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Good God

Good God is a song written and recorded by American nu metal band Korn for their second studio album, Life Is Peachy.

Aunt Bea

Good God. This might actually be the worst take *ever*
Now we're REALLY screwed! Bannon moving up the ladder so fast? He needs to GO, NOT move UP the ladder! Good God, where ar…
Good God, man. I love that LP but I'd retitle the *** thing Metal Gear Solid 4: Time Dilation.
Good God do i miss SAM AXE but i still love ASH any chance of u coming to the UK?
Good God you're either a Kremlin troll or a malnourished ignorant southern steel mill worker
Good God, the Seahawks look like a bunch of highlighters. Hope Digger Phelps isn't watching!
When someone draws fingers on McDonald's mittens and 'spreading holiday cheer' takes on entirely new meaning. Good God. htt…
Good God, if our civilization were to sober up for a couple of da...
Good God man. Try to imagine Kennedy seeking approval by saying "even on Thanksgiving"? So high school…
I added a video to a playlist VaShawn Mitchell - Good God
Good God. Is there no personal integrity left? Larry Sabato???
Hello mate, I'm in Caffè Nero (York) & I swear they've just been playing "Good God". I'd actually put money on it!!
I didn't even know Ricky Martin looked that good. Good God.
Checks TV. Graham Norton is joined by Michael Mcintyre, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Coldplay. Good God...
emboldened by Trump, old racists (and some young ones) are letting their bigot flag fly. Good God.
Good God. Having BO's Feds keeping eye on the election is like Richard J. Daley overseeing the graveyard vote.
Good God, it just doesn't end. Dems tell they have evidence their HQ was bugged.
Joe Buck can you please tell us how you really feel. Good God. That was a normal turned double play. Throw was lil low, No biggie.
Stars media so sensitive. Good God they'd have trouble in real hockey city. Fans having audacity to critique listing ship? It's their right
Good God, blacks vote like 1 mind? Give me a break how can anyone feel sorry 4 them if they keep doing the same thi…
Good God, I take that back! Paranormal Activity 3 is actually quite scary!
So Anthony Weiner isn't just an exhibitionist, he's a full-on sexual predator. Good God.
I finally realized who Trump reminds me of: the title character in Ben Folds Five's "Uncle Walter." Good God.
Good God man, did you really write Georgia Tech University in an article? Was a good article up to that point.
James Harrison is almost 40yrs old.. Good God he's an animal
Good God take a look at Barnaby and Susan expenses,know they represent country electorates but this is over the top
Good God. At first glance I thought this was one of those Sally Struthers "Feed the Hungry" commercials.
Tonight at 8pm we welcome the debut of Good God! . Performers include Amber Nelson, Tom Brady,…
Good God, you're onto something Lawrence Fishburne has copyright on the other one...
at the day that you were born..happy birthday to you...may the Good God bless you
Good God, please don't tell us SECRETS OF CANKLES CLINTON, BILL!! . If you can humanize a gargoyle, then 👏! Kudos Slick Willie!
Sexist AND violent. Anyone *still* think Labour doesn't have a woman problem? Good God.
.Good God, who care who wrote what? Joe Biden proved that plagiarism is something of no consequence.
Good God i hope this story comes out ok.. Velvet Underground and Nico
Good God the Clinton campaign is beyond pathetic and out of touch.
Good God! If the US Secretary of State doesnt get "CONFIDENTIAL", how safe is the US in her hands as President?…
Good God, when was the last time Colby Rasmus actually bathed? . Also, Jeff Spicoli called—he wants his hairstyle back.
Good God. And I was told it is the greatest love story ever told surpassing Romeo - Juliet, Shirin-Farhad
AG, appointed by President Bill Clinton, should now completely recuse herself in email investigation of Clinton's wife. Good God!
📻🇦🇷 "Good God! Long live football! Cosmic Kite, which planet did you come from?" http…
Good God "Carried Away" by Strait gets me every time. Ain't nobody singing about love like that anymore.
Good God! That was amazing! If that doesn't make it rain nothing will hey!
Good work and ready to relax & recharge.long day when dealing with Niggerish Nonsense at the...
Good God. Damon Dash really need his *** whipped with all that ego he got spewing all over everyone in the house.
