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Glen Davis

Ronald Glen Davis (born January 1, 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana), commonly known as Glen Davis and by his nickname Big Baby, is an American basketball player who plays for the NBA's Orlando Magic.

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Glen Davis: Doc Rivers overrated, 'lucky as *** to win championship with Boston Celtics (via
. I'll give u the bench but you know, Glen Davis once said Doc got lucky with KG and Ray the year before they were 👎🏾👎🏾
DeMarcus Cousins AND Anthony Davis on the same team?! I mean, I guess we gotta go out with a bang.
Anthony Davis also just broke the record for most points scored in an All-Star game.
I liked a video 'In the Zone' with Chris Broussard Podcast: Glen Davis (Full Interview) - Episode 6 |
"Danny would swoop in and rescue you because Doc was being too *** you." - former NBA player nicknamed Big Baby.
Brandon Knight is one of the biggest black hole players in the NBA we would hate him on a Glen Davis type level
"Big Baby" Unleashed. Talks Oakley, Shaq, Boston's Big 3, and calls Doc Rivers overrated and "lucky as *** .
Glen Davis starting to play at Winter Lakefest. Town park Delavan Lake.
Glen Davis said coach Doc Rivers, whom he played for, is overrated. Do you agree? >>…
I added a video to a playlist Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis goes off on ‘overrated’ Doc Rivers ,
Glen Davis trashes Doc Rivers: "What Doc had in ’08 was special and he was lucky as *** Lucky as *** "
I liked a video Glen Davis relives how the Celtics beat LeBron in 2010 | UNDISPUTED
Glen Davis says Doc Rivers 'was lucky as *** to coach the 2008 champion Celtics right move to let go Doc
'Big Baby' Davis goes off on 'overrated' Rivers
Master P looking like Glen Davis in the flesh
Breast Cancer Awareness
Glen "Big Baby" Davis say's Doc Rivers is overrated and that his '08 title was lucky as *** because he was fortunate of…
"Glen 'Big Baby' Davis was right. Doc Rivers is overrated. " on
Glen Davis has been vocal throughout the week, and oddly enough has been taking aim at his former coach in two...
Glen Davis called out Doc Rivers, and Jonas Knox thinks that there was some truth in what he was saying.
"If you Google Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis, a piece of video comes up...". explains crying story htt…
Congratulations to Glen Davis on the purchase of his New 2016 Honda Accord Sport courtesy of Salesperson John...
my team challenge. Players with funny player cards. Examples being Kyle Lowry, Glen Davis, John wall, etc.
What's up with the Clippers signing former Celtics? First, Glen Davis - now Brandon Bass. . Never change, Glenn "Doc" Rivers.
I was there too. A Glen Davis homer was the difference.
Glen Davis didn't seem to enjoy playing alongside Chris Paul: The former Clipper big man did an...
all of those are so much better than giving Glen Davis a sponge bath though
I think Glen Davis is gonna give you a sponge bath in this scenario
I would rather give Glen Davis a sponge bath than have Rambis as a head coach
I used to be a fan of Boston with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis and Rajon Rondo but they traded all of em
Boston won a ship with Tony Allen, Leon Powe, Eddie House, Sam Cassell, and Glen Davis coming off the bench.
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Sullinger makes Glen Davis look fresh and nimble, by comparison
the cavs series is over and hopefully your Celtics can win if you had glen Davis carrying the team like in 08 you win easily 😂
Leaving from Glen Davis' discussion & it was AMAZING & inspiring! Wow wow wow.
I am putting a load of sound files of me singing up here, its without doubt the thing I miss the most is having a...
This *** Glen Davis really gonna post up with a lightskin honey dip and never try to get back on a court ever again
lol remember when Glen Davis was a starter
Lol remember when Glen Davis was a clipper
Remember when Glen Davis made that one handed catch over Darrell Revis in 2008?
I remember you popping a glen Davis looking 3 from the corner against mountain home lmao
just know I'm on that now glen davis
He makes Glen Big Baby Davis look like Shaq on the Suns smh
Maybe the Glen Davis trade wasn't so bad after all:
My bad for making Glen Davis late. We were just kickin it, telling old Astros stories--Denny Walling
Is Glen Davis considered a big name player because he looks goofy and has a catchy nickname? Thx
Jason Terry. Kevin Martin. Mike Dunleavy. Glen Davis. Dwight Howard. I would buy season tickets to boo this team.
