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Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index (GPI) is an attempt to measure the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness.

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"2017 Global Index indicates slowing of peace growth in
GPI Country Focus: Lesotho was the fifth biggest faller in the Global Peace Index, ranked at 90/163.
Jared Kushner travelling to Middle East to work toward peace deal: A White House…
Global Peace Index 2017 launch events are taking place across Europe and the US throughout June. View all:…
Global Peace Index by country. I've been to 3 countries in the 140s and never had safety concerns
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Please join us for the release of the 11th edition of the Global Peace Index:
Global Index of Peace: Albania is one of the most peaceful countries of Western Balkans
"The 2017 Global Peace Index found that the top 5 least peaceful countries were all sovereign nations that have...
3rd most peaceful country in the world acc to Global Peace Index 2017 released today v…
This is the fifth successive year MENA has been graded the world’s least peaceful region.
26 June, 12.00 in Berlin: Launch of the 2017 Global Peace Index with 25 spots only. RSVP: events…
2017 Global Peace Index indicates slowing of peace growth in Europe via
The 2017 Global Peace Index points to a long-term decrease in world peace via
Which five countries deteriorated the most in this year's Global Peace Index?
I cross referenced the global peace index with top 10 countries with atheists
"According 2 Global Index, was the 4th least peaceful country on earth in 2016"
Join us for Berlin launch of Global Peace Index 26 June, 12noon
Any aliens considering landing on earth would probably take one look and hightail it far, far away.
Join us as we launch the Global Peace Index at UN New York on 21st June. Details: RSVP:…
The Global Peace Index 2017. Read the report: Find your country on the map:
Here's a look at this year's Global Peace Index. Find out where your country lies via . .
How has peace changed over the last ten years? . Find your country on the Global Peace Index map:
IEP Founder Steve Killelea talks to the Justice Hub about this year's Global Peace Index.
Sri Lanka has become significantly more peaceful, jump 17 notches in Global Peace Index.(
Qatar is a nation of peace, ranked first among arab countries in the 2017 global peace index 34 overall. Saudi is 129th
Is the world becoming less peaceful? Don't miss this special event on the 2017 Tues 27 June 5:30pm…
Just 10 countries that are not involved in conflict, we seem to be drifting away from all the peace agreements.
Has the world become less peaceful? Find out in recently released Global Peace Index report:
Global Peace Index (GPI): Only 10 nations on earth are completely conflict-free in 2016, one of them is
Did you know, Violence cost 13.4% of global DGP: Institute for Economics and Preace
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"... 2012 Global Peace Index, Costa Rica is one of the three safest countries in Latin America."
May 25 2011 Iraq ranked 2nd to last in Global Peace Index
.calls for renewed efforts to promote peace, decent jobs and social justice for Palestinian workers.
Which countries will show improvements in their level of 10th anniversary Global Peace Index launch is June 8th.
no mention of Indonesian crimes of genocide in Global Peace Index 2015 Report
no mention in Global Peace Index 2015 about Indonesia tyranny of genocide continuing in West Papua
Global Peace Index. With Spain 21st and UK 39th in 2015.
Zionist regime serious threat to global peace, security
Oh yeah and the Gun owners association of America or what ever has a link to the global peace index on their website.
But even with this amount of firearms (That's about 30 per 100 people) we are still number 1 on the global peace index.
Last edition of the Global Peace Index, which ranks countries according to their level of peacefulness
Just watching this on the news, an informative read: Check out Global Peace Index Ranking in 2015
The 2015 Global Peace Index, which compares 162 countries for the risk of personal violence, rates New Zealand as...
See countries compared in Global Peace Index in 2015
Violence costs India 4.7% of GDP in 2014. India ranked 143 out of 162 countries on Global Peace Index. law & order?
To protect our mother Earth there has to be peace on Earth!.
[They can't all be illiterate or innumerate.] Violence Has Forced 60 Million People From Their Homes. According...
20 days to the Global Peace Index release. Where does your country rank? In 2015, was the Netherlands.
Beirut draws on a difficult past to sell itself as an oasis of peace in a troubled region:
Celebrating 10 Years of the Global Peace Index (GPI) with . Registrations open
Global Peace Index. The world's leading measure of national peacefulness:
Measuring the Global Peace Index is so complicated because of its multidimentional aspect. Nevertheless, it's really worth studying.