Good God, I've just fluffed my office chair with a cushion and I still can't sit down. It's got to be the Chalfont St Giles this.
Good God. Bond villain Joe Don Baker did this in "License to Kill", but with statues. Him as Alexander, Genghis, etc
Good God, Aunt Bea, you made me cry.
well, with this bunch, you’ll see plenty of that at Hazeltine under the most pressure there is in golf. Good God.
Daniel Sunjata you fine piece of delicious looking man... Good God
Good God can you imagine Cruz in the general election? He's Grima Wormtongue in Sauron armor.
Good God, Aunt Bea, don't you have cross burnings over there.
Good God. Sounds so much like Cave Johnson I thought you were quoting a game!
Good God in heaven! They're seriously considering a Space Jam 2! They've hired Justin Lin to direct! Looking to your WHM take.
Good God, is this America, our Nation that was founded on Christian principles . Re-education camp for
Anthony announced that he had to fart, so he sat on Carter and did it and now Carter is trying to do the same. Good God.
Good God this sets a fantastic tone
Whoever received that burn needs to immediately head to a hospital 911 cause you way past third degree. Good God 😂
Also, Oliver Reed in the 60s. Good God. That voice alone is one of the seven wonders of the British isles.
Good God needs to go back&study the elementary school grammar rules.Just a bunch of 'ands' & ALOT of ellipses.
Good God that's a hot woman Pam Grier from back in the day!
Already pacing the living room. Game one. Good God. Go Kings!
‘Good God, is this the abbey at Monte Cassino? . . . What have I been writing?’
Cole ruined another great moment. Good God, i'd rather watch RAW with Mike Adamle on commentary at this point.
Good morning thanking God for another day.
Good morning...God Bless...lets get it!
This is SO GOOD: “God will either give us what we ask or give us what we would've asked if we knew everything He knows…
May GOD bring immense happiness, good health, and booming wealth to everyone.
How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed
"Good leaders allow God to have ALL of them." - Ps
Good morning, thanking God for another day
. Do good deeds ,and stay blessed wd God's love!!
Good morning world!! Church flow!! God is great so i gotta make sure I tell Him and show him the best way I can
I'll was on with and Yesterday and kicked *** again. God I'm good!!!
And we preach to you the good news of the promise made to the fathers, that God has fulfilled this promise to our...
Warm welcome to ,son of my Good friends Riyazkhan n UmaRiyaz on his debut..! 👍 God bless!
If we had the faith and humility to walk in the power and authority Jesus has entrusted to us, Good God Almighty, mountai…
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🍀💜🌞Good morning Scott, hope you have a wonderful weekend. God bless.
The letr2Jil today got me all tearyeyed. It sure feels good to finally open up to someone and love again. God bless…
💜🎈🌞Good morning Michael, hope you have a wonderful weekend. God bless.
My son Rock is taking the ACT test today. He got good sleep, and ate a good breakfast. With God's help, he should do well.
When you come to understand that God passionately loves you & wants good for you, it changes your outlook on life!
Good Great God morning! If you are in the area Dundalk and Surrounding communities, join us today at 4pm as we...
God Eater is being animated again, hundred and cerebeus is good too (haven’t watched them yet but people say they are)
Good morning world. It,s a beautiful day to live. Wishing everyone a great & blessed day as you shine forth God's love to all that you meet.
Good Luck to all of you taking the ACT today. May God bless you with all the tools you need to be successful today. You're all in my prayers
Oh God yeah. The Indy are pretty hit and miss. Either pretty good reporting or hilariously biased.
God bless you for this eleko jam..Replay all day!!!It's true wen they say good jams dn't need hype.. . Can't…
Good luck, Manny! God Bless you! If you win or not, you're still our champ!
Thank you for your pro-life voice. You are amazing! I thank God for you. May He bless your good efforts.
Evil is now called good & good evil. Prov 28:5 (MSG) "Justice makes no sense to the evil minded; those who seek God know it in…
You don't need money to live a rich life. All you need is "GOD, Good health, Peace, Happiness, Love, Food & a significa…
I lived to see another day, God is good. Thank you for watching over me
Dare to trust God. He has never once failed before, and the good news is that He is not about to start now.