BigBaby Glen Davis saw my snapchat made my day!😃👍
Still can't believe glen Davis was after me yesterday. Like wut the ***
Sports Academy Team Glen Davis 14U AAU team out of BR Jourdain Dishmond far left 6'5 14 7th grade.
Ian even gone speak with ya cause you know Davis and glen them bucking the system 🤗
he is chillin with Glen Davis on some island
and Jordan didn't have rodman, pippen, grant and paxson? Pau was better in game 7. Pau got outplayed by glen davis
reminds me of when glen davis was better than deandre on D according to advanced he was always in right spot
Jared Sullinger bout as fat as Glen Davis terrible
this *** ain't playing fare, legs of Kareem, face of Michael Blackson, haircut like 98' Glen Davis
Sherek and Donkey aka Glen Davis and Nate Robinson was classic LMAO
with '12 Dwight Howard, '09 Jameer Nelson, '09 Nate Robinson and '13 Glen Davis
I'm convinced that Jared Sullinger and Isaiah Thomas are just Glen Davis and Nate Robinson wearing masks and different jerseys
No one said LSU fans were bright now, especially their basketball ones... this isn't Glen Davis and Tyrus Thomas
lmao I got glen Davis jersey for you
… I have only been around Glen Davis once… seeing the Passion of the Christ in theaters when he was in HS
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Remember vividly Glen Davis making that 3 pointer in OT versus UT *triggered*
Glen Rice and Anthony Davis in the same Category 😭
Her contact is Glen Davis that's my big baby 😏
Anthony Davis joins native Glen Rice on unique all-time list h/t
NBA's Glen Davis talks about healthy eating to prevent heart disease.
Lincoln at the 5. J. Adams a Glen Davis style 4. the prolific scorer at 3. Clinton a 2. Ben Carson running point
One of the most burning questions in Boston Sports today...Pablo Sandoval vs Glen 'Big Baby' Davis
it's like glen Davis guarding Kyrie or something
thas glen Davis if glen Davis ate glen Davis
I liked a video Dwight Howard knocks out Glen Davis
Anthony Davis went for 59 pts and 20 rebounds tonight 😳
kujo glen davis : KujoGetsItDone. Did u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Read my bi0. Thanks
Agree. Tugboat more Glen Davis. Earthquake much more of the late in career Eddy Curry Game.
Just me or does it look like ate Glen Davis?
Pablo Sandoval looks like CC Sabathia and Glen Davis combined bodies and then ate a watermelon whole.
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I have disliked the Clippers since I interacted with them last year and they straight dissed me. The only one I liked was Glen Davis.
can we see what Glen Davis would look like?
I like rece Davis' political-basketball puns way more than I like actual politics
Retail Customer Service Associate - Koch Davis (Glen Allen, VA): Assists in the training of cen...
All the individual 5A wrestling state champs, including Matoaca, Lee-Davis and Glen Allen.
Bball ref also compares Bargs to Glen Davis so you know Doc is gonna sign him.
5A 170: Sturek (Glen Allen) p. A. Anthony (Lee-Davis) 1:08. Sturek is the first state champion wrestler for the Jaguars.
I put Glen Davis back on the Clippers and it was worth it for this absolute GEM of a picture
Jared Sullinger looks like Glen Davis out there now
The Glen Davis comp made me snicker for some reason.
Glen Davis, Matt Barnes, Hedo Turk and Spencer Hawes were playing playoff minutes last year for but look now
See a virtual tour of one of our newest listings 770 Heather Stone Loop Glen Burnie, MD listed by Michael Davis.
Having a blast at our BIFF block party event. Matt Goodwin, Glen Davis and the band 52 special…
Agree to two year deal with Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Vows to get in game shape ASAP and will be working out with S…
Poor Glen Davis. Big Babies in the dark and deep hole of free agency
I said big baby because you can't just say Glen Davis.. It just sounds weird.
According to a source Glen Davis is changing his name to Ricky and is signing with the Clippers.
DYK: Glen Davis is the smartest dude in Chi Alpha? Come to and hear him preach.
