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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

Lee Greenwood Holy Spirit Happy Birthday Pastor Graham Pastor Burns United States Happy Thanksgiving Happy Independence Day Good Night

Good Night. Sweet Dreams. God Bless. You have a purpose. You are not useless. There's a reason on why you exist. Always keep that in mind.
maybe Lee Greenwood can do a 90 minute version of God Bless the USA?
God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood - This alone will make my inaugural presence unforgettable 🇺🇸
God Bless our 45th President of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America President Donald J. Tru…
Jenifer wherever you are God Bless. Listening to you while waiting on the chef to finish my dish was one of the most annoying things ever.
God Bless the national treasure that is He has NEVER been afraid to speak the TRUTH.
Thank you Cayman Island for inviting me. God Bless everyone.
Speedy recovery and well wishes sir!! All of us in the Dawg Pound looking forward to next year! God Bless!
God Bless the Alabama Supreme Court. Every state should follow your lead on saving God's precious children.
Merry Christmas Tweeps!!..Stay safe and if you're out there driving, make sure you ARRIVE ALIVE!! God Bless!!!.
Happy Birtday Batman 🎉🎊 Hope you are enjoying your special day 😘 God Bless you more and more 😊 Love you 💚
Happy New Years Aaron Watson from your Pueblo, Colorado fans. God Bless you and your family. Long live El Vaquero.
Happy New Year 2017 . My Best Wishes to all my friends and family. God Bless you all . Feliz año nuevo a todos...
Work in the morning, so bed for me. See you on the other side, folks! May it be happy and healthy. God Bless
I'll be spending my NYE alone at Danny's in Jackson,MS. God Bless...
Benghazi Four is the reason this Democrat became a Republican again. That evil woman would kill us all. God Bless t…
Prayers to Todd Fisher & extended family circle at this painful time. They're together now. God Bless. Anna, Ireland
"Snoop Doggy Dog... You need to get a jobby-job" . God Bless the memory of Comedian Ricky Harris.
God Bless him!. Pennsylvania cancer patient wins years' worth of free pizza; donates it to food bank via
This is the official date, but unofficially I still kinda think the USSR fell with the Berlin Wall & Reagan. God Bless him.
George Michael will be missed. sad to see him gone. God Bless and RIP. "Got to have Faith, Faith, Faith"
I'm in shock, I grew up with & to see another legend gone this year. God Bless him & his family & friends…
Mr. Trump, please restore our relationship with Israel that Barack O'butthead has destroyed. We must! God Bless you.
love this weekend cast, Abby Huntsman, Peter Doocy , and Ed Henry , certainly the best God Bless, Merry Christmas
Congratulation to you and Ava. God Bless you both.
John 13:7; Jesus replied, you do not realize what I am doing now but, later you will understand. . God Bless ⚠☝
God Bless his soul and protect the rest of his family from the armies of shaytan.
Were you just on the Jonathan Schwartz show a few minutes ago? (I heard Blues Skies, and God Bless the Child). Tx. :-)
& God Bless the girl who is going to be putting wreaths on graves @ Fort Leavenworth! I'm looking forward to seeing…
Bernard Williams.tell your guy congrats for me and God Bless him!
welcome young man! Love the direction this program is going! God Bless
Mr.Pat Roberts favourite proverb,and mine.God Bless.
My statement on today’s verdict in Charleston. God Bless the their families, Charleston and the state of So…
Good Morning and God Bless you's Thank you for your Service from a Marine Corps Veteran.
Desmond Doss what a leader. Hacksaw Ridge is a movie I recommend. What a true hero. God Bless. ~Kelly
Proud of everyone who has ever served in the United States armed forces ! Please share !. God Bless all who...
. Thank You for following our mission. God Bless 😊
Ladies and Gentlemen of our great County of Nakuru. I wish you and your family a Happy Jamhuri Day.God Bless you. . Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.
