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Good Grief

Good Grief is the fourth episode of season two and twenty-sixth episode overall of the TV comedy series Arrested Development.

Easter Bunny Stevie Nicks

So sick... can't hear and sweating with the ac on. Good Grief!!!
Don't even bother to ask me the question. good grief Gert! Hasn't anyone ever heard of a bolt breaking ? Like the 'one' that held the engine on the jet that crashed outside of Chicago O'Hare . a few decades ago?
Good grief how long does it take to cook some food! @ Applebee waiting waiting. ...
Weatherman just said we would have wet drizzle.glad he cleared that up! You gotta hate that dry drizzle, good grief!
Just got to FaceTime with Zach. Good grief we miss him! So proud of him, but wish he could be closer to home...
Finally off and home!! Well over my grandparents. But good grief! Floor set was a pain!
Good grief.could the Mariners be worse than last year?
Oh good grief. I was certain I had a head of cabbage in the refrig so planned to use it in a recipe for Easter dinner tomorrow. I was in the grocery store earlier, I had money. I could/would have bought cabbage had I realized. So now to come up with plan B. Of course the stores here are now closed until Monday. So what do I have on hand? LOL
Watching the Ten Commandments- a movie integral tomy childhood experience. David West Hays and I still hold entire conversations in Ten Commandments dialogue (but that is another, weirder story -). But , good grief…Acting in the 1950s is just well, Corny is the word I am looking for.
Oh good grief... It's Bon Jovi cover band but it had to be done... And they're *** good!
Good Grief! Between dying eggs last night and making colored icing tonight my hands look like they were attacked by a rainbow. A very angry and mixed up rainbow!!! :P
When someone deletes you shouldnt that mean leave them alone?? Good grief
I swear I have to have the only child in the world who is freaking out about the Easter Bunny is coming tonight and she's scared of it. She told me not to let him in tonight and make him leave the basket outside. Good grief
TICKS!!! Gees, the dog is covered in them!! Good grief! Apparently the are raining down from the sky. I got to work on my 4th day there and felt something crawling on my shoulder. I figured it was an ant because those little fu$kers are overtaking us. Reached back and found a TICK!!! I was quietly freaking out trying to stab the little *** with my pen. I'm sure people thought I was an insane person. Finally had to go throw it outside. Made me itch and generally gave me the heebie jeebies all day!!! Gah!! Time for a varmint and insect bomb!
Just go back from Walmart and saw the Easter Bunny. SEVERAL TIMES !! :-) Good grief folks. it has been "creeping up " on us for weeks now!! No need to hord, ransack & pilfer the candy isle in droves ;-)LOL
I guess everyone is saying good grief what's up with Chuck posting all these KariJobe videos. I just had to cause the Holy Spirit came by while me and Sharon were listening to it. What a thought provoking song blessing. If we really grasped what Jesus has done for us all we would crawl through stinking trash on hands and knees to thank him for saving us. If we could just help people see how alive and magnificent and powerful he is and how much love he has for us they could not refuse him. He is alive and resurrected and preparing us a place in heaven. The messiah has come and been rejected and crucified. But now he has been resurrected walked and ate again with the disciples then transfigured and is right now sitting on the right hand of God making intercession for us. Praise him oh ye people. God is not dead and you don't have to have a movie to know it. Let go of your fears and listen to what the Holy Ghost is telling you quit rebelling against your conscience. Quit worrying about what people think caus ...
Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are phenomenal… Good grief!
Why is Easter turning into kids getting gifts like it's Christmas? Good Grief !
Tonight Carter asked me if cartoons were in black and white when I was a little girl.good grief
You want to see a grown man act like a toddler again? Take him to the carwash. Good grief.
Good grief just got home from the movies.. The boys are playing out back with sidewalk chalk can't resist it keeps singing This Is Awesome from the Lego movie. My boy & nephew crack me up. Lol. :p Megan Marleen, Carla Dean, ♥♥♥♥
Are the Pacers being paid to play this bad?! Good grief!
Oh good grief..I wish my kids would just go to sleep. This Easter Bunny is tired and would like to go to bed! :)
I don't care if you're a customer. If your kids keeps getting on the bag swirl thingie after i already said that they need to get off the first time, i will snap at your kids. Good grief
Why do I watch shows like Dateline all alone? I'm just waiting to be kidnapped now.good grief!
Good grief. I bought WAY too much candy. I must have been hungry.
Good grief, making my 3rd trip to Walmart in one day! You know, there was a time in my life when I was super organized and prepared for everything! For the life of me, I can't figure out to get that back!
I had no idea there were 5 bazillion winery's in Woodinville. I really need to get out more. You could just walk from one to another all day long and never visit them all. Totally nuts. I had to quit "tasting" two wineries ago. Good grief!!!
You know your getting old, when the Umpires are younger then you. I thought that would never happen. Good grief!
This had to be the cutest customer we had all day:) and good grief our JBird is getting so big! Seems like yesterday he was the chubby 1 year old.
Oh Good is still raining!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I've been selling those lotions ALL day long. I have sold 124 since 7:00 AM today. It is now 5:10 PM. WTH is the problem??? Good grief. At this rate, the time will expire! G-r-r-r-r I sure hope all my friends and neighbors are not having this problem. ;-)
Good grief,, just saw a lose brown and white chihuahua on las padres above laguna no collar..again
Good grief...15 minutes from home and someone HAS too pee right now. I guess its better than earlier when our son tried to pee in a cup and sprayed the whole front two rows. I guess vacation is officially over.
Good grief, I spent two hours running errands for Easter stuff, got home and cooked dinner, then realized.I DIDN'T GET ANY EGGS!!! Sending an uncooperative Bill to get some since I've already changed into my bunny jammies. 👯🐣🐰
Good grief! Were we really this young at one time??? I'm getting ready to give a speech for something! Memory is gone now so I don't have a clue what I was doing up on the stage in the girls gym! Oh boy!
Good grief, if this rain doesn't let up soon, I think I'm going to have to build an ark...
Why don't people have a sense of humor these days,good grief!
Good grief, the blood sugar levels in this house are through the roof already and it's not even 8am. Thank god Easter Bunny only comes once a year, because my blood pressure levels are rising in direct proportion.
Leeeverpule or Citeh? Good grief there is no choice... Neither...both...neither... Eeeughh, Citeh! It would have to be Citeh!.I feel so dirty!!!
