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Global Warming

Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation.

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King George, Prince Abdullah, Global Warming, and the Torture of Thomas Jefferson -->…
This went way over my head. Thought we were talking Global Warming...
You can't. Any severe weather will be blamed on Global Warming as the seed…
10 years ago, Lake Ontario was going to dry up, 'cause Global Warming.
The Cold War was great because it proved that Global Warming was completely Fake News.
Global Warming is a lie created by the government to cover up the assassination of Billy Mays
Bollywood star sends out a warning about Global Warming! 🌍♻.
made a lot of $ from Global Warming! Has received over 30 million from Open Society Foundation gave him 10 mill a year!
.Global Warming is biggest scam since Piltdown Man (look it up). Been studying for 20 yrs. All about redistributing wealth.
Global Warming was simply using Sun as wireless induction charging and Ionization of Atmosphere in global Tesla Coil like conduction
I like to think that we aren't the sole cause of Global Warming but rather contribute to it; do you concur?
Damo, stick to ripping yarns like Godzilla, Star Trek and Global Warming and he will identify and find inner peace. Cutter
Club Penguin shut down because of Global Warming.
Nukes, Global Warming and Donald Trump are equally dangerous for planet Earth 🌏.
Worried about Global Warming and the world we leave behind to Keith Richards. 🙂
Goes Electric While The West Debates "How can we have the Global Warming if the Weather is cold?"
Breast Cancer Awareness
At the rate the world is ignoring Global Warming, I'm afraid the Airport will be an aquatic centre by then.
And y'all thought Hilary Banks was an airhead. She was talking bout Global Warming in 1990. Who's the airhead now?
- I think Global Warming = hoax, but that doesn't change the fact that oil is going to run out. Nuclear Fusion = solution.
Like Joe Kernen said 2 Feet of Global Warming. Just back from Europe & they're quietly moving away from expensive &…
Global Warming is about to hit the East Coast . 20 inches of SUN If you live on the East Coast Stay Safe
The song could be about Global Warming, but Cass - "I have money, they hate me, Minnie Dlamini, I bought a Bentley" 😒
Francesca Lia Block: Love in the Time of Global Warming & The Island of Excess Love
Why does Iran/North Korea test ballistic missiles?This is not good 4 the environment Where is UN? North Korean midget creates Global Warming
Global Warming. Miserable stretches of trail prompt Iditarod to move race start to Fairbanks - Alaska Dispatch News
350Mass South Shore forum on Global Warming is March 5 - Wicked Local Norwell -
Checking out "How Severe is the Impact of Global Warming and Global Climate Ch" on Data Science Central:
If you say Global Warming three times while looking in a mirror Donald Trump will appear behind you
Ur still around with ur fake Global Warming? Hop back on ur diesel burning Lear Jet & go make another fake speech in India or China
It's February 14th, 2017 in Chicago Illinois & it feels like May 1st... Global Warming is not being taken serious enough. 🌎
Sunny days in Berrien Springs in the heart of winter. Thank you Global Warming!
Global Warming and Carbon taxes a scam to milk the masses via
yeah but you ran on a line of Global Warming and then when it was pointed out to you regarding the cooling you
Global Warming: Church's Arctic "sublime dwelling-place of God . which humans venture at their peril" is disappearing.
Global Warming | Flint Water Crisis | Emmett Till Accuser Recants Story and I turn on and we're talking about Ivanka | Nordstrom beef?
Global Warming geeks asked God today why He's making them look like fools God said "some people just *** me off".
Whistle-Blower: 'Global Warming' Data Manipulated Before Paris Conference is very important and so true!
Global Warming: BSH Radio Ghost caused global warming or something by BSH Radio
This is exactly what the Global Warming scam is about. Checkout the OBAMA/Gore/Reines Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and t…
You CANNOT change mother nature, there is no "Global Warming", and we just came from an "Ice Age", call it like IT…
Actually start with Global Warming until the ice caps grew then change to Climate Change so it could vary either way n be bad
Global Warming means less snow, and every year, it seems its so... see
Get ready for some really cold weather. Global Warming is a blaint lie to charge us more taxes, this proves it!!!