Fat girls always shooting they shot at me Foh glen Davis
I think LSU would be a solid pick if you have coinage.. Shaq, pistol Pete, bob Pettit, glen Davis is decent.
*** bro you got glen big baby Davis type hops!
But I will forever remember Glen Davis hitting a buzzer beater and shoving a child right after.
Celtics dragged through the playoffs and almost made the finals using a combo of Glen Davis/Scalabrine
MJ,Matt Bonner, and Glen Davis vs Lebron, Scottie Pippin and shaq
I liked a video Glen Davis crashes into the seats!
Lol why Somaliland women look like glen Davis and sound like shaq
Steph Curry will never be as great as Glen Davis.
you more like Glen Davis aka big baby
I don't need to be reminded of a time when I actually liked Glen Davis and Nate Robinson
I liked a video Exclusive: Glen Davis Cries after Garnett Yells At Him
I liked a video big baby dance glen davis
I liked a video Glen 'Big Baby' Davis carries Gerald Wallace out of bounds!
Last player to make 5 threes & 16 rebs was Glen Saville in Dec 2006. Last (&only other) player was Mark Davis in 1992.
Glen Davis. A solid contributor who exceeds expectations and also likes food.
Pray for this guy. 1976 Gold Medal winner and friend Howard (John-John) Davis Jr. The Pride of Glen Cove,NY.
I told you about that Glen Davis on our campus story?
When you had guys like Glen Davis and Kyle O'Quinn settling for mid range shots, you absolutely despised the shot
22:10 Live at the Apollo: Nina Conti introduces Tanyalee Davis, Hal Cruttenden and Josh Widdicombe.
spam AI should never be compared to the nfl equivalent of glen davis.
I know he's won it before but my is for almost singlehandedly winning the Davis Cup for Phenomenal effort 🎾
Team of the Year at goes to Great Britain's Davis Cup team
Murray wins this by a landslide just for that final point in the Davis Cup.
yo baby picture looking like glen Davis from the face
Davis had two all-tourney selections: and Ben Prussel. Congratulations to these two outstanding players.
God (religion) created all the world's problems that we have today. Removing religion from government is the path to resolution.
maybe the should go out and sign Glen Davis, Carlos Boozer, Michael Beazley just to name a few tht are out there!
"Big Baby" Glen Davis in an actual analyst on the SEC network & his co-analysts only address him as "Big Baby." . What a time to be alive
House,Cassell,Allen, Glen Davis, Posey - to byla lawka!
hold up is that Glen Big Baby Davis in studio??
Didn't know Glen Davis was working for SEC network
bout to be the perfect cross between Randy Foye and Glen Davis
In 2007, Ray Allen and Glen Davis were traded to The Celtics for Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak and Jeff Green.
CHECK OUT this great video of a drone flight over the industrial ghost town of Glen Davis BY Holiday Hunter. :)...
Her contact glen Davis, that's my big baby
It's great to see the industrial ghost town of Glen Davis from the air. :) Well done Holiday Hunter. :) AskRoz to...
Roz has never seen GLEN DAVIS from the air. This footage is fantastic. AskRoz to find great things to see and do...
UFA PF-C Glen Davis will officially be an SEC Network analyst.
Glen Big Baby Davis is an announcer now? Okay then. I feel old.
my little woe would bust ya sh_t over for 10 franklins., he been crave'n for a body mac-10 stainless., you a big baby *** n_gga GLEN DAVIS.
I added a video to a playlist Glen Davis - Historic Shale Oil Town
Tonight's lesson: How to look stoned in a blurry selfie with NBA player Glen "Big Baby" Davis. @ Los…
Glen 'Big Baby' Davis will be an SEC Network analyst, ESPN announced.
Been at amway for 15 minutes and i've seen Glen Davis and Gilbert Arenas jerseys. Why waste your money?
Glen "Big Baby" Davis is officially an analyst for the upcoming college basketball season. Didn't realize the dude was out of the League??
Glen Davis (all kings horses, all kings men unable to put him together again) will reportedly resume basketball activi…
Antwan Jamison, Jeff Capel & Glen "Big Baby" Davis highlight list of new additions to ESPN's CBB coverage!
