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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

Merry Christmas American Sniper Happy New Year Chris Kyle Lee Greenwood Jesus Christ Anne Kirkbride Happy Birthday Happy New Years Boko Haram Nigerian Armed Forces Christmas Day

Talkin Ball won't be the same without you J! RIP to Jerome Kersey ...God Bless! 😪
Who ever fall in love with me ❤️👫 . God Bless 👼 You it's Gonna Be The Hard Time in Your Life 😒.
God Bless and God bless Judge Andrew S Hanen federal judge who halted illegal immigration by executive order of the golfer in chief
Cowboys fan that saw you on HGTV. Are you Mel Blount's son? The resemblance is there. Great player. God Bless, have a good one!
Toni Morrison's short story "Sweetness" in is breathtaking: Excerpt from new novel "God Bless the Child."
Support the big homie and go get that ep! God Bless man, pray The Lord guides and blesses your tremendously!
God Bless the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces taking justice to Boko Haram. We are in your debt
God Bless the Nigerian Armed Forces and that of Niger,chad and Cameroon.
It was convicting and encouraging to hear you in Great Falls, God Bless you. we were really challenged.
Iona 70-67 with 4.9 left. Who to watch on MAN is at God Bless
1:13 left, IONA 65-63. Manhattan ball. Who I am rooting for is at God Bless
TV Time-out with 10:22, IONA 51-46. For who to watch go to God Bless
I'm proud to say you're my hero and my role model! You've had a huge impact on my life. God Bless
Pat Tillman would have been 38 years old today. God Bless him!
God Bless and honor You sir. You've shown courage by doing the right thing in our flawed system.
Red White and Blue, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Military Tribute Stand up and salute. And enjoy this video God Bless the USA👍⚓️
God Bless the African National Congress.. May we rule till Jesus returns.
Heartbroken over the news of Bob Simon's passing. I was always starstruck each time I walked by him in the office. Such an icon. God Bless.
From the fam Tru-Vision Management we hope you all had a blessed and prosperous day and may God Bless each of you...
We're 46% there! God Bless each and every one of you.
Beautiful, so powerful... We have watched it many times and we cry each time! God Bless
good for you! Never been a demon I had to battle but have some near me do so. God Bless you each day!
Thank you sa pag hatud King. God Bless.. — traveling to Sogod, Southern Leyte
Now that "Wanna Be Country" is out, use it to try to get a gig at The Greenbrier Classic Concert Series. Good exposure God Bless
Good Morning Albania! Waving from Southern Tier of NY. Thank you for the follow. God Bless and be safe! :-)
Good Morning Sami Sis .. hope you are fine ..have a great Sunday .. relax and be happy .. God Bless you and your family..
To God's prayer Warriors please pray for me and my wife Janet going thru Trails Financial and health issues thank you. God Bless all
Once again thank you for your time and for reading this. God Bless, Marcellus Preston from Students Helping Honduras
This is just too wonderful for words...Thanks & God Bless to all who helped this man.
what a wonderful man good luck to you both God Bless xxx
🙋 The Green Ranger was my favorite! I was 8 when the Power Rangers was on 😝God Bless 🙏
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You'll both enjoy Shaun Maloney He played for my beloved team Celtic here in Glasgow Superb player God Bless
I added a video to a playlist Lee Greenwood-God Bless the USA-Live in 1985
Right now, there's a man wearing a fedora doing a graffiti painting set to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA." I'm thoroughly confused.
God Bless the Patriot Guard! I've "stood" myself a few missions. Such honor, pride and humility it brings.
thank you for including me. God Bless.
If what I just saw was true Praying we've all made mistakes growth comes in all ways God Bless. Thankful you are being helped.
. we all r praying for her.'ll be all right...God Bless !!!
praying for you guys as you perform on the Today Show this morning. God Bless you as you reach others for Him.
"Thank you for visiting Adamson University!!! Continue to inspire other people.God Bless."-Macy Oropesa, ADU.
Here ya go brotha. Thank you for serving in the Army and fighting for the USA God Bless
God Bless the USA, where we all can do everybody else's job and raise their kids better than they can. We're all experts on everything.
Lineup for 25th Celebrate De Pere sounds like this: 'That's What I Like About You,' God Bless the USA' & 'Amazed.'
Faith Family Freedom the three most important things in life, all worth fighting for. God Bless the USA!
that then it is your problem not mine i have always had a deep love of Country. I always will. God Bless the USA
Medal of Honor for Cris Kyle Let's all sign this one. God Bless our military. God Bless Chris Kyle's family.
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very important. God Bless you and your family Chris.
Sister with this kind of Faith and believe, I'm next in line.thanx for an inspirational song.God Bless u Sis
RIP Ms McEwan. Your Miss Marple still gives me great joy everytime I watch it. God Bless.x
Anna and Arvind create magic, hope and transformation together!! God bless them both!!
"If it's an onion ugh..., but if it's a pomegranate then God bless it!"
You always make me day whey you come around with those quotes. God bless you for persisting in this! :)
Bless, O God, the dwelling,. And each who rests herein this night;. Bless, O God, my dear ones. In every place...
May God forever bless u abundantly in this activity!!
You know what was cool? Hearing someone in the theater at the end of American Sniper yell "God bless our fighting men!"
I'm not conceited but I have the right to be conceited if I'm a perfect human being. Jealousy is a serious disease get well soon God bless💋
just be better than before pls, lemme passed all exams easily, gave exo the best decision, bless them god. A…
have lost a friend Jason...I will never trust you again..God Bless you and your family
Happy Birthday man. Keep up the good work! God Bless you. ;)
Happy Birthday keep up the good work, keep making everyone happy, WYTAB, and God bless you babe. I love you so much. X
Hazza happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for saving millions of lives. God Bless you always. I love you so much 😊😍😘
Happy bday Harry!!! I love you so much! God bless u always, tnx for be an incredible idol, you're my proud!!! Happy 21!
Kentucky is undefeated and Virginia is not. Neither is Duke. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
I like your music it's good, God bless you !!! :)
You've always been more than Handsome,God bless you♥Happy Birthday my love,don't change please ♥ILY♥
One day God is gonna bless me with friends who actually wanna hang ..
It Was Good and Now That you have replied to me it was beyond Awesome God Bless You and Your family.
- Rumah Kita (God Bless Cover) Official Music Video Sound by Video by http…
I love you my curlers God bless you and you continue to meet many more years 😘❤
God bless you & your family! Pursue telling people Jesus loves them, and also love them yourself! It helps their faith.
Happy Birthday ❤️ ,all the best to you, God bless you and your family love you very much 🎈🎉🎁 94
Congratulations love, hope God bless you, provide you many victories and illuminate their way 💘. x12
Happy B-day!! hope you have a beautiful day. God bless you, all the love from Argentina xoxo. x33
Please get help. You're too young to want to end your life. God bless you.
hi nice to meet you thx for the follow GOD bless
again Mr. Ron not to disturb you just trying to help a young man do something good with his life, God Bless!
