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Girl Guides

Girl Guides or Girl Scouts is a parallel movement in Scouting originally, and still largely, for girls.

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It's ok I just realized I never made it past Girl Guides. so I was right there with ya!
Girl Guides might camp and cook but they're also campaigning on behalf of women and girls, these teens say
Interactive session with senior guides at girl guide house devis road . Pic with girl guide provincial commissioner Mrs N…
Had a blast teaching for the Girl Guides of Canada today 😁🙌.
For those not aware, brownies is a term for young girl guides and not a racial slur. Worry instead that…
If girls can join the Boy Scouts, why can't boys join the Girl Guides?
'Equality & Inclusion': a badge for a girl that demonstrates social awareness & 'guides' others in what looks lik…
Still a sexist anachronism as they do not accept boys. The Scouts have accepted both genders for many years
App design, coding and democracy: The badge system is getting a modern makeover
Girl Guides to get badges for coding and app making in 21st century makeover
Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are making global moves to put a stop to violence! .
in 1960, Canada's Post Office Department (now commemorated 50th anniversar…
Jodi Kelly to Bellingen. . "Hi Bello folk! The Bellingen Girl Guides have been making Anzac Daywreaths for our...
I would like to thank Girl Guides for allowing creativity to be apart of the unit of learning. Arts and crafts are important
Headed out to find the Girl guides and deliver a vital message
Is Girl Guiding urban activity or do the wee guides get to go in wild for camping and other nature stuff like in Scouts? :)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Thank you to Sliema Girl Guides for a donation of pet food :-)
We'd have more badges than the girl guides.
Guides become Dementia Friends. A GROUP of Girl Guides from York have become Dementia Friends...
.OR, you could deliver Girl Guides' chocolate mint cookies at my doorstep.
In other news: I went to a Girl Guides talent show tonight. 🍻
This is so great Gabi. We supported the Girl Guides as well while in Massachusetts. Empowering girls to be…
So proud to be able to support Girl Guides of Canada in their project
Opened the door too quick when the girl guides came and they stared at me and asked if I was waiting for them... think I scared them
Karen getting her 20 year volunteer pin for Girl Guides. @ Mississauga Convention Centre
Gotta give a quick shoutout to the Divine and all my Spirit Guides for helping me type that up. Ya girl has been BATTLING a sinus infection
Luckily, a UK study found girls who were Girl Guides grow up to have better later in life!…
Girl guides keep coming to our house and we just can't say no to those sweet faces
In the memory of all Girl Guides and Rwandan population who passed away during Tutsi Genocide in 1994.
Nah i was like Bear Grills, i was indeed a Girl Guide. Sorry to all Girl G…
Good thing stopped those girl guides from Canada.
Might have to dig out my sash from Girl Guides to fit all the pins for
Today's news: mammography, gazebo, soccer, police, and Girl Guides.
Kinda craving for girl guides cookies. The chocolate mint biscuits are bomb af sia
TY eternally for this less sugary version of Starbuck's pink drink- because I'm literally obsessed
Corporate money spending at its best. Looks like they stole the idea from a junior high girl guides group. 😛
how would one go about getting a group of 10 Girl Guides screeched in this July? minus the screech of course! 😜
This girl who sells her study guides in my Research methods class done slipped up and sent the entire study guide this time 😂
Girl Guides wants to sign up during National Volunteer Week:
1st Antigua Girl Guides will be celebrating their 85th anniversary. Come join us at our church service @ the Ebenezer Methodist May 7 4:30pm
We've created the challenge badge with the Girl Guides and Scouts for more info & to sign up contact abi.venn
Contacted a good friend who I use to go to Girl Guides with, oh the mischief we use to get up too, hehe.
Attenu8 would like to welcome The Girl Guides to our support provision.
Check out The Scout Association of Malta and the Malta Girl Guides explaining about The Scouts and Guides Annual...
