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Good Grief

Good Grief is the fourth episode of season two and twenty-sixth episode overall of the TV comedy series Arrested Development.

Charlie Brown White House Memorial Day

Good Grief! Did Joe Crawford issue that yellow card?!!
Sitting in the car because it is absolutely pouring out here. Good Grief!!! Flash Flood warning till 8:15 pm just came up on my phone. I was driving and that things almost scared me to death!!!
Awe Jesus Christ David Morehouse has been named President of hockey Ops by the Good Grief!
This explains why, the day of the Tet Offensive, Peanuts was four panels of Charlie Brown saying "Tốt đau buồn!" (Good Grief! in Vietnamese)
Good grief. Have some self respect.
Oh good grief, the "Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act" is being tabled. We've all seen Skippy's translation of "Fair Election…
Headline today: Woman finishes off pair of 72 oz steak meals - good grief - this is news?!
I swear sometimes u just make me want to shoot myself in the head! GOOD GRIEF😲
Hilarious confessional:My irrational fear of spiders just caused me to kill one with my desk chair-because that made sense.Good grief.
I thought it was fun but good grief so much clunky exposition dialogue.
good grief. are charging me over £150 to cancel my broadband. Which seems a lot for NOT providing a service for the next 12 months!
Good grief no. Also, slightly scared.
Squad ways in come to grief good feeling in high gear: bulPeAMI
Good grief! What kind of a pathetic statement is THAT???
Love to see cool photos of Atlanta: 😳 We need a moment to collect our thoughts! Good grief...these look a...
Apparently, double-secret probation. Good grief, what .
Good grief. Such bad spacing on the right side by the Heat on the last play. Yet Bosh got off a pretty good shot. My bra…
Just got a work email to advise that I'm going to be the welcoming voice for the companies phone service! ! Lol..good grief! !
:good grief!You are not well Madam! Do you have any idea what you are suggesting? I dont think you do.. ***
Gotta love it when u sneeze right after applying mascara...good grief!!!
These last 24 hours man...good grief the stories
“It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in ma life. It's water melowwwn 🍉 good grief
Photo: loganmcowen: Good grief, would you look at this thing??? So amazing omfg Ultramarines Imperial...
7am, still up taking care of some drunk slop shows. Good grief. — feeling tired
Good grief when was the last time Geelong copped this?
What a piece of S*** u R! U broke up with over the phone...good grief! What a little weenie!
good grief I am very grumpy today, annoyed with myself for not being more successful :-/
I'm going 75 right now just to keep up with traffic going north on 55. Good Grief u can tell people heading to work!!
Good grief! What a day that must have been for him - for them all. Did they know how important or was it just a good day out?
good grief they smoke weed, like a few million other young people. Get over it
Good grief! Some of those quotes are classic aren't they! And sounds good Ryan! Talk soon & thx again
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Maybe that was uncalled for but, good grief. 😶
Good grief... 79 pounds to post a smallish parcel to Australia,. I am thinking I may become a courier and offer to take parcels over myself... I mean, how much trouble could that be???
oh then what's the point of having insurance?! Good grief my head hurts from reading that. Lol
Good grief this pressure is killing me
Good grief. Just fished blu tack out of my son's right nostril...there's something I NEVER expected to be telling anyone ;)
Good Grief... U think POTUS Admin. is "afraid" ... Could you back that up ???
Good grief! Where can you buy a house for less than £125k? Where? WHERE?
Good grief. What is the world coming to! I don't want a corpse near me! Sling 'em in the cheap seats, no-one would notice!
Just read comments. Good grief, I was hoping I'd read his words out of context.
Good could they have thought that was the correct routing?
Nice try, *** avi guy. I'm not following you back. Good grief...
Good grief, are these people so "undecided" that they don't realise health and social care are already devolved?
Only slightly warm today a mere 46 degrees now - good grief!!! Swimming pool here we come :) -holding onto my 30s today making the last day of it before i turn 40 tomorrow - oh well better embrace it as it is coming like it or not!!
Good grief, what has Ozil been up to? "A rare black lemur is born in East Sussex
They do one bad thing and they're getting alot of grief for it; they've done a lot more good work than bad
Good grief! Look what's been spotted on our webcam! ..Any idea anyone?
sometimes it's easier to think we are in a Monty Python skit & sometimes we know we are. Good grief!
Stop throwing bras onstage at 5sos and start throwing dictionaries so these boys can learn the difference between your and you're good grief
Everyone wishing Fabianski good luck after running down his contract and moving, but Sagna grief for potentially doing the sa…
Good grief Charlie Brown how did Tippett miss that gift in front of the big white sticks? NOt a good start
Good grief, in such a dithery, slumpy state I can't even be bothered to compose a whole twe...
Can't sleep. Also don't appreciate hearing my neighbor snoring. Good grief. Wonder if he's the one who sings in the shower...
good grief!U don't need that:-DPresenting as well as signings,blimey don't know how u fit it all in!! x
jean.. oh good grief reading lungbarrow is certianly full of surprising info.. who would've believed that the doctor had such a nickname? SNAIL? oh i wonder how he came to have that?
Reminder to self: after rubbing lotion on your feet while sitting on the toilet. proceed to let dry before stepping on to the tile and doing your best Michael Jackson impersonation. ... While intoxicated. okay!!! Good grief.
Okay. I need to remember to NOT drink the water when I'm in Missoula. Good grief. EVERYONE is pregnant.
Is it me or are there no single ,emotionally and financially stable woman who have no baby daddy drama, and don't live a hour away out there? Good grief!! Almost ready for mail order. LOL
Here is a funny one...I was sending messages on my phone today and it kept changing my words to strange words. My sister said it was all jumbled. No wonder because I had a friend check it tonight and it was changing my words to Dutch language! Now why couldn't my sister read it?? Good grief!!
Paid $7.38 for just over a pound of organic ground chuck. Maybe we should start growing and slaughtering our own cows...good grief! No, I won't turn vegan.
It is quite shocking what people will say about the Duggars. Good grief. They can have all the kids they want, because their kids are not a menace to society. They have JOBS and are just flat out doing a ton of things right. It's unbelievable to me that someone would even talk bad about this family.
Good grief why do I have to have back problems? I just want to cry
Oh my god.decided to be 10 yesterday. As I walked past a park I impulsively jumped on a swing (standing up) and went for it. Today? My shoulder and neck is killing me!!! Good grief! It was only a swing dear body!!!
