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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

Happy Birthday May God United States Nina Pham Good Morning Holy Spirit Steven Sotloff Air Force Lee Greenwood Nancy Writebol

Discussing Christ As a old person 61, new minister 2 years. One of the things that I found most amazing and truly sad. I have this addiction of and about Jesus. I love to talk and discuss Him. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not Bible thumping every person I see on the street. Many folks don’t like to discuss the Lord with others, shy, fear of ridicule, whatever. It seems to me being saved would be a topic on ones plate at least now and then. I’m not necessarily talking about non Christians, I’m talking about Christians, going to church Christians. Can it be political correctness is taking effect? Atheist, Muslums, and other people have beaten Christian love into submission. That it is now politically incorrect to tell someone, God Bless, Jesus Loves you and the like. No wonder we see and hear all the filth on TV, video games, and such. Not a problem. But let a football player kneel on the field. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an activist, I prefer education and a common sense approach. I’m not her ...
Got to spend some time and fellowship with some of our Brother and Sisters in Christ tonight in Pigeon Forge. Bro. Wayne Moak, Bro. Mike Britt, Mr. Paul Smith, Mrs. Bessie Smith and Mrs. Faye Tarver!!! Great to see them and be praying for this group as they travel back home Thursday!!! God Bless them and God Bless Clear Branch Baptist Church for there love for people!!! Sure do miss all of you at Clear Branch!!! Love y'all!
Hello everyone I know this info has been out but for those who have not herd of this. This is a must read book. Agents of the Apocalypes by David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries. This book is by far the best book to read. It's a book that explains in detail Revelations. David Jeremiah is one of the best Ministers that when speaking on the Bible is very clear explains everything in detail and is truly a very true godly man. So either invest good money and get the book or even better go to turning point web site and get the whole series. The book the study guide and cd's it's amazing. God Bless and love you all in Christ. Or go to David Jeremiah and click on his radio stations and listen to his sermons. Amazing.
Well its off to Albuquerque we go.a very close relative, Uncle Jim is very very ill and Auntie Elda called us to his bedside. Me and hubby are leaving very soon. God Bless his sole and keep him comfortable.
So here is whats up! It is a beautiful day on Panama City Beach. Hope everyone is able to enjoy at least a touch of it. God Bless
Yes, our Catholic Faith teaches that we love the sinner but HATE the sins! God Bless
... Happy Mashujaa day to all of you ... Be a hero, not a zero ... Make positive impact to the society and remember to pray... God Bless you. Kaytrixx!
Congratulations to Peyton Manning on the All Time TD Record. Much respect to Peyton Manning. A loss today at home against the Chiefs *** but Chargers will bounce back. GO CHARGERS 4 LIFE. I hope all of you have a great rest of the night. God Bless all of my family, friends and their families.
New Hope New Chalange...God Bless . And Last...Thank you for 10 years..thank you for everything... GOD BLESS INDONESIA
- sure wish they would come Calvary Chapel in Arizona (phoenix)! God Bless this event and all that attend!
I was feeling really happy about the falling gas prices although I couldn't figure out why with the exception of Summer and Labor Day being over everything seemed the same as it had been for awhile. Then, I read the paper today and was once again reminded how our honorable government works for us. I was reminded that it is time for the Social Security cost-of-living figures to be announced on Wednesday and for the third year they will be less than 2%, a number based on consumer prices which according to the article is "well below historical averages so far this year." Their examples are Gas Prices are down from a year ago, so is the cost of clothing, Meat, fish and eggs are up 9% but overall food costs are up less than 3% according to our government's inflation report. I'm sure we all agree with this report every time we pull our wallets out to pay for something today. Feeling disgusted with our government and their hands in our pockets and the decisions they make on our behalf. God Bless everyone, ...
love you both you are amazing at what you do. God Bless.
Happy Birthday Hope you enjoyed last night and enjoy your day! God Bless! 🙌🎉
What a goodnight hanging out with my friends at the Fruitport Youth Club it was fun now eating a late dinner at Denny's have a great night God Bless you all and God Bless America
GOLD RUSH IS BACK! great to see you again Todd! God Bless the Hoffman 316 mining crew and kick *** this year.
Guns don't kill people.Men with beards&guns kill people. God Bless our seals, special forces and active Military. http…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I want to let each of you know that I was ,and am, overwhelmed with all the kind words of encouragement you sent my way. Your prayers mean everything to me. Thank each if you and May God Bless you all.
Just wanted to point out an important fact.I've heard ALOT of bad things in regards to Amber Vinson, the 2nd nurse affected with Ebola. Do I think her boarding that plane was dumb? YES! But we all need to stop and think about this. Amber is a nurse. She put her life on the line to care for another human being. That's what we do. That the oath we take early on when training to be a nurse. I know this first hand, because I'm that person. Amber has her entire life ahead of her. Not even 30 yrs old and getting ready to get married. Now, she has a 50% chance of dying. Would you sacrifice your life for another? (Not counting your kids). I pray for Amber, Nina Pham and their families in this horrible time. God Bless them all.
God Bless our Heroes. The Marine Corps League of Carrollton distributes dictionaries to all the local schools.
Attention: To all the Applicants of the Mutchaka ng Pasay 2014 the NEXT Screening will be on Wednesday and Friday Oct. 22 & 24, 2014 1-5pm at the Pasay Youth Development Council Office , Pasay City Hall Room 418 4th Floor Note: Bring the FF: 1 Whole Body Picture 1/2 Half Body Picture Barangay Clearance with Vaiid ID Photo and please bring with you your cd or usb for the Talent Portion ( 2-3 minutes only) Tnx and God Bless... Please look for Jaja...
To All our friends, families, supporters and friends Halel Singing Ministry will be hosting a fundraising dinner on the 08th November 2014 at Magi Seafood Restaurant. Funds raised from this event will go towards funding the second phase of our up-coming DVD project which we hope to launch early next year. For those who are out of Port Moresby or who will be away on this date but still wish to support the group in cash or kind, please feel free to contact us and let us know...Your support to this Ministry will go a long way in touching one’s soul in need of Christ and to share the Gospel to the unreachable through the songs in the DVD. Have blessed day and God Bless you.
Nite nite Harmonizers & the🌎have a blessed day tomorrow May God Bless yall w another awesome day. Also yall know ur BO$$ES show it 2 the 🌎
Good evening Red Cross Youth Iligan. For the guidance of everybody, attached is the version of the song for the lyrical hiphop that will be used. The song has a longer introduction compare to the other versions. For the time limit for the entrance, performance and exit would be 7 minutes and not 4 (as stated in the guidelines, it was a typographical error). I would just like to remind for the contenders for their registration forms, waivers, and copies for their minus one and music for the dance idol. To be submitted tomorrow. Thank you and God Bless.
If anyone is planning to give me a gift this Wednesday. Books are very appreciated 1) You Can You Will by Joel Osteen. 2) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. 3) Old testament version of Bible. God Bless!
The high tomorrow is 68 God Bless fall
Well Good Morning to all my family and Friends alot of you have known me for many many years and the ones that really truely know me know I don't like drama Well why is it and I am just venting so please no one take offense to this but why is it that its always the ex that you had kids with that says and I quote I would know her better she likes drama look Johnny Ray Dunn you don't know me at all and I have news for you I don't like drama and I steer as far away from it as I can that is why your son and I are not talking he is more like his daddy than this momma can handle I love you dearly son with all my heart but I can't handle the bullcrap. God Bless you all thanks for letting me vent.