SEC Network adds LSU product Glen Davis to hoops analysts team
SEC Network adds product Glen Davis to hoops analysts team via
Glen Davis and Alejandro Moreno. Is that the 2nd best you can do, ESPN? Yesh.
Glen Davis throwing some hate on Alan Anderson's IG
Glen Davis says Doc Rivers has changed as a coach, DeAndre ...
"Glen Davis: We would have beaten the Warriors in the playoffs". Me: *laughs* .
how do you complain about Jamaal Crawford and Glen Davis and then turn around and say Barbosa and Ezili are good?
NBA rumors: Latest on Dez Wells, Glen Davis & more
Darrell Arthur, Carlos Boozer, Elton Brand, Chris Copeland, Glen Davis, Jason Maxiell, Jameer Nelson, & Kevin Seraphin are still out there.
Nate Robinson close to signing w/ the Clippers.Would reunite Robinson with Glen Davis and Doc Rivers ht…
a team that saw Kevin Garnett and all his length work on defense found Glen Davis' prototype more impressive.
Lynn Merritt did say it’s wrong to take video of NBA guys like LeBron when not in shape. So...How is TNT able to shoot Glen Davis in games?
Maurice Speights attempting his best Glen Davis impression
CP3, nice pass to Glen Davis..miss*, gets the rebound, passes to open Crawford..miss* Rockets get rebound but CP3 stole the shot +1
Glen Davis has been fined $5K for flopping in Clippers vs. Rockets Game 3
Once he made the "people expect Glen Davis to block their shot" comment, I checked to see if there was a hockey game on.
Glen Davis making some huge plays so far. Mid-range jumper. Swiped ball out of Ginobol's hands. Davis also blocked Duncan…
Glen Davis n Kendrick Perkins lowkey the same dude.
Glen Davis leaves Clippers-Spurs game in wheelchair due to injured ankle
Oh right. Austin Rivers and Glen Davis. That explains it. God *** I love the Spurs team. I need to appreciate them more.
Lmao..someone tell me why Glen "Big Baby" Davis always looks like he has to sneeze
"I was mackin' on this girl and she totally looked like Glen 'Big Baby' Davis"
Big Baby Glen Davis with his clipper fans
He may be 'Big Baby' on the court, but in the kitchen, Glen Davis isn't playing around.
There's days you wake up feeling like BG and then there's days you wake up feelin like Big Baby Davis. I feel like Glen today 🙉
I can't wait to see GLEN DAVIS this weekend
Honestly, Glen Davis is the worst player to ever play the game of basketball
Glen “Big Baby” Davis hits the ground dramatically after LaMarcus Aldridge separates him from Chris Kaman. . VIDEO: http:/…
I'm thinking BIG baby, no glen Davis
Crazy players like Boris Diaw, Glen Davis and Jared Sullinger are in the NBA fat as *** Like how?
Sullinger blows. I would rather watch Glen Davis play.
"I live my life a quarter pounder at a time," Glen Davis, Fast & Furious 8.
Glen Davis is launching Big Baby TV tomorrow. Is that just a bunch of games? 🔥🔥🔥
hey man I am Glen Davis' manager. Is there is somewhere I can send you a press release about his online cooking show
Hey man I am Glen Davis manager. Can you send me an email I wanted to shoot a press release on Glens new online cooking show
I need a glen Davis gif emoji.if that even makes sense
After that clippers warriors game it's definitely Glen Big Baby Davis
next thing you're gonna say is glen Davis is good😂
dude's still garbage.. I'm building my team around Glen Davis if I'm given the option
Spent the day with Player Style Files on the court and in the kitchen!! Yep, I can cook too!! .
Glen Davis wanted to defend Chris Paul's honor, but he ended up flopping uncontrollably
Clippers' Davis fined for kicking seat cushion: Clippers forward Glen Davis has been fined $15,000 for kicking...
Using Stefan Struve to simulate Jon Jones is both brilliant and also like using Glen Davis to simulate LeBron.
Everyone who thought Glen Davis would be getting more minutes then Spencer Hawes in March raise your hand.
Doc sticks with his 2nd unit way too long. Glen Davis is horrible and I thought Dahntay Jones was like 50 years old.
