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Golden Snitch

Quidditch is a competitive sport that originated in 1200AD. It is an extremely rough but very popular semi-contact sport, played by wizards and witches around the world.

Harry Potter Gilderoy Lockhart Dark Lord Gold Medal Entrance Hall

Blah Blah Blah time for "athletes" and "sports." None of which involve broomsticks. Golden Snitch > Gold Medal.
‘*This*,’ said ‘is the Golden Snitch, and it’s the most important ball of the lot.
If you ever want to meet us, there's a good chance we're at a near you.
If a player catches the golden snitch during the game, their team gets 300 pts and they win the house cup.
Wow, 6,6,6,6 well done what an amazing final over well played England
Exploring Dallas, listening to Mexican food, before heading to multicultu…
When you think you've seen it all...something sees you
It is at this moment that the Golden Snitch is produced.
Throwback to last year when I was the golden snitch lmao
NO WAY?! I want a replica of the Sorting Hat, the Golden Snitch, or the Deluminator
fan proposes to boyfriend with Golden Snitch:
I was The Golden Snitch today . for Harry Potter Day at my school!. . Let's just say a bunch of Harry . ...
This dog is dessed up as a golden snitch!
I know it’s unlikely, but Oklahoma could still win if they find the Golden Snitch. Worth 150 points.
-- protect the people I loved, no matter the cost, even if it be my life. Call me a martyr but my golden snitch was the value of my --
-- used to conquer and destroy, your blood the cause of even more bloodshed. Every game had a treasure, the golden snitch, the prized --
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Awww ... fan proposes to her boyfriend with a custom golden snitch (via
I just want to catch the golden *** No, I promise it's not a euphemism! Maybe I mean snitch!
Cute: "Harry Potter" fan proposes to boyfriend with custom golden snitch
Next Tuesday begins our March Break Week of Magical Fun! Watch the 'Minions' movie at noon, make a Golden Snitch...
If you show me your wand, I'll show you my golden snitch ⚡️ @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -…
My tattoo artist drew up the sickest golden snitch for me 😍😍😍
Kinda blurry but the entrance to Granary Burial Ground looks like the golden snitch
how did albus dumbledore get the resurrection stone in the golden snitch without Harry's flesh memory to open it
imma have to get back to u on the theme. But I'm dead at this thing being called the golden snitch.
This reminds me of the Golden Snitch -if a floral one existed then 😆.
Kid just got the golden snitch. boomkid14
Starting off the morning with some cool facts about the golden snitch!
If they catch the Rock, they get 150 points and end the game. He is the golden Snitch
That was either a very large insect or the Golden Snitch
+. Lightning Bolt Necklace in Silver & Gold. Golden Snitch Necklace in Silver and Gold. Deathly Hallows Necklace in Br…
Her poor golden snitch has seen better days. Lol at the
How do you think would fare against a Quaffle, two Bludgers and a Golden Snitch?
To Harry James Potter I leave the golden snitch
for my birthday my sister got me a golden snitch necklace with a cute message inside . SO PERFECT
With Prisa, Bayu, and 2 others at Golden Snitch [pic] —
Oh hello do you know where night borrow some broomsticks and golden snitch from?
Love my golden snitch bracelet off my amazing girl 😘😘
I have caught the elusive golden snitch
Shouts out to the mid-30s dude with a golden snitch tattoo at this restaurant.
Day 2: Golden Snitch and most of a broomstick
The new Walking Dead trailer is harder to get hold of than the Golden Snitch.
Ole boy caught the golden snitch in his mouth
When you think Harry Potter just fell off his broom, but then he opens his mouth and spits out the Golden Snitch.
When I'm watching a fly buzz around I feel like I'm Harry Potter watching the golden snitch
Golden snitch ring: A while ago, I made a golden snitch pendant. I was really happy with how it turned out, a...
One year ago today I fell off my broom catching the golden snitch in a quidditch game and broke my collar bone lol
Hello Crew I'm home from adventure number 1. I had a blast even though I god lost a few times. PCH (Pacific Coast Highway ) on Friday is a B_h fill in the blanks. I was going to take PCH into Oxnard but changed my mind and I had set the GPS to that setting until I changed my mind. I kept talking back to the GPS that kept telling me to make a legal U turn about three times! I told it that if it continued it would be toast! Finally it rerouted itself. I still made the dumb mistake of going South again and had to go to Parkway Calabasas and right my wrong The more I keep making that mistake, I keep wondering if I'm really a L.A. kind of girl..Friday is bumper to bumper and slow going and drivers do the strangest things. I now call motorcyclists Quiddich Players because they zip through and by so quickly. I was wondering if they were following a "Golden Snitch" I had to make a stop in Santa Claus Lane to pick up my scarf that I had left yesterday and found out that the Garden Market closes at 5:00 and kitche ...
Happy birthday to this girl right here... the Ron to my Harry, the golden snitch to my quidditch, the…
Trying to catch is like trying to catch the golden snitch. Its bloomin hard!!
