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Gob Bluth

Arrested Development is an American television sitcom that originally aired on the Fox network from November 2, 2003 to February 10, 2006. Created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the show centers on the Bluth family, a formerly wealthy, habitually dysfunctional family, and is presented in a continuous format, incorporating hand-held camera work, narration, archival photos, and historical footage.

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Oliver Queen is basically GOB Bluth except not played for laughs
Sitcom characters i'd like to be/probably marry - Gob/Lucille Bluth, April Ludgate, Sharon/Rob from Catastrophe.
"I never even knew there was a cabin Dad wasn't taking me to." -- GOB Bluth
Beekeeper Steve Nass supports beekeeper tax break. GOB Bluth weighs in on this sleazy deal buzzing in Capitol.
45 on the Muslim Ban sounds like Gob Bluth when he's hired at Sitwell.
For some reason I can't stop thinking of Gob Bluth
My escape from reality is watching Arrested Development and imagining Trump as George Bluth. Donald Jr is Gob. obviously.
.presentation after my heart featuring GOB Bluth - only missing The Final Countdown and a “Come on!” r…
i watch it because a reverse centaur Gob Bluth has my terrible mental heath and self-destructive tende…
Leave work, finds out Grant Hart died and that I locked my keys in the car. C'MON!!
Basically the Republicans are trying to play football but their quarterback is Gob Bluth.
I still find it hard to disconnect from Gob Bluth even now that is more iconic
This guy is like .. If Gob Bluth was a sociopath
:o I only now realise that is Gob Bluth. The telly magic fools me always.
I literally still think about card tricks and gob bluth when I hear “magician” im sorry Adam
And because Will Arnett as the very funny Gob Bluth always used a Seg…
Your daily reminder that you cannot trust magicians. . Except for Gob Bluth, of course.
There better be coffee in that cup. Check out more on my Instagram.
The thing that makes BoJack funnier for me is imagining Gob Bluth's face everytime there's a gap after he speaks.
what in Gob's name happened to Michael Bluth?? is he making meth? stripping? youtubing? *** is going on here netfli…
Everytime I hear "Final Countdown" I only think of two things:. An home win and Gob Bluth. Both equally m…
Remember when we didn't know everyone in this cohort was Gob Bluth?
Can't get through Bojack horseman coz Gob Bluth. Also because it is Bojack Horseman.
Can't get through The Final Countdown without imagining Gob Bluth and that's when the giggle loop kicks in
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I hope does an animated crossover special where Bojack, Lego Batman, and Gob Bluth all meet each other at Group Therapy
Or that the whole show is a Gob Bluth stress dream
Josh out here giving Gob Bluth a run for his money. . This was honestly one of my favorite moments in Big Brother h…
By far the best thing about working retail is when someone calls you "guy," because it allows you to talk in a GOB Bluth voice.
Will Arnett is on this episode of Sesame Street as a magician, but not as Gob Bluth. :(
I'm forever grateful to Gob Bluth for teaching us the proper way to say the word "shirshumvrent."
It is hilarious that Arod has roped J Lo into his Arod Corp nonsense. Its like GOB Bluth with the Business Model.
My coworkers just referred to Gob Bluth as GOB, like gobble gobble. 🦃 I QUIT!
Out of context quote of the day from RWHQ: Speaking of songs Gob Bluth would play in his magic show, the air guitar championships are today.
Gob Bluth references make you sound really douchey if the person you're talking to has never watched
Look What You Made Me Do sounds like a song Gob Bluth would include in his magic show
At first glance, I honestly thought this was Gob Bluth.
When did Gob Bluth change his name to Brock Long??
Combined with picturing it's Gob Bluth as well 🤯
Whats up everypony gob bluth is a bottom
"I thought the jury was still out" -Gob Bluth 😉
There is a guy doing a juggling routine to music and all I can think about is Gob Bluth
*extremely Gob Bluth voice* but I didn't take unrealistic goal for an answer!!!
GOB Bluth, back at it again with those Forget-Me-Nows 😆
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
[Extremely Captain Picard channeling GOB Bluth Voice]. Will someone tell this INSUFFERABLE CHILD to
Danny Rand is the Gob Bluth of the -_-
Also, I guess you're already past the appearance of Agent GOB Bluth.