The 2015 Global Peace Index found that the UK was the 39th most peaceful country out of 162 surveyed worldwide.
According to 2015 Global Peace Index, Afghanistan is the 3rd dangerous country & they have security issues in Pakistan ? 😑
Iceland safest country in world, Syria most dangerous: latest Institute for Economics and Peace report.
"Belgium ranks 14th in the Global Peace Index's State of Peace rankings": via
Index is based on world rankings in 10 categories of safety from WHO, UN, UNU, ILO, Global Peace Index, Numbeo.
The Global Peace Index ranks features Qatar as 1of 30 most peaceful countries in the world.
. Trompe l'oeil is the art of creating illusion and no one was better at it than Ru with the word "peace."
what does the most violent 5 countries have in common? Hm...
In 1919, was founded on the belief that is the key to worldwide peace.
United Nations .  key to worldwide peace . Thank you very much!!. @UN
In 1919, was founded on belief that is key to worldwide peace
is ranked as one of Africa’s most peaceful countries by the Global Peace Index.
Kerry defends Syria strategy ahead of peace talks
21 African countries sit higher than the USA on the Global Peace Index. We'll be hearing from later today.
According to Global Peace Index rankings, Nigeria is ranked 2nd most deadly country to live in the world.
Great resource by - Meta Index of Indices on Global Development Conflict & Related Fields.
Looking forward to presenting findings from 2015 Global at Week w/ Details:
those you mention are the risers and fallers in the Global Peace Index. See here for the Terrorism Index
It's World Sci Day 4 Peace & Development! Read on the Global Index in our Ency of & Well-Being Research!
.Be it IQ or altruism, like Iceland must be that exception that proves the rule.
OK! : Nigeria is seventh most terrorised country – Gobal index: Institute for Economic and Peace, a global...
Ghana was ranked as Africa’s most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index. Visit Ghana and feel the peace...
One in every 122 people worldwide is a refugee.
4,000 people in 64 countries took part in the streaming global Sign up to be part of the replay!.
Global Peace Index Find out how is your country. .
I'd like my country to be near the top of the Global Peace Index as stated in that article. Maybe I'm naive but I hate war.
Global Peace Index for is 1.882 and it ranks 62 out of 162 countries
TIL that according to the 2012 Global Peace Index, Iceland was the world's most peaceful nation
The Meta Index of Indices on Global Development, Conflict and Related Fields - Peace and Collaborative Development N…
GLOBAL PEACE INDEX: PH is the 2nd most dangerous country in Asia, ranks higher than North Korea. |
So PH position in the global peace index in 2008 was 113. And 7 years later, it's 141.
Global peace index... see how our neighbors improved in the last few years
didn’t Global Peace Index consider the ceasefire with MILF?
yes see table below and this Global Peace Index 2015
Have you read the Global Peace Index 2015. How can we be better next year?
2015 Global Peace Index says the Philippines is the most violent country in Southeast Asia.
The 2015 Global Hunger Index reveals the need for peace to end hunger via
The most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index 2015 is Iceland, if you want to know more visit:
According to the Global Peace Index, indirect costs associated with violence cost the global economy $14T+ in 2014.
OMG! lands 21st most violent country in the world! - Global Peace Index 2015.
3rd place on the Global Peace Index. Yay!
I'm not exceedingly patriotic but I've been doing my research on stuff such as the human development index, global peace index etc.
Top 10 facts about Iceland: Iceland is in first place in the 2015 Global Peace Index of the Institute for ... ...
Looks like Mozambique is more peaceful than Zimbabwe and South Africa
Global peace index shows an increasingly divided world:
Looking fwd to reading report on the global peace index. I feel the perception of Naija is worse than reality
Stanley Peele looks a global index assessing the presence – or absence – of peace.
Global Peace Index. India's Ranking out of 162 Countries :. 143(2015) comparative to 123(2008)
Does provide road map for more effective humanitarian, business, investments?
