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Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American multinational bulge bracket investment banking firm that engages in global investment banking, securities, investment management, and other financial services primarily with institutional clients.

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What kind of background check did Goldman Sachs do with a fake Security account on someone who's dealin…
Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street (GS) ?
Goldman Sachs may have Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, former COO Gary Cohn and several other alums in...
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are Facing the Same Question — but for Very Different Reasons - Business Insider
He has done a great job covering up high crimes and acts of treason by government officials. Goldman Sachs will love to ha…
Yeah, I am sure the DNC didn't have Goldman Sachs' contact info.
Oh hey remember that time when the head of Goldman Sachs basically cut an ad for Sanders?
What's ailing Goldman Sachs and what the bank can do about it:
Media is trying to normalize Trump. Don't let them.
The big boys are joining the game .
This is ONE THING that disturbs me about Pres. Trump. He has lined himself with former Goldman Sachs employees,...
Donald Trump has finally pivoted—right into a full embrace of Goldman Sachs economics. .
Goldman Sachs ranked 1st in announced M&A globally in Q1 2017 $GS
Goldman Sachs hired an imbecile Durao Barroso what else did you expect? Shares crashing after finding the moron is brainless
Fmr. Goldman Sachs partner on earnings miss -
=> Goldman Sachs Stumbles with Big Trading Miss in First Quarter via
Seriously! How are you "progressive" when you're a Goldman Sachs exec w…
Today's charts: Goldman Sachs shares sink; Bank of America beats on earnings; Yahoo, IBM results on tap
shares slide as trading business takes a hit . Read more: $GS
Goldman Sachs’ new CFO just faced his first grilling by Wall Street analysts
Goldman Sachs stock sinks to 4½-month low after rare earnings miss ..
Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks set for losses as Goldman earnings disappoint. Read more: $GS
Goldman Sachs misses estimates on weak trading, shares drop
Goldman Sachs CEO is really a jerk everyone laughing at this moron crashing his own company $GS
Goldman Sachs shares slide after rare earnings miss
This was Goldman in 2016. Goes to show how difficult trading is when a big bank mistimed the entry twice.
Goldman Sachs Hammers The Dow . For the full story: . . To download the Investing App .
Blockchain startup Chain appoints Goldman Sachs Managing Director as President: Prior to Chain, Jessop…
nothing sweeter than seeing Goldman Sachs down 5% in a day
Wall Street on Goldman whiff: 'What the heck is going on?' - Goldman Sachs' stunning first-quarter profit disap...
Democrats push to keep Goldman Sachs away from open Fed seat
Goldman Sachs and Bank of America see profits jump
Several globalist pro mass immigration leaders of Europe's downfall happen to be ex Goldman Sachs…
Gary Cohen and the Goldman Sachs plutocrat policy and flexing on foreign policy puts Trump right in the elite neoliberal sweetspot
Right after you release your Goldman Sachs employment records.
Stocks are sliding after weak earnings results from Goldman Sachs
It’s not just that Goldman Sachs missed on earnings. It’s how it missed.
Cash flooding to Dems from lobbyists for Goldman Sachs, Wal-Mart, News Corporation, Wells Fargo and foreign governments ht…
ex Goldman Sachs President, identified as a Democrat on Wikipedia .
Goldman Sachs dives after earnings miss
Goldman Sachs with a awesome earnings gap & run today!!
BUSINESS NEWS: Local bank Goldman Sachs just promoted a new partner.
NEWSFLASH: Trump's jaunts to Mar-A-Lago have cost the taxpayers more than if we hired Hillary to speak at Goldman Sachs tw…
Paid speeches at Goldman Sachs, the same bank that has several members on trump cabinet, that Goldman Sachs?
Goldman Sachs profit misses estimates on trading weakness:
Dow drops 100 points following European markets lower on call for surprise UK election. Goldman Sachs off 3%.