Good grief!! People pass away and I go on a "share my feelings" rampage.. Leaving no good thought, memory, or feeling unspoken. Beware y'all: one of you could be next!
Can we not get a real kick at Alabama. Good grief, I always think of it as a failure if we have to kick a field goal. If we have to, how about we actually get one who can hit a field goal. I mean has Phillip Doyle not had kids yet. That was the only kicker, I ever liked esp. When he pulled out them six shooters against Tennessee.
Good grief...just tried to call my Sister Cheryl Little and...and what was I ever thinken...duh...she be taken her afternoon know when wa-laa calls ya gotta answer...I keep trying to tell her over an over she can sleep when she's dead...darn stubborn broad!!! ya Sista
Can not feel my legs or butt but I finally made the journey from algoma to houlka. Good grief it up hill the whole way
Front porch resting.watching ALL these cars go by.where in the heck are all these people going? Good grief! Never realized Mt Holly was such a high traffic area. If this keeps up we may have to see about putting up a traffic light downtown!! 🚦
As if finding one bad link in your newsletter isn't bad enough, I had to find two. Good grief. The MailChimp is against me today. Please accept my apologies. I will post the correct links in the comments. Here's the main link to the newsletter:
Little Giant Ladders
Good grief the beach is almost empty today. Sure hope we make enough for our portapotties.
Good grief...who knew one person could be so messy. I have been trying to clean this house up on and off all day...still got a ways to go and cooking some in between. Having the family home for Easter dinner and an egg hunt sounded like such a good idea at the time :) just kidding guys. you know I love you so!
There is a traffic jam in the parking lot at Cabela's! Good grief!
Great... My dad wants to buy me another Margarita. Good grief!! Okay!! ;p (only if you insist)
NBA playoffs start today and end like Labor Day or Thanksgiving good grief!
Good grief, just been the loo just looked in the Mirror Haven't half caught the son sat in Sammy and Grants back garden, I look like Sebastian of the Little Mermaid LOL
You don't realize how much you look in your rear view mirror until you have balloons in your back seat! Good grief! 🎈
These houses on I'd burn them to the ground-there would be no cleaning that crap.good grief!
Good grief ... after all these years I still have to look up/call Mom to remember how to make hardboiled eggs! :)
What is this ? "STARE AT JC DAY ?" I know i'm sexy and all, but good grief !
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I know ive said it before, i HATE walmart. Stood in line for 20 minutes for one thing. This woman kept bumping into me so i say "is there a problem?" She just looks at like the first time someone ever spoke to her. Good grief.
Out of sheer habit, this doh-doh bought a dozen brown eggs to dye for Easter🐣 Good grief. No idea what to do with a dozen hard boiled eggs after Easter, never mind 2 dozen. So irritated with myself.😤
GOOD GRIEF CNN "The Plane, The Plane ! Is there not any other news you can report on? We do not know any more now than we did when it was first reported missing! I feel sympathy for the familes whose loved ones were on this plane, but all you're reporting is the same thing over and over.
Dear music artist, Every song you sing or write doesn't have to be about sex. Good grief get another topic or educate someone. Ughhh freaking radio stations. Just saying.
This is not the MTSU from which I graduated. Good grief.
Good grief. I threw on metal music to drown everything out so I can work on this stupid waste of time Sr. Sem. and its not working anymore. Help.
Happy Saturday and Hello to yet ANOTHER rainy day in Wilmington North Carolina!! Good Grief everyone!! Now I know WHY it never rains in California!! Cuz North Carolina HOGS it ALL!! Ee!!!
Good grief. I'm following the vets advice to get Hope to stop nursing on Sami. I bought alternative "comfort" items for kittens abandoned by mothers, got calming herbs.and she loved it all and left the dog alone, UNTIL Sami moved into her space sat on her alternative nipple, rolled over and pulled the kitty on her belly then went to sleep. I have two codependent pets. Time to fix the dog insecurity as I pull the nursing kitten off a sleeping dog.
At a birthday party at Spectactical Laser tag in Madison. Good grief people...PLEASE learn how to conduct business before starting a business!!!
Has been down with strep and laryngitis all week, good grief I wish I would've just stayed in bed yesterday instead of pushing my luck today I feel even more ill! Wishing for traditional meds instead!
Good grief.Nicole Trezzo freaking out about a baby squarl (sp?) Running around the store already made this day fun.
Go to grocery store and forget half the things I went for, make a list Mike, good grief
Good Grief.Husband is watching this goofy movie on the SyFy channel...supposed to be a scarey movie I think...low budget with big boobs and I'm gonna eat and head to my sewing room. Have a GrOoVy DaY FB~World
Good Grief!! Stores are really pushing sales on toys for Easter and not just candy. Next thing you know it's going to be 2nd Christmas or something. That is so wrong. My husband is right. Businesses are destroying the true meaning of the holidays. And people are buying into it. The pressures is on. If we don't do like everyone else our kids will feel left out. Such an awful shame.
As a kid I loved the bike ride from Christie to heysham and a glass of this. I tried it as an adult. good grief yuk
My nephew watches badminton skills on YouTube. ..goes for professional tournament and beats state players... kids these days really learn everything from YouTube. ..good grief...
And the hangovers hurt more than they used to🎶.good grief.
Good grief, I feel like I'm heading to Williston, ND again but luckily Wade and I drove all night to Terry MT to pick up Wade's new pup. As soon as we meet the gentleman with the pup I'll post a picture of Wade and the new member of Wade and Sue's family.
GOOD GRIEF...not use to having a long weekend! Thought all day yesterday was Saturday.HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND friends and enjoy the SUNSHINE!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
.WHAT? U TRUST THAT kind of woman to handle food? Good Grief, Charley Brown, she might have castrated pigs in Iowa!
Good grief! I have finally left the kitchen! I've been standing for hours, and have washed so many bowls and utensils that we're out of hot water! And we have a huge hot water service :o I've made Kalamata Olive & Artichoke hummus, Jaffa Avocado Mousse, black rice, and no-cook breakfast! Sheesh! Am I thinking the famine's going to start tomorrow?
Oh good grief. Yesterday is pretty hazy after heading out, I vaguely remember round for a pound, a million cigarettes and Swedish twins. I also remember remarking "Splendid!" when the kebab shop bloke confirmed he was open and feeling very English. Good night
Good Grief! Ashley jumped up into the van by herself today after I left it open when we arrived home from the ribbon trial! Talk about a leap of faith!