Amazing day at work...a client in super need of employment, made one phone call, no need of an interview, hired on my recommendation, starts tomorrow. Good grief I love my job and awesome clients
Today I saved a wild baby bunny from an old rat snake trying to squeeze it to death and no I didn't kill the snake. The baby rabbits live under a big ,old hydrangea bush under my bedroom window. I was outside and heard his high squeal and figured it was a snake after something. I poked the snake and he released the baby and both took off. The mama and another baby took off in two other directions. It wasn't 5 minutes later the baby that was being attacked ran right back under the bush, I wasn't sure whether the snake was still under there so I poked around trying to run it out if it was, the bunny stayed put. I said good grief, I hope the mother will move them because that snake knows where they are and he'll be right back, that's how snakes are. Later on I was thinking how maybe I should have killed the snake and some of you know I live in my head a lot , I thought that's how we do, we get attacked in our safe place and instead of moving we wait a bit, return and hope danger doesn't. But he knows where . ...
Ok. If I ever at any point in my life start saying that I know, have talked to, or anything with each and every famous person that dies. Please Get Me Some Help. Don't just continue to hit like if you know im lying. Good grief!!!
Apparently my one year old needs to wear a helmet while watching So You Think You Can Dance. First he got a rug burn on his forehead from trying to imitate 'the worm', then he threw himself into spins and landed his head into the wall. Good grief! Lol!!
On the lighter side or should I say heavier side . I left to be alone for a night or two. My Mom being My Mom worries I wont have food holy good grief. Chicken, potato salad ,jello salad, bread, cookies, burritos, chees puffs, soup.! 24 to 48 hours thats all Mom
Good grief!!! Normally I am proud that my two boys are so interested in history, but I am sick and tired of hearing all about HITLER on the History Channel!👨
They are VOLUNTEERS! They volunteer to do a job that NOBODY else wanted to do!! Walk a mile in their shoes and then complain! Good grief!
OMG I am so *** tired of these kids arguing all the *** time it gets old cause they all think they owe each other something u all got to quit and just start getting along or u guys wont go around each other anymore seriously brothers and sisters r suppose to love one another not hate each other and argue all the time cause one did something with one and not the other good grief I am about to just give up JEEZE! Tiffany Evans Katarina Evanss Seth Evans
If the Washington Redskins change their name to the Native Americans I'm going to become a Minnesota Vikings fan.oh, wait a minute .I wouldn't want to offend any of the Danes in our beloved Melting Pot.God Bless America? Good grief .people please Get. A. Life.if you want to be offended by something, how about the fact that some of our elders have to make monthly decisions on whether or not to buy meds or food ?!?!? Please. Be worthy of your outrage. The name of any sports team is so trivial, it invites mockery only when sensationalized by the media and carried on by the small minded.
What will be in store for our 4th Anniversary? I want Cheesecake that's for sure! Take my Boo to my favorite spot! Santa Monica Pier! Have dinner at Mariasol, get him wasted and maybe take advantage of my drunk husband lol, pull his panties off! My Thoughts: Good Grief Chastity! (-_-)
I am conflicted with posting this because Ford buys equipment from the company I work for but I feel I am obligated. I have a company bought 2013 ford escape and here are the issues I have had so far. Passenger side window needed person pushing the button the other pulling it. Drivers Side back door when it got down to zero degrees would not latch shut. Had to use a Ratchet strap to hold it closed. Nearly pulled the back hatch door panel off closing the hatch with the handle. Ok they fixed under warranty all of the above plus told me the transaxle was leaking and fixed it as well. Then the transmission started acting up and it was the torque converter. Now at 47k miles the check engine light is on and running very rough and the air conditioner doesnt blow much cold air only makes a lot of noise. Ok its a redesigned 2013 first year model. I will cut them some slack for that but good grief. Not trying to bash ford but all the claims that ford quality is right up there with toyota and Honda. ..giv ...
Oh good grief…where do I even start?  It was such a whirlwind.   1. Having the Tuesday after Memorial Day off is fabulous.  This was my first year to be able to take off and spending the day sleeping and recovering from the three day faire weekend was amazing.  Remind me to do this every year.   2. The Seahawks make some seriously ugly women.  But watching them walk to the shuttlecock game and then watching them play…was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all season.  The falsetto voices and the faces they made just completely broke me. 2a. The looks on the faces of Lady Norfolk and Lady Verneuil were awesome. 2b. The looks on the faces of the other shuttlecock players were hilarious. 2c. The look on Don Malvano’s face as they charged him almost made me pee my pants laughing. 2d. I love these people.   3. I am loved.  Being gifted a flag for my ship was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me since I joined SAPA.  I regret that I was not able to get my head together ...
I love sharing our adventure with family & friends but I will definitely bore you to tears when I can unload all the pictures from my good camera. It's amazing how many trees, curves, corners, rocks, water falls, streams, mountains, hills, valleys, meadows you can take a picture of & never get tired of them. I say that now but I may be going "Good grief, how many times did I take a picture of these things!?"
Guardian Media limited might have made a lot of money but they could at least tell their sports reporter that the "l" in the salmon is SILENT! GOOD GRIEF
Alright already...she FINALLY found me! on to the next project...I just decided for the first time in 16yrs I am out of here for the summer...GA I come!!! I am escaping for a couple months...looking for a cabin in the Northeast GA mountains for me and my PIGbull Miz Jaxsun...YEP...we are gonna adventure our souls up into the mountains all alone and seclude ourselves to make lovey dovey to the mountains and waterfalls...good grief...when my soul gets to yearning...things start happening - we be outa here come July 8thish for at least two months!!! Blessed & ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL!!! SHE arrives this Friday, May has only taken her six months of SUNdaze to find meh...BO! DONE DEAL!
Wearing my poncho and rain boots tomorrow.good grief...every time I get something started it rains. ;)
Good grief, the way Tina was going on I wanted to push her over the balcony
We all know relationships can be challenging especially if they are one-sided like the one I'm in now and have been for awhile. You just give, give give and really never get much back other than a rare show of affection. You just never know from one day to the next what mood they will be in. Today for example, I just got home from work only discover a disgusting pile of poop on my living room floor! When confronted about this, all I got was the usual cold stare and a four letter response. "Meow." Simba what are you thinking? "Meow." Good grief.
Oh my good grief is this not the sweetest little washtub delight you ever did see. Adorable. Melissa from Modern Birdcage Photography you truly captured the moment.
