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Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) is a youth organization for girls in the United States and American girls living abroad.

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Girl Scouts Boy Scout Boy Scouts

Girl Scout moms, like Avon Barksdale, want their corners.
PPG Oak Creek volunteers working hard to sort and distribute Girl Scout Cookies to troop cookie leaders…
It's Girl Scout cookie time! Anna is selling cookies for Daisy Troop 490, so let me know what…
Me: I want to start eating healthier. Also me: just ate French fries and Girl Scout Cookies for dinner
What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor? It's all about the Thin Mint for me! 😁
& the last of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 🙄
I want some Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies 😩😍🍪
How many calories are in one Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie 🙃 times that by 16 plz
The line between constructive anguish and useless rumination is thinner than a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.
Officers reached for their own wallets after a 12-year-old's Girl Scout cookie stand was robbed at gunpoint
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies sound bomb right now...
I dipped a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie in ranch once and it still tasted good lol
This Daisy is selling Girl Scout Cookies at Lunardi's on Bascom…
My daughter Daisy Monique Mendoza Moreira is selling Girl Scout Cookies at the Elks Lodge at 909 E Florence...
Since it's Girl Scout cookie time, was anyone else taught in the Mormon church that the Girl Scouts were evil?
Listen everything else in the world might be trash but at least it's Girl Scout cookie season.
the little girls asking if u would like to buy sum Girl Scout Cookies as me forever saying no
Girl Scouts needs to make an app like Pokémon Go, but where you find little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies.
If you're looking for Girl Scout Cookies theres a daisy selling them on garden ridge by fox!!!
So glad the security lady at the American Bank Center likes me, she let me bring in these Girl Scout Cookies and omg thank god
These little girls with their moms outside Walmart selling Girl Scout Cookies bothers me
I need cash for Girl Scout Cookies not because I want cookies, but because I want to support girls. Always, but especially now.
These girls I babysit were bargaining Girl Scout Cookies to make sure that the other didn't get them in trouble with their mom
S/o to the cute little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on campus :')
I need some Girl Scout Cookies asap but I can't find these lil girls no where.
On the hunt for the little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies 👀
I was never a Girl Scout but my girls were.
I'm over here trying to diet and I get these little girls pitching a tent right next to me as they're trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies..😤😭
There are these little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on campus and I want some bu I also don't cuz it's like child labor
God I hate Girl Scout cookie seasonS these little girls need to leave me alone man
The cutest little girls are selling Girl Scout Cookies and I have no cash on me😢 it's a sad day
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I got Girl Scout Cookies but they ain't the types that little girls sell outside kings soopers 🍁🍃💨
My tia helica hooked me up today with both Girl Scout Cookies and a Car🙏💙
Have your Girl Scout pick out, print off and color in her own flat Daisy to bring with her while selling cookies! https:…
I can't believe I'm saying this, but does anyone in the area want some Girl Scout Cookies from CML? Her first year as a Daisy!
Just wondering how I can get in touch with someone about the closing of local Girl Scout camp?
Girl Scout members, local residents put plans in place to save Camp Singing Hills during a meeting in OC on Sunday.
I opened my desk drawer and I remembered I left myself work Girl Scout Cookies. Bless you Daisy from last Friday.
Ngl I was at Girl Scout camp when Michael Jackson died
I went to Girl Scout camp and he didn't feed them
So...Gaga went to Girl Scout camp as a kid, then?
Spending my night the best way I can as college student and former Girl Scout: Drinks and Camp Camp!
Never thought I'd see little girls selling Girl Scout Cookies on the side of the highway, then I forgot I live in harnett county
Ticara, Daisy and I have Girl Scout Cookies hit us up!
Literally walked out of the bar/brunch spot and there were a Girl Scout Cookies stand. These Girl Scouts are smart 👊🏻
Mrs. Graham: My husband didn't want me to buy Girl Scout Cookies... So I bought 4 boxes
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
the parent of a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout.
Me: And now Bannon, a white nationalist, is on the National Security Council? Where does it end??. Girl Scout: so no cooki…
I need a plug for Girl Scout Cookies 🙃
Plot twist: you're actually talking about this when you post about Girl Scout Cookies..