A girl just got on my bus with a giant badge saying "18 today!". Now I'm thinking of my 18th birthday and how different my life was back then. Good grief I have come a long way.
The power has been out for 18hrs, good grief! At least it's back on😰 now! We're having a dinner party tonight, it helps if the oven works😳Melcome Fasika!
Good grief hate when insomnia kicks in!!!
Good grief another nite of no sleep. Worried about my child. When ur a true parent you kno that no matter how old they get u always worry but when u kno ur child was over 1500 miles away an she was left to sleep on a street all u want to do is see them an make sure they are ok... I have one daughter an nothing can replace her an no one can understand what she has been through these past two weeks so before pple speak or judge sleep on the street dont eat an then maybe speak on it. I love my kids no matter what we go through an I will fight for them till the day I die. love me like me hate me I really dont care my kids will always come first.
Good grief! Me and my big mouth...i'll never learn. Can someone wire my mouth shut!? I had to go and voice an opinion on a site that had more knowledge then i could ever hope of having. I tend to get frustrated when someone says i can't call Jesus Yeshua, honor the feasts and maybe label me a greek. I want all of Jesus/Yeshua!...from Gen.- Rev. I won't pick and choose scriptures from the old and new testaments/covenants to fit my need at the time. When i met Jesus/Yeshua He did not give me half of him. He gave me all of him. ...darn now i need another box of puffs!
Oh good grief. Night at ER is over, but they did want to keep me (again!). I said no b/c I still have meds left over from Sept. So plan is to take them thus weekend and call doc on Monday.
Good grief. I'm trying to get skipper to settle down to go to sleep.I swear he is worse than a two year old. Im singing him lullabies but I think I am inducing seizures.
Grooming my horses is one of the things that totally relaxes me... That is still true with everyone except Z!Good grief she hates it... I could have won a speed trial and gotten extra points for dodging all her attempts to kick me (if there was such an event!!)!! Good thing I love her cause she's a nasty old bat!!
I have been nearly 100% wrong in my picks for tonight's fights! Good grief!
Almost all corn is genetically modified. Good grief, my daughter used to date a man whose grandfather won a Nobel prize for work on corn genetics. I thought it was cool then. Don't touch it. Corn chips (which I've never liked), corn on the cob, corn anything. I won't even grow it anymore.
Good grief. Don't drive on N Rangeline tonight. cops chasing people down right and left, pulling over
Last night it was my microwave that died. Tonight it's my dryer!! Seriously?? Good grief!
Dear dog no more cheese for you unless you are laying outside.good grief...gagging here with shirt over my face.lmao
Good grief! As if I need another
It is hard to pack for just a carry on for such a big weekend! Minimize to the max! Good grief!
Why does Toy Story 3 make me cry every time? Good grief.
Is it just my kids?? Anyone else having attitude issues today?? Good grief... vacation just began and my kids have been INSANE!
I registered for Medicare today. Good grief. When did I get this old?
Good grief how many time can these kids watch Frozen!
Well you can all follow my tears to my house if you're lost, cause this mom is crying a river. Good grief if seeing him in a tux on prom night gets me this messed up, God help us all when that boy gets married.
Good grief!! I think all of Morganton is out today getting their haircut!
Good grief. I have 4 amazing kids. (2 of them GREW in my BODY!) I've worked for myself for 16 years. I've written a book for a major publisher. I've spoken to 12,000 people at a time. (& they liked it) LOL And yet... 10 minutes on Pinterest makes me feel like an underachieving, unskilled, lackluster slug.
Good grief. When are they going to make it against the law for people to smoke with children in the car?? Absolutely selfish!
Oh good grief. Today Shakes pondered two things. First, if gluten free bread toasts as well as regular bread (because the lack of gluten might change the toasting abilities. "Does it?" *maternal facepalm*) and second, how to make a chocolate milkshake. He's been drinking them for about 7 years and it's just dawned on him to wonder what they are made of. This involved a lengthy conversation, a blender and the decimation of the vanilla ice-cream. I also had to explain the difference between hot chocolate and milkshake. Really? Conversations with my child usually leave me in a state of stupefied confusion, bordering on the perpetually irritated while I force myself - through lack of eye contact and gritted teeth - not to lose patience with his meandering brain and rapid sketching between two topics, linking the most arbitrary things together. (We have red sand - from the Saharan desert - in the air atm so he asked "does that mean we have to wear sunglasses in case the sun reflects red lasers into our eyes fr ...
Good grief they are already talking about another farm!!!
$345 to replace my Certificate of Citizenship, it's a REPLACEMENT people, good grief! An initial copy is $600, THAT'S where the research and verifications come into play. I just don't understand why typing in my name and hitting PRINT again constitutes $345 freaking dollars in processing fees! Gr!
If I hear one mo thang bout Mimi and Nikko!!! Who cares??!! Mimi ain't the only one who dun hung off a *** shower rod!! Good grief!!
Weekend away with my bride. Good grief I love road trips!!!
Good grief didn't realize candy was so expensive lol
Can Muslims not just let other Muslims be? Good grief. I understand the good-spirited intent, but I'm beginning to believe that the premise that the video is a beg for acceptance is itself problematic. "Why should Muslims have to show that they are normal to be accepted" and "I don't need to demonstrate my humanity by participating in a viral video fad" all assume that the people in the video are IN FACT abnormal, demonstrating behaviour foreign to their reality as Muslims in Britain. This is not true, we are a diverse peoples as we so often like to remind the outside world, yet the fall-out itself raises the Q of how we understand Muslim-Western being and expressions thereof. I find it ironic that it is Muslims perpetuating this narrative and I really wonder who is doing the harm here. Khallas.
You would think it was Christmas at Walmart today! Good grief!
Good grief! The scary part about springtime is among us...people dressing!
Oh good grief! There was something on the floor in the dimly lit hallway this morning. So.. assuming it was something the cat regurgitated, I picked it up with a couple pieces of tissue. I wandered into the bathroom bleary eyed (as I was still waking up) with my bundle in hand, looked down at it trying to focus. It was the top half of a rat. Enough said.
