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Going Out

Going Out was the first single to be taken from In It for the Money, the second album by Britpop band Supergrass.

Sneaky sneaky putting me in a new 12 month contract last Jan.. I will not be paying out £348! Complaint going in!!
CNN, devote 5 minutes each day to the story of "trump" starting with his effort to get out of going to military by claiming bad feet.
How can you look out for someone while there going through a break up
MY BABY DESERVES ALL THE OSCARS OUT THERE! This is going to be so freaking good. I am so proud!!
She likes going out to malls do grocery shopping. This reminded me of someone.😂😂😂😂
As a matter of a national emergency, States need to use paper ballots until we "can figure ou…
Tell me why I caught my daughter singing along to si no lo contesto by plan b that's no bueno lol reminds me of going ou…
Oh going to shout this from the rooftops right now too; she's not a classic centre forward but pop her out on the l…
Good morning kinksters it's going to be a beautiful day hope yours is to were of to the stables taking my horses out catc…
Concerts i'll consider going, panic! at the disco's and fall out boy's
Medicare freeze: 300,000 broke patients missing out on cancer scans | Daily Telegraph
Amazing looking kale going into today's hot lunch in Don't miss out!
Bruh if I text you and say I wanna hang out I'm obviously going to if you invite me, all I know is I be…
remember last offseason narrative that Westbrook was going to NY or la bc he liked fashion! Lol how did that turn out?
We've started planning.emails going out, calls being made.
thnx 4 the show plse run bygoing out to Jovy Nakintu .thnx
Pogba and Lukaku are going to blow Kane and Alli's handshake game out of the water next season. I'm predicting madness.…
Some thoughts about CNN: They spent months giving free air time to Trump when he was " going to destroy" the GOP. They drowne…
Oped points out how Pak gave stolen nuclear weapons technology to North Korea. Will impact US policy on both rogue stat…
When you going out and realize you forgot your gloves
Couole interesting horses going at haydock today vj day a war front horse and Royal parks a horse out of bated breath both should go well
I have just found your latest series of options it's what I have been trying figure out for 30mins. I'm…
"world's most handsome kim jaehwan, is going out, make a way" I HATE HIM WHY IS HE SO EXTRA
For any keen Osprey seekers out there today your best chance is this morning. Lots going on yesterday with 3 birds around but…
Sweetie morning 😘😘😘 sorry about your D going back to skool. You haff M to pester, sorry look out for!!! 😆👍
Oh geez...what did I miss? Is Josh voting Christmas out now? I had a feeling this was going to happen.
Coughing. Having to pee. Sneezing. Laughing. Sitting down. Lying down. Standing up. Going out. Breathing. Living. http…
Currently going 40 the whole way to work because my truck won't shift out of first. 🙃
NYC .House Party its Saturday.Street Racing.getting high Dinner.Going Out and more I still do it in No…
I'm listening to Going Out by Alex Bugnon on
The first contemporary art exhibition for dogs is opening in London | Arts | Going Out | London Evening Standard
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
AW16 Going Out looks at the press day today at the Sanderson Hotel.
Oh yeah, there’s a Steam sale going on still. Well, check out Party Hard ($3.22) if you enjoyed Hotline Miami. Similar style.
Going to Be sure to check out booth 4536 for some exciting…
Going out and about in Montana while wearing a blatant pro-RBG shirt makes me feel adventurous
If that man thinks I'm going to give birth to what will be our only child while Darryl changes tires on a forklift, he's out of his mind
It's clearly going to be too far to walk in the rain on Friday, so can we book a table for 7 for our staff night out at 5pm?
When you don't know what Is going on and don't care enough to find out.
idk, I'm not going without gabby or jaz so I'm waiting on them to find out
Don't be afraid to be open-minded, your brain is not going to fall out. ☝💪
When are you going to get out of the bottom of SEC-West? Win are you going to have a winning record in the SEC?
"Here's how I'm going to beat you. I'm going to out work you. That's it. That's all there is to it." -Pat Summit 🐐🏀🏆
Going to the Greeley Stampede? Check out this week's paper for an AWESOME pull out detailing the whole event! #
Just found out I'm going to Pennsylvania too, August just can't come any faster
Finally going to the stairs. Perfect day since it's not too hot out.
