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Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) is a youth organization for girls in the United States and American girls living abroad.

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints Girl Scouts Czech Republic Girl Scout Cookie Happy Mother May Day

want some blue dream or white widow 😭 I'll even take Girl Scout Cookies
CURE family member Olivia suffers from Aicardi Syndrome and found even more love from her Girl Scout troop:
I raised a pudgy lil hand & recited the Girl Scout oath like I was takin' office and Mama's smile lit the joint like 4th o' July.
Ironically, here in Fond du Lac, the local Girl Scout troop played some Bruce Springsteen music in the parade today...
The mystery surrounding the theft of $15,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies.
I can either make a box of Girl Scout Cookies last a year or a day. There's no in between.
Ah, Nixon. A kind of trailblazer. I was at Girl Scout camp that day, and we were ca…
I'm a day late but did you hear about the Girl Scout Cookie heist: ?
Cheer on the Tampa Bay Rays at the 2017 Girl Scout “Day With The Rays” on June 10. Tickets:.
> Girl Scout troop back in the day. Now my old bff is asking ME *** & I literally haven't chatted w my mom since February - we're shut ins.>
I just finished my last box of Girl Scout Cookies so I guess you can say it's a bad day
In a crazy turn of events the day after I finish Warped Tour I will be flying to PA to lead an all Girl Scout...
A very special shout-out to all the Girl Scout moms who give so much to our Girl Scout movement every day—from...
Floyd County woman accused of stealing $15,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies
It's all good. I'm a big old donkey Girl Scout & like to be prepared. Have a great day.
Meal planning and stayed on track all day long. Oh hey some Girl Scout Cookies.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I'm so grateful to Kaylyn's Girl Scout troop leader for filming and sending me this! . Happy Mother's Day!
Love thin mint Girl Scout Cookies? You're going to love these cupcakes!
Happy Mother's Day to all our Girl Scout moms!
Wishing a happy day to all of our Girl Scout moms!
Girl Scout camping trip on a rainy Mother's Day - HMD to the best…
Happy Mother's Day to all of the incredible women who support our Girl Scout projects & adventures. 💚
I thought I would regret buying the Girl Scout Cookies, until the sweet little girl said, "Thank you, have a great day!"
Day 252 Log; could be dying. Pretty sure this is where my body is just giving up and accepting death. Peace out Girl Scout. ✌🏼
Nothing like a little Girl Scout sleepover on a Friday night post game to kick off Mother's Day weekend!
Today is the last day of Girl Scout Cookie season...Sad news
Mom duty in full force today: Fun Day at school; Girl Scout meeting; finishing up Girl Scout troop photo book. Chee…
Girl Scout Cookie party because it's Friday and a test day. 😋🍪📝💯
Happy B'Day, Jim Caton, we'll never agree on pro sports teams, but is better for having you. And bonus Girl Scout Cookies
Does anyone else here freeze Girl Scout Cookies and eat them on Memorial Day?
By the way, this is Blue Feather cabins at Tomahawk Ranch, a Girl Scout camp. It's a pretty awesome double cabin pl…
Photo shows Girl Scout standing up to a far-right demonstrator at a neo-Nazi rally on May Day in the Czech Republic
I was at Girl Scout camp when I saw Richard Nixon resignation on TV in the mess hall.
We are hosting a library sleepover for our local Girl Scout troop and I think I'm more excited than everyone
That time I threw the whole 🇨🇦 Girl Scout Cookie operation into disarray when I only had USD. Troop leader intervened & 🦊…
This is what it means to be a Girl Scout! Girl Scout Cadette Troop 1641 from Fort Riley, Kansas…
Troop 35 and some of their Girl Scout sisters have been enjoying the outdoors by working on their Trailblazer Badge!
Dreamed about a Girl Scout troop led by men, the senior male leaders wore Nazi uniforms in Girl Scout green.
Do it. I'll def help where you need it. I also have a Girl Scout troop that would help.
