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Gold Medal

A gold medal is typically the medal awarded for highest achievement in a non-military field.

Commonwealth Games Congressional Gold Medal Denise Scott Brown Stanley Cup Alex Dowsett Asian Games Jack Nicklaus Indian Army World Champion Silver Medal American Alpine Club Nicola Adams

Only Steven A Smith could make a discussion about Jack Nicklaus' Congressional Gold Medal change to a discussion about race.
Members of the Ohio State University band pose by the Ohio Clock prior to the Gold Medal ceremony for Jack Nicklaus.
STA U10S3 Sting played Medicine Hat in the semis and beat them to move onto to play in the Gold Medal game against Airdrie
Mitsuko Uchida receives RPS Gold Medal. I really like this lady. Always enjoy listening to what she has to say.
Congratulations to Stephen Claborn for winning a Gold Medal in the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!
Douglas Murray's Gold Medal wins at Oban and Inverness in 2014 make him the 11th person to achieve this rare double.
& cast/writers deserves an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, a Super Bowl ring AND Gold Medal for this episode!!
Nobody in history has won the ultimate hardware trifecta: 1-Oscar 2-Nobel Prize 3- Olympic Gold Medal. Al Gore is the closest with 2/3.
Congrats to the Gold Medal winner of last night's Chefs' Fare - our Chef Tom Long! Thank you to all who voted!
Dr earned his MA in Islamic Studies in 1972 with the University of the Punjab (Gold Medal) .
Let's hear it for the Golden Bear: Congressional Gold Medal going to Jack Nicklaus.
Gold Medal in Art History and 2nd place in Super Quiz for the LA County Academic Decathlon vs. 50 other schools! 😎
Ernie Grunfeld played for Dean Smith on the 1976 Gold Medal winners in the 1976 Olympics. That's the DC connection.
Congratulations to our Chef Students led by Chef Ron - Gold Medal at an Intercollegiate culinary competition
Congratulations to Anita Zhang and Vivian Qiang for their Gold Medal awards at the 2015 NJ Regional Scholastics Art competition.
Join us in congratulating Dr. Dillon, the 2015 ASNR Gold Medal recipient!   10% Off
U16 are taking on NB right now in the Gold Medal match at the Atlantic Ringette Championship! Watch live
Less than 30 minutes remaining for VS Gold Medal match.
WWII commandos to receive Gold Medal via
WWII commandos to receive Gold Medal - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Just went on a computer dating site. It says my perfect match is a 1976 Gold Medal winning decathlete.
The Sr Girls trail Grandview 26-20 at halftime of the Gold Medal match in Swan River. Let's go ladies!
Congratulations Dr. Dillon! We're proud to announce that selected him as the 2015 ASNR Gold Medal recipient!
was that during the XGames Gold Medal match?
U,S, goes up 1-0 in second period of Gold Medal match vs, Russia in Live video
If there were a Du Rag Tying Olympic event...the Gold Medal would be mine. My knots are both flawless, and easy to undo, a deadly combo.
Katie and Matthew's Gold Medal times have not only broken ISA National records but all national records for 50m in their age group.
Gen Dalbir Singh, COAS and all ranks of the Indian Army congratulate the Indian Hockey team on winning the Gold Medal at Asian G…
General Dalbir Singh and all ranks of Indian Army congratulate Mary Kom on winning Gold Medal at Asian Games
We are so proud of our Nikiara for winning a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Stop by...
1970: Buckminster Fuller receives the Gold Medal award from the American Institute of Architects.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Start 'em young! 10-year-old Megan drew us this great picture of a Gold Medal wagon.
Canada 5 Russia 4 final. Gold Medal win for Canada at the world junior hockey championship — watching Ice Hockey
Have Golds and Greens for Russia/Sweden semi. Greens for Canada semi. Bronze and Gold Medal too
With ties against both teams in the Gold Medal final the U18 Gunners take their undefeated record into the Bronze medal showdown!
Mohd Akbar Khan won Gold Medal in India Made Cycle Race at 19th National Road Cycling Championship to be...
THREE MILLION JAMAICANS SHAKING UP AFRICA! Please bear with me while I respond to a Nigerian brother, Bolaji Laurance who made a sweeping statement that he does "not think Jamaica has anything to show Nigeria". Kiss my Jamaican teeth, sir! We are far more instrumental in many African political and social affairs than Nigeria has been and I challenge you to differ! Jamaican anti-apartheid antagonism peaked in the 1970s under former Prime Minister Michael Manley. He was the most forceful anti-apartheid voice outside South Africa, with major United Nations speeches in Maputo, Mozambique; Kingston, Jamaica; and UN headquarters. Manley was in 1978 awarded the UN Gold Medal for his "significant contribution in cooperation with the United Nations and in solidarity with the South African liberation movement in the international campaign against apartheid". In 2006, he was posthumously awarded a gold Order of Companions of O R Tambo in South Africa. Likewise, former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, was awarded the Ord ...
Watching Spengler Cup. Canada down 5-1. 90% of the other players from the Swiiss team are Canadians. Would love 2 c our Gold Medal team take the ice right now and finish da game. Wonder what da final score would be?
Ed Shriver served on jury for AIA Gold Medal (Safdie Arch Firm Award (Ehrlich
It's so convenient for people who consider Steffi Graf the GOAT (23 GS, 1 Gold Medal) over Serena (33 GS, 4 Gold Medals) to forget doubles
Watching a talk show - Topic of Conversation - Students of Jadavpur University boycotts the Convocation to show their protest against the Vice Chancellor, they went up to the stage greeted the Governor of West Bengal and refused to accept the degrees, among the panel of participants in the discussion is a guy who refused to accept his Gold Medal in Economics, JU is among the top universities in India and around the world. The students are ongoing a protest against their Vice Chancellor for a shameful incident that happened in the university in September, a girl was molested and when they started protesting against that and demanded the culprits to be arrested, they were badly beaten up by the police! Justice delayed is Justice denyed! Youth power is supreme power, if you challenge them you will have no place to hide! :-)
Fred Beckey to be awarded the American Alpine Club's Gold Medal for lifetime achievement!