I hope God guides and protects his little girl, bless his family
A couple of weeks ago JMA visited the Girl Guides WA in Joondalup! A big shout out to a fantastic group of...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You know your supporters group is awesome when they organize a co-event at a pub with the Canadian Girl Guides. Bravo bravo.
Maximize the most effective strategies for your business with Mod Girl's FREE downloadable guides:
Yes if Girl Guides of Canada have cancelled trips as well as Toronto District School Board
Our celebrations were amazing - and it's thanks to our ace Girl Guides & Girl Scouts around the world!…
Renzetti: An unexpected Girl Guides lesson: Let’s simply not enter the United States
Girl Guides (aka Girl Scouts) of Canada cancel trips to the U.S.
Bittersweet kudos to the Girl Guides of Canada (their version of Girl Scouts) for suspending US travel…
Girl Guides of Canada have cancelled all future trips to the United States over fears that all girls won't be welcomed equa…
THE HUFFINGTON POST: Girl Guides of Canada has banned travel to the U.S.
Guiding truly brings us together. Happy from Girl Guides of Canada!
The local Girl Guides visited James Terry Court in Croydon to sing with the residents.
Alan Barnes puts his spare Euros in the Girl Guides buckets when they pack his bags at the checkout. Pass it on.
The petition's creator isn't aware that there are Girl Scouts, Girl Guides or Brownies it seems... 😀
Girl Guides of Canada are looking for Girl Guide Leaders. Head to Careerzone for more information (Job ID: 41317)
Princess Elizabeth at a Girl Guides camp at Windsor, Berkshire, July 25, 1944
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sunrise over Sylvan Lake. Today over 2K Girl Guides arrive for
Nearly 2K Girl Guides will be at Camp Woods along the shores of Sylvan Lake July 9-17.
Nearly 2K Girl Guides are converging on Sylvan Lake for a rare international camp.
Thank you to the lovely St Ninian's Girl Guides of Karori for the wonderful donation of 5 pairs of brand new...
Girl Guides rock! Thank you for serving tea and goodies today at the OAP tea!
not half. Who the *** has he fought in his 29 professional fights? Girl guides?
opponents must have been fighting Girl Guides to go undefeated.
looks like girl guides knockabout at the O2
This boy is undefeated who has he fought? Milkmen and girl guides
Great afternoon with Beith Girl Guides, with Kim Main, President of Ayrshire Girl Guides Association
in Golden & Lakewood met Danni from the Girl Guides (UK). She shared camp songs, traditions, & badges.
Followed a transmission to discover some Girl Guides seeking a trade
glitter, yeah? And your girl guides book I hope...
Does anyone have contact emails for the head of North Oxfordshire and South Northants Girl Guides please?
Bout to get my Unit 2 study guides today yes, cause ya girl feeling strange wasting her day not studying
Electronic Device Insurance
Jill Zelmanovits will be new CEO, Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada, effective Aug. 8. h…
Lovely Girl Guides creating the signage for ELLFest' spirit in action!
Ready Girl & The Avengers star in a new comic book to prepare New Yorkers:
If your heading out to Bunnings Epsom today support Girl Guides & buy a pack of guide bickies!
How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You
Ready Girl & Avengers star in new comic book to prepare New Yorkers:
I will be judging a cooking competition for the girl guides
Ban Ki-Moon met Girl Guides in Madagascar. Gave him our scarf, he wore it all the day.
I'm so weak when it comes to the chocolate mint ones! Got mom to buy a whole case when I was in Girl Guides!
Mental health badge for Girl Guides. I hope there are plans for boys in the Scouts etc
Myanmar President U Thein Sein meeting Girl Guides at the Myanmar Girl Guides & Scouts National Camp at Popa
Girl Scouts & The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, promote “abortion rights” and homosexuality.
So you hear them being called Girls Scouts but type Girl Guides? Why?
I remember dear Danny being interviewed by Peter Taylor and him condoning blowing up cub scouts & girl guides as "Crown Forces"
Eel Ground Bingo and the Sunny Corner Girl Guides, Brownies & Sparks are cancelled for tonight. ~ John...
