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Glen Rose

Glen Rose was an American football and basketball player and coach. He served as the head basketball coach at the University of Arkansas from 1933 to 1942 and again from 1952 to 1966, as well as the head football coach for two seasons during World War II (1944–1945).

Glen Rose Texas Lady Cards Fort Worth Dinosaur Valley State Park Harmony Grove San Antonio Fossil Rim

The Pie Peddlers shop in Glen Rose, ranked Texas' best pies, mourns the loss of a pie baker, Rhonda Cagle, in crash
Our hearts are broken as we mourn the loss of Rhonda Cagle. Rhonda was a tremendous asset to Glen Rose ISD and...
Thinking of Brady Wilcox .. he took an injury at last nights district tournament game against Glen Rose.. praying for 20 h…
gosh guys im really hyped up about this U GO GLEN COCOS I vote for for Top Social Artist Award
Sophie Drinnan and Jordan Crupper completed day one at the TAPPS 3A State Golf tournament today in Glen Rose!...
l just 💚 you guys and your work. My husband's parents live in Glen Rose Tx we r NC so I've heard of a lot of towns & 💚 👀them
In the desert, some things are best left buried ~ 5-STAR ~ http…
How I feel about having FIVE days of school left😭😍 @ Glen Rose,…
Dr Helmer among the Eagle Nation fans checking out today's State Golf Tournament in Glen Rose!
Rose Treee Soccer Parents,. Come on out to our club social. Friday May 19th. The folks at Reactors in Glen Mills...
State Golf from Glen Rose. Reagan Oliver first to tee off at 8:30am!
⛳️ The Golf team is about to tee off at the State Tournament in Glen Rose, TX! Best of luck to our golfer…
B6 | Glen Rose gets out of jam w/ man on third, lead by 2 going into final inning. . 13,
It was a great day to be a Glen Rose Beaver! All five of our HS wrestlers went and qualified for the NATIONAL TEAM!
So good to finally be home❤I've never been so happy to see the glen rose city limits sign
Wish I would have been in glen rose Saturday instead of ljt😅😩
I really enjoyed some chicken today from the Rose Glen Elementary Chicken BBQ! It goes on until 5 today if you...
Blessed to get 2nd in Glen Rose tonight. The hours in the gym, hours in the practice pen, hours of praying. So thankful for my opportunities
you have to check out Loco Coyote in Glen Rose Texas brother! Great Q down on the ranch. I know you never hear check out.
Hooper is playing till 10:00 tonight in Glen Rose ...Hollywood and Vine 🎸🐻
If anybody was wondering how the ground was at Glen Rose...😑🤔
Meeting for parents of 6th/7th grade girls about Glen Rose June basketball league - Sunday, 4:00 PM, James Wann (GH…
So... Somervell County Hospital District wants to know about pending litigation (April 2017)…
It's a Happy Tails Story In The Making!. Today, Snowman, one of the 7 puppies that were rescued from Glen Rose...
Check out this home at 715 GLEN ROSE Open today 2 to 4
JACKETS WIN!. Stephenville scored three times early and beat Glen Rose 4-3 Friday in the 8-4A district finale.
😂😂 Watching the end of the Glen Rose ep - when you sang the Pie song, my 8 yr old said "He sings like Nacho!" (Libre) 😂😂
LOVE the Glen Rose ep! A fave day trip of ours. Thx for showing Creation Museum, DVSP, Fossil Rim. 🌍 🐾 🐆.
Mayflower beats BHG 8-4 in championship and Sean Harris goes yard! . Glen Rose beats Rose Bud 10-0 in the 3rd place game.
Tiger field getting makeover with new artificial turf - news - the glen rose reporter - ... -
Kelly Miller Circus is coming to Glen Rose, TX!!! Like, share, comment and tag 4 friends to win FREE tickets to...
Fresh shipment of my book for the Texas Paranormal Unity Fest in Glen Rose, TX on the 18th
Tonight 2/23 @ 7:30p/c on Daytripper heads to Glen Rose, Texas.
We’re throwing it back to 1939 in Glen Rose, Texas. Like this picture if you know what building this is!
.Oh, you'd love Glen Rose, TX. It's full of buildings made from petrified wood. Some have dino prints in them!
