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Glenn Close

Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947) is an American film, television and stage actress.

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Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Amy Adams and Sigourney Weaver form a calming circle upon hearing that 'Suicide Squad' has an Ac…
It was a great episode of The West Wing, unfortunately Glenn Close and William Fichtner are otherwise engaged...
One of the best episodes ever-Glenn Close and William Fichtner as the judges!
Maybe he watched the West Wing episode when Glenn Close and William Fichtner were nominated at same time.
Hillary Clinton’s in the House-- often seen at Broadway shows, pictured with Glenn Close, star of Sunset Boulevard
An old washed up celebrity fantasizing about a return to the spotlight, pictured with Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in Sunse…
is going to make GREAT Glenn Close like EX for someo…
A one-night stand goes horribly wrong in,"Fatal Attraction" (1987) with Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer https:…
22 yrs later, Glenn Close is in Andrew Lloyd Webber's THR review: "As if she never said goodbye"…
Glenn Close will be in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway? SOLD!
Kills me then that Glenn Close is literally starring in Sunset Boulevard again after 20 years and I won't see it
Rosie as Bannon. Amy Poehler as Sessions. Glenn Close as Giuliani. Isabella Rossellini as Putin. Meryl Streep as Trump
Review Roundup: Glenn Close Returns to Sunset Boulevard-: Acclaimed actressGlenn Closehas headed back to Broadway…
Glenn Close returns to opening tonight on Broadway. Did he like it?
Huge raves for in revival. Glenn Close "owns the role" of Norma Desmond- htt…
Those shiny bright shapes are one Ms. Glenn Close and one Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and yes … https:/…
Back on Broadway: Glenn Close returns to ‘Sunset Boulevard’ via
Because we love Norma Desmond among us, Happy Opening Ni…
I'd rather see Glenn Close star in a remake. She'd be the perfect Norma Desmond.
If I don't get to see Glenn Close as 'Norma Desmond' Idk what I will do!
Variety ♦ Glenn Close makes a triumphant return to the star role of Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Sunset…
Glenn Close brings a masterful portrayal to Read our review:
Happy Broadway opening to Glenn Close and the cast of Glenn Close's Sunset Blvd. starring Glenn Close!
With one look, Glenn Close brings down the house in 'Sunset Boulevard': REVIEW | Close…
I'm obsessed with Glenn Close in "Sunset Boulevard" — one of a bunch of Stockholm syndrome stories this winter! .
Betty had a slight Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction thing going on in that scene.
Looks like Cyrus has met his glenn close thats crazy even for cyrus you hurt Tom and thats a No-No…
Glenn Close commands in 'Sunset Boulevard' return: theater review
Glenn Close, Jeremy irons, Amanda Abbington!! OMG please, be a movie so I can have a chance!! 🙏
Gillian Anderson, Glenn Close and Amanda Abbington in the same film and it's an Agatha Christie. Am I dreaming??
Glenn Close, Amanda Abbington and Gillian Anderson together in an Agatha Christie play?? Talk about a dream team... 😊
Anthony Anderson and Glenn Close in The Shield 👌 series ending was done perfectly!
Glenn Close returns to in revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 'Sunset Boulevard.'
and obviously the boo box pirate is a cross dressing Glenn Close. Sorry I just really like Hook.
How was there not a West Wing spinoff (maybe "One First St") about the Supreme Court with Glenn Close as Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang?
he ranks higher on The Shield, where he probably beat out Glenn Close and the dude from Hateful Eight.
But then what will be left for Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, and Glenn Close?
Would I betray my love for Patti Lupone and try to see Glenn Close in Sunset Blvd?
Scary. Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction as well. Women stalkers only slightly less scary than male ones.
Jeff Daniels in '101 Dalmatians' is simply amazing. Glenn Close a close second.
In 's Test Cricket:. Sticky wicket.. meant a wet pitch that got a bit dry and behaved like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. :D
Another great scene. Lots going on in the eyes. Fatal Attraction. Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Ann Archer…
I'll take Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Bill Gates. You've got Richard Dreyfuss, Albert Brooks and Glenn Close. Ready...break!
If Arnold isn't played by Glenn Close in the Albert Nobbs makeup I am having Westworld cancelled.
my mom HATES Glenn Close & I watched the Oscars with her during the Albert Nobbs year & she YELLED at Glenn on screen.
. just seen cast of my next project: Glenn Close as Mum, Jon Pryce as Dad & Max Irons as brother... Insane! GAH!   10% Off
As much as I like the movie "Fatal Attraction", who in their right mind has an affair with Glenn Close when married to Anne Archer!?!?
