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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized breed of dog.

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Griffin, the 1yr old Golden Retriever. Brings his blankie to the park. It's his favorite thing in the world.
Can you handle this?. Today, Joe Biden met a Golden Retriever puppy named Biden💞
There's a lucky Golden Retriever at the end of every rainbow.
Idec if I'm single as long as I have 3 kids a Range Rover Autobiography, a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain…
Have you seen, Golden Receivers, a Golden Retriever rescue in CO? They bring in dogs from Turkey.
Pinned to Golden Retrievers on Iconic photo of Bear, one of several Golden Retriever rescue dogs worki…
Just met this lady that's rescuing a Golden Retriever from Turkey! If I didn't have 4 Goldens right now I would probably res…
A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. Her reaction once she was saved is amazing!
All I really want in life is a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog.
Golden Retriever carries his blankey everywhere
John Snow is a male Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix who needs a place to call home!
Looking for Labrador/Golden Retriever with PCCI Papers. Pm me thanks 👍🏼
At # 19 of 50 - Jessie, the 9yr old Golden Retriever. Since this photo, Jessie has become a Free People model.
Ryan Reynolds, nominated Best Actor for "Deadpool," with his Golden Retriever, Baxter.
Meet Charlie the Golden Retriever. Do you have a Golden Retriever? Please share a picture with us.…
Golden Retriever in the mirror reminded me of one of my favorite Marx Brothers movies and scenes.
FOUND: A Golden Retriever on Dec 13, 2016 at Found Clear Brook Drive. Please contact us for more information.
Golden Retriever. Labrador Retriever. Siberian Husky. Pit Bull. Corgi. Beagle. When I get married one day, I want these kind of babies first. 😍
I added a video to a playlist Golden Retriever - Hawaiian Tropic [OMENA]
.American Pit Bull votes only count for 3/5s of Chesapeake Bay and Golden Retriever votes.
Peppermint Butler is now available for adoption! This male Golden Retriever is 2mths old. Learn more at
It's ABSURD how well-behaved and obedient Monty Don's Golden Retriever is (yeah I'm watching Gardener's World 🤘🏻)
When your father can't afford a Golden Retriever.
Dylann Roof wrote white supremacist manifestos: prosecutors. Yeah. AND appears to have the IQ of a Golden Retriever.
Sir Geoffrey Retriever, the inventor of the Golden Retriever pictured here at his home in Canterbury in 1982.
What's your fursona? . Scott: Golden Retriever. Mitch: Grey Fox. Scott: What about a big Whale? .
Reunited ~Winston the Golden Retriever from in Dane County. Message from the owner: “Neighbors next door...
My wife and son are in Eastern Washington. Soap Lake. It is just me, the chickens, and my Golden Retriever, Aster.
'FONDUE', a Golden Retriever in CA, needs a home now! See him on
Reunited ~The found Golden Retriever from in Dane County. This girl’s name is Tinker, and she was...
A white Akita, a St. Bernard, a Tibetan Mastiff or a Golden Retriever please?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My future dogs will include a Pitbull, Tibetan Mastiff, Shiatsu, Golden Retriever and another Pitbull. Not at the same time... but maybe.
At some point in my life I will own a beagle, golden retriever, husky, and dalmation 🐶
the mom is a husky & the dad is like a golden retriever collie or German Shepard mix.
Practiced w/ Max at the Bark Park in prep for his 2nd agility class tonight. Gonna show that clever golden retriever who's really top dog!
Golden Retriever Gus carries his blankey everywhere.
"Better. Alright. Chapter Four. Reason No. 17. You have the resemblance of a humanized golden retriever. Cute."
Somedays I wish I was a Golden Retriever in an upper class family.
With the first pick in the 2016 Puppy Draft, Forest Ave will be taking Brody the Golden Retriever
I like dogs. This is Ginger, my 13 year old Border Collie / Golden Retriever mix.
Blue. The luckiest Golden Retriever in the world. May 8, 2016. @ Bedford Hills, New York
I still jam demo tracks from Mark Burden and whatever Scott Goodwin or Ilyas Ahmed or the Golden Retriever boys have shared.. btdzh Golden Retriever puppies for new homes: Description: . btdzh Gold...
Turner. Aidan in a stocking cap is the cutest thing next to a Golden Retriever puppy LOL
yes amazing; my cat is 21 (staying w/friends); my Golden Retriever girl sadly passed away at 12 1/2 from cancer a few yrs ago.
Drop by Exhibition Park in tomorrow, buy a collar, leash, bandana or dog themed magnet from NS Golden Retriever & Friends
Husky, German Shepherd , Lab, Golden Retriever, and any kind of rescue
See what this Golden Retriever revealed, after falling 30 feet! His owner says he's lucky to be alive.
