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Gold Glove

The Rawlings Gold Glove Award, usually referred to as the Gold Glove, is the award given annually to the Major League Baseball players judged to have exhibited superior individual fielding performances at each fielding position in both the National League (NL) and the American League (AL), as voted by the managers and coaches in each league.

Silver Slugger Yadier Molina Rafael Palmeiro Brandon Crawford Joe Panik Blue Jays Jason Heyward Kevin Pillar Silver Slugger Award Marcus Stroman Dee Gordon Buster Posey Jackie Bradley Jr World Series Kole Calhoun Mookie Betts

Truly laughable. Ross didn't win a single gold glove in his career and was a .229 hitter with 314 to…
We knew was a gifted SS. But his energy & joy also make him a true artist off field
Eloy will never steal 30-40 bags and will never win a gold glove. Acuna ha…
I mean the part about gold glove winners using gold gloves, not the other part. 😂😂
Not even debatable on this one 2016 Goalkeeper of the Year, 2017 finalist, MLS All-Star, Gold Cup Gol…
Rawlings does a gold patch for former winners. But an all gold glove would be dope
This made me think of something... How cool would it be if the MLB made the previous year’s Gold Glove winners wear…
Both of those black gloves look kinda bad, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a glove that looks better than the whit…
Our Gold Glove catcher of course. Barnhart is the definition of a class act, and everything you want in a bal…
How in the world is Ender Inciarte not on this list?. Gold glove, leadoff, 200+ hits. His omission is blasphe…
So are gold gloves, really. I mean, Rafael Palmiero won a gold glove in a season when he was a DH.
So big brain your totally discounting gold glove defense? How is Ozzie Smith a hall of farmer?
Most Interesting People: — The outfielder was the first woman to ever win the Rawlings Gold G…
With a plethora of Gold Glove amazing plays in center field, amazing stolen base ability, and power at the pl…
1. Are you excited to play in front of 41 -44 thousand fans every home game?. 2…
When Moose was out for half of a season Cuthbert came in and hit .300 with 16…
Barnhart gold glove bobblehead day vs Molina oh we love it
Good speech for your first gold glove award. Now you just need to actually get one.
Thank you, Joey. You could argue either way, but there are concerns about Collins' catching ability (and to a lesse…
FIRST LOOK: The Tucker Barnhart Gold Glove bobblehead. Get yours on Saturday, April 14 @ 1:10pm when the Reds...
Welcome Nick Markakis to Atlanta! The two-time Gold Glove OF has agreed to a four-year deal with the
And even if Longoria offense struggles he’s still a gold glove third baseman and those guys seem to hold t…
Now we're talking! Being taught by a 4x Gold Glove Award winner is certainly not a bad thing. Thanks again
2/ career as an outfielder with the , winning seven straight Gold Glove awards [see phot…
If you are saying that then he is not movable now then he has to be at that level Bell…
- González, 35, has hit over 300 home runs (311), driven in over 100 runs seven times and h…
The Giants second baseman from 1986-1996, Robby Thompson. Thompson was elected to 2 All Star teams and won both th…
Then just do it. If In your young career you are compelled to say you will be better than the greats,…
Fans for know this: a true original, on and off the field.
Is that why he won the gold glove this year? Oh ya won it
HA! . 1. Your image is from the World Series, *** 2."Trash defense"?? He has…
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Named to its 2018 All-Defense team, says catcher could be a Gold Glove catcher for years to come.
Here’s a clip to recap why is a Gold Glove CF 🔷🔶
Very cool post from for my Seattle baseball and art folks. Who knew this artist of the infield has…
Annual Dugout Club Banquet is Feb 3rd at 6pm. MLB All-Star and 2017 Gold Glove winner Brian Dozier is the Guest Speak…
I think everybody is undercutting how big of an acquisition he really is. Gold Glove, Silver Slugge…
So the Cubs/Astros traded an MVP, SB champ Gold Glove caliber player, and a controll…
Robin Yount won an MVP & Gold Glove as a SS before moving to the OF at age-29 (Dee Gordon’s current age). . Yount e…
A botched Gold Glove and the utilization of an a…
Just go ahead and give Rafael Palmeiro next year's AL Gold Glove award for first base.
