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Golden Gloves

The Golden Gloves is the name given to annual competitions for amateur boxing in the United States. The Golden Gloves is often the term used to refer to the National Golden Gloves competition, but it also can represent several other amateur tournaments, including regional golden gloves tournaments and other notable tournaments such as the Intercity Golden Gloves, the Chicago Golden Gloves, and the New York Golden Gloves.

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118-110 for Canelo? Really? That judge shouldn't be allowed to work the Golden Gloves.
I really like the golden knights uniforms. But *** those white gloves HAVE GOT TO GO😩
Train with me if you want to succeed!!! 2xs Golden Gloves Champion!…
The Golden Knights gloves are actually horrendous.
The Golden Knights unis are 🔥🔥 just replace those terrible white gloves with black and 😍
More pics from Light the Night 2017 courtesy of Christopher King George and Golden Gloves Graphics, the official...
Are the Golden Knights wearing white gloves with white helmets or white gloves with grey helmets?
The golden knights have the best gloves.
These Vegas Golden Knight uniforms would be really nice, but then someone said "but I insist on white gloves" and ruined it.
The golden gloves is yours this season
Every fighter that I know scored it for Canelo. One of thos…
I am sitting outside the Lowell Auditorium reading this. A fitting place. Home of NE Golden Gloves. Enjoying it all.
Golden gloves for DeGea at least this time!!!
He should finally win the golden gloves this year 🤞🏻
Clean sheet for the main man :) Golden Gloves is definitely coming this season.
He's always had the golden gloves. He's the best goal keeper in the EPL
J4k are off to the Barcelona festival with TSC. . J4K,Hayden was told his top would be golden yellow.the gloves ha…
Oh I don't have the balls? I'm a former bare knuckle fighter and I'm glad to tell Mr.…
I had GGG winning by one round. The judge that scored fight 118-110 should not even be allowed to judge a Golden Gloves fight.
Do not let that judge ever work another fight again, not even Golden Gloves. I would investigate for payoff.
-same material made up her long fingerless gloves. The dress had a golden turtleneck clasp that matched the golden corset cinched around-
I never talk about it on here but I'm a huge boxing guy. Would go to Chicago Golden Gloves growing up as a kid. Love it.
Why didn't the use the golden helmets like Sweden? White gloves... metallic gold buckets... sign me up
Any over 50 fight tournaments on the east coast? I fought in the Golden Gloves & karate competitions & I think I've got a few more in me👊🏼
Watching the prelims and can't help but think of the golden gloves story. Can't wait for more! CHEERS!
So far, undercard in London only mismatches to boost young prospects. Wrong approach. Golden Gloves had 4 good contests the 9th.
My goal is to get Nevada Golden Gloves and I'll be satisfied with boxing. Then I'll move onto the political path. L…
Fab night watching our lad Jack Brown at Golden Gloves last night 👊👊👊
How many golden gloves can you earn in one year? (Asking for a friend)
If you followed Jacobs from the golden gloves.. his weight is pretty steady
Golden rule in hockey: thou shalt never wherith the white gloves 😂
Easy for me I was once golden gloves.I could do it with a golf ball.or a cantaloupe 🍈
Proud to have sponsored Jack Brown representing BBSK in the Golden Gloves boxing night.
one has countless compilations of his mistakes whilst the other collects PL titles and golden gloves
50 Cent lets out a flurry of strikes in training
Fan of the Golden Knights white gloves...
players in both the Race for the Golden Boot as well as the Race for the Golden Gloves.
How can I when I have Sammy Sleeves as my future backup to Teddy Two Gloves. We golden in Minny
I had an old Mexican dude. Ex golden gloves boxer. Did the most clean fades, his spot was called "T…
LMFAOOO nah I don't got golden gloves b I'll get rocked
Mav Granger, 12, has made his national breakthrough at the Golden Gloves.
