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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in the U.S. state of Montana, bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Logan Pass Lake McDonald Middle Fork Flathead River North Fork Daily Inter Lake Ansel Adams Rocky Mountain Flathead Lake

Last one from Jackson. On deck, Wildflowers up Albion Basin, Utah. In the hole, Glacier National Park. Tons of ima……
Scientists from investigate young lakes in Glacier National Park to learn how freshwater food webs form.…
Dirk Benedict and C.M. Russell sold dental floss at Glacier National Park
Op-Ed: Gateway to Glacier National Park begins at Hungry Horse dam (Includes interview and first-hand account)
Trump administration abruptly removed top climate experts from a Glacier National Park tour with Mark Zuckerberg
Glacier National Park in Montana: A paradise for hikers! via
Hotel room at Glacier National Park must of known I was coming to town!
Big horn sheep in Glacier National Park. Such a treat to see these incredible animals.…
Glacier National Park then venture further north into Banff National Park or Yellowst…
Today I Went To Glacier National Park! Went up the Sun Road too! Beauty every second to the eye!
Morning hike in Glacier National Park rewarded us with beautiful scenery the whole way.…
Our latest w/ talks about free-roaming wildlife between native groups & park officials at
Sometimes I wish I could take off over the trees 🌲 and fly closer to all of the best views Glacier National Park Mo…
Try just staring in order to relax... Glacier National Park Montana .
A little bit of chill to get your day started or to end your day...just stare 😶 . Glacier National Park Montana…
Big horn sheep cross. True magnificence one year ago today at Glacier National Park. https:/…
Glacier National Park, Two Junior Rangers, Hidden Lake Trail, the bit where there was snow.…
Park rangers of the Glacier National Park, Montana. Glad we didn't require their services; there were grizzlies all…
50 years of glacier loss in Glacier National Park from 1966 (grey) to 2015 (blue)
See how every glacier in Glacier National Park has retreated over 50 years
Authorities have released the name of a motorcyclist who died in a Sunday evening crash near Glacier National Park.
The glaciers at Glacier National Park in Montana are disappearing.
HAPPY 107 YEARS to one of the National Park Systems finest spots - Glacier National Park…
Glacier National Park in the US might soon be glacierless
This is scary 😨 will my daughter ever know what big glaciers look like when she's older??? .
I added a video to a playlist Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers
The big melt: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers.
US Glacier national park losing glaciers 26/150 left It’s “inevitable” that the US will lose all glaciers.
A Glacier-free National Park? Only 26 of 150 glaciers left in Montana monument.
Sad - no more in before long: time to visit!.
US Glacier is losing its with just 26 of 150 left
Warming climate makes it ‘inevitable’ contiguous U.S. will lose all of its within decades.
The evidence is overwhelming: Earth is losing all its ice
Some ice masses in Montana's Glacier National Park have shrunk so much, they may not qualify as glaciers anymore.
Glacier National Park’s glaciers will be gone in our lifetime
Looks like Glacier National Park may soon change its name to "Rock National Park".
In the mid-1800s, Glacier National Park was covered by 150 glaciers—today only 25 remain
Happy Birthday to Glacier National Park formed today in 1910. You beauty is amazing and a welcome ray of sunshine …
Looking out the mouth of Reynolds Glacier in Glacier National Park. The scenic park was created on this date (1910)
US Glacier national park is losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left.
Glacier National Park's 37 glaciers are shrinking fast and could be gone "before the end of the century"
Over the past 50 years, 39 of Glacier National Park's namesake glaciers have shrunk by up to 85 percent
Going, going, gone: Only 26 glaciers left in Glacier National Park | h…
About time we got rid of all those big ice cubes in Glacier National Park! Coming soon: Trump National Golf Course!
Soon, the only glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park will be in the park’s name
1910: Glacier National Park was established in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of northwestern Montana.
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Nestled south of Montana’s Glacier National Park, on the edge of over 1 Million acres of the Bob Marshall...
