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God Bless

God Bless is an Indonesian rock band founded in 1973 by Ahmad Albar, Jockie Soerjoprajogo, Fuad Hassan, Donny Fattah, and Ludwig Lemans.

May God Lee Greenwood President Trump Jeff Ruby Happy Father United States Marine Corps Camp David

Ron Paul's Home Surrounded by Water Nothing can wash away the lessons of Liberty learned from God Bless!
Birthday blessings to you honourable Mswaiswai. Wishing you a very prosperous new year and God Bless.
Thank you for taking action and helping in a time of need. God Bless you all. Stay Safe
We send all best wishes to Victor Martinez, a phenomenal athlete, for his upcoming surgery. God Bless+heal well.
POTUS NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER. "God Bless the USA”. Lord forgive us and heal our land! 2 Chronicles 7:14.
God Bless the Children that you will send back to countries with limited opportunities to be great…
. Hope you have a blessed day filled with love and happiness... God Bless 🙏🙏🙏.
Sweetheart you are most welcome. God Bless you ! 🇺🇸🤠...Nancy
Awesome job filling in for Andrew Wilkow. You need your own show! God Bless.
thank You man, God Bless you for supporting our city
Thank you & God Bless ! Stay Safe. I am Praying for President Trump also. He is a…
I'm in San Antonio. So inspired. Thank you and May God Bless you and yours. HOW CAN I HELP? $, Amazon, ???
I have been a Mark Hamill fan for a long time. Now I am a Mark Hamill follower. God Bless.
God Bless you Louise Hay. Thank you for loving LGBTQ community and sheltering souls with AIDS with compassion
We have lost one of our own to this flood, God Bless you Sgt Steve Perez, please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.…
I'm sure going to miss seeing you in an uniform!! You're a class act, God Bless and good luck with the
Thank you for the respect you have for the symbolism of all our freedom! God Bless you, the State…
Don't miss out - take it all in - God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America - Aloha. Jim Woods…
God Bless all the Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey and prayers to my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. 🙏
God Bless this president. He truly cares about the nation. Unlike Obama, who destroyed our countr…
Your my kinda person! My dad is a Korean War era navy vet, and was a police officer for 24 years. God Bless!
Happy Teej to all our Married Couple and & God Bless the families.the same desi version of Karwa Chauth.celebrated…
1. Trump walks out to “God Bless the USA” and assures the crowd that there aren’t many protesters outside (t…
Greetings my friend from the USA and God Bless you richly!!
Good night to you!. God Bless you and God Bless the USA!!!
God Bless the USA and ISRAEL!!! Thank You God For the USA and ISRAEL!!!
So glad I'm not the only one to have cried in Betos, God Bless the USA
Thanks again Lighthouse for this expose' on the dangerous New Age hogwash that's infiltrating the Church. God Bless
Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, together again. RIP Jerry, God Bless your family.
God Bless conservative Adam Kokesh for his honesty and integrity in reporting the Truth!.
Doesn't fit their we love everybody mantra. God Bless and keep those Of…
I've always been proud to live in Boston. Especially on days like this. God Bless
Americans! Please continue to fight the good fight for all of us! Thank you for all you did and God Bless you on your---
That is rights. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Make america great again. YaHVeH God Bless us all, in YaHVshua's (Jesus') name.
This is a President I can be proud of, he's my President God bless Donald J. Trump and God Bless the U…
Was there when it all started. Will be there till the end. God Bless us all..
God Bless our outstanding leader and President, Donald J. Trump
God Bless and keep these Paratroopers. They are All Americans, Real Americans to the Corp…
Patrice Motsepe Dr Motsepe, u guys r unbelievable wht u do 4 people R550m on basaries, wow guys we thank u God Bless u
Take care Gary Vaynerchuk. You deserve it because you work so so hard. Its Family time now . God Bless.
RIP Jason Corbett. I hope the Corbett family gained some comfort from the right verdict. God Bless his 2 children Jack an…
God Bless the Nigerian Military and protect the forces who are currently in harm's way in an effort to defeat and contain the BHT.
