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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

May God Happy Thanksgiving Happy Birthday Heavenly Father Lee Greenwood Merry Christmas God Bless America San Diego Thanksgiving Day Agent Orange Veterans Day Holy Spirit

Vickie and I would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.🎅 p.s Thank all of you for all the support,love and Prayers for Rokkie, It means more than you will know.🐶 God Bless all of you.
Shotgun's would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL OF IT CUSTOMERS and wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Effective Jan 1st 2015 we will no longer be in business!!! God Bless. ida
Congrats Sammie!Good luck in all you do in your future!! U have been one of my most fav Tigers!! God Bless you & Your Fam!!
Friday December 12, 2014- Tuba City Az::: Funeral escort for for Archie Ortiz, US Army Vietnam Veteran and Navajo Nation Honor Guard. Thank you sir for your service, RIP and God Bless. Thank you Honor Riders~ It's been a tough week as two of our Warriors were called home. With another funeral escort again tomorrow your dedication to support of Military families are greatly appreciated. Thank you for comforting the families and thank you escorting them to their final resting place. Prayers for a safe ride are with each and everyone one of you. Your voluntarily efforts and support for our Military families never go unnoticed. God Bless you all. again, Thank you! Photos courtesy of S. Adson
I was crying seeing Ms Kay & Phil crying. God Bless the Robertson family
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty...his prayer at the end of tonight's episode brought tears to my eyes..It's the giving that counts.God Bless!
Today's thought, got a message on here from someone who thinks i am a obamanite. Those who know me, know i never ever voted for him. Not because he an African American, but the fact is couldn't stand him. I can't stand Joe Biden either. So i never and will never support him in any ways. I love this country so much. I had dear friends who served with me. Who i loved as brothers. I have been called many names. over the years. But to be called a Obamanite. This old Heathen loves and prays for each of you. Oh yes, had a blast with Suzette in Cincinnati, for today is my birthday. To all who gave me birthday wishes. Thank you from this old Heathen heart. God Bless, Ralph Delmar Mathes,
I highly commend on your efforts & supports towards the people of Adamawa State. Keep it Up & God Bless.
God Bless Mary Ann Mobley-America's Sweetheart who passed away Today from Breast Cancer.God Bless her.RIP
To all the beautiful families out there Happy Holidays and May God Bless you more and more- Love Ziearre To stay connected and get more information on Ziearr...
Awesome motivational video on "Opportunities" I hope this helps you in some type of way. God Bless .
Tis the season to celebrate where we can, how we can. God Bless!
Samantha, I enjoyed reading about your career/Mom/Wife juggling on God Bless to you and your family.
Joe Lacob apologizes to Jackson. God Bless!!! You are always a terrific coach and one of the best PG
Happy Birthday To My Dad Douglas Ray McCain, Although God called You Home I know your smiling down on me, I miss you Dad so much,Happy Birthday little mean man lol, also To another Very special guy, whom I love dearly, Mr. Jimmie Smith Happy Birthday Sweety May God Bless you with many many more!! Njoy yr Day!!
Good morning, God Bless and take care :)
Hi Everyone. I Hope All is Good with You and Your World. Fantastic Service tonight at "The Church" Firstly many thanks to Maureen Land for an outstanding demonstration of Spiritual Clairvoyance, secondly Many thanks to our fantastic congregation for coming out in such a dreich and cold night, dedication or what!! Special thanks to God and Spirit for making it all possible. See you all next Sunday. Kind regards & God Bless. Harry.
Well its a very early one for me tonight ,Off to work in the morning ,Its the driving into London that gets me down but its work so mus'nt grumble so goodnight peeps sweet dreams God Bless.,,see you tomorrow ,love you x
To all you out there. Tonight on Lifetime are 2 very special movies. At 6 is Women of the Bible, at 8 Is Red Tent which is 2part miniseries. This will be really powerful to see. Take some time to watch and enjoy. God Bless you this Holiday Season.
Hurray!!! The time is here. We are glad to inform you that our wedding ceremonyis coming up on the 10th of January, 2015. Venue: Saint Paul’s Anglican church, Umuobialaisuikwu-ato, Abia state. Time: 10.00 AM Prompt. Reception follows @ Late Mr. Odionyenfe’s Compound. God Bless you.
I am humbled and honored by the election results this evening. I owe tonight's victory to all of you.. to my family, to our supporters, our volunteers and the voters of the 21st JDC. My best regards to Glenn Westmoreland and Jenel Secrease, both of whom worked very hard and ran excellent campaigns in this race. Having now completed my first election, I have a much better understanding of the commitment and sacrifice that running for office requires. I applaud everyone who ran for office on the ballot this election for their commitment, their willingness to serve and their hard work. To all of you that made tonight possible, I thank you for placing your trust in me and I promise to to serve the families of our District and to continue upholding your trust. Thank you, again, and May God Bless you and your family in this holiday season.
Going out to all my buddies tonight. Feeling fearful and a lot of anxiety today. Most of you know my daughter Rachel is at Loyola University of Chicago. A student was shot and killed last night on campus, so I'm feeling so scared and just want her to come home. Please say a little prayer for me to continue to be a strong proud mom and not over react to this tragedy. God Bless!
Lee Rigby , A tribute , Forever Young , God Bless: via a we shout for our friends
Still believing for healing in your body. Anything is possible for those who believe;). God Bless
George a ton of biblical evidence proves beyond doubt that is a falsehood. Believing a lie does not make it truth. God Bless.
Congratulations to Pat Foley making the Hall of Fame .God Bless his mother Marry who was able to be in attendance for it
Some *** jacked up on some substance, almost wiped me and my family out today in Bowling Green. He almost rear ended us, the missed sideswiping us by inches, went a quarter mile down the road, and slammed into the rear of an suv , injuring a passenger. Then, some *** BG cop (just one, the rest who showed up were very curtious , concerned and professional) came up bowed up on ME with an attitude. The SARGE, was nice and helpful. That one officer should have invested his time investigating the persons whom was DUI, not the off duty officer whom called 911. Until you learn professional respect and some control. Go work at McDonald's and leave the policing to those professional, respectful officers whom protect us from BAD guys. God Bless and protect all of our BGPD men and women, you and your kindness are appreciated !! Just SOME cops, are out of CONTROL !! Most are there to HELP us and keep us safe.
We are honored to be caring for the Family of US Army WW II Veteran, Jason E. Weber. May your faith give your strength and your memories of Jason, give you peace and comfort. We Thank you Sir for your service to our Country. God Bless † Jason E. Webster, 86, of Barnesville, OH, died Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at Barnesville Health Care Center. He was born December 31, 1927 in Holloway, OH, son of the late Charles K. Webster and Carrie L. Rhodes Webster. A devoted husband and father, Jason was a member of the United Methodist Church in Holloway, a former employee with B & O Railroad, and was a retired supervisor from Hanna/Consol Energy. He was a lifelong member and multi time president of Holloway Old-timers Baseball Club and member, as well as an executive committee member, of the Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame. A past member, Master, and secretary of the Masonic Lodge 298 in Flushing, Jason also served as a member of the Cambridge Shriners Club, Holloway VFD, and was an Honoree of the Ohio Valley Dapper Da ...
Can I have a cookie?? Anyone , lol Growing up my family had a few seasons where things didn't always show up at Christmas. But somehow living in our small community many people became our Santa Clause. For which I still remember and give thanks. As a small way to give back to make a child smile I'm collecting cookies n snacks this evening by Walbaums in Mattituck. All donations will be given to Cast Southold Town, an organization I trust in our community. They help so many. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!!
