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Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World is an American television sitcom that chronicles the coming of age events and everyday life-lessons of Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage), a Philadelphian who grows up from a young boy to a married man.

Boy Meets World Disney Channel Michael Jacobs Rowan Blanchard William Daniels Sabrina Carpenter Aj Lee Shawn Hunter Eric Matthews Autism Spectrum Disorder Corey Matthews Danielle Fishel Rush Hour 3

"It's time to say goodbye... to Girl Meets World.". Me: ...for now. not yet.
Just wanted to see Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, and Smackle grow in Girl Meets World like Cory, Topanga and Shawn di…
The Walt Disney Company: Petition for Disney Channel to release Girl Meets World to another Network. ... via
New year, new network? Maybe it's not time to say goodbye to Girl Meets World after-all!
So sad over the fact that Gamers Guide and Girl Meets World were cancelled 😭
Take On The World ("Girl Meets World" Theme) - Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan ... Though the show is over, keep listening http…
Some very sad news today Girl Meets World will not be getting a season 3. Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything will end on season 2
Newswire: Worlds, girls, ripped asunder as Disney cancels Girl Meets World
Sad!! I'm so thankful I was able to be a very small part of this show's history!
Girl meets world should have definitely been an adult sitcom. Everyone nostalgic about Boy Meets World is in their late 20's early 30's.
Sending my love to the cast and crew of Girl Meets World ❀️
. No, Girl Meets World doesn't deserve to end! It's so good! Petition Disney to move to Freeform or something like that!
Sabrina Carpenter bids emotional farewell to 'Girl Meets World'
Girl meets world has just been cancelled by Disney if u love that show let's move it to Netflix or freeform
.penned a touching letter after "Girl Meets World" got cancelled. Read it here: https:/…
Girl meets world got cancelled. Well that's unfortunate
.RowanBlanchard shared a heartfelt message to fans.
Girl Meets World is saying Goodbye this season! - Alina On Air
Girl Meets World has officially been cancelled:
girl meets world is the only good show left on Disney and now they're cancelling it, so disappointed
Not too late to reverse your decision on Girl Meets World. We'll forgive you in a heartbeat.
Girl meets world i will never forget you
Friday. 6:00-7:00. World Meets Girl. From us to you. You may recognize yourself in it.
It's my turn and I don't know how start this but here I come. I ADORE Girl Meets World and this…
Disney changed for the worst over the last several years. It's programming is condescending & derivative, Girl Meets World was an exception.
SQUARE UP! how dare you cancel girl meets world after only 3 seasons! name a time and place and lets go, let's fight
Can Netflix pick up Girl Meets World like they did with Degrassi??
New post: "Disney Channel cancels 'Girl Meets World' after three seasons"
Disney cancelled Girl Meets World but kept a show called Pickle and Peanut which is a show about a pickle and peanu…
How could they keep Bizaardvark and not Girl Meets World?
We are heartbroken to report that has been cancelled.
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you gave Bizaardvark another season, but you canceled Girl Meets World? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
It's official just confirmed that Disney Channel has cancelled the show. :( . .
spread the word, and sign so we can to save GMW, please sign
"Liv And Maddie & Girl Meets World will both be ending soon". I just wanna talk
How does really feel about the end of She explains!
Shadowhunters is back . Blindspot is back but Girl Meets World has been officially canceled.
Girl meets world was such a good show that actually talked about real life problems for once. Disney obviously couldnt han…
No! Someone pick this up. or I'm looking at you. .
Fans have written the most touching notes to the cast after the show's cancellation. Read them:
Make sure to watch the final 3 episodes of Girl Meets World, starting this Friday at 6pm on Disney Channel!
Does anybody actually know why Girl Meets World was cancelled?
Girl Meets World is forever. will never die.
agreed!! Girl Meets World is one of the rare shows with true life lessons.I don't understand why it's been cancelled.
What's the difference between Trojan War & Girl Meets World? Given how absurd they both are, do you see any difference at all?
11. Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore. -I don't know a Girl Meets World tbh
Dear Disney Channel and Michael Jacobs - grizbehr: I’m going to need Girl Meets World to continue through...