I still have curious thoughts about the manipulation of the weather. Here we have the 14 and 15th of April, 2014 where the Blood Moon should be easily seen on the North American continent.But NO.we again have rediculous weather patterns NOT indigenous to this time of year without being manipulated. Am I the only one who has these thoughts? Good Grief, I hope not. (We had 81 degrees F. day before yesterday 68 yesterday and last night 32, high 40 today with blooming Red Bud trees, daffodils, hyacinths, jonquills, buds on my Lavender bushes and snow on the ground again with 28 d. tonight. I rest my "friggin'" case!!!
What is wrong with journalists? Apparently they have no understanding of sentence construction. Latest headline: Prosecution insists Oscar Pistorius shot Reeva Steenkamp during cross examination! I thought he shot her through the bathroom door! Good Grief!
Watched Cloud Atlas then Hunger Games Catching Fire I guess its no way in *** I can get them 5 hours back Good Grief
I'm sorry but I hate pugs so much now! Good grief that's off my chest. Especially your pug.
Such a good commentary on the digital reaction to the sad death of
OH MY Goodness... waiting for his head to spin, good grief!
good grief I wish I didn't get my feelings hurt so easily 😕
"Very good piece from Tanya Gold on Peaches Geldof: definitely worth a read
good grief, 8:25am and I'm wanting a 3rd coffee. Yeah, why not.
good grief. People might have to walk a few hundred metres
Two weeks!? *Lets his head fall against the tile floor.* Good grief...
from self reliance to victim mentality. Good grief!
Hm. Intended to go to sleep really early tonight and here I still am. Aye Karamba! Good grief...good night!
good grief. Met knew of this & did nothing? >BBC - Victims' fury over 'corrupt Flying Squad kidnap plot'
If he don't hurry up and pick a movie so he can lay TF down already imma scream 😑 good grief!!!
Spend 6 hours trying to figure out what you're going to wear and only take up 3 outfits minus the pajamas. . Good grief!
GOOD GRIEF. Don't like being the only girl in the gym 🙅
Good piece on Peaches Geldof, celebrity, death and social media via
Now the "22% Party" wants to do more self destruction. Good Grief!
good grief! I hope you didn't have that dream again!
why?! It was a freaking madhouse 3 weeks ago good grief. What about all the high schoolers that are openly drinking beer??
Good grief, This is a ridiculous time for someone to be getting up!! Have I really got to do this for the next 40 years!!
Good Grief! You hear that sound and you might as well kiss your *** goodbye... I imagine they'll be night ops
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Good grief, dont anyone want a good printer/scanner £20 it's a snap
"He's digging up a corpse!" "Leave him alone! He must see if it truly is his brother!""Good grief man!"
is missing a lot of amazing talent this season. Why is there no Good grief - what was t…
good grief, I'm stressed myself out today husband left home this morning for work at 7 am... getting ready for seeding...draining the lakes of water in our yard and is still outside at this hour cleaning grain. and I turn on the national news and all I hear is one politician saying.."well that other politician called me a name...blah blah blah... get a real job you *** retentive SOB.good grief what has this country come to.
So the bed sheets nearly gave me a heart attack! I'm laying in bed all comfy and watching the YouTube on my phone and all of a sudden it feels like something jumps on my shoulder I about fell out of the darn bed! The stupid sheet slid off the corner of our mattress and bounced into me! Good grief man!! I can just see the headlines now " woman scared to death buy bed sheets! " lol I'm a wake now !
And that, folks is why these announcements are still news. Good grief. That's 10 seconds of searching.
Whenever I hear about the new board members of the ASG Retirement fund, I cringe. I'm ok with Beaver *** Ching but the others? Good grief.
I'm listening to the Simsimtapa thing again and good grief Jimin's acting is just
I tried to offer a compliment and u just smacked it to the ground. I mean good grief
Sleep must be so over rated in my mind ... Good grief why can't I ever go to sleep? But since I am awake .. Only man I want to hear singing to me
Good grief how did I get sucked into working tonight???!
Good grief I wanted to go to bed but now this is a close game.
Lynny Bishop via Robert Boesnach 29 mins · Good grief. Did you know that the lawyer representing the "legal highs" industry is none other than James Dunne? Yes, he is the son of the drafter and promoter of the Psychoactive Substances Act, Peter Dunne -protector of the alcohol industry. Conflict of Interest?? Seen any mention of this in the media?
oh no! Not those crazy Westboro freaks again. Good grief. Who can take pleasure spreading hate?!!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Ethel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair and loved to charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel, and getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of a picnic, the other residents tolerated her, and some of the men actually joined in. One day, Ethel was speeding up one corridor when Fast Eddie outstretched his hand. "STOP!" he shouted in a firm voice. "Have you got a license for that thing?" Ethel fished around in her handbag and pulled out a Kit-Kat wrapper, and held it up to him. "OK" he said, and away Ethel sped down the hall. As she took the corner near the TV lounge on one wheel, Weird Harold popped out in front of her and shouted, "STOP!" "Have you got proof of insurance?" Ethel dug into her handbag, pulled out a drink coaster, and held it up to him. Harold nodded, and said "Carry on, ma'am." As Ethel neared the final corridor before the front door, Crazy Craig stepped out in front of her, stark naked, with a very sizable erect ...
Good grief. Having to get out of bed at 6 in a morning. Not good
Never in one million years. Good grief that was horrifying to watch.
Good grief! I've used those loos! All they know about me was that I had pumpkin soup for lunch.
So I was outside roller blading after work. Was wearing glasses. It's cold, windy and foggy up here on yonder Twin Peaks. Bad combination. Each time I took a breath my glasses would fog up and I couldn't see cars coming. I was headed for the barn, heard a car coming, panicked (Mayday! Mayday!) and summarily wiped out. Now I have cuts on my knee. Good grief!
Apparently suspending VEISHA did nothing? Campustown is in the middle of another riot right now!? Good grief! Awful!!!
Good grief! So thankful for my family & for the testimony we heard tonight. Perfect example of how great The…
Good Grief!!! I hope you stayed up to watch Stevie Nicks perform with The Roots. Man that was smokin'.
I forgot to call my Rheumatologist this morning and I was supposed to meet my aunt at the church today and forgot that. Good grief.
there's permanent indention between my cheek and mouth cause I've been smiling so hard 24/7. good grief☺️😁
This book has got me crying over here, good grief.
