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Good Grief

Good Grief is the fourth episode of season two and twenty-sixth episode overall of the TV comedy series Arrested Development.

Charlie Brown

Oh good grief. Democrats prevented GWBush from appointing a SCOTU…
Dang. I saw such a good *** at the gym that it made me angry, and now I'm sad. Oh no I'm going through stages of grief over butts
Good Grief! Is that the famous Radovan Karadzic- Psychiatrist, Poet & Politician in the pict…
Good grief! are for sale and Chinese investors interested via
Thanks.Trying not to rush 2 judgment (even though I do) but good grief there is a lot of stretching truth that can be checked
No I expect them to approve of a POTUS appointment after vetting . Good grief; Barry got Sotomayor no probl…
Good grief. We've had a for 30 years and things are still this bad?
Good grief. You guys really need a mental health intervention. Take a deep breath and calm down. They're his kids.
you are in the denial stage of the grief process. Good luck pal. You will hit acceptance soon enough, you all will
Good grief Shattencrap that was ridiculous
Good grief. It’s just a deluge of terrible decision making.
Good grief is the rest of the US Senate deaf? Why is there no censure being called for. This woman is making mockery of America.
Good grief, Tories are Scotland's Republicans. This statement is off the wall nuts. Her own boss Theresa May is up…
Good grief. These refs are country BAMERS.
also the preprinted protest signs. Good grief do these people think for themselves ever?
Do you libs think healthcare didn't exist before Obama? Good grief.
I thank you, good riddance, good grief.
good grief! I accidentally steal pens all the time. I often look at a pen in my hand and have no idea where it came from.
U Celebs are writing your own end! Stick to singing & acting and GROW UP! Good Grief, u r so ridiculous it's sad!!!
Oh good grief, why would he do that? Totally unproductive activity. Why are you afraid of
Good grief snowflake !! Buy your own birth control. I do expect you to purchase my hemorrhoid cream.
Good grief. At least I had some good things happen, or I would absolutely hate today lol
This is a familiar rule in grief/trauma counseling. (I'm saying this both as 'yes, good to remember' and 'wow, times are.…
Good Grief! Can't u answer ANY challenging questions? R U that afraid of repercussions from Your Party?
good grief NO WAY! must have seen something out of context. Check out my work:
Good Moring to you too Fakechelle. What's up with up that thot croaking ASPIRIN like that ? Good grief.
Good grief. He was a stammering fool. He just blurted out talking points regardless if they fell into or out of context. Derp.
nailed it. Good grief. A new person ever 5 min. Lawd!!!
Good grief, this is sad to think. He is essentially Chernobyl, poison the earth long after he's gone.
Good grief, it's a really small world.
how do you say good grief in Russian?
focus your energy on kids being killed in your country, not on an editing note. Good grief.
Good grief!! NFL is apparently just as stupid as Dems. Don't know who their audience is.
Never in my life, have I seen someone so pompous about their idiotry as GRIEF 😨
Good grief. Israeli Jews are actually on Europe's beaches to physically receive same migrants Israel rejects and direct…
Madeleine Albright: There Are Tears in the Eyes of the Statue of Liberty - Breitbart via Good grief!
You'll find anything to blame Trump's team for. Good grief.
What is he saying? Now I have a headache...Good grief
Good Grief, Pelosi how narrow minded and partisan can one get?
I took a lot of grief from some BBN about playing zone defense. Tonight, crickets lol. Length without good foot movement = zone
No politician ever engaged in political theater. Good grief, the faux outrage is co…
Good grief, he's bringing up slaves? We also use to use only horses and buggies. I'd say those things are WAY in the past!
such a good movie. Really hits me in the feels with it's themes of loss and madness fr…
Good grief, these people just reach into the dusty old bag of liberal talking points & just start reading. Hard to be more mindless
good grief if Nancy Pelosi is the best the Democrats can come up with I totally understand why they are in the tank. Sh…
Oh, good grief, that one. "I don't like how biology works, so someone should circumvent it for me."
The winner of a very competitive category was Jordan Armstrong with his rendition of Good Grief by Bastille. 😂 What you t…
Mike Morell is a Hillary Clinton puppet. Good Grief. Everyone knows that. CNN and their gross propaganda is so disgusting
Good Grief! A contestant on the lottery quiz thought that Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret were the Queen's kids.
