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Glenn Hoddle

Glenn Hoddle (born 27 October 1957, Hayes, London) is an English former footballer and manager who played as an attacking midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur, AS Monaco, Chelsea and Swindon Town and at international level for England.

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Wayne Rooney has plenty to offer club and country, say Ferdinand and Hoddle: Rio Ferdinand and Glenn *** ..
Rio Ferdinand and Glenn Hoddle have backed Wayne Rooney to regain his place with Manchester United and England.
Glenn Hoddle has announced that today's man of the match is Wayne Rooney.
Paul Ince believes Glenn Hoddle should be given another chance as England manager
Paul Ince on rubbishes Southgate's club record & then suggests Glenn Hoddle as England boss! Needs to speak to Wolves fans! 🙄
Glenn Hoddle strikes again this time targeting mental people
Glenn Hoddle has lost my trust now and I wanted him as England manager. Rooney is finished.
still rather have him than Glenn hoddle tho
GLENN HODDLE: Rooney shouldn't be written off for club or country
and that's why Glenn hoddle is no longer a football manager and only a co commentator (poor one at that)
Glenn hoddle - the UK Version of Bruce Jenner. Give it a few years and he'll be wearing skirts and high heels.
GLENN HODDLE: Wayne Rooney still has a big role to play for both club and country and th...
Wayne Rooney shouldn't be written off... he's nearly 31 and will be at his peak mentally as a player: GLENN HODDLE:…
Redknapp, hoddle? He ain't on the same planet as those
yeah but he though Glenn Hoddle should be England what does that tell you about his views 👀
Glenn Hoddle is a retired CIA operative who has gone rogue in South America and set up his own cocaine smuggling opera…
''Glenn Hoddle, a man so stuck in the 80s when he learns of Operation Yewtree it's going to blow his mind'' 😂
According to online survey Worst commentator: Clive Tyldsley - 2nd Worst pundit: Glenn Hoddle (beaten by guy on Sky Sports)
John Barnes raves: 'Fantastic' Spurs hero is the 'best English player ever'. Agree? | LiverpoolKop
Cancer - With the waning Moon in your faith sector, a chance encounter with Glenn Hoddle reminds you how to behave in this life
FOOTBALL FACT: Every time he mentions 'Bodies in the box', the Co-op gives Glenn Hoddle £50 off his funeral
Glenn Hoddle and Michel Platini. Artists, on the pitch. *** away from it, and in very different ways.
Being reported that 6'3" striker Alex Fisher is on trial at Ex-Torquay United and Glenn Hoddle academy player.
Sam Clucas has taken an interesting path to the Premier League - via the Glenn Hoddle Academy & Hereford - but clearly…
New boss John Sheridan is targeting former Glenn Hoddle Academy player Luke Benbow of Rushall who has 18 goals in the…
OTD 1983 Glenn Hoddle scores with a magnificent chip to give Spurs a win at Watford
Hoddle says it's good to see Andros Townsend back in an England shirt. Is it, Glenn? Is it really?
With expert analysis from Glenn Hoddle and Ian Wright.
GLENN HODDLE: I was encouraged by England's first 45 minutes at Wembley on Saturday night, you could see what the new manage…
what type of player do you think England are missing and what do you think Glenn Hoddle would bring to the post?
GLENN HODDLE: Many people misread Gareth Southgate. When he played in my England side, there was a toughness to him. If…
Agree with Glenn Hoddle here. Definitely think the changes he's talking about have made a huge difference this seas…
Some excellent points made by Glenn Hoddle in this video - seems like Lallana is finally getting the recognition he…
not sure, no track record of success? Glenn hoddle, Kevin keegan, big Sam, Southgate..
What's everyone's thoughts on the next England manager? In my opinion it should be Glenn hoddle
Glenn Hoddle England Win % 60.71, at 5 clubs managed post England 33% to 42%, drew more games at Wolves than he won W27/D34
THE Glenn Hoddle? The man who hears voices and has castigated the disabled?
