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Good Lord

Good Lord was a New Zealand thoroughbred racehorse owned by Las Vegas lawyer Michael L.

Aidan Turner

Good Lord, it's contagious. The British Humanist Association wrote: “It will be an extremely depressing turn of...
Good Lord!. I've just realised Michael Gove is that softy I used to beat up at school.
Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise.
Good Lord! Why did my Grandma ever leave Saskatchewan!
Seems like if a woman doesn't construct a PowerPoint presentation on why she's not okay, it's a dead end. Good Lord.
Good Lord. It's just hit 51 degrees in Phalodi in Rajasthan,India. Hottest temperature ever recorded there.
Good Lord, who's in goal for the Stars--Neftali Feliz???
Thank you Pastor Sam O for being a blessing to Us. We love you and pray the Good Lord take you where you never expected In Jesus Name! AMEN!
. Good Lord! Does anyone live in Hull?. No 1 socialite is less popular than Peter Sutcliffe.
Good Lord, if Shepard Smith was anymore biased they would have to put him in a dress and put lipstick on him, but he might like it.
Good Lord...the Illuminati, JFK, FML, HE and 51 are all overblown myths, however,there simply isn't any gold in Ft. Knox.
My prayers are with a really good friend of mines granny. May the Lord be with you through it all..❤
Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish. . Good Morning
GOOD MORNING ! Let the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of you,and your families,with all heavenly gifts and...
If fine Smart 200k for that flop, good lord
wait on the Lord. be of good courage,. and He shall strengthen your heart;. wait, i say, on the Lord! . | psalm 27:14
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Good lord Louisiana roads are horrible. Thanking the lord I'm back in the great state of TEXAS😍💯
. Good Lord first Obama gives out the Obama phone to everybody on welfare now AT&T is giving them internet for $10 they need jobs not Xbox
Good lord, that's nuts. People are crazy. Also, Man of Steel is a piece of garbage.
don't worry babe, they are with the good Lord and looking down on how you are being this strong. I love you ❣
I'm good now that u answered me my Lord
Good lord, these playoffs are taking a flying leap into the dumpster.
they need to sit Seager..Good lord he stinks right now.
Nothing worse than sore legs good lord
Shorty get down, good Lord. Baby got 'em open all over town
Good Lord! Wasn't Target 1 of the places that didn't plan to discriminate?
"Although our position of sanctification is not predicated on good behavior, the Lord expects us to live in a manner that honors Him..."
I did a thing in DS3 and a hooded person in all black is now calling me their lord. I think might of done a bad thing. This can't be good
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away.
Heard good news because of hard work😊🙌 Thank you Lord!
My idea of a smaller government is one that legislates which bathroom I should use. Thank the good Lord my government can decide for me.
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For the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a good land,. Deu 8:7a KJV
Good morning. May Lord Krishna bless you and your family with peace and happiness. Namaste. Jai shree Kris…
Good morning beautiful people. May the joy of the Lord be with you always as you accomplish your lifetime goals. Blessed Satur…
It's always good to stop and thank the lord for all he's provided for you.
mwathani ndatūngagwo, nīgwetererwo etagīrīrwo (you don’t go find the lord, he comes to you when he’s good and ready)
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. --Psalm 100:5
Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire {2:201}
Pauline Oliveros meets only fools and horses. Good Lord this radio show will be strange
"May the Good Lord smile upon you with graciousness today, and may He send His angel to bring good luck your way." - I…
Good Lord, I just served the United States Attorney General, Washington DC, A Summons. The U.S. Attorney in New Orleans too. . Lion Stuff
May the Good Lord continue to bless you more and more. Happy Birthday Sir and we love you
Good Lord, look what they asked Bernie Sanders on Meet The Press:
Here goes Brandel Chamblee on his anti fitness rant. Good Lord.
*Note to self ~ do not watch your cooking show at 10p! Good Lord...I'm hungry all over again!!
5 minutes into the Ginger Baker documentary. Not disappointed. Good Lord.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Good Lord, the River Cats have gone all in on sucking up to the Giants, haven't they?
Good Lord. Regina's about to teach Emma magic. They are definition of the term "frenemy" and I love
Good Lord, Reb Shmuley forced to drop selling price for his NJ home from $7.5 to $3.5-million. What a hardship!!