Most dangerous countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index
'Impartial' BBC portray as a danger to the UK for declaring a commitment to international law & global peace
What has secularism done to Norway? The Global Peace Index rates Norway the most peaceful country in the world. -David Miles
A new global study by London-based Institute for Economics&Peace has ranked Pakistan 3rd on the Global Terrorism Index
will discuss the Global Peace Index — how it allows us to understand what makes societies peaceful a…
Today I read the news, and immediately was filled with relief at living in the country that's at on the Global Peace Index.
Global Peace Index Report 2015: Chile is . the 2nd most peaceful country in America (Canada is 1st)
Peace and justice: Two United Nations Global Goals close to home
Global Peace Index (is indicated by ongoing conflicts, societal safety, and militarization.
The United States ranks 101 out of 160 countries by Global Peace Index
look where the US rank in the world.
Syria is on the top of the least peaceful country.
Time to reaccess that 'shining city on a hill? Nicaragua & Cuba now rank higher on the Global Peace Index than the US
"Guinea-Bissau, which held credible elections last year was the most improved on the 2015 Global Peace Index,...
We are looking forward to the 2015 Global Peace Index!
Great quote from our Friends at Global Peace Index
In 2014 Kenya ranked of in the Global Peace Index
We are HIRING!. The Global Peace Foundation Kenya is offering an internship position for a suitable candidate...
Protesters march for peace in Ukraine
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Some graphics of Global Index 2014 by Institute for Economics & Peace
countries at risk of increased terrorism according to Institute for Economics &Peace
With all the fear about, don't forget: Europe is the world's most peaceful region, according to Global Peace Index. htt…
The world has become less peaceful every year since 2008
Raising the global peace index of a country is a venue for better businesses. The econo...
A very good reminder from our Friends at Global Peace Index
16. Bhutan (wow Bhutan a SAARC country among the best 20). According to the 2013 Global Peace Index (GPI), Bhutan...
7. Belgium. According to the Global Peace Index, Belgium is one of the best and most peaceful places to live in...
Do you know which are the most peaceful countries in the world? Since 2007 each year, the Global Peace Index has...
" in November 2014, the Institute for Economics and Peace released its Global Terrorism Index, which found that...
If the ultimate goal of any 'security' organisation is 'peace'. Why then, will Nigeria be seeking security advice...
We believe that peace, change, freedom starts with you. But when a government pitches in. golden. Bravo Finland!
Women's growing role in labour market is the biggest engine of global growth.
2015 can & must be the time for global action & a chance for major advances in development, peace & human rights -Ban
With Shah Rukh & Salman declaring a Patch up,India has already moved 50 points up in The GLOBAL PEACE INDEX!!!
'18,000 people died in terrorist attacks last year - most from three Muslim groups' : Global Terrorism Index. Chilling eh?!
Protected areas can safeguard global and build in hotspots. Article on ECC platform:
The Global Terrorism Index 2014 released Tuesday by Sydney-based think tank Institute for Economics and Peace...
According to Global Peace Index ,Latin countries are doing fine.So perhaps those claiming Humanitarian crises for Amnesty can explain that
The "want peace too,but not until they have stolen all of
India is ranked 141rd in a list of 162 countries in the Global Peace Index, which means there are only 21...
Global Terrorism Index Report November 2014, Institute for Economics and Peace...recommended reading
The Global Terrorism Index by the Institute for Economics & Peace just repeats the research findings of others.
The 2014 Global Terrorism Index take-aways by the Institute for Economics & Peace are just old wine in new bottles:
Nigeria Now Ranked 4th on Global Terrorism Index - Institute for Economics &Peace. via
The London-based Institute for Economics and Peace has ranked Nigeria fourth on its Global Terrorism Index for 2013
Anyone who has received an award or a medal from an organization or government may qualify for special international privileges and benefits as a goodwill ambassador. Did you know that Kentucky colonels are all goodwill ambassadors? Being a goodwill ambassador for Kentucky is part of accepting the commission from their governor. But initially (first) we are recognizing the Goodwill Ambassadors of the primary world-wide United Nations agencies such as the UN Environmental Programme, United Nations Development Programme - UNDP, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNICEF, and the World Food Programme. Currently our project is researching 2300 sources that have been identified with active goodwill ambassadors. Some of the others that we confirmed for our prestigious award are: African Union, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the European Union, Global Peace Index, Globcal Intern ...