One of my amazing spiritual guides 󾌬 Martha E. Langg. "Acknowledging...
Remember you can enter the contest on Instagram too - here's one from Girl Guides!
Kirstyn Butler Memorial Scholarship via GIRL GUIDES OF CANADA - Now in guidance. Must be registered in Harbourside Area in order to apply.
Meeting role models MT Inspiring careers night reel for my Girl Guides!
St Davids girl guides chill at winter festival
In Malaysia, meeting youth org CEOs and Malaysia Girl Guides - can’t wait to see you all
MESSAGE FROM SALE GIRL GUIDES. Girlguiding is growing in and around Sale and it's fantastic that we can give... https:…
listen I don’t care if it’s against the fecking girl guides 11. We played with pace in transition, we can do it again.
Syrians sexually assault schoolgirl in pool. Germans think they just didn't know better.
also, I totally forgot for a sec that Canada has Girl Guides and not Girl Scouts...which makes everything immediately more sensible
We often take the reins in issues where we make lousy Karen Girl Friday
This is what our Canadian Girl Guides sell us and it is GOOD ENOUGH.
Inspiring careers night reel for my Girl Guides! Thanks
to meet fellow Girl Guides in India, to Central Europe over Spring Break and Eastern Canada for university
Happy birthday 🎉🎊 throwback to when I first met you in girl guides😊 hope you had a good day!
About to spend my evening making sock puppets with Girl Guides. Basically, I volunteer so I can be a kid again.
totally, they always do this. Maybe in a tiny village, but not in towns. The girl would have been in Guides...having fun
Lunchin' at this week? Here are some of the best menu picks ->
LOL at my Girl Guides we got lectured on how the leaders had no time to prepare anything.
did anyone go to Girl Guides? They were good for encouraging crafts, baking and art, back in the day!
Years of Girl Guides training paying off!
Next week's source for cold war Britain is The Challenge to Guiding: the Menace of Communism, about Stalin's threat to the Girl Guides.
Girl Guides attend winter festival at Cymru headquarters
OMG.Girl Guides Malaysia, you are just too awesome! Even the city celebrates the centenary with us! The...
Also, in non-pirate garb, did you give a science talk to a Bucks Girl Guides camp in summer 2010-ish?
Thanks to for the guides and tutorials 😘😚🙌 you rock girl 🙋
Craving chocolate but watching calories? Check out list of chocolate treats for 100 calories or less:
Highlight of today's microbio class: a girl told the prof. that he should make us test guides bc the point of the class is for us to pass ??
Of course it takes time to get to know a person... Hope your intuition guides you well... Cheer up girl... there is more to life.
What connects: The Kenya Girl Guides Association and The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland?
CEO of Girl Guides 'how do we measure impact?'
No offence to him, but don't see how that's sexual assault. Its the SAS not the Girl Guides.
Girl Guides lifer Ginny Radford became a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours List.
Looking forward to engaging hundreds of Girl Guides in STEM fun tomorrow at U of C
Are you someone who is in Girl Guides of Canada? If you are, you might be interested in helping with the activity...
Girl Guides were selling cookies at the store today!
Girl Guides will be taking cookie donations "If you don't want to eat them, treat them"
and before I signed mini up for girl guides
Girl Guides are outside the Skytrain now! Devious little *** getting sneakier and sneakier! I refuse to participate in this conspiracy.
Survival Guide ALERT! Healthiest foods to order at Get the scoop ->
oooh rip i forgot since i haven't been in girl guides since I was like 11
I had to to incorporate fire, minions and girl guides onto a cake!
Join Cable 12 this Sunday at 4pm as we Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Guides in The Bahamas, Live from...
Why do I feel so bad saying no to Girl Guides when I 100% cannot even eat their cookies!?
I love the Bell. I usually go there for the pinto beans and cheese. (It's a life saver after I get my braces...
Excited to be on-site tomorrow with to Peterborough Girl Guides through
There is a great honor in joining Girl Guides because anywhere you are people will always relate with you.
