get sunshine. They said we would have a day with high
Lovely morning of sunshine, rugby and good sportsmanship. Great fixture Bennies vs WHPS today.
good morning sunshine :) how are you today? I hope you're okay. Have a nice day, love you x
Good morning. A cloudy start to the weekend, but soon becoming brighter with warm sunshine through the afternoon. Highs o…
Good Morning Peeps. Happy Saturday, sunshine or rain?. :-). .
Good morning with an extra dose of concentrated sunshine
Good Morning from the beaches of Tel Aviv!
Good Morning Sunshine's. Today will be a very productive day for me. I am. Super Excited about what God is doing for me.
Good Morning Sunshine - time to meet the new day!. Serene shot of East Texas' own Lake Sam Rayburn by Josh (notitfor…
Predominantly dry across the UK today with sunshine interspersed with some cloud cover. . Good morning, . It’s a...
good morning sunshine! rise and shine baby how are we feeling today? back in London are we ? ❤️
Good morning, Sunshine! It's Monday - make it count. With love, Lady G. . p.s. We miss you.
Good Morning Sunshine. How would you like to wake up to this view every morning. Come on down.
Good morning. Cloud gradually breaking this morning to leave a dry day with spells of sunshine for the afternoon. Highs of 9C.
good morning lovely, wishing you a brilliant week, of sunshine. I hope your weekend was amazing. Take care, much love,
Good morning sunshine... Great day for you today!xx
Good morning sunshine even though it's like 2 something
Good Monday Morning Everyone. its not always sunshine & smiles here in Marsa Alam. yesterday was rain &...
Hello sunshine the earth says good morning.
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Good morning sunshine. Sending my Best wishes for success and excellence in all your endeavours! :) https:…
Good Morning Princesses! May all the storms and winds of the day become your sunshine!
good morning sunshine. Thanks for making my day a lot better without even knowing. I love you so so much!
A new sunshine always brings new aims.. Good morning..
Good Morning Sunshine... You look great today. How did I know? Because you look great every day…
Good morning sunshine, its birthday today, plz try to wish her. It will mean a lot to her
Asalma o Alaikum. Beautiful Good morning to all friends. Have a nice and beautiful day with sunshine and. Good luck
Good Morning sunshine my lovely friends and fans .
Good Morning sunshine, have a great day 🌞☺️. © br.araneta
"Can't get enough of your sunshine. Can't get enough of your love". Happy Mondays - Sunshine & Love. Good Morning!
Good morning sunshine. Let your energy be with us.
Good morning morning. A good day working on a St. Lucian collaboration today Lucia
Good morning sunshine! How are you my darlin? Lots of best wishes and mummy bear kisses for today's shows! I love you! 😚 XXX
Good Morning Willie ! Have a Great Day ! Walking on Sunshine down here, highs through the weekend in the mid 70°F's
good morning! Your oatmeal soap will be ready this weekend 😃
Brightest Blessings Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening and :) Sunshine Smiles to all my Gypsy Soul Lovelies on the...
Morning Jeanette, lost our sunshine today, bit of a soggy one here. Have a good day. xxx
Morning. Here's cute Louis for good luck.
Good morning. Have this gorgeous ray of sunshine 🌞✨
As the sky break into a beautiful sunshine...may God open the windows of heaven to shower you a lot of blessings. Good morning.
Good Morning, what a dull rainy day in Who is ready for the sunshine?
Wall to wall sunshine with cool temperatures tonight. John Scalzi has more on Good Morning Suncoast.
Wall to wall sunshine today and dry into the weekend. A bit cool tonight. Details on Good Morning Suncoast.
Good morning. Following a chilly start, a fair amount of sunshine is expected before cloudy conditions arrive by the afte…
Good morning lovely! Let's bring some sunshine to the day ☺️
Good morning Kath, have a good day in the offic, hope you still have sunshine!! 😀😀😘xx
Good morning everyone and welcome back. What's happened to the weather? Looks like we must have had our weekly sunshine ration already!
Good morning! , new day! Let it bring you good luck, every ray of sunshine let give you happiness 😘
good morning to you both. Wishing you a day of sunshine, and peace. Much love, hugs xxx🌹
Thank you and good morning to you! A truly beautiful song to listen to as the liquid sunshine persistently falls outside. Xx
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Good Morning 😁 only thing missing from my life today is the sunshine ☀
"Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark". Rabindranath Tagore . Good Morning Sunshine!