Happy Bday sir..I dont have words how to saying it simply..Happy Bday sir..God Bless :)
So ... Mom tried to post this on FB but apparently posted it under someone elses screen name, and the chaos ensued. LOL So I'm gonna post her message she tried to put out there to everyone. Cree. From Mom: "hello family and friends, yes it is me.. frist time on here in over a month now.. Just have not felt like looking or doing a thing for such a long time.. I was sliced and diced and still not out of the woods,, Got too go too the cancer center here in town and if and when I find out when I will be able too start my treatments I will let you all know or have Cree too let you all know.. With Gods help and the prayers and best wishes from all of you I will come out on top,, Maybe not until in 2015 but I will be okay.. Have a long road too go yet.. So best wishes and good health too all of you and God Bless.. ETTA"
"Nina Pham, 26, a nurse in Dallas who caught Ebola from a man in the U.S. who died from the virus, received a blood transfusion from a physician who survived the disease. Pham's condition is said to be stable." My guess is Dr. Kent Brantley gave her a transfusion of his blood. My thoughts are: 1. Glad his blood type was compatible. 2. He's really nice! Giving her immunity. God Bless him!
Update on Jr, He is still nowhere out of the woods yet, he is still a very sick person, he needs a lot of prayer. He may have some type of surgery tomorrow they are not sure. I will update as we find out! God Bless you all and Thanks to community Prayer .
Every time me and Kaleb sing God Bless the Broken Road together, I fall more and more in love with him. 😍😭
Greetings Lady: Sarah Palin, I hope this good health. God Bless your Job and Family.
Thanks to all that are serving, have served and gave their lives for our country! Freedom isn't Free! God Bless...
Wishing the best for Jim ed Brown as he starts his cancer treatment.God Bless!
Praying for Nina Pham for fast recover, God Bless for her kindness heart to safe someone live.
Lets keep this brave woman, Nina Pham, in our prayers and hearts as she faces the unthinkable that non of us ever wish to face. What are those *** like J Jackson gonna say now with all their race baiting? This woman just graduated college not too long ago and in a career that people like him would never face within a 1000 miles. AND she contracted it caring for someone who shouldn't be here in the 1st place! God Bless you Nina!
- Guys, God Bless you all but please take me off TL, have stuff I've got to do & my TL blowing up! I'm in Great Lakes Region...
We wantu know 2 "There r people who can effortlessly make ur day...even wen u least expect it...God Bless u! u know urself!!!:*"
Here is the Video that everyone has been talking about. What an AMAZING Day for the Fishing Dreams Through the Legends of Fishing in Honor of Jack Emmitt. This is what this event and Fish Tales is all about. I guarantee Jack was watching this with a Tear and a Smile. The most special part of the video is what Mr Jansen says at the end of the video about his mom. Thank You Bass Pro, Big Cedars, BentHook Marina, Camp Barnabas, Southwest Center for Independent Living, US Corp of Engineers, White River Elite, Western Taney County Fire, Odd Duck Designs, Plano, Zebco, and all the Anglers and Volunteers that made this event the most Special. God Bless you all.
May the spirit of freedom shine over ALL the Bands out today divided we may stand but the cause remains the same Loud'n'proud ALL God Bless
Thanks for the follow! My sister is married to wonderful AF Vietnam vet! God Bless you!
. Sighs of relief from Peter Robinson. Ken Reid wouldn't get him agitated like Martina. . God Bless her.
We are Glad we can finally help .. Operations start on Monday,Pls. also spread the word .God Bless..
Good Morning! Claim today to be a Great day. God Bless!
"Good Morning, have a great friday and weekend." Thanks Gareth. To you too and God Bless :)
10% of all shoots made in October will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Book your sessions today! 713.534.2097 God Bless & Good Night!
Brittany Maynard - 29 year old with terminal cancer explains decision to...: via God Bless this Young Lady.
Good Evening my FB family. Here are the Funeral arrangements for Cameron Blair. Friday, October 10, 2014, at 9:30am. St. Luke Baptist Church. 7262 So. Coles. Latonya White is going to speak with Sharon Blair to see if she is willing to meet on Thursday evening for those who work during the Service time. She will provide the info here on F.B. Please continue to keep Sharon prayed up. I was told Cameron was her only Grandchild. God Bless
God Bless him. I cleaned his room when I was a maid at the Marriott hotel. He was sweet and left me a five dollar tip. I still have it.
Nice one Sir,listening to this program all the way from Kogi state,God Bless.
Everyone please remember the new hours for Wednesday service starts tonight @ 6pm! This Sunday is fellowship Sunday. After services if everyone would bring a covered dish we will be eating lunch on the church grounds and having fellowship. It's always a great and joyful time. Remember to come as you are expecting God's miracles. Sunday school praise and worship @ 11! Any questions you can call Pastor T 235-7889 r Susan @ 235-7574 thank you and God Bless!!
God Bless our Veterans our True Warriors may you all have a Healthy & Happy Day🇺🇸
Tnx a lot for the b dy wishes . this comes directly from my heart !!! i know all f us r busy wid our life... tnx a lot for sparing some time in wishing me in facebbok and wts app... n apologies 2 those had cald me on this special day ... Presently i am at offshore process platform @ kakkinada,Andhra Pradesh... apologies for not answering ur calls . i will call u once i get back home . tnx a lot for ur luv n concern . i feel blessed . !!! :) Plz remember me in ur prayers. as i need the most nw . i ll keep u guys in myn 2 . once again tnx a lot . God Bless ya
some how I believe you will Jim !! I will watch for your name doing good things 1 day ..God Bless very impressive young man☺
Congrats to and on making the Shrine Bowl!! God Bless and do work Friday against Spartan High with a Win!
Every Tuesday Night we have Bible study at 5:30 at our building and then at 6:30 we have a Men's Fellowship group that meets at Uncommon Grounds Coffee shop in Dover on 3rd Street and a Women's Ministries group that also meets at 6:30! Tonight in Women's Ministries we are having a game night and next week we have an educational night learning some basic American Sign Language (ASL). We would love for you to join us for it all! God Bless!
Sometimes you have to stop and hear the music. So often we get caught up in going from one appointment to the next or from one task to another and before we know it, our children are grown up, our bucket list is still full, and life has passed us by. Forcing ourselves to slow down for a breath of appreciation for the moment at hand is a skill worth developing. Seeing and hearing this gentleman strum his guitar brought me back to my high school days in NYC where street performers were a part of every day life, when life was much simpler and most of my dreams still lay ahead of me. Thank you kind sir for the reflective breath of inspiration and I'm glad I stopped to hear the music. God Bless!
Willow was a trooper today...four vaccines (two live) plus flu vaccine...poor baby girl! Necessary though. Lillianna doing well, medication given, she may have asthma! bloodwork came back in good order considering. Team Willow jamberry nails order closed we raised $26 Tastefully Simple about to close, if ud like to place an order please inbox me asap. God Bless all!
I will be at the Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers game this Sunday. if you want to go we have tickets for $45 seat section 100 Level.Contact Me by phone or email.559-579-6874 or email teddywoods36.God Bless and Go Raiders!
Your word are Greatly Appreciated. I am working towards Holy Orders. Someday to be a deacon. God Bless your ministry.
One a the best games ever ...Wish my daughters came. God Bless all .. New England is the Best. .
Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Yoon Eun Hye!Stay humble as always. Hope to see u in person someday! God Bless!. --From
You're family will appreciate this more than you think! Hope you are okay! You have a big support system here ❤️ God Bless!
For you Patricia Smith. If I can find anymore I'll send them on to you xxx... God Bless!
Exclusive for all :). Credit to us :). More pics for all to come in the future :). God Bless. Official: Gurmeet Choudhary
Every man and woman (especially my black sisters and black brothers) must watch Iyanla fix my life "The follow up episodes from the story of Jay Williams(34kids 17 moms). There is some serious forgiveness and healing that needs to take place in all of our lives. Encourage the men and women in your life to watch this show, believe me it's going to help us all!!! please repost/share God Bless
Belated Happy Birthday, God Bless and Stay awesome! :)
Don't forget to join us tonight for our "First Friday" Marriage Ministry at New Home Family Worship Center Hammond! Tonight at 7pm, 1300 Martin Luther King. We look forward to seeing you there! God Bless!
love you beth moore. I needed that rigjt now. God Bless
My Grand Kids are really making a name for themselves. Grand Daughter - "Erica" in her 2nd year at Temple University, Grand Daughter - "Jasmine" in her 1st year at Columbia University - Hollywood and now my Grand Son - Eric Nasir has been selected by The People to People Ambassador Program to travel and study aboard next Summer in Switzerland, Italy, France & Austria. So proud of all three of them. God Bless them and keep up the good work
4 my Mommy who with Gods good grace will b Cancer free in 3 more weeks is her last bout with Radiation. So 2 all of those that have lost or r survivors of Breast Cancer my hats off. Fight the good fight ladies. God Bless you all. "Breast Cancer Awareness month is Roktober" become aware.