Mookie Betts bowls perfect game right after winning Gold Glove via
This is the definitive argument, pat excellance, against the Gold Glove award meaning a single thing.
Carlos Beltran has announced his retirement from Baseball. . - 2017 World Series champion. - 9x All-Star. - 3x Gold Glove w…
11/10/2015: The Dallas Keuchel wins his second AL Gold Glove as the best defensive AL pitcher of 2015
Martin Maldonado, who captured his first Gold Glove earlier this week, also won the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year aw…
What is MLB's strange obsession with Eric Hosmer? . - He started over Paul Goldschmidt in World Classic. - Won Gold Glov…
NL Catcher Gold-Glove winner is Tucker Barnhart! First Reds catcher to earn Gold Glove since Bench in 1977.
Jason Heyward has the Gold, now let’s get him the Platinum. Vote him for the here: https:/…
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You deserved the gold glove. You are the best defensive SS in the game. I love watching you play. You get my gold glove.
I understand Arenado getting the Gold Glove instead of Rendon. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. The easy answer.…
Can someone explain to me how/ why won the gold glove over ?. Galvis has:. More Games Played. More In…
No matter what they do or how much they try to keep me from it. I will win a Gold Glove next year, I'm coming back for wha…
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Brandon Crawford had 158 less innings, more errors, a worse fielding percentage, and not as many put outs or assists as Fr…
It's amazing what a rehab stint in South Bend can do for a guy. Congrats, J-Hey!
.and have locked down their Awards... Now, will you help them go Platinum?!. Vote:
top players game 1 of World Series. Gold glove -fireman -Silver Slugger
Chelsea Goodacre to be honored at tomorrow's Gold Glove Award Dinner tomorrow night in New York City. Congrats,
Through nine MLB seasons, Posey now has four Silver Sluggers, three World Series rings, one MVP, one Gold Glove, one Rookie…
Congrats on winning your second Gold Glove To celebrate our award-winning we're giving away 11 Ende…
Fine by me lol. Cards would welcome a Gold Glove second basemen for sure...He r…
Freddy Galvis beaten out for Gold Glove by Brandon Crawford
A first for Marcus Stroman: Blue Jays right-hander snags Gold Glove award
pitcher wins his first Gold Glove award:
Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman wins Gold Glove award for first time
BREAKING: Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman wins his first career Gold Glove.
Blue Jays right-hander Marcus Stroman wins first Gold Glove award
Gold Glove update: Kyle Schwarber did not win the NL Gold Glove in LF...
Wait, Kyle Schwarber was nominated for a Gold Glove in left field?! Why am I watching this at all?!
Brian Dozier is the first Twin to win a Gold Glove since Joe Mauer at catcher in 2010, and first 2B since Chuck Kno…
ICYMI, a couple of your favourite players are up for Gold Glove awards. Winners to be announced Nov. 7.
Jackie Bradley isn't being considered for a Gold Glove. Jose Iglesias, who's the best fielder since Ozzie Smith, ha…
From earlier: Two Marlins outfielders and their second baseman are Gold Glove finalists.
Byron Buxton should win the award, but the fact that Jackie Bradley Jr. isn't even a finalist for the Gold Glove is an…
Ian Kinsler is a Gold Glove finalist, looking to win his second straight award.
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Simmons, Maldonado, Calhoun and Upton pick up AL Gold Glove nominations
Lorenzo Cain will likely lose out to Byron Buxton in center. But a deserved nomination for a guy whose lack of a Gold Glove is baffling.
Happy Birthday Joe Pepitone, 3x All-Star & 3x Gold Glove 1B who hepled to pennants in 1963,’64, and topped…
Yadier Molina's a Tucker Barnhart fan: “He’s got a pretty good shot to win a Gold Glove. I like the way he catches.”.
Farhan Zaidi believes Yasiel Puig should be 'odds-on favorite' to win a Gold Glove. Eye balls and stats support tha…
"Gold Glove calibre plays". Brett Anderson was full of praise for his defence's effort.
It's tough that both Bradley Zimmer and Kevin Pillar can't both win the AL Gold Glove for center field.
