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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

May God Lee Greenwood Happy Birthday Semper Fi Happy Easter American Sniper Nigerian Armed Forces Toni Morrison Christ Jesus

One day you may have a nap of 24 hour's but probably woke up very tired... Have a beautiful night God Bless you always & 4 everπŸ˜‡
We're sorry to hear about the golden circle tickets, we would still love to see you there! God Bless!
Yes Ive thought about that,may lightening strike again,America cant hold out much longer.God Bless the USA.
My thoughts for Steve Byrnes are of a Great Personality in the garage area enjoy watching Nascar and listening to him talking with all the drivers I wish him a Great recovery and my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Get Well Steve everyone is praying for you. God Bless
Happy 100th birthday, Billie Holiday! From "God Bless the Child" to "Strange Fruit", "Lady Sings the Blues"...and... ht…
Lauren Hill helped God Bless her for her bravery and sharing her love.
Special shout out good luck today hope you find some good form leading up to South African champs!! God Bless you :)
Can't wait to read Toni Morrison's latest "God Bless the Child" But in the meantime let this video soothe you...
Try Lagunitas IPA, Hope to see you both at the Wells Fargo, God Bless!
Happy Birthday to my Fav Actrist, Kristen Stewart.. hopely the best for you.. God Bless..
You're an inspiration,Babs xx The Beatty Family will love these beautiful pics.God Bless you.
Hi Daniel! Hope you are having a great day today and God Bless you as always:-)
May you Rip a Nail and Get a Farmers Tan. God Bless.
aww thanks for following. Am so honored. God bless :)
yesterday in London , My rock kids ,God bless you all
there is Talat sahab too. Thanks for sharing sir. God bless u.
May God bless and rest the souls of those who died in the
No need for thanks It is our duty towards our country and countrymen. God bless your child - our young cit…
God bless. Do have a splendid day. Morning Good morning great people.
thanks and God bless you Pat for the Rt. I appreciate it. :)
Missing my family today... Spent today with my LA fam. God bless everyone! Happy Easter!! πŸ™πŸ’œ
Thank you Drew, God bless you brother.
Many congratulations! The shooting of MSG sequel is ended and wrapped up. God bless u all
Very Very happy Gurgaddi divas.God bless u all
Dear someone says: You have gorgeous eyes and smile, i'm in love with you, you're amazing, god bless you.
Happy Birthday 😚 hope you have a fun filled day, God bless you x
The Love of God changes the hearts of man, bless Jesus
So says every Aus this time of year, as we shuffle around in our Uggs. God bless Dad. Yours, not *g* (well him too)
"good morning and bless you for following" God bless you too x
My hats off to the uce. God Bless'm πŸ‘πŸ‘
waaah Happy Birthday papa kak veπŸ™ˆ. May God always bless him and family❀️
πŸŒ€πŸ’€ you just disappeared out of nowhere lol. & *** your a babe 😏 your such an airhead πŸ˜‚ God bless the streets when your behi…
But guess what, someone is always watching. God bless the man who recorded on his phone or we'd never know the truth
I arranged for Timi to sing this to you (😜). 'cos I dunno how else to repay you. Thank you thank you. May God bless you.
I believe in Nigeria our diversity & Unity, we are a great people and a great nation God bless Nigeria
Smh "alright Gbabo "Drogba is a national hero. God bless him.""
The legend Bruce lee in boxing. God bless Pacman
God bless you and God bless Nigeria. I need to rest now ☺️
Happy Birthday ~ May you continue to touch our hearts with your songs β™₯ God Bless ! htt…
Mr. Fahad itni details I am honestly flattered =). Thank you. May God bless you
Hi ,. This is what I managed to sum up when I think about you and how grateful I am. God Bless you. http:/…
Thank god for the person who recorded that police man who shoot an un-armed man 8 times. Praying for the family who lost their son god bless
God bless You!!! I thought I should share this viewpoint. Open to discussion. . No hate on my TL
God bless you for your love and amazing support. We are very grateful.
Happy Birthday you are such an amazing woman God bless u on this day and have so much fun
You will not know why God is blessing you,he's blessing you to bless people
domain names
Get rid of excuses. Stay open to new ideas&new ways of doing things. This is ur time to shine. God bless All Of You. In The …
A very Happy Easter to you n all at home! God bless!. All happiness..!