A3 Glacier National Park in Montana. It was heart breaking to see all areas of dead trees. Mesa Verde National Park too.
Black Bear in Forest - Glacier National Park, MT Posters by via
Highway Update: Highway 1 Both directions - None Slippery Sections from East Boundary of Glacier National Park to...
One of my favorite experiences in Glacier National Park. 🛶🏞 Thanks to -- I always have a signal. htt…
The grassland in east Glacier National Park reminded me the time of using WindowsXP
Beautiful places that are said to disappear by 2050. 1. Venice . 2. Glacier National Park. 3. Maldives . 4. The Poles
Breathtaking! Glacier National Park on a See more->
The Belton Bridge near West Glacier crosses the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Entrance to Glacier National Park f…
While the Northern hemisphere was bringing in 2017 I was looking at this view of Mt Cook National Park & what remai…
Loved this one! Our favorite Glacier National Park hikes. Moderate hikes for the active baby boomer tr…
Went on Alaskan cruise. Bad experience but Glacier National Park made it worth everything else
I'll be back to the the next time I visit Would be watch my review
My most popular gallery and one of my favorite places to visit. Glacier National Park.
. Going back to Glacier Bay National Park. Spectacular scenery and a great place to learn more about glaciers. Rick H
Favorite Flathead Memories, 2016. A great memory in 2016 was working with National Park staff –...
5 tips for snowshoeing Glacier National Park - 5 Tips for Snowshoeing Glacier National Park Have you tried snow...
How old were you the first time you visited Glacier National Park? How was it different than it is today?
Glacier National Park in winter takes the number 3 spot on my best trips of 2016. It seems… https:/…
Places I want to be in 2017 pt.1: Glacier National Park
6. Went to Glacier National Park for the first time.
lots of new, exciting shows on Broadway, possible trip to Aruba, possible trip to Glacier National Park,
OK, travelers, enjoy the evening thinking of this glow from Glacier National Park. - via National Parks Traveller https…
Here's a chance to explore the glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park on an incredible virtual tour from the warm...
National park tips: Just north of Glacier, there's another epic park.. Related Articles:
Glacial colored lake in the Summer at Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park [1600x1067]
this photo was taken at Glacier National Park this past summer. Sorry for the delay.
I am very grateful for 2016. I became a grandma. 😊 I went to Glacier National Park and hiked around some of the...
What happens if there are no more glaciers in Glacier National Park?
What happens if glaciers vanish from Glacier National Park? via
See the stunning images of Glacier National Park this photographer captured on his year-long roadtrip
5 places to stop on your way to Glacier National Park
Work and Play in the Heart of Glacier National Park
"After [death]. I didn’t believe in love or beauty. or my ability. to write poems.". Glacier National Park and the Elegy
Pink Sky.💓🗻💓. Stanton Mountain from Lake MoDonald at Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana
Glacier National Park. by: Looking for a Christmas gift? Get your loved ones a …
Glacier National Park ' oh my heavens & the train ride through Montana absolutely beautiful country. Oh my
Please visit the Our World's View website:. At the Glacier National Park, US.
Bucket List ALERT!!! MUST go to Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana...oh my goodness
Glacier National Park needs our help to restore the natural soundscape - please sign Quiet! Gla... via
This is the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park. The rain those clouds are carryin…
Sometimes all you really need is a bit of solitude | Photo by Benjamin Prescott atBowman Lake, Glacier National Park https:…
Many Glacier Hotel lies in Montana's Glacier National Park and was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1914 - ...
Mountain goat eating grass at Glacier National Park - This is a panorama shot of a mountain goat eat
Mountain goat eating grass at Glacier National Park
Forest fire in Glacier National Park, Montana. (oc) [3648x5472]
Just above the Swiftcurrent Falls near the lake in Glacier National Park
Montana's Glacier National Park is home to 700 miles of breathtaking trails ... -
Montana's Glacier National Park is home to 700 ... -
Keep it wild. | Photo by Christin Healey in Glacier National Park
Morning Moose at Red Eagle Lake in Glacier National Park. . © Photo by Aaron Theisen - Writer & Photographer
Montana's Glacier National Park is rapidly melting away
Finally have some cell service. This first two days in Glacier National Park have been incredible!