She came all the way from USA to educate our children, you wont be forgotten God bless you and m…
In the car with and she is singing "God bless my ponytail"
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thank you so much for teaching our kids, God bless you and may you rest in peace
May God bless those who carry bitter hearts !
OHMYGOD YES. 🙌🎉. Seriously God bless her for being such a champ and not coming 👍
"And God bless the United States of America" ok tennero
Please do prepare your 1week emergency kit already. Keep everyone safe. God bless us all.
Thank you so much for the follow my fellow Patriot. We need to stand united to defeat Tyranny. God Bless!
Happy Birthday beutiful lady~~ May God bless you with a great happiness and ma... — Thanks even if I'm late ehehehe
Happy Birthday, Have a good one. God bless. ;)
There is no doubt who to trust on The men on the ground fighting for our ambassador & their brothers. God Bless.
Happy Birthday have a Wonderful day and God bless you.🎁🎉🎈
Hope you have a blessed day guys God Bless!
I made it to school on time god bless
God bless the Philippines for the typhoon Praying for everyone's security and safety. Amen. 🙏
Please accept my sincere good wishes on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day of Maldives. May God bless you & the Repu…
It's a sad day man God bless everyone Who go to see another 24 god said ain't no day promised and if I didn't know then I know now 😓😪👼🙏
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Knowledge is power, May God bless the children of Gaza, attending school even though parts of it are destroyed.
Well god bless the leaf blower who started at 8am. Maybe I'll go down in drag & see if he wants a cup of tea.
Dear Always wear a smile because your smile is a reason for many others to smile.God bless you Champ!😊 h…
bad time don't last but bad guys do.. So proud my idol has turned his life around God bless you bad guy h…
Mani Shankar Aiyar said 'Chaiwala', and he got Chai everywhere he went. And Momota Didi said 'Bamboo'. God Bless Didi."
all life matters. We must no longer allow anyone to divide us (on purpose) to further their own agenda. And I'll say it…
Good morning everyone! Lots of hugs to everyone today. GOD please bless us all today. Follow our faith and...
Everything's gonna be alright , just pray , we love you bunso God bless you !
God bless these awards & more to come...but we need more videos
God bless the troops. God Bless America.
Happy Birthday mario, god bless you and I love you
Serving Christ the best I can, using all the quirk I can muster. God bless this Hot Mess, and use me in your service of love to all people.
This world just got so much scarier. RIP Eric Garner & God bless his family during this time of…
Morning Wake N Dab N Bake... my stereo was too loud it set off my glass break sensor on my house alarm so had to cut the video short and turn off the alarm lmao T BAGs im really baked like a potatoe on crack... God bless u all Godspeed and have a fantabulously awesome day...
On cloudy day in December, my first day of driving since the surgery. Which scared Debbi to death, LOL. I just wanted to send Greetings from Myrtle Beach. May God BLESS EVERYONE.
Proud to be a resident and dream of being a loyal citizen of the UAE. God bless !!
They represent the women stand and they hold the ladies cell group. God bless them. 2014
Screaming to the top of my lungs, wishing the world best daughter a Happy Birthday! May God bless you on this day and every day and may you continue to be the wonderful person you are. I love you and I thank God that He brought you into my life. You are the best daughter any mother can have. Happy 12th birthday Aanchal!! My Love My Life!!!
Thanks for listening! Feel free to rate, subscribe or make a request.. May God bless!
Happy Birthday DADDYYY May God bless you today on your bornday and Forever enjoy your Day to tha fullest
4 more days till this page is deleted. Please click on link and "like"my fan page. That will be my one & only page, all others are fake. I will continue to post the same exact stuff, and interact with u on my fan page. Thank you, and God Bless you…the GREATEST fans a comedian could ask for!
Praise the lord brother and sister and pastor this is my grandma please pray for me health not well my grandma age 92 so please pray for me all friends thank you very much god bless you
A little inspiration and strength. . God bless. ..
My son Gurshaan Singh celebrate his birthday today.. he is 9 years old now...God bless u my dear son.
Each of us need to ask, What kind of soil I am? The Lord wants to plant His word in our hearts so we can grow in our knowledge of Him. More about Jesus let me learn, More of His holy will discern, Spirit of God, my teacher be, Showing the things of Christ to me... The fruit of the spirit grows in the soil of Obedience. Amen. God Bless.
Yes he is my friends in Christ Amen God Bless you all today.
Rest up my boys goin to pay the respect to my bro Safisticaded Magnificent Justice today an friends if yall will an love my bro show ur love an support today at Brown's funeral home in greer from 1 to 7 thanks May God bless!
Tomorrow is No classes all levels in Malaybalay city..including the neighboring municipalities..ingat nlng po kayo dyan.. At always pray to God na hindi sana katulad as heavy as Yolanda. God bless!..
Amen Love this because it is so very true Thank you Father God Bless you all
When Christ entered the Temple, His zeal for God's house made bold men flee. Striding later towards Jerusalem, we read that His very bearing astonished the disciples. His eyes filled with tears as He gazed on the unchampioned multitudes. He was shaken visibly by incredible compassion. Prayer time has been called our quiet time, but His "quiet time" consisted of strong crying, tears, agony of sweat of blood, until angels had to support Him (Hebrews 5,7; Luke 22,43). Love? ...He died for us! That's His sort of love. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Sending special Prayers out this morning for everyone that is going through something. May God bless us all.
Community cannot for long feed on itself, it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers and sisters. The GAMLians are praying for you today...especially in this time of devastation from storm Ruby.Please, stay safe...our thoughts and prayers are with you...God bless.
I got a very special early Christmas present from my sweet and loving cousin Bobbie Cobb. This quilt is from the Haynes School. You can see my Mother's name on one of the blocks. This is such a treasure for me. Thanks and God bless you Bobbie.
Happy Birthday nanay.. we love so much. god bless you..
May God bless our trip... :D Lord, keep us safe always.. AMEN...
Mornings! Red is my favorite color just like my favorite Jordan's... No one would believe I've had these since I was 16! 9 yrs and they were $75 back then ... Not now.. Anyways thanking god for another new day & god bless everyone a gd day!
Thanking God for blessing me and my family... All About Autos Inc. I can't thank you enough for the love, and kindness in nominating me for the "Single Parent Gift!" I love you all & God Bless you and your business! Roddy Ray Toeyna Monds
Happy Birthday to my beautifully gifted twin!!! May God bless you on your special day to remind us your purpose in our lives!!! Sharon Jessica Jennifer Iwuh Brian Iwuh Jackee Malone
L-GlutaPower Whitening cream combines the power of time tested whitening ingredient, a master antioxidant and UV absorber. This cream can offer all around defenses against factors that cause dark spots and uneven skin tone. It reduces existing pigmentation and prevents formation of new ones. It works not only to lighten the skin but also helps it to become healthier. Other benefits include: + makes skin feel smooth and relaxed. PM for inquiries .. thank you and God bless everyone !
Happy Happy Birthday,nanay cresing!!! may u have many many more birthdays to come...wish u good health always... Thank u for being my lola...ur the best lola ever.w/o u i think i am not what i am now. God bless u always.
it's a heart breaking loosing and saying goodbye to an ANGEL.. but God has a better plan why HE did'nt let him see & live the world we are living.. we know God will take care of you.. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH and so as we..God Bless u "baby andie,junior!" May God Be with u as u Rest in Peace..=(
I wonder who wouldve thought on that day in November 2006 that what we were preparing the way for others, that we were setting the standard. Im truly honored to be a Grandfather of something truly great. Built on the backs of Recon Marines, MARSOC has become something truly great. The Marine Raiders of the Pacific live on in our colors. Those colors are earned, through blood, sweat, and tears. I know that under our guidon i became a man. Forged in the heat of battle, bound by the lifelong ties of true brotherhood. All gave some, some gave all. I met and had the honor of fighting alongside true American Heroes. These men are immortalized in this world by their selfless actions. The world hath no greater love than he who lay down his life for his friends. God says for us to be christ-like. Thats as christlike as it gets here. Im truly honored to be a part of history. To you still carrying the torch, never forget where ya came from, and im "with you" in spirit. God bless.
