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Golden Corral

Golden Corral is an American family-style restaurant chain serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and featuring a large buffet and grill offering numerous hot and cold items, a carving station and their Brass Bell Bakery.

Jeff Foxworthy Waffle House Saul Phillips

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Or you don't take nothing cause you walked into Golden Corral on accident
spoiler alert: Mega Man is actually a 34-year-old woman named Darlene who works at Golden Corral and just wants love
Why has no one told me about Golden Corral?
"I need to tell to take to Golden Corral because they have everything"-blake advice
We have a field trip to Golden Corral tomorrow and I'm honestly really excited πŸ˜‚
Never eat at Golden Corral for dinner after not eating at all during the day. Better yet, don't eat at Golden Corral at all.
I think he should take that sweet gig down at the Golden Corral Buffet!
I know you say you under 13 at Golden Corral for that free meal
More Golden Corral stories from listeners please !
Please do not blame this on Orlando. It is national Golden Corral policy
Is Matt Bush throwing in a golden corral parking lot or Camden yards, can't tell
My wife & I went to Orlando on our honeymoon. Ate at Golden Corral the first night, saw…
Can be found at a golden corral near you.
So me and julien went to Golden Corral today and when we gots home he was like "after all that's food I want to eat yo now "😊😊
Just watched a lady back hand her kid at Golden Corral what a vacation
i need to go on a diet now after Golden Corral 😫
I won't perform my one man show, "The *** Fleetwood Experience," at Golden Corral again until they prohibit the throwing…
You're having a horrid day, and you decide to go out for dinner. The most depressing choice you could make is Golden Corral, isn't it?
she died how she lived: face down in the Golden Corral chocolate fountain
More plates than me at Golden Corral.
I eat her booty like its an all you can eat buffet at Golden Corral
Annoyed Golden Corral does not have alcohol 🍺 🍷
It's a lifestyle - not a Golden Corral. You should probably give 50% of your earnings this month &…
Like McDonald's or Golden Corral quick? That's a no go if you was serious bout them kids
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2 Vehicle accident no injuries at 412 New Goff Mountain Rd in Cross Lanes area of Golden Corral.
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Goes to Golden Corral . Eats one plate of food and six plates of cake and chocolate covered foods
Horrific violence against a woman you didn't see on CNN back to Trump is bad
Golden Corral is trash. Don't ever disrespect Luby's like this ever again
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself
My sisters graduation party looks like Golden Corral
My girlfriend just took a break between plates at Golden Corral to eat cotton candy. I love that *** woman
Dewayne and I took the kids to Golden Corral. I made the desert plates. Baby Cheyanne enjoyed…
I'm the John McCain of this Golden Corral buffet. I'm going back for my 11th helping but I'm screaming about how everything tas…
Tony, it's the Carolinas. Krispy Kreme, Waffle House, Golden Corral and Bojangles my friend.
Right now somewhere in America someone is picking up a sweet lady for a date at Golden Corral. Shoutout to you, playboi.
Whenever I think my life is going down hill I remember the time a lady asked me to take her picture in Golden Corral to put…
Did you go to Blain's farm and fleet afterwards? Golden Corral & Blain's farm and fle…
If Jeff Foxworthy knew that Golden Corral commercials would be in his future do you think he'd have still tried to be a comedian?
Florida Georgia Line is like if the buffet at Golden Corral was a band.
I just checked in at Golden Corral on and earned the Rookie badge!
You know your in Milwaukee when Golden Corral is playing Kodak Black and Travis Scott while they're cooking
the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral
to the Golden Corral, because chocolate fountain and germs.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Join the King's Men TODAY at Golden Corral at 11AM for "lunch with the MILLION DOLLAR MAN." Ted Dibiase will also preach TOMORROW at 11AM.
The fact the weather is BEAUTIFUL on bar stool open weekend makes me happier than a fat kid at Golden Corral.
I bet Golden Corral and Old Country Buffet are so happy.
Golden Corral on Ulmerton Rd in Largo temporarily shut down due to sewage problem. Inspectors found sewage being du…
Kayla had 3 fat plates at Golden Corral πŸ˜‚
completely understand started new sadly tradition GOLDEN CORRAL πŸ˜”
I came to golden corral to eat some rolls, not to see the rolls on your mf back😣
: she finally found herself a steakhouse boy. JB: not a golden corral boy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Hey, girl, you wanna reenact the nativity scene out back this Golden Corral?"
