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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

Happy Birthday Billie Holiday Jesus Christ First Lady Sunday School

Happy Birthday to my uncle Larry Bailey, aka. Uncle Hot We love ya and God Bless you on your special day
Need a Holy Spirit Touch from JESUS come join us @ Sister Grannie's Home 5pm Everyone welcome God Bless you all I Love my Christan Family amen
Jam night at Mark Eldridge 's house this weekend! Michelle has Oral Surgery Friday so I am going to have to see how she feels before I decide to go. I'd like to though. Mark has an amazing drum set up. It's super fun to play on his kit. Prayers for Michelle Johnson that she doesn't have a lot of pain after the procedure. Thanks to all! Have a pleasant day and God Bless :)
It was an honor and a pleasure to get to ride in and be apart of Jeff Kemp's funeral services yesterday, please remember his family and friends in your prayers. God Bless
Tomorrow my brother-in- law Billy Smith is having open heart surger at 6 am please every one pray for him he need all the pray he can get God Bless every one n I love you Thank YOU
We would like to get the word out that we are hosting and cooking a free community meal for anyone that needs one. We will be having the meal every Wednesday Night from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Living Word Ministries at 1435 Cherokee Drive, Sevierville right behind old Pilot and Walmart off Lynn Drive. Thank You and God Bless!
Was Rory Emerald (Mr. Zuckerberg's Best Friend) with F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K founder Mark Zuckerberg when he was admitted to the ER with pneumonia. And what is the name and location of the hospital he is at? I just heard a portion of this on the radio and wanted additional information. My prayers are with Mr. Zuckerberg and his family. Thank You & God Bless ! ! !
Dear Face Book Friends and Family, From 10:45 P.M. through 1:29 A.M. our internet last night wasn't working, we called the Time warner and they said that, they've sent somebody to fix them, the thing is that this is the third time now that our internet got turned off, and last night it happened when one of my kids was doing her school work that needed to be submitted through the computer with in an hour, Is there internet company that better and reliable than time warner? Please. let me know. Thanks and God Bless every one.
Thought for today.God is so good to us all.We have to take out time to tell God thank you.Please people do not allow this election to pass you by.Election time is very important.Look at all the struggles that people went through so you could vote.Look back at 2010 and people did not go vote.Look at all the hard word that Pastor William Barber along with many more leaders have went through.Jail and fines.If you do not vote you do not have the right to complain.I am asking you all to go to the polls and vote in your cities.Vote Vote Vote.This will make a big difference this year.Do not wait until 2016 to vote for the President.God Bless you now please go vote.
This is a great message from Mark Sanchez. Love it. God Bless him.
Most people go through life searching for that one true love there soul mate the one that there suppose to spend the rest of there lives with but little do they know that someone out there is watching and waiting for us to choose Him. We love for all the wrong reasons we want to be taken care of or just to have someone to hold on too. My life was turned up side down two years ago I lost everything at least I thought I did. But He had different plans He pulled me out of my old life and placed my feet on a solid foundation which is the rock of my salvation. I am changed not because of what I did but what my Father has done for me. I have found a love that will never let me down and that has taught me how to show love to others. I had to be broken so that He could heal me. Thank U Father for all that you do in my life Glory be to U. God Bless all of u my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and love u all. Amen!
So here is a little project I wanted to share with everyone. It's called the $20 backpack, and I got the idea from an episode of my favorite podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. The idea revolves around wanting to help others in need. I currently live downtown Kansas City and am always in the presence of those in need, i.e. those that are homeless, vagrants, an assortment of mentally ill wanderers, people suffering from various drug addictions and all types of people that appear to be without food or shelter. From the beggars at the grocery store, to the drunks in Westport; from the addicts next door to the guy on the street holding a sign that just needs some change for the bus... ('God Bless') I don't know about you but I have always been conflicted as to how I can help these people. For starters, they are all different. Everyone has a different story and a different reason as to why they need something and what they need it for. Is it a guy with a meth problem trying to scam me or a nice lady that ...
God Bless all the abused Children you suffer like this little boy did I pray that this kind of crudilty will be stopped!
For all of those people who waited for me to get better and Finnish their jobs a Big Thank You. Those who didn't wait then I'm sorry I was sick, those who think £60 a day labour is too much for a self employed and insured person, then stuff ya! God Bless & good night..
truly remarkable man. God Bless him.
Just found your story on your page. Truly amazing and unbelievable. LOVE your spirit. Keep up the good work friend. God Bless.
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A chapter closes. A new one reopens. Thank you to all nations that was part of the SAR for It was truly unprecedented. God Bless!
Omg!! Three days of laundry and still not done! :/ But im slowly getting there :) Fixing to knock out this closet and get the second one started. Cant wait til its all done and everything in its place!! I can see the end is near!!! NOT!!! LOL! One step at a time! Almost there! :) Have a good day all! Stay silly! Be safe! God Bless!
My prayers are with families and friends who lost their near and dearones. God Bless the departed souls..:(
Sharing Ian Campbell cover photo, I've just heard the very sad news that Ian died suddenly today, many of my friends will know him as Frankie Martin, He hosted the Concert for Liam, was a regular turn at the RBL summer event in Farnsfield, played at Farnsfield CC on many occasions and entertained our family and friends at our wedding last summer, he raised over a 100k for charity in a 12 month period. A true gent and an inspiration to all, God Bless you mate x
Prayers are sent to all the lost souls on flight 370, and to all their families and friends at this devastating time, may they find a little peace in their memories, God Bless
Join Redeemed by the Blood Pentecostal COGIC Sunday 3-30-14 ***Calling all youth*** Our very own Pastor Lawrence C. Boles III has a word for the youth this Sunday,"challenge by change" all youth are invited to this special Sunday worship service at 3:00PM. 1122 26th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144. Metro Bus # 4 stops in front of our church! Spread the word, and may God Bless.
That's what I do everyday. Being one of the herd that follows everyone else is not my style. Finding my own way is the best. But always always included in my decisions is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is who I follow. He will answer prayers in his time when it is right for my benefit. I love that about Him but I get impatient oft times. And have to remember Him and his ways. In the Applied Equine Podiatry we are often reminded to think outside the box. Because it is outside the traditional, natural or conventional methods. It is common sense with scientific proof behind it. My rant for the day. Love to all in there endeavors on this beautiful day. Even if I haven't looked outside to see what the day is looking like. God Bless
I luv this Godly Couple they know who God and the American flag stands for God Bless u President Bush and Mrs.Bush
I pray for all the abused children out there. That someone is able to see the signs and come to their rescue. God Bless
From Dawn Shugart: Bob Watts, I've always had an overwhelming sense of pride to be born an American. War is ugly but I am proud my Dad and former Father-in-law told me what they went through in WWII. It changed both of them forever in ways I'll never understand but God Bless them for standing up and being a man. I was in awe of their bravery. Now I wonder how we have basically hired someone to completely bring down the nation and turn us into a joke. I know what the "rules" are to even run for the presidency here and our president doesn't meet those guidelines. I see why our forefathers put those rules in place. If a person isn't born here then is there a chance their alliance is with another nation or faction. Hughes is right. We don't really need to police the world, but our history is to aid those in need and who are being overrun by tyrants. Our leader is too busy playing and abusing the power and money that goes with the job. Why are we sitting on the sidelines watching this atrocity? March 19 at 5: ...
that us for tonight Alf had his eye injections today so till tomorrow good night and God Bless
The Rock Church is reaching out to OB and providing 5pm service at JG. We know God is working in to be the light in our community. Come on by and check it out. God Bless!!
God Bless this sweet young lady, our prayers are with Mia & Jase & Missy & her big brothers, Lord use this young lady to reach others for your glory
That does me to at times.but thanks to The Solid Rock Church,there have been wonderful and under standing.God Bless them all.
Others may forgive.but these Marines protecting Heaven's streets will find it hard to excuse you and your dysfunctional family's vitriol hatred towards our Fallen Heroes, the *** Community and our Christian Faiths. I will state that you single handedly united our Veteran Communities across the nation with the forming of our Patriot Guard Riders. Just maybe "the Skipper" might find that rewarding in itself. God Bless our Troops in Harms way and the freedom of our people to make their own personal choices. Oooorah and Semper Fi. Monsoon
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Just left Memorial Herman visiting my sis.,excited that she is responding to our voices and our touch. She 's fighting just like I knew she would.I want the world to know about the GOD I Serve! He's truelly amazing! If you don't know him,let me introduce him. He's I Am that I Am! Everything that you will ever need! God Bless and please keep praying!
A little dose of truth for those among us who believe we can appease our enemies, and they will not attack us. Neville Chamberlain believed this and if it were not for Winston Churchill who knows where we would be today, and how World War II would have ended. Today's Pollyanna politicians have weakened our military forces in the belief that Al Quaeda is on the run, and the Cold War is over. The fact is that the only thing keeping us safe is the strength of our military forces and if we allow the *** in Washington to continue to take funds from our national defense and divert them to giving entitlements to those too lazy to work, we will surely soon cease to be a world power, and soon after we will no longer be a sovereign nation. God Bless America, and God Bless our troops.
Service was awesome and the word was POWERFUL. Love you First Lady & God Bless!
I did a cover to Say Something by Christina Aguilera Feat. Drew Tabor I was just messing around with it so I hope you all enjoy God Bless. I am expanding my mindset and musical taste with trying new things.
We are hosting the Auxillary Board member today:) Hope for everyone a great day and God Bless always...
Michael Reagan Please consider a Presidential run in 2016. If what our country needs and quickly is a President with your Dads views and policies. There are a lot of RINO's who claim to have your father's views, but always seem to sell out. You Sir, are the most qualified to fill your Dads shoes and the USA needs a leader like Ronald Reagan. I voted for your dad and view him as the greatest POTUS since Abe Lincoln. Please consider and make your dad looking down from Heaven proud of you for saving our country and Constitution which he so loved as we true patriots also. God Bless you Michael Reagan and the USA.
Ok World I am going to confess the secrets of the Universe, L.O.L. Simple the 2 things that have survived through out the ages is JESUS, MUSIC Simple ha enjoy God Bless : )
thank you at madaming nagbigay ng time para kay Papa Jesus at tinapos ang PREX 31 today! God Bless us! :) there's always a room for improvement and i believe we can all make it better as we continue to work as one big family giving doing what we can for others..that is why we serve with love all for the glory of Our Lord! Amen! try to be the light for others...
You, Mr. Wahl are a true patriot, unafraid to tell the truth. God Bless.