Fred Beckey wins rare Gold Medal from the American Alpine Club... | Tackling Terrorist Narrative Home Fatwa on Terrorism » Author of Fatwa Resources » Support Fatwa on Terrorism Extracts from the Fatwa Author of Fatwa Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-QadriShaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri was born on 19 February 1951 in the historic town of Jhang, Pakistan. From a young age, he was educated in both the Islamic and secular fields of knowledge. Dr Qadri graduated with a first class honours in law at the Punjab University, Lahore, in 1970 and followed this with an M.A. in Shariah sciences, receiving a Gold Medal for his academic performance. In the meantime, he had completed his classical Islamic studies, having spent over ten years under the tutelage of his father and other eminent Islamic scholars of the time, achieving an unparalleled understanding of the classical Shariah sciences and the Arabic language. Following a period of legal practice, he taught law at the University of Punjab from 1978 to 1983 and then gained his PhD in Islamic law from th . ...
Fred Beckey to be Awarded Rare AAC Gold Medal: 12/19/14 - The American Alpine Club (AAC) has announced its 201...
Gold Medal for Franco Lovi beating a new record of "Made to Measure .": Intercontinental Champion
I'm nominated for TL's Gold Medal, you can buy tix here for Kings Place Jan 16th
"It's not ripping my flesh off."--Denise Scott Brown on AIA Gold Medal snub, choosing Moshe Safdie:
AIA Chooses Moshe Safdie Over Venturi Scott Brown for Gold Medal: “It’s not ripping my flesh off,” says Denise...
Great article about how Sadie narrowly beat out Denise Scott Brown for the 2015 AIA Gold Medal.
We finally get to collect our 8th Gold Medal this evening at the Regional Award ceremony in Killarney :-)
Video of today's Gold Medal ceremony honoring members of CAP for their service during WWII.
"It's not ripping my flesh off," says Denise Scott Brown of losing AIA Gold Medal to Safdie:
3:00 PM - Speaker Boehner, House and Senate leaders on Gold Medal ceremony honoring the World War II Civil... :
The American Hero wins a Gold Medal at the 1996 Olympics.
I liked a video from Nike Air KD 7 'Gold Medal' Review
Congratulations to our Varsity Team for bagging the Silver Medal and to our Adult Team for bagging the Gold Medal. 🎉🎊
Gold Medal ceremony honoring members will take place on 12/10
The 2014 CHS Round-Up yearbook received the Gold Medal award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in...
TY for the follow Bragato award winning ---Gold Medal 2013 Pinot Noir
Happy Congrats to Georges Dubeouf for the coveted 2014 Gold Medal award!
Strangest conspiracy theory I've read today: the NAACP, in conjunction with Barack Hussein Obama, has orchestrated a smear campaign against CNN anchor Don Lemon and Bill Cosby. This is because liberals can't call Bill Cosby a "racist" after he said "bad things" about other prominent Black people, so he's being labeled a "rapist" instead. Don Lemon is being targeted by the NAACP because he waited more than 20 years to tell his mother HE was raped, and rape victims do not wait that long to tell people they've been raped (which is the exactly why you should not believe Joan Tarshis for doing the same exact thing). And the Gold Medal in Mental Gymnastics goes to: The Tea Party (big surprise, I'm sure).
Congratulations to for receiving the NRO's highest award, the Gold Medal for Distinguished service, yester…
Carew Papritz to receive a Gold Medal for Best Award Ceremony on 11/22
Carew Papritz will be Receiving the Gold Medal for Best Inspirational Fiction Book at the Readers’ Favorite Award...
Watch Delegate US Virgin Islands, winner of Gold Medal inTalent Night Competition of Group 1 in Cebu.
Just arrived: Reserve Wheat! Winner of a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for German Style Sour!
Remember when I beat Erik Karlsson for a Gold Medal?. That was awesome.
My brother just walked around the house singing "Won a gold medal. Treat these *** special." What in the world. Why. You're 12 ✋
Canada wins, heads to the gold medal game on Sunday - and is saddened because
Catch the story of trailblazing Olympic gold medal winner in BACK ON BOARD—w/ Greg Louganis in attendance TONIGHT
I think should be given a gold medal for being able to translate what packer backer says. I can understand every fifth word
The flights are a great way to find delicious ales. Warlock wins my gold medal for the session.
We didn't win team of the year. The award went to Paul and Joanna Drinkhall. Can't compete with commonwealth gold medal winners. Well done!
How will I get from gold medal soccer match to Asheville? Airmiles?
Jr Boys soccer just put themselves in gold medal match Saturday with their second straight shootout victory!
All purpose parts banner
Fall is in full swing in The Twin Cities @ Gold Medal Park
God Bless our Gold Star Families - It's my hope and prayer that this comes to fruition. -
Want your business to have a team with High Performance mindsets that replicate gold medal Olympic Athletes
gold medal routine! GB's first ever world gymnastics gold! until ht…
Golden Jubilee- India defeated Pakistan today, exactly 50 years ago to win its 7th Olympics Gold medal
I got a 1. place in the weekly tournament and won a Gold Medal with a 1124758
Don't miss our Gold Medal Riesling sale! Plus check out the latest on the in this enews!
Congratulations to for earning the Week 7 Gold Medal Combination Award! Good luck in Week 8!. http…
Greek athlete Byron Kokkalanis World for the 1st time, after his gold medal in Qingdao.
Got my first ever gold medal. Lost my first ever gold medal.
And he puts on that magnum, like a gold medal. 🏆💙
Jill’s House: Is there a gold medal for bedtime?
Mark Colbourne, a broken back and a Paralympic Gold Medal. Helluva story from an inspirational man.
billboard- LeBron James wearing Olympic gold medal arms around you and hammer caption the continued pursuit of gold
Medal of Honor Recipient Woody Williams leads effort to help Gold Star Families
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
the 9 August 2012 was an amazing thursday night you was a vital part in winning the gold medal at wembley i was lucky to see it
The verdict is in! Spirit Awards our Gold wins a Triple Gold Medal for taste and design!
Follow before he grabs that gold medal!! Good luck bro
Perma Books were the big score this week, with 6 titles. They were followed by Pocket Books (3), ACE (2), & Fawcett Gold Medal (1).
I would like to present with the gold medal for contorted mental gymnastics.
to last Thursday when we WON Gold Medal Plates!!!