I must be going out tonight. I put make-up on n have curlers in my hair! 👗💄👠🚫 no high heels, of course!😜
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Hi! Going out with full product details at 12PM CST today!
it does! Going out for a run in a bit, so I get to do it twice in one day
What's wild is I never seen half these girls postin . Either they freshmen, going to HGTC,…
you going to suck whatever I pull out my bra
Come out to Trinity tomorrow at 6:30. We're going to share our experience we had in Costa Rica. It's going to be gr8
Typical of these players not to come forward and apologise to their fans. Ireland and Northern Ireland players on going out di…
bae: I'm going out . me: I know that's why I got dressed
I don't know what's going on between Oli and Hannah but they should figure it out behind closed doors
I'm not even going out today L o l smh
can I hang out with you, i'm going alone
People think I'm shallow cuz I'm always dressed like I'm going out to the club, but I gotta keep up cuz these new chicks popping up everyday
Shout out to my future husband cause I know I'm going to be a handful
Swear moe and I are going to end up losing out snapchat streak now that she in Mesa.🙄🙄🙄😪
If I'm going to be afraid of one movie it's "Lights Out"
It's all going to work out eventually.
Wednesday: Find out what the heck is going on with the Ethereum blockchain - Brooklyn
Parents: You always sleeping, go out. Me: Hey, I'm going out. Parents: *** you never stay home
Are we going to call up Owens for the 20th time and get surprised when he doesn't work out yet again? Make a trade. Sign a veteran pitcher.
Everything just works out better when no one knows what's going on
Everyone loves hearing those heart-warming stories in the news of how a business, or an individual, is going out...
I'm going to be a totally different person, and that's my goal, I want to feel better inside and out.
Going out tonight, changes into something red
All along I knew it was going to take something horrendous for him to go having not been sacked for going out in the group stages last time.
out to be a Bhakt . Why Palash going mad..don't know 
Massive protests erupt in Sopore, J&K. Find out what is going on
Bad idea going out w my coworkers last night 🤕😷
Going to walk to get a green juice then work out.
Here is the lineup! We're going all out on July 9, so get your tickets now at
Pro Tip: Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, it's just not going to work out.
I needa find out wen I'm going to 6 flags n who goin wit me🏁
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Roy Hodgson going out in disguise to avoid the media...
Going back to school in January I can't fade being out an entire year
Boy: Hey, i'm going out to buy baju raya. Girl: Oh okay, i'm going too. Boy: Going where?. Girl: Going to miss you.
One day im going to host a relationship coaching seminar and be "I want 90% of yall to get up & leave. That's how many of…
Still tryna figure out when hov going back on tour so i can act a fool
I'm supposed to be going with but trying to figure it out now
Fav line: H asking if he's coming out or going in standgin front of closet. And the way it's shot...
it was her idea. We all wanted out of the basement. He was "going" everywhere.
What's going on with Join the next to find out!
Active Duty Marine: "Everyone wants Trump, anyone who supports Hillary is just going to have a bad day out here" https:/…
I need to save money just in case this stadium tour thing is real. But Justin's merch comes out in a few days! OMG! I'm…
Hodgson not really going out with any dignity, is he?
What a cool way to end out the football season for 2015/16 with Ocean City PFC going fr...
Bigots and racists are not going to divide our nation. Speak up and speak out and let's protect our wonderful diverse c…
Going out in the rain to do 2 hours moving and handling training at work is not fun 😩😩😩
Being Hispanic means being told you're always in la Calle because you went out a week ago and you're going out again Today. 😂
. Is Brian Douch Smith going out there to cover the ziklympics?
Polls have closed on the internal PLP vote on Out exit poll is telling us. the conservatives are going to be th…
So Now the UK has lost its credit rating. Has financial shares plummeting. &is out EU. What currency…
It's best to tell white lies to my mum instead of the truth. I'm 29 and she doesn't like the idea of me going out of town tomorrow.
Going through my playlist and first 2 albums with could come out now and still be and relevant
Spending money like it's going out of style buddy
Figured out what I'm going to call my book. I've been calling it by the name all along, but i've finally decided to make it official.
MFS leave and walk out on me daily but when I'm really gone you going to be hurt I stg ☝️
I swear I hate meeting new people especially going out .. Lol like I knw we been texting or talking but still lol 😅
Going Out: Zayed Sports City is all about strikes and spares this ramadan
Sports Authority is having a 'Going Out of Business' sale at the perfect time.. boutta go snag some last minute gear for dad cheap
Going Out: Ramadan Bowling Tournament will bowl you over
I love Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Going Out of Business Sales, Holiday Sales, all types of sales.