“How dare the Atlanta Braves burn the American flag! GOO…
they won't necessarily be tortured to death THATS For me BUT GOOD GRIEF IM DYING BY ALL DEVILS WHAT DO U EXPECT. Theyll be fine
There just comes a time in certain situations that you have to throw your hands in the air and say "good grief", shake your head and laugh it off.
Not in a relationship, but find this interesting. I don't like the public proposal thing but good grief these prices!
Good piece on digital grief.for Peaches Geldof., Tanya Gold via
And all of it brought about because of the name of the mans football franchise. Good grief...
Is it just me or am I the only parent who thinks it's bizarre that my son is having his 2015 school year pictures tomorrow? Good grief! Thank you El Capitan HS!
Good grief, I leave the room for a second and Tigers have 1st and 3rd and only one out.. Really??
A huge thank you to MaryEllen Roach tonight's guest on the Good Grief Talk Show. It was an amazing night filled with ,truth,love,and legacy!!
Somebody better wife me up. Looking like a gahdamn stallion. 👀🐎 good grief!!!
hehehe.was just looking at my mammoth story that I've been working on (still trying to spit out chapter 50...)...didn't even realize the thing is over 260,000 words for the entire story so far.and when I look back over the past 49 chapters that I do already have up, i forgot just how much I packed into each chapter.good grief...
LOL ( good grief.. no correlation for goodnight
good grief I'm so tired can't go to sleep --- need knock out pill
Don't tell me you're another Kanye worshipper. Good grief. No wonder that talentless hack is so stuck on himself.
Good grief. Okay. I'm about to turn this application up. I mean in. as soon as I fill it out. Okay. Thanks Chris
Watching a Jimmy Fallon spoof on Tom Petty (Fallon) and Stevie Nicks, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around." Good grief I hope I age as well as Stevie. She's gotta be 65 and still looks like a sultry gypsy. Lol.
Y'all need some new material... Good grief.
"Hey now! Stalin killed people, so the Inquisition wasn't so bad!" Good grief.
Good grief.. I'm missing my love so much.. Sad that he is missing Morgan Jaunell Butts prom and just the day in and outs of our kids lives. He is the best most AWSOME DAD/Husband Ever! Thank you Stephen Butts for all of your sacrifices that you have made to take care of us! We just wish we were together NOW! ❤️We LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Good Grief, I broke down and turned the AC on! UGH
NOTE TO SELF.if you can see out of your right eye, cut Jagger's fingernails tomorrow!!! Good grief that hurt!!!
Really?? I'll be 48 this summer. No way in *** some punkamiddle school gang wannabes are going to make me stay home and miss Thunder over Louisville or any other event I care to attend. What happened to standing up to bullies and standing your ground? In this case, children for crying out loud. Good grief, what a bunch of pansies we have become...
Good grief - 6 games of bowling and everything hurts. Used to bowl 27 games at Ft Harrison before everything hurt. Guess being 66 does that. Was going to go to the gym, but that would have been an exercise (pun intended) in pain... have to settle for the supposed 720 calories of the 6 games. And... I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with my ball tonite. They don't oil the practice lanes, I think, and my fingertip ball is out of control, veering left more than it ever has. Haven't got control of it yet. Upped my delivery speed from 11.3 mph to 11.8, which helped, but it needs a lotta work. And I need to lose about 40 lbs, and then maybe I can do this. Or maybe not - I'll still be 66...
That moment when you have to lift your stomach up to get comfortable.. good grief.
Indeed I can surly say 'I built that" Good Grief.
Well it's almost 10:30 pm and I'm staying the night with my mom again at hospital. Guess what? They are buffing the hall floor! Can they not do this around noon time. Good grief!!! They must not know that this girl didn't get any sleep last night but they may know it if they don't hurry up. I would be afraid to have that job late at night. (If you know what I mean). Lol. She still has diarrhea. I don't know where it comes from. She hasn't eaten anything for 2-3 days except yogurt and ice chips. She's afraid to eat anything. Continue to pray for her and all family. FOCUS
Good grief WCCO. Yes it's G n T day, but No we do not put a slice of lime in a G and T !
Ever feel like you are living your worst nightmares? Good grief I hate scary movies. Change the channel please!
Good grief! The way the refs are calling the game, the Okc Thunder may have the whole team foul out by half.wth
Good grief!! Are the current writers for C.S.I. from the twilight zone or smoking something wacky?
I am in one of my favorite places, I am only eating real food, seeing beautiful country, amazing weather! But good grief Southern States please sell me some Real ice tea...sweet tea is yucky! Every year I leave with out my tea, I swear this will be the last ;)
PopPop and Matt having a jam session...Ole PopPop still able to strike a beat...LOL. Good grief I'm a wuss cause getting old *** does it mean when the bottom of ya feet burn? :/ OH and I bout forgot, the whipporwhils are singing a pretty little tune on this chilly spring night...I love this time of the year :)
I had to come down n help mom w/her Dillard's fix! 😜 I believe she'll be ok for awhile! Somehow I got talked into playing cards tonight 😳 hand, knee & foot, who comes up w/these games, names and rules? Good grief hehe. Lots of fun but back to Houston & 🏇🏇 tomorrow!
Whos in charge of kates wardrobe good grief dress her age not being a old fashioned royal!
Oh good grief! I just saw a commercial on how great Common Core is! People, pay attention. Common Core is NOT what they are advertising! And this was on FOX during Hannity's Show. You'd think FOX would never allow a commercial extolling the LIES of Common Core.
Good grief I'm freaking heated mad right now!!!
GOOD GRIEF! Im freaking out right now b/c my 2 kids have done this all week. ugh! Why dont they close the schools down this week! Good Evening Parents: We are seeing large numbers of students with a sudden onset of severe vomiting throughout our schools. We realize and appreciate that you are making special efforts to have your children at school for the CRCT testing. Some students are not doing their best work and there is the potential that germs could be spread to others. We ask that you please monitor your child for symptoms of illness and do not send them if they are sick. Also, remember that children should not return to school until they are symptom free for 24 hours. Thank you for helping us keep this illness under control and for all you do to support our school system. Randy Shearouse School Superintendent
Off to my first soccer practice! Good grief, who's idea was it to play soccer?! 😳
Hi there Brothers and Sisters! In the spirit of hilarity, I just wanted to let you know that I have, for the first time EVER, officially bestowed not one, but two, awards!! First, the much coveted Facepalm Award ! And my very own Good Grief Award goes to for this truly astonishing FB post ! Seems there are no Blood Moons after all, just Pink ones! Lol! ;)
Some people need to grow up and stop acting like their teenage children. Good grief!
