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Girl Gone Wild

Girl Gone Wild is a song by American recording artist Madonna, released as the second single from her twelfth studio album, MDNA (2012).

Hung Up

I want a girl who ain't gone let me leave her 🤧💜🔐
Just discovered Girl Gone Wild by Madonna. How did I miss this?!
When Madonna's Girl Gone Wild plays next on my Spotify playlist. . Me:
New post (Girl Gone Wild Jamaica Dancehall Pool Party Video | Cheddar Empire | Reggae ...) has been published on -…
Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video is such a masterpiece and it's an excellent dance track as well
What goes on behind the scenes... can't wait for tomorrow! Live broadcast 8pm on Instagram! :)
The coffee shoppe is playing just a wild variety. We've gone from Michael Jackson to the Beegees to Jesse's Girl
(Ratchets Gone Wild! Girl Fight has been published on Ratchet Fights -…
A girl gone wild, better check those hormones
Is Barack Obama a Muslim? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Chaz a girl gone wild? I think the answer speaks for itself
Girl in bachelorette party gone wild
I added a video to a playlist Breath Of The Mild Stream (GONE WILD) (GONE GIRL [good movie[]) i miss
( gone girl ). - THIS MOVIE Y'ALL . - the writing is so amazing in this i'm in love . - so aesthetically pleasing. - am…
I'm not gone embarrass ya in front of ya girls or nun like that. I can't hang with you and cuff a girl next Thursday and you look wild 😂
ain't too many girls out here that's gone ride w/ you & struggle w/ you. If you got a good girl you better keep her ❗️💍💯
I forgot how wild of a movie Gone Girl is
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"girl gone wild" welcome to the insanity Obama's, nothing quite like the college yrs.
I told her come up out them jeans but it seems she wants mine for her unborn child girl gone wild meets black girl lost
The writing on MDNA was horrific to me! I loved…
The girl I want don't want me 😔 but I'm a responsible young men I ain't gone get too wild
Love these aunties gone wild by artist Meera Sethi curated by my girl for…
GIRL'S GONE WILD! Reefered-up girl believed to be Malia Obama goes on rampage after clerk refuses to sell alcohol. http…
Let her drink it till she drown, atta girl gone wild
Ghouls gone wild! Get your girlfriend group costume ideas:
One of the singers from Kazaky is in Girl Gone Wild video 😂
"City girl gone wild 👅" a novel by me, the girl who lives in south OC and is moving to LA in eight hours ✌🏼️
girl gone bad. Submissive and spontaneous. Mild to wild. No back and wink. Contact me and I asked you about your cute tattoo.
I've been putting on weight ever since i caught my girl watching BBWs gone wild smh
My baby's gone, wild mustangs, just another girl, tougher than the rest, baby break my heart. ...
Gone Girl is wild. Probably one of my favorite books.
In the library, watching a girl about 13-15 looking at "Trannies gone wild" on My first thought: He's still on the air?
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Press play on your and let's of Madonna - Girl Gone Wild on
Kendall agrees that she's a white girl gone wild 😂
I added a video to a playlist Uber Prank - Asian Girl Gone Wild
my sisters ex: have u gone out since you've been here. me: no. him: girl u need to! go out tonight, have fun! Get wild! Rock out w ur *** out
go hear 'girl gone wild' by Madonna. It's great.
I remember when I used to get down to "Girl Gone Wild"
Happy Birthday to my little girl! . I can't believe the years have gone by so…
Girl after girl girls gone wild I got girls kissin girls
I'm like a girl gone wild, a good girl gone wild.
Yeah! pitcher of sangria, a beef stake barbeque veggies. sex for desert. Two men and jar of Nutella. Girl gone wild
If u got a good girl with goals, her head on straight, making $ and not acting wild. appreciate what God has blessed u with…
Kiss your girl on her back, watch how she act. It's gone be some in her head that click and she gone go wild.
+should just include Girl Gone Wild or Hold Tight at the end of The Rebel Heart Show and that would be HEAVENLY!!!
today in my moms class, two kids were trying to make out while a little girl was pushing them apart. First Graders Gone Wild omg
Girl Gone Wild is my favorite song of Madonna
I added a video to a playlist Kissing Prank How to Hypnotize Girl for Kiss Gone Wild Funny 2015
Just scrobbled a track on Madonna - Girl Gone Wild
See that girl over there? Yeah she like your style. Probably seen her on the video "Girls Gone Wild". Hesitation is constipation
This beach trip is like that episode of Girls Gone Wild where the girl has a cup of coffee at 5 p.m. so she can stay up to f…
♫ Played Girl Gone Wild by Vogue by and 2 more songs at :
It's right up there with Madonna's Girl Gone Wild.
XCodeGhost also infecting Unity3D, Cocos2d-x and Android apps in the wild. Doesn't sound like an experiment gone bad
fav this is Girl Gone Wild is the best song on MDNA
girl gone wild is a good one Cher .
Long hair gone wild...tried to rock my hair hard 🙋.
Listening to Madonna's Girl Gone Wild. She scores every time
oh *** Shes going to be on a free for all then! As they say, Hog Heaven lol. Talk about Girl Gone Wild or Girl Interuptd 😂
Madonna photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott on set of the video for Girl Gone Wild, 2012.