Teenager keeps Mod gold medal joy in the family | Herald Scotland via
You guys signed up a Platinum Member so that you'll get a Gold Medal, right?
been doing revision since 3:30 n I've only just finished, can I get a gold medal now pls??
With an Olympic gold medal, 18-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin now has to look good when she leaves the house.
Congratulations on your gold medal in the men's downhill slide.
9 races done, 3 Fri and Medal race on Sat. Emma 4th, 6 pts off gold. Dan 17th.
I won a gold medal bland I treat this *** special and now you are *** jealous
My Uber driver gets a gold medal in conspiracy theories. The world is out to get him.
– In June, Austin native Chase Hawk cruised away with his first X Games gold medal »
Update your maps at Navteq
The gold medal for winning at life is made from humble pie and canaries.
Here's the award! TROOPER'S Gold Medal from the BBI - Scream for me brewers!!
DHYAN CHAND won old medal for the country in three successive Olympics. INDIA never lost an international match
The feeling when you hear your name called for the gold medal at every event.
Gold Medal to IOC Bach for putting human rights in Host City Contracts; calls for FIFA next: htt…
Drazen Petrovic led all scorers in the '92 Gold Medal game with 24. He would have been 50 today. RIP.
Gold in the International Spirits Challenge & . Gold Medal & “Best in Class” award in the International Wine & Spirits Competition
Felix Sanchez explains what helped him win Gold Medal
Good morning sports fans,its that time of the year again. My Special Olympics team is boarding the bus headed to Gainsville,Ga. in search of a repeat win of the Gold Medal! Wish us luck-Go Bloodhounds!
Meet a White House Chef at Crabfest You may be wondering what the connection is between the Olympic Peninsula and White House Chef John Moeller. Here is the story. Last November I flew to Denver to collect an award for our 2009 Cabernet Franc. It won a Double Gold Medal and Best Red in Show at the 2013 Denver International Wine Competition. Once at the competition, I had a ridiculously good time. Our wine was paired with a very special guest chef for the Pairsine Chefs Food & Wine Competition which showcased Gold Medal winners in a culinary competition: Former White House Chef, John Moeller. John created a meal of wine braised lamb shoulder and parsnip puree. The purpose of the event was to create a perfect pairing for the gold medal wines. Truly, it was absolutely perfect. Over delicious bites of lamb shoulder and sips of Cabernet Franc, I mentioned to John that we have a fabulous seafood festival every year on the Olympic Peninsula. I told him that the festival features local, fresh seafood & vegeta ...
Mikhail Gorbachev gave Gold Medal & citation - "an outstanding example of a modern thinker at the service of society"
So proud to have won the Gold Medal for the Trailblazer Award!
Finally, Yeonjae won the Gold Medal in the Incheon Asian Games, the first-ever Gold Medal of her in AG!
India wins Gold Medal in 4X400m with a new games record. Only the 2nd gold in track and field. Congrats. Good day at today.
Brand Ambassador wins Gold Medal at Asian Games in Mixed Doubles. Another slap for Bhakts!"
It’s Gold for India!!. Congratulations to Indian Men's Team on wining Gold Medal in Archery.
AIA 2014 Gold Medal winner Julia Morgan's irresistible sense of is amazing at the Hearst Castle.
Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey win 2015 Gold Medal by via /
Sochi's Gold Medal for Corruption: If the Olympics Go to the Highest Briber, Is First Place for Sale
ONE TEAM. ONE DREAM. ONE INVICTUS GAMES. Yesterday saw our British Armed Force Wheelchair Rugby team smash their way to victory in a nail biting final against the USA to grab the Gold Medal! The atmosphere in the Copper Box Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park was electric as the team took to the court for their final fight after working together to secure their place in the final. A celebrity match that saw the likes of Prince Harry, Denise Lewis, Dame Kelly Holmes, Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson try their hand at wheelchair rugby acted as a warm up but when Team GB entered the crowd went wild. The Archery was equally exciting, with the team bringing home an impressive 8 medals; 2 Gold’s, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze medals. All our archers shot straight and aimed true to the roars of the crowd throughout the day!
Alexey Voevoda's New Dream: Olympic Gold Medal at the Summer Games in Armwrestling via
congratulations to all Philippine Army for winning a Gold Medal in Dr...
Thanks David The Suter funeral is going to be so large they don't know where to have it Many guys from the 1980 Gold Medal coming
University of Worcester Fine Art Lecturer awarded Gold Medal for Fine Art at 2014 National Eisteddfod
3-time Olympic gold medalist, Nathan Adrian, explains why he uses the ancient art of cupping to recover.
leave George alone Audrey lol yes you won a gold medal doesn't mean you are better than George
Tidy towns results today and Lovely Dromod has claimed Gold Medal again. We have claimed the county award for a 35th year in a row and won the tree project award. Well done to the beautiful Kilkenny City on claiming the overall award!
I really dislike Audley. He won a gold medal almost 15 years ago and thinks he's gods gift !
Just thinking out loud. Success in anything isn't given if it's given it's not success it a gift. Success requires pain discomfort& a willingness to face your fears. As we embark on a new bjj season we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and decide will we silence the voice of doubt that lays in all of us? As I said success is fought for and earned no one will give you a stripe or belt or a Gold medal. The things you do off the mat will impact you on the mat. For example your personal life, diet, sleep, review of bjj notes,& even thinking about techniques will improve your game for the next time you come to close I wish you all success . Oous
Clon got a gold medal in the tidy towns! Well done Clonakilty Tidy Towns
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Audley Harrison you *** ! Can't believe he just nominated George cause he isn't famous enough cause he has no Gold medal or awards but although he nominated Dee his reasons for her was she was mean to Garry!! I mean George is on a successful show where as Dee was on a documentary about claiming benefits!!
George is more a celebrity than Audley! One gold medal doesn't make you important.
congratulations on your gold medal Audley. You are so famous I would not have a clue who you are if i seen you in the street.
And Audley? George was INVITED on the show. Get over yourself you gold medal wearing OBE knobhead
Thomas O'Connor of Lakeville will receive a Congressional Gold Medal for his long service in the Civil Air Patrol.