Wedding Wish. Keep us in your prayers God Bless
God Bless!. John Paul Mitchell and his love for the American Farmer!. One of the corner stone's of America, Osu
Andre Ayew plays with his heart you know ❤️ God Bless him
1/27/15 To: All my friends in the Eastern Shore of the US. How are you all? We’re very much anxious about the weather situation in the Eastern Shore states as we have been watching the heavy snow storm in New York City. We have about 3.6 feet snow accumulated on the ground in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan, so far, but the weather here has been quite mild as long as temperature’s concerned. No matter how bad it might be over there, the only thing I can do from here is to pray for your safety. Let me know how the things are. God Bless. Isao Hoshi
Matt is out is heart rate running 130 which they are not to worry about. He going in for surgery at 1:30. Please keep us in your prayers. The next 48 hours will be very important, I know God is with us I have never seen so much love and support from so many people. I don't know how I can ever express what I feel in my heart. I there is anything I can ever do for to help please let me know. Thank you and God Bless.
Good morning, So you say you want the anointing? You not going to wake one morning had got. You not going rub on someone with gotta through some mess! So go through and stay appointed till you get anointed. It is also important to note that Jesus also told the disciples not to go anywhere, or do anything, until they had received the anointing of the Holy Ghost. "And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but wait in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high." Luke:24:49 "But you shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you ... " Acts:1:8 God Bless!
Weight loss is a beautiful journey. If one makes the choice to take it. I don't feel that I am competing with anyone and it is never my intention to entice. I think all bodies are beautiful no matter what size they are. Personalities are what make people ugly. I am fortunate enough to be married to the most perfect man in the world. Yes, I said it. Another man may be good looking but my husband is better looking, another may be smart but my husband is smarter, another may be kind but my husband is far kinder. He is second only to God in my eyes. I say all this to say,It is my prayer that by sharing my pics I encourage and inspire those who have chosen this journey as well. It may sound cliche but I know IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! I would like to thank each and every one of you for your inspiration, encouragement and love. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. You make this journey possible. God Bless. :)
Congrats to all of you that stopped smoking last year or this. Or anytime at all. God Bless you.
Sony Cyber-shot . 16.1 Mega pixels . 10x Zoom . Awesome Blue . Used it twice then put back in box. Need to sell ASAP in order to have car inspected and get couple things needing to be fixed on it. RETAIL $180 . ASKING $70... PLEASE reply to post or pm me with any questions or concerns. Thanks and God Bless!
Good night everyone, sweet dreams, and God Bless ♥
Here enjoying Myself with Brothers and Sisters in Recovery including Chino and Chapulin( Javier Rendon) and The Homie Tatas change.of plans after watching Movies with My GrandKids,Los of Sober Smiles at this Eastern Conference Birthday Bash Dance,Enjoy Your Night.Family,Friends and Homies from The Old Pico California,God Bless
. From an old SF carpet head thank you Chris Kyle, you truly are An American Hero so is your wife Taya. God Bless all of you
Just watched the movie American Sniper with Bradley Cooper in it. I have to say it could quiet possibly be my favorite movie ever. Wow what a Military career. I want to say God Bless all the men and women that serve in any branch of the United States Military. Us nonmilitary will never truly understand what you go through during and after something like that.
Condolences to Amy Arnaz the wife of Desi Arnaz Jr. Died today of Brain Cancer. Pls keep the Arnaz family in ur Prayers. RIP Amy. God Bless
thankyou for writing and singing wonderful music. God Bless you ;)
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awww thankyou so much lovesss! God Bless 😘 Have a safe trip. I'll pray for all of you 😉❤
AND doing a more than great job of it.. n my opinion. God Bless the caregivers and give continued strength,wisdom and love always
On this solemn remembrance day, my brief memory: I was riding a school bus in Pasadena, Ca. The bus driver always played the radio for us on our am commute. The station DJ- Charlie Tuna ( who is still on the air today!) made the heartbreaking announcement of Terry's death. I was only a punk- 14 year-old pimple-faced Freshman, but also a mature fan of Chicago! I was in a funk the rest of that day. God Bless the memory of Terry Kath!
Please check out how you can help my music out and also helping our disabled veterans! Thank you and God Bless!
And now the tables have turned! Ann IamwhatIam Norm my lovely darling beautiful lil sis! check out her page don't Mean Sorrow on fb and view some powerful and helpful tips on living single while walking in your God giving purpose to your destiny!!! God Bless! Ann~ I mean Candi Sharie
All the controversy on American Sniper really gets me heated. People are SO ungrateful. Maybe instead of talking poorly about it, you should go risk your life and then see how it feels to be a hero, when all people can do is complain!! We are so grateful for the troops' service, God Bless.
Hi Pastor/leaders of CAPE TOWN,Please help spread the word about this pastor/leader gathering TAKING PLACE ON WEDNESDAY 28 JAN 2015 Newlands Rugby Stadium Cape Town Starting at 8:30am, ANY CHRISTIAN LEADER IS WELCOME TO COME PLEASE BRING YOUTH LEADERS AND SENIOR LEADERS ALONG,Please forward info to fraternal s, networks and other leaders that you may know lets have all of cape town pastors there ready to unite for our city, thank you God Bless, RSVP your attendance to admin
Praise God as He continues to work his wonders on Mike. All of his blood gases and cretin levels are returning to normal and so far there is no further need for dialysis. However, I'm back asking for a specific prayer today. Mike is having trouble coming off the drugs that he was given in ICU. In fact, he was so restless yesterday that the doctors didn't even try to do a CPAP test, which is needed for weaning him off the ventilator. For the past two days, he has not even acknowledged that I was in the room, which is disappointing after his alertness on Monday. Please keep him in your prayers so that the doctors can find a way to relieve this agitation without compromising his progress. Love to all and once again God Bless you for your love, support, and prayers! Sue
Morning Mark, Scott :). . . Happy Thursday ~ Have a joy filled day . God Bless us all
God Bless the wives/husbands, bf/gf, mom/dads, bro/sisters of people in the Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Navy, etc.
Here's what I saw early in the morning. GoodMorning and God Bless everyone. 🌞 @ Saint Louis University
Just want to give another huge shout out and thanks to the First Baptist Church in Verden. Pastor John and his wife Kelsey parrish continue to amaze me with their kindness and blessings they pour out on us at EAS. When they said they had some donations to pick up today, I never would have imagined it would have filled my three row Pacifica.Lol!!! So thank you John and Kelsey and the entire congregation and everybody who donated! You guys are such a blessing and my heart is overwhelmed with joy right now! ❤ Thanks for your continued support of EAS!!! God Bless!
Morgan and Cain are class acts . God Bless our service men and women.
God Bless the Israel Defense Forces. I hope the succeed on all fronts so my friend can come back home.