God Bless you and your family's Marines and God Bless the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi.
I'll have to read over this later with other Christ Embassy church members. We need more faith in God Bless
Today Today, 2 years don wakka past wey we land for this World. So na our Birthday 🎉 . God Bless all of una wey dey sup…
Thankyou JaDines' Sponsors sa paTshirt.God Bless your beautiful heart ❤️ . .
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Watching ER episodes with the incomparable Glenne Headly who passed away this June. She was just 62 years of age. God Bless.
So sorry for your family's loss. Hugs and prayers for you David. God Bless you all .
Sad 2 see my hero, Dale Jr leaving NASCAR Cup Track but Happy for him and Amy's future..Looking forward to JRM Xfinity presence.. God Bless
I love the Photo Bill. Take Care of yourself always God Bless you always.
If you in Cape Town right now Big Up to you & God Bless. Thandi…
DJ Khaled on the chicken act on confused.God Bless" 😂😂😂😂
Lee Greenwood gives Epic Performance of "God Bless the USA" at Trump's I... via love America gob bless usa
Land of the Snakes, God Bless the Snakes, United States of Snakes.
Steven-really like the show...was wondering if you ever did a rebuttal of the nutty "professor" Cult of Dusty? Thanks & God Bless
Sad to see another Fellow Rhode Islander bow out but I completely understand. . God Bless and good luck.
"God Bless the American Trucker"...unless you work at Veneer Chip Transport. Even the potus agrees with the…
Watching Lone Survivor with fam. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless the men involved in Operation Red Wing.
Dear Stefanie, You look Beautiful and the young baby Pancho is adorable too. Best Wishes and God Bless.
Ian Baker-Finch the current master of the snap-hook. God Bless!
I'll be honest I don't like John McCain on any level, but I never wish a man with cancer ill will. God Bless him, I pra…
Kid Rock is really running for senate. God Bless the USA
The same way you celebrate diversity, I celebrate the fact that I can speak another language in US. God Bless you G…
Congrats to and your wife Mary on your baby announcement! May your new addition bring you blessings! Happy for you! God Bless
Please donate. The family of a cancer patient never receives a bill for treatment. . God Bless, Danny Thomas. RIP.
God Bless former President Jimmy Carter. Be safe and get well.
God Bless 'Murica. Happy Independance Day all the way from Australia!
Bill & Gloria Gaither - Official Video for 'Amazing Grace ', available now! Buy the full length DVD/CD 'God Bless...
no 1 does Bo Duke ike you had done. Live your songs n movies as well. We share he same month n day of 🎂 as well. God Bless
Great interview on Ark To Midnight with John B Wells. Love to listen to you Doc!! God Bless you.
Thank you for the honorable follow back Sir.,as You remain a 3rd generation "Moore" family-household name. God Bless.
I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God Bless the USA…
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is on point! God Bless! from the Dimms fear/hate tactics & Lets
Paul Blart is such a great film. My family loves it. We always get a laugh out of it & find it really sweet. God Bless
attacked Charles Payne. I really enjoyed Charles on Fox. God Bless you Charles
On this Memorial Day May God Bless all those who have fought for our country & those who will…
Thank you Ivan, same to you. Just shared God Bless the USA by Ivan Parker on fb. Love it!So appropriate for this day stay safe.
Happy 4th of July to all; God Bless our Service Men & Women, all others who Serve and Protect and May God Bless the United States of America
God Bless! Thankful to receive an offer from Robert Morris University! 🙌🏽
God Bless him and thank you for sharing the photo. 4 July is an important day for me too(Marine, nearl…
God Bless the USA! 2nd verse of Star Spangled Banner sung as recessional hymn at Mass.
Veterans park in Collegedale Tn. Listening to Bluegrass and eating pork rinds. God Bless the USA!
Thank you 4 defending those who defend you. God Bless both of you! Sir your a great example of Societ…
Rest in Peace Smith Hart, May you be reunited with Stu, Helen, Dean, Owen, Mathew & Davey Boy, God Speed and & God Bless!!
