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Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig (born Glenn Allen Anzalone; June 23, 1955) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, entrepreneur, and a progenitor of the horror punk subgenre of music.

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I think Glenn Danzig is fighting with the dudes in Crüe, given their proximity. 😂
if you were to do a duet with Glenn Danzig what song would it be and why?!
I'm kin with Glenn Danzig threatening to beat up Jello Biafra
I still haven't met anyone in Jersey who has met Glenn Danzig so that means he's actually a Cryptid
I think my dad met glenn danzig too. At the very least he was backstage at the show and drank beer meant for glenn danzig
via Glenn Danzig talking about writing 13 for Johnny Cash
I dont know why I come to think of Glenn Danzig
Glenn Danzig's ex wife was granted full custody of their children due to Glenn's extensive touring for the blackaciddevil album
If I don't come back in 5 minutes call Glenn Danzig. He'll know what to do.
The part where Glenn Danzig goes to petsmart and asks what kitty litter is the most evil.
Sometimes I think about how I'm taller than Glenn Danzig and I crack myself up
I wanna see a show called Danzig with the stars where all these fancy pants celebs have to hang out with Glenn Danzig
I added a video to a playlist Glenn Danzig talks about Jesus Christ and Hitler with Eric B…
Every year, the best and worst part of making a Halloween playlist is having to look at Glenn Danzig's nipples.
base layer down on Glenn Danzig using watercolor and watercolor pencil. On to Doyle next.
My buddy's playing in a Misfits cover band tomorrow, so I've been listening to them all week & wow, Glenn Danzig is a world-class ***
33 years ago, Jerry Only, Glenn Danzig & Doyle played their last show as in Detroit—tonite they're back! https:…
The most compelling argument I have seen for the existence of magic is that Glenn Danzig appears to have been turned in to a gremlin.
Glenn Danzig for president. of gothic subculture. No debate needed!
"Parisa why do you have a pic of young Glenn Danzig on your phone". "Because I have weird feelings about it"
To some people heavy metal is Motorhead and to others it's Judas Priest...
Until the contract is signed, nothing is real.
Basically what a fight between Trump and Biden would look like. Trump is Danzig, duh. via
This is how we covered the legend Johnny Cash back in 2014! A Song originally written for him by Glenn Danzig.
This Chick tract about Glenn Danzig is a classic. . (H/T )
Imagine someone addressing Danzig as "glenn"
imagine it was Glenn Danzig like he wanted
In ten years, my vocal style has evolved from ”wannabe Mark Hoppus” to ”Tim Curry meets Elton John by way of Glenn Danzig.” I'm so sorry.
I was bringing my attitude as a regular person 'cause this is my attitu...
I dunno. Logan looks pretty good. I'm still holding out hope for Glenn Danzig lol
For Halloween, should I be king diamond, or Glenn Danzig (misfits era)?
Nothing like some Glenn Danzig to get me ready for this morning
Jim Morrison is alive and performs under his new name Glenn Danzig.
The Democratic party has gone so far to the left that people just can't...
Your fave is problematic: glenn danzig. -wouldntve played wolverine so ***
Im gonna shrink myself and go as glenn danzig for halloween
Going to spend my Friday like I usually do. Outside of a liquor store fighting anyone who calls Glenn Danzig fat.
Between 'Skeletons' and the recent Misfits reunion shows, it seems like Glenn Danzig is happy for the first time...
I'm trying to convince my mom not to be sexy Glenn Danzig two years in a row.
Another coffee POWER CHUG brought to you by Glenn Danzig and
had a dream that Glenn Danzig was my English teacher and 's neighbor
In Japan, they have TV sets in cars right now, where you can punch up t...
Mission accomplished Fiends! Celebrating with the Original Jerry Only Only, Doyle and Glenn Danzig
Fave paragraphs on Glenn Danzig's Wikipedia page.. would rlly like to highlight that he has a devilman tattoo
But when you get to a song, not only do you have to do a vocal melody, ...
I bet Glenn Danzig gets messed with a lot, despite specifically telling parents to keep their children away from him.
I know they are going to be doing a box set in Europe of Danzig 5 and 6...