Every time Joe Simpson says Good Grief, he sounds like the adult Charlie Brown. Do umpires sound like Peanuts teachers, to him?
This one's been stuck in my head all day! 🎵🎵❤️ Good Grief by Bastille ♫
smh, the Speaker shouldn't be telling anyone who to vote for or how. Good Grief. system.
Slept in, good grief! And it's a sunglasses day, which pair to wear? Weekend stress begins!!!
Good grief, one dog barks on the street and they all bark, including mine. 🐕🐕🐕
Good grief. Can you imagine if this was a cabinet minister...
hats off to Lindsay who has put up with everybodys complaints and grief at such a hard time! good luck 4 the future👍🏼
God promises to work even poverty or grief together for our good.We examine the redemptive grace of God
gave the Alexandria Norman Mem. Scholarship at the school. bittersweet. But loss can bring good things.
u just don't get it do u? Good grief,youd think you'd understand what people were fighting for. It's your heritage, your call
And - as usual - YOU'RE in the foreground. Good grief.
Grief feels lighter after music, dancing & good vibes at
Good grief. Temporal accuracy from a train company. I assume you were wearing your anorak when you looked this up!
good grief.Im glad they remover her to a different position .its daycare generation now running the country
Liverpool 9/7: Jutland Songs+Good Grief+Mean Jean+Oh Well, Goodbye: Hyper Enough comes out of some sort of se...
*** Was looking for some personal info when I came across this in the archives. Good Grief!!! Has it been...
Good grief is terrible. Even my idea for a jaws sequel is better than this!
Good grief. Bean counters running amuck again?
Good grief. How ignorant. Keep the race issue going Michelle. Unhappy being black???
. Perfection? Good grief. Argument at the extreme.
. You don't know that. Trump actually knew Ali. You didn't. Good grief.
How did I wake up with a bruised toe ?? It's the toe beside the big toe.. Like good grief 🙃
Running my 1st 5k tomorrow to honor my late husband; playlist keeps me going. THANK YOU
Good grief. I find it disgraceful that these groups contribute nothing to policing costs.
We are happy to announce the casting of Judith Greentree as our "Barb" in Good Grief aka Starfish. Please check...
Good grief is it a scorcher again today. LOVE IT!
Good grief! Most of them illiterate as well ignorant and abusive. 😧
Good grief. Sanders beats the other candidates by a long shot. Its too bad that America has gone full retard.
that's we always cap our parties at lower numbers. lol. Good grief! Good luck!
Good grief, it's been years since I saw a great big lump of that stuff. Fun times ahead!
the sad thing is that she is even in the race. Good grief who proposed her?
Good grief, this 140 char limit leaves me feeling like I'm talking in HAIKU. :-)
Good WONDER==>>Trump’s ‘African-American’ is an anti-government GOP candidate who calls him ‘Uncle Donald’ http…
good question. What is the color of grief, tears and anguish ?
Good grief. Do these things still exist?
Good grief... I don't know what to do about Leon and his obsession with women.
Where does this person get off talking to you the way he has? It's simply NONE of his business!! Good grief
but I don't think that's how argument & persuasion works. Apparently it involves giving out badges (good grief).
I mean why would that be upsetting to anyone??? Good grief.
A person's weight can vary as much as 3lbs a day & height an inch, but we're into the 1/100ths of both. Good grief
good grief. Any thoughts on the baseball game last night?
.good grief. Thank goodness there weren't many like you around in 1939. Disgraceful comment.
Good Grief is like Forrest Gump been at every historical event and knows everyone.
Well, that's good. *She winks but her charm doesn't seem to work like it did on others.* Oh, good grief...*Sighs.*
you ever seen Monster? pretty good anime with a lot of death and grief
GOOD GRIEF! Saucy Minx or Mother! One can't possibley be both/ anyu. thing else at my age can they!
Oh good grief! Well, I hope the insurance co are quick & efficient. :(
Good grief Serena. Don't find a way not to break
Good grief!!! I've been hearing about his 'amazing grilled paella' for a year now!!!
That's the worst dropshot that I've ever seen Serena hit. Good grief.