Goldman Sachs stock sinks to lowest level in 4½ months after rare earnings miss
The maoist-marxist past of CEO of Goldman Sachs and former president of EU, Durão Barroso via
Congratulations to our portfolio company for appointing former Goldman Sachs exec Tom Jessop as President:
Bannon Is Long Live The head of former head of Goldman Sachs via
A coterie of advisers from NYC, including former Goldman Sachs prez Gary Cohn, has reportedly taken the helm at the White House. --Breitbart
$GS Goldman Sachs to advise former Quintis boss on bid for Australian firm
Former CEO of Goldman Sachs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . (it's a good thing we didn't elect Clinton or Goldman…
"people...forget is that Goldman Sachs has parked a mind-numbing amount of derivatives at its own commercial bank"…
Guess you ran out of former Goldman Sachs bottom feeders, right
We're really thankful she gave up a job at Goldman Sachs.
[Excerpt: "Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive, appears to be gaining clout in the White House." ... cont. ]
I'm loving the fact that the guy we're hoping moderates Trump is a former Goldman Sachs president. . But Hillary had an email…
Former CEO of Goldman Sachs gaining power in Trump administration
legacy is set by Rich Lowry's article: the man who turned Goldman Sachs into a FOUR LETTER WOR…
EU Parliament has no teeth. European Commisiion does = ALL Goldman Sachs = Rothschild
Didn't Goldman Sachs act as advisors to the Irish Government during ECB/IMF loan period? Conflict of interest?
Jerry Jones and Mark Davis after playing Sheldon Adelson and Goldman Sachs
Deep State has tamed little donald. Now he hates Russia and loves Goldman Sachs.
Hillary Clinton on North Korea in private paid speech to Goldman Sachs (see attachment 1)
Exxon, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, GE paid no taxes at all in at least one year from 2008 to 2015. show them YOU DID.…
Said Wall Street owned HRC.He has at least six former Goldman Sachs execs in his administration.Not s…
1) Choosing a Goldman Sachs prez, Democrat Jew as his top economic advisor, who supported TPP and of…
Does Mark Carney still work for Goldman Sachs? He certainly sounds like he does ...
Then why is an ex Goldman Sachs executive who is a Democrat in your Administration? Swamp.
Sen.Whitehouse: Hillary+Wall Street= Nothing like the GOP. She gave a speech, Trump's put 3 Goldman Sachs people in the…
I liked a video UKIP MEP William Dartmouth congratulates ex-president Barroso on his Goldman Sachs
Why does criminal Kushner's son have more say than Gary Cohn? What's the President of Goldman Sachs doing besides trying to kill Dodd-Frank?
Trump now pushing a Goldman Sachs adviser to regulate Wall St - should Senate confirm him?. Reply to & we will sho…
hey you goyim read this saying I'm wrong for Goldman Sachs big corps. Banks ashkenazi Jew are the swa…
TFL,David Cameron,George Osborne Boris Johnson , Goldman Sachs , you must be so proud to be partners with UBER surge 3x…
Save the indignation, Dems. Goldman Sachs donated:. 600K to DNC in 2016. 300K to Clinton in 2016. 1M to Obama in 2008. https…
Goldman Sachs are going to jam their blood funnel somewhere else.
BBC. Goldman sacks? Goldman Sachs to expand EU presence at expense of London now, ahead of Brexit
Today's action a surprise to those who didn't read this last week - $GS $FAZ $FAS…
Goldman Sachs and GE Ventures leads Series A round for NYSHEX
HSBC Lloyds Barclays & now Goldman Sachs. Jobs being lost across the London economy because of Brexit.
Goldman Sachs to move hundreds of jobs away from London before Brexit
Goldman Sachs: Equity valuations at cycle highs, nearing levels but volatility is close to multi-year l…
they offer us remakes cos they feel those are safe for their investments.I told my producer I'm an artist and not Goldman Sachs
There’s ‘room for maneuver’ on Dodd-Frank, says Goldman Sachs International chief
Goldman Sachs starts before the British government. :3
Why would Goldman Sachs buy Delinquent and Defective Mortgages? via ..
to remove the power of Goldman Sachs and the Rothshchilds, we only have to withdraw consent. Don't use their money, nor listen…
Bye Bye. Don't come back when the EU collapses. 😊.