Thank you so much Cindy - hope you and the boys are doing well. God Bless!
The American flag is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom. God Bless, America.
Just started at the HSV block party in Huntsville AL. What an amazing Day!! Get down here if you can!. God Bless,...
God Bless our 4 legged friends. They do so much for many people, and our service men/women too. Save a life. Rescue…
Over there once the court decides I'm pretty sure that's it..unfortunately God Bless that family so s…
God Bless your Heart. My uncle who fought at Omaha is buried at Ft. Sam.
As I celebrate my dad's life I'll leave u w/a story I wrote in Nov. Gives u a glimpse of our relationship God Bless. https:…
Is it really hard for people to say something nice to a law enforcement officer? God Bless all those who walk the thin blue line! 💙👮
S/O to the lyrically Rap Biko 👑 Senya retla patela, God Bless you Bruh 🌼
😇😇😇 Hi it's the Archangel Gabriel and me just popping in to say Good night & God Bless. Hope you had a very...
Our prayers are with the Duke of Endinburgh and his doctors as they give him the care he needs. God Bless the Prince Consort.
My family and I have watched your show for over 25 yrs. Praying for you & Rexella. God Bless!!!
North Korea spying on US defence system based on South. God Bless. ht…
God Bless all of the Dads in our SMR Community, including Fr. Scott, our school's spiritual Father. May you have... https…
God bless all of the fathers out there who are investing their lives into the lives of their kids. Happy Fathers Day!!!
MT Thank you for your service! God bless you and keep you safe from all harm and evil.
When RM500 is big news and a US$27.3 million diamond necklace set is hush-hush. . God bless
Ahh...she flies beautifully, doesn't she. GOD bless America. My home sweet home🇺🇸🗽
I hope you curve every *** in ur dms that disrespected u before the transformation. God bless
You are amazing, Ellen. Such an inspiration! God bless always 🌻💕
Happy birthday beautiful! May God bless you with many more years of life 😘💘 enjoy your day !
May the7 Sailors Bless their families w/comfort &the peace that surpasses all understanding,
Well Colorado Girl I'm a New York Man and I agree with you. It doesn't offend me. God Bless the fam…
Thank you for the follow. God bless you.
May God bless their families and comfort him.
OMG this is absolutely beautiful You are a blessed so…
It doesn't get any more awesome than this!!! God bless you guys
Happy Fathers Day Pres.Trump~You have helped raise such wonderful children & we all would be blessed to have kids like you…
Happy Father's to all the dad's. Thank you for being a perfect example of real men. God bless your day. We love url bucket loads.
God bless Katy. She's always supporting and promoting other artists. . When will they ever? Never.
thank you for coming to GLORY SCV. Your message was beautiful and true. Hope to see you again soon. May God keep and bless you.
USS Arizona Memorial ... a very HUMBLING experience. God Bless all the brave men (and women) and…
Please join our prayer, Holy God please bring peace to us all, bless & help the suffering, sick, hungry & poor. We pray…
So happy for and Court, May God bless you all!
Toink toink toink. so proud of you mayang! God Bless...
Happy Father's day to all the dads in the TL. God bless 🙏
Happy Father's day to your Daddy Delfin, God bless your family! 💙💙💙
Major shoutout to every hardworking individual. God bless our hustle.
God bless you ma. Have a great night
To all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers day! May God bless you always 💕
Happy Father's Day po tito Have a nice day po! May God bless you and your family😊❤
I pray you've had a wonderful day. Remember: Everything happens in perfect time. and God bless you.
We witnessed how MM showed her genuine concern to a stranger who collapsed in front of her...May God bless her much...
President Trump, Melania and Barron, in soccer gear, leave WH for a 'Father's Day' weekend at Camp David. . God Bless you & y…
Trump making his first trip to Camp David . God Bless you & your family . You're in our prayers http…
Thank you for the follow, May God Bless you!~
7 years of God Bless hope to share 107 years of
A warm reception it was, thank you great People of Tharaka Nithi County, God Bless; the mission to liberate this country is…
...And I believe that you have the potential to be as good as big Nev. Future England number 1. Good luck and God Bless
You'll be in my prayers Fr. . For a safe operation and rapid recuperation. God Bless.