Almost every time things seem to be set... Bam! Curve ball. Good grief...
*** it got chilly and i am wearing capris. Good grief.
Good grief, a stabbing at a Pennsylvania school?? Geesh!
Heard on the scanner: stabbing on the square and an attempted kidnapping at Doling. Good grief, it's dangerous up in here tonight!
He wanted to have a photo shoot in his uniform. I told him to do a cool face and this is what I got! Then I died laughing and he said, "oh good grief mom!" He has such a little personality.
After lots of screaming and tears, walking into the bathroom step stool, more crying, nose blowing, a hug, pinkie promises to stay in her own bed, and receiving the key to bravery (my big sparkly heart shaped ring), Madison is finally in bed and asleep. Good grief! And Hannah slept through it all.
I'm about done with this week. Good grief.
In LA I was black. In tahoe I was African. In phoenix I'm Jamaican. Good grief. What will I be if I move to the east coast?
Good grief what a night of homework. Meltdowns, crying, and that was all from me.
Good grief that was one of the most stressful things...Law and Order just gave me anxiety!!!
GOOD GRIEF! I apologize for the crazy negativity which is about to unfold ..but SOME PEOPLE seriously need a mad reality check! So...I go in after work to get my nails done and there is this absolutely STUNNING girl getting hers done next to me. She definitely stands out in a crowd. Then she opened her mouth...BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! It took everything in me not to elbow her in the face for the way she was talking down to the nail technician. SUCH a disrespectful, egotistical B*!!! I finally looked over at her and said "you're lucky he's so nice and willing to even finish your *** nails cuz I would've told you to get the *** outta my chair a long time ago if it was me". At least we got to finish without listening to her snotty voice for the last 10 minutes... GRR. Yeah...she's not so pretty to me anymore. YUCK!
3 questions my son has asked me in the last 5 minutes: 1. What is God's last name? 2. What does THINK mean? 3. Why do we always have to walk straight? Good grief lol!
Another pit bull attack in Simpson County a 3 year old girl mauled by 3 pit bulls. Will it ever end. Good grief people wake up.
The one downside to starting back up at kickboxing is I now have the acne of a 17 yr old boy!!! Good grief!! Really?!!!
Remind me, do not go to gym at night. I'm Not a stand in line work out dude. Get it, or get out of the way! Yes you PUNK!, with the real men wear pink muscle shirt !!! Real men work out ... Not hang out. "Good Grief Charlie Brown."
Good grief I sure need to get up and do something.but I can't.I just can't.
good grief don't ever let Faith Adams order a drink for u. Evan Williams Cherry mixed with diet coke. OMG there was no way I could drink that.. So, lets say 3 diet cokes later I managed to drink half of it.
~~~Good grief!! C.J. has yet to sing a song on key on Idol. He hurts my ears! I notice they're saving Caleb for the end, as usual. They have to do something to keep people watching.~~~
Listening to a NPR conversation about parents opting out of standardized testing. Good grief... Without standardized testing, how do you know if your child can compete with the rest of the world?
Good grief, check out what is happening at the Bundy ranch in Nevada! Crap is getting real. Not good.
Good grief. Now my hubby has my kids hooked on old Kung Fu movies, thanks to the El Ray channel on DirecTV.
What is going on with Harrick Connick, Jr.?? good grief!
I'm sure glad I like to window shop and am not an impluse buyer. Good grief some stuff is expensive.
Survived first night of training, good grief our menu is simply amazing!! The food is beautifully presented and smells heavenly!!   10% Off
Oh, I really really sometimes do. Good grief.
Shawn: "I'm going to go buy you a ton of T-shirts in my size and get them for you in yellow just so there is no confusion." Ellen (wearing one of my shirts): "Why? You have like 80,000 T-shirts." Shawn: "Exactly. "I" have 80,000 T-shirts!!!" Ellen: "No. "We" have 80,000 T-shirts." Good grief!
If anyone is interested, we reached a high of 73 degrees today. The last time it was over 70 degrees in MN? October 11th, 2013! Good grief...time to dust off the grill and hopefully enjoy the only 6 months of the year where we DON'T have to heat our houses!!
How much can one little puppy poop? The answer is a surprisingly ridiculous amount! Good grief!!!
Not sure how much more attitude problems I can take from teenage girls! I might need to apply to an all boys school bcuz I think they have far less drama. Is Urban prep, De La Salle, Hales or somewhere with just make students hiring women??? Good grief!...
I'm only gonna say this one time... And one time only... If we all wash whatever dishes we make... Then there would be none... Good grief...
Good grief.still snow on the ground and the wood ticks are already here.gotta love MN
Called my dad to see how his eye surgery went today. Since he answered the phone i said "well you must be doing ok" he said "your mom and I are out shopping for a seeing eye dog". Good grief dad. That man is a mess.
Ok FB family anybody who knows me knows I love cheeseburger but good grief 11.52 for a pack of hamburger at krogers I'm going to have to give it up?!?!?? Jennifer Washington lol but I'm not really laughing out loud!!!
Oh good grief I have ate entirely too much this week
Good grief people selling t3s outside dollarama on portage!!! What next!
Ok.. So we leave on VACA tomorrow for a few days and we had a free night at Winstar so we r starting early.. I've been having this pain in my side X 3 days... So today when I got out of the shower I noticed I had some blisters on my R side. Aught oh... shingles.. Went to ER because where we r going it's very remote ... Sure enough... Shingles. Good grief. As my daughter says " you 're a hot mess". Lol
I am so over people posting crap about race. Get over it. We may be different colors but we all are children of God! Good grief!
In case anyone cares, the Dis-Astros are on ESPN2 tonight vs. Toronto. Houston batters have already struck out EIGHT times in four innings. Good grief!
Good grief people drive me bonkers, kijiji buyers are mostly batcrap bonkers. Ugh. Fact. Why don't I just put it in a plastic bubble case and drop it in a 25 cent machine.
I need prayer! Overwhelmed...home stretch...major papers due...deadlines this project due next week...finals the next!!! Then...there's the tiny matter of working almost full time in the field. Good grief!!! Aagh!
Has anyone noticed how CRAZY expensive flying has gotten lately? Good grief.