Good grief. It's like talking to a dolphin.
Good grief. What a time to be alive.
When I think I have it right then I read it aloud and find out that it's not, I hear Charlie Browns' "Good Grief" over and over in my head.
Good Grief! Simon Finch and Paul Nash appear to have become 'Old World Collectibles' according to an advert...
Good Grief!! Let us go back to Miss Manners..Please!
Good Grief, U R as big of a FOOL as that moron, Quin Hillyer. So, since Nutty KaSICK SAYS HE HAS THE WIND, u buy that AC?😄. .
Listen to Good Grief by Larry O. Dean - Album Reviews, Credits, and Awards - AllMusic -
Andrea Mitchell is on MSNBC. Does she ever ever go to bed? Oh Yeah, she is married to Greenspan. Good Grief, the horror
also: Good Grief in AD, The Funcooker in 30 Rock, powerless in the face of death in venture bros, Bojack goes to NM
Good Grief !! Think I would cause quite a stir if I went to pub quiz in these. Ohh, I am sure they would fit. m
We're happy to announce that the following acts will be playing the FEST:. Daskinsey4 . Good Grief. Two White Cranes . Holy Motors
Good Grief, why are you so afraid of Ted Cruz! Enough! Cruz is a great senator from The Great State of Texas!
Although one think I learned tonight, I will never have another Samuel Adams Boston Lager in my life. Good Grief that was bad!
Are attractive people banned from Yankee Stadium? Good grief some ugly up in there.
good grief. Wow someone's not happy.
Good grief, my typing skills have seemed to deteriorate in direct correlation the amount of vodka consumed.
good grief. Why aren't we out protesting?
good grief. Where in the U.S .do you live? They're voting all over the place.
I can't seem to catch a break with all these rumors about me. Good grief.
Hugh Jackman is like the hottest possible curly good grief
Oh, good grief! "America Day" upsets non-Americans? Get a grip, people. We must not lose who we are!
good grief. Religious freedom was designed by Christians, if they were a secular bunch, it wouldn't be there.
Oh, good grief. Are we about to have another Alpha ville incident on our hands?
Good Grief ! Wow! The A10 is in trouble when this guy hits the court!
I really wish you'd talk about my J-E-T-S Jetsjetsjets more William.good grief
Good grief, this broad in the baseball booth is horrible. I want to hear baseball people talk baseball, not a wo…
Good grief, NCAA...Please just clear Cheick Diallo. Holding this up waiting for academic info from Mal…
A Chris Murphy testimonial ?? Good Grief ! the representative of Man monis and Co.. Has he had a clean career like Heydon ?
you just said you would vote for Trump even knowing he is a liberal democrat over a "demorat"... good grief..
I can't find a radio station that isn't playing Florida Georgia Line down here. good grief
Good grief. Media, please ensure that people prepping stories on politics have a basic understanding of the parties.
Polico is the inner temple of serious journalism? Good grief we have fallen low.
good grief. I've been reapin' what I sow 🌾.
Good grief? New research says crying in negotiations can help gain concessions http…
Good grief when will this end, a player punches a women in an elevator and it gets 10 seconds of air time, this a year?
Good grief, is it A Level results time again already? Where has the summer gone?
Wiley-Blackwell. Good grief. They they are not exactly small potatoes. This is terrible!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Good grief. It's almost as if France doesn't want India's business. Perhaps Dassault sees (Saudi-funded) Egypt as a better customer.
Good grief, one lie after another | Dollar could suffer if U.S. walks away from Iran deal: John Kerry
Good morning! has published an essay on one of the most fascinating Targaryen Kings: Aegon III.
Good grief, you have to be one *** of a *** to make me take Uber's side in an argument.
Enemkpali should face charges. That's called assault where I live. The NFL is not above the law. Good grief.
When your good deeds please you and your bad deeds cause you grief, you are a believer.
This is rhetoric about God's perfection, not a personal confession! Good grief...
i_like_bb_stock: Good grief no all platforms have the ability
. He really said that? Good grief. It isn’t a disease if you can cure it by keeping your mouth closed.
FAs on my flight to ORD are giving the cockpit crew some (good-natured) grief over the slamdown landing here. Good stuff.