First time back at Arlington National Cemetery since I was a kid. What an experience. God Bless our troops.
To all my fellow Realtor colleagues! Here is a link to Realtor Saftey that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices-New England Properties posted on our web page from NAR. Take care, God Bless and be Safe!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister. She has been such a blessing to our whole family and it's awesome to see what a wonderful young lady my sister has grown into. Hope you enjoyed your day little sister I Love You and God Bless.
Happy Birthday to my lovely sis! May God bless you...Make sure smile will be there at ur face always! It's ur enjoy to the maximum! Love you always
A very heart felt and sad good bye to one of the sweetest, special, kindest women I've had the pleasure to know. Karen was one of the residents at a group home that I give music therapy to. She passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Monday. Every time I walked through the door, Karen would tell me that she said a prayer for me the night before, hoping my back would feel better. She taught me a few things about life just by knowing her. I will truly miss her and pray for her, as she did for me, that this new journey is free from her earthly challenges. God bless you Karen. RIP
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Yeee what it do baby god bless me to see 19 I feel good af right thanks to everybody who wish me and Peezy P Reallae a Happy Birthday can't wait to da weekend
On this day, 45 years ago, my father (age 45) passed away. He is remembered today by myself and my family as being a very great man. He was a wonderful physician, surgeon, psychiatrist. He excelled in writing poetry and was included in the "Who's Who Among American Poets". His gardening skills were magnificent! His voice when he sang was pure, rich and beautiful. He was handsome, articulate, intelligent, and kind. He involved himself in family activities such as exquisite pumpkin carving at Halloween, having singalongs with the family at Christmas time, picnicking in the mountains which he loved and was an avid hunter and fisherman. My father also served as a medic in World War 2. Of course I could go on and on and on as he was my hero and I sure have missed having him in my life all these many years as he passed when I was a mere 10 years old. However, I have always felt his presence near me and I know my family and I will meet up with him again in heaven. GOD BLESS YOU DADDY...we all love you ...
Gm...fb..strivin for perfection oneday at a time...tell u wen I reach (nobody is perfect)but it don't mean u stop tryin lol.have e a great day...god bless us all.
Special shout out Happy Birthday to our very ajeng donkeys, Rod & Ry, Happy Birthday. You guys party hard but safe. Am tong me pos. Btw, da flower on Shy's ear is the only gift we got for ami so hurry bak nd claim it. LOL! :D GOD BLESS.
Field trip Chaperone today. . Y'all pray for me. God bless the teachers all over the world!
Today I was just surfing some songs in youtube and look friends what I've got god bless you all
Happy independence Nigeria!.. And all nations shall call you blessed for you are first among the best. God bless Nigeria. Great to be back home
Happy October 1st y'all!!! Its breast cancer awareness month!!! Ladies please get your mammograms! My grandma has had stage 4 breast cancer for yrs now and is kicking butt! I continue to pray for her as well as every single lady in America that is dealing with this horrible disease! God bless you all!
they say laughter is the best medicine and joanie been in pain all day taking painkillers until her sister Pat phoned making her laugh about the old days.God Bless you Pat she just needed that...
Check out this Video.dont forget to go to Terri Raven Life Clinic Series on Youtube for more videos.Like and Subscribe for more! God Bless
It's your time! "Questions that will answer yours" Like & Share you may just help a family member or friend. Hash tag when you share and check out the YouTube channel God Bless!
On a serious note. Today is a sad day for a lot of people. Don't put off tomorrow what u can do today. If u love someone, tell'em. Don't burden yourself with holding grudges or anger towards individuals. And never let anyone dictate your actions. Live your life the way you see fit and not for the purposes of making someone else feel some kind of way. Our days are numbered and we are blind to when our calendar expires. Live, love, forgive but never forget. Every day above ground is a blessed privilege we are given but so often take for granted. I'm thankful to see this 1st day of October in 2014 because its many who unfortunately didn't. I'm given the chance to still work on ME enjoy this thing we call life until my unknown day in eternal life arrives. We all must return back to the essence at some point and time but until time comes savor the time you have with your loved ones and create memories that will last forever! I send my condolences to the Roberts family and friends of family. Stay strong and God ...
Good Morning FB,Family and Friends Enjoy your day God bless
Don't forget that breast and ovarian cancer run together women get a ca125 done when you get check along with a pap smear that does not tell all for that get the ca125 ovarian is a silent killer, always check your breast for lumps.I know allot of women with breast cancer, some are survival God Bless you all, and the ones that are going thru the chemo now.It will get better, Leslie Fulmer Johnston we love you sista and will walk the walk with you.
$5 tickets for 11/01/14 party in Dowagiac Lions Club go on sale Friday get yours asap they will sell out god bless this event will be more than fun... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Today 4 yrs. ago God bless us with a beautiful and amazing baby girl GABRIELLA V. PRUNEDA. Happy Birthday bebe.. May God bless you always..I love you so much. God blesses us with people in your life's for a reason.. you are a huge blessing, With your smiles and your amazing and unique personality. Thank you for all your kisses, hugs and smiles no matter what kind of day I'm having you all ways make my day. Have a great day love you. Mommy
The most humbling statement we can say is. I am Nothing without God. And our most powerful Statement is. With God, i can do ANYTHING God Bless..(-..)
Oct. 1st! Happy Posthumous Birthday to u mum, still wishing you never left us... Missing u till d day we meet to part no more + God Bless Nigeria
Team ! Uplines ! and even Crosslines Please join me in welcoming our newest born leader from Saudi . Direct sponsor of Mam Divine Grace Acosta Magaddatu Mam Janet Monette Malana Danao congrats and wealthcome to your journey towards success gogogogoggo for 7 heads. You are now certified member of Alliance In Global Inc. God bless Sauid Riyad Team , hataw jan and make it the biggest group ever. $ Aim High ! !! Aim Global !!!
I want to wish my first born grandson a happy b-day baby I can't believe you are a teenager to day how time flys I love you with all my heart May God bless you with many many more years enjoy your special day baby
It's a Great day to be an American! God Bless our exceptional country and those who protect her.
Nico turns 3 today :) Happy Birthday!! May you grow up to be an honest, courageous, successful, Godly man!! Abuela loves you very much, God bless you :) xxxooo
Just received a call with bad news from Puerto Rico my grandpa is doing really bad everyone please pray for him in tears right now God Bless u Grandpa I love you I will have you in my prayers hope to see you soon
NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER!! The Judgement; Always make those above you feel comfortably superior.In your desire to please and impress them them,do not go too far in displaying your talents OR you might accomplish the opposite,inspire fear and insecurity.Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of POWER.Happy 54th Independence, God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
N/C Youth LPDD there is no youth service this Friday. We will have it next friday Oct. 10 @ 6:30pm any more information talk to bro Ely thanks God Bless
I want to thank each and everyone of you that have reached out to our Crye-Leike family during these past few days in thoughts and prayers for Beverly Carter. We ask that you continue to pray for Beverly's family as they go through the next few days in the burial of their Mother, Wife and Grandmother. They really have a long row ahead of them. Thank you each and everyone.God Bless you.