[F06] Girl, you’re the Golden Snitch I’ve been seeking all my life, I will never let you go, Even Expelliarmus won't expel yo…
I have 150 followers, the same number of points you get if you catch the Golden Snitch!
Set de fotos: But you are a Seeker. The only thing I want you to worry about is this. The Golden Snitch.
tomophillips tomhabbers quaffle, bludger and golden snitch HarryPotterQui
Golden snitch bracelet Harry Potter bracelet by APerfectGifts via
Gonna miss catching the golden snitch with this guy
I just can't stop thinking about her golden snitch
golden snitch wedding rings that the couple have to catch?¿?¿
no. We have the newest put o date brooms and I'm the seeker so we will catch the golden snitch.
I'd do you right up the golden snitch ;)
The idea of a golden snitch in sports games seems really impractical to the enjoyment of the game.
I rushed into buying the golden snitch and didn't *** my options first 😒
Ben just bought me a golden snitch 🙊
Next girl I fancy will be known as the golden snitch
-thoughts and feelings, feeling his stomach shrinks about the size of the Golden Snitch.*
Yes Harry Pots is on. Although I do prefer the first ones where all they have to worry about is finding the golden snitch. ✌️
but I want a ring with a golden snitch instead of a diamond
The Harry Potter Golden Snitch features a detailed ball with golden wings. Perfect for a fast flyer seeking this coveted capture! Buy this and many other Harry Potter limited edition accessories now.
Your nipple will look like the golden snitch 😔
I think said the exact same thing a few weeks ago. Where's the golden snitch in this metaphor?
Happy birthday I hope u treat the golden snitch right next year
Just go ahead . And hate on me. And run your mouth . So everyone can hear . Hit me with . The worst you got . And knock me down. Baby I don’t care.
So does drinking the two together turn you into a golden snitch? lol
Catching the bird today would have been like catching the golden snitch.
lol u r the answer key. I figured it out too! But I forget what it's called. Looks more like the golden snitch
Grab life by the golden snitch and don't let go. - Oliver Wood
Quiz! Cmon, where are my Gryffindors, and Ravenclaws? :p 5) How many points is the Golden Snitch worth? Don't forget your house! PhoenixTears
Invented a new game today in PE cover lesson... Hunger Games Dodgeball, Revenge of the Golden Snitch!!!
Im the golden snitch onto. They're gonna shiv you!
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pendant fimo bathroom sello925 silver chain Jewelry inspired by the Golden Snitch Quidditch game of Harry Potter fimo fact and
My dad just asked me what the Golden Snitch is ... .. I'm sorry father I can no longer be related to you
I learn something new every day. Today's trivia - the German translation for "Golden Snitch!"
So my Golden Snitch necklace finally arrived, beating Harry at his own game tbh
As a nerd, relationships are like a game of Quidditch. You have people trying to beat you down. People trying to help you score, and your partner is the golden snitch. You catch it, you win. :I
Good Morning everyone! I still have this 'Golden Snitch' necklace available for just $18.00. The Golden part is made with a Swarovski crystal pearl.
The *** is that!? Is that the golden snitch's smurf cousin?
I talked from Vine into tryin your Polyjuice Potion &she got Golden Snitch too!Bring HP back!
S:45 G:45 R:5 H:0 Final Question 20. What special tournament took place at Hogwarts, between three schools in the Goblet of Fire? ~TA Golden Snitch
G:10 S:5 R:0 H:0 4. Professor Remus Lupin was affected by Lycanthropy. What did this do to him? ~TA Golden Snitch
4 What is the favorite color of Gilderoy Lockhart ? ~Golden Snitch
10 How much was the prize fund for the winner of the Triwizard Tournament? ~Golden Snitch
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4 Who was Harry's third Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher? ~Golden Snitch
Rolling her eyes Ginny broke into a run and tore after him. They ran through halls and corridors and slid down many a banister til they came to the Entrance Hall. They then let themselves outside and ran to the Quidditch pitch. The moon was so bright visibility wasn’t an issue. Harry jogged over to the school broom shed pointed his wand at the door and cried… ‘Alohomora!’. The lock sprang open and he walked in. Ginny followed him and watched him walk up and down the aisles checking out the brooms. ‘I can’t believe you want to play Quidditch at this time of night’ She said sitting on the crate that held the Quaffle, Bludgers and Golden Snitch. ‘I need to let off steam’ Harry said ‘C’mon pick a broom’ ‘Harry I am not wearing any knickers!’ Ginny exclaimed ‘I am not going to straddle a piece of wood! I’ll get splinters in my girly bits!’. Harry stopped dead in his tracks. ‘You’re not wearing any knickers?’ He said with a goofy grin on his face ‘ ...
My moment of creativeness in theory "Navi from Zelda Ocarina of Time as the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter" genius. done. I know you'd like to catch it.
The Duck Commander logo would be a better throat tattoo than a Golden Snitch.