UFM is happy to share with you articles Re: Men's Health: Golden Gloves boxing champ getfitwithgiddy shows you his……
Golden Gloves boxing champ shows you his favorite move for generating total-body explosiveness:
The 2017 Golden Gloves champion for the 2nd time
JBL always touts that Baron Corbin is a 2x Golden Gloves champion. If he's this world class boxer, shouldn't his footwork etc be smoother?
Here for the Golden Gloves amateur boxing event via
Having a blast out at Delta Plex, Golden Gloves are here! Come check us out and get signed up to win some awesome...
A St. John's boxer, Charles Garner, competes on Saturday in the Golden Gloves tournament at in the Fal…
BTW please don't tell Mr. Corbin I said that. He was a Golden Gloves champion and would literally punch my eyes out through my ***
When I won the Golden Gloves in 1960, that made me realize I had a chance. And when I won at the Olympics, that sealed it
Golden Gloves venues are gold standard for boxing
whoever I deem worthy of golden gloves, must be a Texas great, obviously.
Toby Brook wins Golden Gloves in the 106 class. Also the first ever Northwest Archery Tourney was held here in Shre…
I cant tell you how little I care but you still didn't win the golden gloves or box on showbox.
Me and fredo both got wins and moving on in the golden gloves 🤙🏽
An absolute honor to volunteer as ringside doctor for 2017 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Tournament. Special Thanks to…
Can't believe I'm gonna say this but between Golden Gloves on Staten Island last night and tonight's action, boxing >>>> MMA this weekend.
Rockets gone make golden state take the gloves off in the playoffs
Some young boxers laced up their gloves in Elkhart on Saturday night for Golden Gloves event.
Glad to see so many of our gym's boxers win state and now competing at regionals Golden Gloves. 💪🏾💯
Keeping my hubby, a boxing coach (lol), updated since he is at Golden Gloves.
It's fight night in Elkhart. Coming up at 11 on we'll tell you about tonight's warm-up for the Golden Gloves
Heres ur pound for pound greatest boxer of all time.Fred G Sanford baby!The "G" stands for"golden gloves"
Big ups to my bro handling his business right now at the Golden Gloves. Future champion in the making,
Katie Taylor 🙌🙌🙌 and she wears golden gloves, which I obvs approve of 😉
Cute *** story, My dad went out with his friends a couple nights ago to golden gloves and he texted my mom "hey on the way home,"
Boxer wins Golden Gloves bout for fallen Marine brother:
Golden Gloves first event of the central PA tournament starts in 45 mins!
Future Golden Gloves Champion. When she's in school, the principal will be personally serving…
I want some golden gloves like the ones Katie Taylor is wearing! I'll take a look on Sports Direct at the next opportunity
My hardest working boxer in action at mall demo. 2018 golden gloves champion.
Giveaway for H1Z1 Golden Eagle Padded Gloves at the end of the stream!
last year cech has nominate golden gloves, but this season cech 20% PL goal conceded. . NIGHTMARE
O got the Bout of the Night in his 5-0 win.
Make plans to attend The Golden Gloves. See attached flyer for information on tickets.
Competition Boxing practice today. Our last Saturday practice before the Golden Gloves next weekend. Good job...
Golden gloves starts on the 25th ill be two time 4 state champion back to back. Moving to national's . Always ready
Legends come out for latest Golden Gloves fights
SPORTS: Legends come out for latest Golden Gloves fights - NY Daily News
Step one before National Golden Gloves in May. State Golden Gloves features local prospects via
Golden gloves boxing 2017 products in production
Please wish Taylor Fleegle the best of skill and safety in tonight's Semi-Final bout in the Western PA Golden Gloves
Golden Rule Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.
285 appearances. 3 major honours. 3 golden gloves. Highest clean sheets in a row count (8) for us. I would take him back in…
HUGE thank you to all who came out to support the NYDN Golden Gloves tonight! Thank you…
Golden Gloves, show best of luck to all the participants and a special well wish to the three boxers...