Good grief... I'd rather be held outside a 10th floor window by my hair than again go through turning on electricity, gas and cable for my new place back in Austin. It completely befuddles them when you say, "I'm in Italy at the moment, but next Friday, I need all my junk to work when I get there". And then they want a verbal tour of Europe. just turn my stuff on... watch that guy with glasses on the travel channel if you want to know about Italy.
To all posting about Maya Angelou, name one thing she wrote. Good grief someone dies and all of a sudden everyone was a huge fan. I heard her talk on Oprah like 15 years ago and she was boring. No one reads poetry.
Front page of the Metro Section of today's Dallas Morning News has an article on motorcycle awareness month. The article reports that TX DOT has partnered with Patriot Guard Riders this month, and are planning a ride this Thursday from downtown Ft. Worth to AT&T Stadium in Arlington. I think this is all well and good and even noble, and we certainly need to make more of the folks out there aware of those of us riding motorcycles. However...that riding group doesn't even require the members, riding in an official function, to wear helmets. So let's see, "Please watch out for us and don't run us down and injure, or worse, kill us". But on the other hand, "We don't have to wear helmets, it's our right to chose to injure or kill ourselves". Good grief!!
Good grief! I am leaving on Friday to be an election observer in Damascus. And I'm not talking about Damascus, Virginia either.
What a great first day of Camp Good Grief in Milledgeville! Here is a sweet little peek of our Music Therapy teacher, Annamarie Dwozan, with some of our campers today.
Mama was released from the hospital today but will require around the clock care for several days. Because they are in an independent living facility this requires us to hire outside help for them and for us. Please keep Kenny in your thoughts as he is handling all of this on his own since last night. I have come down with something that feels like the flu and am now in bed at Chris's house. Good grief!!
Thank you for all the BDAY wishes and notes on Memorial Day. I spent my BDAY weekend with a dear friend and my children attended the TAPS Good Grief Camp for children of the fallen. On my BDAY I caught Emily before she released her letter and ballon to Daddy in heaven. What a great weekend knowing I am giving my daughters the tools to deal with their grief. TAPS 2014 was a success. RIP Tommy...we love you
To the person who keeps reporting my pictures. if you have a problem with them then stop coming to my page. This is totally getting redic. Get a life and move on. Good grief.
Apparently I have been hacked because I am getting TONS of people accepting my friend request that I never requested? Good grief like one every 10 seconds!! Oh well, Welcome new friends
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Katie and I have been best friends for 21 years this month. It seems like I've been praying nearly that long for her to join me in the best season of my life. It's finally time for everything to be right with the world. Penelope No-Middle-Name Velazco, I can't wait to meet you sweet pea! Hugo, you're an answer to that same prayer. I'm so thankful for you and your precious family, and excited that our girl will be blessed with you as her daddy. I'm already a crybaby...good grief.
Good grief - too busy in Monte Carlo to even post pictures. Yesterday morning was some tennis - will post a few pictures, and then, a yacht cruise and lunch aboard in the afternoon. Tough life, eh? Will try to keep the narration to a minimum. - On the red clay of Monte Carlo. - Wide shot to show the view. - Dar workin the forehand. John looking formidable - playing less than formidable. Did I mention that I broke a string within 2 minutes of starting to hit in Monte Carlo? - Dar and Camilla, the co-owner of Tennis Ventures. She's a sweetheart! - The yacht. and - What can I say - tough stinking life! - Dar and the ladies on deck. # 10 - John looking kinda pirate like while sampling the hot tub in the bow. Actually most of the water had splashed out and it wasn't hot anyway.
Aww, thanks, Terry Hazelett! I AM a people person and find this forum a great place to bring everyone together, to share old memories with old friends and make new MEMORIES with new friends. I'm confident that, finally, at our age, we've learned that there is no one "better than" another. All those boundaries: the populars and "the rest"; haves versus not-so-much; east Enders/west Enders; I'm "all this" and poor little you are only "that". all know what I'm talking about! I'm NO better than you - ever - and sorry to bust your bubble (should you live in said bubble) you are no better than me. It's not our outsides that's our heart! We're all headed in the same direction, whether we travel by private jet or walking in worn tennis shoes. LIFE. Can't take nuthin' with us, but can leave a lot of people who counted us as friends. Let's be perfectly honest - we Had what our parents Had! Lived in our parent's home and subject to Their incomes. Good Grief, we've lived longer than what we ...
Good grief! Tickets for the Eagles in Manchester are £127.25 EACH! I was thinking how good it would be to go until I saw that. I know it's not quite the same but thank goodness for Youtube.
Good grief! We are gonna need to row that pirogue down the street soon, instead of the bayou! It's raining alligators here, lol!
It's Wednesday morning, May 28, 2014. The world is falling apart. There are hot spots (and I don't mean WiFi signals) everywhere ... short fuses ready to be lit and set off a conflagration that will shake the very foundation of so-called civilization. On a personal note ... as usual I overspent this month and we're now rolling pennies and nickels for the basics. If months only lasted two weeks we'd be alright with our Social Security checks ... but they just drag on and on ... sometimes to 30 days and this month is a 31er. Good grief!!! It's no fun to be poor. Better to have money if for no other reason than financial?!?!? Walked to the store this morning and passed by a cemetery. Read some of the headstones that were right there near the sidewalk. Side by side ... two graves ... one with the remains of a person who died at 86 and the other a baby who died at 2. Another reminder that we are not these bodies. We are eternal spiritual beings transmigrating from one life to another in this material world. We ...
Do you know how hard this was??? Good grief. And not once are they all looking at me!!! LOL Matilda/Toby/Halston/Dexter
Any suggestions on how to stop this?? Good grief!!
Hello Stockholm, first off, your power is out and you trains could not be operated. Second, good grief, I'm not on the other side. Traffics are crazy!
I shouldn't tell, because I'll most likely get in trouble, but Tom pulled a *** move last night. No, not that.jeesh people!! He had been out cleaning our ditch to make sure it would drain correctly. Finished that, but he was soaking wet, bare footed with thunder and lightning striking all get the picture. He had stopped in the garage to watch the action with the bay door open and that was when I went out to check on him. He was leaning/holding onto the metal part of the garage door rail when a strike occurred right over our heads, one of those immediate cracks of light and sound that made me about jump out of my skin. I jumped a mile, and Tom did too, but Tom.good grief.he was actually SHOCKED!! Good thing he was able to let go, but I was concerned for a little while about him and his heart (he has a flutter to put it in mild terms) as mine was going a mile a minute, adrenaline pumping too. Well...lesson learned, and really I can't believe he actually DID that. It's not like him. He w ...
