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Golden Ale

Pale Ale is a beer made by warm fermentation using predominantly pale malt. It is one of the world's major beer styles.

Big Wave Golden Ale Pale Ale

St Andrews Beach Brewery was at capacity 😩 Moved on to & kicked it off with a Golden Ale.
What beach is featured on the label of Big Wave Golden Ale?
On to KingFish Cream Ale. Nice golden color. Smell is not strong. Light creamy hops smell with a…
Ok I like most of your reporting, but don't get lazy with beer. You can't profile as a craft…
Indeed Wooden Soul: In the Thicket: Raspberry Golden Sour Ale (is now on tap
Trop smooth - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by at —
There are many beers you could drink this weekend. But only one of them is a Hoppy British Golden Ale that will don…
A little extra malt and hop character to this golden ale. Another solid beer! - Drinking a Crack of the Rock by Tus…
Hi there, the range of styles on offer is great, IPA, porter, golden ale etc, ust needs a new recipes or di…
I love this beer! - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by -
Got a Belgium taste to it,very easy to drink. - Drinking a Golden Era Records Gold…
Lager style ale is justvwhat I wanted and this is a *** Nice! - Drinking a Golden Sheep (3.9%) by…
Iron Maiden (have joined forces with Robinson Brewery for a new golden ale. Details:…
Fresh on and needing more time to settle properly - Drinking an 303 Golden Ale by @ Weston Ta…
A great light golden ale with pungent new world hops delivering all the way through - Drinking a Bitter Kiwi by…
Just got round to to trying the prototype Golden Ale. It’s a winner boys
Now on the growler wall: Skywater Golden Ale
Fine bowl of spicey cauli soup and a golden ale at the warmly welcoming today
I wasn’t at the Golden Globes last night, but I too stand with all women, in all…
*Almost* making up for the astonishingly dismal start to my afternoon. - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by…
If you're bored after come for a pint of nut brown ale in The Golden Lion up the…
The truth has a voice. This commercial for The New York Times premiered during the Golden Globes.
Not much coffee which is good for this golden ale - Drinking a Fulton St Blend Coffee Ale by @ Casa De…
Through heart and humor, Golden Globe winner is the film to share with all your loved ones on Digital &
My way of dealing with the snowpocalypse - a 15% bourbon barrel aged Belgian golden ale.
Brazos Blonde Ale. A British Golden Ale home brew kit from
Tonight’s beverage of choice is Tusket Falls Brewing Company’s “Crack of the Rock” golden ale.
Pours a dark amber. Not really any noticable aromas. Sweet and bitter up fr... (Golden Ale)
Thanks Cooper River Brewing for the awesome trucker hats! Also this Golden Ale is on point!!
HUGE Ballast Point fan but some of them kick you in the teeth. Barmy is a 12% Golden Ale 0_0
Time for a dew and a brew with tonight's meal, that's a small Tullamore Dew and a Golden Ale
Salt Spring Island beer is in! Earl Grey IPA, Heather Ale, Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout and Golden Ale. http…
Terrapin Smoke on the Porter (is on, replacing Honor Brewing Co Golden Ale (
Big Game prep at Casa Kleinhans. - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by -
Bronx Banner Golden Ale now available on tap.
Trompe le Monde, our Belgian strong golden ale, returns to the taps. We also have Stoat, a stout…
Mumma - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by at —
Indulge and enjoy our famous seafood buffet with an ice cold beer. Featured Craft Beer Duvel Belgian Golden Ale Abv…
Nice wee golden ale brought back from Mallorca, By my awesome sister in law. Love it! Cheers
Always good moreish light golden ale with citrus hop flavour from very drinkable indeed
Thanks Laurel - Drinking a Mother Lode Golden Ale by -
Described as a golden ale, but much more malt than your average golden. (Devon Dumpling)
Ossian by Inveralmond Brewery. Named after 3rd century Scottish warrior and a great wee golden ale.
New guest ale on today from . Sussex Gold (4.2% ABV). A rich golden beer with a hoppy, citrus finish,…
Just added Golden Pale Ale Series by to our menu
A nice pale/golden ale with a malty almost toffee after taste - Drinking a Jaguar at -
And last but by no means least a debut on the for with Golden Bolt, a hoppy fruit Pale Ale!…
the Irish ale malt will give me an amber colour which I don't want, I'm looking to get a nice golden colour
A golden coffee ale- Fulton Street Blend! We collaborated with our neighbors at to brew this mind b…
Great beers on this weekend! A golden ale, a Pale Ale, a rich stout & a bitter! Also on, our own Movembeer & Spanne…
New to the bar! Adams Lighthouse. Golden ale, light and hoppy with a hint of caramel and toffee. 3.4% and £2.90.