My son has left for boot camp :*-( . I am so happy and proud of the young man he has become. He always knows how to make me laugh , you are a joy and I will miss that the next several weeks. I will miss him terribly but he is all grown up and making good choices for himself and for that I'm Thankful. Prayers are with you God Bless & Good Luck Brandon Ames. I Love You To The Moon And Back !!! Be safe my sweet boy ...xoxoxo
Happy Birthday to my husband of 49 years, Bruce, he is 71. He wanted Pizza Hut pizza delivered for dinner so Ryan, Faith and I did that. Not something he has done for a couple of years! this afternoon it was my privilege to be at the services for Winton Bradford as part of his very extended family. Surprise was to be able to sit with Don Rock one of the original guys that Bruce was part of when we met-Ray Bradford, Russ Stradley, Don, Bruce , Dwain Smith and J.D. Bradford. I haven't seen him in several years.The fun and freindship we all had back then, and to this day. . God Bless this family as they shared their memories and their faith-and in memorial today , anniversary of Bud Becher passing last year, Ramona Plumlee Becher's husband. Missed but not forgotten.I wish for all of you to have friends that will still be there for you in 49 years.
hey think you could follow me on instagram? Regardless have a good week & God Bless!
Thanks for the beautiful picture of Yoon Eun Hye. . God Bless!
Good Luck on your ACET, God Bless you😊 (@ Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Metro Manila)
I will be watching your show on Sunday Night.!. God Bless, And keep on going! ♡ . ~David
Maybe have a signature facsimile like other celebrities!. God Bless. Get behind Dan Andrews for Victoria!
Please like and share my page and I will do the same. I am a fine art Catholic Photographer out of a New Orleans, I mainly sell my work, however I do perform the additional Photography services such as Portraits, Events, Weddings with a partner Photographer. Please share and like my page! God Bless! Kelli Ann
God Bless the Syrian Armed Forces and the Syrian People being led by their President Bashar Al Assad.
I just wana say thank you to Rock Bridge for teaching me how to write a thesis statement. Thank you and God Bless 🙌
Salute to our Air Force and Navy. God Speed! We prey for ur successful mission, and your safe way Home! God Bless
In Honor of my Good Friend Jim Hogan, whose Life is being Cut Short due to Agent Orange, and to All Vietnam Veterans! Thank You for Your Service and God Bless!
I would like to think the people that's been and important part of my life.. Billy Baird Tina Baird Mike Johnson Tina Johnson John Baird Diana Baird Bill Layne Debra Layne another then my Family, you have always had a place in my Heart. more like family instead of friends...I love and miss you all...God Bless
Leta do this ! ! God's Speed to all my military brothers and sisters! God Bless you, thank you for your service...
Natalie Maines has a great voice.Her new lp is great.I hope u have a blessed and great day.God Bless
jo Happy Birthday ya wish you all the best! God Bless
Margaret Thatcher was a true leader like Reagan was. God Bless her.
Praising the LORD for an awesome meeting with CBSG Core Servant Leaders today! :) ( Josh Mar Oguilla, Joshua Tadiwan, Justin Jay Lomod, Nads Limbaro, Praise Joy Flores, Hannah Elizabeth Garrido & Himaya V. Campos. Vince Lakxell Franco & Kamele G Maratas, I will just meet with you later) Philippians 1:6..:) Prayer Requests: 1. Pray for strength sa mga cast and crew ng "Ampalaya." 2. Pray for Christians who are being held captives by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) , that they will stand firm in their faith in Jesus. 3. Pray for healing for those who are sick. God Bless you all and see you tonight! :D
RIP Polly Bergen. What a lovely, extremely talented actress and performer. My personal Polly Bergen moment occurred on opening night of Billy Elliot. She recently lost the EMMY as guest actress on a comedy series for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.I don't remember who won, and I'm sorry to show any disrespect to the winner.I went up to her, said hello and I said 'You were robbed.'' She said thank you. God Bless her, and her family and friends during this difficult time.
I grew up reading the great Joe Murphy. He was passionate, a great writer, but an even better, kinder man. God Bless him
We are one week away from world wide prayer vigil for Saeed ( I am so grateful for the support of Harvest Christian Fellowship and Pastor Greg Laurie and Cathe Laurie (below billboard picture!!!) and all of you who have stood with us and prayed for us and for Saeed's release from the Iranian prison! Let's bring Seaed home. It's time! I am expecting great things from a Great God as we gather to pray in unity. God Bless you all! Love you all! Naghmeh Please remember to send pictures and videos of the prayer vigils to globalvigil2014I want to show Saeed some day (soon) of the amazing support by the Body of Christ across the world. xoxo
This was the morning after Hurricane Odile hit Cabo San Lucas. The city was devastated. Myself, Bridget, and Carly are very thankful to get safely out and back home. Our hearts and prayers go out to the good citizens of Cabo that lost everything. We can't thank Sergio and the staff of Cabo Villas enough who saw to our safety and speedy evacuation. Also, we are very grateful to the Mexican government and military that managed a difficult situation at the airport and got us safely out. God Bless them all.
Tony U r such an Icon in Rock History man,and I believe fame did not go 2 Ur head..God Bless dude!!!
God Bless all our veterans. Thank you for your service in keeping us all safe here in America and throughout the world.
Pretty cool- Soldiers Singing 'Days of Elijah': God Bless them all!
Another member of our Country Music Family has passed away; George Hamilton IV died yesterday, after suffering a massive heart attack over the weekend. I've performed on many shows with George, including the Grand Ole Opry. My prayers go out to his family, and all who consider themselves part of our family of fans, and fellow members of our industry. Arrangements are pending. God Bless him.
Impending PORKPOCALYPSE breaking than "God Bless the United States of America" every day.
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I wanna thank everyone at Hendersonville Medical Center. I was treated like a king and because of their excellent staff and their very smart doctors who get it right because it's their whole life, I can function again without any pain. I also wanna thank my Neurologist Dr. Helion Cruz for referring me to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Burval cuz that's what it took to be pain free so fast! Continued success and God Bless!
the scene with you and Judith Light was just EVERYTHING. God Bless :)
congrats Billy on the tourney , the baby , God Bless. !
Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray The Lord my soul to keep. Keep me safe 'till I awake; I'll love and serve you for your sake. God Bless...
In my tent watching The Jungle Book with my pup. Nighty-night ya'all! God Bless ♡
God Bless you I admire your courage. Please Help me to speak up. find me a platform, a mother, Canadian
. Terry, we have a blatant, lying fraud in the White House that does the same. God Bless.
Update! I need prayers please for Conman! I had to bring him back to Scottish Rite because he keeps vomiting & still having back pain. Thank you prayer warriors! God Bless!!
In honor of my friends and relatives that have children and don't like common we are having a common core ordering day. Whatever number you order we will subtract 2..add 8..divide by 4 and punch you in the face and then just give you the sammich you ordered. God Bless
Here's some pics from titans game Lee Greenwood sang God Bless the USA and the National anthem. It was awesome
- AGREED !!! The killing of Michael Brown was atrocious and I pray true justice will prevail. God Bless you.
Great meeting you, hope all is well and God Bless you
Please support my Kickstarter to see how much money it takes to get Lee Greenwood to record "Proud to be a Mongolian (God Bless …
I just got the news old friend and musical giant Joe Sample has passed.. Another legend leaves us. RIP and God Bless you…
Happy Birthday to our good senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, God Bless sir!
BAM! Michael Moore: "I wrote Obama a letter and I said, 'Dear President Obama, God Bless you, but you did not save Detroit. You saved General Motors. You saved Chrysler.' Detroit at this point would stand a better chance if they were an Iraqi or Syrian city in terms of getting some sort of help."
Yes, in Memory, God Bless you Sean, May 31, 1941 - April 6, 1970. Full of life and had to be the most beautiful...