Only MAN in his arrogance THINKS they can change the Climate of the Planet,..Global Warming happens everymorning
I think for most people "Russians possibly interfering with US elections" is like "Global Warming"
The RCC used to think Jerusalem was the center of the universe, too. Global Warming curriculum. via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Last week, Breitbart (used a Weather Channel clip to claim that Global Warming is a hoax. The Weather Channe…
. Lord Christopher Monckton will debunk Global Warming later this week in AZ.
Check out our new book on Crop Responses to Global Warming by. Uprety, Dinesh Chandra, Reddy, V.R .
Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming? via
Delegate, Go on Fox News and put Forward a team to research Global Warming & request to be Ambassador.
These Kids Just Won the Right to Sue the Government for Global Warming
"Global Warming is a hoax" (President Elect Trump) At this rate according to Trump.. Monkey's might really fly out of Wayne Campbell's ***
Growing up in South Florida I have seen sea levels rising fast first hand and he does not believe in Global Warming
Global Warming: What would Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's environmental policies look like?
The Earth is changing, Global warming is real, and a sexist orange racist (who said GW was a myth started by china) is running for POTUS
November and I'm still walking around in a T shirt. Global warming may actually be real 🌚
Leonardo Dicaprio’s documental about the Global Warming, free in Youtube… BIG LEO!!! 👏👏👏
Easy to see impact of extended strong El Nino on global temps starting in summer 2015 ... lag response to warming & now La Ni…
oh god that must be scary. Hate ice so much, thankfully global warming has gotten just bad enough for it to not be a problem yet
Climate Change wars are coming and building walls won't help, top general warns
Excessive shrinking makes Arctic ice layer more vulnerable to global warming via…
When all else fails, blame everyone. widen their net to claim all science is 'in deep trouble https:/…
there were lots of stairs? and dio was there he tried to teach me about history and global warming.. and YEAH *** time begins
Methane has global warming potential of 23 times more significant impact in warming the earth compared to carbon dioxide.
War on global warming is wanting.china leading the troops
You may not realize it but this election is actually about 'boring' stuff like Global Warming, minimum wage, fixing police…
We have enough data to call 2016 as the hottest year ever record—and we have 3 more months to go. via
I told 'em global warming, you feel me?
@ people who don't think global warming is real it has snowed every year since I've lived in CO on Halloween without fail
Listening to ecofascists, 90% of people believe in the global warming scam. Reality shows it's the other way around: h…
I liked a video NASA | Ask A Climate Scientist - Extreme Weather and Global Warming
You can call it global warming or Climate Change, but it's the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. The...
was beyond informative. Hard to believe people don't think Global Warming is real.
When even a lil birdie knows only Bernie will fight to delay global warming and protect her home 😍😌. https…
What role do you think humans play in global warming? Topix
Mr. Gore Bore found the SOURCE of GLOBAL {manmade} WARMING!
All my outfits inspired by global warming
If global warming at such rapid rate is on track, varied demographics will live more indoors, in protective transit, even underground. Oopss
Clouds are impeding global warming... for now
Sir David isn't wise enough to know that the vote made no difference. He also believes in manmade…
Just finished watching Leonardo Di Caprio's documentary about the real issue of global warming. Nagising ako. https…
8:50, Nov. 1st, I'm wearing a T-shirt and regretting the decision of wearing trousers instead of shorts. warming is just an hoax..
I really hope people can open their eyes and see that global warming is a real thing
"Global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive"
Radio 4 this morning. "trans" hate crimes. Child ME therapy on the internet. Global warming. Orgreave "victims"
It is mind blowing that people still don't believe global warming exists
I can't wait until a comet or global warming ends all of humanity. The stuff we converse and debate about is truly stupid.
You’re so hot, you must be the cause for global warming.
Recent pattern of cloud cover may have masked some global warming - Ars Technica UK…
emotional anti-Hindu naivete! . Tell me when NE acts intelligently,like on this
Recycling & being vegan have almost no effect on global warming. We need systemic change in energy options, not individual…
Climate Change deniers are now trying to claim all science is wrong |
*** ask me what my inspiration was, I tell them global warming" 😂😂😂😂
Carbon Tax = the only reason Global Climate Warming Change gets the coverage it does. All about redistrib…
Hillary believes global warming exists. Trump doesn't. Vote for her to protect your children and legacies.
Cloudy Feedback on Global Warming: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have identified a mecha...
it was Jimmy Carter that said oil would run out by 2011 ranks right up there with Global Warming they forgot Texas
Captain Planet standing next to the man who would go on to say that Global Warming was a chinese hoax.