Reshat Mati, Atlas Foundation big winners at Golden Gloves show
Me when he bottled De gea's golden gloves last season.
Two Greats and Marshy. Golden Gloves when they were Bluebirds. Thanks to both.
Yes it was brutal. LA golden gloves. Had to make 168 for the weigh in. I did then immediately went to the Cheesecak…
Atlas Foundation big winners at Golden Gloves show
Local boxer Juan Garza with state title .
My mom has always inspired me, but now she bout to inspire me to get the golden gloves since we don't have any *** mayonnaise
Golden Gloves champ Adrienne Ford stopped by the gym today with everyone's favorite coach, Lee…
It won't be called Cadbury Premier League. They're just sponsors of Golden Boot and Golden Gloves.
you lost track of history a bit. Not treated with disdain. Treated with golden gloves. If there is such a thing. Or white.
Man, some of y'all been trying to win a pair of golden gloves since the mid 2000s and still can't make the quarterfinals...just move on fam.
Tallulla brown leather gloves with Golden hearts. size 6
Got the chance to fight in the barclays center next month in the golden gloves. I want this more than anything lets get it ‼️🏆
The Bengals are going to release Pacman Jones and then draft Joe "Golden Gloves" Mixon.
You guys, all this time I have been getting Golden Globes confused with Golden Gloves.
of all these, I gotta say the HOFer Pudge Rodriguez Golden Gloves
I will be boxing in the golden gloves of America this MAR/APR 2017 IN Indianapolis,IN. .
Have you signed up for Golden Gloves yet? Hurry! The deadline is approaching.
If Chiusano's byline is on a Golden Gloves story, I'm reading it.
Enjoyed hearing some of the Biggs siblings' stories:. Aida Biggs overcomes adversity to return to Golden Gloves
Physical today for the Golden gloves at 6 o'clock son back still hurting
Let's not waste it on her then! I love to play but those golden turrets looked ridiculous, like shiny gloves
Update to Golden Gloves 2017 tournament . In a recent understanding with USA Boxing all boxers male ages 17...
Golden Gloves around the corner and I can feel the tournament season this year boutta be great
I don't think so. I'm a Golden Gloves champion and both my hands are blessed by God.
The 69th annual Golden Gloves boxing event (2nd oldest in U.S.) is Jan. 28 at the UPS Fieldhouse. Buy tickets at…
What is one goal for the next 3 months? — Win golden gloves
Just dropped a lot of money on strength and conditioning camp for golden gloves.. tattoo appointment coming up. Fresh out the holidays
im competing in Golden Gloves Boxing tournament as a 165 pound Amateur in march in Chicago.
Martin was a golden gloves champion in real life
Making serious changes to my lifestyle... golden gloves will not get away from me this year...
Constantly told Perry McDonald was a Golden Gloves boxer... Can you imagine the reaction if he did that WoJo/Laettner crap?
Golden Gloves Boxer Taylor Kowalesky's Boxing Class is GROWING! They are learning FAST at
I might don't fight in the golden gloves this year 😪
I don’t think I’m physically capable of stopping writing Golden Gloves instead of Golden Globes.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I got golden gloves I uh give u uh New look witta stiff left & uh sharp right hook
Are you prepared ???. New Jersey Golden Gloves, sign up this weekend ! for y…
I can't wait until the Golden Gloves 😫
Hey Golden Gloves, Thanks for follow - If you need any please contact.
Honored to give a solid strengthening session to the former 141lbs Golden Gloves Champ,…
Tracy was a 2-time World Champion WBC Super Bantamweight IBF Super Featherweight as amateur 2-time NY Go…
Got a big year ahead of me. Been working hard bustin my *** Got a fight Jan 14th in Baytown tx. Then following up with golden gloves feb15
the man the legend. 16 golden gloves. Nuff said. Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year!!🎆
Tables are first-come, first-served for the Golden Gloves event on January 24. Make your reservation today:
Golden Gloves this year, training hard.