Happy Birthday to my first crush . RICHARD GUTIERREZ. Have a blast and God Bless. :):)
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Ok FB Family I ask you to Pray for Two very Special People who both have had Very Big Influences in my Life. First Up My Mom Dottie Raya is Currently in the Hospital with Flu Symptoms and recovering from a High Fever. Love you Mom and if you Survived Brain surgery in 94, this is nothing Momma. I Love Ya God Be With You. Second up my Homie, Homeboy and a Man who I also Learned To do Intervention/Prevention from. A Great Man who introduced me to Coach Pete Carroll and the Win Forever System. Coach Gary Cali Cowboys Luciano Robinson . Gary we need you up Brother and Outter the Hospital. may God Bless you and your Family during this Time. Stay Blessed Coach Nugg and we got a Lotta Inner City Kids ready to learn Football & Cheer from your Program. In the Name of Jesus we ask for Healing Amen.,
My beautiful darling friend, Anne Kirkbride, passed away in a room filled with love. God Bless, my Darling Girl! Peace…
Diedre Barlow television wife of Ken Barlow.Coronation Street..(Anne Kirkbride) passed away today. I am an avid fan of Corrie and will miss her role...God Bless to you and thank you for your wonderful potrayals.
Sad sad news about Anne Kirkbride- A Coronation Street Legend. Soaps wouldn't be around if wasn't for people like Anne. God Bless. X
The beauty of this country is your right to say anything you want due to the military men and women (including snipers) willing to die for that right. Even if it's ignorant disrespectful garbage(Michael Moore, Seth Rogen)...but it's my right to call you an *** for doing so and using a copy of your movie as a target at the gun range God Bless the USA 🇺🇸
**Sweepstakes Winners Announced** This is a list of the grand prize winner of a weather station and also the 5 runner-up prizes of a one month website membership. If your name is listed below, please send me a private message so I can get the necessary details for the delivery of prizes via mail and email. Thanks and God Bless. Grand Prize - Weather Station = Bryan Bloodworth 1st Prize - Free Month Membership - Dolores Griglak Carter 2nd Prize - Free Month Membership - Jane Bovender 3rd Prize - Free Month Membership - Libbie Barrieault 4th Prize - Free Month Membership - Sandra Moore Chavez 5th Prize - Free Month Membership - Linda Parris
Went to Yaba INEC office,lots of uncollected PVC.Please go and get your PVC,your vote is your right.God Bless
16/16 Thank you for your time, God Bless you and God Bless Nigeria.
I spent the weekend watching and transferring video tapes from our 25 trips to Disney World, starting with our first trip in 1985. What a wonderful way to try and fight off a cold, all snuggled under my electric blanket watching my boys grow up and seeing how much we have all changed, including Disney World. Now back to the real world today, back to work, wish it was somewhere I wanna go. I pray something good happens soon. Have a good day everyone. God Bless!!!
I loved this clip and I love all of you! Maybe it can help you like it did me today! God Bless!
Made a safe return to home at last after a hour and thirty minute walk back of course God, and my Guardian Angel walked with me every step of the way. Even though we did not go hiking still was absolutely a blessed and great time of fellowship from helping cut down a rotting palm tree, to watching Godzilla 2014 which mostly everyone wasn't watching lol due to higher priorities that needed to be addressed, enjoying Miss Flores' homemade chimachangas, among the best on the planet and some awesome guacamole made by Masons lady Sarah. May there be many more great times ahead, have a blessed week everyone starting off with paying homage to a man, God inspired to pave the way for civil rights in this nation of ours. Peace be with you and God Bless you all always:)
Fiddler on the Roof (1971) Favourite Line: "Rabbi, is there a special blessing for the Tsar?" "Yes. God Bless and keep the Tsar...far away from us!"
God Bless your late mother Mark. Dinner sounds delicious. Bottle of Red & life is good. Bon Appetit my friend!
Shooting at the VP?!?! Are you Fing kidding me? You *** terrorists out there think its funny to pick soft targets in the USA and step up your game? You just messed with the wrong people. We will find you. I give a shout out to the Secret Service, the Police, and our Intel Services, we support you! Stay safe and God Bless y'all.
Cindy Spake Hall and I are very proud of our son Cody Hall as of yesterday he signed the paper work to go to MEPS United States Military Entrance Command for his physical to enter the U.S. Marines, if all goes well and he passes his physical he will leave around September for Parris Island S.C. We have seen this coming for some time now and stand by our son 100% on his decision to serve his Country. God Bless you, we love you and are very proud of you Cody
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"American Sniper"... WOW! True HERO in every sense of the word! God Bless all our military heroes.
American Sniper, the only movie I've seen in theaters where an applause was needed after. God Bless you Chris Kyle.
Just came out of seeing American Sniper ... I do not have the words to describe just how this movie, this true story affected me and those sitting around us. -- When the movie was over the silence was deafening... Perhaps everyone was trying to process what they saw, for us, it was out of respect not only for Chris Kyle, but for every serviceman or woman who has ever served, serving or will serve. -- God Bless our Military and God Bless America!
Wonderful Keith! All the books in the world! Doesn't compare to what's in the Bible! God Bless! Rev. Dr. Henry L. Causly
Can't wait to get back to Minneapolis and get back to the GRIND. I've had many life lessons out here in Paris France and Fargo North Dakota. I am not the same person most people used to know me as.. And I've realized I have to be around the right people going in the direction that I want to go in. Much love to everyone I met in Fargo and the people who have helped me along the way. Much love God Bless!
It is a warm late spring day and I have climbed the highest mountain in my area of the North Country. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze that keeps those pesky black fly's at bay. I rest on an out cropping of stone and take in the pristine beauty of the surrounding area. An eagle Soars overhead stretching it's wings and glides on the currant of fresh mountain air. As I take a snack from my pack I notice different types of insects scouring around . I drop a piece of food on the rock and watch with amazement as ants appear, break up the crumbs and carry it away to there den. My mind races to a song sung by Louie Armstrong in the movie good morning Vietnam "What A wonderful World" Well my rest is over, but I will long remember this moment . Everyone have a great day be safe and warm. God Bless.
A few clips from last years showcase Reminder sign ups is at 12pm tomorrow at New Covenant Church 303 s.11th st Hope to see everyone there God Bless
HEY SPAM problem? BLOCK/break free, REPORT/STOP them. Rid the USA of HATERS, God Bless! . ht…
God Bless you, sorry 4 your loss, I can't dry ya tears ,I know what's up there Trust me,I went 2 VA, told my Dr. & I ended up in mental
Hi everybody!! Just got word this morning that my American Idol appearance will be next week. It looks like it will air during the Wednesday (January 21st) episode. Also, this evening I will be launching my online album campaign to help raise money for my new music project. Thank you all so much for your continued support! God Bless! - Jacob
Forty years ago, I was holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms. Today, I can only hold you in my heart as we release these balloons and remember you on your 40th birthday. A mother and a son share a very special bond of unconditional love that all mothers of sons are able feel and understand. Throughout the joys and difficulties of our lives, you were the most grateful, loving, and best son ever. The bright lights of Christmas will be turned off after your birthday, a new tradition. Have a great birthday in Heaven with Dad, your Grandfathers, Grandmothers, including Charlotte, and your aunts and uncles who preceded you. We miss you, and love you, and remember your words that you wrote: “With Much Love and Respect, and God Bless.”
