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Global Mission

Global Mission is the frontline mission arm of Adventist Mission, an office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world headquarters.

Evangelical Lutheran Church

UAE looks to Mars for STEM inspiration
The UAE has some big plans for the red planet.
Our mission at is to influence global culture for Will you join in?
Zakir Naik is a monster Pig in a mission to convert Hindus in to Muslims & Muslims in to terrorist. A global Verbal terrorist.
GPM-GLOBAL PRECIPITATION MEASUREMENT(on which Mohan works in the film) is n international network of satellites whi…
UAE looks to Mars for STEM inspiration.
on the move at It is the first ever 5th Global Conference on Cyber Space taking place in India. The…
So I gotta ask, . How many of the Global Mission's BP single handedly came from you?
"Our mission: Protect & hand on planet Earth to future generations. Make sure to be part of the solution".…
Tomorrow is another opportunity to give to a global mission! @ FBC…
The mission of reducing the influence of money in politics through the use of open source software has global re…
A global network to help reforest the tropics through the combined love, courage, creativity & brilliance of women…
Our Mission: to develop the global leaders for all of our customers
Any entrepreneur with a company who is interested in joining this mission, please contact me. Let's create a group…
🌈🎥✨. To the real new world⭐️. Space-time improvements🌟. New financial and new global business and production logistics…
"Our mission at Polycom is not to replace in-person communications, but to make meetings and communications as human-like as p…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Expand your global connections with YEDI’s start-up mission to Israel! Applications are now accepted for the upcomi…
It's the season of giving! If you donate to our Global Giving campaign, every dollar you give will be matched by Ch…
"MasterMind on a Mission.. This here has Only Just Begun" 🔥🔥🔥. -Rickie ❤️. Photo by 📸.
Thought was a wonderful trip down memory..well...lane. Been said a million times, but the fact we’re not l…
impressions of the amazing Christmas decoration competition at Global Ministries. Each floor showed impressive creativity. th…
.Deputy Chief of Mission MaryKay Carlson is celebrating the in Delhi with a tree f…
“If you want to change the culture of global engagement in your church, preach Christ's mission.”
Giving Odisha a place of pride in the global sports map not just by international sports infrastructure but also by prod…
Mohan Bhargava was working on a rainfall monitoring satellite known as the Global Precipitation Measurement ( GPM ), whic…
Remember. Honor. Teach. This is the mission of Wreaths Across America. Honoring veterans at over 1,200 locations…
18 hour sous vide Franken roast is my next mission. Happy Saturday!
Ali: Ali told me to work on it[mission] and was really impressed by the revised script of what we now call…
How does organizational mission drive LGBTQ advocacy networks in Europe? Interesting results and implications for e…
Thanks for create this amazing video on our behalf! We appreciate your work for our mission and understandin…
Ormeus Global is a company on a mission to create a culture of success, wellness, personal wealth and more. Pass it on!
Lights off for the satellites that investigated the draining of aquifers in northern India, the Middle East, & CA.
Wyatt Park CC is hosting their global mission partners!
All set up for our training day with 🇺🇸Excited by the opportunity to take our mission global & work with more p…
(NYSE:BMY) is global pharmaceutical company whose mission is dscover, develop, deliver medicines to patients prevail over diseases!
SowetanLIVE: Moustaches are in as Movember continues global mission to improve …
Xi Jinping is not the real story of the Party Congress, it's the party itself
ICYMI: See how our enhanced experience meets our customers' needs and ensures mission readiness across the globa…
For clues about how Xi is changing China and his Communist Party, a good place to start is with Wang Huning. .
Really enjoyed the Go Global Mission to Stockholm, informing & inspiring. Excellent organisation by Blog to f…
It’s GENEROSITY, AND SANE. Get a BRAIN or become OBSOLETE as I lead all young people on a global mission to overthrow old liars who fake it.
It's time to brace yourself for the hairiest month of the year because is back.
US nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber flies mission to Pacific ahead of Trump’s visit to Asia
“We’re going to cover global warming whether you read those stories or not.” on mission-driven journalism
Movember 2017: Everything you need to know about this global mission to improve men’s health.
Just now Global Mission sent nearly $1 million in church planting funds around the world--again. All of you donors are a…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hol up aren't you the American clu ? Not global. Be honest abt your mission.