Memorializing a guy who robbed a store and attacked a cop by ... robbing stores and attacking cops. Good grief.
..Grief is right..But certainly not so good..
my coworker Was Not Aware good grief
Good grief. At 92 she should probably be the recipient of the tithing.
So proud to have directed this 1st review and its FIVE STARS. Go see everyday at COWGATE 4pm
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Good grief - can we reign in the vitriol and venom a bit? Not liking this on my timeline.
Okay your lust all the time good grief. Okay where that gun so i can shot him
GOOD GRIEF. That amount of food could kill a man.
Read the Guardian piece re Bic. Good grief Charlie Brown. If they're working on the 'bad publicity is good' theory ... they are so wrong
good grief. You haven't heard of the phrase "bullyboy tactics" before? You threaten to strike at the drop of a hat. Bullies.
"He's late. What is he doing? Good grief. It's kind of like I'm the *** " Misaka sighed, looking at her phone.
I love my niece, she is hilarious & adorable. But good grief I do not want children.
Such a good read about grief and loss:. via
"Nutella is one of those foods that people believe to be healthy" I doubt one person believes that. Good grief
good grief I don't think some of our understand how capitalism works,
good grief. Plenty of sectors of craft have some growing up to do
Good morning Beloved, . Daily Bible verse . If anyone has caused grief, he has not so much grieved me as he has...
good grief. I've been reaping what I sow. *** I aint been outside in a minute, I've been living what I wrote
Good grief, could Harper cpc mps have any less class. Figures this *** was a Harper spokesperson. Blaming a training accident on isil
good grief. I'm off to Thornham Magna. They have 0% signal there...Thank the Lord!
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Hamptons police on lookout for woman stalking Broadway star. Good grief! So sorry to read this! .
Good grief. Been doing this for 35 years and no one is going to censor me now. Insulting question.
Oh good grief. I can't believe this is a thing. I feel so old because all I can think is WTAF?
Visit Benefits our art and history museums, aquariums, zoos, science centers. Good Grief!
Good Grief - is published by Books To Believe In-we help authors out by providing proprietary marketing tools
Good Grief - The opponent of Venus Williams looks like she's wearing a nappy!! It's not a good look
Ugh Pierre McGuire is a part of the coverage...Good Grief!!!
Good Grief, Paul looks like an old *** Caitlyn McCarthy?.
. Good Grief, she was one of the Von Trapp Family Singers, for Pete's Sake!!.
Good Grief! The whole gang is here to help keep the kiddos organized all summer long
Probably got more footage. I was Charlie Brown trying to direct the Christmas Play. *Good Grief!*
Good Grief, is Ann Coulter still beating the dead horse Mitt Romney? Give it up Ann, he has been running since the 90s and lost.
Good Grief! .916a Very light snow/sleet/rain in parts of MD. It will be brief w/ very little accumulations Rain later today!
Good Grief. How did the SNP manage to get Perry Grayson to appear at their conference?
Good Grief, Charlie Brown! This little guy is the cutest kid in the Peanut Gallery!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Good Grief and Great *** - Sitting Down to Read Sarah Palin's Christmas Book While I Bake Christmas Cookies for My Family - Feature stories on Seattle News, Politics, Arts and Culture. The Stranger covers Seattle and National News with a voice you can't find anywhere else.
Today was really nice. I saw Kittyhawk, Dowsing, Good Grief and Patty Hearst. It was nice to see Eliot
Good Grief, did anyone watch the ROTTEN EGG BOWL today?
Great News! Harvard to offer degrees in Anal Sex!: Good Grief! Have we really sunk to this? Harvard University...
Good grief, why would give Owen Patterson the air time to put forward his crushingly stupid (paid for?) views.
Watchman Alert! Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines will be under water..! Intercession needed! The blog that you are about to read is a revelation message that came while I was in a dream state. I am writing this early in the morning from my hotel room in Manila, Philippines while preparing for The Show Of Force Pastoral Conference of the Lord of the Nations Church. The date is October 13th, 2014. I received the dream at around 3:00 a.m. and the sight of it is terrifying that it burns inside of me. I could not go back to sleep anymore and I went on to intercede. Before I go any further, let me build up the Scriptural foundation on why we should pay attention to dream and vision messages. Here they are: "The prophet who has a dream may relate his dream, but let him who has My word speak My word in truth. What does straw have in common with grain?" declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 23:28) "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and you ...