Dread Tha Ol Head in God Bless America video promo. Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 10
My mami working out. I love you so much may Jehovah God bless you.
Just received the early gifts from my Santa Claus in North Pole.thank you so much.God Bless you always.☺☺☺
Thank u Jesus for this Day.10 years ago God blessed me wit a TWINS. A boy that was 4-8oz and a girl that was 4-1oz TaRodrick and TyJerica Happy Birthday... I love y'all so much and May God bless you to see many more birthdays.
It is incredible how in 1 year you can fall so deeply in love with someone. Your an amazing baby and i am so thankful to God for the privilege to be your mother. God bless you my child all the days of your life. Happy 1st Birthday Brandon Emmanuel!!!
Today is a very special day for me and my twin girls,its the day God blessed me with bouncing baby girl twins,I was so excited,and happy,but every day has been a blessing to me to have u two in my life,I want to tell u both that I am so proud of u both,and thank u both for everything u have done for your momma,and u two mean the world to me,and I miss both of u so much,and momma want to send u Happy Birthday love,and enjoy your day,have a bless day,and many more!! I love both of u!!
This morning me and ray decorated Sallys resting place ready for Christmas.WE never imagined that we would ever have to do anything like this .We are both struggling to keep it together ,feeling very sad and very lost.The missing when you lose a child is unimaginable and I wouldn't wish the being a grieving parent on anybody .God bless you Sally .
I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Good morning friends & God Bless America. Job 40:1-2 Then the LORD said to Job, "Do you still want to argue with the Almighty? You are God's critic, but do you have the answers?"
Happy 18th Birthday to our daughter Danielle Aranda. Mija my you have a wonderful and Blessed day filled with Health, Happiness now and always. We are so proud of you . Baby girl you are my daughter@ friend Wishing you the Best in life for you. God Bless You Our Priencess :-)
Happy married life kalu may ur life happiness with joyfulness god bless u love u both. :)
Thank you so much po pastor Cholo for this wonderful gift..God bless you more
Good Morning everyone, I wanted to explain my post that I made on my personal page yesterday. I am usually a very strong person but yesterday I had a moment of weakness. I have worked for UofM for 16 yrs. Paid every paycheck into a basic LTD package so when I need it I can get it. Now they tell me it could take a year to decide if I am eligible. This is crap... I didn't just break a bone people I had a level 5 Anuerism in the brain.. It is still in my brain they just stuffed it with coils. I want to say that the devil is really good at his job but my father in heaven is better at his job. I really don't know what is gonna happen but I trust my Lord with everything. I also believe in the power of prayers. I want to Thank everyone that has been praying for us and to continue to flood heaven with your prayers. God bless xoxo
Shop -Amazon donates 0.5% of purchase to your charity. Pls enter “Crisis Pregnancy Center of Scranton.” TY God Bless
My sincere condolences to Star and who both lost their mothers today. Todd and his wife are devastated by the sudden loss of his mom. She suffered a stroke yesterday and never regained conciousness. She was not ill. Her passing was un-expected. Todd issued a statement saying his mom was his "best friend," his "ride or die, them against the world." Apparently they spoke every morning and several times a day. I'm so sad for Todd and Kandi. Kelly Rowland 's mom lost her battle with an illness she'd been suffering from for a while. Kelly asked her fans to respect their privacy at this difficult time. God Bless. So sad.
I wanted to share this on my timeline. I even saw my father in some of the plays. God Bless you Jean Beliveau.
May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through. 11:58 PM Pilipinas' Good night and God Bless!. ~ [ Papa Nicko ]
Rest in peace mon petit bobby we will miss you God Bless
God Bless the Infantry and all soldiers that received the US ARMY's Combat Infantryman's Badge.
As I'm putting on my BYU hoodie, a guy asks me "Hey BRO, do you have a smoke you can give me?". Me: "No.". Guy: "God Bless."
All the best to the Lady Warriors on their Qualification. Give it your best, and the results will be right... God Bless to all these young ladies and their support systems, their families and friends.
Today is my Birthday. Some people have a hard time celebrating or even acknowledging their Birth. I Used to. I have so much to be Thankful for that it's hard not to now. The song, " God Bless the Broken Road that Led Me Straight to You", is how I see my journey. I had a terrible childhood- that 1st Led me to a very Early relationship with Jesus, who got me through years of abuse & danger. Along the journey I learned to trust God & depend on Him & inherited a Wonderful step Mom/siblings that are still an intimate & central part of who I am. Then into Foster care again where there was more abuse- but eventually led me to something I had never had- a Father that I didn't have to be afraid of. A gentle giant who turned 18 in a foxhole in Korea- long before I knew him, but 40 years after he came into my life - in his 80's still honors God everyday with his actions- My Foster Mom came from very broken circumstances as well- We have similar personalities but she taught me faith that holds on. My siblings in that ...
Mate Happy Birthday nja yam May God bless you with many more filled with success.
God bless the poor in this weather.
Well we're never gonna survive, not unless, we get a little crazy.. Goodnight everyone and God bless all
The same God that can bless you can change you!
Pls wish my wife, Liticia Effah-Manu a teacher @ JAPASS a happy b'day.May God bless with long life-Theo Effah-Manu, Ksi
Happy Krismas people. May God bless ya'all dis month. No evil eye shall see u IJN
Thank you very much for all the effort towards an HIV free World.begins with u. God bless you.
Hi gr8 2 meet u. Pls visit my website at or FB God bless Aileen
Happy new month everyone, God bless us
Happy Birthday to the most handsome astig cool and talented ❤👌loveyouuu God bless :*
Happy Birthday to my beloved bro. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki and happy selalu. May God bless…
Happy Birthday bro.. Miss you very much in cricket field.. God bless u :-)
Thanks Carolyn. May Almighty GOD Bless you and yours Forever. Visit our Christian Website at.
It's December 1st, 2014. Thank God for being alive. Bless the lord o my soul and all that's within me bless his holy name.
Goodnight most excellent people, It's time to hug a pillow seeing it's now Monday. Coffee in the morn & another week.. God…
not all can do what you do. Okay I think you need to stop thinking too much! Goodnight & Sweet dreams! God bles…
Hello to you:-):-)! Thank you for sharing this valuable information with US!God bless you for doing so!GREAT☆
Nothing like mama's prayer on a monday morning.Dec 1st. _God bless me even if its 4 my mama sake.
God bless my old lady ig I gotta do it on my own but alone don't faze me
Remember God doesn't see color and many of you will face him on judgment day and find out the hard way. God bless u !
Congratulations from Germany on winning the Grey Cup! God bless you and your family! Your fan from Germany
oh my god I got 100% on the exam we all thought we failed God Bless America
Got drunk off the wine at church God bless you
Through the grace of God I made it to the last month of the year, the last hurdle December baby God bless you all.
A very HapPieEe BDaY To the person whose lessons taught us a lott n gave us a way to live the LiFe.GOD bless u..!!
