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Glenn Coco

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Everybody will be shocked when Chenzel announces they're a couple,but i'll be over here going you go glenn coco
I'm so proud of my confidence and the love I have for myself ❀️❀️ you go Glenn coco
and Nathan/Glenn CoCo- my now ex bf but still my friend, we had fun af times during and after our relationship & bk is how we met
2 for you Glenn Coco you go Glen Coco
Glenn Coco! Don't take it personal. I have a soft spot lmao
Men join fraternities. Leaders of men join Sigma Chi. Who will you be?
Traveling is everything!! Once you start you won't ever stop!!! You go Glenn coco!
Yes my boiii. You go Glenn Coco. You got this.
Who tf is writing these articles bruh
I finally get all your Glenn Coco memes!
I turned Mean Girls on just in time for the iconic Glenn Coco line.
"I mean if you were anyone in Mean Girls you would be Glenn Coco". Glad my best friend thinks so highly of me
Tell them leave you alone Glenn Coco !!
Glenn Coco had such a minor part in Mean Girls but we all know exactly who he is
My mind is mushed, thanks to Crash and Glenn Coco.πŸ€•
Don't have to worry about finding greener grasses if you take care of your own lawn
I'd crack a cold one with my pledge bro anyday (that I'm not working)...
Make sure you come prepared Glenn Coco πŸ˜‚
Look at that skin boy You go Glenn coco
Guess that's why i'm here and you're there
shoutout to all the girls out there that are blacking out at pike's wine Weds and still sitting in the front row of Ec…
If you had the beard I could see the Lance Gross, Kofi Siriboe is a stretch Glenn Coco πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
two for Glenn Coco... and none for Eoghan Doherty
"Four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco! And none for Gretchen Weiners"
"4 for you Glenn Coco! You go Glenn Coco! Aand none for Gretchen Weiners BYE!"
Saw Mike and Dave need weddings dates tonight...I'm slightly seething with jealously. You go Glenn Coco
When my little sister walked across the stage I yelled out: "YOU GO GLENN COCO!". My life is complete.
Thats me not moving! Glenn Coco is back in cuddle mode with his momma πŸ˜πŸ’•. How adorable are his…
So proud of my BFF for getting into the Texas State Respiratory Care program! You go Glenn Coco! Party ova hereee πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
That's like doing what you did all over again πŸ˜“ I couldn't. BUT YOU GO GLENN COCO 😘
my dads a cop. He shot his brother, I shot my mom. They aren't coming cuz they're zombies. You go Glenn Coco
Don't ask me why it's taken me 2 months to realize Glenn Coco kinda sorta looks like Nino Quincampoix πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
you go Glenn Coco. I'm proud of you❀️
very good point. Freezing temperature does change based on salinity in the water. FOUR for you Glenn Coco. YOU GO Glenn Coco
status has reached a new level πŸ±πŸ’πŸ» Glenn Coco licked my hands and made me groom his head, not once but FOUR TIMES
Bow down to the queen of petty.four for you Glenn Coco you go Glenn Coco lol
Oh cause a glass screen never broke before right.
When they leave you on read and you reply "?" And all they say is "K"
Oh my god. No. There's a horse named Glenn Coco? He and Mike are my official exactor.
Joanne is the only person who did not receive a sarcastic comment today. You go Glenn coco.
It's Wednesday. Now let's act like it's Tuesday
the world doesn't revolve around you Glenn
not you glenn coco. That unfiltered one
I hate giving people ridea for job interviews. Like, you go glenn coco but *** i really wasnt trying to sit in my car for 45min+
My brother is so inspirational I mean just today he told me . "you do you Glenn coco"
that's not like you Jo. You go Glenn coco.
This dude is literally eating a breakfast platter in class πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you go Glenn coco
Catching up to me in the hall, you ask "What's wrong?". "Nothing," I mutter but you see the hurt in my eyes. (Or maybe m…
"Mom, I'm an adult. There's nothing left for you to show me.". (*folds a fitted sheet*). "TEACH ME YOUR SORCERY, LINEN WIZARD"
Happy birthday Glenn Coco! Hope you have a great day love. See you in a bit πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
You know how I do. You go Glenn Coco you've nothing to worry about
It's so hot out I want to die. But to be fair, I already kind of wanted to die
The gang fell apart but THE DRIVE DIDN'T
Throwing out the old designs and starting fresh with a new team.
if you couldn't tell NoSubject is coming back after its short break.