I can't believe my Girl Gone Wild performance is nomd
"Gone Girl" needs to stop being on TV, as I keep almost putting it on thinking its "Girls Gone Wild."
Today (Jan 31) in the WILD at 3pm and Gone Girl at 7:30pm. Also, don't forget to stop by Hygienic...
Just now watching Gone Girl. This movie wild!
Gone Girl, hope its a good movie, not like Wild
movies about women. Find her the next Gone Girl or Wild! And then cast Julianne.
Motorcycle Diaries, Into the Wild, Stoker, Gone Girl, City of Gods, Perfume, Scent of a Woman, Frida and yours
In my onsie, watching gossip girl, with my teeth whitening strips on, where has my wild Friday nights gone?
Back in 2012, I thought tour will have Girl Gone Wild World Tour as title.
15 scripts from 2014 now available including Birdman, Boyhood, Gone Girl, Locke, Wild!
I look over at Michelle's phone and she clicks the music and trap queen comes up 😭😩😂😂 white girl gone wild
Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee And I detest all my sins Because I dread the loss of heaven, and the pains of *** But most of all because I love Thee, And I want so badly to be good. --Girl Gone Wild--
Ghetto Girl and the Substitute: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Ghetto Girl and the…
That movie is wild lolRT Gone Girl is OD lmaooo
Between WILD, INHERENT VICE and producer of GONE GIRL, this has quietly been Reese's comeback year.
Oh my god... girls gone wild... Brittany made the right decision to not be a crazy sorority girl.
I want Madonna to rip my heart out Indiana Jones style while Girl Gone Wild plays in the background
2014 performances to beat for me: Phoenix in THE IMMIGRANT, Witherspoon in WILD, Carrie *** in GONE GIRL. Not so sure about Supp Actor yet.
I still stand by, when I grow up I want to be Madonna. SO flawless... still!. Madonna - Girl Gone Wild:
Funnily enough, Witherspoon's committedly distant work in WILD rather makes me wish she'd got to headline GONE GIRL after all.
Try it Report back. We'll monitor you for signs of possession, quince madness or quaker girl gone wild syndrome
I added a video to a playlist Madonna - Girl Gone Wild Choreography
"It’s easy to forget that women can never be independent if we’re not allowed to be alone."
“Check out our picks for movies of the year! TRANSFORMERS JUST MISSED THE CUT
Girl gone wild was the only hot song on her last cd. I criticize because I want to hear better songs
like a girl gone wild, like a girl gone wild.¿
I loved it! I want to see the movie, too. Gone Girl AND Wild AND Mockingjay all in one year?? Whoa.
What is your favorite movie this year?
Y’all are still sleeping on Girl Gone Wild tho. Why?
anytime I see a white girl with timbs, I automatically think white girls gone wild 😂😭😩💀
Great read by on female aloneness: "If a woman’s not half of a couple, she must be part of a gaggle."
Why is so radical: women will never be truly independent if they're not allowed to be alone: htt…
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'The Rise of the Lone She-Wolf'. Seems we're not really supposed to go out on our own:
Cheryl Strayed and the rise of the lone she-wolf via
But aloneness is at the root of real independence,it’s where self-reliance begins and ends.Full article:
Gone Girl! A shame Dern didn't get a nod for Wild, but good for Witherspoon.
I added a video to a playlist White Girl Gone Wild - Skelewu Dance
'To be alone, radically alone, is to root yourself in your own life, not the role you play in other people’s lives'-
Absorbing piece on perceptions towards women&solitary journeys in
'Girls Gone Wild' mogul Joe Francis could be going to jail: A judge is suggesting it may be time to send “Girl...
I am but a paradigm of good girl gone wild.
Chips:" hows the air quality in that trunk". Girl in the trunk:"its pretty stuffy"
Can we just talk about Gone Girl for a hot minute. Dear lord, that book was a wild ride.
"Girl Gone Wild" is definitely one of the worst songs I have ever heard
Girl gone wild ::Dances like those boys::
Madonna is at McDonalds drive-thru. Without paying, she speeds off with Girl Gone Wild blasting from her car stereo. She…
Im a good girl going through a gone wild phase.
Good girl goin through a gone wild stage, so don't be fooled by this angel face, I'm in a bad girl phase🎶
My lil girl gone be wild and healthy lol
Is raven the only girl from Disney that hasn't gone wild ?
y'all were out of there not even 1 hour y'all were gone and omg! She's so wild! That girl got *** for days! I swear lol
Lmao "worked" at nationwide insurance! . Quit and became a Girl Gone Wild
justify my love e girl gone wild sao as unicas farofas da madonna que presta Lady Gaga
Like girl gone WILD like girl gone WIIILD
The fact that this girl just said the Cosby black gone wild is exactly why I can't entertain this nonsense 😒✌ IM OUT
Friendly reminder that the male dancers are wearing higher heels than Madonna in her Girl Gone Wild music video.
A month today my wild girl will be turning 21!. Wow life has gone so quickly &I'm looking forward to next month
Y'all remember staying up late watching and the Girl's Gone Wild commercial would come on
I'm like a girl gone wild. A good girl gone wild.
White girl Wednesday got white girls acting like its girls gone wild lmao turn up!