Make Friends with the Wildlife at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose https:…
Sandy Langford of Nocona had her Glen Rose team in Snyder 2 wins from state
My names Dutronimo. I'll be your tour guide at the Creation Evidence Museum of Glen Rose
Set up ready to go at Holly Wood and Vine in Glen Rose
I just got back and Glen Rose by rio vista
I finally made a trip out to Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley State Park! The dinosaur tracks were…
Glen Rose this weekend and San Antonio the next what's greater then that 😅
The American Miniature Horse Registry will be in Glen Rose, TX for their Area 5 National Show Friday, June...
Studied up, prayed up with little hope of being tested up to teach at Pioneers Glen Rose Retreat.
I want to go to Glen Rose already but I have to wait
Danny Rose MOTM last week, Rashford tonight. Is Glen Hoddle just throwing darts in the team sheet? Clueless ***
All purpose parts banner
Lloyd South's VIP Team Roping, one of Texas best roping events is in Glen Rose, TX this weekend for their 2nd...
I wonder if glen will give DANNY rose motm again tonight, he's done less wrong tonight
It’s graduation @ Glen Rose High &we wish all seniors well. We hope 2 have boosted our interns when they “graduate.”
🏆🚨GAME DAY🚨🏆 everyone please come support at 5pm in Glen Rose as we look to close out this series against Peaster!
Hello, my friends, Rose could use your help ;) Please vote me for me!. https:…
Even though I didn't spend my senior year there, glen rose is still my home and graduation is gonna be sad as ***
Softball Info:. Glen Rose has informed us they believe they will have lights if needed today. . The decision has...
Spending time with Mr. Jacobs' class today -- he's retiring at the year's end after more than 3 decades at Rose Glen
If it keeps raining Glen Rose will be underwater⛈
Glen, what are your thoughts on Howie Rose leaving the Islanders booth?
Rose: "Are you depressed about Glen?". Dorothy: "No, I'm depressed because Phyllis George left the morning news."
Rosé is booming all over the world and we wouldn’t want you to miss out! Drop in to the Glen Park Tavern to get... http…
4:20: Line of storms with wind gusts 40-60 mph now stretch from just west of FTW to Glen Rose headed east at 50 mph.
Strong Thunderstorms From 6 Miles SE of Glen Rose to Meridian to 6 Miles NW of Cranfills Gap Moving East...
I hear thunder coming from the storm that's near Glen Rose what time will it hit Cleburne
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People are such *** about this "body count" thing like stfu we're all humans as long as you're not a cheater you go glen coco ✌🏻️🙄
The Chocolate Garden is coming Saturday from 4-6 p.m. at the Glen Miller Rose Garden?? Who doesn't love...
Ryan Matter Band has a show on 05/28/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Hollywood and Vine in Glen Rose, TX
.takes one off the dome and sparks a three-run Glen Rose rally. Tigers trail Peaster 4-3, bot6, 1 out
More softball playoffs tonight! Troy vs West at Glen Rose, 7pm and Rogers vs Teague at Mart, 8pm. Listen live on
Baseball game got moved to 5:30 in Glen Rose tomorrow! Make sure and show out👌🏼
This place has the best steak with live music @ Glen Rose, Texas
instead of a selfie how about a on this Sunday¿ @ Glen Rose, Texas
Going to Stephenville/Glen Rose for the weekend. Love this girl 🦄 @ Jacksboro, Texas
Zebras vs Glen Rose is underway... Dylan Allen gets the start on the mound for the Zebras.
Not everyday you snag a photo of a catcher making a throw on the run...behind the circle😅 Glen Rose trails 5-1 Bot4.
Wishing I had someone to load up the ponies and go trail ride in glen rose with me 🙄
The Promise in Glen Rose featured in LA Times Article over the weekend.
Glen Rose mother was reportedly high before she put daughter in oven, showed up nude at neighbors house
its in glen rose. You just drive around the property and get to feed animals like horses
Get your iPhone insurance today!
or to Glen Rose Texas for the safari thing. It's fun too
Nice feature on our very own Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose. Spring is here...why not take a drive...
Glen Rose is in Somervell County, which is about 53 miles southwest of Fort Worth.
Did the Kardashians pay Amber Rose $10 Million to stay quite about Kanye's secrets?
we are thankful for our full rivers in Glen Rose!
Congrats to bearcat golf team winning the glen rose tournament yesterday. Jordan(80) Kevin (84) chase (87) Cooper (88) and Hayden (91).