We had a Girl Scout troop visit the help with our Beautify Niagara program. They planted seedlings and drew some...
New York City's first homeless Girl Scout troop is learning to dream big via
I love I visited them with my Girl Scout troop!
Happy birthday so happy u were in my Girl Scout troop in kindergarten!! Thanks for doing life w me the…
my Girl Scout troop is obsessed w/ &we're doing presentation- women in Am Rev. They wanted 2 make tshirts with
Bergen Lol! Herding cats. That's what my hubby called my Girl Scout troop!
We went to see Alice's Girl Scout sister and Troop Leader in Annie Jr today! The play was…
Girl Scout Troop 1273 in Gallatin delivered almost 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to the Sumner County Veteran's...
Goodie packs for a Girl Scout troop who read YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL and are participating in a…
Visiting the Long Beach Aquarium today with our Girl Scout troop. These jelly fish are so…
I'll take - I'm here today as my daughter's Girl Scout troop marched on the field - lots of life lessons today for them
Girl Scout troop from & donated a Buddy Bench they created for our playground! https:…
Meet NYC’s first homeless Girl Scout troop, started by a mother in a tiny room in a homeless shelter.
Evening hangout with future astronomers from a local Girl Scout troop at observatory.
Lovely bookmarks that our Girl Scout troop made for Mother's day~!
"I made a dank video for my Girl Scout troop"
Staying up late to make Rice Krispie treats for my daughter's Girl Scout troop AMA
Little guy got recognized for support of sister's Girl Scout troop! culture starts earlier. In this together!…
Ended this busy Saturday with a fun Girl Scout troop! The girls made beaded bracelets for themselves and one for...
Safe, easy, one of my friends from my HS Girl Scout troop posted about it…
A special thanks to Girl Scout alum & Troop Capitol Hill member, for sharing the importance of
Girl Scout troop made their own clocks with us this morning! @ Girls…
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She ruined my life and I let her for a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Am I ashamed? No. would I do it again? *** skippy.
... I can't eat cookies if they're not chewy. Unless it's Girl Scout Cookies.
I've been movin cookies no Girl Scout
The kids just discovered Girl Scout Cookies.
It's fine they have Girl Scout Cookies
Sprained my ankle running yesterday so I'm indulging in Girl Scout Cookies to feel better. 😅
Girl Scout donates cookies to Kennewick police as thanks:
If you are a fan of me being sober, well, I just booted up Red Faction and have a 10% beer that tastes like Girl Scout Cookies
I just had to throw two Girl Scout Cookies out the window to prevent myself from eating them… I'm sorry planet earth
Im gonna become a Girl Scout so I can sell myself cookies
Then can I be a Girl Scout cause I'm tryna get some cookies ya feel
That would be awesome then we get Girl Scout Cookies for free
I can move more cookies than a Girl Scout
Still no word on the House will be back on the floor. Related: we opened the emergency box of Girl Scout Cookies.
My response when I find out all my Girl Scout Cookies are gone.
My parents' financial planner sent us Girl Scout Cookies. Aka, I think I just found MY financial planner.
other people in my office are eating Girl Scout Cookie "taste-alikes" aka fake Girl Scout Cookies. Fridays are weird at the
Where's the petition to sell Girl Scout Cookies year round? Cause I'm 100% on board w that.
My moms playing a dangerous game buying Girl Scout Cookies and leaving them out in my sight yes I WILL eat all 15 samoas rn
Surround yourself with things that matter, like Girl Scout Cookies.
So you got a Girl Scout Cookie fetish huh?? I don't get you people with Girl Scout Cookies im just a…
Plot twist: the 'Far Right' demonstrator IS the Girl Scout.
Photo of Czech little girl Scout standing up to skinhead goes viral
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies at day 42 of flower. Grown by https:…
This photo of a girl scout standing up to a Neo-Nazi has gone viral .
A Girl Scout versus a neo-Nazi – just one example of iconic women protesters from the last 5 years.