FOLKS. if you're thinking about vacations plans to Mexico, time TO RETHINK!! IT'S well past time we stop patronizing Mexico with our money. The horrid treatment they have given Americans (ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION) particularly, the military is MORE than enough reason to pick another vacation spot!! They continue to bite the hand that feeds them; time for us to walk from them - not ADD to their economy!! Good Grief, Mexico is run by criminals and thugs who have NO problem in arresting and keep you prisoner in ONE OF THEIR *** HOLE PRISONS! Such is the case of Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi!! This Marine should have never been arrested; equally important, his release should have been OVER AND OUT! But Obama is deliberately NOT lifting a finger to assist and secure his release. He is imprisoned and ignored by our pathetic Congress. Time to make a stand and cease patronizing ANY country which deliberately targets Americans!!
Good grief, I RESCUED another white CAT at 4:30 AM. Cat was crying and screaming outside my gate. Same location I rescued Jacky last August. Looks like Jacky but hisses and fat. So I scooped him/her up in a blanket, brought inside but NOT keeping another cat. All 4 fur kids are curious but gave him/her space. Now he/she has wedged herself behind my sofa, crying, snarling and hissing. No collar or tags. maybe a healthy pet lost, now gone feral? My iPhone still can't download pics using the cable. LCHS will kill for sure... :(
5/28/14 MS/HS ANNOUNCEMENTS: Attention High School Students: Don’t forget to order your yearbooks online through Jostens at Information on Camp Good Grief is available in the Guidance Office for kids up through age 13 for June, July, and August. See Mrs. Cook for information. Attention girls entering 7th and 8th grades next year, Coach Tucker is having a summer basketball league. Stop in the Athletic Office to get information and a registration form. OPEN ENROLLMENT forms for next year are due to the main office with proof of residency by May 30th. Applications for the Cold Creek Queen are in the main office. ATTENTION NEXT YEARS ATHLETES: You will need to pick up a physical packet May 28th and May 29th at lunch time in the lobby where you will have your vitals taken. Then complete the packet at home with parent and bring it with you on June 4th to Kuns Family Medicine to finish your physical. Make sure all pages are signed. Post Secondary & EHOVE Athletes: Please stop by and p ...
Good grief! Just chased a woodchuck off the front porch.
Mr Gale. Stone the crows it’s Ricey. Must be fifty years. Thought I recognised you, Could never forget.those ears Isn’t this amazing? Maidenhead P and P, Gathered up from Tinternet What? No sign of trouble yet? No old flames re-igniting?I Zimmer frames don’t go with fighting Let’s go back, rewind the clock, Blimey Dave, how long you got? Shanleyville...Maidenhead, in our youth Be economical with the truth, We went to the flicks and gazed at the screen, Through a haze of yellow nicotine In the back row much heavy petting Puffing and panting that led to begetting. Pearl and Dean was not seen much As daring hands began to touch And slowly creep up silken thigh Let’s not dwell on quite how high, The lights went up, how very weird, Scores of hands all re-appeared, And when the National Anthem began The thunder of feet as everyone ran Jamming the exits to gain the street the bus, the pub, or somewhere to eat, The Queens Cafe was our port of call (Eat your heart out Blumenthal), Vienna Steak at a mere ...
Thought I'd hit some sort of low mark when I was offered free tickets to Kanye West. This morning an offer for . . . wait for it . . . Andrew Dice Clay? I'd rather chew glass or dance with a copperhead. Good Grief!
Anyone recognise themselves or another in this picture ? About 1972-74 . Borough Shades Coach trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum . Irene . you haven't changed very much and neither has Karen. Good grief . look at the length of the collar on my blouse !
Good grief', where did those 20 years go!
Turn up your volume and listen to this short video. You'll have to excuse the shaking picture, but I was trying to keep from laughing. This is what it sounds like when you chase tennis balls in the pool all afternoon and don't get your regular dog nap. I could hear her with earbuds in my ears listening to classical music and the TV was on the ball game for hubby to hear. GOOD GRIEF! LOL!!!
Good Grief it's chilly to be out and about in Palmy again! Huzzah for the heater at the Badcave :D It's as if I was never away...
I just took some room service up to a room, and the ol fart answered the door in his whiteytighties and black socks and a SMILE.LMAO! GOOD GRIEF, THE STUFF I PUT UP WITH FOR MONEY FOR MY MUSIC TRIPS!
So of you can't afford a shelter at $5-9/night and its gonna be illegal to camp & the only soup kitchen is closed on weekends and holidays...where the *** are they supposed to go. Wow!! Wish I knew more about how to stop that...petition or something. Good grief. Yea it's easy for that police chief that makes over $10 a year to say go somewhere and stay and get help but how are they supposed to afford it. Yea lets just take away those that actually care and are trying to help. Its more rich *** political leaders trying to criminalize homelessness but yet doing nothing to truly help. God bless him and the others...may they never know what its like to struggle bc their sorry *** would be wishing someone cared enough to help. My blood is boiling now.
First official day of summer...and a Toyota Tacoma rear-ended my car -- police, tow truck, insurance, rental car, good grief.
Via Douglas Citizen Good grief. Spend. Spend. Spend. Scroll down to the Mayor to sign a contract renewal with the Georgia Department of Corrections for fiscal year 2014 - 2015 providing one (1) work crew of inmates/detainees from the Paulding Probation Detention Center to work with the City's Maintenance and Sanitation Department for an annual fee of $39,500."
No joke ... I passed out at Walmart & was strapped to my first gurney & had my first ambulance ride. Good grief!
Good grief! Some people dramatic! You'd have thought a simple 20 minute outpatient knee surgery was brain surgery! OMG
Peter Rodger, your crazy son Elliot shot and killed those people stop trying to blame it on the gun! Good grief! A little more attention paid to the problem may have helped, you raised him, or not. All you people try to deflect attention from the real culprit, take some responsibility! Issue a statement thru your lawyer my *** Face the public in person. Pretend you care.
Good grief.! From uber-popular blog The Pop! Stereo Review Roundup... "If you were to look up the definition of a perfect "world" music album I'm pretty sure that Singing In Tongues would be next to it." 'Nuff respekt.
My 21-Day Fixers: When they order: "I can't wait to get my containers in and see what food I can stuff into them! I'm gonna pack them tight so I can eat eat eat!" When their kit arrives: "Dang! These containers are a lot smaller than I thought. I hope I don't starve to death!" A few days in: "Good grief that's a lot of food! I can't fit it all into my day. HELP!" 21 Days Later: "I'm going to eat this way forever! It was so easy. I look & feel AWESOME!" It's happened all 3 rounds!! Love it!