Finished "Wild" this morning and already a quarter of the way through "Gone Girl" this afternoon. Call me a "best-seller *** ... Worth it.
I didn't know she sang a good girl gone wild I thought it was girl gone wild twice I think
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Girls gone wild meets black girl lost, she got the type of body *** fat girls off, this ain't love dove
Track from Madonna's MDNA album. Download the Deluxe version from iTunes now: Music video for Madonna's Girl Gone Wild single.
Camel trying to eat a lil girl's head... *** that should be traumatising... Animals gone wild on
MDNA Tour live in Coimbra Act of Contrition + Girl gone Wild Abertura do Concerto 24/6/2012
same as I only know Girl Gone Wild as to why it think Cher is better as I know all her discography
Implying you have the persona of good girl gone wild 24/7
Girl u was too busy getting mad bout a *** Cousins right? My ***
hope i could go to the ARTRAVE and hope you sing live Vogue, Girl Gone Wild and all the MDNA
Im just a good girl gone wild, what can i say lifes great ;) yo big brotha love wake yo *** up. We need to fuel up want some pizza lol
Just a good girl going through gone wild stage 🎶
White girl gone wild, we don't judge em though they ain't on trial.
EMO BOYS GONE WILD (rip to the ovaries of any girl who sees this pic)
Iaint een gone say nun to ole girl bt she wild
I'm like heey aay ayyy good girl gone wild, good girl gone wild
What your girl think when 10 minutes gone by and you haven't texted back   10% Off
Now Reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and finished! That was a wild ride. I really liked it!
the avicii remix of madonna's girl gone wild is SAHWETTT
There is something about listening to dance music super loud that pumps you to be more productive... I'm like a girl gone wild
In 2010, Avicii released the song "Seek Bromance", which reached the top 20 in several countries including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden. He also remixed Nadia Ali's classic single "Rapture" for her album Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition. In October 2010, Avicii signed with the European A&R team with EMI Music Publishing. In 2011, Avicii released "Levels" which became a huge mainstream hit, greatly increasing Avicii's popularity. The song was produced and written by Tim Bergling and contains a vocal sample from the 1962 gospel-inspired "Something's Got a Hold on Me" by Etta James. The same vocal sample was used first by Pretty Lights in his 2006 song "Finally Moving". This sample was also used by Drum and Bass producer Logistics on "Call Me Back" and by Flo Rida in his single "Good Feeling", which was produced by DJ Prak and Cirkut.[7] Levels reached the top ten in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, and ...
“She was a good girl until she knew me.” Good girls gone wild
Win A Copy of The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Girl Gone Wild by at
we've got each other baby girl, I love you and miss you so much
girl i aint say you wanted some *** tf , i said you told me rollout over some *** you just meet thats WILD . but im GONE
Love hearing geeky rap references in the wild.
The Girl Gone Wild video makes me miss the Erotica era. I wasn't even alive during that era lol
Girl Gone Wild makes me think of all the new experiences I had in 2012.
Who Wants to see a good girl gone wild
Let's just say I'm a good girl gone wild
I bet ya want a lick of don't ya?Wild hair may be gone but the wild girl sure isn't
Girl you ant gone change nobody if he don't wanna you can't make nobody..
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it's like I'm flashing you. Girl gone wild?
Updating your résumé for first time in a decade is a sobering experience. My skill-set is currently between sorority girl & girls gone wild.
Lol talking about I'm a bad girl , I'm really a good girl gone wild ,!
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild I like it very much
Photoset: One of my favs music videos of Madonna Girl gone Wild… Sexy male models & Kazaky
How can the friggin hospital have me go to the room and bring in a man name Robert Berney saying heres your husband , give me his results and he is not my husband mine is in ICU *** finally got to see Robert Vernay who went through *** and they said they were sorry if Peggy wasn't with me no one would believe me I was like Jersey girl gone wild . Thanks for almost giving me a heart attack
Little girl gone wild on school dance, but amazingly adorable :))
Listen to Skin Bruno / Girl Gone Wild Acoustic Demo | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
White girl gone wild we don't judge them tho they ain't on trial
My aunt is trying to get me on Girl's Gone Wild. Please. Stop.
lol I did there for a minute. I was like *** this girl has gone wild
love the new album - every single song is incredible. congrats girl! ♫ Girl Gone Wild by Madonna — http…
“If it will get me a free t-shirt you know I'm in” said every girl on girls gone wild...
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild: via Somehow I love this video, I general >.>
That awkward moment when you watch girl's gone wild only to find your drunk co-ed daughter flashing her titties to millions..
Let her drink until she drown now the girl gone wild 💃
Without spring break , I'll show the world how , baking soda and some water , make it girl gone wild
"1. good girl gone wild. 2. the good die young . 3. OK! no more goody goody--le-f-thing" --anonymous
I'm boutta go crazy. White girl gone wild...ain't gonna be a good wild tho. 
The boys (& girl) take on with a little bit of night shredding. |
My song Tearless-Young Girl Gone Wild 'Is now ready on by Mary Ann
Can you let everyone know Tearless- young girl gone wild' is ready to be ordered at
"The power of Christ can transform even the most messed-up and broken Wild Thing into a Girl-Gone-Wise."