When you pay more for Girl Scout Cookies and they're reduced to the size of Cookie Crisp cereal..
Speaks A Girl Scout Stared Down a Neo-Nazi at a Rally in the Czech Republic
It's literally called a Boy Scout. And they literally have Girl Scouts
This Girl Scout smiling in the face of a neo-Nazi is a total hero via
Girl Scout faces down a Neo-Nazi protester in the Czech Republic via
A photo of a Czech Girl Scout standing up to a neo-Nazi is going viral
This 16-year-old Girl Scout is schooling a neo-Nazi during a protest in the Czech Republic.
solution: make Girl Scouts do scout activities (outdoor skills + athletics) instead of just selling cookies + chees…
Powerful manifestation against nazism earlier this week in Brno.
Pic of Girl Scout bravely standing up to hate in Czech Republic goes viral while Catholic Diocese in KC sever ties with...Gir…
Love this photo of a Czech girl scout confronting a neo-Nazi in the city of Brno
Photo of Czech girl Scout standing up to skinhead goes viral
Incredible picture from Vladimir Cicmanec:. . Girl Scout stands up to demonstrator at neo-Nazi rally
Just hear me out. why don't she become a Girl Scout ? Maybe that's a good idea
This picture of Girl Scout protesting a Nazi in Czech is just pure art.
Girl Scout calmly faces down a neo nazi at May Day protest in the Czech Republic. Who looks right and brave here?. http…
the movie 'troop beverly hills' was me as a Girl Scout, my mom was our leader &our 'camping trip' was at the Sheraton followed by Disneyland
Out of Girl Scout Cookies already, or is that just me? Well, no need to worry, as THIS SUNDAY another troop will...
"It tastes like mint chocolate chip and a Girl Scout that tripped in the factory.". Interpretations of Thin Mint ice cream by…
Girl Scout troop from Salinas getting some post Earthday fun! Made seed bombs and then hit the sea! Girl Scouts...
While on vacation, Lamar Smith decides not to tell Katrina Pierson that Sunday morning talk shows are selling Girl Scout Cookies. A "fixer"
Ever heard of Troop 6000? It's the first Girl Scout troop dedicated solely for homeless girls, reports
Sad that we need a Girl Scout troop for homeless kids, but good for for innovating their model:
They are selling Girl Scout Cookies at a local grocery store on Tuesday. Is it wrong to pack a sleeve of Thin Mints for the 6 am plane?
Some little girl is selling Girl Scout Cookies in Bennett park. I got half way though the park and turned around. T…
Whoever sent me that box of Girl Scout Thin Mints, If you reading this thank you!! Made my day 10x better
I have Girl Scout Cookies I want rid of! I will give them to you no charge. . •3 Savannah Smiles. •1 Samoa . •1 Thin Mint. Let me know! 😄👌🏻
It's all the Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints in particular. Anything else you'd like to try to insu…
I just ate a whole bag of Girl Scout Thin Mints😬
a devoted couple of patrons heard I couldn't find Girl Scout Cookies this year & dropped off TWO BOXES of Thin Mints for me. ❤💥
29) samoas (NOT caramel de-lites, they are NOT the same)! They're the best Girl Scout Cookie, fight me Thin Mints f…
Thin Mints are easily the most overrated Girl Scout Cookie. Gross
If we're discussing Girl Scout Cookies, tagalongs are better than Thin Mints and every other kind. Thanks, have a great day
Girl Scout moms are the adult version of crack dealers on the playground. "Yeah, I got your Thin Mints, but it's gonna…
Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout Cookies don't @ me, put them in the freezer and it's 🔥🔥
Savannah Smiles the most slept on Girl Scout Cookie don't @ me
There's nothing better than celebration cookies! Are Thin Mints your favorite Girl Scout flavor?
for the win! They are just like the Girl Scout's Thin Mints! 🤗
There are 2 kinds of Thin Mints. . All US Girl Scout Cookies are... There are 2 kinds of Thin Mints. .