Good grief, people, please check the facts before you click 'Like' or 'Share'. A quick google search is usually all you need, and it will only take you a few seconds! I am seriously in a bad mood with social media disinformation these days. You know what? SHARE THIS!
Oh good grief! I've been trying to catch these two camera shy singers for a long time.blooper!! lol
I remember when I first arrived at B 55th (Neu Ulm), one of the first assignments I was given was gaurd duty. I was thinking, I'm a 21L, what the heck am I doing guard duty for? LOL As I was pulling guard, I noticed the COR had it pretty good watching me pull guard duty, so I couldn't wait to become a Commander of the Relief (COR). Then when I made SP4, they said you had to be a SGT/SP5 to be a COR, so I waited to become a SP5. When I was a SP5, I couldn't wait to be the Sergeant of the Guard (SOG), but in the mean time, I noticed CW2 Tex Challette (sp) and CW2 Ben Butler always sitting around drinking coffee or smoking cigarrettes, so I couldn't wait to become a warrant officer. So right after I made SSG, I became a warrant officer, and my first duty assignment was 1/9FA (Neu Ulm again), and then I'm the Officer of the Day (OD) inspecting the guards! Good grief! I couldn't get away from guard duty! :-)
Good Grief provides free bereavement program for grieving children, teens and adults. Good Grief also provides education and outreach to the community.
Subbing today. Health class. But I wanted to talk boxing. I asked a young man what could he tell me about Muhammad Ali, aside from the fact that he has a serious illness. The young man answered "he was a boxer. That's all I know." I said "that's it? That's all you can tell me? He responded "Yeah." Then I went back to teaching Health. Good grief!
Over Memorial Day Weekend, the TAPS National Seminar and Good Grief Camp brought together over 3,000 family members of our nation’s fallen military heroes to share in a weekend of hope, courage, and love. Adult survivors engaged in peer-based seminars and learned from the nation’s top grief profess…
How the heck do people become 'offended' by a simple statement of truth? Something that is either this way or that? Good grief!
Charlie Brown: Alright, let's get on with our play. Lucy:.. That's right. What about my part?.. What about the Christmas Queen. Hmm?. The Christmas Queen is always beautiful. You do think I'm beautiful don't you?... You didn't answer me right away! If you really thought I was beautiful, you'd have answered me right away. I know when I've been insulted! I know when I've been insulted! Good Grief.. Lol. It's almost June, and Giuliana feels like watching Charlie Brown Christmas. It's giving me a good laugh though.
Good Grief . . . Now Madeleine Bordallo speaks for the Hawaiians? Guam PDN (May 17, 2014) - Written by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, Pacific Daily News, Excerpt - Some of Guam's elected officials are concerned that the Marines could go elsewhere -- away from Guam -- with new opposition sprouting up. "If we don't go on with this, there is a great possibility that we will lose this chance of relocating the Marines to Guam," Bordallo said, responding to a question Thursday at a University of Guam social work class forum. "They may go elsewhere. I know that Hawaii would love to have them," Bordallo said.
BREAKING: Another fire just started on Bear Valley Rd, in Escondido. Good Grief !!
good grief...thanks for RTin that on to my TL at 5 AM Viah -___- lmao
Good grief the fact that rob ford has not learned anything about being discrete in his substance misuse is reason enough not to vote for him
Good grief, another polluted & over-congested day in the Rise. we need a solution!
Well, good grief - we've been nominated for Best Spoken Word Show of last year, alongside cast member Sophia...
Good grief, you could move in there with your whale! :)
A reward chart? Good grief. Can you ask the school to do a CAMHS referral?
my-gosh, devouring post training bowl of lean PeanutKorma, good grief it's beautiful ht…
Good grief. If it makes it any better, it's disgusting here in London too -_-
Oh good grief... the sanctity of feudal hierarchy. Nevermind the landlords' rights, what about the Rights of Man?
Good grief I thought I'd heard of everything but it's taking on a whole new level today...😳
Like all good druggies - died early and there was an outpouring of public grief
Good grief! Just saw a to fund 2 chapters of an In PDF! They'll finish and print the game is reach stretch goal of $48k!
Good grief! Why don't we cut to the chase and just put chains on anyone earning less than £50k pa, yah?. Ugh.
That really should be blogging against disableism! Good grief!
He's quoting the bill of rights from 1689.good grief
Oh good grief. pretty much done, and EMA very much almost started. I think. No pressure. Bring on the summer break already.
There's all these false rules in life, good grief just do what makes you happy.
Dad's singing 'Hallelujah' but replacing it with 'Aluminium' good grief it's too early for this 😩
part of Dad's defence was he's not racist because he has 'foreign' friends and last night brought home a curry.good grief!
good for you. Hope you have them grief. What was their excuse?
Good grief. That's like music to my ears!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Good grief I used to have one very old am I? Argh
JFC you know you are in pain when you dream of taking pain medication. Good grief. -_- that’s actually...
Good grief this new TVAM is awful. Everyone looks so happy. ***
Never speak Chinese tired. Dumb mistake confusing "lock" and "sweep." Actually, the two don't even sound alike, but brain fog resulted in the following conversation- "Please be sure not to sweep your room." "Umm, oook...?" "Because we're sharing rooms, we need to not sweep them and inconvenience our roommates." *Blank stare* "We're all Christians here, so it's safe to trust each other and not sweep our rooms." Finally my brain caught up to my mouth, and I was able to correct the mistake. Otherwise, I'm afraid the rumor would quickly spread that Christians apparently don't sweep. Good grief.
oh good grief! My favorite character of his was SMEE/ When did this happen? Great actor, another star gone and dimmed! =^^=
Good grief. Did you slam the bedroom door when you'd finished?
Good grief! You lurched into Sutton Coldfield? I hope the town hasn't been tainted by your degenerate ways.
Good grief, why do mid teen boys stink so much??!!
I'll be the first to admit I'm not up to par on my hockey knowledge and not a regular watcher. But that was...just...good grief
Good grief. It was horrible. Just endless freezing cold. I never remember VA being cold like that. :(
Good grief. And she's still marrying you? Must be love 😉
Glad everything is coming along nicely for this 15 page paper. Good grief. Jesus be.
Hole-in-the-wall Greek food with Dad. Not sure how to track it but good grief it was delicious.
And, of course, my TA score is 200,001. Good grief. Lol.