Good morning to all my Followers and to# god bless you and your family's
Not really a good idea to give a chimpanzee an AK47.
Good evening handSAM !😊. Enjoy your weekend and God bless you always. 🙏.
Good morning everyone! It's Saturday April 09, 2016 at 07:30AM! May God bless you today!
good god why i can't even look at my dog photo without bawling out I'm about to cry now...
can u stop replying the same message everytime. Not even a single god *** good news. Last time keep saying u guys very efficien
OhJesusWords: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God. -Rom 8:28
God Bless everyone this Good Friday. ...especially our deployed. https:/…
A calling is the unleashing of all of who we are for God’s great good.
Good morning world.if God woke u up this morning take the time to give him thanks! No matter ur circumstances he's given u another chance
Thanks to everyone one of you, the good wishes, the sincere congratulatory messages and the prayers. God bless you all ab…
. A day should be begin with the meditation and a prayer to God to be energetic to do good deeds to be good at al…
Hot Taeke denzel Good God as i call him will be jason peters 2.0
Good God, even the CFMEU flag has the Christian cross as its centrepiece
I WISH. Greta, Guilty conscience? NEVER. Good God, man, she wanted Lindsey Graham for president!
Good God, I love the Legion. 2 x Steam Whistle tall boys = $11.50
Thanks to God today. Good God, help me. Help me to succeed. Manifest the steps. Grant permission the stages. Help me Lord. Help me God Lord.
Thanks to God. Thanks to the Lord. Lord, grant me my stuff, my things, my pieces, my works. Help me Good God. Help me Holy Lord. Praises God
. Good God... this is like our version of Jade Helm 15. We will all be in FEMA death camps by Teatime, at this rate.
Kimber Lee vs. Colt Cabana. That's the worst match I've ever seen on paper, ever. Good God, you'd seriously have to pay me, no joke.
For the benefit of doubt we implore u to wait and see that the Lord who through u and I sent him is a Good God
James Murphy - Good God on - Showcasing the best in DC gospel music
Every situation allows you the opportunity to draw closer to God. Whether good or bad, look to God for guidance in every …
Trust none but the good god n a handgun.
I'm about that life of starting Mondays on a good vibe. If you trying to be a distraction to this...BEWARE my God has seen you.
My son acting like he don't know how to sleep through the night 😒 nevertheless God is good.thank you LORD for another day with new mercies
💟All things work for the good for those who love God & are called according to His purpose💟
So God said to me the other day, "Your standing in the way of some pretty good abundance coming…
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Good Morning ! 🌧 thank God for another un promised day 🙌🏾
"Dear God, no words can describe how good you are. Thank You." ♥
8: We see that if good actions are backed by a True saint and God's prayer, one can achieve even the unfathomable.
god it feels so good to recruit a nohrian FINALLY
No wonder women got trust issues God promised women that good men would be found in all corners of the world, then He made …
If we can't be trusted in tough times - how can trust us in good times? Thank for
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called accord….
I'll tell someone of religion that I don't have a religion but I believe in God. Instead of them to say something of good intent.
good god. So sad people take joy in this. .
God made me wake up and say hello good morning
If actusl profit well u must be related or a project god adopted charlie said I may be good but not God just play music
the God of the sunset is also God of the filter - the filter is his good Creation too.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been… https:…
Good morning.Be Patient, God has a plan for YOU. Visit to…
A good man/woman is "hard to find "because they're someone God delivers to your life not someone you go search for 😊
Update your maps at Navteq
For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. -Ephesia…
Dear God , I know I made mistakes and I made choices that weren't great but I hope u can see the good in me and forgive me 🙏
MY GOD i went in for kotori but i came out with something just as good holy doeudhshd
It's not about legalism it's about oh mY GOd He is good
Good morning. I wish you a great day. God bless.
Good morning! In this new week, I pray & declare that your life will radiate God's glory.
The time you are in right now is not wasted. God is at work in you, bringing out the good treasures from your heart!
God’s words will give you self confidence. Always do good deeds, recite God’s word and get rid of your shortcomings.
The question we should be asking is why would a good God let anyone into heaven?