😢To an old friend, Cassini. 🌊From the Global Ocean of Enceladus to the . 💧Liquid Methane Seas of Titan... 💙Thank You💙. ht…
Getting set up and ready for the Global Refugee Medical Mission Experience at ACU Summit 2017.
On learn abt the United Institutions set to enhance global cooperation on
euronews "Mission accomplished for Cassini as the probe crashes into Saturn
Finally, the true Mission of proponents of Climate change -- the hidden reason - depopulation
Ret. Lt. Col. William Astore argues for less defense spending, downsizing global mission and bringing troops home.
Toyota boss lands in Australia to. pickup more internal documents?. Cutting the Translator out this time...😉😈.
For our very own 'Desi Girl' who's on a mission of Global Domination! Gift! 😇
Agreed can we mobilise a global mission 2 rehabilitate our
Singapore data centre company to invest $500mn into India - Construction Global -
A U.S. Global Hawk drone is surveilling the Black Sea and Ukraine and apparently wants everyone to know.
4 pillars make up the strategic vision:. -Research impact ✓. -Public education mission ✓. -Global engagement ✓. -Profess…
Route a U.S. RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance mission over the Black Sea and
Encouraging news on faith from a much-respected Futurologist
Serebii Update: The Rare Candy and Moon Ball gift for the recent Global Mission is now available. Runs to August 30 https:/…
Love your global rescue mission these sweethearts from S. Korea will find a great home for sure!
Crestline Commits to Mission: Zero - Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Crestline Coach, a global leader in ambulance and ...
TY bro 4 supporting my global mission w RT! I'm launching LIVE tour of my show 4 kids on bases in Spring. Yippy!
Kids Kingdom & Youth Forum combined to play bingo in Spanish as part of our learning and celebrating Global Mission!
next Global Mission tasks players with harvesting Poke Beans.
Stand firm in the faith. ❤ @ Couples for Christ Global Mission Center
The is a global organisation of 30,000 people, from all walks of life. . Our mission is simple:
Please watch this and learn about this amazing global mission from some of the most…
Thank you so much for looking after us as part of the Global Heads of Mission Meeti…
Our isn't just cool - it's got an important mission: to help humans. Get the skinny here:
From authentic corporate headshots to a new global mission. See how Office 365 has helped evolve:
Staff, remember when you guys worked here?
I asked a favor, and instead I got a guilt trip. Mission impossible is found over a simple errand. But he's prepared for global chaos. Lol
The only mission the USA should have in Syria is destroying ISIS,not deposing Assad and replacing him with Global Puppet!
Update your maps at Navteq
this is what mission support & gifts to help support. A global church ready to serve.…
Global Ambassador for Education working with students in Malawi to further the mission.
.is solving global health crises. is honored to support their mission. Learn more:
Global Mission Issues Committee in second day of meetings.
Global Mission Centers have started 10 model church plants for non-Christian people groups to serve as testing labs.
Space Kids Global Mission presentation for our 4th and 5th grade students.
"NUMA empowers mission-driven tech entrepreneurs to solve the global problems of 2030"
An article, first in a 3-part series, written by Greg Allen Pickett, Director of Global Mission at First...
Let's work together to achieve the goal in Pokemon Sun/Moon's Global Mission!
With Sandra Kurtious, VP of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Guyana, Global Mission companion
Faces of Faith: Church recognized for global mission
The Mission Scenario is the most realistically achievable global space exploration roadmap to date.
This year im going to male ot my mission to educate people about global warming and plant more trees.U can make a difference
Dr. Mohammed Siddiqui, CEO of Global Medical Foundation, providing a briefing on the medical mission to India/Tibet.
Our mission is to inspire and help people to reach their full career potential.
Yesterday, 43 new young adult missionaries were commissioned in Atlanta, GA! The new Global Mission Fellows -...
Gods mission isn't just global, but it's local too. -
I was a proud member - but quit as never understood our global work and mission
We need to focus on ELL students as global leaders! Great mission statement.