I am so sad that I am too old to audition for Girl Meets World! Although I still feel capable of p…
Girl Meets World should've never become a thing. The ultimate cringe fest
(Farkle is my favorite character from Girl Meets World, but he was in the wrong to speak out about Riley's feelings in GM New Year)
Lindsey Lamer and Ivy George (young riley and maya) will be in Girl Meets World of Terror: 3! Who is excited?
i miss all the good Disney and nick shows, kids now have to put up with Girl Meets World and Henry Danger
Berry-flavored 2015 Rogers Cup – Men's Singles is more important than partial Girl Meets World episodes
I think I saw it once (maybe?). Sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to "Fuller House" and "Girl Meets World."
Boy Meets World is a good *** show and Angela and Shawn were supposed to be endgame in Girl Meets World πŸ˜’
Just finished catching up with Girl Meets World & Riley and Lucas finally end up together ! πŸ’– Maya & Josh are a "someday"…
Girl Meets World has me shook Bc Lucas chose Riley and Josh and Maya are gonna end up together 😭😭
That moment that Girl Meets World gave me Carl Winslow if only for an episode!
Girl Meets World tackles real problems, you can't take away a show that's teaching young children what's important
Why does watching Girl Meets World give me Equestria Girls fanfic ideas?
Girl Meets World got nominated for the second time for Outstanding Children's Series by the Emmy's. Very happy & proud of…
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Well, we'll really know who's Mayor of . St. Upidtown if they cancel Girl Meets World . πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
watched 'Girl Meets World' and she is actually an incredible role model and she loves her u selena…
Shawn and Cory doing their old school handshake on Girl Meets World was the best part of the episode.
Shawn Hunter Is Popping the Question on Girl Meets World and We Have Photos: Shawn Hunter is ...
WAIT WHAT LAST EPISODE OF LIV AND MADDIE??? ugh that was the only other good Disney Channel show i kept up with besides Girl Meets World..:/
Every time she on Girl Meets World, I be like "Oh, my God; they casted an Aj Lee mini-me".
Girl Meets World is too real. Where they find these kids at. They're like the prodigies of Leonardo and Scarlet Johansson πŸ€”
Smackle from 'Girl Meets World' reminds me of Aj Lee.
Girl Meets World returns next week, is airing TWO weekends (1 in May & 1 in June), & my faith in them is restoredπŸ’―πŸ’―
Woah...this episode of Girl Meets World just hit home with the force of a *** meteor.
I liked a video from Girl Meets World "Fuller House" Intro
Girl Meets World is decent but same πŸ‘πŸ»
Sad part is that GMWfans won't stop with Spoiler till Girl Meets World get cancel or GMW LiveTaping get removed/cancelled.
Also why does Girl Meets World make mountains out of molehills every single time?
lol the real summer begins when school starts for u (Girl Meets World)πŸ˜‚
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Season 2 of Girl Meets World is starting off right. This new teacher has all the same concerns about the kids' education as I do.
FYI, the new season of Girl Meets World starts with the main characters in a polyamorous relationship b/c Disney Channel is DTF.
So...Girl Meets World is coming really soon.
Riley Matthews, Girl Meets World. played by Rowan Blanchard whose grandfather was an immigrant from the Middle East ht…
I'm still doing this research paper/debate & I come back and see my GC w/ Pepper talking about that dude from Girl Meets World's brother..
I finished girl meets world and I have never felt so empty and played. I am 17 years old. I need help
Disney Destroys Love b/c girl meets world copied the love triangle from icarly and liv & maddie copied the love triangle from big time rush
1st world problems today:. Girl meets world: high school
today I feel like:. Girl meets world: high school
can it be June already? because that's when I get out of school & girl meets world season 3!
What people goal to realize is NOTHING in this world is perfect so quit trying to find that guy/girl who meets your every standard
I liked a video from Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Cory and Topanga - Episode Clip
I want to make a girl meets world GC but M scared its gonna die like right away lmao
I've binge watched Girl Meets World, and honestly this is a good show for kids. So many life lessons
I swear this one episode of Girl meets World reminds me of Boys meets World
Stfu no one cares about girl meets world
Anyone who thinks this show is just for young people, never watched a single episode. β€” watching Girl Meets World
That moment when girl meets world gets you in your feel... Yikes
girl meets world is one of the few things Disney Channel is doing right rn
low key just want a bestfriend relationship like Maya & Riley from girl meets world 🌎
Stop. Are they reenact ing the last scene of Boy Meets World in Girl Meets World right now?!? STOP THE PRESSES
today's facts about me: . -I am physically incapable of not buying striped tops . -I cry at almost every episode of girl meets world
so you're graduated I'm watching your show girl meets world.