England's Eric Dier warned to 'sharpen up' by Glenn Hoddle.. Related Articles:
I don't know what's worse, watching England or having to listen to Glenn Hoddle
Where have the creative midfield players gone? steven Gerrard David beckham Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle would argue the case that Darren Anderton should be up there
Glenn Hoddle has absolutely nothing insightful to say about football. He'd be a bigger disaster than Allardyce in the England job.
Mike Bassett (Ricky Tomlinson) legend this morning. Can he be the next England manager please if Glenn Hoddle can't.
Harry Redknapp thinks Glenn Hoddle, who is sat next to him, is the "perfect choice" for the England job
Glenn Hoddle's ahead of both of them. At the same time more ridiculous and yet more believable.
for the love of God will you please appoint Glenn Hoddle as manager , do something right
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sorry, but that looked like a foul to me. Disagree with Glenn Hoddle and . Good finish again from Capoue th…
Isn't there a small middle eastern football team Glenn Hoddle can go and manage, so we don't have to hear this drivel
Paul Ince, Paul Gascoigne, Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham, Glenn Hoddle, David Platt, Gary Linekar... they all played on the continent.
Glenn Hoddle exclusive: Clueless Arsenal fans have no right to call for Arsene Wenger's head
Glenn Hoddle just said Davis Silva won't get into Man City's first team - did your witch doctor tell you that mate👍🏻
this is so embarrassing... It literally isn't Glenn Hoddle. Martin Tyler has referred to the summariser as "Tony" loads...
thanks for voting Glenn Hoddle into our Hall of Fame!
Now back to domestic matters. It looks like Glenn Hoddle won't get the England job and big Sam is now favourite
Glenn Hoddle and Mystic Meg 1998 World Cup!. If you know you know
All the people slating Martin Keown's commentary should be locked in a room and forced to listen to Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage instead.
Martin Keown think Glenn Hoddle is too modern.
Imagine being trapped in a lift with Martin Keown and Glenn Hoddle.
Just think in one alternate universe you cannot hear Martin Keown. Or Glenn Hoddle actually.
folk like Glenn Hoddle offer a rich, fascinating insight into the game coupled with wit and a sense of theatre
Judging by my timeline Martin Keown is trying to take the worst Co-commentator award from Glenn Hoddle.
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Glenn Hoddle still has every episode of The Brittas Empire on VHS.
Glenn Hoddle and Terry Venables once discussed writing a football themed detective series called 'Shinpad', but it never came to anything.
Glenn Hoddle's favourite food is an extra mild chicken korma with plain rice.
Glenn Hoddle. . A man whose television work this past month has convinced Alan Brazil and Raymond Wilkins he should be next manager.
It's ironic that Glenn Hoddle keeps saying how players know exactly what they're doing considering he has no idea what he's doing
You could be 78 years old and Glenn Hoddle would still call you a 'young man'.
Glenn Hoddle takes his holidays in Castle Bromwich.
Ryan Giggs lists his first 3 choices for manager: Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables; Sir Alex. Epitomises the problem with English football.
Reports suggest Glenn Hoddle would like to fail at being England manager again. dg
Glenn or Alan for next manager & for almost completely different reasoning, but I only want one of those two
freaking morons.get in Glenn Hoddle to help out the next coach...stop hyping up the nevilles, ferdinands as coachs
Talking of which, people forgiven Glenn Hoddle very quickly, touting him for England job again given what he said last time...
So Glenn Hoddle now bookies favorite then
Glenn Hoddle, Laurent Blanc and Slaven Bilic are all candidates to be the next England manager. (Daily Telegraph)
Attention quickly turns to who's next for the England hot seat. No question in my mind: Glenn Hoddle.
Why would you want Glenn 'Disabled people are paying for sins in a former life' Hoddle as manager ?
Glenn Hoddle has had his chance and Alan shearer had an awful managerial career at Newcastle?
Actually hope Glenn hoddle gets the England job tbh
God Bless Maradona. Drove Glenn Hoddle doolally and to a faith healer
Glenn Hoddle, Eileen Drewery and Ray Parlour to lead the way
Gary Lineker is backing Glenn Hoddle for the job .
We'll soon be in the clear as I understand that Glenn Hoddle is lined up for the England job. Crisis over.