Aaron judge will go on to win ASG MVP, MVP, ROY, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, the Hank Aaron Award, and the Triple Crown.
Off should NEVER be part of Gold Glove. That's why they have the Silver Slugger Award.
Dealt to in '69, Amos Otis played 14 seasons with Kansas City, 5x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove, led AL in Doubles '…
Congrats to Riley Smith on earning a Gold Glove! 3rd straight Gold Glove for Catawba Valley!…
Congrats to Orlando Garcia on being named a finalist for the SS Gold Glove award!
Instead of being called the Gold Glove, it should be called the Chris Taylord Award
Congrats to on being named to the 2nd Team All League and Gold Glove award.
Happy for picking up the Gold Glove award last night. A lot of hard work went into that, and more to co…
Thanks for sending Gold Glove award winner and Atlanta Braves center fielder,…
LeBron 4th in MVP voting is akin to Rafael Palmiero winning Gold Glove after playing 28 games in '99. Congrats on discrediting a great award
Congrats to on his Gold Glove award! One of the best defenders in the country. Loved watching this guy…
MVP, CY Young, Most Improved, Gold Glove, Rick Larona. Blessed to have received the Rick Larona Sportsmanship award…
Jeff Francoeur won a Gold Glove in 2007 lmao I can't believe I never knew that
Let's just go ahead and give Eugenio Suarez the Gold Glove, okay?
If Billy Hamilton doesn't win a Gold Glove this year we're Kickstarting the drive to buy him altogether.
Got our butts feeling Golden w/ our Gold Glove seat cushions. That's what they're for, right?
Halfway to Golden Sombrero to go with Gold Glove.
You mean other then being awarded the 2016 Gold Glove, making the 2016 all sta…
San Diego Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn w/1986 Silver Slugger (of 7) & Gold Glove (of 5) awards
Preston Wilson just said Alex Gonzalez sent his Gold Glove to Perry Hill but Alex Gonzalez never won a Gold Glove.…
Ryan Zimmerman's game is Gold Glove caliber 1B but a strikeout machine at the plate
On OKC manager Bill Haselman said that is a Gold Glove first baseman.
Bags had 1 Gold Glove. Bidge had 4. He also had more Silver Sluggers and All Star games.
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OF Billy Hamilton:. "Disappointed", but "Gold Glove or no Gold Glove, I'm gonna be the same old Billy. It's just an award."
MLB History:Did you know in 1958, that Frank Robinson won the Gold Glove for LF, Willie Mays the award for CF and Hank Aaron won it for RF?
Congrats to Brett Gardner on his 1st Gold Glove award! Well deserved.
2016's Gold Glove winners show award has come long way in short time - Sports... -
If only AND won Gold Glove awards in the same year...
Before collecting 3,000 hits and 12 Gold Glove awards, Roberto Clemente was selected by in Rule 5 Draft on this date in 1954
works at the Leather & Lumber Co. Salvador Perez, Royals. Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards...
Remember when Harold Reynolds won the Gold Glove over Frank White? Ugh.
So … wait. What the *** does win next year? He has all the awards now. I guess Gold Glove? WS MVP? And he’…
Mookie Betts got ripped off... RF Silver Slugger, RF Gold Glove, Wilson Best Defensive RF, and Wilson Best Defensive Player, but not MVP?
Ian Kinsler: First Gold Glove. Max Scherzer: Second Cy Young. straight getting it done in the majors!.
How it feels to get snubbed of a Gold Glove or Silver Slugger Award:
For the first time in 8 years, Cardinals' Yadier Molina will not get a Gold Glove award. READ MORE:
Molina's Gold Glove streak ends at 8 years
Mookie Betts, 24, is the youngest Red Sox player to win a Gold Glove since Fred Lynn earned the honor in 1975 as a 23-year-ol…
Congratulations to all the Gold Glove winners and especially to my SF Giants Buster Posey, Joe Panik, and 2 time winner Brandon Crawford~!