Welcome Zoey, a smaller Golden Retriever mix! Since she is a rescue, her 1st day is free! We think she looks...
81yo Man dies on hiking trail, rescue workers find his loyal Golden Retriever at his side…
this Golden Retriever got stung by a wasp & ended up with a swollen face. Hes taking it rather well & looks adorable https:/…
Okay so I want a Labrador and a golden retriever
Golden Retriever Puppy Can't Decide on the Best Spot for His Blanket - link:
I want 12 golden retriever puppies in my bed
Had great time with Pico's new friend, Rainbow the Golden Retriever and Daisy the Labrador. ❤...
better than a face full of Golden Retriever *** though, amirite!?
Nothing says: "Hey, could you please wake up and take me outside, it's an emergency?" quite like a face full of Golden Retriever panting.
Some days I wish I was a golden retriever in an upper class family.
Anyone have golden retriever puppies for sale
I want a golden retriever puppy so bad😍
Imagine Tay and Calvin walking like a big *** golden retriever I would cry that would be my dream come true
I want a big dog :( like a German Shepherd or a golden retriever
Just started crying harder because I can finally get the golden retriever I asked for when I was 8 years old. 😭😭😭😭
SIGHTING: Dog, WEST RICHMOND 22/3/16. just saw an golden retriever on Morley St West Richmond, was sitting in...
cocker spaniel golden retriever mix! but I'm fine with whatever
I've probably said this 90 times but let's make it 91. I literally do not care if I don't get married. I just want my golden retriever 💕🐶
I miss my golden retriever so much I'm cRying
I need a golden retriever in my life:(:( :(:( :(
I really hope i can get that golden retriever 😁😩
My dog's girl left him for the Golden Retriever up the street, dude haven't been the same since...females evil bruh😤
***Happy Tails*** Our gorgeous Golden Retriever mix Echo (now known as Franklin which is fitting since he came...
Army Pvt. Hannah Foraker consoled by Buddy 13yr old Golden Retriever. Buddy with arth/deaf greeted by Skype. No place like home. /salute
MISSING, this Golden Retriever is missing in west Coker in Pls RT.
Wesley the Golden Retriever,his teeth are crooked and he's not eating so Molly Moore of Spring Lake, Michigan,his owner, gets him braces …
Only thing I learned today Jack=Border Collie . Mark=Golden Retriever . Felix=Rottweiler. Ken=Dutch Shepherd Dog. and Cry is not a dog at all
‘Aspen’ the Golden Retriever has an adventurous life that many dream about
((My mom has a Bull Mastiff/Golden Retriever and it looks similar to that in the face.cute! ))
FOUND: A Golden Retriever on Jan 06, 2016 at West Main Street. Please contact us for more information.
Reunited ~Buddy the Golden Retriever from in Wood County. Message from the dog's owner: "We went out...
100th Golden Retriever rescued from Turkey arrived safely in Atlanta.
Good eye! Cross with Golden Retriever. New rescue dog my brother's family got a few weeks ago. Big dog with soulful eyes.
Golden Retriever can be a guide dog for the blind, hearing dog for the deaf, hunting dog, detection dog, and search and rescue participant
check out what a TN Golden Retriever rescue did! We know you love Goldens.
Bappi Lahiri's favourite breed of dog? Golden Retriever.
The mayor of Idyllwild, CA is a golden retriever named Max.
This blind therapy dog, Smiley the Golden Retriever, will brighten your day and make you so happy wi
someone buy me a golden retriever for Christmas
dang one of the golden retriever assistance dogs in training came up to me and kissed my hand and I just had to ignore it fml
I need to get me a golden retriever, love those dogs
@ my future love I don't want kids I want golden retriever puppies&lots of them & they're sleeping in the big bed w me u can have the couch
If somebody wants to give me a mini golden retriever. Hit me up.
It's taking every ounce of self control in my body to not look for golden retriever puppies for sale now that I'm getting my own place 😩🐶
Meet Jonah! Jonah is an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy.
I need to buy a golden retriever ASAP
Golden retriever female puppy 3 months old for
Stampede of golden retriever puppies tackle a slide
I got this one (when I bought my house. I have a golden retriever & roommate has a cat. Works great.
Just saw an old lady in Santa Monica pulling a golden retriever on a wheelbarrow and the dog had the biggest red rocket I've ever seen
I want a golden retriever or a chow chow retriever mix. They are my dream dogs. So cute and fluffy.