Glenn Hoddle deffo plays twister with his kids to build cohesion
I see somehow Glenn Hoddle's name is linked with the England job now. Do any of you remember that crazy Spurs formation he advocated on TV?
with and among those who will advocate their mates for the England job, eg, Glenn Hoddle.
Glenn Hoddle was the best manager England has ever had! He will lead these kids to better results!
I understand Harry Redknapp would welcome the opportunity to speak to the FA and would partner up with Glenn Hoddle
Can we take Jurgen Klinsmann? Please? I don't want Glenn Hoddle. He's just going to pick Spurs players again.
Oh we are getting Glenn Hoddle's reaction now. Next up the reaction of a paving stone in Blackpool.
Just seen Glenn Hoddle is 6/1 for next England manager. I'm giving up on life if he gets that!
Glenn Hoddle scores from the spot for Spurs against Brighton
What did Glenn Hoddle do wrong in a previous life to be reconsidered for the England job? 😁
Glenn Hoddle is surprise candidate to take over as next England manager. To be fair, his CV is very impressive…
The last time Glenn Hoddle won a top-flight match, Wayne Rooney had never even scored a goal for England.
Glenn Hoddle? Ffs, failed already and done nothing since. Allardyce, Pardew Where's the winners?
The 45-year-old is not interested in taking the role, even on an interim basis, while Glenn Hoddle has been l...
Gary Lineker backs Glenn Hoddle for next England manager He understands the game technically
Staying up 2watch '86 doc is it possible that Glenn Hoddle & Gary Lineker get better looking with age,or is it me getting old!?!
Glenn Hoddle; the man who couldn't find a place for Dembele, Erisken & Lamela in 2013 but would play Andros as a 10 https…
Embarrassment for FA as Gareth Southgate says no to England - Glenn Hoddle, Slaven Bilic and Laurent Blanc no...
Glenn Hoddle would have to have done something REALLY bad in his previous life to get lumbered with this job twice.
The moment you realise Gareth Southgate and Glenn Hoddle . are the bookmakers' favourites to succeed Roy Hodgson.
Glenn Hoddle is now FAVOURITE to be next England manager on Betfair. A reminder of his first spell from Gary Neville https:/…
England could hire a foreign manager as Roy Hodgson's successor. The likes of Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle and...
Who would you like to be the next England manager? Gareth Southgate, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Pardew, Sam Allardyce & Alan She…
Alan Shearer calls for a Glenn Hoddle - Gareth Southgate double act to coach .
England need Glen Hoddle. Enough of these wankers who talk nice about everyone. Glenn Hoddle has England playing great football.
Waiting for Alan Brazil to put Neil Warnock and Glenn Hoddle for the job. Maybe even Ray Wilkins
Best substitution we could make now is announcing Glenn Hoddle has been replaced by Andy Gray.
Glenn Hoddle. Applies the same generic tone and language no matter who the opposition, no matter what the event. Picks up his…
Are we sure Glenn Hoddle is a co-commentator & not just the audio description for those with visual impairment? Cos that would explain a lot
So you're saying that Andy Townsend and Glenn Hoddle are on ITV again then?!
Glenn Hoddle & Andy Townsend will be passing comments on the referendum for ITV
What's that Glenn Hoddle said then.. "It's a good to score". Original Glenn that.. What a ***
Glenn Hoddle quizzed about lineup, declares he can't say what team he'd have picked himself, without researching their…
Glenn Hoddle might be about to kick Jacqui Oatley up the backside but he'll land her on a six-pence down one of the channels
Lmfao Jacqui Oatley just reminded Glenn Hoddle about going out on penalties to Argentina in 98
One of the more notable performances of is Jacqui Oatley's 'I'm interested in what you're saying, honestly' face to Glenn Hoddle.
Did you see Glenn Hoddle's face when Jacqui Oatley brought that night up!? Jesus!
Glenn Hoddle would make a great Mrs Doubtfire.
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At this moment in time I did not say them things.
Glenn Hoddle, somewhere, is complimenting Ronaldo on a positive penalty.
Glenn Hoddle would call that a positive penalty. I'd call it useless.
Glenn Hoddle will have approved. Excellent penalty Clive.
I understand this game. Here's mine. Glenn Hoddle is an intelligent commentator.