I hate my room being by the living room. the living room remote changes my tv like I want to watch Girl Meets World not Pawn Stars so stop.
I'm so sad inside. I have to wait til June for girl meets world to come back on. :(
Our exact reaction when we saw the latest pic from the wedding episode. >>
Mya fake asf what bestfriend Start liking their bff future dude knowing she had a real big crush girl meets world is a horrible show
Why do the two girls in Girl Meets World make everything awkward
ok but seriously though can lhs please hire a teacher like mr.matthews from girl meets world cause I would so pass that class
When you realize you have to go three months without Girl Meets World.
I should be freaked out bc I can't cram tonight but I'm just gonna continue watching girl meets world and cuddling with my dog
54 days till june. 54 days until Girl Meets World Season three. 54 more days until this fandom explodes.
I just saw on girl meets world she's so mean I think I'm in love
Its not my fault. Girl Meets World is so good
Swear liv and maddie is good it even has handsome boys in there, girl meets world and liv and maddie are the only normal programs on Disney
A 30 min episode of girl meets world did a better job explaining batman vs superman than the actual 2 1/2 hour movie.
Oh you know... Just wickedly crying while watching 'Girl Meets World'... Because Shawn Hunter.
why am I crying over girl meets world
girl meets world is the cutest show ever. I especially love all the flash backs to Boy Meets WorldπŸ’•
I'm stalking through my old boy/girl meets world posts and I'm crying
Boy Meets World lasted 7 years 7 seasons. But Girl Meets World is already in their high school years in the 3rd season πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Happy Mothers Day to the awesome Mothers of Girl Meets World. They are influential, smart, and strong.
I wonder if it's cool on here to say that "Girl Meets World" is a fire TV show.
I love all the Boy Meets World throwbacks on Girl Meets World. This "geek party" is what I'm here for.
I just realised Liv & Maddie, Girl Meets World and Austin & Ally do actually connected via that Halloween episode in the Central Park :) yay
Girl Meets World has been renewed for season three by Disney! It premieres this spring. 😍😭
'Girl Meets World' star opens up about how being cat called at age 12 made her a feminist: . Girl Meets World s...
I'm watching Boy Meets World after binge watching Girl Meets World and Eric Matthews is my spirit animal
Watch 'Girl Meets World' Season 2 Episode 30 live: Fans want to see 'Rilaya'; creator Michael Jacobs talks ... -
What does Cory Matthews teach in "Girl Meets World"? His subjects seem to vary by episode.
lmfao Girl Meets World really did try to tell us Corey Matthews is Feeny now but nah.
This generation Disney has had some great shows. I loved Good Luck Charlie. Now I'm currently into Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World and K.C.
You know my answer is Riley and Maya on Girl Meets World but I wouldn't complain about Alex and a revived Astra on Supergirl.
Can't wait! Love to see you on and Girl Meets World.
I also love Girl Meets World bc it talks about issues that aren't commonly mentioned, like Aspergers and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Girl Meets World - "Girl Meets World" will add three familiar faces when the series' spring episodes debut. Ash...
Girl Meets World is SUCH a good show with so much potential I wish it wasn't on Disney Channel
What the *** kind of class does Corey Matthews teach on Girl Meets World? History? Teen psychology? Father-daughter relations?
Lowkey have a crush on Lucas from Girl Meets World
If you missed...Sabrina Carpenter on `Girl Meets World` and `Peter Pan` at the Pasadena Playhouse via …
Girl Meets World isn't exactly Boy Meets World but it's so funny and cute! πŸ™‡πŸ»
You were awesome on Code Black id love to see you again on Grey's or Girl Meets World or something?
i am forever grateful to and Michael Jacobs for being part of making Girl Meets World possible.
Today marks 3 years since Ben, Danielle and Michael Jacobs signed on to do Girl Meets World.
|| I'm trying not to watch Girl Meets World season 2 until this weekend but I'm dying to watch it and don't know if I can wait
was my favorite on the Disney Channel behind Girl Meets World. Grrr.