Good morning . Have a amazing day sunshine xox
Good morning Sunshine Coast! Today is Friday, January 22, 2016. Here is today's top news.
Good morning . Have a great day my Sunshine xox
Galahs on the light post this morning...
shiny dripping dew. like sunshine shimmers on grass. saying good morning. a Haiku.
Good Morning, sunshiiine, my only sunshine✨
Wake up from napping at Bc I didn't feel good and she comes in and goes "morning sunshine our food is done" 👌🏼👭💕
Good Morning chirp chirp! Sunshine ray of the sun clear blue sky yes staring at the sky :D
Good Morning, sunshine!! Have a nice and productive day! ARMYs love and support you, Hoseok! 💜
good morning, I wish u all a good day full of happiness and sunshine :-)
What a shame the expression Good Morning Sunshine is so tainted
Check out my latest scene for on https:…
Good morning sunshine. I hope you have a fantastic day x
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good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!!! Hope you have a good day HARRY ✨☀️
may the sunshine on you like never before,. Good morning
good morning sunshine, 7 days for having in my hands MITAM. I can't be more excited x.
Good Morning Sunshine, enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend. I'll be waiting for my sunshine to return on Monday ♥♥♥♥
. Good morning my Sweetheart Sunshine. Thank you very much. You too, Sweetie.
Good Morning Sunshine, sounds like a great breakfast to start the day.
Good morning and good Night Baghdad 😊 . & . & htt…
Good morning Joanna, you are my Sunshine my only Sunrise you make me Happy on a rainy cloudy day.
good morning sunshine!. Hope you have a lovely day. I love you X
Good morning Shropshire. Have some early morning sunshine from back in August to start the weekend! h…
Good morning sunshine i hope you have a lovely day! Be safe 😊
After a big hangover you need a great coffee...😝❤❤ ... good morning my little sunshine... miss you..
Good morning... looks like we're in for a stunning day :-)
Be good and be kind with everyone eventhou' they're not. And please don't forget to smile! Good morning, sunshine!
Good morning my sunshine, have a wonderful day and remember to smile. I love you w all my heart. ENJOY PARIS!
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Good Morning Sunshine, hope you have an exciting fabulous Happy Sunday Funday :)
Wake up & Grab The Coffee, Paul from Dark Woods Coffee will be in from 1.30am 'til 2pm sampling a new coffee called Good Morning Sunshine.
Good Morning Sunshine 😍 Ol d best for ur new beginning May u get more n more love n success.. Luv u thank u for being u 😘😘😘
Morning sunshine.. so ya.good luck 4 ur tour.really love ur fashion airport 😜💖💋 annyeong
Sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine.😃 Good Morning Baby's Safa And Good Morning To You 😊
Good morning sunshine and daisies and breakfasts and eggs and sausages and toasts 🌸
Bee-tols kinda morning. Good day sunshine!!! :)
Counting the days for Christmas. Good morning sunshine!.
Good morning sunshine 😉 morning made with that short call. 😍
Good Morning Sunshine.. Have a great day ahead. Be well. Greetings from the City of Pines.
Good morning Sunshine. Have a great week!
good morning from Indonesia, sunshine. 😀😊🌞
Today,. give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. . Good morning everyone. :)
Good morning my sunshine. Have a nice day
Your smile, sunshine... Good morning and happy birthday my boy... 😘
Wake up with our Good Morning Sunshine juice tomorrow at the Charleston Farmers Market from 8a-2p downtown at Marion Square!
Good Morning Sunshine - Time to meet the new day!. Heavenly shot of Lake Sam Rayburn - Zavalla, Texas by Jenn Dunkin…
Good Morning Sunshine! It's up to each of us how our day goes I want you...
Good Morning Sunshine of my Heart blessed day 4 a beloved Friend
. You are the light of my world,. The music in my heart and. The first thought of my day. Good Morning Sunshine.
Good Morning Sunshine! what a lovely way to start the day this dreary Thursday!
side note, I could get used to these "good morning sunshine" texts 😊
I feel sorry for ppl who dont drink. When they wake up in the morning, thats as good as theyre going to feel all day.-…
GOOD MORNING Wellington! Today is We are supadupa excited to see blue sky & sunshine as we set up our...