350 lb black bear watching me jog by. Next time I take the Berretta.GOOD GRIEF!
Why is it that the Oscar myer weenies are 398 at Brookshire brothers and the are 198 at HEB and walmart? Are they getting them from somewhere else or something. Someone needs to do a reality check on their prices. Good grief!
"I may not calm the storm around you, but you can hide in Me" Good grief I needed to hear that
... Listening to ex Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, on radio.. Is the man deluded?? Or just incredibly mega egotistical?? Or both??? ... Good grief !!! ...
I never cease to amaze myself at how many embarrassing things I do. So as I was checking out at store (I bought cough syrup) the cashier asked me my birthdate. I absolutely drew a blank - couldn't answer and just started laughing. She looked at me funny then started laughing. It took me a minute to regain composure before remembering my birthday. Good grief. Lol.
So yeah. I just told Landon not to even take several pairs of jeans he just tried on in his room again because they were so unbelievably short and we finally settled on his newest pair of jeans that were only "barely" high waters Good grief. :( Anyway, I was complaining to Shiloh Alexander about him outgrowing pants for the bazillionth time this year and she says, "I'm the good kid. I stopped growing three years ago so you haven't *had* to buy me anything new in years."
Good grief, this girl is eating some crunchy noodle things in Dray's karate class, and making a mess on the floor. The mom is not saying anything as the girl is rubbing the stuff into the floor with her foot
When girls are after a boy now they are refered to as thirsty. good grief!!
High Stakes Testing for third graders.good grief. Millions of children have learned to read without trauma and drama...pushing our children a bit too much for agendas. Sad.
Took kids to dentist, good grief mama needs a drink!
Really high cholesterol? Good grief, I'm too young for this crap!!!
Since my tooth bled all night both empty root beds dry socketed and I had 2 big bone fragments and when I was numb I bit my jaw. Worst possible scenario that could happen. He said Good Grief! Why didn't you call me. I told him I tried to tough it out but couldn't stand it. I bawled it hurt so bad numbing it and packing it. Now I'm numb and the bones out and I should stop bleeding soon and heal. He gave me some stout Meds to let me sleep tonight. Lord I hope this is over. Today was rough!!!
First they lost the signal now they found it again but oh wait the black box stopped working two days is almost like a dog chasing his own tail. Good grief.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A retired man went into the Job Center in Downtown Denver, and saw a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested, he went in and asked the clerk for details. The clerk pulled up the file and read, "The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynecologist. You have to help the women out of their underwear, lay them down and carefully wash their private regions, then apply shaving foam and gently shave off the hair, then rub in soothing oils so they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. The annual salary is $65,000, and you'll have to go to Billings, Montana." "Good grief . . .. Is that where the job is?" "No sir... that's where the end of the line is right now"
And the potus did not EVEN salute our troops here at Fort Hood! He walked right by with that swagger. Good grief!
Good grief. We have at least moved on from this patronising attitude in my lifetime in some parts of the world. I used to sew all my own clothes when I was at Uni. I also had to sign a legal document with the Department of Education, who supported the scholarship I had won there, that I would resign my job if I married (thus being at risk of pregnancy). So married women could only be casual employees and lost all other rights and security. This pathetic infantilisation and micromanagement of women's lives is only distant by my lifetime. Don't ever be blase. Childcare is now so hard for many families afford. It can take the full wage of one partner.What do you think the impact of that kind of social planning will be? Oh I hate that this battle is still all going on.
First day after I hurt my knee I predicted my route at work was gonna be messed up by the time I return to work. Well after weeks of getting reports from customers, people on other routes, several employees of happenings. Now found out that my sub has gone missing for over a week. Other subs coming in and regulars working their days off. Good grief.
Good grief just got home from work.
How many selfies does one person need to post in a day...good grief!!!
Good grief... I knew there was a reason why I chose to be single. Just when I thought about wanting to be with someone, I realize what the heck am I doing... Anyways hope all my friends and family are having a better day than me
Good grief...I'm so tired from this crazy sleep schedule I've been having I got hotdog buns instead of hamburger buns at the grocery store and I'm not going are having BBQ sandwiches on hotdog buns! Lol
Really? I'm gonna have a bunch of ladies fight with me over the fact that i don't put my dog in a harness in the car? Good grief people are dumb.
I just found out that my kids are not allowed to bring kool-aid to school because it's not healthy! Really? Omg that's insane!! First of all, who the *** gives them the right? Second of all, it's effing Kool-aid! Good grief
Good Grief WHAT A DAY! Long a$$ week for me & I said I'd work OT Saturday. Must be smokin' something or should start LoL
More fun then the law allows today. At the Vets -- Gary from South Texas thought he might take on Basil. That didn't work out well for him. Dogs all acting like crazy people when all Tiffany and I are doing is giving out Heartgard. Good Grief. Dogs getting nice, warm, soapy baths in the house acting like we are killing them. Next time I'll Power Wash them, including the Shih Tzus. I keep telling them "When Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!"
Good grief what an emotional day and I'm a crybaby a**! Grown woman get yourself together FOOL!
Left Fairfax at 5:00. Just now at Lorton. Good grief. I don't even think my short cut would be worth it today! Get off the road people! ;-)
Good grief do I love to hear Kenny Drew play. Wait until you hear some of the stuff they're tracking at Tom Beckerso place. John Jenkins and Joe Porter are really getting in perfect sync as well. Fun to be a part of such unique upper tier jazz. Even it's just miking and pressing buttons.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Wow! What a week this has been already! I never realized how much I relied on technology until lightening struck it and it no longer worked. We finally have it all fixed and up and running. Good grief! 😩
If the Ultimate Warrior had been the favorite wrestler of as many people have said he was today, he must have been the biggest PPV draw of all time. Good grief.
So we are making a big deal in South Carolina with trying to pass a law for "Read to Succeed" for all kids to be able to read by the third grade. No wonder this state is full of illiterate children. Any program or kid with decent parents and teachers are reading at the 5th grade level in the third grade. ...and this is the big push by this WORTHLESS governor and a list of legislators. ...good grief this is supposed to be progress. ..I am appalled by the stupidity. ...
Mum n Dad are off to Auckland for a Vodafone Hui today, my parting words to them was some advice regarding the pronunciation of "Powhiri." Good grief it was a trying time.