.to return to for Broadway revival: 🙌
RelNews: Glenn Close returns to Broadway in a new '&Boulevard' -New York Daily News-
Glenn has been there from the start and was like family to Rick, Daryl, and Carl, plus married to Maggie, and close to Aaron.
I think Satine gets killed off within the next like 3 or 4 episodes and I'm just not ready for that yet, with it being so close to Glenn.
LUSCIOUS THEATRE: Glenn Close is coming back to Broadway as Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" from February...
ICYMI: Glenn Close to star in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway at the Palace Theatre! The 16 week run begins February 2nd.
Glenn Close in 'Sunset Boulevard' to land on Broadway
Glenn Close to Return to Broadway in Sunset Boulevard -
Dir. Lonny Price weighs in on bringing Glenn Close back to Broadway in Sunset Boulevard
We're talking Glenn Close, Cher, Bette Midler and Patti Lupone here.. possibly Streisand (again) too. Oh dear lord
Get JDM outta there. No.wait.Glenn's so close he could strangle JDM down and done.
Glenn Close returns to Broadway in a new ‘Sunset Boulevard'
I know it may sound stupid to a lot of people, but losing Glenn was like losing a close family member. I grew up with him and TWD.
Glenn Close is starring in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway in February, who's gonna go to NY with me?
Glenn Close to return to Sunset Boulevard for Broadway revival
It's official! Glenn Close is returning to Broadway!.
.This election has taken me as close as I have ever been to the Dark-side. Case in point: I'm gonna agree…
Glenn Close in Sunset Blvd?! This truly is shaping up to be an amazing Broadway season. Though I probably say this every year.…
Patti Lupone, Christine Ebersole, Bette Midler, and Glenn Close are all on Broadway at the same time next year so I'll p…
Glenn Close, who won a Tony for Sunset Boulevard, is heading back to Broadway to reprise the role of Norma Desmond! ht…
Glenn Close on "Sunset Boulevard": "It hasn’t lost its relevance as far as a woman aging." https:/…
Ready for her close-up, again: Glenn Close will return to Broadway in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ revival
"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." Glenn Close to reprise Tony-winning 'Sunset Boulevard' role on Broadway
will never get over Glenn Close, House, Arthur Weasley, and Harry from Dumb and Dumber all being perfect in one movie 😂🙌🏽
Deacon is male but if we can't have Patrick Stewart could we please have Helen Mirren, Glenn Close, or Dame Judi Dench?
Love this woman's brain! Can't wait 2c it brought 2life by Glenn Close/ Gillian Anderson. http…
I think a lot of theater actors that were great, like Walken or Glenn Close, later became film
Rooting for Harrison Ford and Glenn Close to become a couple on the off chance their name portmanteau ends up "Fogle"
"You'll find the shame is like the pain, you only feel it once." Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, 1988.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Corrie's Liz McDonald's new hairdo reminds me too much of the 1980s Michael Douglas/Glenn Close flick "Fatal Attraction". 😱
Looks like Glenn Close! A handsome woman is she! Ever see the movie Katherine Hepburn that was loosely based on her life?
I had the same thought when I first watched that. Also in Fatal Attraction: married to Anne Archer but go after Glenn Close!?
I may have just mistaken Glenn Close for Gary Busey...
Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis, Sigourney Weaver, Glenn Close: put them in a scene with Meryl, she'd be over. Just do it.
Glenn Close, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain, Maggie Cheung. I mean, you just go down the list.
OMG started out like a Nancy Meyers movie RomCom & ended with like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
Maybe, but the remainers are starting to get all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
Much like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Turkey will not be ignored. They'll shoot another Russian plane down.
Glenn Close on the Jonathan Ross Show Don't miss it 12 March !
Glenn Close & Andrew Lloyd Webber talk to Kevin Hughes at Sunset Boulevard via
Can we take a moment to relive this glorious picture of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Glenn Close
Fun Fact: I drew our intern's eye on the face of a random woman and it made Glenn Close. Or maybe David Bowie?
Glenn Close will reprise her role of Norma Desmond in this new production which will mark her TheatrePeople
It's so important to talk. Thank you Glenn and Jessie Close!
Stand so close to me how close is close its closer than close which is Glenn Close when you hide behind people#
Beck is looking for a handout from Zuckerberg. Follow the money and Beck is close at hand.