Great evening celebrating with Essex Girl Guides thanks for sharing photo
We now need sew on badges, like in the girl guides, or swimming.x
Bravo girls now officially welcome to become Girl Guides
Hello Gentlemen! If our Girl Guides wanted to learn abt & have an officer visit, who could I reach out to?
Taco Bell is my fav fast food. This guide taught me how to eat healthy there.
Here are some strange things that the Girl Guides of Canada of have been finding during their shoreline pickup!
I am the only male in my house and my oh and daughters are heavily involved in girl guides
Her judgement and ALL THOSE who SIDE with her, is called into question. She is not FIT, to lead the girl guides!
I don't know if it's the same in the USA
Girl Guides release guidelines for inclusion of trangendered members
"All who chose to live as female are welcomed." Transgendered girls can join Girl Guides of Canada.
Fire prevention never stops. Over 50 Girl Guides and family learned how to use a fire ext. earned your badge tonite that in the nazi girl guides?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Oh god. I just ate a whole box of girl guides chocolate mint cookies.
Kal-Son Cesaille > What do you do in real life, steal cookies from girl guides?
Some Girl Guides and Leaders with one of the cuddlier participants in JOTA/JOTI 2015 at Seaward last weekend ;)
Our client, Girl Guides, featured in Women's Agenda today: Online ‘Likes’ don’t represent my worth – inspiring girls
happy birthday girl!!💞 So glad you're more dedicated to the gov study guides than and I😉
OK, Dinner's canceled. Girl Guides just came to my door and sold me cookies.
Visited this eve and went on air with the Girl Guides !!
"Girl Guides've always promoted women's rights, we just want leaders to support us" Alexia http:/…
Evergreen students and girl guides reopening the Share Shop at O.B. Whaley today. Over 50 "customers" today!
Head of a Girl, by Jan Vermeer: the painting that inspired "Girl with a Pearl Earring"
Girl Guides embrace transgender members: Earlier this month, the Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) proved once again...
Do the Girl Guides need an alternative to cookies? Check out this letter in today's edition of the Toronto Star.
NEWS | Rainbows, Brownies & Guides get Buddy Badge for helping kids in care . TAMWORTH Girl Guides are pulling...
GALLERY: Scouting and girl guides in Carmarthenshire over the years
Girl Scouts and Girl Guides have been "building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Dillon: We will revamp the Scouts and Girl Guides at Primary School level.
So far this week I've been hit up for donations from:. Cadets . Terry Fox . Children's Hospital. Titty cancer. Girl Guides
On this day in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low held the first meeting of the Girl Guides (later the Girl Scouts of the USA) in Savannah, GA.
Girl Guides & Rotaract Club of east getting updated about the stories.
Girl Guides are helping to keep shorelines clean across Canada. From Port Hardy B.C. all the…
We love hosting nights at all our locations. Check out this great spa night we offer
yeah when I was in primary school I went to girl guides for a bit
I remember the day the Japanese girl guides next 2 me heard the real story about Japanese occupation of Malaysia
Vintage Celebration 70th anniversary Girl Guides of Canada GGC patch from 1980
It was more like a French version of Girl Guides.I wonder if I would have been called *** girl' by the GG head mistress.
Pathfinders Snow-A-Rama 1991 Girl Guides Canada event patch with snowman on it
how strange! I learned that song at Girl guides but we sing Black Socks. Loving it!
"We commit to lead by example & educate our girls" - Girl Guides in Malaysia share an message:
this is basically one of the best teen girl life guides.I love my new scents too
Try to read Quran everyday. To it guides u to the right path,the path of truth, the path of success😇. Bcz Allah's wor…
tired, and that could be clearly seen on his face by the blonde girl. "You have any guides to the fantasy world?"
Can't believe the changes they're proposing for SAS selection, not marching if its above 28°? It's the SAS not the bloody girl guides
God help us when Girl Guides ditch religion for the shallow cult of the individual
Wow the Girl Guides have really branched out on those merit badges!