Some sad news, Mr. Henry Doose's has recently passed on and is now with his wonderful wife Sheila. His sons would like people to know of the funeral arrangements. Visitation at Menards Funeral and Crematorium on Ontario Ave. is this Thursday January 15th from 7-9 pm and again on Friday from 12-2 pm at which time there will be a service at the funeral home with burial in the spring. Please pass this on to anyone that knew him for his son's sake. Thank you and God Bless.💐❄️
*Walks up to podium* Ahem...excuse me. In the spirit of Greek Unity and respect I would like to wish the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. a wonderful and joyous Happy Founders Day. Starting with my "Abigail" the beautiful, wonderful love of my life and Mrs. Thomas-elect Nola Darling, so many of you have blessed me in so many ways and I am thankful for your presence in my life. I applaud you and the work you do. An extra special shout out must be given to the ladies of Alpha Beta at Fisk University as so many of you continue to support and uplift a brother in so many different ways. Thank you so much. I also would like to add that this statement was given of my own free will and I was under no political or social pressure. Again, Happy Founders Day and I love you all. If I forgot to tag you, I deeply apologize. Charge it to my head and not to my heart. Thank you and God Bless *smile, waves and walks off podium*
Hello Wildcats! :) Since ilang araw na lang at darating na si Pope Francis sa ating bansa, may ibabahagi lang akong kanyang pinasiyanan ng siya'y maging ganap na papa. [Kaway, kaway sa mga pupunta ng Luneta. Sana makapunta ako at yung ibang nagnanais din, God Bless! :) ] TOP 10 SECRETS TO HAPPINESS 1. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." Everyone should be guided by this principle, he said, which has a similar expression in Rome with the saying, "Move forward and let others do the same." 2. "BE GIVING OF YOURSELF TO OTHERS." People need to be open and generous toward others, he said, because "if you withdraw into yourself, you run the risk of becoming egocentric. And stagnant water becomes putrid." 3. "PROCEED CALMLY" in life. The pope, who used to teach high school literature, used an image from an Argentine novel by Ricardo Guiraldes, in which the protagonist -- gaucho Don Segundo Sombra -- looks back on how he lived his life. "He says that in his youth he was a stream full of rocks that he carried with him; as an adul ...
2014 has come and gone. It seems the days turn into weeks faster now than ever before. I think about all the wonderful ways I have been blessed throughout the year and I also think about those times when I didn't feel as if I could make it. I know it was then that my Father carried me. But I still question "Could I have done something differently?" You know I find in life that the more I do for God the more He does for me. If you are feeling as if God hasn't been there for you, Maybe it was you who wasn't there for Him. For He says "Draw neigh to me and I'll draw neigh to you." Just a thought. Sweet dreams all and May the Lord keep you and yours safe throughout the night. God Bless
Seabreeze Alum and Daytona Beach Pop Warner Alum Charles Burn U Nelson WILL score tonight and make IMPACTFUL plays! He loves the game and the "BIGNESS" of the game WILL NOT affect him! God Bless buddy!
Men, don't forget lunch tomorrow at Andy's in The Pendleton Art Center in Ashland. Hope to see you at noon.God Bless!
I think my get up and go, got up and went! Day 2 of being super sleepy. Time for sleep meds and a long night of sleep. Sweet dreams and God Bless
Okay I can officially announce I am the newest employee of Greene County General Hospital. So blessed! I will begin my new career starting Jan 19th, I never dreamed I would be doing any other job and be employed anyplace but the courthouse. You all have lived through this journey with me this past 11 months. I kept hearing that the Lord had a plan for me and it would be a better job. I couldn't understand why the Lord was taking me from a job I loved. Well, Let me assure you, After all I have been through I am so thankful the Lord removed me from a situation I didn't realize was wearing on me and my nerves. This past year as taught me so much about people, myself and about people I had considered my friends. I am so happy to be starting this new chapter of my life. Again, I would like to thank all my friends that has prayed, cried, campaigned and listened to me. God Bless you! Looking forward to 2015 with HOPE♡
American Sniper is one of the best films ever made... God Bless our troops and all they do for us. Rip Chris Kyle never for…
Welcome to the Philippines your Holiness Pope Francis, God Bless our land and our people...
God Bless these men...Tuskegee Airman die on same day age 91
Very powerful and moving segment on our wounded warriors conquering the seven summits! God Bless them all!
sescession - time for the South to declare separation from the north and let parts of midwest and west coast decide their affiliation -- free to go their own way if that's their choice -- we in the south are the Red State strength of this country - the north and east are destroying our future - let them go - we can now be our own country - God Bless our beloved South -
i hope that you'll visit philippines someday. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CODY ROBERT SIMPSON!! Take care and God Bless!
The verse for tonight is John 6:35 Goodnight & God Bless!!
God Bless "America's Team" ! Go Cowboys! Boni Baldwin Ross, this one is for you. Corey Jones, I love you.
You are such an awesome actress, I've loved you ever since Everybody Loves Raymond. Keep up the great work! God Bless!
I still believe in the Old Rugged Cross..Up an thankful dear Jesus.Its TGIF! Have a nice weekend my Peeps. God Bless!
Imran khan & Reham Khan congratulations, you have set as example for others to follow. Well done God Bless you. Cllr Ahmad Shahzad OBE
After all the evil that has happened the past few days. Nothing can overcome the faith in the Lord. Good night and God Bless!
Mrs. Lee, I was just reading American Sniper & all the wonderful things written about Marc. God Bless & Thank you.
Good Morning :) . God Bless. . Be thankful to the Lord our God. 🙏😘
God Bless you all may the Lord watch over you and care for you, fill you with all His Wonders. Good night to all...
TBT and a Pic of me and my first wife who I lost with our 3 year old daughter. Her Birthday was Jan. 7. One does pay for his choices and I just did not get out of the Lucrative drug business quick enough but God blessed me with a 2nd Chance in Life and with another Best Friend & Soul Mate in my Wife which the Pic on the right is in the same year we first met in 1993. In Honor of my 3 year old Innocent daughter & Tina below I turned my Life around and I know they are looking down from the heavens and very proud of the Man I have become. God Bless you all with losses in your past, this one still Grieves me today especially near her BD.
I just signed up for the Beth Moore Bible course. Good to hear from you, hope you ok. God Bless.
I had the privilege to purchase Felipe Lobe's first canvas, years ago in Blumenau, Brazil. Felipe Lobe was in the series of "The Brothers". We do have three "Brothers", here in the States.Because I am close friend to Beto Lobe, Felipe's dad, the young artist looked at me as an Uncles, and DID NOT want to charge. Obviously I refused the gift: I saw in Felipe a strong artistic possibility and I value it and more: I made a point to pay the artist. Now, rejoiced I see my "step-nephew" ( if I can call him that) in his first international exposition, and I am so glad... I will go further: Felipe easley could be a Van Gogh for he has sensibility for such and the domain of vivid colours and shades and a very peculiar, inquisitive way to see the world. I wish him all the artistic recognition of a Van Gogh, without the troubles and sufferings of his life. God Bless you Felipe. Good Luck, and MERDE, MERDE et MERDE! Uncle Sam de Mattos Jr.