-The Power of Prayer from the American People-Strongest Force on Earth+ - President Trump is the chosen one- God Bless him-
Happy Happy Birthday may God shower you with more blessings and more beauty 👸👸 God Bless po Ate Celine 😊😁
After 8 years of trash, 2017 is the beginning of making America the best in the World again. God Bless the Trump Fa…
God Bless your Father on his Birthday, give him my best, One of my favorite movies is "The Champion".
Thank you President Monson. We love you! God Bless you!
Love what Joe Roberts is doing God Bless you!
As much as I resented what he did to our NRA, I still just have to love the Hero he is. God Bless you George Herber…
do you still speak with Beth Chapman? I hope you stayed sober! God Bless!
Hey David S Shearer thanks for the follow and God Bless the USA! Please like and subscribe to our youtube channel at
regrann from mercyebosele - ARA/THUNDER God bless you all for coming…
Good Luck and God Bless to all of you taking part in The Big Sleep Out raising money for tonight. Wrap up warm…
God bless you bro pls enjoy yourself in peace
Thank you for all of our followers. . God bless you
God bless both you and the family of for the truth about 🌍wants to end We will never forget.❤
God bless this trooper and his family. Thank you to all who serve including my big brother which I know today...
There will be more intl events for u after tonight's event.God Bless Alden.cto ht…
I love my TA. May God bless his kind soul
I Love to sing this song, God Bless Leonard Cohen
Deadmau5 album dropped. Excuse me while I listen to it and play Chrono Trigger god bless
Stana makes my day better.. God bless her!
Big Congratulations to the people of Gambia for their bravery and courage to come out against Jammeh. God Bless The Gambia…
Beautiful, thank you for thinking of me. ❤ God bless you.
sentirbelle, thanks for following me! God bless!
Little Giant Ladders
spending the night at my new place for the first time all by myself with a huge *** lizard at large. god bless ME
keep up to good work and God will bless u.
God bless whoever decided to give me another scholarship bc MU owes me money for tuition for next semester 💁
god bless Trevor Noah for trying to have a civil conversation with Tomi L*hren bcs lord knows I would've just punched her in th…
Such a pleasure and honor meeting Travis Tritt and his family wonderful Americans great people God bless
Huge thank you to and for visiting my wife Jackie and our family. She is still smiling hours…
😄 Hope you enjoy your day God Bless...
God bless the men that pay attention to the little things 💕
God will not bless a relationship that he's not involved in
ahh හුටා. Wish my luvin aunt a happy bday... My favorite duo when i was a kid. God bless her.
God bless the child who holds his own weight
you deserve all the love, having you is a big blessing from Allah, may god keep you and bless you for me❤️
God bless America. You're gonna need it!! Good luck and remember only 4 years to go!
God is Good :-) May your Love & passion for Christ never leave you. God Bless and Good Night.
exactly God Bless Christian moral ethical Donald Trump for his respect and dignity for all people!
Anyway, meanwhile, cherish your current bias! It's not only about the idols, but also about the bond between fans.^^ Go…
Sending a High Five to my hippie and goth friends! God bless you both today😊
Whatever you abuse may not Bless you. Whatever you don't value, you may lose. May The Wisdom of God in you be activated.…
Now know this too. Our God can bless whoever he wants to when ever he decides to
You are welcome Sir. We urge you to do more and build on this. God bless
While you're enjoying the weekend ahead; do you know what your Pres.-Elect Trump will be doing? WORKING FOR AMERIC…
the actual voices behind the scenes of Spongebob Squarepants. God bless these guys for making my childhood 😍
People quitting their jobs for a one time payment of 10k? I...I have no comment. God bless.
She paid her way through school selling this, God bless every hardworking lady out there trying to make a difference https…
Official spent $450 at Ulta in one year... god bless
Sometimes God has to break you to bless you
Sorry to hear. My mother fought this as well. God bless
God Bless you for your amazing generosity! !
Thank you & for being there for our great AMERICA! We love & pray strength for you in these trying tim…
I haven't seen a Beautiful woman like you in a while. God Bless You!!!