DipNote ° A Global Mission that Defines the Leading Edge of Technology: A certain amount of secrecy shrouds th...
gd mrng modiji I wish my success in mission on global importance, great sir carry on
Join us on May 9 for our Global Mission Info Night at 7pm at the Church Ministry Centre. https:/…
The new director of the British Museum has a plan for "global citizenship"
I'm on a mission to save as many individuals as might only be 10, it might be 10 thousand. . But I...
When building a Real Estate strategy, start first with your Mission and Goals
Read our latest HGA Blog about our 1st HGA Group Sales Mission of 2016
Big news, Steve & Jean Case invest in to help propel global innovation mission
Do you need help with a custom on global mission issues? If so, our team is here to help:
This gives a rare & excellent insight into the man behind the mission: . Mel Gill & the history of ht…
"At Lagos Global, our vision is to make Lagos the most desirable investment destination in the world. Our mission is to enhance the"~SA(LG)
Our mission is to transform young adults into global thinkers and empower them to lead the next generation in building a sustainable future
Summit attendees pass treaty to continue mission of nuclear talks:
God's mission should be a lens in which we view the news, global trends/realities, innovation, our profession, community, f…
Big news: 1776 is rapidly scaling our global mission with $7.2M in new strategic investment via
Introducing Mission: Give global platform to share stories. htt…
EU sets sanctions, mulls security mission to back Libya unity government
Global Cafe resumes this week. Excited to hear from NJ mission team
Organize for Change! Fight Global Warming with the Fund! Avg $10-15/hr (Mission Hills/Hillcrest)
Free download of my new exclusive mix for Global Dance Mission...
Day 3 of our Global Meeting and we're looking at mission & vision - any tips? https:/…
2016 brand view of Only "Customer Relationship" sould be the ultimate competitive advantage.
After I'm grateful for God used him to open my eyes to God's global mission years ago
global perspectives class more like Mary Beth telling everyone how hard it was being the only white person on her mission trip to _
Space, like Cyber is becoming another highly contested global common.
The Reverse Trade Mission makes the Expo the place for global business development!
"A 2015 study by Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and JP Morgan points to the positive performance of impact i…
Is the world feeling big? Connect with your global family on the
Much of our work is about building mission/purpose to retain does a great job explaining why
If He says GO, will you say YES? . We are excited to begin taking registration for THREE upcoming mission trips:... htt…
Love your mission. Would love to connect & talk about Global HigherEd Service Learning Programs we create
We just celebrated our 25th anniversary! See our founding story:
GMF, Charli works to protect the environment in the Philippines so she can play in it .
Join us today at 4 p.m. for the Andrew S. Burgess Lecture in Global Mission.
The education you receive at will go as far as you want to take it! Adam’s story
%tumlnk  . New NASA technology “will be used to support the overarching goal of the Eu…
Just spoke w student of who is going w group to Honduras on Global Brigades mission later this month
If you're concerned about health risks in your situation sign up for Global Update newsletter
Take a shot every time someone in my global health class refers to Africa as a country. Chug if they also mention a mission trip.
Q4: We use the Global Moms Relay, a digital series for as a way to bring in new influencers with the same mission.
Congrats to .who has become a Global Ambassador for . We continue our to https:…
If Modi ji fails to lead India in demolishing fringe of all hues, his entire mission will collapse incl his global image.
Partner Business Evangelist - , Mountain ViewThe mission of the Developer Experience Group DX is to
It's such a pity to note that films like "Papa Francisco - Movie" is not doing well in the box office while...
"Ted" talk about my mission trip at the Yale Young Global Scholars reunion :)
Please for all on our Immerse course, whose four-week course ends today and they prepare to step out into global mission
a more global strategic mission is needed in UK policing
Join us at - "Find your life. Discern your place in God's global
'Top teams are divided on mission, vision, strategy & value' - story via Global Focus
Going down the Trajectory of Anti-Terrorism is an ABYSS of Deceptive Global Proportions in the 21st Century! "MISSION YOU!" Accomplished!
Dallas Baptist Baseball is headed to Curacao next week as part of the DBU Global Sports Mission Initiative:
featured today on Read CEO, mission, vision & more:
provides you with a single platform designed to lower TCO for mission-critical IT services
“If the church has not embraced the global dimensions of the great commission, it has not understood the mission of Jesus."