Thailand 3rd from bottom on Global Peace Index of least peaceful nations relative to neighbouring countries, w/ only Myanmar behind
2014 global peace Index: World peace on decline for past 7 years- US not in top 100 peacefull countries out of 162 
India ranks low in global peace index
National cost of violence: $24 billion! Check out the Global Peace Index for Thailand in 2014
The planet is not a peaceful place, and the U.S. no longer ranks in the top 100 most peaceful nations. It stands at No. 101, according to the annual Global Peace Index, a complex analysis that quantifies the relative peacefulness of 162 nations.
Global Peace Index 2014. Nepal ranks 76 out of 162 countries.
2014 Global Peace Index just releasd. Discover the most & least peaceful countries in the world, those at risk & more
The Global Peace Index 2014 is available. Watch this short video that tells the story of peace over the last 7 years
Egypt ranks 143 out of 162 countries in 2014 Global Peace Index - Daily News Egypt via
The Global Peace Index ranked Thailand in the bottom third, and less peaceful than any neighbour except Myanmar.
India is among the 20 most violent nations. The cost in terms of life is immeasurable. In money its $177 bn .
[Bangkokpost] Thailand low in world peace index: The Global Peace Index released Thursday has ranked Thailand ...
Qatar the Most Peaceful Nation in the Region The State of Qatar topped the Middle East and North African (MENA) region in Global Peace Index (GPI) in 2014 for the sixth year in a row(2009-2014). Qatar came in the first place among the Arab countries and in 22nd place on global level among 162 countries covered by GPI. According to the current index report, the grades that Qatar grabbed demonstrate its ascendency in regional and international levels in various areas of security, economic, educational, social, fields. The index is published by Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), a non-profit research institute that studies the relations between economics, business and peace, which is based in Sydney. The GPI is considered as the leading measure of global peacefulness. Share your thoughts and comments on this great achievement Read more on our website
Conflict in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and the Central African Republic Brazil helped pull down the annual Global Peace Index
The. Launch of the Global Peace index- interesting stats this year
Violence cost the world $9.8 trillion (£5.8 trillion) last year, according to the latest annual Global Peace Index
The economic impact of violence in Australia is US $40 billion or $1760 per person- via
Denmark is 'second' on the Global Peace Index and Singapore is 25. I can't even find India on the list.. oh wait...
The has just been launched. Check it out on the Global Peace Index page!
Japan ranked# 8 as The World's Most Peaceful Countries according to the latest survey - 2014 Global Peace Index.
Global Peace Index report reveals seven-year slide, as violence costs world as much as combined economies of Britain, Germany, France and Italy
India 143rd in global rankings; among 20 most violent places in the world: Global Peace Index.
.Peacefulness in ranks at 111, worst in the Gulf:
Check out how countries score on the 2014 Global Peace Index
Peace Index shows increasing violence for a seventh year and costing nearly $10 trillion, 11.3% of global GDP, to contain.
stands at 76th position in Global Peace Index (2014, outruns:
Global Peace Index is out. Iceland at the top, Syria at the bottom. US at 101st place.
Let's look at the world from the Global Peace Index prism - not a good sight for many countries!
ranks at 15. Where is your country? Check out Global Index Ranking in 2014
The Global Peace Index is the world's leading measurement of national peacefulness. Brought to you by the folks...
According to Global Peace Index for Venezuela in 2014 the National Cost of Violence is US$ 41,135,000,000
DustinStoltz dustinstoltz: Global Peace Index: Syria replaces Afghanistan as the world's least peaceful country ...
2014 Global Peace Index has just been released. Explore the data
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Japan slips to eighth in global peace index, as East Asia rifts mount | The Japan Times
Founder of the Global Peace Index, Steve Killelea, speaking about our latest research which identifies countries at risk of violence and unrest.
Growing tension in East Asia sees Japan fall two notches in global peace index
Interested on Peace??. Look forward into the Global Peace Index!.
Syria has replaced Afghanistan as the world’s least peaceful nation in the newly-released Global Peace Index.
Global Peace Index 2014 shows world peace on decline due to internal conflict and dramatic rise in non-state violence.