God blesses you to bless others ❤️️ A selfish heart won't get you far.
once again God Bless you all and agin Happy Birthday Charlie Daniels 🎂🎉
Congratulations. Wishing You a Very Happy Married life and . God Bless u
Play me that song by Brantley Gilbert. Hope y'all enjoy! God Bless!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! God Bless! . "Led by the Light". c- Amanda Smith
God Bless the Clifford Harris Household . . . Lot of xplaining 2 do Lucy.
You are a great corner. Solid defender! You played a solid game. God Bless !! Good luck rest of year
Have you ever heard of Archie Bunker , he was a great man & my hero. God Bless you also. My God does not promote killing.
God Bless make up tips, hair cuts, and being less scrawny
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God Bless
What a sweet message, it's very true...we should always think of others especially around the holidays. God Bless you 💕🙏🏻
Happy Thanksgiving ...have a wonderful day!!! God Bless!
Merci beaucoup. signing my sweater at Santana Row. May God Bless and protect you always. Bless Up.
The US President is neither republican nor democrat.He represents the people. Trump is pragmatic.America divided will surely fall.God Bless
Watching "41 on 41" again. You look so much like your Aunt Doro, and your Dad looks just like Robin. God Bless!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Thank You Pastor Jentezen Franklin for your kind and encouraging greeting! God Bless
God Bless my company is paying for me to upgrade to Delta comfort for my international flights :p
The Devil is a lie! Hurry up Wednesday!! May the Jack Bauer in Kiefer Sutherland come out and stick it to them!! God Bless!
Thank you Vice President Elect for being an example of true class and dignity, God Bless you.
Gold Star Family, thank you for your son's service and sacrifice. Please know that true Americans grieve with you. God Bless.
Last one from Jordan-Hare for the year. Good Night, God Bless, and War Eagle. @ Jordan–Hare Stadium
thank you for your dedication to LSU and football. Love purple and gold. Good luck and God Bless!
You can't help but fall in love with his voice❤️ God Bless you Nizar✨
Thank you MC Donald's on Miller road & 93rd ave for donating 2 hours to the school of autism, God Bless you & the t…
When you argue with Nike whole day so they start to pelt coupon codes your way.God Bless you all🙏
The Middle Class NOW decides where our hard earn tax Dollars go! God Bless the People's President! Thank you
yes Tommy Excited na mga momies of ToMiho Young at Heart. God Bless
Marine Corps Birthday Ball video recap and thanks to all the Vets. God Bless the United States
"God Bless the USA!!" Great Tribute to our veterans today at the BYU game. BYU Vocal Point performs via
Vocal Point's "God Bless the USA" gives you a serious case of the feels...
Happy Veteran's Day and Thank you to all that served! God Bless you all!
My Dad served in WWII in the South Pacific, I will forget him & all the others who sacrifice so much for us all! God Bless!
Greater things r still 2 come in our country again, thank you God Bless!
at admire your tenacity, hard work and determination. God Bless you. ♡
and thank you for your support, you played a part in helping Americans keep the faith. God Bless!
a time of great sorrow for the town of my birth. Comforting that the Sally Army are there. God Bless.
out and voicing your opinion no matter how crazy people tell you you are for doing so!! Our collective voice does matter!!! God Bless!!!
Thank you Pastor Graham for being such a powerful man of God. I prayed for our country and for ME to be better. God Bless
Justice finally comes to Janet Reno. Here's hoping Randy Weaver, his remaining kids and the Waco siege survivors can find peace. God Bless..
The Devil is always sending Demons to attack us.. But may God Bless the unlucky *** that left with the hassle to come & get me 💯
God Bless you Pastor for getting the truth out 4 we cannot let…
Eveyone meet the newly married Mr and Mrs jordan and Emily Wilson. May God Bless them forever and always.
kise girl nay mojay galat taslim nahie keya wo Sarwat ap *** Tank You my sports any time anyway you God Bless you
God Bless you Shah Rukh. Keep smiling. It is infectious, spreads happiness. Lots of Love.