I am on a mission to find a Global Security Engineer for a Birmingham, MI based company. The company will pay full…
We are on a mission. Global awareness and cure for Fibrous Dysplasia & McCune-Albright Syndrome. Follow us & spread the word…
Family Physician required for Mission BC practice - Family Physician required for Mission BC practic
And they do call themselves "God-bringing people", for what it's worth. View their mission as global.
AHP plans to become the authority and the thought leader in healthcare giving… via
Clarkston's “Our mission is to cultivate thinkers, learners, & positive contributors to a global society.
We are good at Global Warming, Mars mission will succeed.
New article: Central African president calls for tougher mandate for U.N. mission read more at here
Global leaders unite in mission to end AIDS epidemic - Science Recorder: Science Recorder…
Army cyber general proposes new mission to fight global hacks
Wealth builder llc: WealthBuilder LLC is a global financial education company with the mission
NASA is gearing up to launch an asteroid mining mission in 2016: In just one year, NASA plans to send its…
Good article from Mission Catalyst​ on setting a course for global engagement
Imagine having God show up in power and ending up almost dead outside the city. Final post on miracles and missions
Kelowna’s Gospel Mission serving as a refuge in smoky conditions
It seems won't play, I'll check in a few re that! Re's D time for a cuppa & some 🌏✌️
I wake up with purpose!. On a mission: -> Global Transformation. My team is HUNGRY! Together…
Sunday Breakfast Mission nearly out of food
.the doco following Brett Kirk’s global mission to share our game, is now available on iTunes:
A CEO's mission to improve the lives of indigenous farmers through organic products
Mission Shares are tithed apportionments of a church budget for global goodwill.
Hello from Rio de Janeiro! and have arrived for their global mission.
Global Hawk set for hurricane mission: NASA's Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is set to begin flight...
Inspired by the global reach of RMHC. S/O to our mission partner
So Jermaine Defoe wanted to create a global brand. As a result, he's a national news story & all over social media. Mission accomplished?
.Global Hawk arrives in Va. to begin mission to improve forecasts. http…
Come on, in addition to so many other demands, does a pastor really have a biblical responsibility in global mission?
.Global Hawk UAV is scheduled to fly a 24-hour research mission over Tropical Storm Erika on Wednesday. More: http:…
Global Hawk set for hurricane mission
Fascinating perspective from Julian Assange on global mission::
Six Tips for Creating a Successful Global Wellness Program - At ShapeUp, our mission is to create a healthier worl...
Our Mission: To create a global multimedia communications platform that catalyzes whole-person and whole-systems care and …
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One man in Yemen is making it his mission to teach children after their schools were destroyed h…
Our Mission aims to place as a national and global leader in the industry.
This week: A mission of grave importance.
1. The historical mission of the EZ was to produce the basis for what could become the global reserve curr…
We have a global perspective in our mission. .
We have a global perspective in our mission. We strive for global relevance
From "frugal engineering" to Mars mission, Indian innovation is alive & well
[WEBINAR] On Demand: Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications with and Tintri. Watch it here:
Want to score 250 Gs? In this Expert Community Mission, we're throwing down the gauntlet.
3/ As for the VLAB itself, I think you *should* be integrated into the global community and mission. You don't see interested.
So great to know the mission to stop AIDS is global!
Big Simon, little Simon, at the global premiere of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation tonight in beautiful Vienna. CF
Our Mission is to become a strong Global Player both in Contract Manufacturing
Another update from Sarah and Adam Erickson, our Young Adults in Global Mission, serving in Cambodia.
Are you between the ages of 20 and 30yrs? Interested in Overseas Mission work in Social Justice... check out this... htt…
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If I was Captain America for a day, I would start mission earth to stop the global warming
> Carbon dioxide satellite mission returns first global maps on
Thank you Global Street Mission for great experiences. 😊. "There is hope"-GSM
So what if the nun's rapists were Bangladeshis. Modi-haters' global mission has been accomplished. Now onto the next church 'attack'.
I feel unnerved by this mission ESPECIALLY when Leliana is all thumbs up. (cc )
"The mission of meaningful freedom, democracy & human rights is yet to be fulfilled" http…
Blendfresh's mission is to improve global health by providing the means to unlock the power of real,…
FOCUS on the right thing. Days of Elijah Global Outreach Mission
This weekend's mission to all agents unnerves me but our dear Nightingale has posted it for Lady Dagna. Good luck.