The Global Peace Index was released today. Check out where your nation ranks. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the world was less peaceful this past year.
Where do countries you've visited rank on the Global Peace Index?
The Global Peace Index (GPI) is the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness. Now in its seventh year, it ranks 162 nations according to their ‘absence of violence’.
Did you know? New Zealand is ranked the 3rd Most Peaceful Country, according to the Global Peace Index
India ranking in different Indexes for 2013: 1.Global Hunger Index- 66. 2. Global Peace Index – 141 3. Human Development Report – 136 4. Global Corruption Index – 94 5. Global Competitiveness Index-60 for 2013 (Switzerland top in this report) 6. Gender Inequality Index - 132nd (UN Human Development (Index) Report) 7. In List of High Net worth Individuals – (5th acc to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2013) 8. In The List of Spam Spewing Nation in the World- 3rd (after US and China): as per the new report of Sophos Labs. 9. India has been ranked as the 119th freest country in the world out of 177 in the 2013 index of economic freedom.
According to the 2013 Global Peace Index, Iceland is As fot the Latam countries, Uruguay ranks 24 ... Mexico 133.
By TAGIE DAISY MWAKAWAGO The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation met with Clouds FM casts to discuss the upcoming historical visits of multiple world dignitaries, placing Dar on the competitive pedestal among other African Nations. “It is going to be a week of sequential events that will feature technology, energy and women empowerment dialogues by world leaders, key stakeholders and citizens – all aim at boosting and transforming Tanzania’s socio-economic endeavors to the highest form,” said Hon. Bernard K. Membe during his interview with Mr. Gerald Hando, host of the programPower Breakfast. He further noted that Tanzania is a forefront runner of peace and security, with good governance and democracy in Africa Continent, which is the latter that attracts world leaders to choose it as a must-country to visit. Tanzania recently was ranked 55th in the 2013 Global Peace Index (GPI), ranking above other East African countries (Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda) according to the ...
2013 Global Peace Index & Positive Peace Index Released U.S. ranks 99th in the GPI, 19th in PPI; Iceland GPI rank. Recently, the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) released the 2013 edition of its annual Global Peace Index (GPI), and its second annual report on the Positive Peace Index (PPI), which attempts to monitor positive measures of what makes a society peaceful. The GPI measures the “absence of violence and absence of the fear of violence” using socio-economic and statistical indicators of interior and exterior conflict as well as the degree of social security and militarization. The PPI compliments it by attempting to broaden our understanding of international peace by monitoring “formal and informal institutions that move a society away from violence and towards peace,” such as the quality of business environment, the corruption level of the government, the availability of education, and the flow of information and resources. Together, these reports provide us with a comprehensive pi ...
While Botswana is consistently being awarded the highest ratings in Africa by almost all indexes. Our opposition parties continue to dismiss all this ratings but will celebrate when the Happy Planet Index (HPI) rates Botswana as the unhappiest country in the world. One needs to read: 1. The Mo Ibrahim Index. 2. The UN Human Development index. 3. The corruption Index by transparency international. 4. The Democracy index by the Economist Intelligence Unit. 5. NMG political index. 6. Press Freedom index by Freedom House advocacy group. 7. Global Peace Index (GPI) 8. IMF Index. 9. Moody's Investors Service Index on Botswana's 2012 sovereign credit rating. 10. The World Justice Projects (WJP) Rule of Law Index. 11. African Leadership Index grades President Khama "best performer" in Africa.. Why would our opposition politicians so bad mouth their motherland for the delight of the outside world.? They behave like they have masters somewhere who they are overzealously trying to impress.
Update your maps at Navteq
Nigeria has been ranked 148 out of the 162 countries evaluated on the reduction of violence and insecurity between 2012 and 2013 by the Global Peace Index. This rating earns Nigeria the 14th fewer peaceful country around the world in the rank of countries like Chad, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Pakist...
North was ranked 152 least peaceful country on the 2012 Global Peace Index
Msia ranked the safest and most peaceful country in SEA according to the Global Peace Index GTP report
Global Peace Index Malaysia score better than some of western Europe countries. How bout that!