Brett Gardner: 1st Yankee OF to win Gold Glove since Bernie Williams in 2000
Yadier Molina didn't win the Gold Glove award at catcher. Nothing is guaranteed anymore. I feel like anything is possibl…
Everyone's talking about the election but they should be talking about Yadier Molina getting robbed of a Gold Glove
Molina's Gold Glove streak ends at 8 years. Sent with At Bat
Shout out, Jason Heyward, on winning his 4th Gold Glove! ✊🏽
Posey beat out Yadi for the NL Gold Glove at C...Zack Grienke wins GG for P. Jason Heyward wins a GG as well.
For a third straight year and the fourth time in his career, Jason Heyward hauls in a Gold Glove!
Salvador Perez won his fourth-straight Gold Glove. He's the first A.L. catcher to do that in 15 years. (Pudge R…
[The Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider] Orioles come up empty in Gold Glove awards
Heartbroken that, barring a recount, Nick Markakis is not going to get his Gold Glove
Cubs' Jason Heyward wins Gold Glove in RF, beating out CarGo and Nick Markakis
Surprise! Joe Panik becomes the Giants' first Gold Glove second baseman since Robby Thompson in 1993. Led in defensive inde…
Joe Panik won a Gold Glove. He’s the first Giants second baseman to win since Robby Thompson in 1993.
Tony Butler gets honored with his Gold Glove during the break. Nobody hits a baseball by Tony Butler
Congratulations to Brett Gardner, a 2016 Gold Glove finalist! The winner will be announced on November 8th. ht…
Pillar, Dickey, Betts, Rizzo, Posey and Arenado all among 2016 Gold Glove finalists.
So, NL Gold Glove for second baseman sounds right.
"at this pt. in his career.." re:Lagares !? A gold glove capable .300 hitter 4 some reason front office beats him down.PR cc
He'll get passed over for 3B Gold Glove because of all his errors and because Adrian Beltre is still amazing, but S…
good season Han. Way to shut up all the Boston sports writers who said you couldn't play 1st. Gold glove year.
Eh football didn't turn out well but the mans an animal future gold glove,Silver Slugger Award winner when he gets to the MLB
I'm also a gold glove caliber outfielder. might have to get some more info from you, I might be able to make it work.
gold glove doesn't even like gears. What a baby. No I've never once thrown my controller like that.
Got lost in a Baseball-Reference rabbit hole. How in holy *** did Tony Gwynn not get the MVP in 1987? He hit .370, won gold glove.
When the worst guy in your everyday lineup is a perennial Gold Glove center fielder, you're pretty *** good.
Congrats to 2014 Scrapper, OF Greg Allen, on winning MiLB Gold Glove. He was w/ &…
Congratulations to OF Greg Allen on winning a 2016 MiLB Gold Glove award!
Outfielder Adam Eaton wants to earn Gold Glove, helps White Sox with bat, by https:…
on this year, 2016; Ji Man will win the: MVP, Silver Slugger, ROTY, Cy Young, and a Gold Glove.
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Buster Olney just called the Gold Glove award the "Platinum Glove" 😂
Springer impresses with Gold Glove-caliber 'D': Gary Pettis, the Astros' third-base coach and outfielder…
Rangers haven't had a Gold Glove first baseman since Mark Teixeira in 2006 ... Things are about to change
when you realize you're a 5 x All Star, NL MVP, 5x Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove winner
Eric Hosmer, he of three straight Gold Glove awards, ranks last among qualified first basemen in essentially every defensive metric.
Gold Glove is a terrible award, and it does pay to hit a little. He's not entirely wrong.
⚾️: RSo. Steven Coe was the West Region nominee at catcher for Gold Glove award.
Congrats to Team Elite Alum , for winning NCAA D2 Gold Glove award for third base!
He should have upped the ante. "He'll be in the running for ROTY & MVP...Gold Glove too! Not to mention Roberto Clemente Award!!"
Gold Glove is an actual award give to the best defender at each position. Long way from being above avg and best
Fractured wrist for a Gold Glove left fielder and torn ACL for an all-star third baseman. All over a foul ball that wasn’t even caught. Oof.
3x All-Star, Gold Glove & Silver Slugger Award winner, and now a Hall of Famer! Congrats to the Captain!
that's a huge drop off for a guy who was runner up for ROY, Gold Glove and won the Willie Mac award
You can just give Pedro Alvarez the Gold Glove now.