I've ordered so many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies omg 😂 my mom's gonna kick my ***
Are little boys going to be running around in little daisy uniforms selling Girl Scout Cookies too? This is awful.
are you still in charge of the Girl Scout troop?? And if so, are y'all selling cookies?
*goes to every grocery store to find a troop selling Girl Scout Cookies*
I want to be a good role model for the smart young women in my Girl Scout troop and show them they can make a difference
Proud to be a leader of a Girl Scout troop that values their rights as young women! 💚
My initial Girl Scout cookie troop order is in. Huge weight off. Until the cookies come, and the booth, and more cookies … Ahh!
I keep saying I'll eat healthier...But niece is a Girl Scout & I really should support her troop right...?
My daughter, who is a daisy, saw you on TV and was wondering if you'd like some Girl Scout Cookies. God Bless.
A little weekend fun from these gems! Thank you for the Girl Scout Cookies Troop 2330!
You can't go wrong with a classic like Girl Scout Cookies, love child of legendary OG Kush x Durban Poison. 1/8 = $40 ($48 w/tax)
I'm now the plug for Girl Scout Cookies. If anyone needs some lmk. Helping my cousin sell them for her daughters tr…
Hundreds of vets return through Dallas has that Girl Scout troop been their for them? Hope so.
Many Thanks to Girl Scout troop 2295 for making cat toys and beds for the Last Hope kitties. . The troop from...
Last chance to order Girl Scout Cookies from my sassy little Daisy Scout. Cookies will be …
My Godbaby Alexa is a Daisy is selling Girl Scout Cookies anyone…
Daisy Troop 7282 for all you Girl Scout cookie needs! Cactus Spiritline Car Show
The literacy patches are in and they look fabulous! Do you know a Daisy or Girl Scout troop that...
GUYS!. My daisy Girl Scout troop sold 2019 boxes of cookies just on the initial order! . B sold 376 boxes!!! 💪
it should be a crime to even compare this, Thin Mints are the Tom Brady/Michael Jordan of the Girl Scout Cookies.
I didn't even like Girl Scout Cookies back when I was a daisy/brownie. Now I'm addicted to peanutbutter patties 😪 took that ish for granted
Protests started at Holden Beach. 4 women and 2 girls holding signs. Girl Scout Cookies for sale.. I support their cause. :)
Best time of year Girl Scout Cookies... I mean Playoffs
Left my Girl Scout Cookies at the bar
jit got all the Girl Scout Cookies on that bar
Special talents: I can eat an entire sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies in about 10 minutes
The girl scout badge for torturing autists.
Who's got the plug on Girl Scout Cookies in Morgantown?
I wish You was my best girl but I dontlike her at all and whenever she shows up when I scout im just :) (closes app)
Girl scout cookie season is among is and I'm geeked
Girl Scout Cookies had me sleep every time
I'm not kidding...Girl Scout Cookies curb my black out drunkness l
Oh my god, what a time to be alive. General Mills created Girl Scout cereal 😍😍
it's almost that time of year, Girl Scout Cookies 😛😛
Tyler Boone learned that a friend couldn't grow her own hair, so he grew his hair for her.
If you're selling Girl Scout Cookies hmu!!! 🚨
Girl Scout Cookie season starts right around the time you realize your New Years diet isn't working and just one box of cooki…
I need all the Girl Scout Cookies. Can't wait until its cookie season!!!
I've discovered the secret to curbing my blackout drunkness.Girl Scout Cookies
if anyone wants Girl Scout Cookies hmu $5 ( help her SOS) ‼️
I still havent had Girl Scout Cookies .. feel like ppl hype them up too much & ima be disappointed.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
It's Girl Scout cookie season?? Boy Scouts salty with their sad selves. Out there at smiths selling swisher sweets trying to compete.
Where/Who can I order Girl Scout Cookies from? Please lmk, TIA 😘😘
Girl Scout Cookies keep getting more and more expensive 😩😩
Who's got the hook up for Girl Scout Cookies.
Girl Scout Cookies are probably the most overrated thing in the world.
Hi Guys! Please buy Girl Scout Cookies from me, Support my little sister! They only $4 each box! Please support her she i…
Where can I get some Girl Scout Cookies?
I'm ready for the Girl Scout Cookies to come through
I think I figured it out...I'm eating Girl Scout Cookies.lmai
Reminded me of Girl Scout camping treat. Slice open banana(skinon) insert Hershey bar and marsh. Put in foil. Put in ashes Yum!