Good morning sunshine, & my friends. Have a most excellent day and week!!
Good morning! it'll be sunny and 23 for Election Day. and also expecting sunshine today. See you soon
Good Morning from Are you ready for SunShine? We have a chair with YOUR name on it!
Claus! Boy, are they now? What are leftovers? Garfield, are you an autograph. Good morning, sunshine! The
When you're about to quit, remember why you started. Hehe. Alhamdulillah and a very Good Morning to my Sunshine. 🌞
This will bring sunshine to your morning!
Good morning. A chilly start, but dry throughout Friday with hazy sunshine. Temperatures close to average at 11C / 52F.
“Hey babes ☺️” I remember how I dmed you " good morning sunshine " every day, but then you unfollowed me.
Every morning when I wake up, money on my mind. Good times and get caked up, sunshine coming through my blinds.
Good Morning,John!!! Yeah,It's chilly today with sunshine in Wisconsin! 30 degrees!! Flurries yesterday!! :-)
Good morning, sunshine. Oh, you're so cute. I Catch feelings about you...
Good morning sunshine 😊 Have a awesome day ahead. .Always know that I love you my girlie 😘😘😘
Good canvassing session in this morning's Spring sunshine in Arbroath
Good morning Everyone ~)). Live in the Sunshine. Swim in the Sea. Drink the Wild Air (R.W. Emerson)
.Good morning, moggies! Morning moggies in the sunshine. :) xxx
Good morning sunshine open your ♥ mind and soul it's a new day to spread blessings
good morning beauty. You are the sunshine 😍
Good Morning Sunshine!!! Today is the first day of Spring Hours at Banff Sunshine Village! Take advantage of our...
After mostly cloudy skies during the morning, a good deal of sunshine for the afternoon! It was also not as cold. The high today was 31.
Good morning Sunshine. What an awesome day. Have a lovely y'all.
Good morning Harry is my sunshine on a cloudy day and I love him a whole lot always remember to send him all the love you can featured in NBC s Science of Love
Good morning on a dreich Tuesday that will need a willing heart to brighten and share a sunshine smile 😊
Good morning everyone.been up since 5am.just another day, same ole thing...feeling a bit down today.need warm sunshine..
Good morning from Bucharest where Bianca closes her eyes and enjoys the winter sunshine whilst she waits for...
Good Morning my little ray of sunshine! God knows where I'd be without you.
Good thanks busy but good 😀 bring on the sunshine this morning! Xxx
good morning Dan, thanks for giving us the best sunshine. Have a great day ! 🌞
Hi Ty GOOD MORNING I hope that u will have a Awesome day & that the Sunshine & Music will fill yr Soul have a Safe day xoxo
Good morning my sunshine . Was missing u.Afterall i wait for ur words in my xams
Good morning sunshine,i'm wishing you a very sweet,lovely day honey,you diserve that sugar and that you can smile,be happy. have a great.
Good morning are you feeling today?hope you had a good restful night ful of sweet dreams..enjoy your day Amitabh❤️
Good morning sunshine 🙋☀such a beautiful view to wake up to 🙌
Good morning, thanks for the follow. Hope you have a great hump day! Also interested in GNR place, will do details. Thanks 😃
good morning sunshine c: how are you? I hope you're well, please can you follow me ?♥♥♥♥♥
Good morning Naz, please wave your magic wand and bring some sunshine.
Good morning sunshine, awake when the sun hits the sky.
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good morning sunshine 💛 I love you so much and I wanna thank you for everything!
Today thanks to the Sunshine is a good day from morning! Thank you Sunshine!. You are everyone's Sunshine! Please receive everyone's voice!
Good morning! Thank you! It was cold, but due to the sunshine we enjoyed the first "picnic" of the year...😊 Have a great day!
GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE... Blank space was my alarm ringtone so hello
Good morning Jakarta, beautiful sunshine today. you all have a wonderful weekend
good morning sunshine. i want to murder ap chem :D
Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. Good morning. Have a nice day.