One of Claude Monet's famous "Lily Pond" masterpieces - now with a Golden Retriever added - T Shirt
I liked a video from Super Cooper Sunday Coop's First Halloween! (Golden Retriever
SIGHTING: Dog, FAIRVIEW PARK/BANKSIA PARK 28/10/15. An aged Golden Retriever located an the on of Grenfell Road.
Mao Mao, a Golden Retriever without a paw we re-homed2USA last yr, living the life of his dream! 🐶❤️😁 htt…
I think that's a pure bred Great Pyrenees. Mine is mixed with Golden Retriever. But to answer your question, yes lol
Adopted ~The found Golden Retriever from in Marquette County. This dog's new is Scout. The finder was...
Remembering Rusho .. my handsome Golden Retriever boy who left his human family on Earth to join the almighty's...
Hamilton Collection
What's better than one Golden Retriever? TWO Golden Retrievers! My love for this breed will never die…
All the dogs I want at the moment :. French bulldog. Pug. Corgi. Some type of spaniel. Golden Retriever . German Shepard. Collie. Australian Sheep
- Thank you! Nacc Mac Feegle smiles & is happy all the time, just like a Golden Retriever!
PLEASE ask Ric if he remembers calling Ron Garvin's girlfriend a Golden Retriever?! ;-)
A German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, and a black lab/husky mix.
*** I want a Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute crossbreed! It will be an epic one!!!
Birtha, a Golden Retriever in NV, needs a home now! See her on
Golden Retriever puppy cools down with water hose - Rumble
I liked a video from Super Cooper Sunday - Coop Has a Girlfriend! (Golden Retriever
I want a Golden Retriever, a Springer, a Blue Heeler, a Rat Terrier, and a Bernese mountain Dog. I want all dogs. 😅
This guy? The one we adopted from a Golden Retriever rescue group? The one we've been desc…
Hope for Paws rescue videos➤A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue.: via
A scared Golden Retriever panics during her rescue. : :
Clifford is a Shih Tzu and Caesar is a Golden Retriever
I'd just like to know what's on top of his head. Is it a a dead Golden Retriever? At least Michael Vick didn't …
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I cannot wait to buy a Golden Retriever or a German Sheppard =D
It is a Golden Retriever party at today! We had 9 total!!. Gracie B, Gracie J. Annabeth, Crosby, Casey, Duke,...
she is adorable, it's a shame that my Golden Retriever is an alpha female and doesn't like other female dogs
Meet Henry and Harrison! They are two very adorable Golden Retriever puppies. Let's show them some love!...
[Godfrey Gao facts] He's had a black Cocker Spaniel (Lulu) and a Golden Retriever. Now he has Theo, a Pomeranian. 🐶🐶🐶
Golden Retriever bb Maisie, ret/lab Will i am, and Retired x ret/lab Orchid all enjoying a free time in Leicester
Mobile investment of 5% saw 6% of sales in Gold Peak Tea launch. TV was tops, mainly due to Golden Retriever, I think.
A lesson with a fluffy baby Golden Retriever is a lovely way to start the day. This is Mugsy.
I literally have blue hair, am wearing golden retriever shirt, and have fake eyelashes on. What is even happening..
Our newest addition to the family - meet Oliver! He's a golden retriever with a charming personality.…
can somebody please buy me a golden retriever puppy??? :'( PLS
Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to "Leave It" - 7,478 likes:
Why is there a golden retriever there instead of me
I want a dog. Can be pomeranian or golden retriever or both 😃♡🐕
If anyone wants to buy me a golden retriever puppy I will love you forever.😭❤️
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Husky and golden retriever mix.. i want it 😍
People (in my grade) are at a party/ w friends & im watching a vid of a golden retriever running in rain water 8)
Ive made up my mind. I want a golden retriever named Duke.
Check out Lola the Golden Retriever on the Daily Puppy app.
It's amazing how Bobby captured your soul in a simple drawing of a golden retriever. It's your spirit animal, Deeter. Embrace it
What is your favorite dog breed? — I have a golden retriever who is the best dog in the world :) This is Mason.
I need a friend who has a golden retriever
If only there was a way to get about 15 golden retriever puppies in my bed right now
The Golden Retriever Guide: Who else wants to know all the tips and secrets about America's most loved breed of…
get a German Shepard or golden retriever homie
Looking for golden retriever puppies 😍🐶
I just want to buy a Golden Retriever and start a new life in California.
I wanna watch that vine of the golden retriever puppy air drumming every day for the rest of my life
if you're ever feeling rejected just rmr that some kid didn't make the team in Air Bud because they gave the spot to a golden…
I wish i had a basket of golden retriever puppies
Dont know why but I love this photo- he ...