Did anybody know Audley has a gold medal- he MUST be a celebrity then-so better than the others
Forgot 2 mention, I want the gold medal for the 100 miler :)
Full Welsh Commonwealth Team announced. Congratulations to my own students at Taekwondo Cymru who made the team, Danielle Baker for your third Commonwealth appearance and also the rest of the new young and talented athletes. Fantastic news that gold medal Olympian, Jade Jones, and current World Junior Champion, Lauren Williams, will be part of this talented national team. I feel honoured to be a part of the Welsh Coaching Team and officially fly the Welsh flag to showcase Wales' talent on such a huge platform. Pwb lwc Wales
Congratulations to Kenmare Tidy Towns on retaining their Gold Medal. They were nominated in the Small Towns category with Kilrush and Clonakilty. Kilrush won the overall. Well done to all. :-)
The *** Systems' kickball team brought home another gold medal! Great job everyone!!
Why the Jews so .? WRITTEN BY A MUSLIM! It sure makes interesting reading... particularly coming from a Pakistani official. By: Dr Farrukh Saleem The writer is the Pakistani Executive Director of the Center for Research and Security Studies, a think tank established in 2007, and an Islamabad-based freelance columnist. Why are Jews so powerful? There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why? Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century' , was a Jew. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman. Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benj ...
I'm confused. At the Commonwealth Games, when an English athlete won a gold medal, the English flag was raised to 'Jerusalem'. How come the England football team sing 'God Save the Queen'?
WFAA in Dallas ran a story on the Vocal Majority's gold medal-winning 2014 performance at the Barbershop Harmony Society's 2014 International convention in L...
the Spanish Paralympic basketball team pretended to have mental disabilities to win a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics
Win 2 FREE tickets to the Seattle Gold Medal tasting 9/14 in Seattle. Go to for the question.
Feeling like I have achived a gold medal Kevin Howes
Congrats to our 10K runners on winning our 1st gold medal of Way to go Nicole, Faye, Sean & Craig!
Congratulations Erika on your Silver and Gold medal wins this past weekend in Switzerland!
Won a gold medal & a gold bezel...I treat it so special,now your *** jealous.freak *** got several...they tens or better, I'm a trendsetter
It's crazy how someone can be GIVEN a gold medal, then act as though, and believe, that it's earned, & that they're a legit GOLD MEDALIST
When he gets his Canadian Citizenship it'll say even more...Gold Medal 2020 Olympics for Canada
Well Breaking News the Amazing Young Man Harvey Horler'Seaton, is beginning his Journey home from the World Games in Canada He has 2 x BROKEN RIBS BUT...He is returning a "World Champion" 2 Gold Medals and 5 Silver Medals. Fantastic achievement and a massive thank you to all those who helped raise the money to make it possible.Look forward to welcoming you back.
Hogarth member Louise Hutchinson (pictured with her hubby below) entered the World Triathlon Grand Final in Canada and came 8th out of 55 people - Louise came fourth out of all the Brits!!! Congratulations to Louise from us all. Can you also spot England's Jodie Stimpson standing next to Louise who stormed to the first gold medal of the triathlon 2014 Commonwealth Games...
Our first concert of the season is on Sunday, November 2. "Virtuosity and Variations." Sara Daneshpour will perform Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3. Although new to SOTP, Ms. Daneshpour is familiar to audiences throughout the world. She has won many competitions, including 1st prize and Gold Medal winner of the 2007 International Russian Music Piano Competition, and has performed at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. on the program is Handel's Suite from the "Water Music", and Anton Arensky: Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky.
In the text it said I can't handle so I'm gone beat it up like I'm winning a gold medal 😂💪
Amazing!. Follow Manon Carpenter on her way to the Gold Medal in Downhill.
ICYMI: England Central played their way to the gold medal at Sainsbury's 2014 http…
These *** deserve a gold medal in gymnastics.I see a lot of flippin goin on !! This some good tea tho 🐸☕️
Michael Jordan's '84 gold medal game Cons are up for auction -
Time to Celebrate our Gold Medal and take time to read the comprehensive report with our fantastic committee and volunteers at The Oriel House Hotel
Congrats on the gold medal Epic ride!
Winning Combination of Hungarian Dragon Boat Team and great Poznan Group Accommodation leads to Gold Medal at the 2014 Dragon Boat Race National World Championship in Poznan
Never hold your head high with pride or ego. Even the winner of a gold medal gets his medal only when he bows his head down!
You can win a gold medal in Blocking Olympics, but you are still a Game Journalist
The routine that won Riedell's & their first gold medal of the season in Ostrava! http:…
Asenovgrad Temptation 2010 gold medal winner at One of 5 of our winners this year.
From red shoes to gold medal - dreams come true: The last time Sally Johnston walked into Southland Girls' Hig...
Very happy campers today GOLD medal in Gained 5 points on last year. We're thrilled. Well done all!
Congratulations to Kenmare for being awarded a gold medal in the Tidy Towns! Well done to all involved.
Fun Fact: Paramount BJJ has more International medals than ANY other BJJ School in Chester County. Our students have won multiple GOLD medals at the: - European Championships - American Nationals - Pan American No-Gi - Miami Open - Boston Open - Rome Open - Houston Open - New York Open - San Francisco Open No other school in Chester County comes close to that. Even if you're not interested in competing, you deserve to know that you're learning the techniques that really work.
Great moments of medal ceremony: wins gold as Germany takes team title
Well done to all involved - Ennis has retained it's Gold Medal in the Large Urban Centre category of TidyTowns, Ennis also was joint winner in the gum litter task force. Ennis was placed in the top 3 of its category -Large Urban Centre. Kilrush won the overall Small Town Category.
How would you like to sail in what may be the largest sailing race ever, and race against current and former America’s Cup skippers, all at the same time? On September 21, the Royal Savage Yacht Club will be hosting the Lake Champlain edition of Bart’s Bash, which organizers hope will set Guinness World Record for the largest sailing race ever held. Bart’s Bash is organized by the Andrew Simpson Foundation which was created following the death of Andrew "Bart" Simpson, the British Silver and Gold medal Olympic sailor, and America's Cup sailor, who was tragically killed while on a training sail for the America's Cup in San Francisco Bay in the spring of 2013. For more information please send an email to: WJFriant
"Congrats for the Gold medal :') You will achieve more things in life than you can imagine" you make me stronger.