When ur bffs r hella close but you're not 😩
I have a feeling that no one has ever beaten Glenn Close in an arm wrestling contest.
When I hear that somebody's difficult, I think, Oh, I can't wait to wo...
I've been told I look like Glenn Close on occasion. (boil the pet bunny)
I'm all for saving Clarke but why couldn't we both just enter the room and close the door behind us to keep everyone out
.is that Glenn Close in the Warcraft movie??? :o
I dont understand why some people do this but they do and it sux :( I am a huge fan of Glenn Close!! Shes wonderful
Today is the 25th anniversary of Hook. Fun fact: Glenn Close made a cameo in hook. She will be in the event I'm doing on Saturday.
When I win my Oscar I'm donating it to Glenn Close.
Glenn Close's enunciation of "Garp" in the movie The World According to Garp is my fingernails on a chalkboard.
Day late, but When my hair is curly, I get Glenn Close- and tonight I'm vibing her in…
. ...Will Wheaton comparing her to Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction...
Experiencing the most! Staying trusting in the Katz that are close and when I say Close I'm not talking about Glenn aka 101 Dalmatians swag
Deinhard Wine cuts through the acidity of Glenn Close.
Amazing musician. Its awesome u were so close to him. 👍
All great art comes from a sense of outrage. ~ Glenn Close
about a big time damages lawyer (Glenn Close) and her protégé. Each season focuses on one big case and has some wild plot twists
Cell phone video inside the theater. Social media backlash outside. What's an A-List actor to do these days?
Glenn Close to putting me to sleep.
It's CLEAR now!? Glenn Close doesn't have an official Instagram account. ~
Maggie Smith, Annette Bening, Jessica Lange and Glenn Close are the only ones who come close to Meryl Streep territory.
I'm still not over Glenn Close in Hook. Cc:
Close friend: Glenn Kell who died on Sunny Sands beach had gone 'quiet for weeks'
“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candour, more unashamed conversation.“ - Glenn Close
"Close to Burstyn: I'm close to burstin'"-Glenn Close telling Ellen Burstyn she needs to pee (over a walkie talkie)
You know...I never GOT You don't cheat on with You cheat on Glenn Close with Anne Archer.
Yeah right! Kit Harrington has caught Glenn Close's cold and is drunk! (Joke - Luv U Jenna) ☺
CAST CHANGE: Due to the indisposition of Glenn Close, the role of Norma Desmond will be played by in tonight’s
At the 1998 Oscar red carpet with Roger Ebert: Goldie Hawn, Gregory Hines, Glenn Close and Kurt Russell.
Just like Glenn Close and Amy Adams, I know that the phenomenal composer Thomas Newman will one day win an Oscar.
Glenn Close is blinding in Sunset Boulevard at ★★★★★
And went to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard... Where do I even begin 😌😍
Sunset Boulevard review – sandblasting panache from Glenn Close
Honestly seeing Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard is one step down from Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. It doesn't get much better.
So looking forward to seeing Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard tomorrow night.
Sunset Boulevard starring Glenn Close - Tickets from just £19.50! Choose your own seats directly
Ridiculously excited for tomorrow. Legend that is Glenn Close, but also the delightful and
though! I cannot wait to see the absolute ledge that is Glenn Close in
Don't complain later when they turn into Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction :)
Oh, shut your face... “It is also a pleasure to hear the Lloyd Webber score”
Glenn Close gives a masterclass in performing - go see her! 😍
"But anchoring the production is the Swedish singer/actor whose impressive vocal range..."
I'd love to see Glenn Close in this
it has to be Glenn, in the comics negan hits him with Lucille and he had to many close calls already
Incredible standing ovation as Glenn Close and the cast of Sunset Boulevard blows the roof off...
Lucy reminds me of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Stalking.
Photo! and strike a pose at opening night:
First Look at Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in London's Sunset Boulevard -
Maggie gotta become a savage too. And Rick is close to Glenn to since he was there since the beginning.
| |Exactly. I think it's forced with both Glenn and Maggie, though. The only reason why Sophia got close to them was--
Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947) is an American film, television and stage actress. She received Ac
at was absolutely outstanding tonight. Glenn Close is incredible - Go and see it
An amazing weekend staying at the ritz seeing close in sunset and Phantom tomorrow!