They were all required to watch that lame "Documentary" in school. Bunch of Global Warming lemmings
While Trudeau is imposing price on industries for carbon emission, Trump keeps on ranting Global Warming is a hype!. https:/…
Looking forward to Carlos Garcia's talk today on Global Warming, Coextinctions & Colonization of Novel Envir…
Gary Johnson says answer to Global Warming is inhabiting other planets
Residents evacuate Cedar Rapids homes ahead of flooding from, Global Warming.
First playthrough of ARK Global Warming and ive died 85 times. Its Dark Souls and Dont Starve mashed together. WutFace
We would be better off as a nation to have locked up reckless GOP leaders blocking climate bills than drug offenders https:/…
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The time for navel gazing has passed & our lives are in the hands of the greedy & clueless. now.
Another v. serious reason why Trump can never get near the WH.
(Not in article)As impacts of global warming more apparent and tragedies more frequent, refrain from "I told you so"
US has joined the . Trump doesn't believe in Climate Change and thinks global warming is a hoax: https:/…
Flooding from Climate Change in the US to become 'an unparalleled national catastrophe,' NYT reports
Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Begun, via ignites while his biz worry
Global warming is just not cool enough for Silicon Valley culture. Solutions: Make it cool or create the next SV
Our Paper's page 1 lead: Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Alre… see more http…
Now impact of is felt in the developed world, real concrete actions will occur?
I sort of understand global warming denialism b/c the future ain't great, folks
Global warming is so real and nobody even cares
all you are worried about is global warming . What about 11 million ilegalls here that are sucking jobs away
If you're one of the people who denied global warming for years, it's about time to start apologizing... 😊
I should clarify! I liked that global warming is not a hoax. Why is that even a debate?!?
Flooding of [East] Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun Fine report &
Ocean acidification is often called global warming’s evil twin. So, what is it, anyway? https:/…
There is no proof that Global Warming or human-induced warming cause storm surge.
We just had the hottest June on record
Which Atlantic and Gulf Coast cities have been affected most by global warming & rising seas https…
Scientists warned that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the U.S. coastline. "Eventually" is now.
Great NY Times article about the US communities already feeling the impact of Climate Change:
“The inundation of the U.S. coast has begun.
The warnings are no longer theoretical: Global warming is making the ocean rise and flood America's coast.
"Abandonment of entire cities" is now a real possibility for coastal areas on the front lines of Climate Change. https:…
Big New York Times story on how global warming is already causing coastal flooding
Scientists warned us about greenhouse emissions, and we ignored them. Now, we pay the consequences.
Special Report: The flooding of America’s coast, caused by global warming, is "not a hundred years off — it’s now"
History will not judge this guy kindly
Hitler explains global warming :. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Sea level rise expert in NYT: “It’s as if the country was being attacked along every border, simultaneously.”
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
- Global warming limit 'close to being broken', Climate Change scientists have ...
Global Warming: So California doesn't want to lead on Climate Change?: Ten years after California adopted an ...
Global Warming: These cool GIFs show us the extent of global warming: Two newly released spiral visualisation...
Global Warming: Map reveals exactly how much snow covers Antarctica: The Antarctic is one part of the world y...
Global Warming: Climate Change could make beaches saltier: Climate Change is expected to make beaches get sal...
Love this new John Grant video for Global Warming, dir. Casey Raymond & 👍
Global Warming: Obama spends $4 million to hype global-warming alarm: Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after near...
This makes me uncomfortable. I blame Global Warming, the Crusades and Sam Harris.
Never mind Global Warming, Jason Kenney also didn't believe in Y2K. Never upgraded his PC, clock rolled back to 1900, acce…
Global Warming: Poll gives Scott, Minter edge in primaries: According to some of the results released, 81 per...
FYI there is a Third World War going on. . Its called Global Warming. . . .
of course calling for lower taxes or doubting Global Warming is the same as a bomb threat.
NASA's Dr James Hansen started the Global Warming alarm before a meeting with congress in 1988. His alar…
A Republican admitting Global Warming. Party platform just exploded.