Off to help with the East belfast division girl guides fundraiser bag pack in tesco castlereagh. Call in and donate if you're about (2-4pm)
as a girl, my mum once led other guides camping in Hwange. Warden stopped by w/"there's a leopard about". No sleep!
So U should be heard Gilbert The Gull Is coming to watch U so r a couple of Scouts & even the girl guides
I rmb struggling to find pple to form a complete squad while girl guides had like 2 full squads plus reserves lol.
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - Former Staff reunion
Girl Guides lead us wrong direction 😭
Anna Watkins from frank assessment of the difficulty balancing editorial versus commercial interests
Guardian Labs' Anna Watkins on the challenges of balancing commercial success with journalistic integrity
Back in Time: Princess Mary opens new Girl Guides hall
Agnes Baden-Powell, sister of Lord Baden Powell formed the Girl Guides on this day 31st May, 1910
Fancy supporting up and coming talent + the Girl Guides? Come along 20th June at for a night of strictly local bands for £5!
Check out this great photo and article from the Cairns Post about Girl Guides biscuits!
it concerns me more that you had to be cleared by 'security services' a bit like Fred West checking in Girl Guides
To all my sisters and brothers around the world that are members of the Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and Scouts organiza…
Last day of Snow and Ice! Family Fun Day starts 1pm, Girl Guides "Words in Action" at 2:30, FREE public skate 5:30 and FIREWORKS at 6:30!
The First Lady inspects a guard of honour mounted during KGGA Thinking Day celebrations by Girl Guides on her behalf. h…
OOC: Huh. I thought it was Thinking Day for both. Just googled it. Girl Guides & Girl Scouts. Eh. It's the same premise
Bermuda 1969 Girl Guides complete set of 4v MNH for GBP0.99
WORLD TREFOIL PRESENTATION CEREMONY When: Most appropriate time - on or near World Thinking Day, February 22nd. It could also be done on Juliette Low's Birthday, during Girl Scout Week, or at an lnvestiture/Rededication Ceremony. Supplies: 1. World Trefoil Pin(s) 2. World Association symbol cut into sections to create a puzzle. Back each piece with rolled tape so it will stick in place. 3. World Association flag - if available. 4. large piece of poster board on which to mount puzzle pieces LEADER: Today you are receiving your World Trefoil Pin. As a member of Girl Scouts USA, you are also a part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. There are over 10 million girls around the world who wear this same pin. The pin represents a sisterhood that spreads around the globe. GS: I place the blue field that represents the blue sky that is over us all. (place piece) GS: The flowing border shows we are a worldwide and growing Movement. The golden yellow symbolizes the sun that shines down on a ...
QUOTE FOR World Thinking Day "Think of the girls around the world who are your sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Truly, ours is a circle of friendships, united by our ideals.” --Juliette Gordon Low
LIGHT "CANDLES" FOR World Thinking Day In celebration of World Thinking Day, lots of units in the UK are reviving a tradition from the 1950s..anyone involved, past or present, in Girl Guiding puts a light in their window on the evening of 22nd February. The sales of battery operated tea lights have gone through the roof.what say you, my fellow sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, let's do this! I think this would be so neat if we could get GS here in the USA to do this on the evening of Feb. 22. Spread the word...light those candles!
World Thinking Day FEB 22, 2015 Every year, World Thinking Day has a different theme based on an issue that affects girls and young women around the world. The themes offer a focus point for World Thinking Day activities and provide an opportunity for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to learn about and take action on issues that are likely to matter to them. For each theme there is a publication with information and activities which both girls and leaders can enjoy. Theme for 2015! This year’s WTD theme is Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 8: Develop a global partnership for development. This is the last in a series of WTD themes focusing on the MDGs, and the last element of our Global Action Theme, “together we can change our world”. Download 2015 Activity Pack
Head of the Girl Guides choosing If Nobody Speaks of the the Remarkable Things on Desert Island Discs. A favourite of mine.