My cousin has been missing for 4 days now, if i could please ask you to pray for her that would be gr8, ok god bless✨
My life was in Kendall's hands the whole night lmao. God bless you for being merciful 😂
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Huge congrats on the follow back from Very well deserved! God Bless you! We love your edits! :)
Amen"God bless yal and protect you through out this year in Jesus name"
Best wishes to Blake & Ryan! You'll have your arms around your little one before you know it! God bless :-)
Wishing a splendid new/last month for 2014.. May God bless you real good..
thank you for the follow. God bless you real good.
Saw you on Talking Dead. I was mesmerized by your beauty and touched by your tears. God bless.
Let's make this last chapter a perfect one. Cheers and God bless! [pic] —
When I see a 1D or 5SOS fan account doing I'm just like god bless you
God Bless America and God Bless Macy Combs. HBD sister ❤️ love you forever and always
Happy new month guys, God bless you all and grant your heart desires
"Until we meet again, May God bless you as he has blessed me.
Had to post this!! Got to catch up with the homeboy Mike Prudhume. This is him and his beautiful wife Myrna Lopez-Prudhume. He found the one to mack on for a lifetime. Lol! 20+ years! Strong! This is what that "hard to find love" looks like. God Bless you both! Thanks for being there and thanks for all the memories...okay, now get back to mackin. Lol...
congratulations elder Sylvia Buchanes on a job well done as you delivered the Word of GOD today @ the Tabernacle OF Faith Church..May God bless and keep you, as he grows YOU in Grace & May HIS FAVOR rest upon YOU.PART 2!!!
Cop loses it when I say "God Bless You". Atheist or *** - Miami Beach police officer pulled me aside after I had already gotten off my motorcycle for my...
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Happy Birthday Tameka Nykia-Strayhorn.It's a day late but you knew I was going to do it right!...I hope your day was all you desired it to be...May God bless you with many more...I love you to life!
GM Fams and a Happy New Month to y'all :), God Bless y'all :)...
HAPPY NEW MONTH TO U. Thus saith the LORD concerning u in this last month of the year, DECEMBER is ur month of "MULTIPLICATION and SURPLUS", where everything that happen to u shal lead u into Thanksgiving saith the Lord!! Say AMEN. And I, O.SAMSON prophesy multiple of God's blessing to locate u, multiple of breakthrough doors to be open for u. I connect ur destiny with Supernatural anointing of Prophetic, and I decre, Favor is following u. Mercy is speaking for u. Progress is tied to ur steppings. Higher and Higher u will go in ur endeavours. Deeper and Deeper u will discover the things of the Spirit. Wider and Wider will ur territory, business connection, ministry and kingdom go. Closer and Closer u will be to be Feet of Jesus. Stronger and Stronger u will be physically &healthwisely, You're blessed in JESUS name. AS THIS YEAR AS COME TO THE LAST MONTH I decree, both u and ur family member will not die, u wil never run madness, sickness is not ur portion, in JESUS name. I pray, Greatness is urs, all ur d ...
Family and friends, allow me to invite you to watch our parish's 1st ever praisefest concert/musical play entitled "One Voice, One Heart, One Spirit".. This will happen on Dec 6(saturday) at St. Mary's gym.. There will be 2 shows, 1pm and 7pm. Ticket is $12 only. Please pm me for those who are interested. Thank you! ^_^ Goodnight! God Bless!
Our Jaycee at church today, she is one year old Oct. 29th. Her great grandfather was drummer at Salvation Army in Kake all his life, she's a natural, she loved this!! The other girls are my granddaughters Also and our little Mike!! Was a fun day, GOOD night God bless!! Love you all, thank you Vande!!
Sigh! Happy Birthday goes to my first born, little miss Ashleigh jaael latalia. May God bless you many many many more birthdays to come!
Praise God praise God n Praise God. Enjoying my children n is beginning to look like Christmas at the Fonohema house here in Blackfoot, I'D. They decorated outside with beautiful lights, but its too cold to go outside n take pictures. Tomorrow when the sun is God bless.
My younger son 5th birthday today May God bless him
Never had enough of this song, hope everyone's enjoy and thanks sis for the great voice&song♥♥ Good night, sleep tight and God bless muahzz XOXO
Happy Birthday Carolina Solis. May God bless you with many more years of life. We all had a lot of fun celebrating your birthday. Here's a small video dedicated to you. — with Vidal Zamudio, Mark Anthony Garza, Jake Barerra, Lee Bee, Oli, Juan Francisco Garza
...JONATHANIANS ARE LOOSING WARRIORS BY THE HOUR... Johnson Asushei Sanni, just like you announced some hours ago it is my great pleasure to announce that Jonathanians have lost another of their most prominent warriors on social media! My very own Brother from Esanland Amos Oslo had this to say barely 12hours ago... _ Fellow Nigerians , it's time we changed our way of thinking and put sentiments aside if we truly want the best for our beloved country. The Nigeria of today was not what we dreamt of and bargained for. Nigeria, Malaysia, India , Brazil, Singapore , etc were all on the same ship back in the day but the story is not the same today. The above named countries except Nigeria has since metamorphosed into something bigger while Nigeria is on a free fall. We were told that in the late 70s, The United Arab Emirates borrowed money from Nigeria but power has since changed hand. Nigeria is highly favored, rich and blessed with natural resources but unfortunately our past and today's leaders siphoned and ...
Guys! kindly watch and share video for out now!!! Thanks and God bless!!
Happy Birthday Charlee, you are a sweet sister to your achi and to your little brother. You were just a little over two years old here. God bless you today on your birthday and always. I pray you will always be sweet, kind and loving and God will always keep you safe and happy. may you be happy and be the source of happiness and joy of your mommy and daddy and your sister Achi alexa and Aundrei. Mwah Mwah tsup tsup.
The is our way to END a beautiful TOFAVAHA Family Reunion. Goodnite & God Bless. Ofa Lahi atu
Joan Dietz played God Bless America, among other beautiful songs, at the Kansas Rehab Hospital on Thanksgiving Day.
in behalf of my team"FIREHAUZ" We would like to say thank you very much for having us to be the part of this tournament to our HOME GSA Pres.madam Maria Cristina Sayco Mendoza madam trea. Beth Emnil to all the committe and volunters of this league H-GSA thank you so much god bless u all see you nxt season' w/ capt. Katherine N. Alfonso and thank you so much to my employer to support until the end of the league for sponsor of the medal thank sir anAnd and mam Dhivya and arnAv
To my son Desmond Nitcha Ofeciar, I Love U so, you are so special, I hope you know. With everyday that passes by, you're more the twinkle in my eye. So loving, so giving, a heart of gold. Your Love shines through, for all to see, I feel so Proud, you are a part of me. My Wishes on your Birthday..always be a Good boy to everyone, more Birthdays, good health, a successful one in the future and never stop believing in God..More Blessings for Happy enjoy your born day. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Bunso ko..God Bless You.mama
Getting ready for bed a little lost in my thoughts but I will be just fine... good night and sweet dreams to all god bless
Friends, we are deluged by your loving concerns and words of condolences at the untimely demise of our brother, Jarbom Gamlin, who had served as President of AAPSU, as Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), former Chief Minister and was the sitting MLA, 27 Liromoba Assembly Constituency, last night at 11.15 PM in Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon. Please bear with us if we are unable to respond to your calls, inbox messages, emails and smses at this hour. We acknowledge all of them and feel grateful for all your goodwill for our deceased leader and sibling, condolences to his surviving spouses, children and members of our bereaved family. Yes, all of us, born of the womb, will all die our deaths when our turn comes. With this humbling thought, we take courage to face the future times without his loving presence in person hereafter. We also know, he will continue to live in our hearts in all the memories he is leaving behind in his unique ways. God bless the departed soul of a man who was born as my elder brother and . ...
thanks to everybody who came at this beautiful Surprise God Bless u all
Just a lil thank you from one sweet, sweet boy.that I love dearly. Melissa Consin Youngwishes every day that she could respond better, text more than an emoji or have the strength to write back to each beautiful message sent her way. But please know that each are read, all are filling her heart with joy and that each and every one of you are loved by both Melissa and Jack. May God bless you!!