New week; new challenges but the good thing is every challenge has solutions so God bless us all
Good morning. peace to . all . esp. you . who hate . the way . the vulnerable . re being . dumped . by . our govt; . God bless . Andy . …
oh my god. imtired I spent a good minute trying to remember if jinwoos name was jinwoo it somehow looked wrong to me
Thanks be to God for the good opportunity to serve all of you today! Now turning you over to Bro. Rigor!
This has been Thanks be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for the good opportunity!
You're sleepy af, but Tolinday is PMS-ing so you stay up for her rants. God I'm a good friend, like, I should have a medal or something
Hello Sushmaji,all I want to say is May God give you good health & long life,so people abroad may feel safe. Well done 👍🏻
Be the good, because God loves the goodness.
Good Morning,just to wish you a Happy Monday & a wonderful week,God bless you and yours xx
A very good morning/evening to all Thank God it's Friday!! Ready for a Horatio weekend. I need a hero! h…
🙏🏽 good morning to all the tall ladies out there God bless you dont forget the world revolves around you
“And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of C…”
happy birthday hope u have a good one, God bless always man ✌️
I love the smell of success in the morning @ God Is Good, Iyana Ipaja
good morning. Have a great day. God bless you 😊
Good God. I went to college at the wrong time.
Overheard from a Lexington fan: "What team is this (that we're playing)?.Good God, March brings out some ignorant people.
Good God, So much death around us. Body of homeless man found in Charles River near Hatch Shell.
Ive been binge watching Bernie Mac on Netflix & I just need my wife to look like aunt Wanda. Good God smh
Good God - even BT in the 1990s could do better than that. But then are Virgin Media just a broker business?
Good God, there's credited actors as Thomas & Martha Wayne in Superman v Batman, which means Bat-origin AGAIN?!? We all know that story!
Do it! and when you do, remember that Alec Baldwin could have been Dracula. "Good God, Harker!"
Wait Cruz is hosting his celebrations tonight at a place called "Redneck Country Club"..? Good God help us all...
Andrey Arshavin all goals for Arsenal. This is a tribute. You gotta believe me. I wish I was there. Good God. I love
"Good God, is she in the running for 'brattiest princess ever'? Must've been spoiled rotten when she was growing up." — Hikaru Hitachiin
Good God man,fact that over 40% of the country believes this makes me want to weep sucking my thumb in the fetal position
Christian Cooke's eyes are out of this world. Good God 😍😍😍
Pretty sure Brock just killed Roman with that table... Good God.
Good God what has the advent of word processing and spellcheck done to my spelling?
There was barely a rubbish tune in that TOTP which is something you can't say often. was Joe Dolce, tho. Good God.
Robert E. Taylor Jr. Kenneth McClain Kandi got some problems on her label! Good God! 󾌧󾌧󾌧
Stretch Out - GHMBC via If this doesn't remind me of Pastor Wendy Smith-Martin!!! Good God!!
And dont get me started on the pure filth that is Neil Collins and Connor sammon. Good God almighty
Good God.the *** with El Nino people are starving whenever there is drought subsequent famine follows Code Red’ food Crisis…
Otis Clay, Lemmy, John Bradbury, David Bowie, Buffin, Glen Frey - all dead in the last month. Good God, enough...
Good God. We all need a Trish Walker and a Foggy Nelson in our lives.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Good God that's how you kick off 2016 what a war...!!
Good God, Chris Kattan is in this. Which seems appropriate.
Brendan Schaub made a big, big mistake. Good God.
$3 million for hitting around the Mendoza line? Good God what a terrible move.
Good God's Tuesday evening. Thanks to my people in The Bahamas for another great time. Back home. Gumbo and grill.
Everton are really going to leapfrog us in the table. Good God.
2 of the planet's worst invaders!. Herr Hitler x 2!. Good God, hat we have slithered too!
Oh my Good God!!! Queen wears a giant Fur Mink Coat to Church on Christmas Day
1.1 trillion dollar spending bill is my proof of my conservative roots. Good God almighty.
Good God almighty.. Clinton can't even get back to the podium for a televised debate..
Bud light? Good God almighty. Imagine ordering that in The Padraig Pearse on Pearse Street.
Did your DEM strategist you had on just defend the "whack-a-mole" goofy strategy of Obama? Good God almighty, what a nutjob.
Good God it's an unholy alliance of stupidity. The end of days is nigh.