Girls Golf - Hornets 4th in Glen Rose Invitational, 17-4A tournament is next week. -
2-year-old Glen Rose hospitalized in Dallas Texas after mother accused of putting her in oven
Glen Rose mother was high before she put daughter in oven, officials say - Dallas Morni...
Glen Rose mom is behind bars after allegedly putting her 2-year-old daughter in the oven...
Jared won 5th place medal golfing in Glen Rose today.
Glen Rose mother arrested after she’s accused of putting toddler in oven
This Texas mother puts her 2 year old kid into an oven :(.
- 2-year-old hospitalized in Dallas after mother accused of putting her in oven via
2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Pole Vaulter, Jenn Suhr, stopped by Glen Rose High School to visit and vault with...
Glen Rose mother charged with putting 2-year-old daughter in oven
Witnesses say a Glen Rose mother confessed to putting her toddler in an oven.
Congrats to for being named the top-ranked Glen. Rose hotel by
Are you back to your normal life from Spring Break? If you spent your break in Glen Rose, THANK YOU!!! Please...
A mom from Glen Rose, Texas was charged after deputies said she burned her 2-year-old daughter in an oven
New details emerging on Glen Rose mother Tasha Hatcher accused of placing her 2 year old daughter in hot oven.
Glen Rose mother Tasha Hatcher accused of putting her 2yr old in hot oven has prior arrests. Update 4 pm
Applications are available at the Benton, Bauxite, Harmony Grove and Glen Rose High Schools for…
There was a lady in Glen Rose who tried to cook her 2 yr old in the oven and OF COURSE people in my family know her, why
Speech competition in San Antonio, brotherhood retreat in Glen Rose, 15 hours in a car, and 3 exams tomorrow. I haven't slept this weekend.
Thank you to our sponsor, Glen Rose Nursing & Rehab, for your support of GTV & GHS Sports!
The 3rd annual Rose & Shamrock is this weekend at The Ware Center! Music by Dublin 5, Fire in the Glen, Down by...
I am loving this new way to lose weight. . There is going to be a tasting party in Glen Rose...
Just a few days until college students from around TX gather in the Glen Rose for a weekend like…
It was Miss Jenkins before it was Mrs. Minyard. My former English teacher & Choir director at good ole Glen Rose HS!
Arkansan of the Day: Becky Minyard, choir Glen Rose High School for 30 years, whose student productions are legendary
Glen Rose Intermediate students celebrated their First Semester Score Card Reward with dancing and a blow up...
Man, glen rose is pitiful. Anytime they they get into an argument with someone from HG they always bring up football
"[G]rips you in its teeth and whirls you through history.".
:( I was going to get one but Glen Rose doesn't seem to be listed. Can't wear a shirt about Texas towns with my hometown.
I take it you've seen Glengarry Glen Rose a time or 2? ABC!!! Good work!
lately you've been so inspirational. you go glen coco. you're the reason I can wake up for my 8 AMs
Thankful for the time I got to spend in Glen Rose but that time is up
Cards and Lady Cards both get big conference wins tonight against Glen Rose! Next up: @ Jessieville Friday night.
Glen Rose Lady Tigers' JV flexed its defensive muscles in Tuesday's win| |over Hillsboro.
Harmony Grove completes season sweep of Glen Rose with 73-56 win. Brown leads all scorers with 34, 10-15 from 3.
Cardinals lead Glen Rose 15-7 after 1. Brown with 9 to lead. Gillion with 3 asst. 2 reb and a steal.
Lady Cardinals lead Glen Rose 25-21 after 3. HG fell to its arch rival in the first match of the year 44-30.
Meet our new resident! He's one month old and came here from Glen Rose. . His story:
F-Rim cheetah cubs appear on cover of 2016 Lone Star Yellow Pages Inc. for the Granbury-Glen Rose area.
always thankful for the family and friends I get to see while I'm in Glen Rose
Adios Glen Rose see you next time. ❤
With time dwindling down in Glen Rose
The Virgin of the Wind Rose: A Christopher Columbus Mystery-Thriller by Glen ... via
Rose picking to another Wine tasting this time at Constantia Glen.
the chalk mountains between Cleburne and glen rose aren't so bad.
. We are wating everyday for them but glen is not always around. what's happening?.