So my mom cooked Christmas breakfast and completely forgot about Christmas dinner.currently at the Golden Corral πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
Here we are at the Golden Corral enjoying a date for Christmas dinner.
My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my wife's family dinner and crying at the table because she won't let me go to Golden Corral
We are at Golden Corral for Christmas dinner because we are trashy but: I have spotted 6 mullets here so far
Golden Corral is open lol. My mom didn't wanna go there tho πŸ™„πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
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Just came home from Golden Corral. Seen most incredible yoga pants in life on petite girl w/ gorgeous *** Pants went deep into her crack! 😺
I don’t know I just found a pile of em behind Golden Corral
we trying Golden Corral . then we goin there if fails lol
I asked my son Adrian how old are you he says 5, then I asked him how old are you when we go Golden Corral? He said "2" m…
I'm high asf & I can't even figure out what ima eat tonite at golden corral somebody help me
For diners, volunteers, fulfillment comes in sharing holiday meal: For the 41st year, the Golden Corral on……
Touching this ADORABLE girl's head @ the Golden Corral cause she's SO CUTE!!!: via
The Golden Corral would just like to wish everyone a very merry ChristMussπŸŽ„
ppl confuse my house w Golden Corral all the time
Rudy suggested Golden Corral for dinner I was so triggered
Sis them living good , in the states eating Pizza Hut for lunch now they at Golden Corral . Cool
I'm really down for good bud, mini golf and Golden Corral.
to the Golden Corral Restaurant for serving such a meal today πŸ˜β€¦
Say a prayer for me , nothing's wrong , I'm just going to eat at Golden Corral
I can't be the only one who thinks Golden Corral is disgusting
I literally wanna go to Golden Corral for the unlimited cotton candy
Things more appealing than the South Dakota state fair 1) a never ending nickelback concert; takes place inside of a dirty Golden Corral
The Waynesboro News Virginian Christmas lunch at Golden Corral and ornament exchange was this afternoon.
Isn't making Rick Perry secretary of energy kind of like making the Golden Corral in charge of the FDA?
Endless prime rib & shrimp this weekend at Golden Corral. Lemme know if you're interested.
Jeff Foxworthy is the perfect fit for the Golden Corral spokes person. Lol
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"One diamond for ur best friend, the other 4 ur true love" -zales. "what she really wants: UNLIMITED WINGS" -golden corral (bac…
If you think McDonald's and Golden Corral are at the top you off your head
Blue roses are the Golden Corral of tattoos
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A sign in Orlando says that Golden Corral has been voted "best buffet." . I think they used presidential election polling standards.
Eat with a 50 bucks of cab rides. The CHOW code works on the Lyft app. Big savings. Maybe Golden Corral?
17 bootcampers and ruckers at Golden Corral today.
The Golden Corral commercial wen he goes "give her the gift she'll really love this holiday" and he starts talking abt prime rib had me dyin
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"That the equivalent of a grown man eating an 80 pound steak" "Golden Corral"
Looking forward to another opening in the ... ...
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Golden Corral rolls fire that's it lmao
If you gon take me to Applebee's might as well take me to Golden Corral since you hate me so much
The partnership of Jeff Foxworthy & Golden Corral was a destiny that couldn't be denied.
Jazmin telling Micah NO you cannot have my ice-cream LOL β€” eating lunch at Golden Corral - Glen Allen, VA
no Golden Corral was our on the road dinner. Not so tasty
Doink the Clown versus Heidenreich in the parking lot of a Golden Corral in Alabama. . You're welcome.
Jeff Dunham is someone I don't really know who challenges me to be smarter than a 5th grader and eats at the Golden Corral.
Night out with my lil daddy an good friends (@ Golden Corral in Florence, AL w/
Someone doused a lady with flammable liquid and set her on fire today at Golden Corral on Normandy.
BREAKING UPDATE: Man douses Golden Corral worker with flammable liquid, lights her on fire, police say -
Tom is hitting you where you live. Literally. Golden Corral talk.