Good morning sunshine. (With sleeping photobomber daddy at the back).
good morning sunshine☀️ have a nice day and don't forget to smile today,I love you💕
Good morning to Saturday's sunshine! I have been waiting to see you^^
Good morning sunshine and weekend, may Allah bless me. Insyaallah still grateful 👼
good morning sunshine 😍 (@ OW's Paradise in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang)
Good morning sunshine 😄 have a great weekend with a cup of tea 😄
Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!!
Good morning Saturday sunshine - off to velliangiri hills in the evening !!!
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Good morning enjoy the sunshine and smile to the sky looking my dream still waiting for me I so reach it *PemalangDay*
Good morning Sunshine,.already up dearest?its still middle of the night here..just heard the phone..enjoy your day my
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. . Good morning ffriends
Good morning sunshine. My last final test 😇
Good morning sunshine!. May you have the best of health today
“I ended up sleeping for 6 hours lol”good morning sunshine!!
Hello, good morning sunshine. Sorry for late:)
good morning my sunshine I am awake now ☀️💛
Good Morning Saturday!Thank you for greeting me with sunshine and a fresh new opportunity to praise the One who created you.
Good morning Sunshine, And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather Glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me, (2 corinthian 12:9), the word of God for the people of God, to God be the Glory, have a Sunshine filled Saturday
Good morning, sunshine! I know right? I liked my last one. All ninja. No pain, used the zip belt with 1 hand. Baam you'done
Good morning guys :) this quote greatly affected me & changed my perspective. Hope it does the same for you. 💗✨🙌
Good morning sunshine! Happy fruity breakfast and coffee hotelsorellahou. Have a…
So this is how Hunter woke me up this morning: Hunter- Good morning sunshine, with a big hug! Me- Good morning my beautiful sunshine Hunter- Mommy will you merry me? Me- Merry you? Heck yeah I will! Hunter- I love you mommy to the moon and back Me- I love you MORE Hunter Chase Hunter- I love you more to mommy! I have the sweetest son ever! He sure put a smile on my face this morning ♥♥♥
Man if it aint Nandi Mngoma then its gonna be my other half . Good morning my sunshine.
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Good morning sunshine you make a beautiful day :)
Good Morning Sunshine my Family and FB Family. Praise our Heavenly Father/Jesus for letting us see another day. Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.
Good morning sunshine! When people tell me to be realistic I tell them in my reality miracles do come…
. good morning sunshine😍🙌 . Goodnight in Australia though, 11:30pm😪
Good morning sunshine hope u all enjoy the day luv u guys
Good morning sunshine! We are now open at 10 am on Saturdays for the holidays! We just restocked on…
good morning cameron I hope you have a wonderful day. Love you sunshine
Even though the page got deleted... GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! Now let's see what hater is going to…
Hey hey hey Gilbert!!! Good Morning Sunshine! I am in my kitchen looking at Gilbert. Something I do every morning. Look & see what & where he's at. Such a sweetie!! Happy Saturday! Especially to all who's going to see Jeff Gutt in Be safe & I will talk to y'all when you get back.
Photo: Sunshine beam stalking you is a way good thing;D Saturday morning in VA. Zz…
good morning sunshine! Thank you for brightening up my day. You give me light & hope & I cant thank you enough. I love you!
A letter to my Beloved.wherever you are.
good morning I love you rise and shine sunshine
good morning love! I miss you and I need to talk to you... Have a good day, I love you little sunshine ❤☀
Morning sunshine 😘🙋 have a good day at work don't kill nobody ima be there at 4 sumn.
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I told Nikki "good morning sunshine the earth says hello" and she flicked me off
Its raining sunshine. No snow or wind this morning! The hills still killed though... Got to take the good with the bad.
Good morning Sunshine, how are you today? :)
Debra Harkins good morning sunshine, hope your slumber was relaxing and your morning bright 143 xxx
Good morning Sunshine feeling good! Bout to get my groove on and get moving walking and sit ups it is. Have a wonderful weekend Y'all.
Good morning sunshine the earth says hello n I said hello right back
Good Morning Sunshine, back in Texas, where I use 2 work, they call me from Texas wanted me come back people from OlneyloveMe
Good Morning World! Thank you for the beautiful Sunshine Oh Lord! And for giving me another day to live also for the blessings!
Good Morning sunshine.thank you lord for the gift of life..
Good morning sunshine from the Queen City of the south! Loving these sunnies from foureyesph…
morning everyone!hope you all have good day ! Sunshine is full of each parts of the world!