I want to wish my baby Allen a Happy 6th Birthday No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little boy. I'm so glad that God gave me a son like you.,I am so happy to see you grow each day with me. Now that you are 6 I cannot help myself from feeling sad that very soon you will also start building your own family. I may sometimes yell at you, or may always be busy to attend to your needs. But, your always in my heart. God Bless you Happy Birthday ❤️
Off to Davao City tomorrow! Thank you Lord for today's blessing! I will miss everyone in Tacurong City, especially my second family, the Castañeda family. I love you everyone. Thank you for truly understanding me and was there when I needed someone. I will always pray for all you. God Bless and Keep Moving Forward! With Sherjah Moca, Sheen Castaneda, and Sheila Castañeda
Hi everyone...thanks for all your birthday wishes...God Bless!
We talk a whole lot about bad mind, covetousness and 'haters'. From time to time the I bun a one fire pon dem tings too. When I was a child, I spoke like a child but now with each passing day I am reminded that a person can work with you, benefit from you but do not like you. I am reminded that some persons are losers and no big job position or big degree will change their cantankerous spirit. I am reminded that there are many great people who are meek and calm. If I can put a smile on the face of a child and let the trembling voice of a frail body tells me, 'Thanks and God Bless you' then I would have been rewarded with a blessing no award ceremony can give me. Renew your spirit.
*Read before you Ask/Comment!!* Our Company will be Having a Business Opportunity Meeting to those who want's to have their own Business and Extra income. PART-TIME or FULL-TIME BASIS. Open to All: ~students ~employed ~unemployed ~graduate ~under graduate ~businessman/woman If you are: ~must 18 years old & above ~must be in TUGUEGARAO CITY areas. ~w/ or w/o experience in business but willing to be trained. ~willing to invest in a low investment cost. Kindly Send me your: Fullname, age, location, background & Day of availability ex: Juan dela Cruz, 18, Caloocan City, Computer Engineering Student, Monday-Sunday. To: 0935 176 8961 and look for Ms. Angel Jacobe *NOTE: ~BE PROFESSIONAL TO YOUR SCHEDULE ~STRICTLY NO CANCELLATION OF APPOINTMENTS ~REQUIREMENTS WILL BE FOLLOW AFTER THE BRIEFING ~BE GUIDED ACCORDINGLY Thankyou and God Bless!
hi everyone don't mind saying I'm bushed ,I decided to change some things on my patio ,even the pebbles , I feel quite chuffed what I did ,so now it's off to make lunch and a wee cup of tea ,hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunny day , God Bless love Granny x
HI Mom, Just was looking at your Birthday picture. That cake is radiant, really blazing bright. Hope your having a wonderful weekend. I Love you, if you get this message, before you leave, remind everyone that you see this weekend to remember to bring a baby picture on April 5th. God Bless you with safe travels, All my love Christine Hugs and kisses too!
Thank U for signing my album and guitar tonight at Nighttown! Already spraying it down! The performance was AWESUM!! Hope to see U next time U come thru! God Bless and Safe Travels!!
I am a late on thanking every1 4 all the prayer's.The Heart blokage has been taken care of.I have muscles around my heart,having muscle's,& my heart is up higher than it supose 2 b,& the artrie's coming down 2 the heart is shorter because of my heart being 2 high.But Thank God.I never had 2 have stent's.I will alway's have problem's,but I no I am better than I was!!! Where they put the die in my heart still burn's,& hurts.where they put the band's around my stomach,it still hurt's,& swelled,brused.But thank GOD I'M ALIVE!!! I won't 2 Thank the Beest the world James Tucker 4 being there 4 me thro ewverything he is my 911.My Sister Betty Jo Gilbert who was there thro all this mess.I love ,& thank God 4 them many time's a Day!!! James come's 2 check on me alot's.Him,& my Boy Jerry came & stayed with me about 5hrs.2day,& my Friend's who has came alot's,& called Thank u RANA,& GREG TUCKER.I love u Guy's!!!,U 2 r the BEST FRIEND'S any1 can have,& ya'll no we love ya'll,& my Boy's!!!God Bless!!!& 2 top th ...
thanks for the follow. As a Navy Vet and current Army Res. Chaplain thank you for your support! God Bless 👍🙏
Starting soon! 7pm to 11pm! Corner of Tillery and Lyons Rd. SPRING DANCE in the Sta. Julia Hall! Tejanos come on out! Good Music, Food and our Photo Booth! All proceeds go to the Sta. Julia Jamaica! Thank you and God Bless! KGRG
God Bless my Awesome Sauce Frassati Sisters: Tracy Allen, Elizabeth Laura, Erica Brooks, and last but not least Jen Hames! You ladies rock! Thank you so much for all of your help and fellowship today!
Just adore this image! Remember this Tuesday March 25th Hobby Lobby & others present oral arguments to the US Supreme Court on the abortion provision of the HSS mandate. Tuesday is also the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord ... to be conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of our Blessed Mother. That day has also previously been declared the Day of the unborn ... assume this posture on this day!!! Intercede for the our world & country to end abortion & protect religious liberty. God Bless you all.
thanx Heather and God Bless you for all you do sue x.
thanx Jennifer my pleasure and God Bless you for all you do in Christ . Ive seen some fantastic answers to prayer v. humbling , PTL!
As I sit here on break at work, I thought to myself. ..Are you tired of where you are at in your life? My aunt Theresa Bam Temple says, "If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you! " Look in the mirror. That change starts with yourself. Are you doing everything you can to make your life better. Look at the environment you put yourself in and the atmosphere of people you deal with. Remember we are free will agents and God allows us to do as we please. So before we blame God or someone else for our failures or negative or bad life know that if life was always easy you wouldn't need FAITH. Don't l let your past dictate your future. Hang in there and stand strong because if no else believes in you, know that Tristan believes in you. Shout out to Jordan Latham for introducing me to WV and to my WV family, you guys empower, inspire, and motivate me. God Bless!
Hey Finley I'm hurt to see u leave Packer Nation but I do wish u and your family well with you new start with Seattle. God Bless 🙏
good luck Lady Old Forge Blue Devils! you make our little town so proud! God Bless each and every one of you as you go for a State title today!!! Coach Gatto, you are an awesome guy, you deserve this so much and all you girls have worked so hard! Bring it home Blur Devils! One Town proud! Go for it girls! :)
Well I guess I'll call it a day, good night everyone, God Bless.
I'm not Political by any means. My President, your President, Barack Obama is our Commander-in-chief. He had the power to release the Dogs of War on our enemy, which he did. On a person who was responsible for only God knows how many Deaths. Osama bin Laden is dead! How quickly we forget 911... God Bless our President Barack Obama and his Family... Rocky Dale Grimsley.
Good night everyone !!! God Bless you all !!! Don't forget to pray be u turn in ! Let's Thank God for all the humbly AWESOME mommas out there !!! In Jesus mighty Name !!!
Good Night Everyone!!! Today was a hard day at work and I got to sleep now for I start again at 4 in the morning. God Bless!!!
Tomorrow is our granddaughter Lucy's 8th birthday! Feels like she was born yesterday…we remember it so well…being woken up in the early morning with Andrew phoning us in Anaheim with the good news. Auntie Mary, Uncle Paul, Grandpa and I were so excited. It was an amazing day with us all heading to Vancouver Island as soon as we could to see you Lucy! You were and are amazing! Love your warm, tender and kind heart! Happy Birthday Lu….God Bless you all day and all year! He sure has blessed us with you in our lives! We love you!
I just wanted to thank everyone that was able to attend my baptism tonight. What an amazing experience! A special thanks to my uncle Danny Gentry and cousin Greg Wiser for all their help with my baptism. I really want to thank my wife Belinda for coming into my life 10 years ago and loving me for me even though I wasn't a Christian. I credit her continued faith in Christ for inspiring me to seek the Word of God and getting baptized and now i want to become the spiritual leader of my family. She is so proud of me as are many other family members and friends! Also my two sons Asher and Ean are inspiring also! Ean was baptized 2 years ago and Asher was last year. I know dad is smiling down for heaven! :) God Bless to all!
The Ohio Furnace Youth Group will host a spring Rummage Sale on Saturday April 5, 2014 - They are currently colleting donations for the rummage - Clothes, Toys, Shoes, Household Items, Furniture Etc. - We can even pick up your items please, comment below or PM to arrange for a time for pick up or drop off of your items. All of the proceeds help support the Ohio Furnace Baptist Church Youth Department for Church Camp 2014. Thanks in advance for support! God Bless!
We lost a great woman, Rachel Ford. The backbone of the Theater and Band in Boron, and at Boron High School for many years. God Bless you Rachel, Rest In Peace.
What an emotional day at Vantage Retirement Home. I sang God Bless the U.S. A. One of the residents stood through the whole song and had tears rolling down his face. He came up to me after and told me he was a special ops during the Cuban Missile Crisis.His job was to guard our missiles and look for incoming ones. I couldn't cut off his story just to get back to school. I'll just pay the consequences for being late to rehearsal. Some things are to important!
This campaign is to raise money for Sgt. Matthew J DeYoung Memorial Fund. All the proceeds will go to Gilchrist High School Sports Programs in honor of Matthew. He went to school there and loved sports. Let’s help these programs in Honor of Sgt. Matthew J DeYoung. Thank you. God Bless!
hi everyone, i have an urgent unspoken prayer request. all i will say is its not good. ty God Bless.
Ok, Breaking my fast for a minute and adding a prayer request for tomorrows March of Dimes walk in Gainesville. We will be walking 8 miles. Please pray for all the walkers, runners. Thanks & God Bless. Special Congrats to Lynn, Scott, and the Boys on your new Boy coming in September. You truly are a Blessed Beautiful Godly Family.
Special man God Bless him and this little baby
✨Sadly, the innocent life of 19 year old Nicole Duarte was tragically taken last weekend due to all of the local gun violence. 🙏PLEASE HELP HER FAMILY by Making a Donation at their MEMORIAL FUND CAR WASH on THIS SATURDAY from 9:30am - 5:00pm ✨Thank You & God Bless
Prayer request an woman saint of God i grewup knowin at my grannies church her tumer under her arm has come back its cancor so please put beaty biship on your prayer list for prayer God Bless
God Bless them! Pastor Wayne Dunning called me today and his church Faith Fellowship Christian Church on E Garfield and Jasper St are answering the call to help with the "Welcome Home" Vietnam War Veterans event on Memorial Day! They are the first church group to respond! Pastor Dunning May God continue to bless you and your flock richly and abundantly as you reach out to the community to glorify Jesus Christ!
This coming Sunday come join us at the United Methodist Church for sloppy joes- free will donation, money raised will be used for church camp registration fees for this summer. Lunch starts at 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday March 23rd, come early for Sunday worship starts at 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. God Bless.
YARD SALE !!! YARD SALE !!! YARD SALE !!! Tomorrow morning - Pine Hill Day - at First United Methodist Church of Wiggins on Pine Avenue (right across from Pearl River Valley Electric). All proceeds go to support the Youth Summer Mission Trip. Come on by and find some wonderful treasures - it is indoors and AIR-CONDITIONED...Thank you for your support and God Bless !!! The Youth at FUMC of Wiggins hope you have a wonderful weekend !!!