God Bless the Red Cross...They are always the first on the scene of a Tragedy. Praying for the families displaced tonight from a fire in Huntsville.
If you have not checked it out, my pick is at Thanks and God Bless
To see who I think will walk put of UE at 2-1 in conference go to Thanks & God Bless
Goodnight to all. May the good Lord keep a watch over you . God Bless
No bible study tonight, Wednesday, Jan 7th due to the extremely cold temperatures and so much sickness. Hope to see everyone Sunday Morning. Sunday School starts at 10 am with the worship hour beginning at 11 am. God Bless and stay warm!
It's almost 4:30 am. I have to be at the hospital by 6. Today they will do the Trans esophagial Echo cardiogram. They will insert a camera down my throat and do an echo of the heart. This will tell the story of how much damage the endocarditis did, if the tricuspid valve has to be repaired, and get us prepared for the removal of the leads and computer. That will consist of 2 surgeries - one to remove everything. The wound will stay open for a week, then the new hardware will be installed. This is the first hurdle. Today tells the story of what my destiny is. Please pray for God's strength to stand up under whatever His Will is. Know that I love each one of you, and will give you an update when I get home hopefully later today. God Bless you all.
A trip down memory lane...Me and our Ste! Dodgy hair cuts lol but had the best childhood together. Wishing Ste a very Happy Birthday today. I will raise a glass to you tonight. Love you lots..God Bless xxx
Just wishing everyone a good night and sweet dreams!! Sleep well and God Bless!!
To the Williams Family: your in my prayers. God just needed another angel to look over Riley. God Bless.
Prayers out to our family at El Paso's VA & WBAMC. God grant us the unity and strength to get through this. God Bless.
With April M. Smith, former attorney, now newly appointed judge (!) at her swearing-in ceremony and reception. April was instrumental in the emergency custody of Easten and ultimately permanent custody and my adoption of him. God Bless her and best of wishes as District Court Judge of Cumberland County!
RIP to Mitch Kupchak's daughter Alina Kupchak.. Sad to hear the news. God Bless to the family
Join us this evening by 6pm at the Yaba Centre, 400 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba for Prayers. God Bless you as you Come |
God Bless you and White America. From a comrade in Sydney! Hail to the CSA! Confederate States of America! Victory to the South!
Happy Birthday Enjoy the rest of your big day. God Bless. 😘
"Psalm 8:9 O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Thanks for following! God Bless..
dont let the haters get you. Most will back this team till *** or high water & then some. God Bless & Happy New Year!
Thanks to Emily McMakin and Lillian Piazza for joining me for 5:30 mass at St. Aloysius Catholic Church. Celebrated the Epiphany of The Lord with two great ladies in my life. God Bless you this week and TCB to 2015.
We would like to ask for prayers for Pastor Mark's wife, First Lady Linda. She is ill right now and currently in the hospital. Also prayers for Pastor. We thank you and so does Pastor and Linda. God Bless!!
Hey Impact, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday and are excited to get things started back up with Impact! Contrary to what the bulletin and Z-mail stated, Impact will be meeting this week, Wednesday January 7. Your group leaders miss you too much to wait an additional week! So the festivities will kickoff at 6 pm at the HUB and run until 7:45 pm, with the HUB closing at 8 pm. I also believe that there will be a special announcement about the Spring Break Trip, so you definitely don't want to miss that. The Impact leaders are so excited to have you back and will see you Wednesday, be sure and share this info with your friends! God Bless!
Want to give my condolences to the Detroit Lions...this is gonna be a good HomeGoing Service for them. ..God Bless. Lol! Let's go COWBOYS
A 'Mile of Blue' in Brooklyn right now honoring PO Wenjian Liu. Absolutely amazing to see on television. God Bless this young officer, his family and all those standing there today.🇺🇸
R.I.P. - You have no idea how big of an influence this man was to us inner city kids.. God Bless. 🙇
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Thank you for the follow, you are a amazing inspiration. God Bless
First sunday of the year ... God Bless !!
Good night and God Bless for a wonderful day God has given us. Spent my day cleaning kitchen and then keeping my Little Charlie and listening to him talk non-stop and here I worried he was delayed in speech-no not at all he talks non stop!!! He ate a big dinner of two salads and spaghetti ! Let's see everyone at church in the morning if we can run all week then we show God our service to God one day by being in the church of your choice, this lesson was taught at a very early age to Shelby and me by our Daddy!!! Love those memories--Good night and a God Bless Day.
Hello Local (Stuarts Draft) FB Friends, Can anyone run me to the Post Office this Monday ( in 2 days). My wife work schedule has been changed and she now works on Monday. Also, I have a schedule appointment at Augusta Health on Tuesday, January 13th @ 11:30am. appointment will last about 45 minutes to an hour. If anyone can help, I sure would appreciate it. God Bless.
If any one has any of these sizes please in box me, a member or our eagles lost their home in a fire last night: men size 44/29- men 34/30 pants men's shirts 2 x mens shoes 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 , ladies pants 13 shirts large shoes 9 Thanks and God Bless
I've never heard a movie theater more silent than the end credits of Fantastic movie and story. God Bless our troops.
We have to end homelessness in the US. It makes a person feel less than human. God Bless those who help the homeless.
Oh man i just discovered your guitar playing now and i must say that i am going to learn a lot from you, God Bless you man
Hey Aunt Vickie! Not sure if you remember me from Savannah but Happy New Year! Love You! God Bless!
Gettin it going, Family, Football and some Fun time today on this dreary/chilly 1st day of da year, some's Baylor vs Michigan St.,Oregon vs Florida St., finish up with Alabama vs Ohio St. And lots of food and quality Family Time, God Bless, Go Bears, Oregon, and Bama
Great Sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen Strategic Steps 2014 .God Bless you All.Please Share this Message with everyone of your family and friends.
I went to Great Centennial AME Zion in Mt Vernon, NY tonight. What a Joyus celebration we had Rev. God Bless!
Happy New Year from Pastor Terrance & Pastor Melissa Hinton and the Lakeside Christian Center Family. May God Bless your year.
Union Baptist Temple Church is now streaming Watchnight service of 2014. Happy New Years and God Bless!
Happy New Year to our friends and supporters. We the Ethiopian dream Center Staff wish you the best of all things in 2015!!! Thank you and God Bless all of you.
I'm goin in. HAPPY BLEEPIN NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Esp. Dave Bautista n family.God Bless us all. Xoxo
everyone block Daisy Miller (on Instagram before midnight or your insta will get deleted!!! thank you God Bless
Safe travels and best wishes to the youth of from on way to God Bless you real good!!
Hello there 😊 Thanks for following and God Bless you! ;) via
how are you thank you for following me God Bless you.