I do have to say she unleashed so many astonishing facts so fast that I had to watch it twice. With the way the world is today and the *** in Ferguson. We Americans need to stand up for our rights granted in our USC and not let anyone try and take them away. Even though this is only focused on the 2nd amendment, if we let our guard down one by one our rights will be taken away and I for one will not give up my 2nd amendment and become a victim. May God Bless the USA
-Much love to all my friends and family all over the world from St. George, Utah!(: God bless and happy holidays!
Just wanna wish this beautiful determine girl a happy born-day Pine Ma Neta I'll make this short cause I sent it to you through text & spent the day with you Xoxoxoxoxo Thanks for everything you've done for me sis & I'll be forever great-full Hope everything goes well and that you've had a fun day May God bless you with many more days/years way ahead of you xxx God bless sis love you heaps
Welcom December Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.“ (Psalms 23:5) Nature around us and the testimonies of mankind attest to the fact that whatever God does is done in abundance. According to John 10.10, when God gives life, He gives it abundantly. In 2 Chronicles 32:29, we are informed that when God blesses a man, He releases it in abundance. Our God, as pointed out in Psalms 37:11, protects His own people with abundance of peace. When He heals His people, as we are told in Jeremiah 33:6, His healings flow in abundance. His mercy also flows like a river in an abundant way, as recorded in 1 Peter. 1:3. David experienced this overflow. He testified by saying that his “….cup runneth over.” And so, today, we are highly encouraged that, as we come to God’s presence in prayers for our own OVERFLOW, this God of abundance from whom all blessings flow will according to Ephesians 3:20 “…do exceeding abundantly above . ...
Finally the day has arrived..happiness knocked our doors..congrats bhai god bless u both wd a beautiful life ahead.stay happy alwz..lots of luv n wishes..
Today was a great day. I got to hear great worship music by Phil Joel a Christian music artist at our church today. Also heard a great word from our pastor Sean Fitzhugh and thanks for that sir. Just wanted to say good night and God bless you all and here is a song from our concert last night if any of you would like to hear it.
Good morning friend's and family God bless u all
Happy Birthday dear son K.ARULVELAAN ... We feel great to hv u as our son. May God bless u...
Happy 70th Birthday to my mother-n-law,,Anay Perla,,more birthdays to come,God bless,,w/o you,w/o my kids,I loveu
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Thank you guys for those who have spare time just to call and sent me those wonderful messages... Every 1st day of december I feel loved by those people who care for me. .. overjoyed and so I wish everyday is my birthday... And here it is wearing red on my lips... Saying Thank you and god bless you all From the buttom of my heart...
For those who don't know , Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day by the power of God and Romans 10 : 9 says who ever confess they mouth and ask Jesus Christ to save them and if u mean it and inivte him into ur heart and ur life You Shall Be saved! Jesus christ is the way the truth and the life! God bless
Am not adding people tht idk they just want to be all up in my pagee.with tht said goodnight familyy n friends god bless
In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit one God amen. Kehulu befit ers bersachihu atbkachihu tewadedu 1 petros 4.8 God bless you and your family and your business.
Happy 15th birthday my little angel Sadgi Gill I still remember the day you born big eyes with smile on the face It was precious moment being a first time mother vid beautiful daughter like you I really love you and cannot wish anything else You are the sweetest daughter anyone can ever ask, You are so perfect in every task, Proud that you are my daughter, Happy Birthday to you, May you get everything you wish for May God bless you always and V all and love you
Just watched Football night in San Diego. Very touching moment as Coach Mike McCoy gave the game ball to Brandon Dodson. He is a Marine who lost both of his legs serving our country. Thank You Brandon and all USA Military past, present and future for serving our country. Very class act by Coach McCoy and the Chargers to give Brandon the game ball. I hope all of you have a great rest of the night. God Bless all of my family, friends and their families.
Wow !! Thank you so much everyone, fans aka cf militia you've taken our latest single onto the air waves via KROQ and the locals only show and tonight you've made "No Tomorrow" land in the top 5. This has been a very special year and have cherished every moment of it, all the highs all the lows including one common thread that has made this so special is the connections we share and that just never gets old. Thank you for your love, your support, and for allowing us to be heard via shows, radio, and online. I'm so excited and looking forward continuing to share the experience and the journey with all of you !!! Thank you so much for everything you do and continuing to vote and make noise week over week !!! Thanks for having "No Tomorrow" be heard tonight and weekly via KROQ !! Hope to see you all soon December 13th and stay tuned for a new link to vote!! Thank you again and God bless ✌️
So my last experience was the best experience handing out these clothes! A group of 6 people who sleep right next to each other along the sidewalk ... I park my car .. Take a bag out approach them .. Tell them I have hats socks gloves pants sweaters shirts sneakers boots and they go through that bag and the other bag taking all what they needed... But that's the least important part .. The best part was their personality / attitude! They were just happy people! Of course for the clothes but just in general.. They were telling me stories how their block is like Broadway compared to the other block which is like skidrow lol .. They were sharing the clothes from the bag, no one was being greedy nor selfish.. But their whole demeanor was like they weren't homeless .. They had high spirits .. Seem to care for each other .. Were laughing :. But we complain bout our little problems ... We're more blessed than we know it .. I'm glad I made this trip tonight and plan on coming back again soon! God bless them
Good Day Everyone, Calling the attention of all 4 Osmeña section, Sta Ana National High School. WHAT : OSMEÑA REUNION Batch 2006 Where : SUNSET BEACH RESORT @ ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL just 1km. away from the Dock. Entrance fee Php. 35.00 (Included the CENRO passes) WHEN : DECEMBER 13 - 14, 2014 Meeting place @ the Sasa Wharf (Barge Dock) on Saturday afternoon at exactly 05:00pm until 08:00am on the next day (Anyone will not go for Overnight they can go home anytime they want) Contribution will be collected in the resort for our other expenses (E.g. Cottage/Corkage fee.) Note: Everyone can bring their Family, boyfriend or Girl friend Only. Each of Osmeña alumni will bring one viand (isa ka potahe na sud an or dessert. Please comment to confirm for your willingness and attendance and also, kindly share this info to some of our classmates. See yah Guys...! Thanks and God Bless.
Thank God for our first year Church Anniversary and God Bless you brothers and thanks for those encouraging words. Pastor Lester A. Snell Marcus Young Derrick Benn I ran out of space if I didn't catch you. Paul E Fuller Jr. Thanks for the support.
Happy Happy Birthday to my twin Roy and Rey Rafisura Suralta god bless you and I love you .
Still accepting donations for "Christmas Gift-giving" for 300 indigent children: SLIPPERS, TOYS, PERSONAL HYGIENE MATERIALS,NOTEBOOKS,and the like. Salamat po sa mga nagbigay na. God bless you more...
Here comes another month... The very month that wraps up the this month I pray for divine Protection, Favour and Providence upon you n your family🌹May this month speaks of Gods full blessings upon your life in Jesus mighty name. Amen🍀 Have a wonderful month🌺 God bless 🌸💐
Our little piece of heaven turns a whole 5 months old today. God bless you, son
Last music video from me for 2014... Thank you all for listening... Do look out for TWO music videos from T4C and Doreen Tang.. Totally self-produced Hoping for more in 2015... God bless you all...