"I think Glenn Danzig said it best in the Misfits' 1979 B-side 'Children In Heat'..." -Ted Cruz
Misfits' Jerry Only explains how he reunited with Glenn Danzig
list of people I've cried over today:. - Darby. - Jello. - Todd from that *** thing. - Terry bc he's *** - small Glenn Danzig
Glenn Danzig will play w/ the Misfits for the 1st time in 33 years at Riot Fest. Also Axl Rose is fronting for AC/DC, what a strange year...
It's happening: Glenn Danzig & Jerry Only are reuniting at this year's http…
A guy at the train station in a Canadian tuxedo looks like a young Glenn Danzig. What's a not creepy way to ask him to be best friends?
Yeah, I guess this is like Glenn Danzig wishing he was Peter Steele or something.
Did you catch Glenn on Revisit a bit of his appearance here:
Are you feeling blackest of the black on ? Channel it wearing an Anonymous Rocker Glenn Tee 💀
That moment when you realize, that WAS Glenn Danzig on
Ooops... I think I just let my inner Glenn Danzig go wild LOL
Best part about my sister being on Portlandia was that she was on the same ep of a tv show as GLENN DANZIG
Was it easy to get Glenn Danzig for
We're doing Circle of Snakes, we open up with Skin Carver and we are throwi...
ICYMI: Watch a Teaser of Glenn Danzig’s Appearance on IFC’s ‘
Danzig with myself, just Danzig with myself. Glenn those are not the lyrics man. WELL THERES NOTHING TO LOSE AND THERES NOTHING TO PROVE IM JU
This is a magnet glenn danzig just put on his black refrigerator
Glenn Danzig. One of my childhood heroes. And still is.
Put Rollins on a *** cruise with Glenn Danzig, just like the comic book.
My goal is to be bigger than Glenn Danzig 😈
Who would you consider to be the most important Glenn Danzig experts alive today?
I added a video to a playlist Portlandia | Beach Fashion (ft. Glenn Danzig) | IFC
Henry Rollins and danzig from Glenn and Henry forever. But it does look Like James lol.
Glenn Danzig's appearance on Portlandia COMPLETELY redeemed this season. Amazing.
Tommy, would you please check my Danzig/Mustaine/King Diamond impressions? Hope Glenn doesn't curse me.
When you going to do a track with Glenn Danzig?
Glenn Danzig killed it on this week's
Glenn Danzig: "I'm just saying that at least for the foreseeable future there won't be any more touring."
Thanka Dug out my old Danzig cds this morning. How can u not love Glenn?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The punk rock singularity draws nigh, on X-Files and Glenn Danzig on Portlandia in the same week.
In love with tonight. I've seen the lighter side of Glenn Danzig twice in my life and both took my by surprise. Book=/=Cover
Glenn Danzig in tonight's episode selling the goth Billabong t-shirts
"We could call him Glenn Danzig. Glenda Danziga if it's a girl." Brb dyyiinnnggg 💀💀
Glenn Danzig on has got got to be one of the best guest spots I've seen in YEARS.
That was the best episode of in awhile! Glenn Danzig ❤️🤘❤️
Glenn Danzig's Portlandia episode is on in approximately 2 minutes. If you need me, my phone will be on airplane mode for the next 1/2 hour.
But unfortunately, I have to say, one out of every 100 interviews I do, I g...
“Are you familiar with … Billabong?”. Makes me snort with laughter every time.
Dear Lord: Thank you so much for Glenn Danzig.
I am emotionally invested in Glenn Danzig's man boobs.
Beach Goth is totally a thing. I should know. I'm from Florida :)
OMG Glenn on tonight...this is gonna be so awesome...
glenn danzig is 5 inches shorter than me and I feel like somehow an old dream of mine just died
Other than Portlandia, Glenn Danzig doesn’t get to the beach very often
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Do you prefer The Misfits with Glenn Danzig, Michale Graves, or Jerry Only on Vocals?
Glenn Danzig does not pet me anymore so his arms are small
You ever thought of reaching out to guys like Rob Halford, Blackie Lawless, Alice Cooper, or Glenn Danzig?