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Same last name. No one has my exact name afaik. This guy is basically an irl Gob Bluth.
You can just tell Gob Bluth arranged this shelf
This is just Ron Howard narration short of GOB Bluth.
Hard to read this without hearing Gob Bluth yell, "Come on!"
Listenin to Final Countdown on our boat like gd Gob Bluth
the Gob Bluth of the Norse pantheon
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In the words of GOB Bluth: "I hear the jury's still out on science."
The anticipatory stress I have now at my inevitable glance up at the eclipse tomorrow is real. I feel like Gob Bluth w/ self awareness.
F I spelled Gob Bluth wrong on my insta post like 3 days ago f my life
"I tried to express some things to you in a couple of those numbers, and maybe, just maybe, heal this count…
The Nazis are feeling a little bit like Gob Bluth right now...
Idea: we replace Trump with going full Gob Bluth for the next 3.5 years. Still undignified, but it'll at least be more amusing
sleaze is truly but a mashup of gob bluth, dennis reynolds, and "PLUR"
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Donny jr. Is not only Gob Bluth but also a teenage girl.
'let's take the guy who plays GOB Bluth and surgically remove everything that makes him fun'
Matthew McConaughey's homage to Gob Bluth in THE DARK TOWER is sublime.
Bannon thinks he'a a Bond villain. Foes think he is dark magician. But he's Gob Bluth in this clip.
It's like when Gob Bluth pretends to be a chicken
Sometimes I wonder if Donald Trump was home schooled by Gob Bluth
So today I came to the realization that: my 3 favorite characters of all time (Phil Dunphy, Barney Stinson and Gob Bluth) are all magicians
Reading the quote in Gob Bluth's voice = recommended
10/10 song reference but minus one because no Gob Bluth. :P :P :P
Thinking bout how Jeb Bush and Gob Bluth are basically the same man
I sometimes think of Gob Bluth from Arrested Development
Woah, Gob Bluth has let himself go...
I don't mean Will Arnett by the way, I mean Gob Bluth. You know what? Make a Far Cry game around the entire Bluth family.
I don't understand how or why I'm supposed to trust GMC when Gob Bluth does the voiceover for their commercials. The guy's a total flunkup.
Trump's presidency so far is a dead ringer of when Gob Bluth gets a job at Sitwell and just blurts out all the ideas at once
if this is a GOB Bluth joke, doubly funny
GOb Bluth is the best magician in history.
Doctor Strange is not besties with either Harry Potter or Gob Bluth
Gob Bluth is our greatest living magician. He's so good, he can make himself seem incompetent!
Not sure if this week is going to end in a GOB Bluth gif or now
just realized Donald Trump is Gob Bluth and . Gob Bluth is running for President of the United States
Left Rider game at halftime, which I've never done before. Like Gob Bluth, I almost made a huge mistake...but that game mostly sucked.
that *** looked like a prop bluth banana that GOB made
When my sister and I realize she is Gob and I'm Michael Bluth
Bingewatching w/ on Netflix, it's cool! AND invites so many GOB Bluth jokes
I just realised that with my current avatar/name I can totally channel the spirit of Gob Bluth & totally will. Consider it an illusion
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I am Gob Bluth, and Gob Bluth is me
I'm mad, someone on ratemyprof said that my African lit prof was the "Brad Pitt of uic" when he deadass looks like Gob Bluth
Bobby Roode's promo after NXT Brooklyn reminded me of Gob Bluth talking about his $ 5,500 suit
Bylined by Gob Bluth, who just realized He's made a huge mistake.
I just started UofL law last Monday. On a scale of 1 to Gob Bluth, how big of a mistake have I just made?
high school anime that sexualizes is never good, and always bad. why tf didnt people watch nichijou? *gob bluth voice* COME ON!
I love Gob Bluth why does he get treated so badly in s4 he just wants to be loVED
Found out that Jeb Bush's real name isn't even Jeb that's just his initials. Like an irl GOB bluth
We should all care about bees as much as Gob Bluth cares about bees
I mean. isn't there? by all right gob bluth and tony wonder end up together: ISN'T there?