-Glenn held Enid close to him, as most of the group did the same with their loved ones. Maggie made her way over to >>
Went to see tonight starting Glenn Close. There are NO words .(quite's a musical🙊) excellent stuff 👏🏽👏🏽
Honestly one of THE BEST theatrical experiences of my life! ON PAR with Angela Lansbury! Thank you Glenn Close 🔫
Varsity Matadores pull out another close one. Beat Glenn 1-0. Back at it again on Friday at home. Come out and support.…
Wow just home from seeing at the Amazing! I truly believe that was a once in a life time event.Glenn Close just amazing
Date with Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard at the Coliseum
and Glenn Close both absolutely mesmerising in at the Coliseum tonight. Incredible performances - wow!
Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard is simply stunning. Absolutely incredible.
Enjoy I'm going on 20th April. Seen Patti Lupone & Elaine Paige in the past but Soo excited to see Glenn Close
Sunset Boulevard at the London Coliseum, amazing. Glenn Close, incredible!
Glenn Close is in Sunset. She was fantastic. Tickets may be expensive/limited though. Definitely worth seeing though
What an evening - Glenn Close in is mesmerising. Best night of theatre in a long time
Glenn Close was AMAZING in Sunset Boulevard. One of my favourite film characters brought alive on stage.
so pleased you liked it! I immediately downloaded the Glenn close original cast recording. Think I have to go again.
you'll be so close to NJ yet so far lots of luck to you for the ceremony
Glenn Close knocked my socks off in A brilliantly uneasy and entrancing show
Chase Ugly looks like Glenn Close when she played a man
Trust everything you read about and Glenn Close is incredible! And that is not too bad as well 😍!
to the cast and Glenn Close what an amazing musical,great singing ,great dancing ,fabulous acting on all individual characters
Glenn Close as Norma has a unique sincerity that's incredibly moving, engaging & unforgettable, perfection🌷
Watching the amazing Glenn Close in the incredible London Coliseum @ Sunset…
Still shaking my head at Bernie's "I'm not going to be dismissed." Kinda like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction:"I'm not going to be ignored!"
All the noise of the forest stopped, including crickets. The demon close. THE SOUL COLLECTOR
Last three snowstorm amounts weren't even close. Even with all of the modeling. Off by 90%.
So excited to watch Glenn Far tonight in Sunset Boulevard... She would be Glenn Close if we weren't in the cheap seats! 😝
Felt like I wasn't living up to my full *** potential, so watching Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard
"WOW! Glenn Close - what a brilliant performer. Fantastic! Absolutely. I loved it!
Standing ovation for Glenn Close as the definitive Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, London Colosseum until 7 May.
Really want to produce a highlights show:. Just Glenn Close singing her bits of Sunset Boulevard in a smokey bar with complimentary martinis
I don't like musicals very much but Glenn Close' performance in Sunset Boulevard is absolutely stand out fantastic!
I came so close to being right about Maggie and Glenn dying while holding each other's blood soaked hands. *** ..
she's clearly paying homage to Glenn Close in 'Hook.'
Totally agree. Glenn Close is a Hollywood treasure. Also when he said "anyone can belt a tune"...
Glenn Close is Cruella De Vil meets Downton Abbey in our Sunset Boulevard review roundup
Sunset Boulevard review – imperious Glenn Close gives show new lease of life
Fantastic performance by Hollywood legend Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard at London Coliseum Theatre
First look at Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard -
Alexandra Burke, Glenn Close and Matthew Perry make this week's pics of the week -
.Glenn Close on stopping the show and more odds and ends:
I don't think Robin Williams is dead so much as I believe he became Glenn Close full time
the only way I'd see "Batman v Superman" is if it were a trial & Sarah Paulson's Marcia Clark & Glenn Close's Patty Hewes were the 2 lawyers
Glenn Close is to make her West End debut in Andrew Lloyd Webbers Sunset Boulevard
ha yes! And I am hoping for Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons mode...
Give it the ol' Glenn Close treatment. Dress it up like Albert Nobbs til it looks like Woody Harrelson / Robin Williams
Revised line-up for - IDS, David Laws, Glenn Close, Natalie Merchant, papers with Matthew D'Ancona, Suzanne Evans and Steve Richards.
In the movie of "Donald and Megyn" Michael Douglas can play Donald. But should Glenn Close or Megyn Kelly play Megyn?
Glenn Close will reprise her role..., - ☎ For sale ☎ best price deals on
Glenn Close as Cruella Deville is my old lady fabulousness goals
Glenn Close might have took that Cruella Deville make up off 
Carly Fiorina makes me nervous in the same way Glenn Close did in Fatal Attraction. Makes sense she would endorse the creep…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Glenn Close will be on Graham Norton Friday 11th March and Jonathan Ross Saturday 12th March to promote Sunset Boulevard.