Victory! God Bless You. God Bless the good ol USA and God Bless the the Beloved
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
2001 World Series. Lee Greenwood. sings. "God Bless the USA". colin kaepernick could learn from this
We hit the 150,000 member mark! God Bless all of our True Blues and families. May St. Michael watch over us all https:/…
Have a safe flight enjoy your vacation and take care. God Bless. 😊.
Here at West Elementary for annual ODNR Trees to Textbook Donation school assembly. Singing "God Bless the USA."
God Bless! Andrew Breitbart!!! You should have United Behind If you lose, your The Losers!
WHAT!! I will try to be politically correct and just say. THEIR LOSS!! What a cutie pie. God Bless
God Bless this man, this why people need to stand for the national anthem, in honor of people like this, huge props to this guy
God Bless this person for taking that chance supporting Trump in WA--liberal & some really screwy people, Senator…
Happy Birthday Mrs. Taffi. .God Bless with with many more.
God Bless spongebob. Long live the king Neptune
"God Bless the Queen. God Bless the Rams." 💂. players show off their best British accents 🇬🇧 | h…
The one time I listen to the radio Jackie and Wilson by Hozier is on. God Bless.
RIP Master Gunnery Sergeant Richard Pittman, a MOH recipient and a hero till the last breath. Thank you for your service and God Bless you.
Thank you for everything you do Pastor Burns. You are a great advocate for Mr. Trump. Keep it up. God Bless you sir!
Hi. Catch me Tuesday at Corbett's -An American Restaurant on the patio 7-10 w/John Burgard. Weather will be beautiful. Come see me. God Bless
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It's going to be a beautiful Tuesday so catch me singing on Corbett's patio 7-10 w/John Burgard. Always a great time. Come see me. God Bless
Dan, was a great guy! His wilderness films was the best of family entertainment! from "The Life and Times Of Grizzly Adams" to "The Adventures of Frontier Fremont"! From Youth into middle age I grew up watching him & Denver Pyle, in both Grizzly Adams, & Frontier Fremont, they brought family values to the screen, with a bond, trust & love for all things, just as they did off the screen. I would have loved to met Dan & Denver, they were both Giants in my eyes, & they both are truly missed! We Love You Both! R.I.P. See You both on the other side! God Bless!!!
thanks for reliance capital.adding it to my portfolio on every dip. company having strong underlying businesses.thankyou God Bless.
God Bless you Dan, and ALL the Trump Team. We are with you 100%!
God Bless you Pastor Burns. Your energy and inspiring speeches are one of a kind. All Lives Should Matter in America!
God Bless you Pastor Burns. Crooked Hillary has failed African Americans. Time to elect a job creator in Mr. Trump!
Today marks the 241st birthday of the God Bless all of those who have served and those who continue to fight for o…
God Bless ya and his wife for that matter but Gaslight is not a Hitchcock movie. It's George Cukor. Still love you.
''You are excellent , great performance , God Bless you beta''. Pankaj Udhas ji to me after my…
The Love of God is real!!! Come see for yourself through his word this morning at New Life and Spirit Revival Center at 11am! God Bless!!!
Thankyou and God Bless . Juanita Broderick and the others.
God Bless the election at Crow Agency tomorrow - Saturday, Oct 8 - and be with the entire membership as they make...
We should never forget the danger our police face every day.God Bless them. STL Co police officer killed in S County https:/…
17 years ago was blessed to work with this gem and all the cast and crew of Angel. God Bless. Miss you my friend https:…
My mother celebrating her grand daughter's Birthday! God Bless them all.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
thank You for and I love that article on Steve Kurr becoming the coach of reason God Bless you!!
God Bless the South Plains. Cotton shower giving us just a glimpse of the beauty of West Texas.
Jackie Gleason already landed Alice on the moon before Neil Armstrong. He could have helped God Bless him.
God Bless a Rockaway Beach legend! RIP Emily Hutton - we love you and will NEVER forget you ! Look over us.
I greet you boss. God Bless you for the follow back. Baba pls kindly check dm.