My main question is why did we not get Carrie Kelly Robin ever? She's a Girl Scout and ginger and awesome!
Savannah smiles are the most underrated Girl Scout Cookie
Get the latest Girl Scout gab here... . Send an eCard to Your Fav Volunteer | Get Ready for Summer Camp | Rounding...
Confidence makes EVERYTHING better. Find yours this summer at a Girl Scout camp. >>
I just randomly remembered at Girl Scout camp one year my friends couldn't swim and I could so I pretended I couldn't during the swimming
Read about how our staff is trained to deal w/ conflict at Girl Scout camp in the latest issue of
"Fairy houses" we hid on a "lost" trait at Girl Scout camp as Easter eggs for intrepid hikers.
Get STRONG—mind, body, and soul—at Girl Scout summer camp! All girl are welcome. Register today at…
I know that I am a grown up adult male because I just hid Girl Scout Cookies in my wood shop.
Its that time of year! Here I am with Troop 62106 of Middletown who were selling Girl Scout Cookies at Stop & Shop.
The only good thing about my day today is they were selling Girl Scout Cookies outside the stop and shop next to work.
Michelle Phillips, singer with the group The Mamas & The Papas, wearing Girl Scout
In case anyone's wondering where all the Girl Scout Cookies are, they're right here guys 👇🏼. *points to the extra 5lbs g…
Why is it Girl Scout Cookies always show up during Lent? Stacy Smith
If I ever get married, feel free to throw me a bourbon and Girl Scout Cookies themed bridal shower.
Trey surprised me with the prettiest flowers and my favorite Girl Scout Cookies💜💜
First-graders in Daisy troop at Southern Boulevard School selling Girl Scout Cookies on Main Street in Chatham on S…
Took Grandkids Donnie and Lilly to the State Capital with their Boy and Girl Scout troops. Had a blast Thank you Re…
Tomorrow from 12-3 the Daisy troop from Waterville Primary will be here selling Girl Scout Cookies!!!
Nothing makes me more sad than coming home and all the good Girl Scout Cookies are gone 😭
well maybe take all the Oreos and Girl Scout Cookies out of your room and stop going to the Cheesecake Factory every week?
On June 18, 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space. She was also a Girl Scout!
So we made it through Girl Scout territory, only to find the Easter bunny waiting on the other…
"Girl Scout Cookies! Get them before you are trapped inside by the snow!" - DC Girl Scouts outside the Foggy Bottom Metro
Girl Scout cash box thief behind bars: SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A 28-year-old man was behind bars today for allegedly……
Cub Scout, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout Troops are invited to Lighthouse Education to earn their…
Girl Scout brings awareness to ovarian cancer
Does anyone on Grand Island need a Girl Scout Cookie fix??? Nancy Hoover-Anderson is our cookie assistant and if...
Girl Scout Cookies and and march madness are here 👍😍
Offer to sell them something if they show up. Box of Girl Scout Cookies perhaps.
Couldn't ask for anything more than what I have now... homeland my dog my gf a bowl of pop corn 3 Girl Scout Cookies a…
Sydney Crosby only buys one box of Girl Scout Cookies.
Pre-monthly womanhood week lazy day: 4 episodes of key lime pie, pizza, chipotle, and Girl Scout Cookies
Just found my mom secret stash of Girl Scout Cookies !
Serious question: Where in sedro Woolley will there be Girl Scout Cookies right now??
One Tin Soldier by The Original Caste. This song reminds me of Girl Scout camp when I was a youngin'. One of the co…
Anytime I read or say "Girl Scout Cookies" I always say/read it in the tone from Corky Romano 😭😭
Halle and her Girl Scout troop at International fest
Bro yesterday was so funny waking up I told my man I wanted Girl Scout Cookies as soon as we leave the house we run into someone selling em😊
Did you know that with a $5 donation you can fund a Gold or Silver award workshop for one Girl Scout?