2 of the actresses were answered more than once (Glenn Close and Sigourney Weaver). That makes a total of 5 women considered out of 40 (3/9)
Glenn Fielding aka The Magician: close up Illusionist based in Leicestershire, Available for close up Wedding...
Sunset Boulevard opens at the London Coliseum April 1 with THE Glenn Close
those are Glenn Gould's hands. Someone close to him knit those.
"Wow, this is far worse up close than I had feared" I LOVE hearing you speak :)
📷 snatchedweaves: Plus Glenn Close and Annette Bening because every role dicaprio has ever chosen has...
Glenn Close been the answer for 15 years now, she's an old lady tho so no one cares.
I'd like to make it clear that Bernie Goldberg is no relation to My Close Personal Friend Ron Goldberg™
hear she dates or dated Glenn Close ex.
You know that feeling when someone you were quite close with in high school gets done for selling coke and ket yeah
Agreed Glenn, and keeping them close together to develop a community good idea :)
Gillian is going to be on Jonathan Ross with who again? All I remember is Carrie Underwood and Glenn Close but I think there's another??
December, 1992 TBC on SNL Christmas episode with Glenn Close hosting. She and I still…
Glenn because there making neagan as close to the comics as possible
Look at records and don't close your eyes. One reason WA elite despise & why I am 4
Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil is just too good.
Peter O'Toole, Deborah Kerr, Glenn Close, David Lynch, Viola Davis, Akira Kurosawa- just some others that don't have a competitive Oscar.
well, they need to call Glenn Close then...
Glenn Close and Angela Bassett are probably both gonna die without Oscars but sure, so inspirational about Leo do go on
I'm the only one who wants to watch realized a show of Nova Corps portrayed by Glenn Close?
I would be insanely emotional if I was sitting in the London Coliseum for Glenn Close's return to Sunset Boulevard...
she's a threat not only2Misha &Fans but2Jared she's a classic "GLENN CLOSE" ! her-n-Bff threaten2bring box cutters2Seacon
Amazing video feat. Glenn Close- talks about mental illness in her family & how it affects everyone
council chief exec gets double the £100k cut to close medieval gem ht…
I'm listening to the same song over and over. Kind of like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but…
I know they test the milk from farms close to the lake in that neighbourhood for radiation
& his wife were 27 & 15 when they married. Same ages as & his "victim.". Which one gets the worse …
running jokes about being too close? Wondering comfort level with it close...
Not long now! Check out these pics of Glenn Close & cast at rehearsals.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
American politics are stressing me out so I'm watching and imagining Glenn Close as Chief Justice to calm down.
Big move: Arian Foster has been told the Texans are releasing him, per a source close to him. After great run, Foster fin…
Yass. Liam Neeson and Glenn Close. How can I forget these two?
WATCH: GLENN CLOSE discusses her role as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard!
halo looks better on track than up close in the pits. These shots from
Arsenal 1-2 Swansea: Petr Cech injured in the defeat against Swansea. via
Blown away today watching Glenn Close sing. Had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying. I can't believe my *** luck som…
will be present at THE JONATHAN ROSS SHOW March 12, 2016
Let's not forget that one of the best actors of our time, Glenn Close, has never won an Oscar.
That sounds pretty close to a song I know.
my goal is to witness Sundays historic rivalry with one of my close friends who happens to be a Red Wings fan
Let's cast Primary Colors: 2016 edition. Glenn Close as Hillary, Martin Freeman as Jeb!, and Kevin James in his dramatic debut as Christie?
Jonny Depp, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close, Gary Oldman, Ed Norton, Harrison Ford, and Michelle Pfeiffer just took Leo out of thei…
Quick, we need to decide which actor to make Oscar jokes about now. Glenn Close, Johnny Depp, Ed Norton, Amy Adams, Liam Neeson... anybody?
or Ralph Fiennes, Ed Norton, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman... Not to mention Glenn Close and Sigourney Weaver!
In fact I will. Many of them have even more nominations than he does! Glenn Close, Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Sigourney Weaver, Anette Bening,
Sunset Boulevard - Glenn Close on making her West End debut
yes. That's the joke. FYI she's not Carly Fiorina or Glenn Close. She's Rebel Wilson and she was making jokes.