My daughter Alex she is so precious I love you E'Kimberly Anne Tostenson Taylor Kimberly Taylor your the best ever God bless this country amen
Goodnight everyone! Have a goodnight and night god bless.
Such a sweet spirit tonight and hopefully the upcoming of some great news real soon! Please pray for Connie Bawgus who just won a battle of breast cancer, but facing more testing this week. The elders prayed with her tonight and we pray for and claim healing! We had one saved this morning, continue to remember her in prayer. Remember Kristy Lewallen Trentham as she continue treatments for bladder cancer. Pray for Canaan Wilcox as he has surgery tomorrow to remove his tonsils. Give mom and dad (Blake & Heather) peace about the surgery. Let's remember each other so we will remain humble and in love with God. God Bless
Happy 6th month anniversary Darrenatics!! Here's a Video Greet from our POP MALE CUTIE 2014!! God Bless our Team and More Power!!!
Thanksgiving has passed, but my thankfulness has not... This holiday season will be very different for me... Good? Bad? That I do not know yet. What I do know, is that through everything I've been a part of this year, and in spite of all my imperfect & human choices, I have seen who is genuine and true and worthy to be called my friends and extended family! I love everyone and appreciate your kindness and support through everything! You know who you are :-) God Bless you all!
God Bless your efforts here in NJ. I live in Sussex County (only Republican County in the state). 90% of NJ is a liberal jungle.
God Bless! Honoring Command Sgt. Maj. Wardell Turrner who died Nov. 24 in Afghan...Honor him so he is not forgotten.
Looking for any batman, Mickey Mouse , octonauts, and transformers please if any one has please message or call me right four five sis one six eight zero three two thanks can also text thanks a million really need if anyone has thank you all Sheila Leigh all have a great and Merry Christmas and holiday God Bless also looking for named brand pants for girls 00 and size small name brand uggs and guys true religion jeans size 30/32 and 34/30 true religion first then any other name brand and for the 34/30 any cargo pants and any good named shirts on size medium and extra large and little boys size 5 and 4 toddler and size 11 newer smow boots and size 5 toddler snow pants thanks again God Bless!
Great Sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen Having a Spirit of Honor 2014.God Bless you All.Please Share this Message with everyone of your family and friends.
To all my followers and loyal fans I wish you all s Merry Xmas and a healthy one. God Bless,. Julie Rogers.Michael Black. XX.
God Bless those kids their families in Newtown, Connecticut!!
Thank you dear God! we've done for today's campus ministry values formation seminar..thank you Holy Spirit for being with us! Lord God, thank you so much for the wisdom, without YOU we can do nothing! so tired physically but so strong spiritually...thanks for using us for more souls.. thanks for those people who shared their time and effort for the success of this activity! especially to Ptr. Adlin, Ptr. Edgar, Ptr. jess and Ptr. rey..God Bless us all!!Glory to God!
I'm thankful for Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you and God Bless.
Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry you all weren't able to spend it with your families but at least you have each other. God Bless. ❤
Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Pastor David & Nellie Garcia for being great pastor & who have made such a wonderful impact. God Bless!
Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago today they have represent our community in Ronald McDonald Thanksgiving parade in Chicago 11-27-2014. It's such great organization representing Assyrians in this third largest parade in America showing it proudly of our heritage. God Bless them along all their members .
Happy Thanksgiving to all including our liberal friends. Today This is not a day to worry about future or the past, but, a day to reflect back on all of the good things that we in this Nation have accomplished. Today my Grandson Jordan and I went to the York Street Club in Denver and met some very nice people and shared some Thanksgiving dinner with them, just a little bit because we are having a big dinner at his Dad's house. We will be thanking God for all that we have and the power that he gives each one of us to work on better relationships and a better tomorrow. I am hoping to be on the computer a little more now so look for me in a couple days. Once again I say Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful day. I will be back soon. God Bless the United States of America
Matthew and Yemisi Ashimolowo I thank God for making you my Spiritual Parents. I Appreciate you and Love you dearly. God Bless
you know Linda Blair in the movie, well thats what i talk like when i start, or when someone says God Bless!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Robertson's family! I enjoy the show. God Bless.
Happy Thanksgiving Beautiful Downtown World! I am truly Blessed and Thankful for all my Family and Friends in my Life! God Bless! I'm Thankful for Family and "Friends" Everyday The origin of Thanksgiving as we were taught in Elementary school, tells of the "First Thanksgiving" that was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621. It’s an American holiday, celebrated in the United States on the third Thursday in November. It became an official Federal holiday in 1863, when, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens", to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26. As a federal and public holiday in the U.S., Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays of the year. Together with Christmas and New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader holiday season. Growing up in South Philly and coming from a large Italian family Thanksgiving Day meant the start of “The Holid ...
Happy Thanksgiving to all my loyal friends and fans of the Dan Morgan thriller series. God Bless our Military Personnel and First Responders
God Bless all my friends and family on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day! Especially my beautiful Granddaughter Victoria for her first Thanksgiving Day! Xoxo
"Happy Thanksgiving" from all at Air Raid 4 on 4 Flag life...God Bless
Happy Thanksgiving from Your New Mexico Beauties. ...Love you all and God Bless everyone and your families! May your day be Amazing ❤️
We met when u won my husband's grandfather award... Mack Lee Hill... Praying for u sir! U are going to beat this. God Bless!
ah Kris Aquino, you're so generous. God Bless you a million folds
God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood: via I love this Country
I am so Blessed and Thankful for all My Friends and Family. I had over two hundred friends text me and wrote on my time line for my Birthday Today. Thanks love you all. Yes I am Thankful for all of you'll. Have a bless day to all that has birthday today with me. Loves to all. Kurt Ladner Duke Ladner Casey Cagle Theresa Martin. And Heavenly birthday to D.W. Smith. God Bless to all!!!
God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood I thank God for our military!
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2001 WS Gm4: Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless the USA" as we remember our troops serving around the World..JCF
If you love Jesus, and you love young people, watch this. I am a (not-so-young-anymore) person whose life was changed by the works of YFC in the Middle East. Pray for them, be inspired by them, and join their movement in any way you can. God Bless.
No American should act like this, we're all brothers and sisters of the good Lord. God Bless the USA.
Lol funny how Mehdi Hassan ended his debate with Richard Dawkins (an Athiest) by thanking the audience and emphatically saying "God Bless"
If you or anyone you know may need food, especially during this holiday season.. The Following is a list of FOOD PANTRIES, mostly on the South Side of Chicago... I will be submitting this list to Pastors in our Baptist Union Meeting this Morning... Thought Id Post it Before The Meeting... To find additional food pantries in the Cook County or Chicago Illinois region, dial 773.247.3663. Here's The List, Please Share!! God Bless... Chosen Tabernacle Full Gospel 4310 S Champlain Ave. Chicago IL 60653 (888) 834-9414 Areas served of the pantry are N: 35th St; S: 47th St; E: Lake Michigan; W: Dan Ryan Expressway. Stop by for food, items like personal hygiene, winter coats for kids, and more. St. Elizabeth Church SVDP 50 E 41st St Chicago IL 60653 (773) 268-1518 Social services are offered by Saint Vincent. A thrift store, clothing closet, and food bank may be available, as this is part of the nation’s leading charity organization. Some funds may be offered for basic needs, bills, or housing. Tabernacle MBC F ...
Keep your head up young man, your future is bright and the G-Men will turn things around next season. God Bless!