I had the most wonderful lunch with one of the Mama Lopes from our Woodbadge session--Ms. Kathryn Matts! It was FABULOUS to catch up with her...even though she's in Pgh. for a relative in the hospital. Lots of new--and old--stories and good karma all around. Prayers for her relative, of course, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kathy, for your be sure you get some rest before you fall asleep on your feet! God Bless! Fr. Lope...
♥ Happy Happy Birthday brother Jose Mirelez (Arthur) You are such an Amazing Man of God .I am so Blessed & proud to have you as my brother/father figure you have truly been a Blessing to me. I pray you have a Blessed day..Love you so much. God Bless you & your family always. ♥
awesome NEWS. SACRED HEART DEDEAUX CATHOLIC CHURCK KINGHTS LENTON FRY WILL HAVE OYSTER POBOYS!!! Yes I said OYSTER POYBOYS! $9.00 just like the shrimp poboys.. the Fish and/or shrimp plates will be $10.00..Come enjoy while thy last!God Bless..
It has been *** us Steve Padda has been getting sick a lot hard to get him out . Today his going Art house I am going to SCAR bath some dogs. It's not easy living this live that we have but with God everything falls into place can someone send my love to Tyler ... X to my Babygirl.. Diaz fam love you. Mama Toni miss you. Al can you let her know.. God Bless.
God bless Pastor Tunde Bakare and the Lord will continue to give you wisdom and utterance. I know you must have sought the face of God over your invitation, you don't need to tell anybody because that is your personal-spiritual affair. Telling a friend and an elderly state man like Maj-Gen. M. Buhari, that you have been with as per political matters is a wisdom. I know before the end of the National Conference many delegates will follow suit as per the allowance thing. Nigerians are praying for you (Pastor) and as many delegates that ready to allow God to use them to fix Nigeria godly. God Bless the National Conference and God Bless Nigeria
For Sale! iPhone 4 and 4s Box and Accessories only(No Unit) Complete All original accessories! for 1,500php Package includes: -Box -Manual -Wall Charger -Sync Cable -Headset -Sim eject pin I have all in all 16 boxes 13boxes of iPhone 4 3 boxes of iPhone 4s Meet up at RCBC Plaza or Pick Up at our shop Shipping via LBC padala( plus 150 shipping fee) Our shop is located at 3rd floor unit 301 Makati Golf Club Lasema Plaza near RCBC Plaza Thank You and God Bless! -Androple Team
IDS Colleges respects Ligao City Charter Day. No Classes and Offices on Monday, March 24, 2014. . Please be guided. Thank you and God Bless.
Today is the Third Death Anniversary of our beloved Brother Dr, Asif khan his memories and love is eve alive in our hearts and souls and will remain forever to pay tribute this wonderful person please Recite Surah Fathiha and Surah Akhlas in your heart for departed soul and for his eternal peace may Almighty Allah give you reward for you good deeds and shower His blessing on all of us. God Bless you, Rizwan Manzoor
Wow what a game. Very happy the Aztecs won. Can't wait until Saturday vs North Dakota State. GO AZTECS. I hope all of you have a great rest of the night. God Bless all of my family, friends and their families.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Zach Thompson on the loss of his Father! God Bless you Fat Rat.🙏🙌🙏
Beautiful day out and now m headed to watch bounce tv great movies dang ive wasted so much mobey on bunk movies from tedbox. 4:20 almost here new business launching.son!! Exciting!!! Rain rain rain! ! God Bless the Industry!!
God is so good! The teens of the In Faith Ministries Inspired Praise Dance Team have been asked to perform during the halftime show of Lima Express game this Sunday!!! I think I'm more excited then they are! As I sat and thought about how proud I am of each and every one of them tears came to my eyes. It's such an awesome feeling to watch them live for God in boldness and to watch God Bless them!
Well well be kicking off our first Childrens Sunday School this Sunday, To my family if your kids are not a part of a Church, We at The Refuge HOUSE would like to extend an invitation for you to drop them off at 11:00 on Sunday Morning and pick them up at 12:00 pm so they can began to learn about God in a Sunday School program geared to train up a child in the way they should go. Even if you feel like their to far gone, dont fret give God a chance to redirect those little arrows in a totally different direction! April 20th will be a big deal, not only is it Resurrection Sunday but I will be Christianing all children and dedicating them to God! The attire will be all White. Names have to be given in advance in order for Certificates to be given out on that day! they must be given no later than the second week of April. If no name, we cannot provide a certificate for your little one!~ Light refreshments will follow! God Bless!
Dear Mrs. Obama: I just write you a few letters, to ask you a SOS for Venezuela. I'm Cuban I left my country almost 50 years ago, when I was a University's student, now I'm suffering for the Venezuela's students, more that 30 are already killing for the President Maduro. You should wash the videos that these young peoples are publishing in the Internet Medios, the military force in Venezuela is controled for Cuban's Military, Irans's Military and others countries, That are not U.S.A.'s friends Please our dear First Lady. SOS for Venezuela, and what means the OEA. These students just ask, for Cuban's and Iran's people, leave Venezuela, and they want to have the expression's right and the manifestation's right. I pray a lot for the miracle that you read this. God Bless you and you family.
Ladies, we will be answering your questions on the official 16th Annual Women Reaching Women Conference page at 7pm CST. This will last until 8pm. Remember, registration has been extended to Monday, March 24th, 2014. Thank you & God Bless!
Thank you for being a good Christian women role model to my 9 yr old daughter and my 7 year old son.. We enjoy as a family your TV show "Jessie".. Take Care and God Bless you Ms. Ryan
Family, it takes courage to live your dreams. What we achieve in life, comes out of the human mind. What is the one thing that you love to do in your life??? What is the one thing that you good at, so that you start focusing , concentrating, studying, investing in, and planning in that one thing. Most successful people in the world, along the way, focused in the one thing. Bill gates- Microsoft. Late Walusimbi sole agent in Uganda of Toyota motors. Gordon Wavamunno sole agent of Mercedes. The owner of St, Lawrence, the owner of samona. These guys have got other business, but concentrate more on that one thing, if you know what I mean. Therefore I say to you bros and sisters even when studying , look at what you studying plan where it will take you and concentrate on that. If you don't programme yourself, life will programme you. God Bless you family
Way to go Don your one of my favorite actors God Bless
JIM JAM! Happy Birthday brother hope you're having the best day & God Bless 🎉🔊🔞
Let it Snow ,let it snow ,let it snow .My song for the day .Safe travels to all who are going anywhere today ,God Bless
you lck like a star and i like ur style,Diva 4rever,Clouds fm 4rever and kimlex 4rever,God Bless.
RIP uncle Walter Glenn Nesley WWII POW vet u will be missed and now u are not in any pain anymore God Bless u and say hi to my dad
Today at Bev's we have Hamburger Steak, mash and gravy, veggies, roll and salad! Stop in and enjoy with us! We love to see ya! Big Birthday wishes going out to Tracy Tedder! Hope you have a wonderful day! God Bless everyone!
Thanks to all for your compliment on the church directory picture. I am happier than ever and thank God for my health and career. BP 128/72 for annual physical. I am truly blessed. When you take the stress and drama out of your life and concentrate on being a good Christian your happiness shows You should have seen this in my photo. God Bless all my classmates and everyone I have worked with. Remember one thing I do daily Smile. You will be surprised what happens even at WalMart. JackieD
From my artistic mentor Artist and Veteran James Barnes " It's not who you know, It's who knows you, and knows your work" God Bless you Mr. Barnes!
looking for donations of good Christian books, study Bibles, and concordances. I have given away everything I had so need to stock up again. Thanki you and God Bless.
ooops. not just the map! we also have to memorize about Western, Central and Eastern Visayas and Mindanao attractions. God Bless us guys!
Do you enjoy Inspirational, motivational Faith based books? Well this one willl surely Bless your life. Check out my Book titled, "Tune into the right voice." come explore simple but very powerful Topics in my book such as: 1. Fear Prevents Progress. 2. Faith will cause walls to crumble down. 3. Giving up to quickly, (Hold onto him (God) until he blesses you. 4. How to show love in the midst of being hurt. And so much more inside this power packed easy to read God inspired book. to order your copy go to book can be viewed on all sites listed above, God Bless.
"God Bless the Child" is a song written by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr. in 1939, first recorded on May 9, 1941 under the Okeh label. Holiday's versi...
Nikki Yanofsky sings the Billie Holiday classic "God Bless the Child" on the 2008 edition of CTV Montreal's Telethon of Stars.
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May you Rest in the loving arms of the lord. God Bless, and keep your loved ones.
To prove how stupid our Government is listen or read this. The other day I had to get a photo copy of my 2012 tax accessment, I went to Alberta works to make a photo copy of it and was told I could not photo copy it there because it was a Federal document that I would have to go to Service Canada to copy it. So today I went to Service Canada which is Federal Gov't and asked if I could photo copy my accessment for Alberta Seniors Benifits, and they told me I could not because that was for Provincial Gov't and they were Federal, *** so I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and photo copied it for .10 cent. Seem Shoppers has it more together than our Government, what a bunch of *** and we pay their wages. Anyway that was my day hope yours was better. Good night everyone, God Bless.
Had a blast with all my sister's at Connect Group tonight!! Pastor Becki was talking to us about how there is nothing that we can ever do to decrease God's Love and Grace for us!! And that we must realize how much God really loves us!! I thank God for tonight and not only that but a Special thanks to our leaders that prayed for us, tonight!! Love you all and God Bless!!
Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959) was an American jazz singer and songwriter. Nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and musical partner Lester Young, Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz and pop singing. Her vocal style, strongly inspired by jazz instrumentalists, pioneered a new way of manipulating phrasing and tempo. Critic John Bush wrote that Holiday "changed the art of American pop vocals forever." She co-wrote only a few songs, but several of them have become jazz standards, notably "God Bless the Child", "Don't Explain", "Fine and Mellow", and "Lady Sings the Blues". She also became famous for singing "Easy Living", "Good Morning Heartache", and "Strange Fruit", a protest song which became one of her standards and was made famous with her 1939 recording. Music critic Robert Christgau called her "uncoverable, possibly the greatest singer of the century".
Happy Birthdayy Ms. Gray ! Hope you had a wonderful day. May you see many more to come. God Bless :D !
The Community Outreach will be open to the public on Monday March 24th from 10:00-12:00 Saturday March 29th from 10:00-12:00 If you or someone you know could use that extra help please do not hesitate to come! You can message us on here with any questions or if you would like more info! Thanks, God Bless!