Upton might make Quintin Berry and Rajai look like a Gold Glove winners
Yasiel Puig for Gold Glove? Let's look at the numbers: Yasiel Puig for Gold Glove? Let's look ...
This is how future Gold Glove winner Joe Panik got an out at second ...
10,000 fans coming to Saturday's game will get this Dallas Keuchel Cy Young/Gold Glove bobblehead. 🔥🔥🔥
that is the kind of award that fits in somewhere between the Lombardi Trophy and a Gold Glove.
Allow eight-time Gold Glove winner to show you how to turn a double play:
Like weird contracts like Adam Dunn getting $25K for winning Gold Glove? Then you'll get mild enjoyment from this!
Staggered by Dee Gordon story of stupidity..2-diferent PEDs in system..Give back Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Awards.
The awards that will be announced today are as follows:. Rookie of the Year. Gold Glove. CY Young. Silver Slugger. OYO Award. MVP
or how about, I don't know, the NL Gold Glove winner Brandon Crawford?
What a pick from 6-time Gold Glove first baseman approves this message 👍
Jason Heyward living up to Gold Glove reputation for new-look Cubs defense: Joe Maddon was asked if he’s ever ...
Coming soon to Gold Glove dealer near you in Canada! April's gloves of the month http…
Can we just give Aaron Hill his Gold Glove at 3B today?
(Part 1/2) Rafael Palmeiro famously won the Gold Glove award for 1B in 1999, despite playing only 28 of his 158 games at 1B.
Today in 1960s Baseball: Angels release Gold Glove first baseman Vic Power (1966)
Kind of like when Rafael Palmeiro got the Gold Glove or Justin Beiber winning a Grammy.
Manny Machado is good at baseball. third baseman is coming off a year when he bashed 35 home runs and won a Gold Glove
Rafael Palmeiro was a Gold Glove first baseman as a DH, so I guess anything's possible.
For a decade Joe Mauer was a .320-hitting, Gold Glove-winning catcher and people complained about his lack of power. That…
First catcher (think franchise to wear a Gold Glove? (Answer:
Retired 6-time Gold Glove catcher Jim Sundberg speaks at Southeast Oklahoma banquet.
Rangel Ravelo added Friday another award to his great Winter season in Venezuela: he won the Gold Glove as the league's best 1B.
Cubs sign sign 4 time Gold Glove award winner Shane Victorino to a minor league contract. Love the veterans and young players combo.
Hanley's worked at 1B w/ Mike Napoli's mitt. Asked if he'll move to DH in '17 he said "what if I win a Gold Glove?"
No but he's named after the player with the most Gold Glove awards!
What shortstop earned the nickname, "Wizard of Oz" because he had 13 consecutive Gold Glove awards?. ANSWER:
If Peyton Manning wins MVP, it will surpass Rafael Palmeiro's 1999 Gold Glove as the least-deserved award in sports history.
Congrats on the Gold Glove! Question: More fights tonight or amount of HRs you and rob this year?
Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer, 4x Gold Glove winner, 1975 Rookie of the Year & MVP, Fred Lynn!. 🎂
are you trying to tell me Rafael Palmeiro did not deserve the 1999 Gold Glove?
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Happy Birthday to the reigning Gold Glove winner for the & a proud alum, https…
ur probs gonna end up driving a gold lambo round Dubai with £50 in the glove compartment ;)
How do you still not have a gold glove?
From his first day in the bigs, 's been legendary. Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, Giant for life!.
Well, here's your Gold Glove winner at 1B in 2016, Hanley Ramirez!
When I read about a player being bad defensively, I always think of Dee Gordon...who worked from below average all the way to gold glove.
Looks like a Gold Glove winner over there
Esky inside parker... made Cespedes Gold Glove winner over Gordon, who missed quite time with groin injury though
New Milwaukee Brewers alternate jersey. Brewers need make the glove logo and switch out the gold for yellow.
projected rookie of the year, MVP, perennial gold glove winner, first ballot hall of famer 🇮🇹⚾️
Loving that the Brewers are bringing back the ball and glove logo. Bonus, they're getting rid of the gold jerseys
He deserves a Gold Glove if he lived.
I promise you Alvin would win that one and any other one vs any former Arkansas athlete. He was gold glove boxer!