I've got new shoes for work and I feel like Gob Bluth in that episode
This just makes me thing of GOB Bluth magic tricks. "Still, where did the lighter fluid come from?
Lucille Bluth: I love all of my children . [earlier that day] LB: I don't care for Gob
Gob and Michael Bluth are still friends, I see.
GOB Bluth's voice belongs in the Smithsonian.
Ngl I'm stupidly in love with Gob Bluth. Therefore the lack of him in s4 is alarming.
is like the Gob Bluth of wrestling.. Like how much did I pay for this suit?
Im pretty sure Gob is my favorite Bluth
yup, seemed like praying. Few seconds before that, his face was telling me "I've made a huge mistake" GOB Bluth style
whatever you say, Game of Thrones GOB Bluth.
Scored tickets to Paul Simon tonight! GOB Bluth would be so proud. :)
Good grief.gotta wait another 2.5 hours if not longer for it to be posted. As Gob Bluth would say "COME ON!"
I just always get the image of Gob Bluth whenever I hear it😂
I had the GOB Bluth gifs and shocked Sangmin faces ready to go on finale night if it went the other way
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Gif ~ film, Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth
New on Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth
Room Ideas: film, Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth
Check out this new trending ! Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth
New trending GIF on GIPHY! film, Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth
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film, Arrested Development, Will Arnett, gob bluth GIF
berts rooster sounds like Gob Bluth
I'm hoping that when Dr. Strange enters the Ancient One's chamber, he's passed in the hall by GOB Bluth, who's being kicked out."Come on!"
can we talk about this on the show? Better yet how about we imagine GOB Bluth doing a magic show for Avengers.
Jeb Bush's real name is John Ellis Bush (J.E.B.) which means he's basically the Gob Bluth of the Bush familly.
Donald Trump saying how much money he makes is like Gob Bluth saying how much his suit costs.
I have started watching Arrested Development and can already tell Gob Bluth will be my favorite character
Fast forward 2 years as Jim Pohlad channels his best Gob Bluth. "I've made a huge mistake."
hey cause the bluth step truck was in civil war can you push for a movie. Gob v strange: the final countdown?
You do! You also still look like GOB Bluth!
My favourite bits of this article are the subhead I was allowed to use, and also the picture of GOB Bluth.
Finally done Myers Briggs. Genuinely over the moon to find out I share a personality type with Gob Bluth, Pippin, Ygritte & Miley Cyrus. 🙌🏽
"I heard the jury is still out on science.". Gob Bluth
The GOP is running against Lucille Bluth in 2016, & they're going to lose because they thought it'd be better to nominate…
this makes me think of a post I saw that said Will Arnett should play Doctor Strange as Gob Bluth.
I tend to think of myself more as a GOB Bluth type of magician but I'll take it.
I'm getting sad thinking about Gob Bluth again.
Cannot listen to Final Countdown without images of Gob Bluth ;-) Ahhh the humanity.
Gob Bluth was right: 'Bees have become a billion-dollar business'
Gob bluth... Proof positive that gif is pronounced 'jif' goodnight h8rs
I love that Jericho is stealing Gob Bluth's gimmick. "Hello I'm the guy in the $15,000 jacket".
A friend asked me for my Mount Rushmore of TV characters (I limited it to comedy):. George Costanza . Hank Kingsley. Ben Katz. Gob Bluth
I imagine that menu being read in the voice of Gob Bluth
I just got that GOB Bluth was Arrested Development's Jeb Bush.
Pulled a Gob Bluth today and drove across town with a box of bees in the car. "The only thing…
Always think of Gob Bluth from when I hear this song.
"Square rep Aaron Zamost replied with the following GIF of magician Gob Bluth from “Arrested Development.”
"how, of all people, is GOB BLUTH SO SEXY?"
Segway tour! See the city while emulating Gob Bluth.
I see your channeling Gob Bluth today
my only life goal outside of owning the Mets is being able to afford Gob Bluth suits so I can yell "COME ON!" to my underlings
I would have paid $5 to have had Cumberbatch to quote GOB Bluth's famous line about the difference between "tricks" and "illusions."
Gob Bluth is quite possibly the best character of all time.
Ya think Greinke is channeling Gob ("I've made a huge mistake") Bluth right now?