Canadian Maurice Strong is "dead"... the Godfather of Global Warming mmm 2 or 3 warm sunny days to much to ask for in the middle of spring during the greatest Global Warming threat t…
Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming | above the Arctic Circle, the shift is "far outside the range of…
It was 75 degrees on Christmas Eve & it feels like 48 in May...and you people still don't believe in Global Warming?mk.
(MIT) invites a Muslim "professor" to lecture on how “Islamophobia is accelerating Global Warming
Shockingly Moronic MIT invites Muslim professor to spew the idiocy that “Islamophobia is accelerating Global Warming
Funny how China doesn't worry about Global Warming submerging their new islands in South China Sea
People love to believe myths. Global Warming, Black Lives Matter, & Social Justice are bigtime myths created by the left to divide people.
Global Warming: A new poll on Climate Change and political views: Asked "Do you think that global warming is ...
Global Warming: New evidence shows conservatives are warming up to Climate Change: Overall, three-fourths of ...
Facts over ideology; an MIT Atmospheric Sciences Prof's balanced perspective on Climate Change pka Global Warming
Climate Change and Global Warming are colossal scams. Read & learn .
Listen to my next episode NWCR Radio - Global Warming and other insurgent topics, next week on Blog Talk Radio, through TAPn
Happy Earth Day! Check out where the presidential candidates stand on Global Warming.
I say Heater of Worlds as in Global Warming as in the perceived demise of us all.
Local cooling in order to think about Global Warming. Yumm.. … (at Green Building Council Indonesia) [pic] —
I'm sure this has nothing to do with Global Warming
Global Warming: West Virginia Dem governor hopefuls clash in 1st debate: He said coal will never be dominant a...
"Global Warming" is a hoax tool for purpose of knifing Capitalism & libertty, ushering in global Communism:.
Sen Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI, calls for RICO suits against scientists who oppose the Global Warming scam.
... follows on from v influential "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math" 2012 piece in
AL GORE. Inventor of:. The Internet. VCR's. AlGorZeera TV. Global Warming . and father of Punxsutawney Phil
i walked with bob brown to save the Franklin now u voted with party that has no polices on Global Warming shame on u
$5.99 - ebook Univ Reforms in an Era of Global Warming - C.A. Bowers
.Look on the bright side you're not running Demolition Derby on the Global Warming left around herr
Sikh Environment Day: Presentation by Sikh Green Team on Global Warming and how it affects glaciers. Program...
Please touch on the War on Fossil Fuels and Global Warming!
I added a video to a playlist Global Warming: Mike Farrell at the Sedona Film Festival
Lord Christopher Monckton presents "Fallacies about Global Warming". Could listen to him all day.
I drove home in a t-shirt. In Buffalo. In February. Global warming is real people
Bless Bag Lady having the play-out music played just as she starts talking about global warming.
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Exactly. Because you know someone said, "There's no such thing as global warming. It's ALL Chinook winds." . False. False. False.
Please Hollywood elite preachers:. 'Polluting our atmosphere' has nothing to do with Global Warming. Major GHG are water and CO2.
I thought that was going to be for global warming and it turns out to be for a phone lmao 😂
Thanks Samsung for confirming global warming
Global warming my *** .. it's the 11,000 yr cycle of hot and cold...
Global warming: What is the impact of on the planet? Read:
I used to be cool but that was before global warming.
And for making real global warming issues look like a joke and giving dumb conservatives a reason to discredit it.
Glad to see 2 truly committed global warming activists at the Oscars. Thanks to and for going …
lol yes THEY don't want us to eat healthy and stop global warming
Which is irrational. Too many afraid of low prob events and not concerned about high prob/certain things like global warming.
Climate models don't work! That's what 'mainstream' climate scientists are finally admitting via …
you mean global warming really isn't going to cause Immortan Joe to take over the world?
easy. Winter doesn't exist in the south. 90 degree weather in February. Global warming who?
So far the have covered racism, anti-GOP and global warming. And we're not even an hour in.
Did costume lady just get off a statement about global warming?
I mean, I don't like Global warming either, but no, Mad Max couldn't "happen"
BREAKING: has withdrawn his statement that global warming has affected the Oscars after being told television…
Bernie is the only candidate talking about global warming
sounds like Hollywood brainwashed with Obamas global warming and terrorism
Also, Beavan getting played off while trying to WARN OUR SOCIETY ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING feels like it sums up our collective…
A costume designer almost solved global warming but they turned the wrap it up music to 8 and shooed her away
We don't have time for a Global Warming PSA. Play that lady off.