God of preservation, God of Power, God of Rescue, God of saving, Help me God! Help me Good Lord! Grant me all of my stuff soon. Help me God!
Good Lord. Jozy Altidore saved on basically a sitter there.
Good lord this phone has awful storage. Not matter who I try I never have enough
Good lord, why can't people get it through their heads? Carson Wentz and NDSU are NOT Division 2.
On Good Friday, the whole Church mourns the death of her Savior in the celebration of the Lord's Passion
When girls are testing ur crazy but u tryna stay good with tha Lord
Happy Good Friday. The Lord is so good and loves all of us so much he would endure all of that torture just so we can …
Gather children, and hear the good word. "On Good Friday the Lord said unto Syracuse, smite Gonzaga.". A reading from th…
It was the LORD's good plan to crush [Jesus] & cause him grief... his life [was] made an offering for sin. ~ Isaiah 53:10
666 satan all that good stuff I'm down sorry lord
Sing unto the lord a new song. Make a joyful noise and don't let any stones out praise u. God is good.
Good Lord! Thats all I have to say about that! Its like the 7th game of a tied world series, crowd!!
It is a good thing. to give thanks unto the LORD,. & to sing praises unto thy name,. O most High:. -Psalm 92 KJV
I know that this isn't all luck, but good lord -- everything that could go right for UNC is right now.
I would like to take this time to thank the good Lord above for zaxbys
''He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.''. -Proverbs 18:22. Quotes by DodsonEng
Good lord, KAT just hanging with Beal on the switch. So good.
Good Lord, Beyonce's cousin is thicker than racial tensions.
Good Morning! Thank you Lord for waking me up. :)
1/ Do you not KNOW me by now? If I had access to verifiable oppo, do you think I'd leave a single missile in its silo? G…
Good Lord u got 23000 followers. People with 500 followers think of themselves as celeb. Aap to genuine hain.
What's a guy gotta do to get foul called, good lord
May you have a good year ahead of you and may the Lord shower you with blessings.
good lord. this is awful. god bless Milan.
Good Friday. Let us remember the great sacrifice of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ❤️
I'm sick of seeing unclothed children of God on my tl for the good Lord's sake! I'M A CHRISTIAN
It'd be good to see you both involved in The Apprentice in some way! The banter would be TV gold!
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Good lord, that's some nasty business. I believe that would be the rapture.
Thank the good Lord for Dude, I love you.
good terms or not, Lord watch over the boy I love
but good lord. How can this still be a topic?
Good lord, might need to revisit this formation before it gets any worse Mr Floro
Good lord what are UNC shooting as a team?!?!
dear lord oh it has been a good Friday 💘🙌🏾😍
Left post, then right post. . Good lord son. is livin' on a prayer. .
Don't let someone dictate your happiness. Through good and bad times, let your joy come from the Lord! He will always lov…
wIth 6 minutes left in the half, good lord
Good lord, the Zed x Syndra comic is killing me ❤
The Lord is the only creator of all things good
Never know how life can end up! Stay encouraged and know it's always gonna work out for the good of those who love the lord ...
Good morning and have a blessed Saturday ALDUB Nation.. Give thanks to the Lord 🙏. 🍒.
J.R.R. Tolkien’s often missed reference to Good Friday in ‘The Lord of the Rings”…
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Gotta go to bed cuz work at 6. Praying to the good Lord that I wake up to Beys new album!
Good Lord! Suleiman campaigning against a MUSLIM. And never mind that the "Muslim" Sadiq K is close to Modi's BJP. Traitor man
Is it just me, or was that the best season since the first one? Good Lord do I love Claire Underwood.
Good Lord. Even the robot Kristanna Loken played in Terminator 3 would be tempting, but no. I like real ladies 👍👌
Good Lord. These refs are like if Doug Sirmons and Pat Adams had a baby.
A political neophyte who ADVISED your Enigma, Raila Amolo Odinga, for 6 years! Good Lord!
Good up 50-7 on Robert Morris in women's tournament, not even halfway through the 2nd quarter!!
You're like a Maury Povich show. Good Lord, sis. Get a grip.