So, I was just told that if I don’t make it in academia I can teach a six hour magic course for $75 a person, like GOB Bluth.
Cesaro taking dressing tips from GOB Bluth lately... .
Whenever 'The Final Countdown' comes on anywhere all I can think of is Gob and Buster Bluth in that funeral episode.
the one on the left is a dead ringer for Gob Bluth
Gob Bluth will forever be my spirit animal 😭😭😭 I need to learn to be better at this life thing
Michael voices a fox, I voice a superhero. Exactly as it should be.
I thought I told you to stop following me, Tobias.
First person to stick Mal's head on GOB Bluth riding a segway wins.
Any time I hear The Sound of Silence I immediately think of Gob Bluth and lose it.
every time the final countdown is played I momentarily strive to be gob bluth
We just fired a broadside at Gob Bluth.
Update your maps at Navteq
oh good. My next suggestion was going to be GOB Bluth but he's just as likely to give you pennies as quarters
Try to put on a good show, but the smoke and mirrors about "landing any minute" reminds me of Gob Bluth.
pretty good opening bu at the end I was waiting for GOB Bluth to appear.
that moment when Gob Bluth makes you wanna jump off a bridge I mean look @ them muscles boii
Jozy chucking his gloves reminded me of Gob Bluth trying to throw that letter into the ocean
"I heard the jury's still out on science." Gob Bluth.
Rewatching Arrested Development again...again. Gob Bluth I love you. Cc
So I've heard. Proper GOB Bluth "I've made a huge mistake" one, apparently. Hopefully that means it gets buried for a while.
If you don't spend this weekend watching you might as well be Gob Bluth
"Meanwhile,I'm working out like crazy! my diet has become insane! And this Jesus character,I mean,he was shredded!" - Gob Bluth
this is a very difficult question, but I'd have to say Gob , if Tobias doesn't count as a Bluth.
Can't decide if it's Will Arnett that I find attractive or Gob Bluth?
"If that one gets pregnant, she stays pregnant" - Gob Bluth
Remember: Before there was sad Ben Affleck, there was sad Gob Bluth. .
I just want Gob Bluth to do another magic trick.
I got: 'You got, Gob Bluth!' on 'Which 'Arrested Development' Character Are You?'
Opened a new bag of Starburst Jellybeans. Feeling a bit like Gob Bluth right now... . I’ve made a huge mistake.
The Daily Mail, obsessed with shoes, is starting to sound like Gob Bluth describing his suit. C'mon!
Bryan Colangelo will need time to settle into his role as GOB at the Bluth Company. "You think the guy in a $400 shirt…
Always loved Will Arnett for his time as Gob Bluth. But he's playing such a different role on Flaked, it's great to see.
Enjoyed seeing Venice in explored by Will Arnett. on bicycle & foot in Flaked. (GOB Bluth on a Linus!)
Chip in is Gob Bluth with none of the light hearted charisma but just as much of a lech.
Favorite TV characters of all time . 1. George Costanza. 2. Al Swearengen. 3. . 4. Vern Shillinger. 5. Gob Bluth
See, now I'm seeing Will Arnett as GOB Bluth as Dr. Strange.
News: The stock market tanked today. [cut to picture of exhausted stock broker who looks exactly like Gob Bluth from Arrested Development]
Getting kicked out of the Magician's Alliance a la GOB Bluth
star "Gob Bluth couldn't really live in this world"
I thought this was Gob Bluth stealing a wave from George Michael Jr. in a bikini based solely on the body language.
Kanye. You sang for two seconds and now you have guest stars. GOB BLUTH C'MON OVER HERE.
Screenshot for this CRM app is showing the Bluth Company's leads. Gob contacted them, they sent over a banana stand proposal. Awesome.
Gob Bluth is my favorite character in all of tv. And we all know how much I love tv.
I still think Jeb is a hateful manchild, but I *love* watching him go after Trump. It's Michael Bluth versus GOB.