MAY. Good grief. 2014 is just flying by!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
All of you that suggest Byron Scott as the next Lakers HC can go rot. Good grief, I wrote 2,500 words on why hiring in the …
If buy the LA Times, who will fill the hole? Indy media! Join me @ the LA Media Reform Summit 4/27
I end up playing halo 4 and good grief its crazy. Great story.
good grief, so is everything else. . Wow, the disappointment is almost crushing I-
Good grief Flight delayed not leaving Yokota until 1800 been sitting here since 1000. Lawd I should have bought a chu hi.
May?! Already good grief. Although it does mean a bank holiday on Monday so yaay for May
Good grief, gang! Only 100 minutes left on the clock and the Book of Life's at 218% on Staggering.
We had a short amount of summer. Now spring is really coming with 2°C in the morning. Good grief!
Chicago must be teeming with laughter at the fact they somehow get Minnesota in the next round. Good grief.
Trying to talk sense into a peta nut's head. Good grief but carrots makes you nasty!
Good grief, Charlie Brown! has the best fan submitted photos in their stream. Free inspirational visual tips, Cosplayers!
I spent all night dreaming about being late for work and now I feel really worried. good grief.
Good grief, abolish the minimum wage. *headdesk*
Good grief…look at that sour puss on Mama Joyce…crop her out, Kandi.
I've just realised that I'm Charlie Brown in human form. Good grief.
Wally proudly pointing out his 'snail trail'...good grief!
Good grief! I just looked at my schedule for the month of May! I won't have another evening free until the 13th! Eek! What was I thinking! Work is threatening to get in the way of fun! Is it too early to retire I wonder?
I fricking love Nebraska! Had my air on on Saturday and heat on today! Good grief! Guess neb didn't get the memo that it's spring
Ok family & friends. Good Grief!! Carly's graduation invitations were sent out and the day is wrong. It should be Sunday May 25th, NOT May 24th. This is the fastest way to tell people, we'll also be sending out a post card.
Good Grief - I can breathe again. Until the next game anyway.
Some of guys need a portable nipple in yr back pockets for when u have yr boy-fits?! Good grief?! Man-up!!! 💋🍺😜
May already. Good grief. Rabbit rabbit etc (just for Dennis Moser of Alaska, although I've already forgotten why you have to say it on the first day of the month). Oh well - here's hoping it goes a bit less quickly than the rest of the year has gone.
Love is patient.,mine is running a little thin. This dog just loves me tooo much! Good grief.
And tomorrow the NBA will apologize to the Rockets yet again for the bad call. Good grief!
criticises over its human rights record. Oh good grief Saudi Arabia sit down!
puttered around the the patio area and driveway...yucky found earthworms and mosquitos already good grief!! a nice walk...a little chit chat with a to meditate and try sleep p.s am using a body relaxer message thingy I gave to my son for xmas...he gave it back...Thanks kiddo it sure helps get the kinks out of my back and shoulder blades
I'm gonna need a vaca when all is said and done.good grief!
I been drinking ..I been drinking. Oh good grief
The Howling Dog opens May 1st!!! Finally. I'm actually looking forward to it. Been going to the Dog for 24 years! Good grief!
Taking a break and trying to watch a little tv.this cable is awful.I mean terrible. How do you people on cable in BG stand it? Good grief! 😈👎😭😠
It's odd... How's it possible for 22 years I've felt nothing! Now so many "feelings". Good grief! Not sure how to FEEL about this ha ha. Yet pretty intrigued to see how this works...
Good grief, regardless of how well I can hold my own against a MUCH stronger 50 pound heavier opponent, I still feel BEAT UP. I'm going to be so ridiculously sore the next few days. Wish I wasn't out of my muscle relaxers, but still I'm happy
Just got an e-mail from Apple saying they were de-activating my account in 48 hours unless I clicked a link and updated my info...I DON'T EFFING THINK SO!!! GOOD GRIEF THEY THINK I AM STUPID! marked the e-mail as junk, blocked sender and domain, and deleted that sucker!
" in the I gonna brush my teeth with thus hole!?!? " First tooth out! LOL and it literally SHOT out -mk jerked my hand away that was holding on to the tooth with a bath cloth and it flew!! -she cried -then we all laughed!!! Good grief!
This child is on my very last nerve! Good grief it's like he's defiant to everything he's told! Time to attempt sleep work in the morning, even tho I already don't want to go!
good grief this heat has wiped me out!!! I just woke up from a nap that I didn't even know was happening!! lol now im just hot!
Good grief it's been a day. Terrible day at work, got home to find out that Hunter got a timeout at preschool for kissing a little girl and Wyatt got bit by another kid. Then I walk in the bathroom just in time to see Wyatt take his hand out of the toilet and put it in his mouth and suck the water off his fingers. I guess he was thirsty. Yep I need a vacation.
Home after a wonderful night at the Trenton church of Christ . Now I'm wondering, Are they replaying last night's game against the marlins? We are getting hammered again. good grief
It must be the year of the dandelion. Good grief :(
Gonna get down to 26* overnight, probably freeze my dirt and grass seeds. Good grief
Did anybody just watch Modern Family? Good grief! They just made showing dogs out to be a walk in the park!! Literally!! Jaynhas a Frenchie that he rescued off the street, saw a group of people in the park and joined the. Showed his dog is one show (!) and ends up holding the dog with a huge medallion around his neck in a family picture! Did you guys know it was that easy??? But I do love the show:)
Sooo, we're back to HOT tea! Good grief, I wish it would warm up just a little!
My dear and wise daughter Gabriela just commented to me, " well Daddy in a few days your first born (Lydia) will graduate from college, and the next day your final offspring (Noah) will turn 7. Don't you find that just a bit odd, Daddy?" grief
Some of us may have been better human beings before social media.Good grief.
Going to the doctor for this cold in the morning. Good grief
What happen to having a nice conversation, dinner and a movie, quality time with no strings attached, just enjoying time spent? Everything is all about sex, GOOD GRIEF!
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but holy good grief I am cold! If the sun doesn't come out soon. Global Warming, Shmobal Warming!!!
The Bean wanted a "cheebuger" happy meal...and what The Bean wants, The Bean gets.good grief this playground in here is insanely loud.
Omg I am SO SO SICK of having to defend Breastfeeding particularly in public. Is this not 2014 where the social norm is short shorts and revealing tank tops? We are feeding our children for Christ sake! If YOU have a problem with this and deem it a sexual act or act of indecency, then YOU yourself have DEEPER issues my friend. Good Grief, How was JESUS fed in your stories BTW?? Oh that's right, Mary went off behind the barn shed and privately fed him. right? NOPE! Good grief.