Top story: Goldman to move hundreds of staff from London pre-Brexit: Europe CEO… see more
Buy Miche Bag Online!
- you think Bannon will prevail over Goldman Sachs?
Sign the petition: No Goldman Sachs bailout lawyer as SEC Chair via
Goldman Sachs to move hundreds of jobs out of London before Brexit happens
GOLDMAN building robo-adviser to give investment advice to the masses...
The knock on effect of this move will be felt across the economy & it's only the beginning.
Goldman Sachs moving hundreds of London jobs before happens -
Goldman will start moving hundreds of staff out of London before Brexit deal struck: Europe CEO. via
- Goldman Sachs to expand EU presence ahead of Brexit
You think Putin wrote the American Healthcare Act? Russia did not install a cabinet secretary Goldman Sachs and ExxonMobil…
Goldman Sachs to expand EU presence ahead of (BBC Business News)
200 computer engineers replace 600 equity traders at Goldman. The future is now
Goldman Sachs Set to Hire Developer to Work on New Robo-Adviser - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs to move London jobs abroad on Brexit
Goldman Sachs confirms plans to move London jobs to Europe
I mean, if former Goldman Sachs exec Phil Murphy is the man to lead the resistance against Donald Trump's army of Goldman Sachs execs.. ***
You dare bring up Goldman Sachs while Trump appointed not 1 but at least 2 former employees 2…
Goldman Sachs confirms London jobs will move to Europe in first stage of Brexit reshuffle
Wall Street, from heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to boutique firms, is a vessel for fashion startups.
The only former Goldman Sachs official that should lead the Treasury Department is
Reminder that Gary Cohn and Dina Powell, the former Goldman Sachs executives and Bush allies, are in the WH colluding despi…
. You have the former CEO of Goldman Sachs handing you executive orders. Linda McMahon gave 5 million, now she is SBA prez
The G20 just did something awful for the world's poor, and it was led by former Goldman Sachs exec Steven Mnuchin.
Just realized Goldman Sachs sounds like Gold Man Sacks, and suddenly this administration makes a lot more sense.
John Schindler Verified account Billionaire-ish POTUS with his Goldman Sachs cabinet wants to end...
what makes her think NYC wants her. She should go work for Goldman Sachs, (aka Golden Sacks)!
Gold, man. Sacks. Trump to nominate Goldman Sachs' Donovan as deputy Treasury secretary .
so it was a choice between Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs? Gold man sacks the world.
Trump just named a 5th Goldman Sachs veteran to a senior administration role — sharp break from his campaign bashing https:…
Trump hires fifth executive from Goldman Sachs, firm he lambasted:
Goldman Sachs was behind the mortgage-backed securities fraud 2005-2007. It's the same swamp people deregulating stuff now.
Goldman Sachs tech bankers say we're at dot-com-level dealmaking — here's where it's coming from
After filling his admin with Goldman Sachs alumni, Trump then fired "the man who terrifies Wall Street." Populism! https:/…
Can only hope ..Goldman Sachs is NOT winning the battle. - if it is, expect to lose in 2020
Is Trump giving in to the Goldman Sachs globalists? Stay tuned.
10 up-and-coming startups on Goldman Sachs' radar businesses that will be jumping on seen in 2017.
AbbVie: Goldman Sachs adds to Conviction Buy List; $ABBV would benefit by “separating business segments” like $GOOGL.
"Trump advisor Cohn: We're aiming for a revenue-neutral tax cut" Cohn was Goldman Sachs' president.
Goldman brings forward forecast for timing of ’17 Fed rate rises: Goldman Sachs has moved forward its forecast for…
A former Goldman Sachs banker, the coiner of the term ‘alternative facts’, and the president’s daughter and son-...