8:21p storms concentrate rain in a line fr Glen Rose to valley view..rain rates to 4"/hr
"I want to go camping at Glen Rose. There's huge okrapod fossils all over the place."
Only Arsenal concede goals like that. Rafael, Ward, Walker, Rose. Typical.
It's 4 minutes before the hour, and you're listening to "Hank" 92.1 KTFW-FM / Glen Rose, Texas... Plays Everything Country
Grew up in Glen Rose, got love for Glen Rose, but can't stay in Glen Rose, I gotta make it out of Glen Rose🙏🏀💯
Could make a team out of English divers. Got Rooney, Townsend, Rose, Zaha, Gerrard... Who else?
all the way to glen burnie onna highway 💀 In my pajamas and bonnet ... no money no headphones, sounds like a plan 👍🏽
No you don't Glen you look like a cross between Axle Rose and Willie Nelson 😉😂😂
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SWEET LITTLE EVE FROM GLEN ROSE! She is having a merry Christmas with her new family!
ANOTHER HAPPY UPDATE FROM GLEN ROSE! Lovebug(now Zues) in his new home. he is happy and loved by all.
ANNE FROM GLEN ROSE! Anne was adopted last week and her new family sent us a pic of her ride to her new home!
No cost-of-living increase for Social Security Benefits in 2016 - The Glen Rose Reporter
Merry Christmas to all from the Glen Rose Boys Basketball Team.
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell is in Rose and Thistle, Reading.
Magical Santa Fe farolito walk on Christmas Eve with Glen Duval, Kara Duval, and Frank Rose
my mom got a blanket made with all my old Glen Rose jerseys and t-shirts so the fact that graduation is so soon just set in 😭
still working on Glen Rose, N Prince Frederick, Cinnamon Hill, Hunters Run and Hamlet Mews area
Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessed New Year from the City of Glen Rose!
Have you heard of The Promise in Glen Rose? It's a one-of-a-kind musical production performed annually at the...
All I want for Christmas is to SEYA in Glen Rose! Sign up NOOOW!…
"montrez-moi si vous me aimez ~ show me if you love me"...I need this track, Glen please help (with Ntombza-Rose🌹 and Glen)
So I hear there is a hidden city underneath Glen Rose... Can someone please show me?...
Studio apartments: Kudos to Kieran Rose for taking on developers via
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Exactly how brownshirts rose 1930s by rabid supporters who later pretended "they didn't know"
Home - The Promise in Glen Rose - Musical Experience of the Life of Christ
Reppin all the way @ Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX. ❤️
GTV to keep it going tonight at 7 in Midlothian vs Glen Rose. Be there! Regional Quarters. Bring it home girls!
Freshman Laura Ogletree represented Glen Rose High School at the State Cross Country Meet in Round Rock on...
The Decatur Lady Eagles will be playing Abilene Wylie on Tuesday at 7:00 pm @ Glen Rose High School.
Not enough students signed up to ride the spirit bus, so find a friend to carpool to Glen Rose High School. Let's go LEVB!
Dear parents and guardians of students at Glen Rose ISD,. Our school has partnered with BrightBytes - an...
ROUND 3! TONIGHT! 6pm at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland. Boyd vs. Southlake. Winner goes on to Regionals on Friday in Glen Rose. Go Boyd!
Round 3 v Plano. The Colony HS at 7PM. Winner goes to regionals on Friday in Glen Rose. Big crowd needed tonight. See you there!
Want to ride LEVB spirit bus to Glen Rose? Bring permission slip to Mrs. Martin in 1st floor office by 11am on 11/10. Bus leaves at 5pm!
Round 3 against Glen Rose in Midlothian @ 7 tomorrow🏐 let's keep it going y'all💙
"Dime Store Cowgirl" on the radio. Glen Rose, TX. This is not a drill. 😭
Second all time in wins at Glen Rose HS, | |Tommy Dunn announced his retirement on Monday morning.
Glen Rose Animal Control. Last time I adopted a dog it was like $75 or $50
Order Miche Bag Online!
they have new puppies at the Glen Rose pound. Look on FB
Excited about the new location of House of Moses golf tournament this year...moving it to Glen Rose,…
LEVB vs Abilene Wylie. Game at Glen Rose high school at 7pm . Winner advances to the Regional tourney in Snyder…
McAllen Rowe, SA Cole, Tyler Lee, Amarillo Palo Duro, New Caney Porter and Glen Rose all will have new HFC in 2016
Glen Rose HFC/AD Tommy Dunn announced his retirement today... Glen Rose is open
Sold! Country home sitting on a little over an acre! 1145 CR 429 Glen Rose, TX 76043.