Hey it's Girl Scout season & weed is legal in CA. Let's get to selling weed cookies
okay I remember at Girl Scout camp you had an emergency blanket but it was just Aluminum foil & I still laugh about that
Please don't send her to a Girl Scout camp!!!
Would she feel more comfortable at a Boy Scout camp or a Girl Scout camp?
First he'll need to decide if it should be a Girl Scout or Boy Scout Camp.
To which camp would Maddow be sent? Girl Scout, Boy Scout, gender fluid & neutral camp? Which bathroom would she use?
Girl Scout camp? Camp Letts summer camp in Annapolis?
Though shot at a Girl Scout camp, the main cabin in this 2015 was built from scratch-
17 Bazillion. If anyone needs Girl Scout Cookies, let me know! Two of my daughters are selling them to go to camp t…
Just don't send her to a Girl Scout camp.
Not until he decides if should be Girl Scout or Boy Scout.
Easy answer. Which camp does she want to go to? Boy Scout or Girl Scout camp?
Got taste for some Girl Scout Cookies lol
Riverside had an all Girl Scout Holiday Party on Saturday organized by Troop Leader Erika Molli. Mr. Elliot dj'ed... htt…
Congratulations to our local Girl Scout troop on earning their "Legacy Patch" in art; We had a blast assisting!
Honestly being single is awesome but im really wanting the right time/girl to hurry up😴
You can indulge in your favorite Girl Scout Cookies! Dark chocolate and mint combine to make these h
In other news, it's the season for Girl Scout Cookies 😍😍😍
Ask your favorite Girl Scout about her cookie goal!. Order yours now! There's more to . than cookie…
Like my god I hope next time you scout you get an initial UR. Of your worst girl. And you need her for your team so you're stuck with her
I'm going to distract myself with Girl Scout Cookies today.
Choosin Girl Scout Cookies over the lemonade today
Thank you Girl Scout Troop 50444 from Stamford, CT and Girl Scout Troop leader Stephanie Fitzgerald for...
Are you a girl scout because you tie my heart in knots . KISSWARD PerfectTiming
Girl Scout encourages a love of reading at ball park
I did not realize it was a Girl Scout party
When do they start selling Girl Scout Cookies
lmao you'd be wrong. I had some Girl Scout on me but I was drinking their beer 😂
My daughter Girl Scout troop is in the Palm Beach Post. So proud of you girls.
I haven't been a girl scout since middle school how do I still remember the Girl Scout law !
why is it that everytime I study the chi o symphony I say the first half right but by the end I'm saying the Girl Scout law 🤔
I still remember the Girl Scout law after 7+ years. Yikes.
HUGE Girl Scout thanks to the Blackstone/Millville Troop! They joined Boy Scouts in collecting food for the pantry at…
Crooked Donald! You make Hillary look like a Girl Scout!
"On my honor I will try to serve god and my country to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout law " -things *** say
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Over the years as a Girl Scout leader our troop has tried a number of different unique ways to run e
Troop 420 def won the Girl Scout cookie war
Alvin Gentry can't coach a Girl Scout troop to sell cookies.
I think next month I'm gonna start a 2 month challenge for my Girl Scout troop where we have to do one KIND thing every day for 2 months
We took some time to show Emma's Girl Scout troop around the Senate. MS is blessed to have a beautiful state…
Starting tomorrow: . Change more girls’ lives, and WIN. Invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout troop, today!…
I literally cannot imagine a better Girl Scout troop leader than you
After last week, I've made the descision to invest in my daughters and my Girl Scout troop, both girls and parents.
‘Everything is awesome’ for leader of growing Girl Scout troop in Oakboro
Welcome to the teachers and students of Southside High School, Oceanside High School and Girl Scout troop 2488.
Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast, anyone?
Girl Scout cookie cereal.nope not today Satan. I got my brown eggs and whole grain toast, I rebuke you Thin Mints!!!