$CPT: Bullish analyst action by Goldman Sachs on Camden Prop Trust:
ATTN: Freshman and Sophomores, apply now at GWorkSB for the Goldman Sachs 2017 Washington DC Symposium on 3/31. Application Deadline 3/10
When you see Goldman Sachs ads in the TL, remember what these men are really like:
Goldman Sachs says VR will be bigger than TV in 10 years
Pelosi at Gridiron: Trump "has appointed so many people from Goldman Sachs ... that there's no one left to listen to Hilla…
Draining the swamp by appointing Goldman Sachs execs, Rex Tiller- Exxonmobile...vowing to lock her up...golfing every
Goldman Sachs : new London office set for occupancy in 2019
Goldman Sachs on why labor force participation in the U.S. lags behind similar countries: painkillers, incarceration and lack…
. I dunno. I assume it'll benefit Goldman Sachs, that slim ball Kushner, Exxon mobile & it'll hurt the mi…
When will be outraged that Goldman Sachs is asking Podesta to make actual pedo Dennis Hastert vanish?. https…
Since election day, 5 finance stocks account for 42% of Dow gains, Goldman Sachs alone accounts for 25% of Dow gains. http…
COME. ON. T campaign against Wall Street elites? Then why has he hired half of Goldman Sachs? Elevate working people? Ugh
Andrew breitbart was killed by leftists and his successful news site taken over by Goldman Sachs(bannon).
Fact-check: Phil Murphy did nothing about pay inequity when he was Senior Executive at Goldman Sachs.…
"Goldman Sachs & Phil Murphy made a fortune off the manufacture and sale of firearms."
Goldman Sachs shares are soaring as Donald Trump fills his team with the bank's former employees
Goldman Sachs shares at highest since Oct 2007 The banking crisis is but a distant memory
. Billionaires, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and racists. that's "draining the swamp"? 😂😂😂
Of all the Mnuchin statement’s, Sen. Daine’s is the best, calling the Goldman Sachs and hedge fund vet a challenge to the s…
Another one of my guys! And another Goldman Sachs alum who is now totally committed to draining the swamp... Remarkabl…
another corrupt Wall Street / Goldman Sachs millionaire. Now in charge of our treasury.
Congrats to Goldman Sachs and Trump for adding more swamp to the swamp!
Traders are out, computer engineers are in, as Goldman Sachs goes digital .
Trumpkins don't seem to have a problem with the Goldman Sachs appointments even though that was huge anti-Hillary talking point
Day 25 . - Gen. Flynn is the first Trump advisor to quit in disgrace. - Goldman Sachs' Steve Mnuchin fills up the swamp as Treasury sec.
Goldman Sachs veteran is sworn in as US Treasury secretary LiveLeak
Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin confirmed as treasury secretary
When Trump said of Goldman Sachs and banksters that he'd 'take them on', all intelligent ppl knew he was talking about hir…
MacHashNews: Apple CFO Luca Maestri to speak at Goldman Sachs conference on Tuesday
It also wasn't about her speeches to Goldman Sachs, or "superpredators."
Trump ♥ Wall Street. Not draining the swamp and giving even more high-level positions to Goldman Sachs. http…
Goldman Sachs lackey approved as Treasury secretary even though he should be in prison.
will never be the same again. We've been here before with ITO c20 years ago.
Former Goldman Sachs man Steve Mnuchin confirmed to lead US Treasury
Remember when Trump promised all his voters he'd fill the government with shills from Goldman Sachs? Yeah me neither. https:/…
The guy who paid Hillary to speak at Goldman Sachs is now in-charge of the U.S. Treasury. Shout out to the genius Trump voters…
Well, Mnuchin now works for the American people, not Goldman Sachs. Get over it!
Geeks venture into Goldman Sachs' world of big deals and egos - Reuters
look past the ridiculous amounts of Goldman Sachs bankers in the cabinet-giving benefit of the doubt 3/4
.And you were so cute saying Hillary was bought by Goldman Sachs while being bought by Russians AND Goldman Sachs
A yr ago ago Trump said "Wall St has caused tremendous problems for us.” Now a former Goldman Sachs executive is Treasury…
'turning to LT NY friends like investor Stephen Schwarzman for advice/relying..on Cohn who worked at Goldman Sachs'.