Good Lord he's dumb as a rock and why is he and Kenny Smith even involved??? Stay in your NBA lane please.
Good Lord, are you now robbing graveyards? Why dig up Ken Clark. Let the poor bugger rest in peace.
One thing is for certain, both Ulis and Moody have 100x more class and character than Ben Simmons has in his pinky finger. Good Lord.
my personal favorites are the comparisons to Hitler. Good Lord why don't they just compared you to Satan
It's official: I'm going to see this Tribute to Elvis show! (If the Good Lord's willing & the creek don't rise)
So now I hear that Hulk Hogan has a sex tape! Good Lord! I hope it's not the one where he's giving the anaconda vise to Nature Boy Ric Flair
Read on Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone, and why skin color matters. Bob Johnson’s quote, Good Lord.
Good Lord. "Confederate heritage is American heritage." No, it's not.
Good Lord, why are you so fat? Must be those 10 extra servings of white male privilege.
Good Lord has become such trash. why so shoddy all of a sudden?
Good Lord ... this is a long time ago ... where ? Bri
Good Lord! She's played so much her head has gone square!
A great first day of shooting. Intense action mixed with "alpha balls vs beta balls" jokes. Good Lord.
- Praise the Good Lord!! We will definitely have a Holy Ghost Party! LOL. Thank u.
"Fair winds, following seas.." and may the Good Lord watch over the Blue Ridge and her crew..
Manning "accuser" made routine profane calls to Knoxville newspaper. Read this opening. Good Lord.
They need to quit playing so much Cheryl Crow on this company radio station. Enough. Good Lord.
Jones has a broken ankle. Good Lord that was Kevin Ware-esque
Good night World... May Lord Krishna bless you& your family with eternal peace& happiness always. Regards. Namaste
Good lord, and I am blocked, I seriously meant it as a joke. This isn't even fair ! :-(
DeVon Franklin is a good one. My Lord.
Oh lord said what's good to the dentist receptionist
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Our Lord can bring good thing from bad thing and bad thing from good thing.
Good Lord. They actually chose to keep this guy.
good lord that's going to be carnage. In a good way!
I miss my son castiel angel of the lord too loyal for his own good too pure
Good lord what a lurid idea. Do you mean the PP videos? Those were proven false and the makers indicted..
From now on Lord we pray for good vibes always to AlDub Nation
Woke up with an email from Corinne Bailey Rae letting me know a new song and album is on its way. The Lord is good.
Good lord I cant wait to get my hair done. 😣
. Good lord, go get a nap in kiddo.
Good lord that lineup looks nice, although I'd flip DSP for DLR.
Y'all is everything. I mean, good Lord...girl has got PIPES!
To come before the Lord as an offering of worship is also to rejoice in all the good that the Lord has done (Deut 26:10-11).
Good night, world. Thank You Lord for everything.☝
But if he proves he can stay healthy, good lord. That's 4 absolute studs at the front of the rotation that'll be here for awhile
I bought some peach juice and just drank it for the first time good lord it was so great :')
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Good lord, I know enough about COD. If I want the new one I can just buy the previous one 😜
This is protection? Good lord, I'd hate to see reckless abandon! : |
The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delightens in his way.
“my friend found this magnificent piece. Good lord.
Good Lord I thought the similar Gordon articles were going to be the most annoying thing of the offseason.
Crisis averted, folks. Looks like the problem has been solved, thank the good lord Gbus Christ!
Psalm 34:10 The young lions lack [food] and grow hungry,But they who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing.
The good lord is giving me more than I could have ever asked for what I do
Hinocchi's low voice in general, good lord.
SERIOUSLY people!! How would you like it, if the tables were turned. Love him, and support him, like the rest of us, GOOD LORD!
Good lord my daughter is lodged in my rib cage.
The trolls are out today good lord. The salt is so real i can smell it from here
very good comparing with lord handyman. Himmat hai to kabhi dusre relegion key baare main cartoon share karo for dekhe
AMEN LORD.another GOOD WORD, conformation from the HOLY SPIRIT for me today, this morning. GLORY TO OUR GOD!
I hate Michigan but good lord I know this man is the real deal.
Good morning Jesus. Lord I see people avoiding you to live sinful lives and then say God doesn't care for me . Obviously they don't care .