Y'all say the new Disney Channel *** but Girl Meets World is so inspirational
Bestfriend said she like Girl Meets World beside it make Disney Chanel feel real πŸ˜©πŸ’€
And Corey fogelmanis aka farkle from girl meets world is having a meet and greet in Times Square so we're gonna try to meet him
Who wants to rp these fandoms:. The Maze runner. Girl meets world. Insidious. Sinister. Twd . to vote and we will add it
Crying over the ending of Girl Meets World omg help me
Girl Meets World is too much like old school Disney
This is hands down my favorite girl meets world episode omfg
I know a dude who is REALLY into girl meets world...and I'm low key uncomfortable
ive watched so much HIMYM but youve never seen a single episode of girl meets world, shame on you.
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I love the Shawn episodes of Girl Meets World. Shawn is awesome. He needs to come back for more episodes
this is what happens when Girl Meets World plays into your real life
Time to watch Girl Meets World and then pass tf out.
Maya's in for another emotional rollercoaster when returns:…
I can't breathe watching Girl Meets World! This show is EVERYTHING & more😭😭
Why is there a girl meets world fandom what are y'all 10?
I spent 1.5hrs watching girl meets world I can't even say it's what my kids were watching, cuz they're sleeping
Girl Meets World would actually be good had ABC Family done it not Disney Channel πŸ™„
Me to my best friend at almost 5am: can we watch girl meets world ive seen lucaya on tumblr and ive heard its happening
Random thought. I really don't like Maya from girl meets world. Like she is really annoying to me.
Girl Meets World actually drives me crazy. they act too grown up for "kids" and Corey is even more annoying than he was in Boy Meets World.
I learn more about American history in girl meets world than in class.
Watching Girl Meets World in a hotel room in Newport, RI. Like you do.
so true Peyton, big fan of ur work. Luv ur character in girl meets world, he's so sweet! :)
Nobody know how much I love girl meets world
I have homework but I'm watching girl meets world
Watching girl meets world because why not?
Once maya and lucas start dating in girl meets world my life will be completeπŸ˜…
Hi Corey i'm a HUGE fan of your show, girl meets world! I luv ur character farkle, he's so funny and adorable! :)
Girl meets world is on next bless my life
yeap, Girl Meets World comes on next.
Do y'all know what tomorrow is in boy/girl meets world history, it's one of the most important days actually
I'm so behind on girl meets world. It's really making me sad.
White girl Ashley is leaving Taz Angels. This is a sadder day than the last episode of Boy Meets World
I only watch Girl Meets World so I only see Riley, Farkle, and Maya do it.
I love girl meets world. Farkle Lucas Maya Rhilley like wow serious goals
10:33 // watching girl meets world on Netflix because is my fave
the only show I'll watch on disney is girl meets world πŸ’―πŸ˜Š
Friday is the AND a new episode of Girl Meets World. I'm a nerd and totally undateable
"All these actresses are labeled difficult to work with because God forbid they have an opinion."
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If 5H2 flops I'm leaving to become a girl meets world Stan. I love Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard.
Spending my night working on my job search, watching Girl Meets World, and drinking tea.
Girl meets world is making me vv depressed.
I'm still alive because of Girl Meets World. I was about to commit suicide last night, but I went on here and things got better. (:
I rly wna watch s2 of girl meets world so bad but I don't wanna watch it on a small screen!
When trying to find yourself, watch How I Met Your Mother and Girl Meets World
Wasn't there a girl meets world feminist episode
Full-blown crying because girl meets world s2/ep10!
Goodnight I hope Niall follows and meets , because she really deserves it and it'd make her the happiest girl in the world
Disney Channel's only good show is Girl Meets World
Y'all need to watch some Girl Meets World. Specifically the episode titled Girl Meets Creativity. It is honestly so important.
Ok girl meets world is honestly such a cute show
We came across this article. What would you guys think if there was ever a GMW and Fuller House crossover?.
I need something to watch since season 2 of girl meets world is not on Netflix!! I'm so sad
There's no reason to ever need more of Girl Meets World.
oddly enough you can still watch her on Girl Meets World. :)
Man, that episode of Girl Meets World was an emotional roller coaster. Now, on to something less heart wrenching, Cubs playoff baseball.