Ha! My growler. It's a Golden Ale. The dark one is "black & tan" - it's a collab beer for craft beer week last month.
In October: 50th celebration w/ a keg of Golden Ale that the saved for us! h…
Flavor profile of a Golden Ale. Banana and bubble gum with ... (Stone Spotlight: Scrü Wit)
Golden Ratio by 4.0%ABV Golden Ale. Bit too much like a lager for me!
Ready to roll at the Fest Of Ales in Stop by try our new Golden Ale. https:…
This is the 2nd season. Black Lager & Golden Ale!
Paired with froyo and last night's X-Files. - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale -
Yas. hey make me happyMichael N. - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale at -
It's been a while and it's as nice as I remember. And those who know m... (Smitten Golden Rye Ale)
Is it too late to start Happy Hour? - Drinking a Smitten Golden Rye Ale by -
Like carrot cake. Fat Tuesday! - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale at -
More beer, this time Kereru Pohutukawa Golden Ale. With cherries on the…
Little gift from a work mate. Delightful golden ale from 'Sovereign'.
Bit happier than I envisioned. Still good. - Drinking a Smitten Golden Rye Ale by @ Berk —
Really enjoyed this golden ale from new-to-me Berkley Brewery. Pretty mild by American ale…
Nice mild spicy ale. - Drinking a Smitten Golden Rye Ale by at —
New Belgium Glutiny Golden Ale and Pale Ale: Luckily, New Belgium understands these sort of daily trials for t...
Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. . $6 pints of Kona Big Wave Golden Ale at both
New Belgium Glutiny Golden Ale now available in bottles.
We review two new gluten reduced beers from
Also new on our ales board this evening is " YellowHammer", a fruity golden Pale Ale.
Nothing wrong with it, just nothing that interesting about it either. Go... (Morrisons Golden Ale)
Come Drink some of this good stuff: Eastside XPA, Golden Eagle Ale, Toaster Pastry
Avoid the cliché dragon crest. Go for a busty lady with ale steins. That'll be golden.
Penny’s Golden Ale Tasting at McMenamins 2001 N.W. Monroe Ave Corvallis - 5-9pm- the details at
Going on in the next hour or so. Bitter & Twisted 3.8% Golden Ale
Yukon Gold Pale Ale-this ale was designed to be an almost "non-ale". It is golden in colour, brilliantly clear, and clean across the palate.
Our Golden Ale Battered Fish Tacos are the perfect dish this Lenten season, now on special for $10.99 at Kitchen 67
Bell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale now available on tap.
Great Hawaiian brew - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by at —
Players Find Path to China Can Be a Golden One: When players like Jackson Martínez and Ale... via
Golden Ale is good, India Pale Ale is much better.
Delicious. Golden Ale has citrus notes making it an ideal fish tacos
Our Golden Ale 4.0% casks are on offer this week! To order yours call Vanessa or Gemma on 01986 782322.
Add a cup of Bedlam Pilsner or Golden Ale to your batter, serve with melted chocolate & Porter!
Our new 02|16 Golden Ale - Saphir & Amarillo is now available in trade and from https…
Sandshoes Golden Ale just tapped. Tasting brilliant! Nice one Driza!
17%abv on a Monday?! Why not! It's like drinking a chocolate cake in a golden ale body with just little bit of...
And the golden globe goes to... 🏆 and her great performance on my story 👏 😂
I think this beer is flawless, but what do I know! - Drinking a Smitten Golden Rye Ale by -
Okay, but little hop smell or flavor - Drinking a Smitten Golden Rye Ale by at —
Brewing gets underway the week of the 11th! Knocking up a batch of Golden Honey Ale and my yummy Chocolate Stout!
Alamo Beer time!! is the official beer of SA Football Weekly! LOVE that Golden Ale!!
Now on: Hopshackle, Sumo 5.2% A hoppy golden ale with cirus hints from Market Deeping.
LIVE on Real ale tasting...Guinness golden ale
A nice present from a sexy girl with her sexy golden ale by . Un lindo regalo de una…
Pretty palatable. - Drinking a Guinness Golden Ale by -
Chadlington Golden Ale going very well with Boxing Day Lunch.
I'm sort of strangely keen to try this... Moreso than their golden ale!
enjoying your golden ale. Good stuff.
and 3) Belgian golden ale. This one is closest to being ready.
Surprisingly tasty maybe for an occasional/holiday beer. - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale -
My brother likes this beer best. Definitely a good one! - Drinking a Belgian Golden Ale -
Hey saw your American Golden Ale at the store tonight, thanks for a great beer.