I always forget that Jeb Bush is like Gob Bluth
The Jeb! thing with his mom is super weird. He's basically Buster Bluth except for the part where he's also the reason for GOB Bluth.
it would probably be more substantive if Gob Bluth was actually on the card
Jeb is the Gob Bluth of the Bush family
"And this Jesus character, I mean he was; shhredded!" -Gob Bluth- 😂
I would marry GOB Bluth in a millisecond
This photo would be 100x better if Gob Bluth's face was photoshopped in.
you know it never occurred to me until now that GOB Bluth is a JEB! Bush spoof...
if Gob Bluth can pull it off then I guess so can Jeb...
I have a spiritual connection to Gob Bluth
Looks like Tobias followed me to that Indian restaurant again last night.
Just looking into where JEB came from last week and learned it was John Ellis Bush (JEB) like George Oscar Bluth (GOB) 1/?
Am I the last person in America to realize GOB Bluth is an allusion to JEB! Bush? Arrested Development: The gift that keeps giving.
$TWTR needs a 'Gob Bluth' on its leadership team. You may be skeptical however. But think about it for a minute.
Tom Gores gives me some GOB Bluth vibes. Still love ya, dude.
Important:. - Stewart = Michael Bluth. - Dean = Gob Bluth. - is seriously funny and fans should give it a shot
I tried that yesterday. Pretty much immediately afterwards:
You know when the final countdown plays at uni retro night and you kinda expect Gob Bluth to appear
Has anyone photoshopped gob bluth's face 👌💯💯 well, beaten or go for
I honestly have no idea why more isn't made about the fact Gob Bluth was based on him
I really hope Jeb is exactly like GOB Bluth in real life
I am imagining Jesus as GOB Bluth but instead of one hundred pennies it's ONE HUNDRED SARDINES
Jeb Bush is apparently an acronym for John Ellis Bush. I've not seen that since Gob Bluth. Mind blown.
Jeb Bush and Gob Bluth at the same person and you cannot convince me otherwise.
it's like GOB in Arrested Development. George Oscar Bluth. must be a rich WASP american thing
A dumb name used to substitute a personality. Also it's his initials, & where GOB Bluth gets his name in Arrested Development
Jeb Bush is called "Jeb" bc it's an acronym for his initials. He's deadass the Gob Bluth of the Bush family
I so enjoy this Gob Bluth v. Biff Tannen side narrative
Colin Cowherd is Gob Bluth with none of the humor and more racism
Between Geico and Gob Bluth this final countdown song is gonna be stuck in my head for all eternity.
Game three and he's already doing the GOB Bluth? Yikes.
"The Final Countdown" should only be played to accompany Gob Bluth's stage entrance. With a dove.
I taught my two-year-old nieces to do the GOB Bluth chicken dance and noises. I'm not a very good person.
yes yes yes to Buffy but GOB Bluth instead of Lucille? Nah
IDK why but I read that in a GOB Bluth voice and the actual resulting laugh was me going "hehehehe." Life is so eerie sometimes
Thanks to Slack, I was able to use *both* the :poop: emoji and a Gob Bluth animated gif in a professional context this week.
If there was a real life Gob Bluth, it'd be Brian Grazer...
This just caught my eye when firing up thin: Thin web server (v1.6.4 codename Gob Bluth) :)
Don't care how many times I see the "Final Countdown" GEICO commercial, it will always be Gob Bluth's song to me
When Gob Bluth said "I hear the jury's still out on science", that's when I knew I'd be an arts student
Sorry GEICO, that ad with the “Final Count Down” music only makes me think of Gob Bluth and his magic show on
in the words of Gob Bluth "Im your big brother Michael, i'll never be impressed by anything you do"
I have been informed by that will be making a comeback. I feel sorta like Gob Bluth
I love that song mainly due to gob bluth
"They're illusions Michael, a trick is something a *** does for money" - Gob Bluth. - Conor Hartley
One of MGS 5's cassete tapes is The Final Countdown. I cannot listen to that song without thinking about Gob Bluth
Jeff Banister gonna channel his Gob Bluth "I've made a huge mistake" face after the series if he does that
Set of four x 1" designs inspired by Gob Bluth from the cult TV series 'Arrested...
Every time geico "final countdown" commercial comes on I get excited thinking there going to be a Gob Bluth appearance, only to be let down
My wife on Cris Collinsworth: "He looks like a long lost Bluth brother. He looks exactly like GOB."