Haters will hater, stay strong young lady, only the people that matter respect and believe in u, God Bless
The Holy Spirt is alive and on Fire inside of me. God Bless!
View my beats on sale here via God Bless
God Bless you all for standing against an evil barbaric way of life. WE ALL NEED TO BE DIL…
Glad to see you guys n gals not backing down! America is with you. Trump will help. God Bless the UK
So proud that your Dad is our coach!!!. and will be for a long, long, time. ... God Bless the Hugh Freeze family!
Congratulations to on your 1st Year Anniversary. More years to come. God Bless. 🎉 ht…
Honestly haven't felt this low in time. To admit I deserve it is the best I can do. God Bless.
I'm curious to find out what Marlo Thomas thinks about how you're being treated?? She can't be happy! God Bless you Eric & Family
Happy Birthday to Margaret Brown and Jim Caven today! Have a great day and God Bless you, both.
Joey Gibson should be commended for organizing a PEACEFUL rally in a hateful city. Good for him & God Bless.
On my way to New Hope community church. Best way to start my day!. God Bless!
People fleeing but the bloke on the right isn't spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!
I thanked my father for his service and winning the Bronze Star on Saipan. God Bless all who served our country.
God Bless fast forward when it come to jerry rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera)
God Bless you. Father Michael of Brownsville Texas, God Bless Bishop Flores of The Valley Catholics of Texas too. Queen Jewell
Olivia Newton-John cancels tours after cancer diagnosis via God Bless you Olivia!!!
Thank you Mr President for keeping your promise... for my son, family and the American people. God Bless you
The United States Marine Corps, no better friend, no worst enemy. God Bless my Marines.
Hope you had an AWESOME Memorial Day!God Bless all who serve/served & America!Forever indebted!.
God Bless my Uncle Bill, my Daddy Eddie Hamilton. My Uncle Bill served in the Air Force & my Daddy in the Navy in…
"Kicks of the Night" go to Sue(10 that Free)Bird of the Storm. God Bless the Ballas 😃⭐🏀👍
The Earth. I miss all of you Valley Catholics of Texas. Jesus has RESURRECTED. God Bless all of you. I miss our Daily Mass. Queen Jewell
My son hiked to the Veterans Memorial Cross on top of a beautiful hill in Valley Springs, California. God Bless our…
War Eagle. Today was Chad Henning, Dee Dowis, Beau Morgan, and Richard Bell's last collegiate team. God Bless.
God Bless ya big fella, love ya, G x
God Bless the British. Their love & respect for the English language, & delicious voc…
God Bless you Franklin Graham for your Boldness and Desire to get the Holy Word out.
Thanks all friends who met, called and prayed in Oman. God Bless you all — traveling to Cochin International Airport, Kerala, India
Do the Lords work Vice President Pence ! God Bless you from Indy
We lost one of our finest last night. These men & women r the real heroes in our world. God Bless
MT I Pledge Allegiance to America...NOT every other country. God Bless the USA
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Sending best regards , prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery! God Bless!
Habadu *** , thank you for inspiring us , have a blast & enjoy ur day for tuhday , God Bless ü 🎂🎉🎈…
This picture makes me cry every time I see it! God Bless these families and GOD BLESS THESE BRAVE ME…
Way to go Mark...we still luv you in Dawg Nation...God Bless
God Bless the life, legacy, and memory of Chief Apostle Marion Jones! Praying for my friends
God Bless the 4000 members of the 82nd Airborne Division about to be deployed to Afghanistan to take on evil and keep the w…
taped ur conversation w/Glenn yesterday so I can share, it was awesome & should inspire all. TY 4 ur service, God Bless u & family
Congrats To Sean on Signing To Ohio Wesleyan University!!! God Bless you on and off the field always…
God Bless our Florida State Troopers. my Prayers for their families. SUPPORT OUR COPS!