Found craft beer in Costa Rica! - Drinking a Libertas Tropical Golden Ale by -
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Actually not bad at all! Definitely worth the 6 dollars... (Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale)
5 Golden Rings. Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale. Smokey aroma. More spice to the body than smoke…
It's ok. Not much going on, except honey. - Drinking a Stagecoach Honey Golden Ale @ Mother of the Corn -
- Drinking an 5 Rabbit Golden Ale by at —
Looking back at old pictures reminds me that I really like my golden, super light brown hair color 😯
Hoo so summery ! Love it ! Thanks girls ! - Drinking a Golden Beach Pale Ale by -
Smooth golden ale, quite bitter hops but rounds off pleasantly - Drinking a Golden Champion by -
... and now I miss living the Black Country. Best I get in Warks is Holden's Golden Ale.
Saffron Blonde. Light golden ale with delicate citrus and smooth malty flavours.
Drinking a Golden Ale by Son of a Beer @ Camp Apache —
Golden ale. Simple and tasty. Especially with the cheese and chilli p... (Tesco Golden Ale)
Golden ale is hit-and-miss with me so this is a high rating (True Blonde Dubbel)
Living up to its name, this ale has a nice golden hue. Though it conta... (Gold Buckle Ale)
My fourth beer is a Joseph Holt Two Hoots Golden Ale with an ABV of 4.2% Thank you.
Brought this with us to enjoy with friends. Everyone loves it. (Heaven Golden Strong Ale)
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
One of the reasons to like Savannah, you can drink on the street. I ... (Golden Eagle Blonde Ale)
Very very tasty golden ale. The pineapple is clear but subtle. - Drinking a Deceit at -
Today we will be tapping 'Saison de Claussen' with 'Lightbringer' Belgian Golden Ale on Sunday.
Eden Gold from Cumbrian Golden ale that hits the spot. Very refreshing.
Guinness should stick to stout because branching out into other beers is not working. No to Porter, no to Golden Ale. Yes to Irish Stout.
Valhalla awaits for those who are worthy. Come partake in this delicous Golden Ale from Kooinda Breweries. Games,...
Stone Enjoy By 10/31/15 IPA is off tap and Stone 24 Carrot Golden Ale is on tap!
Enjoying a 24 Carrot Golden Ale by @ Car pursuing van that kidnapped Mike —
☾} Fiddler Beer and Ale Coasters - 4pak - Great Gift. Golden Beer Style from ZuWee.
Cake beer? Yes we have the new 24 Carrot Cake Golden Ale from stonebrewingco. Brewed with carrots,…
What's doc! - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale by -
Interesting. - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale by -
If you like your cart cake on a plate try it in a glass with an inspired ode to cake from 24 Carrot Golden Ale! Now Flowing!
Ray. Looking at the Advanced syllabus. What exactly is Brittish Golden Ale. Not in BJCP or BA. Not sure what to look at. Help.
Squeezing out the last bit of summer Morgan's Savvy golden peach ale
The fridge has been updated... New Belgian Golden Ale in growlers!
Tastes like Big Foots *** - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale by -
do you guys have 24 Carrot Golden Ale?
The day has finally arrived. Lombardi Golden Ale has been bottled. Look for it around Green Bay/Appleton soon.
The closest I'll get to this year :/ Big Wave Golden Ale
The closest I'll get to this year :/ konabrewingco Big Wave Golden Ale
Just in 24 Carrot Golden Ale - Yes you read right carrots in this one!
Wow, tons of lemon and orange flavors, with an even hopiness. More golden ... (Citra Rye Pale Ale)
at Conch this Friday is the Owen Dippie Beer by
Reckon beer of the month is the Eden Mill Golden Ale, lovely drop
Honey and her gorilla want you to know that we now have Stoneface Blonde (dry-hopped golden ale)…
Hi Pete what are your thoughts on the low abv hop forward English golden ale style?
Beer of the Day . Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale: Big Wave is light golden ale with a subtle fruitiness and...
Great to hear you enjoyed our golden Stuart.
Mmm Belgiany! - Drinking an 24 Carrot Golden Ale by at —
that'd totally overwhelm it IMO, a very fresh golden ale, Belgian wheat or a subtly acidic Saison would be my choice
St. Peters Golden Ale will be great, fruity notes to complement a Dhansak's sweetness.
Get here at 6pm for a taste of our double tap this week: Chai Brown Ale & Golden Sour!
Crisp and refreshing. Slight fruitiness. Very tasty, not at all wh... (Guinness Golden Ale)
Fall is in the air! Time for our famous CHEDDAR + ALE SOUP-sharp cheddar, golden ale, and thyme.