Fun tip: when watching pretend is actually GOB Bluth. Surprisingly little changes
Every time I see that GEICO commercial with Europe playing The Final Countdown, I can't help but long for a GOB Bluth magic show.
The Final Countdown will never not remind me of Gob Bluth.
How do they make a commercial with Europe doing "The Final Countdown" with no cameo appearance by GOB Bluth?
I just swallowed a whole bucket of Gob Bluth's 'forget-me-now' pills.
Every time I hear the song " The Final Countdown", I cannot help but think of GOB Bluth.
i keep waiting for Gob Bluth to pop up in this geico final countdown commercial
Actually just watched the first three episodes last night. Pretty good. But then, I'd watch anything with Gob Bluth.
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Can we talk about how Jeb Bush 's name is constructed the exact same was as Gob Bluth? Terrifying.
he looks like Gob Bluth with those sandals
Europe's The Final Countdown now and forever more reminds me think of Gob Bluth.
If I knew the 7 train was going to run once in a blue moon, I would've run for the last one. *** Come on!! /Gob Bluth
I will never get over the fact that name is a real life Gob Bluth.
Vatican goes GOB Bluth over Kim Davis affair, admits they made a huge mistake.
John C Reilly at end of Boogie Nights as inspiration for Gob Bluth
'twas the inspiration for Gob Bluth (George Oscar Bluth)
Idk if a top 5 funniest tv characters ever is even conceivable, but in that list w/Michael Scott & Gob Bluth SHOULD BE Rafi from The League.
There's a crying toddler on my coach. We're stuck in traffic and every so often between sobs he cries out "COME ON!" like Gob Bluth.
Gob and George Michael Bluth fighting crime. Amazing shout.
I feel like Gob Bluth and the first words of sound of silence plays randomly in my head randomly throughout the day
Heather and her Pet - gob-bluth-sfm: I never actually played any of the Silent Hill games, but I know...
gob bluth is the love of my life god *** it i KNEW this would happen
I am eerily similar to Gob Bluth... It's time to reevaluate my life
Gob bluth was eating captain crunch and now I really want some captain crunch
Marketing is never a magic trick? All that time spent studying Gob Bluth's teachings...
Fun fact: I pronounce Steve Jobs' last name as Joh-b, as in Gob Bluth
lmao you could tell he was doing the gob bluth 'I've made a huge mistake' for a week
A good accidental photo of gob bluth
George Michael and GOB Bluth reunite as Lego Batman and Robin!
Gob Bluth brings in George Michael as a sidekick
its like a Bluth family reunion. Uncle Gob and George Michael now fighting crime.
Jeb Bush is the Gob Bluth of the Presidential candidates. Jeb=John Ellis Bush. Gob = George Oscar Bluth
Tried my best not to sound like Gob Bluth when reporting on the CONCACAF matches.
yeah, Jeb! is way too close to how I assume Gob Bluth would run for office, down to the overeager fist pump of the exclamation point
Man, the only thing that *** about my job is how quiet it is around me. In the words of Gob Bluth, "Hello Darkness, my old friend"
Daily fun fact: Jeb Bush is named Jeb because of his initials, like GOB Bluth.
So you would've gone with GOB instead of Michael Bluth.
Am I right in thinking that GOB Bluth has probably traded his Segway for one of those standing-wheel thingies - Solowheel or whatever?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can't stop thinking about this:. 8 Ways Jeb Bush & Gob Bluth Are The Same via
it was only *very slightly* less ridiculous than living with Gob Bluth.
Seven hours to go. If you need me I'll be blasting this like my name's Gob Bluth.
There is a crow outside doing an amazing GOB Bluth chicken impression right now.
Loved your article on Jeb vs. Gob. I'd have guessed George W. was more like if Gob Bluth became president before Michael Bluth
this piece is awfully similar to your Medium piece
Brilliant: Eight ways Jeb Bush and Gob Bluth from 'Arrested Development' are the same person
A celebratory magic show by Gob Bluth?
Let's all hope we don't have a Gob Bluth moment in a year or two over this nuke deal...
I feel like the Gob Bluth of my family
Ugh, Ant Man is really turning into the Gob Bluth of marvel movies.
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