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Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (born February 20, 1924) is an American artist, author, actress, heiress, and socialite most noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans.

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Who knew Gloria Vanderbilt jeans would fit so well?
I've alwaysvbelieved that one woman's success can only help anot er woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always belieeed that one woman's success can only help anothmr woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
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I've always believed that oye woman's success can only help another woman's succ ss. - Gloria Vanderbilt
"I love to think that animals and humans and plants and fishes and trees and stars and the moon are a…
I've always believed that one woman's success cau only help another woman's successk - Gloria Vanderbilt
Edie Sedgwick jumps to her death 'from the same penthouse apartment where Gloria Vanderbilt's son kill…
What doe we expect...Gloria Vanderbilt is his mommy & she even cut him off from her $200mil estate...😂😂😂
WHAT a story: Edie Sedgwick biographer jumps to her death from the same penthouse that took Gloria Vanderbilt's son.
I've always believed that one woman's success ccn only help arother woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Anderson Cooper's brother committed suicide by jumping off this same building. Their mother, Gloria Vanderbilt live…
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My spouse jus yelled from downstairs, "Gloria Vanderbilt is on Love Boat!!" What Sundays were made for.
By chance I just alighted on the fashion designer episode of Love Boat featuring Halston, Bob MacKie, Gloria Vanderbilt & our late friend...
The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss by Gloria Vanderbilt
Halston, Geoffrey Beene, Bob MacKie and Gloria Vanderbilt all in the same "Rogue Vogue" episode of Love Boat. Aaron Spelling - the best!
Great episode of Love Boat on including your mom. Great to see Gloria Vanderbilt on the cruise...blast from the past.
Today on The Love Boat we have Bob MacKie, Halston and Gloria Vanderbilt! *** !
I've always belie;ed that one.woman's success can mnly help another woman's .uccess. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Gloria Vanderbilt Relaxed Fit Pants. via
mama is gloria vanderbilt. worked for the CIA for 2 summers. do ur res…
I've always believed that one womsn's success can only help another woma:'s success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
your documentary on Gloria Vanderbilt was simply beautiful. Thank you.
Gloria Vanderbilt upbringing was so relatable I grew up feeling I didn't belong to either side of my family either
Just finished watching the Gloria Vanderbilt documentary Nothing Left Unsaid! Beautifully told by a phenomenal woman. Amazingly Done!!
I am so moved by you and your Mother's story. Little did I know what a similar past I shared with Gloria Vanderbilt.
Spent my evening loving the "Nothing Left Unsaid" story with Gloria Vanderbilt Feel in love all over again with those jeans
Really enjoyed and Gloria Vanderbilt's 'Nothing Left Unsaid' great documentary.
God Bless Gloria Vanderbilt and keep her and her son Anderson Cooper safe and in good health.
A must see. documentary on mother Gloria Vanderbilt's life & legacy is beautifully told. featured in NBC s Science of Love
HBO documentary with Anderson Cooper and his mom Gloria Vanderbilt was really good
My mom was born 6days after Gloria Vanderbilt and still feels some strange connection to her & Anderson Cooper. I mention whilst they live
Just watched Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper on ... again.
Watching Nothing left unsaid. Gloria Vanderbilt. Is remarkable and has to endure too much pain in her life.
Gloria Vanderbilt retelling of Carter's suicide and how she wanted to join him but thought of is so desperately sad. 😔😢
Watching the Gloria Vanderbilt/Anderson Cooper doc Nothing Left Unsaid on CNN (originally aired on HBO). Gloria...
That scene where Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt visit AC's brother's grave is more haunting than any recent movie moment.
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! We did NOT know that Gloria Vanderbilt is mother! Gosh! So amazing!!! We are such a fan!
right, but he already had fame as well. His mom is Gloria Vanderbilt. TRAGIC.
beautiful profound documentary of Gloria Vanderbilt and
Unexpected compelling documentary: Anderson Cooper's CNN profile on his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, is must-watch. Also harrowing in many ways.
Between Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds now watching this Anderson Cooper/Gloria Vanderbilt doc I'm never letting Beth leave the house again
Did I just see a biography of Anderson Cooper on CNN? You know, the poor kid raised by Gloria Vanderbilt? Cry me a river.