Hello Friends. I have a Prayer Request. My Mom is scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow morning. I and my family would appreciate all the prayers we can get. My Mom is a Very Special Lady, some of you may know her. A few of the things I pray for is that she has a restful nights sleep, that she feels as little anxiety as possible, The Lord guides the Surgeons hands, and she has an easy recovery. Thank you for stopping to read this post and keeping my Mom in your thoughts. God Bless my Mom, my family, you and your families.
im beyond stunned, i have to decide if i want to live or not, i cant get ANY medications if i CONTINUE to use Gods miracle plant, Marijuana, which HELPS ME LIVE, AND, not bedridden!! society and the crooked collared creeps, fed gov. would rather i become addicted and die from their chemicals!! then for me to smoke weed for ALL MY 25 Diseases!! I NEED PRAYERS PLEASE!! dont know what to do :'( God Bless!! THANKS!!
God Bless you higher and higher cause God know your heart when no one else does
Up listening to Pandora's Pastor Shirley Caesar radio, and I know there is a God and I will serve him for the rest of my life!! I love my family and my friends and I love each and everyone of you !! God Bless !!!
Thank you for following me .God Bless. :)) *FollowedBack
thank you for following me. God Bless!
Today i woke up got my hubby ready for work, and then i prayed and thanked GOD for all of my blessings and to keep me and hubby and all of our family safe. And the big one to keep me in line and to be kind and loving also off in an hour to my church for our one hour prayer group. God Bless everyone and be safe :)
Good Morning Just want to wish all of you a wonderful day! God Bless you.
. Thank You for following Renee. Have a Wonderful day and God Bless you and yours.😀
Their 70th Anniversary Photo PLEASE SEND THIS ON TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO WERE TOO YOUNG TO KNOW ABOUT THESE GUYS. THIS SHOULD BE READ BY EVERY KID IN GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL SO THEY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Because of these heroes, and others, we are free today! God Bless them All. They once were among the most universally admired and revered men in the United States . There were 80 of the Raiders in April 1942, when they carried out one of the most courageous and heart-stirring military operations in this nation's history. The mere mention of their unit's name, in those years, would bring tears to the eyes of grateful Americans. Now only four survive. After Japan 's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor , with the United States reeling and wounded, something dramatic was needed to turn the war effort around. Even though there were no friendly airfields close enough to Japan for the United States to launch a retaliation, a daring plan was devised. Sixteen B-25s were modified so that they could take off from ...
Hi my name is Trini I'm Olga Lisa Ramirez friend we have a prayer group and page called Friday night praise we have been praying for your son and your family!!! I wanted to know if u would let us pray for him or go visit sometime :) just know God loves u very much and I pray he wraps u in his arms he loves u and Yandel more than u can imagine God Bless u!! U r more than welcome to come out to Friday night praise at NewLife Midway or u can join the page God Bless you!!
Today I find out about my Biopsy on my Thyroid and what kind of treatment, I hope we get started on something asap! I want to get back to my old self or close to it. My horses need to be rode, weather warming up and missing some trail rides! With the Lord at my side this with come, for I believe in him. If I don't get back on tonight you will know !! God Bless and keeping the faith FB friends! Happy Trails
Honor and glory to our school, thru out the years to come peace and success forever rule Until the sands of life are run! A very happy feast day Josephians! God Bless you all!
Good morning everyone and God Bless! Go to Ivy Tech today, and register for the fall semester! Hope everyone has a wonderful day today, getting the kids up and out! Love ya'll!
Ladies and Gentlemen,Please Add me or Follow.I'm block now for 30 days and I need a friends from all around the world to Add or Follow me.even white single ladies from USA,Canada,Europe,Australia and New Zealand or even Japanese,Filipino and Korean single ladies to add or follow me.Thanks and God Bless the World.
Good Morning Everyone... I am asking anyone who is a believer to lift my girlfriend Noreen Tsang up in prayer this morning.. This morning she is having open heart surgery for a bypass.. This is unexpected.. So in the name of Jesus.. I declare Noreen to be made whole and healthy.. To God be the Glory... Please lift her family up for strength and comfort.. Their youngest grandson Cole is currently in the sick kids hospital in Toronto. He suffers some sort of an illness that causes seizures and its not epilepsy.. He is recuperating from having a feeding tube.. As he cannot swallow on his own... Thank you.. God Bless you for lifting this family up in prayer.
Man U inspire me A lot to be GREAT.. Too Real.. You just Good at what u do.. God Bless
I want to wish my wonderful niece Christina D lugove a Happy Birthday. May you celebrate your life day and many more! God Bless.!! I'm so proud of all our Thuthuka students that will be graduating today. God Bless you all girls and boys. Much Love
Friends: Nancy, Maria, and I can't thank you enough for your support. With your help, we ran a strong campaign and promoted a great platform for bringing back Illinois. Tonight we congratulate Bruce Rauner and his campaign on their victory and encourage you to join us in supporting their bid to defeat Pat Quinn. It's been an honor continuing to get to know you all, and I look forward to continuing to serve our great state any way that I can. God Bless, Bill
To all my friends and family. Some of you may know this already but, for those of you who dont, my parents house in Big Spring Tx burned to the ground last Wednesday. We have gotten them the essential things they need for now but, they are going to need a home. An account has been set up for them for anyone who wants to help. Anything you can give would be appreciated. The Avant family who owns a convinience store has provided them with a room free of charge for 30 days. May God Bless them. Friends and family have started to donate money. We are hoping to be able to get a mobile home for them within those 30 days. If you can and would like to help, please donate to: The Renteria Fire Fund at the State National Bank in Big Spring, Tx. Account# 9012478. Thank you and may God Bless you.
Prayers lifted up for Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery's son Patrick McCaffery, 13, as he will undergo tests tomorrow morning at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics to remove a tumor on his thyroid. I pray for strength and comfort for this young man, and for his family. Praying for good news! God Bless!
Oh and by the way, the parents cannot afford the t-shirts right now as every penny is going towards the gas and fees included in this case. Gib did get a new job this week but they still need help. If you can help in anyway please let us know on here. Also they both want a t-shirt, it would be great if someone out there could help us pay for their shirts. God Bless.
First Steps Preschool is now taking kids for 2014/2015 school year. We will be learning letters, letter sounds, numbers, bible stories, Christian morals, ect. Lots of fun planned activities! Can' t wait to start preparing children for school and their journey in faith with Christ. It will be $8 a day and a $30 registration fee. It is located on 900 e at jr and Lillie graber just south of Graber post buildings . Message or call me if you would like to send your child. My number is 486-6672. God Bless!!!
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Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are amazing and it was such a pleasure to watch God's blessings pour out of you to all the wonderful ladies of Cedar Grove last weekend. Thank you so much for your amazing heart and the hard work you put into each session with us. I personally feel so refreshed and can't wait to listen to the CD's you gave me! Your pics will be ready soon. I hope you had safe travels home and I wanted to tell you that I told Stevie Rae all about you and we are hoping to see you in October! God Bless! Lauri Stephens
With the shortage of black men already. Turn on the news and another young black male was shot to death. Which is making it harder for black to exist because we are getting killed before we even become men's. What happened to the Louis Farrakhans, Martin Luther King Jrs and Malcolm X's. What happened to unity in the community. They say it takes a village to raise a child but I guess it's different when it's your child. While the media is making heroes out of villains and the lawmakers is freeing the guilty it's no wonder we are target practice for the whites, cops and even some blacks. But they kill two birds with one stone with blacks because now it's one under ground and one on prison ground. So from one black man to another let's wake up and stop the violence. We already have enough against us without us being against us. So lets rebuild our community for your kids & your kids kids and mines. It starts with us. God Bless and Stay Gold
I would like to take this opportunity in Advance to Congratulate either Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester City for winning the Premier league this Season. After today's Champions League match day, it clearly shows where Chelsea's focus has now shifted to and we have also achieved our objective as top four finish in EPL. So once again Congratulations to either of the three teams who ever will win...God Bless.
Thank you President Ronald Reagan for your Service and Love of America and We, the People, God Bless you, We Miss You
Urgent prayer request binding demons and their assaults against me Mom and Sis! Thank you for I too will be in prayer. God Bless yall...
Bethel Temple Coffee Shop Open Mic Gospel Jam Session. Every Friday night at 7pm @ 528 1/2 E Court St. All singers and musicians welcome. Come let us praise God together. There will be no preaching just singing, music, and fellowship. This will be a coffee shop atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing you there. God Bless!!
Our God thay we serve is a awsome God. He continues to show us that life is what you make of it. Encouragement goes a long way when it is needed. Encourage those who seek him and help them find peace that they seek. Even if their beliefs are different still provide for that person some comfort and reasurance that its going to be alright. May all of you have a blessed and humble week and God Bless.
Hi Vishen, I recently discover Mind Valley from my friend Steffani Lefevour who is life book consultant. I love the work you're doing. I aspire one day to go to A fest! I have purchased Lisa Nichols visualization program and Philosopher's Notes. AMAZING!!! I have been studying personal growth, spirituality and positive psychology for over 15 years. I am a single mother of 6 awesome children. My purpose and passion in life is to develop programs and tools for children and families that unite, inspire and influence them in healthy, positive, and life affirming ways. I consider myself a modern mystic and practice and develop my abilities in the areas mindfulness, meditation, intuition and healing. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to be the recipient of this scholarship so I could learn and then teach these practices to any and all people. God Bless, Annemarie
Coach Griffith praying for Isaac and your family!!! God is the great healer!!! God Bless!!
Book Update.'Christ and the Cross' Behold The Man! by John Irwin. At this moment I am adding to manuscript a chapter on Passover and Yom Kippur that may well seem a little controversial. At any rate, it should encourage one to look again at their truth of Passover. Two chapters then left. The final one is already written, dealing with the Resurrection, the other, on the death and burial of Christ still to be written. When it is, they will be added to manuscript and uploaded for publishing on Amazon Kindle. I hope for this weekend. The book will be priced 75p, for which you could probably not buy a cup of coffee. Anyway, will keep you updated. God Bless.
Thoughts about Official USPTA Southwest Division. Tennis runs in my blood and I have never not supported something that promotes tennis, that will grow the game and help our community. I want to know why a person needs to be a member of an organization to help promote our sport? I was given a few adequate reasons but at the end of the day we are all part of this very small tennis world and we are all supposed to help each other promote the sport. As an inactive certified pro, I have ALWAYS supported the USPTA, I have encouraged many people to become members, I support all of my colleagues in the things they are promoting. I have never looked at my membership status, or theirs to give and show support to anything they are doing. Even with a sour taste, I will continue to support the organizations that promote the sport I love. USPTA, PTR, USTA, ITF. I am there when you need me, even when you are not there for me. God Bless
Urgent Prayer Request could u plz pray 4 Davids dad Richard who has cancer in his spine & only has 18 months - 5 yrs 2 live thnx God Bless x
Thank you Alicia Alexander for your thoughtfulness and generosity. The Irish meals were a blessing for us!!! Right on time !! Lol it was great. God Bless you today and always. Love aunt Lynn xoxoxo your an angel !
My first day as an independent business owner, and I am so proud of myself. Do you need extra cash? Do you need more time with the kids? Do you need to learn more about supplements and natural products?.and more. For now you can reach me God Bless.