It's work time Golden Gloves next week if the lords will
Those Golden Gloves are mine in March 💯. They ain't beating me, I'm about to be a crazed maniac.
Got golden gloves in February, wish ya boy luck
Stream recap. Tooeasy is golden gloves champ. Gun game. I suck at Michael Myers. Cardboard chips, machoman and zombies.
Can't wait to get back to the boxing gym tomorrow been a month recovering now time to get ready for golden gloves in feb
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I'm fighting in the golden gloves amateur boxing tournament this year I'm excited to compete! The rise of Dimeon " T'Challa " Barker begins!
John Cena time is up Baron Corbin Time is Now Golden Gloves Boxer Former NFL player what more can I say…
Don't miss the New York State Golden Gloves on Sunday, Jan. 29th from 2:30-7pm.
I've watched Vargas since he was in that golden gloves. Quality fighter
Cleats Copped. Compression Shirt and Pants copped. Gloves Copped. Just need the shorts and we're golden.
Sharad Collier getting ready for the Western New England Golden Gloves. The HBC…
Do you have your table reservation for the 41st Annual Golden Gloves Banquet & Boxing Exhibition?
I wish I could deliver to Pres.Elect TRUMP a beautiful pair of GOLDEN-BOXING GLOVES for his upcoming job with congress.
Golden gloves in Houston Texas feb gotta stay on track with this diet and go catch this belt 💯
gotta be Marte with two golden gloves, right?
Congratulations to Alexis for Earning Street Fighter of the month honors Fighting @ TX Golden Gloves 1040 N. Hender…
TODAY 7pm: Golden Gloves Boxing Gym is hosting a grand opening party. This friendly gym is popular among white...
I'm doing the Chicago Golden Gloves for boxing 😅 everyone wish me luck 🍀
We interrupt this national freakout session to bring you Posey, Panik and Crawford talking about their Gold Gloves: https:/…
4 months until Golden Gloves. Praying I can compete in it. 😥🙏🙏
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
also, KBO's Golden Gloves (that's the name) are awarded to best overall players at each postion, not just defense.
Tables for the Golden Gloves Banquet & Boxing Exhibition are available first-come, first-served. Get yours today:…
I'M BACK JAN 13th, GOLDEN GLOVES TOURNAMENT! Bout to win it two years in a row! Add me on snap to watch behind the…
I actually study boxing - my dad was a Golden Gloves champion so I learned how to fight at a very young age. Growing up in
They have the inherent problem of not keeping my fingers warm, though. If I could type in gloves of be golden!
I hope its just start of ur Golden Wishing for brightness with ur Gloves n Bat.. Superbly Pld, Keep Rocking..
Pose with a feather in your hat. Stretch on a golden yoga mat. La la la la don't forget to wear your gloves and wave.
57 years ago tonight...Tom Kennedy, young Golden Gloves champion, comes to West Point but not to host game shows on 'West Point Story.'
Got my goal in sight. Fort Worth golden gloves, yeah Ima win that
I had such a good sparring session, I feel like Superman. Golden gloves this year will be super interesting. Weight class still not decided
Daily News Golden Gloves tourney celebrates its 90th anniversary
Daily News Golden Gloves tournament celebrates its 90th anniversary
Joe Frazier's life didn't start with Ali. I was a Golden Gloves champ. G...
There was some discussion and possible action on allowing Topeka Golden Gloves to use the Garfield Community center. That’s been moved
Safest hands of the tournament, Raja Zohaib from Garrison FC walked home with the Golden Gloves award!