Happy Birthday God bless ur new age.. Great is a great man!! Respect to dat brilliant biochemist!!
just keep calm I love you mijo God bless you
Having faith in GOD is symbol that you have faith in you Happy Navratri.. God Bless all
John God has gifted you to write. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. God Bless and keep you!
Jerry took me for breakfast and the lady infront of us paid for our order . God Bless this Town ❀️
Good morning... Now let's all eat there is plenty enough out there for all of us.God Bless
Finally, I congratulate Nigerians for a peaceful and historical election. God bless us all. God Bless the Federal Republic …
Wishing all my Brother's and Sister's a very blessed and safe God Bless to one and all.
Jesus is alive! Happy resurrection Sunday to all our amazing volunteers and friends God Bless.
Good Morning Katy Perry I love you with all my heart God Bless you with all heavens gifts forever Happy Easter in Jesus Name AMEN
.As I get ready to pin this Billy Graham is praying the sinners prayer.God Bless
Holy smokes You are God Bless you and your family.
GM, lets not forget Jesus, on Good Friday, & everyday, God Bless
Tomorrow 8:30 p.m. Tune in to POP RADIO Rev. Tablazon's recorded message about Resurrection...Thank you for tuning in God Bless you. :)
Hi there I'm from Philippines, a member of ashtar command crew, It's my first time to listen to your station. God Bless
Siobhan Magnus performs "God Bless the USA" with the Cape Cod Symphony Youth Orchestra.
Happy Birthday!! u guys did a great job last night. Daniel I hope u feel better. And May God Bless u
love to come to the grand old opry . But never have the money to. God Bless
"Ephesians 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ. God Bless!
God Bless the Asiwaju of Africa. Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his vision for a better Nigeria and not Yoruba land alone
HAPPY MONDAY-MONDAY: God Bless you all, it's HOLY WEEK, be good, forgive if you can, and above all be grateful for y…
SEA RAVEN PRESS: Eradicating Yankee mythology, Northern lies, and anti-South propaganda one book at a time. God Bless the South!
Gorgeous Palm Sunday morning here on the farm. . Find somewhere today . God Bless. Good Palm Sunday
God Bless a man that stands up for the word of God. Pray for him people support him!!! Amen
Paul, my new song release is Bebop Rockin! in film about Miles Davis Thanks! your friend and fan! God Bless! Louie James.
Shout out to you and the whole Russ Parr Morning show. Entertaining. But please read a book. God Bless ur black sons. 😘
Pls look at I'm a Bossier City gal & I normally wouldn't dream of sending you this. TY & God Bless! Fan!
This is the single greatest magazine article I have ever read. God Bless you
"My respects to all friends, confusion to all enemies. God Bless you" -William B Travis …
Vet won't see my cat Baby until bill paid in full. Please help! my email at yahoo will give you Docs info. She is my Life. God Bless you.
About to go back to hiding until this mixtape is finally complete. God Bless!
I'd like to thank my Father Jesus Christ The Lord Almighty for this. Amen. God Bless.
Deadly Sins hit a homerun with the Rae Carruth story. What a waste of life ,God Bless the Adam's family.
"India will watch the best Love saga everπŸ˜™ God Bless you
love this message I've watched it several times Occupy all streets good way to live God Bless you 😊
Happy Birthday to USA Air Force Chuck Yeager! (*_*). The "Fastest Man Alive" turns 92 today!. God Bless our Military! http:/…
Pastor, my name is Andrew Brown from SA, kindly pray for deliverance in my life, nothings going right in my life. God Bless
As an American I send my congratulations! I also am so deeply sorry that our President has treated you so poorly! God Bless!
We here at Uncle Sam love our United States of America! God Bless the Marines,Navy,Army and Air force! Semper Fi~ Kill ISIS or Die!
WOW😻❀️ I love this! Would mean a lot if you checked out my version God Bless xxx
Thank you Keith. Sports injuries bring more than just physical pain. I'm thankful for John's recovery. God Bless you
May God bless you, and hopefully show you His love and mercy.