I've come to the conclusion whoever drives a Nissan Altima is a retard. Car built like a Golden Corral buffet table but has no leg room
Dear American League playoff teams: we found our current pitcher in a Golden Corral parking lot. He throws 100. You've bee…
SOUTHERNER: won't go to Golden Corral in case ISIS is there. NEW YORKER: casually stepping over an armed IED while eating the…
Few buffets have staying power like Golden Corral.
Make a point to go to the Lunch & Learn this Wednesday, August 17th at Golden Corral
how the buffet management allow that? Hometown and Golden Corral wouldn't allow that AT ALL πŸ˜‚
Once I get to Virginia first place imma go to is Golden Corral 😍😍
Not that Latrell thought Golden Corral and long john silvers was the same thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I just used Punchcard at Golden Corral, and won 35 Points! WOO HOO!!
3 plates at Golden Corral and still going πŸ˜‚
Somehow only ate 3 plates at Golden Corral. I think wore him out today.
I ate like 6 plates at Golden Corral yesterday I was bout high asl
Do not take your girl to Golden Corral for a date πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘, and girls don't settle for a Golden Corral *** date πŸ˜©πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Somewhere in Atlanta, Paul Johnson sits alone, gorging himself at Golden Corral
The glass of water rippling in Jurassic Park, but it's caused by a horde of moms about to storm the doors at Golden Corral on Mother's Day.
Golden Corral is great because you get the post-thanksgiving dinner feelings of self-loathing all for a grand total of 10 dollars
Golden Corral *** so much,the only celebrity willing to endorse them is has-been "comedian" Jeff Foxworthy.
I wonder how packed Golden Corral is gonna be on 420
I wonder what Racial buffet thinks Golden Corral is.
nah!! I have lots of coupons for Golden Corral. I try to win their hearts with roast beef and turnips.
oh well they have one near the chocolate fountain in Golden Corral, go there and cheat your way to victory XD
1. Maybe Pablo Sandoval will stay away from the Golden Corral chocolate fountain and help the after his DL stint.
I wouldn't be able to eat at like old country buffet or Golden Corral
Chavez Jr prob gets so baked he forgets he trained and just hits up Golden Corral nightly.
Golden Corral on 192 is an ace buffet restaurant and dirt cheap mon. You flying on Virgin?
a golf & guns store in the gas station next to the Golden Corral...noice
Given that I'm a sentient cube of green jello at a Golden Corral off the highway in Arkadelphia, I feel its important you know these things.
I'm at number one and number 34 Ricky Steamboat the dragon and Hacksaw Jim Duggan at Golden Corral in Topeka Kansas
oh let's not look at the pictures my grandma has...we don't need to see Doug chowing at Golden Corral πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
that kid from Golden Corral screamed bc his ice cream fell 😹😹😹😹
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Oh my goodness, Golden Corral makes me want to fall asleep for 15 hours after eating it 😴😴😴
yeah like I felt like I just ate the whole buffet at Golden Corral but I hadn't eaten at all
Smh guys thinking they can just come up and grab girls like a tray of mac n cheese at the Golden Corral
So, now Jeff "you might be a redneck" Foxworthy is the spokesperson for Golden Corral. It's a match made in heaven. I have no words.
Easter is the day when Christians put on their fanciest clothes to go to the Golden Corral buffet.
Why must I be tortured with 7-Eleven ads when there aren't any around here? Same with Dunkin Donuts & Golden Corral.
Carrollton is finally getting rid of Ryan's and getting a golden corral!!!
I've been craving Golden Corral bread rolls all day!! 😩❀️
Don't forget church-wide prayer breakfast tomorrow at 8 am at Golden Corral in Waynesboro and our last March...
Eat with the entire team @ Golden Corral on Manchester Expy from 6:30-8pm on March 31st!
Had an amazing day, went up to Mansfield and went shopping and went to Golden Corral πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ˜Œ
Also I ate golden corral today... so I like just took like a whole month out of my life expectancy
The smell of Golden Corral turns me off now
Grand opening of a Golden Corral in a small town 😷
If u eat ryans or golden corral ur opinion on food doesn't matter to me.
Golden Corral shut down for good in Washington? Lol ***
Golden corral brookpark rd.recipe for major bubble gut.