Listening to Going Out of My Head by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 on
It must be my Billy Joe Shaver Revival Day - Fit to Kill and Going Out in Style via
Best things to do by the river in London this Spring | Great Days Out | Going Out | London Evening Standard
Our track Going Out was featured on today's edition of This Morning on ITV. Even Phillip Schofield introduced it!...
Street Feast: Dinerama and Hawker House night markets are back | Restaurants | Going Out | London Evening Standard
Going Out: Get close to the stars by volunteering at the HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship
"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot
Manchester! Going to get a ticket for T but as well when the next bunch on tickets come out
I wanted to go but the tickets sold out really fast 😥 But I'm definitely going to Justin's tour next year when he comes back 😍
I cannot be going out in public with my nail broken 😒
Well, for us was a huge success, really enjoyed it. It's going to be a slow day to day, I'm worn out!
Ik god got me and going put more opportunities out for me
I'm going to - Microsoft UK's annual business and technology conference. Find out more at
Tyler Hunt: "Once I get out there and have my opportunity, I’m going to take advantage of it every time."
Kinda feel like going out this weekend but no plans lol
seen on FF "Getmein had 1900 tickets up for sale at 9:30.Some selling 12 at a time.Nothing dodgy going on there at all."
"I'm going out" the male said putting his hood on and leaving, but he didn't leave the building
Going back to ABL for a minute, that strike em out throw emnout double play was dubious. So quit complaining!
The download went wacky (going over 100%) when i got an update for the game before the game was out after the console update
99.9% sure I will be at Control. Need to figure out a way down to Yost if I'm going to make it there
figured something out. The perks arnt random. You know what they are going to be by just buying the first door.
na cuz missed out. But Crowell and coffi playing in Sydney tonight. But I'm going Chinese to see habstrakt and Oski and hydro
I wish my life had background music so I could figure out what the *** is going on.
When the squad said they weren't going out tonight
I understand :) I mean plus the beta is still going, so there is time for you to try it out :)
that's ok then I'm not refereeing him. No going out tonight in Liverpool you two want you both in bed by 9.00pm
Can't make out what's going on here - but looks interesting...
I was serving dinner for us and she came downstairs and said, I'm going out
nice one there on out outing on . Watching u has given me hope that the youths are going to t…
When will I learn that going out on school nights is a stupid idea 😷
Going to the theatre? Why not to book a lovely dinner as well? A great ending to a fantastic day out.https:/…
just booked out. Tmr book in le sibei shag. Eh I going to be regular liao.
When she starts wearing more and going out less
One week to go! ! Don't miss out on our event! FREE tickets still available but going fast!
Going on a flight? Find out the tips recommends to make your flight awesome
We're going out tonight and I need to finish this project proposal asap *** no choice but to bring my laptop with me 😭💔
What is going on with our injuries? Bellerin now confirmed out for the NLD. Year after year with the same issue and we haven't resolved it.
Shout out to the boys basketball team for going 2-0 w/ a big 46-35 win over Kannapolis
For anyone having a hard time right now--realize everything is going to work out & will fall into place. Just think po…
Kinda going out later. Chicken don't care! :D
I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive
In going to write a list and sort my life out
This me going to bed early thing isn't working out...
He is going all out for the number 1 spot is our
Make time for a session each morning. Refer to your Master List and pick out the things you're going to get done that day.
lmao eff it I'm just going to go out running 😂
Website Builder 728x90
to think I was going to tell you both off. If he makes breakfast like that you can go out anytime!
I'm going to sleep because I can't handle this. I feel so left out😪😓.
I don't know why I continue going to business when I got kicked out🙃
I'm not going out in public with you if you wear one of these 😂😂😭😭
Talkin poo online. I'm in giddy mode now. Am going out, to strut my stuff. And i might get followed. I'm so tired though.
If the plan is "eat pancakes now figure out life later" then yes everything is going according to plan
Curious about the Artist reveals Its Soon going to be out 😍
Really sorry my FFs are not going out properly but I'm plodding on LOL Xx
Please check out my music on youtube. Going to send you a music video now. 5 days sober mate as well☺
When your mother is going out with your boyfriend. Okay ma 🤔
So guess what? This guy might be going to Dreamhack as well \o/. Going all out until the end of the year 😎🙌
Be careful if going home tonight by train after night out
Imagine getting out of Alas, going through LV, and getting into VS
'The issue here is patients are vulnerable, the problem is going out of all proportion' Dr. James Gray consultant in emergency medicine
No even going to panic about T tickets the now, doubt weekend camping will sell out, only Friday day will imo featured in NBC s Science of Love
going out to meet some friends and thought I'd make an effort lol xx
Our 5Ld hedging packs are going out next week!