Once this erc drop I'm on a mission
Lady G! Can you support our Thunderclap! 4 a powerful new film and the global mission of
Orca Rescues Foundation. “Our mission is to establish a global fund to facilitate the release and rehabilitation...
Sir Richard! Can you back a Thunderclap! 4 a powerful film and the global mission of
That would be messed up if, because of Ted Cruz finger-in-ears’ing global warming, NASA winds up with a manned Mars mission.
What is REMIX!? check it out!Author is speaking then come join the Global Mission Lab!
Thanks to Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, Toronto Mission, for their work at Florian Lux's talk: Global Politics of Climate Change
HE Mrs. Bibalou, Gabon Mission to says: integral to policy solutions for global
Got my NEXUS and Global Entry! Whoo. Mission accomplished. What a day. Still 8 more hours to home.
Global Sports Trade Mission to host 15 UK companies to explore opportunities in Qatar on 23 March.
DAGrady "USA,UK,AFRICA, & WithYou!" Truly a global mission. Thank you for that. DA
It would make more sense for Starbuck's 2have a global warming campaign, since the environment is one of the mission points
"Apply to be young adult missionary. Global Mission Fellows applications are due March 31.
Apply now for a life-changing young adult mission opportunity. Global Mission Fellows applications are due March 31.
chief wants mission 2 STOP SERVING three meals a day
March of Dimes Global Programs is working to improve the health of babies worldwide.
I'm helping in their mission to provide clean water. Raise a cup to global change this
Great global workshop in Mysore. 54 senior leaders committed to a new shared vision, purpose and mission. We can now start the journey
Something strange is happening on Mars:
the 'Liam Shachar guest mix on Global Dance Mission 270' by Liam Shachar on
"We’re a science-led global healthcare company with a mission to help people to do more, feel better, live longer" u lying dirty 1
Weird aurora and dust cloud found on new Mars mission - space - 18 March 2015 - New Scientist
Global, I need help, I have cleared this mission 4 times, but it always says that I failed.
We love the Global Taps at Millberry Union, Mission Bay, and the Aldea Center!
Learn more about our vision, our mission, and our past success stories from previous Global Innovation Forums at:
Learn more about Livia Global and our mission:
The mission for Clinton's activities is "Global interdependence." The other way to say it is "Global Governance,"...
TIGed - Taking IT Global, resources that align with IB mission.
Paola Ferro is a Global Mission Fellow and has a great call story:
For Global Mission Fellow Paola Ferro, answering God's call was not an immediate process. In fact, it took some...
Are you familiar with the mission of Gear Going Global and how its helping young athletes?
.team has been awarded $427,000 from Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission for 1 yr. water treatment process project. 1/2
.missionaries in the DR pass the baton of national church leadership to local leaders.
The UN is a global crime syndicate, whose only mission is to bring misery and tyranny to all free Nations!
Global Mission: frontline mission arm of Adventist Mission, an office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world headquarters.
The Young Adults in Global Mission - ELCA program is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and...
Read this blog from a new Young Adults in Global Mission - ELCA serving in Hungary. Learn more about ELCA...
This August, a new ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program will begin in partnership with the Lutheran Church in R…
Global Uplift was honored for its mission to the Philippines at a recent Salinas City Council meeting. Watch for...
Very well done piece on "voluntourism" and abiding colonialism in those short-term summer mission programs . . .
Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire,…
Four-mile walk raises money for Union Gospel Mission
At CCIH From Tom Davis "honor your mission but question your methods" great message for global health professionals
I’m following Germany versus Ghana in the FIFA Global Stadium Mission round of 16 - Go for it Germany ...
What nobler mission could there be than to better the life of another? RT
kaylafphoto posted to Instagram: We're a global community with a shared mission to keep the Internet open and...
A global shift in entertainment has to start somewhere. Why not your community?
1,000,000 grappling hooks to be fired. Pull together in the community mission:
HUD clears way for City Gospel Mission move: via
FBCH Global Impact team meeting to help get a greater FOCUS on our mission partnerships/involvement. Great group.