Also I forgot the awesome that is Glenn Danzig in early Misfits. Gah.
"Uncle (Glenn) Danzig needs some Christmas lights." - says Lux as we drive by his house
Spoke extensively this afternoon with regarding Glenn Danzig's nipple and cherries. Everyone should aspire to be more like us.
Ive seen Glenn Danzig at 3 westside Ralphs wearing sunglasses. Does he not know it doesn't matter if he's recognized cause he's so scary??
is he taller than Glenn Danzig when not wearing his special shoes?
You ever stop and realize that Glenn Danzig was really just a combination of Elvis and Satan?
Glenn Danzig himself better have screen printed these for that price
Hi I'm Glenn Danzig. I'd like to talk to you today about the benefits of a reverse mortgage.
All I want for Christmas is Glenn Danzig and Peter Steele squeezing me in a gothic sandwich. Is that too much to ask for?
This is something that has been bugging me for a while, but are you related to Glenn Danzig by chance, Sebastian?
Remembering when Glenn Danzig was so youthful and handsome.
Glenn Danzig is going to be on this season?
The second one has glenn danzig as an angel, who dies
Whether I'm doing music or I'm walking down the street or I'm in a record store ...
Son of Sam - Songs From the Earth red vinyl SEALED with Glenn Danzig/Punk/Gothic
Wars have always started over religion.
I bet all the guys in *** Valentines have every single album Glenn Danzig ever recorded.
But the Danzig unreleased stuff will be either a single or a double CD. -…
Glenn has to know the mix on his album is awful, right? Its. it's so bad.
Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Glenn Danzig fight Gary Oldman?
I wondered is the blond guy with the lip job from the clip "always" about Glenn danzig ' s height?
. is never funnier than when is making fun of Glenn Danzig's height.
new album from Glenn Danzig is released called Skeletons \m/
The non comformist levels are getting near that of Glenn Danzig
"Mother" ~Glenn Danzig. . Still making my lady parts tingle.
Ask him about Glenn Danzig. He never gets sick of that.
if I die before I wake, tell Glenn Danzig I love him
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Here's your first look at Glenn Danzig on which debuts next month on
Punk without a good singer is just bad folk. Mmm Glenn Danzig.
Glenn Danzig Appears in the Season 6 Trailer for Portlandia - MetalSucks
Glenn Danzig insists he should've played Pizzazz in the movie as his portrayal would have been "less ***
Apparently, Thor is also Samhain and Glenn Danzig fan
looks like Glenn Danzig in the middle. :) have fun!
I think the only person I'd cry over is Glenn Danzig. UGH. Whatta babe.💕
I don't really want to discuss it or anything I just recall Glenn Danzig getting punched in the face
Random thought because I'm awake. Remember that time Glenn Danzig got punched in the face
I hope Trump does his Glenn Danzig impression tonight.
A lot of the stuff at this year's Comics Art Brooklyn is leftovers from last year. But hey, a comic about Henry Rollins & Glenn Danzig? Ok!
is Glenn Danzig still out there being weird?
This is it: Misfits Skull Cof... Get one before they sell out.
Me: (to Did I ever tell you about the Satan worshippers I knew who met Glenn Danzig at a strip bar and freaked out?
I actually hate Glenn Danzig but I use his surname oops
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hey Glenn, where are you going with those bricks in your hand? Whoah.
Finished Season 5. Thought Glenn Danzig was on this season. Looking forward to Season 6.
Glenn Danzig cries when he sees a bee and writes his lyrics on a stack of bar napkins he stole from a T.G.I. Friday's.
Laura Kinney is like a daughter of Glenn Danzig. (That only confirms that Glenn Danzig is Wolverine)
the singer of Radkey really sounds like Glenn Danzig
This whole time we thought Glenn was the biggest troublemaker of all the Danzig kids.
I was tripping out when Glenn Danzig hit 60 this year. And Mike Ness is 53.
Im in love with glenn danzig but Peter Steele is my soul mate
Who needs metal that's more blasphemous than Glenn Danzig and Slayer combined? Abysmal Lord.