You have the right to protect..indeed you must protect your people...God Bless..
well mom is doing real good today getting sassy no shes getting better when she fusses at being on the phone but glad shes doing better Praise The Lord hes so awesome well better get off here before she gets me again God Bless you all
PRAISE THE LORD!! We are so excited at WordofFaith Church for today is the showing of Spiritual Warfare on Channel 52 with Troy Cable. If you get a chance set your recorders and tell a friend. We just got this message and want to share with the world what The Lord has done. A Hugh thanks to Eddy Disotell for writing the script and obeying God. Thank you so much to Pastor Keith Morgan for his clear vision. Thank you Bro Larry Morgan for putting up with this media committee and steering us on course. Thank you to Sis Tina and Sis Debbie Morgan for your sacrifices and all your help. Thank you Bro Matthew for being such a loving Jesus during this production and Sis Tooney morgan for your behind the scenes. A Big Thank you to Michelle Disotell and Belinda Morgan for their creativity in wardrobe, costumes and Working so well with all the 60 + others that made this event such a wonderful production. Thank you to all from the north, south, east, and west that were praying. God Bless y'all.
WoW! The North Carolina State Council was right on time. God delivered unto His people Faith Building and a Spirit of Giving. We must stop holding on to things that are not allowing us to grow. Things like people, jobs, and yes even money. Sow a seed in someone's life today. Don't hold on to things that could bless others. Apostolic Lighthouse is a small congregation of folk that truly love the Lord. We showed up and Showed out! Our small church won awards and brought back a Church of Excellence Award and Trophy! Thank you for the singers that represented as well as the Teachers, Panelist, Administration and Laymen that represented Apostolic Lighthouse Pentecostal Holiness Church, PAW, Inc.The Council will be in Charlotte this coming July. We will post information on how you can attend!!! (Heads Up!!! November P.A.W. Council is in Fayetteville, N.C.!!!) God Bless.
Jo Corey Good Morning FB Fam here we go again. First off I hope you all had a time to hit the reset button on your mind and bodies. I hope you got to relax a little bit and I hope if you needed to get out the house you did so. Shouts out to my man Justin for the UFC invite good to see ya my brotha. This weekend, along with a few friends, reminded me of how important it is to get out the house and take a break from the constant grind so as not to burn yourself out. If you didn’t do that this weekend plan to do it next week. If you’re a homebody, step outside your comfort zone. Start planning now to give yourself a goal/ finish line to shoot for. Let’s have a good Monday and lean on someone if you need to and even more important let someone lean on you if they need it. All we got is us good morning and God Bless.
every day should be military appreciation day God Bless
This is a sad week for me. My main influence in guitar passed away on March 19th, 1982 in a horrific plane crash. I was an Ozzy fan before I knew about guitar, and of course the real magic behind his music. God Bless you Randy Rhoads. RIP... You are missed!
Reggie Miller showed up to support Ray Allen breaking his All-Time 3pt Record! Where was Jerry R. , when you broke his? God Bless
Happy Birthday to these two souls, have a good one gents. Your mentor (yours truly) is proud of you. God Bless...
Well, The scary part is over! If you EVER have a "Bum Leg" that doesn't seem to get better and only worse get it looked at. I did and I was totally blowing it off. Why? Stupid Male Pride, High Pain Threshold or just afraid. Who knows. I did get into the Naval Hospital and spent almost 2 days there trying to wrap my arms around what a DVT is and WHY it is so damned dangerous. DO NOT BLOW IT OFF! I'm home now, sore, tired and some what wiser. Not that I read the "Hospital Review" but, Naval Medical Center San Diego IS the "BEST" Training hospital the Military has, Bar NONE! I was treated with dignity & respect and overwhelmed with how many people it takes to help make one well. Thanks Guys. Know YOU ARE LOVED & PRAYED for my Friends. God Bless you ALL.
I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone for taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. Again Thank you muah. God Bless you all. And a big thank you to my birthday hostess Linda M Sabater that did all the cooking and all the baking to make my day super special. I love you much Linda
Received some sad news today on the passing of one of Genoa's best teachers ~ Ron Moore was a great teacher, coach, role model ~ He was one who truly seemed to enjoy teaching and being with us kids; probably why he also chose to run the Genoa Pool during some summers ~ never really got away from all of us kids! He will be missed and fondly remembered by so many ~ God Bless!
The last two nites were mad fun ! But now it' s time ta rest. We celebrated St. Patrick' s Day early and twice ! Thanx fer everything Babe, I love you ! And a ginormous thank you to Keith Harkin as well ! You proved what an awesome talent ya are even during such a rough time, love ya Keith ! Safe travels and God Bless ! ♥
Always Great to see Gods Kingdom at work! God Bless you Love You!
GudNiiTe ❤️s, dream sweet.. God Bless every1 tonight. I've been seeing SOoo many YOUNG adults that have left this world to b with Our Father God I just wanna let every1 know my heart goes out to the Ones who have lost a loved One😢.. May they Rest In Peace🙏 Prayers for my Mom I'm taking her to the MCH she's not feeling good😷
Attn.: All Filipino Friends that either auditioned or I produced while here for the past 6 months. We are totally over-booked with singers needing to finish their projects or wanting to get a second chance. I am sorry but there just isn't enough time to do any other projects. We were going to have a big party at the condo pool but it is booked on the weekends with other parties. Keep practicing and stay in touch with me. God Bless each and every one of you.   10% Off
take care mam...all prayers with u...he is with u in ur memories n up there smiling n giving blessings to u all.God Bless.
Join us and help us to end poverty.donate today God Bless- Ekundayo Outreach Ministries.
well mom and I are starting some new afghans so I need to go sort a bunch of yarn sending love to all and will see ya later God Bless.
This status update is brought to you by Bed Time and Sweet dreams..Night All:) God Bless!
I love Indiana basketball. This is not how Indiana basketball is played. And he should know that. God Bless to you
The Great Lady and the Red Dragon (John's Vision: the Tragedy of Mohammed's Daughter "Fatimah" (God Bless them)) - In his narrow cave exile in a small island at the Asian shores of Turkey where Emperor Domitianus exiled him, John wrote down his vision recited to him by one of God's close angels. The vision was the one which predicted what shall take place on earth up to the Judgment Day. Great elite of Christian clergymen had testified the authenticity of this book such as; the martyr Justinus, Saint Irenaeus, St. Hippolytus, Pope Dionysius of Alexandria, Saint Martyr Methodius, Saint Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, Saint Cyril the Great, and St. Gennadius In his interpretation of this book, Hegumen Father Tadros says: "It is a prophetic book (Revelation 22:7) and it is the only prophetic book in the New Testament"(1). As far as documentation is concerned, this book had acquired the fathers' confidence, and it had been considered the only prophetic book in the Holy Bible. About which the interpre ...
, ,good morning folks, ,keep safe, ,God Bless, ,
Scott Brown we need you here in NH I are with you and hope to be there to help you for ever--God Bless you-!--We need you so much-
Happy Birthday to my son, my namesake and my DJ partner, Jesse Rodriguez It was another great gig last night at Samantha's 15. We slammed it. Thanks for letting be part of the show, It is a great feeling to Djay with you especially on your birthday. I am so blessed and proud of you. You are great Djay, father, husband and son. God Bless you and your family. Have a blessed day.
SAMC WEEKLY UPDATE - MARCH 16, 2014 By now you should all know that we lost Jarrod yesterday. He has been in SAMC for just over 2 years but he has been an inspiration to all of us. He and his parents have always tried to be involved with everything the club was doing. I think if you look up "Car Guy", there would be a picture of Jarrod and of course he was a true Mustang fan. God Bless you Jarrod and your Family. Last Tuesday we got to go to a preview of “Need for Speed”. There were about 50 members there to enjoy this 3D presentation. After we saw the movie, I think all agreed that it’s a great movie and if you go to see it, do it in 3D. We would like to thank Dream Works and Ford for the invitation to the preview. The 2015 Mustang has been in it's first movie and it isn't even available yet. Looked great in the movie! This week we have our regular meeting on the 18th and the 50th Anniversary Mustang Car Show in Sierra Vista. The show is being presented by the Cochise Mustang Club in Sierra Vista n ...
ATTENTION; Indian Creek Mission Church are taking up orders for Easter Eggs,peanut butter, cherry nut and coconut they are 1/2 lb for 6.00 please let me know! They will be delivered the week before Easter! Thank you and God Bless! B
For John Barry: Love never dies even if those we want to be near have been taken from us too soon. We miss you darling but are happy for the fabulous memories we have shared. God Bless and rock on! xxx from Sue AJ.. Charlotte JoJo & our boys.
...AND NOW...THE WINY JUKE BOX GOLD TOP 5 FOR MARCH 12TH, 1966... Butterfly / Bob Lind Dreamin' / Mamas & Papas People / Herman's Hermits Boots Are Made For Walkin' / Nancy Sinatra Battle of the Green Berets / SSgt. Barry Sadler You also heard: Man / Beatles Hope you enjoyed this big n beautiful bunch ol'tunes...we'll get back to it next Sunday 6am for more Juke Box Gold...Bill signing off...take care, God Bless...see you 9am tomorrow as I fill in for Paul Coutu on the Monday edition of the WINY Talk Show.
Peace be with you! Perpetual Succour Hospital is in need of the following to fill our existing vacancies. 1) Licensed Radiologic Technologists 2) Licensed Medical Technologists 3) Licensed Occupational Therapist 4) Licensed Physical Therapists 5) Licensed Pharmacists 6) Marketing Assistant (Marketing Graduate with experience in Graphic Design) 7) Philhealth Clerks (Must be a Nursing Underboard) 8) Cashiers, Billing and Accounting Clerks (Preferably with Management Accounting or Business related course) For inquiries regarding our vacancies, you may call the Human Resource Development Department local 106. Thank you and God Bless!
Pastor Jimmy Swaggart, Son Life Broadcasting was 79 years old yesterday.He is pastor and evangelist at Family Worship Center, Pentacostal, Baton Rogue, La. If you can't get SBN on your TV system, he's on 24 hours a day with live services, Call or contact your TV service provider for spiritual upliftings. Preaching ang and lots of singing. We never miss a service unless sick or in the hospital where it is not provided. Same services are available on internet. SON LIFE TV. God Bless this station. We can't go to regular Church, so this is our church and we love it.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sending my love miles away and praying for strength for the Rodgers Family as well as Pastor Foster and the entire First Union Missionary Baptist Church congregation on the lost of a dedicated loving Woman of God Mrs. Gollie Rodgers. Her love, smiles and support shall be missed. I love you all and God Bless.
Good morning! This is going to be a great day! Watched Joel Olsteen, off to church, then family time! God Bless & hope everyone has a great day!
Come and worship with us this morning @ 11:00 am @ Cedar Grove Church in Princeton NC Pastor Jimmy Frederick Jr, will be preaching... God Bless!!!