Hey guys, we'll play guess who! I will post a quote and you will have to try and guess who said it. Comment your house and your house will get points. If you do not comment your house then you wont get points. “Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business. Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony, and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git. Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an *** like that ever became a professor. Mr. Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball.” *Golden Snitch*
I already know the way I want to propose to a girl. Get down on one knee and pull out a Golden Snitch, open it up and inside there will be Marvolo Gaunt's ring. Sorry for being such a nerdy Potterhead. ~Ty
A whistling in Harry's ear told him the Bludger had just missed him again; he turned right over and sped in the opposite direction.   "Training for the ballet, Potter?" yelled Malfoy as Harry was forced to do a stupid kind of twirl in midair to dodge the Bludger, and he fled, the Bludger trailing a few feet behind him; and then, glaring back at Malfoy in hatred, he saw it - the Golden Snitch. It was hovering inches above Malfoy's left ear - and Malfoy, busy laughing at Harry, hadn't seen it.   For an agonizing moment, Harry hung in midair, not daring to speed toward Malfoy in case he looked up and saw the Snitch.   WHAM.   He had stayed still a second too long. The Bludger had hit him at last, smashed into his elbow, and Harry felt his arm break. Dimly, dazed by the searing pain in his arm, he slid sideways on his rain-drenched broom, one knee still crooked over it, his right arm dangling useless at his side - the Bludger came pelting back for a second attack, this time zooming at his face ...
Hey Potterheads :) There is a question I've been thinking of for a long time, but I can't get the answer... Ahm can you tell me, how Hogwarts students learn how to apperate? Cause you know, that one can't apparate within Hogwarts but learning how to apperate outside the school cuold become quite dangerous or students could just apperate somewhere no one can find them to skip school... So how do they learn to do it? Hope sb can solve my mistery... Thank you already :) ~Golden Snitch
My mum got me the Casual Vacancy for christmas!! and a Golden Snitch charm bracelet and necklace :) and a top that says "Keep calm and Kill the Dark Lord" :D so happy right now :) ~Winky~
Dramione Headcanon. It's quite similar to the one I just posted before...other way round though xD *Please don't pinch this. I wrote this.* Hermione and the other Gryffindors laughed and cheered as they made their way back up from the Quidditch pitch. Gryffindor had beaten Slytherin so badly that Malfoy just gave up on looking for the Golden Snitch, jumped off his broom and ran off not even sparing a glance at the Gryffindor supporters. Hermione had her arm around Ginny’s shoulders as they both skipped towards the castle, their red and gold scarves flying behind them and their laughs blending in with the rest of the crowd. “The look on Malfoy’s face!” Ginny guffawed, pulling a face that related to the devastation etched upon Draco’s face at the time. “He didn’t even have it in him to insult us as he walked by!” Ginny continued happily. Hermione smiled in return as her fellow pupils piled into the Entrance Hall. She stopped in her tracks, waiting for the rush to go down and then she heard i ...
non HP related, but can you guys please give me recommendations about good mangas you know? ;) ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
I want to try something: You get two of your friends to like this page, and post: (Your name here) showed me this awesome page. And I. Make you and edit and give 20 points to your house. But! Your friends need to be new ones-no unlike and then like (we can see that) and they have to actually like the page. Did I explain it well? Anyway, starting... Now! ~Golden Snitch
Who needs team Edward or team Jacob? Team Potter's here! Headmistress: Golden Snitch (Slytherin) Deputy Headmistress: Buckbeak (Ravenclaw) Head of Gryffindor: Neville L Head of Ravenclaw: - Head of Hufflepuff: Nargles Head of Slytherin: Tonks
10th December happy birthday to Kenneth Branagh who played as Gilderoy Lockhart! ♥ ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
here we go. 1. Who's the oldest in the golden trio according to books? (first and last name) 5 points (don't forget your house and spellings) ~Golden Snitch
I've finally finished my final test for this semester! xD ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
Happy birthday to our beautiful Clemence Poesy who played as Fleur DeLacour! ♥ ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
Golden Snitch, referred to as the Snitch, is a small golden ball the approximate size of a walnut, developed by Bowman Wright, ball gag?
"Be true to who you are." Just be yourself and proud of it, like Luna Lovegood ♥ ~Golden Snitch / ~Black Rose
Golden Snitch: is a golden ball the size of a large walnut with silver wings. It is worth one hundred and fifty points.
because I'm a part of this magical generation. Feels like I've caught the Golden Snitch.
Movie of the year goes to the twilight saga: breaking dawn. I AM SO SAD AND ANGRY RIGHT NOW!~Golden Snitch
Part One of Our crazy conversation between me, Golden Snitch, and The Dark Lord. ~Padfoot
LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match (4737) (Toy): bCatch the Golden Snitch and win the match for Gryffindor!/bMarc...
Ashe County Gaming brings you a game of Search and Destroy on Bootleg with A Golden Snitch going 20-3. Dual commentary by A Golden Snitch and A Rouge Bludger...
Message from Pottermore: It's the Content, Stupid. on the fields a Golden Snitch.
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