Sometime I have to question myself on "whether or not I should bring it back?" but if I didn't who else would be doing what we're doing?
I'm working on this design but I'm just now realizing what the grind has cost me.
forget everything I have ever posted this is the only thing that matters
GLENN COCO, A Perfect Breast is every girls dream, tell your friend this Secret. Check the Detail Secret on my Bio
when people walk by my window and whisper "you go Glenn Coco"
"Oh my *** i have a frozen gatorade in the freezer" -
did you do summarizing or three points? & πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ you go Glenn coco
of course you have. He's on the drum line and he's Glenn CoCo's son
Join me& to to support kids with cancer. Get ur laces hereπŸ’œ
When your for realz waiting on Glenn Coco
It's very refreshing to know pronouns are respected in all classes though. A+ for you Agnes Scott College. You go Glenn Coco.
It may have taken over four years, but BW is finally fixing the water fountains in the weight room! You go Glenn Coco!
This is Glenn Coco. He is a foosball goalie for the blue team. He is going in for some repairs but he shall return.
Two for you Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco!. According to sources, Teresa Giudice h...
"Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George?" You go, Glenn Coco... right to at TheShannon Hoboken on Monday, January 12 starting 8pm. Remember, this is your night. Don't let the hataz stop you from doin' ya thang! Reserve your table next to the "Girls who eat their feelings" and the "Girls who don't eat anything" by visiting emailing rsvpwith, "Mean Girls Trivia in the subject line. "One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome."
Need something sweet to get you through finals?AP Gov is selling candy grams all week during lunch. Buy one for bae, ya BFF or Glenn Coco.
connor is my spirit animal. YOU GO GLENN COCO
I'm sorry the. Maybe another day or later today if you'd want
you got the hidden message, you go Glenn Coco!
β€œπŸ˜‚ true we need a break. You'll wuldnt know wat it's liken to be in 4 competitions in January”you go Glenn Coco
hmm I'm not sure what time they open but I have to go to work after school πŸ˜”
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
White boy doing his presentation on Will Smith πŸ˜‹ you represent Glenn coco
I'm going to be nice tmrw. You go Glenn coco!
also congrats. You now have a date and someone to make you kilig at night. Go glenn coco
This makes me so happy. I will be with my Glenn Coco soon πŸ’•
FOR SCIENCE! You go Glenn Coco! Something tells me the boys will have newfound gratitude and appreciation for being male~
Nika Harper doing work and spreading knowledge! Four for you, Glenn Coco!
When you realize your hardest final is tomorrow and you don't know anything
Sneaking into class when you're late
is the real MVP, writing a 10 paragraph paper...&it being due tomorrow πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜¨. Way to go Glenn Coco. πŸ˜‚
life's crazy, it's crazier if you work nights. You do you Glenn coco! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My roommate literally has all As you better go Glenn Coco
πŸ€πŸŽ€ - you go to Granger but you're a cheerleader so you go Glenn Coco
being so studious in Young computer lab. You go Glenn Coco πŸ“šβœοΈπŸ’―
Shout out to Cardenas for being the only president during the Mexican revolution that didn't get assassinated. πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ You go, Glenn Coco!
In a media case study there is an advert featuring a women called Glenn Close and EVERY TIME I write 'Glenn Coco'. . You go, Glen Coco...
Roy Jones is gonna run Mayer for Pensacola next election ha ha you go Glenn Coco
Who's an awards show *** This guy. 2013 Emmy's... Here we go! *Spoiler alert!* - The opening was a rare misfire for NPH however, I think I shall start celebrating my birthday each year, with an awards show about me. NPH will host (naked), and sing and dance. David Burtka can come, too. (Also naked... Duh.) - Amy Poehler will be attending my dream, three-person dinner party; with Sandy B and Pink, obvi. I'd also like Ms. Poehler and Tina Fey to officiate mine and Glenn Gregory's wedding ceremony. - Merritt Weaver: LOVE. - I find Julia Louise Dreyfus delectable as VP Selina Meyer but, would someone PLEASE give Amy Poehler an Emmy, already?! For the love of Little Sebastian! - Sofia Vergara...? I mean... PS: "Laughter kills many innocent people." - "It's so silly to be emotional, isn't it?" How Sheldon of you, Jim Parsons. PS: Blossom 4eva. - Glenn Coco can do a killer Edith Bunker. - The In Memoriams are sweet and all but, sprinkling them throughout the show is kind of a buzzkill, no? - Somebody has to ...