Need that about 20-25 of those gold glove defense score about 85-95 runs about 88-94 runs batted in then I'm almost good the team?
ANAHEIM, Calif. - A person with knowledge of the deal says Gold Glove right fielder Kole Calhoun has avoided
Congrats on the new contract. Well deserved Mr. Gold Glove playing in the CALZONE.
One of those guys who deserves more. Gold glove defense, key at top of lineup.
Pro bowls are a bigger joke than the gold glove in baseball
A pair of Gold Glove center fielders working out on the same field. https:…
Ahmed has a gold glove caliber glove which they love, Gosselin will compete with CO at 2B, think Drury starts out in AAA imo
Yea, that gold was kinda awful. But I SO dig the glove retro look.
am I the only one who thinks they need to nix this dark blue and gold scheme altogether and go back to the original glove?
Rawlings sent me some of the gold glove baseballs. I will see if I have 1 left and I will sign it and ma…
you've missed the entire point of gold glove caliber defense so let's change it. Hill plays ELITE level defense
gold glove caliber has ZERO to do with hitting. ZERO. He plays even as a 240 hitter solely on the glove
Shortstop is so weak offensively and defensively in AL. If Manny ever moved to SS, he would have a Gold Glove and Silver S…
hit 35 jacks and play gold glove defense & you tattoo your wife's face on your own IMO
Had a dream that this alien robot was chasing us, but we manage to get this gold sphere to fit like a weapon glove, we'd destroy the robot
Amazing stat for home-town friend Amazing 2015 capped off by Gold Glove-2016 will be even better!
He's gold glove in left field, but really, really bad in centerfield. Look up his defensive splits.
Probably because he is a below avg defender in CF. His gold glove was in LF by the way, not CF.
how come on the mets ESPN page There's articles saying yo is a below avg defender? Have they not seen him play..Gold glove?
I agree Kinsler absolutely should have won the Gold Glove.
Oakland A's Gold Glove winner and Effingham County's own Josh Reddick in studio tonight. Join us on WJCL News
What will you remember the 2015 Giants for?: From Chris Heston's no-hitter to Brandon Crawford's Gold Glove, Giants…
don't forget that Parra is a 2x Gold Glove award recipient. Gordon's offensive production has been in decline
Rougned Odor wins Richard Durrett award - Everyone has heard of the Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, MVP’s and Cy Yo...
Blocking home, tagging runner out: just another day at home plate for a Gold Glove and MVP catcher. Thurman Munson the BOSS
Of course. But Ray Bolger in makeup looks nothing like our Gold Glove- Silver Slugger CF.
I've been working on a Brandon Crawford Gold Glove post for a week. By the time I get it done, he'll have won the 2016 Gold Glove.
Small players, but all former MVP's and Gold Glove winners. Steve Garvey should be in HOF, Jimmy Rollins may make it one day
Jose Altuve takes down Pedroia and Cano for Silver Slugger and Gold Glove. New nickname: Little in the Middle.
Eric Hosmer over Mark Teixeira for the Gold Glove at first base
Congrats to former Bobcat, Paul Goldschmidt on winning his 2nd Gold Glove
What's the difference between the Gold Glove and the Wilson Defensive P.o.Y? Doesn't matter. Dee Gordon won them both. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Goldy has won his second career Gold Glove
dbacks: Congrats to A.J. *** on winning his first career NL Gold Glove ...
Congrats to former Yavapai College baseball player Kole Calhoun on his Gold Glove award.
"Will Buster Posey Get ever get a Gold Glove?" . A novel by me.
But I don't understand how Yadier Molina beat Buster Posey for the Gold Glove. Posey had a better year.
Dee Gordon is the first infielder ever to win a batting title, stolen base crown, and Gold Glove in the same season. h…
Tampa's Kiermaier wins the Gold Glove over Kevin Pillar and Buck Martinez will be sure to remind us 1000 times next year. 😁😳
Kole Calhoun gets the AL Gold Glove in RF. Astros and Jed Lowrie were glad he didn't make one play.
Congrats to Parkland College alum Kevin Kiermaier on winning his first Gold Glove!