Great Desert Island Discs on now with Eminem/Grandmaster Flash/Harry Secombe! Big hi to our Girl Guides! .
Inspiring Julie Bentley- head of Girl Guides on Desert Island Discs nownow
Otherwise enjoying on Desert Island Discs, she's a great inspiration to young Girl Guides :)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Enjoying the Girl Guides chief Julie Bentley talking feminism etc on Desert Island Discs. Shame she just chose an Eminem song though.
Scouters Bill & Terri placed 2 wreaths @ Grimsby Cenotaph on Nov 11 for Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada.
Members of Girl Guides and Scouts Canada are encouraged to wear their uniforms to school tomorrow.
I get so mad when people try to put down Girl Guides by saying it’s like the wimpy version of boy scouts b …
Girl Guides Fall Cookie Blitz is this Saturday. Help support a great program by buying a box of cookies or two!
girl guides! Why didn't i think of that?! I have a Tutu, Yeti Suit, Robot suit and spacesuit
I can’t believe that they might not want to dress up as Girl Guides sometimes.
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - Resignation of Mary Mc Phail, Chief Executive
Lovely on Elena Ferrante and wanting to know who your author-spirit guides REALLY ARE:
I am sure the boys will have fun at both. Girl Guiding Big Gigs are good and all the guides/leaders are normally loud :D
Don't feel like cooking tonight because kids have Dance, hockey and perhaps Girl Guides? Then make it Taco Tuesday
pffft did that last night at girl guides ... It's the cookies I tell you!
I saw you last October at the big gig at Wembley for girl guides please follow me I love you!!! Xxx
The girl guides know i have a weakness for their cookies and take advantage of it
Know anyone interested in this AMAZING job?! Chief Executive World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guys, if a girl is sitting on your lap while you're lifting weights, your testosterone will sky rocket allowing you to lift heavier.
Girl Guides heartbroken over vandalized camp
Did you know Girl Guides Canada has an interactive map of where cookie sales are happening? you're welcome.
If now I'm in girl guides confirm I would try that with my girls hehe
If a girl remembers the color of your eyes, there's a good chance she likes you.
Oh I was trying to pull together something quickly to capitalize on a news story for fundraising
Could you be a Girl Guide?: Girl Guides has launched a recruitment campaign for new members and adult voluntee...
BEWARE! The girl guides are going around selling their delicious crack cocaine mint thins.
Calling all girl guides and brownie leaders & parents. Glama Gals can help your daughter earn her "Feel Good " Badge
Anymore gigs coming up apart from Girl guides?
True story; I once wandered accidentally into a Girl Guides camp whilst drunk and carrying it.
Then, with a shiver and a shrug, he nods back to the scientist, who guides the little girl away from the cart with a hand +
Coming up next, after their campground at Morin Heights was vandalized, Girl Guides of Quebec receive community support
Sugar headache. Next time the polite Girl Guides come to my door I vow to give them money but not take any cookies!
Also on the show we speak to a very proud Girl guide leader from Mullagh whose guides received the highest honour in guiding at the weekend
Those girl guides made me buy 2 boxes of mint cookie
Fallen Leaves - the continuing story of how spiritual guides one girl's life.
Challenge Yourself: Can you spare time and expertise to help Girl Guides?
My Region's members embrace Africa at the Region camp
Quebec Girl Guides' camp devastated by robbery and vandalism -
I'm helping at the girl guides today, I hope they don't find out how much of a massive dweeb I am too quickly
The girl guides have come around to sell their delicious cookies. They even compete with Oreos when you combine with milk.
you can get it from guides most of the girl guides all over sg I can get you one if you want! ☺️
i can't wait to sell the girl guides cookie, so that I can buy a few boxes for myself 😋
Summer's Growth - a story of how spiritual guides help shape on girl's life. Now available at Kobo
Girl Guides are out selling their cookies! I just got mine be sure to support this awesome program.