Sex toy Girl's night out gone wild :)"
Let her drink it till she drown and a girl gone wild
Good girl gone wild, but i'm addicted to your video
he would 'Collide' with 'Girl Gone Wild' and 'Wake him up' to feel the'Sunshine'
Hero by Mary Ann Chatman via My song Tearless-Young Girl Gone wild and Im almost18 is on Amazon.c
I started singing Girl Gone wild after seeing that!! How are ya?
She has some great songs though. Hung Up, Music, Open Your Heart, Girl Gone Wild, Sorry, Die Another Day, and Celebration >>>
Girl Gone Wild me pone mal, pero mal.
Taylor Momsen is the perfect example of 'Girl Gone Wild'... Period...
i want Girl Gone Wild played at my funeral
I'm totally judging you if you don't like Girl Gone Wild or Hung Up, be honest, if you didn't have a biased opinion, you would like them.
Had another nice show last night Real bunch of blokey lads in who were all builders! ( Is someone choosing a fantasy audience for me or what?) Big baldy bloke called 'Steve' ( or 'Stoive' as he put it) and 'Jonno' who were very keen to share their fondness for playing with their bricks it seems! We had an ex-hairdresser woman with too loud a voice who foghorned her way through my show. Reckon she'd left a deaf clientele behind her! A girl called Asha after her parents had a *** during conception,a Canadian lady Carla which originally sounded like 'Car Lot' which is where I thought she had been conceived! (Conception was a big theme tonight ) And Asthma lady who turned up last year, laughed her head off then inhaled for dear life! Finally I couldn't resist getting 'Stoive' the builder up to dance to Madonna! Never seem anyone more reluctant in my life which is why it was the funniest thing ever! Watching the burliest butchest builder mouthing the words 'Girl Gone Wild' will stay with me for a long tim ...
I had a good time tonight on SNL... I wanna know what y'all thought of the show... GOOD or BAD ... Keep it 100
I had a girl that would've died for me Didn't 'preciate her so I made her cry for me Every night she had tears in her eyes for me Caught a case, shorty took the whole ride for me. At first, we were friends then became lovers You was more than my girl, we was like brothers All night we would play fight under covers Now you gone, can't love you like I really wanna. But every time I think about your pretty smile And how we used to drive the whole city wild, *** I wish you would've had my child A pretty little girl wit pretty smile. That is why all days that I reminisce About the way I use to kiss yo pretty lips, But as long as you have me on ya telphone list. I love you girl and you're the one that I will always miss I love you.
Everyone is out or with family, and im stuck here at work, been doin this for 3 years straight, and I dont think I want to anymore.
The kid staggered drunk back to his treehouse. He sat on the stool and sighed with relief. He cooked himself some eggs on the battery operated stove. He chewed and swallowed them and the protein in the four of them did him well. He began to search for a way to get drunk. He journeyed up hill and out of the green trees toward a bar accustomed to his psychosis. He got drunk fast on whiskey. He sat at a table pouring himself Budweiser from the pitcher into the bar glass. A man with a blond goatee sat down at the table across from him. “Hey there, Bud, how ya been?” “Been good. Yourself?” “It’s all good.” “Well.” “Hey! You remember Agnes, my grandmother?” “Sure. How’s she?” “We have been getting these social-security checks at the house. It’s how we get by now. It’s all we’ve got.” “Well I don’t get it.” “Ah, it’s just…you know my granny?” “Yeah. How is she?” “She’s feeling much better now.” “Good.” “She’s dead.” “What!” “Shh. It’ ...
Of course the Girls Gone Wild girl on Weekend Update is wearing an ASU shirt.
They used a girl in an ASU shirt to represent Girls Gone Wild filing for bankruptcy on SNL. Lolololol
Lol ASU t-shirt on the girls gone wild girl on SNL
NewsMadonna Rules's Readers Poll 2012December 18, 2012 4:15 PM EST Once readers weighed in on their favorite artists, songs and albums of the year, Madonna emerged as the 2012 MVP and came out on top in four other categories.000
go watch this fight LOL girl fight girls gone wild and please RT
In my mother land Sugarland ! So the bachelorette passed out. And the ones with kids said Duck that I have a sitter!!! So here I am with moms gone wild! Lord help me!!! With Lucy and more
WHUR 96.3 FM - Howard University is Washington’s only stand-alone radio station and one of the few university-owned commercial radio stations in America, broadcasting since 1971 to nearly a half million listeners daily in five states and can now be heard around the globe on the web at
Please don't tell me I'm the only one who saw the girls gone wild aswho girl on
Steve, Christy, and everyone else, in a "Weekend Update" bit on SNL when talking about "Girls Gone Wild", they just used a pic of a girl in an ASU t-shirt to symbolize "drunk girls everywhere"!!!
Loved "Weekend Update" until the ASU girl was used to represent "Girls Gone Wild"...or maybe they know how hot ASU girls are? I see what they did there.
852 miles driven load to yard and back home. My tendonitis is killing me tonight.sometimes driving makes it hurt bad. Aleve will kick in shortly. Thank you God for getting us home once again, safely.
Man give that girl a drink cause she so thirsty
Hey ! Hey! Like a girl gone wild, like a good gone wild
What do Girl Gone Wild do when they need money? That's what I want to know.