I love going to school discos. You get to hang out with kids while dancing like a complete *** with no judgement.
Going to feel left out a lot this year x
ARE YOU GOING TO SEE James Bond 007 SPECTRE?. Make sure you keep an eye out for very talented actor Nigel Barber...
I can already tell I'm going to need looking after like a grandparent that's on their way out today
A mahoosive going out to our friends - one week today!
Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 showcases global electronic music culture at its very best
scorecard:. controls 33 governorships out of 50. controls 68 of 99 State Houses . KEEP IT GOING
How is it going? Hanging out with Big Sheep. Teufel went to work today.
stream is still going.. come check out some BO3 action!
I used to be crazy. I'm not anymore. Spazz out for what? Too many great things going on. What's meant to be will be. Live i…
Going Out on a Limb. by: Bob Gass. ' everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even...
Going Out on a Limb - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed.” Lk...
Going Out on Dinner ? Want to look Perfectly Amazing ? This is something that will make you standout shop
Chefs spurn city centre for taste of the suburbs - Restaurants - Going Out - London Evening Standard
China is serious about companies entering overseas markets this time: 'Going Out' 2.0 is not only about the Silk Road
Going Out: The 11th edition of at . this weekend. .
they smashed it so hard out of the studios they are going to dredge the Thames
Check out what I've got going on my you might find what you've been looking for. . .
them where I'm going and refusing to look at my booking print-out. I'll take the train next time. 2/2
*liam & zayn in the bathroom*. liam: uhmm, can you go out of the bathroom? Im going to take a bath. zayn: i wont mind, you kno…
Not getting out of bed and going to school, I refuse.
Going out have to do somethings. Same old
Hello still shocking 4G download speeds in Hull City Centre. Are you actually going to sort it out sometime?
that makes perfect sense! I feel mad going when it's 2 weeks till we go away🙈 at least you won't be missing out☺️ xx
HOLY MACARONI! Check out what's going on at Giggijoch by the Snowpark Sölden right now! What will it be, once its...
Declan's going out in a spiderman costume😂
And I'm going to pretend the word "rent" didn't just come out of my moms mouth because that's the last thing she will be getting off me 😂
I'm trying to watch only a little news. Like eating one chocolate from the box. You find out what's going on without getting fat.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I was feeling risky, clicked on the "Adult" channel. Turns out it's just people going to work, doing dishes/ laundry, a…
I'm going to be a mess when justin meets fans here when I'm out of the country 😥
Yay! A day where a) I am going outside of my apartment b) it is sunny outside. I get to bust these out!
It's funny how best friends always end up going out 😅😂
If the married Men won't desist from going out with our girlfriends, then it will be no sin if we go out w…
People were snapping up pairs at a time so was flooding out the door - hopefully have a few more going in future
I can get out of bed early just fine, it's the thought of actually going to geology that makes my morning difficult.
Today in noon dont sleep but get ready...going out:-)
Yeah… I bet this book is going to rip my poor little heart out! . First Sergeant Gale...
kinda always going out of my way to make you happy and this is what I get..
When your barber finds out you're going somewhere else
Sorry for the delay. The next wave of email invites going out in about 2 hours. Will try to update when they are …
~slid on his knees, going past him. He then stood behind his husband. "How heat seeking are these?" He asked out of breath.
T.O.P 150401 Incheon Airport going to USA + look out for GD, Seungri, Daesung --- Daesung and T.O.P holding Hands ♥
Next E-news going out later today. You can sign up here
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Thought today, everything is going to be okay. Till' it turns out wrong.
Travel, travel, travel!. Manager Michael Rosenberg heads out today to NYC for a meeting before going to Atlantic...
Meanwhile, ADG needs to figure out something that works really quickly or they're done tonight. I recommend going back to the Ryze.
He's already got the tattoo! . Anyone else thinking that Ben Cousins is going out in a Ned Kelly style, blaze of glory?
I won't be about saturday cos I'm going to reading. But going out Saturday night at home cos it's my brothers birthday
If I revise for an hour now I won't feel so bad about going out later 😛
The mining industry has a resource problem - the fire is going out and we haven’t yet had our s’mores. .
Only had 1 day without any one coming over or going out 😂🔫
Today is going to be a horrible day I can't believe imnow finding this out. Pls Spencer
The Meister is going to test out his soon to be pet. He came up to her; wounded and covered in quite the amount of blood. "Yo!"