God Bless you Pete! Helicopters are everywhere, I live 5 min away! My cousin worked in the Cascade Mall tonight but she's safe
Kevin Garnett was a mans man his entire career. Never saw him take a minute off. Came in a young man, left a legend. God Bless
3/3 There is no power greater than love . There is no religion greater than truth. God Bless. Salim Khan. Your frnd & Countr…
Happy Birthday KUYA! 🎂. God Bless and Take Care always. I miss you & I love you. 😙.
God Bless you College Station, Texas for having longer than normal yellow lights in order to save me from tickets. 🤗🚦
Blessings young lady, a very late congrats on your Olympic're a true role model & example..God Bless..
Yes could y'all please come to Texas(Lubbock TX) I would like to be sing thank you God Bless voice
Thank U a million😀 So sweet of you, u have no idea. God Bless!
Happy Birthday Niall and Emma Horan! I hope you guys both have the best Birthday's every year! God Bless! 👼
Happy Birthday uncle Dave, we all love you so much! God Bless you
Happy Birthday to our founder Ed Reed. & in on this 38th. God Bless you GOAT!
God Bless all the men and women who died in the attacks or fight to save lives during the Sept. 11 attacks
Ina Kwana Sir , please those people that send Rams to you, Can you spare one for a Son. God Bless 😊
The United States Marine Corp. The BEST of our very best. God Bless them all Pass and Present!! SEMPE FI
May he rest in Peace. God Bless all the Code Talkers
God Bless us on our Dart Game. Laban College of Engineering and Technology!!
Biography of a song God Bless the Child by Billy Holiday FT 3~4 Sept
- watching The Rifleman for the 1st time ever. Top notch work. Can't stop watching. Thank you. God Bless you & Chuck Connors
Just discovered in my Bible App. Had to come online to google/research, God Bless her ministry!!
God Bless your family. Happy 22 Birthday . My brother was Air Force in Da Nang 69
God Bless? SMH! Stand up for something or shut up for nothing! HOLLAR , he always got something to say!
Please join us for Sundays Bible study and Worship services or our mid-week Bible study on Wednesday. God Bless.
Awesome game! God Bless you for all of your hard work Fins-up! 🐬
Love you and your family Governor Pence ! Soon to be Vice President Pence ! God Bless you and yours!
I'm sorry you feel that way about Pastor Graham. Good evening.and God Bless you too.
I seriously doubt that. God Bless you Pastor.
God Bless you greatly Today and ever. And with flames of Holy Spirit in Justice. Romans 2.07 Wait for you in Brazil.
We'll see you tonight at Foxwoods! God Bless! @ MGM Grand Hotel, Foxwoods Resort And Casino
yeah, and the world should know about "The report from iron mountain" God Bless..
Love..Gentle Hugs and Prayers for you Miss Anne, Susan, and the team involved ..God Bless and stay strong!!
God Bless the Rev. Elmer P. Hardy and the good people of Union Temple Freewill Baptist Church (New Haven, CT) for...
Good Morning to my awesome bud Aidan Happy Saturday I hope you have a awesomely great and blessed day God Bless 🎸😀😎🎶
God Bless all of our fallen soldiers and their families for their love and sacrifice for our country.
Ooh Rah She should be in court for Treason & when found guilty, per US CODE FIRING SQUAD. God Bless you
Happy Birthday I wish you will have more birthdays to come. Hope you're still having a great one! God Bless 😄🎈
that's what xtianity is all about, being the light so that those far from harbor you may guide across the bar. God Bless
Hi, Kelly, Following from Stop by and say hello. God Bless! Kim
Shout out to my high school basketball coach Hope all is well sir. God Bless!
I love Ken Lanci. Just saw him on FOX. God Bless you. I live in OK. Wish I can help. I am a Rep. I am a 54 white woman.
Just heard Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA' made my Monday!
God Bless, my boss finally ordered peach for us to make peach green tea lem again & my life is complete🍑
Paying tribute to the armed forces whose names are inscribed upon The Moving Vietnam Wall.God Bless the USA!Mayor C.