Well done to Malahide Tidy Towns for achieving a Gold Medal today Tidy Towns
Gold, Gold, Gold!! Well done and congratulations to all in the Ballincollig Tidy Towns association for the Gold Medal awarded today at the National Tidy Towns award presentation. The team at the Oriel are looking forward to looking after you this evening.
if you followed me, I'd be happier than an athlete that won a Gold Medal 😉 hope you finally see this bethany 😊 I love you xo 😘💕
and Alexi and Paco Montanes gold rated silver players, someone give them a medal
Vote for Actual Brunch on the Nashville Scene Best of Nashville! Gold Medal.
Al Ahly's swimmer Ahmed Akram, who has won a Gold Medal for Egypt in the Youth Olympic games, at the airport. 💪👏
(Want to Win a Gold Medal in Communication? Simplify.: Deanna Eckstein, Director of... (
Picture: Goshpi Avari & Byram Dinshaw Avari -- Who won the sailing Gold Medal in Sailing event in Asian Games in '82 ht…
Sachin Tendulkar felicitating Deepika Pallikal who won Gold Medal in CWG Games. Deepika is Dinesh Karthik's Fiancee!
6 yrs back this day when won Gold Medal in Beijing Olympics & National Anthem played at Beijing
Awesome job at pairs at the commonwealth rowing champs! Gold Medal!!!
National Championships for Team Ontario today in Pee Wee, Bantam, and Junior Women! Congrats to all the teams and Haley Price, winning her second Gold Medal!
Subject: Unexpected Ways I read a story about this young man who was training for the 1924 Olympics in Paris, France. He was an American who was extremely skilled in canoeing. He could ride the rapids like no one else. He had won many competitions before and was the heavy favourite for the Gold Medal. That was his dream - to win an Olympic Gold. It just so happened that his wife became pregnant and her due date was during the Olympics. In those days, of course, they didn't have travel like we do today. To go back and forth across the ocean would take several months time. So, he made the decision that he was not going to miss the birth of his first son. Much to the surprise of his coaches and trainers, he informed them that he would not be competing in the Olympic Games. The news sent shock-waves throughout the sports world. Here he had trained tirelessly for many years. He was the best in his field. As far as his career was concerned, this was the most important thing to him. But he was willing to surrend ...
Congratulations to Leeds girl Nicola Adams for here Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games today. Always smiling!!
Nicola Adams wins first Women's boxing Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games. Go Nicola, you can do anything with that smile. Well done.
CALLING ALL YOU MONDAY 6:15PM BODY ATTACKERS - 4th of August it is Dress is Gold for the best Gold Medal Body Attack class I can produce! We want gold shirts/glitter/gold gold and more gold! Nathan Stockman Pull out the shirt and lets have THE BIGGEST DRESS UP CLASS FOR THE WEEK! X Lets Celebrat New Zealand amazing Gold Medal performances at the Commonwealth Games together.
Can't wait for Alex Salmond to debate with A Darling,should be a gold medal for Alex.Hope he can bring a few new statements to the debate.
Well done to fan for his Commonwealth gold medal. Hope to see you at Old Trafford soon, Greg!
- Wonder Whitlock wins his THIRD gold medal of Commonwealth Games
Babita well on her way in the finals...11th Gold medal beckoning
We talk to Italian racing driver and Paralympic gold medalist Alex Zanardi about his return to racing
At the end of round 1, of leads of 5-0 in the gold medal clash of the 55kg
Tom Parsons wins a gold medal in the Moto X Best Whip final at X Games Austin ... -
Congrats to for his gold medal win and for bronze medal win at the Commonwealth Games
Congratulations on another medal VT gold! You are unstoppable!
You've obtained the gold skill medal in the Porch scene!
So proud of you That's one bronze medal that's equal to GOLD!
55kg. Gold Medal Match. B Laverdure of Canada v B Kumari of India. I'm being deafened by a young India fan so come on Canada!
Wahoo into the GOLD MEDAL MATCH tonight with these awesome chickies xxx http:…
Cisco's .presenting a medal last night to gold winner David Katoata!
Minister for the Armed Forces meets Royal Navy’s gold medal winners
Bristol's Claudia Fragapane wins the womens vault gold medal for England at
Alex Dowsett claims gold in the men's time trial as England moves ahead on the medal tally: Alex Dowsett won gold..
Can't believe Claudia is only 16 and she's won a gold medal
Babita Kumari Vs B Laverdure (Canada) for the gold medal up next on Ten Sports! .
Two Gold Medal's and still no SPOTY listing
Babita up next against Canada for GOLD in the women's 55kg event! Live:
Good firm step in gymnastics with bronze medal next time go for gold well done
Babita's Gold medal match begins. Live on TenSports
Babita Kumari is in action in Wrestling in Gold Medal match.
Bronze medal winners in the alchemy championships still see it as a potential gold.
Kiribati claims historic first Commonwealth Games gold medal - History was made in Glasgow as the remote Pacific...
I definitely want to win a gold medal, that should be everybody's goal... Laura Wilkinson
Gold medal wrestling match.. Go watch now
More gold in gymnastics for completes two fantastic vaults for her third gold medal!
Australian diver Grant Nel lands flat on his back at the at Glasgow 2014. BBC co-commentator Leon Taylor says that Nel gave himself "absolutely no chance" with the attempted 3.8 difficulty dive after his initial foot fault on the board. Jack Laugher of England finished top in qualifying by nearly 50 points after a series of consistently excellent dives and he will be looking to secure a second gold medal of the Games in the final later on Thursday.
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Today's the day! We'll be serving up IPA, Blonde and our Gold Medal Saison with at this afternoon's
England have won every gold medal in artistic gymnastics so far, so proud to be English
England's Whitlock wins third gold: England gymnast Max Whitlock wins his third gold medal of the Commonwealth Games with victory in the...
Silver Medal for Halifax's Ellie Black in Commonwealth Games vault; gold to England's Fragapane.
Plz पूरा पड़ना। Wipro chairman Mr. Azim Prem ji's comment on reservation: Good on. I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this. Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC /ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs. An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century. We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal. Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be ...