“This vine is so important to me omg😍😩 golden retriever puppies will forever have my heart😭
The 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy that came into the vet made my day today 😍
Thx Jordan for bringing by the newest family member. Meet Maisy, a 10 week old Golden Retriever!
When attack. I've been infected. I may be a Golden Retriever myself before sundown.
There's a Golden Retriever in the stall next to me in the ladies' room. And I'm ok with that.
“It's so nice out that a squirrel, chipmunk, robin and Golden Retriever just had a group hug at Millennium Park.” love my city
White people made 14 movies about a Golden Retriever playing sports. But they're outraged that Mo'ne Davis is getting a Dis…
I can't stop thinking about how good laying in a bed full of Golden Retriever and German Shepherd puppies sounds right now
I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever & a Golden Retriever and Chessies love the snow and ice and even love swimming in this weather.
Johnny Van Zant was so cool back when he was a golden retriever.
Whenever I see my golden retriever, I have this huge huge urge to draw some thick eyebrows on her __( : 3 7 but she never stays still for it
Meet Spunky, the half beagle, half golden retriever who last year in a puppy burst of excitement…
Dude this golden retriever then pit bull walked in he was scared lol
Size doesn't stop our Golden Retriever from thinking he's also dog Especially if there's thunder
I really want a yellow lab or a golden retriever puppy! Js 😉
uhhh once I move into my house in July im gonna have gunner, a golden retriever, a Dalmatian, & maybe I can squeeze cody in there too 😍🐶
MASON CITY, IA: Sigh. The sweet Goldie, the 11 year old Golden Retriever mix who was subjected to severe neglect,...
99 Mary street is a happy stop by for me atm. Two tiny golden retriever puppies 😱😱😱
Just wish my mom would let me get a golden retriever puppyyy. 😩😢
I want either a husky or a golden retriever or maybe a German Shepherd
There's this adorable golden retriever watching me thru the professors office door
I'll buy a Subaru only if a puppy golden retriever comes with it in a car seat like the commercial
Can I just have a Golden Retriever puppy? 😍😭🐶
A kitten who was rejected by it’s mother was taken care by a golden retriever
How do I keep my golden retriever in the house?
Just had four golden retriever puppies run toward me coming back from the gym
Husky, bloodhound, golden retriever, & mastiff all mixed into one!
This golden retriever GIF is a straight up daymaker
The worst part about a dorm is you can't have a dog. Like no housing I don't want a fish I want a golden retriever
I liked a video Golden Retriever can't get enough of Australian Open tennis
R u a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever or Beaver? Come visit me @ the personality station on Fri night GIrls' Nite Out & find out
Don’t let the name fool you, this golden retriever cannot retrieve! Well, not very quickly at least. Watch Sophie try her best to catch cheerios like her brother, but fail hilariously every time! Maybe she should contact this bulldog for some lessons! Toss your dogs a bone—catch them on tape and upl…
He was in the yard one minute, and gone the next. Now, a Bridgewater family is asking for the public's help in getting Sebastian, their 3-year-old Golden Retriever, back. Why Sebastian is so special: SHARE this story to get the word out. We'll have more details on the FOX 25 news at 10.
My beautiful female English Golden Retriever is missing between Jamestown and Chillicothe, Ohio. I tried to rehome her to a nice family with a little boy, she broke her brand new collar and took off and it is believed she is trying to make her way back to me. Please DO...
Check out Finley the Golden Retriever on the Daily Puppy app.
like MTV show true life... True Life: I have a Golden Retriever
Golden retriever Roxie connects with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory; she doesn’t like when someone takes her spot.
This past weekend a 6 month old golden retriever puppy was brought to GSVS for vomiting. Look at these x-rays to see what the doctor found. The puppy had eaten his entire leash. The surgeons at GSVS successfully removed it from his intestines. The puppy is doing great!
There is nothing in this entire world that is cuter than a golden retriever puppy.
I DIED A LITTLE, buy me this so I know you love me! half wiener dog have golden retriever
Instead of becoming the crazy cat lady, I'm going to become the crazy golden retriever lady
Does anyone want a golden retriever?
Goldie is a handsome, 10 year old, male, Golden Retriever mix. Thanks to Bedford Care Center, Goldie is being offered as part of our, Seniors for Seniors program. This means that a senior citizen, age 60 or older, who is approved to adopt, can take Goldie into his forever home with no adoption fee. Goldie is smart, affectionate, heartworm negative, and is already neutered. His adoption will include his neuter surgery, microchip, heartworm test, age-appropriate vaccinations, 30 days of pet insurance, and a free bag of dog food. Please consider giving this gentleman a home to live out his golden years
There are only two pure breed golden retrievers recognized by most of the kennel clubs and associations; the English golden retriever and the American golden retriever. Though there may be other ref
Update your maps at Navteq
New fundraiser for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study - Morris Animal Foundation!!! Super cute!...