Does Glenn Danzig live with his mom?
wow. Glenn Danzig is officially reverse Johnny Cash
I'm at work an hour early. This morning the bags under my eyes made me look like Glenn Danzig circa EVILIVE
*Glenn Danzig walks up to the box office* "One ticket for Hamilton, please!"
Check out Glenn Danzig on ‘Portlandia’ Guest Spot: ‘Some of the Comedy Lines in It Are Just Classic’
Glenn Danzig on 'Portlandia' Guest Spot: 'Some of the Comedy Lines in It Are Just Classic'
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
When I write about sourdough starter, I always think of Glenn Danzig...
Glenn Danzig is like a heavy metal Jim Morrison, and it's just amazing
Undertaker looks like John C. Reilly playing Glenn Danzig in a dinner theater production of his life story
You think when Danzig was writing Am I Demon anyone was ever like "Glenn, just go get tested, there's a free clinic downtown, bro"???
I went with black circles around my eyes and a devillock ala Glenn Danzig in my freshman yearbook.
Danzig shops for groceries (from "Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever) by this book makes me giggle so hard
Lenny Kravitz should have gone the Glenn Danzig route and banned people from taking concert videos. Just saying.
Glenn Danzig of Samhain in early 1986 some place on Hollywood Blvd. this man is a great frontman! And…
I am going to treat my kids the same way I got treated by Glenn Danzig and Shania Twain see how they like it !
Last night I dreamt I met Glenn Danzig in an elevator but it was actually Keith Morris in a leisure suit. What does it mean?!?
My sisters are stupid *** why are they allowed to be famous and I'm not ? Because Glenn Danzig is a racist goof !
Glenn Danzig knows how to make me feel better.
I feel like I should thank Glenn Danzig for all the good humor and laughs that picture has brought me over the years.
at San Diego in 2002 or so I almost bought a fourth world page off Glenn Danzig but balked at the price. Always regretted.
I once hailed Glenn Danzig as the Manlet King, but I now know that Ronnie James Dio is the one true Manlet King. He had a sword.
U know which is Glenn Danzig of those lads ?
passes the "would Glenn Danzig wear it to the supermarket test"
How much does it cost to get Glenn Danzig to send you a birthday card? Serious question.
While everyone talked about Ronda Rousey this past weekend, how did the fight Glenn Danzig have with all Americans?
Am I the only one who thinks that Ripley in "alien resurrection" looks just like Glenn Danzig?
Dear Glenn Danzig: How much do you enjoy the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum ad?
Glenn Danzig tells us about writing for Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison and his upcoming new album of Elvis covers:
I liked a video Glenn Danzig Reflects on Early Punk Days
List of people who are ok to hit me: Ronda Rosey, A-Rod, Glenn Danzig and Molly Ringwald
What if I should make and independent X-men movie cast Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Glenn Danzig as Old Man Logan and me as Rogue? Lol
My favorite is Glenn Danzig trying to get in on the 80's brat pack market.
Glenn Danzig was Punk Elvis when he was in The Misfits 😄
oh Im just asking what game I can see "Glenn Danzig"s work in.
If there's a dude out in the world who's like a combination of Glenn Danzig and Neil Gaiman they should hmu
Glenn Danzig is old enough to be described as "spry"
Currently watching what I can only describe as the Asian Glenn Danzig bench press
Glenn Danzig's one of the powerful singer of all time !
GLENN DANZIG reflects on early punk days.
Thank you Glenn and Steve for signing my cd tonight!
I'm the words of the ever eloquent Glenn Danzig, I've got something to say...
Tonight i found out i care deeply about 2 things: 1. The music of glenn danzig 2. Pingy squealer metal guitar that *** so much oh my GOD
My homie Glenn says no to photography at his shows so I will describe his performance in words: it's danzig
It's Danzig night so if I get caught with my phone out at the show Glenn will set me on fire.
Hmmm...Looks like Glenn's handwriting. I'll ask him tonight. 😉😎
A 17 year old me with Glenn Danzig ! This pic was taken after the Danzig show on November…
Metal trailblazer lighting new fires.