**BREAKING Glen Rose AD/HC Tommy Dunn has announced his retirement. 51-38 since taking over football reins in 2008.
don't go to glen Rose every weekend & stay w me💗💗
Glen Rose ISD is hosting several playoff games this week. Tuesday, Nov.10, 2015. Volleyball. Decatur v. Abilene...
you know, can they just tell us if Glen is okay 💔
apparently the episode tonight doesn't clarify if Glen is alive or dead 💔😩
All I want is the walking dead to just make it clear that glen is 100% dead so I can start to move on
A job well done to Purina ambassador and Mona, leading the Glen Rose Qualifier this weekend.
Art of Confident Living Women's Retreat this weekend in Glen Rose, Texas!
A little throwback to an event we played Glen Rose 2 years ago! Blessed with awesome memories of serving together.
Update your maps at Navteq
Glen Rose High School would like to invite our veterans to lunch this Wednesday (11/11/15) at noon in the High...
Gunter Student Section-Take the Spirit Bus. Come loud and proud and support your Lady Tigers as they take on Glen Rose Tues…
If you see a loggerhead shrike in 30 miles of Glen Rose, please tell us @ educationhttps:/…
Area 1st-round playoff games: Malvern at CAC, Arkadelphia at Helena-West Helena, McGehee at Glen Rose ... (cont.)
I think Glen Rose is the only school that hasn't started raising money for project graduation 😳
We will be around the World Series Team Roping in Hamilton, Tx Joe B's Calf Roping in Glen Rose, Tx…
The Ultimate Calf Roping Finals have kicked off in Glen Rose, TX! There will be a lot of roping action thru...
Some of those tracks are still there. If you happen to be in Texas, check out Dinosaur valley. Located in Glen Rose, Tx
The Promise in Glen Rose, Texas is a wonderful presentation of the life of Jesus.
there apparently is a museum in Glen Rose, TX (location of family's farm) that is dedicated to the idea that humans and dinos coexisted
Howe gets 4 runs on NO hits thanks to 4 errors from Glen Rose. Anderson drives in Blackburn, her 15th RBI
Now THAT was a close call. HUGE wedge tornado on the ground SE of Glen Rose, TX.
Matt: Going to hold back and not get close, as its night and a high precipitation storm with plenty of chasers. WIll held to Glen Rose, TX
Glen close attention to this tornadic storm coming your way.
We are keeping a close eye on the storm near Stephenville. is on Highway 144 near Glen Rose.
Breast Cancer Awareness
stephenville your target? I have a close friends family up in Glen Rose.
I liked a video King of the Hill Full Episodes Season 11 Episode 6 - Glen Peggy Glen Rose
This beautiful friend was so close to us. 😳 😍 @ Fossil Rim Of Glen Rose,Tx
just finished "The White Rose" by Glen Cook, I'm stupidly excited for the Hound Master (Read: Tracker & Toad Killer Dog)
Man I hate some of y'all kids in glen rose. Lol
Pink evening primroses add beauty to Squaw Valley Golf Course in Glen Rose.
Group to meet about skies. The Glen Rose Reporter. First "Eyes on the Skies" grass roots meeting will be held at...
Today's baseball game at Glen Rose has been canceled and rescheduled for Tuesday, April 21st, starting at 4:30.
Police have located Jody Cook Wood, who went missing from Glen Rose on March 27. Keep checking back throughout...
Today's softball game at Glen Rose has been canceled.
The JV White Tigers (6-3) headed to Brock April 14 and battled in an 8-5 loss. Glen Rose had Codey Barker (5 1/3...
is the Glen Rose Neo·Relix Film Festival. The most unique little fest you've never been to - but you should! htt…
tense situation outside Rose Glen college on Hendry Road, not sure if pro or anti xenophobia
. WOTE: "I say yeah, yeah, yeah, they say no, no, no". Me: "They say slow, slow, slow, I say you go glen coco!"
Big win over Glen Rose tonight, 9-3! Great job tonight girls, keep the momentum!