Congrats to my little Beepah oh her graduation from heaven on earth, also known as Seton Catholic Central. you go Glenn Coco
Demba Ba was described by Marko Marin as, 'the Glenn Coco of the Chelsea dressing room', in an interview with Sky Sports.
ari gle ya gna practice ko nga script.. wahh over Oh. My. God. A-? Mrs. Cleary, you have got to be kidding. Who the *** A-? I'd rather have a B+ for crying out loud. Do you expect me to receive this paper like a jolly old saint nick? No! How can I show this to my mother? She'll have a heart attack! (pause) A-. I'll never get a decent job. You-you-you ruined my life! You had this plot against me all along, didn't you? Didn't you? You were jealous when the teachers wanted to hang around me for my intelligence and not you. They told me that your were a selfish loner but I never listened to them. You were jealous when Glenn Coco gave out candy canes to his favorite teachers and you got squat. He told me you're weird and scary. You were jealous when Ms. Fordhorn won teacher of the year and she's only been teaching for one year. She thinks you're a scrawny old lady who's got only one string of life. Lady who has nothing left and needs to retire before you turn into dust. And don't get me started a . ...
I haven't got a mobile signal but I'm in Glenn Coco's room doing radio work!
"I wonder if homeless people get knock knock jokes"
"I cleaned my room today ugh it's so cleeeannn finally" good for you glenn coco you go glenn coco
Justin is my Glenn Coco you go Glenn Coco!
I love glenn coco! but i am glenn coco. therefore. I cuddle and watch sad movies with myself
you dont know me. I'll burn your soul! you aint no GLENN COCO. AW NAWH. LEAVE
Instead of Mean Girls 2 they should have made a movie about Glenn coco explaining why he got 4 candy canes.
its like...give him 4high fives, FOUR FOR YOU GLENN COCO, YOU GO GLENN COCO!
I just want Glenn Coco to come home πŸ˜ͺ😒😭.
So over the Entrada life.. Ready for that upgrade
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
UofA makeouts seriously makes my day. lolololol
Oo, my bb making a move on this guy and getting his number. You go glenn coco.
score! You go Glenn Coco, you smash that Freddo!
CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend and superstar for landing an internship with the Princeton Club in NYC! u go glenn coco
2 points for Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!!!
I understand how big this accomplishment is. You go Glenn coco.
hehe you come here I'm making pancakes
This kid is singing Rihanna, you go Glenn coco
To the Asian guh listening to ghetto rap, you go Glenn Coco!
I love his adrian calls me coco because of glenn
β€œMade a 96 on my math test yesterday! I might pass this class after all!” Good job! You go Glenn CoCo!
Hey I just met you, and this is loco, but here's 4 candies. You go Glenn Coco.
Kris Matrale was such a little guy, he got so muscular he must be hitting the gym, really seeing some progress you go Glenn coco
wish there was a horse called glenn coco so i could say YOU GO GLENN COCO
should be a comedian my guy got me laughing this early on a Friday morning. you go glenn coco!
Breast Cancer Awareness
You go Glenn Coco! Watching Mean Girls on the bus to DC
Whoever changed Glenn Johnson to Glenn Coco on the ad in the hall, thank you
know why Glenn Coco got four candy canes
β€œLive every day like you're Glenn Coco.” words to live by πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
β€œThere is one person named Glenn Coco living in the U.S.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Duh...Glenn Coco beats us yet again
if it makes you happy my other friend told me that I do look like Erica Dasher, 1 for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco
Josh is getting a new vintage guitar..and a tattoo, in honor of the grammy nomination! Grammy Nomination for Glenn Coco! YOU GO GLENN COCO! ~Masterpiece
Playing mw3 and this kid says "oh I got a sentry gun in a care package!" And I was like "you go Glenn Coco!"
Shout out to for forgetting to set her clock back & almost picking me up for church an hour early. You go Glenn Coco.
I wish glenn coco would follow me. ):
Live every day like you're Glenn Coco.
if Mean Girls was in real life , i'd be Glenn Coco :(
dude.Lisa totally called people out.GOOD FOR YOU GLENN COCO
"One for Glenn CoCo, and none for Gretchen Wieners" :)
Watching Mean Girls. And 2 for glenn coco you go glenn coco! Wish you two were here watching it with me!
3 for Glenn Coco... And none for Gretchen Wieners. Love Mean Girls!