We love being involved in the community! If you lead a Brownie, Girl Scout, Cub Scout...Troop, let us know if you...
also "she painted her as a Girl Scout and that wasn't the case" "check sex tape" re: Machado. For
Girl Scout cookie case has turned into $30M dispute
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
would like to thank Girl Scout group 1795 for cleaning up our playground! Congrats on earning your Rosie
Great way to enjoy your Girl Scout memories! Girl Scout Memory Pillow designed from the Daisy bib, B
Anyone want to help my Daisy reach her Girl Scout goals? Fall Nut and Candy Sales are happening now! Click to shop.
Throughout middle school me and daisy always promised by saying "Girl Scout" and doin the hand thing AHA
idk dude... I feel sketchy with this Girl Scout cookie app
*** I got Girl Scout cookie oil on my Yeezy's Smfh
I just saw a Girl Scout. It's not cookie season yet right?
I love when mr.weedman txts me what he just reuped with 😊😊😊 like oh I'll take Girl Scout cookie & blue dreams please 😇
It's a great day to be a Girl Scout! There's still time to make a difference.
I got syrup in the cup, Girl Scout cookie in the blunt, yea the beast was in me I just had to wake em up
more on that legislation here, which the mayor says will benefit Girl Scout cookie entrepreneurs…
Make me crumble ya cookie you Girl Scout ***
Had feminized Girl Scout cookie strain seeds sent from California. If anyone tells you you can't get that strain in…
Bruh shout out my mom for this Girl Scout cookie 😩😍‼️
When is Girl Scout cookie season. I'm feenin
domain names
If your GF is mad, just remind her its Girl Scout cookie season. . Still? . Now, remind her Reese's Easter eggs are out.…
Wake me up when Girl Scout cookie season is here
Josephine was the top Girl Scout cookie seller for 4 years in a row.. I'm shook 🙃
Girl Scout recruitment night at the school was this week. The troop went from 8 girls to 14. The troop leaders are a little freaked out.
I'm a Girl Scout leader. This is an event being offered to the girls. 😳
Our girls at the Girl Scout recruitment rally tonight!!
the girls in my class are selling Girl Scout nuts and all I have to say is *** yeah
Girl Scout night olive Garden completely off my diet but anything for my girls!
Show girls they can do anything they set their minds to. Start a Girl Scout troop!
I work at the Girl Scout craft store now ... Like for real. I put together patch kits for 150 little girls 😩 Die cutting for hours on end
As a Girl Scout leader, I'm barely resisting the urge to have the girls recite the pledge.
Girl power! Girl Scout brings traditions of Marshall Islands to Shiloh Museum
Give more girls the chance to change the world. Start a Girl Scout troop today.
who the Girl Scout plug w some Thin Mints? I know 1 of the lil girls gotta b sellin em on the side ...
Girl Scout troops from Franklin, Oak Creek, Muskego, Hales Corners, Greenfield, and Greendale had a pool party at...
Diets are for sissy's I whisper to these Girl Scout Cookies.
of course you do. Why else would you give money to the Clintons? They're not selling Girl Scout Cookies are they?
Seems like Keebler recreated a lot of the Girl Scout Cookies and 1-UPed them.
Fun fact : I was a Girl Scout when I was younger. Until I started listening to Gucci and realized cookies wasn't what I wa…
Picked up some Girl Scout Cookies just to see how they taste in a blunt
You know you're an adult when you start liking the coconut Girl Scout Cookies
Over billions of years cells learned to organize trillions of themselves into one organism so I could sit on my *** eatin Girl Scout Cookies
Can't trust Swaim's's hands to hand out Girl Scout Cookies , does he practice catching during the week
OMG. For there are TWO new S'mores-inspired Girl Scout cookie flavors:
Then again, I live here on the border, thus I have Girl Scout Cookies AND poutine😜
true, I still have Girl Scout Cookies 😂 but I can't say no to anyone ever 🙄
Girl Scout Cookies, come and get your cookies!
I love the Olympics because it reminds me of the great things people my age can do while I sit in bed eating Girl Scout Cookies.
There are two new Girl Scout Cookies — and they're sure to be addictive!...
this is so random but I think I went to a Girl Scout camp with you hella years ago ... 💀
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Thank god for Girl Scout Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies.