Had a great time meeting Londie and David & Buster's with the rest of the family. We had a ball! Londie went on to Palm Spring for some much needed RR, Spa, and Shopping. Awesome! alone with buying Ollie & Alice perfumes, lotion, and body oil's Great! Thanks Londie, God Bless!
Blessings to all my brothers in Christ in the Catholic Hip Hop Forum.Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of Geno V?Ex L.A.street gang member turned over to God.This is Geno V-Mi Vida Loca(My Crazy Life)This song comes with a positive message.Especially if u can relate or come from that lifestyle.Part of the songs hook says: "Thank you Lord for taking mi vida loca"Thank you brothers. God Bless.
Good night all. Stay safe. God Bless you and keep you in His arms. Talk to you tomorrow before I go to work at noon. Love you all good night
Sunday Morning Song. This song means a lot to me please read this and comment how you feel about this song. Thank you all who reads this God Bless. There's a place of dazzling beauty no human eye has ever seen. With gates of pearl and the streets are made of gold. It's a place of milk and honey oh it's more than just a dream it's the land of life beyond the crystal see. It's the land of life where living is forever where the sting of death won't claim no victory we are more than just a passing shadow when we reach the land of living beyond the crystal sea. There the sun is just a legend in this paradise of dreams for The Lord will be the only light well need there the soothing walls of jasper they were built by God's own hands its a land if life beyond the crystal sea.
Over and out,ate my salad,gonna go check out a GREAT BOOK, I got going on :) Sleep well everyone ~ God Bless ~
Today I was in between jobs and seen a man videoing on the side of the road. So I got nosey and there was a beautiful albino doe with the other dear. Sometimes God will make things different to stand out in this different world. God Bless
Ok..this rant I am about to write is not open for argument, this is my opinion alnog with a few people I know, so with that said...SXSW, this event use to be about local artists, in music, art, and film, also many chefs in local resturants, and other venues..It is now totally out of control, "Lady" GaGa let someone in the audiance come up on stage and vomit on her..yes you read that right..other such horrible things have happened as well as the people who were killed by an alleged drunk driver..this has gotten too big, and too Hollywood, this has become a snowball that is now more about money than the event needs to be scaled back at least by half, this town is not that large and millions are there tonight according to the local news..this event needs to go back to its roots and leave Hollywood and talk shows out of it. the cost is outrageous and the wrist bands are a joke..I know some of you on here work it and God Bless, but it really needs to scale down.. for safety sake opinion no ...
A tremendous day! I had great clients, and I am all caught up! Of course, at my job, caught up isn't always a good thing. Don't ask, lol! Not complaining, that's a statement! Going to bed so I can be up for church and then work. After work we have a leadership meeting for celebrate recovery. A full day, but when God is the center of the wheel, it keeps the wheel strong! Please pray for Brenda Heritz. Her mouth and jaw are infected. Pray for healing and pain management! 5hanks and God Bless!
My day started ugly but ended great spend the evening with my brother John and our family hung around the fire and had a few great laughs came home ate dinner and relaxed but it's time for this cowboy to hit the hay, y'all have a great night kickin the tires & litin the fires y'all have awsome dreams God Bless & (COWBOY UP)
RIP David Brenner. You kept me in stitches on Johnny Carson, God Bless
just added your ministry link to my post God Bless! Thanks for the RT!
I want to thank everyone who came out this morning to help clean up the ice damage from Vickie and Davis's yard. We really had a good time and good fellowship. Thanks to Anthony Frye, John Dean, Ken Stringer, Rhounette and Richard Lewis,Len and Gail, . Wish we could have done more but a little is better than nothing. God Bless.
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To all my friends,and to people I never met,thanks soo much to LIKE this page and SHARE and INVITE your friends to LIKE this page...Stay tune for an update on here for upcoming motorcycle poker run/spaghetti dinner/50/50/Chinese auction in June in memory of my Godson Teddy Foltz..KEEP SHARING/INVITING YOUR FRIENDS TOO TEDDY FOLTZ MEMORIAL FUND PAGE..Thank you & God Bless..
Team event is done. Shot 719 series and the computer for the brackets crashed. Just my luck but got my money back.. Have a great weekend everyone and God Bless!!!
You are invited to come to White Oak Grove Baptist Church, where the Rev. Michael Devaughn Stephens is the Pastor, this afternoon at 4:00p.m. I am slated to bring the message for the celebration of their 50 State Rally. Pray for the New Zion Hill Family and me as we travel there and do what the Lord has made way for us to do in another effort of building His Kingdom. Tomorrow morning I will bring the message at New Zion Hill and at 2:30 Sis. LaTasha Johnson is scheduled to deliver the message for Women Day. We would be so happy to see you there. God Bless.
Tag me if you don't mind in the 24hr cold water challenge! I'm at Youth Conference an want to see everyone's! Its awesome! I Love Grundy!! Plus that way everyone can go see them tell them to add me :) & Courtney Rogers wants to watch all them to, basically everybody is watching them an it would be easier to track them down on one page :) God Bless! Pray we raise the amount she needs & more :)
Amen!!! Blessings Rev Ray, all glory to God. God Bless you in Jesus name.
Good Evening Everyone! Thank God! We had a successful meeting held at Tagbilaran Community Christian Church. By this coming saturday March 22, 2014 we would be visiting the campsite at San Miguel, Bohol wherein the BCYF Youth Camp 2014 would be held. God Bless!
1st salary ever as a nurse and the best way to spend it for the 1st time is to treat your parents who have always supported me. Since they don't want me to treat them to a restaurant I've decided to be the one to cook for them a high class dish made from the heart! Behold my special ITALIAN MARINATED BLUE MARLIN! Well marinated with garlic, onion leaks, oregano and other different spices grilled and smoked to juicy perfection! :3 Not to show off but to share with you guys that I really appreciate all the help and support you guys ever give me! God Bless to you all!!! ^_^
My new "Boston Wounded Vet Run" stickers for my military care packages(31,000 lbs and counting) going to military personnel, military hospitals, chaplains in Afghanistan, Africa, Turkey, Okinawa, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait . . . . . God Bless our men and women serving the world over with the United States Military.
Malaysian confirmed a hijacking? God Bless and Help us all. Prayers for the victims and families. Crying.
Happy Birthday Miss Jackie Sayuman Mahler we love u po and God Bless u always miss Jacki
Thank you to all the people who are supporting Tyler Hall today. Have fun and be safe! God Bless you! A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17 (NIV)
May God watch over you Jim Kelly. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...take care. God Bless!
Ready for bed, going to read for awhile. We saw Andy Stanley at Joyce Meyers and he a 6 part teaching series on you tube I have been watching, almost done with it might finish it tonight. Good night and God Bless.
I am proud of you all. Recently I have asked you to leave nice comments for Larry Foote...Lamarr Woodley...Jonathan Dwyer...Al Woods...and today a welcome message for Cam Thomas. The comments you all have made were special and I am sure the players did read them. Cam Thomas comment on the post that fans left by saying "Thanks for havin me, lets get lucky number 7!" I know some of you all showed being upset of the players that left and made rude comments, but I don't get upset at that. The truth is you showed your passion. The passion is deep and we all want to win. Happy though...and thru it all...deep inside you all are great people. God Bless!
TO MY NEW BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST...THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW...God Bless! I don't care if you are following me, follow Him☝️🙌 +++
Who's ready for the first DUDE event of 2014?!?! You better be ready because it's this Sunday @ 6pm in the Fellowship Hall at First Baptist Cabot! We will be serving wild game chili and we have a great guest speaker Nathan Wagnon coming to visit! Invite a friend and come join us this Sunday! We look forward to seeing you there! God Bless!
Alright everyone, tomorrow is the day.Max Rowe will be at Westlake Baptist Church for the youth group SALT first ever hosted Wild Game Dinner as a fundraiser!!! Tickets are only $5. Doors open at 4 for people with mounts and dinner begins at 5. There will be tons of food, door prizes, as well as a mount contest. Don't hesitate to come we would love to have you and for you to get to meet Max. Hope to see you out there for a night of outdoor fun! God Bless!!
{{{Hugs}}} God Bless you too. Many Bright Blessings to you!! xoxo
Good morning everyone, have a great weekend. God Bless! :-)
This song is CRAZZZY! Kim Burrell killz it! It's an audio video, I hope you enjoy. God Bless!
Thank you baby - "Happy Birthday ...God Bless you baby!"
My Home has been reduced to a Gorgeous House For Sale. I feel like I am sitting in a fancy hotel lobby. Our privacy now relies on the professional legal system of the Virginia State Board of Realtors. I have been living with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in my hand for a month. But IT IS DONE and God Bless this process.
Hi Everyone , Tomorrow Saturday March 15th on Griffin/Palm from 10:00-2:00 A Place in Time "Bread of Life Food Pantry"will be having our 1st Food Drive this year, All proceeds go to families in need in our local areas and helping bring "HOPE" IS OUR MISSION ... Please come give us support and take a picture with your donation ,, God Bless and can't wait to see you 💋
I'm asking again for prayers for my stepdad, Jim Garrett. We just learned he has cancer and while we are beginning this healing journey, we need all of the prayers we can get. We serve a Mighty God and I am convinced Jim has already begun healing because I feel the Holy Ghost all around me even as I type this. We just want all of our friends and loved ones to please seek the Lord and help us with prayers. Please share this post on your wall and help me spread the word. Thank you for your help. God Bless.
I would like to thank everyone for your prayers...We serve a mighty God...It means a lot to have friends who opened their hearts and prayed for me in the time of need..Without your prayers, faith, and God I would not be here right now..Thank u all very much...Love u all and God Bless. ..Love u Jesus and thank u father God for watching over me and kerping me safe so my children can have their mother. .without u it would be impossible. ..
Bible Time Ministries/Jesus Hope for Humanity...will be opening new location for clothes and food pantry to help children and the elderly. We are in search of clothing display racks, clothes hangers, and stackable shelving. Also if you have ANY donation of things in your home you just don't need...Please contact us and we will be glad to pick up. Clothes and food will be used to give to those in need...overstock and any other items will be sold to help with lights, medical, fire victims, ect. Please contact us with anything you wish for us to pick up. Donna Cox Regina Sanders Brittany Hewell Thank You an God Bless!
