Golden State Warriors & Baron Davis

The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team based in Oakland, California. Baron Walter Louis Davis (born April 13, 1979) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 4.0/5

Golden State Warriors Baron Davis Matt Barnes Stephen Jackson Kevin Durant Vince Carter Antoine Walker Golden State Western Conference Phoenix Suns Doc Rivers Vinny Del Neil Olshey Monte Ellis

If you claim to be a Golden State Warriors fan and you don't know who Baron Davis is or Monte Ellis. You are on the bandwagon.
All of a sudden everybody Golden State Warriors fans.Stop it...They havent been poppin' ever since Baron Davis
Doc Rivers pumped his fists in the air. The Clippers were on the brink of eliminating the Golden State Warriors in a hard-fought Game 7, and he wanted to share a moment with the crowd. You’ll have to excuse the long-time Clippers fans who experienced a moment of hesitation instead. There was still time on the clock, after all, and if any team could allow an unprecedented five-point play at the buzzer, well, you know how the old saying goes: It’s the Clippers. Please understand that's a conditioned response more than anything else. Seasoned fans of the team tend to spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for the other shoe to drop, having already been robbed of the innocence necessary for unbridled optimism. Just in the past decade: Raja Bell’s corner 3 over Daniel Ewing, Shaun Livingston’s knee exploding in a million pieces, Elton Brand’s departure, Baron Davis’ failure to arrive, Neil Olshey leaving and Vinny Del *** staying. How many times can you get your heart broken before you start .. ...
S/O TO THE OLD Golden State WARRIORS when Jackson , Monte , Baron Davis was in there. BLOOD *** TEAM
The Phoenix Suns will be a problem for teams in the playoffs. Not sure they want to be the 7th or 8th seed, but they remind me of Baron Davis's Golden State Warriors, around 2006/2007.
Video mix of Baron Davis' best plays since he's been on the Golden State Warriors. For more downloadable high quality NBA mixes, visit
When Golden State Warriors still had Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson ... Those were the days man. I miss that team
"Baron Davis use to be so real tho" Golden State warriors barron davis tho
The Golden State warriors was the best run && gun team when Baron Davis was on it.!!
Baron Davis goin hard for the Golden State Warriors!
GREAT UPSET: 5/3/2007 - The 2007 Mavericks post one of the NBA's greatest ever regular seasons (67-15) and enter the NBA playoffs as the Western Conference's seed. Six games later, Dallas is done, courtesy of Baron Davis, the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors, and the rabid environment of Oakland'sOracle Arena.
the captains of the 2007 Golden State Warriors were Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes.
OKC is like the Golden State warriors when they had Baron Davis, and Monte 'em . they were fun to watch...
gotta be the 2007 Golden State Warriors over the Dallas Mavs. Baron Davis wouldn't quit
Baron Davis, The Dunk and the Spring of '07: A story of fratty awkwardness, friendship and the absurdity that was the Golden State Warriors.
“Baron Davis lead that Golden State Warriors squad in 2007 they had a roster.”I know but after that he became wack
The Mavs in the playoffs so far this year is a blast from the past.Why did I keep thinking of Antoine Walker when Vince Carter had the ball last night? And the Thunder sure are kindling up a lot of hate-filled passion a la Golden State Warriors -- very similar teams and very similar basketball play, at least in these games (except for Kevin Durant who I think it's impossible to hate). Tell me stupid Perkins, ridiculous Harden, annoying Westbrook, pestering Ibaka/Collison don't remind you of Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Andres Biedrins and company.
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