God bless that blonde girl for throwing shade at natalia
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Good Morning Steven, how are you today. Have a blessed week, God bless you. :)
Coats are separate thing. And underwear too. That's not included. Love you adore you all! God bless you all! Kiss X
R.I.P A brave woman who was brutally murdered by israel on this day 12 years ago. God bless
I was just praying it wasn't someone that knew me πŸ˜‚ thank god it was just an old lady lmao bless her soul
Good morning, good vibes, God bless!
the Nashville campus? I thought I saw you! That's so awesome! God bless you ma'am 😊 and keep up the great work on your music!
God bless the broken road that led William Makepeace Thackeray to write Vanity Fair.
We attrack what we're ready for. Good morning everyone! God guides your life and bless you all.
HAPPY BIRTH DAY ! :). Continue inspiring others and a blessing to everyone. God bless. :)…
Do you believe that Detroit is and the 70"s in March. God is good, God BLESS You.
woke up to the link in my email. God bless my Bro ! πŸ™Œ
God bless him. Leaving me alone and defenseless in a cemetery. What a guy.
You know you have my support. You'll always have it. Wounded soldier now needs to rest. God bless you all
Sometimes God has to break you down to bless you up.
You never know who God has sent your way to bless you or test you.
All purpose parts banner
please do your part in studying. and God will do the rest. May God bless you.
Relax and take rest, May God bless Anna with long life, stay at Ramlila Maidan and pray peacefully:
Thank you for the follow and God bless.
Good night all of u n God bless u all
hello dear followers wisch you have a nice Monday afternoon god bless its a new week to my special friends schannon the band beyond driven
is sexy..omg!!Keep doing what you doing. God Bless.πŸ’‹
Happy Happy Birthday to the Ah-Mazing Superwoman Director of Communications & Development at
Good Morning Lori, how are you today. I'm proud of you, you are doing a excellent job. God bless you. :)
Thank you for following, It has been a long night trying clear up the CLUTTER Mail on my iPhone, God Bless, I'm going to bed😎😴😴
God bless the man who decides to marry my psycho *** one day. xo
Our love goes out to you Beverly and family. We know God has and will continue to bless you in your lives.
Happy Holi all of u.God bless u all
that's great lots of love God bless you & your family
Thank you AIPAC. Thank you America. God bless you all.
β€œ"5sos got slimed in KCA promo video yaaas . YASS” GOD BLESS AMERICA
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
that's great take your mind off chemo while u focus on your son. I've already said paryers for u and the family God Bless you
In times of war, citizens unite but some of our unpatriotic brothers think otherwise. God bless our troops; God bless Nigeria!
😍 so glad to see you both together again. May God bless your friendship with many more years and …
I love Awujale of ijebu land!Dese ar d kind of pple we want n high position in Nigeria! God bless Oba (Dr.) Sikiru KayodeAdetona, Ogbagba II
Karen Lewis is a champ and handed us over to a good leader, Chuy Garcia. Even when sick, Karen cared. God Bless.
Glad to have a new Sister/Friend in Christ Jesus. He made us all unique according to His purpose. God Bless you Helen!
Keep your head up Tyler. Your brother is still with you. God Bless.
This is just so sweet and awesome! I hope you can help more people. God Bless you guys!
I added a video to a playlist God Bless the Child - Babalwa Tshula, SA National Youth Orchestra
Thank you for your services and please thank your family. God Bless.
Thank you Team Impact for following me. It is a great honor to allow me to be apart of your world. God Bless & Thank you.
Two men you move the lu vessel of many people in the world .we love Charles Blake and Barack Obama. ...God Bless
Thank you Municipality of Nueva Ecija for Purchasing 2 units of Isuzu Forward Dump Truck. May God Bless today and...
M2 = Sustainable- Healthy Eating/Living has a Higher Purpose. Like an athlete trains, so must the student of life. God Bless.
Beloved of God I pray this documented biblical information will serve you well. God Bless.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Beloved of God, I humbly pray this enlightening information will serve you well. God Bless.
God Bless you for supporting this bill. My father is 87, a veteran & proud Merchant Marines. What can I do?
