First Thoughts

Good Grief

Good Grief is the fourth episode of season two and twenty-sixth episode overall of the TV comedy series Arrested Development.

Conference Room Charlie Brown

Some people need to grow up and stop acting like their teenage children. Good grief!
Almost every time things seem to be set... Bam! Curve ball. Good grief...
*** it got chilly and i am wearing capris. Good grief.
Good grief, a stabbing at a Pennsylvania school?? Geesh!
Heard on the scanner: stabbing on the square and an attempted kidnapping at Doling. Good grief, it's dangerous up in here tonight!
He wanted to have a photo shoot in his uniform. I told him to do a cool face and this is what I got! Then I died laughing and he said, "oh good grief mom!" He has such a little personality.
After lots of screaming and tears, walking into the bathroom step stool, more crying, nose blowing, a hug, pinkie promises to stay in her own bed, and receiving the key to bravery (my big sparkly heart shaped ring), Madison is finally in bed and asleep. Good grief! And Hannah slept through it all.
I'm about done with this week. Good grief.
In LA I was black. In tahoe I was African. In phoenix I'm Jamaican. Good grief. What will I be if I move to the east coast?
Good grief what a night of homework. Meltdowns, crying, and that was all from me.
Good grief that was one of the most stressful things...Law and Order just gave me anxiety!!!
GOOD GRIEF! I apologize for the crazy negativity which is about to unfold ..but SOME PEOPLE seriously need a mad reality check! So...I go in after work to get my nails done and there is this absolutely STUNNING girl getting hers done next to me. She definitely stands out in a crowd. Then she opened her mouth...BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! It took everything in me not to elbow her in the face for the way she was talking down to the nail technician. SUCH a disrespectful, egotistical B*!!! I finally looked over at her and said "you're lucky he's so nice and willing to even finish your *** nails cuz I would've told you to get the *** outta my chair a long time ago if it was me". At least we got to finish without listening to her snotty voice for the last 10 minutes... GRR. Yeah...she's not so pretty to me anymore. YUCK!
3 questions my son has asked me in the last 5 minutes: 1. What is God's last name? 2. What does THINK mean? 3. Why do we always have to walk straight? Good grief lol!
Another pit bull attack in Simpson County a 3 year old girl mauled by 3 pit bulls. Will it ever end. Good grief people wake up.
The one downside to starting back up at kickboxing is I now have the acne of a 17 yr old boy!!! Good grief!! Really?!!!
Remind me, do not go to gym at night. I'm Not a stand in line work out dude. Get it, or get out of the way! Yes you PUNK!, with the real men wear pink muscle shirt !!! Real men work out ... Not hang out. "Good Grief Charlie Brown."
Good grief I sure need to get up and do something.but I can't.I just can't.
good grief don't ever let Faith Adams order a drink for u. Evan Williams Cherry mixed with diet coke. OMG there was no way I could drink that.. So, lets say 3 diet cokes later I managed to drink half of it.
~~~Good grief!! C.J. has yet to sing a song on key on Idol. He hurts my ears! I notice they're saving Caleb for the end, as usual. They have to do something to keep people watching.~~~
Listening to a NPR conversation about parents opting out of standardized testing. Good grief... Without standardized testing, how do you know if your child can compete with the rest of the world?
Good grief, check out what is happening at the Bundy ranch in Nevada! Crap is getting real. Not good.
Good grief. Now my hubby has my kids hooked on old Kung Fu movies, thanks to the El Ray channel on DirecTV.
What is going on with Harrick Connick, Jr.?? good grief!
I'm sure glad I like to window shop and am not an impluse buyer. Good grief some stuff is expensive.
Survived first night of training, good grief our menu is simply amazing!! The food is beautifully presented and smells heavenly!!
Oh, I really really sometimes do. Good grief.
Shawn: "I'm going to go buy you a ton of T-shirts in my size and get them for you in yellow just so there is no confusion." Ellen (wearing one of my shirts): "Why? You have like 80,000 T-shirts." Shawn: "Exactly. "I" have 80,000 T-shirts!!!" Ellen: "No. "We" have 80,000 T-shirts." Good grief!
If anyone is interested, we reached a high of 73 degrees today. The last time it was over 70 degrees in MN? October 11th, 2013! Good grief...time to dust off the grill and hopefully enjoy the only 6 months of the year where we DON'T have to heat our houses!!
How much can one little puppy poop? The answer is a surprisingly ridiculous amount! Good grief!!!
Not sure how much more attitude problems I can take from teenage girls! I might need to apply to an all boys school bcuz I think they have far less drama. Is Urban prep, De La Salle, Hales or somewhere with just make students hiring women??? Good grief!...
I'm only gonna say this one time... And one time only... If we all wash whatever dishes we make... Then there would be none... Good grief...
Good grief.still snow on the ground and the wood ticks are already here.gotta love MN
Called my dad to see how his eye surgery went today. Since he answered the phone i said "well you must be doing ok" he said "your mom and I are out shopping for a seeing eye dog". Good grief dad. That man is a mess.
Ok FB family anybody who knows me knows I love cheeseburger but good grief 11.52 for a pack of hamburger at krogers I'm going to have to give it up?!?!?? Jennifer Washington lol but I'm not really laughing out loud!!!
Oh good grief I have ate entirely too much this week
Good grief people selling t3s outside dollarama on portage!!! What next!
Ok.. So we leave on VACA tomorrow for a few days and we had a free night at Winstar so we r starting early.. I've been having this pain in my side X 3 days... So today when I got out of the shower I noticed I had some blisters on my R side. Aught oh... shingles.. Went to ER because where we r going it's very remote ... Sure enough... Shingles. Good grief. As my daughter says " you 're a hot mess". Lol
I am so over people posting crap about race. Get over it. We may be different colors but we all are children of God! Good grief!
In case anyone cares, the Dis-Astros are on ESPN2 tonight vs. Toronto. Houston batters have already struck out EIGHT times in four innings. Good grief!