Jessieville baseball picks up first conference win, defeating Glen Rose 3-2.
baseball final: Jessieville 3 Glen Rose 2. Jville picks up its 1st conference win
Congratulations to the Glen Rose Tiger Golf Team on finishing 3rd at the Regional Tournament and qualifying for...
I miss glen rose so much and this year will be my last year if I'm in college next year 😩
has wineries & hiking all minutes from each other. Glen Canyon & Rose Valley for hiking & 9 wineries
GAME DAY! Come out and support your Lady Eagles today at home! Varsity only vs Glen Rose @ 6PM!
I didn't get anything I was in Glen Rose when you called!
Light to moderate rain falling from Mineral Wells to Glen Rose. This activity will reach the DFW area 1-2 hours:
Well that's certainly something. Surely that can't be a real rose, it's too ideally-formed.
Active day so relax, look at fossils in the field. Two classic clues to the Glen Rose Formation. What?
Gunter Golf currently tied for third with Glen Rose after day one!
The Glen Rose High School Counselors are requesting all students interested in taking dual credit next year...
Interesting article from the wife of C&W singer Glen Campbell about his altzheimers:
Still a few spots left for the Double Dan Horsemanship Long Reining Clinic with Dan James in Glen Rose, Texas...
Gave Glen rose 26 but it don't count if we don't get the W 😪
. Not yet, so far my travels have been Fort Worth, Glen Rose, and now Dallas.
Concert this Friday at Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas. I will be participating in a UMC conference...
Cards win, beat Glen Rose third time this season. McCormick, Brown combined for 50.
Cardinals clinging to slim halftime lead for second straight game, up 27-24 on Glen Rose.
HG up 16-11 after 1 on Glen Rose. HG has beaten the Beavers twice this season.
Lady Cards grab 2nd straight 5-3A contest with 43-32 win over Glen Rose on the road. Wright led with 16; Efird 12; Churchwell 11.
HG still up 10 after 3 on Glen Rose.
And Glen Rose wonders why people hate them. No sportsmanship. 👌
Lady Cards take 27-15 lead over Glen Rose into halftime.
Lady Cards on top of Glen Rose 14-6 after 1. GR won year's first tilt 44-42 at HG.
Come on out and support the Glen Rose high school band tonight at 6pm! Yumm!
Long time no see glen rose football stadium. 😜
Game in Glen Rose. Everyone come out and support! .
I'll be in glen rose sometime next week 👌😘
Join us for the ribbon cutting for our Nature Store from 2-4pm on March 4.1789 County Road 2009, Glen Rose, TX 76043
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Cardinals travel to Glen Rose for a 5 3A conference game tonight! JB, SG, SB starting at 5 pm.
Former captain on his coaching mission with the Red Rose
Our girls and Glen Rose girls ending a good game in prayer.
On page 282 of 317 of The White Rose, by Glen Cook
So now we play Glen Rose and Magnet Cove!?
The Glen Rose boys continued their invitational meet winning streak dating back to last year by winning the...
Had a great clinic at Three Rivers Arena in Glen Rose, Texas this past weekend! Dan James will be there this...
Funky Glen Rose, TX lightning bolt in Oct of 2014
Incas, Mayans, The ppl of Glen Rose Texas (researchers) who found human footprints alongside those of Dinosaurs
Thanks to the Glen Rose Culinary Arts students for preparing lunch for
Glen Rose is also the site of one of our Healthy Habitats projects by Glen Rose High School. They have been...
Awesome principal Susan Wright at Glen Rose. Thanks for hosting
This weekend (Feb 6-7): 14th Annual Winter Antique Tractor Show and Pull at the Glen Rose Expo Center. 6 PM on Friday and 10 AM on Saturday.
Campus Carousel hosted by Glen Rose Junior High seeing PBL in practice!
I'm just here so I don't get fined:-) (@ Grace Community Church in Glen Rose, TX)
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Our chapter in Glen Rose is building a native plant garden on the courthouse square.
Playing a show in Glen Rose, TX at 11:00 AM today at Cottonwood Baptist Church
Why teyierra tell me she was in Fresno and she on glen rose 😒
Glen Rose High School's very first Beta convention is a success! Having so much fun
My first Spartan-the Super at Glen Rose in 2011. It was cold, wet, miserable, and fun!
Come see us tonight at Boot Scootin' Country in Glen Rose! We'll be 3 piece acoustic! Ages 21+.