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all of my friends and followers during the year, I wish you all the best in 2015 and in the coming days. 2014 was a bad one in many ways particularly for those attempting to fight the forces of evil and assert themselves. Many have died during their struggle of self determination, Ukraine, Palestine, Venezuela to name a few, let us also not forget those who have suffered by the war crimes committed against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us not forget the heroes both military and civilians who have taken arms to defend their loved ones in Novorossia, Lebanon and Kurdistan. In the end let us not forget those who have died in our land, at teh hands of the police state..I don't foresee 2015 being any calmer... So as we leave the past live in the present and hope for the best in the future, As long as we remember those who have left us and their struggle they never really die, for ideas are bullet proof and that's why they fear us. God Bless you all and you ...
'American Sniper'. Chris Kyle was a true hero for our country. We need to be sure we support our troops when they come home. God Bless them.
This lovely message was posted by Todd Young of Wasaga Beach. My Father really was an icon to friends and family. Rest in Peace Dad, our family will never be the same without you. Devastated to hear of the passing of an Icon in our town. A close family and personnel friend, mentor and stoic individual. Everett Pilkey has passed suddenly. Everett has been a family friend for over 40 years and I had the pleasure of knowing him since I was a wee lad. Everett was of a generation that worked hard, complained little, and did his share without expectation or applause. Everett worked for the town as contract for animal control for years and was a trades contractor, trapper, hunter, father, friend and hard worker. By the sounds of it Everett passed doing what he loved to do, hunting and trapping. I am so very sad to hear of this and will miss seeing him almost daily in our business. My condolences to Dwight, Shelby, Evan and family. God Bless this Iconic man and may he rest in peace.
Daily Devotional for December 29, 2014 My district superintendent, Dr. Clifton Howard submitted the following devotional. I pray it speaks to you the way it did to me. God Bless, Tom Robbins Reflections on Weakness On the fourth Sunday of Advent, I heard the preacher say: “God chooses weakness over strength”. I had a brief word with that preacher. I wanted to explain to him about weakness and the world we live in. What’s so good about weakness? The weak get swallowed up. Not just in Sumatran jungles or deserts of the southwest. We see it all around. When was the last time you decided to go to a restaurant because it had the worst (weakest) food in town? The college or university you attend(ed). You chose to go there because it had the lowest rated (weakest) faculty among all the thousands of colleges in the country? You mean to tell me that if you need brain or heart surgery you’re gonna spend hundreds of hours on the internet searching for the surgeon with the worst (weakest) record of ...
Hi. how are you. Very Happy Christmas and Very Happy New Year and God Bless you and your family
Today Josh & I went to Winthrop hospital to meet up with Rodriguez Development Coordinator to drop off several bags of toys for the Cancer center for kids in Mineola. Thank you Kristen it was a pleasure today. Glad we were able to help. Do to privacy at the hospital we didn't take any photos at this time. Hope you all understand. God Bless! 🙏
I want to thank my beautiful cousin Moiselle Yvette Jones and her husband Barry Jones for the warm welcome to their home for Christmas Dinner. Let the Lord keep on blessing y'all and show y'all favor. God Bless you and keep you.
PUPPIES ABANDONED. .SUNGAI BULOH.CONTACT. .012 6940556 Yesterday night my neice, Theresa Surendren Pillai told me she saw 2 very healthy looking pups in cartoon abandon near my office. She said " go take them back now if you want to save them. No point posting after they are poisoned , beaten or end up in someone's table." Make sense. As much as I want to save them, I can't take them back home due to the Bloody Parvo which took the life off four of my babies recently. So can anyone of you here help to take in these two beauties. Believe me, they are so adorable. Thank you. God Bless.
Please pray for the persecuted Christians through out the Entire middle east. They are being raped, tortured and murdered by the hundreds and thousands daily for being Christians. Their churches and villages are being ravaged and pillaged , not just by ISIS, but also the Hindus are starting what they are calling a " Cleansing" of all Christians through out India. We need a chain of Prayer Warriors who will intercede for them continually..Right now the whole world of world leaders have turned their backs and a blind eye to this tremendous genocide going on on Christians. Please hold our Brothers and Sisters in prayer for Gods DIVINE Intervention, Grace, Strength, and Protection over them. They are living a nightmare, and Greatly need our Prayers. Thank you and God Bless !
NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos with my cousin John D Cortez on the right. A hero forever in our hearts. God Bless, RIP
What a glorious day!!! The glory of the Lord surely filled the house of the Lord today! The Holy Ghost and Fire fell on us in such a powerful way that you did not want to leave." As the song says Surely the Presence of The Lord was in this place!" My prayer is that God will purge me of all that is not pleasing to him that may dwell in my inner man will be consumned by the refining fire of The Lord. Please continue to pray for our little church in Unity. That we may be so filled with the Spirit of God that souls continue to be drawn to him thru us..For no man cometh to God lest the Spirit draweth him. Lord use our hands and feet to work in your vineyard.God Bless you all as you enter into this new year of 2015. With all our love, prayers and sincereity. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Pastors William and Terri Dodge and all the saints of The Unity Pentecostal Church wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year.
Hey Charlie, What's up? Hope your having a great holiday, have a blessed Happy New Year in 2015!! Take care God Bless!!
My Prayers go out to Pastor Jim Cymbala Mother get well and God Bless you.
Thank you dear friend Marry Ann Del Rosario!!! I enjoyed our day out, your treat in Pizza Hut, movie & most of all taking time to be with me. I Love you! God Bless!
From Liberty city I came in da flesh amen God Bless the rest
I took video of NYPD officers walking down Myrtle Ave after funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos earlier today. As they passed by, I said "God Bless you, sorry f...
I want to compliment Vice President Joe Biden, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner William Bratton for the beautiful eulogies they gave today at Police Officer Rafael Ramos' Funeral Service. As for Mayor DeBlasio, actions speak louder than words. RIP Officer Ramos. May God Bless the Ramos Family and the NYPD.
Today, as too many in the past, is a sad day for my fellow brothers & sisters in Blue. NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos will be laid to rest. I hope we all take a brief moment of silence today and say a prayer to help heal the hearts of the Ramos Family, the NYPD Family, and especially our nation. And if while your out, if you happen to see an officer, I hope you take a brief moment thank he/she for all the work they do for all of our freedoms and protection. God Bless all Our Defenders in Blue.
God Bless you, we unfortunates, but know our motherland & its suckers! Unfortunately.Pray..
Among the self-proclaimed heroes who went to a movie theater Christmas Day and "defended" their right to freedom of speech by seeing Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy The Interview were a ragtag group in an Austin Alamo Drafthouse that sang Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" at their screening.
Offspring opening cards:. "This one is from Tina, David, God and Bruce.". "That says 'God Bless...'"
Welcome our Christmas son into the world! John (Jack) Christopher Willcock. Dec 25, 10:02 am, 6 lb 14 oz. God Bless!