Congratulations to Nolan Arenado! Winner of his 3rd Gold Glove in his first 3 years!!!
Alcides Escobar is the first shortstop in history to win a Gold Glove. I can't even imagine how he'll further p…
Yadier Molina wins 8th straight Gold Glove, beating out Wilson Ramos and Buster Posey.
10-time MLB Gold Glove winner Andruw Jones representing Netherlands in
Kevin Pillar is a human highlight real every night. He deserves the Gold Glove!
Congrats & good luck ... you've got our votes! named Gold Glove finalists
Like many of you, I thought Jacob deGrom would be a Gold Glove finalist as well. Instead it's Jake Arrieta, Gerrit Cole …
Now on Greinke, Gonzalez are NL Gold Glove finalists: Pitcher Zack Greinke and first bas... https:/…
Why is there no outcry over the obvious snub of Jeff Francoeur for RF Gold Glove?.
Seeing Billy Hamilton as a Gold Glove finalist in CF only makes me want to see Jose Ramirez out there even more.
LMFAO when Dustin Pedroia won the Gold Glove over Robbie
Great to catch up with Pokey Reese today. One of only 25 second basemen to win the Gold Glove multiple times.
But you guys, Harold Reynolds knows all about balls bouncing off gloves! Look how many E4s he had when he stole Gold Glove from Frank White!
Okay Canada, our next collective goal is to get the MVP & Gold Glove award.
Kevin Pillar deserves his Gold Glove award on the spot.
If does not win the Gold Glove this year, then the award is meaningless.
Kiermaier was a finalist as a rookie in the 2014 AL Gold Glove award for right field.
That probably inspires all the young players!! Keep up the hard work kid and congrats on the Gold Glove award!
we deserve some Gold Glove love this year. Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik and Buster Posey should all be finalists
Jason Gurka had become a Gold Glove right fielder.
Even if he's safe, that guy deserves a Gold Glove.
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Who knew Lonnie Chisenhall was a Gold Glove right fielder disguised as a bad third baseman?
Erick Aybar: Hey, I'm pretty good too. Got a Gold Glove, you know.
About to win his 3rd Gold Glove and a Home Run title. Who is this? Our Sportsman of the Week!
FRIDAY: Who was the first member of the Oakland A’s to win a Gold Glove?
gets my vote for NL Gold Glove. What's that? I don't have a vote? Whatever.
Can Colon get a gold glove this year?
Bartolo Colon deserves the Gold Glove award for Pitchers
If Tmac never got injured he would have been on that Super Bowl 62 roster and would have gotten a gold glove award 😕
does he have room on his mantle for his pending gold glove AND Silver Slugger Awards?
That segment is why Derek Jeter won his last gold glove & why Joe Nameth is in the Hall of fame.
Loonie is playing gold glove baseball tonight and now with a little blooper
When did Lonnie Chisenhall become a Gold Glove outfielder
Yet again going to sleep in a bad mood 😕
Notice the gold glove RF for the Cards camp under the ball, doesn't catch it on a jogging stride. Sprints and gets under.. not a coincidence
Just give Lonnie the f'n gold glove now!
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You don’t know the deal, you don’t know the drill when we in the field all my *** know when to kill
You don't know my struggle. You don't know my grind. You don't know the thoughts going through a *** mind
So you get the gold glove D at 2nd to pair with Russell and a pretty decent third baseman.
Watching the best shot of 2015 and hope they will give Pilar a gold glove for this season
He's a young, superb athlete with a super long stride, and Javy already looks like a *** Gold Glove at 3B
well if Rafael Palmeiro won a Gold Glove in 1999 starting only 28 games at first base...who knows
Why you gotta take so long to answer
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2 time gold glove 2 time Silver Slugger 5 time all star... But yeah I guess that's over rated right
If anyone gonna get me something for my birthday... You know what I want ⬇️⬇️
I'm really tryna get True Religion jackets, jeans, and belts 😪
Cespedes and Jackie Bradley Jr both in top 3 in Outfield assists in 2014 but Adam Jones won a Gold Glove, wasnt even top 10.
Jackie Bradley Jr didnt win Gold Glove last year because he didnt go to the playoffs last year like Adam Jones. Winning matters
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