Husky and golden retriever mix.. I want it. 🐶
Another lovely bottle of Golden Sheep tonight. Really is my favourite ale these days. Can you get Velo in the shops yet
Staffordshire Brewery batch 120 of Cheddleton Golden Ale 1000ml BBE Jul 15 due to risk of bottles shattering
Now available! 'Golden Acre' golden ale - perfect on its own or with a tagine or grill dish
Mildly obsessed with today MT Regent's Park in all its golden glory
This Golden Ale from is a fine for chicken
The Bishop SE22 now serving Golden Ale. See full list on
Angel is in today from 3-9pm. . On Tap Today:. Huckleberry Ale. Girlfriend Golden Ale. River City Red. VB…
Untapped is hosting us tonight with 4 beers and the release of "Irish Water" Imperial Golden Ale - aged on Irish...
Drinking local after a good day amongst the Giant Sequoias! - Drinking an 99 Golden Ale -
Belgian strong Pale Ale. Yellow/golden body that's cloudy. Popping the top... (Inferno Ale)
We're oblivious to the seasons down here, so it's always a good time for a summery golden ale from http:/…
On tap now at Stall 10 - Fullers Oliver's Island Golden Ale ( 1st Time in Oz and Hofbrau Keller Unfiltered Lager
Just added Transmitter G4 Sour Golden Ale on tap. See our full beer menu:
Smooth, citrus, lite hops...good stuff - Drinking a Golden State Ale by Uncommon Brewers at —
Was good,just a hint of something I wasn't quite sure of in the flavour. I'l... (5:01 Golden Ale)
Pretty typical golden ale... Grainy sweetness and a bit of fruitiness... Not much... (Gold)
Basic lager. Crisp and clean. Nothing crazy. - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by -
Come by tonight and grab a Station 68 Raspberry Golden Ale!
I used to grab growlers of this and pound them, - Drinking a Golden Ale by -
I haven't had many rye ales. This one's good. Hoppy as an IPA, ... (Smitten Golden Rye Ale)
Beer of the Week: Kona Big Wave Light Golden Ale.$6/Pint. Perfect for a warm summer night!.
Excellent beer for summer! - Drinking an Imperial Golden Rose Ale by -
Just tapped this beauty from India Golden Ale. It's golden, it's delicious. Not like…
If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it aga... (Dorothy Goodbody's Golden Ale)
Buy Miche Bag Online!
From a bottle this time, not bad better aroma smoother taste - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale -
Fantastic. First golden ale I've liked in a long while - Drinking an O8 by -
Super stoked to have pouring Goddess Golden Ale & Rum Runner Red Ale at this weeks - stay tuned for more!
Like but not loving it. - Drinking a Wretched Golden Belgian Ale @ mom maruca's pizza shop -
Already have my first meal picked out at Fuse on Broad Street: lamb burger with goat cheese and Golden Monkey Ale
New for the weekend! S1 Saison and F1 Golden Ale now available. Thanks
Belgian golden ale and hops, does it get much better? - Drinking a Houblon Chouffe at -
4th Street Grille and Ale House specials for the week are:. Loaded Fries- Golden french Fries topped with melted...
This can't be a golden ale cos I like this. Sweet easy Quaffing beer. - Drinking an Aramis @ Crown & Anchor -
the special edition Guinness Golden Ale is nice too
Thick black clouds in Shotley Bridge. Homemade golden ale time!
We lost the notes for the golden ale review! But as professionals, we will just open another...
We are proud to announce that we are 1 of 32 bars to exclusively carry 5 Rabbit Brewery's refreshing golden-ale...
We are now pouring the seasonal Breakside Brewery India Golden Ale! Come relax and enjoy a cold pint.
ooh. Guinness golden ale. Might have me that tomorrow
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Eephus, Golden Ale, Break of Dawn and Irish Red Ale on tap
More hops than I expected - pretty good - Drinking a Hill 145 Golden Ale at -
Nice and bitter with a sour twist. - Drinking a Hill 145 Golden Ale at -
Fridge is stocked with some cold Hill 145 • Golden Ale fro.
We also have the delicious Cider on keg now, as well as their Best Bitter & Golden Ale on cask!
was at the B&B Classic and loved the Golden Ale (crisp/ delicious and so not bitter) will be visiting GunGill Brewery soon.