I thought my sleep schedule would be back to normal today. Apparently my body decided it wanted more than I had planned and slept til 3PM. Good grief!
So excited! I got my first recurring offer as a ghost writer! It was my article on child labor and honey maid graham *** I promise it comes together beautifully. Boss man who hired me for it said he was very impressed with my 'down to earth, get straight to the point' style :) *Honey maid DOES NOT use child labor* I learned I am not ever doing an article again where they want me to ask a question on a parenting forum as part of the research...those people are mean. It was ugly, and the question was just "Is your experience with your newborn going as you imagined'...good grief, every woman that said 'no' for whatever reason was attacked by the women whose babies apparently throw up rainbows lol I just don't want others to be attacked that way just for an article.
At least United went out with some dignity tonight - which is better than I feared. But Carrick and Welbeck... good grief. They are the respective definitions of "useless" and "headless chicken".
WOW. Got the results of Jack's blood work just now... He does NOT have Strep, he only tested + these last 3 x's bc he is a Strep Carrier and will always test +. He has MONO!! He is not to be doing sports or anything physical. Yeah right lady, he's a Boy! He's been saying his "back and chest hurts" so now they are concerned his Spleen may be enlarged. May be having an X-ray tomorrow. Good grief! April Andras, you were right on.
These kids do NOT understand the point of playing outside... They run in and out more than they r actually outside playing! I am about to lock the door on them so I can rest :/ good grief!
Overthinking like a *** tonight. Good grief. Where are the kitten pictures?
For his first public play date, the young prince wore a white short-sleeved collared shirt beneath a pair of $129 blue dungaree shorts, with a sailboat on front, sold by . Good grief, someone must have left the tag on.
Well, I got dismissed from Jury Duty. So, I can get moved. I spent $766.00 just on 2 rents this month. I'll be lucky to eat by the end of this month. But we will be moved by the 4 or 5 th of May. All the way to New Bern North Carolina. Where no one knows my name.And my past don't haunt me. Hope this works. Still have to do an address change. And a few more boxes. And something to haul us there? I couldn't believe a one way with U-Haul is a little over 600.00 not going to be able to do that. But I can get a van from Enterprise and have unlimited mileage. And make a couple trips? A poor person never wins.That's sad when I can't even leave. And have payed rent last month and this month.Good grief
Well here is a story for you. I was at work at the office. My best friend who works there with me was at her desk. I had to leave for an appointment and when I left a guy comes to the door wanting in. Said he has a GUN hidden inside and stepped forward to get in! Of course she did not let him in. I have a gun permit. Looks like I will be packing from now on. Good grief! People are so nuts ughhh
Good grief mom can't drive.. scared to death.if you are on Beebe Capps.beware!!!lol
Good grief why in the heck would you use a 3 inch screw to hang a wire shelf. Only jason could irritate me from the beyond
Update your maps at Navteq
Good Grief, the goat hair that lies all over the place after I get done brushing these winter woolies! Chipper looks like he lost weight from all the fur flying! He is a good boy and I am really really pleased with his first kids running around here and waiting on some more to pop out any day now!
Good grief! We're almost have way through April. Tax returns are due. Spring has sprung. Temperatures are rising. The suncreen/sun tan location is coming out. Boats are being tuned. Sails are hoisting. Jet skis will be like mosquitoes on the water. Mosquitoes? Yes, they'll be here soon along with love bugs. And don't forget about the humidity around the corner along with summer vacation. That about covers my thoughts for the day. Oh yeah, I'm going diving down south on Dixie Divers with a very nice person who got me into diving nearly 20 years ago (Kathy Erlacher). Here's wishing for warm water, calm seas and great visabilty. Have a good one my friends.
Good grief ... How long does it take to get nails done ? Mom gone almost 2 hours !
Good grief. You don't have to engage/interact with someone to pray for them and wish them to be in line with the plan God has for their life! Beloved, you are not harming others by not praying for them. It just shows the condition of your own heart. Take that to God and ask Him to heal that. The Word is CLEAR - love and PRAY for those that have hurt you.
I think I found what's wrong with today, today (Lucas...). I just saw a link to an article and the title was "14 Sexiest Celebrities with Ugly Significant Others." Good grief! I bet each one of those sexy celebs (barf..) finds theirs very significant other beatiful in a zillion different ways! Horrible!
Oh good grief the joys of packing up the house. What did we see in all this stuff!
Good Grief, TV News-- It's About Time! via thanks NBC news for giving real reporting on climate change
Thought I would watch Saturday Night Live to wind down. Louis CK is the host. No idea who he is but once again, Christians under attack. He states "I believe in God but not Heaven. Who would spend 7 days making the world only to have us die and go somewhere else. Doesn't make sense to me!" Yea, but it makes sense to me! I think the entertainment industry is in dire need of Jesus. Good Grief!
OK so I don't have a dog in this fight, I just want to throw in my 2 cents worth. I am OUTRAGED that this TCS thing has gone national without being able to hear both sides. Good Grief people!! We sent Sky there for pre-K and we loved the education she received there! TCS has already said they cannot disclose all the information due to confidentiality agreements. We as adults know this decision wasn't made swiftly. NOONE would do this without spending a lot of time thinking and debating and brainstorming on it with a number of people involved. There had probably been instances where the grandparents were informed they were not following the rules and these things were likely IGNORED. Come on!! Think about it!! Where do we as a country get the most OUTRAGED? When something involves children... school shootings turn people who normally are ok with law abiding citizens having guns into people lobbying for gun control. This is one of those instances. People are going to use situations involving kids to fur ...
I'm pretty sure that Brian Crawford is the only person other than Charlie Brown that uses the phrase "Good Grief!"lol
what was the original name of the PEANUTS comic strip by Charles Schultz? Peanut Gallery, Good ol Charlie, LI' L Folks, or Good Grief
It's a white-out in Downtown Pittsburgh, roads, sidewalks, everything completely covered! Good Grief! Will winter ever go away???
Good Grief... I got back from the gym and had some breakfast... then I felt something weird in my mouth. Felt like something puffy under my tongue. So I went and looked in the mirror and Jeeze Louise... it looked like a second tongue was growing up from underneath my main one. Another tongue was sprouting under my tongue. Nothing I could do, so I went to get my back stretched. By the time I got back it was gone. Now I know how Sigourney Weaver felt.
I still think Peppermint Patty is a boy! Good Grief! Lol
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