And the good Lord knows I have ZERO love for Al Qaeda bullet sponges.
Good morning thank you lord for another day 🙏🏽
God's love & faithfulness always amazes me. In the midst of trials & triumphs, I’m overwhelmed by His grace. Praise the Lord for He is good!
Lord knows they only wanna see my good side
Lord, You're good & Your mercy endures forever. I love & worship You forever with my soul, my heart & all of my treasure.
10. Good Lord you're dishonest. Dems confirmed Kennedy after personally destroying the first guy he nominated
gosh i hope to hear some good news on Friday cause Lord knows i NEED this 🙏🏾
God has been so good to me, I can't contain it!! Thank you Lord! I love you with all my heart and soul!
Good lord these doughnuts look good! 😋🍩
(O_o) Good Lord! But I should be happy they even know there was a war, being that most are ill educated.
taste and see that the Lord is good. ❤
nah i love Mega Kangaskhan but good lord I wish competitive teams weren't just the same dang spreads
Everyday, find time to just sit and think about how good the Lord is in your life. We can only find rest in Him. 👆🏼
Good lord, who knew I'd ever say this but *** I miss football...just watched an old hype video in class, got everyone catching feelings😫
Charles Barkley is providing my family plenty of comic relief tonight - as he stumbles & fumbles on players' names. Good Lord!
I know, right? Your room mate is a flippin' BEAST! I hope she knows that. Good Lord, I have babyhorse fever. ⚽🐎😜💪
Just lost our VirJinnity (see what we did there?) and we will never go back. Good Lord. Does everyone know about…
Good Lord. Ryan Suter played 33 minutes last night against the Blues. The game didn't even go to OT. Much respect for Suter.
"Sometimes the only way the Good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.". Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
Jessica cheerfully clapping and dancing along to Mr. Taxi. Good Lord please get ot9 back tgt please 😢😭😖
Good Lord, when Caroline Flint is congratulating the PM you know things must have gone badly, badly wrong
Good Lord bless me to see lil Shaun pick a college, I GUARANTEE the King family will be on one accord and fully behind j…
Praising our Good Lord and Praying for my Family & Friends! (@ Calvary Chapel South Bay in Gardena, CA)
Good Lord get out of the way Ian Clark
watching back to back Tommy Lee Jones westerns, just as the Good Lord intended.
Looked for a second like one of those Indian mounds . Good Lord
Good Lord that taxi didn't disappoint me! As I just arrived on time for the exam! Just arrived for some real mental breakdown...
Looked up info on the Seven Summits and just seeing this gave me chills. Good Lord, that is incredibly intimidating!
Cari Champion looking sweeter than some candied yams fresh out the oven. Good Lord
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Good Lord! Has our justice system gone completely mad?
not sure what's more concerning here...Clyde's "style" or the size of Kenny Albert's head. Good Lord.
Up watching Hellcats. Gale Harold is such a sexy man. Good Lord! Does he age???
Is this a suggestion from Chris McDaniel that Trump does have business being the GOP nominee? Good Lord...
Sheila Jackson Lee.Good Lord! No surprise phony Phae Phae is sitting at this table
Good Lord! How can people be so cruel? I saw a post about this today and found the source... She is with this...
Good Lord, Leonard Cohen's "The Traitor" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
Definitely need to meet a girl like Good lord has she been blessed by angels!👼😍
The good Lord has blessed me with another day to run!
O my Lord! I am indeed needy of whatever good You may send to me [Surah Qassas; 28:24]
I am indisputably 21 of 30 of these traits. Good Lord. ~~> 30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you're an Empath)
I call it "Hug the beautiful you" yoga. Yeah, that doesn't work for me so much. But good Lord, a good yoga class is vital
Just followed this thread through. Good Lord.
It's important to praise God in the good and bad, because He is not just Lord over the good. He is always Lord, even i…
Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. . Pro. 16:3. Good morning!. have a blessed day!.
Good Morning! Today it is! tonight at Robinsons Galleria Cinema 7, 7pm! Thank you Lord for how you ma…
I'm still the head chef in this household but lord it feels good to lay up while he cooks. God.