TODAYS post: Friday, 12 September, 2014 Good Morning to all of our Hibiscus friends. Thank you for the many post and remarks. Today is a another sad day in the Hibiscus world we will lay to rest one of long time member, Zelma Neef, we send our condolence to our good friend Walley Neef. Zelma was our miss Hibiscus lady, she was always there for advise and knowledge, Zelma was a past President of The American Hibiscus Society, and served in other important position. May, Zelma Neef rest in peace, God Bless her in her journey. I hope you have a great day, enjoy all of your blooms and plants, our thanks to you. Jim
This is an opportunity for you to go back to normal living. This is for Free from Give Hope - Give a Hand (Philippines) Submit your picture, address and Contact Number. Hot FM Bugasong willing to facilitate in forwarding your pictures to this Foundation. God Bless again thank you to Rease Wold . To our Friends in Laua-an, Barbaza, Tibiao, Bugasong, Valderrama and Patnongon or even FB Friends that have a family with this limitation on their hands feel free to send their picture, address and contact number and other important details please. Kindly Share this information. God Bless
Back from the football games. Freshman won their game and JV was winning when I left at the half. Now, relaxing and watching The Big Bang Theory. Have a great night of Pleasant Dreams and Peaceful Sleep! Good Night and God Bless!
hello ! hows biz? Haven't been able to chat you in a few. Greetings to you and the family. God Bless you all.
To my dear brother, Aaron Weah and to all in sorrow for our dying people, let's organize to change this current state of affairs in our country, Liberia! Sorrow is not enough. It is hard but take courage and join us for the change we want. God Bless! STOP EBOLA AND ALL ITS RELATED CAUSES INCLUDING BAD GOVERNANCE, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, MASS POVERTY. FOOD INSECURITY AND CORRUPTION!
Chris and I are and were so blessed and honored to see and experience the Ground Zero Memorial when it opened. The towers of light illuminated in the night sky was so moving! We will never forget! God Bless us all!
God Bless all those families that lost someone on 9/11. Thank you to all the Fireman and Police Officers and all who helped. …
I find this hard to believe...someone told me I lost my last post re: 9-11. I'll try again. Remembering my students Michael Cahill...Peter Owens...Donna Willson from St. Aidans...Bart Ruggero from St. Peter's...forever in my heart. Also to Kevin Kelly's family on the loss of their Dad, Tim Kelly, and to Tricia Kelly and Kristine Kelly Bovit on the loss of their cousin Joey Kelly and Anne Marie Ielpi-Holleran on the loss of her great brother Jon Ielpi. Larry McGovern I was so proud of how you spoke of your Mom and Breezy Point. To all, there are NO words...God Bless each of you, God Bless America, ONE NATION UNDER GOD!
Wrote this on 9.12.2001 with my bro Jeff Jeffrey Daniel Morgan and finally recorded it in 2010. God Bless us all :)
*** That's what little people do. They sit on their mommy's lap, head still very Noddy-ish, stares at you like you are an alien, and by chance if you get that eye contact thing, (God Bless!)you are suddenly the most amusing creature on earth. Then they try to hold your fingers, your specs or earrings like those are not your possession and if you don't let them, you feel like a sinner. At the end if you are fortunate enough, you get a toothless smile, and nomatter how awful or awesome your day had been,you end up smiling back.
“Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol have been cured of the Ebola virus. God Bless'm Go…
Sorry but My vocabulary no longer has words like good afternoon, good evening worse goodnight! It Only has GOODMORNING!,GOODMORNING to every single person that reads this update!God Bless you!
God Bless the United States of America and all those who lost a loved one or served in the armed forces because of that day.
1 CORINTHIANS 6:1 Sometimes we allow our emotions to overpower our self-control, especially in situations of conflict. In our culture, we've learned to immediately invite a third party to resolve disputes. Sometimes the third party is our legal system. Other times it's a level of authority slightly above us, such as our neighborhood homeowners association. God challenges us to use our Godly wisdom to handle conflict. Why not handle differences directly with the other person through the filter of the Holy Spirit that lives in us? God Bless everyone...♥♥♥
My Dish customer service rep told me God Bless. 😊 you've got yourself a lifetime customer now! So…
This is my beautiful dog Synder. Sadly Synder was shot Monday night by the Meeker County Deputy- Synder sadly ran out in front of the vehicle and was struck, the sheriff's department was called out to rescue her because she was on the side of the road. the they claimed she was a pit bull and she was dangerous.These are my last photos of her taken out side. Proudly bred by the amazing Anthony Brack~lovingly hand fed by Mindy Price\DeoVolente Cane Corsos of Cannon Falls...Synder was a beautiful example if everything a Cane Corso should be..God Bless this amazing breed...Sadly missed. Endlessly loved...
Little Blue Ivy is so adorable and she is able to live the life that about 95 percent of us will never be able to experience during our lifetime! God Bless their family.
Congrats Coach Floyd on the birth of his son Brandon Lashawn Floyd, Jr. We love you coach! God Bless you and your fami…
Love this Pat! As an aunt of autistic identical twin nephews, this is awesome!! God Bless.
Hey, They just said on NFL insiders that Ray Rice told Goodell the truth about everything, the video makes it look worse than the spoken word .I don't agree with domestic violence but this country has Justice all screwed up. First of all, Chris Brown beat the *** out of Rhianna, women still chase after him and then women dance of his hit song, " these *** aint loyal." Donald Sterling can use the N-word all day, doesn't get publicly vilified and makes a $2billion dollar profit. Ray Rice , one incident, no forgiveness he is the scum of the earth in an incident that is between he and his wife. BETWEEN HE AND HIS WIFE AND HIS GOD!!! Nike dumped him, E.A.Sports dumped him, the NFL dumped him and the Ravens dumped him. The good news is there is a God that will never, ever dump Ray Rice and he will offer him protection and the chance for repentance. Ray has made a TERRIBLE mistake but, haven't we all! God Bless you Ray, Janay and family and may the love of God, which passes all understanding, keep you and your . ...
Amen. Please share. Children are our future and life, everyone pray for her. God Bless the children and God...
God Bless you abundantly with blessings of Favors we Love you Prophet Brian Carn God is with you Your body is the temple of God
The real Self Made man The Legend Kumar and The Real Bollywood's 'Khiladi' turns 47 today.. we salute you sir.. %Happy Birthday... God Bless u%
S/o to my cuz made it to the Gulder Ultimate Search.. Watch out for him. God Bless cuz
Hello to fam and friends...unfortunately my lovely Sis Ona May Jefferson didn't have insurance so we must move on. Her children have started a memorial fund called Ona Jefferson Memorial Fund. Its been established at Teachers Credit Union account # 430869-2. I was advised any Teachers Credit Union will accept donations. I understand all circumstances. God Bless you for any help.
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf dies. Thank you sir for your service. RIP & God Bless.
"I struggled to get through high school. I didn't get to go to college. But it made me realize you can do anything if you want to bad enough." Truett Cathy, 2008. God Bless you for everything you have done!
Hi Rhay,Can you recommend books for Personal Development. Thanks and God Bless. Much love from the Philippines.
As an humble citizen/subject (" An attendant Lord, one that will help to swell a scene or two"[believe in yourself), tempted to a few tears - I think we all know when was our finest hour. And we all may think right now our finest age began sometime in 1922, when the world (according to [Viscount] Tony [Stansgate] Benn) and 'Northern' Ireland ( please see a joke?) was ruled from Westminster - we were led somehow (badly, in some ways, but not all) to the present juncture. An age of Tory rule in the rump? (we'll get over it) What does ( The) Billy (Bard) Bragg (of Barking) think, I wonder?. God Bless the United Kingdom of England and Wales and the power sharing institutions of the 'whole' of Ireland! (Jokes over)? Verbose? Moi? Your Liberal Friend.
Today 24 years ago I came to Canada with 3 young children could not figure out where did the time go.. then I look at my children and they are all grown up and independant.. God Bless this country and God bless my family.
George Noory - Coast to Coast AM So sorry to hear of your loss. God Bless.