I'm super excited with some of the great beers waiting to be tapped in the next week or so! - Scott The Grifter Brewing Company - Big Sur Mountain Goat Beer - India Red Ale Badlands Brewery - U-Boat (German Marzen style) MOO BREW - Seasonal Ale Red Hill Brewery - Golden Ale and Imperial Stout Cavalier Brewing - Coffee
33 Golden Ale now on tap Bathurst. Mmmm pizza & beer.
Some of the many beers on at The Beehive beer festival next weekend, plus music train from Buxton to New Mills at 12:27 on Sunday followed by live music in the pub Ale Hopfest Red Squirrel 3.8 Golden Ale - Light golden ale with a floral/ Citrus aroma and elderflower notes from the Casades hops underpinned by a good helping of a Kiwi hop. This beer is full-bodied and full flavoured, yet is perfect as a session beer, delivering on the palate everytime. Ale Conservation Red Squirrel 3.7 Bitter A chestnut brown, traditional bitter, with Pale, Crystal & Chocolate malts, underpinned by challenger hops, showing a nice mouth-filling texture of hoppy fruity bitterness with satisfying biscuity flavours with hints of spice and chocolate. Ale Mr Squirrel Red Squirrel 4.3 Bitter Mr Squirrel – A Chestnut Red premium bitter in colour, lightly hopped, with a creamy texture and hints of caramel and Vanilla complement the slightly hoppy and malty over tones. Ale Jack (London) Black, Black IPA Red Squirrel 4.8 Dark IPA Th ...
Had a great evening at the Blackcountry museum last night, Holdens golden ale, real fishnchips like when i was a kid, i recommend it! The Chemist shop there is the actual one my Gran used to take me for a "cure all"!.have a look at my photos.
Identify the locations that we shot in and win delicious Wainwright Golden Ale courtesy of the lovely people at Thwaites brewery! Here’s what you need to do. Below are twelve numbered screen shots from the film. Simply email us, telling us which shot is where (as best you can). The most precise answ…
A fantastic red. - Drinking a Red Thistle Ale by Golden Valley Brewery and Pub -
Get the golden ale backbone. Touch of Brett, and touch of oak. Would like a bit more of ... (Wild Streak)
Hi all you whacky friends!! Been a bit slack with our tap updates, but we have 2x new beers coming on: The Endeavour Rare Breed Golden Ale Hunter Beer Co's Vanilla Porter. Both magical in their own way, so get on down and give it a whirl. Also, don't forget, it's Kid's Eat Free tonight! So avoid the washing up. Cheers,
is serving up our English Red, Porter, Witbier and Golden Ale with some yummy food to match all week.
Because I was tired of being a golden girl..!! Let's be bad now...!!;-)
Gluten Free Beer - Keruru Auro Gluten-Free Golden Ale, 500ml bottle $10 - about half a dozen bottles in stock as I write. Also gluten-free are the AMAZING "PROPER Hand Cooked Crisps" that run $4.99 a packet.
There's nothing quite like beer straight from the fermenter. Sauvin golden ale, 1 week into ferment - delicious.
na preparing to intake on some magical herds and some golden crumble while I drink some sweet ale
I know, I know. Drinking local. Just wish it wasn't so blah. - Drinking a Ghost River Golden Ale -
Nice crisp golden ale. I felt the bottles art work paired well with the Batman pint gl... (Ruckus)
Twist on a Rum & Coke: Toucano golden Rum and Ginger Ale. Actually pretty good!
Not bad, good flavored golden ale and this is past it's best by of 9/2013. Lost in ... (Prairie Path Ale)
It's tart, strong, and really refreshing. PARTY. - Drinking a Brainless® Belgian-Style Golden Ale at -
Hot *** this is good - Drinking a Big Wave Golden Ale by -
Along with our Golden Ale, we'll be pouring this extremely limited one-off Gose at for…
Buddy Lite Golden Ale & Summer Wheat are now available... lite and refreshing for young drinkers.Ask for Buddy Lite version, low bitterness Ales!.. cheers!
Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Our first non-kit beer. Using the app to keep us on…
I love drinking Big Wave Golden Ale, cuz it tastes good, and its delicious CRAFT beer.
If you're looking for a lighter, less hoppy double IPA, Breakside Brewery's India Golden Ale might be for you.
On the upside, a YVR colleague set aside some Rollin’ Golden Belgian Ale - collaboration ale - for me :)
New on tap today Schlenkerla Fastenbier & Piraat Belgian Golden Ale. New on cask is a firkin of Pedal Pale A…
Big Wave Golden Ale is a American Blonde Ale style beer brewed by Kona Brewing Co. in Kailua Kona, HI. 80 out of 100 with 694 ratings, reviews and opinions.
Drinking a Big Booty Golden Ale by in downtown Redmond, OR!
Golden Ale has a crisp finish! Nice to meet you Mark!! Will keep an eye out for your product.
was thinking a Brewerkz detour beforehand for a quick pitcher of golden ale, you in?