"25 8 6 7 8 I just asked my good lord for another day"
I was good a person lord knows I was
Good Lord Browns fans, the sky isn't falling if Adam Gase goes to Miami
Hey Lord Seavey great job on this photoshop u did man looks really really really good
Oh good lord. My mom keeps showing me pictures of prom dresses.
Good lord, the horse is a "Bargain Edition" model. How can this get any funnier/horror for me now?
Aww good lord the angst. These two 😊Excited for their story.
Just came out of The Revenant. Good lord.
. Good night my Lord!!!. Plss Come in my dreams!!. Bless us for more meditation, humanity and happy life !!!. …
"Bottom line is that bottom line they're bottom line so bottom line holy bottom line good lord bottom line" . -heritage the past two weeks
"give thanks unto the LORD,forhe is good:for his mercy endureth for ever".
So glad we are safe. Came back from Santa Fe from a tournament and got stranded in Vegas. The Lord is good!
I want to say a big thank you to dose of u wo showed me love yesterday may d good Lord bless u beyond ur imagination. Thank u once again
Jos 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord …
at the end of the day, lord I pray, I have a life that's good
...but I will teach you the good and the right way: Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart... 1 Samuel 12:23,24
lord I need me a break, but I'll be good by the weekend
“All things work together for good, to him that love God.“ But if we cease to love the Lord and do evil, things work together or our bad.
Thanking the Good Lord above that I am physically able to play sports!
I've had on repeat all day. Good Lord he's good!
g. Good morning my sweet Lord. Keep ur priceless blessings with us always.
Good Nite. God bless and may the good Lord take a likin to you.
For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; & his truth endures to all generations. Psalms 100:5
Good Lord. Nick Wright and John Lopez made royal *** out of themselves with Tom Herman
Good Lord all the men in Michael B Jordan's family looks good 😫 smh
Good Lord! Aidan Turner is too gorgeous to his own good in
Good Lord and - Aidan Turner in a towel on 'And Then There Were None'! No one warned me! One episode left...
Good Lord. Have seen Aidan Turner clean and pressed and I suddenly understand what the fuss was about.
Good Lord. Bishop on the elderly floor and the man next door is screaming "HELP"and has been all night!!! I'M...
Still amazed at how athletic Marcus Dupree was. Good Lord. 6'3" 230 could run 100m in 9.5 sec and bench 400 10 times.
Good Lord the Suns may blow out Denver tonight
Good Lord. Shocking stuff that, haven't even got off the bus and have a mountain to climb. Come on!!!
Has no one at production heard of a cough button? Good Lord! It sounds like someone's dying up there.
Good Lord time to download a new episode ASAP
"Good Lord. look at all the ham she's eating. Unbelievable. And at a holiday party for Pete's sake! Who does she think she is?"
Good Lord, CNN has now dragged out Jim DeMint to flog him with Trump's comments
Lot of Gator fans leaving. Good Lord, Florida just can't hang with any of Mario Cristobal's schools.
Good Lord, Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry is too much even for Ben Carson. That’s the yardstick of crazy.
Good Lord, no! Why would I ruin my Sunday morning listening to those two pompous, vile little men…
Sheriff Joe calling on 250k Americans to take up arms and start shooting if they're in a mass shooting. Good Lord. https…
Good Lord, Luke Bryan sounds like fozzy bear. Someone make it stop. This is absolutely brutal. Sadly, people pay to see this clown live. Smh
"Good Lord! So you have got a heart!" exclaimed Sir Francis. "Sometimes," was all that Phileas Fogg replied. "When I have time."
Good Lord..!! shown killed why should he leave the show abruptly..??
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Good Lord what on EARTH did they do to the stock photo in this piece? (pic is SFW but don't open at work).
Good Lord! A right-wing website published a list of hot Syrian refuges the U.S. should take via
OMG! More so today than any other day prior! Good Lord in Heaven, please protect us from this *** & evil. Amen
Good Lord! Last time I found him funny I was 11 and he was on Tiswas doing David Bellamy impressions
Good Lord, he's multiplying. Like a virus
As Episcopalians say during the Great Litany on the first Sunday of Lent, "Good Lord, deliver us."
Good Lord, This is an obvious fake from the book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."
Good Lord, she deserves nothing but the best. Keep on guiding her. i love you bebe girl ☺️😘
Good Lord - hope this is the same Dolphins we play Sunday.