Tom Treptow's Celebration of Life will be held January 31st at the Episcopal Church of the Apostles, 26238 N. ILL RTE 59 (just south of RTE 12) in Wauconda, IL 60084 at 11 AM. Tom did everything there for Years from fixing toilet's to Painting and virtually all the Jobs except be Minister! Please don't send flowers and If you feel you would like to do something, please send a donation to: "As Good as Gold" - Golden Retriever Rescue of ILL - . Or Helping Paws Animal Shelter, 2500 Harding Lane, Woodstock, IL 60098 Thanks for looking at that is all I know at the moment. Please share with others! Hugs all around, Kim Smith
When I have a family, we WILL have a golden retriever! 😍
I want a golden retriever puppy so bad❤️❤️
'Aint no party like a Golden Retriever party cause a Golden Retriever party don't stop!
No BAFTA for me, how ridiculous!!! Im a retriever!! I'm up for the GOLDEN GLOBES Luvvie!!
Need a golden retriever puppy in my life ❤🐶
Life would be so much easier if I were a dog (preferably a golden retriever)
Hanging out with my friends' new golden retriever pup Yakko! 😃
Bailey the Golden Retriever loves to dress up and her outfits will have you cracking up . . http:…
Can't wait to just move down south with my future golden retriever
We rescued a sweet golden retriever named Ronnie from Vermillion animal shelter a few weeks ago. As soon as we got Ronnie we went straight to the vet. He was on the skinny side and heart worm positive. Ronnie is such a gentle soul he is very docile . We posted asking for fosters . We had several people step up and wanted to foster but for some reason the plans never worked out. Yesterday we received a call from a lady in Monroe / bastrop. She said this dog looked like her golden Rusty. In the back of my head I am thinking there is no way. We decided to meet this morning so she could meet Ronnie . She told me her Rusty had been bitten by a snake on the nose and that their would be 2 little scars. Sure enough we saw 2 little scars by the nose. We talked about the hunting camps around her property and that several people came from Kaplan la to hunt there. Well. Kaplan is near vermilion. I thought to myself could this be ? Her and her husband met Ronnie this morning. This golden is not Ronnie this golden is . ...
Anyone missing a friendly golden retriever? I just saw one in the airport on Mt proctor, sorry I could not catch.
Golden Retriever can't get enough of cute puppy videos
Four puppies for free. Someone was cold hearted enough to leave them for dead on a dirt road. All females about ten weeks old and believed to be great pyrenese/golden retriever mix. Please share hope someone has a heart to give these sweet babies a home
So I've figured it out. I need a golden retriever puppy. I'll feed it, love it, and spend the rest of my life with it! 😍
Leighton Meester with super adorable golden retriever puppies! Agh,
Attention Champaign Urbana residents: our dog has been missing since last night around 7pm. We have searched the area and called around, but no one has seen him. We live on Park Ave, near University, Church and Prospect Ave. Also near both Eisner and West Side parks. He was wearing a collar and tag, but no one has called yet. Please repost so we can get him home safely. He is a large, 9 yr old Golden Retriever, male. His name is J.D. Please let me know if you hear anything.
A tale of two unlikely best friends: "Miss Tallulah, a Chinchilla adopted last October from your nirvana, and Gypsy Rose, a rescued Pit Bull/Golden Retriever mix, have developed a friendship of mutual respect and just plain old fashioned love. Tallulah romps back and forth across the bed and over Gypsy's back and Gypsy just smiles and sighs with contentment. Gypsy Rose was heart broken when her best friend Marchello, my 8 year old chin, passed away. She was thrilled when Tallulah arrived and they have been buddies ever since. They remind me daily of how animals can cross barriers we create, and form relationships in spite of their differences. Glorious! Thank you for our newest furry family member. Warmest Regards, Danny" Thank you, Danny, for sharing such a heart-warming story!
Hi mga Ka-Dog Lover! I'm looking for Golden Retriever puppy with or without paper. :)
Our golden retriever, Nemo, has been missing since yesterday around 4:30pm. Last seen on Starcreek Parkway in Allen. If anyone has seen him please let me know. He's 11 years old with bad hips so he couldn't go too far and can't hear well, but the sweetest goldie ever...
"Adam Sandler is like, in love with some girl, but then it turns out that the girl is actually a Golden Retriever. Or someth…
Looking at this dog, would you say it's a Golden Retriever? Its not! The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is...