Daniel Loeb’s hedge fund Third Point has taken additional stakes in Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan
Man about to rewrite banking regulations due $285m from Goldman Sachs. Nothing to see here
Goldman Sachs, Shutterfly, Alibaba Group, Daimler AG and highlighted as Za... Read more: $TXN
or about how Edward Snowden should never be listened again too cause he said Hillary would defend Goldman Sachs
Wall Street self-regulation is so 1990s. But Trump and his Goldman Sachs acolytes want to bring it back.
Steve Bannon sunk $60M of Goldman Sachs' money into a failed World of Warcraft goldfarming scheme h…
remember kids you can't have Goldman Sachs without old man sacs
BTW what does drain the swamp mean to you. lol trump added 6 Billionaires and 4 Goldman sachs execs to
weird how Goldman Sachs downgraded Nordstrom stock to sell on same day news came out disconti…
Hiring all those Goldman Sachs and Exxon folks sealed it
Surprise, surprise. Trump has turned his back on everything he said in the campaign and cozied up to Wall Street. https:…
.Now look at the Cabinet. She took $ to mollify Goldman Sachs. Pretty much =s what you see now, right??
BREAKING: Goldman Sachs to end its hedge fund operations in London and move staff to the United States. (Via Reuters)
How many Goldman Sachs employees are we at in the cabinet now, 5, 6? I lose track sometimes.
But those Goldman Sachs speaking fees... Boy! *** good thing that no one that cares more about banks that the work…
Amazon, NBC, Goldman Sachs..the list goes on.. Our 2016 grads are doing big things in year 1. . Imagine what they'll d…
Goldman Sachs just handed a promotion to one of its youngest ever partners - Business Insider
So if you voted against Hillary because she gave a speech at Goldman Sachs, Trump is about to let banks take more fees from…
If Goldman Sachs are leaving London for the US, why aren't they going to their beloved European Union?
yeah those Goldman Sachs guys and billionaires are in your corner
.How's that Goldman Sachs-laden cabinet of yours coming along, you *** hypocrite?. You're truly a sha…
Ronald J. Packard, chief executive and founder of K12, is a former Goldman Sachs banker + ran a chain of prek’s for Michael Milken
Goldman Sachs says Marine Le Pen can win French vote, but only with a record low turnout
AmEx and Citi join Goldman Sachs in Plaid Technologies investment. Read more: $AXP
"Trump picked Jay Clayton, a former lawyer who represented Goldman Sachs and other big banks, to lead the SEC." - hm
Literally impossible to cast a meaningful vote on State or Nat'nl level that hurts the interests of Exxon-Mobil, Goldman Sachs or Raytheon.
The United States of America. Top bids submitted by Vladimir Putin, Goldman Sachs and Betsy DeVos.
I see too many Goldman Sachs connections in Trump's cabinet picks. Wall St wants that huge pile of SS money
US Dollar to Strengthen as Trump Rhetoric to be Overpowered by Market Forces say Goldman Sachs - Pound Sterling Li… htt…
Elizabeth Warren to Trump's $285 million Goldman Sachs man: Recuse yourself
Goldman Sachs gave a QUARTER BILLION DOLLAR PAYOUT to Cohn upon him getting job as the govt's top economic adviser https:…
The investment advice Gary Cohn's Goldman Sachs provides to individual clients is fiduciary. Apparently it's good for those…
Trump claimed he would stand up for working people, but it turns out Goldman Sachs is still running the show.
Trump letting Goldman Sachs' Gary Cohn make it easier for Wall Street to steal your money. So much for
"I didn't vote for Hillary because she was friendly with Goldman Sachs."