Good Morning , looks like a haze day, or it may rain , may be a nice ride , with no sun... we had our breakfast at your favorite place.. I think it's Zach and Paco's favorite place too lol.. another day has come upon us , be happy enjoy life safe where ever you all live at, to my cuz's out here in the mainland be safe in your state love you guys.. and for my kids enjoy life is good.. enjoy what's around you,. Paco told me he took Chei to the same amusement park I took them 6 Flags, said it was time to take her where grand-ma took them.. had a great time.. My kids and I hit every park there is and Art ( X ) was the one who drove as to all of it.God Bless you all.. RIP Mom , you cry no more.. hope you w Daddy... Love you both.. Amen..
good evening my dearest friends how's your day,hope you had a great day.. stay safe...God Bless us all...
Maria writes: After 40 years of living in the United Arab Emirates I'm finally going back home to Cyprus. I grew up in a Greek Orthodox home that kept our Orthodox traditions the best we could—as no Orthodox services were offered in English nor Greek. I went to a convent, a Catholic school where I was fortunate to have received bible classes daily. I met my husband in Dubai who is from Holland and was an atheist before we married. He embraced the Orthodox faith and the light of Christ lives strongly in our home. Our three children know how to bless the house and even light the kantili. I feel so blessed to have grown up in a country where I could practice my religion freely and wear my cross. God Bless humanity with no exceptions.
God Bless them thank them from me I also know a few.I am strong supporter and supporter of the wounded warrior project
Perfect Picture from Plymouth, PA today WWI memorial Old glory and POW flying high God Bless our Vets/Service members
Shout out to the 90 pound young lady with D cup breasts among others at the UT game. As Lee Greenwood would say God Bless the USA...
My heart is hurting. I just learned that a very dear friend has died. I'm sure the pain I am feeling from this news is nothing compared to what her loving family is feeling. I can't believe it. Those who know Laura Lochman Wickell know what a loving, fun, caring, and awesome person she is. Lots of fun memories with her at Discovery Cove, but also of the beautiful baby shower she threw for me. She is a true friend. I have missed her since I left DC to have and raise my son, but find myself missing her even more. I had big hopes that when we could get our life back together that we would take a trip back to FL and see her and other BEAUTIFUL friends that I love and cherish. Please - pray for her family and friends. I do not know what happened and I do not feel it is appropriate to ask her family that right now. All I know is that we have lost a beautiful person. Our Earth Angel is now in heaven. Heaven's gain, our loss. God Bless her and her loved ones. Rest in peace my dear friend.
It is such a shame! In all my adult years, I have never seen such disrespect for the leader of our country! Do any of these negative people know, that during our president's inauguration, top republicans: Eric Cantor, Bob Corker, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions...the list is about 15, met at a private dinner to plot ways to win back political power and block and obstruct President Obama on all legislation! Let's not forget how the Republican Congress is still trying to undermine and destroy the US Economy for the sake of hurting President Obama! You will not convince me, that it is not about race! It is driving the white establishment crazy, the fact that we will have President Obama in our History books! God Bless you and give you strength to continue to the end, Mr President Barack Obama!
God Bless the Joe, calling in to the pre-game from AFGHANISTAN. And God Bless America it's day. horse will turn out good roping horse took her to trainer yesterday.hey god morning.Navajo nation.and all the ppl, friends and my family's...relatives..God Bless you all...have a good day. Native American way.aho
TEAM HASC (Basketball). Let us all Welcome Emmanuelle Trinidad for becoming a part of VARSITY Team. Stay Humble. By the way, Good Luck and God Bless for High School Set A. Stay undefeated. Go for 6-0. And Elementary. Good Luck for your First Game in Alaska Cup! ~James Philip Tan Martinez
please read my story help me if you can share my story thank you God Bless
The Rock world lost a great guitar and vocalist today from the band Soda Stereo Gustavo Cerati dead at 55 God Bless him…
Good Morning and Happy Thursday!! Last night I had a dream I was back in Fort Scott Kansas, then I woke up. Have you ever had that kind of dream? Not a day goes by that I don't wish I was back down in Southeast Kansas, but there is a reason why God does everything!! The good things, and the bad. It's all to prepare us for what's coming next. We need to keep an open mind, and an open heart for what's coming next!! God Bless, and MAKE a Great Day Everyone!!
Good Luck with your surgery. The Schneider's are praying for you!!! God Bless!
My brother has a GENIUS IDEA! We can contact ISIS and tell them Obama will negoitiate fully with them. NOW.we are gonna tell Obama there is a HUGE GOLF TOURNAMENT IN NORTHERN IRAQ and that *** will drop everything to attend!! On a very serious note.I am so sorry for the family of Steven Sotloff...God Bless him !...and *** his killers!!! Having said that.Look a NOVICE tactician could see this coming from a mile away.these be-headings are by design and a major distraction from a larger plan (I honestly believe) by ISIS to coordinate and carry out a LARGE and DEADLY attack on our country!! If Bush,Rumsfeld and Tom Ridge,etc were in charge of things right now I wouldnt say the following.KEEP YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AWAY FROM LARGE VENUES!!! From football games to music concert and casinos. As I expressed all this in another post I also mentioned a few weeks ago a special was run on TV concerning the border (not Fox either) and ONE rancher ( a veterinarian) has handed over photos taken by deer cameras ( ...
God Bless the soul of Steven Sotloff, who is the 2nd American Journalist, who was beheaded by ISIS and May God have mercy on ISIS and the other Muslim, Islamic groups who are killing innocent people in the name of their satanic false God. They might think they are killing in the name of their God, but it will be Jesus, who will be victorious in the end and who will be the Judge of the Living and the Dead.
Take it or leave it after Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo next is Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu .Forever u remain my mentor ! God Bless you Baba
So, I ran to Family Dollar to get some laundry soap..and upon going into the store, I noticed a little old man coming slowly toward the door. I stood there and was holding the door open for him. As he went in he thanked me and I told him God Bless you sir-have a wonderful day. He states to me-did you see the lightning and rain last night. I said to him-why yes I did..and told him God is amazing-he is the one who makes the lightning strikes and the rain to fall. He said-Oh Yes! God is in charge-and I said to him-YES HE IS! I know God puts people in our paths for a reason-and after parting we met again to talk more about God. He told me Isis is the devil and that Jesus was coming soon. He asked me to pray for him that he could hold on until Jesus returned. I prayed for him brothers and sisters-but this is the thing-On the way home from the store-I realized this-God sent that man to the store to make it known to me that he is coming back and soon! I believe this and I am happily waiting for his return!! Hal ...
My Dad passed away Sunday night. He is with the Lord now. Mom is still in a nursing home recovering from a stroke. We would greatly appreciate your prayers at this time. Thank you & God Bless.
Ever wonder Why you do not understand some of my post's / reasoning ...or even Why I would continually post Religious Things repeatedly on my wall? Maybe This one showed in your news feed, and you don't know how or why...because you have me on Unfollow. I wanted to show you...maybe this will help better then my own words. "1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." If you "Seek God" He Will Reveal to you All that you could Ever Need to know about Him, as He Makes Himself and Truth Known to you. Love you all, God Bless :)
Whats wrong with Muslims,Christian? "Dear sorry we voted for we didnt know he was a Muslim,God Bless u al
Two weeks ago today I had an incredible Near Death Experience in which Jay Adams was holding out his hand to usher me into rock and roll surfer/skateboarder heaven. It was all gleaming white and glorious and there were many people there including my Daddy and Steaming Steve Clark but I chose not to go just yet. Jay looked young-like he does here and Steve looked like he did when I met him in 1983. So I know what awaits me and, much like Carl Jung I am sort of p.o'd about coming back in a way but figure there must be something really important that I still have left to do so I'll wait to hang with my friends and loved ones until the time is right. God Bless them all.
Today we lost a beloved friend Tim Udland was second dad to my kids retired vet.from Air Force .Dear Lord take Tim Home with you and keep him safe He will be Dearly missed by a lot of Family and Friends. God Bless his Family and keep them all safe.