Good grief people drive me bonkers, kijiji buyers are mostly batcrap bonkers. Ugh. Fact. Why don't I just put it in a plastic bubble case and drop it in a 25 cent machine.
I need prayer! Overwhelmed...home stretch...major papers due...deadlines this project due next week...finals the next!!! Then...there's the tiny matter of working almost full time in the field. Good grief!!! Aagh!
Has anyone noticed how CRAZY expensive flying has gotten lately? Good grief.
350 lb black bear watching me jog by. Next time I take the Berretta.GOOD GRIEF!
Why is it that the Oscar myer weenies are 398 at Brookshire brothers and the are 198 at HEB and walmart? Are they getting them from somewhere else or something. Someone needs to do a reality check on their prices. Good grief!
"I may not calm the storm around you, but you can hide in Me" Good grief I needed to hear that
... Listening to ex Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, on radio.. Is the man deluded?? Or just incredibly mega egotistical?? Or both??? ... Good grief !!! ...
I never cease to amaze myself at how many embarrassing things I do. So as I was checking out at store (I bought cough syrup) the cashier asked me my birthdate. I absolutely drew a blank - couldn't answer and just started laughing. She looked at me funny then started laughing. It took me a minute to regain composure before remembering my birthday. Good grief. Lol.
So yeah. I just told Landon not to even take several pairs of jeans he just tried on in his room again because they were so unbelievably short and we finally settled on his newest pair of jeans that were only "barely" high waters Good grief. :( Anyway, I was complaining to Shiloh Alexander about him outgrowing pants for the bazillionth time this year and she says, "I'm the good kid. I stopped growing three years ago so you haven't *had* to buy me anything new in years."
Good grief, this girl is eating some crunchy noodle things in Dray's karate class, and making a mess on the floor. The mom is not saying anything as the girl is rubbing the stuff into the floor with her foot
When girls are after a boy now they are refered to as thirsty. good grief!!
High Stakes Testing for third graders.good grief. Millions of children have learned to read without trauma and drama...pushing our children a bit too much for agendas. Sad.
Took kids to dentist, good grief mama needs a drink!
Really high cholesterol? Good grief, I'm too young for this crap!!!
Since my tooth bled all night both empty root beds dry socketed and I had 2 big bone fragments and when I was numb I bit my jaw. Worst possible scenario that could happen. He said Good Grief! Why didn't you call me. I told him I tried to tough it out but couldn't stand it. I bawled it hurt so bad numbing it and packing it. Now I'm numb and the bones out and I should stop bleeding soon and heal. He gave me some stout Meds to let me sleep tonight. Lord I hope this is over. Today was rough!!!
First they lost the signal now they found it again but oh wait the black box stopped working two days is almost like a dog chasing his own tail. Good grief.
A retired man went into the Job Center in Downtown Denver, and saw a card advertising for a Gynecologist's Assistant. Interested, he went in and asked the clerk for details. The clerk pulled up the file and read, "The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynecologist. You have to help the women out of their underwear, lay them down and carefully wash their private regions, then apply shaving foam and gently shave off the hair, then rub in soothing oils so they're ready for the gynecologist's examination. The annual salary is $65,000, and you'll have to go to Billings, Montana." "Good grief . . .. Is that where the job is?" "No sir... that's where the end of the line is right now"
And the potus did not EVEN salute our troops here at Fort Hood! He walked right by with that swagger. Good grief!
Good grief. We have at least moved on from this patronising attitude in my lifetime in some parts of the world. I used to sew all my own clothes when I was at Uni. I also had to sign a legal document with the Department of Education, who supported the scholarship I had won there, that I would resign my job if I married (thus being at risk of pregnancy). So married women could only be casual employees and lost all other rights and security. This pathetic infantilisation and micromanagement of women's lives is only distant by my lifetime. Don't ever be blase. Childcare is now so hard for many families afford. It can take the full wage of one partner.What do you think the impact of that kind of social planning will be? Oh I hate that this battle is still all going on.
First day after I hurt my knee I predicted my route at work was gonna be messed up by the time I return to work. Well after weeks of getting reports from customers, people on other routes, several employees of happenings. Now found out that my sub has gone missing for over a week. Other subs coming in and regulars working their days off. Good grief.
Good grief just got home from work.
How many selfies does one person need to post in a day...good grief!!!
Good grief... I knew there was a reason why I chose to be single. Just when I thought about wanting to be with someone, I realize what the heck am I doing... Anyways hope all my friends and family are having a better day than me
Good grief...I'm so tired from this crazy sleep schedule I've been having I got hotdog buns instead of hamburger buns at the grocery store and I'm not going are having BBQ sandwiches on hotdog buns! Lol
Really? I'm gonna have a bunch of ladies fight with me over the fact that i don't put my dog in a harness in the car? Good grief people are dumb.
I just found out that my kids are not allowed to bring kool-aid to school because it's not healthy! Really? Omg that's insane!! First of all, who the *** gives them the right? Second of all, it's effing Kool-aid! Good grief
Good Grief WHAT A DAY! Long a$$ week for me & I said I'd work OT Saturday. Must be smokin' something or should start LoL
More fun then the law allows today. At the Vets -- Gary from South Texas thought he might take on Basil. That didn't work out well for him. Dogs all acting like crazy people when all Tiffany and I are doing is giving out Heartgard. Good Grief. Dogs getting nice, warm, soapy baths in the house acting like we are killing them. Next time I'll Power Wash them, including the Shih Tzus. I keep telling them "When Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!"
Good grief what an emotional day and I'm a crybaby a**! Grown woman get yourself together FOOL!
Left Fairfax at 5:00. Just now at Lorton. Good grief. I don't even think my short cut would be worth it today! Get off the road people! ;-)
Good grief do I love to hear Kenny Drew play. Wait until you hear some of the stuff they're tracking at Tom Beckerso place. John Jenkins and Joe Porter are really getting in perfect sync as well. Fun to be a part of such unique upper tier jazz. Even it's just miking and pressing buttons.
Wow! What a week this has been already! I never realized how much I relied on technology until lightening struck it and it no longer worked. We finally have it all fixed and up and running. Good grief! 😩
If the Ultimate Warrior had been the favorite wrestler of as many people have said he was today, he must have been the biggest PPV draw of all time. Good grief.