I cannot wrap my head around the fact that in 2014, we sent men to the moon in the 60's, a 777 jet airplane can just disappear into thin air. God Bless the passengers and their families. ❤️
Well we are set.please note there are changes this year for the ride. We will be starting at Horny Toads Harley-Davidson in Temple and ending at Dave's Sports Bar And Grill in Copperas Cove. We will have vendors this year again as well. I will not pay the city of Copperas Cove for using Ogletree Gap as they did nothing to help us in our quest for signs. Please note, the fight is not over, but I will not pay monies to a city that gave us a run around. Hope to see ya'll out there this year. God Bless and Ride Safe. Popsicle
Announcements Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers during the time of my son Dan’s death. Also thank you for all the cards and beautiful plant. Love and God Bless, LeAnna Sutherland and Family If you would be interested in being a substitute chaperone for Acquire the Fire, please let Erik know. The dates would be March 21-23 and our need is for a female to take Heaven Gustafson’s chaperone duty for that weekend. All ladies are invited to a baby shower for Angie Jenkins on March 30th following the morning worship service. Twin girls are on the way! Angie is registered at Target. Simple Suppers begin March 5th and continue each Wednesday until April 9. We will be using the prayer guide, “Seek God for the City 2014”. Purchase your copy from Inspirations Book Store. Get the app by going to and click on get the app. We will also have extra copies available at the Connection Center for $3. Crosswinds is gearing up to play at Easter. All parts are important. Come if ...
Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL, author of "Lone Survivor" and "Service-A Navy SEAL At War". Thank you, Marcus for an evening I'll never forget. God Bless all if you and to all who serve our great country. I shall be wearing my Patriot Tour t-shirt to the Tampa Gun Show tomorrow as I hang out with my fellow NRA brothers and sisters, supporting our Second Amendment rights.
This Sunday, March 16, is our Fellowship Meal Sunday. The meal will follow the worship service. Please join us for a great potluck lunch and fellowship. Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM and Worship service at 10:00 AM. Look forward to seeing you there and God Bless.
Great message from Bro. Shad Tibbs last evening at Social Springs Baptist Church. A Great worship service with the Southern Plainsmen. But, it comes down to this.ARE YOU A SOLDIER IN GOD'S ARMY? A lot who claim to be soldiers for God certainly have a lot of issues in their lives that sure don't point anyone looking in toward God! Think about it. You are either with God or you are working AGAINST God! As always, the choice is yours. God Bless and have a wonderful Friday.
Prayer is directing our affections toward God. The Lord manifests Himself to those who pause while in piece and humility of heart. The greetings of the Angles and blessings of the Good are not for those who live in public squares, that is, outside of themselves, agitated and distracted. The sweet "Ave" was addressed to the Virgin Mary when she was absorbed in prayer, in the privacy of her house... Yours truly Lawrence R Reed Rydzewski Catholic Christian, these words are for some people who CANT get to Catholic church, God Bless you as God hears all peoples players.
Today I celebrate my husband for his hard work and dedication to the community also today being choose to help the superintendent and 2 other chefs choose healthy meals for Okaloosa County School Board and I want to thank our assistant cook Gregory Couch and James Hayes and cashier Leslie waitress Brianna for holding it down God Bless!
We have a weekend Revival starting tomorrow night at Tower Hill Church in Liberty Ms. Featuring the Walker's (Billy Walker)if you like good Southern Gospel Singing this is where you need to be. If you keep up with Southern Gospel Music the Walker's have got some current songs in top ten or have been in the top ten. Starts at 7:00pm Friday and Saturday then 10:30 Sunday morning. So come join us and let's worship together. God Bless!
Don't be mad at the results, if the effort is questionable. Good Nite & God Bless.
God Bless you Raven..May HIS healing touch be upon you!
Rest easy Officer Crisp from Morganton, NC. Thank you for your service. I wish you didn't have to give your life for our safety, but God Bless you. There is no higher honor than giving your life in protection of another. God has a special place in heaven for men and women like you.
I have been following this story since this horrible thing happened... This breaks my heart . This poor child... God Bless her and may she rest easy... As for the step Dad... Well I have a pretty bad choice of words for him... I hope he rots.
Hello guys, thanking you connecting with here Books for my company Bravin Publishing Also please add me God Bless
Such a heavy heart. Jamie Rowley who was hit by a car and died while jogging yesterday morning in Ashburn, was part if the biggest day in Matt Lewis and my life. She was the manager in charge of our wedding at1757 Golf course. What a great person. We will continue to pray for the two children she leaves behind, may God Bless them and them tight.
From our leader: This week’s Life Teen’s lesson will help equip the youth with different tools to aid in their prayer life. We will begin class with some riddles and conclude with a prayer challenge. Life Teen is being led by the youth this week. Kathryn Stapleton, Marita Stapleton, Veronica Stempky, Liz Gore, and Olivia Timmons will be leading this evening. I, for one, am really looking forward to their interpretation of this lesson on prayer! Please keep these teens in your prayers as they prepare to share their faith! God Bless, Deanna
Mrs.Rose Clevenger I wanted to let you how excited I was to attend the CCA Nationals. It was first Nationals & will not be my last. I have never been to ANY event that was as well organized & stayed on schedule like this past weekend. It was amazing to look down at the schedule & every time the teams were hitting the mats it lined up perfectly with the schedule, all weekend. On top of you having too reschedule teams that missed friday due to delays in travel. Your staff was phenomenal and was nothing less than perfect. Everyone always greeted me with a smile & kind words. I am very proud to be apart of North Florida Christian Cheer & CCA as a whole. Keep up the good work & God Bless.
O'Yeah Eric Holder has the right idea. He feels the system is too *** drug dealers and abusers. He feels that we should reduce the jail time of these particular offenders. I'm sure this will help prevent many of these people from committing these crimes. Why didn't we think of this before? I guess it's because the average citizen is not nearly as intelligent as Mr. Holder. *** !! This is one of my favorite words to use when referring to this administration. I don't care if there is a prison around every corner these people need to be locked up forever. It would also help with the unemployment problem. Put unemployed people to work at these facilities. Everyone from CEO's, accountants, to skill labor can be put back to work. Lock em up and throw away the key!!! If a person is given a 10 year sentence, lock them in a cell and ten years later let them out.not before. Just my opinion. God Bless.
Special thanks to all the brethren in Surigao City SDA Central Church, Malimono SDA Church and Sison SDA Central church for a very warm welcome! we enjoyed your company! thank you very much! God Bless you all! Special thanks to the Bo family for the accommodation and schedules... We will see you all again soon!
We had a wonderful Day with Minister Judith Gayle, Our Pastor and the Women's Ministry of Jerusalem A Church Without Walls would like to say a special thanks to Judith Gayle for bringing a powerful word in the day. Following up with a fantastic Praise Session in the evening. God Bless!! Keep up the good work as we all go to higher heights and deeper depths in the Lord.
missing my family so, king john and our new baby hopefully girl na. take care always.God Bless us.!!!
IMPORTANT! Please be in PRAYER with me Today at 12 Noon, 6pm and 10pm.There are so many Young Black Boys & Black Men being Killed at the hands of other Black Boys & Black Men.This has been a serious problem ever since I have known HOWEVER, I have not seen a lot of EMPHASIS placed on PREVENTION or a SOLUTION. This CYCLE has to at least slow down. One thing I do know it MUST start in the home with showing LOVE and not HATE. Studies have shown that Most of the Victims & Murderers come from a single parent home. So from this day forward Women & Men if you are going to have children do everything in your power to be Married(I know being Married doesn't guarantee perfection but it's a great start or if not stay together as a Family.) Nobody is perfect but let's try to be more responsible that is a part of the PREVENTION. Black Men let's try to find a young man in our community to mentor and encourage that's a part of the SOLUTION! God Bless!!
As the Canadian Flag was lowered in Kabul today, I said a prayer for the families of all our soldiers - may the ones we lost, rest in peace and the ones that came back, hold their heads high. Each and every one of you have made a difference in the lives of many people. God Bless all of you
I'm writing this a deeply saddened Heart this evening My FB Friends and Aquantances ! A near and Dear Family in My Home Church lost their 13 yo son in an gun accident earlier today ! There's no reasoning in the loss of a young man just beginning life ! I just ask all Y'all to lift up the Pruitt Family and Friends in this Time of Tragedy in there Lives ! No words can Say what need be said to stop There pain ! Only God can comfort them in this time and the days too come ! I need all Y'all to lift All Them to the Lord GOD above at this time ! Thank Y'all and God Bless!
I'd pick you to be our Republican Presidential candidate if I had a say. God Bless he who walks and Talks in truth. TY
God Bless the ONLY Man in recent British History to keep it REAL..
You know it's kinda funny. If you keep up with my Idiotic ramblings that my mind comes up with you know ain't no way I can be sane. lol But what I find really funny is when I post one of these strange thoughts I find some in my circle of "friends" there is a attitude change toward me in a few of them. This leads me to think that in their case I must have hit the nail square on the head. If you happen to be one of these folks I don't mean to lose you as a friend I'm only thinking out my thoughts in type. I don't share this stuff to create enemies or lose your friendship. It's just thoughts and how I feel. I simply want everyone to get along and dig deep to find love for your fellow man. God Bless you and have a good day.
doesn't matter what happens tonight,all eyes will be on Andreas Iniesta. Stay strong and play well.God Bless :)
sending thoughts and prayers to everyone in East Harlem.God Bless
Good morning family N friends, Brothers N Sisters in Christ Enjoy your day everyone. God Bless
It's been a while now, yet seems like just yesterday that we received the news of your has been a long and tough 8 years without you..You're one of those people I wish could have lived forever..not a day goes by that I don't think about you..My little girl would have absolutely loved you..I know she's too little to understand but she listens..I have told her about you, about how special you are, what you meant to me..I still remember speaking at your service..I was nervous and scared..because this meant that it was true, that you were no longer with us physically to talk to, to love, to were now only here with us as a soul, I could still talk to you and love you but I wouldn't be able to hug you :'('re one of God's precious angels and have been now for 8 years..Aunt Diane, I will always remember you as a beautiful person inside and out..At 35 (nearly 36) I still can't understand why you had to leave us so soon..I guess God was running out of angels..God Bless you always Aunt Dia ...
The new work mate of my wife,,Microsoft account,at Sutherland clark,Tnx all of you and God Bless all
good morning and God Bless you Bishop have a Blessed day
Tonight: It's time to give back. Performance by Kevin Smith. Plus, 25% of all sales proceeds will be donated to Helping Hands Clinic in Lenoir. Let's do our community some good! God Bless
Teriffic Tour guys! Such an honor to meet you all. My husband said it was the best birthday gift ever. Hope to see you all again. Safe travels and God Bless!
Not seen eachother since last yr August and u still knw every lil part of me. Your a real Bestie mehn... God Bless u
Good morning my people. May the Lord Almighty Protect us as we are going out to our work today. Have a nice day ahead.. God Bless you all..amen.
Need everyone's support! Invite Family and Friends to this event with only a couple clicks: Step one: Click on the link below Step two: Click on "Join" Step three: Click on "Invite Friends" Step Four: Check as many Friends as you can Step Five: Click on "Send" Si Yu'us Ma'ase and God Bless
years ago at 1999 Bush event in St Lucie county. was present when sang God Bless the USA!