I would bet on Glen Davis, HAwes, Robinson, D Jones, and Rivers to Lose to any bench in the league. I'll give up 5 points even
Nate Robinson also told me he wants to do a reality show with Glen Davis and he wasn't kidding.” 😭👏🙌😩
(VIDEO) Glen Davis' videobomb on Westbrook is the grossest thing u will see today
Who got more bounce Glen Davis or Zach Randolph
“Glen Davis>>>>Dwight Howard”l u either got Ebola or u missing josh for saying that.. U gotta be sick 😂😂
Clippers' Glen Davis is a big source of energy: Clippers power forward Glen Davis celebrates after a play in M...
OMG Reggie actually said "Glen Davis" didn't think he actually knew his first name
Celtics had a pretty good bench year they won the title, Tony Allen, James Posey, Eddie House, Sam Cassell, Leon Powe, Glen Davis
Nate Robinson wants to join Clippers. He's close with Doc Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis, Spencer Hawes and more: h…
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Shrek & Donkey Part 2 MT On Clippers, Nate Robinson would reunite with Doc Rivers and Glen Davis...
Celtics just traded for Nate they NEED to get Glen Davis so they can reunite the great combo of...
*** when did Glen Davis and Jordan Farmar become part of the Clippers
David Lee will play for the Warriors but Glen Davis will not for the Clipper. Joey Crawford will officiate. Warriors and C…
did you guys fix wade,Deron Williams, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis???
I want to know what Tammy Theis, Glen Davis, Scott Butler or Rob Smith would do as MCC if Ebola comes to Montrose...
lmfao Glen Davis ,Shawn Marion, Stephen Jackson ,Carlos Boozer, and Juwan Howard are making making an album. This is going to be terrible.
“you look like Glen Davis in 2k bruh”. That *** is buff asf. You look like Joel Anthony you ugly cockroach
Tbh I miss having Nate Robinson and Glen Davis on the Celtics
Both Rodney Stuckey and Glen Davis are 7-year vets - their minimum salaries will pay $1,227,985
Glen Davis re-signs with the Clippers! Greivis Vasques and James Johnson re-sign with the Raptors!
“Glen Davis will return to Clippers, per source.” The young god returns to the Clippers
"Deandre Jordan & Glen Davis blowin that loud gotta suspend these fools when the warriors come
Deandre Jordan Matt Barnes and Glen Davis were in Amsterdam stoned? never catch a laker acting a fool like the
Glen Davis, John Hamilton set for University Lab Athletic Hall of Fame induction
Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis enjoying their time in Amsterdam. Smoking Cigarettes. Tons of Cigarettes
Clippers' Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis are really enjoying their vacation in Amsterdam.
Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis really enjoying their Amsterdam vacation. Have fun you 2!
The photogallery of Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis smoking in Amsterdam is here
Looking back at random drafts good second rounders in 2007: Carl Landry, Glen Davis, Josh McRoberts, Marc Gasol, Ramon Sessions
Patty Mills looks like a mini Glen Davis.
Coach has Glen Davis sent off bench - ESPN
My goodness! OKC's draft picks in their history. Even in '07 as Sonics: KD, Carl Landry and Glen Davis.
Chad: "Glen Davis is eating our lunch right now.". Me: "To be fair, he eats everybody's lunch."
That's like saying Glen Davis is better than Charles Barkley bc Glen Davis has a ring and Charles doesnt
Clippers? *** you look like Deandre Jordan mixed with Glen Davis.
If Jefferson Al Tibbs from Hard Ball grew up and played pro basketball, he'd be Glen Davis
Glen Davis + 4 shooters. Aka what loves to see.
Glen Davis, Jared Dudley, Darren Collison & Danny Granger are between a +4 and a +10. Scottie Brooks at his best.
uh this clippers team had CP3,Griffin ,Deandre, Danny Granger, Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis, all could be starters
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Damian Lillard is the youngest player with a playoff buzzer-beater since Glen Davis in 2009 for the Celtics.
Blake Griffin most likely will not foul out of this game, so Rivers lost multiple minutes he could have been playing instead of Glen Davis.
Glen Davis gave his own bench a glaring stare after he hit a jumper. I think he was offended Doc went w/ Turkoglu after Blake's foul trouble
It's weird that the have two Big Babies... Glen Davis and Blake Griffin.