Note to all women: if you are in a bar and a guy with a camera asks if you want to be in a "girl gone wild" vid, YOU MUST WALK AWAY.
I need to know if you can feel the baby flip head down ??? What does it feel like, like what goes on ? Does it feel funny ? Does it hurt ? What ?!
Hard to believe it's been 6 years without my dad (as of yesterday). So wierd. I miss him everyday. But I know I was a blessed to have him for a daddy. Just wish my kids could have him for a grandpa. (((Hugs)) in Heaven, dad. Love, your baby girl...
He said why not i said that's just like me goin to *** goin wild you wanna girl gone wild I'll go wild for you lol
Mommy when are you coming home??? I'm lonely!!! And your bed feels so empty without you :( Que Allen
Shaynne Sonia Bielski Pearl Laughlin Fern Kartchner Heath Robert Hello wild crew are we all on?
Every time I try to find work up north it turns out to be a scam. I am so envious of my friend who is in the precess of moving north. This is probably one of the last decent cold fronts down here. Wow, all together er may have had 5 days that dipped under 85 degrees. I hate the heat!
With Girls Gone Wild bankrupt, wild girls wont have a home. Many of them will be put down. Please. Adopt a wild girl. Before she's gone.
Both Avril Lavigne and Zac Efron just got new tattoos in every surprising places. That got us thinking—where you decide to place your ink really says just as much about the person as whatever is depicted. Washed-up-at-26 rocker Lavigne got a safety pin tattooed on her neck this weekend during a girls night out and our scramp boyfriend Zac got some feathery dream catcher nonsense on his inner bicep. That's got to say something about them, right? Here are the hidden meanings behind some tattoo placements. Neck: You have some sort of personality disorder. If you get a tattoo on your upper body outside the area covered by a long-sleeve shirt, then you are just a little bit crazy. You don't care what people think but not in a way that is healthy. More in the kind of way that Travis Bickle doesn't care what people think. Inner Bicep: You have something that you really want to share with the world but you just can't bring yourself to talk about. You hope that by putting it on your arm people will ask you about ...
lmao girl I'm waiting on my babes to your daughter needs her some loving to lmao
Well since I want a gun and can't get a pistol until I'm 21, Alex said I can get a shotgun which seems like a great idea. So yup, ima get a shotgun. Gotta save my pennies :)
Going to go spend tom night with a friend in savannah,on riverstreet,lets see how much fun we can have.see u soon albert
Name something that makes bridesmaids angry...
Madonna - Girl Gone Wild ( MDNA Tour Studio Version ) Si desea ésta canción gratis, envíeme un inbox. If you want this song for free, send m...
got a new tokin buddy that live right down the highway lol Brandon Gomez i forgot you lived close so now i wont be lonely when im trynna burn lol
Can we blame Obama's Econ policy for Girl's Gone Wild going bankrupt?
I feel a lot better. I got the Eco done and IDK, it seems like Eco II is a *** of a lot easier than Eco I. I am a control freak. I want perfection. I get very frustrated when things aren't just so. I have high expectations and sometimes I wonder if they are too high but at the same time, I am at a point in my life where I refuse to settle for less. Thank you everyone for the messages, the posts, the phone calls. It really meant a lot. Maybe I need to stop taking myself so seriously at times and just get white girl wasted and fall on a random hottie. Nice thought but, NAH! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Saturday. (At least I finally got the day of the week right). Poker time and maybe some more Sherry Wine and Netflix.
Where were you and what were you doing and who with when you first heard "Fly to the Angels"?
Dear Allie, When our names were posted you supported Bill. When our addresses were posted, you supported Bill. You knew it was not right but supported it anyway. Now I read your post, and if I believed in Karma I would say it fits. You participated in placing my life and that of my child in danger. You placed us in the position Bill has placed you. Many of us will not be there for you. You did not pay any attention to our cries or the cries of our children. We will not be there for you, not this time. Next time watch those bridges you burn. "Bill, My ex, his fiance, and his attorney, are using your lies about me to permanently take all contact with my daughter away. Continue reading before you delete. I began with Lawless America because I had seen with my own eyes , the corruption and bias in juvenile and family court. I'd been a strong equal share parenting person for years, and saw the officers of the court disregard evidence and fabricate their own. I lost my daughter due to turning her dad in for sex ...
At first, seeing commercials I've done on TV was cool now it just makes me think of work...err...
Riley at Grandparents, House Clean for Pre Festival Party and HEADACHE GONE!! Whoop whoop I'm a little bit excited been so long since I've been WILD!!
Um ano de, Girl Gone Wild. O video clip que as bixas piram. ^^
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Saturday night.reading a book n watching TV.just loving
“Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. If anyone asks you, ’Why are you doing this?’ tell him, ‘The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.’” Mark 11:2 & 3 So much is happening here in the rodeo/cowboy world. You may wonder why I chose this verse, by the end of this letter you will understand. A few weeks ago we were at a rodeo and as we were leaving a man was on a donkey. He rode up to Jim Bo and asked Jim Bo if he would like to ride his donkey. Jim Bo said “yes”. Jim Bo has a special love for donkeys for some strange reason. As Jim Bo went to ride off on the donkey the donkey began to be a little wild and was going as fast as a donkey can go. Jim Bo went to turn the donkey around and as he turned the saddle, the rider and the donkey began to go to the ground. Jim Bo let go of the donkey realizing it was going down as well. It all happened in slow motion and I ...
ready baby. So *** ready. We should go somewhere before the due date. Good girl gone wild~ climb the mountains~ :D ❤
oh my gosh yesss!! Grown ups gone wild! Girl come to the alumni soccer game
Shake that *** if you're a nasty girl, back that *** said Juvenile. Show a *** some tittys like girls gone wild.