I got mint girl guide cookies for $5/box so instead of buying them from cute little girl guides buy them from me bc i have better eyebrows💁
Time well spent tonight with a group of Girl Guides talking about youth engagement & current events!
Girl Guides Victoria are proud to be a founding Supporter Organisation for Chat for Change! You can check out...
Makes me wanna go Ipoh for murals, foods and M Boutique Hotel. Need to see when will I free. Full time, freelance, girl guides & family
you should probably specify that old Prima strategy guides don't count, or not and encourage them to write papers on them
Looking to sell your n Guides memorabilia on eBay? Generate more traffic easily!
I don't know I was only a brownie I never made it 2 girl guides
Want to sell your n Guides memorabilia on eBay? Attract more visitors for FREE!
Throw back to when my sister was in girl guides
I'll try and find a picture of me in girl guides 😩
I remember when I was in girl guides and I had to sell cookies and no one would buy from me bc I was ugly af /:
I know ! What was I thinking!? I was on a Guiding holiday... I'm in the girl guides - I help with them on a Thursday
Scouts and Night at McMahon Stadium / Buy your tickets!
Did you know we also buy and sell Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides uniforms - a good selection can be found in store
If you haven't read this letter, read it now! Such an admirable call out. Big up the girl guides!
Girl Guides do not eat Girl Guide cookies. They are using them to make us soft and slow, to fatten us for The Hunt. They are waiting...
lol don't forget the Girl Guides too hope all is well my friend
Girlguiding demanding young women's voices be heard. http…
Picking Nicole up from girl guides good mummy loool
Website Builder 728x90
Girlguiding tells Cameron, Clegg and Miliband to take girls seriously ht…
Ooh that's a tricky one I loved girl guides. Probably the opportunities to gain qualifications and gain confidence again
I'd rate the "Flin Flon Floppers, Atlantic Schooners & the Estevan Girl Guides Touch Football Team ahead of the …
If a white girl ever guides you into an empty room my *** you about to get the best dome of ya life, ya ancestors gon feel t…
Great to welcome Essex Girl Guides to join us in Peru next summer. We are waiting for you!
Just saw a girl I used to go to Guides with smoking in the bus stop near school
Girl Guides chief: 'Cameron, Clegg and Miliband - we're coming for you'... Hot on
Thousands of Girlguiding members - the UK's biggest charity for girls and young women - are calling directly on...
"Historic open letter demanding that young women's voices be heard" - via
Girl Guides lobby MPs demanding their voices are heard re harrassment, lack of sex ed & need for female rep in gov ->
As he guides her to her room, the small girl comes into the doorway, her eyes wide. "Tou-chan! Why?!"
happiest bday dear our birthday girl! Wish you tons of happiness in your life. May God guides evry step u take too! See u tonite♥
"Overview of the Lift Like a Girl Guides, eBooks, Workout Programs, and Bundles"
Visit the Girl Guides in the Jubilee Pavilion & 2 packets of Girl Guide biscuits for $5! Yummo!
I'm learning all about Girl Guides of Canada at
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Business people need have the ability to take Credit/Debt cards. Boxing Gyms or Churches, Girl Guides, AKA...No one carries Cash anymore!
I bet will like this one: Girl Guides save boys on hike to Pikes Peak.
His message spreads love. His light guides us in darkness. His spirit is eternal. Love you Uncle Michael.
It is an inspirational place. Took Girl Guides there 20 years ago.
Crafting a syllabus for 4-day workshop for community guides in emphasizing Suggestions welcome!
Today is the last day of Summer Adventure Day Camps. Where did the summer go?! Thank you to Girl Guides of...
The Girl Guides group from Colehill broke all records at the Charity tea-shop last weekend, taking over £1,000. Well done to them all!
Read our latest newsletter to access free guides to help you your online business -->
have u registered for Girl Guides yet? Some Units are already think about being a leader and open a new Unit. Lots of support.
Naib Johan kawad kaki :* and we Girl Guides Stp xD maybe for the last time
Sorting through loadsa junk on my desk, Powerpuff Girl style guides.
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