I'm turning 21, and yes I still ask my parents permission before going out. Because permission is like part of blessing…
VA: Going Out???: Anyone going to try fishing today??? If so, good luck and enjoy
Lee Mack: Not Going Out not going on? (From East London and West Essex Guardian Series)
When you don't feel like going back out to get food 😩😩 cereal it is i guess 😧😳
I'm going out like I don't have work at 7:30 tomorrow morning.
Going to the lost dogs home! To think it was all gonna be thrown out too!
Slowik on CPTVSports: “Everyone’s telling us Shelton’s going to kick the crap out of us. I beg to differ …I think we have a chance”
More on the cat cafe coming to Thanks and
You better acca-believe I will be going to see Pitch Perfect 2 as soon as it comes out
Scratch that I'm not going out until I get my new whip and pimp it out
I feel like going out today but no one's free 😪
This thanksgiving break is going to be FRIKEN awesome. Groove is coming out tonight and matt is posting a you tube video. And I get food.
Got out of work hours early what is going on
God is at work in your life right now. He is directing your steps. What you thought was a setback is going to turn out t…
She take pride in going out getting holla'd at and saying nah
I complain about being bored but I don't like parties or going out in general so really I don't have a problem with it
Looks like everyone but me is going out tonight.
My brother before going out: "Alright lay it down girl spit that game tonight" 😂 yep we're definitely related
every girl you ever met was to easy to forget, well I ain't going out like that
My left side feels so heavy, feet ain't steady. Feel like my heart is giving out. How come I'm so hard headed?-Going Under🚣
Going out wit my cousins tonight .. It's been awhile because i don't even go out no more
It's going down 2maro you'll be a fool to miss out cash give aways bottle give aways Louie Bag give away bout 30 bottles
I like simple little dates not going all out like legit I'd be cool with renting some movies from Redbox and getting pizza
me too! Today I went to the hospital and I had a serious flu going around, I was Supposed to Hang out with people..
Out wid boo so my phone going off for the night😘
I think I am going out tomorrow, if I take a shot of tequila I will send you a picture if I do.
Probably as they do give it out tomorrow at the tennis center. I really think this rain is going to be problematic.
Wow, I didn't think that play was going to work out. Nice work by Gortat to follow through on the feed from Wall.
Get On Up is out in the UK this weekend. Let me know what you think if you’re going to see it! http:…
and the going to OT tied at 3... Jackets need to pull this one out... Got to get out of this hole!!
The bears better watch out tomorrow morning for the firing squad is going into the woods
We going out before Christmas its a must
*brushes teeth before going out*. Thinking to self: I am truly a man of the times.
I'm pretty sure the only reason I like watching cops is bc I can pass out and wake up and still know what's going on.
👋👋👋👋 I asked Za for you today when I seen him😊 but I'm going out to eat
Guys vs. girls going to the toilet on a night out...
Check out what's going on as people arrive! Use
Going out but not getting cute , a hat & some jeans .. Pretty much basically 🙌
s/o to Emma's dad for going out to get me a shake 😳🙌😂
Well, let me know where u going at least. . Don't disappear till we leave the nailshop if u come out here
“When you try to sneeze but it won't come out IM GOING TO HURT U😂😂😂
Just for that, I'm going to come walk in and out of your theater.
Since I'm not going out, i want to talk on the phone with oomf
These are the thank you gifts going out to truckers and people, mostly children showing politeness or using ma...
Beyonce 7/11 video about to have Doubletrees sold out because all you chicks going to reenact it for the gram.
I am going to find out whether I'll solve the whereabouts of
S5E19 LMAO going out in style as always ….. oh man that was funny
Official video for Going Out Of My Head by Fatboy Slim Subscribe to Skint Records TV at: Find out more about Skint Records here: http:/...
Double smoked Kielbasi smoked with apple wood going out the door soon as we make it.
I always wait for a while to post big news updates. We have a big one now! Luke has been slowly working his way towards solid food for a few months now. His wheelchair has helped tremendously, and we have even practiced going out to restaurants with it. The last few weeks, Luke has tried bigger and bigger bits of food, culminating in a Luke-appropriate practice Thanksgiving! He had chicken for the first time, and he did really well. We have now moved on to hamburger with ketchup, chicken pot pie, and this week he'll get Colonel's fried turkey! We are only slightly modifying the chunk size, so he can eat anywhere with us (if I bring the chopper in my purse). We went out to eat with family and he got his own plate at the buffet. Such a big step!