Huh! Interesting! Same thing happened at Dizzyworld today that happened at Universal Studios last year... wouldn't let me in because i was costumed... stated people would think I was part of the Disney company and it was a liability issue. I offered to take it all off and go in naked... They declined. Tactfully. Huh... didn't get to see the Mouse... hum.
I need female company ...a real women who can change me , not a *** !
OK just for the record i was a bad girl I got blocked from sending friend request. They make me lose 500 and i get punished for re sending people who i have been networking with..
Song: MaStyle on a Wild Run Lyrics By: Michael Scott Performed By: Michael Scott   (1st Verse) MaStyle on a wild run, till I get away Live another day, hit another thang Fine young thang, like a boomerang She came back at me, like a taxi She wanna hop, in my car, and blaze J’s Getting lost like a maze, that’s amaz…. Zing, like the bling that I got around my neck So gimme the respect, for I chin check you And call my boo, to witness it Like a disco chick, getting wild, jungle style While wearing reptile, some crocodile MaStyle, get it in the worse way Girls pay, to be with me I teach ‘em calligraphy, then give ‘em nicotine And a small bag of weed, that’s clean That says roll with my team She a Chief Keef Tru Religion Fien And a MaStyle all green phein. Girl, don’t make a scene, cause you know you wanna be with me The MaStyle E That’ll make a good girl gone bad, Rihanna Took my girl to the sauna, and she wanted 3hunna Dollors but I pop my collars, like a pimp And I pop a shrimp, in my mouth ...
Why do super attractive people live so far away
We laid my precious father to rest yesterday. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced. During the hours after he died, my mind was going a million miles per hour with questions, memories, and imaginations swirling around in my mind. Once I was finally able to get flights booked successfully and got our bags packed things became more real. While we were in the plane about to leave Sacramento, I fell completely apart. I decided the next eight hours were going to be totally miserable if I didn't try to control my mind. So, I pulled out my iPad and I wrote. I wrote about fond memories from my childhood. I wrote about growing up as the daughter of Mercer Cotton. Anyway, as things turned out, the minister wanted these words read at the memorial service. He asked me if I wanted to read them, but I knew I would be way too emotional to make it all the way through, so I asked him to read them instead. The solace of being able to share these memories of my dad at the memorial is what got me through t ...
My mom is cooking all this Spanish food and I don't even like Spanish food I swear I'm just a white girl
Hm frm a great show in Alsip, now a wild party at hm for a 8yr old.
I can't fall in love ... I got options.
My girl and I trying to find something to get into
This status is not directed at anyone I particular, its simply my head thinking aloud!!! Instead of whinging about what you haven't got, Start being greatful for what you have, There are many people who have nothing at all !!!
Yesterday was 1 year anniv of 'Girl Gone Wild'. xxx
Well, after all night and all day of the stomach bug, please pray my baby girl and Scott doesn't get it!! And he has been such a good husband and daddy today!! Thank you honey!!
one year since the release of single "Girl Gone Wild" - my favorite song of 2012
Describe your life with a movie title...
Gotta hate all the fake people that try so hard to fit in!! I say be yourself!! Wear your emotions on your sleeve!! Who cares what people think!! I dont!! Always stay true to yourself!! After all an original is always better than a copy!!!
Hernan Blanco Nahu Ro like a girl gone wild..
"I feel like a girl gone wild when I'm at college."
So much for fishing today :( I woke up with the stomach bug. I have finally managed to hold some water and gatorade down for the past couple of hours, but I feel horrible:(
So we are waiting for the acrobat show to start and this lady in front me is trying to buy popcorn and catch her little one who keeps trying to escape...the popcorn vendor lady was next to me so I ask the mom if she wants me to get it for her, she says oh yes thank you, and I reach for the money in her hand but instead she hands me her baby!!! *** !?!?! Lol
BREAKING NEWS: Girl are no longer going wild
opening! what a moment! Like a sweet dream what never came true! Girl Gone Wild Live
Girls gone wild the 3rd Edition. Hitting it @ Taboo with my girl Loveness
Madonna 1989 Pepsi commercial which was pulled after only airing a few times
Mark13. Get white girl wasted with me
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Omg...I am soo sick...cant get out of bed.
Hope you all enjoy the pics cheers TCIO
The day after my Grandmother died we three children arrived with my Father to my Mothers childhood home. I was curious to see how grief would have affected her, curious even then about how people cope with loss and devastation on a grand scale, and noticed that she seemed harried and not quite herself, greeting us at the front door (which was seldom used) in a distracted manner, missing my cheek as I stood on tiptoe for a kiss. The smell of the laburnum hedge which we children all loved to shred much to my Uncle Olivers consternation, was at its strongest in the late August heat and the trains that hurtled through the gardens at the back (and on whose tracks my “senile” Grandfather had been found wandering in his pyjamas) evoked a note of normality that was strangely absent from the house. The relations had assembled en masse and people from all over had called in - Rossmore, Killeshin, The Hill, Castledermot, Pollerton, Tullow and Gowran. A parade of characters and personalities and newsy neighbours ...
