Glenn Burke & Dusty Baker

Glenn Lawrence Burke (November 16, 1952 – May 30, 1995) was a Major League Baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics from 1976 to 1979. Johnnie B. Dusty Baker, Jr. (born June 15, 1949) is an American former player and current manager in Major League Baseball, currently the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. 3.0/5

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Hold up.. People didn't start "High Fiving" until 1977 when Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke did it after Baker hit a grand slam
INTERESTING ORIGINS OF THE “HIGH FIVE” Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker For decades, the "conventional wisdom"[2] has been that the first high five occurred between Dusty Baker andGlenn Burke of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 2, 1977 in Dodger Stadium.[2] It was the last day of the regular season, and Dodgers leftfielder Dusty Baker had just gone deep off the Astros' J.R. Richard. It was Baker's 30th home run, making the Dodgers the first team in history to have four sluggers -- Baker, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and Reggie Smith -- with at least 30 homers each. It was a wild, triumphant moment and a good omen as the Dodgers headed to the playoffs. Burke, waiting on deck, thrust his hand enthusiastically over his head to greet his friend at the plate. Baker, not knowing what to do, smacked it. "His hand was up in the air, and he was arching way back," says Baker, now 62 and managing the Reds. "So I reached up and hit his hand. It seemed like the thing to do."[2] After retiring from baseball, Burke, who was one ...
random fact of the day: The High-Five was invented by a baseball player that was *** Glenn Burke was a second season player for the Dodgers. One time late in the 1977 season, he was on plate in the batting order following Dusty Baker, who had just hit his 30th home run and was coming around to home plate. When Baker was passing past him, Burke lifted his hand, Baker did the same and their hands slapped. This was the very first high five on record! Burke retired early in 1982 and was the first major league baseball player to openly declare his homosexuality. He is remembered by the *** community as a groundbreaking figure, who was 'athletic, clean cut, masculine. He was everything that we wanted to prove to the world that we could be."
It is widely believed the first high five was between Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke on 10/02/77 at Dodger Stadium.
Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke change hype history on 10/2/77 -- we present the first ever high five.
I never knew this, and according to Jamie Lee Curtis, Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker invented the "Hi 5". It then became a symbol of homosexuality in the San Francisco area... Who'd a thunk it?!?
Glenn Burke has also been recognized for inventing the high five. In 1977, Burke ran onto the field to congratulate his Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Dusty Baker (current Cincinnati Reds manager) by raising his hand over his head as Baker jogged home from third base. Not knowing what to do with the hand, Baker slapped it, thus inventing the high five. After retiring from baseball, Burke used the high five as a symbol of *** pride.
Glenn Burke also pioneered the "high five" when congratulating teammate Dusty Baker on a HOMERUN :)
Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker at a baseball game in the 70s...
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