Oh my,I don't like being a mean person but good grief man that guy is ignorant!!Every time someone stops and discusses anything,he runs right over there and stares at ya and butts in to the discussions!!I have walked away from a few discussions with people because of it but got tired of walking away when he should have been minding his own dang business anyways!!No matter the discussion,he'll have input for it without being asked for his!!!I mind my business,,could care less what others are discussing.Even when they're close by talking,I block out what they discuss,,if it was for me to be listening to they would be talking to me!!Was a good day with my other co workers though :D I am starving this evening,,time for dinner!
Oklahoma botches an execution and the message boards fill up with people cheering on death like it’s a *** pep assembly, (shaking my head), those men will die and burn in *** what provokes an adult to cheer it on with the enthusiasm of a child at an amusement park? Good grief, I hope cooler heads prevail. And in direct contrast we see the Amish example- .Donald Kraybill, a Mennonite professor on the Amish "Despite their front-loaded commitment, the Amish still find forgiveness to be a long emotional process. Though there were no expressions of outright rage or hopes that the gunman would burn in *** the wanton slaughter of their children did bring deep pain, tears, and raw grief. "While forgiveness means not holding a grudge – "the acid of bitterness eats the container that holds it," one farmer explained – the Amish are clear that it does not free the offender from punishment. Had the gunman survived, they would have wanted him locked up, not for revenge but to protect other children. "In mai ...
Just back from the CIPD Learning and Development show. Good grief exhibitions are hard work...
I'm sorry , but I just have to rant. I just got back into Dallas and went to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions. There are two lanes, there have always been two lanes, so I pulled into the one that had the least amount of cars. This chick next to me pulled up and says excuse me but I was waiting in the middle back there for the first line that opened. What?!?! I explained to her that that is why there are lines lady! She continue to argue with me. Good grief. Welcome home...
Good grief, e-mails, from the WH National Security advisor, have finally been produced exposing the White House's lies about Benghazi. And they continue to lie about it, this administration has zero credibility.
Dug out my parka to bring the boys to their 1st baseball practice. I'm certain I see snow flurries. Good grief!
Good grief! Could it BE any more humid in Suffolk?
Good Grief! Colors on the radar I've never seen before! Where did this brownish color come from?!?!?!?! Everyone be safe!
Oh good grief here we go with storms again
Oh good grief!! I'm going to find me a deep mountain hollar and never return to "civilization"
Good grief, an NBA team owner in a private recording makes a few racist remarks and the media goes crazy. A White House email becomes public suggesting the Obama administration had a direct hand in crafting false talking points about the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012 and there is only the chirping of crickets. Nice job of keeping things in perspective.
What tag office!! You need a drop of blood too. Good grief. I just want my flipping sticker.
Thoroughly enjoyed the first rehearsal for Scrooge tonight, but can't believe it was 2000 when we last performed it! 14 years!! Good grief!
Today is Shirley and my 51st wedding anniversary. Good grief! Where did the years go?
Woo hoo! I found a lawyer that I only have to sell half my cold, black soul to. Good grief. Today is coming back up.
Good grief.please tell me this nightmare is over!!!
Oh good grief. Quit using the term botched. IT WASNT BOTCHED. He died didn't he? The vein collapsed and medication wasn't delivered as quickly as it should have. Considering the crime I think it was justice. What goes around comes around.
Good grief how much you miss sky when your in an hotel room, if only I had brought the iPad and hdmi cable could be watching sky through the tv!! Oh well note to self for next time, ditch the hair dryer bring the cable and iPad lol!!
Good grief! First the Governor? Now the President is speaking about the execution?!? Seriously?!? Why don't they speak on the inhumane and unsafe way Correctional Staff are being treated?!? Mandatory overtime that leaves them so exhausted their safety is at risk?!? Understaffing at record numbers, coupled with record breaking overcrowding, which places them in jeopardy every single day?!? What is wrong with this picture?!?
Good grief! I used the weed eater for like 20 minutes top, and I almost can't feel my arm! So outta shape!
Good grief, is this going to be a daily occurrence?
Since it's so windy I decided to dust cobwebs. WEL I just broke up the 2014 Daddy Long legs convention in my back office. Love exposed beams and all but good grief, I've never seen so many in one room. BLECH
Good Grief!! I apparently am stuck in the "stone age" because I have been using Internet Explorer 9. I called my website people (Triton) and the guy almost had a stroke when I told him what we have been using. I didn't know it was a problem. Now I have Google Chrome and things are moving a lot better. Our price list is now Current. Sorry for the confusion.
Good grief where did this rain come from?
Oh good grief Mother Nature enough with the flipping wind! JEEEZ ! OK rant over.
Lol...good it like 'National Funny Day' today.almost every friggen post has me rolling on the floor laughing.good day fer everyone I :P keep em coming.Love It :D
How could it possibly rain any more, good grief ! ! !
As if my brother needed any more tough-Alaska-guy cred...His new baby daughter arrived this morning but way too fast to make it to the hospital. So he delivered baby Juliana right there in the house. By himself. Before the paramedics could arrive. Congrats and good grief!
Now the guy from the firefighters' union, which isn't covered in this bill, is complaining because making him collect dues from his own members makes it harder to raise the dues. And he wants the firefighters to be included in the bill. Good grief, what a joke.
Something that woke me up more than coffee this morning was walking into the women's bathroom at McD's and finding a man with a camera in there. "Ummm, hello?" Never seen me turn and walk out so fast to recheck the sign. I was right. He was a contractor taking photos of the tile work. Good grief, my poor nerves!
Good grief, can we just let Cobain go already? I wasn't ever much of a fan of his mangled "poetry" lyrics in the 90's and this is just dragging on and on and on.
Sitting at the airport wearing reading glasses in public for the first time. Good grief.
Been wondering why I'm so bloated. Apparently, 2 tablespoons of hummus is the serving size, not half the container. Lol. Good grief!
Good grief.just when I thought I'd seen every online chain letter imaginable.
I do believe that Spring is happening all in one day today. Good grief! The ducks must be in heaven :) Fabulous day for a lazy day. Trying hard to be lazy here but it's just not working. LOL.
5k training in the rain...not fun, but I did it :) At least the rain wasn't as monsoon-ish as it is now. Good grief!
Good grief ... It's Goodgreef this sunday! :) Look forward to it
Workin on a military base I expected gun fire and such...but when they fire off a dang cannon that will jar yer boys in yer britches, I think I pinched off a couple of milk duds and a quart of oil an gave the hanes some stains good grief! I wants one them bad boys!