Good morning and God Bless. I believe this will be a very good Thanksgiving week.Enjoy as best you can, spread your blessings to others and tell your family and friends how much they really mean to you.and help those who need it most...peace and light to guide you all!! Happy Thanksgiving
Lord Please forgive me Father! Help me to be ChristLike. Help me die to my flesh everyday...I love you Heavenly Father. In Jesus name Amen. About to get ready for church then Bags of Hope...if anyone knows a family that is Really in need of Thanksgiving dinner come to Rescue. We will also be giving out coats for kids in need of one. God Bless 🙌🙏
The Fisher House Foundation is amazing. They are a blessing to so many; May God Bless them
Looking for an EXTRA INCOME or PART TIME/SIDELINE??? *Open to all Students, Undergrad, Non Students, Employed, Unemployed, Businessman, or even Professionals. Near/From Alabang-Muntinlupa, Dasma-Cavite, Candon, Vigan, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Quezon City, Laguna and Batangas Area. If you are interested kindly send to me your details; Name, Age, Location, School/Work (if there's any), Contact Number and Time Availability to 0906 397 4824 Thank You and God Bless!
To all who know me , I want to encourage you to accept salvation . To experience the complete grace and mercy of being born again as the bible says. To encourage you to read and apply through the Holy Spirit what the bible says , to your daily life. It is life changing and eternity unchanging . I have also read a book other than the bible that I recommend. The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. May God Bless you
Just finished watching the Sol3 Mio DVD with my older sister who always challenge n Push me to do opera n my who is number 1 Opera fan :D I was that excited to watch it that I was the very first person in Queensland to buy it :) yes in Queensland maybe in the whole of Australia as we'll lol oohh man it was awesome loved it to all the people that loves Opera you have to get it n watch as they challenge young adults that everything is possible if you give it a trie :D My Dream is that one day I will be one of those guys :D making my family proud just like how these guy are making there family's n friends Have an awesome weekend everybody stay safe&God Bless
My AWESOME Friends Greetings from a Bright and Co0ld Day here in Western Pa. What a Fantastic Gift to Start a Weekend! God Bless
Merry Christmas to Family and Freinds from the LaFountaine God Bless and Best Wishes
My condolences goes out to Mrs.Carla from the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Our Blessings are with you in this time of morning. God Bless!!!
Wright is no longer alone. Kind thoughts to Ty Herndon. May God Bless !!!
God Bless you Nathan Scott, please recover quickly my friend. You took a bullet for all of us today
Mumbai: There was a lady begger,on footpath..she was badly ill...a person used to walk daily and see tht lady,she was having a little day when that man was on his regular walk,he saw that ..lady was no more,she died and her little daughter was crying.he just hold the hand of tht girl and carried away with him at his home.He nourished that girl,gave her education,made her self dependent,and now he is going to give her life long happiness. Friends. That girl is arpita khan... And that man is..Salman khan...who has booked whole palace in hyderabad .God Bless him. Did you know Arpita for whom Salimji and Salman's family are Spending Millions of Rupees for the Wedding, was infact Adopted by Salim Khan following the Death of her Homeless Mother Living on the Footpath. Salman's Father Famous Writer- Salim Khan does not like Spending Money OR Wasting it on Weddings. In fact they are Spending More Money than all Weddings in Their Family Combined for Arpitas Wedding Alone! Wow! Arpita liked the Falaknu ...
God Bless you Joe Joseph F. Herbert of East Greenwich, RI died on November 14, 2014 after a hard fought battle with cancer. His lifelong tenacity, humor, and optimism that defined him to so many, remained unbroken throughout his final days. He was 78 years of age. The eldest of two siblings, Joe was born in Providence, RI, on August 12, 1936 to Leo and Alice Herbert (later Gorman) of Warwick, RI. He is a graduate of the University of Maine at Orono and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, having achieved the rank of captain. After the Marine Corps, Joe was employed by the Bostich and then Berol Corporations in San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, and Newtown, CT. Joe later returned to Rhode Island and purchased Lee Engineering Company and then Farber Inc., both based in Pawtucket, RI, and manufactured Presto manual lifts, and stackers. He grew those companies substantially and sold them upon his retirement in 1998. Joe dedicated much of his time to family, friends and his various hobbies including his love ...
They assume Bill Cosby's guilt because, regardless of fact, he condemns "stereotypical" blacks and condemned the fatherless epidemic and was nearly conservative in his politics. Guilty or not, he'll be guilty until found innocent (if so) as if he were as "evil" as Sarah Palin herself. His problem is he's considered an Uncle Tom, but his cabin is being burned, per proper protocol. In May 2004, he began speaking out about his conservatism. In 2005, allegations of rape began. Considering the media track record, I'm lending my belief toward Mr. COSBY. God Bless and I pray you're not the rapist you're accused of being.
Than you buyer (Sir Eddie from Iligan City) for your orders and TRUSTING BeeBlinks :) God Bless!
I cannot hide the fact that I am proud, excited, and elated to be flying to Miss World 2014 today. However my deepest condolences go to family and friends of Miss Honduras who was murdered just a few days ago. God Bless and RIP. I'll be back in Canada after the finale, follow my journey at
SHS Choral Department held its Fall Concert tonight. The Traditional Choir sang three numbers that saluted our nations veterans. Brandon Visetchaisri sang Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA". Tonight was also the debut of the new SHS Show Choir. The SHS Choral department will be performing at the Scott County Arts Council and on Wave 3.
Never been to this place to eat, But rumors are you have First Amendment Rights, Keep your Name, serve the People, God Bless
God Bless the first amendment. Freedom of speech is not granted in most parts of the world. Today, that amendment will be demonstrated in all its splendor on the campus of UCD. When you want someone to examine their conscience to go further into debt for their contribution to the country, it is their God given right to ask the powers to be to carefully examine all avenues of how to create a financial solution that is realistic. I got a wonderful education. I worked my body and spirit and brain to the bone to obtain that degree. You can bombard me with your notions of what is just. I can respond by thanking you for sharing. We all have our own truth. God loves me. I love God. Have a wonderful holiday, birthday or any other celebration that is on your horizon. As for you hobo's who are getting out of jail early-a thought for you. Treatment, education and a job. Simple? Yes. Easy? No!
2 luxxe white + 1 protect deliver to Makati yesterday to be brought to Cambodia! MEMBERSHIP w/ 1 luxxe white + 1 luxxe slim + 2 luxxe protect & 2 soaps was shipped to Zamboanga City! 1 luxxe slim & soap - meet up @ SM FAIRVIEW a while ago! 2 luxxe white shipped to Tondo Manila! FOR ORDERS PLS. CALL/TEXT/VIBER ME @ 0917.535.6717 or 0949.359.9211 Thank you and God Bless us all!!!
Cleanliness Drive at the VAT OFFICE in Delhi . Amazed to see .Even the illegal Parking Syndicate has vanished in thin air . Old files which had gone missing from past 20 years , have been traced. God Bless our PM Narendra Modi JI.
was happy to see Joel Anthony grinding in Detroit earlier today. God Bless, brother.
Jay you and Hope look great... you may remember me from Calvary Chapel Tallahassee late 90s. God Bless, good to see you here.
God Bless him for remain stoic in the face of the ultimate evil. Prayers with his family.
God Bless this woman who stood up for Christians as the Muslims intrude in our national Church. http:/…
Was blessed with the honor of performing this today for the Mark Miller family. God Bless.
Guys sweet dreams off for now could be back later if not then in the morning! love and hugs to all ! God Bless you all♥♥♥
God Bless you today Evangelist Karen Clark Sheard Happy Birthday and I Pray you many more.