Selma then and Now. God Bless the leadership of Dr.Jamal Bryant.
and call local shelters check they website and humane society in u area God Bless β€οΈπŸΎπŸ™
I wanted to say a Special Thank You to for all Your Hard Work & Sacrifice you showed to us in God Bless
Happy Women's Day to all those gorgeous and lovely women I know! Loads of love! God Bless you! More power to us! Keep on smiling! :)
Thank you so much! That really means everything to us, we are so grateful! Thank you, God Bless! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’–
Photo: God Bless you all (at Sto. Nino de Mactan Parish Church)
have a nice day everyone God Bless @ Sto. Nino de Mactan Parish Church
enjoy Texas you deserve it all God Bless
thanks for the follow! God Bless the great state of Texas & Texans, got a spot in my heart for all of you
The spirit of those that stood strong at the Battle of the Alamo 179 yrs ago has been carried forth. God Bless …
GM Sgt My pleasure and will always be, God Bless πŸ™ ❀ Semper Fi 🌟
Finally - good news. I'm doing the same thing. Enjoy the night and have fun. God Bless - Semper Fi! :)
Semper Fi πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ God Bless all Our Men and Women who Protect and Serve πŸ™
God Bless you Pastor JOHN yes praying for Israel and they have a blessed day PURIM God is on their side
Just realised that Karen Carpenter would have been 65 on Monday. Am now playing her. Greatest vocalist ever. God Bless.
I'm a Theta Xi, Yankee fan and father of two with one on the way. Thank you for the great response and fatherhood. God Bless!
R.I.P. Sarah Jones. Keep it safe. God Bless the state of Georgia.
Salve Regina is wonderful! How very thrilling to be going there AND play ball. God Bless
25yrs ago today, Rest In Peace Jason Baker & Wendy Cleaton, thought of often, never forgotten, God Bless you
Karl Frampton- incredible!! Says it was easy! That's 2 out of 3. Now Ireland v England. Hi to Kathy Taylor watching in Bray. God Bless!!
Lee Greenwood singing his God Bless the USA at ha…: LSU band halftime 2007
Your new Baby Girl is Adorable, God Bless her. Congratulations Ron to you and Mrs.Killings.
God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood: 😊 Have a great weekend & thanks as always for the great info😊
*Starts set with Turn Down For What which slowly fades into Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA.*
Gud Morning star! Start your day with smile! Have a beautiful and fantastic day! God Bless you always Vin!😘 Love you!😘
I woke up with Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" stuck in my head. If there's a more sinister omen for the rest of a day, I don't know it.
Happy Birthday to my Lovely Mother .. God Bless you Mom .. We Love you 😘😘😘 (with Apri, Ardy, and 6 others) [pic] β€” http…
God Bless you Steve. We miss you and pray for you each week at Church men's meeting.
Hamilton Collection
Advance Happy Birthday Neng May your Special Day filled with Love and Happiness. Love you & God Bless.
God Bless our πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Families . May they all find peace & comfort β€πŸ™
HELP SUPPORT IN MEMORY OF KEVIN ALLEN BOUMONT by Jamar Thomas Kevin will be truly missed. God Bless. DONATE
Welcome Tami & TY 4 serving our country! God Bless you in your struggle against Hodgkins Lymphoma!
God Bless roommates who do packy runs & Jackie Chan - christening the new living room with a little…
Preach assistant Pastor Rogers!! God Bless you and ur Word. We need You
Congrats on your award tonight at the Trumpet Awards you really deserve it all the great work you do. God Bless you.
God Bless the United States and all the men and women who sail in harm's way.
Good morning Vic 🍡😎 Have a Purrfect day and TGIF weekend πŸ˜½πŸ’™ Be Safe and God Bless you and your family πŸ‘ͺ always 😺
Mad respect for Rene and his work ethic! Hard working young man! God Bless! Jim in Minneapolis
At Daytona Budweiser Duels 2015 with Deb, Morgan, Ian, Mark Lewis and friends. God Bless you all
I got some for you bro! New track I think you would really like! God Bless
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ "Congrats to the newly finished batch that served Nigeria. I pray you guys get Job soon. God Bless America."
I'm just going to throw it in the pot.. Happy Birthday bro, i hope yu have a good day today! Love you God bless
And this concludes our 50 year celebration! What a day at the Madison Square Post Office. God bless America and God bless you.
β€œHappy Birthday to famz god bless aye thanks fams, lol where's this pic from?
Just saw a report alleging the passing of your husband. I am so very sorry for you Mike. God bless you both.