Msia is at 19th place out of 153 countries, and 4th position in South East Asia for Global Peace Index (GPI)
According to Global Peace Index, peace index of Japan in 2012 was 5th in the world. I wonder how they checked that.
Just caught this video made for the '12 Global Peace Index. Love seeing research and dataviz communicated this well!
We r a peaceful country la.. we improved our global peace index ranking to 17th in the world,
4 those say we r crime laden country, check out 2011 Global Peace Index, we're no 17! view
Wow! we r 4th in terms of being safe n peaceful in Asia Pacific by Global Peace index! Good for us!
syabas 2 n Global Peace Index report says that we r no 1 in SEA for being safest n peaceful!
Ever thought what a map of world peace / violence would look like? The Global Peace Index:
wow Msia is he 4th safest in Asia Pacific region according to Global Peace Index. Good Job
Steve Killelea: the Global Peace Index was born out of a desire to know why states are "peaceful"
Top 5 Countries Where Safety is First: To balance out the notorious compilation of Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries in the World, the safest countries on the globe were analyzed. Crime is virtually nonexistent or very rare. Consequently, the quality of life is higher in safer countries and the people live longer. According to the Global Peace Index, the following are countries where you don't have to watch your back. 5. Japan. Though some may argue against this saying that Japan does not report all of its crime to officials, it is safe to say (no pun intended) that it is a peaceful nation. Major crimes occur at very low rates and it has a robbery ratio of 1.1 to every 100,000 people. The US has a ratio of 233 to every 100,000 people. One reason that may be attributed to the safety of the country is its culture. The Japanese are taught to never bring shame to their families, therefore abstain from disorderly conduct. The prosperous Japanese economy and tight gun control also can be factored in. 4. Ireland. T ...
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Americans pining for a peaceful existence might consider moving to New Zealand, the most peaceful nation on Earth, according to the 2009 Global Peace Index released Tuesday by an Australian-based research group that counts former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and the Dalai Lama among its endors...
the global peace index is compiled by vision of humanity, a company I believe based in Australia... so yes the obviously
that's not true. Iceland is. America is the 88th safest country based on the global peace index for 2012.
Five of the nations ranked least peaceful in the world by the Global Peace Index are Islamic countries. (2)
Shadow Government: Is it about peace and unity or is it about ultimate global power?
USA UnSafeAmerica Ranked 88th Global Peace Index Level with China The 2nd Amendment is is failing to keep citizens secure
The job of government is to protect its citzens. Ranked 88 (Global Peace Index) , US governments are failing their duty
The USA is ranked 88 in the Global Peace Index below Russia and next to China ranked 89
Let me offer a very radical idea that may in fact prevent future school shootings... Bring God back into the schools.
The USA is least safe and peaceful of all developed nations according to the Global Peace Index, check it out.
Can we measure the peacefulness of the world? And beyond that, estimate the impact of conflict on the global economy?
According to the 2012 Global Peace Index, Philippines is one of the Top 5 Most Improved Countries in terms of national peace.
Global peace index 2012: Published by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the index tries to measure peacefulne...
Global Terrorism Index: GTI was released by Australia-based Institute for Economics & Peace and it ranked various...
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The Global Peace Index (has agreed to write an annual update in Peacebuilding...
NEW YORK, Dec 4 (Reuters) - The number of terrorist attacks each year has more than quadrupled in the decade since September 11, 2001, a study released on Tuesday said, with Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan the most affected. The number of annual deaths in attacks, however, peaked in...
Global Ambassador of Guiding his Nation on To stand against Corrupt System
NEWS: Committee continues peace efforts at hostel.
The 2012 Global Peace Index, where in the world is peaceful and where is not?
The global peace index ranks Nigeria the 6th most dangerous African country to live in
The overlap of the global peace index w non $ value created by B Corps would be an interesting map.
2012 Global Peace Index - - an interactive report on where humanity is working well together
Tutu's letter condeming decision to award Nobel to EU. "EU is not seeking to realize Nobel's [...] global peace order"
See what corruption looks like in Nigeria and around the World. An interactive map from Transparency International. improved 4 places from last year on the global corruption index to 139th. What do you think?
Download: Whigfield goes back home. "I'm coming home", this is what "Jeg Kommer Hjem" means...