To our brothers and sisters in Europe... God Bless you all. "We the Filipinos of Europe, 800,000 and rising, are beginning to speak with one voice, A voice that we want heard. Linked by the European Network of Filipino Diaspora From the frozen Norwegian tundras in the north Down to the craggy shores of Valetta in the south From the sandy shores of Cascais in the west To the Russian Ural Mountains in the east. North, south, west, east and central. We work, we serve, We laugh, we cry. We are new Europeans. We are here to stay Sure of our role as glocal agents of change, A growing political, social and economic force. Forever Filipinos. With annual remittances of US$ 3.35 billion We support our families, our nation. Heed us: we are partners For development, For the future." Author: Gene Alcantara Director, Chairperson ENFiD-UK Country Representative
U no frist of all we have to Thank God n his son Jesus Christ for every day..cuz he's the one that give's it to us..n wer not promise tomorrow..but God Bless my antie Varena Costsa n my cuzin's for losing ther Dad..n also to my grandpa Victor Singer and my kaala Martha Singer n Susie n jolene..for lost of ther brother..are lost but Heaven's gane..
Chapter 10 of my book, My 35 Years In Uniform, A Memoir is titled Charleston, West Virginia. In February 1968, I was assigned to escort the body of L/Cpl Steven Emrick home to his family. He was killed in action as a member of a 3rd Force Recon team commanded by Lt. Graves. During this battle, Lt. Graves posthumously received the Medal of Honor. As a result of the fierce battle, three Navy Crosses, eight Silver Stars, and two Bronze Stars were also given. L/Cpl Emrick was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star. May God Bless their souls.
Sunday Night Flow Is Headed your way soon!! Stay connected with Myron Williams.. Next Stop 3rd Sunday Night Flow OCT. 20th Waco, Texas with Pastor Richard Thomas Thomas, Life Cathedral Worship Center, 1301 Webster Ave. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE. Attendee of Sunday Night Flow "Bill Night" Writes; "I got a Testimony! I could not make payment on a car title loan my loan went into default they could of picked up my car 25 days over I had spoken to another title loan company previously pay off that loan they said I couldnt for I owed a payment next thing I know the other company pd off that title loan! Praise God! I got a New job I Love it! Thanks so much for Bill Night FlowIm Looking for God to do more than that! God Bless!" My God, To God Alone Be The Glory!!
Am reminiscing the Weekend that was. BOUNDLESS PRAISE plus the ASSOCIATES. God Bless you all Taita Taveta Christian Union — feeling happy
Thank you Bobbi Jo how did you know. ??? God Bless you. Xxx
Since Fred has retired our pocket book is very empty. We cannot afford to go to San Francisco and hear our wonderful friends Scott and Chris play their music and sing their wonderful songs.We cannot go out to fancy restaurants or go to the movie. We are trying to get the house back in shape and that will cost a lot of money and we have to put money together to buy a washer and dryer so please any prayers to help us with our money situation would be appreciated. We are sorry that we cannot go and do all the wonderful things that most retired people get to do but our house is paid off and we are just trying to get back on our feet so I hope that everyone will understand that right now life is difficult for both of us and God Bless
Must go to bed good night everyone sleep well God Bless and keep us all safe
Trying to catch up on "Mad Men" but my eyes keep drifting downwards… God Bless you, Jon Hamm!! LOL! xx
Hello Mr. Prime Minister , Some of us Americans actually care about you and your country ! Sorry about our President, God Bless .
Hey all you Mad Taxpayers we would love to add The Harvest Homecoming, Inc. to some of our cool special events this year and could use your help by clicking on this link and go to where it asks what musical acts you would want to see.. commenting The Mad Taxpayers.. or any other band you would like to see also! Thanks for your support.. God Bless and Rock On!
Your Grandfather was a great man, Patriot & my hero. God Bless him and your family. He was an American Treasure!
In Loving Memory of a most dear friend, a PDP from Department of Vermont, American Legion Auxiliary, I learned of the sad passing of my close and lovely friend, Lynn E. Barnes, this evening. She was the most talented and quick thinking had a beautiful voice, like an Angel..and she will be so sadly..missed by all of us. I have already put a candle in my window..for Lynn, she will find her way to heaven and be with all the other Angels, up there.. God Bless you, Lynn... My prayers and thoughts go out to her family at this special time...We all loved her and respected her alot.. None of will ever forget any of the Murphy Family. My Best, Chris Howard, Spring Hill, Fla
I can do all thing(s) through Christ that strengthens me. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and Sister in The Lord. By the grace of God, and by the mercy of God, I want to announce to you that my book launch(THE SWORD IN MY HAND) has been scheduled for 30th of March 2014. Venue: United Evangelical Church, Gwagwalada 1.Gwagwalada I Abuja. Along SDP junction and behind former Living Faith Church. Time: 11am prompt. Pls come and have a copy of the book for your spiritual upliftment. God Bless you, as you honor this ample invitation in Jesus Name.
Greetings, We are excited to announce 2 more Special Guest Speakers/Seminars: Sis. Carla Burton via Skype and Bishop Kevin Greene. You don't want to miss these powerful sessions on worth and leadership! The schedule is completed, vendors are booked, and anticipation is building. Confirm your attendance, invite, invite, invite! God is going to do something incredible through this Music Conference. Have children and don't want the hassle? Watch out for more details regarding child care in the near future! God Bless, The Pentecostals of Johnson City Music Department
Thank you my friends and relatives for the birthday wishes you had sent me today. You really lifted my spirit andjump with joy today. Nel Cab how sweet of you to remember my big day. How are you and Zach doing in London nowadays. Well take care always and God Bless.
When one hears the phrase 'Only in America' you think of something strange and amazing. . God Bless 'Merica, the place of all you can eat KFC
Integrity , Class, Modesty, Humilty, Humble WWII Vet, A proud New York Yankee with Plenty of well deserved Championship Rings. Will leave an incredible Legacy of Things we can only Pray our Children might understand someday. Backed by An Incredible Woman who Raised an Incredible Family with Values and Pride and a *** Good Cook. Carmen Berra Wife of Yogi Berra Sadly passed away Friday after complications from a recent stroke, She and Yogi had been Married Happily for 65 Years. A Love Story You Might like to read about. Mrs Berra will be Honored in My House and God Bless her Family.
*Valedictorian Speech My fellow graduates, to our distinguished guests and visitors, the school staff and our teachers, and most especially to our dearly beloved parents, a blessed day to all of us. This is a great day for us to celebrate the closing of one chapter in our school life, ahead of us is a load of lessons and many learning experiences to come. I thank my parents for their overwhelming support during the 6 years of schooling, I hope and pray that they continue to guide me in my next endeavour Mom, Dad, I love you. To my fellow graduates, let us not be weary in studying our lessons when we reach our high school life again, the same discipline and attitude and continue to develop to make us successful in our chosen field of career. Thank you ang Good da to everyone. God Bless us all. Maam Woda Guace Pwede ni Maam :3
Hello Guys Today my Borhter Syed Rehman is last Day in Abu Dhabi united Arab Emirates so God Bless you All of you and if He hurt to you something so plz Forgive him Thank And Good Bye from His Side (Alwida )
I hope they find that Malaysia Airline Plane.Prayers to the Family members & Passengers on board! (God Bless)ًi feel u.
Bro. Jun's last sunday in Cyprus. We thank you Yahweh for sending us your humble servant. Indeed 'ibang-iba kay sa iba' now we have 2Local preachers here in Cyprus for the first time (and another 2in God's time), also 1st time sis Myrna accepted to wear skirt to be a real woman & Bro. Bunny to wear suit, successful opening a Gawain in Kyrenia(Northern part of Cyprus) & A Tremendous 22nd Anniversary and giving time to all brethren who were willing to learn to be an instrument of God's Word. God Bless you Bro. Jun in your missions, your family & in everything you do for the glory of God. You are worthy to be praise Yahweh SALAMAT SA TAGUMPAY the highest glory belongs to You.
Tomorrow Kelsy & Vanessa are supposed to go to the Parliament Building! They're gonna love that! Good night all and God Bless ♥
Rest In Peace William Clay Ford! 😢 Thank you for all you have given to Detroit, Michigan and the country, the World! 🚘 🏈 Heaven gained a good man today! God Bless you Sir!❤️
The vigil of Light for Jason Turner was beautiful. Many showed up and I got on stage and danced in his honor. A great big Thank-you to Matthew Brenda Patton's son who helped Jason's nephew's J.D and Quentin light 3 lantern's. First on landed in a tree, 2nd fell to ground with the light falling out but the 3rd flew up to Uncle Jason. Each time they said this is for you Uncle Jason, we love you. Thank you Matthew for not giving up and made the night special for the boy's, they now have a wonderful memories all due to your continue efforts to get one to fly for them. God Bless you Matthew. Lot's of love from Jason's Aunt Patty
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Please help with this urgent family crisis! God Bless!!
please help with this urgent family crisis!! God Bless!
Im a bit sad but keeping busy. As most people are aware we lost a baby back in September of last yr. Today was my due date to deliver that baby.:( I must say with out my love Keith I'd be a basket case still. His love and compassion carries me thru everyday I struggle. We thank God for Levi who is due AUGUST 15th of this yr please continue the prayers. As we really appreciate them. God Bless everyone. I love you Keith Gregorio.
WEII OUR NEXT BIG ADVENTURE will take us to the great state of Organ then to Fort Worth, Texas, having fun just spending time with husband, love u all God Bless.
The worst owner in sports history has passed away, God Bless your family Henry Clay Ford, God Bless the Detroit Lions!
I first met Joe Mudele at Radio Luxembourg when I was 15 . My son Julian Marc Stringle played with him regularly at his club in Bexley . We will treasure his memory and his two vocal albums . Our thoughts are with you Jan . God Bless ! 'The Stringle's'
I've said this once... I'm saying it again, "God Bless khaya Mthethwa". *with my ticket in hand* Thank You!!!
God Bless for playing some Garth Brooks in NYC. As if I wasn't homesick enough ;)
God Bless you. GoIng love you but I can't live like this. We are like strangers in. The same house. We can be friends but that will hurt. My heart is breaking into.I feel ugly unloved and unwanted. I don't need anything else I can't argue any mo
Dear Friends of Reflexology, The First Quarterly 2014 Sharing will be held on the coming Friday March 14. So let's get a summary of our health business much like any other but of a more important and private one. As usual only the morning session will be held. Date: Friday March 14 2014 Time: 10.30 am to Noon Place: Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church, 2755 Denison Street, Markham Venue: Don Bosco Hall (basement) of CMCC Please bring along with you a cup for drinking, a towel, some vaseline, and your reflexology tools. Thank you for your participation. Attached is a record of donation received from the gathering and its disposal for your perusal. Looking forward to seeing you, Remember being active is the best way to stay well and alive! God Bless, Hugh
Come out and support this family in their fight against cancer! God Bless the Sauer Family
Seeyou Guys.God Bless us yam Sherwill,Ryoko, Prince, Reynald and Christian :">
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