Please Help our school system Dickson County TN. Federal budget cuts will take my Dtr job title 1 Asst. for 10 yrs.God Bless
God Bless for turning up & for NOT falling 4 the "White Maternal Hand" move made by that wanna be singer |
I have a nephew deployed in the South China Sea. His mother is beside herself with Trump making decisions. God Bless
300 years of life and good luck !!! Is what that sneeze ment,long live queen Harlow Harrison !!! God Bless
These girls are making great strides in their lives, God Bless them!
God Bless you and keep you Princess Diana . You will never be forgotten . 💔❤️.
Shame on John Faso. Rep. Mahoney you are my hero. Thank you for being a good person when most of your peers are not. God Bless
Heart breaking. Hopefully knowing how brave and what a hero he was will be some comfort. God Bless.
Thank you for following and supporting me! God Bless!
God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood via My Oath to this country will never expire!!!
Nothing like Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA at a game to bring everyone to their feet!
Watch this EPIC entrance as Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless the USA", and the crowd of patriots go wild as they cheer fo…
thank you for the follow and for the sacrifices your family has made for our country🇺🇸 God Bless all Gold Star families.
Couldn't be more proud of all of my brothers today!! God Bless you all on this Journey 🙏
The NRA, has long been the main voice for law abiding armed Americans. God Bless you and go after the soci…
Sr. Pastor & Founder Rod Hairston for his stewardship and TOUGH Love! God Bless you and your Family!...I also want to Thank Brothers Haywood
Melania you have a beautiful Family! God Bless you and please keep standing up for Family & Christian values! B…
What a fabulous night celebrating my 11yrs at Jeff Ruby's. Thank you all for coming out. I'm back Derby week 4,5, & 6. Can't wait!. God Bless
Hi. I'll be at Jeff Ruby's tonight only. Help me celebrate 11yrs. with Jeff Ruby Culinary. I'm very honored. Party starts at 9pm. . God Bless
Happy Birthday to my twin brother! Got your back always bro. Stay humble and kind. God Bless mwah! Ok ba edit ko?
Maraming Salamat din po Sir Ogie at kina Michelle, Leila at Sarah! God Bless your wonderful family ❤
What works at doesn't work in . Campus police won't put up with terrorist tactics. God Bless police…
God Bless everyone, I am not a hater but I was your die hard fan until you that very well.
👑. Good morning / Afternoon /Evening my sweet Mj family, . I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday ,Much Love and God Bless you all..!✌
God Bless our Vice President and President This time America chose the very best ,So Once again Thank You God for sending T…
EASTER to all of the wonderful who dedicate their lives to the care and healing of others! God Bless you! ht…
God Bless the families that are hurt with what has been going on. Praying for the families here in Cleveland, The Heap…
Every Sunday is important but we all know the meaning of today. Believe in Him and enjoy your Easter Sunday! 🙏🏼 God Bless yo…
Jesus died on the cross spent 3 days in *** to save us. God is so so amazing God Bless the Messiah Happy Easter everyone bless up!
Quite the day to brief soon-to-be 18A Green Berets visiting the NSC. . Quite the day. . God Bless these young Americans. http…
.14 EEE here Bryce looking forward to my new GA kicks -send bill to Big Enos Burdette -Thx God Bless 😂😂😂
You know I have to do it. Pastor John and Pastor Matthew Hagee's endorsement projects a winner.God Bless in Jesus Name.Amen
Congratulations Neil Gorsuch as you join the Supreme Court. Excellent choice for our country. God Bless
Thank you and God Bless you for serving our country. You are the real hero.
Of course I'll enjoy OUR president! God Bless America and God Bless you Jonathan.
Hello Brat from a Brat,lost my Dad too,very young.God Bless all Our Brave Proud warriors!!
All purpose parts banner
Hello! Dictators U can't use weapons of mass destruction to creat impunity! P-Trumps message heard around the world 🌎 God Bless is all
Rest In Peace! May God Watch over you and your family at this difficult time. God Bless!