A new index prepared by an Australian think tank says that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan were among the nations most impacted by terrorism in 2011.
The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) ranks 158 countries worldwide according to the impact of terrorism.
The United States is not the biggest terrorist target on the planet, ranking 41st on a new index tracking global terrorism trends released Wednesday that ranks 158 nations according to the severity of terrorist activity within their borders, plus the death, destruction and economic damage that accom...
Steve Killelea speaks about terrorism around the world in an interview with BBC Radio 4 about the Global Terrorism Index.
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A study into international terrorism over the past decade says the number of attacks has levelled out since 2007.
"Prison for your Mind" with Jiddu Krishnamurti, George Carlin and David Icke. music by Johan Johannson "Fordlandia". (w/ scenes from Matrix) created by Mirro...
Malaysia Is The 20th most peaceful country In the world according to the Global Peace Index, Dropping 1 place since 2011, Singapore at 23rd
... What do you think on the Global Peace index? Are we getting closer to
Very interesting talk by Steve Killelea the founder of the Global Peace Index on peace, it's value and human potential!
Personally, I think the stats in the Global Peace Index need to be updated & are not correct.
Global peace index 2012 As you can see. We need to improve. By standing up we can & Create
This is why a ceasefire is necessary during peace talks:
In the Global Peace Index 2012 by Institute for International Policy Studies, Japan came in the 5th place out of 158 countries. Compared with the last index, Japan moved down from 3rd to 5th, but good job:) The 1st place is Iceland.
Oct24 is Learn more about the and how it contributed to international peace and promoted global progress:
What do you think the President should focus on to improve US ranking on the global peace index?
Exciting meeting tomorrow with the founder of the Global Peace index and one of Australia's biggest businessmen.
Global Peace Index Rankings. Every year the Global Peace Index ranks the world's countries from the most to least peaceful. So how did Africa do?
The 2012 Global Peace Index is the sixth edition of the index measuring peace in 158 countries according to 23 indicators
Ambassador Jenn Chong Ariela to Mr. Secretary General Kofi Anan, for the sake of global peace and humanity, the...
Dubai harpists play an hour of soulful music for peace: Peace Hour 2012 is a global event wherein harpists aroun...
The 2012 Global Peace Index has found that the world has become slightly more peaceful over the last past years.
these crimes are once off,dun trust the papers,trust our home minister :p we r the safest in SEA based on Global peace index ;)
Pemandu claims crime is on the dip. Our PM says the perception of rising crime is due to easy access to information. Last year's Global Peace Index (GPI) report positioned Malaysia as the safest country in Southeast Asia and 19th safest in the world *Koff* So, our office getting burgled twice last week, and then witnessing another smash and grab yesterday... Does that also count as access to information? But I have an idea why Pemandu's numbers do not tally with our perception of crime. Because many people don't feel reporting crimes is effective enough to warrant the trouble. Having been victim myself 4 times in the past year (3 burglaries of home/office and 1 *** , I can tell you it's disheartening to report crimes to police any more because it's just futile. But we still do it, even if only so Pemandu and GPI do not get their statistics wrong.
Stanford Peace Innovation Lab & Global Peace Index's Steve Killelea on the Biz of Peace on Carnegie Council's podcast.
"Cultivating Peace begins with not taking ourselves so seriously..."
according to global peace index is rated number five. Wow!
Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the crime rate in Malaysia is still low compared to other countries based on statistics of Global Peace Index.
The Peace Alliance Release of the 2012 Global Peace Index & Inaugural Positive Peace Index This year the US...
Official Site - The Legatum Prosperity Index is a global study of the factors that drive and restrain national prosperity across more than 110 countries.
The World's Least Peaceful Countries (ranked by Vision of Humanity's Global Peace Index, July 2012) 1.Somalia, 2.Afghanistan, 3.Sudan, 4.Iraq, 5.DR Congo, 6.Russia, 7.North Korea, 8.Central African Republic, 9.Israel, 10.Pakistan Do you not think one country is missing from the top ten ranking?
Last month, the Global Peace Index rated Syria, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen as more peaceful than Israel.
Nigeria is in out of 158 and Mozambique is in 48, phew! :) Global Peace Index
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