Registration is open for the 41st annual Golden Gloves Banquet and Boxing Exhibition. Sign up today:…
Results Update:. Team Scotland will return from the Serbian Golden Gloves tournament with two golds, two silvers and…
I ain't moving, DC weather's a pig. The wind it tousles my wig. I'll stay in Trump Tower. My golden seat of power. Besides, WH gloves r too big
Loy alone would destroy him. He was a golden gloves winner in ATL
This weekend was a cricket nightmare. Not only did we lose chasing 93 runs, I made a nice golden duck & managed to break my pads & gloves 😞
At 19, winning my first St. Louis Golden Gloves Boxing tournament. Looking closely my Dad, who…
looks like the semi finals in the Ohio golden gloves
1976 Golden Gloves Aaron Pryor vs Tommy Hearns ... you're welcome :) much love
My last fight was with James Golden Gloves and I lost my temper and was knocked out
I'd love to see your take on the Golden Age look of him. Yellow gloves and legfins that are on his feet. You would be great for +
Lmao! How you suppose care before you and your team of superflops are way out the question. Its all about DDG golde…
I shouldve took this semester off to get ready for the 2017 Golden Gloves 😪
If you would be just as content winning a local Golden Gloves figh...
Golden Gloves late friend top right. His 60th birthday 2morrow. RIP Charles. Taken too soon.
is Finally Here I'm super exited about this fight, Makes some of these other fights look like the golden gloves
Hamilton Collection
Remember when Joe Hart won 4 Golden Gloves in 5 years. . A clean sheet is now a myth
I watched Ray Leonard train Golden Gloves at the Hillcrest Heights Boxing Club. I'm old. And get off my lawn, you k…
ET Boxing: Area fighters prepare as Golden Gloves tournament set to come to town - Longview…
Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech with his Guiness World Records for the most PL clean sheets & Golden Gloves with two PL club…
Great to be in the Guiness World Records for the most clean sheets in & Golden Gloves with two clubs
Joining TJC Boxing team just Soo I can fight in the Golden Gloves tournament in February 👌🏾
Good thing you are wearing gloves, handling such a priceless artifact from a golden age.
Raja I just NEED to know where you got those amazing golden skeleton bone gloves from The Pit Stop with
Texas Tech-ASU is a Golden Gloves boxing match between two 300-pound guys who do nothing but windmill at each other
My dad won golden gloves in 58 seconds and only hit him with his left hand. He has a trophy to…
Okay that makes more sense but he was a Golden Gloves winner so that is boxing not MMA. Also he was so bad in WCW and the WWF
⟫ Gloves, showing two mechanical and golden hands. He seemed upset, not liking to show them. "...Are you calmed now?"
Pretty cool I've been the first & Only fighter on Lyles team to win Golden Gloves
I know Nakamura has a couple MMA matches under his belt. Maybe Corbin since he's a former Golden Gloves champ
A photo of Tony Canzoneri and a group of Golden Gloves hopefuls in 1928
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
trust me man 2 golden gloves once I get back on my feet I'll be fine I know my sport
cause I took golden gloves off back in 2006 I know all about boxing! All I can say is Kelly shouldn't of bin stopped 👀
Miocic golden gloves with solid chin
Man wearing golden gloves.. golden gloves! The arrogance but he can back it up
should change his pair of gloves and win us the "Golden Gloves" aside of the match
Cech did get the golden gloves last year. With a lot of saves under his belt compared to keepers below him.
They'd keep their mouth shut when he takes golden gloves home by May.
Let's not 4get Cech had a howler in his 1st game & ended season winning the Golden gloves. Hart can't play Pep's style, can.
CONTEST DAY ☀️. Fresh gloves are a good idea! And eat a good breakfast! It's time to carry on a legacy Golden Sound!
That's what "POTM" stood 4. Cpl easy tap-ins & his "assists" stretched the definition to its max . Golden gloves &
Nick, the president and my coach, on the stage: and because this person kept a clean sheet most games, golden gloves goes to.Sam Watson!!
Also I got to the golden gloves award but funny story; I'm not playing football next year and everyone loves me like this is awkward
met him back in 2010 in golden gloves lpool. Was scary looking *** but looks a lot more friendly here. Lost his fire?