The Super Bowl is fast-evolving into a Puppy Bowl of marketing. Two of the game's biggest advertisers -- Anheuser-Busch and GoDaddy -- will feature Golden Retriever puppies as stars in their upcoming Super Bowl commercials.
It's fun to watch these golden retriever puppies play with shoes as long as they're not yours.
I could create a Golden Retriever with that amount of hair
“Golden retriever bath bomb 😍🐶 yall have some serious competition!!!
A little humor for your Wednesday: Thanks Darbi Jo the Golden Retriever!
A picture really says a thousand words: a golden retriever is grieving over the loss of her puppy in Laurel Grove Cemetery North.
Crate Training Your Golden Retriever For those who have a crate and leave it open, your Golden Retriever will begin to go to it when he gets sleepy or when he gets confused. Although Golden Retrieve
I'm about 99% sure a multitude of golden retriever puppies would make me happier than any boy ever could
Well my Golden Retriever, Stoney.after only a car ride,paw grooming,
Yes, my golden retriever loves squeaky toys and snorts all the time when she's playing with them.
Apparently I look like a golden retriever puppy...
Buddy the Golden Retriever is driving me nuts! He thinks he is a little dog and is running through the house like crazy! The boys are having fun, I'm NOT!
Someone please buy me a golden retriever
lost a all white husky golden retriever mix about a year and a half ago. I have pretty much given up hope on finding her but I thought I would just mention it to see if anyone had any leads. She was lost near Klienhands in Buffalo Allentown area. She was about a year ol...
Marley is out lost again 😩 golden retriever. Friendly and hyper.
I had put our dogs out to go potty and when I let them back in our golden retriever was limping. We don't see anything. His limping is getting worse and the side of his one paw is swelling. We feel so badly for him. So tomorrow I am calling the vet. Hoping it's nothing serious.
Looking for someone to foster an 8 yr old Golden Retriever for 2 weeks while the owner recoups from a month in the hospital. Sweet dog not a mean bone in his body. Just two weeks. Well behaved stays mostly indoors house broken. Owner can not afford to board him. Any suggestions or help? Thanks
You know it's cold when your Golden Retriever doesn't want to play outside. He did his business and ran for the gate, yep it's time to go back inside. :) He grabbed his toy and we went in.
Some good news in all the bad news today! Phil found his forever home! He has a golden retriever sister to snuggle with, and new toys and a warm home tonight. Praying for all the pets who are not as lucky as Phil, and are outside in this weather tonight... Have a great life Phil! Thank you Christine!!
So, only a few people will understand this post. For some reason Todd just called our foster cat Lucy.twice. Simon starts going crazy and Todd is completely befuddled. Then he realized Simon thought he was talking about his BFF, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lucy.Lucy Phillips! He had to go outside immediately because he thought his BFF was here. 😢 Time for a play date!
Pali Boucher, Michele Gause; I just witnessed the intake of a 1-2 year old (German Shepherd/golden retriever mix) at the SJ animal shelter. I never thought I would see something like this in this city. This poor boy is severely emaciated, skin and bones and could not keep himself up. My hearth aches for this boy. My question is what is going to happen to him? I believe he deserves a chance to a happy life and if there is anything I can do to help. Thanks
This is our 3.5yr old golden retriever, Brady. He is super sweet and cuddly. He went missing New Years Eve we think the fireworks must have scared him. We were not home. :-( We miss him horribly. He is wearing a camouflage collar. Anyone know of where he might be or if someone is watching over him please let us know... We have checked Boise Humane Society, craigslist, different pages on fb, and posted pictures around our neighborhood oh yes and contacted the local pet care clinic and talked to an officer to keep an ear out. And nothing. We live around Deer Flat and Linder. Just want our boy back. Thank you in advance to those who help...
Dewayne And-Amber Dellraria HarpMoore OK S OKC Lost and Found Pets 5 mins · Good morning~ We would thankfully like to take this opportunity to say how appreciative and happy we are to know we can rely on our friends, friends of friends, and even complete strangers, when in a time of prayer and need. You have been kind, supportive, loving, kept us in prayer, and eager to help bring Tucker Dan home. Thank you for sharing our post and for taking the extra time to inform your friends and family about our heartfelt desire to see our boy get back home. Through this unfortunate event, we have seen the kindness and hope that people can give one another, and we are so very thankful to be on the receiving end. We are happy to say that Tucker is home, as of 8:20 a.m. He is safe and sound, warm and back with his best buddy Harley, who, by the way, looked everywhere for him last night and this morning. It is an amazing feeling to know they are reunited. Thankfully, a sweet lady worked for 45 minutes with Tucker to ge ...
DOG - IDam a male, tan and black Golden Retriever. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 06, 2015.