Coming up this weekend: Series Finale of Jessie. Girl Meets World 3-Part Wknd. New episodes of DescndntsWW, IDDI, KCUn…
Star of "Girl Meets World". She's big on the social justice movement.
i watch adult tv shows because kid tv shows are boring the only one I'm watching on Netflix is Girl Meets World xD
'Girl Meets World' star is basically an IRL Hermione Granger: πŸŒŸπŸ’«
I just saw the Girl Meets World episode about Autism Spectrum Disorder! Hallelujah for normalizing ASD! This show is doing something rightπŸ™ŒπŸ»
Actor Danny McNulty, who played Harley Keiner on both "Boy Meets World" and "Girl Meets World" is encouraging kids not be a bully.
Is Danielle Harris returning to Girl Meets World as T.K. or is she possibly going to be an older Riley?
Girl Meets World was nominated for a teen choice award!.
'Girl Meets World' star Rowan Blanchard takes white feminism down a notch by via
I was surprised by the quality of the first season of Boy Meets World, then s2 was a wreckage. I hope Girl Meets World will fare better.
has Girl Meets World, but not Boy Meets World. Fix this. Fix it now.
actually check out Girl Meets World its A+ and Rowan Blanchard is an amazing feminist
So the whole first season of Girl Meets World is on Netflix and obviously it isn't nearly as good as Boy Meets World was but it's not bad.
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Girl Meets World is actual real goals
is my favorite part of Girl Meets World, that and all the old school Boy Meets World cast.
Dude.. Girl Meets World is the only show with both my real names.. Maya & Augie.. Dude..
I've yet to figure out whether I like watching Girl Meets World just for Danielle Fishel or not...
So in Girl Meets World, she goes to John Quincy Adams middle school. Corey went to John Adams high school. John Adams is JQA's father. 😱
So there was an episode of Girl Meets World where a teacher assigned To Kill A Mockingbird AND The Dark Knight Returns
The 13-year-old from Girl Meets World has a better grasp of feminism than Taylor Swift:
How they gon put girl meets world on Netflix but not Boy Meets World?
How come Girl Meets World is on Netflix but Boy Meets World isn't?
Ashley and I are arguing over ships on Girl Meets World and it's kind of funny cause it's a Disney show but it's my fav…
Hey and girl meets world is on Netflix.
Even if you do not watch Girl Meets World, please watch this video by And think before you post.πŸ’”β€πŸ˜Š
How are they gonna have Girl Meets World on Netflix but NOT Boy Meets World???
Girl Meets World is probably the only Disney Channel show I watch😍
I feel like a kid, I just got excited about "Girl Meets World" being on Netflix 😳
Deep into Girl Meets World and now I think a BMW rewatch is needed (I have all the DVDs) (I'm 27)
Hi Rowan me love u and love girl meets world
Girl Meets World has one of the most attractive casts πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Girl Meets World ratings are so stable. Never dropped under 2M.
it still shocks me that the the girl from girl meets world is so well spoken and woke for age. I never even heard of feminism…
Girl Meets World is finally on Netflix so I guess I'm not sleeping
The little girl from girl meets world IS AN INTERSECTIONAL FEMINIST YAS
So I'm supposed to pack but the first season of Girl Meets World is apparently now on Netflix. So, really, I mean we know what I'm doing!
I love Boy Meets World so much that I figured I needed to give Girl Meets World a fair chance. I made it 4 minutes...
Hw is hard but at least girl meets world is finally on Netflix
So you can add Girl Meets World but not Boy Meets World when it's all we've been asking for... Do you think it's the same? IT'S NOT
Girl meets world is actually a fantastic show
Im watching girl meets world and i love it so much
Just watched 10 minutes of Girl Meets World because of the love had for Boy Meets World. Yikes!
Sipping whiskey & binge watching Girl Meets World because adult. & because girlfriends are everything. Goin up on a Tuesday.
When they put Girl Meets World on Netflix and not Boy Meets World
Night before classes. Everyone: party on the quad . Me: Girl Meets World Marathon.
I don't care what you say but the girl meets world song Take On The World is my jam
Let's be real. Why is Girl Meets World on Netflix and Boy Meets World isn't?
Has anyone ever watched "Girl Meets World?" It's on Netflix now and I think that I want to give it a go.
All I've watched the last 2 days is Girl Meets World and I have absolutely no regrets
Binge watching Girl Meets World since it's my first official night off!
okay but girl meets world is on Netflix now watch that instead
It needs to be more based around Riley or the "Girl" is Maya. Or it's "Girl's Best Friend Meets World"
I'll smile when Boy Meets World is on Netflix!!!