The heart wants what it wants. I am almost positive that caring deeply for someone/feelings of love.are an acceptable form of insanity. Good grief!
My beautiful daughter: Momma, do you remember when I used to say Princesses don't fart, they fluff? Me: Ummm...yes (sigh) My beautiful daughter: Well, I'm WAY past the fluff stage.will I lose my tiara? Good grief. WHERE does she get this stuff??
Everyone's showing up in CT already and I'm stuck in Lynbrook till Friday after work :-/ Good Grief.
Good grief, where did April go??? I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st.
Good Grief Tip Anger is common in normal grieving and certainly justified when a loved one dies due to the malevolence of others. Try venting your anger in a letter. Consider channeling your anger into constructive action. Volunteer to work for causes that seek justice and prevention. Spending your energy helping someone else can help you in the process.
Oh Good Grief! Bob Hoskins died .! So very many well known people have died since the beginning of the year
Good grief! My laptop is dying out on me! Now of all times, oh no! It needs a new LED screen and a few other things and then my car back home also needs a new engine! Boy oh boy! All these expenses now! God I'm thanking you in advance for intervening and providing for every cost. Thank you for taking it on ur tab, in Jesus name!
How can time DRAG and FLY at the same time? On the one's only WEDNESDAY!! On the other, good grief, it's ALREADY going to be MAY tomorrow!
Really? Good grief. What is with these nanny state liberals?
Good grief there's not a bone in my body that doesn't hurt today,shopping with wally the trolley is no good for there an app for old age ? xx
good grief Tim your're a bag of chips
This wind is FIERCE!!! Good grief, dogs keep barking because they think someone is knocking!!! I might get some sleep one night this week!!!
Good grief, I love oxymoron's, They are awfully good! There's a definite maybe that almost exactly no one, or maybe just a small crowd will know what I am on about, And that's pretty ugly to think about. Just act natural, no one will notice ;)
Good grief it's still 77 degrees outside at quarter till midnight! ! What the ***
Wow I do remember this, Good Grief I'm Getting Old :-(
It drives me absolutely INSANE to see someone prattling off about medicating children! People think if you give your child a medicine to help them focus at school, you're irresponsible, lazy, or just a poor disciplinarian. Good grief, this is NOT the Middle Ages, folks! What floors me most: these are the same adults spewing this crap that are on antidepressants and such! Don't belittle me by saying that I'm "uneducated" or "lazy" by doing something I think is best. I'll give you three years of my own research and conclusions before you can get the word "uneducated" out of your mouth.
Good grief.what a stunner. Then AND now.
The above sketch is all too familiar. I worked at the Balboa Pavilion when I was 17 in 1964 as a hostess for the coffee shop. Frank Sinatra came in once when I wasn't there and ate in the dinning room/bar area and before he left lined up everyone working that night and gave them each a hundred dollar bill. I went to Newport Harbor High when the girls had to wear navy blue skirts and a white blouse. The skirt had to touch the floor when we got on our knees. Ah the good ol days. I'm now a stone sculptor, have been over 36 years and live in the foothills of northern Calif. To think that all I wanted to do way back then was surf and be a surfers girlfriend. Good Grief!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I just wanted a little rain to wash my fertilizer in. Good grief!
Good grief, can't there be one game where we win comfortably?-Every Thunder fan
Good grief!!! TWC says 2.5" of rain in only 45 min time in Mobile and Pensacola!!! O.o NOT NORMAL!!
Good grief, storms again.. at least the dog is getting used to jumping in the bath tub (any time it thunders)..
Good grief I am spent. They say 50 is the new 40, today, for me, 50 is the new 70!
I'm watching House Hunters International: London. Good grief! How can anyone afford to live there?! Sara Rainwater-Lane?
Well, I just updated my iPad, because it was getting wiggy. Now everything is different. Good grief. Some days it's tough being a low tech man in a high tech world! Lol
*** . East coast feed interrupted my General Hospital TiVo for Donald Sterling comments? Good grief, it was common knowledge he was a racist before the tape... and they ignored it! Man, that man has a bank of in house attorneys in his office, he is not scare of litigation ... Leave GH out of it! Ok, on to my CA TiVo
So, Oklahoma botched the execution. What kind of ragtag group of imbeciles are running this state?!!? Good grief...
I think Bryne George is pregnant!!! All he wants to do is EAT and EAT and EAT! Good grief!
Good grief! This poor, giant puppy of mine is a nervous wreck. His 1st thunderstorm and he is a wreck.
Tian An Men Square with Chairmen Mao... Good Grief who ever thought!.
Good Grief! I logged off. There were no hunks out there waiting for me; this time the Zoosk hunks were out there. They probably haven't figured out yet either that it's a "79 year old has been" that they are after. They'll figure it out!
Social workers, teachers, nurses, counselors - looking for continuing education credits? Webinar May 8 - Helping Adolescents Cope With Loss. Hospice of Northwest Ohio and Good Grief of Northwest Ohio. Food provided. CEs for $25 online I can email you the flyer. :D
Good Grief of Northwest Ohio, Inc. - Gather. Grieve. Support. - Good Grief of Northwest Ohio provides free peer support groups for children, teens, young adults, and families who are grieving a significant death.
Good grief! Make sure he's not bigger than you, a coffee would be a wiser choice ;-) You too!
Good grief Georgia is a horribly long state! Glad to be in Tennessee!
Good grief. Even by cheap chocolate standards, that's rank.
Good Grief, Shops shut on a Sunday? Are we back in the dark ages? Then again, there's a couple of blinking Witches I'd like to see burnt.
NaMo tsunami will bring destruction, devastation & grief to anti national CONgress. Hence, good for people.
Good grief. What would it matter if he is or he's not. I never asked him if he was or not. The question was, why would she imply he is.
So much hate for the beard good grief
I'm fine as *** with my sexy *** sheesh Louise good grief Charlie Brown
Oh good grief, what an utter mess of a pit stop for Massa, maybe some car damage causing it but awful
Lewis puts a second a lap on Vettel and the field. Good grief. Probably not even pushing that hard at this point, 10 laps in.
Good grief man. Luckily your taste in cars makes up for your poor taste in moist spongy treats.
Good Show HBO One Last Hug: Three Days at Grief Camp 4 kids who have lost someone 41 camps throughout the USA & Canada
good grief. The things I do for my friends.
Omg I just realized that I still have to hide chocolates... Good grief.
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