"It's only once that you accept that life is a tragedy that you can start to live." -Gloria Vanderbilt
HBO special Anderson Cooper & his mom Gloria Vanderbilt is fantastic and heartbreaking
Once you believe life is a tragedy you can finally live. -Gloria Vanderbilt
a coop Gloria Vanderbilt hour is riveting
Gloria Vanderbilt is one of the most interesting people I've ever heard about
So CNN has elected to show the Anderson Cooper Gloria Vanderbilt show AGAIN today?
What an interesting and beautiful glimpse into the life of Gloria Vanderbilt...Diamonds are made under pressure.
Watching the life of Gloria Vanderbilt Simply fascinating
I am truly enjoying with interviewing his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. . As a youth, I had some white Vanderbilts,
Loving the Gloria Vanderbilt story. Thank you Anderson Cooper for sharing your Mother. Priceless.
I did not know Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt lol
18) Gloria Vanderbilt - has had truly an iconic life, make sure you read her book "the rainbow comes and goes" with son And…
Should be asleep but riveted to touching doc about mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Highly recommend.
Gloria Vanderbilt is so beautiful and sophisticated.
This & Gloria Vanderbilt documentary is captivating.
thoroughly enjoying Gloria Vanderbilt and her story.
Gloria Vanderbilt's life story is extraordinary...enjoying on
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I didn't know Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Cooper's mom
CNN is really good right now, is this Gloria Vanderbilt? I love her open minded genius and massive beauty...
I envy the lucky library that will have all of Gloria Vanderbilt's artifacts!
Gloria Vanderbilt is almost 93 years old. I want to look like her when I'm 60.
Gloria Vanderbilt is 91 years young? She looks amazing!! Loving this profile on her life.
Watching the most beautiful and interesting documentary about the incredible Gloria Vanderbilt!
I literally just found out within the past 2 weeks that Anderson Cooper was Gloria Vanderbilt's son & now this doc is on.
Watching "Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & on To me wearing my
I had other things I wanted to do tonight but this *** documentary on CNN about Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt is so fascinating.
is such a great documentary!Have always Loved Gloria Vanderbilt!I am now talking to my mom about everything
TV Thursday: Anderson Cooper’s fascinating documentary on his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt
Wow! Gloria Vanderbilt's story with her son, Anderson Cooper conversing with her. So sad. Poor little rich girl.
is a walk thru history with American royalty. Grateful for Gloria Vanderbilt's sharing this amazing glimpse of her life
So happy to watch Gloria Vanderbilt & documentary again. love love love it
Totally diggin' the Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt special on CNN. Fascinating. Love them both and I'm in...
How come Anderson hasn't paid reparations to descendants of the Slaves his family owned? HE'S wealthy, his Mom too:Gloria Vanderbilt!
Notable alumnae include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lilly Pulitzer and, of course, the Olsen twins.
Anderson Cooper is the daughter of Gloria Vanderbilt?. 08:00
Anderson Cooper's "The Rainbow Comes and Goes" with mom Gloria Vanderbilt. bro committed suicide @ 21 learned to live in a world without why
"I know the rainbow comes and goes and really isn't that enough?" Gloria Vanderbilt
Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, talk about their new book, "The Rainbow Comes and Goes."
I've always believed that one woman's success can on,y help another woman:s success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Spaghetti for lunch! 😊 Watching 'Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & .' She is a force of nature and a lovely woman. 💖
and his share their story in . Learn more about it here:.
My mama was so excited to receive her copy of and Gloria Vanderbilt's book, 'The Rainbow Comes and Goes' for Mother's Day!
Great Mothers Day gift. I can't wait to read it! I had no idea Gloria Vanderbilt was so fascinating
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i can't stop thinking about how Gloria Vanderbilt's nurse/nanny/de facto mom died in a Catholic Charity nursing home
Goals: to be as graceful and poise as Gloria Vanderbilt at the age of 91 ❤️
Gloria Vanderbilt and make an adorable mother/son pair! Need an instant family? Here they are!
I've a.ways believed;that one womon's succe.s can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
After Reading The Rainbow Comes and Goes and Watching tonight I've decided that Gloria Vanderbilt is my hero.