Purbred Golden Retriever pups for sale asking 700$. The mother is ckc registered and the father is ckc but unregistered. They will leave needled, dewormed , raised in thd house with kids and with a sample of puppy food. Look no futher YOU have found one of the greatest...
Awesome idea for a group! I have three furbabies. Abbie is my 6 year old. She'll be 7 in March. My old apartment had a stray cat colony living outside and she was one of them. I worked with some friends to rehome all the other cats, but Abbie was super friendly so I decided to keep her. She'd been clearly attacked, most likely by a raccoon. When we brought her in, she was skin and bones. I thought she was male, but turned out she was pregnant! Unfortunately she had them prematurely and all four babies passed away. We got her fixed right away, cleared up her flea problem, and she promptly put on weight. Buster will be 4 on January 29th. He's my crazy boy. I've had him since the age of 8 weeks. He runs away when I approach him while walking, but he's all over me with lovings when I'm sitting or lying down. Prince is my beautiful golden retriever, adopted from the SPCA this past May. He's about 6 years old. He's got some issues from an unknown past, but we're working through them. I love him to ...
Yesterday Sassy and I were riding toward Beeline Highway from crossing the river near *** Bluff and going through the desert washes, etc. Suddenly Sassy stopped walking and started flicking her ears. We were both quiet, and then I heard the jingling that must have been what caught Sassy's attention. Then we both saw a golden retriever go running the opposite way we were facing! The dog went running up a hill as if frightened to death. I called out to her, and she stopped and looked at us. I called to her again, and she came running to us wagging her beautiful tail. She was panting badly, so I jumped down and gave her water from my water bottle. She drank from the bottle ~ so cute! Thankfully, she had tags on her collar, and I saw her name was Sadie. (Such a cute name!) I called the number on the tag, and when a man finally answered, I explained who I was and where I found his dog. He seemed very confused saying that she'd just been right there with him. He asked me where I was, and I told him I wa ...
These two little darlings need homes (both male) Purebred golden retriever puppies 6 weeks! Up to date shots and ready to go home
She's a lovely senior girl in the west wing, calm, gentle demeanor, about 60 lb. She is LILI -golden retriever mix at MDAS. Shares well with kennelmate
If anyone sees a golden retriever in the Dallas area, please let me know, my brothers dog is missing, gonna try and put a picture up soon.
Kudos to this good samaritan Golden Retriever for trying to help a struggling fish out of water. A simple yet powerful example of helping others because it’s the right thing to do.
if you have a dog you love this info might interest you. Dog ownership is one of the great joys of life. Our furry friends provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and more smiles than can possibly be counted. There are pitfalls associated with dog ownership, however. We can deal with the messes and other passing aggravations; it’s the undeniable fact that people live longer than dogs that eventually brings most owners to tears. Thinking about the inevitable loss of a beloved pet often compels owners to ask, “How long will my dog live?” Of course, there is no way to specifically answer that question when it comes to a particular individual, but averages are available for many well known breeds, including the Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Dachshund, German Shepherd and Pug. dog breed life expectancy, dog ages, how long do dogs live, dog lifespan Reference: Dog Longevity, Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy How Long Do Mixed Breed Dogs Live? For mixed breed dogs, owners can use an individual’s weight to hel ...
FOUND DOG Redwood Park 25/12/14, 10.30pm. Golden Retriever found on Milne Road, running past the Redwood...
Hey Everyone!!! I am in my mid 40's, my significant other is my Golden Retriever mix, Sancho, and I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have always been active and never let my weight stop me from doing anything, yet I was always known as "the heavy girl". Because I was always so full of life, I yearned for a healthy, fit, athletic body but have never been able to pull it off. The negative effects of being so overweight were beginning to catch up with my health about the same time that circumstances forced me to relocate to New Jersey to care for my mom. The stress of finding a job which would allow me the flexible hours I needed for my mother and still earn a good living for myself was wearing on me. Add my new health issues to that stress and things were becoming dangerous-then the perfect opportunity found me and got me healthy!!! Yay!!! **Looking for motivated, entrepreneurial self starters interested in getting/staying healthy and fit while helping others achieve the same. **Be prepared . ...
Dog Adopts Zoo's Rare Puppies - A Golden Retriever stepped in to nurse a litter of African wild dogs after their m...
Meet my puppy, Elsa! She is a Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever mix and pretty much the sweetest puppy ever.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Connection Track on After Midnight Show with Janice Long is Super Furry Animals, Golden Retriever today where shall we go next? Think big!!