Congratulations to Marine Chris Sherrington, who scooped a Judo gold medal for Team Scotland - Commonwealth Games http:…
Well done to on winning his gold medal on the floor brilliant stuff to watch what a talent!!!
You've obtained the gold skill medal in the Platform scene!
Congratulations to for winning the gold medal in 10 m air rifle at
: Coming up in next 5 mins : Babita in Wrestling Women's FS 55 kg Gold Medal Match ...Live on
thanks boss. Well at least after 2 unbelievable wins today I will now leave with a medal. Obviously the gol…
England's Alex Dowsett powers to Commonwealth time-trial gold medal - report:
Never getting noticed by beth gold medal goes to me
Today in history: 1996: The wrestling machine wins a gold medal at the Olympics with a broken neck.
Well done another gold medal for England at the
: Coming up :3 Wrestling Gold Medal matches featuring India .If India wins 3 Gold today they would jump to 4th …
House & Senate leaders will present a Congressional Gold Medal to honor Fallen Heroes of 9/11 in September
English gymnast is 16 and has just won her third gold medal of this commenwealth games ... Kinda makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life
AHHH GOLD MEDAL! So so so so happy! Time to rest up for tomorrow's 3m event!
Congratulations to SA goalballer Tyson Cluse who was a member of the team that won the Gold Medal at the Queensland State Championships last weekend. What a fantastic result!
SPORT: More details of gold medal winning performance from cyclist Alex Dowsett.
tertanya can Malaysia reach up on their target to archieve 7 gold medal in Komenwel?
Well done Congrats on your 3rd gold medal 👍
On the eve of the 41st World we wish Team India Open and Women good luck and hope they bring back lots of gold medals!
TIL that Jim Abbott, a Major League Baseball pitcher for 10 years, not only won a gold medal in the 1988 Olympic...
That 16 year old girl in gymmastic at comonweath games wow am speachless 3 gold medals wow
Huge well done to Claudia Fragapane for another Gold medal and to all the Home countries for their amazing sportsmanship :-)
Blessing Okagbare is looking to make a second Gold medal Tonight! Okagbare has already won Gold in the Women 100m with a games record of 10.85 seconds... She will running for Gold, at the Women 200m Tonight...
No record, but a great race. 2nd GOLD medal!
Claire is training to be the next Olympic gold medal swimmer!
Women's Gold medalist TT bike at Commonwealth Games. Hor Kar Choon
Had a great time cheering the cyclist in at the end of the time trial and seeing England's Alex J awarded the gold medal. Heading to Badminton now.
Born 1985 in Kerman, Zahra Nemati became the first Iranian woman to win a gold medal in archery at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Paralyzed in an earthquake, Nemati dedicated her medal to "all of the people who prayed for me to achieve success."
Got to see the Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold medal this morning! Also got to meet Darren Granger, Equipment Manager of the LA Kings!!
Rohan Dennis crosses the finish line near Glasgow Green in the men's time trial. He was in the gold medal position when he crossed the line but was shortly afterwards relegated to silver by a powerful finish from England's Alex Dowsett.
Share with your friends.Odunayo Adekuoreye and Aminat Adeniyi gave Nigeria the perfect pick-up as they claimed two gold medals in wrestling- and then celebrated their achievement by singing round the venue with the green white green flag fluttering. It was a glorious day for Nigeria in Glasgow as…
This happened during the preliminary round of the 2006 FIVB Women's World Championship. Brazil won this match but lost in the gold medal match vs Gamova & Russia. When female players get CATTY, it's ON!
Yogeshwar Dutt of India will take on J Balfour of Canada in the gold medal match of Men’s Free Style 65 kg category event. The match is scheduled to start at 9.30 pm.
29th July Current Affairs: Special Days 1. International Tiger Day • The World on 29 July 2014 observed the International Tiger Day. • The day is celebrated as an awareness day. • The goal of the Tiger Day is to promote protection and expansion of the wild tiger habitats and also to gain support awareness for tiger conservation. • 2014 – The population has gone down to 3000 • Among the 13 tiger-range countries, India has the highest number of tiger population. Banking 1. RBI cancels Certificate of Registration of M/s Insilco Merchants Private Limited • The Reserve Bank of India has cancelled the certificate of registration of the Insilco Merchants Private Limited a non-banking financial company (NBFCs) under the powers conferred on it under clause (a) of Section 45-I of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Books - Writers 1. Online life for Konkani literary works • Mangalore-based Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation has taken up the task of digitising Konkani literary works—classica ...
Kiribati golden boy receving his gold medal
Now I don't follow the Commonwealth Games much, but why do they play 'jerusalem' instead of 'God save the queen' when England win a gold medal?
August Goals: 1. I am signed up for a 110 mile challenge in August for 'Run Like a Girl' in honor of Wilma Rudolph, born on 6/22/40, who was considered the fastest woman in history in the 1960’s. At the 1960 summer Olympics, she became the first American woman to win 3 gold medals! She completed the 100-meter dash in 11 seconds while enduring 110 °F heat. Therefore, the challenge is 110 miles for the temperature. 2. Lose the pesky 6 pounds that just won't seem to go away so that I can reach my end goal and quit worrying about weight loss (total loss in the end will be 118 pounds!). I will do this by eating healthy and continuing to drink 150-200 ounces of water daily. 3. Minimum of one cross-training day per week. 4. Follow the half-marathon training schedule as closely as possible...especially the rest days, they are there for a reason :-) 5. Complete the entire Rutabaga 20K without walking...I may end up doing some of it with a slower than slow run, but I want to say I ran the whole thing!!
i am very happy today as a gold medal has been instituted at Banasthali university in my mothers name for best B.Des student
Performance of the Commonwealth Games so far - must go to England's Max Whitlock - 3 GOLD MEDALS in Gymnastics
When fifa season i can see alot people posting and praising other country.But when our malaysian Nicol David won Commonwealth gold medal for Malaysia in woman's singles,I can't see any praise?at least a wish?
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My friend Sathish Sivalingam won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games... congratz bro. Ivarum fan dhan... Proud to say my frd and Thala ajith.
Thulani Tulz Evolution Mbenge is the real deal. We want that Gold medal brother.
 Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has expressed congratulations to Kirani James on behalf of the government and people of Grenada.   James, Grenada’s first Olympic Gold Medal winner and former World Champion in the men’s 400m event, has once again placed the Spice Isle on the world stage of sports, with a Commonwealth Games record-breaking run of 44.24 seconds, to win Gold at the games currently being held in Glasgow, Scotland.   James, running out of lane number 6, had been seen as the favourite in the event as he commands this year’s fastest time and a personal best of 43.74 seconds.   This is the first gold medal for Grenada in the history of the games, and the third overall following medals by Kurt Felix (bronze) in the decathlon event on Tuesday July 29, during the games, and Alleyne Francique (silver) also in the 400m event at the 2006 Melbourne Australia, Commonwealth Games.   The Prime Minister referred to Kirani’s record breaking run as "another historic milestone in the life of a ...
Our Fast and Female ambassadors continue to shine at the Commonwealth Games! Congrats to Audrey Lacroix for her gold medal in the 200-metre butterfly and Jessica Zelinka for her Silver Medal in the heptathlon.
"PRE-GAME MEAL" Food 4 Thought for the Student Athlete! When people ask, "What was it like to run in the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics' as a High school senior, and WIN A OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL? The look on their face is Priceless, when I tell them "It was almost as Exciting as our 1976 AAA State meet" in Austin, Texas! You Decide... High School Story with Olympic races first! Go to "ALL OF HIS FRIEND'S" PAGE TO SEE 1976 AAA TEXAS STATE MILE RELAY, AND TEAM CHAMPION'S LAMPASAS BADGER'S "ALL OF HIS FRIENDS" A Foundation to benefit Families Battling Childhood Cancer. We are raising money to make Home payment's, and Auto payment's for families' Battling Childhood Cancer Families shouldn't have to worry about losing their Homes, and Auto's, and other possession's while already worrying about losing their children! Thanks for your Help, if I can assist you in any way please call! Your Friend, Johnny Lam jones
*GA QUIZ* [1] Recently, the Finance ministry has decided to go in OFS route to sell its stake in the state-owned companies. What does the OFS stands for _? [A]Opportunity for Sale [B]Offer for Sale [C]Offer for Stockholdings [D]Open for Sale Ans - Offer for Sale [2] Who among the following is the current Chair of the Federal Reserve, United States? [A]Ben Bernanke [B]John Williams [C]Robert Parry [D]Janet Yellen Ans - Janet Yellen [3] What is the minimum number of employees is a firm covered by the retirement fund body Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) for providing social security net? [A]Ten [B]Twenty [C]Thirty [D]Fifteen Ans - Twenty [4] Who among the following has been appointed as Horticulture ambassador of Maharashtra, recently? [A]Shah Rukh Khan [B]Amitabh Bachchan [C]Amir Khan [D]Salman Khan Ans - Amitabh Bachchan [5] The flag bearer for Indian contingent at the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2014 was __ ? [A]Vijay Kumar [B]Sushil Kumar [C]Abhinav Bindra [D]Yogeshwar Dutt Ans - ...
Local chelmsford pro cyclist Alex Dowsett wins gold medal at Commonwealth Games. He's always in my local bike shop.
Don't miss out India fighting for 3 gold medal in wrestling... 9pm onwards 😊
GUN OF THE DAY – A.P. Lane's Olympic Gold Colt Revolver This Colt revolver, factory-fitted with a skeletonized hammer, was used by A. P. Lane. Known as the “Pistol Wizard,” Lane used this Colt to win not one, not two, but five Olympic Gold Medals – three in 1912 and two in 1920. When an Olympian wins a medal, they also get a certificate that goes along with the medal. At the NRA National Firearms Museum, we’re lucky enough to be able to display a trifecta of Lane pieces – his revolver, his five medals, and the five certificates that go along with them! Stop by the Museum in Fairfax, Virginia, and see the Pistol Wizard’s gun, medals, and certificates for yourself!
National Shooters Jasmine Ser and Teo Shun Xie take a selfie with their Commonwealth Games 2014 gold medals! The girls will share their thoughts live on Singapore Tonight. Tune in now!
Do You Know ?. First Indian woman athlete to win Gold Medal for India is Krishna Poonia.
Congratulations and the Blue Mountain Junior Team for winning the Gold Medal at the 2014 Keystone State Games.
Team NL Girls and Boys playing tomorrow trying to earn berth in Gold Medal games at U13 Atlantic Soccer Championships in CBS Saturday
RONU MAJUMDAR born Ranenedranath Majumdar (born 20 June 1963-Wiki mentions his BD as 28 July 1965) noted Indian flautist in the Hindustani Classical Music tradition, celebrates his Birthday today. Born in Varanasi on June 20, 1963, Ranendranath Majumdar, popularly known as Ronu was trained under his father, Dr. Bhanu Majumdar, and later learned vocal music with the late Pt. Laxman Prasad Jaipurwale at whose behest he reverted to the flute. Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao, a music scholar, groomed Ronu into a concert flautist. The bansuri flute was brought into the fold of Hindustani Classical music barely half a century ago by Pt Pannalal Ghosh, before which it was considered as a folk instrument. Ronu's speciality is the "Shank Bansuri", a 3-ft long flute of his own design, which adds an extra dimension at the lower scales. In 1981, Ronu Majumdar won the first prize at the All India Radio competition, and the President's Gold Medal. In 1996,Ronu received a Grammy nomination for his work on the album Tabula Rasa ...
Gehwara-e-Adab (Pakistan) with APMSO organized a "Gold Medal Debate” in Karachi . The Resolution was “Taqat Amn ki Zamanat Hai". Member Central Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi has said that Security agencies should be not be schismatic and display prejudices if they want to restore peace in the city. We can restore peace in the city and the country if we use force judiciously. He expressed these views while talking to students in Fifth All Karachi Urdu Debate Competition organized by APMSO & Gehwara-e-Adab at the Karachi University. Mr. Rizvi congratulated APMSO on the successful organization of this Debate Event. On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr Qaiser, APMSO's Gold Medal after 18 years Secretary Information Syed Waqas Ali Shah, Joint Secretary Adil Khan, Finance Secretary Amar Qaim Khani, member Syed Adeel Safri, Teachers, and Students also attended the event in large numbers. Sixty-four students from 30 universities participated in the event. Mr. Rizvi ...