The season thst God reveals the who and what behind the scenes.God bless. He does nothing unless HE reveals to His servants the prophets
God bless America. Thank you to all who serve! (Skaggston, Tennessee)
Hi 🐼. I hope you're. having a great day . sorry for spam but. πŸ‘‰ your follow will be the. biggest gift ever πŸ‘ˆ. God bless youπŸ‚. 4.880
For all the service men who fought on Iwo Jima I thank you for your sacrifice. God Bless all of you.
Thanks to Daily Graphic...K2P has been featured in today's edition, ppg 53. Bless God !
Greetings to you man of God. I pray that God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus name
God bless those ladies with big booty
Respect for the follow! Keep up the good work, loving your music bro. God bless..
Want to take time out of my day to thank God for all that he has blessed me with and will bless me with πŸ’›πŸ’›
And a great big thankeee right back atcha, friend! πŸ™‹God bless!
God bless you when he made me. I mean he blessed me when he made you. πŸŽ‰Happy Birthday🎊 boo I luv πŸ˜™you
*** god bless all y'all that go thru this "Bro we barbecue in this weather
Co"God bless you front and back"Funny enough I asked my boyfriend out... It's been 2 years now... 😍😍😍""
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
God bless the homeless out there battling these frigid temps
hello we just his fans is called Brillian, u can follow him n , n check his other cover. God bless from UK
Birdie Please don't worry about it you said NOTHING for anyone to get Upset over! God Bless
Help someone in need and God will bless you
God bless Lupe & David for creating such a wonderful child inside and out
People prefer to have Swine Flu spreading and don't appreciate our Cleanliness drives,God Bless them!
God bless , , and for the presents πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
That's a special gift... . Strategic, Innovative and full of ideas! . God bless my Governor in waiting.
- Thank you so much for your help.God bless you.
Talkin Ball won't be the same without you J! RIP to Jerome Kersey ...God Bless! πŸ˜ͺ
Who ever fall in love with me β€οΈπŸ‘« . God Bless πŸ‘Ό You it's Gonna Be The Hard Time in Your Life πŸ˜’.
God Bless and God bless Judge Andrew S Hanen federal judge who halted illegal immigration by executive order of the golfer in chief
Cowboys fan that saw you on HGTV. Are you Mel Blount's son? The resemblance is there. Great player. God Bless, have a good one!
Toni Morrison's short story "Sweetness" in is breathtaking: Excerpt from new novel "God Bless the Child."
Support the big homie and go get that ep! God Bless man, pray The Lord guides and blesses your tremendously!
God Bless the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces taking justice to Boko Haram. We are in your debt
God Bless the Nigerian Armed Forces and that of Niger,chad and Cameroon.
It was convicting and encouraging to hear you in Great Falls, God Bless you. we were really challenged.
Iona 70-67 with 4.9 left. Who to watch on MAN is at God Bless
1:13 left, IONA 65-63. Manhattan ball. Who I am rooting for is at God Bless
TV Time-out with 10:22, IONA 51-46. For who to watch go to God Bless
I'm proud to say you're my hero and my role model! You've had a huge impact on my life. God Bless
Pat Tillman would have been 38 years old today. God Bless him!
God Bless and honor You sir. You've shown courage by doing the right thing in our flawed system.
Red White and Blue, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Military Tribute Stand up and salute. And enjoy this video God Bless the USAπŸ‘βš“οΈ
God Bless the African National Congress.. May we rule till Jesus returns.
Heartbroken over the news of Bob Simon's passing. I was always starstruck each time I walked by him in the office. Such an icon. God Bless.
From the fam Tru-Vision Management we hope you all had a blessed and prosperous day and May God Bless each of you...
We're 46% there! God Bless each and every one of you.
Beautiful, so powerful... We have watched it many times and we cry each time! God Bless
good for you! Never been a demon I had to battle but have some near me do so. God Bless you each day!
Thank you sa pag hatud King. God Bless.. β€” traveling to Sogod, Southern Leyte
Now that "Wanna Be Country" is out, use it to try to get a gig at The Greenbrier Classic Concert Series. Good exposure God Bless
Good Morning Albania! Waving from Southern Tier of NY. Thank you for the follow. God Bless and be safe! :-)
Good Morning Sami Sis .. hope you are fine ..have a great Sunday .. relax and be happy .. God Bless you and your family..