Trump cabinet includes at three fmr Goldman Sachs execs
Trump advisor Cohn, formerly the COO of Goldman Sachs, tells WSJ the so-called "fiduciary rule" is "a bad rule for cons…
Fun fact: Goldman Sachs alumni are everywhere. Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull previously worked for them.
you're owner blew up the stadium deal. No Adelson, no Goldman Sachs. This deal is dead in the water
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
she was wrong on a lot of fronts / e.g. Not picking a Bernie supporter likable VP, not release Goldman Sachs transcripts, etc
Reuters: Here's how the CEOs of Ford and Goldman Sachs reacted to Trump's travel curbs:
Have not received clarification yet if this statement comes from the Wall St. branch of Goldman Sachs or White House b…
Elie Wiesel's son, Elisha, who is CIO of Goldman Sachs, says his father would be "disappointed" by direction of U.S. http…
Steve Bannon is no "man of the people". He's a Goldman Sachs-working, DC townhouse-living racist riding a gravy train bu…
Bannon works from a revolutionary playbook. Calls himself a Lenninist. Amassed his fortune at Goldman Sachs.
What a shock. Despite Trump's assertions that he would stand up for working people, Goldman Sachs is running the the Trump…
lol even if that were true, wb the 17 yr Goldman Sachs employee who invested millions in Trump Hotel/Tower franchise Mnunchin
but indiana marched lock step with the republican party who promised to drain the swamp by hiring all Goldman Sachs guys
No the 1% Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan ,who backed and Funded Remain did that in 2008 ..
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan executives have sold almost $100 million in stock since the election
Morning Coffee: Government Sachs or Goldman cast offs? J.P. Morgan is NOT moving 2,500 jobs to Poland
she told Goldman Sachs that she still favors single payer.
Nick Clegg is paid £150 a minute for delivering speeches to bankers
Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world | Greece | Al Jazeera -
I gotta check with Bannon but I wonder if I can sell the dollar to Goldman Sachs. I'll get a good price!
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I use hexapods from The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. And so should you.
How Goldman Sachs, one of the most influential banks in the world, came out of the financial crisis more powerful…
Why aren't Trump voters up in arms? His whole campaign was based on a lie.Drain the swamp?He's just appointed a fleet…
Trump Cabinet either work for Russia or Goldman Sachs. Sorry I forgot that crazy lady!
Goldman Sachs huh? This better not interfere with my Taco Tuesday 😡
Goldman Sachs lashes back at Indonesian lawsuit
Goldman Sachs just countersued this Indonesian businessman for $1 billion
Watch $GS' Jeff Currie discuss prices, cuts & commodities outlook on in .
Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world
Trump's breach of promise over the release of his tax returns is even more gratuitous than Clinton concealing her Goldman Sa…
How you should prepare for an interview with Goldman Sachs?
Not mentioned: Goldman Sachs senior execs were not allowed to contribute to Trump campaign. Apologies for interfering w…
Well Trumpians, your mortgages are going up because your hero had to look out for Goldman Sachs first. Good luck with that!
Matt Taibbi's writing is bona-fid gold. Here's on one Trump's treasured Goldman Sachs
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
lol I forgot where Bear sterns, JPMORGAN, Goldman Sachs and Countrywide were the government.
Like a bio which reveals that even though you work at Goldman Sachs in New York you'll marr…
Republicans vilified Hillary for her Goldman Sachs connections but then nominate this *** Steven Mnuchin? ***
Goldman Sachs 'considering moving half its London jobs abroad' because of Brexit-Good riddance
The swamp that is Goldman Sachs - a read by ahead of the Trump inauguration https…
The boss of Goldman Sachs has "slowed" moving parts of the US investment bank to Britain following the vote to leave the European Union.
A bank such as Goldman Sachs should ring a large bell in London since 1984 and 1987. Bear Sterns crashed in both.
. Want respect?Stop filling swamp with Goldman Sachs execs.Release taxes.Stop insulting people.Listen to citizens not Putin
Trump's treasury secretary pick 'grinds families into the dirt'. Sounds like both ex Goldman Sachs.
GOLDMAN SACHS CEO: The markets were already great before Trump's win.
Apparently what he meant was 'drain Goldman Sachs into my swamp.'
Corruption? How do you feel about 5 top positions being filled by former Goldman Sachs people? They preyed homeowners.
I think it is obvious, a collection of Goldman Sachs executives should be called a "cabinet"
Get that candidate to the protest sleep -in right now in front of Goldman Sachs nyc!