Congratulations to Westons Cider after winning a Gold Medal and the trophy awarded to the overall winner in the...
ivan yarr entru therikiratha Haasan received in 1990 the Padma Shri and in 2014 the Padma Bhushan for his contributions to Indian cinema.[84] At age six he won the President's Gold Medal for Best Child Actor for his debut film, Kalathur Kannamma.[85] Haasan is tied with Mammootty and Amitabh Bachchan for the most Best Actor National Film Awards with three. He won a National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil for producing the 1992 Tamil film, Thevar Magan. Haasan has a record 19 Filmfare Awards in five languages; after his last award, in 2000, he wrote to the organisation requesting no further awards.[76][86] In 2003, his films Hey Ram, Pushpak, Nayakan and Kuruthipunal were showcased in the "Director in Focus" category at the Rotterdam Film Festival.[87] In 2004, Virumaandi won the inaugural Best Asian film award at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan).[35][87] In 2005, Sathyabama Deemed University awarded Haasan an honorary doctorate.[88] He received the Chevalier Sivaji Ganes ...
In one year, a Gold Medal + A Stanley Cup. What's more Canadian than a double double.
Drew Doughty and Jeff Carter both won a Gold Medal and a Stanley Cup this year. Meanwhile Lundqvist finished as...
Patrick Egan has won the first Gold Medal on the opening day of the Special Olympics Ireland Games at the University Of Limerick.
Football star Knowshon Moreno, Gold Medal winning gymnast Aly Raisman and MMA powerhouse Johny Hendricks show the world how "Unnaturally Quick" ...
Cazadero Winery will be pouring 3 of our Gold Medal winning wines, the '09 and '10 Bei Ranch Sonoma Coast Cabernet Sauvignons and the '12 Bei Ranch Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. Come on down. Email me for a 2-1 coupon, fegger
Vera Rubin was the first woman to be honored the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, after Caroline Herschel in 1828.
List of accomplishments awarded to my son yesterday at awards day: Half million words club (he told me he was 3500 words shy of the million words club!) A/B honor roll for the year A/B honor roll for 4th nine weeks Green team (a small group of students who work to keep the school grounds clean) A/R Gold Medal (over 100 AR points for the year) Way to go, Jay Jay!
I wish all my students writing their exams and all other students writing in our St. Mary's Group Campus all the very best; you should become Gold Medalists as my Student Ms. Meena Kumari has achieved Gold Medal this year in JNTUH From: Rev. K.V.K. Rao. Hon. Chairman and Founder of St. Mary's Group of Institutions
So have all you stubborn people out there finally realized that the best hockey player in the world is not Sydney Crosby. It is Johnathan Toews! Need some proof. U-17 Gold Medal. Hockey challenge Gold medal. World jr Gold medal. Calder trophy finalist. Captain at 20 years old. Stanley Cups In 2010,2013. Thus making him the youngest player in history to join the triple gold club. Meaning to win a Stanley Cup, Gold at the Olympics and Gold at the World Championship. Oh yea he won the Conn Smythe and was named the top forward at the sochi Olympics. Now please don't be upset. I agree 100% that Sydney Crosby is a very special player but the hockey world needs to start giving credit where credit is due. Perhaps it's because night in night out Toews just does his job. He doesn't need the spotlight and attention to perform!
Updates from Botswana Youth Games Netball Finals Uganda 44-24 Kenya Congratulations to She pearls Uganda Youth Netball Team on winning the Gold Medal and Trophy! Kenya takes Silver Medal and Botswana (hosts) Bronze. Girls, you have made Uganda proud! Looking forward to receiving our heroines at Entebbe International Airport.
BBC's Question Time should be renamed "LET's ALL GANG-UP ON UKIP" I reckon . Who is that scouse prat Joey Barton the QPR footballer who can only make analogies that UKIP are like the ugly girl you end-up with in a crowd, and like the rest of the panel refuses to acknowledge that UKIP actually (metaphorically) won the Gold Medal in last weeks European Elections by having the highest percentage of the votes cast? ... Ok, so he later apologised for his remark, but the point is that he made the remark in the first place marks him out as being a sexist thug and somebody he speaks first and thinks second ... OK so only about a 3rd of those eligible to vote in the election actually got off their backsides and voted, but that doesn't fall far short of the percentage of people who actually bothered to vote in the previous few General Elections... The undeniable fact remains that over 5 million of those people who did vote last week, voted UKIP . Finally, what is Piers Morgan, (the onetime former editor of that "s ...
4. Who won the Gold Medal for India in individual events in entire olympics history?. 1. Vikram Singh Rathode . 2.
Robert Durst Chris Borland Hillary Clinton Prince Harry Top Gear White House March Madness St Patrick San Francisco Don Quixote Jeremy Clarkson Champions League Kendrick Lamar United Airlines Middle East Kanye West New Orleans Justin Bieber Los Angeles Loretta Lynch Twin Peaks Apple Watch Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Islamic State Mitt Romney Pete Rose Jeb Bush Manchester City Saint Patrick Rand Paul Best Photo Internet Explorer 8 Comedy Central Stefano Gabbana Vladimir Putin Secret Service Saudi Arabia Paul Walker Premier League Jimmy Savile James Bond Evander Holyfield Will Ferrell Michelle Obama David Cameron Las Vegas Man City Tony Blair Internet Explorer World Cup Whole Foods Jessica Lange Vin Diesel Howard Schultz Kim Kardashian Dulles International Airport Long Island Ellen Pao Good Reason South Pacific Ray McDonald Robin Thicke White Americans Notre Dame Mad Max North Carolina Molly Ringwald Mariah Carey Marvin Gaye Miles Teller Scott Disick Taylor Swift Wayne Rooney Zlatan Ibrahimovic Grand Slam Nigel Farage Six Nations Hong Kong Century Fox Chris Christie Natalia Kills Mars One Gareth Bale Cyril Smith George Osborne Home Page Manchester United Loch Ness Jeremy Forrest New Zealand Pernod Ricard Prime Minister Benjamin Nou Camp Mutual Fund Marie Slaughter Kappa Delta Rho Kleiner Perkins Jimmy Kimmel Miley Cyrus

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