The first track is a gospel track, however. "Good God" | Pastor Shirley Caesar feat. the Thompson Community Singers
Good God, Neil Diamond looks my age. But uglier
Good God, woman, this Anita Bryant vendetta still?
God does everything for a reason. We may not agree with him but he does it for our/ his own good
Good morning to tito Sen,God bless us all po.
You ever start to worry about bills or something. Then just think God got me, I know I'll be good? I do all the time..
It's completely true that God allows EVERYTHING to work together for our good!
Thank you God for giving me new life again. Good morning :)
good morning Delamar.BartFromAlabang is listening.God Bless
If you can't realise that change is good and people move on then God help you
In that Bamboo Groove.. In the words of James Brown, Good God Y'all!
I can go a few months w good skin and then suddenly it's like god remembers everything I've done wrong and decides to punish me
like my god I can't believe how good they are...believe me I've been to a lot of concerts and this was the best I've ever seen
Oh god, what I wouldn't do for some good pho right now.
On god you and spenzo did y'all good men for that
This broadcast is gonna be a good one. Let's join together a connect the word of God with life!
Thankful for all are great Fans much love . Great win today God is Good !!
"We will always be outnumbered, outgunned ... and on the winning team. If you feel terrified, GOOD. That's where God wants …
"If you think you're good with God, think again." + Jonathan Betancourt
Though often used by God, no amount of Godly parenting or a good education will guarantee that a child's heart will be…
Praise to our God who grants us peace & rest in Jesus Christ 😊 Good morning
God is good. Thank you lord for your peace 😌
God, I give you the glory in the good & the bad. Blessed to be playing with these group of men. 🍀
Being surrounded by family & friends, eating delicious food, & realizing all that God has blessed you with. He is good.
oh my god that makes you such a good person I'm so sorry. . I guess my boyfriends and my relationship with guys doesn't matter
Good morning aldubarkads.? Good morning aldub loveteam takecare God bless! Were happy for you.
So happy the way our team finished today! Praise God in the good and tough times!
Of course this anti-choice monster murdered the parents of six children. Abortion opponents don't give a good god *** abo…
Good God, stuff has happened in Kilbarchan.
"I even told your mom..Good God it looks like she's gainin weight but you look fine now! That picture makes you look fat" - My Aunt Debbie
We laughed all night about the. hookers at the party/my old man standing yelling, Good God, almighty/...
Make it a date on 22nd Nov 2015,by 4pm @ House on the Rock,UGA Hall(Last Floor),No 39 Emir road,Sabon Gari Kano. It's all about the "Good God
Good God, there's that tosser David Coburn on Scotland Tonight AGAIN.
Good God, what is it going to take to finally cut this guy. Put the ego down, admit it was a draft bust and cut our losses
Good God ".earns Emmy for its coverage of baseball.
First giving honor 2 God, pastor and friends. I wanna testify tonight bout how Good God's been! He woke me n my eagles up.
Good God, he's the spitting image of the Health Secretary Jeremy (rhymes with) Hunt!
Good God, this Joanna Newsom has one of the most annoying voices I’ve ever heard!!
Demetrius Jackson's handles are just silly. Good God, man
Good God, hands down my favorite place of all time in San Francisco is Johnny Foley's a la dueling pianos!
Good God no. Just a Rutgers fan still aching at missing out on Jay Williams and the Dahntay Jones transfer.
Good God did Rubio really say he's running for President because he hates being in the Senate?. OK, so who's left? Fred Thompson, maybe?
Good God you've been hitting the gym hard Flat tummy w the v's in the hips Love the Farrah Fawcett Hair
Good God! Now they want to remove crosses & put in Islamic prayer areas in Christian churches! Blasphemy!!
"Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser?" No! Good God no, I opened you by accident
Good God, Ayaan Hirsi Ali should really stop talking about politics and who to vote for, it's getting embarrassing on her …
I added a video to a playlist Good God! with God and Special Guest Christopher Columbus
Good God in heaven he is a Community Volunteer at U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs or so he claims
Good God, how inferior must Mike Sweeney (or any human, for that matter) feel sitting next to George Brett?
"...the NeXT Cube, whatever that was" --Anthony Lane in the Good God.