Gloria Vanderbilt opens up to her son Anderson Coope
I am a lover of all things nostalgic like Iconic jackets and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. ~Micahisgod
Sean, why would I spend one second listening to Creepy Cruz and Sorry Carly?I watched Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt.
i want to live in whatever Upper East Side world that Gloria Vanderbilt and Lee Radziwill live in
I'd love to see this! Anderson & his mom, the brilliant Gloria Vanderbilt! . Thanks, Linda!
You had me at "Anderson Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt." .
my mom Vanderbilt and me just before I left high school early and moved to Africa.…
If you're home tonight check out on HBO. Amazing doc about & his mom Gloria Vanderbilt
HBO's Nothing Left Unsaid by about his mom Gloria Vanderbilt. Warmly human. Inspiring for creatives.
Watching "Nothing Left Unsaid", Anderson Cooper's documentary about his mom Gloria Vanderbilt. Lovely and sad and soulful and loving.
The Anderson Cooper/Gloria Vanderbilt HBO doc is intimate and sorrowful; watching it made me realize how rarely I see mo…
on HBO. chronicle of the life of his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, and their relationship is a must-watch.
from the movie, "...Mary Gordon, which is ‘A fatherless girl thinks all things possible and nothing safe,’" two...
i didnt know that Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son Hmmm learn something new every day!
So good and sooo interesting. — watching Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper
I watched. Documentary on Gloria Vanderbilt she is a Strong, Amazing Woman. GV Jeans were all I knew about her. Wow
"How do you live having a son who doesn’t want to see you?”
I had no idea Gloria Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper's mother.
got the opportunity to review the story of Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper -
A look back at Gloria Vanderbilt through the years:
Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Copper's HBO documentary Nothing Left Unsaid leaves out key details on estranged son…
According to this Gloria Vanderbilt documentary, named (or made?) GV's "dream boxes." Neat.
Kind of odd but interesting to be the subject of a list
of between andin all it'sVanderbilt opens up to her son Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper and mom to publish joint...
Watched the Gloria Vanderbilt doc, she's awful, never liked her son either
Gloria Vanderbilt is seriously stunning, and since she quoted Mary Gordon, I feel like we're all friends. Loving
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“The phone can ring, and your life can change in a blink,” Gloria Vanderbilt says
Anderson Cooper and his legendary mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, star in new HBO documentary.
Wonderful story on CBS Sunday Morning about Anderson Cooper and his mother, 92-year old Gloria Vanderbilt.
.documentary "reveals the truth" of his mom Gloria Vanderbilt's life
Sundance: Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper Doc Explores "Life of Privilege and Loss": Oscar-nominated documentarian Liz Garbus' ...
I'm eagerly awaiting the Wolf Hall Anderson Cooper just fantasy-casted: Gloria Vanderbilt as Henry VIII, AC as Cromwell.
💕 Anderson Cooper (from CNN) is Gloria Vanderbilt's son, and Carly Simon's dad is Richard Simon of Simon and Schuster Publishing. Who knew?
Kathy and Anderson could adopt me and I would be quite happy. Also Gloria Vanderbilt. 😍
I love Kathy and Anderson. She's asking him if he and Gloria Vanderbilt ever considered going on a spree.
My fav joke of the night is boohooing about Gloria Vanderbilt refusing to take to
Like u wouldn't take this gig??? You'd bang a 92 year old Gloria Vanderbilt & do it from Christopher Street if "Coop" asked u
Anderson Cooper? Yes. He is also a Vanderbilt grandson. Gloria is his mother.
So interesting to learn you mom is Gloria Vanderbilt! Love you two!!
Gloria Vanderbilt was his mother, I think.
Kathy, imitate Gloria Vanderbilt. You do it brilliantly. Anderson, make sure ur pants are locked. 1/2
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📷 alwaysbevintage: Model Gloria Vanderbilt in dress by Mainbocher New York photographed by Richard...
Very disappointed in these Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. 😡
'I have always believed that a woman's success can only help another woman's success'. Gloria Vanderbilt
I've alwqys believed that one woman'sbsuccess can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believep thaj one woman's succes can only,help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I like Anderson Cooper... especially when he has his mom on. Gloria Vanderbilt is a really cool woman.
Born with mommys silver spoon in his or hers mouth.. @ gloria vanderbilt jeans
I've alrays believed that one woman'smsuccess can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Thinking of my Aunt Naomi -SIP - she got me my first pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans - or should I say we boasted...