Clippers trade Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan, Glen Davis and Danny Granger to the Eagles for Riley Cooper
If it weren't for Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Darren Collison, Willie Green, Ryan Hollins, Jared Dudley, Glen Davis, Reggie Bullock, Danny Granger, Matt Barnes and Blake Griffin I'd burn all my *** Clippers gear!! *** Sterling really sounded like the Grandmaster of the LA Chapter KKK and I hope the NBA hangs his *** !
Na, he's dying to play with Glen Davis and Matt Barnes in LA.
Glen Davis kicked off Los Angeles bench by Doc Rivers, continuing ... -
Glen Davis just threw an alley-oop to Deandre Jordan. Pretty sure this means Bartolo Colon's going yard tonight.
Who woulda thought Glen Davis would have a better career than Tyrus Thomas?
Best I've seen Glen Davis in weeks. About time.
So proud everyone stepped up even though is hurt hope he feels better and even though Glen Davis was acting up we still won
Glen Davis is getting it covered, from clothing to teammates - Los Angeles Times
You got that Earl Watson height, Glen Davis weight and Brian Scalabrine skill level.
I'll get hated for this but I will say it anyway: To all the Spurs fans that wanted Danny Granger, Glen Davis, and or Metta World Peace - you guys are about plain ignorant. Why would we want Granger since he basically has been sitting on a bench for 2 seasons and is the ultimate ball hog when he does play. Why would we want Davis, as we already had his twin in DeJuan Blair. And anyone with any sense doesn't even need me to explain about Metta. That would have been the 2nd coming of Dennis Rodman - nice on paper but doomed from the start. True Spurs fans need to seriously wake up and realize that we have all the necessary players to win it all. We have basically the same team that was within 60 seconds of winning a title. We have a team that has been able to survive injuries to one-third of its roster for over a month and still maintain a number one spot in its division, as well as the number two spot in its conference and the number three spot overall in the league. And I'm not even going to touch on the ...
Since Jan. 17 has added Hedo Turkoglu, Danny Granger & Glen Davis to roster in place of Stephen Jackson, Byron Mullens…
Clippers got Glen Davis and Danny Granger. Caron Butler to the Thunder. Those pickups dont make them a lock for the championship though.
NBA: Dang! I can not ever remember a time before when Free Agents meant so much. After the allstar game...And they were getting snatched up at this rate... It seems like every team that's 'In it to win it' Have reloaded for the home stretch... Here are a couple examples.. 1-ClippShow: Glen Davis, Danny Granger. 2- OKC: Caron Butler **Miami picked up Oden for Hibbert.. then Indiana countered with picking up Bynum... It's getting serious..
The Clippers flipped Bryan Mullens and Antawn Jamison for Glen Davis and Danny Granger.
Clippers ahead in Danny Granger's Acquisition by Jay-R Bayon-on Doc Rivers are not finished yet after acquiring the service of big man Glen Davis. Clippers are favorites to add Granger to their team. The portion of Danny Granger‘s career with the Philadelphia 76ers lasted all of roughly six days before he and the team came to an agreement on a buyout deal of his contract yesterday. As what David Aldridge reported first, several teams — including the Heat, Mavs, Clippers, Rockets and Bulls — are interested in adding the former All-Star, but it appears the Los Angeles Clippers may have pulled ahead of the pack. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski has more on L.A.’s interest. The Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as the frontrunners to sign forward Danny Granger, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Once Granger clears waivers in the next 48 hours, the Clippers’ ability to offer him significant playing time and championship contention under coach Doc Rivers makes them the most attractive destination, ...
The Clippers currently have Deandre Jordan and Glen Davis as their big men on the floor right now in the 4th quarter in a close game...
Y do we have Willie Green and Glen Davis on the court at the same time!?!?! Especially in a game this close
I like the close up on Glen Davis before the break
UPDATE: Glen Davis is at the arena in NOLA, but will NOT play vs Pelicans. He will take required physical on Tues & should …
I like the Nets. I'm just going to ignore Jason Collins. I wish they could have picked Glen Davis. So close!
Well its been coming “Glen Davis will sign with the Clippers.”
The Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers are the front runners for Glen Davis
If you were expecting the Golden State Warriors to go after Danny Granger or Glen Davis, you’re getting Hilton...