Gideon Akande reading about Gideon Akande with Gideon Akande in background
When vox can't find his golden gloves
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Really hope the half marathon in CLE doesn't fall on the same weekend as the golden gloves next year..
when are you going to get on your podcast. Nfl, golden gloves, and Andre the giant battle royal winner!!!
Hio back four itafanya DDG apewe Golden gloves in advance
All these golden gloves, maybe my boy need to be a boxer
Any theories on why Reina’s stock declined so quickly? Golden Gloves in his first three years, probably one of the best in the world…
Jonboii is that guy laughs behind golden gloves
Great job by earning the golden gloves today! Friday AM Rise & Grind!
I'ma get them golden gloves just like my grandfather did💛
Don't know if u want to fight in the Dallas golden gloves or Fort Worth 🤔
won there national golden gloves a few years back. It's a great country great people. All the best
Want to make a difference in the world? Here's your chance! . Grafton Golden Gloves Window Repair
I mean of real awards lmao like golden gloves oscars. I think he preformed better then Bree. There I said it
I'm raising money for Grafton Golden Gloves Window Repair. Click to Donate: via
We are so excited to be doing anything we can to help Freddy Narro and the Grafton Golden Gloves raise money to...
who can't stand? Lol Stipe is a golden gloves boxing champ
Website Builder 728x90
stay from scooter, if it wasn't for LL, he be training farm animals to mate.. Tragic, n never ever won the golden gloves!!
But to do that, you need the golden gloves for the black stones. The question is... where?
*** used to love saying "I'm golden gloves and my hands registered " when we we're growing up 💀
1944 Press Photo Billy Tiger on left vs James Palmer in Golden Gloves in NY
.'Golden Gloves' Adam Azim aiming for gold at the European Championships -
Utah mother of 3 competes in Golden Gloves, chases Olympic boxing dream
Women with Olympic dreams mix it up in Golden Gloves boxing - Sun Sentinel
Here! Is the Golden Gloves not a US Boxing trophy? :-)
Many thanks to Don Patterson and Diaab Entertainment for a great night of boxing. Golden Gloves
A tank crewman comrade of mine from Indiana boxed Ali (Clay) at that age in Golden Gloves. Andy lost, said Ali was incredible.
Indy has a Golden Gloves national champ for the first time since 1984. Meet Frank Martin. https…
Love the spirit, huge boxing fan (and author of a book about the Golden Gloves in New England). Keep it going sir!
Happy birthday ! Remember the 1st and last SRL Golden Gloves boxing tournament in 1981? Who won? https:/…
Golden Gloves really think Lerena average Bolonti 37years old BSA and all sponsors it's insulting to boxing fans
Watch: Ogden teen's full fight for Utah's 1st Golden Gloves national title in 25 years.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Utah has a new boxing hero: 17-year-old Diego Alvarez is the second Utahn to win the Golden Gloves, writes
Victor Morales Jr. beat the 2015 Ringside World Champ in the Golden Gloves quarters. Semis tomorrow.
Golden Gloves: Utah hosts National Tournament of Champions this week - Salt Lake Tribune
Move over Nolan Ryan. Rangers have a new Golden Gloves champ.
Golden Gloves champ the new UFC heavyweight champ 🙌
Allentown's Francis Oran is ready to take his shot at a national Golden Gloves championship - ... via
.product Francis Oran goes for a national Golden Gloves title this week in Salt Lake City. .
If you missed this past Thursday's live TV show, you can check it out now. We had Golden Gloves champion Conja...
Golden Gloves boxers benefit from ringside suggestions from former world champion
$3 ticket to the 1948 Inter-city Golden Gloves. 135 lb champion John Saxton later became welterweight champ
Congratulation to as she was crowned Golden Gloves champion for a 10th time
Congrats to Gulraj Powar from Carter's Golden Gloves at The Way! He's the new West Midlands Division Champion
A photo of "Sugar" Ray Robinson after winning the Golden Gloves as a lightweight in 1940
SGT Alex Love of the is a world class boxer & Golden Gloves champion who started…
Coming off his win at the Tri-State Golden Gloves last weekend, Nathan getting ready for his…
Got a photographer up in Indy following Bloomington's Marquese King at the Golden Gloves. Preview of a victory shot.