Glacier National Park is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth 🌲
Let your adventurous soul guide you to Glacier National Park to discover the pristine beauty of Glenns Lake.
ClimateCentral: This is what it's like to photograph Glacier National Park in the dying days of ice …
On our way to Ptarmigan tunnel from Elizabeth lake @ Glacier National Park
"The poster child of the National Park Service for climate change is Glacier National Park" htt…
yo, you should go to Montana and go glacier national park cause that place is beauty.
Glacier National Park in BC Canada. I live in Seattle so it's only a few hours from me and it's fun.
The scenery and weather couldn’t have been any better for riding Glacier National Park.. Feel blessed 😊
Ahh. Enjoy this perfect sunset over Bowman Lake at Glacier National Park in Montana 🌅 (Vine by
A moment of stillness in Glacier National Park, Montana.
A Doberman's view of Glacier National Park.You must travel the " Going to the Sun Road " ! Outstanding drive htt…
Want to dip your toes in magic? Enter for your chance to win a vacation for 4 to Montana’s Glacier National Park. http…
Color by me: President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir on Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, 1906. http…
Resa Thomas enjoying a guided tour of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park
7:00 a.m. The best way to start the morning. A nice cold dive into Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park - Montana.
Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Flathead County USA Montana.
I added a video to a playlist Lake McDonald Lodge - Glacier National Park
Smoke cleared 2nd day after rains. Amazing beauty & wildlife seen at Glacier National Park.
Browning MT just a few minutes east of Glacier National Park in the heart of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Cyclist in northern US killed by grizzly bear: A grizzly bear attacks and kills a cyclist just outside Glacier National Park, police ...
Grizzly bear kills cyclist in mauling at US beauty spot
DEVELOPING: Authorities in Montana searching for grizzly bear they say killed a person near Glacier National Park.
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Man killed by grizzly bear was 38-year-old law-enforcement officer for the U.S. Forest Service, Montana sheriff says
Glacier National Park, just before the Canadian border
Glacier National Park in Bloom Early June was a great time to see wildflowers near Two Medicine at Glacier N.P.!
From Paradise Valley to Glacier National Park, check out photos taken by our community in Montana: .
A peak in to Canada from Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park.
Photo of Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park by Arlen Sharp/YGH Photography. I hope to stay again soon.
It's a beautiful day up in Glacier National Park!. Just another wildlife sighting on one of my adventures with...
From the U.S. Department of the Interior - . From the Avalanche Lake at Glacier National Park in Montana. Photo by...
Flooding hits parts of Glacier National Park and Flathead County
Glacier National Park is a great place to go The pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and...
Flooding closes several roads in Flathead County and in Glacier National Park
See the 'shining mountains' of Glacier National Park via
Named for its mountains of ice, Glacier National Park has lost all but 25 of their glaciers
We have a big trip planned to Glacier National Park this summer, but for some reason I have been thinking about...
Glacier National Park (photographed by Ansel Adams) was established by Congress tomorrow 1910:
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Petition to for quiet in Glacier National Park, restore the natural soundscape:
This Day in Environmental History: May 11, 1910 Glacier National Park in Montana was established.
I would add Glacier National Park in Montana, USA and Gulf Islands National Sea Shore in the Florida Panhandle, USA!
Mac was spotted bareback riding a bear in Glacier National Park Montana.
Looking forward to taking some of these myself -- 6 places to take a selfie in https…
Glacier National Park is definitely worth a visit
Gorgeous colors in Glacier Gorge at sunrise. Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
In the white world of Glacier Bay National Park, we found red coral. Read more:
I'm in awe God and his awesome creativity! Picture: A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park by Trey Ratcliff
Aerial view of Glacier National Park at sunrise, by Daily Inter Lake photographer Brenda Ahearn. These photos...