In response to Lethal, we SHOULD pick up Glen Davis and either Daniel Gibson, or Danny Granger if he's bought...
I don't want the Heat to pick up Glen Davis. I rather have Caron Butler or Danny Granger.
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Mr. Ball (Reggie Evans) is with the Kings - does he get bought out? It's a battle between Glen Davis and Jason Collins. [2/3]
We told you before the trade deadline that the Heat would not make any additions until after the deadline had passed. We told you that they (Heat) would want to see who would shake loose as teams look to tank the season and create cap space. Well, Well, Well - Looks like the God Father is about to do it again. Danny Granger - Glen Davis - Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler are now or soon to be available. We have one roster spot open. So here's the question: Who should we add with empty roster spot and should we look to add two instead one if so, who do we release?
Nets interested in Glen Davis, blows the chance of Jason Collins' comeback in the NBA by Jay-R Bayon-on The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly interested in signing veteran forward Glen Davis, who was bought out by the Orlando Magic on Feb. 21. This was according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. By setting their sights on "Big Baby," Brooklyn has put its pursuit of free-agent big man Jason Collins on hold. Collins admitted last year that he was *** on an interview with Sports Illustrated. Collins made history by becoming the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to come out publicly as *** though he has yet to appear in a game since his announcement. Brooklyn is in dire need of a back-up big man because starting center and former All-Star Brook Lopez is out of the season due to injury. The Nets have been tied to just about every available player of late, as free-spending owner Mikhail Prokhorov continues to show that money is no object. Brooklyn have acquired guard Marcus Tho ...
NBA-National Basketball Association roundup Feb 21 (The Sports Xchange) - Tests performed Friday revealed Miami Heat forward LeBron James suffered a broken nose during Thursday's victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team announced. His status for Sunday's game against the Chicago Bulls will be determined just before the game. The injury occurred when James was hit in the face by Thunder center Serge Ibaka while James was driving to the basket with 5:56 remaining in the fourth quarter. No foul was called on the play. James bled on the floor before heading to the locker room. He did not return to the game or comment afterward. - - - The Orlando Magic and forward Glen Davis mutually agreed to a contract buyout, the team announced. Financial terms were not released by the team. Davis averaged 12.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in 30.1 minutes over 45 games (43 starts) with the Magic this season. - - - The Philadelphia 76ers announced that they waived newly acquired power forward Earl Clark. Clark, center Hen ...
Heat traded Roger Mason Jr to clear roster spot knowing Granger, Glen Davis, Ben Gordon, & Caron Butler would be waived/cut/bought out.
Orlando bought out Glen Davis making him a free agent and Charlotte Is buying out Ben Gordon making him a free agent as well
No delays... Just realized that the trade deadline came and went in the NBA and yes, Indiana may have gotten better acquiring Evan Turner, Philly trading Turner and Spencer Hawes, and Washington getting Andre Miller as part of a 3 team deal.yawn! Orlando bought out Glen Davis yesterday...wonder if a team grabs him for the rest of the year (Clippers?) Antawn Jamison was traded to Atlanta and waived. Kobe Bryant is not happy the Lakers traded Steve Blake, no doubt, he helped tons this season!! Syracuse suffered their first loss again Boston College!? Looks like Florida will be the new Wichita State is the only undefeated team in the NCAA!! North Carolina beat Duke last night, wonder how that next game will go.
Antawn Jamison has been waived by the Hawks and Glen Davis has multiple former teammates interested in playing together again.
Hennigan: "This change was necessary and a good thing for our team. It opens up opportunity" (on Glen Davis buyout)
Wait they signed Adonis Thomas and Dewayne Dedmon? After buying out Glen Davis. How does one react to a solid GM?
Was a while ago, but the have officially bought out Glen Davis. Reports are they will sign Adonis Thomas to a 10-day deal.
U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Cards. I have 15 of them. The cards that I have are the 1964 U.S. Olympic men's basketball team, Refer Johnson, Bob Richards, Jesse Owens, Peggy Fleming, Glen Davis, Peter Vidmar, 1964 Olympic mens basketball coach Henry Iba, 1980 U.S. ice hockey team, Henry Iba, Greg Louganis, Shirley Babashoff, Billy Mills, another 1980 ice hockey team, Lee Evans. I would like to get $30 for all or best offer.