Good feedback given on the climate change & global warming debate yesterday at US mission htt…
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//help me get to the Czech with your support//. Cheer FCC Global Initiative - Short Term Mission Trips via
Grateful to be w/leadership of & inspired by Spanish-speaking diaspora. Speaking on catalyzing the next gen in global mission.
Your mission: ideas for NASA technology
Destiny had a Special Mission for me... I accepted! Mission Global Greatness by any means necessary!. Peace to Bro...
Pitfalls in the Pacesetters Path: Lack of focus
Mission Possible goes Global placing & GMCR firmly on the map as a world leading region 4
this skill is needed to be a productive citizen of the global community, I read the mission statement
Your mission: ideas for a NASA technology endeavor
Global Trance Mission Vol 1 from AMG GOLD distributed by ... -
NASA plans to prevent global apocalypse with Asteroid Retrieval Mission
Let us all together pray the Rosary tonight for the intention of the Elders Assembly Recollection and Elections...
NASA reporting progress on asteroid mission - Florida Today
Great work done today, as ChoG Global Mission team met from dawn to dusk; really productive
Part of Global Mission team w/Bob Moss: at Mama Rojas, Lake Hefner, OKC; missions largest part of ChoG Ministries.
During our Global Mission Field Coordinators retreat 3 wks ago, God crossed our paths with a taxi driver that...
NASA reporting progress on asteroid mission
The motorcade of early delegates are starting to come in! What are you waiting for? Let's all head for the...
Just submitted my application for the iGo Global mission trip to Spain next summer! Prayers needed please! 🇪🇸🙌
Your mission: ideas for a NASA technology endeavor -
Former Mission Oak teacher, coach avoids jail time via
Update from Dave & CRI and our global missions partnership: Please be in genuine prayer over these precious children and their wonderful leadership! This is an update from the CRI fb page, see more info there on specific ways that you can pray and help. When we asked you to pray and shared that is was a desperate situation with a life and death issue and that it could have a catastrophic fallout we truly meant just that.Thank you for praying and not pressing us for information. We are prepared to share now what has happened and also the desperate need for you to continue to pray. This is one of the most difficult posts that I have ever had to share - please bear with me if it seems scattered. On June 9th one of our children Nagulu began to have seizures and was admitted to the Hospital for observation ( He is still there and will be for another 2 weeks ) he became very ill and after a series of tests discovered that he had Meningitis. The home that where he lives also provides for an additional 28 childr ...
It's that time again, here's your Downtown Notebook.
I wonder, will there be unintended consequences for the global mission b/c of the recent marriage amendment?
Senior Manager, Engineering - Nook - Palo Alto, CA: Media is an exciting global company whose mission is to c...
Material Controller - Organisation DescriptionMy client is a leading global manufacturer of mission critical, comp...
focusing on business models that work for global health. WSU Guy Palmer talks public research mission and look for curious partners
"is reporting significant progress identifying potential asteroids to land astronauts on" Read more:
Dallas, TX: Global Mission's Summit. Praying for all leaders in the Global Foursquare Church.
Dallas, TX: Global Mission's Summit. Praying for the African leaders of the Foursquare Church.
ADULT PARISH FORUM, Sunday May 18th at 11:15am. Please join us for a video screening of a panel discussion led by Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Shori "Human Trafficking: A Church Wide Conversation." A light lunch will be provided. This forum is sponsored by St. John's Women's Global Mission group.
*selling* Theology books: Mere Discipleship by Lee Camp $8 like new; The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman $2 like new; Speaking of Jesus by Carl Medearis $3 few highlights; What is the Trinity? by David F. Wells free if buying MD, MPoE, and/or SoJ. Western Christians in Global Mission by Paul Borthwick $5 few highlights; Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer $3 few highlights.
Gentle thunder showers and a roaring fire set the best scene for interviewing future ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission for service in Jerusalem and the West Bank!
NEW BOOK REVIEW by - Western Christians in Global Mission by Paul Borthwick
I made goal to visit as many Nepali church as i can before i finish my Global Mission course here at Boyce College (After that i am praying to go another country at least for 2 yrs) - that is establish around the USA . Just so i can learn about Nepali church and fellowship -- Because i don't know a lot of nepali churches -- Nepali Christian Youth help me out! Throw me some information of churches. Thank you in advance!!