Did you know that with a donation of $25 you can fund membership for one Girl Scout!
Girl Scout Cookie story: boot camp cleaning out drill instructors spare room. Tons of boxes. We hated life so much.
Clearly you do not understand the purpose of a Girl Scout Cookie
Spinach artichoke dip and Girl Scout Cookies. Really? What is this diet that I keep thinking is okay? Lol
three boxes of tagalongs...that's what I get for working with a girl scout mom 😅
This is an event you don't want to miss. We'll have a special Girl Scout led with plenty of fun and crafts.…
If I had Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast can I also have them for lunch if I chose a different kind of cookie?
Today I've spilled soda on my pants but I've also purchased Girl Scout Cookies so whose the real winner
What's better than Maddy selling Girl Scout Cookies?! Maddy and Alex selling Girl Scout…
trefoils are THE most underrated Girl Scout Cookie and ANYONE who tries to say otherwise can catch these hands
If anyone needs Girl Scout Cookies, this is the weekend to get them. They're going to be everywhere!
They're selling Girl Scout Cookies in the lobby of my work.
In 8th grade me and got dmc bc we took some Girl Scout Cookies someone left on the table in the cafeteria…
My boyfriend's little sis is a Girl Scout. I knew I dated him for a reason.
Come on down to the main lobby for some delicious Girl Scout Cookies! 🍪🍪🍪
Terrible, counterfeit bill to pay for Girl Scout Cookies. Omaha NE
OMFG for life: now makes donuts, now we can all die happy h…
Shoul I have that for dessert or eat Girl Scout Cookies instead?
How to pair beer with Girl Scout Cookies
Watch new girl Canadian Cutie Kiwi get PLOWED by ! ->
. Yes. And they want to know if you'd like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies..
I'm a former Girl Scout and do the scouts honor 🤘🏾
National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend starts today. This is how they crush their competition:
some fat dude in my dept trying to "train" me while he eat boxes of Girl Scout Cookies
The San Diego Girl Scout troop that is creating a game and teaching girls to develop is really close to hitting their Kickstarter but 1/2
Trying to decide on lunch. The four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the breakroom are looking like an option.
Need Girl Scout Cookies? Use the cookie finder to find a sale near you:
We still have weekend dates available for Girl Scout Troops (or individuals!) to come sell cookies in front of...
Girl Scout Cookies arrived 15 minutes ago and the first box is gon
Adult move: writing a check for Girl Scout Cookies
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Girl Scout Cookies get smaller every year 😡😒
If you are out and about this weekend don't forget to pick up some Girl Scout Cookies!
Mac and gold down by the Gateway Center to station. Get your Girl Scout Cookies at the gateway cafe first and get a free dr…
Get a load of Hi-Lo Diner's new menu... did someone say Girl Scout Cookies?...
Why do homework when you can take a quiz to find out what kind of Girl Scout Cookie you are?
Vote for our Smore Pudgy Pie in the Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Contest. students prepared it. Come tr…
As a Girl Scout, you used subtle tears to coax your elder neighbors into buying 10 extra boxes of Thin Mints.
“Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.” How one takes on adult bully.…
I think they put crack in Girl Scout Cookies
It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Get in on the fun and find your cookies:
It's Girl Scout Cookie time, or "shake your coworkers down for money because my child MUST SELL THE MOST COOKIES."
Celebrating our AWESOME Volunteers! Don't forget nominations for the Girl Scout Awards (Thanks…
Ok I wanna know where these Girl Scout Cookies are at and I wanna know now. Cause I swear I never see them
SOS need Girl Scout Cookies and water
The most disappointing part about being in the hospital was missing out on the Girl Scout Cookie order forms 😕
Even if I didn't like Girl Scout Cookies, I'd still buy them bc the little girls are so cute
Planning to eat samoa Girl Scout Cookies?
Thanks to for stopping by...time to get your Girl Scout Cookies!! Go here to find out where:
I accidentally ate a whole box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Oops. I really don't know what happened.