Merry Christmas to all our friends and family both here in Alberta and those far away. We are truly Blessed to have each and everyone of you in our lives. We are so thrilled to be grand parents again ! Congrats Ashley and Tyler ...God Bless you all and may 2015 be your best year yet ! All our love !!!
you're turning down something that hasn't been offered to you. Burn in *** Okay, Sam?? God Bless.
Here is Jakov's yearly apparition. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas ANNUAL APPARITION TO JAKOV ON DECEMBER 25TH 2014 25.12.2014 At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on September 12th, 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, every December 25th, on Christmas Day. This is also how it was this year. The apparition began at 2:40 pm and lasted 8 minutes. Afterwards Jakov transmitted the message: Dear children! Today, on this day of grace, I desire for each of your hearts to become a little stable of Bethlehem in which the Savior of the world was born. I am your mother who loves you immeasurably and is concerned for each of you. Therefore, my children, abandon yourselves to the mother, so that she may place each of your hearts and lives before little Jesus; because only in this way, my children, your hearts will be witnesses of God’s daily birth in you. Permit God to illuminate your lives with light and your hearts with joy, so that you may daily illuminate the ...
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Merry Christmas from Springfield, IL. First pic is of out main tree (usually have 6 trees total up) this year has been a rough year for our family and here is the explanation of the second tree.. My mom loved all holidays and well she passed away Feb. 22nd of this year from breast cancer so the second tree was for her! She was 65... Then May came along and my dad passed away from bone cancer on May 9th this year... He was a Scrooge always. He was 66. As to why I didn't have and display all my trees this year is I didn't feel the spirit this year to enjoy it like I have always since I couldn't make those phone calls to hear my parents voices over the phone... Yes even though my dad was a Scrooge he still got his call from me every holiday. Seeing Everyone's posts of their beautiful Christmas pictures from trees to other customs each may have it brightened me up a bit more! God Bless everyone of you all around the world! Peace, Love and Joy! Hold your family tight you never know when the time to say goodby ...
congrats on the Grammy nomination wiz! Merry Christmas, God Bless
Merry Christmas!! God Bless!! Jimmy!! Happy New Years!! In case Im out or something. Looking forward to the New Years Ball Drop.
Merry Christmas and God Bless you and the family
*God Bless your Souls our Holy Warrior Veterans. Word's cannot say enough for. *Thank You for your Heroic Service*
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year God Bless you Bill the Buddha Dickens
Merry Christmas to you and yours! Santa sure was good to us this year. Enjoy the day with your families and be sure to say a prayer for our troops that can't be home this Christmas. God Bless & Much love to you all!
Merry Christmas, and Happy Chanukah to all of my Family and Friends. May the Joy you have today, carry thru the New Year with GOOD Health and Happiness for ALL. I am off to the Noble ER to deliver some Pumpkin Seafood Chowder to all those working today, and some Potato Latkes for Dr. Schacher. These folks are SPECIAL to me, being there to take care of any of us in need. God Bless them ALL.
Good Thursday morning world Merry Christmas an may God Bless!
Good morning baby Jesus! Our bilingual Midnight Mass was so beautiful. All my friends were there as well. What a wonderful church family at St. Frances Cabrini. Fr. Frank's plane should be taking off to Mexico City in 15 mins. Safe journey. Merry Christmas everyone & God Bless you.
Well, I'm at a disadvantage. My phone has a problem, text is broken, only get about half of them and even my calls don't all come through, not sure what's wrong with it and all my pretty pictures are on my phone not this computer, so I have no beautiful Christmas pictures to share. But I do want to wish all of you the best Christmas ever!! Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your families!!
14 years ago today I was in South Carolina. In Parris Island. Thank you and God Bless those not at home with loved ones.
Merry Christmas from the Gonzalez family(David, Lorinda, Ava, and Anthony)God Bless you and your…
God Bless? You actually think you're getting into heaven? Have fun with that delusion.
God Bless and protect you Sir.. God is with you... Sail on!... No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I utterly condemn every tongue that rises against you. Surely! they shall gather thus sayeth the Lord, every one of them shall fall for your sake! Thus sayeth the Lord ,Buhari at your left side, Tinubu at your right side, Boko Haram and all enemies under your feats.. IJN.
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Merry Christmas Eve my family and friends hope you all have a blessed day! Come see me at Woods Boots for your last minute shopping 😉 Love to all and God Bless 😀
“When we opened the pipe this morning and realized that the water is flowing, we were really surprised. It’s been ages since we experienced this…” residents from Adentan and it's environs has said. God Bless u prez John Dramani Mahama 2016 is still for u.
Snowball Express & Fort Worth Your Awesome! Thank you for your support of the fallen soldiers widows & kids! God Bless
well been doing research on bone spurs, DDD and fibromyalgia looks like diet and no stress and no depression is my best bet as well as meds doctor wrote for me this is going to be very hard. I will be when I take kids to school will be walking every time I go up there and when home I will walk down our road, have my bike inside and my dancing will get back into a better health if I do not talk to you it is not because I am mad it is cause I am looking after me so I can get back to what I do best caring for people older then me. and working on getting my business going next year tired of others making money not me. Beth and Nate are who I am looking to going into business with I hope. God Bless all tonight. my tree is down and going to put my house back together
This Christmas I hope you are all enjoying family and friends with all the blessings that come through remembering the birth of the Savior. It's easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and to forget the purpose of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the price He paid for all who would repent and believe. I trust this video helps you get a new perspective of Christmas as It has with me. God Bless.
Merry Christmas Mahela! And God Bless you and your family. You are a wonderful role model to so many young people!
Just a little reminder that things are not always what they in my last post. Trailer park by the bar is known for trouble .so i look out the back door& see multiple Manchester City PD over there.My first thought was "What's happened over there now?" After watching for a moment i saw them unloading presents from a big white truck& then i see Santa passing these gifts out to the people there.It brought tears to my eyes...It reminded me that there are still good people in the world.Thank you Manchester Police Department for reminding me what Christmas is all about! Merry Christmas to you all& God Bless!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance sir. All the best for you and your family. God Bless our Country Cameroon.
ben carson? allen west? Merry Christmas to you sir and your family as well. God Bless you man
So Thankful for a New Day in this life, so Grateful for friends and family I pray that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!God Bless you all
I'll Be Home for Christmas and New Year 🙆. God Bless my trip 👼. See you soon Medan @ Terminal Bus…
Just watched Is For Real the real life experience of Colton Burpo-it's a AWESOME movie-Great movie for the season and life-God Bless
To my family and friends, I did not send out Christmas Cards this year. In lieu of cards, I made a donation to the American Red Cross in support of our military families. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!
Friends, If anyone out there knows of a parish or company needing a audio visual technician (sound, lighting, video) please let me know! Relocation is not an issue whatsoever. I have a detailed resume, numerous letters of reference and a proven track record. I also have over 10 years experience with inside sales, customer service, marketing. To say this is needed immediately, is a understatement. I'm fighting for survival now, and running out of time. I have exhausted all other resources. Any help would be a great help! God Bless.