📷 Matthew Mungle applies special effects makeup to Glenn Close on the film set of 2011’s Albert Nobbs.
Glenn Close as Eddie Redmaine as Albert Nobbs as The Danish Girl really deserved a
Write an op-Ed pushing to nominate Glenn Close or Edward James Olmos!
One way Obama could manage this and be a nationally unifying figure: Get Ginsburg to retire, pull that Jed Bartlett stunt with Glenn Close.
Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl looks like Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs.
Sarah Harvey is Glenn Close Fatal Attraction crazy and I'm obsessed
This Ice Queen is giving off such a Glenn Close vibe and I dig it
Glenn Close invites LETSBC2M Club memebers to the 1st Annual Student Summit: via
An up close look at the large fire in (📷: Glenn Watson)
I hear more hymns sung in young, urban, jeans-wearing church plants than in more "traditional" churches. And it's not even clo…
I've said it once I'll say it again Glenn close is iconic as Cruella DeVil
The Misfits w/ Danzig were. easily the greatest punk band of all time. No one could come ever close to them with Glenn.
Ever see Fatal Attraction? You're kinda like the Glenn Close character.
Truly honored to hang with Glenn Close and her incredible costume collection! @ Bedford Hills
I'm sure if people would have give Angela Bassett her chance she would stand alongside some Glenn Close and other famous actresses
If you do, I'd so become Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction
Glenn Close sitting in the dark, reading about Meryl's African comments, laughing quietly. She lights a cigarette and just watches it burn.
as long as glenn close reprises Cruella, I'm in for that
I had the hardest time with the doctor. Glenn Close seems a decent choice there
Watching 101 Dalmatians, Glenn Close is the most amazing Cruella De Vil
If you're dumb enough to cheat on Anne Archer with Glenn Close, you probably deserve to have your life fall apart.
LMAO omg not Glenn Close, no I'm looking for a new job so I'm hiding from employers and my supervisor lolol
OK throw down. I dye mine black, then powder them then gel them to get what you see in the picture. If not—Glenn Close.
Tess is dead what the *** didn't see that coming thought she was going to go all Glenn close
Preach. Meryl has been robbing Glenn Close, Jessica Lange, Judy Davis & Sigourney Weaver of good roles for 30 yrs. Screw her
Thank you, for sharing your story and helping to fight mental health stigma. http…
Glenn Close must be Tess' life coach .
Four council by-elections tonight! Three Labour defences, one Liberal Democrat. Polls close at 2200hrs.
It is very difficult for girls. They're told to look one way, but to act an...
A Bag of Chips top 16 streaming . on is Fatal Attraction
"We're all Africans". Somebody tell Glenn Close to shut up.
Ava is officially Glenn Close's character, Alex from Fatal Attraction.
In other news it's finally cool to be Glenn Close again.
is probably thrilled about this Meryl thing, since his fav Glenn Close is now the undisputed queen.
Why wants to talk to you about her .
I liked a video Glenn Close Drunk at the Golden Globes 2013!!
Someone close to you could become annoyed or even angry with y... More for Libra
Your review was great-I would have loved to have seen this! Have u seen the movie Dangerous Liaisons w/Glenn Close? It's so good
Why does Julia Roberts look like Glenn Close in this poster?
Boys hoops falls in a close one in overtime to Seaside 60-55!
Switched to the The Natural. *** was Glenn Close thinking telling Roy that was his kid in the middle of a huge game? Not the time lady
Close your eyes. Sit back and enjoy life as it was meant to be. Welcome to CedarGlenn.
So today I realized I play the part of Glenn Close in the real life version of Fatal Attraction.
Why Glenn Close wants to talk to you about her
Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael doing a little close formation flying in 2002-…
She is on a mission to break the stigma. Speak up!
It's 2016 and I only just found out that Glenn Close pops up in Hook as the dude who gets locked in the chest with the scorpions.
4 bed home in Glenpool, close to HWY 75, RD Qualified, only $160k!! via
Glenn Close, Barbara Hershey and Kim Basinger, all in their mid-30s, in playing 1940s women. I really like this movie! ;)
I'm watching "Fatal Attraction" Glenn Close&Michael Douglas . Glenn Close character that reminds me of a person
Glenn Close stars in playing at London Colloseum from 01 April!
performers to appear in Sunset Boulevard with Hollywood star Glenn Close
Did i mention that Lily Tomlin, Helen Mirren, Allison Janney, Cherry Jones and Glenn Close made my day today
Casting: Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon and Fred Johanson to join Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard
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