Don't forget to pray before sleeping. And do go to church this blessed Sunday... God Bless!.
Happy Birthday Babe💖 Hope you have an amazing day filled with lots of cake🎂 God Bless, ily😘
Amazing picture with Pastor Frank Hechavarria, God Bless amazing servant of God.
Why is it I heard Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA when I read this??
Pope welocme at World Youth Day happening now. God Bless all these young people ~ may they bring . back their...
thats awesome yall are awesome too dont ever forget about it. God Bless yall today, everyday & forever in the name of Jesus Amen
A big thank you fo Mr Ross at Bellville head office for EXCELENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. God Bless
GySgt Joe Karle prepares the way for a "Angel Escort" for Marine Michelle Kimarchuk known as Sgt Mom .. God Bless.. ht…
God Bless those who serve and protect 💙
To my beautiful Kuma (means Little bear in Japanese) he is my Shiba in Heaven - I still miss him terribly. God Bless
# I have a son who lives at cave City too. Thank you for the update God Bless you and your family
then someone is getting a great athlete, competitor, and champion tomorrow. Good luck & God Bless!
Mike, I think that you will be an amazing VP and all of us working together WILL 'Make America Great Again' - God Bless!
Robert Foster is going to be a rude awakening for defensive backs and coordinators in America. God Bless.
Some under-the-radar Brian Johnston banter there. Well done for a Friday. God Bless.
God Bless..If you are someone that would use this service please unfriend me. (RT to see if any weirdos follow you) ht…
Hey Isaac Botwey thanks for the follow! God Bless
I have discovered what causes cancer and I will share my research findings with your boys and girls club. God Bless. Del.
ty peanut for all you did for us fans we love you here in chicago i met you at a jewel store you were very nice God Bless
God Bless and Keep all Police Officers safe they are protecting us.
He told us that We can make our dreams come true through two brewery worker friends. God Bless
May God Bless each and everyone. Of you today and everyday. . And protect and keep us out of harms way. God Bless!!
God Bless us everyone with the broken people
"It's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice." Garry Marshall. R.I.P. God Bless and Goodnight.
.God Bless you 4having the balls 2speak the Truth in this time of Orwellian Cultural Marxist PC Nightmare *** US needs more
Happy Birthday, God Bless you Rekha Gupta ji .You may serve the country and BJP with dignity and your hard work
My heart goes out to the people of south jones and the Walters family. I'm so sorry for your loss. God Bless.
If Hillary Clinton can’t give us the TRUTH... Why should we give HER the presidency?. God Bless you Patricia Smith. htt…
God Bless you jamiel Shaw, Mary ann Mendoza &Sabine Durden for you wonderfu speeches . May your children rest in God's arms BUILD THAT WALL
If I knew THEN what I Know now, young athletes, please stay humble so you can continue to learn and grow! God Bless ht…
Happy Birthday to my oldest brother Chris. There may be a wedge between us at this point in life, but I will always love you. 🙏🏾🌺 God Bless
Randy Rhoads, God Bless you. What a talented guitarist you are.
Held the door open for a Bald Eagle and its handler and saw him fly across the field to "God Bless the USA". I've never felt more American🇺🇸
God Bless everyone at Ronnie Van Zant who are releasing paper lanterns for the teenager who passed away in Green Cove Springs.❤️
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is stronger than your hate. Give it up to Him! God Bless & protect all of our ex-players…
Enjoy Lee Greenwood - God Bless the USA plus more 1950 thru 2000s Classic Hits on
I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God Bless the U…
While we still can Juan. God Bless ya
Leslie Gore, God Bless you. So much magic back then,so much feeling.
THANK YOU to Law Enforcement officers for risking their lives to protect us each and every day. God Bless. https…
From: Tagbilaran City Bohol, travel going to Dumaguete City, Mindanao part "The Land of Promz! God Bless our trip...