To God's prayer Warriors please pray for me and my wife Janet going thru Trails Financial and health issues thank you. God Bless all
Once again thank you for your time and for reading this. God Bless, Marcellus Preston from Students Helping Honduras
This is just too wonderful for words...Thanks & God Bless to all who helped this man.
what a wonderful man good luck to you both God Bless xxx
πŸ™‹ The Green Ranger was my favorite! I was 8 when the Power Rangers was on 😝God Bless πŸ™
You'll both enjoy Shaun Maloney He played for my beloved team Celtic here in Glasgow Superb player God Bless
I added a video to a playlist Lee Greenwood-God Bless the USA-Live in 1985
Right now, there's a man wearing a fedora doing a graffiti painting set to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA." I'm thoroughly confused.
God Bless the Patriot Guard! I've "stood" myself a few missions. Such honor, pride and humility it brings.
thank you for including me. God Bless.
If what I just saw was true Praying we've all made mistakes growth comes in all ways God Bless. Thankful you are being helped.
. we all r praying for her.'ll be all right...God Bless !!!
praying for you guys as you perform on the Today Show this morning. God Bless you as you reach others for Him.
"Thank you for visiting Adamson University!!! Continue to inspire other people.God Bless."-Macy Oropesa, ADU.
Here ya go brotha. Thank you for serving in the Army and fighting for the USA God Bless
God Bless the USA, where we all can do everybody else's job and raise their kids better than they can. We're all experts on everything.
Lineup for 25th Celebrate De Pere sounds like this: 'That's What I Like About You,' God Bless the USA' & 'Amazed.'
Faith Family Freedom the three most important things in life, all worth fighting for. God Bless the USA!
that then it is your problem not mine i have always had a deep love of Country. I always will. God Bless the USA
Medal of Honor for Cris Kyle Let's all sign this one. God Bless our military. God Bless Chris Kyle's family.
very important. God Bless you and your family Chris.
Sister with this kind of Faith and believe, I'm next in line.thanx for an inspirational song.God Bless u Sis
RIP Ms McEwan. Your Miss Marple still gives me great joy everytime I watch it. God Bless.x
Anna and Arvind create magic, hope and transformation together!! God bless them both!!
"If it's an onion ugh..., but if it's a pomegranate then God bless it!"
You always make me day whey you come around with those quotes. God bless you for persisting in this! :)
Bless, O God, the dwelling,. And each who rests herein this night;. Bless, O God, my dear ones. In every place...
May God forever bless u abundantly in this activity!!
You know what was cool? Hearing someone in the theater at the end of American Sniper yell "God bless our fighting men!"
I'm not conceited but I have the right to be conceited if I'm a perfect human being. Jealousy is a serious disease get well soon God blessπŸ’‹
just be better than before pls, lemme passed all exams easily, gave exo the best decision, bless them god. A…
have lost a friend Jason...I will never trust you again..God Bless you and your family
Happy Birthday man. Keep up the good work! God Bless you. ;)
Happy Birthday keep up the good work, keep making everyone happy, WYTAB, and God bless you babe. I love you so much. X
Hazza happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for saving millions of lives. God Bless you always. I love you so much 😊😍😘
Happy bday Harry!!! I love you so much! God bless u always, tnx for be an incredible idol, you're my proud!!! Happy 21!
Kentucky is undefeated and Virginia is not. Neither is Duke. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
I like your music it's good, God bless you !!! :)
You've always been more than Handsome,God bless youβ™₯Happy Birthday my love,don't change please β™₯ILYβ™₯
One day God is gonna bless me with friends who actually wanna hang ..
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It Was Good and Now That you have replied to me it was beyond Awesome God Bless You and Your family.
- Rumah Kita (God Bless Cover) Official Music Video Sound by Video by http…
I love you my curlers God bless you and you continue to meet many more years 😘❀
God bless you & your family! Pursue telling people Jesus loves them, and also love them yourself! It helps their faith.
Happy Birthday ❀️ ,all the best to you, God bless you and your family love you very much πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ 94
Congratulations love, hope God bless you, provide you many victories and illuminate their way πŸ’˜. x12
Happy B-day!! hope you have a beautiful day. God bless you, all the love from Argentina xoxo. x33
Please get help. You're too young to want to end your life. God bless you.
hi nice to meet you thx for the follow GOD bless
again Mr. Ron not to disturb you just trying to help a young man do something good with his life, God Bless!