What's an best costume award without an anthropogenic global warming comment?
How about this lady trying to bring up global warming on the night we’re talking about black people? Stick with a caus…
Also did the music really start playing as soon as Jenny Beavan started talking about Climate Change & global warming on the…
"So you know, uh, it could happen." on global warming and how it'll lead to anarchy and savagery as depicted in Mad Max. O…
SHE WAS THE BEST! But we're going to pre-empt a warning about global warming with "Flight of the Valkyries"? er...
I liked a video Global Warming is a Hoax By Lord Christopher Monckton
What is the optimum CO2 ppm to max agriculture?- see physicist Freeman Dyson on Global Warming?
Regarding Obama, if a meeting on Global Warming were to take place, he would attend, but the death of Justice Scalia, why bother?
PARIS CLIMATE CHALLENGE: How the left fell for Global Warming via
. I think ALBERT... in honor of Al Gore and all the faux Global Warming nonsense =)
Yes Prime Minister 2013 Global Warming my all-time favorite comedy! Yes Prime Minister making fun of global warming!
First it was Planet Pit,. Then it was Global Warming,. After that was Globalization,. And now on November 16th is Climate Change. . 😍😍😍
Global Warming was started by AL GORE! It's considered to be Junk SCIENCE!
I had a snow white Christmas. *** Global Warming can't get here fast enough!
Global Warming: Global Warming Basics: What It's NOT: Whether we refer to the subject as “Climate Change” or “...
in the Church of Global Warming all things are explained by the Grand Unification Theory. Humans are to blame.
This storm's spin has lake-effect snow on western edges of Lake Michigan. No Global Warming this weekend!
"Peace & Love" as much a fraud as "Global Warming" is today...same perps, different vehicle.
Go to TBN (230) and watch Hal Lindsey. He's talking about agenda 2030. Please wake up and realize Global Warming in a lie it's about control
Why didn't Obama's Global Warming summit fix the ME like he claimed?
If your really concerned about Global Warming then give $6 million grant to Dr. Steven Greer 4 "0 Point Energy Field Project."
[GOP Commercial]. ME: [putting a tiny army helmet on an eagle] Global Warming is a liberal conspiracy
Global Warming: Truth or Swindle Hundreds of the world's leading scientists, economists and pol…
Due to Global Warming n whatever, the "Sun Bowl Game" in El Paso, Texas will now b called the "Maybe Sun Bowl Game"
"Climate Change is not an issue". "It's natural". "There is no such thing as Global Warming ". its gonna be 73 degrees o…
14 degrees Celcius on Christmas Eve?? Thank you El Nino, North Atlantic Oscillation, and Global Warming!!
Global Warming and Climate Change Taxes are a Big Con to Humanity. Record LOW Temperatures cropping up around the...
This is a statue in Berlin called "Politicians discussing Global Warming."
Lincoln Report (Colbert on Global Warming: I Was Christmas Shopping in NYC in Flip-flops and a Halter Top)...
Don&Block the Sun to Cope with Global Warming - Scientific American Blog Network
stops using radio mast after it broadcast 'Global Warming' opinion. Go figure.
Woman found dead in German hotel, after undergoing exorcism [must have been for Global Warming?]
Attention Conservatives: Even Margaret Thatcher Believed in Global Warming - & in 1989!
We continue with the Media research Center's Dan Gainor on how the media handles the Global Warming debate and...
Mid 50's in Dec?? I think I could get used to this whole Global Warming phenomenon
Salamat po Mang Tani for making us knowledgeable about Global Warming! Idol!.
Senator Jeff Sessions has the Global Warming hoax figured out!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Boston! Sunday! Noam Chomsky will speak on Nuclear War and Global Warming at Community Church of Boston
"maybe I'm wrong rep. to ask;maybe you're the wrong answer, Michael Steele;but, they have to admit Global Warming is real!"
Obama's Lap Dog Media reports obama has ISIS on the run with Global Warming summit!
if your The ben Rhodes for Obama you and Obama should pull your heads out of each others *** on Global Warming!
Save Environment, Save Earth. India can celebrate 'Car Free Day' as a festival keeping in mind Global Warming.
Marc Morano's speech at Texas Climate Forum: 'Global Warming is even impacting -- the dead!'