I've always believed that one noman's success can only help another woman's suqcess. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed tlat one woman's success can only hekp another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed phat one woman's success can only help another woman's succers. - Gloria Vanderbilt
FOND MEMORIES PLATE by Gloria Vanderbilt - - "Girl in Green Dress"
I've always believed that one eoman's success can only help another wtman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that one wuman's success can only help another woman's suctess. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that one woman's suckess can only help another woian's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that one woman's su cess can only help anbther woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Hey is this guy wearing glasses from the Gloria Vanderbilt collection?
I be thriftin heavy. Something about them vintage Gloria Vanderbilt denim
Gloria Vanderbilt was an artist, actress, author and is noted as an early developer of designer of blue jeans.
When I begin to sit with the dawn in solitude, I begin to. really live. It makes me treasure every single moment of life. -Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believzd that one woman's success can only oelp another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always ielieved that one woman's success can only helppanother woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Have great, secret, big, fat hopes for yourself.-Gloria Vanderbilt in Glamour
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I've always believedpthat one woman's success can only help another wo an's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always .elieved that one woman's succ;ss can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believedxthae one wovan'x sucvess can only help anothe; woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
so I'm sure uve heard since CNN is where I heard, but a woman will be on $10 bills. Hoping its Gloria Vanderbilt. Or my mom.
comfy sandals and drape pants are in, fingers crossed that my Kohls/Gloria Vanderbilt stretchy mom jeans are next
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I've always believ|d that one woman's success can only help another woman'p success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that onejwoman's success can only help another woman'v success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that one woman's success jan only help another woman's huccess. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believek that one woman's sucpess can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
I've always believed that one woman's suocess can only help another womands success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Interesting. I see George Vanderbilt lived there. Wonder if related to Gloria. Just finished one of her biogs.
Gloria Vanderbilt's former mansion being restored for $59M...
Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. - Gloria Vanderbilt - Artist, Author, and Actress
You cant beat a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt's
Portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt with her son, anchor Anderson Cooper.
but if u have regular ol' Gloria Vanderbilt stonewashed relaxed fits, the washing machine is ok.
Weather-related loopiness has officially set in. Photo: Gloria Vanderbilt by Stan Shaffer
“That is the best; to laugh with someone because you think the same things are funny.” - Gloria Vanderbilt
Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son and great grandson of Cornelius
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Gloria Vanderbilt will beg to differ with that.
“2014 in Review: DVF may go downmarket but Gloria Vanderbilt never will.
Behind the scenes on the set of Gloria by Vanderbilt | | photographer | make…
I grew up in an era when fashion designers like "Gloria Vanderbilt" and "Jordache" had dreams of everyone's *** in their jeans.
I've always believid that one woman'snsuccess can only help another woman's success. - Gloria Vanderbilt
Honored and excited to be the new face of Gloria by Vanderbilt | | Photography…
- Did you know at the age of 3 appeared w/ his mom Gloria Vanderbilt on The Tonight Show on Sept 17, 1970 ?
Get Gloria Vanderbilt, Earl Jean, and Ruff Hewn at Bon-Ton with at
I've always believed that ane woman's success can only help another woman's successd - Gloria Vanderbilt
I know gloria vanderbilt. So should you.
My shower caddy is Gloria Vanderbilt like my jean shorts.
I’ve been eyeing those Gloria Vanderbilt Ladies’ Stretch Knit Pull-On Ponte Pants & now they’re on sale!
A visit with Betty Halbreich or my favorite Gloria Vanderbilt! More with John Derian!
And now for something different. GLoria Vanderbilt (Mother of Anderson Cooper fyi). :-)
Why do tapered Gloria Vanderbilt jeans still exist?
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we were right, another later book called Poor Little Rich Girl was about Gloria Vanderbilt. Whew my poor old brain LOL
Gloria Vanderbilt for Harper’s Bazaar, ca 1960. Photo by Richard Avedon. Evening gown by Mainbocher.
This is a pair of mint condition - like brand new - maybe worn once...pair of size 14 capri jeans made by "Gloria Vanderbilt." Asking $5.00. PUO Lincoln Park. FCFS. No Holds. POOS. Thank you!
Pam Oliver's Gloria Vanderbilt jeans gave the NFL the idea for throwback jerseys.