Not a good sunshine...
Morning sunshine..good weather n good view from my room..I wish good day… (at Kila Senggigih Beach Hotel) [pic] —
If Christy, don't hurry up and down load those pictures from Saturday, Summer, you and me are gonna get up SUPER EARLY on Saturday.. And drive to Pellahatcie (I know it ain't spelled right.. But you get the point) and bring her some EBOLI... And call her on the way down there. GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!!
Morning Sunshine hope you're having a good day 🌞please put a smile on my face by following me
Good morning sunshine! I hope you see this and follow me someday x672
Good morning sunshine ☀️ you may not see this but I love you 🙊😆💕
Good Morning Sunshine! The boys are watching Chicken Run this morning ☀️☕️🐓
Good Morning World, Let this be the last day of Worrying because the Sunshine will leave you depressed in Shade.
Good morning Cam Cam. My sunshine. I love you .
Good Morning Sunshine. What gorgeous shot will I be blessed with today? xoxo
Good Morning Sunshine!! This is the view of Loretto Chapel from our room at the Will…
good morning have a safe trip to Mexico, okay! you'll be fantastic at the KCAs. have a great day, sunshine. ☺️🙈
Good morning Sunshine. Can't wait for our temps to be in the 50s!
Good morning my ray of sunshine aka Jacob 😊
good morning sunshine I hope you had breakfast the most important meal of the day! ☺️💕✨
Good morning sunshine!!! Make it a point to keep all clouds (Negative People) and rain (Bad Attitudes) from canceling your parade! Enjoy yourself in all you do!
Good morning sunshine... Looks like it's time for some fishing :) .
Good morning sunshine! How would you LIKE to enjoy your coffee on this back patio?
Good morning sunshine. Have a great day!!!
Good Morning Sunshine!You able to get to set yet for your episode with Or stuck in office doing other EP things
Good morning sunshine the world says hello! 😊😊
Good morning sunshine. I'm fine and I hope you have a fantastic day. I lover you:)
صباح الخير Good Morning Sunshine! Its time to take over the world. Have a great day future leaders
Sam Bates, Good Morning Sunshine, l hope your doing well. Let's try and do a little labor today.
Good morning sunshine jump out of that bed wipe the sleep out of your eye's it's going to be a wonderful day sending lot's of love and Hug's your way...
Hi! I hope you, Bumblebee and Sunshine are having a good morning!
good morning sunshine hope you have a wonderful day :) 5 days till I'm 17 whaaat. I love you .xxx
Good morning my sunshine 💜💜Hope you are having a lovely day.. Hugging you 💜💙💜
Good morning sunshine :) it's time, what muffin to have...rasp white choc, peach blueberry, rhubarb crisp (aka crack muffin)
WSIU Radio: Good morning! Clouds and sunshine today, a high of 76. Here is today's news upda...
A beautiful day in Our cupola sure looks good in the morning sunshine.
Refreshing onshore breeze & bright sunshine...good morning from the Outer Banks!
good morning Sunshine miss u so much ❤❤❤ hope or doing great love uuu
☀ Good Morning Sunshine,heard you're coming out today!!☀
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When I say " Good morning Sunshine" I'm saying that to my Momma in Heaven.
Good morning sunshine, had a ruff night. *** this nutella stuff is good. Now I know why Samuel jumps up when I say toast is ready.
Lol, Good Morning Sunshine! ... anyone else hate when Robin Meade goes on vacation?
Good morning sunshine lovely day to be going to the beach xxx
Good morning! Enjoy your bank holiday Sunday in the sunshine in our lovely beer garden! Open 12 til 8 today 👌
Good morning, Sunshine. Hope you slept well.
Good morning sunshine and heat . Plz take a shower and put some perfume for the sake of others
Good morning Sunshine! Get your Mani/Pedi done at and wave goodbye to Sunday blues!
Good morning sunshine, I love you so much!
Same 2u, God bless D sunshine state"Good Morning the good people of Please pray for the peace of our land.
Good morning! I've got sunshine to go out and play in! :))
Lexi turned on the cabin steps to see standing with her hair in a bit of a mess, "Well good morning sunshine."