This reply quickly disappeared after I commented on a Conservative Talk Show Host's pst so I thought I'd re-up here. If you don't like maybe you can "sue me." VIDEO: ISIS plans to attack the United States! Nancy Offidani Down and dirty attacks --- that's all these girly men are capable of --- their training videos are laughable. Just wait until you come in contact with America's finest ARMY, Air Force, MARINES, NAVY, COAST GUARD, NATIONAL GUARD with or without permission from our so-called Commander & Chief! You will use those towels on your head for diapers. BTW - watch out for pistol packing U.S. Mamas because WE don't just do as we're told without a big FIGHT! God Bless the USA & our friends around the world! We will defeat you!
Poor Kenneth Bae when interviewer walked away he looked as though he would cry, Broke my heart. God Bless him I pray we can get him out
Here is the link to tonight's show. Click here at 6:30 PM! God Bless! And don't forget to follow us on wjbr to...
Happy Birthday my friend . Great Seeing you Last Week. May God Bless you with many more & Yes, Lots of FraJagers tonight :-)
I was so tired from all that bumper to bumper traffic driving to downtown forgot to share these pictures of my big boy aka Biggy David thinks he looks like my *** Actor Clancy Brown .Anyways big boys back in town .Enjoy this day God Bless you Guys.
Happy 51st Anniversary to my mom and dad, June Brown and Edward Brown. David and I love you and May God Bless you today and always!
So gonna have an awesome day !!! Not letting the likes of *** ruin my positivity!!! I am the Queen therefore I put forth the rule of my queendom that everyone shall have an awesome happy day today. And the *** will burn in the queens ring of eternal fire !! Peace be with you all and May God Bless all of US!
I am not a conqueror, don't call me a conqueror, I am not a conqueror CAUSE I'm MORE than a conqueror! ...This is the day that the Lord has made, we are preparing for worship at On Wings of Faith and you can join us for Sunday School @ 10am and Morning Worship @ 11am. 5121 E VA Beach Blvd Ste E1 Norfolk 23502. God Bless! Love, Pastor and 1st Lady Brooks
Just watched the whole thing. . God Bless you George Strait
Cedar creek is open at least until 2. Come see us. Have some diabetic carrot cake which is delicious, Better than Sex cake, ( sex in a pan), or Strawberry cake with Strawberry cream cheese icing. All desserts are 1/2 price. We are running a Burger Special- Hamburger, fries and drink for $5 or a Specialty burger meal for $6.00 plus tax. God Bless, and may you have a wonderful weekend.
You are such a genuine, graceful, good hearted woman. Such an inspiration to me, I truly admire you 👼. God Bless
Just learned, Joan Rivers is in a medically induced coma as of Thursday. Looking grim. God Bless you Joan!!!
I hope everything has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend..careful on the road.and get a taxi if necessary! God Bless you all and God Bless America
For Sale Ipad 2 16GB Mint This Ipad is in Excellent condition has always had a screen Protector on it and also been in a case. It comes with Ipad, case, original box and charger. It has IOS 7.1.2. It's from a smoke free home. There are no scratches anywhere on it. Works like brand new. Will be reset back to factory after sold. Thank You and God Bless. $225.00 I have pictures of front and back sides top and bottom and serial number.
"God Bless you both!"/I'm so blest to have you ladies as fellow prayer warriors! TY Jesus!
Please join me in praying for the young women of at God bless you, ladies. Psalms 34:18 http:/…
Good luck tonight! Keep press on everyday. God bless always
Liam the Cowgirl and Liam the Horse just followed me God bless this fandom omg!!!
Happy Birthday baby, God bless today tomorrow and always. I love you thanks for making me smile
God bless America and God bless Chinese takeout
God Bless you, Thank you for all Blessing... 🙏😊🙏
God bless the memory of Comandante Che Guevara Lynch
i wish you all the best Fernando. GOD bless. My number striker forever.
Benteke would be a great signing, no issues if we settle for Remy. God bless Milan now.
Yo the Holy Spirit is a gift from god bless y'all bless y'all
Katie really ended her break up text with "god bless" 😂😭 bye Felicia.
God bless everyone ... I'll be busy tomorrow. Will make silip pag may time. :). HT FOR TODAY PLEASE!.
Way to represent your faith! Excited to watch you for years to come. God Bless
Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes..God bless U all.
Beautiful are the children of Gaza, May God bless you and make you a liberated and free generation.
may our Lord and Savior be by her side and help her through everything. God bless.
I love America god bless their McDonald's
I swear guys with dark hair and blue eyes are so sexy god bless guys like that lol😍
liam head over great on your 21st birthday dear God bless you and i love you TE AMO
Selling him woulda bn a better option"Two years loan deal?! God bless whoever thought about this!"
Happy Birthday, i love you so much,thanks for everything you have done for us, God bless you 💕💕
Thank you. May God keep you safe in His arms & bless you abundantly!
Happy Birthday Ashish with lots of love & god bless u
How black auntie's be posting FB pictures with the caption "Good Morning all! God Bless, It's a wonderful day!" 😂😂 http:…
May this new year give u grand success,lots of happyness n peace.god bless u both humble ppl.@
But our chemistry lab teacher doesn't make us do pre or post lab questions and she's giving us Thursday off. God Bless you Torrey.
My Focus is pleasing God , Ive gotten past the stage of searching for acceptance years ago and I finally learned how to be free. note to the GIFTED you cannot expect for your gift to MAKE room for you if you are consistently retreating because others don't feel the same way you do about what you have to offer... GROW UP and recognize who YOU are and just maybe someone might BELIEVE YOU. if God GAVE it to you STEP IN IT. Confidently ! people are dying and they need to hear from you DO NOT STOP!!! God Bless
One Dominguez Trinity coming up for Pastor Rogelio Vasquez God bless this man of God out of Laredo, TX
My oldest uncle a Vet. was honor to have a tour with the Captain of the Noregian sky! He's is 92 yrs old! God bless him! with Kim Solano Porter
I had no idea that when we met, i would ever or could ever fall into a love like this. never in my life could i have ever in my wildest dreams and boyish childhood fantasies imagined being in love in a way that was completely indescribable by words. all my life i longed for a woman stunning and beautiful but never expected those desires to not only be met, but surpassed as they were with the masterpiece of your reflection in my mind. for all those desires, dreams and fantasies all became real here and now with a limitless love, indescribable feelings, unfathomable beauty succeeded all of my known comprehensions. my love is yours, my life is yours, for you fulfilled more then my dreams could ever design. = Good Night Too All My Friend's . God bless all == AD, LoveForFriend's ==
SAPELE/DELTA STATE MUST BETTER 29/08/2014 WHO FIT KILL GRAMMAR? I wan know who go fit kill grammar today. The comment with the highest LIKE nai be winner. This game simple to play. Just blow grammar wey go fit kill person with laff. Example 1. Where are you wakaring dey go? 2. Have the food don? 3. Why are you looking at me like say I kill your pikin chop. 4. You can't fit it. 5. Oya, kill your grammar. Make I relax dey laff my ribs cos I nor fit dey serious everyday like who dey fear Ebola. God Bless Sapele. I LOVE SAPELE. SAPELE/DELTA STATE MUST BETTER.
congratulations to the new homeowners Christina Moore and justin laack May God bless you with many happy memories in your new home
Starting the weekend early!!! Boss & I are shutting office down and it's a 3 day weekend to work in the yard & catch up with friends & family!!! Enjoy y'all & God Bless!!!
Today's event , i really enjoyed it thank you mummy for everything and God bless youu , love you so much ♥♥
Wishing an Old Student of Bishop Delisle College (Former Miss Ann Aguga) a Happy Married life as she recently tied the Nuptial Knot. May God Bless Her Home (Amen)
Mo le Faaumaina ole galuega ole Fale anapo. Ia sa faapea ai ona fai le latou meaai ma faamavae atu ai anapo... Thankx to u guyss for this fantastic house that you have done but not done but anywaysss algoods... God Bless to all of use and love use...