Two new magical Girl Scout Cookies are coming
I might cancel Girl Scout camp. I know I've been looking forward to this for months but I won't be able to go without worrying
and I are friends because we don't like the same Girl Scout Cookies so we will never eat each other's
I need to be waist deep in Girl Scout Cookies rn
Click here to watch the movie: Madison Scott sexy scout girl stripping and spread
Ashley and Alyssa helped train some new Girl Scout FLL mentors this evening.
there's a table with free Girl Scout Cookies on it. which box you grabbing first?
a girl scout selling you cookies suddenly turns out to be the Loch Ness monster
I was a girl scout but then I got kicked out for making the troop leader's daughter cry
Why do we use Please rather than We Demand that? This is war not a girl scout cookie campaign. Thank you really? NOT
Who loves themselves some of that nice Girl Scout Cookies? Hmu I gotchu
When you're at work and the Girl Scout cookie plug comes through.
Whats a girl gotta do to get a Girl Scout cookie in her life, or a knockoff one for that matter
Click here to watch it: Girl Scout Uniform
I've been troubled by the recent political violence. but not this guy's nightmare brunch where a girl scout troop kicked his…
‼️Please SHARE‼️Our 15 yearold Brentwood Girl Scout Shaquana is missing Please help us find her and pray she is safe https:/…
If you know your Girl Scout history you know that Juliette Gordon Low’s nickname was Daisy!
The only time I was ever convinced that Orlando Bloom was relevant was the summer POTC1 came out and I learned about RPGs at Girl Scout camp
Any of my friends out there a Girl Scout volunteer or leader? Thinking of helping out with Ellie's Daisy troop, even if it's just cookies.
Now there's even s'more to love about Girl Scout Cookies
so apparently we have a new Girl Scout cookie and I'm not okay with it because I'll eat them all and get fat thanks Girl Scouts xx ☹️
When gets even better with the announcement of a new Girl Scout cookie 😍😍
67% of American people do not trust her, that's not because she is a Girl Scout.
I just copped some hella danky Girl Scout cookie buds so if you and lee are tryna spark tomorrow night at snoop lmk
Find out which Girl Scout cookie matches your personality -->
at our Girl Scout concert with her and the cheetah girls 😂
Flex some muscle and start busting gender stereotypes the Girl Scout way:
Talking to girls about recruitment at Girl Scout camp because the two groups share so many similarities and getting EXCITED for recruitment
Girl Scout leader: at this camp we do not allow spaghetti straps we want girls to respect themselves . Me:
Girls are discovering themselves this summer at Girl Scout camp! Join us at Camp Four Echoes.
Girls grow up and grow strong at Girl Scout camp!
Carriage ride in Cañon City with Abby's Girl Scout troop. Check out the horse smile after an apple!
The Thanksgiving Day Parade will include something new—and it’s Girl Scout themed!
love coming to dans house to babysit cause he ALWAYS has Girl Scout Cookies
Yay! We just picked Lily up from Girl Scout camp. She can't stop talking or singing camp songs. 󾌲
Yes Alton was selling cds? And. Are we gonna forget like no one sells Girl Scout Cookies or have bake sales?
Shake it, baby! We are fully stocked on shake ounces for the weekend! Only $50/$65!. Strains included: Girl Scout...
I even think the Girl Scout Cookies are gross too lmao fight me
there r 2 little girls ringing my doorbell and it's not Girl Scout cookie season.what do they want from me
*Walks down street LITERALLY to deliver Girl Scout Cookies* *Guy yells explicit s***, is mad when ignored*
YAY!!! I even have sassy Girl Scout badges in my Crafting With Feminism book!
Congrats to Girl Scout alumna and new Olympian Colleen Quigley! We can't wait to cheer her on in Rio next month!
picking coke boogers from my nose outside of a Girl Scout camp thinking "I was just like u once"
I want them peanut butter Girl Scout Cookies that come in an orange box right now
Hire a Girl Scout. They are accustomed to succeed.
Girl Scout Cookies got me feeling good
Jared from Subway hosting a sleepover for your Girl Scout troop.
you're the Girl Scout of the digital forensics world!
We recently teamed up with for a special delivery of Girl Scout Cookies to the Seals Team in VA!
The parents of the kids I nanny his Girl Scout Cookies and I found them. Sorry they are half gone Dan and Amy. It wasn't me 🙈
I'm looking through my old Girl Scout pictures and oml where has the time gone
I like that babe I do Christmas all year round I'm a girl scout and a Boy Scout in a Girl Scout
There's a Pidgeot at the Girl Scout pond
like u wanna sell girl/Boy Scout cookies but I don't want it. Take it and leave. Don't annoy other people just bc u want money
Join us for our annual Kickoff to get all of the latest hive updates and prepare for an awesome Girl Scout year!