Good grief! If they sing at athletic events they can pledge the allegiance over intercom.
Good grief, just get to the point man, you hate me because I have the NERVE to defend people of my own race from hostile attacks.
Good grief!What theHell is going on? :( Let me find a link to this.This is new to me.Thx 4 the info.
Good grief! I nearly left my mung beans behind! D.S.
Nat. Union of Students won't condemn Islamic State Good grief, what sort of minds does our education system produce?
Keeping busy is definitely good but you have to make sure it doesn’t end up being a way of avoiding grief. I think I did that
good grief this can not be real. Awesome parenting there. Smh
good grief, I nearly spat my tea out all over my phone when I read that! He's appalling!
Our Giants win. And this is me headed for bed. So, we are 3-1 in the series against the Cards. 1 win away from the WS. In 2012, game 5, we were down 1-3, against the Cards and we still took the NLCS and went on to win the WS. That was a Thursday game as well. An early morning start tho. Good grief. We have to win. JUST WIN GIANTS.
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BC horsepower... Good grief that's fast...
"Good grief!" - Charlie Brown, when noticing it's been a week since my last stream. P3FES Ep 24 NOW! | |
A new indiegogo project: Wed Oct 15 '14 Announcement from GOOD GRIEF - Feature Film
Good Grief his hands weren't up. Pay attention to the latest news!
Good grief! That's what I get for writing at midnight.
... my amusement with humans continues... :P When an ex you dated for less than a month your freshman year of high school (...he even has to remind you of which year you 'dated' considering you haven't talked once since, oh and it's been 8/9 years...) angrily asks you why him and his wife were not invited to your wedding... Did I miss something? Good grief lol... Someone I dated and remained friends with all these years, sure... this, ... I just don't understand...
Shoot I can't afford a laptop I know I can't afford to go over there good grief.
GOOD GRIEF, PARIS HILTON! YOUR COAT LOOKS LIKE YOUR DOG’S! But the 3rd animal is more like who you're wearing. She seems to be back in full as a wearer of tortured animals' skins. -
WHAT?! GOOD GRIEF. Well that really really really ***
break out the HazMat suits...I dont want to catch whatever performance debilitating disease this team has...good grief
Did she just say that with a straight face? Good grief!
A young man goes into the Job Center in Downtown Los Angeles, and sees an advertisement for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested, he goes to learn more. 'Can you give me some more details?' he asks the clerk. The clerk pulls up the file and says, 'The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynecologist. You have to help them out of their underwear, lay them down and carefully wash their private regions, then apply shaving foam and gently shave off the hair, then rub in soothing oils so that they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. There's an annual salary of $85,000, but you're going to have to go to Albuquerque New Mexico. That's about 620 miles from here.' 'Good grief, is that where the job is?' 'No sir... that's where the end of the line is right now...
So this ended up the final result of glasses shopping. Good grief they're disorienting.
Oh good grief! After a long day of working and class, you would think I would sleep like a rock. But no! I sleep for about an hour and am now wide awake. What the heck is up with that?!
2nights episode of was *** near good.only thing is that I expected more grief.Tho grieved really well
Ha! Take that, day! Accomplished all my deals, despite it trying to stop me, had four kids in the house for most of the day (and we even got to read some books and work on reading as a group), got the dog to the groomer (and picked up thanks to Misty Troyer!!!), went to Church and even had time to clean a teeny bit! Hanging with my good grief, Foday Mashburn now and resting on the couch!
jimjamitis - Halloween is approaching so it’s time for Peanuts cartoons on TV. Also hashtag games. It's the ...
Good grief, the most insightful thing I have ever read on contemporary rap race and power... It's not how it seems. http:/…
I GAVE UP. On. A. Book. It was that disappointingly bad. That's literally only happened to me one time before now. Good grief.
Mufi: If David Ige had solved all our problems already we wouldn't even be here. Good grief.
Good Grief! Houston, we have a problem & her name is Annise Parker!She & Wendy Davis could have been evil twins separated at birth!
Good Grief! Is Minnesota Really gonna send Al Frankin back to the Senate???. It's the Senate Charlie Brown.