Went to golden corral with the wife for our 6 month anniversary. Well steaks dry as *** hushpuppies hard as rocks. Lettuce isnt fresh.
nyans let go of me please I hear the mini burgers and corn at Golden Corral callin my name.
boyfriend: im gonna take u 2 a fancy dinner!!!. me: AwW that's so swee-. boyfriend: GolDEN CORRAL BABY
Golden Corral gives me life. Any buffet gives me life. πŸ˜‚
Just left Golden Corral with these two.
A/o to the Golden Corral lady who counted Daniel as 12 cuz we didn't have enough money πŸ‘πŸΌ
I always hear that same shocked "You're alive!" exclamation after 5 hours at Golden Corral.
you know you're at a good place in your life when the hardest decision of your day is choosing between Fazoli's & Golden Corral
My 3 point plan to have sex:. 1) Achieve a *** . 2) Put on sweatpants . 3) Linger in line at the Golden Corral
I feel like I get judged for serving myself salad at Golden Corral
When Golden Corral runs out of ice cream bowls and spoons, you do what you need to do to make…
The "golden" in "Golden Corral" is for the urine soaked floors in the restrooms.
Washington Golden Corral closes after 18 years: Patrons heading to the Golden Corral in Washington got a surpr...
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Just saw that they are opening a Golden Corral near us. SO EXCITED!!!. β€” feeling excited
Eating at Golden Corral they start playing Postcards From Paris by so everyone looks at me and asked if I'm happy. YES!!! 😊
They got endless mourning dove at Golden Corral this weekend only.
Buffett Bash is spelled like this. Not "Buffet". Buffet is like a Golden Corral. And no, it's not coral like the Great Barrier Reef.
Golden Corral sounds good right about now
*** Barbeque on Actually LOVE this BBQ place! I use to go to Spring Creek BBQ by Golden Corral but the qu…
Is there anything more fitting than Jeff Foxworthy being the spokesperson for Golden Corral?
Jeff Foxworthy doing a commercial for Golden Corral is the most Southern American thing I've seen in a long time
There is literally no one more perfect than Jeff Foxworthy to be a spokesperson for Golden Corral.
Jeff Foxworthy doing Golden Corral commercials makes more sense than basically anything else
Remember when Golden Corral pitch man Jeff Foxworthy used to be a hilarious stand up comedian? Yeah. Me either.
The fact that Jeff Foxworthy is in Golden Corral commercials is why it's a great time to be alive.
Thought Jeff Foxworthy was bringing me to Golden Corral for lunch instead we slammed a couple mcdoubles in the bowling alley parking lot
I wanna go on a date to BWW, Peanuts, Gates, Golden Corral, Logans Roadhouse, Go Chicken Go, any of this places did so good rn
Just found out there is a Waffle House and Golden Corral within 10 minutes of the hotel in Missouri. This is gonna be a delicious trip.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
New Food & Restaurant in Rocky Mount,NC - Hourly Assistant Manager at Golden Corral
BUFFET BRAWL: Fight breaks out at Golden Corral in Univ. City. At 6 talks to disappointed families
dude yes. Golden Corral after a week of backpacking through the mountains is probs the best meal Ive ever eaten
.How to get a license to carry a gun in TX w/o mtg TX reqmts: show up at Golden Corral in Humble.
Mike Tolbert and Eddie Lacy work out at the same Golden Corral in the offseason.
Golden Corral is the Mos Eisley Spaceport of food.
The Pablo Sandoval cruise would be taking a water taxi to Golden Corral.
and I had a cab driver talk to us for an hour about how great Golden Corral is.
Saul Phillips on Tony Campbell: "A veritable smorgasbord of offensive moves." "More weapons than Golden Corral has entrees."
"He's got more weapons to select from than Golden Corral has entrees," -Ohio coach Saul Phillips on Tony Campbell.
State Representative Republican Candidate forum February 16 at our monthly meeting. Golden Corral in Rogers. We…
Got food poisoning & was throwing up all last night. Went to Golden Corral today, couldn't eat. Can't walk without getting heat flashes. πŸ™ƒ
"It's our 47th anniversary, let's go to Golden Corral.". Mr. and Mrs. Wagner
I know of two Golden Corral locations in County: Watt Avenue at Myrtle and West Stockton Blvd., near
David would you rather eat at Golden Corral or go to the Vietnam Wall memorial on veteran's day
1. A Golden Corral belt buckle is ironic. 2. I bet you got hit the ranch dressing fountain for 5 minutes to get one.
Jeff Foxworthy was wearing a Golden Corral belt buckle in the Golden Corral commercial I just saw. I want one.