Now in tap El Diablo Strong Golden Ale. Belgian style crisp and fruity
The best of the three Hawaiian ones I've got this week... (Big Wave Golden Ale)
Great beer - Drinking an Illinois Golden Ale by at —
I know I'm slow with this but I'm going beyond the Terrapin Golden Ale today and trying the IPA. You're rubbing off slowly
I am! Sipping on a golden ale in the yard, not yet ordered my food.
Just been put on the pumps, Merlin Brewery's "Merlin's Gold". A light golden ale of 3.8%
Will be reviewing supreme golden ale along with my bbq food later!
Amber ale and golden/blonde ale on tap at the Payne household.
Good news for all real ale fans! At last I've found a Spanish brewery producing beers good enough to be compared with UK real ales Bought a case of their golden ale at the market in Orba today, where there was also another wholesaler of various local microbrews. Both highly recommended so a good reason to visit this market on the 3rd Sat. of each month!
Well it's Saturday, sun's shining and no snow.pretty good start to the weekend!! today we have sliced italian beef & sausage combo w/ff & slaw. Pubhouse golden ale shrimp basket and fried fish basket. soups are cheeseburger and beef vegetable w/noodles. barkeeps choice today is Asian Pear Fusion...only $5.00 After 5 tonite we have our mouthwatering Prime Rib or Prime Rib w/jumbo shrimp!! We now have apple tarts added to our delicious desserts!! Have a great Saturday!!
CRAFT BEER OF THE DAY:: Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale Gluten Free This Two Brothers brew is lab tested and approved Gluten Free that is brewed in Warrenville Illinois. A nice light golden color that is full flavored, slightly bitter, crisp and refreshing tasting. The Saaz and Goldings hops gives this Prairie Path it’s drink ability. Enjoy this Prairie Path Golden Ale Gluten Free beer with one of our burgers or chicken sandwiches on a gluten free bun!
Calling all beer drinkers haresfoot brewery have asked for your help come down and tell them what you think by giving your vote and that's not the best part it is on at a trial price of £3.20 a pint and you will be in with a chance to win 9 pints of there new sundial golden ale so what are you waiting for come on down once it's gone it's gone till they brew again
16 mile tap takeover now! Blues golden ale, 1872 imperial porter, amber sun, and the new cage fight bold Pale Ale! Discounted pints, plus $1 5oz pours. Come check it out! Happy Friday.
On Tap : Stop in for a Cold One! Guinness Extra Stout~84 Guinness Ltd. Ireland Irish Dry Stout| 6.0%ABV Notes/Commercial Description: The unmistakable deep-dark color, the crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops, and the refreshing bite all make for the bittersweet reward. Flying Jenny Extra Pale Ale~87 Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island Rhode Island, United States American Pale Ale (APA)| 5.3% ABV Notes/Commercial Description: An unfiltered extra Pale Ale crafted with five different malts and complimented by northwestern hops make this brew one to enjoy year-round. Generous amounts of hops in the kettle and fermenter give our EPA a citrusy and floral flavor and aroma. Old Yankee Ale~86 Cottrell Brewing Co. Connecticut, United States American Amber / Red Ale | 5.0%ABV Notes/Commercial Description: Our flagship brew, a medium bodied, American Amber Ale, that has a great up-front malt taste with a refreshing hop finish. Drown yourself in New England with this outstanding session beer. Flowe .. ...
Got the Knife, our spring seasonal Golden Ale, is back on tap today and Brewery Bingo is still in full swing. C'mon, win your t-shirt at Verboten!
Hello everyone. We will be having open house tonight from 5:30-8:30pm and on Sunday from 12-3pm. We will have ESB,IPA, Golden ale, Oatmeal Stout, Helles Lager and Maibock on tap. So stop in for some fun and great beer. Cheers to all.
We now have Goliad Brewing Co.'s Redfish IPA on tap...joining Goliad Brewery's Golden Ale! Come by tonight and try these two great beers and listen to live music by Matthew Gruetzmacher !
Middle of May and snow.sorry :( Today we have a fish basket, Pubhouse golden ale shrimp basket and a double bacon cheddar burger all served with ff & slaw. Soup today is beef vegetable w/pasta and Italian Seafood chowder. Tonite after 5 we have our tasty fish fry(or baked)!! Friday is also flight nite.try a variety of martinis or beers in darling little glasses!! Have a wonderful day and think green...not for the environment but for the weather!!
Well, that's that done & dusted for another week. Time to celebrate with the addition of golden ale to beer mug. Happy weekend y'all
I thought, what the *** 99p ill have a shot. I was pleasantly surprised, not a bad drop. Golden ale is not the norm for me, dark and nasty is my script but a change now and then is worthwhile. Nice fresh taste, not bitter, slides down very easy.