Good God please take them off the list already
Good God the is inept. Thankfully, our roads and bridges are top-notch!
Good God. Who is the miserable co-commentator for on Radio Manchester? He's sapping my will to live. Never mind the score...
God is good. God is great. God is real.
God what did I do good to get a Drake and Future Album
GOOD GOD, old news already. Cleared by come on Chris... That's not hardball! Make me talk about POLICY!
Fantastic day @ the ladies conference! Thanks so much Woodlawn for a fun filled day! God is good all the time!
God indeed gave Aldub to you. As the song says: "i must have done something good."...
but no God and then no good and evil
I'm so grateful!It's only God that put forgiveness in my heart.He's really a good guy+I'm glad he overcame his guilt
And in it all is God's sovereignty working it all together for the good because I love Him and He loves me.
GOOD also riley hugging smackle oh my god literally punch me in the face AND LUCAS/SMACKLE bye
I like being a Good&Great Woman... Lol! Even with who don't deserve! God told me I have already a place in Paradise!! Lmaooo 😇😁😊
love love. Good mrning po. God bless
Woke up too early hayyy. But still, thank you God for waking me up today. Good morning!
May people be able to say good things about us. RIP to dis young soul. May God be with him
Always remember is good all the time
"If it is not good right now, then God is not done." -Philippians 1:6
Well done ISS & ISB, and God bless you and keep you Ray Steadman-Allen. Thanks for tuning in all. Good night!
Why did I think it was a good idea to wear heels. Why god why.
Awh my god Aisling cheers me up so much love her loads in such a good mood now:)
… He (God) causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Mt 5:45.
good morning oh my god niall is 22 and JAY AND MADI ARE ABOUT OLTO MEET ED
Good Morning & God Bless :). My breakfast for today is the replay yesterday. :D.
Psa 53:1. ​The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they & have done abominable iniquity: there is none t…
In this life of mines I feel like I saw so much ‼️ but everyday God bless me to see more‼️ good or…
My God!: “For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”. Psalm 107:9 .
Good god it's beautiful. teddysphotos
Good God, bammers are more concerned with Auburn than they are their own team. What a joke.
it is God's country - gorgeous. Rain post fire will be good for rebirth. But for now they need cooler temps
God i dont know what you are doing in my life but i know it is for my good.
so, if it ain't good then God ain't done.
Still forgot to stupid eat! This day is so good I got so A D D I ain't hungry! PRAISE GOD but I better nourish myself.
I just want to thank God for giving me so many great opportunities. And for holding me up through the good and the bad.
Worship and praise God the another that he has gaven to us 🙏 Good Morning ☀
So glad my grandpa is okay and we are able to have my baby sisters birthday party as planned. God is good 😭🙏🏼
No good man will ever stay with a quick angered woman,God himself warns about it. Replace it with, a quick bless mind
good morning, hava great day, God bless us all
“Sometimes you have to let go of good to lay hold of God...
Faith in GOD includes Faith in his Timing. Good Morning! ALDUB Nation.
Are you feeling good tonight?? This thing got me thanking God for life 🔥
Good luck Tom & well done. I know you won't forget us. God bless all victims & survivors. Bill.
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End of what felt like a very long day, good night all. God bless 😘
Good God, Myles Garrett. Ridiculous first step burst and finish.
Been watching old episodes of Nitro, Good God, Dean Malenko was good.
Good God! WHat the *** is happening? Instagram Beta for Windows Phone finally gets an update after more than a year
Good God its pouring down rain in tonight. Thank God it started after i got home.
Watching the 2013 National Title game and remembering how much Brent Musberger was dying for us to lose this game. Good God.
Can you read? I explained why YOU are not interested in a discussion. Good God, no wonder you love
Good God. The inferiority complex emanating from Indy is ridiculous.
Good God! Pour in Irish Whiskey! Mm smooth talking iced Joe for this North Sider!
Good God! You went there? You went there while our fearless leader uses executive orders to bipass the constitution?
I am happy, happy, happy!. I choose happiness... God is good!
Me: *has copious amounts of debt*. Me: *gets paid and hits up my tattoo artist cause god *** I’ll look good when I’m ta…
Fam I'll never live this day down. God is sooo good. So so so good. God is just 🙏😩😩 lemme go sleep http:…
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