I am so ready for my baby cousin Ashley Tink Brigham wedding tonight. May God bless her and Q with many, many more years together. WHAT GOD PUT TOGETHER,,LET NO MAN TEAR APART!!!
It was my humble honor to officiate at the wedding of Carin and Kristen. May God bless them with a life of love!
Happy Birthday Aadu..many many happy returns of the day .god bless...a year back foto of my greatest champ..
Dear Son, many happy returns of the day! God bless you beta!
Tyler is singing "God bless the broken road" to Hanna at their wedding outside of Stockholm in Sweden. See the rest of our videos for more from the wedding.
very high profile people to attend the rappin donkey cd launch on nov 20th our previous mayor mr herman bailey and hes wife and the previous mayor bazil kevido of Worcester -Rashid Lombard ceo of esp Africa actors artist tv crews radio teams al our top djs is descending on Paarl and the who's who's of music in south part of the guest list ladies asking me every day AMEEN how must we dress evening dresses or what my simple answer is just smart casual cause I want you there not your dresses but then ladies is ladies and they over dress at all my cd launches GOD BLESS
Re a dira Home Based care got 1st position under the community development category at the Women in Water Awards (North West) This project started in 2002, It is run by 15 women, the grow vegetable garden and cater for orphans and vulnerable children in our very own Village. Phenomenal and selfless Women we have in our Village God bless them and may they continue to care for us. Simply the best.
Felix Nolan's ice bucket challenge please donate 5 pound to Cancer research anybody who press like on this video God bless
I am sorry but my old puppy could make better decisions!! We are reducing the size of the military when the world is going to *** ! Throw out the illegals and put the money to the military!! Russia is invading the Ukraine because we are weak, China is screwing with our planes because we are weak, ISIS is just running wild because we are weak, Our next president should be the Prime Minister of Australia, She has more balls than any of our leaders, Even the Prime Minister of United Kingdom has a comprehensive plan to deal with the threat!! Our President is weak neighborhood organizer, well go do that get a community basket ball tournament going and let someone with balls lead the greatest nation on earth. We need boots on the ground to deal with this evil not a shrinking military!! God Bless the USA and dear Lord please send us a strong leader that can handle the responsibility of being the leader of the free world!! Amen & Amen ...Dave
This is the LAST DAY to vote!! Voting ends at midnight tonight ~ PLEASE HELP RICK!!! VOTE FOR RICK TODAY and SHARE with ALL of your FRIENDS & FAMILY!!! Remember that when you vote you must verify your email for your vote to count... Thank you and God Bless.. Please click on the link below a short story about Rick Great guy needs a little assistance. Muskego, WI Rick is a 45 year old male that had a work injury in 1991. The injury left him a c-4 quadriplegic (like Christopher Reeve aka Superman), paralyzed from the neck down. He cannot use his arms or legs and on a ventilator for breathing along with many other associated health issues. Before the accident he was in the Marines, an intern firefighter, 3 weeks until getting married and helping anyone that needed it. After the accident people actually took advantage of him and his continued generosity. When the money ran out they disappeared. No one comes around to just say "Hello", or asking "What can I do for you since you helped me when I needed it.." Ric ...
Wish u a many happy returns of the day shlok. God bless u!
So who is ready for some more Sharon T? Fourth video now up on my channel. If her music touches you, and blesses you.Please leave comments on youtube. If you find it in your heart to help support the cause for her surgery please use the gofundme link on my wall. No donation is too small, it will be greatly appreciated. May God Bless you for the support.remember Keep The faith!
I just can't belive I missed national dog day, especially as important my little buddy is to me!! Thank you Butch for unconditional love, affection, the patience, and nonjudgmental attention, licking my tears, when times get really bad!!Being the best watchdog, forever vigilant in keeping us safe!!! Listening to me when no else would! Seeing you turn your head from side to side when u couldn't figure out what was happening on the Animal channels !! God bless and allow you ever lasting good health and to be with me a long time!!!
Instead of insulting blacks who are doing the why not join on the God Bless sis
Alayna says GOD bless us with rain and God bless America!!!
Thank you for visiting my page. I will use this medium to share some of the plans that we have for the development of Cross River State. Let us join hands and together we will build on the successes recorded by the present administration and secure a better future for us and generations to come. God bless Cross River State – Legor Idagbo
We want to send out Happy Birthday wishes & blessings to Bro. Larry Sparks. Today is his birthday & we hope he has a great day. God bless you Bro. Larry & love from all of us here at Smith Chapel Community Church.
My princess in her first day of kindergarden :D ! God bless you mi amor :))
A belated but heartfelt 'thank you' to HE the Deputy President, the two majority leaders of Parliament, the Deputy Speaker KNA, 20 honourable colleagues, the Narok County Governor and MCAs and friends for gracing and generously supporting a worthy cause of economic empowerment for the women of Narok. Thank you to the women who turned up in large numbers to be part of the cause; a key recipe for sustainable empowerment. God bless Kenya. God bless Narok County!
gud day..please like my page Sak2 kidz & Teenz try visit i have new item of jewelry pure gold and white gold.we offer 3 months lay away..hoping u'll like the page...thankz and God Bless =)
We were nominated by our Aunt Ronnette Littleton to participate in the We nominate: Pastor Gary and Demetria Ballard, Elder Clyde Comer, Michael Warren, Melissa Border, Mike Riley, Ki Witherspoon, Necy Nene *** Vernon Stennis, Mark Davis Johnetta Stennis Tinko, Precious Davis Kristen Kristin Freeman and our nice neighbor Darious who helped us film! You have 48 hours my good people! God Bless.
Indeed it was. Congrats Mrs. Latos to you and Matt on the birth of your new baby boy. God Bless all of you.
- congrats on your new show on Mad Dog radio. Looking forward to it. Good luck and God Bless.
My alma mater plays at 7:30 AM on Saturday, which means its socially acceptable for me to start drinking at 5. God Bless college football.
THANKS Father Rannie & Coro Family for welcoming me back :) God Bless the Coro De San Jacinto :)…
The only Man alive to shake barak hussein obama like a bobble head doll. God Bless you and your Family .
Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Napa Valley area and to my two nephews who are out serving their community with the Fire Dept. We are fortunate that our family members are all fine. God Bless them all.
if u keep watching Benny Hinn exposes Himself towards the middle God Bless
Congrates to Jackie Robinson West from Chicago Ill on winning the 2014 little league World Series. Looks like the Chicago Bulls won the championship back home. God Bless all you young men Job well done!
A big Happy Birthday shout out to our big girl Nawa Elva Wees . May our Heavenly Father sprinkle his mighty blessing upon you on this special day of yours and for the rest of your life. Have a blessed day all the best mepla eya wer GLB n aka to enjoy your day. God Bless you dearly.
RIP to Raider Football coach Greg Anderson. He was remarkable... God Bless his soul
My brother Lauro called to tell that Nanay is still alive,going home tonight,maybe she is waiting for me,God Bless!
"God bless the guy who posted this at least some women still have pride for themselves..."
Brad just went on a beer run god bless
Gud day 2 u all who God has bless no one can course
never do things,out of comfort thats what you did sorry to day John God Bless
God just dey bless me day in and day out.
Hands down, Imran Khan is the bravest man alive! God bless him.
I had no idea the James Foley beheading even happened. Overshadowed by ice water. God Bless the USA.
wish sara would follow me! She is very beautiful. Wish u the best and god bless. Hope u will be in LA soon.
And for my mentor, thank u for sharing every single tips about maths 😉. God bless u always ✌️
Too much pressure. God bless ya when the semi wet'cha
Happy bday dear Ade, May God bless you always.. :) (with
Thanks to the best new follower(s). I Love you. God Bless you for Following me. via http:/…
The Pillow Calls! Good Night All. God Bless&Keep You and Yours! Please make a Point of Praying for Protection for Our Nation.Amen. Nite
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