And some people are rich enough to collect cars. Buy vehicles.for fun. Good grief
EVERYTHING does not have to be centered around whiteness. Good grief. Y'all even trying to make blackness about yourselves.
Good Grief . Strategies for dealing with loss by Dr. Charles Brown.
‘Good grief!': The hashtag game is back: Halloween is approaching so it’s ti...
My plane just landing at Midnight. Good grief. .
Good grief. Are they going to make Ebola another PC disease?
"You drink coffee?! Good grief. All this time I thought you would be a lemonade kind of girl."
Good grief, they're slow with a correction.
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Duke's answer to the student question (how do we cut the cost of living) was...we have to cut the cost of living. Good grief.
I liked a video James Foley Siblings - Good Grief!!!
Now this really reminds me of my paternal elder grandparents. My grandfather barely could hear and just went to Sears and bought a hearing aid. As late comedian Alan King said (1st neither would die to spite the other & 2nd the airlines...real laugh riot and clean like Bill Cosby, etc.) King's father was like grandpa. He always heard a whistle.except King's father would always ask his wife"Mama!! Is the TEA ready." That concert at the Carnegie Hall had us all laughing to tears! Good Grief!! I can still feel my stomach hurtinng from laughing so hard!! Maternal grandpa warned. Us yrs ago about "The Love Bug" (in Floridá). Then there's "A Christmas Story" , " Vacation & Christmas Vacation", the original "Police Academy, " "Traffic School" & please don't get get me started on the *** films . 1st there was one classy/classic ghost story. Dad and I watched it In the dark with special homemade popcorn. It was called "The Changeling" ( not to be confused with Clint Eastwood's film "Changeling"; a true ...
Good Grief. If my dad were . Vin Scully I would call him just to hear him talk. What's his number?
Good Grief if LSU gets the onslde kick here I will like streak NEKID through the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City and get arrested
Good Grief. Mother Nature sure can be a Witch here in Alberta.
. WRONG! I have a DD214 that definitively shows my Honorable Discharge in Oct 08. Good Grief.
Pelosi&home city exempted from water restrictions imposed on rural farmers Good Grief! UNFAIR!
Not much sleep last night, restless leg syndrome. Plus, I was ALL WORKED UP that I had to wait until 10 pm to watch Big Brother! Thank you Golf and 60 Minutes! Errr, don't mess with my TV, cause then you're messing with sasquatch! Don't make me go back to READING! Good Grief. That would be horrible! I'd have to find large print books that come with a magnifying glass to read them. Plus a dictionary for the 'big' words. I think books with big words should print the definitions at the bottom of the page, like *sources* are printed. Gosh I'm full of good ideas. Sometimes I think I should just get paid for THINKING. I'm so good at it. What a life.
Books to Believe In is proud to publish Good Grief -See if an author signed copy is available!
“Good Grief! Tomorrow is JOHN MCCAIN SUNDAY...turn off your televisions.”
The lawsuit by is a base-sweetener: Mark Shields on Good Grief, does such bitter taste sweeten TeaParty base?
Good Grief: John Walsh, the Next ‘Piers Morgan’ after all exploiting a murdered child for gain isn't enough
Some people just don't get the scale of things. You tell them and they don't get it. They wade in and then the penny drops. Good grief.
this abuse line is making me wonder what constitutes abuse-9year old boy accused?Changing nappies next ?? Good Grief-xxx
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Treat others as you would love to be treated..if you want someone to be nice to you then be nice to them. if you don't like to be ignored then you don't ignore kids understand this rule better than some adults ..."GOOD GRIEF" This is NOT pointed to anyone particular it just gets under my skin when I see people think they can treat someone just any way they choose we are supposed to love our neighbors as we do ourselves
good grief Haley! How do you keep doing this to yourself?! Mail it to me ;) Or I'll get in on that Hawaii deal.
If Tom Ince did go to Inter or Monaco he'd get grief saying he'll never play...he'll play at Hull. Good move for him.
From the amount of bums I see walking with a limp or in a wheelchair these days, it seems like to me that they need medical insurance instead of money. I mean good grief it's rediculous!!!
Don't guess I'm taking a nap right now.Good Grief
Good grief man! Where are you, and do you have permission to be there?