Wedding Wish. Keep us in your prayers God Bless
God Bless!. John Paul Mitchell and his love for the American Farmer!. One of the corner stone's of America, Osu
Andre Ayew plays with his heart you know ❀️ God Bless him
1/27/15 To: All my friends in the Eastern Shore of the US. How are you all? We’re very much anxious about the weather situation in the Eastern Shore states as we have been watching the heavy snow storm in New York City. We have about 3.6 feet snow accumulated on the ground in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan, so far, but the weather here has been quite mild as long as temperature’s concerned. No matter how bad it might be over there, the only thing I can do from here is to pray for your safety. Let me know how the things are. God Bless. Isao Hoshi
Matt is out is heart rate running 130 which they are not to worry about. He going in for surgery at 1:30. Please keep us in your prayers. The next 48 hours will be very important, I know God is with us I have never seen so much love and support from so many people. I don't know how I can ever express what I feel in my heart. I there is anything I can ever do for to help please let me know. Thank you and God Bless.
Good morning, So you say you want the anointing? You not going to wake one morning had got. You not going rub on someone with gotta through some mess! So go through and stay appointed till you get anointed. It is also important to note that Jesus also told the disciples not to go anywhere, or do anything, until they had received the anointing of the Holy Ghost. "And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but wait in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high." Luke:24:49 "But you shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you ... " Acts:1:8 God Bless!
Weight loss is a beautiful journey. If one makes the choice to take it. I don't feel that I am competing with anyone and it is never my intention to entice. I think all bodies are beautiful no matter what size they are. Personalities are what make people ugly. I am fortunate enough to be married to the most perfect man in the world. Yes, I said it. Another man may be good looking but my husband is better looking, another may be smart but my husband is smarter, another may be kind but my husband is far kinder. He is second only to God in my eyes. I say all this to say,It is my prayer that by sharing my pics I encourage and inspire those who have chosen this journey as well. It may sound cliche but I know IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! I would like to thank each and every one of you for your inspiration, encouragement and love. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. You make this journey possible. God Bless. :)
Congrats to all of you that stopped smoking last year or this. Or anytime at all. God Bless you.
Sony Cyber-shot . 16.1 Mega pixels . 10x Zoom . Awesome Blue . Used it twice then put back in box. Need to sell ASAP in order to have car inspected and get couple things needing to be fixed on it. RETAIL $180 . ASKING $70... PLEASE reply to post or pm me with any questions or concerns. Thanks and God Bless!
Good night everyone, sweet dreams, and God Bless β™₯
Here enjoying Myself with Brothers and Sisters in Recovery including Chino and Chapulin( Javier Rendon) and The Homie Tatas change.of plans after watching Movies with My GrandKids,Los of Sober Smiles at this Eastern Conference Birthday Bash Dance,Enjoy Your Night.Family,Friends and Homies from The Old Pico California,God Bless
. From an old SF carpet head thank you Chris Kyle, you truly are An American Hero so is your wife Taya. God Bless all of you
Just watched the movie American Sniper with Bradley Cooper in it. I have to say it could quiet possibly be my favorite movie ever. Wow what a Military career. I want to say God Bless all the men and women that serve in any branch of the United States Military. Us nonmilitary will never truly understand what you go through during and after something like that.
Condolences to Amy Arnaz the wife of Desi Arnaz Jr. Died today of Brain Cancer. Pls keep the Arnaz family in ur Prayers. RIP Amy. God Bless
thankyou for writing and singing wonderful music. God Bless you ;)
awww thankyou so much lovesss! God Bless 😘 Have a safe trip. I'll pray for all of you πŸ˜‰β€
AND doing a more than great job of it.. n my opinion. God Bless the caregivers and give continued strength,wisdom and love always
On this solemn remembrance day, my brief memory: I was riding a school bus in Pasadena, Ca. The bus driver always played the radio for us on our am commute. The station DJ- Charlie Tuna ( who is still on the air today!) made the heartbreaking announcement of Terry's death. I was only a punk- 14 year-old pimple-faced Freshman, but also a mature fan of Chicago! I was in a funk the rest of that day. God Bless the memory of Terry Kath!
Please check out how you can help my music out and also helping our disabled veterans! Thank you and God Bless!
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