(401): He fed me Girl Scout Cookies while I was still tied up...what did I do right?
I got all happy this *** said he had some Girl Scout Cookies for me🙄 when this *** was talking about weed😴
You know it's been one of those days when you bust out the hidden box of Girl Scout Cookies at work.,..
Troop 25151 had a wonderful time in Savannah learning all about Girl Scout history. Oh, what fun!
One time Vicky was talking to a hot football player & got nervous so she bought him Girl Scout Cookies.
I read this quickly and thought that you had a brownie (junior girl scout) visiting with you. :P
And Bob Morris. Hope there are no Girl Scout Cookies at the event.
Girl Scout Troop 11967 is whelping SSD Aunt Megan's litter of puppies!
Kind of wish I'd been a teen mom. I mean, not really, but I really want some Samoas, and I could have had a Girl Scout by now.
all day bro. We that team with lit memes and dank bass drops and Girl Scout Cookies.
When you're a Girl Scout but you come from the hood program😂
I've recently been tagged in old girl scout photos. Nightmare! Lol
Links Lip Balm is the perfect melt of a Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong and Thin Mint.💞 A+ product
Oh my gosh, I am going to NEED this for my Girl Scout group! 😍
Attending the GS 2017 National Council Session? Join the conversation at the Outdoor Girl Scout Project here:
I was actually a girl scout last year
Someone go find me some Girl Scout Cookies pls
Joy is 90-years-young & has been a Girl Scout troop leader for over 70 years. Check out her inspiring story:
Girl Scout Cookies mixes are now available at the grocery store all year round:
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Get a taste of Girl Scout camp at Camp Explorers! Register now:
Can it please be Girl Scout cookie season already? I need me some Samoas
"Prison made me tougher. If given the chance, I'll punch another girl scout in the f'ing face and go back." - Michael S…
Girl Scout troop 2586 who did a fund raiser for shelter they are a daisy through junior group from west...
The free library in front of my house, painted by G's Girl Scout troop.
Bring your Girl Scout to the place where it all began, the birthplace of founder Juliette Gordon Low.
It was a pleasure hitting Councilman Kulmula in the face with 3 pies at the Girl Scout booth.
Being a kickass girl with brains about tech and a Sailor Scout is a badass combo!
We forget men love their children too. Women get girl scout troops, but men get... a parenting class with an egg
Girl Scout Cookies and beer. What could be better than that?! .
I think they could each take you and the team of your choice. With a Girl Scout team. Wearing ballet shoes.
Meeting the new girl scout troop I might help lead😁😁😁 excited
Girl Scout cruise day with my midget!!! Her reward for selling over 700 boxes of cookies!!!
Plan: . 1-Get Ivanka to dress as a girl scout . 2-Donald pays $150 mil for a box of cookies . 3-We pay him to get out. Done!
Samoas all the way!! Pillsbury is making Girl Scout cookie baking mixes -
If by turnt up you mean eating my weight in cheese & Girl Scout Cookies, then yes I'm very very turnt up.
Delicious scout cookies all year long-bake your own with these easy mixes! Yummy
17. I was a brownie (type of Girl Scout) and also played softball when I was little
Something about Girl Scout parents just *** me off
NYC is so magical. Lauren and I were just walking down the street when a Girl Scout cookie booth sale appeared right in front of us.
Girl scout end of year award ceremony and one of the girls gave me this lovely plant as a thank you
i will give anything for In and out, Girl Scout Cookies (every kind) and my super nintendo
LOL & sounds like a human excuse for "Hey, what happened to that last box of Girl Scout Cookies?" :)
We had a small cat whisperer out for a visit with her girl scout troop earlier this week.Good times.
Kaitlyn is going above & beyond to preserve a 104-year-old former schoolhouse for her Silver Award.
Check it out:DHS freshmen completing a service project at Clopper Mill Elem, earning the Girl Scout Visionary Award!
Cristiano is my fav player but he out there whining like a girl scout atm.
Baby shark caught on Girl Scout cruise
Leave the Girl Scout Cookies at the gate and gtfo.
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