Good grief! Texas health officials confirm state’s first case of chikungunya, a viral disease spread by mosquitoes.
So tired of the Melo and LeBron James drama. Pick a team! Good Grief!
Since Logan is used mom and dad cleaning up his room. I had him clean his room they way "I" would clean it. So I ask him to take everything off of his TV area, so he can dust it. Logan says, " Mom, I dust this off all the time." I asked when? He replies, I dust it off with my hand all the time." Good grief...
Poor ole' Fred the caller on Rush right now ..good grief.
Good Grief. Finished with listening to the final midtown of Episode 27. I know I was tired, but some of the mispronounced words and such are rampant. Screw late to make myself sound smarter with editing. The funniest gaffe I pulled of at least twice was saying the word, "prostate" when I meant, "prostrate". Also mangeled an album title twice (got it right the third time) and various others goofs. Ah well...I can't let vanity stop me now.
Gotta love the "estimates" computers offer for downloads or transfers. "2.5 hours. NO! 13 hours. NO! 11 minutes!"... Good Grief.
You can’t have a romantic conversation on two cellphones because there’s no cord to twist & you can’t feel the receiver holes? Good grief.
I don't know I'm starting to enter the first stage of grief and that sounded good in my head! let's just hope its not true
4 gross secret ingredients in your food via Good grief...
Good Grief. The temperature has dropped from 24 to 15 degrees over 1.5 miles on the way back round the M25 when it started raining.
Good grief, that Lean In woman's ideas are *so* dreary: No life except work, and *everyone* must "start a family".
Good grief I have the weirdest dreams.
What the *** does a "racist epithet" have to do with the price of tea in China? Good grief you are a truly drone-like leftist
Good grief...? *Sherlock raised an eyebrow at AJ, staring into her eyes via the mirror with a soft smile on his face. The --
- smiling* Y'know, I don't think my mum was joking... *She told him with a raised eyebrow and smiled* Good grief...
"In our grief we know that death must be a liar because no goodbye is ever good enough"
I don't know what I want right now man. Good grief.
Good grief is that the time! has just started with the all your local news and in a very tight outfit!
Good grief Leonard Cohen might be classic but hearing his music played VERY LOUDLY by my neighbours makes me somewhat suicidal I fear gr. He's a miserable sod-Leonard Cohen-sorry fans.
Good grief. Why not discharge her then or send her out here.
Oh good grief, I'm the 17th person in line at the Post Office and there are only TWO clerks?!?!
Good grief. I hate this kid. I don't think I've ever hated a soap kid as much as I hate Spencer. He's insufferable.
Helping Brianna register for college classes. Good grief, this is really happening.
Good grief, CNN. parents murder their kids all the time. You don't have to stretch each one into a year long news event.
Good grief! And yes,typical,blame on anyone but them! Harder&harder,to find mechanics who are competent&somewhat honest.\:
.- Good grief, get off the race card and quit being a bigot. Find God.
The hits just keep coming. Good grief!
Watching Jeffrey Toobin in the lobby, he's just awful. Good grief.
This North Carolina girl will not complain about the gas taxes in NC after moving to SC and paying my vehicle taxes. Good grief! Feeling a bit shocked
Good grief. . What do you plan to do with that phat settlement?
Good grief. How is it almost 1pm already?!
So many people do not believe the scale, the mirror, or their percentage. Good grief! Now that's insanity!
The new ubiquitous favorite of talk shows: Arsalan Iftikhar. Are these channels now trying to turn him into a 'leader' …
Good grief You look younger and better than me, and I'm a pretty cute 28 year old redhead ;)
Argos what on earth is wrong with your website?! trying to buy items for 4 days now and all i get is ERROR 400. good grief
Tom Ince has turned down Inter Milan for Hull City. Good grief.
When will people learn to read & comprehend? Good grief! She didn't say she wanted to be on the view.
Yeah we get it. Your boyfriend is your MCM every week.. Good grief
In times of grief, it's good to be home. @ Cidra, Puerto Rico
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“Therefore I am not good enough to be loved AND I don’t even love myself."
On "It is difficult to speak about this stuff, there are no words. Good grief, I was in my 30s and i couldn't speak."
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