So we are making a big deal in South Carolina with trying to pass a law for "Read to Succeed" for all kids to be able to read by the third grade. No wonder this state is full of illiterate children. Any program or kid with decent parents and teachers are reading at the 5th grade level in the third grade. ...and this is the big push by this WORTHLESS governor and a list of legislators. ...good grief this is supposed to be progress. ..I am appalled by the stupidity. ...
Mum n Dad are off to Auckland for a Vodafone Hui today, my parting words to them was some advice regarding the pronunciation of "Powhiri." Good grief it was a trying time.
I thought my sleep schedule would be back to normal today. Apparently my body decided it wanted more than I had planned and slept til 3PM. Good grief!
So excited! I got my first recurring offer as a ghost writer! It was my article on child labor and honey maid graham *** I promise it comes together beautifully. Boss man who hired me for it said he was very impressed with my 'down to earth, get straight to the point' style :) *Honey maid DOES NOT use child labor* I learned I am not ever doing an article again where they want me to ask a question on a parenting forum as part of the research...those people are mean. It was ugly, and the question was just "Is your experience with your newborn going as you imagined'...good grief, every woman that said 'no' for whatever reason was attacked by the women whose babies apparently throw up rainbows lol I just don't want others to be attacked that way just for an article.
At least United went out with some dignity tonight - which is better than I feared. But Carrick and Welbeck... good grief. They are the respective definitions of "useless" and "headless chicken".
WOW. Got the results of Jack's blood work just now... He does NOT have Strep, he only tested + these last 3 x's bc he is a Strep Carrier and will always test +. He has MONO!! He is not to be doing sports or anything physical. Yeah right lady, he's a Boy! He's been saying his "back and chest hurts" so now they are concerned his Spleen may be enlarged. May be having an X-ray tomorrow. Good grief! April Andras, you were right on.
These kids do NOT understand the point of playing outside... They run in and out more than they r actually outside playing! I am about to lock the door on them so I can rest :/ good grief!
Overthinking like a *** tonight. Good grief. Where are the kitten pictures?
For his first public play date, the young prince wore a white short-sleeved collared shirt beneath a pair of $129 blue dungaree shorts, with a sailboat on front, sold by . Good grief, someone must have left the tag on.
Well, I got dismissed from Jury Duty. So, I can get moved. I spent $766.00 just on 2 rents this month. I'll be lucky to eat by the end of this month. But we will be moved by the 4 or 5 th of May. All the way to New Bern North Carolina. Where no one knows my name.And my past don't haunt me. Hope this works. Still have to do an address change. And a few more boxes. And something to haul us there? I couldn't believe a one way with U-Haul is a little over 600.00 not going to be able to do that. But I can get a van from Enterprise and have unlimited mileage. And make a couple trips? A poor person never wins.That's sad when I can't even leave. And have payed rent last month and this month.Good grief
Well here is a story for you. I was at work at the office. My best friend who works there with me was at her desk. I had to leave for an appointment and when I left a guy comes to the door wanting in. Said he has a GUN hidden inside and stepped forward to get in! Of course she did not let him in. I have a gun permit. Looks like I will be packing from now on. Good grief! People are so nuts ughhh
Good grief mom can't drive.. scared to death.if you are on Beebe Capps.beware!!!lol
Good grief why in the heck would you use a 3 inch screw to hang a wire shelf. Only jason could irritate me from the beyond
Good Grief, the goat hair that lies all over the place after I get done brushing these winter woolies! Chipper looks like he lost weight from all the fur flying! He is a good boy and I am really really pleased with his first kids running around here and waiting on some more to pop out any day now!
Good grief! We're almost have way through April. Tax returns are due. Spring has sprung. Temperatures are rising. The suncreen/sun tan location is coming out. Boats are being tuned. Sails are hoisting. Jet skis will be like mosquitoes on the water. Mosquitoes? Yes, they'll be here soon along with love bugs. And don't forget about the humidity around the corner along with summer vacation. That about covers my thoughts for the day. Oh yeah, I'm going diving down south on Dixie Divers with a very nice person who got me into diving nearly 20 years ago (Kathy Erlacher). Here's wishing for warm water, calm seas and great visabilty. Have a good one my friends.
Good grief ... How long does it take to get nails done ? Mom gone almost 2 hours !
Good grief. You don't have to engage/interact with someone to pray for them and wish them to be in line with the plan God has for their life! Beloved, you are not harming others by not praying for them. It just shows the condition of your own heart. Take that to God and ask Him to heal that. The Word is CLEAR - love and PRAY for those that have hurt you.
I think I found what's wrong with today, today (Lucas...). I just saw a link to an article and the title was "14 Sexiest Celebrities with Ugly Significant Others." Good grief! I bet each one of those sexy celebs (barf..) finds theirs very significant other beatiful in a zillion different ways! Horrible!
Oh good grief the joys of packing up the house. What did we see in all this stuff!
Good Grief, TV News-- It's About Time! via thanks NBC news for giving real reporting on climate change
Thought I would watch Saturday Night Live to wind down. Louis CK is the host. No idea who he is but once again, Christians under attack. He states "I believe in God but not Heaven. Who would spend 7 days making the world only to have us die and go somewhere else. Doesn't make sense to me!" Yea, but it makes sense to me! I think the entertainment industry is in dire need of Jesus. Good Grief!
OK so I don't have a dog in this fight, I just want to throw in my 2 cents worth. I am OUTRAGED that this TCS thing has gone national without being able to hear both sides. Good Grief people!! We sent Sky there for pre-K and we loved the education she received there! TCS has already said they cannot disclose all the information due to confidentiality agreements. We as adults know this decision wasn't made swiftly. NOONE would do this without spending a lot of time thinking and debating and brainstorming on it with a number of people involved. There had probably been instances where the grandparents were informed they were not following the rules and these things were likely IGNORED. Come on!! Think about it!! Where do we as a country get the most OUTRAGED? When something involves children... school shootings turn people who normally are ok with law abiding citizens having guns into people lobbying for gun control. This is one of those instances. People are going to use situations involving kids to fur ...