No I like rough play when I'm in love and its time but being masculine and a DADDY is not being mean Daeteks character on Defiance who is neither he nor looks anything like him though the mother is Andersons sister and really does look like that GLORIA VANDERBILT promise uhm they're not from norway though their from ALASKA. His family uhh lashed out because like Tsar he has a problem showing affection except to me
Anderson Cooper is the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt. |
Love this. Anderson Cooper said his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, always told him these exact words. Now, I tell my kids this.
My interview with Gloria Vanderbilt up now on | A Last Vestige to New York's Golden Age
Bon-Ton – Up to 40% off Plus Size Apparel from Gloria Vanderbilt Sport, Ruff Hewn, Calvin Klein Performance and ...
That is a quote by clothing designer Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper's mother).
Gloria Vanderbilt had that dream too.
Gordon Parks: Gloria Vanderbilt Stokowski in costume for Molnar's play The Swan, 1954.
Gloria Vanderbilt in full length lace dress, 1954 by Gordon Parks for Life Magazine
I'm giving away: Gloria Vanderbilt Size 12 Blue Jeans. Check it out -
Had on while I was sleeping. Woke up to hear ""Oh, no! It’s Gloria Vanderbilt, out for revenge!". Love the older ones.
I’ve always believed that one success can only help another woman’s ~ Gloria Vanderbilt
“oh no , it’s Gloria Vanderbilt out for revenge” is an amazing line to yell whenever you see someone new
oh no it's Gloria Vanderbilt, out for revenge.
Oh no! It's Gloria Vanderbilt out for revenge!
"Oh no ... its Gloria Vanderbilt out for revenge!"
My father went out with Gloria Vanderbilt twice. My step sister's severely bummed that nothing came of it; hence no Anderson Cooper tie in.
Gloria Vanderbilt and son Cooper Anderson,known to NWO elites as Andy Vanderbilt.
he'd even be better with gloria Vanderbilt lol
Gloria Vanderbilt is his actual mother. FACT.
Wow! I just won this for free, Women's Jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt Stretch Jeans (6)
You rocked leg warmers with Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and an Aignier purse.
My son needs Gloria Vanderbilt to be his Grama! He now only calls camaros by their "classy" name: ca-mah-ros!!
Remarkable Vanderbilt thru her art exhibit
watch "Gloria Vanderbilt jeans commercial starring Deborah Harry of blondie" on YouTube
Just finished watching Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote." WOW! What a masterful acting job, and really good movie. He completely becomes Truman Capote, even transforming his large stature into Capote's diminutive self. There is a scene where Capote is speaking with one of the murderers Perry Smith, which deals with the relationship between a writer and his subject, as well as foreshadows Capote being ostracized by his "Swans" -- Babe Paley, Gloria Vanderbilt et al at the publishing of "La Cote Basque" and "Answered Prayers." Guess what's up next on my Netflix queue -- Lars von Triers' "Dancer in the Dark," with Bjork. Another happy-go-lucky movie.
I just want Gloria Vanderbilt jeans like Janet from threes company they fit her perf
I didn't know that Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Coopers mother!
At 90, Gloria Vanderbilt shows no signs of endlessly reincarnating herself, but one thing stays the same: those daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Anderson Cooper won't get mom's millions via
Anderson Cooper reveals how much he'll inherit from mom Gloria Vanderbilt
I didn't realize that Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Coopers Mother.
Did not know Andersen Cooper's mom was THE Gloria Vanderbilt!! I wonder if she can make me some jeans
Anderson Cooper won't get mom's millions He doesn't believe in "inheriting money" now that mom b…
TIL that Anderson Cooper is a member of the Vanderbilt family: Is this common knowledge?
Anderson Cooper won't get mom's millions
Gloria Vanderbilt jeans size 16 dark color are longs Other pair is med length $2.00 each. Pup only
Gloria Vanderbilt fortune not going to son Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper gets no inheritance from mom Gloria Vanderbilt; Miley Cyrus' 'second worst day' of her life:...
Anderson Cooper won't get mom's millions "I don't believe in inheriting money"
Anderson Cooper has revealed that he will not be inheriting any money from his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s $200 million fortune.
Money Motivation: Does Growing Up With a Silver Spoon Foster or Inhibit Boss Moves?: One of my favorite media ...