Password for is 'step in to the light' for a Devils Peak First Light Golden Ale. One free keg from 4pm. Get in early!
We may be at the Tobacco Road in Chapel Hill, but we're drinking Golden Ale to…
It's Friday y'all!!! Woop Woop!! We tap 10, yes TEN new kegs today!!! Wings are fresh out of the smoker and dinner brisket are ready!! Come on out tonight! Live music at 730 with Don Vickers!! Just tapped: Dankasaurus, Zeno's, 4 Squared, Golden Ale from Brazos, Southern Tier IPA on NITRO, Session Lager, Maharajah, Delirium Tremens , Sympathy for the Lager and El Dorado!!! Whew!!! Yes, it IS a beautiful day at the Texas Beer Garden!!
Just discovered Organ Morgan's Golden Ale. Surely Dylan Thomas + booze is a marketing match made in heaven?
It's Friday. You're counting down the hours until the weekend. Noon has yet to arrive, but you probably already need a beer after your long week. Lucky for you, we're here to help. On this special day: 4pm - Release of Boiler Room Black IPA 4pm-8pm - Buy a Gizmo Brew Works pint glass, or bring yours from home, and get it etched on the spot FOR FREE. After all, 'tis the season. And beer. More beer. On draft today at 4pm: Golden Ale-ement Alternating Current Altbier Know Wonder Pale Ale Palisade Wasp IPA Boiler Room Black IPA Black Stiletto Stout See you soon.
WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY today at TODD ENGLISH P.U.B. We will be featuring both a wine and a large format beer today for $10! The wine is Frontera Chardonnay from Chile... Fruity character, with apple and papaya aromas; refreshing, well balanced and with a slight touch of sweetness. Excellent pairing for shellfish, fish with creamy sauces, salads and white meat dishes. Our Beer is The Bruery's Tradewinds Tripel from Orange County, CA (8.1% ABV) .A Belgian-style Golden Ale with a Southeast Asian twist. Brewed with rice and Thai Basil. The result is an aromatic, digestible and complex beer made for a truly unique experience.
Drinking a Golden Ale by Hackney Brewery @ Howl at the Moon —
Real Ale Guest this week is Solstice by 4.5% Golden Ale.. A farewell to summer 2013!!
Just read a menu and when reading the beers I thought Golden Ale said Golden Age
I reviewed a First Light by Devil's Peak, Draught, Golden Ale on
Dragon's Gate Brewery is Open! We are open this weekend: Friday, June 28 - 1:00 to 5:00pm Saturday, June 29 - 11:00 to 5:00pm Sunday, June 30 - 11:00 to 3:00pm We have our Belgian Golden Ale, Belgian IPA, and Chocolate Stout on tap. We also have more of our ultra swank 32oz black stainless growlers with our logo in stock. We offer 32oz growler fills of our beer and the Golden Ale and IPA are available in 750ml bottles.
Brewing a Golden Ale today, and getting excited for this Long Weekend of Curry and Craft Beer! Open Sat-Mon On TAP: Cask conditioned Hop Harvest Ale serving on the handpump One single keg of the Women of Beer brew MIss Heilala Vanilla Milk Stout and all your favourites, Golden Ale, Pilsner, Scotch Ale and Wheat Beer. Hope you make it.
Guest taps this weekend Golden Ale, Nectar Black Xantus, and Double Jack
First Day of March and the Sun is out :-) Specials for Friday, March 1st 1. Fried Clams or Scallops, Potato+ Vegetable $14.95 2. Baked or Fried Haddock, Potato + Vegetable $9.95 3. Creamy Chicken with Mushrooms over Rice or Potato $7.95 4. Spinach & Chicken Pie with Rice or Greek Salad $7.95 5. Baked Macaroni & Cheese $6.95 All of the above served with a cup of soup or side salad- Bread and Butter 6. Fried Haddock Sandwich with fries $6.95 7. Tuna Melt with Fries $5.95 Soups: Clam Chowder Turkey Noodle Vegetables of the day: Carrots, Turnip, or Butternut Squash Deserts: Pudding, Pies: Pumpkin, Coconut Cream, Pecan, Chocolate Cream, and Peanut butter, Key Lime BBC Steel Rail, Lefty's Golden Ale, English Style Porter, and India Pale Ale William Hard Cider
Time to vote for 2012. Here is my list: 1st - 15 points - Nils Oscar India Ale - Sweden 2nd - 12.3 points - Bedarö Bitter - Sweden 3rd - 10 points - Tetleys Yorkshire Bitter - UK 4th - 8 points - Fuller's Bitter - UK 5th - 6.3 points - Harviestoune Bitter and Twisted - UK 6th - 5 points - Erdinger Dunkel (Bottle) - Germany 7th - 4 points - Spitfire Kentish Ale - UK 8th - 3 points - Red Seal Ale - USA 9th - 2 points - St Austell Premium Cornish Ale - UK 10th - 1 points - Oppigården Golden Ale - Sweden It shows I've been a lot to Sweden during 2012. Remarkable comeback by Tetleys. Tetleys have been generally bad for a few years, ever since it was acquired by Carlsberg, but I guess Carlsberg is learning. Now we can only hope they discontinue the Smoothflow rubbish for the can and reintroduce the floating widget. If they do that, Kilkenny will become very scared indeed. Other notes: - Old Speckled Hen not up to standards this year. Don't know why. Are they trying to compete with Kilkenny as well? But making ...