As the son of a USN Vietnam Vet, I want to say THANK YOU for your service to this country, sir. God Bless.
God bless you William and all my love and thoughts are with you all at this sad time God Bless xxx Debbie Paterson…
God Bless the Roman Catholic Church...and I hope th…
well said senator Cruz!! America needs more patriots like you! God Bless you sir!
God Bless and keep Blessing the masses with the Good vibes ✊
Thank you for your service and the horrific experience in the Hanoi Hilton. That said, retire, enjoy and God Bless.
you make a fair point , think i will bring this up at my next church bible study. God Bless
Wow that's great ! i think we can all do with some Bible study in our lives! God Bless !
What a hit show it was. "Comedy Nights with Now some Old, Jobless, Outdated comedians have taken centre stage. God Bless.
Thank you, & God Bless the NHS! Stepping Hill Hospital's staff are Angel's ❤
Amen Pastor Franklin...I am going to take that advice! God Bless you and your beautiful wife
God Bless my friend Jim Ross. You are in our thoughts and prayers. RIP Jan
"Calling On a Few Good Men" to join the Marine Corp who help keep our nation free. God Bless the Corp, the USA and President Trump.
God Bless you and yours Prince Harry & Prince Seeiso!
Sometimes, some days are harder than anticipated to handle...thank God it's over...Good Night & God Bless, Kim...
Your drive for human and capital development is something I've not seen before. Once again God Bless the mother that birth you.
don't worry. Nandito lng ako palagi. I'll Pray for you and God Bless you always. Pagaling ka please. I Love You ate Julie. 💖MYA 😭
Let me skip formalities, sir: Southland conference is low-major conference and MAC is high-major. DIFFERENT COMPETITION! God Bless.
Tim Storey's presentation at is giving me life this morning! God Bless
I just got attacked by a dark soul for sending u my prayers. Their innards shake when we support n prayer. God Bless u Stone😇
and the rest of your soldiers, The Lord Jesus Christ is standing by you and your cabinet, God Bless you All.
Happy Holi everybody. Have a great day today 🙏🏼😇. Please make sure no harm is done to the animals on the streets. God Bless a…
Thank you, President Aquino via i 2nd d motion.already late.better late than never.tq2.God Bless
Watch "Kietrill ft Adeja & Jenay Carter -Steppin out" on YouTube. Yo check her out only 17 God Bless!
"Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Trust! God Bless!
hello angel... Ms. Pastillas we miss u in tv.. God Bless you Angel..
Pastor Ron, please pray for me, I have bad fear and depression, it feels so dark. God Bless you.
Happy Anniversary Coach May God Bless you and your Wife with many more!! Also with a health Little Bielema
I Like To Watch Christian Films and You can Join Pure Flix Entertainment and Join David A.R. White and God Bless you
Happy birthday march baby. God bless you dear
Happy anniversary to our sweetest khush Akka and sundar Anna 😍. God bless 👍👍
Just had a parent teacher conference and all I can say is: God bless public school teachers.
Happy happy happy birthday my nephew...don't kill yourself with 1935 today! God bless the hustle!!!
😄😄😄I disagree but thanks for the lovely compliment. God bless you
My very good friend and ex colleague at Arik Air needs help. Pls join me, as Lord lays in your heart, to help OMA. God bless…
Caitlin is a Dokyeom stan now god bless
This thread is too dreamy. Not every woman can experience this. God bless this beautiful couple. 😭💘
Happiest Birthday Ms.Bianca God Bless you and your family 😘.
MT . God bless the men and women who serve and sacrifice. And dogs too.
Help support Paradise elementary in ModestoCA The school gets 40% Thank you Go…
Happy hearing . God bless both you and Wish you all the best.
You are beautiful inside & out. I am so proud that you are our First Lady. God Bless you & your family! ❤🇺🇸💙
Sungho you can do this. You are strong. Reflect well. God bless!🙏💪
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Happiest Birthday, Ms May God continue fulfilling your heart's desires. God bless you.
Good morning and May God bless your day!