Him, Glen Davis, Roger Mason Jr. should start their own team.
Glen Davis is going to MIA. Miami will not let that man leave Florida state. They need a big like him who does a little bit of everything.
Danny Granger and Glen Davis we need you in the Clips. Trade deadline over buyout comeplete for Davis .. lets make moves clips
Glen Davis is about to be bought out by the Magic. The heat traded Roger Mason Jr for a open roster spot, coincidence not really. The day big baby is bought out he will be in a heat uniform the follow up week. That move may still not be enough to match the pacers aggression.
Glen Davis being on a winning team will have him more motivated and he would be a clear upgrade at backup PF over Thomas Robinson
With the trade deadline past, teams are gearing up for candidate mid-season buyouts. Glen Davis of the Magic, Danny Granger of the Sixers, Antawn Jamison of the Hawks, and Roger Mason Jr. of the Kings are some of the leading candidates for buyouts.
Wow Miami Heat made one trade at the deadline to free up money so they can sign a player if he is brought out of his contract that's wonderful not. Dwyane Wade is injury prone & he can't play all the time so what a waste of money & Ray Allen can't hit a three to save his life this year & Udonis Haslem don't at all & Miami Heat is paying alot to have him sit the bench that's so freaking awesome not. Miami Heat is paying James Jones to hit three's all day & he don't even play at all *** that's great. Miami Heat needed a SG like a Evan Turner or a Brandon Rush or a Eric Gordon or a DeMar DeRozan to step in & attack the basket & help Lebron James & a PF to rotate with Bosh like a Jordan Hill or a Jeff Green or a Glen Davis or a Jarvis Varnado or a Thaddeus Young or a Thomas Robinson or a Arnett Moultrie & C like a B.J. Mullens or a Andre Drummond or a Omer Asik or a Tyler Zeller or a Kosta Koufos or a Spencer Hawes so he can rotate Chris "The Birdman" Andersen & Greg Oden so Chris Bosh | MIA can move back to ...
the slam dunk contest should have been: Chuck Hayes, Luke Ridnour, Isaiah Thomas, Aaron Gray, Glen Davis, and Steve Blake.
Me gustó un video de Paul George ignores Glen Davis when he tries to help him at the end of
Went in to last nights basketball game wanting to shoot like Paul George, but instead shot like Glen Davis. Next time, I'll strive for bad.
VIDEO: Paul George throws down on Glen Davis but refuses to let Davis help him get up …
Paul George with the nasty dunk over Glen Davis.
Glen Davis stays gettin dunked on first Anthony Davis now Paul George shesh 😂🏀
Paul George puts big baby Glen Davis on a poster!!
Top 5 most untradeable assets, I got Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith and Glen Davis in the top 3. OJ Mayo? Who else?
Larry Drew is upset that Glen Davis wasn't called for a foul on Khris Middleton's shot attempt. You could easier hear a slap on the play.
Following the game, Kendall Marshall credited Kyle O'Quinn, Glen Davis and Victor Oladipo for how they rebounded tonight
If luol deng and Glen Davis had a baby, and kwame brown and hasheem thabeet had a baby, and somehow those two babies met and had a baby, that baby would be named Anthony Bennet.
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Pelicans should get Glen Davis. It brings a big man veteran that the Pelicans don't really have.
im keeping noah dude, and i really only wanna move PG + glen davis, so include both but you can switch up the rest of the players
I'd consider it if you ain't look like glen davis
The remains of an extensive shale site. The Glen Davis Shale Oil Works had the National Oil Proprietary Limited extract oil from their shale site in Capertree Valley, New South Wales, Australia. This establishment is all that is left from that venture between 1939 and 1952 and failed from lack...
omg ! GLEN BABY DAVIS ! I had no idea he played for Orlando Magic
I'll watch the dunk contest again when they let Raymond Felton, Glen Davis, Reggie Evans & Matt Bonner participate. That'd be unpredictable.
Glen Davis is on my bucket list... This is why.. :-)
Glen Davis just be jackin up shots lol
Glen Davis lowkey got a LeBron hairline
Nice defense by Orlando on the final possession. Glen Davis with a nice show to Green to force him baseline.
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