Throwback to when my family went to Glacier National Park and a billy goat almost attack... (Vine by
Daily Inter Lake photographer Brenda Ahearn captured this image of Glacier National Park while flying with Jordan...
Hi all, we’re from Western We're home to Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park + cute towns.
Glacier Stones - St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana | by Jeff Jessing on 500px
⛷⛷⛄️ (with Calvin and Albert at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park) [pic] —
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We can't stop looking at these awesome photos from
📍: Glacier National Park "Far away in Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain-peak… https…
RV camping near Glacier National Park at Glacier Peaks RV Park in Columbia ...
Witness the collapse of the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park.
Nat Geo's ultimate Montana Road Trip - traverses "The Backbone of the Rockies" and includes Glacier National Park:.
Glacier National Park is one of the first parks after Yoho, that you will come across on Highway 1 after passing...
Glacier National Park also has an amazing Native America Speaks program in the summer.
Dance the mountaintops of the pristine, million-acre Glacier National Park in Montana, where you can ride your... https:…
Crystal clear waters in Glacier National Park | by ©Scott Kranz
I never got a clear day in Glacier National Park. Even after sleeping In my car to catch an epic sunrise. It was di… http…
📷 rishaddaroo: Middle Fork of the Flathead River - Glacier National Park, Montana
Picture of a forest in Glacier National Park, Montana
This is "Evening, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park" by Ansel Adams who was born on this date in 1902.
The beautiful and colorful Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.
I saw one while I was fly-fishing in Glacier National Park some years ago- not a very large one, but still very cool.
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Logan Pass of Glacier National Park, Montana [1600x1068] by Quan Yuan via soupyhands
Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies; towers of rock stand sentinel over frigid landscape! via sharethis
Glacier National Park is enough for a visit, but there's even more to do and see in the fine state of Montana!
As a former employee in Glacier National Park, issues of the Blackfeet Nation are important to me:
Moose Country - A large bull Moose I photographed last Fall in Glacier National Park. I felt that the landscape was…
Another fantastic aspect of Glacier National Park - Moose
Allen Jimmerson is our artist of the month here at NVH. "Officially chosen for Glacier National Park's Centennial...
One need look no further than Glacier National Park.
We recommend the American West and its national parks, like Glacier National Park in Montana and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming!
Winter in Glacier National Park: one of most undiscovered seasons.
Glacier National Park, but in Nebraska it would be Fort Robinson.
I love the national parks in the USA! Glacier National Park is my favourite.
Celebrate Winter Trails Day in Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley on Jan. 9th:
Travel Guide to Glacier Country, Montana. Your window to Western Montana and Glacier National Park |
Crystal clear waters in Glacier National Park - Scott Kranz
"Glacier National Park, the crown of the continent, one million acres of sheer cliffs, unworldly lakes, abundant...
your way through Glacier National Park on a new bike excursion
.husband Cody Lee Johnson to his death off a cliff in Glacier National Park in July 2013, just days after they married.
I would agree -this would be my dream job: 'The world’s best workplace … Glacier national park, Montana'
Still can't get over how beautiful Glacier National Park is
Stay Charged in the Backcountry with the Goal Zero Flip 20.
Video captures glacier collapsing in Mt Cook National Park creating an ice avalanche
Ryan Taylor, 22, was skiing and mountaineering at the time in Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand when a l...
Be excited about Winter, but maybe start planning that epic Spring trip to Glacier: National Park
The world's best workplace: Glacier National Park. Great article from
Breathtaking --> Glacier National Park thru the dome car on the train!
you men bighorn sheep lol you won't see elk climbing up or down the mountains. have you ever been to Glacier National Park?
Glacier National Park's red buses in new home - Hungry Horse News - Flathead News Group: Glacier National Park...
Grinnell Glacier & Upper Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park. See the rest of my Glacier images here:...