Dig this? I just read an article on CNN. So amusing. In it John Kerry blames the Paris attacks on Global Warming.
Sanders: ‘Absolutely’ Global Warming a Worse Threat than Terrorism: Asked tonight whether, in light of last ni...
Crazy Bernie Sanders says Global Warming to BLAME for TERRORISM at
Daya's started to learn eating with Processing for Global Warming
Daya's started to learn pooping with Python for Global Warming
If the Sun's activity declines, why won't that reverse global warming? See: …
Daya's started to learn eating with Python for Global Warming
."Climate Change is directly related to the growth of terrorism." This study backs that
Less snow precipitation in the winters owning to global warming - Tampa Bay Review -
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- Global warming isn't the greatest threat to out national security. It's the *** who believe it is that are the threat.
"Global Warming is what is causing terrorism" -
Daya's started to learn pooping with C++ for Global Warming
Has someone decided that 'global warming' should now be called 'Climate Change'? See: …
It is a global war for global warming. . 500 dead kids Gaza were loved.
.The science is irrefutable that global warming is costing us all dearly. Please stop subsidizing fossil fuel companies!
Sea level and global warming. See: …
As the Arctic methane stores weaken, they will begin 2 release & we will enter runaway global warming abruptly.~
Difference between our generation&our parents generation, they get excited over high temps in November I get stressed out bc global warming
Science says the earth is billions years old. Science has claimed global cooling, global warming & Climate Change in less than 40 years. hmm
Do you think you might discuss how global warming and Syrian drought contribute(d) to the rise of daesh? James Cameron did...
The Darwinian theory of evolution is an even bigger scam than the global warming scare. We did not evolve from rocks
Ambitious green policy pledges by more than 150 countries take oil bosses by surprise
What 2ºC versus 4ºC of global warming will do to major cities:.
PMJT wants to talk about global warming at G20 while the west is attacked in Paris... frightening
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Denial, global warming and the slaughter in Paris: James Robbins via
Global Warming is the biggest threat to America. Truly all Liberals are stupid!
There is a strong chance James' rear is contributing towards global warming in a big way.
the problem is, the study is not objective. has millions invested in proving "Global warming" as they're proponents.
What is the correlation between global warming and ISIS? Twilight Zone
Instead of focusing on semantics (war in this case), let's focus on something which is an "immediate" threat - global warming.
Exactly. Also, that global warming is the greatest security threat we face. But facts just confuse the poor rwnj.
Ok mama nature u win no global warming here,got ice scraper,luckily is pure genious will
Its still her fault. Global warming is all her fault even though she closed all t' coal mines.
Hey Obama, as 10,000 mostly male refugees come into New Orleans, is global warming still our greatest threat?
Climate cooling from Calbuco ash threatens man-made global-warming myth perpetuated by
With time, the description has become more accurate:. 1. Global Cooling. 2. Global Warming. 3. Climate Change. 4. Give Us the Da…
Before global warming caused Islamic terrorism, it was caused by global cooling.
Bernie Sanders would like you all to know that Ronda Rousey's loss wasn't due to her opponent but due to global warming. …
Yeah, it's not like Muslims haven't been killing 4 the past 1400 years!Was Global warming an issue then?…
all there to support al gore and his global warming scam! Wake up people!
Doubt the French people are buying into Delusional Bernie's assessment that terrorism is directly related to global warming.
I swear this world will come to an end and not because of global warming or anything like that but because of the people on t…
Yes, latest global warming bender is rouse for even bigger gov... Brown is egomaniac, but also focused on money, u bet.
had a guy today trying to justify Bernie Sanders words about global warming causing terrorism
Bernie said the biggest threat to U.S. National Security last debate 3 weeks ago was Global Warming. Wonder what he thinks today?
I'm sure Global Warming and toe fungus in Canada will be the top national security issue for this debate tonight https:/…
"Global Warming is biggest threat to National Security? PARISIANS disagree with Obama
UN planning court for 'climate justice'... PUTIN: Global Warming 'A Fraud'... Kick UN out of this country!
Add Maine's Cod to the List of Things Decimated by Global Warming - Grub Street -
Don't Forget Former president Mohamed Nasheed when contacting World Leaders about Global Warming !
Global Warming has major security implications but was ignored in white paper. Time for rethink.
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