GLOBAL MISSION AND THE LITERATURE MINISTRY: PART 3 “He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him” Psalm 126:6 When I visited that village and saw these young men, I found they had established a church of 54 baptized members. They were so excited about what they were doing. Day by day they continue to sell literature and scatter the seeds of God’s message. As interests develop, they hold Bible studies. There are some nineteen thousand Global Mission Pioneers working right now throughout the world field. A very large number of them utilize the literature ministry as their means of delivering the gospel to unentered areas. It is one of but a few effective tools they have – our books, pamphlets, and other printed materials. As a matter of fact, if you were to ask how the literature ministry fits into the Global Mission program, I would tell you it works hand with the Pioneer program. The printed page will not become obsolete. I am not saying t ...
Benjamin Sam was a Global Mission pioneer in a primitive highlands region on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. While visiting the ailing village chief, he faced down soldiers with guns pointed at his head and prayed for healing for the chief. God helped him to raise up a small congregation in the highland village, and today a school and a small church stand as testimonies of God’s power to change hearts.   Benjamin transferred to a region on the southern plains of the island. There he visited the people and found many who wanted to know more about Jesus. He held two weeks of evangelistic meetings in the village.   On the first night of the meetings a devil priest named Bem and his wife entered the meeting area and sat down. The next night they returned, but that night the devil whom Bem worshiped became angry and wouldn’t let Bem sleep. Bem’s joints swelled and became painful, and the devil told him, “I will kill you if you leave me.” Bem became fearful and cried out, “I’m ...
Thanks for all who headed to Dallas from June 6-8 for the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach. We'll be sharing videos, texts from the remarks, panelist slides and materials, and more soon--stay tuned!
A California developer says an underground shelter he's creating in a vast limestone cave in eastern Kansas could be the human race's best chance to survive a nuclear attack or the impact of a wayward meteor.
A global community of entrepreneurs creating a culture of excellence in Filipino network marketing. Our Mission To establish an organization based on trust and integrity that unifies, enriches and fulfills a quality of life beyond boundaries."
WHY HERBALIFE? There has never been a better time for you to start your Herbalife business. You may be eager to make some changes, but sometimes it’s not easy to decide to take the plunge and do something different. CHOOSE YOUR MOMENT Whether you’re currently struggling away in a dead-end job or simply looking for an extra income, Herbalife presents a unique opportunity to you. We will coach you step by step. If you work as *** your Herbalife business as you do at a job, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy success like so many other people we have mentored. CHOOSE SIMPLICITY Did you know that the average small business costs thousands of Rands to start, and most new businesses fail within the first year? With Herbalife, the worry is removed from operating your own business. For you, there’s no inventory requirement, no fixed overheads like rent or staff, and no upfront investment, except for your International Business Pack :) CHOOSE YOUR STYLE Herbalife gives you the freedom to work from h ...
We are looking for music that will help others (Sample Music: Gospel, global encouragement, inspirational songs) that will help our communities. Also if you are music artist that would love to share your experience of overcoming obstacles in your life through your music, we would love to share it with those in need of answers. FB3 Mission is to bring "Global Awareness" to our youth at risk, those that have been abused suffering with addiction, those with disabilities and special needs and broken families. Thank you for your feedback
Our Mission is to support local are 10 great reasons: 10 REASONS TO SHOP LOCAL Why shop at a locally owned business first? The following 10 reasons show how more money spent at local businesses is reinvested in your community creating diversity and helping the community maintain or create its unique appeal. Shopping local creates jobs. Shops in our town create local employment and self-employment. These people in turn spend in the local community. Local independent shops invest more in our communities. Local businesses are proportionately more generous in their support of local charities, schools and community events. Supporting local shops means a financial impact on your community. Local shops sell a wide range of great products at affordable prices. Many people fall out of the habit of shopping locally and are then surprised by the range of products and gifts available. Shopping local saves you money. Out of town shops have done a good job of convincing us that local business equals e ...
Keyframe-Entertainment works with underground labels, discovers new artists and manages music marketing campaigns. We have been responsible for bringing artists to Perfecto, Drizzly Records, Joof Recordings, Rapid Response, GigaBeat, Pangea Recordings, and many more. Musical Genres represented: Tech...
Gov. Jack Markell (D) Wednesday evening signed into law a transgender rights bill that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, insurance and ...
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