I'm pretty sure that Brian Crawford is the only person other than Charlie Brown that uses the phrase "Good Grief!"lol
what was the original name of the PEANUTS comic strip by Charles Schultz? Peanut Gallery, Good ol Charlie, LI' L Folks, or Good Grief
It's a white-out in Downtown Pittsburgh, roads, sidewalks, everything completely covered! Good Grief! Will winter ever go away???
Good Grief... I got back from the gym and had some breakfast... then I felt something weird in my mouth. Felt like something puffy under my tongue. So I went and looked in the mirror and Jeeze Louise... it looked like a second tongue was growing up from underneath my main one. Another tongue was sprouting under my tongue. Nothing I could do, so I went to get my back stretched. By the time I got back it was gone. Now I know how Sigourney Weaver felt.
I still think Peppermint Patty is a boy! Good Grief! Lol
Good Grief. Hubby: Do we have a blender? / Me: No, Why? / Hubby: I just need one. 15 min. later our home sounds like a construction area with all the beating and banging to find the husband sitting at the kitchen table with our meat hammer beating up candy bars and crumbs everywhere. Should I tell him we own a processor? NA I think not it is to fun watching him.
Tuesday, January 21st at the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert out Young Adult Program meets in Costa Hall at 630p. Check it out! Pass it on... Plus there's more at the Center today - ~ Weekly meeting of the Good Grief support group (which is on going) at 5pm in the Conference Room off the office. ~ Rev Laura's class continues, 'The Essential Ernest Holmes.' (You must already be registered to attend this class, and ~ GRASP (Grief Recovery after a Substance Passing) meets at 630p. Call to RSVP
I drive a tiny car, *** Back off or go around me, there's no one coming our way. Good grief.. Better yet I'll just go slower. ✋
Good grief will people stop Calling For Things To Be Banned? Ban banning, I say, in that endearingly confused way I have.
Good grief, what did Calgary do to their jersey?
Good grief, it just keeps getting better.. And he's only 15 😍
One word to describe this Mizzou team: sloppy. Good grief.
Good grief I can't win from losing 😔
lol oh good grief. Hey do you think you could convert this also? Or show me how to?
Good grief. He's not gonna last long at this rate. Or b another Busey.
And now Amar'e is down. Good grief.
This Odom dude from vandy is just shooting the lights out on us.. Good grief
Good grief the Knicks are a bad team
That guys voice is beautiful. Good grief 😍
"L.A. school board to buy as many iPads as needed for ... state testing --Good grief!
Ok, GGG fight vs a card at the StubHub Center? (April 26th) Good grief, decisions, decisions for the Kimster
Lol @ this interview w this Bonasorte guy. Good grief r stumbling all over urself man. I hope Wilcox DIDNT sign off on this.
Come find our newest rep Taylor&win a signed Ballard stick at a famous statue who's famous quote is "good grief"
Are these folks ever going to get on the same page again? Good grief!
Is this really her job? He's wrong for asking for the number but good grief.
National toasted marshmallow day... Good grief.
Good grief. Nikki is back and her son is all grown up. Sorry but I don't think he can sing very well.
Congress just went on another vacation? Good grief.
I am laughing so hard at these sugarless haribo gummy bear reviews. GOOD GRIEF
"I love Noah Not as much as Noah loves himself :)” I don't appreciate you throwing off on my brother" joking good grief
Good grief! Are all three judges obamabots on crack? That guy didn't look anything lke Obama.
I know Kevin.Good grief,Im going this weekend.They didnt have it at the theatre where I was at thisweekend,talk abt ANNOYED!
low self esteem is so unattractive good grief HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF
good grief! so glad i wasn't around when the 14 metre Titanoboa slithered the earth. Shudder & still RUNNING!
I just want somebody to talk to good grief😑
Dreger figures Price just lost his starting role in Team Canda because he let in a softie. Good grief.
U of Oregon mailer: "To be honest, you're about to hear a lot from us". Good grief.
ErrataRob good grief, really? Thats catastrophically incompetent for their market sector
Is stop the boats harming our defence forces credability ? I blame the government .Join the NAVY ,chase rickety boats, good grief
Good grief My phone just had a frantic blipping sessio
$50+billion for sochi… good grief. we need way less than that to get to Mars! be a - support the zoom!
and I don't really think I'm all that big there. good grief. I'm just in between their dress sizes and it's cheaper to get the smaller size
good grief! D: i hope you find a good one! let us know if you need any help sis (:
Good grief it’s windy out. Blew the back door open. Getting 30+ mph on my little gauge on the roof, official is higher, I think.
Good grief. Living language and all, I guess...
Good grief! Kenyon Martin with a sprained ankle. Can we keep that guy healthy?
Why do I have a 91??? I had a 98 at lunch, and I'm not missing anything?? Good grief what happened ms kelly
Good grief, the stooges at the NACC seem to have discovered that crop subsidies actually cost money.
Good grief, sometime's I wish people on tv, & rad would just shut up.
Did just say "Wheels on Meals?" This is where a teleprompter comes in handy. Good grief!
Good grief; what's the story now? I really don't want to go to his site to read about it.
Good grief some of these traditions
I will see you tomorrow, I have a class all day, be good and enjoy a happy life. Life is great, if you want to be great, not grief.
the amount of thuds happening right now... It's all attributed to these two. Good grief.
Wish you would have been here to hear reaction. "Oh good grief Allison."
Boy, nothing like realizing your baby brother's 50th birthday is coming up to make you feel old! Good grief!
You know you've got a good anti-virus when it detects itself as a threat! Good grief.
Chris just got ran down by a guy on a Little Rascal. The guy was dozing off! Good grief!! Here's more from Barrett-Jackson...
Good grief, I think I'm parked on the moon.
Good grief I forgot how tiring school is!!! Exhausted!!!
This may be the day I take up drinking. Good grief! Haven't even finished my first cup of coffee!!!