Who's going to see Danzig tonight at
I hope Glenn realized his dream of attending trade school. are important. \m/ \m/
I would watch every one of these: 10 Ideas for TV Shows Starring Glenn Danzig via
Rick Ross is a virgin. I think Glenn Danzig was a virgin until recently also
Metal trailblazer Glenn Danzig lighting new fires - Magazine
Q+A: Glenn talks new projects, Brooklyn Bowl show and his hair
Mother of God, Glenn Danzig is 60 years old.
Wow... Glenn Danzig of Danzig in the song "Mother" reminds me so much of Ian Astbury of The Cult!
Personally I think Morrison never died. He became Glenn Danzig!
A day in the life of Glenn Danzig:. *throws mini tomatoes against wall*. "Don't cry, tomato baby"
A karaoke first: someone singing "Die Die My Darling". A few more stabs to the eyes, he almost sounds like Glenn Danzig. Almost.
I wonder what glenn danzig is doing right about now
can I be in the middle of a Glenn Danzig and a Brian Setzer sandwich. pls & thank
I was at a Danzig show back in the day and someone threw a shoe that hit Glenn right in the face.
Photoset: thesharingfiend: Glenn Danzig and Eerie Von (and two lines from London May and Damien, ha)...
In other news, I can get a pretty mean devilock. Glenn DANzig, anyone?
I clicked on the hot chick that commented in my mentions,i was going to bring glenn danzig but instead i will go with
Watching Pulp Fiction but pretending Vincent (Travolta) is Glenn Danzig is a whole new way for me to enjoy it.
Glenn Danzig is absolutely horrifying, by the way.
Tom Delonge is like the Glenn Danzig of Pop Punk
Artist rendering of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig on dinosaurs, from the show at La Luz d…
Jubilee and Wolverine travel time to see Glenn Danzig and The Misfits.
If you haven't seen Glenn Danzig's Hamlet, you haven't lived
brb, heading up to Lodi to find Glenn Danzig
I met Glenn Danzig once and he was nice. I'd let him sue me. .
how come Glenn Danzig's Samhain isn't on Spotify?
'Initium' is my favorite thing Glenn Danzig has ever done!!!
When selling Glenn Danzig a sword, the first requirement is it must be shorter than he is. See also: hobbit armorers.
Glenn Danzig, you're so dreamy and your voice is soothing
What kind of cain was glenn danzig getting his hands on anyway? That song should be named "I'm hiding in the...
Guess who said "my two biggest influences were Elton John and Glenn Danzig". And no, it wasn't
"I think the Democratic Party has picked a lot of the wron..".
I bet these days Glenn Danzig is all like MOTHER TELL YOUR CHILDREN NOT TO WALK ON MY LAWN. . Because he's old now.
"I do think Glenn Danzig does take himself too seriously sometimes" words of wisdom from
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Interesting to let Glenn Danzig in as an entrant.
The singer sounds like Glenn Danzig and Tom Araya put together. Interesting.
My man Glenn Danzig killing us loudly with his incredibly soulful voice.
May i introduce you to Glenn Danzig, chillwave artist?
Glenn Danzig's fingernails. Seriously, what's up with that?
Kendra what are you doing at work right now?. Photoshopping Glenn Danzig's face onto babies to see what our kid will look like.
Wears misfits shirt. Doesn't know who Glenn Danzig is.
i love attitude by the misfits because it sounds like Glenn Danzig is a step dad whose just had it
He cheated glenn danzig and stole the band. His singing voice *** Nothing compared to danzigs.
Iggy Pop on Pete & Pete makes me wish we could have had an Are You Afraid of the Dark with Glenn Danzig.
I saw Glenn Danzig jump onstage with White Zombie back around 1996 in OC, CA. Good times...
Glenn Danzig, you are a grown man. You don't have to ask your mommy if you can go out and kill anymore.
Imagine a cute little angry Glenn Danzig... 🎶Misfits Babies they'll make your dreams come true...🎶
I pretty much hate everybody and everything. Glenn Danzig
Google imaging "crying Glenn Danzig" is fruitless don't waste your time
Half of me wants to be Glenn Danzig and the other wants to be lana del rey
I never liked that Jerry Only reformed the misfits. Without Glenn Danzig it doesn't count.
Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig aka man crush everyday
wherein Glenn Danzig learns to pronounce "Samhain" after the band already broke up
Ever get the feeling Glenn may have been listening to a bit of in the 80's?.
and Glenn Danzig's romance at the end of the world
Glenn Danzig's voice is at it's finest during the month of October.
lol some people don't even know that samhain evolved into Danzig . They think Glenn left and formed a whole new band
I shall cover the song about being stuck in Lodi. The difference is that I'm in the one in NJ. Glenn Danzig blew it by not doing just that.
Glenn Danzig's BLACK ARIA is so subtle and beautiful, but you're left wanting more by the end of its short duration. h…
I haven't listened to The Misfits in so long. I love Glenn Danzig's voice so much more than Jerry's.
.in truth, yes. Get on like Glenn Danzig, look like Neil Diamond & you have my attention
You think you have it bad? There's this guy Glenn Danzig who has never even had fun before. Think about Glenn Danzig before you complain
- If Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig were lovers:.
Someone should tell Glenn Danzig that he's in a crappy punk band and not on Broadway.
Hamilton Collection
I love him as tall, skinny Glenn Danzig:
If Glenn Danzig and Enrique Iglesias had a child, it would be the lead singer of this band, Rey Pila.
Remember when Melissa Auf Der Maur and Glenn Danzig did a song together and I died.
Cooking up a storm while listening to Mr. Glenn Danzig's "Lucifuge".
Glenn Danzig Interview- on the topic of books: Cool vid of Danzig
.Any chance either of you have proof Jim Morrison *isn't* Glenn father?
You could also argue "Mother" has a positive message because it's about staying away from Glenn Danzig.
I missed some hot young someone from BATTLESTAR, but was present for Glenn Danzig. Both times.
- what do you Glenn Danzig's eldritch phone number, so you want to see in ROBLOX in Sf
Glenn Danzig is amazing. He loved Jim and Elvis.
I bought this shirt in 1987 for $17 from Glenn Danzig. He did the silk screening himself. Still the…
Glena must be related to Glenn Danzig somehow.
Does anyone still sing like Glenn Danzig or Michale Graves?
Glenn Danzig is one of the greatest vocalists in music.
You lucky Americans... Glenn *reforms* for live dates on the East/West Coast. Someone sort me out a plane ticket please?
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Glenn Danzig can do whatever he wants. The dude sang Hybrid Moments. Id let him punch my mother.
Remembering the time I literally bumped into Glenn Danzig outside the TLA. Dude was jacked but only like an inch or 2 taller than me.
Michael Gira is the modern day Jim Morrison, or at least the modern day Glenn Danzig
Keep chopping wood! Glenn Danzig really struggles in these high-pressure situations.
Now I truly know how Glenn Danzig feels...
hands down. Or anyone from or Glenn Danzig. 👹
I googled Glenn Danzig Birthday Meme and this is what I got! (H/t
After speaking with I now want a Karate Kid remake with Glenn Danzig in the titular role.
“You're not allowed to have them question the government or authority.” - Glenn Danzig
About to call my mom for her birthday. I think she'll take a lot of comfort in the fact that she's a year younger than Glenn Danzig.
Glenn Danzig has one of the best voices for rock, but man is he lookin tough nowadays
Peter Adams of will be playing guitar for the Samhain reunion:
My son listening to Glenn Danzig with me is the prove that I am kicking *** as a father.
Glenn Danzig makes me cry hashtag fun fact
Well, it's not Glenn Danzig's MOST inappropriate mother-related lyric.
I'm at a Nick Cave themed party. Here's Nick in his "I'm half Robert Smith and half Glenn Danzig" phase.
"He said his name was Danzig. I said "Hey, Glenn Danzig, nice song...".
I'm getting a million tickets in the bank - are you Glenn Danzig's eldritch phone number, so groups can own/moderate their own forums?
Glenn Danzig's Kitten should be Ken Ramsey's next horse
I'm going to listen to Mother by Glenn Danzig on the way to the gym to get ready for this beast workout.
split the difference, call it Glenn Danzig
Officially calling for a Glenn Danzig blues set at Newport Folk Festival 2015.
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