Spanish retreat belonging to commentator Glenn Hoddle on sale -£1.9m
Glenn Hoddle? Andy Townsend surely would of a better option, just saying
Spanish retreat belonging to Euro 2016 commentator Glenn Hoddle on sale for £1.9m:
Dreading the day Robbie Savage and Glenn Hoddle commentate a match together
Spanish retreat belonging to Euro 2016 Glenn Hoddle commentator on sale for £1.9m -
Glenn Hoddle thinks Atlanta Shore was fitter than Lady Penelope.
When you hear Glenn Hoddle in the commentary booth:
If Robbie Savage and Glenn Hoddle were looked in room with a knife where only one could walk out alive, who would win?. That'd be us.
I hope last question to Glenn Hoddle is "Carl Cort on the wing- What were you thinking!?"
Glenn Hoddle is on the same level as Michael Owen as a national embarrassment.
Hamilton Collection have to add to that list Mark Lawrenson, Glenn Hoddle and Micky Quinn
Who's the worst commentator Michael Owen or Glenn Hoddle? "It was a really positive penalty." Glenn, he missed! If he'd scored it maybe!
Glenn Hoddle has chosen Danny Rose as MOTM. His shortlist was Rose, Kane, Dier and Alli
So, who is the worst football pundit, Glenn Hoddle or Michael Owen?
I'd rather listen to Michael Owen than Glenn Hoddle
baffles me that Andy Gray is exiled in Qatar when the likes of Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen are in employment
Who allows Glenn Hoddle to commentate. He's nearly as bad as Owen
Imagine having Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen as a commentary pairing... How bad would that be!😑
Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Smith and Martin Keown... Who decided they would make good commentators?
Glenn Hoddle is a worse commentator than Michael Owen😳
I'm thinking of developing an App that will remove Glenn Hoddle & Michael Owen from any commentary. Any demand for such a thing?.
I hate Glenn Hoddle with a passion! He is a worse commentator than Michael Owen 😡😑😡😑
Glenn Hoddle is up there with Michael Owen 😴😴
Glenn Hoddle is nearly as bad at commentating as Michael Owen is. Talks absolute ***
Glenn Hoddle thinks he's watching some Budgies. Where's this 'perch' he's on about.
Glenn Hoddle.. he's no Micheal Owen is he?...
Glenn Hoddle is doing well in his attempt to prevent Michael Owen retaining his Mr Mogadon Award.
Terry Venables and Glenn Hoddle. Best England coaches in my lifetime. Simple
appalled to listen to Ian Darke and Glenn Hoddle commenting and talking about Clattnbrg as the best referee, pathetic!
. Goes back to Dean Richards and Glenn Hoddle. Rupert Lowe hated us.
sometimes they have the triple whammy of him, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle. It's what the mute button was made for
he brought Gary Lineker to Asia, Glenn Hoddle and George Weah to France
Glenn Hoddle cannot talk rationally about Adam Lallana.
The way Glenn Hoddle is banging on about Adam Lallana tonight is embarrassing. Just get a room!
You can tell Glenn Hoddle has no idea who's playing for Holland as he barely says their names and keeps saying "the Dutch"
Glenn Hoddle making Michael Owen sound like the great Barry Davies..
Glenn Hoddle is revolting. He makes you miss Michael Owen..
Glenn Hoddle is up there with Michael Owen and Robbie Savage. Awful.
NHS should start prescribing doses of Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen to anyone with insomnia 😂
Glenn Hoddle is rivalling Michael Owen at the minute
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Glenn Hoddle, Christ. Cut from the same cloth as Michael Owen when it comes to punditry.
Glenn Hoddle has to be up there with Michael Owen as the worst commentator in history! 😴😴😴😴
Glenn Hoddle on commentary is worse than Michael Owen
Replacing Andy Townsend with Glenn Hoddle has got to be the most pointless move ever...Michael Owen next?
Glenn Hoddle is as boring as Michael Owen.
Glenn Hoddle giving Michael Owen a run for his money here
Who thought it would be a good idea to hire Glenn Hoddle as commentator? Not far behind Owen as the worst out there
Could be worse.we could be listening to Glenn Hoddle & Michael Owen.right I'm off to sit on the naughty step 😏😉😂
Glenn Hoddle's comments during co-commentary annoy me. I swear that ITV pick the annoying ones on purpose. Although, no Owen. Yet...