Good morning!. Weather: Mainly fair with hazy sunshine this morning, becoming cloudy with outbreaks of rain later on with highs of 18 °C
Good morning. Starting the day with a deep breath of fresh air and plenty of sunshine.…
Good Morning Sunshine, Every time when ever I leave home I tend to remember the Vodafone ad, and remember you like it in similar ways like the Sunshine is not leaving me, specially the site was really quite far away and it was like which I myself fall short of words, it was so hot out there that no one would dare to move out in the open, no I am not complaining, just giving a just explanation but I tend to love it, leaving the tan it gives to my skin. Nowadays I have to spend more of my time in the fields itself, since I have chosen a work which has to be done in the open only so just can't help. But still when I am working I tend to forget everything else, though it will take a lot of time to take things its proper shape, still I have to wait it to get completed in time, even every small details I have to finalize so its really tedious job also, even it needs expertise from various different fields so I have to know everything in advance. Its all work and no play, just serious business that's it, and fra ...
Good morning from a Sunny Belgium Anna. Enjoy your Sunday sunshine ☺☺xx
Good Morning, we continue the TOP 500 at Number 250!. Plus we have soem wonderful sunshine for the start of the...
Good morning Sunshine, I hope you will get a good day. Please follow me it will mean everything for me and I love you so much
Good morning sunshine! Off to find some treasures at a local car boot sale. What are you up to this Sunday?
Good morning, and it's a beautiful here, with lots of sunshine in the forcast for the day
Good morning sunshine!!! The day has come. Are you ready to be CaLm
Good morning Paul, Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Here the day is nearly done but we had some glorious sunshine.
Good morning to everyone...Happy Sunday.We have sunshine!!
good morning Jay, wishing you a beautiful day of sunshine, rest, and lots of smiles,hugs xx
Good morning sunshine..., Please look up, open up u'r mind, open up your eyes and see like me...! Look into your heart and you will find love..! Happy sunday all, Love-Rita van Bali
Good morning, sunshine. I was looking through my space photos last night and found this one. Dawn brings renewal. http:/…
Good morning sunshine, wishing you all a great week ahead ☀️.
good morning :) hows sunshine 2day?lighting the world as usual? :> its sunday :D,have a nice day jojo
good morning Lucy, have a wonderful day, with sunshine, and treats for you, hugs xx
A very good morning to all my friends. poo gary pari saurabh sudhir money bhavik subha. But my sunshine is still asleep
good morning Matthew, wishing you sunshine, and a lovely day. It's a bit cool here right now, hugs xx
GOOD MORNING!!! wishing you a great start and sending lots of love and sunshine your way.
Good Morning Sunshine - It's Thursday! Two days to the weekend! We've still got your chance to qualify for Brad Paisley!!! 3 chances today. Plus This Day in History - The Sports Page - and Don't forget Listener Birthday's at 7:10
Good Morning Sunshine's. One night I had a dream... I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord, and...
Junior, a Filipino-Spanish singer who popularized the song "Yakap," was found dead inside his home in Madrid. He was a former leading man of VIlma Santos in the movies "Rock Baby Rock" and "Good Morning Sunshine."
Nothing personal but I can not stand Lebron James, His talents have gone to his head and there is no humbleness on his part. The only way to bring him back to earth is by knocking him out of the playoffs. Playoffs? The San Antonio Spurs will make sure of that! "Good Morning Sunshine"
Good Morning Sunshine!! Take heed.Isaiah 66:15-17; key verse 17 says: "They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD." Swine's flesh is FULL OF TOXINS/POISONS/WORMS!! Why eat "DEAD ORGANISMS", especially all the stuff pigs eat...WHY? STAY FOCUSED!!
On 3 1/2 hours sleep, and still feeling very Good Morning Sunshine'y :) Why wouldn't I? I woke up healthy, in a cozy bed.. My family is well. What more can I ask for? (Actually, if anyone is taking requests, I wouldn't mind waking up to Scarlett Johansson tomorrow morning, ijs) It's Wednesday mofos! Don't treat it like just another day, make it Uh'mazing with extra awesome sauce ;)
Good Morning Sunshine...enjoy your off guys... :)
How can it be tomorrow, when I am still in yesterdays clothes... All the way to belt, earrings & bracelet... Thank God I took my shoes off.. Good Morning Sunshine!!!
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