Oh good grief loud thunder shook me up !!
Good grief...look at the time. Can't sleep.
Record breaking research: WHO YOUR PARENTS ARE DETERMINES IF YOU'RE STUPID OR NOT. Good grief. Are we really so devolved that we don't know that your GENETICS determine how dumb you are? Nature versus nurture is a null argument; IT'S NATURE & NURTURE. You can be raised by irresponsible people & still be a genius - you can also be of mediocre intelligence & be raised by responsible people & achieve the same result.but the RARITY of genetic intelligence being irresponsible is nil. WHICH IS WHY REALLY SMART PEOPLE ARE GENERALLY PRETTY SUCCESSFUL! Pretending any of these statements aren't true is futile. And no amount of genetic selection of children will escape bad parenting.and BECAUSE THE PEOPLE CARING ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN WILL HAVE A GOOD RESULT NO MATTER WHAT, the idea of thwarting God's plan to make it "even better" is just ridiculous.
Oh Good Grief! Bootycypher dankbooty on vimeo slowed down that Sorority girls Twerk off!! HOW REVOLTING! AT THE LINK
Oh good grief, catastrophe, what about the terrorists that live among us? Check this out: As Americans clamor for jobs, 18 Senate liberals have their eyes on the sky. “Climate change is a dangerous threat to our nation, to our … Continue reading →
Two of the most authoritative voices in funeral service will come together in three locations across NYS to discuss The Good Death, Good Grief, Good Funerals: Finding Our Place on the Continuum of Care. Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch alternately discuss several challenges facing “the good funeral.”...
O good grief. My phone done went bonkers...
Good grief! January at the gym is very CROWDED!
Oh good grief! I just realized I have 562 un-read messages in LinkedIn! Oh my goodness - I can't believe I never saw those. Eek.
Good grief how amazing two lots of people want to come and stay with me like last year for six nights,and some loyal repeat guests who stumbled across me last year who booked for eight nights then another six in the late Autumn have just booked for another eight nights in the Summer. So you lovely people you better get your diaries out and think about when you might like to come!
beetroot houmous. Good grief that's good.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Good Grief! It's been a while. How is everybody?
Good grief headache PLEASE go away it's 4 am .
Good Grief I have to take it easy. Smh.
Good grief this child here. You need major help. .-.
Good grief.. if it's not one thing its another..
Upcoming Good Grief Workshop for school counselors, teachers, nurses, principals and other staff who are in a position to support grieving children understanding grief and loss: “Ways to Support Grieving Children in School.” The workshop will be on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 8:30am – 3:00pm at Good Grief’s Morristown center: 38 Elm Street, Morristown, NJ 07960. Cost: $89.00. Spread the word and help us empower those who care for children to make a difference!
Good grief where did all these people come from???
Good grief I am cramping like I'm dying today!
Good grief the pot holes are popping up everywhere.
Good grief! Downton Abbey has taken a dark turn!
Good grief. The only show worth watching right now.
Face. Good grief can I spell please?
Good grief that mouth full of fake teeth.
Good grief, I'm starting to tear up, Brianna. XD
GOOD GRIEF...our new puppy Lizzy just passed gas. 󾆷
Good grief those bb contestants are the roughest ever !!
Good grief hope I dont end up in Oz...
Good grief, the rain is coming down in sheets!
Oh good grief. Not another field goal game.
2nd week of our "good grief" series in worship. We'll look at why Jesus wept, and how we grieve in community. It start tonight at 5 pm, love to see you there!
Good grief! That thunder just shook the whole house!
Good morning to the real People!! I'm still in Appleton Wisconsin... hanging out with the beautiful Whitney Gaytan and my daughter Betty Pomales Boop... Whitney is sleeping and I am half sleep... and Betty is up with Nicolett and Daffney banging to Queen Bae live in concert!!! Good Grief! I have to drive all the way back to Milwaukee.. on them fk up roads.. but I had a blast!! Now a train is going by the apt... blowing its whistle as loud as it can. Can you beat that? Good morning. Lol
Good grief. 4:41 a.m. and NOT tired . lol
Good grief. Just received the most random Friend Request.
From-25, ice, snow and bitter winds, and school closings to 52°, thunderstorms and floods. Good grief!! Crazy, crazy weather
I was just surveying the critter yard this morning and breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally drying out. But now what do I hear? Rain on the roof! Good Grief! I earnestly pray that this abundance is not contrasted by an equal dearth of rain this summer.
Good Grief Hidden Shadow you EVER fix your game?
The funny side: copyright lawyers will have to go after God grief! A volcanic island in the exact shape of cartoon character Snoopy has emerged in the sea near Japan. But Snoopy is copyright. God's going to get into BIG trouble. He's done it before, mind you. Fly to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and you'll see that the islands of Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug form a perfect smiley face: but the round smiley is a logo developed by a US insurance company in 1963. In the Spratly Islands, near the Philippines, God made an island in the exact shape of a boomerang. Were Australian aboriginals asked for permission?
Good grief,stealing ice and water,people are nuts.
Please donate local. Good grief these salaries!!! I think I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy is a good choice ☺ 100% of your donations goes to animals in need. period.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Team USA Hockey Olympic Team Rant.Really???.Where the *** is Kyle Okposo???.not only do you leave off the roster the second highest point man the USA could field, but you do not even consider him?!?!?!.You choose two Ranger players whose total combined point total does not even equal KO's?...Good Grief.even worse...No Jack Johnson!?!?!?!...dumb *** !!.Go Canada!
take in our match blog: Good Grief, I do believe Botham's serious!!