Rapat Natal with Team Praise & Worship and YouthGL.. God Bless.. (with NgaGungunk, laura, and 5 others)
God Bless the Pope, Bishop Krajewski, and Andrea Bocelli - Kollman Catholic Digest -
Thoughts and prayers with the family of the young Irish lad who sadly lost his life at celtic park last nite, puts football in its place.. RIP God Bless
Zac embodies the spirit of Roy Clark. Plays it like Roy and pulls it like no one since. God Bless our troops
Hanging with the Boys and uncle Eddie! God Bless. by biggrandpaparay
God Bless this man for this message. . May his Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. . Dr. Myles Munroe..
Special thanks to Tia Misa for my son Pjs birth certificate just arrived today thank you Mama love you n God Bless.
RichardOBryan: AT:trkindutchman Semper Fi! My Brother what an Honor to "ride naked"! God Bless
John Rzeznik is doing a lot for charity that is so so nice. I respect that. God Bless
Hey Pastor Donnie McClurkin . Am so sorry For your dad! But Remenber the Wonderful time with your dad!. God Bless u Love u!
Watching this Seal telling the story of killing Osama bin laden has got to be the most intense, emotional story I have ever head! I sat here and bawled my eyes out! Hind sight is 20/20. I don't know why he came out, and not sure if it's right or not, but I'm glad he did because it shows just how badass our military is! How on earth they pulled that mission off without loosing a seal or hurting any women or children is beyond my realm of imagination. God Bless our military and God Bless the USA!! Hooah!
Just finished watching "the man who Killed Osama Bin Laden" and some will say this Seal should have not come forward and that is not for me to say. I know that it was fascinating to hear what went on and I will never forget that day. I had spent that day with Rodney Atkins visit the tropes at Walter Reed Hospital and hearing their stories and when we got on the Bus and started departing DC it came on the TV that we had gotten him. All those faces of those young men and women ran threw my head as I laid in my bunk that night. God Bless our Troupes and their Families.
George Jones. .country music star served his country...Thank you, Mr. Jones and Thank you to all our veterans and those who still serve. God Bless
We all miss him including Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller & his fellow Bohemians. God Bless! http:…
This is the Original, (Hard to find) Star Trek The Motion Picture comic set. 1-18. Good Luck, God Bless and Happy Bidding!
Have worked with many patients with Lewy Body dementia it's still under diagnosed and low awareness. I feel people never really know about it unless they are experiencing memory issues and research possible dx. I hope the good that comes from Robin Williams death is that awareness develops for this disease and maybe finally the medical field will get the funding and support it needs to research it further to help individuals and their families. Poor Robin dealing with years of depression then Parkinson's coupled with Lewy body. Don't care how others feel but I have to admire him for all he was dealt and he still worked at making the world smile/laugh! God Bless you Robin and I know you have now found your peace ❤️
if you have HBO tune in to "concert for valor" some good performances are going down for our veterans. I love every single one of you, enjoy your time where ever you are and with who ever you are with. this day is for you be safe and God Bless
Thanks to my Dad Spec4 Vietnam medal of Valor recipient ,my Hubs Samuel Edgar Sgt.Major Army Ranger retired& all Veterans. God Bless .
I had a wonderful time at Westover Park Jr High today...the students and staff there there are so gracious! God Bless them!
God always offers us a second chance and that is called today. a day to correct the wrong things we did yesterday. sa mga ma byahi subong, sa gapakto sa work, mga students, 0JT bsta sa tanan, anu man ulobrahon ta subong, God Bless gd.,. halong kita tanan.
Our Middle School students honoring our veterans during Maple Shade's Veterans Day ceremony. God Bless all of our...
Just closed on a VA Loan for the surviving spouse of a veteran who died from Agent Orange poisoning while serving in Vietnam. She was crying on the phone with me saying God Bless over and over. What got her most emotional was when she said that her late husband was giving her this gift from the grave. Very touching. And it's Veterans Day!!!
Happy Veterans Day ! Thank to all our heroes who served our country and saves our people against enemies. We salute to you all especially to my (Mahal) husband Mario Laxamana Mendoza granted Vietnam Veterans war Agent Orange disable. Thank you and God Bless you all..
Thank you sir. God Bless you and your family...
RIP Uncle Mel. You will be missed. God Bless you.
Thank you men and women that give so much that we might be free! Following example of our Heavenly Father that gave so much! God Bless our military!
We all have a lot to be thankful for everyday of our lives. No 1 thank you Jesus for all you have done for me each day of my life. Thank you for all my family and sweet precious friends you have put into my life. But Heavenly Father We thank each and every one of our Military staff male and female and there family's for our protection and freedom. From the beginning of time till the precent and way beyond. Thank you USA Military of all branches Men, Women and your family's. God Bless!
Happy Birthday to my dear sister Nancy Cantrell. RIP she left us on March18,2014 to be with our Heavenly Father . She is with the angels now, no more pain.God Bless her daughters Tiffany Henry, Hope Chettiyar, and Amanda Verrett, and all her grandchildren who miss her so much. Love and miss you sister, till we meet again.
Thanks to All Vetrans and their families esp Charles C. Frazier for fighting in two wars and getting shot as well! God Bless you and the USA
God Bless that Woman, That aid their growing man in anyway she can.
Lest those of us who call the Midwest home forget, 39 years ago: .The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay if they'd put 15 more miles behind her. They might have split up or they might have capsized, they may have broke deep and took water. And all that remains is the faces and the names of the wives, the sons and the daughters. God Bless the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald, may their souls rest in peace and let perpetual light shine upon them, Amen
I will like take the timeout to say Thanks & God Bless to all the people that made my video shoot successful! My Big O'l G Mark of Tru BarberStyles & Barberdame Barberdame Baltrip Big Mike & Jeanette MJ's Bar & Lounge. My Lil Homie Young Ish & Antoine Castle Deejay Castle For coming threw in the clutch for ya boy, I really respect yall Grind tho. To my Boy over there at Hallway Productionz Dejon Underdue for the love, We got more work to do on this album with Dev Dabeatsmith as well! To my camp P.L.R ENT for sticking by my side threw the hole thang, Suga Kane, Lamonte Wiley Jr., Ray Murphy, Anthony Dawson, Fred Gates, Julius Lewis, Dahlia Lara Macciocchi Jimmy Grams & All my family & friends that showed there support. Alesia Jackson Naomi Symone McCoy,Tanae Chow Percy Richard DaRell Roberts thanks for yr support and Love, We gone work it out!. Levar Quick Roberts, Jerrod Lakey, Phillip Tenndollaz Allen, Reggie Cooks, Sammy Badazz Brown, Milla, Anybody i forgot to mention. Thanks & God Bless. Big M.U.K.E . ...
I'm wide awake at 6:00 a.m. and thankful to be on top of the ground and not under it.Praise God!Heard about the tragic death of Myles Monroe and all on that plane.One never knows when God says your time is over in this life! We must have to be ready not getting ready! ( story of the 5 wise and5 foolish virgins ) Yesterday I entere the house of God expectantly and departed triumphantly! God had a blessing and yours truly name was on it.Pastor Newman threw down with his message being"The Way of Worship"Psalm 100:1-5.My soul is still rejoicing!! The Veterans were honored also! Yay!* Found out what the meaning of the " folding of the American flag that's done at military funerals,the 13 folds,as demonstrated by 2 vets.I wrote it all down due to the fact that I'm a diligent note taker.The second fold depicts our belief in "eternal life". Hlelujah!!! Tnen we viewed a video that recognized vets and active duty with Lee Greenwoods song "God Bless the USA in the background.(was singing with him) Love that s ...
God Bless, Jeff Lynne. You saw me coming. You see me now. I see what's to come. Dreams do come true.
God bless the man and his missio, Secretary Bob McDonald.
God bless you +Jenky. Fondly remember you from my years!
We must never forget GOD bless the USA for giving us a safe country where all can practice religion!
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