Update on Bloomington's Marquese King at Golden Gloves tournament in Indy. Won his first bout by decision, will fight again next Thursday.
Update I will fight Friday, April 22nd if I win I fight the next night Saturday, April 23rd for the east Michigan Golden Gloves title!
Boxing: Camacho, Alvarado ready for next round of Golden Gloves competition - LancasterOnline
Lancaster's contingent has titles on the line Saturday. --->
Every year I think I should join Golden Gloves and smash these scrubs
If anyone wants to meet me, I got the plug! Con el VIP seating👊🏽 @ Chicago Golden Gloves at…
Twice is nice for Delgado at Golden Gloves...
Alright we are live from the golden's going to be loud and exciting. Grab your popcorn.
Tyndall Armory: Home to Indiana Golden Gloves! Fights on tonight. All night. Join us, Downtown…
Ok, We have one of my warriors Fabiola in the finals for the Chicago Golden Gloves at Cicero Stadium! Let's go...
Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament is at Middletown South this Saturday at 730. Tickets are $10 in school and $25 at the door
Not a bad seat in the house for Indy Golden Gloves but mines pretty good.
Lol That's up there with the guy that was going to bring the Golden Gloves to Emmis
boxers Ya'Vonte Christopher and Danny Gonzalez will fight in the regional Golden Gloves TONIGHT!...
Training for Golden Gloves aint no joke .
Ray Rodgers talks about this weekends' Golden Gloves tournament in North Little Rock with .
Come join Family Fitness this weekend at the Golden Gloves boxing night at the Deltaplex!
TBT to the win at the Golden Gloves we going to Nationals 💥🤘🏾
This is the start of a very ugly Golden Gloves weekend, just look at these guys
Golden Gloves?? If we trust Wikipedia it began in 1928, which would point to 1930s perhaps?
Three Queens boxers fight for Golden Gloves: Win, lose or walkover, these three Queens boxers aren’t people you…
*** few people recognize the great boxers that were in the valley. Golden Gloves at Struthers Fieldhouse showcased many.
Amateur boxers from Canada and the US will be joining us in Kitchener for 3 days of the best in amatuer boxing.
Heading to see the Indiana Golden Gloves tonight. One of the great traditions in Indy! Anyone else going?
Golden Gloves Lowell Thomas 1986 our friends till this day GREAT man.
next day i worked a 8 hrs shift at K.B. Foods in winning the Indiana State Team Golden Gloves Championship.
my parents lived in Fla. in 1986 i fought in the Indiana Golden Gloves every thursday 139lbs class i would make the drive.
Ribbon Cutting for the Gate City Boxing/Idaho Golden Gloves 2-day tournament Friday. 11:00 am at Westwood Mall.
Good luck to all Indiana Golden Gloves Boxer today every Thursday down town Indianapolis they go at it.
April 30! Come see Jazmine Sullivan, Chill Moody, Low Cut Connie and great Golden Gloves and celebrity boxing.
Indiana Golden Gloves tonight wish me luck👊😀
Isiah has been training hard for his fight tomorrow night at the Golden Gloves Finals! Can't wait to cheer him on!
Tell yo mama I fight next Thursday downtown at the golden gloves
Getting ready to head back to kronk to perform the national anthem for the final day of the Golden Gloves...
2015 Golden Gloves . Want me to bring up PAL videos too? or other amateur national tournaments?
APJ Boxing Club in Poughkeepsie to send two to Golden Gloves. Story and video by
So do the 2016 Florida Golden Gloves go to or...?
Ima eat like a pig when golden gloves is over 😩
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