Girl Meets World will have 4 seasons and probably switch over to ABC Family if the cast is up to it.
Definitely binge watched all of girl meets world in less than 24 hours.
so I was scrolling through net flix and I saw girl meets world and I thought of you so I started watching it
I hope with girl meets world on Netflix they decide to add Boy Meets World.
my mom: you look like you were crying, your eyes are puffy?. me: I wasn't.. oh wait, I started watching girl meets world l…
So Girl Meets World is on Netflix. Do we dare watch it?!?
the young actress on "Girl Meets World" is extremely well-spoken when it comes to intersectional feminism
your are so beautiful ans so talent!My little bro and I love your TV shows girl meets world!
Checking out "Girl Meets World" The show, eh, ok. Danielle Fishel, though... Better than ever. Grew into that rack and lost the baby fat.
What the *** is Cloris Leachman doing on Girl Meets World?
Matthew Lawrence 😍 . It's nice to see Jack Hunter on Girl Meets World πŸ’•
Finally caught a full episode of "Girl Meets World" earlier this week, and Will Friedle looks really adorable now. I just want to hug him!!
Watching Boy Meets World on tv and Girl Meets World on the computer. Because I have a problem. A fantastic problem.
So weird that I got my Stephen Schwartz cd today & looked for some Pippin videos on youtube, & now Pippin is mentioned on Girl Meets World.
definitely. Also on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and, more recently "Girl Meets World"
Photoset: darling-sabrina: Boy Meets World Characters to Guest Star on Girl Meets World β€” thus far PS this...
The cast of Girl Meets World at the Radio Disney Lounge at D23 Expo
I feel like Boy Meets World is slightly more lighthearted and funnier than Girl Meets World. I think GMW jumped quite deep sooner than BMW.
I have to watch Girl Meets World tonight and they're trying to do the black and white mystery episode like Boy Meets World.
Girl Meets World got an extended 30 episode season!!
happy birthday Michael Jacobs. Bless you for giving me Boy Meets World and now Girl Meets World. You have an amazing mind.
Girl Meets World is everything to me cause it's so nostalgic. Girl Meets Hurricane = Shawn, Angela, and Chet Hunter.
Haven't seen the first one, Girl Meets World wasn't worth the hype, and Rush Hour 3 was straight.
Only Three good manga sequels were ever made and that's Breaker New Waves , Girl Meets World and Rush Hour 3.
Angela and Shawn are with Corey and Topanga on Girl Meets World and everything is perfect
πŸ˜³πŸ‘€πŸ™Š Omg! Angela is back!! (YES I'm watching Girl Meets World! Because you know Corey, Shawn and Topanga!' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜) ANGELA IS BACK!! WHAT!?
Michael Jacobs talks about Matthew Lawrence’s return to Girl Meets World
"Girl Meets World" is on. This guy can work *anywhere*. Concentration is his super power.
Girl Meets World, "Girl Meets the Rules", premieres on June 12 on Disney Channel!
I still watch Disney Channel πŸ™ˆ Girl Meets World & Liv and Maddie is my favorite show πŸ’
William Daniels is going to be on Girl Meets World tonight
William Daniels returns in old role in 'Girl Meets World': William Daniels has played an…
Doin a CRAZY FOLLOW SPREE in 30min w/to celebrate his debut on Girl Meets World at 8:30/7:30c…
In 'Girl Meets World,' William Daniels reprises Mr. Feeny: William Daniels has played an egotistical heart sur...
That's awesome! So exciting! Can't wait to see and Matt Lawrence on Girl Meets World.
Girl Meets World drew in 2.082 million viewers and 0.4 million adult viewers from last Fridays episode.
Eric Matthews doing the Feeny call for the first time in 15 years on the set of Girl Meets World.…
Girl Meets World keeps getting even better with each passing week. I hope this show is getting renewed for a third season.
A perfect ending to season 1 of Girl Meets World. Who's ready for more?
Disney Channel never shows enough of Girl Meets World, they need to show more of it. I'm in love with the show
Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy starts social network, girl and 100 million+ people join social network=youngest billionaire in world.
Cory and Shawn snoring in BOY/GIRL MEETS WORLD: zasto ja oplacem svaki put?
the girls from Girl Meets World are adorable im sorryr
Girl meets world is so horrible lol
I have a feeling girl meets world will stop airing soon
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