There are only TWO measures that matter in reference to Girl Scout Cookies 1) Scale of 1- Return of the king ... How good is it to that mouf
A nutritionist ranks the best and worst Girl Scout Cookies for you. (via https:…
Someone buy me Girl Scout Cookies I will greatly appreciate it
When you tell your best friend to get you Girl Scout Cookies when she picks hers up and says she already ordered some for you 😍😍
My grandma wont stop bringing home Girl Scout Cookies she is taunting me ☹️
Rodeo, crawfish, and Girl Scout Cookies all in one season. What a time to be alive😻
Share all of your challenge-crushing, confidence-boosting, lead-like-a-Girl Scout skills for a chance to win BIG!
Oh, good. Because when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, nutrition is my first priority.
To ensure girls reach their potential, we're providing a year of paid Girl Scout programming in underserved areas:
Give a big Girl Scout welcome to our new Camp Pondicherry Director, Mary Boyle! To learn more about Mary, visit…
yo Pete I'm a Girl Scout. Been one for seven years. I'll sell you cookies, $4 a box :)
Rock Hill Girl Scout Troops are getting Mayor Echols to proclaim Hornet Nest Council Weekend for the Girl Scout 100…
This is definitely not the Girl Scout way! Can you please DM us w/ your zip code so we can contact their council? Thank you.
Girl Scout Cookies, get in my belly. 😍🍪 @ Fourth Street Live! Entertainment District
To whoever stole my Girl Scout Cookies from chef Scott's room I know who you are so either bring me $10 or my untouched cookies
I was a Girl Scout professional from 1984-1988 and I was a Field Exec and the Program Director for our council...
For World Thinking Day, Derby Troop 40439 found a way to honor their Girl Scout sisters and also give back!…
Watch out for Girl Scout Cookies at the Hurst this Friday between Garvey Park and Baldwin Hall, 11:15-11:45 a.m…
So I've just contacted my local Girl Scout council about a MTG Girl Scout Cookie charity tournament. We'll see how it goes.
Pleased to welcome Girl Scout leaders in honor of Girl Scouts Hornet's Nest Council Cookie Weekend
Girl Scout moms, like Avon Barksdale, want their corners.
PPG Oak Creek volunteers working hard to sort and distribute Girl Scout Cookies to troop cookie leaders…
See a Girl Scout troop on Capitol Square: "Aw!" . Get closer and they're reviewing talking points on a bill they're opposing: "A…
It's Girl Scout Cookie time! Anna is selling cookies for Daisy Troop 490, so let me know what…
Me: I want to start eating healthier. Also me: just ate French fries and Girl Scout Cookies for dinner
What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor? It's all about the Thin Mint for me! 😁
& the last of the thin mint Girl Scout Cookies. 🙄
I want some thin mint Girl Scout Cookies 😩😍🍪
How many calories are in one Girl Scout thin mint cookie 🙃 times that by 16 plz
The line between constructive anguish and useless rumination is thinner than a Girl Scout thin mint cookie.
Officers reached for their own wallets after a 12-year-old's Girl Scout Cookie stand was robbed at gunpoint
Thin mint Girl Scout Cookies sound bomb right now...
I dipped a thin mint Girl Scout Cookie in ranch once and it still tasted good lol
This Daisy is selling Girl Scout Cookies at Lunardi's on Bascom…
My daughter Daisy Monique Mendoza Moreira is selling Girl Scout Cookies at the Elks Lodge at 909 E Florence...
Since it's Girl Scout Cookie time, was anyone else taught in the Mormon church that the Girl Scouts were evil?
Listen everything else in the world might be trash but at least it's Girl Scout Cookie season.
the little girls asking if u would like to buy sum Girl Scout Cookies as me forever saying no
Girl Scouts needs to make an app like Pokémon Go, but where you find little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies.
If you're looking for Girl Scout Cookies theres a daisy selling them on garden ridge by fox!!!