One of the students, who is said to be 15 years old, pulled out a .22 caliber handgun and pointed it at the other student he was arguing with. Both students were members of the school’s football team.
So tired of people's rude comments!!! I don't need to know that you think I have gained weight or need to wear my hair different. Karma karma karma
Clinical experience shows that children and adults who have not had a biopsy as part of their diagnosis for celiac disease tend to take the diet less seriously causing them to eat gluten when they shouldn’t.
I like girl gone wild, like girl gone wild!
O.K. .answer me this. What is the track that you have closest to your heart from your youth .and why. 70's 80's 90's even don't matter but there must be a meaning for it ..right ? DC
Is sexual freedom really freedom? Check out Kristen's Story In this post you’ll meet Kristen–a woman who bought into the idea that it’s liberating for women to be sexually aggressive, powerful, and free. Kristen viewed sex as a stepping stone to a deep, meaningful relationship, happiness and fulfillment. But that didn’t happen. Eventually she realized that what she thought she controlled, actually controlled her. Her choices set her on a downward spiral into addictions, promiscuity and the sex trade. It wasn’t until Kristen relinquished the right to set her own moral compass, and turned to the age-old wisdom of the Bible – becoming a Girl Gone Wise rather than a Girl Gone Wild – that she discovered true freedom and joy. The Bible talks about people being slaves to sin, and I know of no other way to describe my former life than one of utter spiritual imprisonment. I called myself a Christian, but I wasn’t concerned about doing things God’s way. I was the god of my life. I felt free to do ...
The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen Far away in the land to which the swallows fly when it is winter, dwelt a king who had eleven sons, and one daughter, named Eliza. The eleven brothers were princes, and each went to school with a star on his breast, and a sword by his side. They wrote with diamond pencils on gold slates, and learnt their lessons so quickly and read so easily that every one might know they were princes. Their sister Eliza sat on a little stool of plate-glass, and had a book full of pictures, which had cost as much as half a kingdom. Oh, these children were indeed happy, but it was not to remain so always. Their father, who was king of the country, married a very wicked queen, who did not love the poor children at all. They knew this from the very first day after the wedding. In the palace there were great festivities, and the children played at receiving company; but instead of having, as usual, all the cakes and apples that were left, she gave them some sand in a tea-cup, and told ...
Today In Country Music: December 28 2010- Alan Jackson surprises Zac Brown at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena with a 1966 Cadillac El Dorado convertible, a gift of thanks for including Jackson on the hit "As She's Walking Away" 2007- Dailey & Vincent make their Grand Ole Opry debut as a duo at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. 2005- reports David Kersh is quitting the music business. A note on his website indicates he is still signed to Curb Records, where he debuted in '96, but that he "can't deal with all the BS that goes on in this industry." Curb hasn't released anything by Kersh since 1998. 2002- Chris Cagle sings the national anthem at Houston's Reliant Stadium during the final weekend of the NFL season, as the Texans host the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee wins, 13-3. 2001- Alan Jackson's 9/11-inspired song "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning?)" reaches on Billboard's Country chart, where it stays for five weeks. 2000- John Michael Montgomery suffers a compound fracture above the .. ...
What was your favorite song this year? x
All I ever wanted was a remix of Madonna's 'Girl Gone Wild' with :(
Anyways Girl Gone Wild remains the best and my favorite song of this year.
you gone and left me with a raging *** girl!!! Make sure you get back in touch soon!! Your pics r driving me wild
Praise the Lord! But which one? Thanks to Acharya S for the use of her material. Acharya S is a scholar classically educated in archaeology, history, mytholo...
people don't know musics from MDNA. Except Give Me All Your Luv & Girl Gone Wild
Im watching Girls Gone Wild, and this girl had tan lines goshhh
The Girl Gone Wild performance on the MDNA tour >>> I get the chills as soon as I hear "oh my God"
It's indeed sad to read about rape victims death. It became a sensational news not only in India but worldwide. You can not imagine what the world thinks of us Indians today, it is disgraceful ... "Incredibly wrong India" Lackluster attitude of our political leaders and poor law & orders pulls us down. I think it's high time that we all must think seriously to actively participate in such issues. I understand everyone can't go for protest March but remember the power of your votes and convince atleast 100 people around you to vote against tainted leaders who just look for their benefits. THIS IS MY HUMBLE APPEAL
Just a bunch of *** dancing like girls gone wild, to this Girl Scout song
I have Saturday and Sunday off. Yeah, I'll be that girl gone wild this weekend.
Girl Gone Wild is on her most average day.
Girl Gone Wild was a generic mess. I'm only here for the intro.
Today my friend dragged me to go see that new movie, The Hobbit. A lot of the characters, especially this one named "Grandolph" I believe, were smoking from a pipe, which I'm pretty sure had weed in it. I'm most likely going to boycott the production of the other films for sending a poor message.