"Congrats to Lane Kiffin!" - Nickelback, Golden Corral, Axe Body Spray, Crocs, Kylo Ren and Guys with designs on the ba…
Golden Corral, Applebee's and riddick bowe follow me
Judging from the highlights, did Billy Crudup stop eating a decade ago? Golden Corral son!!
Why is Jeff Foxworthy on my tv telling me to come eat breakfast at any time of day at my local Golden Corral?
I wasn't sold on Golden Corral, but with Jeff Foxworthy being their spokesman now, all bets are off.
I'll be honest, I'm surprised I didn't think of Jeff Foxworthy as Golden Corral's spokesperson first.
Jeff Foxworthy in a Golden Corral commercial makes so much sense
Is that Jeff Foxworthy doing a Golden Corral commercial?
I don't think there is a better spokesperson for Golden Corral than Jeff Foxworthy. you think this is fine dining.
Golden Corral using Jeff Foxworthy in their commercials means Golden Corral understands it's consumer better than any oth…
Jeff Foxworthy is the spokesman for Golden Corral? Talk about things you never saw coming.
Jeff Foxworthy doing Golden Corral commercials is an A1 example of knowing your demographic
FACT : is the only person to be banned from Golden Corral for eating to much.
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*b tag & I at Golden Corral*. me: "ok I'm gonna go get a [dinner] plate". me: *comes back with plate full of dessert*. "I took a wrong turn"
Spartanburg Tip-Off Club meetings begin at noon on Friday at the Golden Corral in Spartanburg. Mike Wood will be this week's guest speaker.
Finally getting my Golden Corral I've been wanting lol
I think my territory is being invaded. A Golden Corral is going in relatively close to me.
This is typically what the girl who rings you up at Golden Corral look like 😭😭😭
You went to Golden Corral with them too?
I'll probably be making a trip to Douglasville for sure just for the Golden Corral
The Oregon "Militia" is runnin' low on food? If they was smart, they would have overthrown a Golden Corral.
Firefighters respond to early morning Golden Corral blaze
OVERNIGHT: Large fire at Golden Corral in Fort Oglethorpe. Video this morning
If you DM a picture of Mac and cheese and Golden Corral I will give you 5k mut
Goes and buys half a dozen rolls from Golden Corral after working out for 4 hours
Having a delicious dinner at Golden Corral!
Jeff Foxworthy for Golden Corral is the most redneck thing ever.
Reminiscing about a time I thought Golden Corral was a fancy restaurant...
It's like a Golden Corral of New Hampshire cliches
Hit up Golden Corral this weekend sometime between 12-4 😌
Don't see how ppl could eat out of the Golden Corral in the blvd πŸ˜ͺ
How the *** a 4 year old know about Golden Corral anyways
Put ya *** in the chocolate fountain at Golden Corral
Why my nephew wanna go to Golden Corral
If I win the Powerball tonight, I'm going to take everyone I know to the Golden Corral.
happy birthday bra !!! Go getchu sum BBW girls, take em to Golden Corral & call it a day lol
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Really wish there was a Golden Corral in SM sometimes a *** need a buffet
Jeff Foxworthy is endorsing Golden Corral in what I assume is a tie in with his new show Are You Eating Like A 5th Grader.
I don't even like Golden Corral but I'm so hungry... Anything sound good.
1 step ahead of you! Proposal night is a debate between Golden Corral and Pizza Ranch. Depends on coupons.
j:"I found this really cute guy in Louisville.". chlo:"my mom lost her credit card in a Golden Corral.". (aka when chlo tries to be relatable)
I don't even think I know where Golden Corral is. But sounds delicious.
yeah actually this is correct. There's also a Golden Corral next to the Ross dress for less (the good one)
Looks like he spent some time with Verne Lundquist at the Golden Corral.
OMG that's not far from my house I live behind Golden Corral
Apply now to work for Golden Corral as Manager - NO LATE NIGHT BAR HOURS! in
Golden Corral turns into put them on a glass night real quick.
Waffle House, chick fil a, Hardee's, or Golden Corral would be perfect
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