So glad the security lady at the American Bank Center likes me, she let me bring in these Girl Scout Cookies and omg thank god
These little girls with their moms outside Walmart selling Girl Scout Cookies bothers me
I need cash for Girl Scout Cookies not because I want cookies, but because I want to support girls. Always, but especially now.
These girls I babysit were bargaining Girl Scout Cookies to make sure that the other didn't get them in trouble with their mom
S/o to the cute little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on campus :')
I need some Girl Scout Cookies asap but I can't find these lil girls no where.
On the hunt for the little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies 👀
I was never a Girl Scout but my girls were.
I'm over here trying to diet and I get these little girls pitching a tent right next to me as they're trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies..😤😭
There are these little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on campus and I want some bu I also don't cuz it's like child labor
God I hate Girl Scout Cookie seasonS these little girls need to leave me alone man
The cutest little girls are selling Girl Scout Cookies and I have no cash on me😢 it's a sad day
I got Girl Scout Cookies but they ain't the types that little girls sell outside kings soopers 🍁🍃💨
My tia helica hooked me up today with both Girl Scout Cookies and a Car🙏💙
Have your Girl Scout pick out, print off and color in her own flat Daisy to bring with her while selling cookies! https:…
I can't believe I'm saying this, but does anyone in the area want some Girl Scout Cookies from CML? Her first year as a Daisy!
Just wondering how I can get in touch with someone about the closing of local Girl Scout camp?
Girl Scout members, local residents put plans in place to save Camp Singing Hills during a meeting in OC on Sunday.
I opened my desk drawer and I remembered I left myself work Girl Scout Cookies. Bless you Daisy from last Friday.
Ngl I was at Girl Scout camp when Michael Jackson died
I went to Girl Scout camp and he didn't feed them
So...Gaga went to Girl Scout camp as a kid, then?
Spending my night the best way I can as college student and former Girl Scout: Drinks and Camp Camp!
Never thought I'd see little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on the side of the highway, then I forgot I live in harnett county
Ticara, Daisy and I have Girl Scout Cookies hit us up!
Literally walked out of the bar/brunch spot and there were a Girl Scout Cookies stand. These Girl Scouts are smart 👊🏻
Mrs. Graham: My husband didn't want me to buy Girl Scout Cookies... So I bought 4 boxes
the parent of a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout.
Me: And now Bannon, a white nationalist, is on the National Security Council? Where does it end??. Girl Scout: so no cooki…
I need a plug for Girl Scout Cookies 🙃
Plot twist: you're actually talking about this when you post about Girl Scout Cookies..
I've ordered so many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies omg 😂 my mom's gonna kick my ***
Are little boys going to be running around in little daisy uniforms selling Girl Scout Cookies too? This is awful.
are you still in charge of the Girl Scout troop?? And if so, are y'all selling cookies?
*goes to every grocery store to find a troop selling Girl Scout Cookies*
I want to be a good role model for the smart young women in my Girl Scout troop and show them they can make a difference
Proud to be a leader of a Girl Scout troop that values their rights as young women! 💚
My initial Girl Scout Cookie troop order is in. Huge weight off. Until the cookies come, and the booth, and more cookies … Ahh!
I keep saying I'll eat healthier...But niece is a Girl Scout & I really should support her troop right...?
My daughter, who is a daisy, saw you on TV and was wondering if you'd like some Girl Scout Cookies. God Bless.
A little weekend fun from these gems! Thank you for the Girl Scout Cookies Troop 2330!
You can't go wrong with a classic like Girl Scout Cookies, love child of legendary OG Kush x Durban Poison. 1/8 = $40 ($48 w/tax)
I'm now the plug for Girl Scout Cookies. If anyone needs some lmk. Helping my cousin sell them for her daughters tr…
Hundreds of vets return through Dallas has that Girl Scout troop been their for them? Hope so.
Many Thanks to Girl Scout troop 2295 for making cat toys and beds for the Last Hope kitties. . The troop from...
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