Good Grief: Paul "eddie munster" Ryan on the budget deal: Hey, we might fight on the debt ceiling instead
Good Grief, just got home from watching the Rams game. Sure am glad Jeff Fisher took over the Defense
Josh Jaye If this illegal Govt was seriously seeking revolutionary action, they would have already fired the first shot. The Truth is: the Govt is AFRAID OF THE CITIZENS AND THE MILITARY. Thats why the Govt puts out all of the Propaganda...i e.."Leaking info about the purchase of huge amounts of ammo and weapons, FEMA Camps, War Games with Foreign Troops, hints of Martial Law, hints of Gun Confiscation..etc. This Govt has performed a MASSIVE PSYCH JOB, and it is apparently working. If that info was Classified, we would not have heard a word about it. THINK!! We have more to fear from the radiation from Fukishima, than this Govt. The Govt makes veiled Threats to scare the *** out of people, to PREVENT an Uprising. Because an uprising is what THEY Fear. Dont you Get It? Bluster and Scare Tactics have been used by Dictators for centuries, to keep the people Cowering. Good Grief!! Our Constitution states " it is the DUTY of the people to REMOVE a Govt that has PERVERTED. the Constitution. Read it. It is NOT . ...
Shoot ...I just typed 3 sentences...with No typos...and I escaped without posting !!! Anyway ...there is a questionaire on the left of my screen asking What Movies Have You Watched.Good Grief, couldn't they have noted a timeline??? I will say, one movie I really enjoyed was DINER...but i have never seen it broadcast on TV...It had a great story line...terrific cast...wonderful sound track...and all around enjoyable...I wish some station would run it ...Mickey O'Rourke...Ellen Barton ...Kevin Bacon...Steve Guttenberg...Sue will understand why it it home with me...
Goodness.. People's TV Critic is Harsh in their Article! I guess that goes along with Show Business! Saying Carrie Underwood was miscast! Good Grief...Well, to me it was wonderful! Kudos to Casting Director for giving Carrie Underwood an opportunity to play Maria Von Trapp!:D󾮗󾠔
Good Grief!!...watching Jeopary right now and the question was what do they call the connection that raises and lowers boats between Lake Superior and Lake Huron and NOT ONE of those "brainiacs" knew it...Alex Trebeck gave the answer..."What are the Sault Set Marie, or the Soo Locks". geesh.
You are...evil and planning something, good grief.
I think its a bunch of bs they wont release the results of the autopsy on Alfred Wright. The jp says he is waiting on the AG opinion and toxicology report. which usually takes up to 6 weeks. Wth? Hasnt the family been thru enough! Good Grief! we all know what happened he was MURDERED! If it were something else he would have been johnny on the spot to release the info. I bet everyone in that sheriff dept knows the results and getting time to cover something up or to get all their stories matching and straight. just my opinion! Prayers still needed for the family plus some kind and encouraging words! Thanks Everyone who has shared my links and posts on this.
Good grief too much things are happening just now! Just been offered a promotion at work
Good grief! Why do I have another 2 baskets full of things to do!? Oh well, I have 2 days, before audience happens... no problem!
good grief, I'm in a grumpy mood this morning.
Finally. Now waiting to go through fourth transit terminal passport check. Good grief.
Lost My Glasses - Yesterday my daughter e-mailed me again asking why I didn't do something useful with my time, like sitting around the pool and drinking wine is not a good thing. Talking about my "doing something useful" seems to be her favorite topic of conversation. She was "only thinking of me" and suggested I go down to the senior center and hang out with the guys. I did this and when I got home last night I decided to teach her a lesson about staying out of my business. I e-mailed her and told her that I had joined a Parachute Club. She replied, "Are you nuts? You are about 76 years old, and now you're going to start jumping out of airplanes?" I told her that I even got a membership card and e-mailed a copy to her. She immediately telephoned me, "Good grief, where are your glasses! This is a membership to a Prostitute Club, not a Parachute Club." "Oh man, I'm in trouble again; I really don't know what to do, I signed up for five jumps a week." The line went quiet and her friend picked up the phone a ...
It's 2:30 in the morning already. Good grief. 😱😨😫😩
Barbara Walters names 'Most Fascinating People' Good grief Barbara, you can do better than this.
Good grief. Anyone know what this dog is?
Man. This *** dead now everyone loved him. Love people when they are alive. Good grief. Get off the van wagon already. R.I.P but hot ***
I cud hug u right now!! So far so good, but i wil defo giv u shout if I get any grief x
So need a good grief councalor anybody know one in the area
Oh dear... unfriended by my own daughter. Good grief.
Good grief, Devontay and I are working our tooshies off!!! I hope every goes well for the holidays --- I love him and both the boys help so much but. We have decided to bring hospice in and they will be coming out tomorrow. I have been having a hard time with this but in the last few days it hasn't gotten any better
good grief I really need to go to sleep, 6:30am comes early, problem is im not tired
Aarons idea of a cute text is "get up its 2 in the afternoon good grief"
Well that was inconvenient of him. Good grief
Good grief. An all out selfie binge!
This is starting to get funny. My phone insurance said they shipped my replacement refurb phone via Fed Ex. Fed Ex had no record of it ever reaching any of their facilities. I had orginially wanted to upgrade, but settled on the replacement refurb instead. Knowing that my replacement phone was lost I discovered that the VM phone that I had my eye on (13 megapixel camera) was half price on cyber monday, so I order the better phone. It should arrive in a few days. Today when I get home from work, guess what is propped up against my door, the supposedly lost refurb phone. So now I will soon have two phones. Good grief! lol!
Good Grief, My flight got all screwed up, and between delays and then getting moved to another departure gate, and weather, I have caught a cold. Feel like crap but made it home. Now if my nose would quit, I could actually sleep. Busy day tomorrow. Love my Family and Thank You Ronald Nelson and Veronica Charis Nelson and Gracie for picking me up at the airport. I am going to try to sleep, was working on edits from Photo Shoot I had on Saturday.
No sleep for me til the pain wears down!!! Oh good grief!!!
People always want something for nothing. Then, they start feeling entitled to it. Good grief.
Koalas have unique voice organ. Good grief, watch the video!
You wouldn't read about but now are directed back to the platform to catch a TRAIN, good grief! Enough to turn a woman to drink!
Good grief. Who changed trollday to Tuesday?
Lesson learned. I will never post anything on SportsCenter again. Evidently, that's a bad idea and makes me scared for the future of humanity. Good grief! People are completely stupid and cruel. Oh well, I got a bunch of likes. Oh no! My self-esteem is ruined!