I'm looking forward to 2 things tonight:. 1. Geoff Thomas coming on as a sub;. 2. Glenn Hoddle saying "easy-oasy" at some point.
Darren Fletcher and Glenn Hoddle are good tbh, Savage and Owen make it seem a lot worse than it is
When my time finally comes, I pray that Michael Owen or Glenn Hoddle are still around to deliver the eulogy.
I'd imagine a night out with Glenn Hoddle & Michael Owen would be a lively event. 🌚
Thank you Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle. You've got us in stitches with your commentary and insightful thoughts. Unintentional comedy gold 😂
Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen, two English players from past eras. But it's foreigners who encourage going down easy. Mental.
Ian Darke, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle. The holy trinity of bad bellends
Glenn Hoddle in opening 3 mins: 'Arsenal are looking sloppy.'. Danny Welbeck scores. . Michael Owen: 'Arsenal are looking sharp.'
If I was on a desert island with Michael Owen & Glenn Hoddle, with a gun with 2 bullets, I'd shoot myself twice.
Glenn Hoddle: "Arsenal are looking sloppy". Michael Owen not five minutes later: "Arsenal are looking sharp" ...
Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen calling an Arsenal game. Does it get any worse
Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen as co-comms. What a time to be alive.
I'd like to travel across Australia with Adrian Chiles and Glenn Hoddle. That would be one crazy road trip. Carnage.
Strange listening to Glenn Hoddle on with Mike Ashley's links with Spurs I've often thought Hoddle would be his choice at NUFC
Glenn Hoddle questions what Howard Webb would've said on the controversial 2nd man u goal. Well he's probably standing in the away end.
Alan Shearer insists that Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli reminds him of Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle. https…
Glenn Hoddle has warned Dele Alli not to let his anger get the better of him in some situations within a game. https…
Glenn Hoddle believes that Dele Alli has all the tools to be a legend at Tottenham Hotspur.
Dele Alli is everything you want in a modern midfield player, says Glenn Hoddle | ZapSportz
Glenn Hoddle has also warned Dele Alli to control his anger in certain situations during a game.
Honestly, what sort of lunatic thought having Ian Darke, Glenn Hoddle and Robbie Savage commentating together was acceptable?
Steve Archibald and Glenn Hoddle scored the goals against Wolves at Hillsborough
Quite some talent here in 1984 - Alex Higgins with Glenn Hoddle, Frank Bruno, Bruce Grobbelaar and Kenny Dalglish.
I will celebrate like a loon the day Phil Jones earns his 54th cap, playing in midfield, taking him past Glenn Hoddle's number of caps.
Terry Butcher's story about Bobby Robson wearing Glenn Hoddle's boots had me in tears
ESN : Glen Hoddle: Smalling and Jones were "startled" by Spain: Glenn Hoddle has accused Chris Smalling and Phil…
Thank god that England game has finished... Glenn Hoddle needs to get the boot next! Boring and negative! Just as bad as Andy Townsend!
Glenn Hoddle achieving the seemingly impossible and making me genuinely long for Andy Townsend
Well done to everyone who guessed the quiz question correctly, the answers are:. Gerard Houllier, Glenn Hoddle & Guus Hiddink
'skilful, entertaining, classy. But it also came to mean something more fatalistic' Glenn Hoddle
Jimmy Greaves Dave MacKay Pat Jennings Glenn Hoddle are Spurs legends.Sicknote is not
Glenn Hoddle, Paul Gascoigne and Danny Blanchflower quite easily the best 3 CM's to play for Spurs.
quite an eclectic group of people. I'd probably have Roland Rat and Glenn Hoddle in there too.
Glenn Hoddle claims Daniel Sturridge is being punished for sins in previous life after latest set back
Does Glenn Hoddle need to be given a job at Spurs?
If Kos, Alexis, Özil, Cazorla and Coquelin are fit, Glenn Hoddle could ref it and we'd still win.
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A good article and equally as interesting comments section (Glenn Hoddle libero in 352 especially):.