That's going to effect the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park, from oil spills to endangered species
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sacred land on National Forest near Glacier National Park is the worst place for drilling
We are one step closer to preserving the Badger-Two Medicine adjacent to Glacier National Park http…
Lake McDonald - The largest lake in Glacier National Park. Home to numerous native species of trout,…
Saint Mary Lake from along the Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana [OC][…
A company wants to drill near Glacier National Park, home to elk, grizzlies, & trout:
Flathead Lake lies in the shadows of Glacier National Park and Whitefish... @ Flathead Lake
Glacier National Park by Roland Gissing, top historical artist:
If you love Glacier National Park, you might want to know about this:
Perfect shot of a Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park.
Today's sunrise at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. I'll miss this place.
Sunset along the North Fork of the Flathead River near Glacier National Park. Gotta love Big Sky…
Angelic view of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. Photo taken with my iPhone in one hand and a…
Numa Peak. I would be missing out on one of the reasons I went to Glacier National Park if I didn’t get to the...
Thanks for a great rental experience! Here’s the Marauder enjoying fall colors at Glacier National Park.
Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park for an awesome weekend!
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Gorgeous fall day up at Glacier National Park. Didn't see any mountain…
Northern Rocky Mountains make up part of Glacier National Park in Montana.
Our view of the magnificent Glacier National Park, USA... Due to forest fires there was a lot of smoke... so...
Of 150 that existed in Glacier National Park when established in 1910, 25 remained in 2014
Great story today by about his trip to Glacier National Park.
by elliottwoods: A bighorn sheep ram at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, MT. h…
Magical view of the mountains at GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. The glaciers will probably have melted away in 30 years.
Kenai Fjords National Park prepares for Presidential visit. Exit Glacier area will be temporarily closed...
What do receding glaciers look like at Kenai Fjords National Park?
Tell House Speaker Save Glacier National Park from oil and gas drilling
Q12: We are road tripping to Glacier National Park in Montana and Banff in Canada! Can't wait!
. 2 of my favorite parks: Glacier National Park & specifically Going To The Sun road. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Three fires are blazing in Glacier National Park as northcentral Montana sees temperatures near 100 and high winds
Additional info released on Thompson Fire in Glacier National Park - a new fire has been spotted in North Fork area:
New fire in Glacier National Park grows to 500 acres Fire burning north of Nyack
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Have you ever seen a Grizzly Bear in Glacier National Park? Share your experiences!.
Glacier National Park, Montana this morning. End of my first visit.
Right place at the right time. Glacier National Park, Bowman Lake - photo by Kevin LeFevre
Quiet day on the lake at sunset in Glacier National Park, Montana, at Photography by Toshio
DeerLake Weekly Letter, Fires in Glacier National Park, and the Church in the Dale
Baton Rouge company objects to delay as it seeks to drill near Glacier National Park - Baton...
and captured by Raymond J Stinson on July 21 at St Mary Visitor Center, Glacier National Park.
Glacier National Park. Proud to have Jack Hanna and Joe Stone with us!. Music by
This is Swiftcurrent Lake and Mount Grinnell in Glacier National Park, Montana, in early Spring before the park…
Saw a family of cedar waxwings (adults feeding young) at Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park. including...
The National Park Rangers are advising hikers in Glacier National Park, MT and other Rocky Mountain parks to be...
Glacier National Park: Whitewater Rafting on the Middlefork of the Flathead...a blog.
AP: Fire near Glacier National Park up to 60-80 acres
Summer is Officially here! . Photo of sunrise at Two Medicine, Glacier National Park. photo courtesy of top hd gallery.
Glacier National Park has been good to us. Headed to Waterton @ Going To The Sun Road
Stumble across a like this in Glacier National Park.
This place is insane. Going to the Sun Road (Logan's Pass to West Glacier) in Glacier National Park,…
one more photo, a thank-you to my followers and RTers...more Glacier National Park night sky, from atop Logan Pass.
here's another shot of the night sky at Glacier National Park, from Logan Pass. ah cosmic!
photo of the Glacier National Park night sky during a Logan Pass Star Party. . I love the night sky so much!
Lox says{ From our 'Cousins' at 'Glacier National Park- June 12-. Road to Logan Pass still not open due to snow...