I have seen on my thread where there are people who think it was ok or payback for the two officers killed in the line of duty by a coward who took his own life, I question who you are as a person. The taking of a life for a life is never the intentions of those of us who were in peaceful protest of the grand jury findings, at all. Furthermore for the President of the Police Union to further fan the flames by saying blood is on the hands of the mayor, Al Sharpton, the President, and the Marchers in support of Eric Garner and Michael Brown I wish I could say to your face, sit down and shut up. Blood is on the hands of only one, and that's the one who committed this heinous crime. Only he will be judged by the most high for his actions not those you named. Lastly we, people of color must continue to press forward for justice. The actions of one does not define the intentions of all. God Bless.
Good morning everyone Thank You Heavenly Father for waking my family and friends this morning but my prayers goes out to the families of the children who were at that house party in Calumet City our youth are at risk of losing their lives over foolishness and we need to be aware of their surroundings and who they're hanging with for the safety of our children I'm still in disbelief we have got to do better but until then remember Jesus Christ loves you and so do I God Bless
To all my fellow Navy,Marines,Army,Air force, & Coast Guard active/ Reserves Brothers & Sisters far and away or in my back yard to take a moment to wish you and your love ones A very Wonderful Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! We love u! miss u! Come home safe!!! Then most of all Thank you for your service and sacrifice!!! God Bless you all!!! Petty Officer 2nd Class Ls2 (SW/AW) Timothy Wahl USN
Taken lastnight ( Dec.20'14) 5th Simbang Gabi @ the Church w/niece Sophia w/ sister Flora Pulido w/our Choir @ me..May all my Relatives , Friends , Everyone.. Specially the less Fortunate..We may have a Peaceful @ Bountiful Christmas ...amen.. God Bless us so much!
A stranger to me, but a friend of my friend Harvey Steelman, "liked" one of my posts so I became curious who he was and looked at his timeline and I found this wonderful Christmas story. I took the liberty to "borrow" it and post it for all my friends to read it too. Thank you Rickey New and God Bless you and your family. CHRISTMAS AT A GAS STATION (ALL ABOUT THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS) The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn't been anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. It was just another day to him. He didn't hate Christmas, just couldn't find a reason to celebrate. He was sitting there looking at the snow that had been falling for the last hour and wondering what it was all about when the door opened and a homeless man stepped through. Instead of throwing the man out, Old George as he was known by his customers, told the man to come and sit by the heater and warm up "Thank you, but I don't mean to intrude," said the stranger. "I see you're busy, I'll just go." ...
"God Bless the Child" tonight at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs. Brilliant writing, excellent acting. Loved & highly recommend it.
Hey brother thanks again for a great interview! I added it to my 2014 favorite interviews! God Bless!
Please help out the Shweiners...God Bless them...
God Bless as with we need it. This msg sent to all
I was lucky enough to be coached by Terry Lewis & later a friend & am better for it. Thanks Coach Lewis & God Bless the family.
God Bless you Creflo really enjoy your services
TYVM Phillip and you're always nice & kind to me God Bless
let them try... we'll fight to the bitter end... let them try us with anarchy, we'll beat them in their game... God Bless you
I have the honor of teaching the Lesson 5 "Turn" at our local Tyler Salvation Army new Celebrate Recovery Ministry tonight at 7:00 p.m. Please say a prayer that God will give me the words do say that it may encourage someone & help them make a Turn toward Christ & the Cross. If you are not busy tonight come & joins us. God Bless
Ok all my friends that are business owners we need sponsors for New Vision Ranch this is a wonderful opportunity for the youth of Baldwin County we are trying to get things going but need donations and sponsors if you are interested please contact me or Naomi Rada! Thank you and God Bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
Obama announcing major shifts in Cuban relations with the USA for all the cubans who didnt vote for Obama n plan on voting for jeb bush or mitt romney let's just say I pity the fool smh and they're still going to hate on the man smh god bless America no God Bless the World and Universe selfish ppl
Join us for another highly interactive RHEMA 360 Service, today by 5pm. Come early and invite others! Our Venue is JBS Estate, off Sapele Road and off Boundary Road, Benin City. You can also listen to our audio live streaming of the service on God Bless you as you come or listen'
Keep them in your prayers. Support them when they come home. . good night family. . God Bless
HAPPY to me and God Bless our Veterans whom protect our peace. Tears for friends and family of those whom...
God Bless the teachers, God Bless the students, and God Bless Malala Yousafzai. "The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage were born." Malala Yousafzai
God Bless you both, children and family. My heart goes out to you with love.
Welps its off to Doms Christmas Program whoot whoot !! I love it 'Yuall have a great nite Mrry Christmas and God Bless to all "TATERS"
Thanks for following, God Bless you in Jesus Mighty Name Alone Amen
Merry Christmas for those who choose to protect this country and do the bidding of those elected officials. God Bless you all.
Thank you Heroes. God Bless your loved ones and families. DVA
My favorite quote from our 2014 Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota, "God Bless and Go Ducks"! Love it! :)
Charm N Daniel Wedding! Happy Wedding Day to the newlyweds!🙏 God Bless to Mr. & Mrs. Miculob!😄
FB Family, I have a wonderful long time friend who as been my angel in disguise who is helping me get my story out there. On behalf of Warren; I am sending you a short and brief history per Mr. Petersons request. My story may sound like the same old story that you hear everyday. My plea to put my story out there is out of desperate need. I am incarcerated today and have been for 25 years. I am a 45 year old man needing to be home with my family. My family is all I have right now and I would like be able to live the remainder of my life to get to know them. I was convicted of murder. The man who has been murdered his name is Dewey Mackey. I am not a murderer. My alibi's and no DNA is what holds my innocence. As a African American male, I was placed into the judicial system, with no money to hire the best of the best legal help. The counsel that I was appointed abandoned me and here I am pleading for my life and freedom. God has his hands on me. I pray that my story gets heard and help is near. God Bless.
God Bless The countdown is indeed on 4 the baddest house party ever on da 26th of Dec. is …
Let us continue to pray for our,Soldiers in the Battlefield, that God will bless their efforts and protect them...
Do not worry, my dear Madonna. All and you will be fine. God bless you!
bro's cakeday ♥♥. Happy Birthday dear. hope u have an awesome day , God bless u today & always ! ily.
"1Thessalonians 1:2 We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers; God Bless!
may God bless you & all spiritual leaders of the world. For any of them who judge others, don't have love in their hearts.
thank you very much hey and ama do that ;) God bless
"louis bought an iphone and took a ziam photos and a selfie ". GOD BLESS THAT IPHONE . One Direction
God bless you all.MSG Movie's teaser coming soon
When the Navy was still a force to be reckoned with. God bless you and keep you always.
God Bless the ones that just "get it" without the fight to be understood AAPtard celebrating support of Pappu Yadav. God bless your fight against corruption.
bringing life on earth is the most beautiful gift of God.Allah bless Ajay & Kajol with happiness & health.son of a devgun wow …
Deebaba that always have my back even when I don't deserve it.Brother God will bless u.
Kavya found an organ donor to replace her heart and the transplantation is successful :D . God bless . Congrats .
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