Good grief! The 7" Kindle Fire HDX is only $179 today. Get your sites ready... Those things are going to be everywhere i…
oh good grief. I shouldn't have asked.
Good grief, everyday I hear that somebody else is pregnant. This must be the new trend.
Can somebody clue these "thugs" in on the fact that if they get bigger bicycles they can get away from the cops faster? Good grief.
Good grief you're an *** I can no longer stand your existence.
In the midst of the deepest grief, remember to laugh -- LAUGHTER release emotional energy just as good as crying.
Good grief! I've been writing my arms off! I've been writing each chapter carefully.
Let's laugh and imagine a world without grief. Charlie Brown said it, "Good grief". How about applying the literal translation of that?
Good grief. I don't think I could love any more than I already do, S05E10 was pitch perfect - the ending was golden
Good grief. Could you make your self known anymore?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Engel: Good grief! RG3 shouldn't have bothered gutting it out
Thought to myself I haven't watched a good novela in a while...started one the other night and as soon as the grown a$& male protagonist began to behave like a twelve year old boy...I knew I wasn't missing anything. Good grief, no wonder, do you think ppl know that behavior is for entertainment purposes only?
Good grief Mitch has most definitely been hacked
Is anyone else absolutely furious over the idea put out by Amazon to deliver their books, etc., by DRONE?! Can you imagine walking down the street and having a 3 ft. square drone fly over your head to land in the neighbor's yard! And what about birds flying by overhead, or bees and butterflies (to small to be 'seen' by the drone) or any other flying insect. I cannot tell you how furious I am that these tech *** see fit to invade my very 'air space'!! And the sound -- good grief, am I the only one crazy here?!
Let's put more peeps out of work. :s good grief
Good grief. Is Aaron Craft still in college?!?
Why does advertise new eps of Graham Norton ... that they friggin don't air?!? Good grief, that's stupid.
someone needs to reinvent the word or uninvent the word DRAMA, it sure flew good grief sometimes I am going to wear ear plugs. We empathize with people, to many times they think its sympathy. Buck up as my friend Renee Malone would sing Cowgirls don't cry.
Oh good grief! Petrol is going up by 16 cents and diesel is going up by 10 cents at midnight tonight. Time to go fill up!
Good grief, this is what Jonghyun looks like now?
"There is a theory that watching unbearable stories about other people lost in grief and rage is good..."
I just read all the stupidity. Good grief. Some kids, I swear.
Good grief, the PTC/Hills County is stuck in the 70s. Do your research and bring Zipcar, Uber, and Lyft to
Has anyone else gotten sick, thought you were over it , and then the very next day get sicker... Then a couple more days go by and then you think again that you are getting much better, only to then relapse with a stomach bug/ cold/flu... good grief !! I just can't win...
Just came across this show called Mud Lovin' Rednecks.good grief they are running out of ideas for tv shows! Smh
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
At dinner tonight: Cadence-"I lost my tooth! I don't know where it's at but it's not in my mouth!" The rest of the family-"WHAT?!?" I get up and try coming through her plate of sphagetti with parm cheese. "Is this it (squishing a clump of cheese) ..uh guess not" After several minutes we assume she swallowed it. She suddenly remembers she pulled something hard out of her mouth, and where does she put it? Not on the table/in the trash/on her napkin etc..she threw it on the floor. *Facepalm* Cadence dives to the floor and re-appears in her seat with her tooth in hand...Good grief luckily the dogs didn't feel they needed it. Lol Then later we step outside to see family off and Cadence decides to bring her tooth with her, someone bumps her hand and she looses the tooth again outside in the dark. "Cadence did your tooth need to tag along?" For five minutes bryan and I are using our iPhones as flashlights crawling around on the ground looking for her very lost tooth. We finally found it and I stuck it in a zi .. ...
Break time, good grief got busy this evening! Thought I might get some of the sassafrass cross sections sanded & a coat of paint on the face side so some would be ready to paint on the design when I nothing better to do. that was 70 discs ago. Not too hard of labor came in after dark & lost the blue jeans, clicked on the tv & been painting away in the ol fruit of the looms. hang on let me clarafie. While wearing my underware have painted many things. Dang it!Just no way to un purve this. Happens when ya get tired. You know what I mean. My dogs could not stay off the tractor today, every time I looked up here they came. Alsot he first day in a long while they went with me along side the tractor. T hat tractor anyways, the big green goat they always follow, they know the brush hog is going to scare up a meal or two for em! But the Ford, prob because it mainly heads to the cattle .Reckon those heavy heifers trying to stomp em to be part of it. The little dogs must of known the cows were in a diff ...
Listening to R Kelly's Black Panties...Good grief. He just...I have no words and only three tracks deep
Dress Rehearsal today.i can't even think straight, let alone remember lines.good grief :P
Alright sooo, snail-mail is now my new favorite thing on the planet. Who invented texting? Good grief!
Oh good grief. Still deaf dumb and blind.
Good grief. That story we ran regarding Bathurst Public Schools' dress code has blown up to an insane scale. Never saw this coming at all.
Good grief, people. Havin' trouble feedin' them? Then why dontcha quit breedin' them??
Good grief I just saw the final of the Boonville and MD girls bball game... and company held the Pioneers to 20 points?
Good grief; everything is happening in Saturday!
Good grief; everything is happening on Saturday!
you should be ASHAMED for airing SNAP (food stamp) ads on the station, good grief. STAY OUTTA MY POCKETS!
Good Grief! I finally got that application to Seton filled out. And my solution to those phone numbers that are non-existent, I put in my number. And OMG! They wanted to know ALL previous employment, sheesh! And just when I thought I was all done and submitted.up popped a personality test.
Good grief, what was Pixie Geldof thinking when she put that dress on for the Fashion Awards.
71 is absolutely outrageous. Good grief are your genitals in tact?
“Geek, uterus, Sunni, lactation... Google's list of banned words: good grief.😣
Good grief. The whatsapp update makes it feel like a new app.