Its so hypnotic, the way he pulls on ♍ is like the force of gravity right up under my feet,hey hey hey its like å girl gone wild♬"
Girl Gone Wild and MDNA were the most exciting things in dance music to happen this year.
'Girl Gone Wild' is the best song of the year and if you don't agree you're obviously a Gaga stan.
Tori and Ray's Imagine::: At a wild party with MB and other teen celebs. Roc: Aaye!! Rack city chick ra-ra-rack city chick! Ray: *** man you louder then the *** music! Go sit yo ghetto *** down somewhere! Tori: *Giggles* Roc: Yeah aight, i gotchu! *walks away and starts grindin with a girl* Tori: Babe, its too loud and crowded in here, can we go somewhere you know, a little bit spacious? Ray: Yeah babe! You can have whatever you want! Ray leads you to a small private room that was purple, pink, blue, and red. Once he closed the door, the music was almost put on mute. Tori: Finally, somewhere where i can hear myself think. Ray: Ha, yeah I know right. Aue, this a nice room! T got purple and everything and- You walked up to Ray and kissed him on his lips. While kissing him you pulled hom on top of you on the VIP lounge chair. Ray pulled away. Ray: You not drink are you? Tori: No why? Ray: Ion know, i mean you jus pulled me over here and- Tori: Well you said i could have anything I wanted. And i want you..n . ...
Rest in Peace Damini or Nirbhaya as TOI symbolically named her... Let us pledge today that we will not let her death go in vain. Let us pledge that we will respect women and make India a safe place for our mothers and sisters!
Delhi Rape Victim Dies in Hospital- The victim of a gang-rape earlier this month in India's capital that prompted widespread rage and a national debate over the treatment of women died in a Singapore hospital where she was receiving specialized care, according to her doctors. May her soul rest in peace. via Indian Administrative Service (IAS) page team
JANUARY 2013 BBMB Scents & Descriptions! These are only available in January! If your ole time favorite is listed, be sure you get plenty ordered and stock up because it will be gone again after January 31st! Bananarama - It smells like banana Laffy Taffy. I want to bathe in this. Berry Blush - Smells like Bath and Body Works' Winter Candy Apple. Carrot Cake - This smells exactly like carrot cake, down to the butter cream icing. Cherry Almond Pie - This is cherries on cherries on cherries. Coconut Palm - Smells like sun tan lotion! Coffee Tree - Like raw coffee beans. Falling Leaves - I kid you not this smells like the outside in the fall. Inner Peace - Smells like Pima Cotton with a hint of lemon! Just Peachy, Ginger! - It's a candy sweet peach jolly rancher smell. I love it. Lots of Lavender - It's like lavender and sugar. Very soft. Maple Butter - Smells like sweet pancakes. Pima Cotton - Smells like fresh laundry! Root Beer Float - I want to drink this. It smells exactly like a root beer float. Sage . ...
Time to take a trip down memory lane...which Respawn skit was your favorite of all time?
Hello friends! I recorded this set with the best songs of 2012. More than 60 minutes with the songs that rocked the runways and radios in Brazil! If you enjoy, share with friends. Follow me on or engages in
"There’s this dive that I know. It’s this wild place I go. Whiskey runs from beer taps like a dream... There's no closing time. No rules of any kind. There’s no other place that I’d rather be! Bands that we all love. Stop by there all the time. The nights they don’t, the jukebox shakes the floor. And if you ask a girl to dance, I'm sure she'll take the chance. Name your song. The Desperation’s not Gone."
Ashley Dodge may have been with Sarah this weekend - Ashley lives with her mother Laurie Dodge in Keene. Anyone know this family? They are not being cooperative.
This is my new production, no bootleg, no mashup :) WAV quality
We have so many new members and I wanted to introduce myself, if you wish to put a face with a name we have a meet the admins album in our photos. I am Sky (owner of this great page) mother of 5, grandmother of 4 with 1 more on the way.. I have been practicing witchcraft for the last 21 years.. At one point I called my self a wiccan however currently I just follow the witches way of life.. I am eclectic with a Egyptian pantheon.. my abilities include empath, mediumship, limited psychic abilities, astral walker and dream premonitions(not very often tho).. I have an affinity for water, wind, and some fire. I am Currently working on our website where we will offer classes, forums, chat rooms, and shopping stay tuned for updates... As our vetrans know it has been a work in process for several weeks now and they are patiently waiting for us to say "it's done" so please bare with me and I will let everyone know when it is fully functional :) About me I am going to attempt to quit smoking again lol yes again d . ...
Via Inb0X Hide my id. I'm a 24 year old guy and in a relationship with an amazing girl who is 27. We both stay in Harare. Two weeks ago, she and her friends went to Cape Town for holidays, I stayed behind. However since she has been there, she doesn't answer my calls, sms even fb inbox. We last spoke pa airport when they left for cape town. Pa fb she is putting fotos of her at the beach and I couldn't help notice this one guy who appears on all the fotos. I enquired and found out that the guy is her ex who stays in australia and recently came back for christmas holidays. I really love her. What should I do to keep her? She definately is on a holiday with her ex? Its killing me and to think she will be there till second week of january makes it worse. Advice
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