So proud of my super who decided not to inform us that we still had no power and wouldn't have heat for up to a week... You go Glenn coco!! In other news still living the life
My question will always be why is Glenn Coco so pre-dominant and known, but Taylor Zimmerman isn't, I mean she got 2 candy canes.
Bro, dnt make fun of my mandrin oranges coco frost huffman
You performed better than Glenn CoCo ever will! Yo death was beautiful! Love you (:
Why can't they put Mean Girls back in theaters and people would go dressed up as the different cliques and characters and at some point someone would go down the aisly shouting "You go Glenn Coco !" While throwing candy canes at guys, and everyone would say the lines with the movie. Why can this not happen foreel.
4 for Glenn coco. You go Glenn coco.
So at the pierce the veil concert Hollis, Kayley and I decided with the way our shirts are cut, I am Regina, Hollis Delsoldato is Damien, and Kayley Smith is Glenn coco, all from mea girl. Awesome yo.
Just heard my awkward *** neighbor (who I've secretly diagnosed with aspergers ) bring a lady friend home for the first time. And all I could think of was "you go Glenn Coco" lol I love whoever gets that
Richie Dombrowski Glenn Coco Frost don't say it like that bro
"More adults dress up compared to children. Four for you Glenn Coco and none for your child." β€” Drucilla Jackson
Boo Bags were delivered to Juniors in my 1st period...I immediately had a Mean Girls flashback and went "Two for you Glenn Coco & none for Gretchen Weiners!" Many were impressed that I knew and could quote Mean Girls!!
Fact: Glenn Coco is the real life friend of Tina Fey...You Go, Glenn CoCo!
"I think I'll name my firstborn son Glenn Coco." Yeah and he'll marry edward norton
live everyday like you're Glenn Coco
My fave Mean Girls quotes... "You go Glenn Coco!" - Damian "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me, I can't help it that I'm popular." - Gretchen "So Fetch!" - Gretchen I'm lazy, so this is like, part 1/6
Celebrating 4 years, to the date, of when the events unfolded that lead to an extreme life change. After coming out, losing nearly 65 lbs, and couch surfing for years, I am very proud to be 24 and living in my very own hard-earned apartment in downtown Denver... Along with working two jobs and attending school full time. You go Glenn Coco.
4 for you glenn coco.. You go glenn coco
So i saved this dog from the homie star (she was bein mean) I named him Glenn Coco && told him to i'd love him forever . . . . He ran away , i think i was moving too fast for him (._.)
Guys... I gave all my candy to Glenn Coco..
4 for you Glenn coco you go Glenn coco! And none for Gretchen Wieners bye
Who is this Glenn Coco guy I keep hearing about? Does he even go here?
There's people selling Halloween Candygrams in Hinman dining hall!!! I sent two to Glenn Coco and none to Regina George.
Today, i found a metallic brown lizard. Which i named Glenn Coco. I tried to be friends with him, he got scared and his tail fell off. None for Gretchen Weiners... :(
no you don't none of ya do! ya al forgot about me Glenn Coco :( lol.
so proud of my good friend, Brandon Beachy ;) "You go Glenn Coco!"
When I get a care package it feels like Damien is saying, "good for you Glenn Coco you go Glen Coco!!!"
That awkward moment when I'd rather have Glenn Coco punch me in the face than Regina George.
β€œ"Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates" you go Glenn Coco
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Live you life everyday like Glenn Coco
Me: "You know the Glenn Coco part from Mean Girls?" Robin Soule: "I don't know. 'Who are you Glenn Coco,' 'I love you Glenn Coco,' something like that."
I'm at Glenn Coco's house with Jake From Statefarm. He's in his khakis (;
you go Glenn Coco! β€œRobert Pattinson packs his bags and moves out of home shared with Kristen Stewart
So I'm just thinking... Instead of that "Mean Girls 2" movie they made, they should've made a movie about Glenn Coco and why he got four candygrams.
Me: i love the movie Mean Girls(: what if you had a devious mind like Regina George? would you even wanna be her??ngiancarlo: .i wanna be Glenn Coco! :D me: hey.Glenn Coco kinda rhymes with Giancarlo! :3 giancarlo: .not at all -_-
Nancy ET Johnson... helping kids with their maths problems and living like Glenn Coco!
The Vegas party includes the Virgin Mary, Obama, Glenn Coco, and Jack Dawson.
I have a feeling that Glenn Close might turn out to be a Lizbo. You go Glenn Coco!
Spoiler alert: Patricia just ruined prom,Sherlock Holmes, and several other books. You go Glenn Coco.
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