I remember when the carnival came every summer and we rode rides that would probably be outlawed for safety now! I loved going to football, basketball games and going to the attic and listening to joan jett on the jukebox over and over! There was a big black guy w/ an afro who ran the place.And I would go to IGA and buy farrah fawcett shampoo and body on tap shampoo(w/ beer )in it and Gee, your hair smells terrific shampoo.Marching in the parades twirling my baton and girl scout, brownie meetings and hanging out at the library.And I had to have overalls w/a brown patch on back pocket(turtle bax) and gloria vanderbilt jeans.I had such a crush onJeff Amos who was the quarterback on football.And didnt they at a neighboring school have a basketball game where the players rode donkeys and played a game? Lol.
Gloria Vanderbilt worth 200 mil and not leaving anything to her son AC 360? Man now I don't feel so bad
Anderson Cooper comes from money — he's a son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt. But he's not getting any of it.
Brand new Gloria Vanderbilt capris with tags!! Size 16 $20
Anderson Cooper says he won’t inherit any of his mom Gloria Vanderbilt family’s millions when his mother dies.
Anderson Coopers mom is Gloria Vanderbilt? Did he have to wear those jeans growing up?
Anderson Cooper will not receive an inheritance from mother Gloria Vanderbilt
If Gloria Vanderbilt is your mom ...I guess growing up, as a child at least ... you are always "wearing Gloria Vanderbilt". So yeah, Anderson Cooper's maternal great-great-great-grandfather was 'Cornelius Vanderbilt' ... that is like the whitest thing I've typed ... ever maybe.
I had nary a clue that Gloria Vanderbilt is Anderson Coopers mom!
His 90-year-old mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is the great-great-great-granddaughter of the railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt.
Who knew Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt???
So who knew that Anderson Cooper's mother is Gloria Vanderbilt? I had no idea...
Anderson Cooper opens up about not getting inheritance from his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.
Anderson Cooper will not be receiving an inheritance from mom Gloria Vanderbilt, who's reportedly worth $200 million
So, tonight I learned, by reading a random article about Anderson Cooper, and researching his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, that she was the great-great-granddaughter of Billionaire, Cornelius Vanderbilt, who ran numerous Railroads, including the Pennsylvania, Lake Erie RR (P&LE), which ran through Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley, of which, past officers included James Reed, and Colonel Schoonmaker, founders of Monessen. 6 degrees of separation? I love history! We're always more connected than we realize!
Anderson Cooper won't inherit any of of his mother's fortune. Who is his mother? Not many know that the CNN news anchor and host is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt
Anderson Cooper won't get any of his mother Gloria Vanderbilt's $200 million fortune, reports
Really??? Gloria Vanderbilt is not going to leave a dime to her son Anderson Cooper? Why? What did he do?
Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Well, shiver me timbers.
Anderson Cooper might be sitting on millions of dollars, but he doesn’t care. The cable news anchor, 46, who is the son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt — legacy to the New York railroad fortune — says the family's old money won't fall in his lap.
Got into size 6 Gloria Vanderbilt Capri pants! Now I know they are tight but point is last year I was wearing a size 26 in January and look what a year and four months has done for me! Complete change!
How did I miss that Gloria Vanderbilt is Andersoon Cooper's mom?
Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt? Why didn't I know this?
CNN host Anderson Cooper has revealed that he will not receive any inheritance from his wealthy mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.
Anderson Cooper announced that his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt was not leaving him a cent of inheritance because she felt that in doing so, he would not want to make an effort to work. I thought about that a lot. My Dad who had worked very hard to keep food for us to eat, a house to live in, clothes to wear, but most of all, he gave all 3 of us kids a want to work and a want to enjoy work. I knew I was getting my education to get away from the farm and do what I knew the Lord had planned for me to do. Perhaps Gloria Vanderbilt did the best thing for her son. He is as well-known as she is and as time goes on, her memory will fade and his will linger.
I never knew that Gloria Vanderbilt was Anderson Cooper's!! Hated those jeans...although my *** is flat, not flat enough for those
Have I been living in a bubble? Did anyone else know that Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt? Kinda weird...
I did not know that Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt ' s son
Why won't be receiving an inheritance from mom, Gloria Vanderbilt
Imagine my surprise at the news story that reporter Anderson Cooper's mom is designer Gloria knew??!
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