As of Thursday morning, vehicles entering Glacier National Park from the west side can drive to Logan Pass.
Glacier park's Going-to-the-Sun Road opens to Logan Pass: WEST GLACIER — Glacier National Park officials have ...
Little bit of snow in the higher elevations. @ Logan's Pass, Glacier National Park
Celebrating the 100 millionth visitor to (@ Glacier National Park - West Entrance)
Confirmed - the West entrance of Glacier National Park is now open up to Logan Pass
Access to Logan Pass on West Side of Glacier National Park is anticipated tomorrow - East Side not until June 19th:
Glacier National Park access to Logan Pass via Going-to-the-Sun Road from west side is anticipated for tomorrow!...
Glacier National Park officials say the west side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road will open this week, possibly even tomorrow
Heading to Glacier National Park? Don't overlook Kalispell, Montana, and all it offers.
A2 I've always wanted to go to Glacier National Park. Especially after reading this book:
Glacier National Park - Grinnell Glacier Trail. Perhaps the most spectacular trail in the National Park System.
Dawn waterfall on Clements Mountain at Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana • photo: Chris
Grinnell Glacier Trail - Glacier National Park. I am among the first on the trail that morning. Everywhere I look, …
Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park is a beautiful, easy hike.
Montana, here we come! Glacier National Park my not be ready for us.
Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, in the US state of Montana.
Hiring Cooks and Sous Chef in Glacier National Park! Positions start immediately!
Glacier National Park turning it on back in August last year. Hopefully returning to the great state…
bird's eye view... the beauty of Glacier National Park speaks for itself...thank you MAPS student,…
Boulder Pass Campsite, Montana: A wooden loo in Glacier National Park, with a stunning view of Agassiz Gla...
This summer, look for fluffy white mountain goats in Glacier National Park. (We saw this one near Logan Pass.)
It's the scale that gets me. There, we walked on Mendenhall Glacier, and we cruised through Glacier National Park.
"Fire and Ice" Iceberg lake at sunrise, Glacier National Park, Montana USA.
(Post) Glacier National Park, a view over the valley after hiking up to a mountain lake [OC] [2048x680]
GLACIER NATIONAL PARK - MONTANA ♥ Glacier National Park is a national park located in the U.S. state of Montana, on… ht…
Red rocks and clear water at Glacier National Park, MT.
Visit and experience spectacular lakes at Glacier National Park, Shared @
Mule deer stretching for Lichens, in Glacier National Park. Photo by David Alan Harvey.
I'm cycling from Jasper to Glacier National Park to raise funds for poverty. Check it out.
A View at a Stream Crossing in Glacier National Park by Mark Stevens
Thirsty for something new and different? We're not your average adventure company. You're unique, and so are we. Come fly with us this summer! Spectacular day hikes. Comfortable, historic lodging. Good-humored company. AdventureHikes-Plus! Glacier National Park, Montana & Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Glacier National Park is our new featured place
Foto: melepeta: Glacier National Park by spencewine on Flickr.
2014 was the year a marmot licked our GoPro! Greenpeace USA set up some video cameras in Montana’s Glacier National Park. The team were hoping to capture the impacts of climate change in an area that is expected to soon lose all its glaciers. But this cheeky little tyke rudely interrupted the observations. At least he gave us all a laugh in the process.
Trip from Missoula to Glacier National Park. Had to see it before the glacier is gone.
Retrospective view of 1970s mountain pine beetle outbreak in Glacier National Park
Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park - New York Times
Threatens to Strip the Identity of National Park, via cc:
Not many glaciers left in National Park.
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On the back roads of Glacier National Park, Montana With Andrea
In a century, the number of glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park, on the Canadian border, has dropped to about 25 from 150.
Glacier National Park’s namesake glaciers have receded rapidly since the Park’s establishment in 1910, primarily due to long-term changes in regional and global climate. In the last century, the five warmest years have occurred in the last 8 years - in this order: 2005, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004 (NASA)…
In 30 years, there may be no more glaciers at Glacier National Park
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