Tonight, on tap, we have Golden Ale, Scottish Ale, Pale, Black IPA, Stout Flight, IPA (until gone) and Witbier (until gone).
Br! It is NOT warm outside. So come on down and warm up tonight with a very special Dry Hop Wednesday treat! Today at 3, we are tapping a keg of IGA dry hopped with Northern Brewer, and a keg of Whiskey Barrel IGA! Are you ready for whiskey oaked Golden Ale?!?
Today we kegged and sampled both our Northern Knight (Holiday Spiced Ale) and our Golden Scepter (Belgium Golden Ale). These will be severed at our free brew tastings this week. Both brews smell and taste delicious and can't wait to serve them, cheers.
Drinking a Golden Ale at the top of the Space Needle.
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Big Wave Golden Ale's debut on the mainland calls for celebration. Here is our first animation featuring this clean and refreshing Golden Ale! Let us know wh...
10/10 for your Golden Ale. The winning brew at Si & Pete's Holmes Chapel beer tasting sess last night. A new fave!
Back by popular demand, the Golden Ale is back on tap at the SanBar. The SandBar is our Official Tasting Room in ABQ. SandBar is located at 3901 Masthead NE.
We just tapped: Dogfish Head Theobroma; an ancient Golden Ale brewed with Aztec Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Honey and chiles, this beer is only brewed once a year and very limited on draft, Lost Abbey Road to Helles Lager and Stone 16th Anniversary IPA; a 10% ABV Imperial IPA brewed with Rye, Lemon oil and Lemon Verbana. Come get some!
It's NOON. Time to try G'ALE, our delicious Golden Ale, Brewed by R&B Brewery at Picnic in the Park TODAY @ Brockton Oval, Stanley Park.
Throroughly enjoyed the Golden Ale from with a few friends yesterday salesare selling ales direct
Our Flix line-up today: The Dictator, Battleship, The Avengers & Dark Shadows. Also in the line-up, day 5 of American Craft Beer Week! Today we are featuring Golden Ale for our Buy the Beer, Keep the Glass special.
The Tennessee Valley Homebruin Cup 2 is now over and I am very ecstatic to report that Abijah's Golden Ale, a Scottish 80 ale, won first in the Amber category and Best of Show! As Best of Show Abijah's Golden Ale will be brewed by Marty Velas at Smokey Mountain Brewery to be served there. The beer will also be entered into the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am event in October! Be sure to stop by soon and try a pint of the winning brew!
Gig Harbor Folk!!! Dont forget, tomorrow, Gig Harbors first annual beer fest at the Uptown Pavillion 12 to 7pm. Ill be there tepresentn *** Brewery with our summer Golden Ale, and our Flagship *** Danger Ale. See ya there!!!
Now on tap at Lost Rhino Brewing, in our Tasting Room: Holy Brew Honey Blonde Golden Ale 5.7 % 15 IBU This refreshing golden ale has subtle hints of honey with a touch of malted wheat and oats. Holy Brew Honey Blonde has a sweet mouthfeel but with a crisp finish. Balanced and yet not too complex, this beer actually has many lager characteristics, like a clean crisp flavor, light color and good balance between hops and malt. Holy Brew Honey Blonde exhibits a thin malt sweetness, but nothing too dominant, too sweet or caramel-like. All the qualities of Holy Brew Honey Blonde make it a deeply refreshing beer that is perfect for those warmer summer days.
If you put $1000 on Black Caviar, you'd be up about $40 - that's plenty of cash when champagne and Golden Ale pints are only $5 each... Head down to Sunset Bar tonight to celebrate the world record and hang out with me while I play some tunes. I'm on from 9PM!
Just tapped Golden Ale at bar. New Belgian on tap- we keg conditioned this first batch. Tasting nice!
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