Good grief fans are gullible to exaggerated info
Good grief! an article came out after my family and I consumed a whole turkey during the past Thanksgiving holiday weekends...
First night with Heath being gone again---hello insomnia! Still awake, was asleep by 10 pm most every night the last week! Good grief I will be glad when he works close to home again.or maybe I need a RX for Ambien.
This train needs to start passing out water good grief.
A blond was stuck in the snow in her car. Her father always said, "Wait for the snow plow and then follow it." She did just that. 45 minutes later the snow plow driver got out and asked what she was doing. She told the driver what her father had said. "Well okay," said the driver. "I am done at Wal-Mart now I am heading to Kmart." (Good grief!)
Ugh why is it at 11Am all I wanted was a nap and now at 11Pm I am wide awake .good grief I'm a hot mess lol
So. I was out front tonight shoveling a little bit snow, about 930 tonight. I see our Saturn coming down the road and Teresa Mamer Boucha waving me and checking out our Christmas lights. Made sense to me to do a sexy dance with the shovel and show off my moves to Teresa. Well the car didn't turn into alley. I was like wow T must just be out driving around looking at lights. So when she did come home, I asked her why she just kept driving. She went shopping after work and never came by the house. Good grief. I musta scared the heck outta who ever was driving around tonight. Sorry my bad!!
Good grief. I got so busy at my order and my mind else where I forgot to take a picture of the full body stretch sheet. Stupid me! :)
WONDERFUL DAY TODAY, then this evening by 6PM the caddie was covered with frost, good grief, hope the roads are okay in the morning...have to leave by 6:45 A.M. HEY anyone hear where we will be staying at when we head to the TACOMA DOME??? Someone said the EMERALD QUEEN, lets hope so, last year we were on our own, had to catch rides to Emerald Queen just to find a place to dine. We had our valuable Elder Mary Lou to help...Nan stayed with her all the time..they had a nice time sitting and visiting in the dining area, checking out the people who were playing the slot machines..
Dear Clyde: If you keep emitting *** bombs like the last one that is still peeling paint in the kitchen, no one is ever going to adopt you. Good grief, what on earth did they feed you while I was at work?
Twas the night before Obamacare, and all through the land The enrollment deadline was frighteningly at hand. The pink slips were hung by the chimney with care, And hopes for employment simply weren't there. The children were huddled, asleep in their beds While visions of high premiums took hold of our heads. And Ma in her “kerchief, and I in my cap, With nary a clue and a policy gap. -When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Oh my GOD, please tell me that THAT’S not a rash. The policy I liked had been taken away And the DOCTOR I liked had told me NO WAY. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a Canadian bus and 2 REALLY large ears. It was a little old campaigner, so my door I did lock, I knew in a moment it no doubt was Barack. More rapid than vultures the coursers they came And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name! “Now Harry! Now Nancy and Jarret, you vixen!” “ON Sebelius! ...
Guilty pleasure! Real Housewives of Miami reunion part 1 !!! Good Grief !!! Wow and OMG.
Good Grief! C'mon Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, called 'make your vote count'!!
Good Grief, ya think they had won the Super Bowl or something!! Relax Chicagoland, it was only a regular season game!!
I love sarcastic humour but things change. Used to watch The Daily Show from the beginning when it was the Daily Soup. Used to watch Colbert. I quit when comedians stopped being comedians and were regarded as political pundits. Good Grief..they are comedians. I have some new ones but not those. Sorry but I find Dennis Miller hilarious. Was great on SNL. Greg Gutfeld is hilarious. As sarcastic as possible. Good grief..they both came out of California and Miller still lives there. Gutfeld and McGerk are hilarious sarcasm. McGerk is Don Imas' head guy. Imas is sarcasm max. At least they retain the status as a comedian instead of a political figure. My prefs..
Cut and Paste- If any of this is true. Good Grief. President Obama complained about the shutdown of parts of the federal Head Start pre-school nutritional assistance program in his weekly address October 5, even though he has already pledged to veto straightforward Republican bills that would fund similar programs. Obama argued in his weekly presidential address that children who had benefited from Head Start programs are suffering under the shutdown. He cited one letter from an Alabama citizen: Kelly Mumper lives in rural Alabama. She works in early education, and has three children of her own in the Marines. Here’s what she wrote to me on Wednesday. “Our Head Start agency ... was forced to stop providing services on October 1st for over 770 children, and 175 staff were furloughed. I am extremely concerned for the welfare of these children.” Yet if handed a simple congressional bill to fund childhood nutrition programs such as the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and Head Start programs, Obama h . ...
What don't these Democrats understand? You can't keep spending money you don't have and you can't tax the citizenry into the stone age to come up with it. Good Grief.
People, the fact that ur insurance won't pay for ur medications has absolutely NOTHING to do with "Obama Care" (Affordable Care Act). The stuff hasn't even kicked in yet! Good Grief!
Good Grief. Christmas ad for, The Hallmark Channel: Countdown to Christmas with Christmas movies begins Nov. 2nd. PLEASE!
Thoughts on last night's game. 1. NFL Network must fire their play by play guy and the Mike Mayock. Awful commentating that, outside of a little Tom tug and rub, was very biased throughout the dame. Oh yeah, the lady I sat next too last night was calling the game more accurately. 2. Tom Brady should continue ripping these rookies apart until they are able to do their job. 3. Our defense is winning games for us all year long. 4. Amendola out a month, after 16 plays, is why every Patriot fan with a brain screamed, "Good Grief" when he was signed. 5. It is going to be a long year...but we will still easily win a weak division.
I love watching Brandt Snedeker play golf. He just walks up to the ball, is very confident in his ability, and let's it rip. The others will look for eight years, kneel down and pick up grass, and take their everloving time before they even walk up to the ball. Good Grief!! GO BRANDT!
Good Grief. Nicole Wallace ??? Typical rude, crude, GOP-ER. I've no problem with comprehending, so what's really up with that?
I think I'm going to take a break from organising group orders after the SnK one... Good grief.
Good grief MTN do you even have corporate governance? Bribes, suspensions & dodgy deals. How do consumers support this?
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