Briana and Payton going out to celebrate
Somone is getting mad..cuz im going out.. Poor irma😢jiji
Friday, November 21, 2014 Our Father, we come to you this evening as your Prayer Warriors here on earth, asking that you hear our prayers for those who are sick or just in need of prayer. Lord we know that you have said where 2 or more are gathered there you will be also. We may not be gathered together physically but we are spiritually, so we ask that you be with us. Prayer Warriors it is now time to join our hands to paws to ask the Lord to grant our prayers. Lord, we ask that you put your protective shield around the families and animals in the path of the lava in Hawaii. Keep them all safe from harm. We ask that you guide the lava in the least destructive path. Surround all those in danger with your angels. We ask this in your precious name. We ask that you give each member of the loved ones’ family peace and comfort in the knowledge that their loved one is safe with you in Paradise. Lord, we ask that you comfort this grieving family as they come to terms with tragedy and learn how to go on without ...
Fashion Show Time! Kate tolerated me trying on a couple of "rain jackets" - since she is such a DIVA when it comes to going out in the rain. After trying on two jackets (one is reversible - so that was 3 wardrobe changes) she retreated to her "you can't see me" spot in the kitchen! She is just so so precious and makes me smile all the time when I'm around her! (Barb's in love with her also. Barbara Sutherland
Going out tonight what's everyone doing
So I got me a babysitter!! This over worked over tired mama is going out! Thank you to my cousin and her beautiful wife for giving me the break that I so desperately need!! Going to paint the town purple tonight!!
Ok, Randy got his CSHO ( certified saftey and health official) today we were going out to eat, so I put make up on... Nothing major... Ya'll know me pretty natural. Arri did not notice me and started crying over and over until I took my makeup off... Yep officially a house mom
I've thought about it this evening, just can't remember going out to eat with the family when I was younger, unless we were going on vacation. I guess the earliest I remember eating out was when I was a junior or senior in high school, and that was with friends, and that wasn't much. I do remember the first time I went to Buck's Grill in Mooresburg, best hamburger I had ever eaten. Just random thoughts, I guess we couldn't afford it, or that was just something we didn't do. Mike and I were talking about it tonight. He said they came in and worked until dark, and then they would eat, and then he and friends would go to Herb Gilliam's store and hang out. Those my age.did you eat out a lot?
Netflix is sooo much better than going out and pretending to like people.
Decoys, calls, guns, waders, shells, boat, Mojo's, bologna, more decoys ... humm & alarm set for 3am... that sums it up. Good luck to everyone going out in the morning and be SAFE!
When you are diagnosed with cancer you get a Make A Wish trip. Unfortunately Make A Wish does not account for those that have a relapse. You only get one trip. Thank goodness for the Marty Lyons Foundation. Tomorrow the Marty Lyons Foundation is providing Connor and family with a 2nd wish. We will be skiing in Winter Park Colorado for the week. Connor has been sick all week and is still trying to overcome a very bad sore throat but nothing will stop in. He is so excited about going out to Colorado and having some fun. Pictures will be posted all week.
Happy Friday !!! This is so much better then going out lol aunty Layla & my baby boy having fun☺️☺️
The past few weeks have been some of the darkest days I have ever faced. I cannot describe the depression and despair that I have been through. I have been seeing my self dying, I have seen myself taking my own life as if in a dream, but it was a day dream. Some of my family and friends were cheering me on ... I tried to pray for myself and my prayers seemed to only go to the ceiling and no farther. It seemed that there was a wide chasm between me and my Lord that I could not cross. I have been through all kinds of emotions in the middle of this. It was as though I was in a dark room that I had never been in before and I was stumbling over things that I could not see. I could not express my grief, depression, nor despair because no one was there. If you have never experienced deep depression, this seems trivial and as no big deal. If you have experienced deep depression, then you know the agony that grips your heart and soul until you want to die or for anything to happen that will stop the agony, lonenes ...
Am I being punked? Why is it so stinking hard with 70+% unemployment to find someone who will stand around and actually guard your property. I'm going out of my mind!
So P.S. My Ohio friends!!! This girl will be in town tomorrow so who the *** is going out with me tomorrow night?
wd~50's Going Out with Themed Ticketed Dinners; Empellon Al Pastor to Start Delivery on Monday
Billy Joe Shaver - Fit to Kill and Going Out in Style (Houston 09.27.14) HD: via
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