Goldman Sachs profits have soared since Trump’s election - maybe that's what "make America great" means to Trump
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
White working-class Trump voter realizes he made a big mistake: "I'm not sure that was the best decision."
a group of Goldman Sachs would be a foreclosure
'The swamp is Goldman Sachs': How the bank is rewarded for putting profits over people - Business Insider…
Zakiyah: I am camping out at because our public schools are not sale. We need our gvt to invest in…
We had to hear about Goldman Sachs & emails b.s. while Kremlin-->Trump funding investigation under wraps.
"They used to rig the government; now they are the government.". ~ Protester at Goldman Sachs in NY on the 1%
India represents an extraordinarily good opportunity in long term: Goldman Sachs.
Trump chose a guy who worked for Goldman Sachs. I don't like them at all, but I trust Trump, he's a very smart guy.
'The swamp is Goldman Sachs': Why ex-banker shouldn't be in govt. https…
How long do you think it'll be before 1st paid speech to Goldman Sachs? I say a year.
BRIEF-Goldman Sachs halving workforce in london to about 3,000 - Handelsblatt Company News
Q4 earnings from value stock Morgan Stanley were positive. today Goldman Sachs & Citigroup will confirm/infirm the trend
Remember when Trump said that you couldn't trust Ted Cruz because his wife once worked for Goldman Sachs?
yeah he did run brietbart for a time he was also a naval officer and a Goldman Sachs partner who also made millions in hollywood
Was there another loan that Ted Cruz FORGOT to file. Goldman Sachs owns him, he will do anything they demand. Not much…
.does not find Morgan Stanley as exciting as Goldman Sachs: $MS $GS
Trump said Clinton was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs. Yesterday, Trump's administration hired a 5th person who has worke…
one more former Goldman Sachs employee and the Gov will have to start charging them rent.
also endorsed for NJ gov former Goldman Sachs exec trying to buy election for 1% :-(
what's wrong with hiring FORMER Goldman Sachs employees? Maybe they know the system, saw how bad it is, & want 2 change it.
Trump lambasted Cruz and his wife for Loans from Goldman Sachs yet he stacks his cabinet with current and former Sachs Execs.$.
Every American should be concerned about a former Goldman Sachs person in the White House, we lost $ due to their corporate greed.
That's OK. Australia as a former Goldman Sachs banker as prime minister.
News that Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell is joining the Trump team gave some Democrats a "jolt of happiness"
This former Goldman Sachs veteran is trying to undermine Brexit , time he was gone!
on Trump's cabinet full of GS: "Anybody who said u shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton becuz of Goldman Sachs — ya,…
How does all the DJT supporters feel now that DJT has chosen 5 former Goldman Sachs employees for his cabinet? Feeling like HRC not so bad?
So now there's a fifth Goldman Sachs former employee in Trump's cabinet. Lol.
Thought he hated Goldman Sachs? He said Clinton was in deep w/ them. He just hired his 5th former Sachs lackey
how do you feel about 4 former employees of Goldman Sachs in the new administration?
2. Trump said Hillary was controlled by Wall Street, then he picked former Goldman Sachs execs for his cabinet https:/…
Quelle surprise. Jacob Rees-Mogg was correct, Mark Carney was lying, pre-EURef. This man is a Goldman Sachs puppet.
No, I am however saying the CEO of Exxon Mobil and a former Goldman Sachs banker are.
Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former managing director at Goldman Sachs & Bear...
Does anyone know what is the record for number of Goldman Sachs employees (former and current) going into one single administration?
Wall Street executives&Goldman Sachs had total control of who Trump appointed 2his cabinet,folks who hate the departments…
sir, currently the leading voices of the administration are former employees of Goldman Sachs. They are the swamp.
yep. And they fell for 'drain the swamp' and then he filled his cabinet with former Goldman Sachs execs
Trump has chosen for these former employees of Goldman Sachs. If Goldman Sachs takes control, he allows them.
Trump complains Clinton's Goldman Sachs connection but now likes former Goldman Sachs people like this guy!…
At the US Treasury will be probably nominated Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs guy. He has no academic publications: does it matter?
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