Bodie, a Golden Retriever in CT, needs a home now! See him on
Casey Novak, a Golden Retriever in NJ, needs a home now! See her on
The people who just moved in next door have a Golden Retriever puppy and I think I just fell in love
ADOPTED! -> FOUND DOG! Young male Golden Retriever found 8/23 in ELMWOOD PARK. Taken to Cliffside Park Shelter
The Miniature Goldendoodle is considered to be one of the newest of the "Doodle," or Poodle mix, breeds. Breeding began in the 1990s, after both the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle gained footholds. In the 1990s, breeders in both North America and Australia began crossing Golden Retrievers with Miniature Poodles. The theory behind the Miniature Goldendoodle's development was to create a smaller Goldendoodle that maintained the desired low-dander, low-shedding coat and that possessed the intelligent and friendly nature of the Goldendoodle. The fact that the Miniature Goldendoodle is still a fairly young cross means that most pups are the result of first-generation breeding. That is, most are Golden Retriever and Miniature Poodle mixes; as of yet, breeding rarely occurs between pairs of Miniature Goldendoodles. Despite the fact that the Miniature Goldendoodle has gained some popularity, especially in Australia, there is still no breed club or registry in existence. There are, however, several online commun ...
My spirit animal is a golden retriever named Jake who cooks and sympathizes with your failures
Lexi Lou is still looking for her forever home! She's a 7 year old, petite Golden Retriever mix who is house...
Load up on cute w/ this video of a Golden Retriever mom playing w/ her pups from
Buford, a Golden Retriever, is missing in my neighborhood/area.I know this because a taped message just came via phone call. Poor doggie.
Read >> Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Save...
I have to create an official résumé for one of my classes. "Well first things first, I am a Golden Retriever."
Adorable 7 week old Golden Retriever puppy sees himself in mirror for 1st time.
Imagine being the kid that got cut from the team on Air Bud because they had to make a roster spot for a golden retriever...
Can't wait to become an adult and get a golden retriever
Our golden retriever Tugger eats cat food, but he knows he's supposed to eat dog food. So if you walk in the kitchen he puts his face in the dog food bowl while he's chewing a mouthful of cat food. So deceptive. Lol!
Lost Dog! 😔 Golden Retriever named Buddy If you see him let me know!
"Please, speak to me as you would a small child, or a golden retriever." Simple explanation >
I really need someone to get me a Golden Retriever puppy
ORPHAN ALERT! Meet Addie! She is a 12 week old Golden Retriever mix puppy looking for her forever home. She was...
Golden retriever painting blue dog watercolor by ColorWatercolor via
Today we are kind of sad. Our golden retriever, Peaches, is in the hospital. We thought it may have been hip displacia. We took her to the vet and we were told she has "Pyrethra" ( spelling could be wrong) her uterus is enlarged and full of bacteria. She keeps her self so clean, we never thought there was a problem. The crash showed the uterus, almost 3 x normal size. This morning she collapsed out side. They are doing surgery on her, as I write this. I pray she pulls thru. We were told she could have died, but we're Extremely lucky. Usually they die in 48 hours, if not treated. Today would have been 48 hours. Please pray for us, that she will survive the surgery. Will update when we have more info. We sit here on pins and needles, waiting for the phone call.
I have a black lab, golden retriever, and a white poodle, if my girlfriend ever finds a grey hair in the house I’m busted….or old.
bby.. Golden retriever is gonna be a red head 😅
A dentist had the brilliant idea of bringing his golden retriever into the office to comfort his patients.
Almost just kidnapped a golden retriever on campus bc it didn't have a leash on
I love my golden retriever more than anyone, because every day when I come home he hugs me
* URGENT SIGHTED URGENT * There is a large white golden retriever dog wandering around the Foyle Springs area. The dog appears to be an older dog as it is moving slowly. Dog looks well cared for and is wearing a collar.
Saw a girl with the most interesting blonde hair in a car and then it was a golden retriever
There's a sleeping golden retriever service puppy in my class right now
Can just marry me already so we can get a baby golden retriever🐶 ??? cant come fast enough !
Can certainly see why Shea can't get in the first team at Stoke. Look at me run! Looks like a golden retriever chasing a tennis ball
I just had a very upsetting experience where what I thought was a golden retriever was actually the top half of a shirt…
An Alsacian or Golden Retriever is, but not a bulldog!
Dog rally crash. Yup. I love you internet!. // tags: crash, car, dog, golden retriever, run, best, rally //
I love when girls have blonde hair and pretty eyes and cuddle a lot. And a collar and licks your face. And actually a golden retriever puppy
Ya pull your kids away from my big fluffy golden retriever she might give them more love than you ever could
It's big, hairy and very, very friendly! . Don't miss Goldzilla, the Golden Retriever Fun Fair and Walk for...
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