Steven Kehner of Glen Rose runs 57 yards for TD on 2nd play from scrimmage. 7-0 with 11:36 left in first quarter.
Marianne Hatton would love to show you the at 204 GLEN ROSE COURT
Glen Johnson goal, Mignolet clean sheet - half life 3 will be confirmed tonight
Found in Paluxy River near GLen Rose (near Fort Worth, TX). Dinosaur foot track made after the track
yes, the briar rose. There's the square peg too next to snow hill but not sure if we're allowed back again
and I have gone from in abilene to in glen rose
All set to go in Glen Rose where Crawford will face Hico for the second time this season.
I'm so happy that the game is just in Glen Rose and not anywhere farther away😁
Shoutout to Glen Rose, we be playing there tonight!
Linda Nelson would love to show you the at 6409 Glen Rose Highway
so Andy I'll concede the Glen comment was atrocious. But I wonder if there's an element of BR w/ rose colored glasses for media
Found ice cream at my house from when I still lived in glen rose... *** yes I'm still gonna eat it
Grant Gilbert has a show on 11/29/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Boot Scootin' Country in Glen Rose, TX
Happy Thanksgiving. Love - (((HUGS)))!!! Our new ranch in progress. Love it here - near Glen Rose... Thankful...
This is my friend Marvin's eyeball. It's really big. @ Fossil Rim Of Glen Rose,Tx
yeah gurl. You go glen coco four for you
Backroading with the brother before thanksgiving lunch. Welcome back to glen rose
The entire staff at the Glen Rose Reporter wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
me bring me a HBCB, I'm at a ranch in glen rose
Oh, lord. I'm sure she'd love the creation museum in Glen Rose, TX. It's down the street from the dinosaur tracks.
It is probably too late, but the best route I know is through Cleburne, Glen Rose, Hico, and Lampasas.
The Expo Barrel Jackpot starts December 2nd at the Glen Rose Expo. Sign up today.
Right after Glen Rose here is my next challenge!!
my grandparents have 43 acres in Glen Rose.
@ the green pickle in Glen Rose with my dad arguing about who's phone is better 😂
WE JUST BEAT GLEN ROSE🏀❤️ shouts to for hitting those free throws
its a wrap in Glen Rose. GR 54 W 46
at the end of 3qtrs Glen Rose 39. West 27
we r tied up at 22 a piece in Glen Rose
2014 BEAST in Glen Rose,TX! Jodi and I earned our 2014 Spartan TRIFECTA at this race! 31 degree start...
Glen Rose will be featured on the Good Morning America screen in Time Square! We are very excited and wanted all of you to see the 5 second commercial spot that will be running from January 1-7, 2015. The commercial is scheduled to run 120 times!
So proud of our McGregor Bulldogs! Great win over Glen Rose last night! Dogs play Academy for the Bi-District Championship on Sat (11/15) at Waco ISD Stadium at 1pm. Go get 'em Dogs!
NEW Spartan Kids Special Needs Obstacle Course Race to be held on 11/1 at 3 pm in Glen Rose! This event is for 4...
Attention alumni in the Glen Rose area: October 5 is HPU Day at FBC Glen Rose. Visit the link for more info
Tickets for the Fourth Annual Kyle's Care LIVE Auction & Dinner are on sale now at Advance tickets are only $15.00 and include a catered dinner from Hammond's BBQ, a HUGE live auction, raffle drawings, our Hats of Hope Challenge and each attendee will receive a gift from Kyle's Care, Cook Children's and Horseshoe Bay Resort. Some of the items up for auction include a two-night stay at Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference Center, an electric garage door opener, a stay a Horseshoe Bay Resort, an outdoor wicker porch swing, a handcrafted dinning room table made by Steve Staples of Staples Custom Homes, a Fossil Rim gift basket, and a gift certificate for dinner at Rough Creek Lodge. Additional donors include Disneyland, Uncle George's Sporting Goods, Sea World San Antonio, Choctaw Casino & Resort, Tres Rios of Glen Rose, Blushes Salon of Granbury, Tony Vinson Jewelers, Texas Ranger Baseball, Dallas Stars, Higginbotham's of Glen Rose and Baylor University Football. We will have more de ...
Just registered for my second Spartan Race on Nov 2nd... The "Dallas" Sprint in Glen Rose, TX... Thinking I may s...
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