Only just got around to watching Sunday's TWD. Good Lord, it hurts.
Good Lord: Thomas Davis is an absolute savage. 😳😳😳.
Happy Birthday Jim! 🎉 May the Good Lord showered you a meteors of blessings 😇 and Bless you always. 😊 Padayun sa kalamboan.
Good Lord there are a lot of Arabs in SE Michigan. I'm at Oakland Mall in Troy and every other store is run by them, not to mention patrons.
So this is what it felt like to face Cueto the other night. Good Lord, David Price is on one.
Good Lord, what did the Crimson Chin say now?
"Your youth is something of which the Good Lord will relieve you very shortly" Old Cardinal to young Karol Wojtyla
Good Lord... does this team miss Thomas Morstead.. He's an elite player and the Saints have very very few of those type guys in 2015
Praising the Good Lord and Praying for our Family and friends always (@ Calvary Chapel La Habra in La Habra, CA)
Good Lord there are a lot of hit-and-run accidents in Philadelphia. I feel like there is one on news every day.
Good Lord could you imagine Matt Nelson on one end and Brown at the other at Iowa?
Because with the right person, I knew automatically. And I thank the Good Lord every day I wasn't given what I thought …
Good Lord would you please answer my prayers and bring just 1 to Aiken, South Carolina.
Political debate on a baseball playoff night? Good Lord, man, what in the name of Walter Cronkite has got into you? (grin)
Good Lord. Did not know Michelle Rhee was Kevin Johnson's wife and he used charter schools as his Pedo Playhouse.
From dying suddenly and unprepared, Good Lord, deliver us. | Episcopal Cafe
Good Lord | 3 people reported killed in shooting outside City Hall in Inglis, Florida.
Good Lord. Trump is leading the GOP Primary Field in…Wisconsin?
Can you imagine if Jarvis Landry would of been drafted by Green Bay .In that offense with Aaron Rogers . Good Lord ...
I forgot how much of a crush I had on Larenz Tate. Had to remind myself real quick. Good Lord.
Good Lord man, what is wrong with you?. Next thing you'll be saying . Shaun Cassidy>Parker Stevenson
Might have to pop to the world's best chocolatier this week for a Jelly & Custard truffle! Good Lord! http…
Good Lord. Brent Musburger giving some ridiculous commentary tonight.
.this Ed Cunningham guy is just the worst ever. Good Lord. He was AWFUL today.
now I know. Wow! u cud fastforward yourself to March. Anyways, Happy birthday, I wish you the best n May the Good Lord bless u
Best weekend since February. Second wedding in the family. Good Lord
My mom doesn't know who Steve Irwin is. Good Lord. 😂
there was a lot of rocking on that boat. Good Lord. Sea legs. I still look drunk walking
Just quote Zaha Hadid one more time. Good Lord, is she the only architect you know??
enough about kim davis, go to Vegas, go to the next county.. Good Lord what a witch hunt !! wait until next election and remove
Good Lord! Yes you need those few hours of sleep
So many people come and go through my life anymore . Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya ✌🏼️
O'shea Jackson jr & Jason Mitchell sure did make them jerry curls look good Lord have mercy 😍😍 needa bring them back
We thank the Lord for 2 great seminars to kick-off the new after-school Good News Club year!
good lord, a Dual Shock 4 controller costs $50??? what's the OTHER shock?
Kath on a trip to Bangkok for a shoot and Dj finally face to face with his ultimate idol. Blessings for good people.THAN…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Happy Janmashtami to all.. May lord Krishna protect us all from the evil and help us see the good in the bad too...
1/3 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me. to proclaim good news to the poor."
watch out for all that danger. Good lord
Good lord. Up & down game - some were very bright & there are a few guys I never want to see again (Wood & Alvarado)
Good morning dear cherished friends. Have a nice day. The Lord be with you. . Amen
Happy and blessed Saturday to all. . Give thanks and praise to the Lord our Hod for He is Good al the time .
Good morning! Happy's another brand new day to thank the Lord God!.
Good morning friend's all world * * * * today Hindus god lord vishnu maayaa avathar krishnan jayanthi morning * * *
He said I spent five years in a bar when the good lord took her from me..
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