"I never heard a minute silence like that”. 23 Glenn Hoddle quotes that’ll make you laugh.
GLENN HODDLE: It is always a surprise when I see some of the owners, both British and from overseas, forgetting the good practice that has
I'm still haunted by the memory of Glenn Hoddle's *** at the World Cup
The most talented English player of my lifetime; better than Schole/LeTiss/Gazza... 16mins of Glenn Hoddle genius:
I think Glenn hoddle is the only one who talks any sense on bt honest opinion orthers I wonder what game there watching
After today's input from Trevor Francis on now we know why he's been out of football so long. Not a patch on Glenn Hoddle.
Premier League owners should take lessons from their other businesses and hire consultants to fix managerial mess : GLENN HODDLE: It ...
Remember the time during the World Cup when Glenn Hoddle called Algeria "Al-Jazeera" 😂😂😂
'They looked a little more like the old Chelsea.' - Glenn Hoddle on last night's display:
42% want nigel pearson . 31% want martin O'Neil. 21% want Glenn hoddle 6% want nigel clough as next forest manager Official
Glenn Hoddle and Andy Townsend were cheap but not ideal :)
Chelsea boss in my life time was Glenn Hoddle, transformer our club on a shoe string, got us to finals, semis etc with a poor
Got football legend Glenn Hoddle coming to my fundraising charity golf day!!
lol i been a fan of since 1996 When Glenn Hoddle was out manager 😉 I bet you are a real fan 😂
BT logic - pay millions for Premier League and Champions League coverage, have Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle on commentary
Doesn't say much, but he's a much better option than Glenn Hoddle or Nial Quinn!
GLENN HODDLE: The Manchester derby is one the D-Days of the Premier League season. I have assessed the key personalities a…
Trevor Francis... Almost makes you long for Glenn hoddle.. Almost.
I never knew I could miss Glenn Hoddle so much
I guess BT Sport felt that Glenn Hoddle talked too much sense so they've got Trevor Francis in to join in with Michael Owen's nonsense.
Trevor Francis is so acutely awful to listen to I'm almost missing the self-aggrandised tedium of Glenn Hoddle.
Where did it all go wrong for Glenn Hoddle 😂😂😂😂
Ray Wilkins suggests Aston Villa should move for Glenn Hoddle
We should have appointed glenn hoddle as manager
Glenn Hoddle scores a delicious chip for Tottenham (1983).
Deary me. Glenn Hoddle on "They've gone away with a win in many respects". No Glenn, one respect, they won 2-1.
Glenn Hoddle there saying football clubs should turn failed academy players into goalkeepers, so they can bring it out a…
Try it, you'll love it. Like having Phil Neville, Glenn Hoddle & Andy Townsend commentating on a Barcelona game
I'm sorry, but no matter how awful Andy Townsend was, is Glenn Hoddle really an improvement?
Glenn Hoddle "as a manager you always have that, sometimes". Genius. Just when you thought nobody could be worse than Andy Townsend ...
Glenn Hoddle... "I'm sure if you'd have offered Roy 10 wins from 10, he'd have settled for it"... come back Andy Townsend,…
Glenn Hoddle... Why? I actually think I would prefer it if Nigel Mansell was summarising
did you see us today? Get rid and get a top class manger in who can attract players. Glenn Hoddle or terry butcher
Matchday Live on BT and Fletch & Sav are joined by Piers Morgan, Ian Wright, Harry Redknapp, Michael Owen and Glenn Hoddle.…
Glenn Hoddle says England have been superb in the 2nd half. I'll have a pint of what he's been drinking
Glenn Hoddle doesn't know what day it is
Glenn Hoddle is to commentary what Abu Hamza is to finger painting. .
TV now on mute. Glenn Hoddle now added to my list of commentators i want executed. Hes third behind Nial Quinn and Alan Parry.
Glenn Hoddle - providing as much in-depth analysis as a puddle in the Sahara.
Look, deadline day is stressful. I remember Glenn Hoddle kept going on about 'Christian Values' – I spent the whole day…
I run an academy in Spain for young footballers who are released by their clubs and who, in my opinion, deserve a second chance.Glenn Hoddle
Two years ago. This was a good day interviewing Glenn Hoddle, Maxi Priest & Jeff Brazier. Harlow 5 Aid
Roll out the faith healer a'la Glenn Hoddle at the 1998 World Cup
PRT: So, Glenn Hoddle is now a shill for the Indian Super League. Don't have heroes, kids.
Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle are currently sat on the sofa together on Any excuse to show this... htt…
Noticed Glenn hoddle at bt sport now . Does that make paul merson most experienced manager at sky sports?? . Think about that 4 a minute
Why is Glenn Hoddle not back at the football club? Wasted doing commentary.
Danny Wilson is a far superior player & those 60 yard Glenn Hoddle passes he pings are a thing of beauty 💙
"I said before the game it'll either work or it won't". Glenn Hoddle BT Sport
something about Glenn Hoddle's 80s hair echoes down the ages to a new generation and says... "This will not end well".
GLENN HODDLE: There is nothing wrong with shutting up shop in football. No manager should be criticised for ensuring his de…
Slow pitch in the game I'm watching from California. Glenn Hoddle pointed out today the slick surface in made for a great watch
Just watched a doc about Glenn Hoddle, his life is ripe for a Scorsese oscar hopeful biopic.
Glenn Hoddle's expectations for the season: I'm looking forward to seeing the real Radamel Falcao this season... But I don't think
Glenn Hoddle just said that Man City have the best spine of any football club in the world. I feel nauseas.
Glenn Hoddle saying City have the best spine in Europe. Man, I can't even.
Glenn Hoddle could be the Professor of Boredom at Cambridge
ICYMI... Glenn Hoddle comments on Newcastle’s draw with Manchester United...
GLENN HODDLE: Jose Mourinho doesn’t look happy. My guess is that he was hoping that he had the squad to retain the Premier League. And
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Hoddle: Fast track Stones into England team now! | ZapSportz
I wonder how many fans out there actually knew that Glenn Hoddle used to manage 'em, that's right, only a handful.
i prefer Glenn Hoddle. He is excellent
Glenn Hoddle firing shots at cesc.. what a time to be alive
GLENN HODDLE: I think the time has come where something has to change and the best solution is to close the window for Premier League
Here is the City: Glenn Hoddle comments on Newcastle's draw with Manchester United
What did you make of Newcastle United's display at Old Trafford?
GLENN HODDLE: Transfer window should shut before season begins. via
Glenn Hoddle, "United" this and "United" that in a game with two United's. ***
This game is better if you pretend that Michael Owen is commentating as he sits on Glenn Hoddle's lap. . "We've only two sea…
Steve McClaren proved his managerial worth on his return to Old Trafford with Newcastle United: GLENN HODDLE: It…
Says a lot about Michael Owen's commentary when BT Sport introduce Glenn Hoddle to inject some energy
does that mean that we can expect a Glenn Hoddle masterclass very soon??
Glenn Hoddle being a second co-commentator is justified for reasons like this.
Love how try to address the complaints about that *** Michael Owen by watering him down with Glenn Hoddl…
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Manchester City v Chelsea: David Silva and Yaya Toure are so vital to City, says Glenn Hoddle | ZapSportz
Glenn Hoddle makes me want to stick hot irons in my ears.
"Glenn Hoddle hasn't been the Hoddle we know. Neither has Bryan Robson." - RON GREENWOOD
Physicist Stephen Hawkins was arrested by Met Police today,after he attacked Ex football boss Glenn Hoddle with a wheel brace.Updates follow
Looking wider...watched some football today and would offer Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle and Howard Webb as contenders.
Glenn Hoddle just said "Walker has done everything right there.". He's just kicked the ball in his own pissing net, Glenn…
Glenn Hoddle, Graham Roberts and Garth Crooks celebrate in our 5-1 victory over Southampton at the lane 1985 http:…
Phil Heath battles with Gary Stevens and Glenn Hoddle of Spurs
Chris Jones & Glenn Hoddle in the box for the corner
Look at me with Heaven 17's Martyn Ware on stage at the London Palladium - Much more stylish than that Glenn Hoddle! h…
Michael Owen - na. Glenn Hoddle - na. Jake Humphrey - na. I wouldn't watch BT Sport even if I had it free.
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