I pray to God that poor child is found and given the Christian burial that is her right. God Bless you for your efforts
Happy Independence Day!! Thinking of '01 alum Lt. Dan Riordan who gave his life for our country in Iraq. God Bless all Mil…
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God Bless America. Happy Fourth of July! Hope y'all had a great weekend, and God Bless our troops!. (Red, White,...
i know that sir mark and for that tnk u for being supportive to ALDUB, God Bless u & ur ryt they are heaven to each other 😊
. Thank you & Please Look at my services: follow on God Bless, Coach David Lubin
from a former US Marine (K9), I wish you the best of luck in your career PFC. God Bless and thank you for your service.
Amen & Amen! That is the word,and the truth!! There is power in the blood of Jesus!!! God Bless you my bro…
congrats there's no better feeling as parents bringing a part of you's into this world.God Bless
I m surprised to see that you aren't following .. But they re following you still. God Bless you both.
It's time to take our country back 👊 God Bless the USA
I added a video to a playlist God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood
Wow! Beautiful acappella version of God Bless the USA!
'God Bless the USA' is one of my favorites, here is an A Capella version by Home Free.. Happy Independence Day!...
Happy Saturday! This version of Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA" gave me goosebumps. To think they were...
Monday is the can you believe it?. Here is a blog I wrote last year "God Bless the USA" Just hop on...
Please I'll be accepting birthday presents in credit alerts. Holla for account details. Thanx and God Bless 😘❤️
America will be strong again to be your strongest partner against Radical Islam and terror. We are on our way! God Bless.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Sorry, but I don't have an account @ the Vatican Bank. Wake up! This Pope is trying to change things. God Bless him.
Are 2016 Catholic Men ready for Christ Renews His Parish? : God Bless you! Mary love you! Holy Spirit be with you... fn2.cof4a273
Always pray and thank the Lord for everything. For without Him we are nothing. God Bless everyone.
Arlene Dickinson was a very gracious host of this event. What a classy lady. FORT MAC she had your back. God Bless
COGIC lost a true general and father of the faith... God Bless the life and legacy of Bishop Samuel Green
Happy Birthday Prince William, you are a true inspiration - lots of positive energy, God Bless
God Bless our Veterans and our Paralyzed Veterans. We must pray that Jesus blesses them plus we…
A great guy shared this with a group today and great quote for all fathers God Bless and enjoy the day
So good to see you this morning. Please send Pastor Shirley my love...she's a true prophetess of God! God Bless you both!!
God Bless you, I don't know if it's possible of getting the audio version of gulder ultimate state of mind.
God Bless you. Health care providers are Angeles! I still disagree though! :)
Mr; Danny P , Brain Dead makes it great shows 3, Great rolls from Danny Pino 3 in a row, everyone wins, Peace, God Bless.
Thank you for following God Bless you.
Thanks for following me. . We have the most Powerful VOICE as grass roots people. God Bless
I could see the Holy Spirit shining when I saw distributing communion, the Body of Christ, on her bday. God Bless that dime! ❤️
God Bless the United Snakes. Land of the thieves, home of the slaves. Where the dollar is sacred and power is God.
Thank you once again, for supporting my right to religious freedom as an Ahmadi Muslim - God Bless!
Congratulations to all the Cranston East graduates of Class 2016🎓💕!! So proud of u all God Bless!!🙏💫
God Bless the kind folks at Sick Kids hospital and children's wish foundation. God bless you and your family, Kevin.
Final day in Canada. Travelled to Riverview meeting with members from St John the Baptist, wonderful evening. God Bless every m…
Aw that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! 😊 Happy national Best friend day you two! ^^ God Bless
God Bless you Sybil and your ministry at the Tom Joyner Morning Show.
God Bless your love of animals. Do you know about the killer Valley Fever in AZ and CA? Need $$$..
Thank you for always helping us. U deserve the award. God Bless. Wish there were more people like U.
Mele Kalikimaka n Happy Holidays everyone! Sending all my aloha from Hawaii! God Bless wherever u r this holiday! Xo htt…
MR. telling the world what he thinks!! And he is awesome and such a great man.. God Bless him...
I thank the lucky stars for you, I needed that , God Bless 🙏
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