Here's a thank you letter from St Mary's to all who donated to the fundraiser. God Bless you all for your help Hail Ha…
Just keep going Mayward always pray for those your basher who always let u down. God bless.
ONE WAY APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH Hello. Check out new Christian Artist Thank you and God Bless :)
RIP Nelson Mandela. You are now truly free. God Bless and enjoy the heavens. Tell Celia Cruz hello for me and azucar
Teresa I am sorry for your loss. We always need our moms. I pray the Blessed Mother brings peace to you. God Bless
God Bless these mothers and happy to see they finally halted this in Philadelphia xo
God Bless us Laura they are freaking biased big time
Picture of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament leadership team! They continue to work and help others, God Bless.
I'm sorry about your lost. My prayers are with all of your family. God Bless you and your family!
Gave that idea to Mark Burnett on my shuttle bus(true story) dont know he produced Survivor, God Bless
Love that preaching,God Bless you Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church Immanuel God be with us all Matthew 1:21-23👍NKJV
Yes ! Space tourism is a good idea, when travel agents could buy make enough money on earth.God Bless.
We will never forget William Owen's sacrifice, nor his wife's, nor his son's. God Bless!. .
John Schneider talking about George Fant playing against Robert Quinn, "God Bless him and good luck." That about sums it up 😂
OBAMA Free cell phone Billions of $$ in Trashcan PLEASE PLEASE for Americans sake Tell the president to stop it NOW, God Bless!
. I was encouraged by your sermon on prayer today. Thank you...God Bless!
love you Big Papi. I will really miss you this season. Stay in touch. God Bless you in your future and always.
God Bless you Beverly, coming in and going out for you deeply loved child of the King, called and chosen, filled wi…
There's only 1 King Billy that McNeil ☘️ God Bless you and your family 💚🙏🏼
Sir ji u are doing fabulous work to bring sanity among the Muslims.God Bless and protect you..
shout out to buddy a kings fan from Puerto Rico so glad u with the kings! God Bless!
Sir Brian ,I'm here in the U.S. and I just want to tell You I Loved You as Augustus Caesar,You're a great actor, God Bless
you make me so proud to be an American, a Christian and a Trump supporter!! God Bless you for your service to this great country!!
God Bless you Sir! You are a great reporter and asset to Great Britian and world. Friend from USA! Stephen.Jesus Name.Amen
via God gave us Trump and Pence. Pence is a great man he went beyond his duty to help, God Bless .
Warms my heart wonderful news God Bless the persons concerned 👏🏻Good Luck Charlie ❤️🍀
Hindu or Islam, thank you 4 UR Prayer in FL! We have not had a Moral influence in WH for 8yrs. God Bless
Carnival , Cunard , P&O and now Royal Caribbean cancel Turkey ports of call from itineraries. God Bless.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
thank you! Your church, app, and leadership have brought me closer to God than ever before. God Bless you Pastor Craig!!
S/O to Chuck Berry congratulations on your marriage and living a prosperous life at 90 years of age. God Bless
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. . Happy Sabbath & God Bless
Happy Sabbath everyone may it be filled with blessings peace and love God Bless
At the end of it all God is going to get the Glory. Love you all God Bless
Hi Michael please keep the HEAT ON THE PONTIFX!!! God Bless you! and all you do!! Mario Bergolio needs to step down.!
God Bless you Bobby Gunn. Seize your opportunity and take your place in history. Don't try to outbox him, maraud him!
God Bless this family! & I are proud to call & friends, 2 of the strongest ppl. https:…
INFO:Jalal Talabani or Mam (uncle) Jalal is of the greatest kurdish Peshmerga warrior,founder of PUK & former iraqi President. God Bless him
Thank you to (Embassy of the United States of America to Italy) for following us!. God Bless 🇺🇸 and 🇮🇹!
Hi. ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?! . Meet me @ Jeff Ruby's tonight & Saturday 9pm. Bring your dancing shoes and let's get our Groove On!!!. God Bless
God bless you all at elevation church. God Bless your Perry Noble my brother in Christ. You are in my prayers.
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